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Archives: January 4, 2008

Son seeks estate of mother he killed

Road Rage Incident in SA

Britons 'love fast food more than Americans'

Fed discount window borrowing largest since 9/11

NJ Nears Undermining Electoral College

Barack Obama Claims Victory in Iowa Caucuses

NBC is reporting that "Todd" is dropping out... guess they mean Dodd!

Huckabee wins GOP caucus in Iowa

OH Election Official Pleads Guilty to 'Profiting from Contracts for Voting Machines'

North Korea makes threat after missed nuclear date

CNN projects Mike Huckabee will win the Republican Iowa caucuses.

Mukasey taps Fitzgerald for AG advisory post

Charges Against Tasered Woman Dropped

Toyota Tops Ford as Asian Autos Win Record U.S. Share

Narcotics Pushing Cop Gets 25 years,

Obama turns back Clinton to win Iowa caucuses; Huckabee decisively defeats Romney

BREAKING: Sen. Joseph Biden drops out of race for Democratic nomination

Iowa Couscous

Irony, I love it: Lions devour man at SA game lodge

So. Anybody have a recipe utilizing burned Fava beans?

I'll admit it - I'm IN the booze now

Which possible 2008 Democratic candidate would cause more Freepers heads to explode?

The GOP field in Buffy villians

does Ron Paul really have a pump?

does Ron Paul really have a pimp?

Qualities in a Significant Other, starting with most important and ending with least important

what does the Grange actually do?

Pig starts fire

i got a new bankie

i never knew this

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA


how do I get my display settings back , computer issue

Interesting GD Thread

I guess it's been a while since I turned on my TV

I love it when people tell me "Toad, you have Tissues." I really do.

Looking at Tim Russert on MSNBC........

Dennis Kucinich clubs seals when he sleepwalks. (Verified)

'Umbrellas are out in force'


WTF???????????? Its over already?!?!?!?!?

It's an Obamanation I tell you

For loungers that do not wish to venture in to GD-P

To Hell With These Caucuses, or Cauci, or whatevah....

Is it just me, or does the word "caucus" sound naughty?

what is the most stinging rebuke you have ever received in an online forum?


My entrance poll could use some attention

Fast Food Sting!

SO did Dewey win???

Signs you've been in the DU lounge too long

Fucking caucuses--stole my sig line.

The No-Context Awards!

OH GOOD We are Back To Level 2!!!!!

President Clinton showed up at my caucus

I need some back up if anyone is in agreement with me

Knight Rider does donuts

Am I the only one to spot this similarity?

Huckabee the asterick

Fred association thread

Pink butter, dirty water dogs and big Vs. Shame on you, Lounge!

A little piece of Heaven...

Anyone watching the Caucuses? This is fascinating

Cool story about Obama's mother - I'm from El Dorado!!! I know Clarence Kerns!!

Bizarre post since we're on Defcon 2 and looks like we can post anything.

zOMG!! You won't believe what word CaliforniaPeggy used!!!!!!11

I love it when people tell me "Toad, you have issues." I really do.

I can't remember when we explode

De-cawing crows...

There is a cool movie coming next on Encore called "Chronicles of Narnia/Wardrobe"

Interesting Night

Is that Happy Glimore's grandma behind Edwards?


Any one here in the Army?

KU beats VT 24-21...

Veggie Lovers or Meat Lovers?

Don Imus: "Guess what, folks. A nappy-headed O.... won the Dem primary last night!"

So I learned something today. The spleen actually DOES something.

Dr Zhivago starting on TCM now!

Eek! I'm going out again tomorrow night!

GAAAH - I can see the people on my "Ignoe" list!

Who else is a late boomer?

Dirty water dogs from a sidewalk cart

"Signature lines are currently turned off due to high traffic."

Confession! I like The Dave Matthews Band

The state of Iowa has spoken.

I'd rather be _____________

To hell with making a real dinner - I am making frozen pizza

So I watched Kirstie Alley as a contestant on Match Game... she was hot!

Millions of shits are hitting thousands of fans! We're fucked folks!

Wouldn't dunking booths be a better way for Iowa to choose the President?

Any other head lice survivors here?

Should I order Billy Mays mighty putty.

WHOLLY SHITE! There are IOWANS on my TV!

I had a feeling Huckabee was a Virgo - why are so many weirdos Virgos?

I think I've found something that is lacking on DU...

OK. I've been on vacation. PLEASE explain this to me or tell me where I can read about it.

Gen X'ers: Can we claim Barack Obama?

Why I Am Done Buying PC's

Barack Obama Footage From 1974

OMFG! my Liberal friend just told me that Obama was a muslim!

Free Association thread - Caucus day edition

Getting the "Big V" tomorrow - any advice from male DU'ers who've been there?

Hey Freeptards and LGFers

Why the hell did my butt turn pink???

Why the hell did my butter turn pink???

Family Of 6 Arrested Over Droopy Jeans

Breaking: Iowa Caucuses Canceled!

"Surge" is no longer usable

Bill Richardson on Rumor That He's Backed a 2nd Choice: "Patently False"

Stacy Taylor is back on the Air in San Diego

For the politically obsessive or just weird,,,URL for Iowa counties and cities

CSPAN: Democrats have a more complicated process.

I think Hillary is to the left just like all of us but on defense issues she leans to the

Young Turks streaming live! So very real vs MSM....

Here are my results for a GD Poll, Polling Iowans.

Best view of the Caucuses

Huckabee Attack Ad Runs Anyway. What a liar

Live caucus coverage

NJ hate crime, bullying laws advance in Trenton

Looks like C-SPAN 1 & 2 is right in a caucus location and you

Chuck Gabriel - Principal, Alpha Partners - Worried about Edwards, "Comfort Level" with Clinton

So just WHY are the Caucuses important?

Ron Paul may end up on Mt. Rushmore

saw my first club gitmo bumper sticker on a vehicle today at the gas pump

Tweety's just so...inadequate.

Pig starts fire

My hat's off to Tweety tonight...

On the Night of Iowa Caucus...."Come on UP for the RISING!"

Do you feel it?

Meanwhile, in other news

MSNBC leaked Headline: DEWEY WINS!

Caucus on CSPAN 1 has 375 people. Dem chair said there was 175 in 2004. Expected 200-250

Republican cspan callers are even more hilarious tonight.


how many precints are there?

Single trader behind oil record (BBC)

The Republicans are praying!

3 princincts reporting

Iowa: Think Carefully

Where are the Republican caucus results posted? (NT)

for us 3rd worlders without cable...what's the best online live coverage of the caucus?

Official discussion thread #1; LIVE from Iowa, Cspan 1 now.

461 reporting edwards at 32.62

486: 3-way tie

Edwards is falling like I said....Obama rising

Fred "I Need a Nap" Thompson is at 18%.

W/ 10 % reporting Edwards leads @ 33%


659 obama at 33.29%

258 reporting..... edwards up 33%


Faux Noise has just announced it is projecting

CNN is already declaring Huckabee a winner in Iowa

Heavy turnout in Iowa may delay process

Did anybody ever take as much interest in the Iowa Caucas as they are this year?

Any info on delegate count for Iowa?

awesome huckabee wins!!!!cnn reporting...n/t

I just love the congeniality of the caucus goers.

Washington, Lincoln, Obama, Huckabee

The media are projecting Huckabee win

There's a lady with a Ron Paul t-shirt at the Democratic caucus

Ron Paul at 11% right now

Why I Am Done Buying PC's

Tweety said that Huckster's friends say he isn't a "curious" man.


On CSPAN 2, repugs using paper ballots!

Huckabee will have a target on his back with PNAC'ers taking aim

Tweety doesn't even disguise his disdain for Hillary and love for McCain

76 of 1781 precints reporting with Edwards still a clear leader.

Romney got punked real good by someone

Compare and contrast RFK '68 with Obama '08

Dear Rudy: Good Night, and Fuck Off

Forget Iowa. I'm still behind Edwards

Tweeter "Country voted Black man - Woman had a really bad night"

No matter who you favor or who wins, you gotta admit .........

I love Rachel Maddow

Rachael Maddow just bitch slapped Chris Mathews!!

i hope Romney doesn't have a new dog.

ABC broke in to regular programming to declare Huckabee and Obama winners

Congratulations Mr. Obama, Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Clinton.....

Here's a "real time" results feed.from the Iowa Dem Party

if you get a newspaper tomorrow make sure you save it!

The ReTHUGS are absolutely disgusting

Why Iowa doesn't matter

Damn... Looks Like Clinton And Edwards Are Gonna Finish Tied For Second

MSNBC calls it for HuckyPoo


It looks like the young people are telling the establishment to stick it /nt

Serious question -- is anyone buying Rudy's "strategy"?

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy....

Hilton Twp, Iowa Co., for Obama....

Ghouliani's slogan: Tested. Ready. Now.

The 2008 Match-Up I Fear The Most: Clinton vs. McCain

As an Edwards Supporter, I Congratulate Obama

50 state long primaries or get a nominee ASAP

Real message sent by tonight's caucuses?

Tweety (In a very official voice): Two thirds of Dems in Iowa have rejected Clinton

Does Iowa have Super Delegates?

Emmy for Outstanding Non/Prosthetic Makeup; Outstanding Lighting Direction

Tweety wanted a job in the Clinton White House

WHAT?? Edwards lost delegates in a Des Moines precinct due

Where can we find total number of caucus attendees?

So far a seven-point margin for Obama in Iowa

So Rethugs & Independents thronged David GREGORY's caucus for OBAMA

God damn, what a country.

Damn, I leave for 30 minutes...

Paul did better then the Ghoul?

Rudy Guiliani is in FLORIDA....

I was just watching Faux and they have a news reader who looks like Jessica Simpson

Kudlow and company... just going through channels

So, what were those ARG results again?

So now I have to listen to Tom Joyner's mouth tomorrow

I'd like to congratulate the GOP

Rudy: Americans are part of a "9/11 Generation"

Matthews is fawning over Giuliani in a interview.

Ron Paul is doing surprisingly well, he has 11%, much higher than the polls placed him.

"Extraordinary across the board victory" for Obama

What's wrong with Howard Dean? He looks sick tonight.

thanks Admins! did you rent extra servers for tonight or what???

Anybody have the next primary dates?

Tonight, Ich Bin Ein Iowan!

Media: Paying No Mind to John Edwards

"The status quo lost and change won..."

Dude, Anderson Cooper *totally* stole my mescaline.

Are the freepers heads exploding because of the turnout figures? anyone dare to look

212,000 DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS GOERS showed up tonight to caucus!

If it turns out to be Obama vs. Huckabee in November, who wins?

a great noise about religion

Onward. eom

Once upon a time there was a political party

I Love Elizabeth Edwards

Edwards may have lost, but he is on fire...

Wadja thinks, folk?

for once Tweety gets it right: Edwards doesn't like to concede

Where are all the graphics -- our avatars -- sig lines? Anybody know? nt

Where can we find total number of caucus attendees?

Will Hilliary throw votes to Edwards to thwart an Obama win?

Pulled to the Left

Anyone get a bit of deja vu when JE started listing states?


CNN: Chris Dodd to drop out nt

KO: Turn-out up 82% from 2004!

At least Clinton didn't win. (nm)

Hillary gave a wonderful speech

Huckabee on now!!! Wheeee!!!

F*ckin Chuck Norris

If you liked what you heard from Edwards tonight...

Can we give some kudos to Senator Dodd.....


tired of usa elections - I want the 30-90 day variety like other countries

Can Edwards still win the nomination?

In 2003-4, I watched and read everything I could about primaries. This time, I've experienced

What the overseas gamblers think about tonight's caucus

The keyword is "CHANGE"..

OK Boys And Girls... How Dumb Is An "Entrance Poll" At An Iowa Democratic Caucus ???

listening to hil clinton now--air america

Iowa Caucus makes the U.S. look and feel like a banana republic both at home and oversees!

Now for a serious poll: WHO'S DROPPING OUT FIRST?

Official discussion thread # 2; LIVE from Iowa, Cspan 1 now.

The Tiberius Prediction!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else get uneasy watching the after primary because of what happened to Bobby Kennedy?

Huckabee wins for repubs in Iowa? Hahahahahahahahaha

Congratulations to Senator Obama. A real tough race on a real cold night.

Huckabee sees what is behind him...Chuck Norris yearning..

Huckabile doing his Captain Kirk impression

Senator Obama is apparently coming up on CNN in a couple of minutes.

Edwards Supporters: lets keep him in the race. Ante Up!

Sirota: The Unethical "Entrance Polls"

The Turnout in Iowa = America Improving

Huckabee is trying to run on CHANGE. What he will do is ESCALATE.

Tweety: Huckabee "Very Jimmy Stewart"

"the Clintons are planning their comeback, starting **right** **now**"

Is that Chuck Norris behind fuckabee?

Somebody buy Chuck Norris a razor and tell him that look went out with fanny packs.

My 2nd e-mail to MSNBC of the day complaining about Tweety

Would Different Voting Rules Have Changed the Results?

Either Huckabee is wearing a flesh-colored yarmulke...

Obama/Edwards for President 2008

It's about the turn-out! Check it out!

No matter who you supported tonight, history was made! An African American an of mixed descent

obama is giving me goose bumps and i support hillary n/t

I fear . . .

Caucuses prompt prayers at Huckabee HQ

The Real Meaning of Obama's Victory Tonight

I want to believe...

Unless something happens

I just now donated $100 to Edwards' campaign (which is a lot for me)

Any pix of Old Man Thompson?

60% of Republican caucus voters were Evangelicals or Born-agains

Mr. Obamalina, Mr. Barack Obamalina

He's a Baptist Minister and former Televangelist

Why is "red" a rightwing adjective these days?

I absolutely despise Fuckabee

MSNBC: Secondary headline from Iowa tonight...

If this country wants to continue its slide

Giuliani Looks Like He was/Is Ill

Did Howard Dean have cosmetic surgery?

WINNERS! ---PIX--->>>

So , Congratulations Obama supporters.

Well I for one welcome our new Evangelical Overlords.

Tweety: "If Dems only win with Dems, without Independents, you're not going to win the general"

I hope Biden is the VP pick

**I** didn't know Huckabee was in the Marines. Did you?

This will turn out to be an Edwards/Obama ticket.

Bizarre post since we're on Defcon 2 and looks like we can post anything.

Biden is withdrawing from the race MSNBC

OBAMA TAKES THE STAGE...I think this might be worth watching...

Think it's been bad up t'il now.

Obama lost me when he said he'd pull a Gerry Ford re: crimes of Bush/Cheney.. Iowa didn't hear

Did Repubs turn out and vote Obama?

On the "Speechifying" scale, the Iowa Caucus results were spot-on.

I wonder how drug-addicted sex tourists feel about Huckabee...

DAMNED good candidates.

As far as speeches go...Obama won hands down

Where are the threads asking if Hillary will stay in?

Iowa: Winners and Losers.

Paul beat out Guiliani 10% - 3% per CSPAN

Word up for real conservatives

Why is CNN measuring the Dem Caucuses by delegates...

236,000 Dems, 89% growth

Obama won tonight, yes....OK and congrats..but can people take it a little easy please?

Wow huck a major boring speaker...can't believe he was a minister n/t

Gravel out.

Redefining patriotism as authoritarianism

What an exciting night! Out with the old ...

Does a Huckabee win mean that the Christofacists have complete control of the RNC now?

What do you think Mitt's doing right now?

Howard Fineman is talking about the end of the Clinton era

Compare the Dems to Huckabee

What kind of a message will HRC take from this? Needs more corp $$$ --- ???

First thing out of his mouth: Racial

Dear Republicans, You are so screwn!!11!1

How SWEET his absence tonight

Tony Romo for president.

Hillary is going to have to totally rethink her platform if she is running on change

Is Rachel wearing braces?????

Bill Maher on Letterman tonight, and Al Sharpton on Jimmy Kimmel live after that

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Johnny Wendell subs for Mike

Isn't Huckabee's Victory A Positive for Democrats?

Do any Kucinich insiders know why he chose to advance Clinton over Edwards?

A Very Important Message About Something Completly Different

Obama's mom from my neck of the woods - I know a gentleman quoted in this article

HR Clinton wants to end No Child Left Behind.

Is Obama's Speech Up?

Freeper Quote of the Night

So what would happen if Edwards throws in for Obama after, say SC?

There were two Obama supporters at the last Dem breakfast I went to


Obama == Grassroots

Huckabee's dangerous, no doubt about it...

With McCain losing by over 20 pts. and coming in 4th, how can the media say it's good news for him?

The goal is winning the White House...If Obama can motivate a whole generation to vote...

Do you think that Keith and Tweety make a good team?

Do you like Dave's beard?

Did Hillary congratulate Obama in her speech tonight?

Do you think Oprah made a difference?

Hillary Clinton screams!

Look at these freakazoid composites ---pix--->>>

I am proud of the caucus process we use here.

Duncan Hunter will quit with-in the next 24 hours.

Tonight, John Edwards spoke for me

St McCain just announced he is campaigning tomm. with LIEberman

Wow Edwards is just on a roll

The closer Obama gets to the nomination - the more I fear for his safety


Caucus Night Speech Summaries

I still support John Edwards

Disaster time for Romney

I would hate to follow Edwards's speech tonight.

Boy is Iowa white! -- Not that there's

Post drop out Presidential Preference Poll

At what point will Obama's fluff on change, translate into actual hardcore policy positions?

This movie with Chuck Norris and Gomer Pyle is kinda boring

Super Bowl, 02.03.08; Super Duper Tuesday, 02.05.08

thanks for fucking us over dennis

The YOUTH. Take note. The YOUTH of today are NOT a bunch of racist assholes like the older

Well, Uncle Pat (Buchanan) thinks that Edwards is done for, and

John Edwards 2nd place winner speech is awesome...

One thing is clear. At the end of the night, no more than 3 will be left standing.


Senator Edwards is kinda giving the speech of his life right now.

Happy 3rd Anniversary in the Senate, Obama!

Bill Maher on Letterman

EDWARDS - Not ONE applause break!

My Partner: "Why does she talk to us like she's our kindergarten teacher?"

Senator Hillary Clinton is very well spoken and I would be proud to support her in an election.

Thank you John Edwards For Standing Up for the Poor in America

I, for one, do NOT congratulate Obama tonight. I do not like the negative campaign he has run

The most UNBELIEVABLE (yet delightful) thing I have ever seen.

Edwards is NOT done.

EDWARDS SUPPORTERS: Check in if you plan to donate to the campaign again 2nite or 2morrow

Edwards supporters: Do you think Edwards will stay in the race?

It was all about stopping Edwards

Jack Cafferty of CNN Just Called Obama, "Articulate" and "Pleasant"

DU'ers may disagree about their candidates , but FREEPERS are tearing each others throats out!!!

Liberals&Progressives Listen up... now y'all will get a HUGE wakeup call about racism in Murka.

Obama’s Top Adviser is Zbigniew Brzezinski!!?? WTF!!??

The FCC should be on that short list of immediate tasks for which

A little perspective for all of you closely following the activities in Iowa.. and a smile.

Obama's gonna take Iowa handily.

Any predictions on tonights finish for the top three Democrats? How about the Republicans?

Zogby: "Movement to Obama and, to some degree, to Edwards."

EDWARDS may start the night with a LARGE lead

BREAKING: God to call Oral Roberts home if Edwards doesn't win

Here are my iowa predictions

According to Nation Edwards has to win

so i'm observing @ a school in des moines


How will you be watching the Caucuses in your homes?

Breaking News: Stop Posting RUMORS!!

Keep an eye on Warren County tonight

I've Got Internal Sources

BOOKMARK THIS WEBSITE: Iowa results down to the county and precinct level as they are released

So Where Is Goohliani In All This?

My verified internal sources say:

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: Hiawatha precinct line already stretching around the block...

CSPAN Caller: "I support Duncan Hunter"


Watching C-Span. Republicans have no energy at all.

Edwards and Clinton supporters, you can make some good money on Intrade right now

Early Results in from Iowa show expected patterns

Clinton Team Expects 2nd Place, Andrea Mitchell Reports

So, when will the caucus results start coming in?

Live bloggers at the Caucus?

Barack Obama: Don't Believe The Hype

any reports on turnout? n/t

Good Luck to you and your candidate tonight

WOMEN ARE TURNING OUT BIG (The Atlantic Marc Ambinder)

Hey Lurking CNN Execs...this "best news team" stuff....

If I hear the pundits say the word Christian again...

Obama internals show decisive victory tonight, folks

Armbinder is right folks...

Dem caucus on CSPAN1; discussing candidates soon. 7;02pmCT. nt

Ron Paul astroturfers are bombarding CSPAN hotlines right now.


Hi, I haven't posted on DU in forever!

Lordy -- Rachael Maddow on the MSNBC pundit panel now

Why don't we have a blimp?

What will best reflect the way you feel...when tomorrow comes & reality sets in?

"Breaking Gravel".... winning first five precints.....

Obama 5-1 over Hillary among Young Voters?

Ambinder: 1/2 caucus goers - 1st timers, 1/2 made up their minds early in the process

I don't know the answer but I'm trying to frame the question

1 of over 1,700 reporting: Edwards leading. LOL!

Entrance poll.

Russert: Lots of Women, Lots of Independents, Lots of Young People

Keith is in a good mood and being a little snarky and funny at

Half of Democratic caucus goers are first-timers.

Just woke up....for goodness sake

OMG ANYONE JUST HEAR THAT GUY ON CSPAN? talking about Ron paul...

Very early entrance poll: Hillary 36, Obama 31, Edwards 19...

C-SPAN Live Des Moines Caucus Thread?

As much as I would prefer it, I will not count Edwards out in Iowa......

FIVE REPORTING! Clinton and Edwards neck and neck HA

WTF......banner on CBS...Obama leads Clinton..

YES, intelligent man, I'm going over to Edwards!

Iowa Caucus precinct reporting updates:

lol. Talk about fear tactic. lol. one caucus'er to another on cspan....

Current results

The OFFICIAL DU Caucus Thread (You are there!)

Entrance Poll: Over 50% new Caucus voters....51% want change, 20% Experience

ATTN: Obama Supporters: My Report from Des Moines, Iowa

Governor Dean has several brief appearances tonight pre caucus results

Edwards out to early lead. Obama trailing. Precincts Reporting: 33

Trump: 'Genius' Huckabee played press for suckers

Now comes the sales pitches...

Pick the Trifecta! Top three finishers in Iowa

Clinton people will give support to Biden, Richardon in some precincts to make them viable

Wow - Basically A 3-Way Tie

What we know so far:

Obama will edge Hillary based on Richardson and Biden 2nd choices.

Hey, why don't we hold our own get-together to select candidates, just like they're

I am staying with my original prediction Obama wins with 38%

With 258 OF 1781 precincts reporting Edwards still ahead! Yeah!

Richardson sucks!

Edwards ahead with 20% reporting...

KO just said Obama has the lead. Hillary and Edwards battling for second.

Does anyone have a link to the GOP results?

Obama wins first preceint in Des Moines County.

CSPAN: Obama Supporters Doing "Fired Up? Ready To Go!" Chant

Watching MSNBC and no mention of Edwards at all...

Huckabee winning in the early start

How much revisionist history can we expect out of Hillary tonight?

Obama camp says they're expecting a trunout of 207k, higher than their expectations

CURRENT NUMBERS IN: Edwards: 34%, Clinton 32%, Obama 31%, Richardson 2%

I wanna caucus

Obama in the Lead

Obama has just overtaken Hillary!

... and Over on the Republican Side

Obama moves into 2nd. Hillary 3rd.

Obama is easily rising and will beat Edwards

It's a dead heat n/t

Edwards : 36.65%, Clinton : 30.96%, Obama : 28.37% (91 of 1781)

CNN projects for Huckleberry

Obama now leading. Hillary still third

CNN predicts Huckabee win

The results seem as erratic as the polls

Edwards schedules primetime roadblock interviews...either claiming victory or justifying why he shou

MSNBC: Huckabee wins Iowa.

Bummed There's No Indecision '08 Covering This

CNN projects Huckabee wins Iowa .

TPM Iowa Caucus Scoreboard

Breaking: Edwards to drop out if he does not win

wow....msnbc just called huckabee the repuke winner

Obama just took the lead

If the top 3 finish within a few % of each other, the New Hampshire axe just got sharper!

I'm braving the Iowan Republican Caucus

4 % of Des Moines is in and Obama is at a whopping 47%

Did Romney Waste All His Money On Iowa? Huck Did Next To Nothing And Won! Go HUCK!!!

Yay, MSNBC calling for Huckabee - good - I hate Romney

Follow The Action Here...Live...Well Almost

Obama in lead...his juice has started

Stupid question, I know, but does each precinct have 1 delegate in Iowa?

Beware of entrance polls. The 2004 entrance polls was off by 6% on Edwards

IF DU Had A Caucus

Iowa Caucuses providing an excellent "Media Bias" opportunity...

Money moving to Obama on Intrade, up to 90.

Alright can everyone be ahead at the same time? n/t

Biden group has 21 in Des Moines on C-SPAN

Wait, Was McCain Suppose To Win Iowa Or Come Close?

Can we call it yet...

Why is so much weight given to a state that is so White?

.2% between Edwards (2nd) and Clinton (3rd)

I watched a documentary

Obama ahead @ 63% Reporting...Edwards and Hillary battle it out for second...

!!!!!!!Breaking NEWS!!!!!


MSNBC project Barak Obama as the Iowa Caucus winner.

Obama 35%, Edwards 31%, Clinton 31% with 68% of precincts reporting




The Huckster Is Kicking The Mittster's Ass

I'm not sure Obama, Edwards, or Clinton will really "lose" tonight.

With 40% reporting, Edwards 33.3 / Clinton 32.12 / Obama 31.80


Bwahaha - McCain speaking now

Fox Sports-64% in Obama 34% Edwards and Clinton 31%

MSNBC projects Obama the winner!

Well Fuck me! It's Huckabee

If Obama wins he owes Kucinch a huge thank you.

We're not quite at the halfway point in the tally...

MSNBC: Obama Winner!!!!

Wikipedia "Iowa Caucus" entry HACKED!

For those C-Span watchers...did somebody just say Obama had 161/375?

Congratulations to Senator Obama

Edwards and Hillary Still Virtually Tied


Good for Rachel telling Tweety to simmer on calling it a bad night for Hillary.

CNN calls it for Obama, too.

Thanks mods.

75% Reporting -- OBAMA 36%...EDWARDS 31%...CLINTON 31%

What Are The Freepers Writing About Huck's Win? Come On, THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Congrats to Obama...

MSNBC Calls Iowa for Barack Obama!!!

They just called it for OBAMA


Biden got backstabbed by a lot of endorsers it appears....oh welllllll shit

Congrats to Obama!

BARACK OBAMA WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Onward to New Hampshire

Tweety is sick...

First precinct

Congrats to Obama...from an Edwards supporter.

congrats obama people

I was wrong, so I'll eat my crow

Congrats, Obama Supporters!!

CSPAN Des Moines 2nd Alignment: Obama Wins, 186/375

Doing the 'Bama Happy Dance

"I have a Dream" Fulfilled tonight..

OK! Obama is OFFICIALLY the front-runner! Let's see how he handles REAL pressure.

Victory Speech Predictions!!!

Congrats to Obama from Edwards supporter.

Congratulations to Obama supporters!

Obama wins Iowa, but Hillary will win New York. Wanna count who has more delegates?

Congratulations to Obama.

Yesterday & Today ....



It looks like I called it right months ago

Obama Is Like Secretariat....Every Time They Flash The Numbers He Increases His Lead

Congratulations to Obama supporters!

Bill Bennet: Barack Hussein Obama.. black

Bill Bennet on CNN: Barack Hussein Obama

The media's candidate has won

Desmoines Register Poll was very accurate

Ignore the spin that this was a close race or "basically a three way tie"

Congratulations to Obama and his supporters.

Let's remember, folks...this is only the beginning.

Today I am a proud American

Clinton falls to 29%

Where does this leave Edwards....?

Maybe Edwards should go third party

Has there ever been a 3-way horse-race like this before?

Has an African American won a primary before?

Congratulations to Obama and

Remember the DLC effect for Obama (Richardson and Biden 2nd votes)

Apparently KD Tunstall Is Reporting Live From Iowa

Trippi bashing Clinton

Good,- its over! The 'its all about me state of Iowa' is in the rear

HHAHAHAHA 9iu11ani COULD COME IN LAST IN IOWA!! (UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

How soon before Hillary camp claims "Iowa not important"?

Kathy Barger first time caucus-goer disgusted by process...

Three minute hate on Fox News-their take on Iowa

It's okay to me that they used Barack's full name. It's a beautiful name...

CNN: Huckabee got 45% of Evangelical vote, 45% of women voters (Romney got 19% and 23%)

Obama’s Kin Glued to the Radio in Kenya - NYTimes

Howard Dean on MSNBC!

Jesus look at the crowd for Obama

Wow, Dean Lost A Lot Of Weight

Council Bluffs Ia precinct 7 RESULTS

Take 100 people, vote; only 6 voters determined THIS outcome…

Congrats Obama!

Congratulations to Obama supporters

Hope for Republicans in 2008?

I need to be educated


Eyewitness caucus report : INSANE number of younger voters!!


You gotta hand it to Obama....

Tweety is searching desperately for headline making comments .. DUH

Tweets: 'Clinton is about to talk: get ready for the machine.' Wow. nt

Can we stop pretending Obama's race will hurt him now?

I said Hillary is my second choice today, but Obama's win has me up in the air.

Edwards and Hillary both below 30...decisive win for Obama...

Does anyone on here and the political pundits know this is just one state?

92% Precincts Reporting; Obama 37%, Edwards 30%, Clinton 30%

So Hillary And Edwards Are Going To Be Tied?

The loser tonight is ARG The winner is Zogby.

Populism won tonight.

Ron Paul is at 10%, Ghouliani at a ghastly 4%!

You can tell a lot about people by how they handle winning

With 48% Reporting, Obama 34%, Edwards 32%, Clinton 32%

Edwards probably second place, I'm not sure if he can go on and win....

President Obama, has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Mrs. Greenspan is delighting in describing the manufactured funeral like clinton celebration.

Is Howard Dean okay?

One stat I want to see: % of registered Dem vs. % of registered Rep. who voted

Iowa has 7 electoral votes,NH has 4. Big deal.

Iowa perspective - there were more people at the Rose Bowl game than voted for any

Sorry I got to do this....A present for the trolls

212,000 turnout tonight

Big race for 2nd! Edwards : 29.97% Clinton : 29.53%

Do we have any numbers on second choice support? Looks like they decided it

The Repubs ending was perfect...

The happiest people tonight are the Huckabee supporters. They've got a formidable GE candidate

Well, it's over ... Obama raising $150k/hr

What to keep in mind about tonight regardless of how your candidate did:

Kudoes to the DMR for calling the race...

Over 200,000 turn out vote in the Democratic caucus

Keith Olbermann just announced Obama's in the lead.

As an Edwards supporter. If he loses in NH I hope he pulls out and back Obama

CNN just called Iowa for Huckabee (nt)

Resistance is Fut... Uh... Oh @#%&!

Why did EE lie? The second place position is not yet settled! nt

Thank You GWBush & The Repugs For Energizing The Dem Voters........

It's ALL OVER!!! It's going to be Huckabee vs Obama in the Presidential Election!

Edwards, we won because we spent much less, small guy wins!

Edwards is framing the race as him vs Obama

Is the Edwards' campaign done?

Hold Your Heads Up High, Edwards and Hillary Supporters

Iowa caucusgoers: A Final Request - Just Say No To Obama

In spite of being outspent and all but media ignored, Edwards did great!

Poor Ron Paul fans, he's behind Rudy. they're gonna be sad.


If you were an average Republican--

Edwards coming up now.

Senator Harkin cites figures that suggest more Iowans than ever before

Edwards finished Second

Chris Matthews SUCKS

Clinton lost Women voters

You guys can check out all of tomorrow's newspaper frontpages - US and the world - on this website:

Who would have won Iowa if only Democrats voted?

All three of our top candidates won more votes than Huckabee.

Post Iowa Presidential Preference Poll

Hillary gets 3rd and all CNN can talk about...

Resistance is Fut... Uh... Oh @#%&!

Yes, Hillary. The election WAS about change.

Iowa results since 1972:

Is C-SPAN going to run the fucking speeches, or not?

Congratulations to the Democratic Party of the United States!

We must come together and support our nominee - Barack Obama

2 Questions. How much did Oprah help Obama? How much did the DMR endorsement help Hillary?

Ooh. Ooh. He's Screaming!

Now eat that crow!!

So much for ARG bullsit poll on Iowa they were WAY OFF

Hillary up now!

TPM: Matthews get's "Wet and Messy about Obama...

Woman voted for Obama 35% to 30% for Clinton

All of us won tonight

Congrats to Obama and his supporters tonight!

Andrea Mitchell says Hillary manufacturing her rally now

Gotta remember kids, the prize is not the candy cane it is Santa...NOVEMBER! keep that thought

Congratulations, Obama fans, from an Edwards supporter.

How much money does Edwards have?

Put on your HazMat suits, New Hampshire is going to be bloody!

The entitlement of instant gratification...

Edwards is awesome. Speak on it john.

For People That Trashed the DMR Poll...

Hillary Speaking


Hillary's getting her ass handed to her!!!!!

My hat is off to all DUers out there

What it is...

Would JE make a good AG?

Does Edwards realize that he is going to lose by 8 points to Obama?

How did Fox News Cover Iowa Tonight?

Huckabee's on, he LOVES Iowa

Biden supporters: You rock

There is no doubt that John Edwards is a fine and just man. I am so proud of him.

I say we all move to New Hampshire for the next five days and work our butts off for

Sometimes Hil makes a better loser than a winner because...

Did Huckabee just say "We are the ruling class of America"????

Can someone answer a question for me?

Y'all know I don't care for Obama, but I'll say this

Huckabee Is Giving A Hell Of A Speech

Dodd drops out

Chuck Norris' teeth are unbelievably white

Guys, a great day for American Dem politics....record turnout

just so we don't forget

Edwards did not concede

Is this the first election cycle for some of you?

"The idea that Huckabee could mount a credible general election campaign is laughable."

Chuck Norris --- He should sign up and serve in Iraq

More 2nd choice voters broke for Obama than Edwards.

Finally...... C-SPAN gets to the speeches.

Huckabee momentum makes a Bloomberg run likelier, yes?

First casualty...Dodd dropping out...

These numbers coming out of Iowa from CNN and MSNBC don't make any sense

So what do the independents do now?

I'm not an Obama supporter, and I will say this once:

Dodd drops out..

What Bill Clinton is thinking tonight.........


HILLARY's speech is very gracious....thus far......

Huck: America wants a change with a challenge.

There Must Be Panic In The Republican Establishment

Any new ARG polls out tonight??

What would the results have been

Based on Trippi's comments after the caucus, do you think Edwards will go after HRC

Anyone talking about the Kucinich effect?

Obama is going to get a big lift from this victory

Congratulations to Barack Obama and especially to his supporters here.

Hope won tonight.

Hello??? Ummmm....Hillary....YOU LOST! Did you miss that???

Think Progress: Rudy Floats Dick Cheney For Vice President Again

Question for Obama folks:

Is Hillary's new theme: Change?

Is the Edwards' campaign done?

Obama fans - A Change is Goanna Come

Obama about to start his speech

Swift Boaters ready to strike again

Saw on local news a Knuckleberry supporter with her eyes closed and praying

OK now I'm gettin misty.....

MSNBC: Obama won among democrats , 32 to 31 over Clinton

Chuck Norris? Are you shitting me?

Just announced that the Democratic turnout was double that of Repulicans.

Joe Trippi: All today shows is that 70% of Iowa is against Clinton.

Did "Bringing in the Sheaves" break out at the Huckabee HQ?

CNN HD is unwatchable

My caucus

Ron Paul 10%, Giuliani 4%

Ummm...What did Keith Just say? Something about 32-31?


Dodd dropping out...

Does tweety live for obama or what?

Obama and Edwards beat Clinton in Iowa, will her support split?

Obama wins amon those whose top issue is "War in Iraq"

Obama UP

It'll Be Obama vs. McCain

Gobama !

Do you all think any Dem will drop out?

Possibly the best man up to Speak right now: Joe Biden

New Hampshire has no sales tax or state income tax, Huckabee wants a flat tax

Obama! 'Ordinary people can do extra ordinary things'! That happened

Where is "Obama Attacks"....

Wow! Dodd and Biden,

The Story of Iowa: Hillary Clinton defeated. She is no longer inevitable.

Why is everybody being so goddamn gracious and civilized tonight?

The Obama campaign has an elan right now that is undeniable

Media Bias in Action, Exhibit A: Obama turns back Clinton in Iowa

Obama/Biden, folks. Let's make it happen!

Fred '08

Saturdays Debate

Obama's victory due to his appeal among independents.

Biden on MSNBC now


DU'ers don't forget the SAturday debate in NH should be very interesting with less candidates

How did Huckabee, who helped release a serial rapist from jail, sweep the female vote?

Intrade again accurately predicts election winners

With Great hope and Great Joy for Me, Comes Great Sadness

Why did the polls show this as a much tighter race?

I hope that none of the Candidates drop out

BRILLIANT, Inspirational speech by Obama

238,000 Dem Caucus members. 89% growth over 2004.

As a good man once said, YEEEEEEEAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Clinton still favorite among Intraders to win Democratic nomination

EDWARDS speaking now

DAMN!!!! candidates are dropping out like flies

So do Dodd, Biden, and Richardson drop out now? I really feel bad for Joe Biden

Intrade: More major movement to Obama (now at 43 for nomination)

Democratic Convention delegate breakdown-at this date

Did Sen. Edwards forget to congratulate Sen. Obama or was it intentional?

Congratulations to the First Woman ...

Is it just me or does it seem like I just watched a episode of survivor?

John Edwards smile looks very forced. Can't say as I blame him.

Congrats to Obama. He proved tonight that he's for real, eh.

The Obama supporters owe Edwards a thank you

I can now relate with those who were so heavily invested in Al Gore.

Clinton Camp Statement on Obama Iowa Win. "This race begins tonight..."

The best news out of Iowa: if the trend continues we'll have a Democrat in the White House in 2009!

From Chris Dodd: Tonight's Results

It'll be interesting to know if the Des Moines Register Poll gave Obama the win

"I tell you, Gravel dropping out is not going to be a major factor."...

As an Obama supporter, I have to say, Chris Matthews might be willing to give Obama..

I'm at HyVee Hall for the speech

haha Keith

Current Status of the Primaries, State-by-State: Week 1

I hope this puts to rest the "Harold Ford couldn't win Tennessee so Obama can't win the presidency"

MSNBC: Finneman says that this is the end of the Clinton era

Something I don't understand about the numbers between Edwards and Clinton...

WOW!! Tweety Just Stomped On Huckabee, and He didnt even catch it

It is so powerful for an African American to win a primary and to say

I'm solidly for Obama right now

Anyone have some pancakes? I need some with all the syrup...

Hillary lost women, youth, and independents to Obama

"The campaign blasted Dolly Parton's "Workin' 9 to 5" in the ballroom, but no one danced"

As badly as I hated the outcome

Shame on Iowa

OMG... He didn't just do that...

Is this a fair summary of Bizarro Repub Primary World so far? (Did I miss anything):

If someone besides Edwards gets the nomination...

Barack loves Michelle

Obama vs. Huckabee debate - who would win? nt

A lovely e-mail from Dodd's campaign:

Who gave Best Democratic Speech Tonight?

The only good thing I can say about tonight is this

238,000 People turned out in the Dem Caucus vs 122,000 in 2004

I do want to point out my prediction earlier this week was half correct....

Pat Buchanan is actually making far more sense than Tweety

Anyone Else Waiting With Baited Breath For Obama's Speech?

Oprah WORKED!!

Iowa is Obama country

I am praying for America tonight. I pray that Iowa will choose substance over money

One good thing about Clinton losing ...and I'm a Clinton suporter... is

So explain to me why the 2004 primary analogy won't hold

Joe Biden on MSNBC!

The more you look at it, the worse this loss looks for Hillary

It's Official. Edwards second, Hillary third.

Edwards dropped 2 pts in Iowa vs. 2004


Now that Joe Trippi has led two Presidential candidates to defeat...

Amazing stats tonight as per MSNBC ~

Obama's speech may have been the anti-DeanScream

Delegate count reported as - Obama 14 Edwards 13 Clinton 12

Is Chris Matthews drunk?

Big Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama. You May Have Won Me Over Tonight.

Gravel out.

This Is A Fucking Brilliant Speech

Hey Obama Supporters!! My kids are in love with your candidate.

EDWARDS SUPPORTERS: Who will you switch to?


Bad form Keith, Bad Form.

Obama won among the "very liberal" by a mile. But... I thought he repeated right-wing talking points

So...who are you supporting now for the for the Democratic Nomination

WHY I'M SUPPORTING OBAMA-posted before, but maybe now it will make more sense.....

Thank you Howard Dean

Check out these caucus breakdowns!

Edwards supporters: Time to UNITE!!!

Huckabee worries me - they were stupid enough to vote for Bush

Let's hear it for Joe Biden and Chris Dodd!

If Obama wins in NH, the reason will be because:

Arianna Huffington: What Obama's Win Says About America

Rachel Maddow is not a happy camper

Madeleine Albright in the background and you are talking about change.

I'm listening to Hillary right now

Will Obama finally be vetted now that he's won the 'caucus' in Iowa?

I'd just like to say thanks to Joe Biden.

Hil's speech was awesome. Every time i think i'm over her, she brings me back in.

Freeps less than enthusiastic about Huckabee, calling him "a RINO nit-wit"

AFSCME in Iowa: 2 Time, Big Time LOSERS

Does Obama's win in Iowa make you more or less

Thank you to Chris Dodd, Joe Biden and their supporters!!!!

Unless a miracle you realize what this means...the Democratic Party...

Congrats Obama and his supporters!

My worst fears have been realized. A sure general election loser will be nominated again by us.

Biden is out

My Gawd. Watching Iowa on CSPAN

Maybe I'm just far too jaded and cynical to "hope"

How do we feel about tonight's result?

The biggest loser of the night was the punditocracy

EXTREMELY interesting breakdown of what went down, look CAREFULLY...

Analyze this: My report from caucus

I'm so fucking happy that I'm crying!

Obama’s Kin Glued to the Radio in Kenya

Wetzelbill "pleased" at "exceeding expectations" in Iowa.....

My heart breaks for Biden supporters...

Ouch, Clinton below 30%!

Obama might damn well hit 37%!

Third place for Hillary! ... So much for Inevitability!

Biden talk-

Hey, Guys, It's All Good!

Iowa verdict: Hillary is UNELECTABLE

It warms my heart to see this handsome strong, proud black man

Where the hell is Agent Franzia?

Obama-Hagel Ticket


What a remarkable Obama speech.

Donnie McClurkin must be very happy tonight!

Did John Edwards just DECLARE VICTORY?

Obama isn't the first African American to win a Presidential primary

(Calif.) high court preserves tax breaks for domestic partners

Iowa Wrap Up

Poll: Democrats Pick Candidates of Change

FBI investigators arrive in Sudan for US diplomat slaying

Liberal Europeans Demand Right to Vote in U.S. Elections

Iowa Dems sweep with a 2:1 ratio

Police called to Spears' home in custody dispute

Payroll Growth Stalls as Jobless Rate Hits 5.0%

Whaling expert to consider court case

New FBI agent takes over hunt for missing 1971 hijacker, cash (D. B. Cooper)

Bhutto's party rejects 'meaningless' Scotland Yard probe

We're doing lots of anti-whaling talking - MPs (slaughter "midway through")

Judge won't put off state's [FL] Jan. 29 primary

The True Cost of Cheap Chicken

Man's Impeachment March (Nearing End)

Chris Dodd Drops Out of Race

British military base in Basra attacked

No Murder Charges Filed in Haditha Case

Federal Reserve Raises Next Two Emergency Sales to $30 Billion in Bid to Add Liquidity

Clinton and McCain lead in New Hampshire

Importance of teaching evolution noted (by Scientific advisers to gov't)

Pulled' Huckabee ad did air

Italy prosecutor to appeal U.S. soldier murder case

Passenger jets get anti-missile devices

Attacks prompt vehicle ban in Iraqi city

(Iraq war) Veteran Accused Of Biting Off Man's Ear

Universal flu jab works in people

‘Miraculous’ Recovery for Man Who Fell 47 Floors

Markets 'strong' despite slowing economy - Bush

Maker of Tainted Dog Food to Pay $3.1M (toxic mold case)

No regrets for Rudy as he skips Iowa caucuses ("On Sept. 11, I was worried")

Clinton's image as the inevitable nominee dissolves

NY Army captain admits taking money to steer Iraq contracts

Supreme Court to rule on death penalty for child rape

Afghanistan warns of dire food shortages

Prosecutors won't seek 3rd trial in case where judge banned words(rape, victim)

Spam's 'poster boy' indicted

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 4

Von Spakovsky says good-bye to that job at the FEC

Hillary Clinton Says She Is 'Most Innocent' on Campaign Trail

Killer of 2 U.S. soldiers belongs to (US backed) armed group – army

Jobless Rate Hits 5 Percent, 2-Year High

DNA shows Colombia boy was rebel hostage

No power for about 600,000 in N. Calif

U.S. moves ahead with Mexican truck program WH defies Congress, pointing to loophole in new law

ABC Cuts 3 From Presidential Debate (Gravel, Hunter, Kucinich)

Lone trader caused 100 dollar price for oil

Bush says economy sound; mum on stimulus plan


Chrysler's to lay off (up to12,000) workers

Huckabee's got Delta Force bitches

Stephen Stills Has Surgery for Prostate Cancer, wife says procedure "went remarkably well"


Why isn't KitchenWitch talking to me? Look:

A brutal lesson in how not to spam websites:

There are no staples in my belly anymore!!!

The traffic signs in Italy are in Italian and "American".....

Meg Oliver wants me

I'm more depressed than I've been in ages

I'm going for Internet-Free Friday!!

OK- funny cross-post from GD-P

Sometimes when I shake photographs, it looks like the people in them are dancing

I am feeling really blue....

I'm so homely I turned of my signature line.

Face it, Mike Huckabee is nothing but a puppet of....

I see the DU is at Yellow Alert tonight...

Man using GPS drives into path of train in New York suburb

American Hardcore

This is not a pic to use for this type of story.

dang, Dang, DOUBLE DANG! I need to learn to drive and get my license like yesterday!

Somewhere deep inside something's got a hold on you

I'll have a grande vanilla bean frappacino and a whole wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese

Time for FOOL IN THE RAIN Friday!

Ok, so he's a little hard to look at here, but I love this song...

Do Bears shit while in the woods?

Police called to Spears' home in custody dispute

Python Undergoes Golf Ball-ectomy

Hey DUers - check out who posted here! Someone I know we all love...

Please talk to me

Can't smell? Maybe you are depressed.

I'm just waiting for my Ipod to charge, and then, bed...

So...I am no longer debt-free. Ah, well.

Is is a picture of a ghost? or what?

Cost Benefit Analysis - New vs. used vs. junker car


Hey lounge

Britney Wheeled Out on a Gurney!!

Why is ham like a piece of rubber these days? nt

If I could ask my fairy godmother/father for one gift,

These AquaDots are delicious!

I'm happy running against a guy who thinks Chuck Norris is still a celebrity

Anybody using Viagra?

I had a feeling Huckabee did Viagra - why are so many weirdos do Viagra

Word/Excel gurus. Is there any way to import data from a word

I had a feeling Huckabee did Vicodin why are so many weirdos do Vicodin

OMFG!!! My friend just told me Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver (D-MO, 5th Dist.) is a self-described Huguenot!

*cough* May I moan and whine for a minute? *sniff* (bit of a feminist-woe rant)

Anyone been to Iraq? Recommend any tour agencies?

OMFG!!! My right wing best friend just told me she is jumping ship to vote for Edwards!!!!

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old / One is Silver, And the Other Gold...

I can't believe Kucinich wasn't even a candidate last night...

why can't this new crop of pop stars just die of heroin overdoses

My Angel is deathly sick....

Full-On nasty winter storm butteting everything from California to Washington St

I think we need to develop a ritual for 30-something women going back to school

I feel culturally deprived.

Anyone here watch "Weeds"?

Anybody got an iPhone?

Well, the New Hampshire Primary is Tuesday and I, for one, am concerned.

Hate me, but this is my favorite McClurkin song...


Things NOT to post in GD or GD:P

So the African American kid, the new face in the crowd, won the contest.

I suppose these 100 calorie snack packs are only a good idea

Well, the Iowa caucus is over and I, for one, am concerned.

All this talk of the Iowa Caucus - how about my FAVORITE Caucus?

It's raining sidewise.

Holy shit! I just got back $121.43 from my eye doctor!!!

why do they talk about politic's so much on this sight?

Irish people: can we claim Barack O'Bama?

This is NOT a political thread. I swear

I'm devastated by the caucus results

OMG, I got the Obama email

Love me, but this is my favorite McCartney song...

I just scared the shit out of myself.

SF Bay, planes, boats: FleetWeek

Ok, since the Pats have a by this week...

Please help me before my head explodes

I've no idea what you are talking about

Hate me, but this is my favorite McCartney song...

I need to clean up the beach house and get to the store before everyone gets here tonight.

Amy Fisher Sex Tape

Any Morrowind Players Out There?

CONFESS!!!! How much of the primary did you watch last night on TV?

Britney wheeled out of home by paramedics, is at Cedars-Sinai on "5150 hold" (mental evaluation)

So I'm reading about the real news story of last night - Brittney carted off to the Hospital

Woo Hoo check out my new webpage (sample)

My fuse is EXTRA long today.

What's fer lunch?

Do you'all remember the original movie " The Haunting of HIll HOuse"

Obama in Ohio with Oprah

NC Folks and others nearby: Meetup this month!

Year in review ... "Thanks to the Internet"


Can you recommend a news weekly - Time, Newsweek, whatever?


Things that are awesome

What's all this talk about the Iowa Cactus?

We're all gonna die.

Bay Area Rock Fans: Can we Claim B.A. Rock Obama?


Male Genital Odors Are History - Synerfied Healthcare Introduces NodorO™

1600s-era Europeans - can we claim Baroque Obama?


Does Underpants Have G/O?

Do you think Alan Rickman could have genital odor?

Today's word of the day is "Huckabee." Replace any word in a thread with "Huckabee"

Time for another-Post a picture of your favorite former military gynecologist

I don't know who I'm more angry with: Radio_Lady or underpants

Police called to Spears' home in custody dispute

Spell-check your favorite repuke names!

Hawai'i people: Can we claim Barack 'Ohana?

CUBISTS: Can we claim Braque Obama?

BINARYISTS: Can we claim 1o1oc1 o1omo

Overly Ornate Art Lovers: Can We Claim Baroque Obama? n/t

I had too many painkillers last night and posted something really dumb.

People spoil their dogs too much

It's Friday! For you guys, Sifl and Olly "The United States of Whatever"

Halitosis sufferers: can we claim Binaka Obama? n/t

Whats For Lunch

omg Paradise Hotel 2 is coming back

People complain too much about people soiling their pot

Adult Swimmers: can we claim Brak Obama?

doggies =)

Claritin-heads - check in here.

Natalie Portman's vegan shoes

Geek weddings are cool!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/4/08

My pants are EXTRA short today

To those of you who came to the Ohio Meetup Party...

My rants are EXTRA short today.

Hey guys, I'm back! Been over at GD-P for a while trying to defend my fair state's'

My lance is extra short today...

Out of curiousity - am I allowed to make fried chicken with crushed cornflakes?

I think Pam Anderson is a serial "marrier"

People complain too much about people spoiling their pets.

People complain too much about people spoiling their pot

The word of the day is "painkillers" Substitute for a word or phrase in an active thread title.

Okay-I would like to formally apologize

VETERANS! Can we claim Barracks Obama?

Anyone know how to use flickr to embed photos in a post?

Out of curiousity - am I allowed to make fried chicken with crushed almonds?

I am mad today. Please post pics to piss me off

Get your HDTV Convertor box coupons here and now

My underpants are EXTRA short today

BUSH JOKES....just in time for the election

"Neocon Gold" - Video "ad" for their Greatest Hits -- funny!

Well, I guess I should've gotten the flu shot after all.

I'm kinda worried about skygazer and shine

Clinton in Connecticut with Clapton

Least socially acceptable crotchless garment

Tell me folks, should I run naked in the freezing rain?

Boy!...I haven't seen very many of these (New Movie : One Missed Call)

The MrCoffee One-Off Poem Thread (1/4/08)

woo hoo the power is back on!

Anyone here hail from New Bedford, Mass?

Zydeco to become available without a prescription on January 24th!

Snow Day!! Day, as it were...

Whatever turns you on... whatever gets you off...

Rufus does Judy at Carnegie Hall

Wasn't Mick Jagger married to Bianca Obama?

My fuse is EXTRA short today.

Calling Midlo's Posse

So...I have Slap Face.

CONFESS!!!! who stole my dozens and dozens of "sex tapes"?

Man penilized for being nude at home.

I am bad today. Please post pics to get me off

Olive Garden!

Who wants to see a tit hanging out?

The Bar Is OPEN.....Butt

Erin Esurance is officially the sexiest cartoon character ever.

Whatever turns you on... gets me off...

OMFG. My super feminist, female friend said Hillary is a serial killer.

Zyrtec to become available without a prescription on January 24th!

I finally ended up in someone's web video... (DUer music content)

CONFESS!!! If you were to be caught in a 'Sex Tape' who do you want your partner to be

My utterly useless and irrelevant top 20 CDs of 2007!

12:41, fififteen degrees & I can't get motivated to get out of the bathrobe.

Anybody using Vonage?

Hate to do it but hot off the press: Breaking "Can't see ma babies no mo y'all"

It appears that my company now blocks DU.

OMG Lost returns on Jan 31'st...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/4/2008)

Fox Business Channel averages 6300 viewers - PER DAY

Paging matcom - your ship has landed - Kelly Brook's naked boobies - SFW until you click further

Ladies of DU, have you had uterine ablation?

YAY! Friday Potato Thread!

I blew away my supervisor the other day...astounded that is.

Quick - name a mediocre Athlete..

Post a GREAT remake

The 25 Best Movie Remakes of All Time

For the first time today - I felt sincerely bad for Britney Spears

Is it against the DU rules to go into GD-P with a chainsaw and let the chips fall where they may?

I am sad today. Please post pics to cheer me up

CONFESS!!! If you were to be caught in a 'Sex Tape' who do you want your same sex partner to be

The 25 Worst Movie Remakes of All Time

People spoil their cats too much

Got a Barack Obama question...

Anybody else have "Raising Sand" - CD by Allison Krauss and Robert Plant?

What kind of spaghetti sauce do you buy at the grocery store?

So who wants to...

Traditional Southwestern Native American Wedding Vase.

So, uh, what's up, Lounge?

Play a Progressive song

Who are you people?

YAY! Friday Photo Thread!

Can't we all just get along? (dial up warning)

Writing a novel sux! Little help?

Police drama unfolding outside my front door

Fight Club Question - If you could fight someone famous, who would it be?

Are we all too hungover to have a bar thread?

The real winner tonight?

Hey Biden foks. I hope Joe gets some kind of post in the new administration

In one week the price of gas has jumped 23 cents

The panel on MSNBC mentioned something that gave me a new perspective on Obama.

I will stop at NOTHING to keep another Creationist out of the White House.

I think an Obama/Edwards ticket would kick ass.

Can we get a REAL plan now?

Huckabee 36000 votes - Hillary 67000 votes

I think Richardson will go for broke in Nevada

Holy crap! They're talking about real issues on MSNBC!

Jesus... Look, I Still Support Edwards, But Some Of This Whining Is Really Pathetic !!!

Saturday's Debates.

You know Hillary Clinton's speech made me think that caucuses are not all that great

We all laughed at W in the early primaries in 2000

Obama: "Judge Him By His Laws"

Not everyone bought into the new Edwards

Did Huckabee pay income tax when he was a preacher?

It's a long road.

Some might be surprised by tonight's outcome, but true Americans knew all along

Is it just me or is Tweety acting really weird (more than usual)

2 to 3 college football stadiums voted tonight

I love you all

Well... Lookee Here: Alive! The John McCain Story - Time

Question: If we're supposedly losing the racist vote by nominating a Black man

Oil price question.... WTF!!

Is it safe to say that there are only 6 contenders now?

Is the Total Views Column missing from the DU threads now? I only see Replies and Recs column.

Winners v Losers

Rachel Maddow takes Tweety to town again....

Dem turnout DOUBLED over 2003 in the caucus, according to CNN.

The BIG story on LA's 11:00 pm news - LAPD called to Brittany Spears home!!!!

Obama, I was wrong..

I will start praying for Obama

A little perspective please? The margin between Clinton and Edwards was .oo28, that's

I wept when I listened to Obama's speech tonight on NPR....

It's hard for me to believe I'm saying this.

Has the site for the Democratic Party been hacked?!


A Hard Road Ahead

56,000 young people caucused last night: 46,000 of them for dems

Clinton Campaign Office Re-occupied By Peace Activists On Day Of Iowa Voting

Was there a Romney speech?

Have Obama and Edwards ever hinted at who they might consider for running mates?

Bad Night For The GOP

John Edwards: A Wave Of Change

Thank you Iowa.

FYI - Calendar listing of Primaries

Real News on TV!

Remember when Obama came out of nowhere (unless you're Illanoyed) and was featured speaker at '04

how many republicons cross-over did it take to push obama over the victory line?

I can't bring myself to turn it on before my 3rd coffee but.....

Exhibit A: The front page of the online Washington Post

Oh boy! I just can't WAIT for 8 years of pres. huckabee!

Self-delete: found answer and discussion in another thread. n/t :)

Damn the MSM all to hell! I'm sick of the likes of ex-Nixon toady Pat Buchanan

So is Guliani done? Hopefully?

Congratulations Senator Obama...

The born again R voters have come home to roost & layed an egg in the GOPs lap.

More Info On the Stolen Voter Data In Nashville

Welcome to Third World, U.S.A.

I didn't know this, did you? How Barack may have won the "young" vote.

Wow, Huckabee is tearing the Republican party apart!

Anyone see the Craig Ferguson show last night? (fascism watch)

Edwards was outspent by both Obama and Hillary and still held his own.

When Does America Become Just Another Subsidiary?

I think I'll watch Morning Joe today

Haha. GOP votes for Huckabee. Morons.

At least the next debates will be forced to be more substantive

My Congrats to Obama

We need the possibility for "coalitions", big time.

windy as h*ll here in Chico, woke up an hour ago to rattling windows & huge orange blob on weather

Starving to survive

McCain ships in supporters to pretend to be local bar patrons...

...and in other news, the long slow train wreck continues...

Hey, just in time for NH.......hasselbeck's back!!!

Is is a picture of a ghost? or what?

Heres is that wonderful speech from Obama

"It's the War," Says Iowa to Hillary -- And a "Happy Blue Year" To All! ...from Michael Moore

And now for a little levity courtesy of Over the Hedge...(TOON: Wait for the punchline)

Is anyone else buoyed today by seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

This was a long-term patient of mine...

The sheeple want a warm fuzzy candidate who will make them feel good about themselves

is this just stupid or insulting to the flag?

Why would obviously qualified candidates get virtually no support?

NYTimes: End the first in nation primaries in IA and NH...

How did Hillary get a lower %, but more delegates than Edwards?

Time: Edwards a Winner, Campaign Continues on Strong to NH

January is Thyroid Awareness Month! Check Your Neck!

Hey, let's all hear it for Rudy! 3% Good show!!!


Do Ya Hear That Reid & Pelosi? Change Is On The Table.

He wouldn't, would he?

John Edwards in New Hampshire: "We are Seabiscuit"

Today’s Headlines

We Can Take New Hampshire with Unity for Change

Obama's Vote Total Beats All the GOP Candidates Combined

Obama, Edwards, Clinton - help me out here please

Who would you like to see on the Cabinet?

Which Dem is more likely to give corporations what they want?

What would Jesus do if Huckabee was president?

"Unemployment Rate Hits 5 Percent" Highest since Novenber 2005

What's your mood about what happened in Iowa?

In country clubs all over America--the sound of breaking china!

Python Undergoes Golf Ball-ectomy

Iowa Isn’t That Important, Clinton Staffers Say

Congratulation Obama supporters!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Rationalism Goes Overboard - Science Meets Capitalism

If we can't help the poor, old, & sick, then we aren't much of a country.

Congrats Obama supporters, but I'm still for Hillary!

I have a person arguing with me that more Repugs than Dems turned out in Iowa

Grand Mexican wizard-Clinton win-Spears suicide in '08

Dickipedia on Rudy the Ghoul.

Michael Moore: "It's The War," Says Iowa To Hillary - And A "Happy Blue Year" To All!

I'm confused. Is Obama running for the Oval Office or the Vatican?

Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert: DU needs YOU!

Bush Tries to Kill Medicaid Expansion Like SCHIP

My dad supports Ron Paul.

Attention lurking freepers - hope you're enjoying your new Rethug party!

Fox Business network averages only 6,300 (yes, 6,300) viewers

Joe Biden and Chris Dodd are needed in the Senate

Senator Dodd for Majority Leader

WTF does CNN have Clinton with the delegate lead?

Please DU This Poll

New FBI agent takes over hunt for missing 1971 hijacker, cash (D. B. Cooper)

Treasury plans social security debit card: report

So, tell me why do we let the media pick the candidates again? Hmm?

Now that the credit cards are racked up....

LOL- just heard (radio) that FUX Business Channel's ratings are so low, Nielson won't release them!!

Ron Paul Kicked Giuliani's Ass!!!!!

Video of Sleeping Guards Shakes Nuclear Industry

Who are the top five DINOs in Congress, not counting Reid and Pelosi?

The Democrats in Congress should Pay Attention to the Iowa Caucus and the coming elections.

Thousands in security detail for Bush trip to Israel, Mideast

Anyone heard of Professor Joseph Olson U Minn.

Seabiscuit? ?

They Need At Least 2209 To Nominate

I May Have Been Wrong When I Posted This

"Turning a Lead into a Loss," by Mark J. Penn

The Consequences of the Tinkerbell Strategy.

Should Durham resign as outside prosecutor?

Idiot scientist thinks we're on the verge of a "global cooling" trend

After Iowa, I had to;

Huckabee last night

Imagine Karl Rove on meth and you have Bush's shadow advisor,

I wonder how long it will take the Clintonistas...

WolfQuest game from The Minnesota Zoo

Sept. 15 Protest Arrestees Win At Trial

Man penilized for being nude at home.

What kind of spaghetti sauce do you buy at the grocery store?

E-MAIL From: Chris Dodd: "Unfortunately, I am withdrawing from that campaign tonight."

Are your local right wing hosts chortling about Hillary this morning?

I think Keith was REALLY off last night

Typical Republican - forget real problems, just tax the adult businesses

President Bush speaks after a meeting with the President (actual captions) - pics

A few toons...

IA Caucus for predicting the eventual nominee and presidental winner...

Does anyone have the link to O'Shaunessy's Journal of Medical Marijuana in Clinical Practice

Chris Dodd is dropping his presidential bid.

Bernie Sanders is a guest now on Thom Hartman--AAmerica. talking of need to filibuster.

Iowa Caucuses-STUNNING BLOW To Bush/Clinton DUOPOLY - By Robert Parry

Rudy not worried, Iowa is NOTHING compared to 9/11... seriously

father leaves kids in freezing truck while he shops in Walmart

Huckaboom Proves Again : GOP = The Stupid Party

Obama is the new Clinton. Edwards is the new Kucinich.

The candidate who wants to break the health insurance industry's interference

What kind of machines are they voting on in New Hampshire?

Mr. 13% --->>>

2 Long Weeks W/O the TOP 10 Conservative Idiots


Ed Rollins unplugged. Forgive me for the source.

Bushie Blocks California Clean Air Just For Fun

"If the dollar had maintained its year 2000 value, oil would be $30/barrel today" - Thom Hartmann ..

Edwards Won Among Returning Caucus-goers, Obama won among 1st timers...LINK

Last night was a great night for Democrats (post-Iowa caucus)

Coming up on 180,000 - Impeach Cheney - Sign Up Now

so, I have waited through 2 repeats of Obama and Clinton on C-span--guess who I don't see?

Bush had it pretty easy as President

How does Huckabee lose? Romney is finished, he will kill McCain in South Carolina, sweep the south

Mittwit spent $240 for every vote he got last night. Hucky spent $15

McCain - "make it a hundred" years in Iraq

Why should a president huckabee concern you, personally?

"It's the War," Says Iowa to Hillary -- And a "Happy Blue Year" To All! - Michael Moore

O.K. Iowa's over, now back to something important, today's interview with the author of "Free Lunch"

All this talk about Obama being only in his "third year" in Senate and running for president...

Good News From Iowa; On To New Hampshire

I'm very happy to be in a position where I don't care which Dem gets the nom,

Dammit, Al!

Why most republicans despise the Clintons?

Psssst, for a good laugh, you have to read this:

WH: Bush stayed up past his usual bedtime… to wait for the results to be announced

More Corporate Welfare

Ha ha! Mary Matalin (Fred Thompson campaign) is complaining about

Dolly Madison is on CSPAN2 RIGHT NOW!

Pet Doberman kills Brooklyn infant

The more I think about it, the more THRILLED I am that Huckabee won!

Okay, so it is official, America is now finally in recession

McCain: We'll Stay in Iraq for 100 Years --->>>

Continuing the Fight in New Hampshire

The Huckabee family photo where they are wearing matching striped outfits?

Corn-Sucking Idiots

Massachusetts never gets to have any fun!

Mukasey Taps Patrick Fitzgerald to Advise US Attys

Hillary wants it too much.

Meanwhile, 180,000 people+ displaced, 500,000 need help, 350+ dead

Uncle Fred's Social Calendar

Brent Budowsky: The Politics of Hope

Are the candidates who dropped out still on ...

How Edwards gets back into the game

A Peek at the top donors for Obama, Clinton and Edwards

I worry that Obama doesn’t appreciate the viciousness of the Rethugs

Hurray. Peter Galbraith is thinking of running for Governor in Vermont

From the "Who gives a flying f%#*?" file: Britney Spears taken from her home in ambulance!

What would you do if your kid's school banned evolution & went creationist?

A message to Pelosi and Reid

Bestiality isn't a crime in Florida: Goat abuse sparks outcry

Folks may want to seriously examine their choice of Candidate and ‘Why’ that is there Candidate

Al Gore To Speak About U.S. Constitution This Afternoon ...

Naomi Klein Says 'No" to The Colbert Report

FishbowlDC : CNN lovebirds Dana Bash and John King are engaged

Media trying hard to keep Edwards campaign down

Do you'all remember the original movie " The Haunting of HIll HOuse"

Populist message from candidates, no matter who—is ignored by media says

Can Somebody Explain The Graphics?

Patriot Act question.

Must Edwards win in at least one of: NH, SC, or NV to stay in the race?

Boston Herald: SHAZAM!

I was paging through the bible the other day....

Dems need to focus on this Bible verse, if we have to run against "the Huckster"

Waxman Warming up for 2008

Clinton Surrogate Calls Obama "Boy"

latest NH poll released

Clinton: "We have people....plotting against us right now, ...ready to repeat .. atrocity of 911."

'It's a Small World' Disney Artist Dies

Elections and shit

Vive laFrance!Vive La Bove! La mort a GMOs!

Does anyone here believe Bloomburg will enter the fray come February

Hillary has accumulated more than half of the available delegates so far..

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani Floats Dick Cheney For Vice President Again

So what do you think about Huckabee winning Iowa?

Bush: What a fucking economic genius!

CONTINUING NEWS FROM MSNBC: What's next for Romney? Watch live on MSNBC TV

***Attention Colorado Progressives! *** "The 2008 Elections: A Strategy for Progressives"

Warner to go Blu-ray only for HD DVD

huckabee is SICK

The National Surveillance World = “endemic surveillance” rise of massive national surveillance

The Ten Most Preposterous Bushie Legal Arguments of 2007

Can someone educate me about superdelegates?

Pulling your hair out over taxes?

Bush decides to line the pockets of his rich oil budies instead of preserve wildlife habitat

Time to discuss kitchen table issues

Bill Bennett on CNN last night...

i can't even open the threads re: the antiwhaling spy ships

Barack Obama voted AGAINST CAFTA and the Bankruptcy Bill

Jose Padilla Sues DoJ Official for Authorizing Torture

The best thing Obama did yesterday.

'People for the American Way' Weigh in On Mike Huckabee

I'm quittin posting until next Tuesday for my own sanity and for the sanity of others.

Dodd dropping out - will continue to fight telecom immunity

Iraqis resort to selling children

Edwards' New Strategy Against Obama: Who Can Best Deliver Change, A Lover Or A Fighter?

Regardless of who wins the nom...if our candidate wins the long

Attention all bigots, know-nothings and throw backs:

About an Obama graphic I saw last night -- a bit of constructive criticism

What's your gut feeling as to who the candidates will be in Nov?

Against this war since before 2000 election - this election is looking like all others

Only 18,000 jobs added in December, unemployment up 0.3% to 5%

Thank you, Joe Biden, for the best line of the campaign

Edwards's 2nd Place Speech:

PBS profile Andrew Jackson, Democratic Party "founder" - look for it this week

So when is Obama gonna court us gays?

Post-Iowa Candidates Poll

Guess Clinton's Next Positioning

Research Help Request: I'm researching Carpet Installers contracting Hep C on the Job

Hey Huckster - here's a lesson for you on scientific theory.

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Scary Report on Faulty Voting Machines for This Year's Election

Elizabeth Edwards coming up on Tweety now n/t

Who would be the best Republican to run against?

is the huckster running for president or trying to win a high school talent show?

Clinton Campaign Stung By Third-Place Finish - HuffPo

Head & Shoulders forming?

Observation: Obama wins Iowa caucus and DU produces several attack threads against him.

Rethugs don't want a Ronnie Reagan - who they really want is Gordon Gekko

How is Edwards going to "Fight" for us as he promises? What weapons will he use?

What is Obama's healthcare plan? (and a Huckabee question)

New Hampshire officials would like to know if another candidate is behind this anti-Mormon push poll

Just Paid $120.16 To Fill Up My Pickup Truck

Glenn Beck Rambles About Botched Surgery, Suicidal Thoughts

Huckabee can easily win the Republican nomination:

Incredible bias and smear campaign against Edwards- front page LA Times.

Last night's speeches.

Huckabee demonstrates his foreign affairs knowledge

Super Tuesday Casualtys...Predictiction

Quit, Professor Higgins! "In Hartford, Hereford, and (New) Hampshire, Hurricanes...

Try as it Might, FOX News Couldn't Defeat Iowa or Obama

Bush Renominates Man in Charge of Utah Mine Disaster

'NYT' Sunday Preview: David Frum Is 'Terrified' GOP Is Heading for 'Defeat'

A Richardson-Obama Deal? Some Caucus-Goers Thought So - New York Times

For Stoopid Republicans, Science Deniers, Chuck Norris fans: It's the Evolution Evidence Website

Thankyou Senators Biden and Dodd!!!!!!

Caucus Schmaucus!

Someone Call The Exterminators - DU's Infested With Ratfuckers!

Lou Dobbs blows up at CNN prez Jon Klein during caucas coverage

Jay Leno could face disciplinary action from WGA

Current TV Covering New Hampshire Primary

oh the (loss of) humanity.

Did Huckie LIE about his method of weight loss? Did he have surgery?

Tweety has a pathological hatred of all things Clinton

McCain Suggests Lieberman As Possible Secretary Of Defense

Do you go to your precinct convention?

Freeper Calls Out Freepers For Supporting Killer Dumond

Behold the punting punditry

Lord, let's hope they don't publicize pictures of John King and Dana Bash's future kids.


Quite Honestly, Last Night Was Very Exciting: Congrats to Obama and his Supporters

By Request, title change: Obama shouldn't get a free pass on his earlier Iraq prevarication

Hate to do it but hot off the press: Breaking "Can't see ma babies no mo y'all"

I must have missed the declaration of war that the Republicans keep talking about..

Why doesn't MSNBC just come clean and endorse

Hans Has Left The Building = Hans von Spakovsky threw in the towel on New Years Eve

Did you receive your copy of "Election Integrity News - January 3, 2008" ??

Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) Told CIA Not to Destroy Torture Tapes = Feb. 2003 Letter

Edwards isn't only NOT taking money from PAC's, he's speaking out directly against some of the more

Politics by zip code.

Giuliani responds to question about why he came in sixth in Iowa

This is what it get for watching MSNBC...agita.

Which of the Republican nominees would you prefer over ALL the Democratic ones?

I am not happy with Obama winning in Iowa

Are presidential signing statements unconstitutional?

Can We Finally Agree Its Time To Limit the Televised Debates to Obama, Edwards, and Hillary?

"The Republican in complete disarray. The best financed candidate just fell on his face."

Gary Hart: Obama and the Courage of our Convictions

Video...Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich great interview on a


Ever notice that the MSM just can't

Lakota Draw Nation's Map; Tens of Thousand's of Acres

Dallas Morning News Blasted for 'Texan of the Year'

The Edwards judgment gap.

just What exactly was dumb shot beck's surgery?

Three words to mention to anyone favoring Huckabee .......

Ted Rall

Liberal Europeans Demand Right to Vote in U.S. Elections

Fundy Huckabee too warm & fuzzy for Rapture Ready crowd.

Is there a progressive scorecard site?

Mukasey gives Bush "Get Out of Jail Free" card: Special Prosecutor Limited. Torture off limits!!

Yikes.. How much longer will Fox let Greta look like this

Meanwhile, the price of food is skyrocketing....

Lies, Lies, Lies..

CNBC's Najarian Brothers Promoting Obama..."He won't do Socialized Medicine!"

Chances are, we're NEVER going to have a president who served in Vietnam.

If you were advising Edwards, what would you tell him?


Caption Huckabee


Is Obama/Edwards or Edwards/Obama possible?

The True Cost of Cheap Chicken

Huckabee's Reagan-like persona worries me. Yeah, he's a zealot, but he DOESN'T come off

Left out in the cold.

For those who think all the older generation are racist, these guys would be in the older

The Cost of a Long Life: health spending versus life expectancy (graph)

Glenn Beck Surgery Goes "Horribly Awry"

So, in the Nevada Democratic Caucus

Hillary and Edwards will hit 9/11 hard because national defense is Obama's achilles heel

Food Sovereignty NOW!

Hillary is done, so is Guliani, Edwards is very much alive and Obama is the winner of the first bout

Clinton goes for young voters...She Is Lost

Obama 18 delegates, Edwards 17 delegates... a stomping?

It's time to turn the attack toward George W Bush and...

Did Old Man Fred wake up yet to find out he lost? Poor Rim Jobinson

I'm ready to get behind O if he's our nom, but I have one VERY serious question first.

Texas history in Rethug crossover voting in Dem primaries

Winds, rain wreak havoc - ferries, Golden Gate Transit buses halted

Judge: Navy must cut sonar use off California to protect whales and dolphins

I'm behind Edwards all the way: Here's why

Rumors, half truths, lies and facts.......oh my.

Obama v. Huckabee: The silver lining, as I see it, is an important discussion of faith.

How the HELL did Obama DO that?! (My choice is clear)

Gosh! If Obama came in 1st and Clinton was 3rd, that means SOMEONE must have been 2nd!

Today, I'm switching my support from Edwards to Obama, and signing up...

Here Comes the Sun

Why is Edwards minimized by the media?

"Obama is cut from similar cloth as Bill and Hillary. He’s a Democratic Leadership Council man."

Felonious Bill & Ted’s (Stevens R-AK) Excellent Adventure = The Dark Side


Video of Sleeping Guards Shakes Nuclear Industry

Michigan DUers --- is Hillary going to get 156 free delegates?

Sibel Edmonds Case: 'Obstruction' & the 911 Commission

Leaving NJ @ 10am for New Hampshire.

Fed Judge Explains Reasons for Siegelman Imprisonment while Awaiting Appeal

I have a great Democratic candidate for you.

There is an extremely serious point to be cleared up here regarding the "McClurkin Affair."

On a lighter note: A New Freeperism

Sperm donor wins child support battle

On Edwards:

Remember Daughters teacher? We had meetings today

An Actual Declassified FBI Document: NOT TERRORISTS who are being targeted in post-911 legislation.

Anyone else excited about Huckabee?

So America is now “ready for change”

Huckabee does not eschew teaching creationism in schools

Here's the bottom line regarding Obama the back stabber

On the Ropes: Tomorrow's Debate Should Prove Interesting

It's possible to have a populist message, be ignored by the media and still win the nomination

Glenn Beck wants your sympathy

For the record, Obama has never been a member of the DLC.

I'll say it again: McAuliff, Penn and Carville are boat anchors to Hillary. They helped sink her.

"In my lifetime, I've never seen an ape turned into a human." Florida hearing on science standards.

Padilla Sues John Yoo, DoJ Official, for Authorizing Torture

Why the Generational Split among Women Voters in Iowa? Did Some Identify with "That" Woman?

I've had an epiphany: I'm supporting John Edwards for President

Corporate Media is proving Edwards RIGHT today

John Edwards needs volunteers to make phone calls to voters in New Hampshire:

A drunken night in Iraq, a soldier is left behind

Um... Any Fellow Californians Feeling The Storm Right About Now ???

Women and gay men are 'worst drivers'

There was no Edwards coverage on the News Hour Last Night

Until we have more women in office, I fear there will be little change.

Poor Ron Paul - Supporters were prepared for revolution - Poor Showing in Iowa

A little lesson in racism. Apparently some of y'all don't know what it is

WHY GAYS FIGHT [BACK]...(dial-up warning, graphic warning)

Can Barack Obama Read Bayard Rustin's Barometer on Human Rights? (Yes, Another Gay Rights Thread)

100% in (1781/1781) Obama 37.58%, Edwards 29.75%, Hillary 29.47%, Richardson 2.11%, Biden 0.93%

Get ready, Obama supporters. According to Chuck Todd, the ammo is

Obama's website overloaded

Could the Clinton Campaign Play the Race Card?

What a joke -- Polltracker on TPM

Polarization, an opportunity.

Obama/Edwards or Edwards/Obama

"We are one nation, one people, and our time for change has come"

GALLUP: The Impact of Iowa on the Democratic Race

Edwards on Larry King right now

The Des Moines Register was wrong again...

The Des Moines register poll was spot on

Gravel dropped out!

Hey, George - how ya feelin' tonight, after all those folks in Iowa had their say?

Rachel Maddow congratulated Obama

I wonder how Rush is feeling today? I was driving cross country yesterday

George Will is so full of it.

How can Edwards appeal to the Clinton supporters who are dropping off the bandwagon?

Obama wins women's vote

Huckabee Chairman Ed Rollins Trashes Romney, drops f-bombs

Hillary is Finished

Good night, DU, and dream sweetly.

It seems that a lot of people are OK now with Iowa picking our candidate for us.

Live on MSNBC. The rethugs have NO ONE!

Romney made a big, dumb mistake tonight.

Iowa Wrap Up

Which Polls Were Most Off?

Giuliani: "Remember, it's Florida that saved this country for the Republican Party in 2000"

If Edwards dropped out today, how many of you (his supporters)..

Current delegate count: Obama, 16; Clinton 15; Edwards, 14; Kucinich, 0; Richardson, 0; Biden, 0

Independents overwhelmingly support Obama

Huckabee won about half of the African American vote in Arkansas

Dang, missed Obama's speech tonight --- is there a link?

America Flocks to Free Republic Website Buries servers in search of Truth

Elation at Obama headquarters in Des Moines

Second choicers broke heavily for Edwards, Obama just had too much turnout

Can Someone Post The Pre-Iowa Caucus Results - New Hampshire Poll Numbers.......

Democratic candidates in New Hampshire in time for breakfast

Poll: Democrats Pick Candidates of Change

Two best pundit lines tonight IMO

Generational revolt vs. Religious revolt

Replay of Obama's speech on CNN and MSNBC right now - every Dem should watch this.

I thought I saw Jesus in Chuck Norris' smile.

For Edwards supporters only

Newsweek: Sources say Edwards will endorse Obama if he drops out

"Obama to win nomination" up nearly 20 points on Intrade

Is Obama going to court us Native Americans? We' re

I didn't expect to learn anything new tonight, but I did: Chuck Norris

What kind of bump will Obama see in NH? What kind of hit will Hillary take

Ok. Want to know how Edwards's momentum continues to rise?

Next cometh the slime. Here's why

Obama -16 / HIllary -15 / Edwards -14. This is a huge victory for Obama?

Why is it that Obama and Clinton are considered Celebrity Candidates, but not Edwards?

Is the Total Views Column missing from the DU threads now? I only see Replies and Recs column.

Sen. Clinton's support was so soft, based on the name recognition.

Here's an idea: If Obama gets the nomination....

Obama will be great for the Democratic Party in November!!

Edwards as Supreme Court Justice?

Huck came in 4th place among those who do NOT identify as Born-Again Christians

Edwards had the best one-line interpretation of tonight's events:

Did anyone watch the live feed from a caucus location on

We should be glad that neither Clinton nor Romney won Iowa

Just remember: only Bush won both Iowa and the General Elections

Did you know Obama started the day by playing pick-up basketball

Vilsack as Hil's VP

Get your Iowa exit poll stats here. Who voted for who and why.

Obama Is Best On Gay Rights

There are 4051 delegates for the 2008 Democratic Convention

Al Sharpton likes the idea of Bloomberg for prez; Writes semi-endorsement of Bloomy in NY Daily News

Would America be receptive to a 100% black, dark-skinned candidate?

Edwards: Status Quo Lost, Change Won

How often has the winner of the first caucus gone on to become the Dem candidate for president?

A Caucus-night e-mail from Barack: Turn on your television...We just won Iowa

Obama victory leaves Clinton scrambling

Thoughts on the Repub race.

I disagree about the racism worries re: Obama.

Organization lobbys against corporate media.

Obama supporters: Let's not forget to thank Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson

Iowa county by county tally

Imagine a Huckabee/Obama race, Bloomberg probably jumps in

Thompson Says Campaign Will Continue

Edwards supporters: Some GOOD news!

Mitt is just TOO THROUGH! Losing to a dork like Huckabee!

should Hillary fire Mark Penn

WP op-ed: Judge Him by His Laws; Obama's legislative achievements

A must see video clip for Edwards supporters tonight!!

Obama signifies change. I think it's so cool that he won Iowa, and

Biden, Dodd, and Gravel Supporters: Where are you going?

Email from Dodd

NYT, pg1: Call for Change Shakes Up the Democratic Field

Insider view of the caucuses

Huckabee vs. Obama: Who Wins?

Why Mitt lost (according to a FR poster)

Huckabee talked a lot about "change" in his speech tonight.

Is it Obama's to lose now?

Barack Obama: Our time for change has come

Reality Bite

Populist Edwards will skip bigwig N.H. meet

I found it inspiring to see all the headlines today

Tweety Made Three Predictions-Got One Right

I offer this as a public service to ALL the candidates

Morning Joe has been an Obama love fest.

We couldn't lose!

Quick question: Does Barak self-identify as black?

Heads up. Edwards live on NPR. Now.

Watch The Stock Markets Today

Is there an active Edwards "volunteer" group in TampaBay

tonight on NOW: "Dirty Politics 2008"

January 8th in New Hampshire

Sober up people

Several Dem Primary Commonplaces that Belong in the Trashbin

Obama only won a caucus with a small plurality of mostly very progressive Democrats.

Whats with all these people talking about Edwards withdrawing?

Who will win in New Hampshire for the Dems?

Sleaze takes a holiday

On FR they have pinned their hopes on....DUNCAN HUNTER!

Who will win the New Hampshire primaries for the Reps?

By age, who do you want to be the Democratic nominee?

Well, clearly, Edwards could finish off Sen. Clinton if he wanted to...

Ezra Klein: "Obama's finest speaches do not excite.They do not inform...They elevate"

Let's roll!

Obama Gets Endorsement From US Virgin Islands Governor

Congratulations Obama fans--Condolences to Biden and Dodd fans

4 latest NH polls (from the different firms doing them)

Please delete.

Overall percentage numbers should scare Republicans.

I finally have my candidate.

Vote for Change? Atrocity-Linked U.S. Officials Advising Democratic Frontrunners.

Obama rally in Portsmouth, HN - - LIVE on

Best line of the evening:

"Don't bet on an Iowa bounce in N.H."

Interesting take on electoral vote site from yesterday's results

"Your time is now" versus "Our time is now"

I agree with something Timmy said on Morning Joe - Hillary has to strip off the mask or she's done

A Wave of Change - from John Edwards

Why Huckabee scares me

NH may vote for Clinton to spite their nose at Iowa and to give us a race

Freaks on C-SPAN questioning Obama's drug use in High School

I donated to Edwards. Have you? Beat the media - DONATE!

One Indisputable Fact Came Out Of Last Night's Caucus

Huckaee looks great he lost like a hundred pounds

My 2008 predictions: The 2008 Dem Convention will actually be interesting this year

Obama beats GOP's top three COMBINED

Hillary's retooled stump speech

I'm thinking the Clinton camp should drop their "Change" theme....

OK, now that he's the frontrunner: What, exactly, is Obama gonna change?

Does Ron Paul hurt Obama in NH? Will young anti=war indies-go for Paul instead of Obama?

Obama is a corporate sell out

Oh great, now Scarborough is pushing division by ageism.

How Fitting...

I don't want Edwards to drop out.

Why Mr. Obama's message doesn't reach me.....

Edwards headlines this morning

I do not want a Baptist minister for President. So why....

Not To Change The Subject, But Why Did Biden Lose So Badly?

Obama, Hillary or Edwards, each would be a good Dem president. I don't have a favorite.

Obama Opens Lead Over Giuliani and Romney

GIULIANI: Rudy? He’s in Florida

Remember Hillary has had "Keyser Söze" working in New Hampshire for weeks

Huckabee swiftboat attack?

An Apology from People circulating the "Obama email"

Huckabee had a good dig at Romney in his interview with Tweety and KO

McCain says he's fine with US troops in Iraq another 100 years

Maureen Dowd can kiss my ass.

So what change are we talking about? What goals? What vision?

So with all these "Hillary is finished" threads..

The debates on Saturday are up against the Steelers-Jags playoff game

The media hates Hil so much that I feel like voting for her

How many others are going to miss Biden in the debates?

To those who don't want to "sell" us Obama. Why come to GD-P?

Rasmussen: Obama Opens Lead Over Giuliani and Romney (Pre-Iowa caucuses)

Some Random Musings On A Friday Morning

We need to move on. I sent Edwards money last night. It is the "mothers milk of politics" and

Is the OprahObamapalooza headed for NH?

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/4/08 - Clinton down 3, Obama up 2, Edwards up 1

Technical question - could Edwards undo the public finance if he chose to?

Deanna Favre

Zogby: Clinton has a 6 point lead in NH

Suffolk County University- New Hampshire Tracking Poll- Clinton 37% Obama 25% Edwards 15%

Bill Clinton: Hillary Can Be the 'Comeback Kid'

FYI: Ron Paul got 10% to Giuliani's 4%

In a primary, Kucinich might have spoiled Obama's victory and put Hillary at #1.

Photos: Obama hits the ground running in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

...and now kiddies for some reality the ACTUAL delegate count results

PAC that asked for money to trash Obama 2 weeks ago now using his win to raise money..

'08 general election prediction

Republicans in the south are jumping for joy, this was my first email today from a Ga,Cousin

Rasmussen Daily Tracker: Hill Down 3, Obama Up 2, Ed up 1

Edwards won democratic vote...Too many republican signed on to democrat Party for the night

People, John Edwards is right about Hillary...

ABC eliminating Dennis Kucinich from debate

Infuriated - Obama email being circulated by church group

Iraq, the Youth Vote, Women and Iowa------

JFK, MLK, & RFK..........

Got the "Obama is a radical Muslim" e-mail today...

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton for finishing a strong third

housands in security detail for Bush trip to Israel, Mideast

Kucinich and Paul both on Bill Moyer's Journal tonight

Howard Dean filmclip from CNN last night

Obama: "It's just like I imagined it would be talking to my kindergarten teacher."

National Primaries: Isn't it time?

Edwards Urges N.H. Voters To Overturn Iowa Results

Caller to Hartmann & Sanders: Bush committed another crime last week

How fabulous that Iowa elected a WOMAN...oh, wait

Obamism: The Politics of Hope in the Year of the Political Independent

CNN has delegate tally so far-Hillary and Huckabee lead

CNN Poll: Who would you prefer to see as U.S. President?

Anne Selzer, DMR pollster dissed Edwards on Zogby's show yesterday afternoon!

So out with it....How accurate were your predictions....?

Clinton second place in Iowa delegates, is this some weird quirk of the system?

Chris Matthews is a dumbfuck but I guess you all know that - re: Clinton in Iowa

This Edwards Supporter Congratulates Obama, Candidate of the Century

Hillary's dynastic appeal - - "(I)t took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush..."

Scene: the Clinton party, after the cameras left

Your prediction for the next two or three weeks?

What Iowa Shows about Hillary

Why is the DNC attacking Huckabee?

Somewhere in heaven this man is laughing with joy at the events in Iowa

Ghouliani on IA loss: "None of this worries me -- Sept. 11, there were times I was worried."

'business as usual' - an Obama administration would not be a departure in any way

Hillary Clinton White House Papers to be Released.

Oh, dear GOD, NO! Bush "stayed up past his usual bedtime" to wait for Caucus returns! What a HERO!

Please give a link to Edwards speech re: Iowa

Hillary, Edwards and change...

The Lowell Sun Endorses Barack Obama In The Jan. 8 New Hampshire Democratic Primary

A Huckabee win is a good thing on the republican side

Edwards won the "Cares about People" vote!! Not even close

So You Want Me To Sell Obama Eh...

Hey...any news on fourth quarter fundraising?

Did Obama take the opportunity last night to address the massive racial inequality in IA?

I'm not an Obama supporter, but...

WOW! Obama's chance of becoming the Dem. nominee now shot up to 45%!

I didn't think it was possible

Here's what's going on in New Hampshire voters' minds as we speak

Exit poll: Edwards wins self proclaimed "conservatives," Obama wins everyone else

Anyone beside me think that people seeing Mitt's 5 healthy

So, I'm officially smarter than Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, or anyone else on cable news...

Will the anti-Huck slash and burn hurt them?

I just finished listening to Obama's speech tonight for the second time.

ALERT: Hillary had republicans as precinct captains!!!


The Rude Pundit: In Brief: Five Intensely Obvious Things We Learned From Iowa

Question on New Hampshire

Obama Supporters Should Be Thanking God Hillary Is In This Race

Biden, Dodd supporters: Just curious -- Do you have a new preferred candidate?

You know how it doesn't even feel odd that Cheney isn't running?

Obama: If I win NH, I win the presidency!

If Hillary LOSES New Hampshire, how Many People Here Will Be Realists?

Edwards has gained some respect back (no congrats to Obama in speech)

As a Hillary supporter..I am actually glad she lost Iowa: Here's why

And in tonight's "WTF moment", Some Freeps think Huckabee is a LIBERAL!!!111!!!!

Will anyone notice Wyoming caucuses?

Biden formally quits at 12:10AM 4 Jan 08

The subtext of Iowan voters is "we're not racist, we're hip and cool"

Zogby-New Hampshire -Clinton 32% Obama 26% Edwards 20%

Tomorrows debate

Hillary proved it: Pandering to "the middle" is a loser's strategy

Who Do You Hope The Final Two Democrats In The Race Will Be?

Kucinich on Bill Moyers Journal tonight, January 4. PBS

EARTH TO ALL OF YOU PEOPLE HERE IN GD/GDP: Primary season not over!

To my fellow Hillary supporters

the last 10 posts i read just beame really anti clinton. what just happened?...

Who should/will the nominee choose as vp?

Hillary says that Of All the People Running for President, she is the Most Innocent.

Looks like the Hillary-directed "Obama is a Muslim" smear campaign bellyflopped

Wow. Did I log into Khmer Rouge Underground? What's with the SORE WINNERS?

Obama makes a Clinton-campaign joke

What of Kucinich? no one is talking about the "only" true

Politico: "Meanwhile, Clinton and Obama think Edwards is a dead man walking."

Edwards (and Obama) didn't need to win Iowa, they only had to beat Hillary. Here's why:

Bowling and pints with Bill Richardson tonight in Nashua, NH! U.S. Economy: Job Growth at Weakest Pace Since 2003 (Update1)

Obama speech had pretty words but the delivery was off

CNN Breaking: Bush says financial markets are strong, solid despite slowing economic growth

Day 1911: Still No Apology from Hillary for her vote on the Iraq War Resolution

Did you get the PFAW e-mail about nutcase Huckabee

Senator Clinton Plays the 9/11 Card. Rudy's gonna be PISSED!

Actually that freepers thread has given me an idea.

Let our (25 years old) generation lead the way.

Breaking: McCain DOES NOT want to keep troops in Iraq for a hundred years

Richardson Got Screwed Last Night by Iowa Caucus Rules

Fred: "Looks like the 'somebody' carrying a strong, consistent, conservative message ought to be me"

Thoughts from a Joe Biden supporter

Field Set For N.H. Dem. Debate: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Bill Richardson.

How Much Will The FEC Shutdown Affect The '08 Election?

Did anyone else find it odd that Hillary was surrounded on stage by non-Iowans?

More evidence of "change" from the Clinton camp: Bill says Hillary can also be "the comeback kid"

Can Hillary win N. Hampshire, but still "lose" the primary?

Thanks to DU'ers being so kind to us Biden supporters! It says a lot about the quality of people

Edwards Asks: Who Can Best Deliver Change? A Lover or a Fighter?

Huckabee a Liberal?

Web rankings for top candidates

Hank Aaron endorses Hillary for President

People Are Talking

Post your favorite candidate pictures here.

Obama: The Only Thing You Need to Know to Change the World

Can someone get me a link that proves that Hillary directed the Obama is a Muslim smear.

"No, it's not broken, why fix it?"

Think we have an informed electorate? Consider this pro-Obama quote from this morning

I hope Edwards and Clinton go negative on Obama in NH

Current Status of the Primaries, State-by-State: Week 1 (IA)

"Hillraiser" Norman Hsu Heads to Prison

Front page of Obama's site right now.

Are Edwards and Clinton REALLY finished? hmm... And what do YOU think?

Huckabee not playing nice!

Anyone have a link to a current delegate tracker?

Would Obama supporters and detractors...

I like Clinton AND Obama, but I want Hillary to win first because she is older

Just wrote this to MSNBC about last night's caucus coverage

Debunking the CW: Obama won Dems, women; Edwards won among conservatives, lost union households

Wasn't Edwards Supposed to Win Iowa?

I Have An Idea... Need InPut From Any & All Edwards Supporters...

I'm not a Clinton supporter, but if I were, I'd look to 1988.

Restrictions on Medicaid; "This policy demonstrates the president’s compassion."

NH POLL: Hillary 35 (+4), Obama 31 (+4), Edwards 15 (-6), before any Iowa "bounce"

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Revolution-The meaning of Iowa

Do the newest NH polls here mean ANYTHING???

How Does the FEC Shutdown Affect the '08 Election (Edwards in particular)?

MRS Edwards up next on Tweety..

Corporate Whores in GOP shitting pants over Huckabee...

If Clinton wants to win NH

Dupe. Pls. delete. nt

Today's cover of the Boston Herald

So the Democrats have 1 Female, 1 Black male, 1 Hispanic male, and 2 White males in the race

Any Edwards supporters here explain why Edwards didn't congratulate Obama on his Iowa win?

Gary Hart: "This is a new day in America. Let's call it hope."

ABC News Eliminates Discussion of Single Payer Health Care From Debate

In memoriam, I have chosen to alter my avatar and signature

the Rachel Maddow is Awesome thread

What will tomorrows Debate be like?

Obama will be the Howard Dean of 2008.

Remembering the Separation of Powers

If anybody has trouble with their health care because of the Private

Obama. A New Generation of Politics

Hope Inc. - How Obama's message found its mark.

Another Look At Obama: He's Right on Torture. That's a biggie.

Return of Dodd, Biden Could Provide Push to Legislation

Which candidate do you think is most physically attractive?

The Clinton COUNTER ATTACK in New Hampshire REVEALED

Of the front runners, which ones do you like?

YOOHOO! Cliff Notes For those with no clue as to what BARACK 'S "Hope" means

Clinton out of it, Edwards suggests

Freepers bragging of voting as Democrats -- against Hillary

"ABC cuts 3 from presidential debates"

Bush met with his economic advisers today

White House to give Mexican trucks more highway access despite new law against it

Edwards Congratulates Obama, Thanks Biden and Dodd

When is the next Democratic debate?

Where have all the Clinton supporters gone on this board?

Edwards: Granite Staters Must Decide Who Will Fight To Save The Middle Class

The Last Few Paragraphs Of A Letter From Michael Moore That I Just Received

Key to Obama's Win: Deval Patrick

Biden and Dodd: You Will be Missed

Obama speech was too "SOARING" for the moment. Iowa caucus doesn't call for that kind of rhetoric

Does Obama's ascendency trump Bloomberg's bipartisan appeal?

My thoughts on Obama and Edwards

I don't see how Obama can lose NH

For all of the Obama skeptics (including myself), some encouraging news.

It still blows my mind--Iowa was won by a Republican who

Who do you think will win California?

Edwards Donation Thread

Bill Clinton never ran in Iowa

Caught a few minutes of Hannity today. Evidently they have inside info on Hillary's dirt on Obama

Edwards Campaign Reports Record-Breaking Contributions Online

Our local Conservative radio host says the Republicans have no one who can beat Obama

I was having a dream and it was 1968

How Did Hillary blow it?

Looks Like Keith made a Boo boo....And a Cheer from the Gravel Crowd!!!

Has Huckabee Opened The Floodgates For The Other Repug Candidates To Turn On Bush?.....

Have you ever successfully shamed someone into changing their opinion?

If Hillary drops out, will her supporters go to Edwards or Obama?

Edwards doesn't just talk the talk he walks the walk

Would Hillary and/or Obama Govern Farther Left than they're Campaigning?

Who voted for Barack Obama last night?

Clinton says she is the most "innocent"

Ok so what Exactly are you looking for in terms of substance from Obama?

If you think Obama is all style an no substance try reading his books or his website.

Really cool map tool on

Where the money comes from

My New Hampshire predictions

Biden and Dodd talked last night

Omaha Steve is now a Caucus leader for our first ever caucus 2-9-08

Keith Olbermann looks like he just lost his best friend

Barack Obama won the Iowa Caucus because?

kucinich on Bill Moyers journal tomorrow nite (Friday Jan 4) - note the topic -

Great quote from Charles Pierce on Obama's 'message'.

So I tuned in the TV at noon to catch Obama's campaign stop

Lynn Samuels on Sirius Today: Re Obama

OMG! I've decidered! It's HUGH!!!!1! I'M SERIES!!1!11!

Ron Paul wuz robbed!!!!

I think if Obama does not give up the Suthrin' Preacherman accent soon he is gonna...

Edwards Reconsidered

AACK! AACK! What is with the Heather Wilson Ad here at DU?

Well, let's not forget what REALLY matters- Sen. Clinton lost.

Edwards message is too abstract. He against corporations, big deal. Is there any business that

What America saw this morning: Hope ***GRAPHICS HEAVY (but worth it)***

Poor Pubs still don't get it...they got had and are flommoxed no end

NBC news doesn't even mention Edwards name

Obama win shakes up organized labor

I'm Fired Up and Ready to Campaign for Obama in California!

My Accumulated Concerns About Obama...

Wait, is that Ralph Nader again?



What are Obama supporters so afraid of?

Edwards Campaign Asserts Obama Once A Sellout To Corporate Interests

OK, Obama fans, sell me -- I'm serious

Michael Moore to Barack - "why you are now the second largest recipient of health industry payola"

Don't do it. Just don't.

ANALYSIS - Comparison of Obama's speech to Edwards' to find the substance of each - HELP!

Overall, Clinton leads with 175 delegates, including superdelegates, followed by Obama with 75

Today my John Roberts theory looks more plausible than ever. Why,

Obama's speech inspired me for 2 minutes, then bored me silly

Clinton is finished, and here is why

Statement from Sen. Joe Biden

Edwards Campaign Reports Record-Breaking Contributions

Clinton to attack Obama on gun control?

Jan. 3, 2008: The Night Dr. King's Dream Came True

New Hampshire prediction

So what is Hillary's game plan from here?

Jack Cafferty:Obama’s historic win?

Edwards Makes His Case to NH Voters

How is Edwards going to win the nomination?

The unspoken race in NH: Obama vs McCain

Musical Chairs in a Two Party System (or why not to vote for the DLC)

John Edwards NEEDS Our Help NOW

Another McClurkin thread (or not)

Great News from the Edwards Campaign!

Hillary getting ready to unload some dirt on Obama?

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good today. Dems are energized and Republicans are in turmoil.

My caucus story. Clinton supporters: DON'T FORGET TO TAKE THE SANDWICHES!

Form over substance ?

MIchael Moore says Obama takes payola from health care industry

So how do I explain to my kid all this "Edwards is done" stuff?

Oh, crap, just crunched the numbers and it looks like

Clinton Campaign Disses Iowa

How FABULOUS is it that Iowa elected a black man?

What I've learned from Obambots today

Two good songs i came across(one for obama fans and one for everybody)

It's offfical: Hillary's campaign is going negative

Biden: "This is about celebrity... You know in your heart I'm more qualified than any of these guys

Are You Ready To Make Nice in 2008?

Barack Obama: Progressives Beware!

There is an extremely serious point to be cleared up here regarding the "McClurkin Affair."

New Hampshire! Vote Free or be Iowa!

Soldier succumbs to illness in Iraq

Judge denies bail to Fort Dix plot suspects

DoD to consolidate all media activities

Housing glut could help war wounded

Four female retirees join VA advisory group

Campbell soldier charged in stepson abuse

Editorial: Committed to the mission

Editorial: Improve GI Bill benefits

Opinion: Vets can help with PTSD

Tarnished soldier runs for Congress

Autopsies planned for Fort McHenry sailors

Ex-SEAL may face more charges in explosives

Court orders Navy to curb sonar off Calif.

Inquiry into Afghan deaths starts next week

Woman found dead at Quantico

POW/MIA supporter admits to being faker

Marine city councilman sworn in while in Iraq

4th Fleet could return to Central, South America

No Pendleton war deaths this holiday season

2007 troubles cause slump for Toys for Tots

12 things you must know for the new year

Ex-body armor CEO in fraud case may be freed

Former JAG opens bid for Congress

Boot camp body scanners focus on precise fit

Wisconsin lawmaker called for duty in Iraq

Caught in pileup, AF nurse puts skills to use

AFSOC to field backpack-sized UAV

Backtalk: F-15 among problems carried into new year

Air Guardsman dies in Christmas Day stabbing

Airmen deliver wheelchairs in Honduras

U.S. helping to integrate Afghan forces

Extra leave time OK’d for deployed airmen

Defense bonuses still expected but on hold

Enrollment in Japan, Okinawa DODDS falling

6 soldiers convicted in S. Korean court

Military Update: Helping injured troops get trauma injury pay

Kadena’s FOD walk keeping aircraft safe

Defense minister says troop plan on target

USS Kitty Hawk wins retention award

Soldier dies from wounds suffered in Afghanistan

Yokosuka Chili’s reopening is delayed

Trash still piling up at Naples base

Gas prices at AAFES stations in Europe to rise

Watchdogs Decry Chaplain's Book

South Africa Has Subs, Needs Submariners

In Iraq, Rival Shiites in Peace Bid

The Stripes mailbag today makes for interesting reading.

Marine's Rape Case Appeal Still Pending

A Dark Side to Iraq 'Awakening' Groups

Battlemind Prepares Soldiers

Engineers Transfer Power Plants to Iraqis

Passenger jets get anti-missile devices

A Drunken Night in Iraq, a Soldier Left Behind-Woman Is Run Over, Abandoned by a Sergeant

Iowa – Outspent Edwards a close 2nd in Iowa to Obama and beats Clinton

Tortured Logic: Mark Fiore on the CIA tapes, etc.

Expert: Crime of torture could only have been ordered by the president

Lawmaker warned CIA not to destroy tapes - AP

Short opinion piece by the OSU Lantern on Missing CIA tapes.

The Betrayal of Work

Missing In Inaction: The Opposition Party / Regressive Antidote

Michael Moore to Barack - "why you are now the second largest recipient of health industry payola"

Krugman - Dealing With The Dragon - New Prez will need to negotiate, not bloviate

Rudy, Exploring New ‘Territory,’ Claims Decisive Victory in Guam Caucuses

A Bitter Mitter Claims Iowans Mistook Huckabee for Applebee’s

Edwards -half of the contributions we're seeing are from new donors RECORDING BREAKING POST IOWA

Mike Huckabee's New Deal: More God, More Government

Discontent 'grips Chinese cities' (BBC)

The Iran articles data-dump thread.

Your money ($) is no good at the Taj Mahal

Liberal Europeans Demand Right to Vote in U.S. Elections

Dogged: An incident involving his son David (little Huck)

The Tyranny of Super-Delegates

Hillary Clinton *Must* Win In New Hampshire

Change is Gonna Come

Caucus Night: Barack in Ankeny

Eugene Robinson on Obama Victory

Chris Matthews: Hillary Clinton 'rejected' even if she wins Iowa; McCain not even if he loses

Moyers Journal: FCC vote to further consolidate media

More on the FCC media consolidation from Democracy Now

Bill Moyers on the media blackout of anti-war protests: who decides what is the news?

Bill Moyers Journal on the history and dangers of media consolidation

Jeremy Scahill on Moyers Journal on Blackwater operating here in the US

John Edwards Caucus Speech: 'Thank You, Iowa'

Huckabee, Obama Win In Iowa RED STATE UPDATE

Barack Obama and Tolerance Fatigue

Bill Moyer: What the President does it, it's not illegal

John McCain: 100 years in Iraq

Iowa Postscript

To Biden & supporters, this one's for you

Joe Biden: Thank You (concession speech)

Bill-O's Real Caucus Winner

Jackie 08 Goes Negative RED STATE UPDATE

MoveOn, Sam Seder, The Nation and The Iowa Caucus

Grand Canyon part2of4

McCain Says He'll Keep the US in Iraq for 100 Years

Letterman's Top Ten List -Demands of Striking Writers

Beck From the Dead (Glenn Beck's Surgery goes Horribly Awry)

Clinton's Embarrassing Iowa Flop Exposes Key Democratic Leadership Myth

Obama's Victory Speech

Iowa caucus turnout shatters record

Sept. 15 arrestees win at trial - ANSWER coalition

George Galloway War on Iran and Nuclear Weapons

WeAreChangeLA confronts Rep. Henry Waxman

Missouri Fundamentalist asks atheists, where are the Primates? (funny)

Studying Kangaroo Farts and Teflon-Coated Frogs: Weird Science That Could Save Our Lives

Stanford's nanowire battery holds 10 times the charge of existing ones

Citizens Petition to Halt Flawed U.S. Nuclear Plant Relicensing

Nuclear (fuel) Workers Eligible for Payments

Uranium workers getting on-site assistance from gov't

Stars Align for Renewable Energy (Business Week)

2008 to be in top 10 warmest years say forecasters - Reuters

SunPower to build (8 MW) Spanish solar power plant

Chile opens its first wind farm

Spanish Fortis Bank Finances (Angolan) Solar Energy Project

Time: Plan B — How to Stop Global Warming

Keeping the Electrons Flowing (Wind Turbine Operation & Maintenance)

EU considers carbon tariff - Reuters

Dispersing Wind Farms to Solve Intermittence

Vestas wins 197 MW turbine order in China

Baby Mammoth Could Shed Light on Warming

It's Saturday In Soweto & Township Gears Up For #1 Weekend Activity - Funerals - AFP

49 Endangered Ghairals (Fish-Eating Crocs) Wash Up Dead In India - Poaching Ruled Out - AFP

Worst Dengue Epidemic In A Decade Hit Cambodia In 2007 - 407 Dead, 16,000 Infected - Reuters

GRL - Study May Have Established Cause-And-Effect Btw. Rising Atmospheric Carbon, Higher Mortality

Power Supply In Delhi Plunges - Natural Gas Shortage Forcing Cutbacks - The Hindu

Former Aramco VP - "The Idea That There Are Large Unexplored Areas In SA/OPEC Simply Not True"

Inflation Rate In Switzerland Hits 12-Year High On Energy Prices - Bloomberg

Australia's Head Meteorology Researcher - Perhaps It's Time To Accept SE Drought As New Normal - SMH

More Information On Khursaniya Delay - Saudi Aramco Citing Materials Cost Spike As Problem

Harbin - China's Coldest Big City - Hits Highest Annual Temperature On Record - Xinhua

Pakistan In Midst Of Energy Crisis - Blackouts 10 Hrs/Day In Islamabad, Worse In Countryside

Nigerian Rebel Movement Vows To Cripple Oil Exports - All Africa

Domestic Air Service In Uganda Suspended Thanks To Fuel Shortages - All Africa

Uranium Cuts a Tragic Path Through the Navajo Nation

An interesting discussion of "The Lean Guide to Nuclear Energy" on The Oil Drum

High Oil Prices To Hit British Soft Drink Industry - Packaging Costs Higher Along With Transport

Low-energy bulbs 'cause migraine' (BBC) {Maybe--ambiguous}

Oil price question....

Harvesting the sun's energy with nanoantennas

First panels come off production line at NanoSolar

On to NH

Edwards Campaign Reports Record-Breaking Contributions

Suffolk County University- New Hampshire Tracking Poll- Clinton 37% Obama 25% Edwards 15%

Some Iowa photos courtesy of Wes Clark's CCN blog -

Great Dane Trailers may close Mississippi plant



Fatah accuses Hamas of using its men as 'human shields'

PA forces uncover Hamas explosives lab in Nablus

Emotional tribute to Sharon two years after stroke

Fatah accuses Hamas of using its men as 'human shields'

Christian Zionists Gain Israel's Inner Sanctum

Evidence of Israeli 'cowardly blending' comes to light

DNA Shows Colombia Boy Was Rebel Hostage

Cuban Infant Mortality Rate Lowest in LatAm

Well this is certainly fun... stocks drop

The era of cheap food is over

Retail sector hit hard by job cuts

Economists React: ‘Looking for a Bunker to Hide in’

'Live' Blogging

I'm leaving for caucus now....

No Matter What Happens Tonight...

VI - google time

Big Biden Sign

Biden Gets On The Board...


DId you hear that? Joe isn't viable. They need to get 57 people! nt

Update from Erin's blog

Erin's final blog entry from the caucus

THis is the LIVE link: Holy Shit -- where's Biden????



Obama just took the lead, not by much though

Huckabee won on the repugs side.

Where the hell is everyone???

I think I'm going to be sick....

We are so fucked!!!

Fucking Richardson

I'm signing out for the night.

Erin said there will be a rally at 9pm for Joe.

Where the hell are all of those endorsements?

You guys -

There's no doubt that this is because of the media....

edwards is droning on msnbc


Omg - is anybody listening to msnbc?

Dodd drops out!!

Poor Erin - she is sitting in the room where Joe is supposed to appear

Well, folks! It didn't turn out too great.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Biden group here, it goes without saying that

I bet that right now

BIDEN staying in!!!!!!!

i realize it is meaningless

Update from the website.

Can you say President Huckabee?

According to this post -- Biden is OUT.

10:46 PM, BIDEN staying IN--Reuters

Will Dodd give Joe any of his votes, and do I understand correctly

A post on GD-politics quotes NPR that Biden is out.

On that Biden is withdrawing. nt

Wolf just said Joe will drop out.

cnn says biden will drop out!!!!!!!!

His on!


BREAKING on -- Biden is out -- here's link

Sit down - it's over


and Richardson?

I have one thing to say -

Gdp is reacting -

Another very nice thread in GD-P


I hope you don't mind the intrustion

Thank You All!

Here's an e-mail from Dodd:


Biden's remarks will be up on YouTube in the next couple hours

I am going to pour myself a drink -

I just checked YouTube - no sign of a new video yet.

Biden to Abandon Presidential Bid (some quotes from his speech)

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

I'm heading to bed, peeps. It's been quite a day. I love you all!


Here is a very good article

I tried dammit...I really really tried.

This from the FreeRepublic....God...


I'm not going anywhere - dammit!

Bloomberg -

We are not the Red states, or the Blue states - we are the United states---

I'm letting go of Iowa - but I'm not

Time Heals All Wounds....

Time for my caucus story...

It Finally Got To Me...

Is everyone really leaving me tonite?

Here's what it all came down to folks...

scroll down and read the Biden comments

An explanation,

hugs out to all Biden supporters

I have to say this...

I posted a brief statement from Joe.

I have a question I need some input re Edwards....

I just wish Joe would have held out thru New Hampshire primaries

For a long time I'd been thinking of what Joe would have to give up to be

Everything seems SO empty

We still have Sundays

Check your email - but

A nice article about Biden and Dodd returning to the Senate

Cards for Biden

There is only one good thing about Biden being out of the race.

Biden was viable in our precinct

Just to make sure....

I knew it ---with Biden and Dodd out of the race - here comes Bloomberg

WaPo did a beautiful article on Biden

I don't think I'd better spend much time in GDP tonight.

So...Iowa didn't work out. DRAFT BIDEN!

hmmm mmm mmmm

My letter to Joe....

Let's face it we lost tonight

Ohio to Offer Paper Ballots in March (NYT)

Our View: Vote of no confidence

OH Election Official Pleads Guilty to 'Profiting from Contracts for Voting Machines"

Ohio to offer paper ballots

Cast A Ballot, Then Hope

Iowa's Open-Source Precinct Aggregation Audit Tool

How Much Will The FEC Shutdown Affect The '08 Election? ((Edward's Funding?)

How to react to neighbors for Huckabee

What no Michael or Janet Jackson? No Rap Band? No Disney Land?

Tell you what, this Kansas team is fun to watch.

Dolphins reportedly will bring back Williams for '08

Has anyone gone to see what the Freepers are saying?

in light of Huck's win, watch this free documentary to understand these evangelicals...

Election Software Lost in Transit

Crime is campaign issue #1 for me.

Rudy ignores "flyover" Iowa ... how is this good for him?

I don't particularly like Hillary either, but Tweety


A concept which may be lost on New England Patriot Fans

New Year's tools and fun finds to get going ...

Clemens: Injections Were Lidocaine, B-12

Collusion between the Colts and Titans last weekend?

After 13 seasons, Raiders' Sapp, 35, retires

Hawks, Giants, Jags, Chargers.

Why even have the NFL on TV if neither the Pats nor the Cowboys are playing?

New test to ID viruses approved by FDA

(Washington) State urges FDA to ban unproven medical devices

Have an Average Day - Enjoying the ordinary is extraordinary

NASA to find most Earth-threatening asteroids by end of 2008

Importance of teaching evolution noted

Red Dust In Planet-forming Disk May Harbor Precursors To Life

Two Explosive Evolutionary Events Shaped Early History Of Multicellular Life

Telescope project gets help from Bill Gates

Bio-rich Costa Rica's new marvels (BBC) {salamander sps}

Top Ten Photos of 2007 From National Geographic News

Where did religion come from?

What is a cult?

New Year's in Vegas

Two diagonal images. More once I get out and around.

Little birds and other things enjoying the bird feeder

A personal best.

What I Learned in Tonight's Kitchen Experiment (Crumbly Peanut Brittle)

Fish on Friday night

Hey Eleny!!! Your Pineapple Upside down Cake in a skillet is a HUGH!!!111!!1 hit


Of these, which do you have the strongest desire for?

After what Pol Pot did, is it possible to believe in God?

DC submits it's brief in Heller

2004 started the trend increasing the youth turnout. Very interesting read.

Elias's moment of jubilation concerning Romney!

Meanwhile in Iraq .... time for another Iraqi blog news roundup

OT: Biden is out of the race, too. Just wanted to give him his own thread.

OT: administration vs. senate

OT, but you've got to love Biden to tell it as it is concerning this race.

OT: I'm sad to say, Dodd is out of the race

Kerry sang the right notes...

Roadblock Republicns: Susan Collins

Breaking News: DFLer Kevin Dahle Wins Northfield Senate Seat - Veto Proof Majority!

Carol Molnau's Arm-Twisting Past Revealed

I need help with a problem , please

Have you ever tried to SAVE an email but accidently SENT it? I just did...

I need a free/cheap but good CD ripping program

WOuld you use a 40" 1080p LCD TV as a monitor?

Okay Obama peeps, we're fired up BUT THIS IS NOT OVER!! What are YOU going to do to help him win?

Congrats to the Obama camp!

Obama wins Iowa

I'm fired up! I'm ready to go!

May I intrude just a moment to offer congrats....

Drug companies spend nearly double on marketing compared with research: study

Submarine maintenance contract won't be re-tendered

Detainee file was overseen by 'Tiger Team'

Confessions of a mobster: 'My job was to kill Pierre Trudeau' Live-Blogging from NH Primary!

Elite insiders throw weight around against Canadians

Globe and Mail: Opposition says GST ads amount to Conservative advertising

dupity dupe doop

KOEB Meeting: 01/03/08 -- Caucusing The Night Away With Keith, Pt. 1

In the spirit of the evening...

KOEB Meeting 1/3/08 - Caucusing the Night Away With Keith Pt. 2

14 year old Toronto daughter left to die in the snow

For the first time ever, I turned the TV off about 3/4 of the way

New movie looks at Bloomberg's teacher gulags.

Losing an Edge, Japanese Envy India’s Schools

The Best 19 Movies You Didn't See in 2007

Worst Album Covers of 2007

Got my Dem Primary/Proposition sample ballot today. You?

70-Mph Gales Whip San Francisco Bay Area

funny entry from loltheist

Wow: "There must be violence against women" - Islamic oped in Yemen Times

Informally, how do you feel about Barack Obama?

Iowa Dems win 2:1 over GOP

I guess we know where WPR's Ben Merens stands

ziegler To Get Slap On The Wrist

How do you feel about Wisconsin's role (or lack of) in the primary process?

Who would you like to see in Kohl's Senate seat in 2012?

If you read nothing else this week....

How disappointed and depressed is the MSM because there is no 2008 "Dean Scream"?

Bwah ha ha ha - just perfect!

Pa. Study to Probe Vitamin C, Cancer

How the Rich Get Richer

Feeskers says hello

Concerned Women for America seems to have a moron for its President

HELP. Everwhere I touch my dog he screams. He's not hurt...he plays

Help with a cat