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2 election workers get 18 months for rigging presidential recount

600 AT&T Customer Service Reps Form Union in Dover, N.H.

Bhutto's Husband Calls for UN Probe

Attendance soars after deadly tiger attack at San Francisco Zoo

Former Argentine governor ordered detained on human rights charges

Fraction of U.S. Aid Goes to Democracy

my shit's all retarded

Ugh. I have to go back to school on monday.

what's the most ridiculous thing you've posted that got lotsa folks' knickers in a twist?

Good night lounge......

i didn't make a post in GD

Okay, the drugs are working in strange ways, so it must be...

Canada spotted in UFO.

Anyone read Empire by Orson Scott Card? NO Spoilers!

I used to be on a grass cutting crew with these guys.

Why does the wind blow in America?

Silly and small rant about dirty glasses in restaurants.

Rick Astley and Rick Astley alone is responsible for Global Warming

I still can't believe she died in 2005.

...and having just Rickrolled GDP

This is ridiculous

Now hiring for Mr. Scorpio's Perverse Circumcision

i liked david bowie better when he had bad teeth

Classic Match Game time!! "Did you know Ronald McDonald appeared in Playgirl magazine?

poor kitty

Georgia defuns wrasslin

Charlie Wilson's War (possible spoilers)

autistic kids rock!

I did not know that I was a whore for the MSM

I made organic vanilla muffins, and I'd like to share them.

We went to Traitor Dicks tonight, and fully HALF the customers were Republicans

Any Rumpole Of The Bailey fans here?

The cops put out a call to look for the green, new model car that hit Maverick.

i have to walk half a block to the thai place


We've got a live one in GDP

Please Delete: Dupe

Lost-In-NJ, please PM me if you feel like it.

Al Michaels annoys me...he does not pronounce the first H in huge.

We went to Trader Vic's tonight, and fully HALF the customers were thesbians

Anybody remember Commander Data from "Star Trek Generations"?

I need good vibes for my dog Maverick in a hurry!!!(Life and Death)

I have spent the rainy day ripping music from my CDs and rearranging

The kids who did this deserves fucking medals!

The Prisoner's Saturday Night YouTube Rock Concert

Breaking News: Pope donates his sperm to bank for Catholic women who have infertile husbands.

How the hell did I miss out on Depeche Mode in high school?

What is a "good wage" these days?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/5/08

Mr. Next Door "Your dog has barked three times in a year and a half, so I had to turn you in"

Something that everyone should watch with their kids: "I Spy"

OH's raining AGAIN!

Lost In NJ, we love you.

Ptah's desert tour. Telescopes, gun fight, dancing girls and cactus (dial up warning -10 pics)

Dr. Phil. Worthless scumbag opportunitst or just the savior Britney needs?

Random photobucket picture thread

Are you ever too old to have a "crush"?

So, my son is in a cast

Weight loss update

If you knew for sure that there was no life after death, would you live your life differently?

Have you guys seen this? Other Uses for Breast Milk...

Am i the only one having problems with DU?

Need help with a technical journalism assignment.

We went to Trader Joe's tonight, and fully HALF the customers were lesbians

A couple weeks ago, I miscarried my baby

Edwards actually only tied with Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucus.

Official NH Debate Thread #1

If it's Obama vs. McCain...

aren't most, if not all, of these (35 of the top 50 when I entered GD) candidate threads

Link for live video streaming of debate:

Official NH Debate Thread #2

Dear Freepers, October 2008

Rudy on health care in this debate

Wasn't that the biggest softball question ever asked at a debate or what?

Official NH Debate Thread #3

As Long As Both Sides Were Having A Debate Tonight Why Didn't They Combine?

Repubs do not have a clue when it comes to insuring all Americans...

FBI Whistleblower's Court Award Tops $1.3 Million

An observation about the lazy slug candidate - Phred Thompson

It took until 7:30pm for Rudy to say "9/11"

Official NH Debate Thread #4

For the Love of Hannah, Seth MacFarlane, Offer Uncle Fred a Job...

Watching the Debate.......

When Republicans discuss healthcare, it can be called Dance of the Dumb Fucks

Official NH Debate Thread #5

Who lost the republican dirtbag debate?

Who Really Benefits from the Narrative the Media is Setting for 2008's Presidential Election?

Having watched the Republican debate, who's your pick?

Official NH Debate Thread #6

NH phone jammer says GOP "not only threw me under the bus but then blamed me for getting run over."

Beware of the candidates the Corporate Media cheers

Thank God its over!

Used car/snake oil salesman mittens flipflop willard...i hunts varmints Romney lost THAT debate

2 election workers get 18 months for rigging presidential recount

Stinky Sez: Mittens is Toast

Romney: healthcare doesn't work because 47 million people....

This Repug meets Dem on stage is like being forced to kiss my grandpa without his teeth

Is there a national news source providing an internet feed of the debate?

Who won the republican dirtbag debate?

Republicans Suck Ass.

Parade magazine has an article about Bhutto, no mention of assassintation

Damn, we've got the best field of candidates!

Is Anyone Else Pissed at How the Elite Corrupt Our Democratic Process? sweet! All the big shots are huggin' and kissin'


Sparks fly tonight...clinton needs to hit obama and so will edwards

Now THAT was a debate!

Live Video Link To DEmocratic Debate!

SwampRat! She's Wearing Your Color! n/t

Official NH Debate Thread #7

I think tonight's Democratic Debate is going to be 'rough and tumble' ....

What I learned from GD and GDP re: democratic candidates

What happened to Huncan Dunter? Did he drop out or is the media putting him at the kiddie table ....

Official NH Debate Thread #8 - Dems Up

Etheridge: “I think that this ABC debate is nothing but an infomercial now.”

Here comes "Christmas Resolution II" ... or, why the House has no time for impeachment

OMG! The Dems are taking the stage and hugging the Pukes!

Language: "Pakistan can become a failed nation state with nuclear weapons"

Official NH Debate Thread #9 - Dems Up


Official NH Debate Thread #10 - Dems Up

How would people feel about an Edwards/Obama or Obama/Edwards ticket?

Change change change - Can somebody up and say it's change FROM SHRUB & CHEENEE &

"Hi, my name is Charles Gibson"

Official NH Debate Thread #11 - Dems Up

I'm no longer undecided ...

Does that Osmond loving, greasy haired, holy diaper wearing, dog abusing

"The Democrats are so much cooler than the republicans"

Two things just convinced me to vote for Hillary in the general

If Obama Wants My Vote

Official NH Debate Thread #12 - Dems Up

Official NH Debate Thread #14 - Dems Up

I'm seeing a two man race here now

It's true what Edward's just said......

I thought Ron Paul was NOT going to be in the debates tonite. HE'S ON NOW!

Democrats should have been on first...

Edwards will win the Armenian vote in California

Edwards on entrenched moneyed interests in Washington: "You can't nice these people to death."

I know it's against protocol for a past President to discuss a current President's conduct.

WTF? Hillary just totally stole Edwards time! After rattling through a boring laundry list.

Bill Richardson is SO ANNOYING

Is it just me or is Richardson monopolizing this debate? I mean

I Almost - ***Almost*** - Feel Sorry for Mark Penn...

Poor Bill Richardson spinning in his chair.

Attendance soars after deadly tiger attack at San Francisco Zoo


Edwards brings up another very important point....

Official NH Debate Thread #15 - Dems Up

Obligatory: Who won the debate Poll

just gotta gotta say ...

Who lost the Democratic Debate?

Edwards is winning the debate...hell of a good show!

Edwards brings up another very important point....

Despite what the MSM will say tonight. Edwards cleaned house.

I hope none of our candidates injure themselves

AND the post-debate is all about HILLARY and OBAMA (Steph and Sawyer).

Edwards is winning the debate...hell of a good show!

Steph calling it for Edwards

George S. at ABC just said Edwards did well tonight... (can't believe he choked that out)

I really like Edwards' message.

I'm going to donate to the Edwards campaign right now.....

Heh.... too bad they just cut off Kucinich just when he was bringing up impeaching

John Edwards facial expression on the split screen during Hillary's "Change" Outburst is priceless

The Republican debate was Night Of The Living Dead

It was really nice to watch the debate as an "uncommitted"

UK's Standard of Living Overtakes The US For The First Time Since the 19th Century

I liked Edwards tonight


Democrats Far Surpass Republicans

ABC coverage over...anybody else covering it?

I'll Chip in Some Bucks for Trippi to Send Penn Some Pansies...

I always feel filthy after listening to these network slobs

How come Kucinich wasn't on stage in New Hampshire tonight? n/t

My remote is balancing in my hands!

Obama is not as eloquent when there is no prepared speech

A word about Hilliary. I am not a supporter BUT....

C'mon objectively now...Edwards won this debate by a mile...

"We don't need to be raising the false hopes of our country about what can be delivered."

YouPolls: Who won this debate?

This is how you bring about change over 35 years

Radio Lady: No matter what happens, the die will be cast on Tuesday, February 5th.

The real loser of tonight's debate: Charles Gibson

Am I the only one around who doesn't like anyone running for President?

Online poll: Which candidate did the very best in the New Hampshire debates Saturday night?

Can we all agree that we need Dennis in the race?

DU this poll, please...

FINALLY! Someone explains how you can make change over 35 years!

Mittens: Stop picking on me!!!

Official NH Debate Thread #13 - Dems Up

Obama drinking game sends students to the hospital

So what does one do with billions/millions of dollars?

100 percent of people carry at least 1 type of pesticide

It doesn't matter who won the debate tonight. What matters is

Oh Wheeeeeeeeeeee Hillary shuts the boys down.

Latest ARG Poll >>> Obama 38; Clinton 26; Edwards 20 ....

What I learned from the Great Depression

Change, change, change.......Americans don't want CHANGE just for the sake of CHANGE....

OBAMA / EDWARDS 08???????

apparently huckabee is 'christian left'

Employers grab accident victims' cash

HA! They laughed at the dumbass moderator!

This Republican debate is REALLY AMAZING!

And now the "Divisive Dennis" show

OxyMorons vs. OxiClean


Caption McCain

The BOriley incident at Obama's event highlights the most troubling aspect of his candidacy

"I've gone head to head with the North Koreans"

Why is John Edwards invited to the debate!? I thought it was for serious contenders only!



Okay i really want Kucinich now

Ah life in Bush's America

WSCE sends this out to tnlefty!! Freshly Ground Greenwood :)

And There Was the SCREAM!

Live debate stream for us non-tv havin' folks.

The corporate media blackout of John Edwards gets worse

Hillary's "Moment" already on YouTube

Edwards and Obama Have Cut a Deal...

Question about NH Primary

I like Huckabee more than I like Hillary

Where the hell is the debate?

Clinton talks and talks in New Hampshire

The Elephant in the Room

ABC DEBATE promises to be much more lively and nothing like we've seen before

Rasmussen poll: Paul running 3rd among Repubs. Doesn't bode well

"So Democratic audiences are often surprised when I tell them I don't consider George Bush...

what network is showing the debate tonight...thanks

Obama leads or ties Clinton in every post-Iowa poll.

Delete: wrong forum

Playing Catch-Up May Be Harder: Short Calendar Means Candidates With Momentum Could Keep Rolling

Ohhh BINGO Rudy 911

Lamestream Media to John Edwards...

did Rudy just call * "our great president"?

Clinton Criticizes Obama in NH Mailer

Obama will get another record turnout of young people and first time voters

dupe - sorry

I get the feeling ABC worked out their poll so it would look like a tie between Obama and Clinton

Iowa speeches- Word IRAQ Mentioned: Obama-2/Edwards-0 -- GOD Mentioned: Obama-0/Edwards 1

The Huck is doing better than Romney so far.

Romney is so finished, he's coming across like a buffoon in the debate

McCain: 'We don't agree often, Romney, but I agree that you are the candidate of CHANGE"

Well isn't this some bullshit (Republican Debate V Obama)

Romney won today's Republican caucus in Wyoming

Guilliana is trying to murder his own chances of being President

Dodd & Biden NH Chairs Endorse Obama

On Intrade today: Obama +7.6; Clinton -10.1. Obama favored to win nomination.

LIstening to the Repukes debating is a very scary affair.

OMG, the repukes are allowed to take a question on Obama & now they're all pasting Obama. WTF??

Obama, Clinton and Edwards - what are their positions on gun control and the death penalty?


Why we will rally around the nominee ...

Puke alert. The Democrats are on stage hugging the Republicans


Was Romney popular in MA as Gov? How the hell did he get elected there? nt

Republican Debate Being Run Like "The View" Talk Show

TOO much foreign policy

Ron Paul is eating their lunch

Only the most Passive and Destitute Dems need apply to run for Office. Then we can claim the moral

This is a fantastic and in-depth debate.

The first inspiring moment of the Debates tonight

ABC is Really Pushing War

Rudy actually made sense a minute ago! - (the republican debate)

Seems like Edwards & Obama are getting along....

Richardson: "Stay positive, plenty of time to get negative -with the Republicans - later.

1st foreign policy exchange Hillary and Obama tie, Edwards did not do so well.

Just off the phone with a *very* Republican girl that I know

I think Edwards and Obama have a gentleman's agreement

Isn't "Hillary seeks power" just another codex euphemism for

Obama just said he would raise payroll taxes on the rich...the rich do not get payroll checks!

Edwards is working on staking out his positions and showing how dramatically different he is as

Hillary is rolling her eyes

Miss Hillary is serving the children fiercely!

Ist question: Obama says the Bush doctrine is his policy too.

BEST thing so far....Obama gave up his suthrin preacher accnt tonight!

Why Are the Rethugs so Damn Rude?

Obama gets stupid on Iraq, sorry that is the only accurate description...

Candidate's actions render said candidate unelectable.

Richardson is pathetic he so desperately wants to be VP. Why is he there

Richardson just got scewrred on energy policy...

Somebody challenged me to say something 'bad' about Clinton...wellll

shrill, catty, can we stop with the sexist crap?

Edwards "to be affective, it has to be personal, other wise you will just get up and walk away"


Hope he lets Edwards and Clinton respond about companies with HQ off-shore

Could Rove himself be a worse "debate" moderator than Charlie Gibson?

Edwards has just made his best and took Obama to task on the special intersts

Obama is making a good case on economic needs for 'growth'...

There is a right way and a wrong way to promote your candidate

Hillary is kicking ass tonight. Showing passion for once.,

on delay in Seattle??


Okay. Hillary just won me over

Most Blatantly Biased Debate I've Seen Thus Far

I thought that was the best debate format of them all.

Obama is coming across as very presidential tonight

Line item veto? MORE Presidential power?

"I find the President and those who surround him to be pretty much like everybody else,

Edwards now sticking up for Obama, nailing "status quo" Hillary.

Best Mill answer ever!

The half ass third rate bar-rail bullshit session about "Islam" going

Charlie Gibson lied to your faces

yes dennis gets a private interview!! nt

It's lucky lobbyist can feed Hillary standing up

Was it just me or was Richardson at an entirely different debate?

What's wrong with Clinton tonight?


Clinton instills the most foreign policy confidence BY FAR (both knowledge and judgment)

As I see it, Hillary got a slow start, but clearly won on substance and stranger yet, passion!

George S.: McCain Helped Obama

Miserable- looking bunch

Obama's football line was great.

And my debate rankings for the night.

They're giving some time to Kucinich ... why couldn't they

Chuck Todd: Obama passed with flying colors

"The recession we are sliding toward..." (possible paraphrase)

Who can I trust: I'm Exhausted: You Advise Me Who To Vote For.

I am proud to be a Democrat right now.

Who won the debate?

Please! Any link to the Dem Debate in full? n/t

Anyone else wish Biden was in this debate?

My Local ABC Station is Lying on Air about what happened on the debate! Unbelievable!

Ron Paul is like one of those crazy people in the movies, where

Wish to thank all those who read and commented on my debate commentary threads...

Edwards rebukes Clinton in Democratic debate (Reuters)

So ABC has Repukes on. Did I miss the Dems?

I'm going to pay HRC a compliment. See inside.

Hillary's debate moment

Can Edwards really be a VP candidate two elections in a row?

My take on the Debate

This Republican Debate is the Romney Show

All the Obama supporters quoting Mark Halparen and Frank Luntz? Must be college students

So, who do you think will endorse who?

ABC haS given Kucinich his time, he is on right now

Something we seem to be missing about Hillary's "moment"

IRAQ/NCLB Policy, With Liberty and Justice for the Priveleged Few

MSNBC shows Hillary with 2nd highest delegate count. UGH BIAS!

Okay So how will they finish in New Hampshire?

NH Undecideds rail against Clinton

Hillary's "Dean Scream" moment.

The Fix: Democratic Debate: Edwards Backs Up Obama

INTRADE: Obama surging, Hillary falling.

I think Edwards has a better chance than Hillary of winning the nomination now.

TRANSCRIPT: Dem debates in NH 1/5/08

Josh Marshall: My Take

As an Obama supporter...I must say to Edwards....

Frank Luntz crowd in NH talking about the debate must see video

List of Foreign Policy Advisors For Top 3 Democratic Candidates

NYT:At Debate, Two Rivals Go After Defiant Clinton

I hope...

Did it seem like the Republican segment went a little better?

Everyone accusing Hillary of getting out of control during the "change" thing is really sexist.

GODDAM! The WORST Dem in the group is better than the best of this lot of bloodsuckers

Obama failed to break out of his "lightweight" image tonight. Scary.

Goodbye cruel world

Clinton just redeemed herself from any earlier slips....

Edwards and Hillary are making Obama look like an empty suit

Didn't Edwards sound shrill tonight?

Remember Hillary's Senate Debate?

Obama: Race Matters

College professors make over $100K a year?

How the heck is Hillary going to standup against Putin or that crazy nut in Iran

George Steph: Obama did no mistakes, Edwards showed the passion.

Hillary's Debate Moment - bickering and angry (VIDEO)

And the winner is...

Did Edwards fall asleep?

Watching the Repub Debate made me even more certain that Hillary must be our candidate.

Why aren't the polls reflecting what it seems most DUers think?

Richardson - "Have I mentioned my resume?"

If Fred Thompson were green

Who won tonight's debate?

Hillary's shrill, crazy lady routine, has just lost her any chance of recovering in this Election

The Democratic debate has not started here in California.

Newsweek: COVER STORY - Inside Obama’s Dream Machine

Does Richardson wear a rug?

Tonight's Debate Winner!

They really really hated Mitt Romney

Edwards won hands down tonight

How come as soon as Hillary starts to falter, like she's done tonight, her supporters start

Hands- down winner in tonights Dem debate

Well Democrats we all should stand and applaud George(worthless) Bush tonight...

Mark Halperin debate grades: Obama A-, Edwards B+, Clinton B, Richardson B-

Please DU this poll:

Did anyone else notice an alliance forming on stage tonight

Hillary's supporters are working so hard tonight, trying to spin this into a win for Hillary

2 Million Commercial Cooks Could Be Exposed to Deadly ‘Popcorn Lung’

Boo Obama and Boo Hillary

The M$M is the pimp and those of you who carry their propaganda are their willing whores.

How do you feel about the economic stimulus that Obama proposed?

Touche' Obama's campaign head is a lobbyist for the pharmacuetical interests

Edwards just spanked Hillary.

John Edwards is making me so proud to be his supporter tonight!

did obama really vote for patriot act after saying he wouldn't?

Hillary has her home run tonight. Nails it. "Can we have a reality break?"

Hillary's Oxymoron: "I've Been Making Change for 35 Years."

So, who won?

Edwards pretty clearly won the debate.

Facebook poll- Obama wins the debate (46%), Clinton 2nd (25%)

Richardson: 'I will negotiate a nuclear treaty with the *Soviet Union*'

I have to say this - that when Edwards talks about that girl that died waiting fo liver transplant -

I may be in the minority, but I think all of our candidates are kicking butt tonight.

Michigan’s Jan. 15 Primary Draws Full Smackdown from DNC

Obama Fan here: Edwards won the debate

Edwards talking about 200,000 veterans sleeping outside under bridges, etc

Richardson is coming off as completely outclassed by the other three. on all issues

Obama just said the four of them were there because they were better than the four who were not ther

Obama won the debate by staying out of the fray and on message

All the hate I'm hearing about Hillary tonight

Facebook ? "Do you think a Democratic President could keep America safe from foreign threats?" WTH?

So Edwards' only accomplishment in the 6 years he spent

POPCORN: My swan song


Who WON'T be watching the debates?

Obama just revealed his naivete about how Washington works

Hillary seems to be understanding of the complexities of getting our troops out

So, what if a candidate said, "vote for me and I'll have all the troops home

Edwards won the debate, but does he still have a chance?

Major Garret of Fox says HRC ads will flow against Obama starting

Hillary's "woman" problem

Please Explain: Why is Edwards corrupt because he invested in Hedge Funds?

NH GOP Drops Out as Fox Forum Partner


David Frum is 'Terrified' GOP is Heading for 'Defeat'

Three bomb attacks kill 14 in Baghdad: Iraqi officials

Bradley to endorse Obama for president

Disney World restaurant bans children

Stone: my part in hostage baby saga

Can You Count on Voting Machines?

For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets

Obama catches Clinton, McCain on top in N.H.(McClatchy/MSNBC poll)

Retired Sens. Lott and Breaux to open lobbying firm

McGovern: Time to impeach Bush

Al-Qaeda offers mobile videos

Al-Qaeda urges attacks on Bush during Mideast tour: website

Bill Bradley to Back Barack Obama

Kenya Opposition Nixes Unity Government

U.S. Considering New Covert Push Within Pakistan

Bhutto was killed by single assassin, say investigators

Plane with 10 Aboard Crashes in Alaska

Earthquake shakes Greece, no casualties reported

US military not welcome in Pakistan: army

How to Rig an Election: Convicted (Ex-GOP Consultant) Phone-Jammer Tells All

Former U.S. Presidential Candidate Urges Bush's Impeachment (McGovern)

Edwards Rebukes Clinton in Democratic Debate

Romney: I Want Bin Laden Dead Or Alive

Edwards vows to stay in race to convention

McCain: I would have started Iraq war regardless of WMD

For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets

Go for it girl... go for it!

Does anybody else find voters who are undecided on the day of a primary infathomable?

How do you tell someone you REALLY don't like their artwork?

Isis's Christmas. Dial up warning.

Did I completely miss the DUzys? Que passa?

My Computer's New Shutdown Sound

Dr. Phil visits Britney Spears in the hospital

I have become a Chinese crocodile......

"No Sell Out"- Words by Malcom X/Beats By Keith LeBlanc

Why did my milk & Ovaltine left for Santa turn AQUA???

Your favorite candidate lost the debate last night.

Okay, I think I just broke 25 years of sobriety...

"Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama have been elected joint presidents of Iowa"

Man buys half-ton pickup with half-ton of spare change

Anybody here NOT like Subaru's?

My son left home last night....

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen

Spot the Atheist

There's plenty of "change" coming from the Hillary camp since Obama won

all southerners arent racist folks

C-Comic books...

I am the "entropy" candidate!

John Edward (psychic medium) at Australia Zoo with Terri Irwin

Federline called police because he feared Britney would SHOOT DEAD their two sons.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/6/2008)

So, my new watch comes with a 33-page instruction manual. Every page critical in its use.

Okay, now I'm starting to believe in the fortunes in fortune cookies...

i missed the cutoff for same day pick up


If you haven't seen Children of Men and you have HBO Zone, it's about to start

2 parties, 1 night.

I'm pulling for the Giants because of dead eye the dicK

Is it just me, or is DU loading really slowly right now?

In one ear and out the other... but what about those with a third ear?

Bookworm DUers: what music do you listen to when reading?

GDP has jumped the shark!

Let's stir up some shit on a Sunday morning.

The Great Explosion of 2008

Today is a good day for FEE HUGS!

Undecided. Help me make up my mind.

Need a laugh? Read this article, skillfully translated from the Russian

thats my guy...Ammad Bradshaw

You know you spend too much time in the Lounge when...

It is a John Hiatt kind of day

I've gotta go chase some rabbits, and go to some

Wasn't this "PostSecret" entry a DU Lounge thread?

When does CaliforniaPeggy's national tour begin?

Iraqi Insurgents Startling Revelation to BBC (must see!)

Some interesting software RE children and computers

I have to say, I'm annulled.

My Wife Thinks You're Dead...

I have to say, I'm appealed.

I have to say, I'm appalled.

Great news

Pechanga, Morongo, Pechanga, Morongo, Pechanga Morongo, Sycuan, Agua Caliente

Sleepytime tea is a god send

Long post--we almost lost our cat Lily. Weak stomachs, beware.

The perfect gift for KitchenWitch!

best candybar evah, wanna fight about it?

I swear to god... I am laughing & horrified at the same time.


Ignorance is making me nuts. I just can't DO it!

Pakistani International Airlines ad 1979

Cats are soiled too much

Unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise reveals "shocking" info that's been public knowledge for years

DU reviews sought--anybody use Scrivener word processing/writing software?

i think every cat wants this

I find the dangdest things on the road...

New game: Write a sentence using emoticons, prepositions & proper nouns only!

DU Women: How Do You Feel About A Man Holding The Door For You?

Professional photo of my girl

Maverick has passed on.

LA Air America - Marc Germain "Mr K" show is canceled.

Get your sexist bullshit here!

Rowan Atkinson at his finest


I had the worst computer night I've had in years

Dr. Phil update: Britney's parents asked him to visit, "she wanted none of it," Cedars controversy

What is the current flu/bug making the rounds in your area?

nice real nice

Ballot Propositions

Is this sexist bullshit?

Beer me.

Spears family birth control

Watching video on the Tehachapi Loop

Pet peeve: people who idle their cars' engines for a seeming eternity

Does anyone have any change?

I got a free bag of taters!

Popcorn: Microwave, Hot Air Popper, Stovetop, or Jiffy Pop

A side effect of going to the gym that I do not like!

Bertha Katzenengel - or - Bertha Venation? Help me decide.

Dinner: please let me know if i should make another entree

I just read a paper about renegade molecular biologists

I caught the Seahawks win with my Dad today. He's doing a little better now.

I am in disbelief.

Disney bans kids from it's fanciest restaurants

Teen Midlo sighting

A good place for a makeover.

Catholic hospital allows breast enlargement for biological women only

Just watching the original Mexican film, El Mariachi again. Ads on now.

College & Life

OMG!!!!! I think I found one of Bush's 25%!

Do you have clingy pets?

Barack Obama endorses "Brazillion" joke

what's the weirdest way someone has ever hit on you?

Ignore is making me nuts. I just can't Do it!

I feel very sorry for Britney Spears

I did it.

It's too quiet. I'm going to go play in GD


TRANSCRIPT: Dem debates NH 1/5/08

Some of these threads are pretty disgusting. Talking where the candidates stand on the issues is

Psst. O'Reilly's violent outburst is tonight's Big news

It's not that complex - if people are in the mood for change, which they clearly are:

Obama was encouraged by no less than George Will to run for president

I still support Edwards but I have to say....

ON DEADLINE: Iowa Results Scare GOP

Give a red state poll a little DU love. Ron effin Paul with 34 Percent?!@#*

Waterboarding enemy combatants or dunking girls, it's all the same to him.


Why I support Obama ---The World View

Wake me when the primaries are over

Does anyone know if the debate will be re-aired tonight?

Are Keith Olbermann's Special Comments transcripted anywhere online?

"I'm the changer! No I am the changer! No, I was a changeling before you knew what change was!"

I saw Colleen Rowley hugging Obama while I was

C-SPAN replaying Obama's speech now. Bill O'Really commits a crime at the end.

Hillary Clinton: Misunderstood INTJ

"And there are good corporations in America." Really? Name some.

TOON: Sunday's Opus - Separation of Walrus Angels and State

Bamboozleds Active in NH Tonight

Are you disappointed that impeachment wasn't discussed in tonights debates?

My Computer's New Shutdown Sound

Anyone else having trouble loading pages?

You, who are the self-proclaimed "fringe", try not to say I Told You So.


I'm a small d democrat

John Edwards & "The Rainmaker"

May I suggest ......

i am so glad i can rely on my own observation and assessment to realize that no matter what anyone


N.H. gay group endorsed John Edwards because of his commitment to equal rights

Who are the 110,000 American civilians that we have to get out of Iraq?

what was bill richardson doing in that debate last night?


The Art of Tearing Down Hope

Caption this Hillary and Obama pic.

Edwards is still my choice.

How we get a definition of waterboarding as torture.....

"Both Hillary and Barack had to move the direction they were heading because of him,"

A year in Iraq-Illustration of US casualties

Truer words were never spoken

McCAIN FINDS HIS CHUCK NORRIS - You won't believe this

Kinda, sorta like a political poll;

Eugene Robinson: No Longer Unimaginable

Federline called police because he feared Britney would SHOOT DEAD their two sons.

Bush needs to get back to Washington and DO SOMETHING

gosh, lookie at the levee break in NV--thousands standed.

Iowa confirmed that the message the campaign has used to date — experience — is D.O.A.-By FRANK RICH

Local Family Loses Son in Iraq

Check in....only if Edwards first won you over tonight.

OK people, I've picked my candidate.

The Republican debates through a 9-year old's eyes

Lets not forget...DEMOCRATS won last nights debate...Hands down!!

My Support Stays With John Edwards

Obama gets the Jan 14th Newsweek Cover "Our Time for Change has Come"

Poll: Edwards leads major GOP candidates in Ohio

I want Edwards to win our nomination. That said, has anyone else thought about Barack Obama's father

Huckabee takes a phone call from God

Edwards is actually the centrist in this campaign, who happens to a progressive.

((AMY FISHER)) Forgot who she was

The Surge is working so STFU!

We are supposed to be afraid of the big bad wolf (Kristol)

The Delusional President-Bush Compares Himself To Washington & Lincoln (Scott Horton)

Edwards on ABC - This Week - right now

Oh the memories... gone but not forgotten

Vitally important poll!. Please vote

C-SPAN: live coverage of an Edwards event at Manchester Health Care Forum -- noon ET

For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets SIBEL IN THE TIMES

If HRC loses in NH, should she stay in the race?

stupid post, please remove

Government enforces shift to digital TV. Forces people to buy new device?

The REHABILITATION of St McCain is in full force

Edwards' all-night express returns

"GOP Already At Work To Keep Obama Voters From Polls" - AlterNet

Look at the Republicon candidates....they are pathetic.

Edwards used the word BACKBONE in last night's debate

Can someone re-post the "Mr. Moran" picture; I can't find it

Katrina vs. Obama

Iraqis Forced to Sell Their Children

NYDailyNews rates Debate: Edwards A-/Obama B-/Clinton B- 'mission unaccomplished' LINK

For those with Republican relatives, a question

extreme weather-Ireland - lightning hits 2 incoming planes from US

Monkey with camera catches O'Reilly grab(sort of)

Dirty Politics 2008 - NOW on PBS - (a must see!) - Lee Atwater comes back from the dead!

181163 signed up for Cheney Impeachment. Still counting.

Hillary, Change, and History: Three Irreconcilables (psst! It is the "I" word)

John Edward (psychic medium) at Australia Zoo with Terri Irwin

Another reason MSM ignores Edwards: blowout in the General

Wouldn't a Hillary/Barack or Barack/Hillary ticket be FUN???

I don't think Hillary's so-called "outburst" was that bad but...

What makes Obama a better choice than Edwards?

Al-Qaeda offers cellphone video downloads

Rememer the uproar from Obama's supporters

Sitting here , biting my nails with anticipation

Given his performance tonight I think J. Edwards will be the surprise of the NH primary

The general election MUST be held on a Sunday !

Urgent: Homeland Security preparing to seize Apache lands

Sibel Edmonds, Turkey, Pakistan, and Nuclear Secrets

Obama Leads Clinton 38% to 26% Edwards 20% in New Hampshire, ARG Poll Says

DARPA Now Hiring:

"Bill'O? Talk to the Hand"

John Edwards rally live on C-Span Now

Both Iowan residents and NH residents have had

Recession Coming: Bad for Bush, Worse for the American People

A Scramble At the CIA to Lawyer Up (Newsweek)

Independents are morans? Now THAT's gonna help the Democratic candidate! jackass

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Missing Issue: The Economy

CSPAN: Edwards rally starting now

CSPAN: Nataline Sarkisyan Parents speaking at Edwards rally

RIP Nataline.

Any criticism of Hillary will now be viewed as the critic being

Fox's O'Reilly Gets Pushy at Obama Event

Does anyone know what the Democratic Congress has done to insure that our votes count?

Who else is like me and essentially unconcerned about who the Republican nominee is?

POLL: Politics and the Internet Meet in the Rise of the Wired Electorate

Edwards Town Hall Meeting on C-SPAN 1 LIVE....NOW!!!!!

The health care plan debate is disingenuous.

So, my new watch comes with a 33-page instruction manual. Every page critical in its use.

Gah! I just can't stand McCain's whining tone of voice!

Cokie and George Will are not pundits - they are prunedits.

Yeah I click on the Britney, Paris, Peterson threads--and guess what? I still know what's up in Iraq

Bill is on CSPAN 1:50pm. n/t

Bush Reappoints Mine Safety Chief Who Bungled Crandall Canyon Disaster

If you're observing the Julian calendar - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

just now watching the repuke debate...only rudi 9/11i and fred have flag pins on

Throw Out the Rules! ~~ Progress: 201,001

Here's my prediction

GOP vs. Democratic Debate: The GOP Still Had Their Loonbat Candidate ...

35 Years to Get Her (Game) Face on...

Feldstein Says U.S. Recession Is More Likely After Jobs Report

WTF? George Will just called Edwards today's Trotsky?

What does Huckabee know about Canada?

Photoblog of the Week - Week of January 6th 2008. - Shorpy, the 100-Year-old Photo Blog

Joel Pett on Obama

"How can you have a debate if you don't have a voice to challenge all the others?"--Dennis Kucinich

From BuzzFlash: Clinton Campaign Dirty Trick Against Obama on Choice Will Backfire

Oregon science teacher is youtube hit

When Hillary eventually drops out --- the Obama/Edwards race will dramatically change

Did Obama lie last night when he denied that his NH co-chair is Pharma lobbyist?

Strained Relationship Dynamic: When Hillary loses, how long will it be before she and Bill separate?

NEWS FLASH: Hillary's Hot...

Obama and the Hannah Montana Factor

"Maverick" McCain:

I liked Edwards since the day he came to Bond Hill...

Have you noticed how the media is waiting..

Was any one else pissed at ABC's the surge is working propaganda


Fire Chief Under Fire Over E-Mailed Photos Of Topless Crash Victim

Apparently my choice for president is - Mike Gravel?

Bakersfield sergeant deliberately killed by Iraqi soldier, officials say

George W. Bush's headstone inscription --- if it would fit.

McClatchy: Two parties' presidential candidates hold very different debates

I'll go out on a limb and state right now that the Republican nomination will go to:

Are you ready for the Great Depression of 2008?

EDWARDS: the real underdog in America is the middle class and low-income Americans

A Screaming O'Reilly Shoves Obama Staffer, Is Restrained by Secret Service

I find it odd that a large number of democrats are trashing a past Democrats success's.

Anyone watching C-SPAN with Pres. Clinton... He sure does like to

So far today I've seen several replays of the comment

FYI Question time CSPAN 3:10

C-Span Now Taking Calls about Debates..Interesting

Hilarious video Huckabee may be dumber than Bush/ kos

Any guess on how long before the media tires of this buzz & turns on Obama?

Police shoot woman, 1-year-old in northwestern Ohio drug raid

do Edwards' race and/or gender make him more appealing to GOP voters?

9/11 and terrorism is going to be HUGE in election. So far Clinton instills most confidence there

I like Obama, I'm impressed with his campaign and I know he can win the GP: so TELL ME

So Hillary's irate moment didn't get the attention Obamistas wanted.

Kotecki: How Hillary Can Win Me Back

Edwards and Obama Form Mutual Admiration Club - "No DLCers Allowed" Sign on the Treehouse


Do major blogs like kos, atrios, huffpost, tpm officially "endorse" candidates like newspapers?

BBC News: Pakistan will not allow any foreign intervention into its territory.

Pundits Say (Ted) Stevens is Vulnerable This Time

US Military Escalation Gets Underway In Pakistan

The nightmare is almost over.

Sometimes It Takes Balls to Be a Woman

'Missing in Inaction: Why an Opposition Party Matters' by David Michael Green

How long has our primary system had its current form? Esp. with Iowa/NH being first etc.

A soldier's opinion of the Iraq War and the Repugs debate

Something to think about...

Please, please ... since the media refuses to talk about Edwards

All 3 candidate are "most electable" depending on scenario at election time.

I think it's a crying freakin' SHAME

The Fox News blabbermouth

Rasmussen daily Obama up ANOTHER 2% to ***39%*****

What is the single most important quality a Presidential Candidate should have?

Hillary lies AGAIN Obama's NH chair is Matt Rodriquez

Just got this from the Edwards campaign= thought I would share!

Logging Foundation Topples Scholarship Program

I think Hillary is taking Bill's accomplishments and claiming them as hers

Why is he Oboring at the debates and electrifying at speeches?

No Amnesty No Pardon

It's not like she threw something at them

Possible employment oppurtunities for the candidates post-election

Hillary Hugs Tweety!!!1 Seriesly!

Jan 6 Polls

Is it fair, to deny convicted felons the right to vote?

"The winds of change are set to blow away the American right"

edwards as a republican choice

A Question For Each Of Our Candidates: What About the Lawlessness of The Bush Administration?

Anyone else heard the Gore endorsing Obama rumor

Edwards Plays Chess...

Is Rudy 9/11iani all done for?

Impeachment of Dick and W?

Hillary looks like she's starting a singing group (with the Demo guys as backup)

Huck-A-Ding-A-Ling ~ 'President of the Flat Earth Society' is on C-Span I --- *puke*

What do you think will happen with the Senate in the general election?

NEWSWEEK: A Scramble at the CIA to Lawyer Up

One thing Obama and Hillary share, Ted Nugent wants to shoot them

Has anyone seen a good picture of all 4 dem candidates together?

Through The Looking Glass...GOOPers Aren't Happy Campers

Joe Biden won last night's Democratic Debate

Kucinich supporters: why Obama?

Iraqis Forced to Sell Their Children

A picture paints a thousand words....

Very interesting audience tracking of last night's debates...

This is one of my reasons for wanting Biden as the candidate...

thought this was interesting

What did HRC say about Iraq today? On other blogs people are going nuts. There are no specifics

Don't renew licenses for broadcasters implicated in the Edwards media blackout

Obama campaign response to Politico

A News Roundup of Stories Regarding Mark Penn, Clinton's Campaign Manager

Looking for FDR

Take a break... take a gander at Adam Gadhan's new video on behalf of Al Q

WOW --"Clinton Machine Shaken by Setback" - Time LINK

In our Times of Great NEED

Jesus wants Mike Huckabee to be the nominee

McCain was giddy when Timmy showed his fearmonger ad on MTP

Ratings for the new Faux Business Network are laughable.

I thought the Hillary hate and vile messages were done for a while

We can confidently predict Hillary's economic policies will be like Bill Clintons

Remember, when you donate to Edwards funds up to 250 will be matched....

Short debates summary

The Iowa caucus results weren't really "perfect" for McCain but the media's coverage of him has been

Clinton: "We don't need to be raising the *false hopes* of our country about what can be delivered."

Since no one is above the law, what methods of accountability would you apply

There is 0% (ZERO) chance Clinton would have initiated the war in Iraq (or Edwards)

Social Repression and Internet Surveillance H. Res. 1695, 1955 & S.1959

Thinking for Yourself is Now a Crime, By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

I see there will be a Democratic debate in Las Vegas on Jan 15th,

surge update 1/6/8

What are we so afraid of?

FYI CNN will rebroadcast the ABC Presidential debates tonight at 7est

George McGovern Calls for Impeachment in Wash Post: "Why I Believe Bush Must Go"

"We are Seabiscuit," Edwards said, referring to the famous race horse that beat the odds.

latest CNN/University of NH Poll (just released on CNN)

"I will be good."

David Gregory (The Devil) wears Prada...this says it all.

Edwards stories on Google in the last few hours

Rev. Huckabee puts on a "new face" for New Hampshire

With all the focus on the Presidential race, don't forget the Congressional primaries

Mitt is is just TOO through. From the debate tonight:

FDR's "Four Freedoms" Speech

On a Lighter Note...

Issues for me and my family what I am looking for in 2008

News Roundup of Senator Clinton's Much-Discussed Moment

On Obama and ambigious change.

I hate Romney so much that I'm tempted to cross-over and "McCain" him

Interesting, the anti-youth sentiment on DU...

On Marriage Equality and Religious Freedoms

Thanks to Will, Nance, JeffR, and everyone...

It really isn't a fair fight

'Democrats Need to Take a Stand' by Helen Thomas

Boston's Chief Judge's Letter To Mukasey-DO YOUR JOB!

Am I in the wrong forum?

There is not a giant corporate pig running the world, there is...

Obama has no substance and he's inexperienced.

When will the Democratic Party's Nominee be Mathematically clear?

HEADLINE: McCain confronts AIDS protesters

Check out the Post poll

Remember... Friends of The Earth Action endorse one candidate. And it's JOHN EDWARDS.

Wouldn't an alliance among labor unions re: health care make sense?

Can somebody please explain the appeal of Ron Paul to me (and why his ideas are bad)

The extermination of the american natives needs to be held in the same regard as the holocaust.

Clinton nearly crossed the line when she dissed Edward's work on the Patient's Bill of Rights

Top 17 Reasons GooPers on the ropes:: Scooter, Cheney, Bush, Newt, Rush, OReally, Sean,

'I believe to my soul that corporate greed and power has an ironclad hold on our democracy.'

What does it take to set up a not-for-profit health insurance?

Sorry---but I think Independents are Morans!

Holy crap! My sister is leaning toward Edwards.

Dave Barry: "An Inconvenient Year"

WASHINGTON POST: "What About John Edwards?"

Isn't it ironic that Bill Clinton made "hope" a centerpiece of his campaigns

Look at east coast Fl Poll..electibility "EDWARDS"

Hillary rewriting her history again BUT IS CAUGHT ON IT

Does anyone know of a good site that compares our candidates'

Edwards: "We have a battle in front of us. We do."

What is your big issue?

I just made a $50 contribution to Edwards. Who will match me?

Huffington Censored My Post – No Iraq Allowed (unpleasant)

WTF is Going on in the Democratic Party?! There was no fucking debate last night!!!...

The Shock Doctrine: The Love Shack... page 338

The Shock Doctrine: Fear Up

The Shock Doctrine: Shock and Awe; War as Mass Torture

Am I the only one uncommitted to a particular Democrat?

What war? -----> Zippy

More rhetoric...

Obama wants to eat your babies.

How Often Does The Debate Winner(Edwards) Get Ignored By the MSM and the Press?

Nataline Sarkisyan's family arrives in New Hampshire: "This is it. We have to vote for Mr. Edwards."

Did the GOP debaters even mention Bush/Cheney?

Sorry dumb question. How did Romney become governor of a liberal state?

Which Democrat would you NOT vote for in the General Election?

Do You Support Commoditizing of Insurance And Forcing Americans to Pay For It?

My apolitical hubby watched a little of the repuke debate...says Rudi 9/11i is mafia

ABC's Match-O-Matic

Why are independents and republicans allowed to vote for our nominee?

Wake up and smell the coffee, Obama is no underdog anymore

I guess even Democrats vote against their best interests…

About Ron Paul in the debate

Ok Class... Compare And Contrast These Two Statements !!!

Republicans and Independents are less likely to vote for Clinton than Obama or Edwards

No Slingshots at Scene of Tiger Attack (don't believe NYpost)

U.S. dollars no longer accepted at Indian tourist sites

My two time * voting buddy is disgusted and ready to vote for Edwards

If I hear ONE MORE CANDIDATE talk about their humble beginnings, I think I'll PUKE!!!!

Oh please America

The Shock Doctrine: The Looting.. You are No One..

Education is Ignorance, By Noam Chomsky

Damn I am Pissed... My Dental Ins denied my claim!

All the repub candidates have expanding the size of the military as one of their top things to do

Is General Electric evil?

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Interesting Reception?

The Clintons are the only Dems to beat the Republicans in 30 years

As an independent Edwards supporter can you really trust the other candiates

New Hampshire, Iowa and Edwards

Rasmussen: Edwards, not Obama, has gained support the last days

How did you find DU?

Disney World restaurant bans children

Facebook group: I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who dislike George Bush!

so, what happens around here

Has Edwards addressed the concerns raised by Kucinich

George McGovern Calls for Bush and Cheney's Impeachment

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huff Post: "Sibel Edmonds Speaks" (Additional Info/Naming Names!)

Why I Believe Bush Must Go - Nixon Was Bad-These Guys Are Worse-By George McGovern

2008 Democratic Party Primary and Caucus Schedule

Just give me my fucking candidate already.

John/Elizabeth Edwards Stand for Families - Including My LGBT Household

"I will see them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Sibel Edmonds case: Front page of the (UK) papers (finally)

Without screaming at me (gulp) can I get some responses to this concern:

"Angry" moments in debates - Hillary versus Ronald Reagan

I think it's sickening the way Democrats eat their own!

Hey! JE - you missed a great opportunity to acknowledge all the economists

NYT Frank Rich - Interesting factoid

Charley Gibbons zinged Obama on the anti-lobbyist bill he wrote - meaning

Why wasn't this worse than the Dean scream? (Bush vs Kerry debate)

Edwards suppose he succeeds in taking out Clinton..

Whether Hillary's outburst becomes the "Dean Scream" is up to the media

MSM (as represented by AP) decides to promote Clinton

Video of Richardson from tonight's debate

Hillary and Edwards showing "passion"

Obama was FOR "Single Payer Universal HealthCare"...

Hillary is not out because of a "Dean scream" moment

Online news media ignores Edwards again

I suppose waterboarding, health care, and the war...

If somehow Obama and Edwards could be merged -- It would be an unbeatable candidate

Edwards wants some of those "change" votes.

Fred Thompson should just be ashamed

What an idiotic freakin' debate. Neocon propaganda from the get go.

"This is Not Academic or Political with me, THIS FIGHT IS PERSONAL!"

So much for 24 hour News Channels

I guess Hillary thinks Condi Rice would be a great Agent of Change!

Why does Richardson have to use scare

Poll of Polsters - Rating the NH Pollsters

During the Republican debate, why didn't McCain hammer Romney and Huckabee on immigration?

The only one who has 35 years of Change experience is Laura Bush

Fox News Begins Major Cover-Up of O'Reilly Assault on Obama Aide

Are This Year's Crop Of Candidates Better Than 2004's Crop Of Candidates?

Smooth MOVE, Romney...use your debate time to criticize Huckabee AGAIN for calling Bush "arrogant"

Obama has smarts, heart, and my heart.

What about Bill Bradley for VP?

What changed?

Ok Hillary supporters what does she mean by 35 years of change?


At the Debate today, Obama voted "Present"

This Is Where Hillary Won It: Words Are Words, Actions Are Actions

Clinton/Edwards? Experience & Change

Look at who is voting in NH--Denny Gallaudet.

If Hillary wins New Hampshire, it's because of Edwards, he will split the "change" votes with Obama

I watched the entire debate, and I think all our nominees did well.

Watching the debates and learned something new

For those who missed Giuliani at the debate tonight ...

Obama and Edwards Tag-Team Clinton in New Hampshire Debate

Do the moral issues involved in abortion and gay marriage...

Romney, Clinton No New Traction

Is anyone else getting tired of the 'gender card' used by Hillary?

What is your reaction to Hillary's supposed angry moment?

"I've been in hostage negotiations that are a lot more civil than this"

I watched the debate tonight and I did not see any "Dean Scream"moment.

Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton.

What do you guys think about Obama/Hillary?

Ive been fighting for change for 35 years god damnit!

An apology to Mike Gravel from a Kucinich supporter

Stephanie Miller offers Hillary advise on how to talk

The best moment of the DEBATE

Expectations of the new president

NH Primary 2008 (D): Obama 36.4%, Hillary 34.5%,

Inspirational is wonderful, just like JFK... however

LOL! McCain..."if we're going to win the war on terra, excuse me--the struggle with Islamic

Bumper sticker seen: "Get Bush a blow job so we can Impeach Him"

Bill Bradley to endorse Obama tomorrow in NH

kucinich fan looking towards edwards.

Loyal Bushie Proescutors Probe Democrats Just In Time For Elections

Loyal Bushie Proescutors Probe Democrats Just In Time For Elections

I'd like to only hear opinions on the debate from "undecided" members of DU please

Re:Iraq War

Der Mittenfuhrer under fire over attack ads

I'm not sure who won last night's debate, but remember Obama never did well before Iowa, yet . . .

Roger Simon at Politico (not a Hillary fan) thought she did rather well in the debate

Reviews from the debate: Obama and Edwards did well, Clinton struck out

Why Does Richardson Always Protect Hillary?

One Observation About The Word Skank And Its Use On This Board

A soldier's take on Huckabee's 'Iraq War Honour' Speech

ARG NH Out this morning

Zogby's observation in the latest tracking out this morning

How would you feel about Hillary as Senate Majority Leader if she ends up losing the primary?

John Nichols: "A Very Bad Omen for Hillary"

Video: Why Barack is winning the hearts and minds of NH.

McClatchy-MSNBC New Hampshire Poll: Obama 33%, Hillary 31%, Edwards 17%, Richardson 7%

Obama picks up support from Bill Bradley

Independent UK: Obama-mania in New Hampshire as new poll shocks Clinton camp

CarbonDate clearly won that debate.

Experience Is a Means to Wisdom, Not an End Unto Itself

Barack Obama endorses "Brazillion" joke

Self Delete

Did Carbondate, Edwards, Obama, Clinton, or Richardson win the debate?

Can we make it a standing rule:

Ras Markets show Obama is new frontrunner, has 56% chance of winning nom versus 41% for Hillary

Huckabee factor will galvanize Republican establishment,...

Obama spins magic, Clinton feels chill in New Hampshire

Which group of candidates looks more like America?

Did anyone watch the GOP part of the debate? How did Hucknshuck do?

No, don't vote for an inspirational figure!!! don't do it...placing hope in words leads to disaster!

AARRR I can't stand McCain

Edwards on with Steph right now! nt

Tiring of Hillary's "experience"

Chris Matthews Show's Matthews Meter of 12 regular guests asked will Obama win the nomination?

Does Clinton really have THAT much more experience?

Here are the latest (Sunday AM) Zogby-CSPAN tracking poll results

What if the unthinkable happens, indies bore of Obama hype and gravitate towards Edwards

Two Dems Declare In Mississippi Senate Race (Lott's seat)

Photos of O'Reilly from The Obama Rally where he admits he assaulted a staffer

Obama-mania vs Edwards steadfast support for the poor/middle class

Obama/Biden 08

Why Obama won the debate, CHANGE!!

Ned Lamont was right................why didn't Connecticut know that? What didn't

I'm so sorry to have to admit this, but I want Richardson to withdraw

Objectively, what do you think will be the outcome of the general primaries?

Gary Hart: Obama and the Courage of our Convictions (Essentially an endorsement)

Edwards is against corrupt corporations; he's NOT against wealthy individuals

Bill Bradley speaks about Barack Obama

Natline's Family to Join Edwards Today - Hillary's Comment Will Come Up

Use One Word To Describe The Candidate You Support

Latest Rasmussen NH Poll: Obama 39%, Clinton 27%, Edwards 18%

Are young people coming out to vote because they are are sick of all the Homophobia and Prejudice

Hillary was invited to be with Timbo on MTP today. She declined...

haha McCain called Romney a "good man" on MTP....

The Fab Four is in two camps - so which ticket would win in '08?

If you Cannot stand up to Tim Russert, can you stand up to Al-Qaeda?

I think Obama will "help" Romney win the puke primary in NH


Mitt was very unimpressive on This Week...

New Hampshire Poll numbers!!!

From Obama's Blog via ABC News: Bill Bradley to endorse Obama.

Was I dreaming when Obama proposed privitizing ss

Watching Obama Grow Into His Presidential Clothing Will Be Fun To Watch

Why does Edwards emphasize "Washington" lobbyists?

Luntz focus group on last night's debate - undecided voters

Edwards is pounding home his platform on ABC's This Week. He is firm and take no prisoners.

Should Edwards and Obama make a policy agreement?

John and Elizabeth coming up on C-span

Obama is becoming the new hero of our party

The word "Change" as a political slogan is just so cliche...

Obama's new SC ad

Predict The Order Of Finish In New Hampshire

I think Ron Paul's going to win New Hampshire

Can someone explain to me why is Pat Buchanan so in favor of Hillary

Chris Matthews panel voted 12 - 0

Does anyone have a list of the Gulf of Tonkin vote?

The 3 biggest issues with NH voters: The War, the economy and

Obama wins mock election

Clinton 36% Obama 25% Edwards 23% Rasmussen today

I just saw Ron Paul on CNN talking to Blitzer and saying stuff about the war that our people* won't

All our candidates are offering sweeping change, not just Obama. What a crock by all of them

Edwards says he is in this through the CONVENTION!

Hillary's record of change?

For those watching C-Span and the Edwards Event What did Elizabeth and John say to each other?

Does Obama fully support women's rights?


Edwards: Trial lawyers lobbyists will not be working in my White House

New Hampshire Order-Book It

HRC supporters: What do you think about the "35 yrs of experience" theme?

(CSpan) Edwards Stump in NH -- 3 Candidate Tests

Rabbit ears


From tonights debate: Obama-Edwards tag-team on Hillary was effective.

My prediction for NH: Obama 41%, Hillary 35%, Edwards 22%, Richardson 2%

We don't live in a democracy, we live in a kakistocracy

Edwards: Do you want someone who has the right ideas and philosophy or someone who...

Republican nightmare scenario that will make you smile.

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today at the Palace Theater in Manchester, NH, earlier in Exeter

Anyone hear Romney on CNN?

Hillary seemed out of touch on the type of "change" people want

Andrew Sullivan: Obama emerges as a liberal Reagan who can reunite America

John Edwards is no longer running for President. He is merely a stalking horse for Barack Obama.

Chicago Tribune: Bill Bradley Endorses Obama This Morning

NATALINE SARKISYAN's mom on Edwards rally on CSPAN

Hillary WON Iowa in a landslide

Meet the Press: Hillary can't fight back against Obama because he's an African-American.

I think I may have supported Elizabeth Edwards as Pres over Hill

Ron Paul cancels appearance on CSPAN? lol

Cell Phones are playing a part in wacky Poll Numbers

Our Candidates are talking past each other on change.

Hillary & Obama have advanced the cause for women & other minorities nicely in a white man's world

Anyone who criticizes Hillary is sexist.

Does Anyone Here Believe Clinton's Attacks Hurt Anyone But Herself?

Bill Bradley to Back Barack Obama on Monday

Edwards: In New Hampshire - a Lone Fighter for Unions

Some of my best friends are professors, but they have been my barometer of what not to do.

Be careful hillary when bringing up the lobbyist issue...

Who's going to win the republican nomination?

No, don't vote for an inspirational figure!!! don't do it...placing hope in words leads to disaster!

I am starting to think these front loaded primaries are a bad idea

Politically we have moved past racism in this country

GOP debate: candidates more restrained in tackling Obama than Hillary

Do You Think The Democratic Party, As A Whole, Needs To Change?

Hillary will deport any illegal immigrants just for being accused

Interesting insight about how to use Bill Clinton from Arianna

Obama's obligations, as a Christian and elected official

Hillary Wiped The Floor With Barack So Badly, It Was Embarrassing

Germany's Got a Crush on Obama

9/11 turns against Rudy Giuliani

If Huckabee wins the GOP nom, he has a blowjob to thank for it.

Lawrence Eagle-Tribune endorses Obama

In the words I've seen directed toward members of the GLBT community: grow a thicker skin

Why is Obama a better choice than Edwards?

Teddy Roosevelt was cited by all four of the remaining candidates who debated last night

Obama/Edwards or Edwards/Obama

Is last nights Debate going to be re-broadcast by ABC?


Why are we letting the media rush us?

LOL, Cspan host just said "Hitler...Hillary Clinton"

OK DU, this Obama backer is asking you to go after John Kass for his "White Witch" piece on Hillary

Analysis: Clinton fights back in NH

Will Bill Clinton be the new Nancy Reagan?

An acquaintance sent me a chain letter today about Sen. Obama

Edwards Rated High By WMUR's Instant Response

Edwards Doesn't Have To Win New Hampshire, But He Does Have To Beat Clinton

Why Didn't Anyone Put the Dinner Video of Obama from Friday in the Video Section?

What kind of "change" do you want most?

McCain says he would have invaded Iraq also...

Where Do Independents Fall?

Mike Huckabee: "Congratulations, Canada, On Preserving Your National Igloo."

New Democratic Coalition? Obama endorsements pouring in

Obama's denial that his NH chair is a big pharma lobbyist might lose the GE.

Let me explain something about how lobbyists in a small state like NH work.

Anybody else notice that McCain is going to be their nominee?

Cowgirl's Democratic Debate Roundup

WaPo: Obama's Rise Dismays Clinton's Supporters, NH Dem Grande Dame "resents" independent voters

Ob ama has gone so far as to say that his support of reproductive rights may not be infallible.

New Hampshire voters, we're counting on you to vote for

The official......***I DETEST YOUR CANDIDATE***......thread.

Who would be the optimal GOP frontrunners for each of OUR 3 frontrunners to go up against?

Edwards pulled into virtual dead heat with Clinton Reuters/c-SPAN/Zogby poll Sunday

New Hampshire's pollster reliability

"Hillary's Debate Moment"

Ras NH: Obama 39(+2), Clinton 27(0), Edwards 18(-1); McCain 32(+1), Romney 30(+4) (released Sunday)

1995 Article " What Makes Obama Run?" If you don't know much about him (or even if you do) read this

Goddamn those CNN Knuckleheads....No mention of Edwards in report

For those who missed it last night the Debate will be rerun on CNN tonight

Obama has already spent his $100 million - he's almost broke and needing to raise money fast

First Post debate Facebook poll on Most Presidential: Obama 46%, Clinton 25%, Edwards 21%

Obama seizes on Clinton's 'false hopes' warning

In case you missed it, CNN to air ABC News/WMUR/Facebook debate Sunday

Hell Hath FROZEN over, did you see Hill hug Tweets on CNN??

Perhaps if everyone just gathered-'round... (12+ / 0-)

Bill Clinton has been talking on CSpan for the past hour...


I was talking to a Huckabite today at church....

Obama in a barber shop acting like a regular guy

As an Edwards supporter can I just say that Obama is cooler than Michael Jordan, Jim Carrey and

NH POLL: Obama 38 (+7), Hillary 26 (-9), Edwards 20 (+5)

A Question For Each Of Our Candidates: What about the influence of AIPAC

Anyone listening to Sam Sedar? He is cracking me up!

Is this a joke?

John Shines in New Hampshire Debate (email) - M$M Positive Commentary!

Last night's debate:

You Know, We're Quite Lucky When You Think About It

Flashback: Clinton attacking Edwards because top fundraiser was lobbyist

A BIG Uh-oh coming up for the Obama campaign.

Chris Matthews called Obama a "Third-world" person. AGAIN.

edward v obama appealing to repubs and independant, which candidate would repub vote for

Funniest moment of the debates last night, by far

Hate to say it, but I thought Hillary did well tonight

Did Kucinich, Dodd or BIden get a fair chance from the Corporate Media?

Assholes claim Obama's middle name is Mohammed

Can someone give Cokie Roberts a call on the Clue-Phone

Richardson denied that he instructed his supporters to vote for Obama in Iowa

Former NH Democratic Party chair Joe Keefe endorses Obama

THE EXPERIENCE THING (again) - Obama vs Clinton

My letter to George McGovern today

Translating belief into action; the call of the time that Obama is making

You know Hillaryites, if you think it's bad now, wait till her concession speech

Buchanan just said "I know what's coming Eleanor" about Obama

Do you HRC supporters actually think it is a good idea for her to make such a stink about

Is anything really going to change with U.S. foreign policy?

Having the two debates back to back last night,

Patiently awaiting the Debate bounce for Edwards

Wow this is clumsy. Obama's explanation on lobbyist co chair

Michelle Obama 'The Closer' on CSpan...

Would Edwards have launched a war in Iraq after 9/11? Nope. Neither would Clinton. Or Kerry.

Boston Globe: Lobbyist/Obama NH Chair enters national conversation

Edwards: The Clinton people have no conscience

So hard to decide between McCain and Romney

Why is it that during the debates, Edwards only chooses to go after Hillary & nobody else?

Guiliani political ads now surfacing on Madison, WI TV stations

Rasmussen National Poll: Hillary's support moving to Edwards, Obama static

We should be careful discussing the Iowa results

Hillary has clearly said that she has NO PROBLEM taking money from lobbyists

Clinton's sexist remark

In terms of "personality" moments, I thought "you are likeable enough, Hillary"

Is Clinton using "FEAR" to paint herself as the better nominee?


Kevin Drum having a meltdown over Hillary

"We don't need to be raising the false hopes of our country about what can be delievered."

Clinton buses supporters/volunteers in from NY to pack out her NH rally

Hillary barb in response to JEs comments regarding patients bill of rights was beneath contempt

These crowds for Obama are NUTS!!!!!

What about this Debate Exchange? Did anyone Lie or Mislead?

NPR bastards

Are corporations directing the campaigns of the top Democrats?

Only remaining strategy for Edwards is to help knock out

Obama now 10 point lead over Clinton in NH:

The Repub candidates refuse to distance themselves from Bush

Will majority of "Independents" in NH vote Dem or Repub?

I admit, I don't understand Edwards' strategy

Hey all you folks who think Obama is an empty suit who lacks experience, PLEASE

John Edwards have seen the light and he's about to cross over.

Rudy is a liar. Mittens is a hypocrite. Huck is just delusional. Paul

If Obama is the nom.. preferred ticket: Obama-Clinton

When the campaign is over..

Bill Bradley to Back Barack Obama

Edwards strategy seem to be backfiring

Is Hillary collapsing in NH? All polls point to yes!

Let's See, Barack: Privitize SS, No Universal Heathcare, Abortion A Moral Issue, No Gay Rights...

Obama's NH campaign co-chair is a pharmaceutical lobbyist, not his campaign manager.

Hillary Clinton: I wouldn't have started war I voted for (great analysis)

"And while welfare certainly provided relief for many impoverished Americans, it did create...

"I am proud to be a Democrat, but sometimes Democratic politics can be tiresome."

Before I retire for the night, I must say this about Hillary...

Huckabee "irregardless"


Clinton In Nashua : "After 9/11, I would never have taken us to war in Iraq"

Blogs buzzing over Clintons Iraq war vote comment

I am sorry about last night: I'm an ugly duckling, not a swan

Ras. national: Clinton 36%, Obama 25%, Edwards 23%. Edwards surges.

Just the health care issue alone should sink any repuke...where in the frick would people get the

ABC's Rick Klein: Clinton, Romney fail to score

Does Anyone Fear Old Man McCain Against Obama?

Crazy right winger Guliani fan just said Obama is brilliant and would vote for him

Hillary was rude after Obama talked about his mother dying of cancer!!

Everyone who doesn't understand that Huckabee's "Fair Tax" would be on your RENT, raise your hands.

MSM Set to Build Up Clinton in Final Day Before NH Primary

Current Intrade prices for the nomination: Obama 60.5, Clinton 37.5, Edwards 2.1, Richardson 0.2

Age and preference on DU

Obama 41, Clinton 28, Edwards 19 USATODAY/GALLUP

CNN: Obama gaining 3 points per day... up 10 points over Clinton now.

I really wish Joe Biden would have waited till New Hampshire....

Former Biden Supporters endorse Clinton: Hatch and Webber

Who do Hillary's backers at Pfizer, Novartis, HCA and Tenet Healthcare Corp think WON THE DEBATE?

Try as I might, I can NOT get excited at the Dem race. I can't even choose a candidate

As an Edwards supporter I have got to say, Hillary did very well tonight.She looked and sounded good

Black Leaders in a Quandary

Like it or not, Edwards strategy is smart.

Edwards -- he is so level and clear-headed. He is the best person

Did Barack get nearly 50% of the Iowa caucus votes?

"One of the things that I've always said is that abortion is a deeply moral issue.

When will the press turn on Obama?

Is it worse if Bush lies or if Obama lies??

Here are my thoughts on Obama....

John Edwards the fighter!!!

Kucinich, Dodd, Biden supporters: Whom could you support?

Is Sen. Clinton being so viciously attacked simply because the men's club in Washington and

Which major candidate is most (& least) BEHOLDEN to Lobbyists and Special Interests???

Edwards: "The Clinton campaign has no conscience"

Hillary won the New Hampshire debate clearly

Clinton campaign recruits out-of-staters to pack NH rallies; even paying for everything

Yes Mr. Obama, a Lobbyist IS Running Your Campaign

NH Bd. Member of Planned Parenthood: Clinton Mailing On Obama Choice Record "Appalling"!

A tax upon your house, and everything else, too. "FairTax" won't work, say experts


Breaking: New CNN POLL: O-39; C-29; E-16

I recall that Edwards took a beating from Cheney during their debate

Poll: Edwards leads major GOP candidates in Ohio

Should Lobbyists Be Banned From DU?

Al Giordano: Kerry to Endorse Obama

Obama's biggest criticism

Mother of 17 year old Natalie Sarkasian(Sp) is campaigning with Edwards and this isn't news?

Kucinich explains why he doesn't support Edwards- in an email:

Could Obama wins mean a GORE Presidency?

When Hillary says Americans deserve the same health plan that Congress has, who will be paying...

You are desperate.

GDP Challenge: Make this come to life, WEXLER petition for CHENEY hearings.

email from Kucinich re: NH, Iowa and Edwards

Hillary Clinton's train wreck.

Rasmussen Sunday / Obama 39% Clinton 27%

Are Republicans behind the Marxists/Socialists/Communists for Obama group?

Edwards opened up a huge can of Republican attack worms against him

Edwards Lets Loose on Clinton

Was it smart of Hillary to say: "I'm running on 35 years of change"

Is it too late to bring charges against Rumsfeld? Does any body know? nt

Superdelegates for 2008

No way Kerry will endorse Obama. He'll endorse Edwards IF anybody

Who's watching the store while DU and the nation obsesses about their fav candidate in Primaries?

Obama inspires in me a feeling that is almost the exact opposite of hope.

Obama recognizes the need to build a new coalition and I agree that it is crucial

Something new I noticed in personality similarities watching the Dem NH debate.

Why would anyone drop out after Iowa ??

If Obama wins the Democratic nomination, I believe America is ready for a black president.

Will John McCain please quit saying "I'll follow Bin Laden to the gates of hell"

What do you guys think about Barack Obama, the gift we have that

Richardson has arguably the best resume of any candidate for the presidency in the nation’s history

Out & about in NH today... EVERYONE is talking politics.

Looking for a discussion: Senator Clinton's defied odds in a sexist USA

When I read the Bible, I do so with the belief that it is not a static text but the Living Word....

Candidate's experience? Should it count, or not?

"You're likable enough, Hillary."

Iraqi soldier allegedly shot 2 U.S. troops

Soldier bites off ear in fight over war story

3,200 Arkansas guardsmen deploy for Iraq

Ex-rep for Corpus Christi Depot took bribes

Today's Army Times mailbag is some of the comments about the “Blood Brothers” series

Former Marine finally getting off death row

Gates: Change in Futenma plan unacceptable

Child sex abuse charges refiled against couple

Tax Web site helps troops, civilians get a head start

Navy’s EOD officer community gets new insignia

USAG Grafenwöhr seeking solution for truancy issue

Overseas civilian workers to get 2.5% raise

Military offers advice amid mortgage crisis

Cooking mistakes top causes of base home fires

'Twas the Night Before Christmas (OIF style)

Today's Air Force Times mailbag is worth a look.

Ill. lawmaker, reservist called up for Iraq

Back home, a struggle to reconnect

Stone: my part in hostage baby saga

The winds of change are set to blow away the American right

Civilization is a function of creative individuals -- not rules, "holy books", politics, or laws.

Loose Lips Win Elections

Thomas Schaller: The Republicans' Accountability Moment

EPA's Holy Roller: EPA chief Steve Johnson religiously opposes tougher limits on greenhouse gases.

Voting for a Smile

No, They Really Weren’t Netrooting for Him (Progressive bloggers vs. Obama)

Howard Zinn: After the War (an oldie but goodie)

Analysis: Clinton comes out swinging

Rich: Obama & Huckabee signal the end of Bushamerica

Long odds for Bush in switch to Mideast peacemaker (Reuters)

Frank Rich: They Didn’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Appoint a special counsel (by John Conyers)

TomDispatch: How Bush Took Us to the Dark Side

Haiti's Debt

George McGovern: Why I Believe Bush Must Go

Still True to ObEdwards – Why I Keep Donating to Both Edwards and Obama

Flight To Gold As Investors Lose Faith In Money

Clinton Compares Obama’s Appeal to Bush

US troops in Pakistan? I miss Joe!

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Clinton: 'Words are Not Action'

Melting Arctic Forces Alaskan Village To Move

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on Taking On Entrenched Special Interests

In Chinese factories, lost fingers and low pay

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on 'What's at Stake'

Can You Count on Voting Machines?

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on Iraq

Chinese Employers Accused of Goon Hiring

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on Nuclear Proliferation

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on Change

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Dems and Repubs on Stage Together

After the debate with pollster Frank Luntz

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Obama on Change

Kucinich in the Free Speech Pen @ the New Hampshire Debates

David Frum is 'Terrified' GOP is Heading for 'Defeat'

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards: 'Enough is Enough'

Republican Blood Bath on the Campaign Trail

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 6 of 10

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 7 of 10

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 10 of 10

Until the End of Time

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 5 of 10

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 9 of 10

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 3 of 10

Barack Obama: Our Moment is Now

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 4 of 10

George W Bush's: It's A Blunderful Life

Charlie Gibson's War

Walk for Impeachment Update-John in Philly

Clinton attacks Edwards and Obama on change, Edwards defends Obama

Audience Response at NH Debate to Edwards Answer

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 1 of 10

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 2 of 10

Clinton Informs us that change is NOT about what you believe.

Pat Robertson Talks To God And Makes Predictions

Nataline Sarkisian's Family with John Edwards - Part 2

Mike Huckabee thinks Canadian Parliament meets in an IGLOO!

The Goon, The Bad, & The Ugly

Millions Will Die in Terrorist Attack

John Edwards - Fighting powerful interests (N.H. Debate)

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Clinton: 'Well That Hurts My Feelings'

Nataline Sarkisian's Family with John Edwards on Sun Jan 6 2008

Obama - Yes we can

John Edwards with Snufflupagus today

An Iraq veteran speaks

New Hampshire Dem Debate 1/5/08 - Part 8 of 10

Obama aide: O'Reilly shoved me

America the Oligarchy -You are free to do what they tell you

Stephanie Miller calls Chris Matthews a " Right Wing tool "

Locked Out: Kucinich excluded from NH Debate

Top Secret Audio: Dems Meet GOP at NH Debates

Celebs driven to red carpet events in a Toyota Prius

30 Years ago today.....

Home wind turbines dealt a blow

New community owned wind power development being planned (in Fargo ND)

Excessive suburban fees unwisely discourage solar investors

Solar power systems arrive in more stores

Windmill interest in Harveys Lake (PA) results in proposed ordinance

Monks gain support in fight over wind project

The Great Experiment: The Story of Ancient Empires, Modern States, and the Quest for a Global Nation

Monsanto triples its profits by selling boatloads of herbicide and genetically modified corn.

Question about medication disposal...

Off-road motorcycles and quads....

Regulating the wind (in Wyoming)

Gazprom & Nigeria

Florida could make big push to (citrus) ethanol production in '08

Direct Hydrogen from water, sunlight?

Ethanol as a fuel, mileage

This is how you bring about change over 35 years

Watching the Repub Debate made me even more certain that Hillary must be our candidate.

Hillary's closing comments

Hillary won the New Hampshire debate clearly

Topic subject Analysis: Clinton comes out swinging

Wes Clark campaigning for Hillary in NH Monday - schedule

The £1,290 car delights Indians but horrifies the green lobby

Union Tells Transportation Secretary U.S. Faces An Air Traffic Safety Crisis

Today in labor history January 04

Today in labor history January 05

'Miles of Smiles' chronicles story of Sleeping Car Porters union

‘Card Check’ Takes a Hit

Carpenters can turn apprentice training into a college degree

California Nurse-Patient Ratio Law Completes Phase-In

MISSOURI: Area Developer Who Employed Undocumented Workers, Pays More Than $980,000

Unions React To Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus Vote, Obama's Victory

Economic Report: Is Manufacturing Producing A U.S. Recession For '08?






Poll: 81 percent of Israelis back increasing IDF targeted killings

Report: FBI translator says Israel planted nuclear 'moles' in U.S.

Lawyer surprised as military court acquits Palestinian

Israel to brief George Bush on options for Iran strike

Lebanon war probe to be released on January 30

Here's the story, taken from Colombia's 'El Tiempo" paper, after the google translation to English

Crosspost from GD, and why in my view the dems will win unless the election is stolen

In the debate tonight....

Passion Comes With a Mortgage

ETFs Stoke Investors' Gold Fever

Harry Macklowe's $6.4 Billion Bill Debt

Banks have a battle ahead to restore their financial standing

Talk, not data, will take the center stage

Huckabee tax plan raises eyebrows in US

Hubby has a new job and I need some food for thought on 401K investments

China Tries Unsafe Product Crackdown

There is a thread in gd-p that needs kicking

Charles Gibson paid tribute to Joe.

Joe quit too early

Once again, I find myself disgusted with the people I have to share the planet with

I didn't watch the debate -- but I did watch a clip from someone who had

How cute is this?!?

I'm watching - and wondering if Biden is too.

Bidenites - you need to watch this video.

Media Coverage

Hmmmm.... does this ring a bell?

Delaware is a tad pissed

Very close, GATELEY, now ponder this.

OK, WHO'S GOT IT ?!? Start talk'n or you'll be rendered

Fair media...

Hey y'all, like my new siggie?

Another article from Delaware

Listen, I.m all for being nice and yaddayadda yadda...but

I Was On The Phone...

Missin' Joe...


You might -- or might not -- want to comment.

Stupid thread in GDP, re: Why was Biden in race

Don't want to be an American Idiot


for those into self-torture

Can someone explain something to me -

LOL, Delaware's pissed off too...

A Caucus Story

Mad and want to change the process?

I'm thinking of a bumper sticker along the lines of

I know this is REALLY early to be thinking of this,

Made me cry....

A few regulars have been missing here the last few days

Hey you guys!!!! Roll Call???

Iowa Democratic Party

now that the dust has settled a bit:

Am I good enough to be first?


George McGovern on Bush-Cheney: "...assumption of power...product of questionable elections..."

We Do Not Consent Commentary on NYT: Can You Count On These Machines?

Am I a bad gay? My take on Obama - the big picture.

Some big problems I have with the NYTimes article on e-voting

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 01/06/07

How Obama's win is helping another strong African-American candidate in California

The Stars This Week - "Do Something Different" - January 7 - January 13, 2008

New Moon in Capricorn - Tuesday, January 8, 6:38 am EST

Hey Redskins fans...

Hockey at Fenway?

Hockey at Fenway?


Coach Bob Knight Brings His 2 Year Grandson to the Post Game Press Conference

Who do you want?

Michael Vick out early?

It's weird seeing the Giants play in great weather.

NCAA football AP top 10 final rankings

June Jones resigns at Hawaii

Could this be Will Pitt after next weeks game?

Wow. The Jags look unstoppable.

Best/Toughest Division in the NFL??

Bradshaw is the best

Will the NCAA ever adopt a playoff system for football?

Hey SEC Football fans

Archangel Metatron: "Envoys of Crystalline Light : Back from the Future"


Would comparing L. Ron Hubbard and the Pope be Catholic bashing?

How conservatives are like god

11 FEET of snow- and counting

New Jersey's Post-Election Audit Bill and Its Importance to Our Nation

Winter around the neighborhood (there's a sunset, JeffR)

What DUzy came up with diagonals anyway?

Winter Trees

Another Diagonal Poll

It's not so much the diagonal that's the problem.

Poll on the Diagonal

I am making bread. 2nd time in a week.

The question that SCOTUS will answer in DC v Heller


For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets

Just musing: a "whodunnit" theory roundup

Silverstein is such a scumbag...watching the History channel

Former Kerry Staffer Remains Undecided

It is too hot, so I will get out of the kitchen

OT: interesting personal story from the Iowa Caucus


Canadian juniors capture 4th straight gold

Reuters: Muslims test press freedom limits in Canadian case

Welcome to the GD and GD-P Spin Room...

Fog is so dense they closed I-90 and there is a multi car accident

PBS (Bill Moyers Journal): Ron Paul ; Dennis Kucinich

Allemagne, les années noires. 1912-1929

Listening to Democracy Now

The Gulf Breeze UFO Recovered 100% Intact!

Has Gene Emery stopped releasing his yearly Psychic Report Cards?

My video tribute to Pork Chop is up on YouTube

Liberalitch's "Psychic Friend" Leslie was wrong about Dennis Hastert

Could you choose one pet over another if you had to?

Funny Smackdowns

Opinion question : why do you think AirAmerica went out of business?