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Archives: January 7, 2008

Chinese Employers Accused of Goon Hiring

In Chinese factories, lost fingers and low pay

Ottawa revamps nuclear safety protocol

Importance of teaching evolution noted

Two Dead In Pileups Near Madison

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,910

(Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky) Anderson calls for inquiry of Bush

Teeming Prison in Afghanistan Frustrates U.S.

Obama opens double-digit lead over Clinton

Poland Signals A Shift On U.S. Missile Shield

Pakistanis flee into Afghanistan

Georgia protesters give poll icy reception

Two U.S. soldiers killed in bomb attacks in Iraq

Ballet Propositions

HOME ALONE: Got some Osso Buco a-stewin' .. damn it smells good!

poop. I have to

"The Moment of Truth". FOX. Wednesday.

I saw the Official Stupidest Thing Ever (TM) today.

I was worried about our world when I thought about what seems to pass as entertainment...

I just had a blowout fight with my friends

Movie with 0% rating on = 'One missed call'

GAH I cannot find a youtube.

A moral dilemma...

My only Monday client just cancelled. I have a 3 day weekend!

Do you have static cling pets?

Sorry to ask this again, but what is the DU MySpace group?

The GoPsUx 3rd one time only Poetry thread..

Movie with 0% rating on = 'One missed call'

i'm craving something sweet but have nothing in the house . . .

M.C. Hammer, The Singing and Dancing Machine:

Does anyone in the greater LA area have channel 2 on right now?

Sonny and Cher - 1987 Letterman

"Dead Like Me" movie trailer!

Buckeye Nation, roll call--checking in from St. Louis!!

Post a real boring youtube clip (warning: thread guaranteed not to be popular)

YES!!! It's finally shown up!!

Why do they only sell Chia Pets during consumerism holiday?

OMG is anyone watching The Simpsons?

How can you NOT like a song with Optimus Prime and B.A. Barracus?

Do you have clingy pants?

I got a free bag of tazers!

~The Official~ I Love New York 2 Reunion Show Thread

Wow, I met the biggest bitch from your country last night

Leaving On A Jet Plane....

nt or eom?

Amazon Kindle

Androidphiles Check in.

Movie: "Stardust" - Have you seen it?

Oh man... I haven't had any coffee in *months*....

I just got the funniest late holiday gift....

California got her right. You will have to wait.....

Philadelphia Phillies, check in.

Cocteau Twins, Treasure, Remastered...Beautiful....

Momophiles, check in.

YouTube: Joe Walsh, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Brian May, 1992 - "Rocky Mountain Way"

Non-pharmaceutical ways to help quit smoking?

Hey guys the movie Tombstone is on again, damn I must see this movie everytime it comes on.

Railgun... (drool)

I LOVE Jason's Deli!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/6/08

Lord have Mercy, the things they made cereal out of...

So, a horse walks into a bar.

Has anyone ever seen the movie "The Sweet smell of success"? i have a question about it.

Nothing like popping a zit to get the feeling of control in the universe!

Circular files, check in.

Damn!!! Tell me someone else remembers this song!! I'm beggin' ya!

My stupid cat: video evidence.

How about a big shout-out for Call Me Wesley and Heidi!

Okay DUers.... Bertha's thread got me thinking - when was your first post? Post a link if ya can!

"I do feel sorry for people who are not gorgeous"

In addition to not posting...

SHOCKING! To say the least! Did you receive PARADE MAGAZINE with your Sunday paper this morning?

Settle the damn writers STRIKE!!

And now...the Galactic Pot Healer Babel Fish Game, Volume 2

Wiley's back

My Son, The Singing and Dancing Machine:

I went ice skating today for the first time in 44 years!

Anglophiles, check in.

Roger Clemmons

Necrophiles, check in.

Am I sexist if I don't support Hillary Clinton?

Nu-Wave Oven - anyone have one?

Can I use cornflakes to fry kudzu fed goats, this is a serious question.

Who is the better guitarist,Jimmy Page or Jimmie Hendrex?

***OFFICIAL The Wire Season Premiere thread ***

Kudzu; It's going places.

ATTENTION, all who feel that HEALTH CARE is the BIGGEST issue

Anyone know what this Israeli Poster of Bush and the Hamas/Hezbollah leaders says?

A new low for SCABBING: Leno to appear on Kimmel and Kimmel to appear on Leno

US Military Not Welcome in Pakistan: Army

Der Mittens: our soldiers are there to support the American Economy.

NH Debate...Does anyone have a talk time breakdown?

I think the other Rethug nominees hate Romney more than they hate Hillary

Jon Stewert and Dan Rather are on the Simpsons

I can hear that familiar refrain already....

The Independent frontpage: Remember Him? (Shrub)

~The Official~ I Love New York 2 Reunion Show Thread

Are the Simpsons giving a cautionary tale about Obama?

NOW.WHO is your Top Candidate after IOWA?

What really counts!! - Baseball's Clemens on '60 Minutes' right now

***OFFICIAL The Wire Season Premiere thread ***

Chalmers Johnson, An Imperialist Comedy

It's Quiz Time: Who wrote this?

Clinton appears at campaign event wearing same shade of blue as Obama

Okay, okay, so... Hillary's "moment"...

State secrecy clouds supreme court case

Vermin Supreme 2008

Chris Rock is on Comedy Central. Said Bush sent the kid to Michael Jackson's

Edwards: No Conscience in Clinton Campaign

What, exactly, is this 35 years of experience in change Hillary claims to have?



Abortion Rises To The Top in Dem Primary

If McCain is nominated, how do we use the immigration issue to fracture the GOP coalition?

Importance of teaching evolution noted

What OTHER candidate has EVER stood up to BIG $$ like this? John Edwards on THIS WEEK:

Rate the Repuke candidates from disgusting to least disgusting

Hillary should bring in Bob Shrum to rescue the campaign

Names with the faces, please?

surge update - marred celebration

John Edwards fights for me

Hillary Steals Even More From Obama: Facebook Pictures

I Don't have a bad thing to say about any of the candidates...

Which matchup of the candidates would be the most hilarious?

'Toe-tapper' phrase tops 2007 lingo list

Note to all Dem candidates: Do NOT have me as your partisan!1

Mark Penn: Wrong Again - Jane Hamsher FDL

Lara Logan! Who's with me?

Ron Paul picks up some support among Nazis

A majority of Americans have no idea what Mormons believe

Come on by!!

Little hope for Afghans in 2008

N.H. man known for presidential filings is arrested again

I love the heated exchanges and spirited attack/defense of the candidates

Who gives the news to Mark Penn he is fired?

EDWARDS, referring to Hillary Clinton’s campaign: "They have no conscience.”

Brand new ARG NH poll (just out): Obama 39 Clinton 28 Edwards 22

How many years before change becomes the status quo?

Had To Do This... Walter Pragmatist on ROCKS W/ THIS POST

Wow! Romney won the Wyoming Caucus

North Texas city bans cell phone use in school zones

Sometimes, the best person for the job is not necessarily the most experienced.

If you're NOT voting for the Dem nominee in the GE, I assume you won't be on DU dissing him/her!

Why NH pollsters may be missing voters

Guardian UK: City (London) heading for toughest times in a generation, says banking survey

Guardian UK: Starbucks ..... Ground Down?

Can it? Is it? Did it?

Independent UK: Iraq death rate belies US claims of success

Why is there a RW "Stop HillaryCare" ad on the DU Homepage?

here comes the red/purple rain according to radar. so much for la nina and

Barak Obama: Hillary Clinton 'is just like Bush'

Franklin Pierce/WBZ poll - Obama 34%, Clinton 31%, Edwards 20%.

Us V Them - A Pictorial Comparison

So , whats the deal with Florida and Michigan ?

Can Hillary ever BE NICE???

CSPAN will replay today's Edwards event at the Manchester Health Care Forum - 4:57am EST

McCain met by protesters -- ( lmao at his comment!)

OK, don't laugh...(even though I'm expecting it)...

Um... anyone else get this e-mail from Kucinich?

Obama's web site keeps causing Safari to crash. Oh well.


Did somebody say John Edwards is not getting any media attention? Check it out:

I shall delete this post out of shame...

Clinton Compares Obama’s Appeal to Bush - NYT

McCain is really off his rocker

The induction of terror

CBC News Sunday Night: interview with Susan Sarandon coming up shortly

So what can we do to help Edwards?

Simpsons: about the primaries right now.

Gophers burrowing in the earthen damns in Nevada caused damn

Chris Floyd: There Will Be Blood...But No Justice for Iraq Atrocity {Haditha}

Guardian article compares Clinton campaigning to that of John Major

Them Pubs just had a debate of some sort and not a mention here

Deconstructing the Obamanon = Deconstructing Hope

Sign on a High School fence just down the street from my house.

Is anyone having trouble with Firefox?

Why I do not think Obama will get the U.S. out of Iraq nor is he a Progressive

I'm confused. Is Edwards taking PAC money or Washington lobbyists' money or not?

Psst... There's Another Obama That Could Run For Office, Easily !!!

USA Today poll OBAMA ***41%**** up 13 points

Are Republican good ole boys, Aristocrat wannabes?

Heartbreaking Story on NPR Yesterday About Discrimination Against Muslims - anyone know the details?

Neuroimaging Fails To Demonstrate ESP Is Real

Is it my imagination, or are DUers overwhelmingly for Edwards?

Bingo! Goldmine! Viet-Vets gather round (T.Nut, Tom, Saigon, etc)

anybody else doesn't really see any difference in obama, clinton, or edwards?

It is very exciting to see a black man have a real shot at the presidency

Dag nab it are we gonna have a top ten?

I hate to say this BUT......

Prominent Americans Ask John Conyers to Begin Impeachment

Video of O'Reilly antics at Obama event yesterday

When did this site become so pro-Edwards?

Sibel 'Names Names' (in pictures!)

Ralph Wiggum '08

Larisa Alexandrovna: "Sibel Speaks Part II - Naming More Names..."

"Fair and Balanced" Fox has "no room" for Ron Paul at debate?

Obama, Hillary, and Edwards walk into a bar...

My Last Hurrah (at least for a while)

BBC 4 Documentary: The White House Coup

Bad versus Stupid versus Mental Couch Potato

For BlackHatJack and others: the promised State Street update.

HILLARY ATTACKS: Sends mailer criticizing Obama's record on abortion rights.

China Tries Unsafe Product Crackdown

Attention Evangelicals

bin Laden is still very much an issue with independents, yet not one DEM has mentioned his ...

Curious -- Has anyone lost both Iowa and New Hampsire and gone on to win the nomination?

Fat-Neo-con Robert Kagan: "Obama the Interventionist"

The mindset of the average voter according to Hillaryites:

WP named Clinton one of the losers of the debate, but Clinton camp spins it as a positive review

Should Herman Munster have his own board?

Um, Now That Dodd Is Done...

Obama didn't compare himself to JFK, but he did imply Hillary is the anti-JFK

Over 400,000 people have watched the video of Clinton's so called "heated exchange" already

Hillary gives an excellent interview responding to Obama's lie about his pharmaceutical lobbyist

Is the debate re-airing tonight? n/t

Latest RCP Average Numbers out of NH; Obama 36.9, Clinton 29.9, Edwards 18.6

Anybody know how to access last night's debate online?

All along, Obama supporters have maintained that when the primaries

Desire For Change Could Affect Florida Primary Jan. 29th!

Is the Obama campaign illegally using the Do-Not-Call List to win in New Hampshire?

A new front runner in the primary!

Jeebus -- This stage of things has split me in two between Edwards and Obama

ARG, Rasmussen, CNN all now have Obama ahead by 10%

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Derry, Exeter, and Salem, N.H.

Obama, on ABC evening news just compared himself to JFK. Again. Is he correct?

What Happened, They Couldn't Find A Phone Booth To Put The GOP Candidates In?

How serious of a problem is "corporatism" ?

CNN is doing everything they can to spin this for Obama or Hillary

Shouldn't Hillary's campaign fact check their attacks before they put them out?

Automated presidential primary phone calls are legal under Federal and New Hampshire state laws

When Hillary's campaign catches fire, who will most likely concede to her first, Edwards or Obama?

Clinton campaign says Obama breaking state law

Obama: No Cash From Denzel, Spike, Motown, Despite Oprah Backing

What does "hope" mean for you?

What tricks does CNN have up their sleeve? Why are they replaying the debate

New CNN-WMUR NH poll Obama leading Clinton 39 percent to 29

USA Today/Gallup Poll- NH: Obama 41% , Clinton 28% , Edwards 19%

The other side of the coin...who is the NIXON of our generation?

Clinton unveils a new refrain: "That's not change"

Hillary Clinton claimed she is the Jackie Onassis of her generation

What does a loss in NH would mean for Barack Obama?

So Clinton supporters (Taylor Marsh et al). LIE LIE LIE about Obama breaking the law. . .

Edwards & Kucinich have answered all 10 questions. Obama has answered 7.

This Modern World: Failing Upward - The "Wit" & "Insight" That Earned William Kristol A NYT Column

Have you noticed a difference in the debates where they are sitting down

Should the Obama campaign respond to the lie about the pharmaceutical lobbyist or hope it goes away?

In Defense of the early New Hampshire Primary

I'll bet one man's very happy with the primary results so far:

Is the primary a done deal already?

Barack Obama's proven support for black and other minority-owned businesses

If Hillary wanted change

Guys - I'd like your help on something - regarding new racist attacks on Obama.

A 10% margin in NH might translate to a 60% margin in SC (Hillary's problem)

Hillary on Obama: "You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose"

Poll: Do you think Mark Penn will get fired?

Chris Bowers is better than you

What would a loss in NH mean for John Edwards?


Listenning to debate for the second time and I have question

Did I miss something? Did Edwards drop out?

Why I Believe Bush Must Go

If there was instant-runoff voting, how would you rank the three Dem front runners?

Former Biden and Dodd supporters endorse BARACK

Y'all see this? Really funny!

New Strategic Vision Poll out of NH: Obama 38%, Clinton 29%, Edwards 19%

All Praise John Edwards!

Conspiracy Theory Central - here's mine - what's yours

OBAMA parallels JFK? - In many ways, YES! As Edwards is likened to FDR or RFK , Hillary to Eleanor

Clinton adviser thinks South Carolina is Obama's ....

If Hillary has any tangable dirt on Obama, we'll know by this time tomorrow

"Ah ..... fuck 'em" is not a good answer to this one .......

Guardian UK: Stirring up apathy (Clinton campaign)

Anyone else hoping Romney wins on Tuesday?

Bill Nelson will endorse whoever treats Florida best. Says McCain can win Florida.

Anyone seen a recent SC or NV poll?

This is Sunday and the first day I've had the opportunity to watch the debates

1/7/08 Your latest President choice...

Very strange: Huckabee in "a brotherhood" with McCain

"You have the Power to take back America" -Howard Dean's mantra in '04. What did he mean?

Thank you, George McGovern

Undecided - Comparing Obama and Edwards

John McCain using "GO Johnny GO" as his Campaign song

Is OBama being attacked because he brings Hope to VOTERS? Shouldn't he be stopped or something?

How does Secular DU feel about Obama?

After much time on the fence, I have decided to support Edwards.

Huckabee has Chuck Norris, but McCain has...WILFORD BRIMLEY?

BREAKING: Clinton Aide Accuses Obama of Fathering Two Black Girls (Holy Shit!!!!!!)

John Anderson endorses Obama. . .

i have seen the bottom of the barrel here tonight, and...

Obama, Clinton, Edwards Supporters --

Why are there no Democratic bumper stickers?

It's now an expectations game, Obama has to win BIG by 10 points or more

Interesting Newsweek article on Obama's speechwriter

Can this be true? Has Edwards pledged support for BushCo's endless ME wars?

Did you know the CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce who bashed Obama, endorsed Bush. . .

Would Clinton handicap Obama going into the General Election?

From MYDD a delicious headline: Obama - hurting McCain?

"Where is The Bounce?" - - How big of a bozo is Mark Penn?

OK, let me try this again. Is Obama the JFK of this generation?

Obama to act against outsourcing jobs

Do you believe Hillary when she says "After 9/11, I would never have taken us to war in Iraq"?

"A minor slip by Mark Penn"

What does a loss in NH mean for Hillary Clinton?

Is Obama leading a cult of personality?

If Hillary can't win in her own backyard (NH), it maybe time to hang it up

Herman Munster's honest assesment of Hillary's prospects and campaign strategy going forward

Barack Obama's Popularity Soars - In Germany

Do you believe there are any GOP candidates that could possibly be worse than G.W.Bush?

How's this for experience? Hillary says that Putin "doesn't have a soul"

The GOP wants Barack Obama to be the Democratic nominee because...

So...wondering why Dennis Kucinich isn't crazy about Edwards?

"Obama Praises Bill Clinton, and Buries Him "

Granny D. endorses John Edwards

Trying to find proof of Obama as "change" in Legislation carrying his name - below

What's the right response if your invited guest announces "God delivered me from homosexuality" from

Some priceless pics of Hillary's campaign in NH. (dial up warning)

I have decided to support John Edwards.

Has anyone ever lost IA and NH but won the nomination?

I must admit: McClurkin was a savvy campaign move.

It's the Fifth Annual Rocknation/LBN "You Call This NEWS?" Awards!

Article from Black Chamber of Commerce: Did Barack Obama Lie?

Patti LaBelle:"I try to stay away from churches who don't accept gays. I can't be a part of phony."

Big News You Won't Hear on the News: Edwards +9 Nationally in a Week, Clinton -7, Obama +1

Who do the Rupublicans REALLY Want to Face in the General Election?

If Obama is getting the independent vote how on earth will he be easy to beat?

Group of [NH] Citizens Concerned with GLBT Issues Endorse Obama


And This Lil' Piggy Cried Wee-Wee-Wee ...

The top three ranked by your personal preference?

Chavez waits for new contact with rebels on hostage release

Australia floods strand thousands

2 Bombings Kill at Least 7 in Baghdad

Defying U.S. Plan, Prison Expands in Afghanistan

Reuters: Sibel Edmonds Interview Makes Turkish Press

Republicans worried about Obama

Excluded from ABC debate, Kucinich complains to FCC

Bush heads to Mideast amid low expectations

Here We Go - Pentagon Says Ships Harrassed by Iran

Talk of Hillary Exit Engulfs Campaign

Israel to brief George Bush on options for Iran strike

Hitchens: Talk of a uniter is 'piffle'

Duncan Hunter to withdraw?

CA Rep Dolittle will not seek reelection

Emotional Clinton Says, This is Personal

Town buzzing over mayor's risque MySpace photos

Major fire spreads at Iraq's biggest oil refinery

Up to 1,000 killed in Kenyan crisis: Odinga

Junk Bond Defaults To Rise Five-Fold In 2008 From 26-Year Low

U.S. army raids nursery in Sadr city- ministry

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday January 7

Al Qaida-linked gunmen attack Pakistani peace workers, killing 8

Iran plays down Gulf incident with US

More than 10,000 police will guard Bush during Israel visit

Pakistanis see US as greatest threat

NBC set to pull the plug on Globes telecast? (SAG won't cross line)

FBI Reviewing al-Qaida Videotape

CNBC, New York Times to share content: Murdoch targets unite

White House: Iran should avoid provocative actions

ACLU Florida Calls For Bush/Cheney Impeachment

Rasmussen Reports Surprise John Edwards Up 9% (to 23%) Nationally Since 12/29

Vick to drug rehab program?

Bahrain King Gives Son Greater Military Role - AFP

Clinton Vows to Continue Presidential Battle

Oil $200 Options Rise 10-Fold in Bet on Higher Crude

Hunter says he’s in GOP presidential race to stay (THE DREAM IS STILL ALIVE)

Bush Says Economy Sending Mixed Signals, Opposes Tax Increases

Focus on Bloomberg at bipartisan summit

Two U.S. F/A-18s crash in (Arabian) Gulf, no fatalities

(Musharraf) 'Pak “not particularly looking for” bin Laden'

CITGO, Venezuela Distribute Oil To U.S. Services

NOLA Org Endorsement: John Edwards Will 'Kick Republicans In The Balls'

Kucinich Believes Campaign Energized As Primary Approaches (Says Won't Drop Out Any Time Soon)

Iranian boats "provoke" U.S. Navy ships in Hormuz: CNN

HD DVD backers reeling as Blu-Ray shines at electronics show

Britons 'richer than Americans'

Countdown to having health insurance

Love Romance and the Asian Woodcarver

American Gladiators is on!

Rick Mercer talks to Americans

Good Night Loungies

Quick computer question

To the edge

Update on Paddy

I'm a maaaann! I'm a rolling stone....

"Election Thoughts Valu-Pack" - Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

Just a post before I go, a lesson to be learned..

3 guesses as to why I'm awake- btw who is awake atm?

Met two potential new DU'ers today

Diary of a Snow Shoveler

Abe Vigoda watch

Ladies, be a Mindsticker

I see Red People.

Louis Theroux - Behind Bars

Answer me this - Is there a bigger stool in this world than Dr. Phil?

The New Hampshire the msn isn't mentioning

The best music DVD series ever, bar none

a tortured night....

Answer me this - Is there a bigger tool in this world than Dr. Phil?

Britney's release has K-Fed "freaked out," feels she's clearly deranged, beefs up security

Google's "1-800-GOOG-411" free 411 service

I think relationships are more difficult to sustain nowadays,

Huckabee/Norris '08

We went to Trader Joes tonight, and fully HALF of my party waited in the car.

Oh, goody. I just left a meeting...

Anyone watch The Wire last night?

my microwave started shooting sparks at a bag of Dr. Reddenbacher's Finest

I HATE my running shoes

Monet painting

No, I did NOT send this postcard into Post Secret!!!!

Is Obama the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha and Wilford Brimley?

Is Obama the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln??

If you've got time to waste...

108 inch LCD TV available soon- woo hooooo!

Nevada Freepers won't be happy...

vhs to dvd question

CNN Breaking: Paris, France...Semolina Pilchard reportedly climbing up the Eiffel Tower

We went to Trader Joes tonight, and fully HALF the customers were thespians.

Final Fall Grades Finally In! w00t!

Where does DU stand on creative mischeif?

Conversation I had in an ER waiting room

A classic finally added to Youtube!

OMG - the weather geek just said "The Doppler has been working very hard today"

Breaking news: Pentagon says ships "harassed" by Iran

It's a sad day when you say to your kid

BarenakedLady Song of The Day

Anyone been over to FR lately?

It's 72 degrees F outside...

My breast hurts.

Have you heard this dog joke? A Great Dane and a Dachsund,

Wow. Todd Rundgren may actually be smarter than you.

I found one!

You are what you eat

Obama girls at the NH 100 Club Dinner

I will reiterate, since I haven't recently, I despise throw pillows and other non-functional clutter

Obama won in Iowa because.....

JK Rowling drops hints of possible eighth Harry Potter book.

R. Kelly's coming to town next month

Thank you momophile for volunteering to have the DU Convention party at your place

The word of the day is "Doppler"

Bush and Cheney are having breakfast at the White House...

Enormous, elaborate wedding cake:

Mental Health Advocacy

How sad... My first thread I ever started on DU...

Things I learn in GD and GD-P

doc to pdf converter

Today in GD/GDP I learned that Obama is indistiguishable from GW Bush

Wow - Liam and Noel Gallagher may be smarter than you.

Am I sexiest if I don't support Hillary Clinton?

Is "curmudgeon" a nice word for "asshole?"

is the first season of ren and stimpy the best animated series of all time?

The Virtual Donut Generator

Human skidmark POS Adnan Ghalib...Britney's man du jour...arranging deals to sell "exclusive" photos

OMFG!! Ann Coulter, boyfriend Andrew Stein break up!

I just won my first vase!

I don't understand the BCS

the FSM is a fraud!

Beraking StormWatch '08 Update:

I'm sticking with Cthulhu, and here's why.

For those who missed her... The Flaming Nostrils of Justice will be back on CNN HN tonight

I'm hungry.

I'm bored

The Sounds of Detroit: Jackie Wilson


What is it?

I am such a Post-Whore

I'M Board

The Sounds of Detroit: MC5

I just got the Barack Obama email ...

City slicker and a country boy were walking down the road

How to protict yourself from identity theft..."Credit Security Freeze"

What power? The power of hairdo

The Sounds of Detroit: Donald Byrd

a fucking tornado watch in northern illinois

In the spirit of my New Year's resolution (Kick if you like)

i think we need a new tombstone for disruptors

The Sounds of Detroit: J Dilla

Kitchenwitch beetlejuiced my California voters guide.

Welcome Back Barenakedlady



The Sounds of Detroit: Glenn Frey

What power? The power of voodoo.

The Sounds of Detroit: Yusef Lateef

I Was Going To Reply To Ava's Thread

The Sounds of Detroit: The Spinners

Best formula for cleaning LP records.

Fractured Prune Donuts--anyone else been there?




Roger Clemens SHUT THE FUCK UP!

The wonders of Craigslist


Spent the weekend dogsitting...

Ever try to make the bed when you have a cat?

I See Red, People.

The Sounds of Detroit: Stevie Wonder

Ok I love lost-in-nj's Sister Dearly....

Need your opinion...

Anyone been to Strasbourg?

OSU cheerleader tries to help save the world

Hell yeah,! This makes ME so special!

OK I love my sister.... dearly

Abe Vigoda is not dead

Super orgy porno party

The Sounds of Detroit: Royce Da 5'9"

Where do flakes go when they die?

Can you get DirecTV without having a land line?

Wow. Dolph Lundgren may actually be smarter than you.

The Sounds of Detroit: Marvin Gaye

Pay it Forward.

Don't you long for the days when corn on the cob was only 30 cents each?

Is this awesome or lame?

The Sounds of Detroit: Was (Not Was)

Computer geeks- Help me with my wireless mouse problems please!

Dita Von Teese

Good Monday morning

OH BOY we are getting into this time of year, for the Texas Panhandle.

Can I blubber about my friend?

Where do snowflakes go when they die?

When did stereos (radio/tape/cd/phono) become Home Theater Systems????

how long would don rickles last on DU?

Hee Hee! A LOLcat just for me!

Owl imprint left in snow.


And now I wait...

Django Reinhardt! I'm in the mood for Minor Swing today

Today is Eastern Orthodox Christmas.

If GM had a technical help desk...

Okay Matrix fans (and others) - would you take the red pill? Or the blue pill?

Backstreet Boys NOT dumped by their record label. NOT, bee-yatch! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/7/2008)

What in God's good name is Trader Joes?

NO! Oh, Dear God in Heaven above, NO! Oh GOD! Dr. Phil cancels his "Britney Intervention Special"

*whines* I'm siiiiick

The Sounds of Detroit: Freda Payne

OK PC guys!

So ... who's cheerin' for Ohio State, and who's cheerin' for LSU?

I found her myspace page...

Name a business you wouldn't frequent. I'll start

I lay awake all night, contemplating the awful possibility

Holy Cow did I ever get hit on this weekend...

I just won my first case!

I think my husband and I have a problem, an addiction really

OK - I need help

Oh yeah? And what makes YOU so special?

my calendar says call monday. i don't remember who i was

Who farted?

About the dwarf wedge mussel

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/7/08

OK Who has who on Ignore?

Post a pic of a friend...human or otherwise.

I'm back from Italy.. with lots of pics! (EXTREME DIAL UP WARNING.. tons of pics, lol)

4813 and counting...

I passed 35,000 posts and didn't know it...

Nothing is so bad that the addition of Rick Astley won't make it worse

HGTV Dream Home!

Flopping Rudy G9u11ni has no shame.....


How accurate are telephone polls?

A letter plus video from John Edwards (received in email)

Just asking. Lets just say that obama wins in nh and sc and then

I would like to draw your attention to

George W. Bush did win Iowa in 2004

Is the American Polical System Broke? - Ted Kennedy

With McGovern calling for Bush and Cheney impeachment...

My fellow DUers. Let us not hope.

Wow. I support Edwards, but I have to give Hillary a couple of points for this:

So I've been looking all day, but I'm still waiting for an Edwards supporter to explain....

So, what exactly is the definition of "electable?"

Coleen Rowley: Torturegate: the Hypocrisy is Breathtaking

Make calls for Edwards from home:

Proposed theme song for the Hillary Clinton campaign . . .

I came to DU after the 2004 General Elections and I'm glad.

Asian Markets Are Red... I'm Goin Ta Bed...

Big Media by its Wall of Silence have shown us who to vote for: Edwards & Kucinich

I don't think the country is ready to elect a Democrat president.

Obama as Messiah: The Myth of the Birth of the President

Shaken Clinton Camp Prepares For Trench Warfare After NH - HuffPo

Keith Olbermann's office? Look for a cut-out of O'Reilly's head gazing at FNC from a window at NBC

Mac Trojan horse spreads through fake videos, malware site

China reinforces one-child stance (BBC)

Breaking I-15 at Cajon Pass

President Cheney or President Keyes?

I'm RSVP'd to be at the Edwards NH Primary after Party with Video camera ready to upload

Gee the republican sthick gets more and more evident in Obama's campaign

Telecom Immunity Gives Bush Immunity

Cutbacks to Iraqi food rations threaten malnutrition and starvation

So some of you REALLY don't think electing Barack Obama would change anything?

I got this e-mail from my 80yr old grandmother in-law..

Bush- Clinton-Bush-Clinton=24 years and if Hillary wins a second term=28 years

Iraqis Resort to Selling Children

The Edwards Woo Voters in New Hampshire One-by-One!

Kucinich Believes Campaign Energized As Primary Approaches

About Facebook

HOLY CR*P - New 9/11 Fraud Revealed (Video)

Repubs: "Grays, hunched over" -Dems: "Younger, Livelier & Clearly Living In 21st Century" (NYT Edit)

Thank you Mods...

Could you imagine this place without Mods?

OK DUers can you tell me which Dem

A 12-year-old boy beats baby to death with a bat because she was crying while he was watching TV

what I'm hearing regarding presidential candidates


As bankruptcies surge, Congress ponders change in law, "a youtube for ideas," debuts today

Monday AM Reuters/Zogby/ C-SPAN NH tracking poll results

cspan 1 showing Ron Paul protest last evening--the fact that Fox left him out of the debate

Voter ID Laws Are Set to Face a Crucial Test (SCOTUS Wednesday)

U.S. lethal injection hearings begin

So apparently FOX News is desperately trying to prop up the Mittster.

Dahr Jamail reports a completely different story on the Iraqi soldier killing US soldiers

McCain's Buddy-(Musharraf)-Blames Bhutto For Her Own Assassination-Says She Is "To Blame"

Melissa Etheridge Objects on Kucinich's Behalf

John Edwards Will 'Kick Republicans In The Balls' (NOLA Org Endorsement)

Poland may shift stance on US missile shield

surge update - Bombings Kill 7 in Baghdad

Reuters: Sibel Edmonds Interview Makes Turkish Press

Katrina victims swamp corps with trillions in claims

My prediction as of this date

Is it true of the LDS?

Uhhhh Mods--- 157 posts on this POS thread and it still lives? WTF

If you are going through Daily Show & Colbert Report withdrawal. . .

GOP Already at Work to Keep Obama Voters From the Polls

Do you think this will go to the convention?

CIA TAPES Destroyed Only - AFTER - Interrogation Practices Revealed Publicly

Fox News Gone Wild: Attempts to Sabotage Ron Paul Campaign, Ambush Obama

Mental Health Advocacy

Screw them! I am supporting the Invisible Man! Watching The View now and

Lindorff weighs in on the Sibel Edmonds UK article.

Corporations don't cause pollution...the private sector does! (Today's odd LTTE.)

Edwards in Claremont, NH

Racial disparities persist in U.S. cancer treatment

Duplicate - delete.

Paul to cross picket line for Leno appearance

Who's the new guy on Stephanie, and where is Jim Ward?

American Al Qaeda Leader To Bush: 'We Will Be Waiting For You'

Citigroup Seen Cutting Work Force by 5%-10%

Okay, the report is that Iranian boats "harrassed and provoked"

Parts of Iraq in grip of drought: minister

Booman captures the real Obama

surge update - Suicide Bomber Kills Key Sunni Leader in Baghdad

Why do you think we here at DU seem to support Edwards in a percentage WAY more than generic Dems?

Self delete, wrong forum

Reuters: It is not unusual for Iranian boats to get close to U.S. ships

Origin of the word "Yankees"

Oregon Anti-immigrant Activist arrested for Child Sex Abuse

NYT: Israeli security officials say Palestinian militants from Gaza firing Iranian made missiles

Forbes: 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 674 sq. ft. Manhattan condo (and other $1 million homes worldwide)

What will you say if your candidate wins the nomination, but then loses to the Rs in November?

MSNBC: Iran might be the No. 1 killer of U.S. troops in Iraq

Zippy on the endless war in Iraq

The ads that will be run against Obama by the Republicans...

McCain Claims Americans Won't Mind If We Stay in Iraq for '10,000 Years'

Bush heads to Mideast amid low expectations

You think it bothers Hillary that Edwards was on Bill's Impeachment defense team in the Senate?

Bush Convenes Plunge Protection Team.

Delete, dupe

How to Discuss O'Reilly Shove on Fox News - Video

Who's staying up tonight for the votes to come in from Dixville Notch?

George Bush's nomination acceptance speech - 2000 (a reminder)

Iranian 'boats'...harrassing U.S. Navy I the only one that hears how ludicrous

UK living standards outstrip the US.

So I tune in to Thom Hartmann today and get Ron Paul's son?

Gulf of Tonkin, meet Straits of Hormuz

So I'm sending a letter to Air America re: Sam Seder vs. Lionel (comments needed)

GOP's Telivised Scaring Contest: BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!

Suicide bomber may have been inserted to eliminate evidence (Larisa Alexandrovna)

Tom Toles: Tied to the primary tracks

Living on Credit ... and ... Making Charitable Donations

Did Larry Flynt deliver yet?

finally I got to reply all to one of those RW mass emails

Musharraf: Bhutto to blame for her assassination

Alrighty, let's take a quick straw poll.

"where dolphins are dying by the score"

Which candidate would best CHANGE our position in Iraq?

There is another 1,000 DU vote challenge poll running in GD-P, you might want to participate

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

How many communists still remain in the world?

Recall the Moonie Times': "Iran no longer aids Iraq militants"?

Who is the hardest working member of the Bush Administration?

Totally innocent question regarding Obama and Hillary only...

CNN: US naval ships were in the Arabian Sea searching for a missing sailor

2007 Man of the Year announced

help please, (about banks)

Here are three kids 'left behind'

LOLOLOLOL: "Is that still on?"

Its Raining in Wisconsin--there goes my snow:-( Jan

Iraq soon to be "The Democrat's War"

Police: 'Angry' Man Sought Random Victim, Killed First Person He Came Across

Krugman nails it again -- this time about the economy

Scotsman On Death Row May Be Freed

Israel to brief Bush on options for Iran strike during visit

U.S/Iran Strait of Hormuz encounter....threat or not?

Pennsylvania to crack-down on drivers who give rides to The Amish for cash

Human Events (a right-wing website) names Limbaugh "Man of the Year"

When Bill and Chelsea Match Elizabeth and Cate on LGBT Issues, Then Maybe My LGBT Household...

Our Dem mole (Andrew STEIN) aborts his mission as COULTERgeist's "boyfriend"

Somebody wins IOWA then NEW HAMPSHIRE and the process is OVER?

The Daily Show / Colbert Return Tonight

Iraqis resort to selling children

John Edwards should be mad that the Des Moines Register Poll was wrong

Last night's Simpsons was a real hoot - so many lampooned (video)

Wolf Blitzer On His Signature Beard: "I Work Hard To Look Good"

Dean Baker: Insurers Whack Elderly to Celebrate New Year

Bush Administration to Miss Deadline for Polar Bear Endangered Species Act Listing

Wired: So it's Google über alles?

"clear headedness" over rhetoric works for me every time.

US Military Not Welcome in Pakistan: Army

China-CHINA! announces ambitious universal healthcare plan

Car crashes through Wichita City Hall

Kucinich & Willie Nelson sue Texas Democrats over loyalty pledge he won't sign

Chalmers Johnson: Imperialist Propaganda (Charlie Wilson's War)

Analyzing the GOP nomination

Sununu saves journalist Al Hunt with Heimlich maneuver

ACLU Urges Supreme Court to Strike Down Kentucky’s Lethal Injection Prcedures

Obamas 'change' ends with a seasoned statesmen as VP

Simple Insurance reform. And they won't like it.

Iranians "threatens" U.S. ships - case of strong accents?

Can't you feel the love?

How to Ensure the Poor Have No Voice

Obese man allowed to adopt baby

Brief on the Iranian Navy (COULD take the Confederate Air Force)

The American Prospect: What's Next for FISA?

Just Turned On Ed Schultz & He Is Talking To Ted Olsen (WTF?)

Iran plays down Gulf incident with U.S. - Associated Press

Listening to Ted Olson Regarding Rudy Guiliani on Tom's Show

Whose harvest? The politics of organic seed certification

U.S. Navy: We were ready to fire at Iranians

New Marist NH Poll--Obama and Edwards make gains, Clinton falls

Health care: it's all about choices

Idiot Box TOON on Kristol NYT hiring

How long will it be before all Republican 'candidates' are outbidding

Taking a break from parting words

Actor Viggo Mortensen Supporting Dennis Kucinich - video

Running Mates, anyone heard anything? Who do you like?

Storm the Bastille, dump the tea over board, and nail it to the door of every capitol.

The Kucinich agenda

DUers knocking down each others' candidates = doing the Republicans' slime work for them?

This is a historic opportunity. So let's blow it.

The thread at the following link needs to be on the greatest page:

If obama keeps doing so well and the nom is given to HRC because of super delegates


Lay-off time! My 21 yo son just called to say he was laid off

Perhaps Gary Gilmore had the right idea

"Who exactly is this Hormuz, and why is it such a big deal that he's straight?"

Biden & Dodd Supporters? Who Gets Your Support Now? Edwards? Obama? Hillary?

We should be prepared to support whomever the candidate is....

Taser unveils holster with music player - Don't Taze Me Bro with Tunes

Tom Hayden: Amid Silence, Terror War Escalates

The MSM may be unknowingly helping Clinton - she is going to...

An e-mail I received from my very right wing cousin (mind boggling)

My daughter just brought home a book about Benazir Bhutto

Old Man Thompson Gets His Bronzer Touched Up ---pix--->>>

Video of O' Reilly calling Obama aide SOB

Feb 5th We Will Probably Have A Nominee

Obama, i should have listened...

More than 10,000 police will guard Bush during Israel visit

TPM: "Some Hillary Advisers Worry About Staying In Past New Hampshire"

You call this "democracy"? It sounds more like "republic" shit to me.

An uplifting, exuberant thought.

"We hate those the most that are similar to us, but just a little bit different."

Do Frank Luntz "undecided focus groups" use actors? (video)

Mittens may yet beat McCain in NH if Indies keep flocking to vote in Dem primary

I just filled out my application form for the absentee ballot. It asked me for my "race".

I'm sticking with Cthulhu, and here's why.

Why IS Edwards only attacking Clinton?

Bush: ``In a time of economic uncertainty, we don't need to be taking money out of your pocket''

Roll call of Congressional retirees (in case, like me, you can't keep track)

O’Hanlon Mourns That Obama Was Right On Iraq

Clinton shipping in "supporters" for her NH events from other states!! huh???

hardball-chuck todd: "hillary is the most psychoanalyzed woman in the world"

Not one thread on Sarkozy's engagement to Carla Bruni?

Oh please, please, please Democrats.

Anyone who wouldn't support any of the top 3 Dems over a rePUKE is a crazed lunatic groupie

A small request.......

Philly News Anchor Accused of Slugging NYC Cop Fired Effective Immediately

I know, I know this is not earth shattering, but now that I have to cook without salt

Tonight, on CNN! The return of the Flaring Nostrils of Death!

How to help protect yourself from identity theft...Security Credit Freeze

Guiliani Gets Tearful

Kucinich supporters: Who will you actually vote for in your primary?

Clock Ticking as Clinton Struggles to Rewrite Script

Blog: Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA), Won't Seek Reelection = Abramoff bribery case

More Incommunicado Detentions in Afghanistan

Dammit - if any of you think Bill is going to let Hillary relegate him to First Lady

The swifties are already at it...

Missing White Woman Syndrome is real.

How will the world go on? How? Actor awards telecast canceled

Hillary to Tweety: "I don't know what to do with men who are obsessed with me"

We just spotted a Golden Eagle sitting on top of a tall pine tree across the road

Here is a hint to how bu$h is going to get his war with Iran...

Whoopsie! Kristol's First New York Times Column Attributes Quote To Wrong Author

Bush could force vote on trade pacts: Schwab

Prez was just on CSPAN addressing economy

Randi is talking about the guy who Bhutto said murdered OBL

bush on C-SPAN a few minutes ago ..... explaining "taxes and home loans" interesting that Dem Strategist Steve McMahon should be fired...

Ya know what's been REALLY great about the campaign coverage I've been watching this year?

McGovern was right in 1970 when he said the Senate had blood on their hands....

If all the pieces come together just right, we can permanently destroy the GOP.

I was waiting for the 'Dean Scream' media intervention

Who does this remind you of?

Hows the diplomatic move known as Kyl/Lieberman working out?

Remember this Edwards/Clinton Supporters!


California Autism Cases Continue to Grow

Did An Iraqi Soldier Kill US Troops for Kicking a Pregnant Woman?

They just talked about possible tornadoes tonight

Ex-Bush Speechwriter Frum "Terrified" By Current GOP Landscape

NH likely voter: "I'm still trying to decide between Edwards and Huckabee."

New national Gallup poll: Clinton 33%, Obama 33%, Edwards 20%.

Obama interrupted by abortion protesters...

Official Pre-New Hampshire Candidates Poll

The House of White

I'll Bet George Bush* Never Cried

New Philly mayor declares crime emergency in Philadelphia

I am no fan of Hillary but people who spin her little talk are assholes

Obama now has 10 Secret Service agents protecting him...since his Iowa win. The NH Democratic Party

Central IL in January: 65 Degrees, Tornado Warnings in JANUARY


"The idea that these people are going to give in without a fight is a fantasy"

The Ron Paul Newsletter?

What was the context of the B. Clinton's "I can't make her younger, taller, male" comment?

Olbermann's "Countdown" Puppet Theater features O'Reilly/Obama Staffer Confrontation

Huckabee eats a Huckaburger - pics

John Edwards supporters. The campaign needs cash. Can you contribute?

Ann Coulter And Democrat Boyfriend Call It Quits

Severe weather in Central Plains, Upper Midwest

ABC Debates - Dems had 2 million more viewers than Repubs

As Tears Go By

From the Edwards campaign 1/7/2008... Let's help them reach goal!

Looking Forward

Cafferty: "Why won't Congress impeach Pres. Bush



I just saw the clip of Clinton tearing up. I don't support her, but I have to say, in all honesty

John Edwards Rally Tonight in New Hampshire

Feingold: Statement on the Supreme Court case on the constitutionality of lethal injection

How would YOU have voted on the IWR?

Poll: Edwards leads major GOP candidates in Ohio

David Shuster: 'Bill O'Reilly is a jerk ... a buffoon'

Can a minor charged as an adult in a capital crime get the DP?

What Bhutto Said Before her Death

Republican candidates: Who's most likely to start a new war?

Contributions from lobbyists, oil industry and other special interests

The Live Free or Pri-Mary!

In case you didn't hear it on the news: Edwards hits his highest mark in National Polling

Voters: 'It's like we don't count' - Mich. primary fuels anger, apathy

Cops Called on ex-Rep John Sweeney(R)-Stiffs Cabbie ride from Strip Club

The most nauseating bumper sticker yet...

How does Edwards' apology for his IWR vote

CNN BREAKING: 5 Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats harassed, provoked 3 U.S. Navy warships


I'm sticking with Kucinich, and here's why.

Currently, are there circumstances under which you would NOT vote for our eventual Primary winner?

Who is advising them? Who might be in their cabinets?

I'll never stop demanding accountability and justice

Help me debunk idiotic RW relative's email about Obama's church

"I can't vote for Obama - he's Muslim!"

Okay, I truly feel sympathy for Hillary today

Oh gawd, Thom Hartmann is interviewing Ron Paul's kid (10 reasons not to vote for him)

a couple of teenagers on their way to school got robbed by a couple of teen-age criminals this a.m.

Today’s Headlines

Picketers Will Greet Colbert and Stewart

Homeowners Discover Secret Room With Warning of Hidden Danger: "You Found It"

Word in NH has it that the Clintons are calling in favors from Super Delegates and this fight will

Since mtnester Reduced Me to Tears...

"You don't bring 'Kumbaya' to a gunfight"

Tom Tancredo, Joe Scarborough and Neil Boortz...ALL RW ASSHOLES.

The Nation: Conservative Myths and the Women Who Love Them

The latest scam perpetrated on gullible Christians..

Oh Lordie, Is My Ignore List Getting a Work-out

Ron Paul Supporters Chase Sean Hannity, Chanting "FOX News Sucks!"

I can't find where ANY republicans have been receptive to calls for 'unity' from Clinton & Obama

Chuck Todd and David Gregory are on Harball DEFENDING Hillary for her "tearful" chat today.

Who are the terrorists that launched an attack using WMD, a week after 9/11? The FBI knows.

It is 63 degrees here in Central New York

Right now Hillary Clinton has a 103 delegate lead over Obama

From Kucinich to Edwards. Goodbye good friend, my heart aches.

Prominent Americans Ask John Conyers to Begin Impeachment

So WHY is HILLARY's name still on the printed ballot in Michigan?

Just Changed My Avatar & Support To John Edwards

New bulbs may be harmful

American Judas 2nd Edition Part Six: Sibel Edmonds

Which would you say best explains why our military courts... (Warning Graphic Pic)

Can We PLEASE Get This Up To A Quarter Of A Million??

If this government tells you

delegates or votes per campaign spending

CNN poll flawed (margin of error +/- 5, small poll)

Fred Thompson at 1 percent in New Hampshire

Scratch Bloomberg’s Surface, Find a Democrat

USA Today poll: Obama up by 13 at 41% , Edwards ticks up, Clinton drops

I'm still supporting John, but damn....I like all four candidates.

WP, pg1: GOP Doubts, Fears 'Post-Partisan' Obama

What a magnificent historical irony...

Hillary advisers fear N.H. loss

Edwards -- 36 hour Marathon for the Middle Class in New Hampshire

Michelle Obama on CSpan

Love this Pic.

Will Nevada stop the momentum?

Clinton: From Rhetoric to Reality?

Prediction in NH

Obama tells Diane Sawyer Hillary depressed him

NYT editorial on the New Hampshire debate: Whose Century Is It Anyway?

Bereaved Family Campaigns For Edwards

Ideally, the best presidential candidate would be...

Question!! This is hugh and series!!

Pundits Judge 'Obama Phenomenon' and Growing Lead

OTHERS have had their chances, BUT it is OBAMA that Inspires VOTERS NOW!

Huckabee often called out fanatical conservative Repukes, leaving them on the fringe.

NYT: Bill Clinton drawing small, quiet crowds in New Hampshire

Strategic Vision NH Poll: Obama 38%, Clinton 29%, Edwards 19%

Our guys/gal are exhausted

Is Hillary-Obama the Lieberman-Lamont race all over again?

Hillary: "If the campaign doesn't evolve, it probably is dead"

Edwards: Clinton campaign seems to have no conscience

Just watchin' Michelle Obama...on C-span

Thinking back to what grandma told me (Obama related).

Revised NH Prediction

Obama is a leader - The others Pols are merrily following his cues.....

Oh God: DK is about to appear on Hannity and Colmes with Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn in LOTR)

Which Pres/VP combo would you prefer?

Have we reached a tipping point?

There is one clear factor that points to Edwards winning the presidency....

Faux forum boosting McCain last night

Chi-TRib's John Kass on Hillary

48 states are still waiting their chance- those saying that it's over after tomorrow

Liberal blogger falafels the name of O'Reilly on Fox "News" (Video at link)

In Germany: Suing, to prevent electronic ballots

Clinton trumpets role as Irish peace facilitator

Ever wonder what it would be like if we had Al Gore for the last seven years?

How Edwards could win:

Clinton's last stand on road to oblivion

Excuse me

Obama on ABC, GMA, interview w/Diane Sawyer 7am CT. nt

Whaaat is the "Change Thing" dominating the air waves.

In New Hampshire, Bill Clinton Finds Less Spark

List of primary dates.

Apparently, Clinton national lead evaporates. Clinton 33 Obama 29

Latest New Hampshire Zogby Poll: Obama 39%, Hillary 29%, Edwards 19%

Important fact about New Hampshire

Another NH newspaper endorsement for Gov. Richardson.

Obama Costs Irish Bookie $75,000

I don't want to elect a "Leader"

Another politician cashes in on the American people

Reading here makes me think ignorance is indeed bliss

It's not the media. It's the "old vs. new" factor.

A Medical Case Becomes Political

NH Poll today: Obama leads in Dems, libs, indys, moderates, men, union households + voters under 65

The new liberated Hillary

Tweety: If Clinton beats Obama, "what does she do with the body?"

New Rassmussen NH Poll: Obama 38%, Clinton 28%, Edwards 18%

Republicans worried about Obama

Why do the establishment Repugs (the worst of the bunch) hate Huckabee and Paul so much???

I admire a lot of the Clinton supporters here and I have for some time.

HuffPo:Hillary taking control of campaign

Anyone else uprised that Edwards did not get a bump coming out of the Saturday night debate?

Just heard Pat Leahy's son stumping for Edwards in NH

Oh NY Post, is there anything you won't print?

Latest Rasmussen Poll In New Hampshire: Obama 38%, Clinton 28%, Edwards 18%

Bill Clinton finding smaller crowds in NH

Putin sends Christmas greetings, Clinton doubts he has soul

Sorry, but Drudge's headline says "Hillary Exit engulfs campaign"

Nevada Caucus - Jan 19 - Jon Ralston, top political pundit predicts

Polls Are Nonsense! How Can Any Poll Be Meaningful When Nobody Will Answer The Phone?

Hillary Open to the Idea of Nuking Nations That Harbor Terrorists

Which do you prefer? Hope or Fear of False Hope

A little humor left over from Iowa

A great man speaks about bipartisanship

Didja ever wonder if...

Don't have much time to post today, but let me just say Barack Obama is Karl Rove's worst nightmare.

Air Travelers Association Endorses Barack Obama for President

John Cole:I don’t want Hillary as President, but it looks t like she isn’t getting a fair s

Republicans most worried about Obama winning nomination

Clinton smeared by the media for having more supporters, no wait - less supporters in gym than Obama

Barack on CNN Live!!

Today's dumb headline: "A Win in New Hampshire Would Make McCain the Clear Frontrunner"

What Is John Edwards and Hillary Clinton's End Game

With Sen. Clinton's apparant difficulty in securing the nomination,

Experience: a thought experiment. Just suppose that Obama wins

Barack Obama live on MSNBC

Change of subject, great hate directed at George Bush from Chicago Sun-Times

Did Hillary peak too early?

Hillary considering pulling out? I just heard a rumor

Yesterday Rasmussen said there was no democratic front runner

Hillary Collapse Nationwide according to Rasmussen: Hillary 33%, Obama 29%, Edwards 20%

Why is Hillary still on the ballot in Michigan?

Simple advice for campaign activists.

Polling update and analysis!!!

Olberman tonight: Bill O'rielly confrontation puppet theater..

OK bipartisan forum live on CSPAN

Latest Marist Poll In New Hampshire: Obama 36%, Clinton 28%, Edwards 22%

Don't shoot the messenger: Raw Story posts Hillary rumor floated by...YOU know...The Eggman

Super DUPER Tuesday primaries and caucuses-Feb 5th

'She did not work this hard to get out after one state! All this talk is nonsense,'

Latest National Rasmussen Poll: Clinton 33%, Obama 29%, Edwards 20%

My mother-in-law (a Republican) told me Sat. night several of her GOP friends were backing Obama

A Medical Case Becomes Political

OMG! My usually-Repug boss is supporting Obama

Bush did everything the opposite of what President Clinton did

DU disturbing lately

Interesting item from the Marist NH poll: Clinton is ahead among Dems

Could This Have Been The Clinton's Biggest Mistake?

"While everyone else goes to bed tonight," he told a Nashua audience, "I'm going to be out working."

I just want to say the disgusting email Dennis Kucinich sent out attacking John Edwards has forever

Was It Me, Or Was tweety Pretty Fucking Rude To Elizabeth Edwards This Weekend?

The Youth Vote in 2008: Students Flood New Hampshire on Eve of Primary

Why Clinton is boxed in:

MSNBC Running Old Polls

Failed White House bid could boost Dodd among Democrats

Hillary's campaign pitching stories re:Obama so pathetic that they are "embarrassing to hear"

When Hillary was the "Front runner" people claimed the GOP wanted Hillary to win

Republicans worried about Obama

Mark my words, there will be no brokered convention

I hate to say it - I have no desire to support any dem candidate at this time

Who needs Huckabee and his bass guitar when we have our own FAB FOUR!

Wooing NH Voters One at a Time

Suffolk Poll NH: Obama 35%, Hillary 34%, Edwards 15%...

who would be the people surrounding Obama if he is prez?

Bookmark this NH prediction: Obama 45% HRC 28%

"Ready from Day One" is it really all that tough to be president?

Ed Schultz in NH says Clintons trying for a brokered convention. as firewall

Blast from the past: 2004 Clark Wins Dixville Notch, NH Primary

Hillary Clinton: The Smart Choice

Is LaDouche...I mean LaRouche running?

Why do Obama supporters want the other candidates out so early? Afraid of a little FIGHT?

Yes, there's an adulation component in the response to Obama

Obama supporters: Fired Up!

Joe Trippi starts "Hillary campaign is broke" rumor

Is the Seven-Day Adventists related to

Bloomberg stirs talk of a possible 2008 independent bid with appearance at bipartisan summit

Photos: Barack Obama today at the Opera House in Lebanon, N.H.

For those wanting to research Obamas Illinios General Assembly work

You like having a 51/49 majority constantly switching back and forth between the parties?

Clock Ticking as Clinton Struggles to Rewrite Script

Ed Schultz just called John Edwards the Energizer Bunny. He must read DU. nt

Did aTX Democrat say if elected as DA she will drop charges against Tom DeLay??

Clinton Camp emulating Ghouliani even more so

Lots of cheers about Obama's win

More weirdness from Bill Clinton--he does the Rudy/Judi cellphone trick

Rassmussen, Luntz..and Washington Times..Oh My!

Interesting article from Salon re: Clinton and Delegates

Hillary says "You campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose". But I say

Edwards Reacts To Clinton Campaign Tasteless Attacks

The Rude Pundit: Great Moments of the Pundoconsultocracy

What will MSM say if McCain comes in 2nd in NH?

Is the Media Setting Obama up to Fail?

Would a brokered convention disenfranchise new Obama voters

Hillary collapsing and LEADING nationwide? BWAAAHA

Do You Think Black South Carolina Voters Were Waiting for a Strong Obama Showing?

Sparkly pointed out Pat Schroeder

Credit card Bill of Rights - Obama

Here's the Wiki site to track the actual delegate count:

Clinton's crowd control showing signs of panic

Hillary should keep her eyes on the prize.

Don't bookmark this thread.

..meanwhile back in the straights of Hormuz, Bush gets his war on

Look at how Yahoo news is reporting Clinton's emotional moment

A Marist Poll

You guys don't have to get on the bus

Hillary spat with Tweety: "I don't know what to do with men who are obsessed with me." (VIDEO)

Watch Ron Paul Supporters chase Sean Hannity out of restaurant

The "Obama is a Muslim" Rumor is still alive and well...

I'm glad I have a job and campaign work to keep me busy

Who is this "Drunken Hunter" running for President?

"Lets not over-react to Obama's win"

Imagine this- Obama fight tears: "It's not easy". How would you react?

More on Drudge's "Hillary's Exit" headline

Obamistas: Start acting like front runners you're relying on Sludge/rePUKES like ur in 6th place

why is Rudy sitting out until Florida???

Chris Matthews vs. Hillary Clinton

Romney says he "anticipates winning tomorrow"

More intentionally negative press for HRC -- this time from WP's Dana Milbank

Levees Not War endorses John Edwards for President Blog: Waiting for McGodot (i.e. McCain)

Here's a poll about our military courts looking for a few good respondents...(Warning Graphic Pic)

So "I love you" in a phone call between people married 35 years is the same as Rudy's gaffe?

WaPo: GOP Doubts, Fears 'Post-Partisan' Obama

"Mr. Charisma" is BACK!!

Hillary is running the show now - unprecedented control over her message, advisors taking orders

This phoniness (pun) is what turns people off to Hillary

Ras Tracking POLL: Hillary 33 (-3), Obama 29 (+4), Edwards 20 (-3)


Intrade- buy Clinton for 31.7 , buy Obama for 65.4

Iowa HATES Rudy

Very personal for me...

help please- links to corporate donations for the current candidates

POLL: Who should determine the Democratic nominee?

I don't think Sen. Clinton is going to recover from Iowa.

The frontloaded primaries may be what actually does Hillary in

A True Story of the Bilderberg Group?

Hillary and Huckabee New Hampshire, Pastor Mike might as well change his name to "Osama bin Huckabee"...

How about Chelsea Clinton in 2024?

If 911iuliani911 is still around in early February, this could finish him off...

I Predict Obama Will Get 50% Of The Vote In New Hampshire

When will you Edwards supporters start backing Obama?

How about a Clinton/Clark ticket?

After Iowa win Obama STILL fails to take the national lead? Why don't people like him?

Breaking News: Duncan Hunter

One positive side effect of a HRC presidency:

A brief history of crying in the New Hampshire primary

Rasmussen South Carolina - Obama 42% Clinton 30%

So Obama can cast himself as the new JFK, and speak of MLK, but when Hillary speaks of her record...

The 1980 Primaries And Now

I think it's funny and maybe GENIUS that the Clintons aren't seen as liberals anymore

Joe Biden for President - Yes, You Heard Me

Rivals react to Clinton

Clinton heightens terrorism rhetoric

Clinton Campaign Statement - "We are going all the way to the convention."

Ezra Klein: Emotion on the Campaign Trail...

LOL. Check out this video

We're Not Considered Part Of the "Blogisphere" Right?

Mellissa Bean has better things to do than Defend the Constitution

Shuster paints Obama as "afraid of Bush" in light of new Clinton attacks

Sorry, but through her "tears," she managed to use two of Edwards' lines...

What is a "superdelegate?" I'm sorry to be so lame but if I knew that once, my memory is

New CNN/WMUR Poll: Obama 39%, Clinton 30%, Edwards 16%

If there are Clintonistas and Obamanistas are there also

Look for the Clinton's to Launch a Swiftboating Campaign against Obama after NH

Cafferty says Clinton's ire in "change" exchange means "It's time to go home and bake cookies"

Roy Orbison for President

Obama collapsing in NH: New CNN poll shows 9 pt Obama lead (yesterday 10 pts)

Can you imagine what it takes to run for president?

Obama supporters look fired up, ready to go to the polls

Some Hillary Advisers Worry About Staying In Past New Hampshire; Others Urge Her To Fight On

Politico: Clinton fights tears: "It's not easy"

Hillary: Obama's as bad as I am. ...

The only ones I want to see crying are the Republican candidates this November

I'm an Edwards fan, but I'm LIVID about what they're doing to Hillary

New SC poll..Obama 50%, Clinton 30% :)

3 strong candidates take it all the way to the convention...

I think many Dems have just been looking for a reason NOT to vote for Hillary

The problem with Hillary

"Paul Revere" reporting on the Revolution - here!

I just renewed my membership to both the state and national parties today

Did Chris Matthews just pinch Hillary's cheeks?

So no one has ever lost the nom that's won Iowa and New Hampshire?

Obama recalls being broke 7 years ago

USA Today: Dec 19, 2007: Maybe men can cry now, but what about women politicians?

Hillary to end her campaign Feb 5th. Unless she starts winning.

USA-Today Gallup shows Edwards (+5) Gaining Nationally to 20%, Obama (+6), Clinton (-12)

Obama screws up on the campaign trail...

I will not let the MSM dictate who I vote for

Does John Edwards plan to bring 60 lockstep Dem Senators to Washington with him

Clinton Announces her running mate

Final CNN/WMUR NH Poll Results - 9 point Obama lead - Updated

Edwards egging Hillary to exclude candidates from the debates (video)

Some /Free To Be...You And Me/ for those who need to go back and review it.

Survey USA SC Poll: Obama 50%, Clinton 30%, Edwards 16%

Let's make the campaign a reality TV show

Men Cry Too, Even Athletes

Obama DESTROYS all Republicans in Iowa in the general election

Clinton to duck independents?

Lambasted for Not Drinking the Obama Kool-Aid

If Obama is the nominee and Bloomberg is in the race....

What were those people chanting at Obama's live event on C-Span?

Ed Schultz: The Clinton's are calling the Super Delegates

Hillary coming up on CNN.

Past Clinton donor files FEC complaint

Prediction for Tonight: Stewart and Colbert will be back. Keith will bodyslam O'Leilly.

Is there a video of Hill's "Crying"?

Hillary no longer running as CIC. She is now runnning as a woman.

Obama as the Repudiation of Generational Failure

Hil on CNN, I actually have emotions, I know that's a surprise to some...

Clinton is experiencing the double edge sword of the INEVITABILITY strategy

Why do so many of you insist on calling it "crying" ?

Ponder This: Nation’s Economy Doesn’t Need Another Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Scarborough is on his meds today.

What if the primaries are close, but Obama wins more delegates, but Hillary wins the nomination...

This is a tough room!


First votes cast in NH at midnight. When are those results reported?

Somehow we have to defuse Big Media's stranglehold on politics

Why was Hillary almost in tears?

Here's the plan. First, I'll get an ex-gay black gospel singer to "perform" (i.e. give a speech)

Poll: Obama losing the very important swing state of Ohio to McCain

The absurdy of the sexist boogyman. (Or Why does Hillary get a pass because she's a woman)

Rasmussen National Poll... "Edwards Gaining Ground." Hold Yer Horses Oabamakids!

Will Hillary's emotional moment have an effect on tomorrow's voting in NH?

Hillary leads by 11 points nationally but that's down 7, Edwards now in virtual tie with Obama

Is it better to lose early primaries and win later ones or win early ones and lose later ones?

Crap just saw Hillary tears up video on CNN. Again you Obamistas got my hopes all up

How old is too old?

NOLA.Org Endorsement: John Edwards Will 'Kick Republicans In The Balls'

What kind of health care do members of congress/mayors/govs get?

Iowa loves Obama

As Far As I'm Aware, None Of The Candidates Have A Dog As A Pet

Another Edwards to support in the primary

Anyone need to vent about this Morning's "Morning Joe" Media Whorefest? If you were watching?

In Fox News interview, Hillary casts herself as President Johnson to Obama's MLK

Those Who Win Both Iowa and New Hampshire Share a Title: ‘Nominee’

Article, makes one ponder a little about the "why" of HRC mistakes.

I apologize about my post in reference to Hillary

EVERY Dem candidate should be talking about terra/fear right now if they are smart

All these crying posts would make sense if Hillary cried

Edwards, Kucinich, Gershwin, and a lot of little-known blues musicians

Can you blame young people for supporting Obama? Their friends are dieing in Iraq.

So Clinton asks "wheres the beef?"...who does she sound like more...

SurveyUSA post Iowa S Carolina Repub poll:

Antonin Scalia Just Said There's No Prohibition In The Constitution Against Painful Executions?

Oh Shit!

Clinton heightens terrorism rhetoric

Democrats won't let Hillary kneecap Obama if she loses NH and SC

I don't see ANYTHING wrong with a "leader" crying

Dodd/Biden - have they thrown their support behind any candidate yet?

There need to be classy winners. No disrespect of those who lose.

Why Obama's bipartian appeal is compelling and perhaps fundamentally necessary

Comparing Obama to Bush

Hillary Clinton's campaign is effectively over.

Quiz #2: Which of our top three candidates wants to keep troops in Iraq to guard the US embassy?

Quiz #3: Which of our top three candidates supports continuing having troops train Iraqi forces?

Wow Obama has been busy in the senate.

Quiz #4: Which of our top three candidates would keep troops in the ME to fight terrorists?

Quiz #1: Which candidate(s) want permanent military bases in Iraq?

John Edwards: Barack Obama, you can't just nice these people!

Friendly advice for Edwards. And Clinton. And Richardson. Oh, and Obama, too.

Am I the only one who wouldn't mind seeing an Obama/Edwards or Edwards/Obama ticket?

Edwards would be strongest candidate in Ohio and Florida

Edwards Adviser Trippi: Hillary Campaign Is Broke

At least the Republican Party is pro-life.

So Obama is preaching all the time how he's going to unite Red America with Blue America

Hillary Clinton's Endorsements. Surprising and impressive.

Push For "Uncommitted" Vote in Michigan Primary (democratic ballot)

Our Hillary tells it for real and tears up in the process

Even non political junkies are picking up on the MSM's bias against Edwards.

If it wasn't for Edwards, neither Obama nor Hillary would be even be using the word "lobbyist"

Random thoughts from an ex-lurker

If Obama wins New Hampshire and South Carolina, I don't see how he loses.

Did you hear Barack Obama's mistress Chelsea Clinton is carrying John Edwards' love child?

I have a dream...we shouldn't be raising the false hopes of our country?

Clinton will be leaning heavy on Dean and DNC to seat MI/FL delegates.

Obama's 'Magic Powder'?

The Televised Candidates

Devastating analysis of Obama's record. Is it fair? Is Obama a panderer who doesn't deliver?

It's the Phoniness, not the "crying"

An analysis: If Obama wins NH by 10 points, Clinton shouldn't contest SC & might consider quitting

Why Are The Pundits Not Pressuring Kucinich, Richardson to Drop Out Like They Are Edwards?

A female coworker called to discuss Hillary's crying.

When/If John Edwards is our candidage for president:

I don't think Hillary's tears do much either way.

Oh what the hell, I was going to save this for tomorrow night, but here's a gift for everyone

Hillary's Howler -- 35 years fighting for change

Energy building all over NH: Barack addresses overflow audience in Lebanon

I am for Edwards all the way through the convention.

Gallup: Obama And Hillary Tied — Nationally!

John Kerry tears up

In 1962, Bobby Kennedy said we could have a black president in 40 years. (pics)

Clinton disses Martin Luther King Jr., to score points against Obama

This Hardcore Kucinich supporter now opting for*** EDWARDS****

How well does Edwards need to do tomorrow?

Senators Edwards and Obama, quick, point to the Strait of Hormuz

Edwards REAL statement on Clinton's tear up - I can't comment on that


Boy I used to love being a Democrat...

Rmember well all you O-C-E supporters not ONE of them backed impeachment!

Richardson on verge of passing Edwards in latest CNN/WMUR poll.

The last time I saw the voters' googly eye look and fawning love for a candidate

We'll find out tomorrow.

To say Hillary is weak and crying is sexist once again. Day #3 of the rampant sexism.

Challenge to all the Obama haters

It is not incredible, it is a problem

1-7-2008 DU 1,000 vote challenge poll of the 5 remaining candidates

44% of California primary voters will vote BEFORE the primary. Consider the implications...

I'm so sick of the hate and vindictiveness --

Does a double-digit obama lead in the polls mean its safe to vote for edwards?

I hate to ask this question of HRC supporters, but it might be almost time...

There is no crying in politics...

There's No Crying In Primaries.........

PolitiFact makes rulings on Staurday's NH Debate claims

Edwards within 6 points of Clinton in NH Marist poll and ARG poll - 28% to 22%

Chicago Tribune: Clinton gets tough after emotional display, plays the Bush "terrorism/fear" card

If Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, I believe America is ready for a woman president.

Prediction: Clinton fires Penn in 24 hours

My Coldest Week Ever, with the warmest people on earth. Part 1.

Hitchens: Talk of a uniter is 'piffle'

In Iraq, Osprey Rocks the Cynics

Top 10 things Marines can look for in 2008

Third sailor hospitalized in Ghana

Where’s the bonus?

Soldiers slam Wounded Warrior Program at Bragg

Suicide bombing hits Iraq military celebration

Jerusalem Readies for Bush's Arrival

Israel Looks to STOVL JSF

Soldier on Leave Slain in Florida

The year ahead

HRC preps for merger, move to Knox

Minding cows just part of job in tense Kosovo

Guilty plea in Walter Reed bribery case

2 soldiers killed by roadside bombs in Iraq

S.C. guardsman killed in Afghanistan

Al-Qaida may be trying to recruit more women

Wonder woman

50 suspects detained for various alleged activities

Soldiers say they’re adjusting to Bavarian smoking ban

Scholarships for submariners children offere

Main Sunni Group Vows No Deal With U.S.

Pakistan Officials Warn U.S.: Keep Out

Sailor charged with falsely wearing medals

Shocking Roger Clemens Interview on ‘60 Minutes’: Mike Wallace Confesses to Steroid Use!

A Cold War warning to protect our rights (Naples Daily News editorial)

Silence isn't golden: Congress must act on torture (Evans / Sarasota Herald Tribune)

Sorry episode needs right apology (Open letter to David Hicks)

Is Bush and the Neo-Cons up to something? It has been too quiet lately

Iraq death rate belies US claims of success

Comparative History

New York Times Hires Bill Kristol, Replacing ‘The Weekender’ With ‘The Dead-Ender’

The Fog of War Crimes: Who’s to blame when ‘just following orders’ means murder?

A Paper Trail for Voting Machines

Rivals in rush to embrace the only message that’s counting

Health Care Fraud: One Reason Gov't-Sponsored Universal Health Care is Essential (Dale Tavris M.D.)


WP, Dan Froomkin: Bush's Messiah Complex; A delusional view of himself

Pakistanis see US as greatest threat

Beyond 'Coming Together' (James Kunstler)

housing crisis deepens, cities fight lenders over abandoned homes

Paul Krugman: From Hype to Fear

U.S. Considers New Covert Push Within Pakistan

Dave Lindorff: A Real 9/11 Coverup? (Sibel Edmonds)

New Health Care Ad: ‘Every American Deserves CheneyCare’

What if we have another 9/11, but this time most Americans judge it was facilitated by Bush/neocons?

Beyond the Shark Nets; the Panic in the Clinton Camp

Michael O’Hanlon doesn't like the taste

Hillary Dumps 'Comeback Kid,' Continues Campaign with 'Guitar Hero'

Harpers: The Torture President Wields His Veto

Leonard Pitts: Imagine The Worst - It Can Happen Here

Looks like Edwards got more of a bounce from Iowa than Obama

The Fog of War Crimes-Who’s to blame when ‘just following orders’ means murder?

Chuck Norris brags that Huckabee executed more people than Romney

John Edwards: Barack Obama, You Can't Just Nice These People!

C. Hedges on Kucinich. "One True Voice on the Trail."

Cate Edwards: Wow, wonderful person

Biden at the threshold of hell

Mittens getting the crap kicked out of him.

But I've already MADE change!!!

O'Reilly calls Obama SOB staffer

"When I'm 64" - John McCain

Staying In Iraq For 10,000 Years

Obama speaks to NH 100 Club Dinner: "This is our moment."

WMUR's biased coverage..Edwards gets about 15 seconds

The Cost of War

Covert C.I.A. Opps in Pakistan damaging U.S. relations

Let Dennis Debate

Latest John Edwards NH Ad: 'Underdog'

Kucinich Weekly Update 01 07 08

Elizabeth Edwards: A glimpse behind the curtain, politicians vs leaders

Bill Clinton on The Trail: "I Can't Make Her Younger"

Why Is Edwards Defending Obama?

AlterNet: We Forget What It Was Really Like Under the Clintons

The Frank Factor- Are You a Partisan Punk?

John Edwards: The Clinton campaign has no conscience

Obama is asked about Donnie McClurkin

Change is the twinkle in the eye of history.

John Edwards on American Morning 1/7/08

Sekoff knows how to handle Fox

KILL THE MESSENGER trailer (Sibel Edmonds film)

Fox News and Frank Luntz caught red-handed!

(Ron) Paul supporters chase (Sean) Hannity

Actor Viggo Mortensen endorses Dennis Kucinich for President

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 319

Prominent Conservative Talk Show Host Has A Change Of Heart?

Sibel Edmonds and the flawed 911 Commission

Small-scale alternative energy projects gain momentum in Massachusetts


Pakistan Orders All Steel Mills Shut For 2 Weeks - Drought, Sabotage Cut Electricity - Khaleej Times

Ohio State's Lonnie Thompson Probes New Guinea's Glaciers For Climate Clues - Deseret News

OPEC President - $100 Oil "Not Necessarily Very High" - AFP

New For S. Carolina Boat Docks - Signs Warning About Mercury Content In Fish - Post & Courier

Consumers may foot nuclear bill (UK)

Matt Simmons - If Oil Demand Grows More Than 1.5 - 2.0% In 2008 Over 2007 Levels, Look For Slowdown

New energy in nuclear power supply battle

Nuclear alert: PM's bribe boosts dumping of waste (UK)

Pure Comedy Gold! Daniel Yergin's History Of Oil Price "Predictions"

Argentina and Brazil worry over Bolivia’s limited gas supply

Mercury-Containing Bulb (Lamp) Recycling Programs (state-by-state map)

In Face Of Panic Buying, Malaysia Rations Purchase Of Cooking Oil - Epoch Times

OpEd - Historians Will Damn Bush For 8 Solid Years Of Inaction & Ignorance On Climate

If Things Don't Go Well, Carve A Bigger Stone Head - Interesting Oil Drum Thread On System Collapse

PEMEX Voids International Maintenance Tender: Reopens Gulf Oil Terminals

It Looks Like Florida's Statewide Drought Is Here To Stay - Orlando Sentinel

GE Unit Partners with SunPower on California Solar Projects

Muskegon weighs Big Lake's wind energy future

U.K. Nuclear Operators Must Pay for Decommissioning

Herkimer County Legislators learn more about wind project

Akeena Solar Licenses New Solar Panel Technology to Suntech

Charlie Hall's Cheese Slicer - Modeling Energy Investments In The Peak Oil World

South Korea to ban single-hulled tankers after spill - Reuters

OpEd article - civilizational crisis

Australian Government Assisting Whalers?

Solar ‘genius' fuming: Inventor still vexed by government, industry

Largest Corporate Solar System in NC (30 kW) Switched On In Research Triangle Park

2007: Did We Reach the Tipping Point? (Renewable Energy)

Kansas City area helps to nourish green development in tornado town (Greensburg)

At The Foot Of Everest, Pokhalde Glacier Now A Lake: Many Small Glaciers In Region Gone

SunPower’s solar power plant building boom

Mega-PV Project (308 kW) Announced In Connecticut

Solar Night Industries and VETSS Meet With DOE to Discuss Shortage of Solar Installers

FERC approves incentive rates to accommodate renewable energy projects

Wind and waves to the rescue (alternative power in RI - year in review)

Tax officials: (Ohio) House speaker's energy plan may be unfeasible

Victoria GHG Emissions Up Nearly 30% 1990 - 2007; New South Wales Up 7% - Age

Small Gains In Electronic Item Efficiency = Great Green Marketing Hype - Salt Lake Tribune

North Dakota's largest wind farm could be up and running soon...

UCSD Joins The Green Grid

Only 48 Hours To Paralyze Uganda As Shortages, Hoarding & Price Spikes Hammer Nation, Economy

Dupe, pls delete

In Nepal, New Restaurant Boasts Antibiotic-Free Buffet - For Vultures - New Scientist

Decision on Listing Polar Bear Postponed - AP

Solar plan could bring warmth to Woodford (Folk Festival)

Fermenting The Food Supply - Modeling Biofuel Production As An Infectious Growth - Oil Drum

Minneapolis neighborhood a shining example for solar

Cattle Egret, Native To Africa, On Verge Of Colonizing Southern England - Independent

The UK’s outstanding tidal resources could provide at least 10% of the country’s electricity.

SEven sexiest green celebrities of 2007...

State issues dirty air alert in southwest Maine

* admin punts on Polar Bear decision...

A plan to build the largest wind farm in New England has received final approval.

$100 Oil? "No Problem!", Say WSJ, Economist, Financial Times, NYT, Financial Post

Roger Payne, Discoverer Of Whale Songs, Sounds Alarm On Ocean Pollution - Boston Globe

Another Village Falling Into The Erosive Ocean - Except This One's In England - Independent

Prey Fish Biomass In Lake Michigan Falls By 50% In One Year - 2nd All-Time Record Low Total

Atop Japan's Mt. Unzen, When Wind Blows From China, Ice Forms With pH Of 3.2 - Asahi

First Shots Under The Hood of the Chevy Volt Hydrogen

GM to unveil petroleum-free Cadillac in Las Vegas

Chicken bedding could generate a third of Ulster's green power

Molten salt solves solar storage problems

Hillary to Tweety: "I don't know what to do with men who are obsessed with me"

Hillary Clinton's Endorsements. Surprising and impressive.

Politico: Clinton fights tears: "It's not easy"

More intentionally negative press for HRC -- this time from WP's Dana Milbank

If Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, I believe America is ready for a woman president.

Clinton needs to coments on the Strait of Hormuz incident

Chuck Todd and David Gregory are on Harball DEFENDING Hillary for her "tearful" chat today.

Emotional Clinton Says, This is Personal

I apologize about my post in reference to Hillary

Chinese Employers Accused of Goon Hiring

United Artists May Settle With Striking Writers, Others To Follow?

Powerful Nev. union plans endorsement after New Hampshire primary

Walkout averted, Convention Center stagehands approve contract

Starbucks Barista Risks Job Over "Skinny" Newspeak

Amtrak unions say hopeful dispute can be settled

OSHA investigates: Police Say Fargo Man Dies After Jump From Roof

Bush allows Mexican trucks

(after 81 years) Liberia’s Firestone Rubber Workers Win a Union Voice

Bush uses loophole to get around law blocking Mexican trucks from entering U.S. highways

Today's labor cartoon: Scabs

Today in labor history January 07

Chao Misses Mine Safety Deadline. Bush Appoints Stickler—Again

Paul Krugman: Strong Unions Create a Strong Middle Class

Palestinian caught with knife says wanted to 'murder Jews'

Report Calls Israeli Courts Unfair

Israel to present Bush with 'Iran file'

Peaceful protest Against Apartheid Road 443 in Occupied West Bank Violently Disrupted by IDF

Another obstacle to Zionism

Shin Bet: PA has arrested 250 Hamas men over past month

Mr. President, would you divide New York?

More than 10,000 police will guard Bush during Israel visit

IAEA: We hope to visit site of IAF strike on Syria

U.S. academic Finkelstein meets top Hezbollah official in Lebanon

Sderot Families Sue Egypt for Aiding Terrorists

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets

Five masked men

Ron Paul to Haaretz: Israel can get by without American aid

Israel's false friends

Israel seeks ban on publication of settlement report

Seeds of Hate

Big Tobacco Attempted To Woo El Senor Anti-Imperialista. They Didn't Get Very Far.

Naomi Campbell interviews 'rebel angel' Hugo Chavez

Remains of former girlfriend of paramilitary boss found in Colombia

Chavez waits for new contact with rebels on hostage release

Ecuador speeds up construction of refinery with Venezuela

Oil and US Policy Toward Colombia

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 01/04/2008

Dr. Housing Bubble 01/06/08

Lawsuit by Cuban defector accuses exiles of threats, intimidation

Paulson: Don't want to rush economic stimulus

Bush convenes Plunge Protection Team

What's LBN? People keep mentioning it. Thanks.

Like my new sig line???

Tee hee hee...

Biden blog is still active

I bit the bullet and I've just begun watching the debate on YouTube. nt

Joe Biden at the threshold of hell video

Need some new sig lines, brothers and sisters. Let's

This is funny - check it out.

I just signed the petition at Dough4Joe

Good Morning!

Is there a chance that...

If there ever is to be a Biden in the White House - I think it'll be Beau

And this is what we might get

I just turned on the news - is anybody else watching?


Nice HuffPo Blog onJoe

I just got off the phone with....

Final Iowa Moments

Randi Rhodes Praises Biden

I posted this video about the ABC debates

Interesting read....

I Don't Recall...

needs kicking

Biden County Map of Iowa 'Viability'

The Three Stooges...

What will Biden do? Let's speculate, shall we....

Woman artist gets death threats over gay Muslim photos (Sunday Times)

GD trolls

All candidate and partisan crap aside.

'Dykes on Bikes' trademark survives Dublin lawyer's challenge

Leading Mobile Company Blocks Gay News Sites for ‘Adult Content’

NBC show "Born in the Wrong Body"

Post 1,000

Voter ID Laws Are Set to Face Strictest Test

Response to NY Times Magazine cover story:"Can you count on voting machines?"

Outsourcing Elections

Diebold's stock continues to tank.

GOP Already at Work to Keep Obama Voters From the Polls

"I assure you that applying for a photo ID is as easy or easier than getting on welfare..."

Los Angeles County Election Protection kick-off party

Jeffrey Toobin: FRAUD ALERT (On the Voter ID Law challenge before the SCOTUS)

Help!! Kitchen utensils disappearing!!

Free astro reading at ChaosAstrology

astrology in action

My latest manifestation

Edwards Reacts To Clinton Campaign Tasteless Attacks

Predictions for 2008—bring 'em on!

More Tressel and Les Miles

Time to get it on .... Fire up Bucks!

The French Quarter is closed to traffic, not a hotel room to be found in town

Done Deal-June Jones to SMU

The Clemens Press Conference

Dunno if anyone else watched any FA cup games...

Anybody believe Clemens now?

YO Will Pitt

What are your picks for the NFL Divisional Round playoffs?

LSU and Glenn Dorsey will romp tonight.....

How about a Clinton/Clark ticket?

Fish: For little ones, it's anything but brain food

XPost: Racial disparities persist in U.S. cancer treatment

Vitamin D deficiency linked to heart, stroke risk

AIDS Patients Face Downside of Living Longer

Spawning Something Fishy

Tiny changes created STI (sexually transmitted infection) strain

Down's gene boost fights cancers

What Is It About Mormonism?

I don't think diagonals sucks as a topic

To the edge

Diagonals eh?


Barbecued Succotash


Soup for supper, what constitutes a thrifty meal? (W/picture)

shelf life of sliced mortadella and capicola

NY Times bread and the Cook's Illustrated enhancements

Michigan sees fewer gun deaths — with more permits

Is the US "a free state" ?

Ailing 9/11 Workers Confront Giuliani In New Hampshire

WTC 7 report set for summer 2008 release

Is Bush and the Neo-Cons up to something? It has been too quiet lately

Osama and the CIA sponsored "War on Terrorism":

HOLY CR*P - New 9/11 Fraud Revealed (Video)

Fireproofing in the WTC

Sibel Edmonds, Turkey and the Bomb A Real 9/11 Cover-Up?


Rapidly growing levels of antibiotic resistance one of biggest current medical problems

9-11 Cover-Up, Treason and The Bomb

You know what? JK's youth vote is back, and with bells on.

Gee, Obama and this campaign remind me of someone

JK Poll because I'm bored.

JK heading to Western MA for Dems' campaign kickoff

Kerry, in New Bedford on eve of N.H. primary, stays away from fray

Think Ron Paul is scary? Take a look at this!

Are the Greens Really "Green"? Green Politicians Opposition to Light Rail Transit

How is Franken looking for the caucus?

Have a question re: temp internet files

Tray Icons keep disappearing-Vista Ultimate

Some questions about ubuntu and firefox

Anybody out there a SOLIDWORKS user?

Obama emerges as a liberal Reagan who can reunite America

Tax cuts empty Ottawa's coffers

Aid Darfur's outgunned defenders

2 Canadian soldiers die in vehicle rollover

We like minority governments, poll shows

For those that actually sleep,You might want to check this

Striking Writers Reach Deal With UA

The New American Gladiators: Rather Disappointing

9/11 Synchronicities Thread

Anyone from Sacramento here?

The Ethical Society

Richard Deem " God and Science"

"Clarkson stung after bank prank"

Do thermite devices used for demolition exist?

Tammy Baldwin's opponent calls himself a "Ron Paul Republican"

Two Dead In Pileups Near Madison

Any SE Wisconsin DU'ers needing help following the tornadoes?

It looks like the Reps will run John Gard again vs Steve Kagen in the 8th Congressional District

Eight U.S. State Department Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11

Motion Mountain - The Free Physics Text Book

Bill O'Reilly gets in confrontation with Obama staffer

Imperialist Propaganda: Second Thoughts on Charlie Wilson's War (Chalmers Johnson)

In New Hampshire, Hillary encounters MSNBC's nutso Hillary-hater Chris Matthews

'Counterknowledge' - anyone read the blog?

Randi's ending the Million Dollar Challenge

"I Want to Believe"

Anyone ever had this happen? (re: hairballs)

He Came, and He Saw, but Did He Moderate?