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Archives: January 8, 2008

Striking Writers Reach Deal With UA

More than 10,000 police will guard Bush during Israel visit

Tennessee Commercial Warehouse Layoffs Eliminate Union Supporters

NAFTA freight trade hits record high

Chief of U.N. Nuclear Agency to Meet With Iran’s Leaders

Marines Open Inquiry Into Shooting

NH vote concern, One man controls the counting

UN Official Presses for Nepal to Call Elections, Meets Leaders

Justices Hear Arguments in Lethal Injection Case

Iraq death rate belies US claims of success

Clinton’s Campaign Shows Stress Before Primary

A Safety-Net Hospital Falls Into Financial Crisis

Briton freed after 21 years on U.S. death row

Officials Give Briefing After Body of Missing Hiker Found

Professor: McGovern's Call for Impeachment will Fuel Commentators

Pain Street USA: '08 housing outlook

Father of Bush tax cuts: Recession likely

Protesters ask Clinton to iron shirts

Brothers injured by tiger will not face charges, investigator says

'Hacker Safe' Hacked

Golden Globes Ceremony scrapped

Springfield, MO DUers - Take Shelter from the Tornadoes

Where do cornflakes go when they die???

I just posted an anti gun/pro gun control message in GD, should be interesting

My cat puked on my iPod, now the click wheel won't work!

Just donated to Edwards

"Nobody Bothers Me, Call USA-1000......"

CES Gadget of the day: the Taser MP3 player!

Medium starts tonight...

When you were in college, who was the Super Fan?

I just paid $13.00 for a bag of grapes. I could have sworn the price was per bag, not pound.

Only Republicans pay $13.00 for a bag of grapes and then Wine

So anyone you would like to dedicate this to


Rawjaw Clemens COMES CLEAN!

SOB, MF, S**T, S**T,S**T, GD-IT, H*LL. . . (Monday rant)

which is worse, DINO or RINO?

LCD TV owners - what would cause a blotch to appear on the display?

Night y'all

Help!! Advice needed - I just lost the ability to "see" TPM...

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Is anyone watching Paranormal State on A&E?

John Edwards really did go to far

Is redqueen Special?

"Come Sail Away" by Styx vs. "Jamie's Cryin'" by Van Halen

It's raining in the UAE (one of the dryest places on the planet)

Are you --

El Lay - kinda nice

What's Your Favorite Form

If Ohio dwellers are Ohioans, and Wisconsin's are Wisconsinites and Michigan's Michiganders, then

Guitar Hero III Rocks

Do you think some people ...

Manchester: Center of the Universe

Open Can Of Sprite Just Did A Flip As It Fell From My Hand And Didn't Spill Ask Me Almost Anything

I like it when people take my time for granted.......

Somebody gave France's Justice Minister the finger, err, mailed it to her.

At the end of the day...

Solutions only exist when people get paid for it.

Am I realist if I don't support Kucinich?

Where, oh where do the evenings go?

There's a tornado watch. In Michigan. In January.

I cant be the only one who thought American Gladiators was a steaming pile of crap, can I?

If GD had a technical help desk...

The world is a beautiful place

Quick!!! Hide the electrical outlets - the polar bears are coming!!!

I'm STUD And I Approve This Message

Reminder - Daily Show is back on the air tonight, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

How times have changed...

Which level of Hell is in your future?

Whats in your wallet?

Oh, shit

Self Portrait With Blindfold

I was all ready to get some sleep

I truly 8 DU !

O. S. Who?

Dave is losing his beard!

College Drinking Games Lead to Higher Blood Alcohol Levels (Study)

So I'm trying to cut back on teh coffee and teh sugar and teh alcohol

I cannot believe I've never seen this video before.

Lots of Tornado Watches Out in the Central Plains and Midwest

10:55 pm... 72 Degrees

Tonight, Ron Paul on Leno; Huckabee on Letterman

Screw the football game...Who is going to win Dixville Notch?

When's your birthday?

OK, who are these people with Nat King Cole? The guitar and bass players?

Email problem

YouTube says I "have no friends"


Anybody want a ride?

HEADS UP --- "Medium" was Double Wonderful tonight. (West Coasters)

Am I sexist and racist if I do not support Obama?

I am 50 miles west of St. Louis

Grab your popcorn, boys and girls...we've got a whiner!

The rarest, most valuable turquoise in the world

NCAA Football dumbasses. Why isn't the fucking championship played in

Technophiles: Which format will prevail - HD-DVD or BluRay?

Any car guys/gals here? Need some advice

Is Antonin Scalia a human being? Or is he a monster.

Our cats have discovered the joys of a laser pointer

***The Official National Championship College Football Thread***

I'm Dancing in the Bookstore Front Window

kitty questions for you cat experts

I'm und3r ur b3dz, w4itin 4 ur ankles

Snow at 10,000 feet..The Beach at Sunset...and more!

Can anyone list some movie errors? In Casablanca, for instance,

What's your Myers-Briggs type?

We'll have some fun with this

I'm Kinda Hoping Huck-A-Boo Pulls Off Getting The Nomination

Ever seen THIS bumper sticker?

Bill Clinton favorability change-

FREE OFFER for all good Democrats! Please read and help keep kicked!


Fight back the MSM!! Edwards supporters check in.

US Mulls Fresh Steps To Ease Housing Slump: Paulson

Why the Edwards support?

Steve "Silver Spoons" Forbes - National Giuliani Co-Chair/Econ Advisor - on Bloomberg TV Now

"Hello Friend. I'm Pat Boone, here to talk to you about reverse mortgages"

Wear Orange this Friday, January 11th

Boxer hammers Bush on environment, again

What are the foreign bookies saying about the NH primary tomorrow?

Iranians Tell U.S. Navy: 'I Am Coming At You'

Only 352 shopping days 'til Christmas

Something for your consideration

KO exposing the REAL Clinton

Georgie doesn't do well in January.

KO just DECIMATED Hillary....WOW

I Apologize to you, Keith Olbermann

Justices Divided Over Lethal Injections

I think we can all agree on this: Chelsea Clinton is a poised and beautiful young woman

Iran warned after incident in shipping lane

Those Pundits on MSNBC...sure love Obama's stuff about "Old People!" Even Bill Clinton has joined

If Kucinich gets the nomination, I believe America is ready for a Croatian elf President.

They're all talking about change now...even MITT.

"The time to come has changed."

Repeat After Me:

All I have to say is ha!

VIDEO: A real blubbering tear-fest spectacle.

Okay DU Regulars...You know who you are.....

Puppet Theater...

Ok Faux watchers, Did the Falafel Fatwa guy talk about his boorish behavior this weekend?

KO about to skewer O'Lielly

and where is OUR MSM on this:

Kucinich is a victim of LOOKISM, not sexism

Charlie Gibson: Lobbyists "can have huge parties for you as long as you’re standing up."

Whatever they're paying Charlie Gibson, its too much.

BushDespiser12 Vows to Continue Posting Through The Primaries

(TOON) Steve Bell on the US navy and Iran

Anyone know a broadband source for KO/Countdown?

37 posts on the GD page that should be in GD:P

If Clinton continues to lose, can her Super Delegates go elsewhere?

Is Stewart back tonight or just Colbert? n/t

Holy Shit! I'm watching "SIR! NO SIR!"

Central Michigan: thunder, tornado watch, and large hail

My stupid take on Hillary "crying."

The politics of Trial lawyers?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Johnny Wendall subs for Mike

Boy suspected of using baseball bat to kill baby

Huckabee for President!

On KO: Jonathan Alter got it wrong when discussing Romney...

west Coast Du'er's "Murder on a Sunday morning" is coming up next on Sundance

Did Obama Lie? Beyond the Rhetoric. - Interesting read

I wish to congratulate BOTH Clinton and Obama

How I put the poll trolls on ignore and saved DU

What if Kucinich supporters actually VOTED for him?

She Wasn't Crying.

Wanna see what hope looks like?

Folks forget that Bill Clinton ran in 1992 as the Man from HOPE! ..Obama Runs as Candidate of HOPE!!

Bush: I'd veto bill that weakened No Child Left Behind

Tornado emergency for Springfield Missouri

Yesterday's Strait of Hormuz "incident " - who believes the Pentagon?

The Death Penalty

INTJ? INFJ? INFP? WTF are all these acronyms?

Nevada's "First In The West" Democratic Presidential Caucus

OK I am officially creeped out. By the weather! Heavy thunderstorm, large hail & 71 degrees.

Independent UK: US almost opened fire on Iranian boats, Pentagon says

Dear Howard DEAN. This system SUCKS. Let's FIX it!1

I can has...

anger therapy for a tough day: Flash your own Jackson Pollack

Oh, SNAP! Will the "feel good" effects of Sen. Obama's


So Obama got heckled and his response

30 minutes until Dixville Notch: "First in the Nation".

Lots of talk of sexism. What about the case of Dennis Kucinich?

Leave (your candidate's name here) ALOOOOONE!!!!

Dixville Notch NH has 1 Dem 2 Republics and 12 Independents Vote @ 12AM

Katrina vanden Heuvel: DC Voting Rights Tour: First Stop, New Hampshire

tornado's everywhere

So, Obama is a Muslim or an atheist or a member of a black church

Will Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have grown beards in

'Subprime' named Word of the Year (AP/CNN)

Oh, so CNN/John ROBERTS dictates "the mood of the U.S. is bipartisanship & (change?)"

Caption he who hates the granite state.

Deleted by Poster

Randi Rhodes, you really pissed me off today... go back on vacation,please!

what time does the NH caucus start tomorrow?

Terry Mcauliffe on Bloomberg TV's Money & Politics Segment Now

She didn't actually cry. Her voice cracked up a bit and she held her head in her hand for a second

It is not global is human extinction.

If the Repubs could choose the Democratic nominee....?

Wait, the "Obama landslide" was what, 38%? That means 62% .....

Local radio interview: Reid suggested Kucinich to ‘go back to his district’

I Slept in to Watch Dixville Notch Midnight ET Tonight: Who's up with Me?

LIVE from New Hampshire NOW! - Polls & News from the Primary! -John Zogby; Kucinich & wife & more!

The Col-bert Report starting, now THIS is gonna be interesting to see.

Where is Dick Cheney?

New Jersey Makes Transgender Inclusion Unequivocal

Romney's response when asked what he would do about poverty.

The Iran "provoked and harrassed" US American naval vessels of the Navy.

I guess this site has now gone the way of many a good one

"A" Daily Show with Jon Stewart (sans writers) starting now!

Alright. I've decided. I'm staying. Try to get me to leave. Ya bastards...


Having emotions is not "weak"

He looks terrible! [PIC]

Freepology Today: Barack Obama -- Crypto-Muslim or Racist Christian? Freepers weigh in.

Women will pay a price if they get angry or cry.

Lightning bolts and thunder outside now....on a 70 degree day in SE January!

Turn away from the politics - PBS in Raleigh showing a great concert, Mahler Sym #9

So if Jesus was running, would you tell him

So are the primaries kind of like "Survivor"?

CIA Tapes Destroyed After Inspector General Found Interrogation Tactics "Inhumane"

Is Primary 2008 worse than Primary 2004?

I just watched the "Clinton Crying" video, and have one thing to say

So Hillary cried at the job interview today

Barrack Obama: Please THINK before you vote. Consider this:

A letter from Don Siegelman: "People deserve to know the truth"

Olbermann Blasts Clinton on Fear, MLK, Tears [w/video link]

Did Novak Just Say What I thought He Did?

Okay. I just saw the Hillary clip where she tears up a bit. My gut reaction...

A DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART now on Comedy Central...

I can now die a happy woman

Clintons Do Cheney - Have they jumped the shark with fearmongering?

Debate Question: Will you admit the "surge" worked?

The reason I take a stand for John Edwards is as basic as why he takes a stand for me.

Couldn't make up my mind but now I'm sure as can be...I'm supporting her husband...

Anybody Notice How Obama NEVER Takes Questions From The Audience?

How many MALES here support Hillary Clinton for President?

Hillary Clinton vs. Adolf Hitler

Was Clinton'e emotionality authetnic or a planned political move?

Colin Powell endorses Obama: You still not sure what Obamas stand on Iraq is?

Let's get some truth goin...

I am getting pretty pissed off.

Its 63 degrees and there are violent thunderstorms outside.

Romney adviser: Mitt Romney will stop the influence of the MILITANT GAYS

I think Hillary will win tomorrow...


YAF Watch: Keeping an eye on a college hate group of young Republicans.

If Edwards gets the nomination I believe America is ready for

NH vote concern, One man controls the counting

Debunking the Myths about John Edwards’ Universal Health Care Plan Espoused by its Critics

Hillary gets my vote

As a Fellow INTJ, I Felt Enormous Compassion for Hillary Today


House Filings Show Dems Are All Over Ohio Again

Submit questions for Democrats' Nevada debate

Michigan Dems Kicked to Curb in Denver

If You Were A Strategist For Either Clinton or Edwards, How Would You Try To Derail Obama?

Fighting Democrats

Today's national Rassmussen poll: Hillary-33%, Obama-29%, Edwards-20%.

When does the bulk of the New Hampshire voting start?

Hillary's contention that she is the only one capable of being an effective President is absurd.

Change Fever--the GOP has caught It!

Clinton's national lead over Obama vanishes: poll

If America can't vote for a woman, they sure as hell can't vote for

Is this for real or B/S put out by the Clintons

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Important Will New Hampshire Be In Who Our Nominee Will Be

Judge denies giant tax refund-Wal-Mart says state owes it $30 million

Our candidates don't have to be president to make a difference

Just got home, Rasmussen, Clinton's national #s way down...

Does DU have a "Root for the Underdog" mentality....?

Richard Nixon: A Victim of Sexism.

Poll for those who supported John Kerry in IA and NH in 2004

Has anyone noticed that HIllary Clinton is the only candidate that addresses women's issues online?

What are our candidates stances on Faith-based Inititives?

Just got back from the Obama rally in Rochester NH....

I'm on 15 minute TiVo delay but is Keith pissed at Hillary today?

Anti-abortion protesters heckle Obama

Richardson keeps on going in New Hampshire

I've realized why I loathe Mitt Romney

Frank Luntz busted again (investigation of "suspicious air" of focus groups finds plants)

Bill: "This Campaign Is Playing Out Exactly As I Thought It Would"

Hypothetical: Mitt Romney Cries, Gets Criticized - Damn That Sexism.

Why does the Republican establishment want Romney?

Memorable moments from past N.H. primaries

Edwards is the only Democratic candidate who beats McCain

I'm so proud of Hillary for crying, or choking up, or whatever the hell it was she did. She rocks!!

Why are NH independent voters drifting towards McCain?

Hillary refused to return tainted $$ from Willie Tan Family! (Marianas/Abramoff Scandal)

Snappy comeback from Clinton

Let the puppet show begin!

Bill Richardson coming up on Hannity and Colmes, Check it out!

NBC News full interview with Obama online now

Ah crap!!! I messed up my ballot!

Hillary is going to win it all.

Are you watching the Edwards Marathon on C-Span? I like his Legal View

Playing the fear card

Obama supporters: Would you be willing to support Barbara Boxer for President?

"Reaching across the aisle" makes me nervous.

Is KO reading DU?

Does the Edwards/Obama Bloc need to coalesce around one candidate?

Can we please get our priorities straight?

While we debate the election ....

I just saw O'Reilly's excuse for pushing the Obama staffer

Oh crap, now KO is jumping on the Hate Hillary bandwagon.


Woohoo Dan Abrams is nailing it!

Hillary should just stick to her own message and stop talking about obama.

Who would you rather face?

Meanwhile, what are Chimpy and Darth Vader up to?

Watch Obama talk to Brain Williams here

Hillary's on Cspan now, live. Looking good

Ever notice how the issues dont really get discussed on DU?

Sounds like Keith is about to go after Clinton...

Hillary Clinton is a highly accomplished achiever who has always had a tin ear and poor timing

Obama supporters: you need Edwards and Clinton fans

Edwards answered the "tears" question most appropriately. A "grueling"

Dixville Notch: Does anyone remember who won in 2004?

The Tyranny of Super-Delegates

If Hillary can't win, then Edwards is my guy (ABO)

"Some of us are right, and some of us are wrong. Some of us are ready, and some of us are not."

Bloomberg News: Bankruptcy Law Backfires as Foreclosures Offset Gains (Update1)

Found an invitation, today, addressed to me for the' 97 Clinton/Gore

26% are leaning and may change vote, 21% undecided in NH in last CNN/WMUR poll

New SC Poll: Obama 50%, Clinton 30%, Edwards 16%

The new bipartisanship at work: George Will praises Obama as the un-Edwards, as the adult. Yuck.

Romney: "I can post up against Obama"

Kenya is Barack Obama African Homeland

I finally saw Hillary's "cry" for the first time

Comic Relief of the Night - Huckabee's Wife

Let's get a handle on what TRUE sexism is, shall we?

Despite the DU supporters of other candidates who hate Obama. . .

Who here will admit to harboring sexist thoughts?

Guardian UK: Mitt Romney's fall from grace

Will Hillary Clinton's NH Moment INCREASE or DECREASE her support?

Is it sexist that Oprah turned me off of Obama if it made me think Clinton is MUCH tougher?

Religion Versus Homosexuality: New Documentary Tackles Sensitive Issues (Movie Review)

Who's been given a free ride?

Dennis & Elizabeth K coming up on Air America now.

Zogby just said on Air America that he thinks there might be a Colin Powell or

Chuck Todd: Obama Is Dean 2.0

Clinton Campaign: "We are going all the way to the convention"

Hillary talks to Diane Sawyer about her emotions, running as a woman, Obama getting a free ride

Sorry. Duplicate post. Hillary evokes Al Quaeda. What ELSE do you need to know?

Occam's Razor. Or Why I Believe Hillary Clinton wasn't play acting today

Visualize GD:P one year from now

Is Hillary's campaign now reminding you of Bush 2004's?

error. sorry.

Hey Edwards, somebody who is loathed by millions of PUKES and goes into crowds every day is tough

The GOP Attack Machine Failed To Defeat The Clintons Because They Were Too Aggressive And Mean

Proof the Media Wanted Hillary: Analysts Criticizing MSM They're Part Of

Final predictions for NH: Obama 45%, Clinton 39%, Edwards 14%, Richardson 2%

Hillary's bum rap on the MLK/LBJ quote

Let's just call it for what it is, okay?

What if it's a two-man Democratic race?

Obama will tear the Democratic Party apart

I will say this: I am 100% sure Barack Obama will be on the ticket

Obama: "We are happy warrriors for change...cusp of creating a new majority in American politics."

2008 Presidential Candidate Crying

For those of you posting Hillary Crying you are acting no better than FAUX news!

Terry McAuliffe tells CBN reporter: "We're Going to be the Nominee"

Psychic: "Hillary will win, Bill will almost drown"

How the Bush Dynasty Almost Wasn’t

What is wrong with you people?Hillary did NOT cry, and Edwards and Obama did NOT dis her.

Bill Oriellys body language expert says Hill was genuine when she cried

We're all Anti-Hillary Psychopaths!!!

Obama's religion.

Occam's Razor or Why Clinton's moment of emotion wasn't staged

So, CNN, will you now identify Carville every time he shills for Hillary or attacks another Dem?

Colin Powell Praises Obama - "an American man" who can represent the entire nation.

"I see what's happening, and we have to reverse it. "

Have you ever seen candidates from both parties all trying hardest to be the candidate of change?

Dartmouth Students Walk Out on Bill

Bill Richardson says he doesn't want to be VP

Which state will get the most play from the top three on Feb 5?

The attacks on Clinton's tears are like those on Muskie's, but why are liberals participating?

On watching Hillary's "moment" vs. hearing the audio only, the "moment" is no big deal

Obama re. rally disruptors: People got organized, that's an American tradition we are proud of

Obama SMASHES Republicans in Iowa

Former Edwards blogger Amanda Marcotte ditches Edwards for Obama, citing sexism

Hillary supporter references Kennedy assassination at rally, when talking of "other candidates"

Freeper Panic: Obama is the anti-Reagan

Get ready for the Billary show

Interesting Question About Hillary.

I really don't give a shit if Hillary cried.

50 minutes until the first votes are cast in New Hampshire

Hillary shed her alligator tears in order to inoculate herself against going negative....

The Obama supporters are literally going bonkers...

Totally with Edwards, Hillary grow up

I just want to thank the Ron Paul supports for chasing Hanity's ass down the street.

Olbermann hitting Hillary hard for "playing the Al Qaeda card"

As much as a delight in Obama's success I take no delight in Hillary's demise. . .

Hillary today

Edwards cries=passionate, Clinton cries=hysterical weak woman

The real JFK on working with Republicans

John Edwards has the MOST BACKBONE . . . . and is MOST ELECTABLE . . . What more could we want?

I know some here like her, but the people have spoken, They HATE her!

To all of those who can't understand why some of us think Hillary's moment was staged...

Will the Clintons and DLC Centists win if Hillary loses and Obama wins?

Mary Matalin running Hillary's campaign?

Hillary and King Lear

On Eve Of Primary, Hillary Drops Negative Mailer Hitting Obama On Taxes

Obama's Other Life (Re: Kenyan violence)

How could you argue against "Hope" and "Change"

Trinity United Church of Christ

What has made Obama such a political juggernaut?

First there was the inevitability of HRC. Now there's the inevitability of Obama

The Al Gore rolling eyes.

Pre-NH 2004 Polls

Edward's is going to get hit with some instant karma tomorrow


Rethinking Labor Union Endorsements

Hillary just blew what ever sympathy vote she may have gained today

Barack Obama on Civil Rights

Obama-Feingold Ticket??

My coldest week, with the warmest people on earth. Part 2

Clinton Fires Back: Obama, Edwards Given 'Free Ride'

Simple question for Obama supporters ... Why?

You guys are asking about specifics about Obama? I'm posting them

"Impact on Democratic Campaigns"

Barack Obama on Education

Protesters ask Clinton to iron shirts

How will Hillary dissing Martin Luther King play play with African-Americans?

MSNBC - Fair & Balanced - All Day Long From Scarborough To Matthews.....

Wow...Edwards was a real jackass today!

CNN is reporting that James Carville has agreed to run the Hillary campaign

It is so nice labor supports Democrats, but there is no room for labor in LBN

Edwards growing problem in South Carolina

Come on fellow Obama supporters: BE RESPECTFUL

Check in here if you like ALL of the Democratic candidates!

Are we ready for a WOMAN PRESIDENT? A BLACK ONE???!!!

"It's Personal" Hillary got PWNED in the debate and tried to use the SAME LINE...

So, what was Hillary Clinton's role in No. Ireland Peace Deal?

Here's the complete "crying" incident with no commercials

Oh God Help Me, Cuz Here I Go: Hillary's Tearing Up.

What is happening to Clinton in the media should be DISTURBING to any democrat

All we Obama supporters are saying...

Intrade correctly forecast all 50 states in 2004 prez elections. See their final NH predictions

Hillary needed a huge media day today and she got it.

Question for Obama supporters

"She's So Yesterday"

I like it when DUers stick up for Democrats.

Clinton is playing the al qaeda card now because the PUKES will be playing it all the way to Nov.

Obama is MLK, Dean, Lincoln, JFK, RFK which is it?

Unprecedented? Hillary Clinton Invoked Al Qaeda to Justify Her IWR Vote

Democrats are setting themselves up for another fall.

Gary Hart to endorse someone "in the next 48 hours"

Fuck it. I'm rooting for Hillary to win tomorrow.

China planning to secure North Korea's nuclear arsenal: report

Sri Lankan minister dies in blast

Wide-open race may be Romney's savior

Fort Lewis Soldier Killed in Iraq - First Death of 2008

Kenya opposition says talks hinge on mediator

(10) Baghdad armed volunteers seized

Bomb wounds three U.N. peacekeepers in Lebanon

Major Joint US-Iraqi Operation Begins

First votes counted in New Hampshire primary

France best, U.S. worst in preventable death ranking

Body of missing Georgia hiker is found

Sunni cleric says (Sunni "Awakening") Sahwa Councils like al-Qaeda, warns of marginalizing Iraq

More than 1 million displaced people in Baghdad

Bush Admits Economy Faces Challenges

Feds put off closely watched decision on listing polar bear as threatened

BBC....Recession in U.S. has arrived.

Sarkozy on Bruni: 'It's Serious'

Survey: Diplomats oppose Iraq policy (48% @ State Dept cited disagreement w/ admin policy)

Starbucks fires Donald

Assassination Fears Follow Barack Obama

Bhutto's Son Addresses the World

Put the dental back in Presidential

France best, U.S. worst in preventable death ranking

Franken raises another $1.9 million; Coleman, $1.7 million

Coalition Soldiers Die in Roadside Bomb Attack in Afghanistan (US troops in area)

Lethal-Injection Ruling May Have to Wait

As the drought continues, billions of gallons of precious fresh water is washing out to sea

New Hampshire Primary Kicks Off As Voters Pick Obama, McCain In Dixville Notch

Boy Scout saves Maldives president

High turnout in crucial US vote

Taylor trial hears how child was dismembered

(Kenyan opposition leader Raila) Odinga says Obama is his cousin

Rep. Michaud seeks to impeach Cheney

Large voter turnout reported

Rivals make concessions in Kenya (Obama calls opposition leader)

Clinton Faces a Cash Crunch

Top White House aides to write Middle East blog

CREW alleges Senator Landrieu may have taken bribes for earmark

Bill Clinton targets media coverage of Obama

Microsoft's gay rights efforts targeted

White House told to provide e-mail info

NBC News NH Exit Poll: 51% of Repubs, 93% of Dems Dissatisfied or Angry w/ Bush

Customs agents probe alleged Nassau voter fraud

Nigerian militants prepare big oil attack - sources

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 8

Pentagon Won't Probe KBR Rape Charges

Britain, Spain settle a dispute over Gibraltar

Bush calls Iran action in Gulf "provocative"

Glenn Beck: Put the 'Care' Back in Health Care

US Releases Dramatic Video of Iran Boat Incident

A Scramble at the CIA to Lawyer Up

Bystander shot by police on New Year’s dies

Church Protests Outside Wrong Way Crash Funerals

Autism rate in Calif. increases

US troops raid kindergarten

"Iron my shirt" protesters at Clinton rally = radio staion stunt.

Boy scout foils bid to murder Maldives leader

Lender Tells Judge It ‘Recreated’ Letters

Supreme Court to consider whether voter ID law is constitutional

Report reveals Vietnam War hoaxes, faked attacks

Huckabee vows to defy birthright citizenship (by amending the Constitution)

Many troops openly gay, group says

Allen says he won't run for Gov. in '09

I feel very sorry for Asparagus Spears

Dixville, makes sense that they'd choose a man.

Swiss hunks woo World Cup widows

Goodbye, cruel DU!

Does the LOUNGE finally have a banner ad of its own

Barack Obama on Rick Roll

Barack Obama on Barack Obama

Barack Obama on Olive Garden

You have the opportunity to observe an authentic GDP moment right now.

Where is John Doe?

Enough about Hillary and the Ignore function! Who here is willing to bring me buffalo wings?

I've been having chest pains, should I go to a doctor?

And now, presenting a combination 1GB mp3 Player/Taser.

Barack Obama on rye with a side of potato salad. nt

Barack Obama on American Gladiator

Hmmm - if Obama wins the presidency

Anyone else like Black books?

Wow! What a US Weather Map tonight!

Barack Obama on douchebaggery

The Eagle as landed!

Sometimes it is funny

Doctor fish will eat your dead skin cells

I was called a 'shallow jerk' in GD-Politics

The Sounds of Detroit: Cybotron

Photo of the Year 2007 Exhibition over in GD.

Ah yes... spring is here!!!


I feel very sorry for LostinVA


Latest news: Study links chronic anxiety to increased risk of heart attack

Anyone ever worked in HR, please chime in here.

Today's "Darwin Award" Winner!

Barack Obama's Favorite Joke

Writers of DU, have I got an idea for you!

What is it with vampires and black convertibles?

NJ apologizes for slavery

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results....

The ultimate example of irony:

Mullet vs. Camaro hair--what's the difference?

I am in a hotel with a teen models and acting convention going on

"Oh shut up and put your bunny ears on and fetch me a cocktail..."


Learned a new word today......gephyrophobia

And The Oscar for Best Dog Acting Goes To This Dog....

Freeptards tell HC, "Iron my shirt!"

How to tell if you are posting a bad Nicholas Cage movie thread....

I feel very sorry for LynneSin

So I Call This Phone Number 3 or 4 Times...And She Hangs Up

I found a picture of a partially-naked woman, drawn by my nine-year-old,

Whole Wheat Penne with Mushrooms, Kale, and Hazelnut Gravy

Why evangelising religious people (usually fundies) are such a PITA:

Why traditional middle eastern double layered flatbread is such a PITA:

How to tell if Nicolas Cage is the WORST actor there is....

Redskins fans--- Joe Gibbs retired today

So it looks like Blu-Ray has almost won the format wars:

Hugh Hefner vows to have sex until he's 100. Plans Monogamy with one of the three girls.

DeNiro's New York hotel opens April 1st: Standard room $725 per night, FREE Internets & iPod dock!

Willie "Charles In Charge" Aames Robbed at Gunpoint


Is parking so much a problem in Philadelphia that a reality show is warranted?

Show me your honey maker!

Anyone Interested in a Dead Pool?

The Sounds of Detroit: The Atomic Fireballs

Dwarf Incident

The funk: I am in a crappy mood today. Could use some lounge vibes

Show me your money maker!

Does anyone have a crucifix I could borrow?

The worst cover song ever!

How To Tell If You’re Watching A Bad Nicolas Cage Movie

"I'm sure a lot of you have tripped out on alcohol,""It's a lot safer to do it on marijuana."

My poor rescue boy

Why Evangeline Lily (usually Kate Austen) is such a PITA:

redqueen appreciation thread

I just heard "Ebony and Ivory" on the radio!

Why evangalizing vegans are such a PETA....

Good Vibes To Those In Need

Let Freedom Ring


INTJs unite!

Official Lounge Presidential Poll

Our cats have discovered the joys of the taser pointer

Are you a freeper troll?

How to tell if you are IN a bad Nicholas Cage movie....

I saw REAL SNOW this morning

New Law outlaw swearing in bars, and table-dancing...good luck..

Can I freaking drown Tim Russert (the one in the ad on the lobby)

163Mb download for a printer driver?

What's your favorite torch song and singer?

I Tried To Sell My Meat Yesterday, But This Rude Lady Slammed The Door On Me

The bees are out....

How do you feel about outside jokes in the Lounge? Use no outside jokes to respond!

White "rock" boots! Can *you* spot them?

I want to be so naughty...

Some video clips from Rome


YouTube is teh devil.

Leg bananas---we, as a society, need an explanation

Things are pretty tense over in GD today

Furry Happy Monsters

How do you feel about no jokes in the Lounge? Use no jokes to respond!

Hey dead beat guys out there wannta get rich -marry Britney Spears

4:19 Dennis Milller introduces REM and U2 singing "One"

Where can I buy a sourdough starter?

Is it me . . .

So Amy Fisher's sex tape isn't enough

My poor husband was out trying to make a living selling meat, and some lady lied about being a vegan

LOL - coworker told me today she dislikes Dr Phil because he supports

I saw REAL SNOW this morning!

January 8, I have the sliding door open in Massachusetts

Eddie Vedder or Bruce Springsteen? -Man on the moon

I am having a lot of dinners at my place this month

Do you like this pattern for a rug?

I'm gonna hang out here awhile to get up the nerve for GD

Any Russian DUers missing some money?

I've been talking A/V Geek for three hours straight now

Video Concert Hall

I'm afraid for my fellow Marylanders!

I'm afraid for my fellow SallyManders!

Happy BIrthday to the best Rock Singer born on January 8th

My Nephew Leaves This Saturday For Afghanistan (Army)

Rick Astley is giving the president his daily briefing - NEW and IMPROVED

We have a potential flame war

Leg bandanas-- we, as a society, need as explanation

Post A YouTube Video Featuring The Cowbell (No Blue Oyster Cult!)

Birthday battle: Elvis versus David Bowie

Last night I set off the stupid anti-theft alarm, leaving a store.

I really know I'm getting older now. I was watching a DVD of a TV

How do you feel about inside jokes in the Lounge? Use no inside jokes to respond!

Favorite David Bowie Outfit

I saw REAL BLOW this morning

Who Would David Bowie Vote For

I wish we had a good looking president with a HOT HOT HOT girlfriend, like France does

Cut You In

Miss Manners spells it out re: "First Lady/First Husband"

Rick Astley is giving the president his daily briefing

Oscar Zeta Acosta: One of God's own prototypes

I want to BE home

In honor of David Bowie's Birthday: Favorite Bowie Album & Song

Rick Astley personally killed 2008 kittens to ring in the new year

David Bowie or Led Zeppelin

oh shit!

I think we should categorize homophobia as a mental disorder.

Happy Birthday E, wherever you are

Teddy: Temeah visited the House Of Kewpie™ and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!

WTF kind of bullshit is this?

Rice Post Hitler!!!

Absolutely NO vibes needed here today!

Regarding the outcome of today's events....I'm concerned.

Best Post EVER in GDP

Am I too nice? being used? naive? or all of the above?

Post your social security number!

I made the greatest page!

I really like this folky old song

Let me take you, baby, down to the river bed...Spirit's "I Got A Line On You"...the all-star version

I am going out to dancing class.

crappy cell phone photo: top of the 'cock obscured by clouds

Help, My cat is watching Phil

Favorite Rick Astley Song

I've been asked to mentor three new clergy.

Here's a great time waster!

Okay - as a relatively new kittie-mama . . .

That Skynyrd song, On The Hunt

And Bert Blyleven waits yet another year to get in the HOF

So my insurance company and my employer have found a new way

Remember, remember...

Toronto's Smallest House Up For Sale

Just One Person

Does anyone know how they voted in Hartsfield's Landing?

Post your quest.

Post your favorite post

Southpawkicker, are you around and are you okay?

Research toughie: How many people on Earth *speak* Chinese?

Bert Blyleven screwed over by sports writers again...

Research toughie: How many people on Earth *speak* DU?

Bert Blyleven's birthday is one day before mine

Irvine Family Offers $10K Reward For Stolen Puppy

So, has anyone taken the screen name of ObamaMama yet?

self delete, I solved my problem

Help! How to give my cat a thrill...

Help! How can I give my hat a quill??


I Love Smarties

Post the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.

Help! How to give my cat a pill...

A special video message for everyone in GD/GDP

Important things to keep in mind during this primary season!

Anyone else really hurting financially this winter? Hubby is self-employed as

How do I pick the best GPS system?

i'm Mr. T. and this is my knight elf mohawk

Alright, who put the dumb pills in GDP's water supply?

What do you feed your hog?

Post your favorite color.

(This is) 'The End' ~~ The Doors

Parche.... have you gone dry??????

Enzyte Fraud Trial Set to Start

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/8/2008)

LOL - Ha ha, U missed....

Big League Chew

Post your driver's license picture

My 4YO and 6 YO are fighting in the living room

Furry, feline distractions.

Sarah Jessica Parker's birthday is one day before mine

My son has a freaky ability

With apologies to flvegan, LeftyMom, billyskank, ThomCat and all the vegans on DU.

I'm needing to use reading glasses now, ack!

What's for dinner Lounge?

Should/could there be some way of knowing how many people are ignoring you?

Post your father's maiden name

Post some strange/funny pics here

I have not had a cigarette since Nov. 17th, 2007

Post your bank account number

I may just leave the lounge....

My first GD post in a while...

Post your mom' maiden name.

Intro to American Government...for advanced law students... (a rant)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/8/08

God Sucks.

What do you feed your dog?

why no threads from the Ohio fans today???

Birthday battle: Elvis versus David Bowie, since Rabrrrr doesn't want to use the poll function

Research toughie: How many people on Earth *eat* Chinese?

Who is this blonde, 1940s housewife?

What's your preferation?

CONFESS!!!! Why would Dr Phil show up at your bedside to film a TV Special

I was called a troll for the first time today

Any advice on dealing with harassing phone calls?

AP Top 25 Congrats LSU, Congrats SEC

... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ....... ........ ....

Rick Astley, David Bowie, Or Led Zeppelin

Why evangalizing atheists are such a PITA....

What Are Your Favorite Books Of All Time

This thread is not locked!

The "Cloverfield" monster. What does it look like?

BBC World News Interviews NH GOP Chair: He Goofs for the Brits

It's a squall line proceeding a cold front in the Midwest!

Goodnight, Dixville

First Votes in NH Winners - 1. Obama, 2. Edwards, 3. Richardson, 4. Clinton

Guiliani got one vote and one "Boo!" in Dixville Notch.

Great analysis of Obama's candidacy in Salon: "Obama's Double Magic"

Who farted?

Nearly half of Americans say marriage is unnecessary in Zogby poll; Fundies freak out....

William Kristol: First words as NYT columnist "Thank you Senator Obama"

The Surge...has it been a year already?

Question for the insane President....

So it's officially primary day now here in NH, Who should I vote for?

Right wingers continue to dance on Terry Schiavo's grave

I expect that the viewers of "A Daily Show" are in for a good, healthy...

Yo! Mods!

Exclusive: Raw Story's Larisa on Bhutto Assassination

it's primary day in NH

Stop revisionist "Christian nation" House Resolution 888

It's a stationary front with winds from the south in the Northeast!

06:21 of healthcare with Jake Johannsen

Anyone know if this is the first "Futurama" that they are showing on Comedy Central right now?

Republics: Winning the War on Poverty through Attrition

Obama seems to be a very divisive candidate.

His point #4: Barak is GOD, and if you refuse him you will be smitten unto the 7th generation!

Those damned Chinese! They are copying everything!

My point #1: Obama is the best person and the most qualified candidate for Democrats

... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ....... ........ ....

The Story of Dixville Notch....

To the bashers and the haters

I'm not being snarky but

My point #2: If you're saying Obama and Edwards are similar but you plan to vote for Edwards

New Hampshire - WIN PLACE SHOW - your guess?

My point #4: Obama represents a true break from the past

Is this DU still or has it turned into FreepRethuglic??

Kucinich Won Wash. State Dem Party Straw Poll, But As With Va., Party Chose Not To Announce It

It's like a goddamn kindergarten sandbox around here lately!

Countrywide: New questions Documents fabricated court records show

Israel to brief Bush on options for Iran strike during visit

Your brief, measured thoughts on our "top 3?"

The more Obama supporters try to justify his action in the "McClurkin Affair," the worse it looks.

How healthy is your medical credit score?

Why Was My Post Removed?

John Edwards on Morning Joe right now n/t

Excellent commentary and pics from a JRE New Hampshire rally

Why We Need the Edwards Brand of 'Change'

Morning Joe Rehabilitating Hillary

Is hillary a marxist?

Clinton: Obama, Edwards Given 'Free Ride'

(This is) 'The End' ~~ The Doors

I don't understand why crying is such a big issue...

The Long Johns - The Last Laugh - George Parr - Subprime: Funny, funny, funny!

Should DU make Breathalyzers mandatory for posting

Boy, Tweety looks bad this A.M.

The real big issue.

My point #5: Obama is the best person to govern Americans of all races

My point #7: Obama is the best person to govern Americans of all nationalities

Why Reporters Fawn Over John McCain

Imagine george bush losing the New Hampshire Primary

After today, 2.5% of the nation's Democratic Delegates will have been chosen.

Anyone just see Larry David trying to get into an Obama event

AlterNet: The Chuckabee Show Hits New Hampshire

Origins of violence

Today New Hampshire will make Obama the next President of the United States

"We put a man on the moon, we can secure the border"

Citigroup to Take $16 Billion Writedown, Merrill Says

Anyone in CA see any of these?

New Hampshire primary coverage with Brave New Films and the Young Turks

. . . ? . . .

Why bother?

The Bizzaro Moment from the Republican Debate

"Bring it on!" Was it Dubya himself, or some fool of a speech writer who came up with

Genuine discussion about today's youth and politics

Edwards, in final push, 'seemingly unfatigued'

The insane President....

Repugs Run From Medical Marijuana Question

President Bush cried

Should/could there be some way of knowing how many people are ignoring you?

What does anyone know about HR676? There was a full page ad in the USA Today

1000th Post - Things Are Getting Better. Really.

New Jersey apologizes for slavery

It's getting VERY ugly out there!

Viggo Mortensen's Impeccable Wardrobe

Why Isn't A Bigger Deal On The Liberal Sites?

So much for "inevitablility"...

It wasn't the tears that were vomit inducing. It was her words.

WP: US backed Sunni militias are using Saddam tactics in controlling neighborhoods

The surge is working!!

Will someone play the "race card" against Obama?

Anybody Got A New Hampshire Primary Real-Time Results Website ??? - Found This:

Some serious racist writings from Ron Paul about to be revealed...

Pending Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Fell in November

TOON: Who Are The Real Agents Of Change? ======>

HATS Off to Howard Dean !

Let's look at the Issues of all Candidates:

Who do you think is the toughest Republican to beat?

John Nichols: First Real Returns Echo Polls: Obama, McCain are in Front

How much of Obama's burst of popularilty is because of Oprah?

Forget Tupperware, modern women hold Taser parties

The ignorance of the 29 percenters.

Is bu$h* headed to the Mid-East to set up his Iranian War?

Latest Speculation: Obama/Clinton Ticket

Just for fun - craziest politician in recent history?

broadband users: is streaming live coverage of NH primary (FYI)

Media Meme: Obama is the Passing of Torch from Clintons back to FDR...

The Edwards loss is the fault...

Does Anyone Remember 4 Years Ago, The Era of Delay, Frist, et al?

Terry McAuliffe up next on MSNBC

Candidates and Money

Clinton Seems to Dis Martin Luther King's Political Work, Turns into Gaffe, Backpedals Furiously

I don't understand Obama's statement about single payer health insurance

Why didn't McNamara tell us the whole truth, even when he admitted Mea Culpa?

Today’s Headlines

Wow... Check Out The Movement In These Polls !!!

In other news, the economy's going to hell.

Rudy: Crying's No Problem, I Do It When I Think of 9/11

Bill Kristol's New York Times column debuted today with a factual error. How appropriate.

Dominionists and Extreme Christian Right figures caught planning destabilization of government

Marie Cocco: Justice Is Blind, But Can She Vote?

President Clinton Sees Post-Iowa 'Tidal Wave,' Faults Press for Obama 'Fairy Tale'


Racism Sexism Racism Sexism Racism Sexism

I'm outraged that Obama claims to be the change candidate.

There is no perfect candidate. But which one will do the least harm to our nation and why?

Axelrod said Hillary should spend more time

Fantasy scenario in case Barack does win the whole thing

We're number ONE!!!!! (Go WA!!!) (or would it be WI?)

Edwards vows to 'take back democracy'

It's good to see people have mustered enough outrage to stage a D.C. protest..

ALWAYS in the back of my mind:

Actors Robbins, Sarandon hit the road for John Edwards

Today on NPR-- Abortion, Censoring Science, and politix...

Obama mediating in Kenya,

Hillary Clinton: al Qaeda "watch our elections as closely as we do"

So Matthews finally got sat down,,,by guess who Hillary

US ranks worst in preventable health death: WORST

A John Edwards Surge? (Huffington Post)

"The Revolutionary Law of Women",

Can someone please explain Huckabee to me?

BigDog,...Obama biggest "fairytale" you have ever seen!

What does it mean to be "swiftboated"?

US Pirate Party Endorses Barack Obama

Here's Your Chance!!!

Michigan's Primary - vote for "uncommitted"

A Surge of More Lies - by Congressman Robert Wexler

Obama, The most liberal candidate ?

Overflow JRE Campaign Rally -- Fire Marshall Turns Crowd & Press Away (w/Pics)

If General held in Iowa today, OBAMA CRUSHES THE GOP (must see numbers!!!!!!!!!!)

Everyone admits to crying? I didn't see Hillary cry?

Don’t write off America

NYT Magazine: Can You Count on Voting Machines?

Is the primary system rigged ?

Bush on the night of 9/11: "...we got a laugh out of it."


Clinton Braces for Second Loss; Union, Senators May Back Obama - WSJ

Pollster: Unlikely to see leaked exit poll results. BOO!!!

My GAWD the sniping in here ! ! !

when do NH polls close?

Democrats in NH "running out of ballots"

There's a whole lot of "CONCERN" about Obama....

Huckabee hates children

IVAW Winter Soldier Fundraiser

Town Wants To Ban Cussing, Table-Dancing In Bars

Proposal would ban cussing in bars

CNN "You SUCK Sean!"

UN High Commissioner for Refugees is unable to confirm any refugees have returned to Iraq

One thing significantly different about DU this Primary Season:

Can a running mate be declared before the primaries are over?

U.S. Chamber of Commerce hates American populism

What will happen to the Clinton supporters votes

Does anyone have an update on symbolman at the JE campaign?

AP internal memo: 'Virtually everything involving Britney is a big deal'

Bush 'optimistic' about the economy...

Obama HS graduation picture

There has to be a permanent change of thinking. There's plenty for everyone.

Conservatives acknowledge compassionate conservatism "just a marketing gimmick"

Here's why Obama will do well in the GE if he is the nominee:

anybody know what time NH coverage starts

I don't give a flying fuck who wins the Democratic nomination.

Beware the NH Primary

NH Deputy Secretary of State: Turnout 'huge,' especially Dem side

Remember, Rumsfeld & Cheney warned us about the terrorists...

Remember Kucinich's Impeachement vote?

Bush must have covered his ass very well..

Are we not supposed to have a little fun with Politics...

SHOCKING - Barack Obama in Bible Codes, is also Anti-Christ (w/links)

Message, not gender, turns voters off Clinton (Reuters)

50% of diplomats disagree with Iraq war

Am I the only one who is extremely wary and suspicious of anyone who wants to be a leader?

EPIC TURNOUT FOR DEMS -- We Are Out of Ballots!

I got a phone call last night from some polling group...

Vote Fraud Expert Warns Of New Hampshire Chicanery

Is the real reason there's so much contention, discord and confusion around here

Interesting Question In the CNN Exit Polling

Hey dead beat guys out there wannta get rich -marry Britney Spears

How DARE Obama be so popular!!!

George P. Bush:Young Professionals for Fred (Thompson) Leadership

2004 - Keyes Says Christ Would Not Vote For Obama

ok the answer to the question-Glenn Beck had---hemorrhoid surgery

ABC News: Edwards Supporters Refuse to Shake Clinton's Hand

I don't give a fuck, part II (specifically for the partisans around here)

President Bush speaks from the Rose Garden.....why isn't anybody watching him?

Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though."-Obama

As Roger Clemens Illustrates to Red Sox Nation, Being a Free Agent...

Richard Clarke and immediate retaliation for every strike against the USA.

Put the dental back in Presidential

Fineman: What the heck happened to Hillary?

Your president is on msnbc talking about Iraq...

Summarize each candidate's central message in one sentence:

Noam Chomsky Strongly Praises Mike Gravel

First NH results - courtesy of belgian state radio

Susan Rice just on MSNBC

I don't get all this stuff about healthcare "mandates" and "signups" and "penalties"

9/11iani is betting all his 9/11 on Florida and totally ignoring NH as he did with Iowa

Duncan Hunter's $63 million plane that can't fly and that the Navy doesn't even want

Mittsy refuses to shop, how un-American is that?

If Obama is the nominee, how will Republicans treat him compared to Clinton?

So Countrywide is denying bankruptcy rumors... a question

Obama's Delusional DKos Diary: sez Repukes NOT "partisan, radically conservative, take-no-prisoners"

In imagining the Dem candidate debate against the repuke candidate in the future

Headstones overturned at synagogues' cemetery in New Brunswick

You will not believe what the Westboro Baptist Nuts have done now...

My point #6: Obama is the best person to govern Americans of all religions

Check out this picture of Sarkozy

Anyone watching Bush? Live.. CNN..."political process in Iraq"

Will Ron Paul's head explode if Sen. Obama wins the Democratic nomination?

No one is saying it, But EDWARDS is Hillary's Kryptonite... NOT OBAMA

Imagine a school age child learning what a president is, and that president is named Obama

Was Stalin a Leftist or Friendly Fascism

Barack Obama is not my kind of candidate.

Join The Live Progressive Chat Leading Up To And Through Tonight's NH Coverage

Carville and Begala categorically denied a report that they would be joining Clinton's team

Arrgh, when is this NH primary gonna end already?!

"Save your breath. The media have already made up their mind."

ATTN: Romney & Giuliani.

Shout Out New Hampshire!

Obama signs a boy's birthday card

My Big Fat Dumb Thread: Who are the all-time "toothiest" American politicians?

If McCain is nominated we must use the immigration issue to fracture the GOP coalition

I think Hillary totally blew it with the "Al Queda's Watching" stuff

My state's primary, Missouri, isn't until February 5th........

The turn out in NH is ENORMOUS

State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT) conference call set 1 week from today. Edwards camp pre-briefed?

Is down right now? Really bad timing.

Finally, in his last year, Bush does the greatest thing ever !

If McCain is nominated for the GE....

My point #3: Obama-mania is real and bigger than America

As Obama Emerges, GOP Gets Murkier - Charlie Cook

Message to the media

I did it!!! I finally put someone on "ignore"!! Woo-hoo!!! calculator currently inverting results

Assassination Fears Follow Barack Obama

which Democratic candidate should I support and why?

Dow and S&P break four-month lows. It ain't pretty on Wall Street

Jerusalem lights to go out so Bush can enjoy sunrise

I honestly don't think I'll see a woman President in my lifetime.

Bush: "My message today to the Iranians is they shouldn't have done what they did"

Donna Brazile is PISSED at Bill Clinton! CNN now.

legislation is needed to crackdown on annoying television commercials

EPA Fights Legal Bid to Re-Open World Trade Center Probe

and if you were to try to lend a hand up

It's here! It's here! Here's a link to the New Republic article on Ron Paul the bigot:

How would you advise Hillary?

VA Rep. Robert Wittman (R): Iraqi government is beginning to create "bits and pieces of a democracy"

Bill Scher: Digging The Economic Hole Deeper

Corporate America bought Dems in Congress, is the presidential race a rerun?

Are the Osama Tapes Fakes?

TOONS, Part 1: Duck Season-Wabbit Season-Primary Season!

Bush Going To Middle East, I have this feeling that.......

Clinton Allies May Dump Millions Into Anti-Obama Group - HuffPo

TOONS, Part 2: Billy gets a new job

If things continue as they are, can we win?

Al Qaeda Offers Cell-Phone Downloads of Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri Videos

State Dept "may be facing more serious revolt over Iraq among its ranks than previously thought.

Wal-Mart's Self-Dealing Income Tax Scam North Carolina Court Tosses Out $33.5 Million Case

Bubble Gum Chewing Obama Supporters...

I think we need to make it mandatory for every person in the US

Does Barack Obama use speech writers?

Obama swiftboating begins....

CNN reporting so many republicans are turning out that on the media: "A 'free ride' for Obama and Edwards?"

Revoke their charters, don't renew their licenses, force GE to divest NBC

Why so many posts about 'I don't vote till 02/05, so my vote won't count'?

Time to laugh and pee your pants at more ron paul insanity!!!!

Jerusalem lights to go out so Bush can enjoy sunrise

Just got back from the polls...

Please remember the important things during this primary season!

Thanks Alot Dolly (Jesus Luvin) BIGB**bs Parton....

President Clinton Sees Post-Iowa 'Tidal Wave,' Faults Press for Obama 'Fairy Tale'

The End of Reaganism, or, Three Cheers for (BUSH) the Great Destroyer

Military blogger leaves "beyond the grave" entry

Ron Paul Statement on The New Republic Article Regarding Old Newsletters

Obama is sinister?

I completely agree with Jack Cafferty about Clinton throwing away the script.

Obama is riding on "youth, possibility, and unity through diversity!" All this and Oprah, too.

Anyone heard from Cindy Sheehan in a while?

I can't wait for the freepers to go back to lurking.

Any Results for today's Primary?

Non-Primary: My letter to "conservative Dem" Congressman Bud Cramer (AL)

Take Away McClurkin's Grammy

Hillary will save the world. No, really. (where do these people come from??)

chicago board of elections swamped on last day to register

Attention! - Kucinich Supporters!

Politics (particularly during the primaries) is like cocaine.

FOX report wrong. Carville is not the one

Did Hillary's campaign fill Last Big Rally with Busloads of Supporters from neighboring States?

NEw Republic Exposé of Ron Paul's Incredible Racism and Paranoia

bu$h* speaks and the stock market crashes 240 points

If it comes down to only Obama or Edwards, who would you chose?

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC now n/t

Does Illinois have open primaries?

Can Obama win in the south?

1/8/08 Another Ron Paul interview with Ed Shultz...

Is partisanship really a bad thing?

Breaking News - McCain is wearing his lucky green sweater

is Blitzer brain damaged??!!

The biggest Clinton tactical error has been...


Does anyone have a good website that gives live poll results for NH

Jackass columnist observes heavy snow in New England, declares global warming a fraud

Golly Miss Molly all that whoopla

Political Adventures in the Dental Office of PCIntern:

Dave Lindorff: What is This "Iranian Provocation" BS?

Hey Folks... They Really Are Running Out Of Ballots !!!

Progressive Tech Convergence: Netflix, LG to Deliver Movies to Your Living Room, Hi-Speed

Let Them Eat Cake

Who Is The Worst TV Talking Head *Not* On Fox News?

The pros and cons of Obama as the nominee

Spanish speakers, please help.

Ron Paul: Angry White Man

Round Two of the MSM anointing another winner... (we've seen this before)

Hitler and Giuliani

How many here in GD, also post in GD-Politics?

Bush Signs Bill Aimed at Preventing Severely Mentally Ill From Buying Guns

OBAMA...I wouldn't trust him from here to my mailbox.

It may be as simple as electing a Democrat to change things, but choosing WHICH Democrat does matter

Radio Lady to DU election gurus: Has any Democrat won both the Iowa and NH primaries?

Ohioans prefer Edwards, according to new poll - Obama the weakest with Dems and best with Repubs

The JFK Experience

People - ANY Democrat will win the general election

White House Watch: The Question the Candidates Aren't Asked and Won't Answer

Olbermann Doesn't Let Tom Delay's NH Primary (WTF?) MSNBC Appearance Pass Without A Reality Check

My point #1 Obama wants to include GOPers in policy-making, WE don't

Jonah Goldberg's Bizarro History

Ground Zero: 6 years and counting and still a big fucking hole in the ground!

REPORTING LIVE FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE!! - Sam Seder,Rachel Maddow, Jon Eliot, David Bender & more...

Goose Gossage is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Damn you, DU!

Blue Cross insurance company wants severely injured football player out of hospital

The media is playing king maker

Will Obama "legalize it" ?

TEDTalk Tuesday: 12 sustainable design ideas from nature

What, precisely, is "inspiration"?

Here's something for you Obama fans !!! [Pic]

I'm going to make a fairly simple post here. I want you to convince me.

Don't Be An Asshole

JUDGE Gives BUSHCO 5 days TO Answer On Missing E-Mails

Ok. I am calling out the old coots. You know who you are.

Gravel To Teens: Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol

*** Photo of the Year 2007 Exhibition #4 by DU Photography Group (Dial-up Warning) ***

*** Photo of the Year 2007 Exhibition #3 by DU Photography Group (Dial-up Warning) ***

*** Photo of the Year 2007 Exhibition #2 by DU Photography Group (Dial-up Warning) ***

Is America really ready for a White, Christian, Male president?

My Favorite Story

Someone help me. WTF is a "Conservative Democrat" other than a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Chalmers Johnson: 'Charlie Wilson's War' A Truly Dangerous Piece Of Pro-War Propaganda

France best, U.S. worst in preventable death ranking (19th out of 19) - Reuters

Gloria Steinem today in NYT: Women Are Never Front-Runners

Edwards: This is not a two-person race

Update on Glenn Beck's surgery. You can't make this shit up lol...

More timeless wisdom from the great Howard Zinn: Are We Politicians or Citizens?

One Damned Caucus and everyone with an internet account wants to think we've won the election

2008 Presidential Primary Calendar

It’s More than Just WHETHER the E-Mails Are On the Back-Ups (emptywheel)

Anyone else skeptical of mandatory health care?

US Navy releases video of Iranian boat incident

John Edward’s Body: An American Saint

Bradblog: Worldwide Coverage Of The Sibel Edmonds Bombshell! - And In The U.S.? ...Um...

*** Photo of the Year 2007 Exhibition #1 by DU Photography Group (Dial-up Warning) ***

Remember: Back in 2006, CIA agents were taking out "torture insurance"

Uh Oh... US and IRAN Skirmish on Strait of Hormuz

Any DUers Near The Tippecanoe River In Indiana ??? - They Are Evacuating !!!

bush: 'I cry a lot'...'I do a lot of crying in this job.' "he saw ghosts coming out of the wall,"

Guys, the war on Edwards is real: Big Business: F**k "Kumbaya"

Would you people please cut it out already?!!

Randi Rhodes show -All Obama All Hillary -- no mention of Edwards hour 1

Kerry/Edwards '04 acted responsibly with Halliburton/KBR data.

Thimerosal does not cause autism - study

Symbolman is on the Campaign Trail! Let's keep him going! Updates and info here.

Thanks mods!

Bipartisan Group Eyes Independent Bid (Corporate whore alert)

i've been up way to long

McCain, Obama, get early votes in N.H. villages

Real PeopleClosing for Edwards"He Speaks For Us" Great diary and update!

This is the big day in NH....

One thought before round two of "Your guy sucks and can't win"

So what do you think of this Clinton quote?

If The Dems Take The WH, Will Nancy Pelosi Get Her Balls Back? I Think So

First NH votes are in!

Obama seems to have the Big MO...if he wins NH by wide a margin, Hillary should withdraw and support

Hillary doesn't understand

Pres and VP tickets - Democratic and Republican

Will Obama Finally Make Ammends To Gay Voters Over McCurkin, And Gay Quote After?

Obama/Edwards vs. McCain/Huckabee: Best case scenarios

Lord, Romney sounds like an amalgam of all the Dem candidates and as many

A picture is telling you a 1000 words!

Just so I can say it once....

This is a GREAT Lineup (L.A. Times, Huffington Post, DFA, Media Matters, Firedoglake..)

A Great Song With Relevance With To Our Current Circumstances

Boston Globe: Attn Editors....We know you check out sites like

Sexism And Racism

Excellent Commentary and Pics from a New Hampshire JRE event

St. Pete Times Politifact Checkers: last five statements of candidates...

NH DUers! Check in here after you vote!

DU The Wall Street Journal Poll! Rate Bush's Performance!

NH POLL: Obama 42 (+3) , Hillary 29 (even), Edwards 17 (-2)

Latest New Hampshire Zogby Poll: Obama 42%, Clinton 29%, Edwards 17%

Interesting Point Made By Russert On Morning Joe:

NH Votes are in! Bill Richardson finishes in Third Place!!

Things that pundits don't ask candidates about and candidates don't mention too often

Today will be a great joy.

Good Morning and welcome to the rest of our lives

Steinem on "Front Runners" and Clinton in the NYT

Rasmussen: Final New Hampshire Poll: Obama 37% Clinton 30%

New Hampshire polls from Jan 1-8!!!

POTUS: NH Secretary of State predicts record turnout. Independents breaking heavily Democratic.

Dan Abrams: Top-Five Candidate Lies

Hillary's "emotional moment" Part II:

Since Martin L. King is mentioned so much lately, here's what he really said

Does Obama support "Don't ask, Don't tell" or will he try to reform/cure Gays in the Military

I don’t want someone to “reach across the aisle”

An interesting tidbit re: Bloomberg vs. Obama

Frustrated Big Dog: "Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen."

Do you think once the primary tickets are set that Dems will THEN...

Bloomberg's Rationale Is Vanishing Into Thin Air With Obama Surge

Barack Lobbyist Connections... Questions MUST Be ASKED, AND ANSWERED!

I'm not HIllary Bashing, I just don't want her

Edwards reveals the candidate of special interests!!!

E. J. Dionne: A Candidacy's Prose and Cons

Dartmouth Students Walk Out on Bill

Error on NH ballot listing for John Edwards.

Sun-Times front page "Choking up. . .or choking?"

HEADS UP: Obama rally, Dartmouth College LIVE on

Final Rasmussen: Hillary makes up some ground...Edwards well back...

Dr. King And Lyndon Johnson

Which Candidate is more likely to win the General Election in a Landslide? Edwards added.

CAUSE CÉLÈBRE: Ready to give Barack the part

Where is your Candidate on the Economy re: Possible Recession

Obama is a fighter

First NH Vote Counted: Obama 16, Edwards 3, Clinton 3, Richardson 1

Obama for President

The Big Dawg's theme song, "Don't Stop" tells this years story: "Yesterdays gone, yesterdays gone"

You should expect Hillary 3.0 to be rolled out tonight

If Hillary comes in second in New Hampshire..she can assume the mantle of change...

Hey Obama supporters, how old are you?

As Democrats, we should be rooting for McCain tonight.

Accessory after the fact - Attention Dems in Washington

Chamber of Commerce vows to punish anti-business candidates & has $60M to do so

John Edwards Or Mitt Romney?

No Massachusetts candidate has EVER lost the NH primary. Romney could be the first.

Is Barack Obama A "High I"?

commentator on radio eloquently outlines my reservations about Obama this morning

Obama is a lightweight in the same way that

Will Gore Accept Obama's Offer of a "Very Senior" Post in His White House?

Chuck Todd: "This time, second place doesn't make you the Comeback Kid"

Get ready for the Billary/Carville show are going to go negative inored to force a battle in Denver

New USA/Today National Poll: Clinton 33%, Obama 33%

Howard Fineman: What the heck happened to Hillary? Reasons for the former front-runner's travails

Shaken Clinton Camp Prepares For Trench Warfare After NH


Bigger 'bitchers and moaners'?

Watching Obama rally college students in NH

Gloria Steinem on the appalling double standard

Edwards was a no show at NH events last night.

Interesting Tweety commentary on Morning Joe re Clinton and the Democratic establishment

NY Times Misses Big Slip in Steinem Op-Ed

I find it odd no one seems to be talking about the Oprah factor

Sexism vs Racism

Obama's Other Life

After what happened in Iowa, how can anyone say that Edwards or Hillary are the most electable?

Do you think Al Gore will endorse Barack Obama?

Do you know who would I like see tonight on TV? Howard Wolfson

Do you know who would I like see tonight on TV? Howard Wolfson

Interesting Factoid: 2008 will be the first election since 1952

Protesters ask Clinton to iron shirts

A bad scenario for Democrats. When McCain wins tonight he'll be calling himself "the comeback kid".

So experience doesn't matter anymore

Elizabeth Edwards and Newsweek's Jonathan Alter Square Off on Health Care Debate

The republicans could take it to the convention!

Happy NH Primary Day!

Rudy: Crying's No Problem, I Do It When I Think of 9/11

Obama's " now rivals that of President Bush"

Did Terry McAuliffe just tip off potential Clinton hit on Obama in the next 24 hours?

If Hillary Comes In Second In NH, Beating Edwards, Then What? Is Edwards On The Ropes Now?

To all you DU'ers who always said that the media would do its best to pick our candidates for us

Is there an official New Hampshire Primary Thread?

Hillary is screwed

If Clinton Is Closer To Obama For Second Than Edwards Is To Clinton For Third Should He Stay In The

On The Ground With A TPM Contributor - Good News!

What States Do You See Obama NOT Winning In, As In "No Way In Hell"?

Where is Obama?

Youth Boost Obama and McCain

Thoughts on 2008 Senate Elections?

Good luck today.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Large voter turnout reported the T-shirt thing was a prank..what if

Snopes addresses the Obama myths.

Clinton says about the debates: For the first time, I wasnt the only one asked tough questions

Snopes on rumors about Clintons.

Here's the scrutiny Hillary was asking for: NY Post: BAM: OUR 1ST WOMAN PREZ?

Ruh Roh - Edwards Supporters Refuse to Shake Clinton's Hand

Conservative paper predicts ‘first woman president’ — no, not that one

TPM: Your Guide To Tonight's New Hampshire Exit Polls

O'Reilly: I Had No Choice But To Defend the Constitution

If Kucinich wins the Democratic nomination, I believe America is ready for a UFO president.

The Rude Pundit: The Jilting of Hillary Clinton (A Fantasia with Comment)

Euphemisms for Edwards in the press - post 'em as you find 'em

" Throw out the baby with the bath water"?

MD POLL: Obama beats McCain. Hillary doesn't.

Is the corporate push for Obama being directed by the oil companies?

Ras POLL: Obama within three points of Hillary (32 / 29), Edwards at 20 percent.

For any New Hampshire "independents" who believe McCain is a moderate

Lionel caller just nailed it completely about Obama! It's about "REPUDIATION".

Is Fux News Over? Fux Business News A Flop. MyNetworkTV, A Flop. Repugs Anti Fux News Now

How Al Franken Doing?

Just Like Always- M$M Gives Us the Shaft

"Is Hillary Finished?" is the survey question on Yahoo's homepage

Obama Will Win Big Today in NH, What is Hillary's Path to the Nomination?

Anybody else feeling the Obasm?

Didn't your momma tell you, "if you cant say anything nice, just be quiet"?

Only Democrats should vote in Democratic Primaries

RNC attack machine switching to Obama

If the Clintons and Carville launch a negative campaign against Obama

Anyone else ready to vObamat?

Huffpo: Bill Clinton Faults Press for Obama 'Fairy Tale'

Breaking .... Pix of a New Ham. voter

Why isn't anyone talking about change in this election?

Ron Paul has a decent shot to finish 3rd in NH

All-action Edwards works round the clock

Edwards keeps going, and going, and going...

Are there any states that Hillary can win that Obama can't in November

Are there any states that Obama can win that Hillary can't in November?

Per Andrea Mitchell, James Carville didn't change his underwear

Three-Quarters Through Edwards' 36-Hour "Marathon For The Middle Class": 9 Towns, 540 Miles

Ok stupid question but I am coming here for a smart answer..

Why didn't Obama's worker just drill O'Reilly....

Reality Check: Obama Tries to Save Kenya

A question about Obama

It's time to let go of the Negativity!

How Are We Looking In The House and Senate Elections?

I would like to believe that if Clarence Thomas came under attack

Aha! SEE this is *just the time* the perfect time for GRAVEL to POUNCE!!!!

The role of political reporters (and Edwards' Unreported Surge)

Andrea Mitchell coming up on MSNBC re EDWARDS

faux news or tom foreman

Since when do only women cry? n/t

Hey Hillary...Your campaign Manager is not the problem...It's you.

John Edwards has invited Americans to look at his plans. He's been willing to answer questions,

First NH ballots being counted NOW

Why I Still Back Hillary Clinton. By Robert Farmer

Is Dixville Notch on TV tonight?

So what good are Obama’s "platitudes"?

Dixville Notch Results: Obama-7 Edwards- 2 Richardson- 1 Clinton- 0

Barack Obama on taxes?

I have no problem with Hillary's Emotional moment today.

Hillary Introduces a Federal Blog

Zomg the state of the media, Jake Tapper compares Obama event to a "Hannah Montana" concert.

Barack Obama on Ethics

Obama on EMPTY HEADED political RHETORIC

I have not seen one mainstream news source confirming Carville will run Hillary's campaign

After 8 very dark and depressing years seeing our country dismantled

So many of you complain that Obama has no substance....

When Michael Moore likes your candidate, you know they are good...

Bill Clinton is going down in flames along with Hillary it looks like

thinkprogress covers "crying" and the media

Some possible news out of NV from the WSJ

When someone heckles Obama, crowd boos, Obama fights back.



McCain and Obama

my answer to my challenge to Obama supporters what he said

Daily Telegraph: Crying iron maiden Clinton

I would like to apologize to supporters of other candidates

You know about Reagan Democrats? Welcome to

Political Play of the Day: Edwards enlists some star power in New Hampshire

Obama apologists - NO ONE is bashing/attacking Obama

FINAL TALLY: Dixville Notch plus Hart's Location combined - Clinton-Edwards tie for second

Lets DO something Positive today: Help the nurses who have started CheneyCare Campaign:

The wives

Anyone else ever do this? Open a busy GDP thread & look for

Why does your candidate want the job?

Just say *** NO *** to Barack OSAMA

Here's the 3-point plan for how Obama will Unite Red and Blue America into One America.

What's the previous record for turnout in New Hampshire?

South Carolina Democrats say Obama can't win the national general election

The MSM has made it sooooo much easier to bash a woman

Memo for 2012, half the candidates need to be women. It doesn't matter if they are

If Huckabee is the nominee

Just remember...

Post your NH predictions here! Mine: Obama 42, Clinton 35, Edwards 20.

I saw Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins in NH with Edwards today...

Who has a better chance of beating the Repukes in November?

Just say *** NO *** to Barack HUSSEIN

What is the Dems problem with Gays

I swear, I didn't see a single tear in Hillary's eyes

Have we asked our candidates if they'll obey a subpoena from Congress?

O.K. aside from the fact that Obama has some Afro heritage

OK, so as Dems can we all agree that

If I violated the DU rules with my Obama threads, I publicly apologize for that.

If a 527 does a hit piece on Obama calling him a Muslim or something of the sort it will backfire

Who is Ron Paul taking votes away from?

Obama and McCain win Dixville Notch!

Everytime you call Obama "Osama" a Democrat dies.

Tonight, Hillary is talking "We" instead of me ...

"I am no orator, as Brutus is..." (or, It's ALL Rhetoric)

I see nothing wrong with Hillary's emotional moment.

You're Hillary's campaign manager - how do you come back?

I just saw Hillary on Olbermann

I'm not sure Arianna Huffington understands the Centrist Dem world-view

Chuck Todd: Obama is Dean 2.0

Carl Bernstein: [It's] this feeling that the Clinton campaign is about the Clintons

Wow, so Hillary Clinton thinks Al Queda will attack if Obama is elected?

The 2008 general presidential election will reveal just who are the pumpkin fuckers.

Just rename it Obama Underground and be done with it

Which year had the worst DU primary wars?

Carville coming to the rescue?

Contesting SC is foolishness.

How about a discussion of how Bloomberg could save the GOP's ass in 08?

To all of those wailing and gnashing teeth over the HRC "pile-on" and the "blatant sexism"...

For those disparaging LBJ 'signing that little piece of paper'

Anyone catch Andrew Sullivan on the Colbert Report?

Why did Kucinich throw his support behind Obama in Iowa?

Hollywood set to become an Obama production

Has Jon Stewart Helped Obama Get Elected?

Big turnout underway early in New Hampshire

"Flibberty Jib"

Democratic Daughters ---pix--->>>

When should we start getting the early results?

National Focus Poses Challenge for Obama: Nationwide campaign less suited to intensive organizing

I find it frightening

If any candidate finishes third in three purple states and a red state

A question for all the candidates' supporters, if you know.

Obamas new cousin - Odinga

MSNBC Article: What if its Obama v. Edwards

Does money (R) convey a subliminal message to voters?

Obama's Alinsky Jujitsu

No matter WHO wins

Obama and Clinton

WSJ, pg1: Clinton Braces for Second Loss; Union, Senators May Back Obama

John Edwards responds to TRANSCRIBED

Running out of Dem. Ballots in NH

Will Hillary Clinton become the 'Britney Spears' of politics?

Hey, Harriet Tubman... stop trying to liberate your people!

Has Hillary asked Independents and Republicans for their support?

NH Polling Stations running out of Ballots, huge turnout

Crooks & Liars Video: "Countdown: Bill O'Reilly Actually Attacks Someone Taller Puppet Theatre"

Barack Obama on Energy and the Environment

Harts Location, NH sounds like a scary place

Photos: Barack Obama speaking today at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire

Watch this: So Skinner,,,who are you supporting for the nomination?

Should OBAMA Apologize in 3 years, or can he simply refuse to back down on his NON-Vote on Iran?

Rumor has it that the Nevada Culinary Union will endorse Obama tomorrow

I'm Going to Eggies for Breakfast-

Clintons' main tactical error may be....

Just got a phone call inviting me to a rally for Rudy to welcome him back to FL.


Clinton and Edwards should not (and are not going to) withdraw.

Freudian slip? - Evan Bayh: Clinton supporters in Nev "fired up and ready to go."

Does Candy Crowley know that we know she is a right winger?

Does anyone remember who the republicans were courting to run for President

A video visit with Obama's "Granny" in Kenya: "May the best man or woman win."

Obama and the "Battling Blogosphere"

The Positive reason for Negative campaigning

Barack Obama on Taking Stands on Tough Issues

Hillary on How to Lose

Let’s get some perspective about Hillary Clinton,

Is the only way out of Iraq through a landslide Democratic Victory?

Hey, Obama-bashers!


I'll be voting for Kucinich in the NYS primary on 2-5-8

So what good are Obama's "platitudes"?

Bradley on Obama: "He's not making a bipartisan appeal; he's making an American appeal."

EPIC TURNOUT FOR DEMS -- We Are Out of Ballots!

TPM: James Carville Emphatically Denies That He's Going To Work For Hillary (Fox "News" Lied)

Obama campaign - more modern than Clinton machine AND the mighty "Blogosphere"

What are Obama's positions on torture, habeas, Guantanamo, and spying

Honestly, criticising a candidate by going after the behavior of supporters is...

Why I Still Back Hillary Clinton by Robert Farmer at the Wash Post

Can you believe this friggin’ rePUKE propaganda…Hillary the Movie!!

Would Hillary drop out and endorse Edwards?

Sec of State NH says reports of running out of ballots are FALSE

Why Obama has pulled ahead.

Deleted by Poster:


Who'll make a better Commander in Chief

CNN Ticker: Edwards states Obama will come under scrutiny

Huffpo: Clinton Allies May Dump Millions Into Anti-Obama Group

Bill Clinton complained that New Hampshire got it wrong by having its primary so soon after Iowa.

It is not simply charisma....It not simply's the fresh air, the poetry

Sarkisyan family urges New Hampshire to vote for Edwards

Obama isn't very good in debates. Speeches leading up to elections get repetitive.

Man, Obama supporters are so brutal.

Obama's grandmother in Kenya comments on campaign (video)

Do you like all three candidates: Hillary, Obama and Edwards?

Wonder what is going to happen when the nominations are over


NH Edwards supporters take after their candidate...

Time to take a breath, Quotes egg hunt. (Politics)

For Those Who Believe That The Race Is Still Wide Open....

HRC To Skip NV and SC? (Hotline)

Delete pls. dupe. nt

Obama Fever Evident On Primary Day


Wolf and John King just informed me President Clinton isn't allowed to get pissed off at them

The sorry performance of Reid and Pelosi have hurt Clinton.

Unite Here Expected to Endorse Obama (450,000 members incl. NV)

Obama turning away donors in New York tomorrow night

A bit more on the NV caucuses and the Culinary Local

Obama's mentor in the senate was Joe Leiberman

Say you get to choose the campaign song for each candidate.

Obama is fine on the issues and identical to Edwards/Clinton. That's not his problem.

Even Conservative Media Chorus Sings Obama's Praises

If Obama is a fairy tale, does that mean it will have a happy ending?

The Clinton Camp Unbound

I'm glad Clinton is being tested in early primaries. MSM is trying to make sure Obama isn't tested.

What Will Happen Why Obama's Cult Persona Wears, and His Experience Is Questioned Publicly ?

Edwards Supporters Refuse to Shake Clinton's Hand- (Nice)

Republicans are asshats.

Hillary is never mentioned as VP possibility. Know why?

Are you guys on crack? Experience is as Experience does...

There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Choosing A Candidate Based On Personality

Predict The Percentage Your Candidate Will Get Tonight

MSNBC: Bay Buchanan thinks that her boy Mittster can beat Obama.

Just voted in the primary (in NH)

Is there exit polling in New Hampshire?

Good God! Who would vote for this man??

Romney is Honest because he's a Mormon!

Obama supporters don't wash after they use the bathroom. Still trust him?

This is a call out to no one in particular regarding the Obama's "yea" vote on bankrupcy.

The order of the top three in both parties seems predictable, but will Ron Paul beat 9iu11ani?

The reason I'd never use a quote from "Lemon Bill" Bennett to attack a fellow Democrat is...

Hank Williams Jr. is never mentioned as a VP possibility. Know why?

The "Democrats 2008" on the lower part of the DU homepage is funny,

Some EXIT POLL numbers...(no horse-race yet)

Bill Bennett: "Get the hook, get Bill Clinton off stage. He's undignified. Bill Clinton is Nixon."

UNOFFICIAL DU straw poll



"Old/New guard" won't hurt Hillary in General election OR help Obama.

so whos winning?

I Want to Say That Hillary Clinton is a Fine Senator And Will Continue to Lead

There are 61 potentially vulnerable US representatives this election.

Just emailed MSNBC again..

Life ain't always fair!

Congressman Wexlers impeachment petition

FWIW: One of my friends in NH voted for Ron Paul, another said

Clinton will win on policy. Obama will win on inspiration. Which quality will last 10 months?

Obama supporters refuse to acknowledge his "no show" vote on the Iran resolution.

WOW!!! "upwards of 10,000 people registered to vote in Chicago" since last Thursday!

FOX NEWS: Obama, McCain Win First Ballots in Dixville Notch, N.H. (kinda silly)

Washington Post FactChecker corrects Bill Clinton on Obama and Iraq

Long list of candidates (21 dems) - Concord Monitor page

Obama's "Nay" vote on 2005 bankrupcy bill and his Plan proposed to reverse the Bill that did passed

Prediction: John McInsane or Romnitron?

Jesse Jackson: Obama’s Success Is Making Us All Winners

ABC News: New Hampshire Turnout 'Absolutely Huge' (SoS sending out extra ballots)

When do the NH polls close?

Obama Takes Europe by Storm: "Race reshaped by the son of Kenyan goatherd"

Why are all the networks talking about EXIT POLLING after the 2000 disaster

Anyone see the Obama supporter faint and Obama's reaction?

And then along came John..

AP: Early Highlights From NH Survey

The Clinton "Experience Myth"

Kucinich story from ABC Notes:

N.H. turnout 'huge,' especially Dem side (usatoday)

Nevada: Former Biden State Director Ronni Council Joins Clinton Team

The problem with the idea that Hillary is going to save all her eggs for super tuesday

I love you DU, I care not who you support nor...

With all of this...I think many of us are missing the biggest...

Clinton on Obama 'fairy tale'

So..before the results come in..per centage question?

Barack Obama and his grandparents

I am seeing this through cat's eyes

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones rockin on Hardball..


"It's hard to stay objective with this guy"

More on the youth vote..

women are never front-runners

For those who have reservations about Obama

Q: He also called your campaign a fairy tale. How do you respond to that?

Newsflash: HUGE turnout in New Hampshire

So Bill Clinton thinks people supporting Obama are basically stupid

"Last throes of Clintonism." Interesting view of last WINNING Democrat at "Democratic Underground"

Unite Here Expected to Endorse Obama, giving him a big boost in Nevada

I can certainly feel a "Get Over It" vibe on the horizon

nothing can stop them.

I Listened To Obama Speak. Am I Listening To A Guy Running For Class President??!

Obama = Lieberman: Americans "do not think George Bush is mean-spirited"

I'm not so into the idea of 36 years of 2 Family Rule

Is Hillary Clinton on the way out - Misogyny stronger than racism?.

Suprise..another false report about the Clinton campaign..

Wow, former Pres Clinton is sounding like an angry old man:

NH results to be posted on NH SOS tomorrow?

Maybe JE will come in First in New Hampshire!

1/8/08: Stupid AOL Online Poll of over 300,000 people - interesting results.

Bill Clinton perfected "crying"

My hope for the Republican outcome in New Hampshire:

"God help me, I'm off the fence and going with Hillary."

Isn't it a riot to see Obama fans complain about threads critical of their candidate?

Hey Obama Supporters, I Have Something For You

Posting on DU has had what amount of impact on the results of Iowa and New Hampshire?

It probably won't happen, but I would just laugh my ass off if Hillary pulls out a win tonight

Obama sells himself as the new JFK (WaPo 10/3/07)

I want to know why, since Obama is clearly ahead, so many on DU persist in viciously trashing the

Follow NH results as they come in HERE - -

I am SO HAPPY! I will NOT have to vote FOR HILLARY in the General Election in NOVEMBER

So if Hillary's voters came out (older woman) and Obama still wins...

If Obama wins the nomination, Biden is probably the best VP

7 Reasons Why I’m Not Voting for Hillary Clinton

On the subect of the mainstream media.

More bad news for Hillary

CNN "panel" with Wolfie bashing the Clintons

Ihave gotta say, I just watched Bill Clinton video on Obama and he rocks!

Women are Never Front Runners: Gloria Steinem on the Clinton campaign

The desperation of the anti-Obama contingent is becoming uproariously funny


Duncan Hunter wins big in Wyoming

How Close Would Hillary Have To Come To Obama To "Declare Victory" Tonight?

Complaining about media coverage

Indications are that Hillary may be leading in the exit polls

I love being a Kucinich supporter...

Curious as to how Kucinich fares today

America is not ready for an atheist, homosexual, Muslim, Hindu etc president.

Obama on Iraq - admits he lied (or is he lying about that?)

ABC is reporting it is much closer between Obama and Clinton, saying Clinton may be giving a victory

Can anyone recommend best online streaming video of election results?

If Hillary finishes third again or Obama breaks 50%

Awww look at the Puppy.. :o)

NH Primary Day: hnmnf Prediction - Obama 45%, Clinton 30%, Edwards 18%,

Barack Obama on Donnie McClurkin the gay bashing preacher.

Welcome to the United States of Disney

I voted in NH today - met Hillary at my polling station

Pregnant Woman Joins Steinem/Clinton Pile-On!

so, what do we think of this threat of a centrist third party candidate?

If the Clintons go the 527 route and/or play the super delegate game to secure the nomination. . .


Seriously, I wish everyone's candidate could do well tonight

I hate the Primary Season....

Can Barack Obama be as good a wartime candidate as John Kerry was?

Some thoughts I shared with my mom today.

Giuliani's new logo

Off the fence. Go Hillary.

First Votes in NH Winners - 1. Obama, 2. Edwards, 3. Richardson, 4. Clinton

Is there some kind of contest for stupidest thread title going on here?

Is any other DU feminist upset that they won't vote for a woman for president in 08?

Which of these is CLOSEST to your prediction for the NH primary?

In England, BBC TV evening news called NH for Obama

Four things that Obama does NOT believe (straight from his website)

Some DU Primary "Fun Facts" For Those Whose Heads Haven't Exploded (Yet)

Obama fans: Katzenkavalier Appreciation thread!

I was leaning Edwards, but I'm voting Obama.

What separates JRE from the other candidates?

New Hampshire Draft Gore Endorses John Edwards

Folks its sour grapes to say the media our picking our candidates, Obama is the real deal . . .

I apologize, I was wrong about Obama's bankruptcy vote. He voted NO.

Times, they are a' changin: Thank you, "Blue Hampshire"!

For Obama Supporters and Strong Leaners ONLY

What happens to Edwards' "rejection of the status quo" argument if he loses to Hillary tonight?

Reaping what we sow.."Iron my shirts" T-shirts on sale...

Has the "Hillary implosion" meme lowered expectations enough that a close 2nd is a "win" for her?

It's like watching the Wicked Witch of the West melt before your eyes

Who Really Controls USAmerika...

MSM Knows Exit Poll Info Before They Release It: Talking as if it's Good for Obama

What's going to happen to all the anger, once the primaries are over?

Just who the hell are you people trying to convince?

Military Casualties: Why doe the media distort the truth?

We Forget What It Was Really Like Under the Clintons

CNN story: sobbing supporters at Obama event couldn't name policy positions on anything. SCARY

Senator Biden Issues Statement on Justice Department's CIA Tape Investigation

My husband was so proud to stand in Obama's corner at the caucus last week.

Edwards, The Invisible Man

C*H*A*N*G*E* ... Who Are The Real Candidates Of Change?

Clinton-Edwards-Obama: Senate voting frequency comparison

Some FACTS about Fundraising (Edwards v Obama)

I've Chosen My Democratic Presidential Nominee: HIGGINS HARTMANN

John Edwards, Esq.

Would President Obama have Donnie McClurkin perform at his inagural ball?


Edwards Supporters Only Please. Can I have a show of hands?

Servicemembers in Naples warned to steer clear of garbage protesters

Downtown Milan now requires driving pass

Schweinfurt, Germany’s Task Force Guardian deactivates

U.S. bases likely avoided worst of norovirus in U.K.

U.S. commander says EFP attacks have fallen dramatically in 6 months

Report: Iranians threatened U.S. warships

Team from DODDS, AFNORTH to work together in competition

C-17 squadron returns to McGuire

Tech. Sgt. found dead at Cannon AFB home

Plan to use N.D. skies for training on hold

AG: Children imitated sex acts of capt., wife

2 Hornets crash in Persian Gulf, crews safe

Reservist politician inaugurated in Iraq

Corps opens hearing into Afghanistan shooting

Sailor declared dead after going overboard

Top admiral details U.S.-Iranian encounter

Work-therapy income ruled tax-free for vets

Vets groups urge Bush to OK extra VA funds

AAFES honors soldier for courage under fire

Afghan roadside bomb kills coalition soldier

Fort Richardson unit tops Army re-enlistment

Sasebo water rationing plan put on hold

Military warns Seoul dust at unhealthy levels

Two Marines suspected in assault, robbery

Kadena conducting readiness exercises

Pacific brief: 8 Camp Casey soldiers arrested in drug case

Humphreys expansion, quality of life cited atop 2008 priorities

Relief program to offer quick loans for troops in a pinch

Sailors Found Dead in Ghana Identified

Pentagon: U.S. Ships Harassed by Iran

Navy ships nearly fired at Iranian boats

my 120th ltte-keeping the flame burning for our vets

Candidates court votes of Indian community

Doubt as Bush set to visit Mideast

Expectations low for Bush trip

For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets (Sibel Edmonds)

Remember him? Bush begins Middle East tour

Chalmers Johnson on " Charlie Wilson's War".

Winning an election isn't the same as passing an examination - EJ Dionne

In Brief: Five Intensely Obvious Things We Learned From Iowa: Rude Pundit

What Do Conservatives Conserve?

Conservative Right Confused and Depressed by Clinton's Failing Candidacy

Fox Wonders if Hillary's Age is the Reason She's Losing in NH-- No Mention of 71 Yr. Old John McCain

Let Them Eat Cake

Republican refuses to pay for cab ride home from strip club.

TPM: “I think on (SEN. Clinton’s) MLK and Johnson remark, ..from the Politico is misleading…

Explosive Charge by Edwards Campaign: Bank Teller Who Supports Hillary Refuses to ‘Make Change’

How much for the women?

Why is Hillary Crashing?

US mortgage job losses topped 86,000 in 2007-study

U.S.-Peru trade deal adds insult to NAFTA's injury


Jonathan Alter: ...Hillary is indeed as much of a unifier as Obama—but of Republicans

Will Clinton's defeat marginalize the "centrists" within the Democratic Party.

"Yes, We Can" - The Magic Behind Obama's Message

David Corn: Desperate in NH: Fibbing About Obama and Iraq?

Kristolnicht: the Decline of the New York Times

US headed for its worst recession

Did Bush Just Kick McCain In the Teeth?

Media to Voters: It's Over

Gloria Steinem in the NYT: "Women Are Never Front-Runners"

Sea Shepherd hindered by US helping Japanese Whale Killers

Two Roads Diverging in 2008: Which Way Will We Go?

Higher And Higher

Viggo Mortensen and Dennis Kucinich on media and change

Boys Don't Cry?

Viggo on Kucinich and the wisdom of voting your conviction.

Olbermann: Puppet Theatre - O'Reilly Unhinged!

Even Conservative Media Chorus Sings Obama's Praises (by Howards Kurtz)

Obama in NH: Obama takes the stage in Concord, 11pm TONIGHT!

The candidate for the middle class..

Brave New Films: FOX ATTACKS Obama Staffer (& O'Reilly)

Wolfowitz and Biden - 2003 Senate Hearing on Iraq

Meanwhile, Back at the White House. . .


Dennis Kucinich on the Campaign Trail

Mitt's Most Important Primary

Olbermann: Sean Hannity Chased By Ron Paul Supporters


John Edwards on CNN from NH: Jan. 7, 2008

Peter King "We'll take care of the counting."

Obama: You can't be nice to protesters, either. Another example why you won't fight the corporations

Olbermann: Worst Persons 1/7 - O'Reilly, Dr. Phil, Clemens

Breaking Down the Mainstream Media Coverage of Hillary "Crying"

Romney Brown Shirts caught stealing McCain signs by the press

MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams 1/7/08

Hillary Clinton Breaks & Shows Emotion In New Hampshire

John Edwards - 36 Hour Marathon for the Middle Class in N.H.

Mike Huckabee: Radical Cleric

Cafferty File Covers McGovern Call for Impeachment

Top 5 Recent Candidate Misstatements

Bhutto's son calls for UN inquiry - 8 Jan 08

Clinton Hecklers: "Iron My Shirt"

John Edwards - Manchester, N.H. Town Hall ,January 6, 2008- Complete Event-

Edwards campaign unleashes its secret weapon

Bush: Iranian Persian Gulf Incident a

Bill O'Reilly.. King Dildo

Mike Huckabee's Crazy Tax Plan

Glenn Beck explains post-surgery Youtube video

Ron Paul supporters say hello to Sean Hannity

A Message To Ron Paul Supporters

Bill Richardson on Executive orders and the Domestic Terrorism Bills

BBV hacks Optical Scanner 81% of NH will use Tuesday. (Silvestro)

Bill Clinton on Obama: Big Fairy Tale

Freedom of Speech and H.R. 1955 pt. 1

Ummm... are you guys having tornados in the mid-west?

Military warns Seoul dust at unhealthy levels (xpost from Veterans)

Tornados (37?) hit Missouri, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Illinois and Oklahoma

Anti-Nuclear Renaissance: A Powerful but Partial and Tentative Victory Over Atomic Energy

Grass biofuels 'cut CO2 by 94%' - BBC

World's Dead Zones Hit 415 In Number; 169 Known Hypoxic, 169 Likely Hypoxic

Arctic Council Scientists Scrambling For Answers On Greenland's Glaciers By 2009 - IHT

enXco Announces The Dedication Of Its First (247 kW) Solar Project In Fresno, California

Texas becomes leader in wind energy

For sale: West's deadly nuclear secrets

Wolf At The Door - Barron's Article On Matt Simmons' Calling A 2005 Peak

UAE Blames High Oil Prices On (Drum Roll Please!) - That's Right, SPECULATORS!!!!

SunEdison Copycats Take Finance Model Beyond PV

Nova Scotia to create test centre for tidal power in Bay of Fundy

(Connecticut) State delegation wants oil reserves opened

Saudi Aramco Plans To Nearly Double Ras Tanura Refinery Output To Meet Domestic Demand

In Greenland, Ice and Instability

New nanostructured thin film shows promise for efficient solar energy conversion

China's Pollution Revolution

Insurers Paying to Rebuild Greener Homes

Liquid electricity from the photon farm

Fact Sheet: The Grays Harbor Ocean Energy and Coastal Protection Project

Check out this load of crap that the GOP came up with !

Renewables supply 14 pct of German power: industry

No Convincing Evidence For Decline In Tropical Forests, Says University Of Leeds Geographer - AFP

Can Socialism Save the Planet?

Matt Simmons' Latest - Another Nail In The Coffin Of The Case Against Peak Oil

Sea Shepherd: The Impossible Mission Continues (Greenpeace refuses all cooperation)

Oil exports of the world's top 5 exporters could drop to zero by 2031

Greenpeace: The case against nuclear power

Fuck it. I'm rooting for Hillary to win tomorrow.

Oh God Help Me, Cuz Here I Go: Hillary's Tearing Up.

Okay. I just saw the Hillary clip where she tears up a bit. My gut reaction...

Topic subject What is happening to Clinton in the media should be DISTURBING to any democrat

Hillary talks to Diane Sawyer about her emotions, running as a woman,

Topic subject Woohoo Dan Abrams is nailing it!

Topic subject Hillary gets my vote

Bill Clinton on Obama's 'would -be-' vote on the war. I think he is right:

Gloria Steinem on the appalling double standard

Protesters ask Clinton to iron shirts

Gloria Steinem today in NYT: Women Are Never Front-Runners

TPM: “I think on (SEN. Clinton’s) MLK and Johnson remark, ..from the Politico is misleading…

I voted in NH today - met Hillary at my polling station

I want to know why, since Obama is clearly ahead, so many on DU persist in viciously trashing the

Labor issues are among airline industry's top concerns

Key union to endorse; races still up in the air

Union starts job, aid program for former Farmer Jack workers

Local restaurant workers need a union

NYT: AFSCME Fight Continues (Seven members of AFSCME’s 35 member board concerns about negative campa

Hearing scheduled over Foxwoods dealers' union vote (tribe's claim of jurisdictional authority)

Bill targets hiring of illegal workers

Huge Turnout in Iowa Caucuses (union households made up 22 percent of the vote)

Los Alamos nurses vote to unionize

Office Cleaners Ratify New Contracts (Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Montgomery County)

Hospital Refuses Inmates Until Security Improves

William Zeman, Labor Lawyer, Dies (played a lead role in introducing the CIO to Connecticut)

Doing the free-trade mambo

Nurses plan picket

TV Notes: Soap operas' unusual issues lure writers across picket lines


Tennessee Commercial Warehouse Layoffs Eliminate Union Supporters

Teaching dispute leads to parent picketing and student walkout

NLRB approves new bargaining unit for Capital District nursing home

Laid-off ambulance workers returning to jobs after NLRB ruling (see TN post)

WGA To Picket The Daily Show, Colbert Report


The Beilin Syndome

Israeli-American Nobel laureate to form hawkish party

Sanhedrin to Bush: Declare that Israel belongs to Jews

Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel ahead of Bush visit

(Avigdor) Lieberman won't resign during Bush visit

XPost: How healthy is your medical credit score?

FL: Lawmakers want to know what happened at investment pool

US recession is already here, warns Merrill

BBC....Recession in U.S. has arrived.

Hello, Everyone.

Looks like Joe's not letting any grass grow...

Really great thread by Ginchinchilli

I need a favor....



i find it somehow cathartic

Good News!

I hope Hillary wins NH tomorrow.

You guys are probably familiar with Dixville Notch - the little NH town that

I was just reading an article about Bush's trip to Israel and how nobody has


During the Dem debate the other night,

I've been looking for statements from Joe on the Iran/Navy incident and also

Did Joe go back to work in the Senate today, does anybody know? nt

You know what really drives me crazy about Obama?


Contributions to Joe -- Hold On

Watch this, you guys.

Rock, paper, scissors


Biden photo

I think I'm rooting for Hillary tonight.

Well the Goodbye Blog for Biden is now closed

Minister ken Hutcherson again targets gay-friendly Microsoft

Over 500 gays serve openly in US military

Group Formed To Block Gay Marriage In Vermont

If anyone wants to add 25 people to their ignore list

Kucinich: Vote for Yourself

Is this Homophic in your Opinion?

Huckabee Accused Of Reneging On Promise To Meet AIDS Activists

Conservative pastor urges buying Microsoft stock to fight its gay rights efforts

Have to share some pics....

A call for action (and a sad story from my hometown: Greensburg PA)

Can I hang out here for a while?

Gay Adoption Ban Bill Expected As Tennessee Lawmakers Return

NH: "First in the nation" (with corporate controlled secret vote counting)

Chaos Computer Club Is Legally Against Voting Machines in Hesse before

BBV hacks Optical Scanner 81% of NH will use Tuesday. (Silvestro) (X)

The Kudzu Effect: The Voting-Industrial Complex chokes our democracy

ICE planning to purge roles in NY's Nassau County?

I'm Barack Obama's cousin says Raila Odinga

White House Watch: The Question the Candidates Aren't Asked and Won't Answer (X)

Report: DoJ Wrong to Bless Admin Civil Rights Panel Stacking Scheme

New Jersey's Post-Election Audit Bill Goes to the Governor!

Does anyone yet have a "swing state" election protection project?

Wow, maybe MoveOn is finally starting to "get it."

From: Bev Harris and Black Box Voting = NH "Chain of Custody"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 01/07/08

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 01/08/08

VCC Ramping Up Outreach For HCPB Campaign

The great unasked question of the 2008 Presidential race ...

"Ready, Set, Go!...But Not Quite Yet" - Karen Bishop - January 8, 2008

very quick NH Primary astro-peek

Anyone wanna throw a quick Tarot for me?

Carville will be on suicide watch this week


Tressell is doing a fine job of coaching for Ohio State

Will Gossage get into the Hall today?

Joe Gibbs Resigns As Redskins HC and President

Sweeping up after the BCS Bowl and Mardi Gras is four weeks from today

Congratulations to the Big Ten and their fans for a great 2007 season

AP Top 25

Gossage elected to Hall.

Ohio State played the best team they faced all year last night....

What is the only conference which could have TWO conference losses

According to ESPN, 4 of the 6 major conferences are in favor of a playoff. Who's not?

I think there should be a major (BCS) bowl in Columbus, Ohio or

In all fairness, why aren't NCAA D-1 Football Championships also played in the North

Who Do You Think Should Sing The National Anthem At The Super Bowl This Year?

Damn! The Indianopolis Colts have the easiest game this weekend

France best, U.S. worst in preventable deaths

Healthy living 'can add 14 years' (BBC)

Autistics Clinically Proven Mercury Posioned; and virtually all recover after detox/nutrititional

Autism cases up even with vaccine change

Are You Running With Me, Jesus?


Photo of the Year 2007 Exhibition over in GD.

Almost a year later and my trial hasn't even been scheduled

How much salt pork will be enough for 1 lb. of white beans?

Woo hoo!

So, God told Pat Robertson who will win the 2008 election, and he refuses to say?

Any comments ??

Bill Clinton:"You're nuts"

OT, but can people check fact before they print something?

poll: can Obama be as good a wartime candidate as John Kerry was?

The BG still cannot decide whether the SBVT were right or wrong?

OT: Please Note

How many former JK people are with Obama now?

What can be done with a County Chair that invites Republicans instead of Democrats

ColorVision SPyder 2 suite - $99 at NewEgg -- good deal.

My unanswered letter to Sen. Obama

Campaign to free Khadr escalates

Schreiber asks MPs to review Mulroney's tax files

A rush to non-judgment

KOEB Meeting 1/7/08 Bill O'Reilly Confrontation Puppet Theater Edition

KOEB Meeting 1/8/08 New Hampshire Primary Edition

AZ: Teacher shortage threatens to stall students' education

UC to fight ruling on money owed to students

Court Revives Lawsuit Against No Child Left Behind Law

Should the unemployed be made to work for their benefits? going broke...if not there already

National Academy of Sciences updates publication on Creationism in Science Classes

Fighting Bob names Senator Judy Robson 'Person of the Year'

Please Tell Me Why You Love California.

The New York Times' effect on man.

Our National Health Service accepting Woo

California study finds no link between vaccine ingredient, autism

Not too surprising,really..Dubya is a woo......

Whackjob bracelet makers ordered to pay $16M in refunds!

Looking for BIG dog dogfood recipes

I am SUCH a well-trained kitty momma!

So, I asked about my dog getting sick when I leave town..the vet's office recommended Rescue Relief.