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Vegas Union (60,000 members) Leans to Obama

Unite Here Union (including Las Vegas Culinary Local) Expected to Endorse Obama

Oscars show will go on, organisers vow

Israel Steps Up Warnings To Bush On Iran

Clinton wins NH

Obama-Clinton Struggle Too Close To Call (NH Primary)

Sen. John McCain Wins New Hampshire GOP Primary, NBC Projects

Gold hits record above $890 on dollar, oil

European bans threaten seal hunt: industry

US business holds out hope for trade deals in 2008

L.A. grand jury issues subpoenas in Web suicide case

Settlement on Use of Central Park's Great Lawn

R.I. grade-schoolers to be tracked by computer chips in backpacks

Clinton, McCain wins NH primaries, trailed by Obama, Romney

Driver who ran over nearly 50 people at festival while high gets 25 years

Jerusalem lights to go out so Bush can enjoy sunrise

Columbia professors plan to visit Iran to apologize to Ahmadinejad

Drivers face $3.50 gasoline this spring

tom waits on fernwood 2 night

Grab some 'corn and join me in GDP please

Grab some 'corn and join me in GDP please

Post Your Mom's Maidenform

posted in GD


What was the craziest thing you've seen someone else do within the last week?

Mac people. Quick question. I plugged my mp3 player into the isb port. Where do I go to see it?

A t-shirt to support the writer's strike:

Did your Dad dress left or right?

So when do we go to defcon 3?

In GDP someone is arguing that Obama is not black

Its Always the Same

VEGANS (& meat eaters too): A question...

I can't blow my freaking nose without popping some damned vessel.

ok I'm PUK ing

The Mods said this was ok to post. An artful, tasteful full-frontal nude photo of me (taken today).

I can't walk across the street without someing popping that damned word, wessel.

Happy Birthday to my mommy, who would be 83 today

Release the tension...Pink Panther extravaganza on Turner Classics

Sex, DU, Listening To Led Zeppelin

Not Level 2...

Okay, Hate To Have To Do This, But I Have To

Cheech and Chong live '78

Free hugs...gitcher free hugs here!


I am not calling out anyone, in particular, about Level 2...

Breaking CNN: Hillary & Obama Concede.

So I Am Walking Past This Bookstore, And Some Naked Guy Is Dancing In the Window

I miss my dander!

"I'm going to be honest with you."

calling all sherlock holmesinators

Wes Clark is a fine-looking man

Can you check cells on your email phone?

Which is worse to be called?

how do hypochondriacs know they are hypochondriacs

i was eating at a chinese buffet in houston in 1985

HEY! *Mike* is one of US . . .

post your ABA routing number

Madrone keeps popping vessels and spraying my throw pillows with blood

The meteorological shit is hitting the fan here in Birmingham

Hypervigilance ... and voting Democratic

And now for something completely different...

Can you check email on your cell phone?

it's like the buzz in the air at the new bedlam sanitarium


Tonight at TravelingTavernerTavern: Victory Hop Devil

I miss land...errrr

BSG Junkies -- a little fix

NEVER let your girlfriend hold the remote

umm help! I'm being stalked by phantom messages!

I burned my Steakhouse Chili on the stove........

i think i might need to get me one of these . . .

ok I'm PUI ing

A potential buyer is coming to look at my house tomorrow, and I'm FREAKING!

about A Daily Show with John Stewart

I miss my mander!

First time! I just helped conquer a disruptor in GD-P!

Happy 81st Birthday Soupy Sales

Hillary Wins -- GD/GD:P to self-destruct.

when i was in fifth grade

Klaatu Barada Nikto!

Here's a video clip that I believe will make Clinton and Obama supporters alike happy...

Who gets to count the Electrical Votes?

foo fighters are the best working band in america.

What's the best thing about not smoking crack anymore?

Happy Birthday David Robert Jones!!

Something about this little video I find adorable. I think the narrator


the New Mac Pro

Cheesiest "B" movie of all time?

Joe Gibbs has retired from the Redskins.

Why is alone time so freaking hard to get?

What's the best thing about not smoking any more?

what do the SFM Holiday Network syndication package and

Ask me anything and I'll respond with a random picture

advice, please . . .

Why would my cute kitty be afraid of the oven?

do you think you have a good sense of humor?

i am *painfully* in love ...

Post your ATM PIN

When will you die? Deathclock

OK. I just checked into Gray Warrior's Snape thread...

I received a gift today. And this holiday season, I received many gifts.

I am *horribly* in love...

New Hampshire Voters:

How many states would Obama carry in Nov.?

Wow: NBC Exit Poll

I know it's early, but ABC says Barack 59%, Clinton/Edwards 10%

Wow! Check out these polls!

Obama! Pluck a nosehair and you'll get a 5% sympathy vote! Do it now!

I guess Edwards has to cry.

NPR Reports that 60% or Unaffiliated NH Voters are Voting Democratic

Lou Dobb's is going to stroke on today right there live on cnn

My .02 on the primary (like anyone cares...)

Is Lou Dobbs Running For Office?!?

What do tonights results mean?

What result in NH would strengthen / back the idea that Edwards has momentum?

Is there a site where we can watch N.H. results in real time? n/t

Text of Pvt. 1st Class Jason Scheuerman's Suicide Note

Sam Nunn - NO LONGER a Senator - on Bloomberg TV Talking up Unity/Mike Bloomberg

2fer: CHAVEZ tells Naomi "touch my muscles" & foes want him removed for "insanity"

Countrywide stock plummets

L.A. grand jury issues subpoenas in Web suicide case

Why did we need a new Hampshire, the old one was good enough for me.

Finally somebody (Frank RICH) says the "change" is AGAINST SHRUB

A Surge of More Lies, by Congressman Robert Wexler

Early results MUST be absentee votes, correct?


MSNBC projecting McCain Win

MSNBC Projects McCain the winner 37%.

Can someone tell me again, why did Hillary vote for the Kyle/Lieberman amendment?

Obama LOSES votes in Count? 12910 to 12890?

Our IT department vs. Adolph Hitler

A message to Hillary and Obama:

Gun control, the great sleeper issue in 08?

the New Mac Pro

Bank report says U.S recession is here (Dow down 238)

What's your opinion of "Obamanomics"?

Keith and that other guy ............

Why do we take Iowa and New Hampshire so seriously? Both states allow open primaries.

YES!!! ~ Huckabee is conceding defeat!!!

January 4, 2008: McAuliffe Guarantees Victory for Clinton

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's Back!

Screw Kumbayah, this is politics. Attack, attack, attack

Only 301 shopping days left........ Can your candidate be bought?

Why the Disparity in the MSNBC Results Graphics, GOP v. Dem?

Hillary is doing well, she must getting the Independent voters, right?


The Klan is alive and well in New Hampsire, passing out lit @ Rudy events

"Mac's a Hack! Mac's a Hack!"

McCain giving "I won Suckers!" speech

Release the tension...Pink Panther extravaganza on Turner Classics

You SAY you want a revolution

The New Hampshire Primary has melted our avatars.

Is EVERYONE going to steal JE's thunder?

PHOTO: Mac is back!!!111

I am still officially undecided - but I have to say...

Concord Monitor coverage: a little slower, but thorough

Someone should Clue McCain in that he ain't Mr. Smith.

What A God-Awful Victory Speech McCain Is Giving !!!

OK, I can't create an 'official' poll here, but....

Assuming whacko McCain got the GOP nomination... what's your opinion?

McCain is reading his speech?

Who wrote John McCain's horrible speech?

Other than me , who else has his blood pressure off the charts right now

The vile and corrupt corporate media needs to apologize to Obama nation

Love, exciting and new. (a DU pictoral ode to the NH R winner)

Straits of Tolkin or Gulf of Hormuz?

Clinton doing very well in Manchester, has won in Hooksett, Dover, Rochester. Obama carries Concord,

MSNBC is laughing at McCain's speech, completely trashing him

Mike Malloy: "strongly for Edwards"

If I'm wrong say so, but I think removing Repukes from all levels of govt. is our #1 duty!

Hold the phone! The Clinton/Obama gap in NH is shrinking...

Why are all of the people on TV card carrying members of the Georgetown cocktail party crowd?!

Race tightening between Clinton and Obama....two percentage points...

Luck of the Irish. Something to take your mind off DU infighting.

MSNBC is showing the 3 leading Repubs including Huckabee Fuck Me

NH Women Skewed Towards the Establishment Dem - Thanks NH Females....

Breaking CNN: Hillary & Obama Concede.

NH PRIMARY DISINFO ALERT: Paper Ballot 'Problems' Misreported by MSM!

McCain wins New Hampshire. Does that mean he fathered another black child?

MYDD.COM: Hillary's Strongholds Are In, Obama's Are Not

20,591 ballots cast thusfar for GOP candidates...

Can someone tell me WHY New Hampshire

Good Bye and Good Riddence to Ghoul -iani !

Talk about holding your nose and punching a ballot...

both Clinton and Obama are running well ahead of McCain

Incredibly sad. Woman tries to leave infant at library

Is Chimpy going to have some sort of religious experience?

While we're discussing whether the country is ready yet for a

Congratulations to John McCain

The Freeper thread on McCain winning

Remember: Rove wants Hillary - Obama double digit lead erased by machine voting?

The Ramifications of a Black Man or a Woman being president in the U.S.

Jim Dean from Democracy For America (LIVE)

Fine fucking time for my fucking cable to be on the fucking fritz!

A Hillary comeback makes RepuKKKes from coast to coast piss themselves

Someone kill me now--Joe Scarborough is making me insane!

Great tool to track results in NH Primary

Does NH use Deibold???????

Results are Starting to Come In - Link to Live Stats (ABC)

On Their Side, It's Gonna Be Romney When The Dust Clears

Correction: Faux News DOES NOT Call NH For Hillary Clinton !!!

I flipped on Fox News and I am wondering why all the long faces boys?

if the NH SOS is not publishing results until tomorrow....

ABC IS declaring McCain 15 minutes after the polls close in state with HAND COUNTED BALLOTS!!

Stick a fork in Romney!!

Why do I feel like the American people are being scammed again?

Clinton doesn't have a chance to win tonight does she?

Relax folks...only about 15% of the vote has been counted...

CNN exit poll: Obama 39.4%, Hillary: 38.1%

deleted dupe

40, 36, 17, 4, 2...40, 36, 17, 4, 2...40, 36, 17, 4, 2...40, 36, 17, 4, 2...

Hillary - 40 % / Obama 35 %

There's a new Poll at the HORN!! HORN Interactive Poll: Which photo scares you more about the

Clinton !

I know these are early returns, but I'm not seeing the Obama surge yet. Where'd it go?

EDIT, The Young Turks take it back

RECOUNT! We must not certify these results without a RECOUNT!

Kucinich holding at 2% !

Media drive me nuts - they are trying to override voters and push a candidate

25% precincts reporting and HC pulls ahead 40%-35% nt


Good news. Democratic turnout looks big in NH.

Personal wealth of all the candidates, great graphic

Can We Trust the Media in this Election?

envision a mccain/huckabee ticket.....

Gravel: serving in Clinton or Obama cabinet "a waste of time"

Is Mitt serious?

McCain and Hillary

Squirm you turds! White House told to provide e-mail info

the gap is lessening , 39-36 Clinton

On CNN's state graphic Obama is the most blue.... Hillary is only light blue... Ed in middle....

Edwards supporters: Call MSNBC RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

Randi Rhodes was wrong. Oprah doesn't dictate anything...

tweety's laugh annoys the crap outta me!

The "crying" incident will win it for Hillary.

is anyone else experiencing problems with streaming msnbc video?

The Klan is resurging in New Jersey - Press Release

Candy Cowley, Wolf Blitzkrieg and Bill F'ING Bennett?

Why has DU called it for Hillary Clinton?

CNN Political Anal ists Ralph Reed and Bill Bennett?

For Obama Supporters Only, Please

Ahhhh, you can always count on republicans and a wrestling crowd for a U S A chant

Are they yelling "Mitt"

If Hillary wins tonight........

What's up with New Hampshire? John Fucking McCain????

Holy SHIT!!! I don't see a conspiracy theory yet! Please help and post yours here.

Hillary's entire lead is out of Manchester

On MSNBC crawl: John Kerry beat Howard Dean in NH 2000

I get tbe feeling tbis one will go back and forth for several states

no matter which candidate wins, the trend is 2 to 1 Dem turnout

They fucking stealing the vote,

Guardian UK: Over a Barrel (Impact of a recession on oil prices)

Maybe now Obama will get "scrutiny". Thus far, he's been winning mainly on personality/rhetoric

The MSM is FREAKING out now...

Huckabee Will Be Back With Jesus All Over Again in South Carolina.

CBC's 'The National' leads with the NH primaries. ... "The whole world is watching."

My fave write in names...for the GOP, Vermin Supreme with 20 votes!

I know it's early, but I think we can call it:

The media did everything to help Obama except drive his voters to the polls

With 53% of the vote in, Republican Vermin Supreme

Still no returns from Durham or Hanover. Refresh for updates on town-by-town numbers.

All of the Repubs are tucked into bed, with visions of terrorists stuck in their head,

Elizabeth Speaks. (Live now on MSNBC)

John Edwards meet Howard Dean

Hillary lead still down to only 2% (with 169 precincts reporting)

I can't stand militarism. I'm tired of clandestine overthrows,

delete...dupe thread

Why does Mittens remind me of a 70's gameshow host?

Number of Iraqis fleeing not going down because of 'security' but because of tighter restrictions

What is the circular thing, half orange and the rest multi-colored pie pieces?

NEVER let your girlfriend hold the remote

Elizabeth Edwards is up

Dems 158,000 versus Repukes 128,000 at 10:11PM

" i like terri hatcher" chris matthews right now what a surprise

Ummm.. Romney is only down 6% now.

63% abc, 191 of 301 Precincts, 39- 36-17


The math... someone help me here...

The mantra of 'Change'...Hell DUH-bya brought us change.

Good God! I'm beginning to think a voice vote of a 5 member body that goes against

Lesson Learned (again). Polls are Meaningless.

How does this sound, no mandate by the time it gets to the Convention, and Gore is chosen?

Hillary Clinton projected winning NH by MSNBC

Brett Hume looks like he just got a bad stomach ache hearing AP calling it for Hill

Can someone find a man that voted for Clinton?

Congratulations to Senator Clinton.


MSNBC calls it for Hillary Clinton in NH

MSNBC Calls it for Clinton.

Excuse me, this race is still too close to call

AP/MSNBC calls for Clinton; CNN not yet prepared to call

BREAKING NEWS: Sen. Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire Democratic primary

Hillary wins one state out of fifty in a primary...

What tonight REALLY proves.

Well I'll be -- congratulations to Senator Clinton

Lemon-sucking Candy Crowley on now!

BradBlog Debunks NH Paper Ballot Worries, But... "What You Should Actually Be Concerned About"

Could this be the biggest pollster disaster since Truman vs. Dewey in '48?

The truth rears it's ugly head......

F U Hillary

Dammit, Al Gore...

Anyone notice who Clinton's campaign manager is?

About those polls- enough now with the conspiracy thing.

Kristol and Barnes are jerks.

For 28 years, with the prospect of more...

Cry once, shame on you, cry twice, shame on me.

The Democratic Foreign Policy Wars

CNN projects HRC

Dear HIllary, keep all the old clinton advisors and cabinet people out of camera's view

Well, it's not an Obamanation....but, also, not an abomination!

Would an Obama's Finished thread be appropriate now?

God help us: Terry McCaulliffe is running Hillary's campaign

Is Hillary the "Come Back Lady".

Ok Obama, don't scream now. . .

Which American wants a President with a cousin in the government of Kenya?

...Chris Matthews: LEAVE JOHN MCCAIN ALOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooo happy all of the media were idiots and WRONG!

From an Obama supporter...Congrats to Clinton and her supporters

A little perspective. A month ago Obama wasn't even supposed to be close in NH

Obama "I am fired up and still ready to go"---giving his consession speech on cspan1 now

The Bomb in the Shadows: Proliferation, Corruption and the Way of the World

Time to go after the corporations big time.

Now that the establishment has won tonight

Fellow Obamans, what do you think at this point?

It seems that a LOT of people prefer Edwards, but aren't voting for him. WTF?

Can the Hillary-Heads stop referring to ALL us Obama fans as uncivil louts?

Congrats to Richardson for winning by 20 points. Too bad it was stolen by DIEBOLD!!!1111

Well, fellow Obamans, this one is for you:

Any chance Hillary and Obama team up at the end?

The bullshittery of the pundits and pollsters

The Young Turks are BAD. They messed up an important anouncement, and then NO apology/explanation.

Obama just put Hillary on notice

I think it would be kinda kewl if the race goes back and forth, and doesn't end 'til the convention.

Obama Vows to Push On-MSNBC headline

I hope Hillary wins tonight.....

It was a good night

Daily show looks good, and i don't have to watch Hilary speak after Obamas great speech.

This is Another Great Obama Speech!!!

The COME-BACK GAL pulls the wool over msn pundits. poor andrea etal

First the BCS, now the Primaries.

Dawggie Declares this the the Theme of all Dem Candidates...

Did Bill's frantic speech give Hillary the edge tonight?

Well... I Hope Senator Clinton Realizes How Important Her Upcoming Speech Is

Poor Candidate Who Has to Follow Obama

For me, it's all about man-crushing Tweety being kicked in McCAIN's/Shrub's packages!1

For Hillary supporters--Congrats, you won fair and square in an important state....

Yea Hillary!

The right wing/media partnership--the two-headed beast--ready to sink teeth into whoever Dems choose

Before you start with the Diebold conspiracy thing, consider this .....

Why were McCain's poll numbers accurate and Obama's weren't?

"I am your mother" and "I will try to do my very best to stand up for you" vs YES WE CAN....

I will NOT congratulate Hillary Clinton

Is it me or does Brokaw sound like a guy doing a bad imitation of Brokaw?

Brokaw: Time to wait until the people vote and not rely on polls

This was a setup. The media conveniently forgot to mention 17% undecided in the polls

As a newly minted Obama supporter, both Edwards's and Obamba's concessions were

Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos will vote for Obama

Um, hello- Iowa- New Hampshire? 1/10th of 1%?

Do you believe the Democratic nomination won't be decided by the time the Convention is here?

this is the best thing to happened to the democratic party in 48 years

Here's a video clip that I believe will make Clinton and Obama supporters alike happy...

Check in here if you're neither depressed nor elated over the NH results

Larry Johnson, "How could the polls be so wrong?" Great, short read:

Howard Wolfson

Golf Channel anchor says young golfers should 'lynch Tiger Woods'

Take nothing for granted. If you really want your candidate to win, then VOTE /nt

Tonight we dine in Hell!

It's time for a hardworking woman geek rather than another big talking preacherman

Semi-technical question about delegates to the national convention...

Malloy comparing Obama and Edwards on the issues NOW


Rasmussen New Hampshire Poll: Obama 37%, Hillary 30%

Good news...60,000 more Dem votes so far

Watching Hillary's speech and I notice there's no one over 30 in her background.

Hillary has come forward...

cspan 1 talking calls--someone spouting socialism/communism and clinton. he is

I'm not a Hillary supporter but I am kinda glad she won

Are all the votes even counted yet?

My forecast for the Michgan Primary on January 15th

The Real McCain (Paul Krugman, March 2006)

'One of the Greatest Political Upsets in History'.....Tim Russert

Ron Paul beat Fred Thompson

OMG Romney is such a dork. "Yay! I got another silver!"

Tonights BIG loser was ......

Pundits, Polls and Prognosticators don't know s#$t.

David Bonior - Edwards Campaign Manager - Talking up Edwards on Bloomberg TV Now

"This country is worth fighting for!"

Elections are a thing of the past.

The media Obama spell has been broken. It's going to be hard

The New Majority.

As an Edwards supporter: Obama's speech was brilliant.

I'm not a hypocrite...

The Democrats and The Media (or, Two Ways to Win)

If I REALLY felt Hillary Clinton could win in November, I'd be really jazzed right now...

I wish I had saved all the news articles from earlier today, predicting a devistating loss

Ok then so Obama won.....

The voters in NH thought they were voting for BigDog

Whither President Gore....


A good thing if Hillary wins...

The 2008 primary race is now the "Chicago Series"

At least nobody will be posting useless poll results prior to 'tsunami Tuesday', right?

Congratulations New Hampshire Democrats and Independents!

HILLARY HERSELF just brought up the "crying"!

The Tom Bradley Effect At Work Tonight in N.H.?

Hillary on cspan NOW

5 Reasons I Wish I Was A Republican Right Now (I may never type those words ever again)

What would The Horse have to say about the media's performance this week?

The septuagenarian comeback kid. . . .

Do the close numbers between Obama & Clinton give Edwards some leverage as the spoiler?

OMG! The Daily Show was going so well tonight, then out comes David Frum!!!


It wasn't Diebold. It wasn't bad polls. ........... it was the damned WRITER'S STRIKE

Terry Macauliffe just said 'it's a two-person race, now, Hilllary and Obama.'

If the polls say that Obama will win SC by 10% points..?

Voters said they resoundingly rejected Edwards populist appeals to their economic anxieties

Earlier post had NH data by town. Does anyone have this link?

This is a bad night

As an Obama support, congrats to Hillary...

A quick shout-out to DU mods for watching so carefully & performing balance expeditiously...

Hillery's tears helped her because......

Ok, So only Democrats lie to Pollers??? funny thing Repukes were on the money

News Report: Father in Gulf Coast Alabama threw his 4 children

Can the Hillary backers and Obama backers please take it offline?

What if ......... the polls were rigged and the votes were right?

FauxNews homepage

Anyone notice the similarities between Hillary's Speech and Edwards' Speeches and Positions? Hmmmm..

I was happy to see Hillary win tonite, if anything, just to see Tweety eat shit.

I give a flying fuck who wins the Democratic nomination.

The disparity between polling and this result is too wide to explain...

Does an Obama loss tonight possibly HELP him?

Okay, If Diebold is fucking with the numbers, in who's favor?

Let's get it straight: The polls were not wrong.

"48 States left to go." Edwards Followed by his battle vs. Insurance & healtcare industries.

Congrats Clinton supporters! She is proving this isn't over

YES!! Romney Concedes defeat!!!!

I work with a teacher who was in Bagdad when McCain was there

Do you honestly believe that your vote will determine the outcome of the 2008 primaries?

OK, Obama supporters. Time to hand back the Obnoxious Stick

The Worst Thing About Tonight's DU?

On tonight! FRONTLINE: The Medicated Child (On PBS Now!)

My Hope Is That Hillary And Obama


Did the M$M wag the dog on Hillary's narrow victory in NH?

I just voted in New Hampshire . . . . ****HUGH**** turnout.

Edwards: I'm in the race until the convention

Guys...Guys....Hilliary & Obama are the SAME thing!

John Holding Jack Edwards Tonight after the Speech

Well Diebold won again

I'm rooting for Hillary because I want Obamamania to stop...

Golf Channel Reporter: "golf's young players should "lynch Tiger Woods"....

HAH!1 Maddow said TPM is blaming Tweety for the bad punditry!1

Nothing says "change" like John McCain and Hillary Clinton

Serious question: How did 8 years of Bill Clinton further a progressive agenda?

I'd like to thank Chris Matthews for totally fucking up this primary.

History in the making: a PRO-GUN Democrat gets 5% in NH tonight

For the first time in American history, a woman has won a state's presidential primary

Pentagon Refuses to Probe Halliburton- KBR Rape Case

The winner tonight is : The Status Quo.

Hillary won ONE primary (barely) and she just referred to herself as THE PRESIDENT!!

I get it. Trans fats are bad for you.

Fuckers that are ruining America alert: Diebold changes its name

I'm still with you John Edwards. 48 states to go!

For all you people with your jocks and panties in a bunch...tonight won't decide SHIT.

Thank YOU John Edwards

Should Edwards drop out and throw his support to Obama to stop Hillary?

I am NOT an Obama supporter, but I still think the numbers are fudged.

US Chamber of Commerce declares WAR ON POPULISM! (who's afraid of john edwards?)

Rice issues stern warning to Iran

Hillary + Obama = 75%. Truth = 1%.

Clinton? Obama? C H A N G E my ass. Or, some inconvenient T R U T H

45% reporting - actual numbers- old thread can't be edited anymore

Clinton leadingg by 15% in Manchester with 50% reported

When Do They Call? What Percent?

It's not the end of the world if we lose Obama People...

It is tightening Hillary 39 Obama 36

This Minnesota Edwards Supporter may caucus for Obama Feb. 5th

Independents voting for McCain, instead of Obama?

Looks like what John King is saying on cnn

Where's Chuck Norris?

Boston Globe's Pindell: Early Returns are almost always from Manchester, a city favorable to Clintom

OMG here comes the comeback! Obama now down 4% after being down 5%

I doubt the polls were 10 points off. I think Hillary will end up behind by 5 and declare victory

I still think Obama is going to pull this out

NPR: McCain getting most of the anti-war Repub vote.

Huckabee - Fuck thee!

Hillary winning all the big cities - Concord, Manchester, Nashua

30% PERCENT IN.........HILLARY 40% OBAMA 36%

Hillary to the Media Pundits: "Kiss My Grits"

It's sad, really.

Congratulations to Hillary and her Supporters!

Alan Keyes got 36 votes.

Update: America back to being racist while sexism disappears


Edwards had very bad result

One thing is for sure.

Did the media miss something? (a little backlash here)

God, McCain is like the least inspirational person on Earth.

Has McCain had a stroke? His speech is slow and somewhat slurred.

How often are you refreshing the election results page?

The dream is dead...

What's Up With Belknap County?

Why is it so much more unified in here tonight than the Iowa caucus night?

Remember Jim Webb

great interactive NH map of precincts as they report, thanks to another DU'er for posting

Interesting exit poll data and rumors

Remember, exit polls in 2004 showed a tight race between Dean and Kerry.

Tonight's results are a huge boost for the repug chances

Obama 38%, Clinton 33%, Edwards, 17% Precincts Reporting 4%

Numbers coming in but in very small chuncks

DAMN!!! Tweety is basically saying we don't live in a democracy anymore

I've been wondering if the Clinton campaign has been deliberately lowering expectations

***OFFICIAL*** Gloating Thread for Comeback Girl Supporters:

Not to be mean but Biden has had an extremely disappointing primary

Is General Clark with the Clinton camp tonight?

Arianna: You're loving every fucking minute of this, aren't you?

Am I dreaming or did Obama get 1 more delegate than Hillary in Iowa?

Obama and Paul poll workers kicked out of some precincts

If Obama wins by 2% or less, will he have underachieved?

CNN ... Clinton - 10,566 votes ... Obama - 10,288 votes ... Edwards - 4,650 (9% in)

Sometimes rural counties, or urban ones, are counted first, and it makes a difference

Meanwhile, McCain easily on top among the forces of evil 38% to Romney's 29%

Can we get an omnibus results thread?


Clinton 37% Obama 36% 5% Precincts in

McCain's Speech: A Funeral Dirge

Obama is going to win!

If Hillary pulls it off tonight, it will be because of this DUer:

Utimately I'd like to believe we all want the same result

Unite Here Union (including Las Vegas Culinary Local) Expected to Endorse Obama

So, if Hillary wins, will it be like on Jeopardy?

For sake of argument, does Edwards consider dropping out if he is in a distant third tonight?

CNN projects Edwards in 3rd place

prediction: Clinton only loses by 5 and Obama will be underdog again

I am starting to think that as terrible as 8 years of Bush have been, maybe there will be good come

My favorite photo of the campaign so far . . .

How can they project winner with only 10% of precincts reported?

Johnny Mac takes it

Dem voter turn out 2-1 over GOP votes per raw numbers so far nt

Clinton Allies May Dump Millions Into Anti-Obama 527 Group

How many total votes are they expecting from NH?

Uh oh, the Comeback Girl

CNN predicts McCain wins NH.

Clinton won among Democrats, 38% 32%

Aaaaand Mittens goes down

Keep something in mind from NH results

Wow, what a nailbiter!

Project Winner: John McCain

Clinton 40%, Obama 36%, with 12% reporting

Clinton: 40 Obama: 36

I Think Clinton Wins Narrowly...


20% of Dems undecided on Sunday...

Early Numbers From NH Mean NOTHING - Here's Why

Calling all blacks and latinos! and white men!

Are DUers crazy? These are only two states

Ron Paul Beating Goohliani

Clinton: 40 Obama: 36

My Coldest Week Ever, with the warmest people on earth. Part 3

4 counties each for Clinton and Obama

Obama up by 7% in Concord

mccain is going to

Women Broke For Hillary 47-34 Over Obama

College towns yet to report. Stay strong Obama supporters! LOL n/t

It's not because of "black box voting," gang

Outstanding areas in New Hampshire-Where are they?

Obama back by 2% nt

McCain Has Lost A Wheel

It's probably better if Obama Loses...

The early excitement will make a loss harder to swallow if Clinton loses

MSNBC reviews McCain's speech!

39% 37%, Hillary Clinton lead shrinking like the North Pole's ice sheet (32 reporting%)

Clinton and Obama are both going to win tonight. Super Tuesday: IT'S ON.

Clinton up by ninteen in Nashua with only 44% of the vote in

Photo Of John McCain Giving Victory Speech

That was a *terrible* speech by McCain

Is it me or did this map change from blue to green?

Exit poll numbers (from mydd)

You guys are all forgetting about committed delegates.

Fox News Has NOT Called it For HIllary!

Nobody is mentioning the fact that NH voting machines are easy to hack

Does Edwards drop if the 2nd place finisher doubles him up?

So - when Edwards finishes 3rd, is the media going to make it all about HIM?

McCain won, hoo-ray.

How long till Fred, Hunter drop out?

I just heard an estimate on CNN that 85% of registered voters participated.

Obama is Actually Ahead in Most Counties

Were Schools Open Today In New Hampshire?

If Obama, Clinton and Edwards all survive New Hampshire

Why are they projecting the Republican race?

Rooting for Hillary is a symptom of a psychiatric condition:

Where can I get up-to-the-minute updates on who's winning?

Hillsborugh County?

If Hillary, if Hillary wins this primary, she should say something like this.

Ok, *my* prediction, Neither Edwards, Clinton, nor Obama drop out before Super Tuesday.

Clinton 38%, Obama 36%


Who will John Edwards attack tonight when he gets stomped in New Hampshire?

Edwards group on C-Span

Did the tears help Hillary with NH women?

The news of HRC's demise certainly looks very premature

Will someone PLEASE vote for Dal LaMagna? He looks...

John McCain Projected Winner In NH

Obama, Hillary tied at 40%!

Thompson is losing to "Others"

Counting Chickens

Kucinich got more votes in NH than Fred Thompson

16% reporting - actual numbers:

Lowering expectations is politics 101. Obama failed to do that and MSM burned him by raising them

Looking at the raw numbers- dems outvoted repukes 2 to 1

Wow Romney with the psych out, came in second and is speechafying like he won.

21% reporting

The Rescuer Vote, how Clinton (w help from MSM) used emotions to win

I'm disappointed

I have a question. Is Gravel still in? Tancredo? Hunter?

It's all about the independents. McCain and Obama are essentially splitting them.

Where are the colleges?

Come on folks let's not be bipolar about all this

Ironically the MSM has given Clinton a victory tonight. She'll lose by 4 or 5 but that is a win now.

Romney - wtf? He stole Obama's speech word for word.

"All That She's Been Through..." Aww. Just Heard This

Maggie Williams coming in to coordinate Clinton campaign activities

College votes *not* in yet

Latest pre-NH polls. Let's see which one will be the most accurate, if any

Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter: Political Roadkill

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton on what, so far,

Congratulations to the Clinton supporters.

Complete this: "It's not over 'til _____________ ."

Oh dear gawd, Jooliani just ran an ad in PB County, Florida...

edwards on c-span now

I'm watching Giuliani's press conference on C-Span.

Go Hillary!

McCain could win this thing

Obama's chance to win the nomination will depend on Edwards

the corporate media got their way.......

Now Tweety Says Why Not Clinton-Obama Ticket?

So i guess Mark Penn may not be getting canned now?

so what does the McCain win in NH mean?

I'll Admit It, I Was Flat Out Wrong In My Predictions and I'm Completely Shocked

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/4-1/8/08 - Clinton sinking, Obama and Edwards rising

Romney's Crying!!!!!!

A good site for NH results, with a county map

Obama people, Im getting really nervous here


39 v 36 v 17 Clinton .... Obama .... Edwards with 43% in


Is it ok to wish for

Does CNN exit poll predict a Hillary win?

With 129 precincts in, Hillary's lead has shrunk to only 2%

Move over Dean Scream. Here comes the McCain Lame

If The Race Is Within 3000 Votes, Is There An Automatic Recount?

217,965 voted in the Democratic Primary in 2004

Edwards is the only candidate who beats McCain in a national show down.

Back to 40/36

This is politics at its best!

Just curious, what are the thoughts of the Edwards supporters while watching this.

I want that map thing John King has on CNN

Hillsborough County (Manchester & Nashua): Clinton 45, Obama 32 with 33% reporting

Joe Scarborough just predicted that Hillary's people will give Carville $ for swiftboating.

Clinton's lead back to 4,000.

delete. nt

Should Hillary concede the nomination and drop out tomorrow

39%-36% with 49% reporting

with 48% reporting


Hillary 40% Obama 34% 23% IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT

Fox News Exit Poll: Obama 39; Clinton 34; Edwards 18.

here you junkies a city by city kept current (Concord Monitor)

Does Hillary have to have million point lead before they call for her?

Obama Stronghold, Hanover County - 0% reporting, not over!

Shocked By How Many Precincts Haven't Voted Yet!!!

If there weren't any hype all weekend, They'd all be talking about

delete. nt

Seems to be holding at 4000 lead for Clinton nt

Announced that Edwards will be on C-Span soon

real numbers - 50

I'm calling this for Hillary

EDWARDS SUPPORTERS -- Who Are You Rooting For

(Official) New Hampshire results thread.

CNN exit poll calls it for Hillary, and I agree. She won New Hampshire.


Disappointing stat about Democrats (41% think personal qualities more important than issues)

Whoever ultimately wins NH, these results are going to make it a great race!

With Malice Toward None

It's my fault Hillary won..

Thanks, Edwards

Hillary now leading in Rockingham County (Portsmouth)

i'm waiting and seeing.

Obama needs to win all remaining precincts by 8% to TIE Hillary

Something weird is happening to me

Obama is Going to Have to Get More Specific

Does Anybody Have a Precinct Map?


Save the CNN exit poll page before they change it like they did in '04

CNN reporting Dartmouth, University of New Hampshire have not reported yet!

with 59% reporting

They are't calling it for Hil for a reason...

Anyone Else But Me Nervous -- Like, In A Good Way?

Biggest disappointment

Corporatacracy reigns supreme

So Ok Clinton and Obama fans: Fun, excruciating, infuriating or Gob-smacking


Edwards number stuck at 17% for the last hour or so...not 16% not 18%

Any word on the turnout compared to 2004?...nt

Now I'm Scared For The General Election (not about a Hillary win)

Two Arguments Regarding A Long, Drawn-Out Primary

EDIT: 53% of precincts reporting. Hillary only up by 2.5%

Clinton at 39% and Obama at 36% with 61% reporting

CNN Announces Edwards to speak Momentarily. NBC Wonders where Edwards is!

Edwards to speak right now on MSNBC

Rachel Maddow says a survey says Tweety drove women to Hillary! LMAO!

For the moment, my heart was lifted

Hopefuly Edwards' third place will earn him many headlines and press coverage tonight

"We virtually canonized him and said he was born in Bethlehem."

The big fight tonight is for 22 delegates. 2025 needed for the nomination.

The big fight tonight is for 22 delegates. 2025 needed for the nomination.

I adore Rachel Maddow

Exit poll data: Women 47-30 Clinton; Men 42-34 Obama.

Before you blame the polls, don't forget the undecideds.

The county breakdown is Hillary 5 and Obama 5 now.

Young Voters go for Obama 51% - 28% (according to Fox News)

Shades of 2004. nt

No results from Grafton County (Dartmouth) yet?

we're all Will Pitt - I don't give a flying fuck who wins either.

ARG polls from bad to worse. First, "Clinton in Iowa by 9%". Now "Obama in NH by 9%"

Edwards speaking now, Elizabeth is intoducing him.

Anybody know how many of the NH votes were cast


Do you think Hillary's show of emotion was deliberate?

The difference between a caucus and a primary is evident between what people

Edwards takes the stage to a Chevy song? lol nt

Didn't Edwards already give this speech? Deja vu.

Edwards Needs To Deviate From His Script More Often

Polls were way off. Does that mean undecideds broke strong for Clinton - an Anyone but Obama force?

Wow. Fox News showing all of Edwards' speech, with no voiceover.

Hillary's lead slowly growing, 5,000 votes ahead

They say Edwards is out of it and said Hillary was on life support

Edwards campaign has the best music.

Are you rooting for Obama or Hillary?

If Edwards is serious about beating Clinton...he'll drop out before Super Tuesday

Was Hillary's show of emotion what changed this?

Tweetie ... you are not fit to carry John Edwards' jock strap

Who's having fun?

AP Calls it for Hillary... no linky yet

This is depressing. Democrats are forgetting the big picture.

Atta Girl Hillary!!!! Projected Winner!!!!

MSNBC calls it for Hillary

Hillary Clinton - Projected Winner in NH

Edwards: A Two-Man Race...

I Haven't Been So Happy Since The 69 Mets Won The World Series

but..but.. what about the exit polls!!!

AP says Hillary came back!

How Could the Polls be So Wrong (from TPM)

Good thing... this is not over

You Have Got To Admit, Hillary Winning This When She Was Suppose To Lose By Double Digits

Will Richardson drop out?

Quick Analysis on Western NH

I Love New Hampshire

To Edwards and Obama supporters

MSNBC - Hillary Wins

Congratulations to Sen. Clinton. Hillary is again the frontrunner.

Manchester Co 83% in, Nashua 55% Clinton's Strongholds

Everyone on MSNBC thinks Chris Matthews is an idiot.

How did she get the women back?

I've been waiting cuz I didn't want to jinx anything, but WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!. GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!



familiar pattern. close election. establishment wins

Congrats to Hillary

I think the woman advantage came from the piling on after the debate, not the crying

Politics 101: How to turn around a loss in 4 days

Is Hillary Clinton the "Come Back Lady"?

On the 'crying' thing

Why I hate John Edwards so much.

I can't believe this spin!

How long before ARG goes out of business...what major media outlet...

You Have Got To Admit, Hillary Winning This When She Was Suppose To Lose By Double Digits

Damn,now 6000 forClinton

CNN still saying too close to call

Personally, I'm happy anytime the media narrative is interrupted

Obama was up double digits in the polls

Ladies and gentlemen....

Obama coming out shortly


Congratulations Hillary & my fellow Hillary supporters!!!!!!!

Super Cali Fragilisticexpialodocious!

Grats to the Hillary suporters

Congrats Hillary Supporters! You guys have had a rough few days! nt

They are calling this too soon-

Does racism explain the discrepency in polling and voting?


Dear DU GD:P...

Funny, If This Was Iowa And Richardson's and Kucinich's Supporters Had To Switch

Chris Matthews looks like he shit a brick.

Here come the conspiracy theories and excuses ...

Ya know, I'm disappointed with my candidate, but a Dem is going to win in Nov!

Congratulations Hillary Supporters

Congratulations Clinton supporters.

Video of Hil telling Chris Matthews he's obsessed with her

Hanover just came in, 58% Obama, little bump.

Neither Durham (UNH) or Hanover (Dartmouth) have reported yet

And now, Edwards is unofficially finished.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008 *** 10:32 PM ---- THE END OF THE SLUDGE REPORT ERA

Irony: John Edwards may be partly responsible for Clinton beating Obama

Big numbers coming in for Obama

Congrats to the Hillary supporters

Are the college kids back in school?


Keith O, I love you but

AP Projects Hillary wins! Per CNN.

CNN calls it for Clinton (online)

CNN holding off on its call, for what its worth

CNN just called it...nt

I'm so happy I could cry..

It was the cry.

11% of the vote is in and Olbermann is speculating that Obamania is over!!!

Which poll is officially the worst now?

Obama is about to conceed NH.

What do you think would have happened if Edwards hadn't been in the race?

Why I love John Edwards so much


And now....on to South Carolina for Clinton and her Kleenex

In defeat, Ive become inspired

I'm so damn proud of all of our candidates.

A Hillary win would put many eggs on the face of the Media Morons

Obama about to speak

Back to square one


Did racism play a role for Obama?

How do the delegates get split

You learned the lesson...when these pollsters tell you McCain will beat one of ours

Zomby Poll-LOL

I've been impressed by Obama supporters tonight

Hope and change and healing is fine but I'm not ready to UNILATERALLY DISARM. Not this year.

YES We Can!

To all the Hillary people who took a beating today.....

Well, fellow Obamans, this one is for you:

If Hillary is smart, this has got to be the most gracious, humble speech she's ever given

This was a pro Clinton victory not an anti Obama. The key to a Nov. victory is in those poll shifts

Damn, Sen. Obama.

YES WE CAN- New Campaign Slogan for Obama 1.1

Hey! Look! Huckabee Got Trounced

So, I wonder what Tweety Matthews is doing right this minute?

Obama shows real class

Is this speech a copycat?

"While they get a seat at the table..."

Clinton and Obama each get 8 delegates tonight

Realclearpolitics polls from today

result is IA and NH are different - surprising?

Why Hillary Won?

MSNBC's big bold top headline: Obama vows to push on

Well this is a HUGE FUCK YOU to Matt Drudge and Chris Matthews


At least Obama Respects Hillary Enough to Congradulate Her

I feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards!

Calling all women!

Hillary: Wants to be the anti-corporate candidate

Those who want out of Iraq as soon as possible: Clinton 41%, Obama 34% Edwards 14%

Chris Matthews Blantantly HATES Women.

How does Hillary (or anyone for that matter) beat McCain?

Congratulations to Clinton and her supporters.

This doesn't make sense to me given the result, but...

Obama has apparently hired a new campaign manager

Losing Will Make Obama Stronger

How do the delegates get split?

Hillary's tears will go down in history

Odd thing, no said anything about the 5% Richardson sucked off...

Fellow Edwards Supporters -- a request

Why were the Clinton's throwing such a conniption fit?

So, Is Arianna's Head Going To Explode? What Will She Do? How Will She Spin This?

Well shit the bed

Not claiming fraud, but I want to know why ALL the polls were wrong.

It can never be said enough. Mark Penn is a genious!!!

Is she gonna cry again?

What are you doing democrats? What are you doing?

State #1: A person of color wins. State #2: A woman wins . . .and the problem is??

Anyone think Bloomberg will feed into his candidacy rumors this week? n/t

And the beat goes on.

is hillary

What in the WORLD is so interesting slightly to Hillary's left?

Can we all agree now that Polls and the Media are worthless?

If everybody hates Chris Matthews so much

The spell is broken. It's all hard work from here on out.

What Democracy?

It's the economy, STUPID.

Hey OBAMISTAS, you're going to pull it out tonight but not by much. Clinton wins perception game.

37 TO 39 wow thats close according to drudge

Definitely better than her Iowa speech

Do the Clinton's Hold Back on the Smear Campaign we all KNEW was Coming?

Fred Thompson - 1%

After about 3000 refreshes, i felt pretty low... Obama picked me right back up.

Some drama does the race good

Ok, some of these pundits keep saying that independents came out for McCain but:

Another nice thing about Hillary's win

Just want to point out: Obama got more votes than McCain!

FWIW - Edwards Fatigue

The Clintons are the devil

What happens to the culinary endorsement now? Earlier it was Obama's,

I am going to track the raw vote spread between BO and HC

Hillary 40% Obama 35% 13% precincts in

NH Registered Voter breakdown >>>>>>

Durham in, Obama doesn't have the votes, its over... nt

RW'ers are getting dizzy

Watching Hillary's speech, I was thinking

Is it just me, or does Tweety seem really pissed?

NH: Democrats 55% Republicans 45%

WOW, i am more inspired then ever. OBAMA!!!!!!!!!

Mark Penn will write the Democratic platform in 2008.

I've just had the privilege of listening to 3 of the finest candidates


First ever four way split in IA-NH, D and R.

Wow, Hillary got 71% of voters who name "experience" as most important trait

Clinton-Obama Or Obama-Clinton

A couple notes on Hillary's speech


If Was On The Phone With My Fiancee During Hillary's Speech, How Was It?

Proud to be a democrat

Hillary lowered age gap...

58% Of Hillary Voters Would Have Voted For Bill Clinton

Both Hillary's speech and Obama's speech were terrific

Tweety: I will never underestimate Hillary Clinton again !

Watching Tweety trying not to have a stroke is great

The Clintons are A-OK

Sorry folks

Major Props To Hillary....

MSNBC? Was Chris Matthews going into hysterics just now?

Congrats to the Clinton supporters. . .

Family told Soldier in Iraq died of electrocution in shower

Good Riddance John Edwards

Andrea Mitchell ..

It's official. We have more viewers than

I hate to point out I was right...

Thoughts and a little "what now, Obama?"

Hillary: "Let's give America the same kind of comeback that NH just gave me"

OK...imagine this very possible scenario.

OBAMA SUPPORTERS: What Is Your Emotional State Right Now?

I can't recognize all these people with egg on their faces...

Where is the republican race going?

I want to say something to the press, the pundits, and the pollsters.......

McCain's Win in NH

OMG! What if they (them - the MSM) are forced into discussing policy over personality?!

Well, one thing is VERY clear after watching the returns of N.H. and Iowa..

I'll be gracious tonight and congratulate Hillary


Did Edwards give a speech?!

I'm sorry. I'd like to apologize for my state.

Did anyone else see Kuchinich's actual votes decreasing?

This I know for sure. The gracious Obama's speech is so much nicer

Edwards endorses Obama!

John Edwards Post New Hampshire Speech - "2 Down, 48 States to Go!"

Gee.remember this? an oldie but goodie from Drudgie-poo

Congratulations to Hillary Maniacs

Democratic turnout today was MUCH higher than in 2004

What a gracious winner.

LOL, Freepers pass the hat for poor ole Fred

Obama's speech is a 10 out of 10

"extrodinary political upset"

Who hates Senator Clinton more, especially tonight?

Well, that was sobering. Congratulations to the Clinton supporters

Thoughts & "If I'm the campaign manager..."

The importance of tonights win

To all of you questioning the polls..

Theories to Explain Clinton’s NH Polling Behind Obama

How many think that the shortage of ballots and the final results not matching polling anywhere

We can all agree that the biggest loser tonight was...

The best thing about tonight ...

The crying and "iron my shirt" incidents

Folks. Take a breath. Think about this for a second. The MSM beat the snot out of HRC for losing...

I am SO listening to Rush tomorrow.

Why Republicans are scared to death of Obama...

Who is Tweety related to? He couldn't have been hired on merit


Barack Edwards Obama-Clinton

Congratulations to every Clinton supporter on the board

Wanted: New Hampshire Hand vote results vs. Diebold Accuvote machines

Looks like rumors of Hillary's demise are greatly exaggerated...

Did "enough" make the difference?

I am not a Hillary supporter, but ...

Funny How The GOP Polling Was Spot On Though, Huh?

As an Obama supporter...

Russert says Obama's internals had him up by 14%...

Why the call for counting of votes because Hillary won?

Fired Up!

National Culinary Union is pressuring Nevada Culinary Union to stay neutral

I'm looking at the NH results, and, wait a second, help me out.......

Cnn for 90 min...not one WORD about Edwards, n o speech, no nuthin

I got a smile on my face from ear to ear!

A Black winner and a woman winner...

Breaking: Alan Keyes surges ahead of Albert Howard

Delegate counts - O-25 C-23 E-19. It ain't over!

Let's give a big old HILLARY CACKLE for our gal's probable win

Pic for Hillary supporters.

I believe this is a historic first...first time a woman has won a primary or caucus...

She won, can you just let it go at that. Obama won Iowa, Clinton won new Hampshire

Hillary're deluding yourselves with early non results

Photo For Clinton Supporters

Is the word "change" passe now?

Ya know, most of the polls were wrong, but the exit polls were right

NH Obama & Edwards 54% v. Hillary 39% Splitting anti-Hillary vote?

A brief plea to the supporters of each of OUR candidates.

Delegate Count: Obama 25, Clinton 24, Edwards 18

Did You Hear Tweety Say:

I Have Never Seen Polls So Wrong In My Life

Hillabama is a TV show. John Edwards is the real thing.

Freeper reaction to Clinton's victory

I can't believe CNN has this dufus on as commentator

When Hillary wins the Democratic nomination ...


Obama: "Yes We Can".

The only good news I can see from tonight is that ...

First results in: Obama 70%, Clinton 13%, Edwards 13%!

20% of precincts in................... HIllary 40% Obama 36%

Who's voted so far? Two states with small populations that are about 95% white.

Oy, Now Matthews is saying that Obama conceded the entire election tonight

Hillary's DUer supporters tonight have been classy winners.

"You helped me find my voice"

So what happened to the DU predicted Clinton-era ending Obama Landslide?

Hillary Clinton, You're A Mother-F*ckin Damn....

Everyone does realize what this means right?

Looks like we're going to have to cope with another round of obnoxious Hillary supporters.

Anyone wanna join me in a toast? To Hillary!

So, After Speaking With My Fiancee, It Became Clear Why Hillary Won

Women. A cautionary tale.

Damn he's good!


Obama's New Hampshire Primary concession speech thread

Hillary is going to win. Media myth of Obama is going to be shattered

Boo hoo, the College kids didn't vote, THE WOMEN DID!

5PM today: Chris Mathews: "Late night for the pukes. Early for the dems."

So, what is Edwards going to do?

Can we say that, following Obama's speech, Hillary's seems weak?

Congratulations To Sir Rupert!

Terry McAuliffe Guaranteed Hillary's Victory Tonight

Let's get over the "Comeback Kid" stuff....

*******Official New Hampshire results thread for democrats*******

For every Clinton supporter demanding Obama supporters not question polls


Oh my GOD!!

People say that it was Hillary's "tears" that made her win, but I believe that it was

OK, I'd like to see the Clintons back in the White House.

To the African American and women Democrats

Hillary supporters. Log off the internet now. Turn off TV's and radios.

Not a Hillary fan, but happy to see her kicking hot wind out of Mr. Inevitable's Obamabots tonight!

With 86% reporting, Obama is only 2% behind the presumptive front runner!

Those who are calling for Edwards to drop out and endorse whoever.

New Hampshire didn't buy the ObamaNation hype.

Ron Paul gets only 8% of the GOP vote in NH!

*Sigh* Why Does the Media Generalize the "Women" Vote So Badly?

Romney just now on MSNBC: "Americans believe in God! And even those that don't..."

The big loser tonight:

Edwards won four delegates today and is alive and well

Obama is not black

"Clinton campaign readies "Comeback Girl" spin"

Clinton-Obama why the hell not?

NOT about NH: Three problems for any Democratic President

Edwards, Richardson, Kucinich, Biden, Gravel & Dodd Supporters

A theme stolen from 1980 Phillies, "Yes we can" and another sound byte

Post NH 08 Preference

*********OFFICIAL********** Edwards ***** " We Support Our Candidate" Thread

More e-mails emerge in Harris County DA scandal

Israel steps up warnings to Bush on Iran

Obama already past winning post at bookies

Exit polls: Women push Clinton to New Hampshire win

A Surge Against Maliki

Soldier Challenges "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy

Suit Over Protests in Central Park Ends

Honore: Nation hasn't learned from disaster

Johnny Cash Folsom prison tribute concert canceled

Bush: Historic chance for Mideast peace--[gotta have the Vision thing]

Saudi defends Iran links ahead of Bush visit

Police: Dad threw 4 kids off bridge

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq -2 wounded

World Bank: Oil prices to fall gradually

Australia Sends Vessel To Monitor Japanese Whaling Fleet

Zoo's starving polar bear cubs eaten by mother, keepers report

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq

The latest tactic in Iraq: anthropology

Saudi defends Iran links ahead of Bush visit

Hedging bets on electricity

Kosovo gets pro-independence PM

Bush arrives in Israel 'optimistic' about peace

Soldier Says They Randomly Fired Shots At Iraqis

Romney decides to pull ads in S.C., Fla

Poll: City Endorses Mayor (Bloomberg), But Not for President

Kucinich Says He Will Continue Campaigning

Six U.S. soldiers die in booby-trapped house in Iraq

Security firm Blackwater, under scrutiny, ramps up lobbying

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 9

U.S. slaps sanctions on Iranian general

Mitt not re-upping his S.C. and Fla. TV time

Hollywood payroll company Axium files for liquidation

U.S. Chamber of Commerce lashes out at populists

US General Says 'Spectacular' Qaeda Attacks Rise In Iraq

2 Car Bombs Explode Outside Churches in Northern Iraq

The Afghanistan Surge (3,000 additional troops)

Recession S.O.S. - goosing growth

9 US soldiers killed in Iraq in 2 days

Will SA law steal teens' kisses?

Bush plans relentless push for trade deals: aide

Violence Accompanies Bush Visit

US troop levels at Shannon hit 262,000

White House warns Iran over naval incident ("they are fishing in troubled waters here")

Members of Congress get $4,000 pay raise

President Bush says "Iran is a threat to world peace."

Pregnant Marine missing from North Carolina base

Judge Won't Inquire Into CIA Tapes Case

151,000 Iraqis killed since U.S.-led invasion-WHO (World Health Organisation)

Iranian TV: US video images, audio recordings of encounter in Gulf was 'fabricated'

Appeals court won't reinstate S.F. handgun ban

Thousands protest in Gaza against "vampire" Bush

Farc 'ready to release hostages'

Sen. Craig: Hand Signals Protected Speech

Reversal Of Alzheimer's Symptoms Within Minutes In Human Study

Air Force may cut F-15 fleet

High Court Wary Of Striking Voter ID Law

CIA Whistleblower Philip Agee Dies at 72

Dylan Moran on Germany

I'm fsckin' worn out.

I am so depressed - Skinner never posts in MY threads!

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (01/08/08)

I am so depressed - Skinner never poses in MY threads!

It ain't a secret - don't conceal the fact...

Gods I am up so early.

I can't sleep and I'm blaming Obana...Clinton..Edwards... and I have

I know I should not laugh at this...

So anything big happen today in politics?

Nice To See the Punditocracy Routed Horse, Foot, And Guns, Tonight, My Friends

I'm drunk........again

Holy shit. I just found out the two women I have a crush on are sisters!

Maybe partying will help

Lost 3 lbs

I found 3 lbs!


hair question

Good Morning!

Cartoon: weeping for Obama

I just lost my alone time today too

I went to bed at 6:30 last night

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/9/2008)

I'm going to die alone.

My small subversive act for today

Donnie Darko

My turn to whine about how much pain I'm in tonight.

A DISGUSTING video of removal of a sub-cutaneous cyst. And

Du threads that wouldn't go down so well...

I will be so glad when I have finished my thesis

NO ONE has ever been as drunk as this young woman

From the people who brought you.....

Is anyone else having issues with iTunes?

Why did the US government quit making 50 cent pieces?

Disney World bans young kids from fanciest restaurant

Michael Vick Hopes Jail Is Like The Longest Yard Without All The Throwing - The Onion

Does anyone need a Onetouch Ultra Mini blood glucose monitor?

Did Dan Snyder remove Joe Gibbs so he could bring this guy in?

A little fun with GD...

Did Dee Snider disband Twisted Sister to bring in these guys?

Smoke is NOT supposed to come out of the computer, right?

Who enjoys FOX whine

John Evans Elliott III, 1962-2007, R.I.P.

Car remote control buttons


Key to a longer life? Exercise...and a little booze.

I just got a used Subaru Outback and I've got a few questions


2 Bring Corpse to Store to Cash Check

Well, I went to the doctor and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong...

I just doubled the memory on my imac and it took 5 minutes

So, one of the possibilities for this year's Post Prom theme is Party Like a Rock Star.

We finally have lift tickets attached to our parkas. Are we yuppie scum now?

Who Else is In A Snarf Mood

i am posting this from my treo. ask me anything!

I fixed collard greens tonight, and they tasted like carp.

Misogynist asshole in LBN.

The ordeal is at an end...

I think it could be a Beverage night...................

With globalization and a flat world, can we go to's China subsidiary and order from there

Did I grow up in a rural area?

I Just Got Back From GD

Would you save a race of one-eyed monsters holding their guns?

A coworker just declared aloud

Dig Lazarus, Dig!

How do you find out how many posts you've made?

Who is the mystery illiterate in the US Cellular commercial?

I think the Lounge is confusing Google Ads

A coworker just declared aloud

Just when I thought the Microwaved Hand was the most insane story of the day...

Depressed/in bed/not doing anything/not planning on doing anything.

i sincerely do not know


This is just weird - Vista Home Premium

they will play rick astley songs like muzak

I can like Rick Astley and Robert Smith at the same time

Captain Jack Sparrow tries a landlubbers thievery!

Anybody ever get ahold of a troll that just doesn't want to give up the ghost?

I just discovered I have a person in my buddy list who is also on my ignore list.

Language pet peeve of the day, the use of "myself" when it's not needed

Who Watches Dr Phil

RECYCLE your old cell phone(s)

More Battlestar Galactica teasers

Man spots his wife during visit to brothel.


Sick of politics for a little while...

The Seahawks' *15th* Man

People Who Say "Yada Yada "

How many people do you have in your DU Buddy List?

So Lisa and I have been together for a 1.5 years today.

A Simple Plan for More Sex

i ask you to focus on

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!1 you NEED to see this...


Polar bear cub following in star’s footsteps

Working at a computer service center... (funny video)

Seems Like The Whole Internet Is SLOW Today

How would you break off a fledging e-pal relationship?

Who Else Is Sh*t Boredless Today?

My current cellphone is on its last legs - Any suggestions on what to get to replace it.

power's flickering

iPod / Rhapsody users: Is there ANY WAY to transfer songs

"Meanest mom on the planet" sells rule-breaking son's car

A Simpler Plan for More Sex..

Is DU painfully s-l-oooo-w?????

Who would have thought...

I just filled out my voter registration form

Help! About to buy a new cheap cell phone. Do I get the Motorola F3 or a Samsung T209?!!!

Rick Astley has no respect for the buffet-line sneezeguard

I fixed carp tonight, and it tasted like collard greens.

Song of the day...

The rock star plan for more sex.

Rick Astley just got called the rock star queen of the Southern California collard greens.

Is there a way I can customize DU to prevent me from going to GD/ GDP til Feb 5?

Did someone stop running on the DU treadmill???

I think I need a "Hide DU" function

I love Postsecret

I am never posting in GD ever again.

I Just Committed A LynneSIN

Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches

Will Smith boosting vouchers to film crew for a free personality test

Hillary Clinton ate my dingo!

Hillary Clinton made Vietnamese sandwiches out of my microwaved dingo!

How do you kill a circus? I eat mop

I fixed crab tonight, and it tasted like soylent greens

Hillary Clinton stole my puppy

I fixed crap tonight, and it tasted like collard greens.

For those of you who think "Mandatory Health Insurance" will be great

I just got called "the queen of puppy eyes"

Awwwwwwww yeah...

I fixed kryptonite, and it tasted like collared lizards.

a kind DUer just sent me an email to gently correct my spelling

I cooked my hand tonight, and it tasted like crap.

Why don't we have TV shows like this in OUR country?

Man kicked out of restaurant for 'grills'; threatens to sue

Anyone ever have experience with Demodectic Mange on their dogs?

I hate where I live. Wish I could leave, but keep being told

I have to go to a ladies auxiliary meeting

"I want you to know where we're AT"

So, if Bloomberg runs as independant - does he hurt republicans or democrats?

What's The Most Famous DU Joke Post

Did anyone see the last episode of "Intervention" on A&E?

I have a rent question...

I spent the night with SallyMander!!

This thief has to be a Freeper: stashes stolen knives in pants.

I almost ran over my neighbor's dog today.

I spent the morning with SallyMander!!

I fixed collard greens tonight, and they tasted like crap.

What are your favorite albums of 2007?

Can somebody please tell petersond that Crazy Horse is not a candidate?

The Southern California Winter Garden

Who likes herbal tea?

Tired of the crap, Rabrrrrrr held a caucus in his house last night, electing Natalie Portman (naked)

I need some tunes! Any suggestions for an old rocker? I have a

The simplest plan for more sex.

Why does billyskank have all of us on ignore?


WGA and Jon Stewart question

Man Sees 666 On His Hand - Cuts His Hand Off And Microwaves It To Save Himself

Why do you people go to GD/GDP even though we warn you it's a shitstorm over there

Any fans of 'Life on Mars' here?

I was told today that not supporting Obama was in a sense supporting racism

The side show of life...

What's the first presidential election you remember?

We need a Kitty picture thread...

Orrex has no refined taste in music

Johnny Depp making a movie about Dillinger

Looking for big dog dogfood recipes (mass quantities!)

"Project Runway" : a perfect example of American Dysfunction in action?

Holy Shit! For Bird People, Awesome Shit Just Happened Here!

Are we there yet?

Teacher Caught Giving 16 year-old Student Oral Sex By Principal

Which actors should play presidential candidates in eventual movie?

My best friend has Peripheral Vestibular Disease

'Meanest mom on planet' sells son's car'

What does a gramma look like?

True or False: Yoko Ono & Linda McCartney were the greatest songwriters of the 20th century.

LAPD issues restraining / emergency protective order: Britney must stay at least 100 feet from K-Fed

I'm listening to Nina Simone!! To what are you listening?

DU lounge confessional booth

Who enjoys box wine?

9-11 Cover-Up, Treason and The Bomb

Deep Tin Foil Time

Did MSNBC boot Rachel Maddow after Tweety remark?

Too true to be funny ... Slowpoke 'TOON

Dad will be happy!

When Push Comes To Shove Which Presidential Brand Will You (be forced to) Choose?

Anyone watching MSNBC and annoyed

Shocker: "Bush freedom agenda stalls in Middle East"

A caller on AAR just called Mittens Mr. Twit! LMAO!!!! n/t

Where's autorank? Anyone know? n.t.

In 30-odd years, Iowa and New Hampshire have never produced FOUR DIFFERENT WINNERS!

You know, this campaign might be fun if we just LIGHTEN UP A BIT

One thing that makes me so happy is to see so many Democrats so excited and involved in the election

I'm speaking out for change: DOES ANYBODY HAVE SOME SPARE CHANGE!?!?!

Does Andrea Mitchell Greenspan even have ears?

need a snappy comeback bumpersticker quote for the stupid

Musharraf vows to find Benazir's killers

Why? I just heard Romney isn't trusted. When I voice my opinion about

Just one more reason for the big Hillary upset

Who got more independents in NH? Dems or Repukes?

When and what polls are legitmate barometers of any election?


IMPORTANT QUESTION: Ok, after last week and today...

Does DU look different for anyone else?

On McCain:

In defense of Republican proposals to amend the Constitution

#1 reason I'm glad NH and Iowa are over. I don't have to hear about...

Delete, thanks, sorry.

Just to change the subject, anyone know where to find tonight's results for Illinois?

Dean: Democratic Party Set to Take Back the White House in November

Whose concession was more fun/satisfying to watch?

Tired of Robocalls at election time?

Loved when Bill...

I don't want a man who lived in a hole for 5 years to be my president


Heads up Atlanta and North Georgia a normal winter.....

Ha ha ha! Pat Buchanan just said Obama is reaching out to illegal immigrants with

Anyone remember Red Skelton? He made a speech tonight...

The Baghdad librarian's story (BBC) {trying to save secular culture}

Intel 'undermined' laptop project (BBC) {OLPC}

Self delete.

Who Else Feels Broken And Desperate Like We Can't Fight It

Okay! Time for all little conspiricists to take their meds and say nighty-night.

High School Educated Waitresses !!!??!!! WTF?!

Blu-ray supporters scent victory (BBC) {excellent quote!}

White House told to provide e-mail info

I am now projecting HIllary Clinton as the winner of the New Hampshire primary

"... about 453,000 residents had cast votes,..." ( with 12 % left to count)

Obama "victory" and Edwards videos everywhere and no Hillary videos from NH tonight?

Women Voters Outnumbered Men in tonights Primary

if one candidate drops out what happens to their delegates?


Is there a limit on the number of people you can "ignore"?

Are Michigan's delegates still UN-invited to the National Convention?

It ain't a secret - don't conceal the fact...

McCain Read His Speechwriters' Scribbles (Poorly), and Clinton Read Edwards' and Obama's

Hillary improved her performance with younger voters tonight

Only 48 more to go .....

Clinton Question, Does Anyboy Know . . . .

Compare the issues and where the candidates stand-

The Progressive: Recession Coming - Bad For Bush, Worse For The American People

Just curious.......What's ole' KKKarl been up to lately?

The NEW Hillary

Fred thompson has the cheapest website I've ever seen...

West Coast: CHARLIE ROSE covering New Hampshire, guests Adrianna ....

Anybody have the numbers of votes in the NH primary that

Sibel Edmonds Story Needs To Be Made Public; Email Olbermann & MSNBC

fred thompson is one smart cookie

A vote for Edwards, Richardson & Kucinich is a vote for Clinton

Ah crap...I think I was about to row in the wrong boat...

So how will Morning Joe and his gang

anybody like poetry?

Kudos to MicroSoft. They actually did something right.

I'm Tired Of The Fake Members

I no longer respect discriminatory or bigoted "genuinely held beliefs."

Clinton and Obama both coming up on MSNBC...

What a coincidence Obama and Clinton both won one...

Some people around here will believe or say anything if it's about a candidate they don't like

Don't just look at at the Primary contests...

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;

Fox News strikes again!

What if Gore backed Edwards right now?

== The top 12 'Top 10' lists of 2007 = By Mark Morford

why does chris mathews shout "HA!" when he laughs?

Ok, changed my avatar to Hillary

US COC President has made some interesting donations

I have just returned from the future...

Our brave president puts his life on the line for peace as Al Qaeda plots to kill him...

Local News Video: Newscast's Chemtrail Investigation Reveals Dangerous Aerosolized Compounds

I received this as an e-mail, does anyone know if it is true?

Fascism Is Over ... If We Want It

The coming Presidential election..

Russert looks terrible...

Say it's NOV 08. Dem nominee up by 10 percent in all polls. Repub wins by 4 percent.

Did Clinton's results match her EXIT polls? (Not pre-election polls, but the actual exit polls)

Philip Agee has died in Cuba at 72

Sadly, 3 more US troops killed yesterday..Remember, any of the Republicans

I think what the result prove last night

US Election Circus Awash in Clichés

NSA REPORT REVEALS: US officials faked an incident to escalate the war

Been watching the NH numbers all night long. Amazing that one candidate's % never varied.

"Dirty fucking hippies"

What is that little Fu...I mean Tucker doing on TV?

are you scared? ridiculous guiliani ad

Rate the top three candidates from best to worst

HEADS UP ATLANTA and N.Georgia! Massive Thunderstorm moving in!

Funniest political race of all time.

i wish there was some way to calculate

Oh, did Hillary win, then?

Is focusing too much on the future helpful?

Pittsburgh P-G 's Reg Henry article this AM about pathetic Bush**.

Tweety Matthews on MSNBC Boohooing About Obama Loss

Just wanted to mention: rudy9/11 has 1 delegate.

It is still a three way race. Be happy we have strong candidates.

What is the reason for the media favoring particular candidates?

Looks like we're getting some thunderstorms tonight

Question: Should Edwards drop out and throw his support to Hillary to stop Obama?

Which Candidate Would Hold The Bush Administration Accountable for Their Numerous Crimes

Christian Right attacks efforts by other Christian leaders and Muslims to come together


Even through all of yesterday's brouhaha and today's wound licking and

The reality of elections - everyone moves down a notch.

New Hampshire voted for MORE war

WP: Rumors @ UN that US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad may run for President... of Afghanistan

Iran: U.S. faked conflict video (CNN)

Most interesting data out of the NH dem exit polling

What we learned in NH:

John Edwards will do well in S Carolina

NYT: Obama to get Culinary Workers endorsement in Nevada

Dogfighting evidence in NYC suburbs

Whew! I'm exhausted!

Can America stand four more years of Bush policies?

Any news on the CWU endorsement?

RoboCop in Iraq

Sen. Clinton victory speech replaying on cspan1 now.

Tom Toles: Why do we even listen to the press about anything?

Again: Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008

McCain Won the NH Primary Who Would He Pick For His VP?

Congrats Hillary!

Last Night Was No Big Deal

Moving picture from Iraq

Bush Begins Week in Mideast

I'm convinced that if this were a two candidate, rather than a three

cspan repeating their callins from WJourn now. very 'interesting' to say the least

What's the Lord of Darkness up to today..

The real story last night was the number of

Texas students suspended for refusing haircut

Robert Parry: The Logic of Obama-mania

While I don't have much of a horse in the Dem nomination

Does New Hampshire get brain freeze ?

US Ranks LAST on preventable deaths among industrialized nations...

Deleted dupe nt

So why were the NH exit polls wrong?

Paper nickels

Ron Paul's Old Newsletters Filled With Deeply Racist, Anti-Semitic and Homophobic Rants

Madiline Albright is talking on Wash Journ. Lovely to hear/see her again

I am not crazy about the results last night. But damn this Dem. party is groovy this year!

Onward, Upward, and Best to All Camps

CNN - standing by for bu$h* news conference from Israel.....

What is the difference between National Security and Homeland Security?

AP: US Navy added the audio to Iranian boat incident video

Media to Voters: It's Over......Pundits Rushing To End Primaries and Preempt Voter Choices

I am proud of my state and proud of my candidate...

One thing that became VERY clear last night in N. H. after all the

An Israeli Catholic archbishop plans to speak to Bush about the "blood on his hands"

Thank you, John Edwards.

ACE Reporting by Bill Kristol

hey, andrea mithcell ... "inspiration?" -- hey, joe scarbo ... "o. momentum?" o, tweets you had

Hillary Loses Culinary Workers' Endorsement Due To Clinton Campaign Manager's Work In Union-Busting!

Nap Time for McCain

Dissension in Freeperville: a hilarious exchange

Best news last night: NH exit: 97% dissatisfied with Bush!!!!

McCain: "I'm going to New Hampshire, and I'm going to tell people the truth."

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq

Obama's plan for the next four weeks (and 4th quarter fundraising totals)

If American voters are really this vacuous, we're in big trouble.

I heard some RW radio this morning, i think McCain is going to have some big problems in SC.

You guys are aware of the huge crash in Florida, right???


OMG!!!! 50 car pile up in Tampa area!

another dead dog due to algal poisoning

Is this true. (2004 election results)

Giuliani reacts to Clinton's emotional moment: "And the reality is, if you look at me, Sept. 11..."

Forget Oil, the New Global Crisis is Food

Doonesbury - Hilarious

I've decided. I have no choice but to vote for Obama.

Chimpy McCokespoon live from Israel CNN

and now for some good news . . . WWII Vet Receives Long Overdue Benefits . . .

Are Professors today stupid

The "F" bomb. Just dropped one.

Algae Jet Fuel Tests

secure e-voting

Ex-GOPer describes why he is voting for Obama

Best result of the night: Dem ballot beat GOP ballot 55%-45%

Facialexpressionsgate - it backfired. Drop it now so the race can still be open

ABC News Analysis: Clinton's Favorable Placement on Ballots May Account for Part of Poll Mistakes

So, were all the asshole suppoerters sleeping last night? Last night was

Time for Coup d'etat...put Biden in WH...his first orders would be...

AP: President Bush says "Iran is a threat to world peace."

hillary or obama or edwards......who cares?!?!?!

Is protecting Foley what Pelosi meant by "draining the swamp"

Iran says US faked videos of confrontation

The front page of Yahoo has big big of McCain and wife most of day and when I click on the

For the low low price of $108 former and present staff can meet with Rep. John Doolittle

At least two of our current candidates MUST be on the GE ballot...

The Truth About Abstinence Training (in cartoon form)

Which of the Top Three Candidates Has the Best Chance of Losing One or Both Houses in '10?

I can like Hillary Clinton.

Edwards won 4 delegates in NH last night to go with his 14 from Iowa

Slain Miami Police Officer was one of the five who arrested me last year

I'm a Democrat...and I GOLF!

FOX Attacks!.....(petition)

Weekend at Bernie's???

Did Clinton supporters scream fraud when they lost Iowa?

If Hillary or Obama wins the GE, will their face be on money?

Can someone list the states that have caucuses, open primaries, primaries, etc?

Diebold, McCain & Jeb

MSM is really in a pickle: Spinning Gigs in Mud

Civil Rights Commissioner's Double Switch (Stacking the commission w conservatives)


Anybody remember, Clinton had a 20% lead in N.H. back in October?

can somebody please explain the big deal about "red state update" to me?

All the experts said there were WMDs in New Hampshire...

Fox News Binging America Together

I Would Like To Hear Where The Candidates Stand On Integrity In The Voting Process

Lies,Damn Lies and Carbon Credits

Obama campaign called me this AM!

Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul should demand a full Hand Count

After 35 Years of Experience, She Finally Found Her Voice in NH?

Voter ID law going before US Supreme Court today. -- This is BIG, folks!

When linked ads go bad....

Common Fallacies used by the Right Wing

The Republicans need President Hillary and a Dem Congress

Two non-performers gang up. Caption this -->

On Int'l Relation(ship)s: Man spots his wife during visit to brothel

Matthews: Hillary’s succeeding because Bill ‘messed around.’

Three killed in Florida highway pileup

Evolution Not 'Just A Theory,' And Yes, Huckabee, It Does Matter

I have an announcement to make!

Exploding head fallout from last night...

Screw Iowa. Screw New Hampshire, Screw Super Tuesday.

Should Poll Posts Be Banned from DU?

The Business Of Being Born (docu)

Lou Dobbs will be on The Daily Show tonight.

About 81% of the NH votes were "counted" by Diebold and something is off!

Picking on people who support Ron Paul is ridiculous

new commercials running on TV effective today--medical plans

2 Accused Of Taking Dead Man To Cash Check

anybody following the vote count issues in NH? got this from BBV


"Angry White Man" the real Ron Paul

if you are bored,Please DU this LTTE written by my friend

Does anybody else see the Jared Polis for Congress ads?

"We live in a dangerous world."

Please help me find this thread - Edwards' mentioned fewer times - graphs

David Sirota: Welcome to the recession.

Bush Press Conference

What do you guys know about the North American Union...and

Hey "Hillary stole the election!" people... I'm smarter than you.

Diebold name was changed, please use 'Premier' same crap but new label...

The EXIT POLLS were right. There was no "fraud."

Clinton Chasing Youth Vote: 'We Should Have a Government Blogging Team!'

I say the 'Spotted Owl' thread deserves a DUZY!


First Person: Living in the Last Days of the American Republic

Supreme Court Weighs Photo-ID Requirement for Voters

Diebold is still crashing today..

This Prick Will Make a Woman Out of You


Are you surprised?

Bumper sticker this morning

The Devil's Bargain: Sweatshops and the American Scheme

TOON: Derf on Bush's last year in office

Talk about irony..

A thank you to the mods for allowing some of our Lounge worthy silliness to remain in GD

Well the roof blew off a house about a block from my apartment

Does anyone truly believe this isn't just a sick joke?

911iani campaign event in florida moved due to security concerns

Why of the "leading" Democratic candidates has only HRC stayed on the ballot in MI/FLA?

With Apologies to Will: Spotted Owl vs. Meth-Addled Duck?

I posted a thread last night noting that while there were scores of Obama/Edwards

As an Oregonian I have no fucking say in this process - I'm irrelevant.

Progressive Dems deny Van Hollen (re Impeachment)

I've given up on any sort of investigation or impeachment hearings...

Mortage Crises Also Hurting Renters

Off topic (not about elections)

Would the US have dropped the bomb on Europe?

HuffPo Charges Big Papers Sitting on recent Clinton Affair Story - I FOUND OUT WHO IT IS (Photo)

Stephanopolous seemed to imply this morning..

Poor Julianni - he gets forked and

The immaturity of a lot of Obama supporters is showing

Phil Donahue's Body of War: Why Picket the New York Times in DC on Friday?

Rep. Jane Harman: The tale of the CIA tapes: What do we still not know?

Court Appears Split 5-4 on Voter ID


You Want A Feeling For How The General Election Is Going To Go?

Georgia Prisoners Claim Widespread Beatings

Department of Orwellian Excesses

What issue/s hit you right where you live? Meaning that they directly affect you

The Other Scandal Involving Destruction of Evidence = 10 million WH e-mails

Philip Agee is dead

lol...Huckabee to attend homeschoolers hoops clash.

Look some people are actually accusing some of Clinton supporters committing fraud

Tweety's head exploded last night when Hillary won. He was INSISTING on finding out WHY the polls

Weekend at Bernies??

Reasons you should not bother to vote in any election

Obama's Key to Winning: Bill Clinton's Cheating on Hillary

France is leader in health care, US dead last

Paul Begala: How Fox News Knowingly Reported A False Story About Me

I want Edwards to be President

The Money Web: Who has Donated to Your Candidate? Click on the Bubblehead and find out!

I think all republicans need to smoke Marijuana

Corpse Wheeled to Check-Cashing Store Leads to 2 Arrests

Katrina victim sues U.S. for $3 quadrillion

The Bush administration has five business days to answer lingering questions about the backup copies



So who's your dream (ie most beatable) Republican nominee?

The WAY vote totals are released, seems to be the problem with the "validity" issue

Oxygen Suppliment #2

The environments we create for ourselves... (warning photo heavy)

Great e-mail from PFAW about the right-wing kooks choices for justices

9 US soldiers killed in Iraq in 2 days

Secret US offensive targeting insurgents - results in missing insurgents & 9 US soldiers killed

Mark my words: Obama WILL be on the ballot in November, no matter what...

an email I received from someone who works for FAUX

Anyone here still use an antenna to get their TV signal? Feb.17 the analog signal is turned off

Iranian-born Swedish soccer player stopped at airport check in Houston

Is DU really slow right now, or is it just me?

Something light...a little break

Forget about Hillary/Obama/Edwards for a second and WATCH THIS TRAILER!

I am sick of defending the Clintons BUT Tweety's latest is so vicious I'm at it again.

Obama currently leads in NH delegates: 9 delegates + 3 superdelegates...

Overheard at the water cooler today: "Maybe Jeb will get in"

RNC Chairman on MSNBC

Obama are you doing? (support group)

CNN Has Ralph Reed And Bill Bennett As Some of Their Political Anal ists

Can we just start referring to the pundits as

Freepology Today: Will Hillary's Racist Election Fraud Save Obama from Being Whacked?

John Edwards on CNN NOW!

Please Help Me Answer My Son~

SanFran Bash = EFF's 17th Birthday Party is Jan 15

Political coverage indistinguishable from sports, and you are the bouncing ball.

"Police: Dad threw 4 children off bridge"

Landrieu fights back against bribery charge

why is it so difficult to just implent hand recounts to compare against machine tabulations?

Did anyone just see Rudy make a foul racist joke on TV just now?

Uh-oh. Forget everything else, there is a missing white girl...

Please when you post about the North American Union, remember this is

Bangor (Maine) Daily News First Major Newspaper to Editorialize in Favor of Impeaching Cheney

NH Primary Turnout Sets Record

Chris Bowers at has an excellent analysis of why Hillary won NH.

Ron Paul included in Fox News Debate from SC

Another Gulf of Tonkin Incident?

Bush's Civil Rights Stacking Gets Absurd

A Possible Lesson from the Corporate Owned News/Media Elite (aka the CON/ME)

On Edwards:

Anyone listening to Tweety? Notice anything odd about the vote discussion?

Start laughing.

Six soldiers killed in Iraq today

Golf Channel anchor says young golfers should 'lynch Tiger Woods'


Israel PM Olmert and Bush exchange gifts

Interesting speculation on why Sen. Obama lost yesterday’s NH Primary……..

War On Terror-The Board Game. Just saw a Current TV pod on this. Anyone else heard of it? Played it?

"Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?"

Rachel Madow on AA--talking next hr on elections. tune in

PULLING IT OUT OF THEIR ASSES AGAIN. Have you heard one voter say it was "the cry"?

You can't put anything past the Clinton Machine. Did they promise Twetty a WH job?

OK..........I've had enough.......

Dennis Kucinich: Bush Administration Pushes United States Closer To War With Iran

It was "Iron My Shirt!" I think, that made many women rally around HC in NH.

When was the last time the New Hampshire primary polls got it so wrong?

Virus Warning from Urban Legends...

The butcher's apron

When he said 'Boom', he meant 'KA-Boom'

Sports fans, how 'bout that Halliburton bowl game?

Tucker is an ass. And words do matter.

Remember Lurleen B. Wallace? And compare to Hillary.

"Capitol Hell" funny monster parodies, both parties (pics)

Is it really wise to cement a "Vote challenging is paranoid whining" meme at this point in time?

Would MLK support the death penalty if it was unfairly applied to blacks?

MSBNC dropping Doc Block for KO & Tweety tonight

Why is Randi Rhodes discussing Sen. Clinton's clothes?

On NH fraud... question (sincere, not leading)

Don't blame the Obama supporters for whining about rigged elections

Hillary the TRIANGULATOR accuses

The bigdog/poppy bush "FAIRYTALE"

This this is the best analysis I've seen of what happened with Hillary ---

Blackwater USA - $1B US Contractor - Steps Up Lobbying Efforts - Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Will Tweety drop out after his New Hampshire defeat?

"profane music" to be banned from bars in Mo. along with swearing

It's not about conspiracy, or the candidates, it's about voters--there needs to be a way to verify

Media, Bob "Novakula" Lose New Hampshire Primary

When people hit the ballot box...they changed their minds...

Re: Iranian Cigarette Boats. Who was driving?

What day are people wearing orange, and why?

Look at this shit!

I'll never complain about my looks again

I Channel Surfed Between MSNBC/CNN Coverage and No One Mentioned Voting Machine Fraud!

"The City" TOON has me ROFL this week....

Chris Matthews is nuttier than a fruitcake...

Admit it - When it's all said and done

Anybody else think Romney is like Steve Carrell in "The Office?"

Pregnant Marine missing from North Carolina base was to testify about an incident she had witnessed

"Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?"

Which Top 3 Candidate Is Most Likely to Spike GOP State Legislative Gains, in Time for Census?

A must read - Brad Blog on Fishy NH vote - He's hot on the case !

So if I like Obama today, but Clinton tomorrow and Edwards the next day, am I an asshole?

I am leaning to Edwards but Obama is delivering a SMOKING HOT SPEECH

Look, I'm going to vote Democratic in the GE even if we have a SPOTTED OWL on the ticket

If Obama or Edwards had won last night there wouldn't be talk of stolen elections...

Edwards is driving the debate.

Condoleezza Rice for President

Lets Change The Subject From Diebold - Barack, Hillary, and the Sinister Nothingness of "Change"

How to make elections fair, reliable, recountable, believable

To African-American and Undecided Voters in South Carolina and Around the U.S.

Meanwhile, There's a Drunken Chimp Touring the ME ---pix--->>>


Rush Limbaugh Talks Up Thompson "Only True Conservative"

LOL !!! - Caption This !!!

Hey y'all I posted a pretty crazy thread in which someone wanted Tiger Woods lynched.

bush: Iran was, is, & will be a threat to the U.S., world, & Israel, therefore...?

Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman apologizes to Tiger Woods for 'lynch' comment

Barack Obama: Appealing to the best in us

As housing slumps, realtors quit

Bush says Iran is a threat, not just to peace, but to "world" peace...


Oh Exxon

Judge won't inquire into CIA tapes case

Congress members get $4,000 pay raise

Boy toddler dies alone in apartment days after his mother's death

I dont know who to be mad at the cops or the fundie asshole

Today’s Headlines

Hillary Clinton and Excitable Women

Overheard at the Central Urinal (aka, GOP Drinking Fountain)

An Onion artical from seven years ago rings absolutely true:

Know why I can't wait for the Nevada caucuses to end?

Obama has agreed to go on the Bill O'LIElly show. I thought the Dems had agreed to boycott that

Are DU readers and participants susceptible to Psychological Operations?

Corporate charter reveals Diebold's first product.

When She Said, "Join Us"...

In defense of Dr Phil

hahaha.."..George Bush has made a lot of us cry" Jesse Jackson jr. re: Hillary

What Should John Edwards Do Now?

Man sees 'mark of the beast' on his hand and cuts it off, then microwaves it!

George "Macaca" Allen Is Campaigning For:

We Forget What It Was Really Like Under the Clintons

GOP officials urging embattled Calif. Rep. Doolittle not to seek reelection

ABC's Polling Director: "It is simply unprecedented for so many polls to have been so wrong."

I'm a bit baffled.

All right, who's your choice, as of today?

Frustrated rant posed to induce flaming...

Bill Clinton's record.....

Holy crap...just checked the Asia/European markets. Gold and Silver going through the ceiling.

I Respect the Hell out of Edwards, but My Reynolds Wrap Remains in the Kitchen Where It Belongs

OKAY! Obama had HIS day, Hillary had HER day, NOW IT'S JOHN EDWARDS TURN!!!!!!

Sibel Edmonds case: Facts and Thanks.

Not for 1 min. will JE put up with rigging!

Introducing The iTaser: MP3 Player Meets Hip, Portable Shock Device

The Bev Harris story for newbies and those who have forgotten

Hillary's dog whistles to racism.

Chris Floyd ties Bush and BCCI to Sibel Edmonds bombshell

The lesson in NH is for Edwards supporters.

Police: Dad threw 4 kids off bridge

Strait of Hormuz - "It's a Fake"

Roto Rudy and that large sucking souwnd!

CNN exit polls MATCHED the actual results of the New Hampshire Primary. (UPDATED 5PM -- PLEASE READ)

So what will you do when your "Mandatory Health Insurance"....

How Election Fraud/Audit Advocates Have Numbskulled Their Way Thru for 8 Years

Federal magistrate orders Bush admin. to tell CREW if e-mails about Plame leak

'Meanest mom on planet' sells son's car

Controlled burn goes out of control in Central Florida...50 car pile up. Serious drought.

STOP starting threads that are supported by Bev Harris!

Buying of the President Interview with John Kerry (June 2007)

Book reveals Bush's bouts of crying, ghostly visions

US Chamber of Commerce threatens Edwards" If populist agenda succeeds Dems will be gone for 40 years

Dennis Kucinich to introduce Articles of Impeachment against the President of the United States...

"Women" are the new "Values Voters"

Ya think that the Clintons are making calls to Richardson, asking him to drop out before NV?

How well did your predictions, Dem and Repub, go? (I did pretty well!)

Hillary's speech...calculated theatre or defining moment? Either way, speech of her life

Superdelegates are undemocratic, if they decide the nominee

Okay, I'm Done Predicting

Do Obama and Clinton stop in Nevada?

Lets hear it for the Suffolk University Poll...

Shattering Clinton aura of inevitability was the best thing that could have happened to candidacy

Was This The Biggest Upset Since Buster Douglas Beat Mike Tyson?

You need a giggle, you know you do.

Obama vs Clinton reminds me of the

Hillary tops 100,000...up by about 7,000...

History has been made this past week.

A question for NH

Bradley Effect?

Imagine If Edwards Wins Nevada

I want to congratulate Hillary Clinton for her win in New Hampshire

Iowa: voting at night. NH: voting during the day. Different folks turn out for each. Add...

Rachel Maddow talking to Pat Buchanan. Very nice combo..

"No other woman on the horizon" - An ode to the real first woman President.

Unbelievable: Andrea Mitchell Takes Press Credit for Hillary Turnaround!

Feel Hopeless? Cheer up!

To those who claim Kucinich's votes went backwards

So what's going on with the NV culinary union endorsement?

A reminder to ALL Democrats

Edwards on Larry King right now

most annoying trend? dredging up old threads

Congratulations to thus far 3,538 NH voters!

The Primary Season: 2008 Democratic Calendar-NY Times

From what the pundits said

So Far, Of All The Votes That Have Been Counted

Should McCain get the nomination

Clinton has two percentage points over Obama - but they tied for delegates in NH.

Edwards needs to stay in the race for Obama to have a chance....

Can Someone Please Post The Exit Polls


Obama lost to Clinton so Edwards should drop out (snark)

The day is coming... (For all my friends at DU)

More NH weirdness: Obama considered more likely to win GE by 46-36 margin

Noticing a trend re: pro-Clinton posts and no donor star?

Now we move on to the less than 'lilly white' States...

Awww Hillary emailed me

O, for a brokered convention!

Tell me what this means...

On some levels, I'm glad Hillary won.

Look at this screenshot I just pulled up on RCP

What the pollsters will tell you tomorrow

Hillary on CNN, repeat of her speech. nt

McCain-Huckabee V Clinton-Obama

I am donating to OBAMA tonight......cause YES, I FUCKING CAN!

I'm glad Obama won in Iowa and I'm glad Hillary won tonite.

Congratulations Hillary Supporters!

Maureen Dowd throws a fit! lashes against Hillary "Can she cry her way to the WH"?

Ever heard the cliche that Edwards is "too angry"? CNN exit poll: 2/3 of Democrats are angry

I want a "brokered" Convention; no more annointed candidates

does it matter

Regardless of who you align with, we all won tonight


Obamamites, remember 6 months ago

Does Huckabee remind anyone else of Kevin Spacey?

I think there were two main reasons HRC came out on top.

Real reason Obama lost ...

Now we move on to states where independents can't vote in our primaries

Were Hillary supporters this rude last Thursday night?

Clinton wins big in two key qualities: "experience" and "cares about people"

Michigan and Florida: Please let us know what the story is. ..again.

Videos of Chelsea and Hillary campaigning in NH

The one thing that would help warm me up to Hilllary most if she's nominated...

My official Tin Foil Hat Theory for a late night on Primary Night

Ambinder: Obama Still Expected To Get Culinary Workers Endorsement

Obama came in much higher than Iowa polls..was that vote rigged too?

I am white and I am voting for a half Black half white man!

One thing, Hillary winning = no clear front runner = Edwards still alive

On a non-partisan note, what's up with Richmond, NH?

The icing on the cake for me tonight was that jerk from looked like an ass. NT

if optimism was a stock, it would be falling.

Now that it's getting late, what about Howard Wolfson's sweater tonight?

So how much do you think people won/lost on intrade?

Any links yet to Rachel Maddow's slam on tweety?

Pretty interesting exit poll results. Is this how we got Dukakis?

New Hampshire is a very war and military oriented state

a McCain/Clinton race would be sooooo last century...!

Replaying Obama's speech on CNN now if anyone wants to watch again

Sorry, Barack... You're on your own.

I was wrong

Clinton Escapes to Fight Another Day: "Solid support" from registered Dems, women

"...repeating the line that forms a part of virtually every campaign appearance he makes..."

Intrade numbers just completely reversed themselves

Kucinich received 0% in Iowa and 1.36% in NH, where is his firewall?

Obama endorsed by Nevada SEIU

Conventional Wisdom Hits the Reset Button: The Front-Runner? Clinton. No, Obama. No, Wait . . .

mccain stole obama's undies

Best news of the night? Thompson 1%

I think that I’ve figured it all out.

An Inconvenient Ressurection

Well , let's just ask the pollsters - How could all the pre-election polling be so wrong?

wanna see a big happy crowd

I had a question about Oprah Winfrey. I was wondering if she had stepped forward in 2004 to suppor

Obama supporters: Why don't you want him to drop out?

A Gore endorsement right about now would be nice for Obama

Obama "still fired up and ready to go": "Words that ring from sea to shining sea — 'yes, we can.'"

Edwards supporters: Why don't you want him to drop?

Grr my tinfoil hat is starting to call out to me

For Clinton, Retooled Campaign and Loyal Voters Add Up

Wow! 7 of the 8 top threads in Greatest Threads are about John Edwards!

3/4 of NH Dems are scared about another 9/11!!! The fear card worked

Which presidential candidate would help win most Senate/Congress seats?

I have not done a Congrat thread to Hillary Supporter, and I should- CONGRATULATIONS!

The race card gets us nowhere

Huckabee's fuzzy math: "almost 100" tax cuts @ $380 million and 21 tax increases @ $505 million

Who says Hillary won? Look at the numbers. She is on her way down.

NV Culinary Union torn on Democratic Endorsement after Hillary's win - no more lock for Obama

From what I am hearing there were more diebolt machines used in NH

Congratulations to the Hillary Clinton campaign for the New Hampshire victory

I am a MAN, and I AM voting for Hillary.


EXIT POLLS were correct. Therefore, no voting fraud.

From a Big Boost for Obama to a Sharp Blow

Biden Votes Went To Hillary. Youth Vote Doesn't Come Out. Race A Factor?

Hillary Clinton Is The First Woman To Win A Primary!

exit polls are kind of funny and interesting

I just can't hop on this bandwagon this morning. The Rs will slap lipstick on some pig this summer


He’s Staying in Campaign, Edwards Tells Supporters

Two states down, now let us give the other 48 have a voice in

Why Super Tuesday will not decide anything

McCain v Clinton

Folks, we have a race!

I'm going to be like the guy


'Comeback' Clinton claims NH for her own

Sources Say Nevada Culinary Workers Union WILL Endorse Obama; Nevada SEIU Endorsement Official

McCain just said on GMA that we could be in Iraq a million years!

Real Reason(s) Hillary Won NH

History/Origin of Political Conventions and Primaries

To put things in perspective:

Joe Scarborough's Rabid Conservative Mother and Father, Rooting For Hillary

Wow! Obama and Clinton wind up TIED in N.H....

Bet Michigan and Florida Democratic Leaders are kicking themselves now.

James Carville is not joining the Clinton campaign.

How do we get Chris Mattews fired? I'm dead serious.

Matthews blaming the people for the bad polls

Some small part of Clinton's historic win is the rejection of Obama's McClurkin decision...

I am so sorry and angry that we STILL have to expend energy on discussing our election methodology

Our biggest threat in the general election isn't a repuke candidate

Wah Wah! WAHwahWAH wahWaHwAhWah!

Delegates won in the primaries so far...... (per CNN)

How Hillary Turned it Around (from TIME Mag)

I just posted a thread in GD showing that the CNN exit polls correctly predicted New Hampshire.

Obama now needs to put 'meat on the bone' - DEFINE HIS POLICIES!

Memo to Obama Workers and Supporters: BIG UP YOURSELVES

I am reminded of Brandi Chastain and the US Women's World Cup victory

"Incapsulated" was the canary in the coal mine.

Don't we want INDEPENDENTS to vote DEM in order to win the GE?

Is there sexism toward Obama?

Is it possible that the election was a Fix last night?

What makes me happiest about Hillary's win tonight is every media pundit looks like a complete idiot

Do we want our candidates to care?

When You Woke Up This Morning, How Did You Feel

If Clinton wins you won't see the other candidates in her Cabinet: ie Edwards/Obama

OK, I'm in the freakin' middle of freeper central here at work today.

Who will be the first to drop out

As an Edwards supporter and a veteran of politics I say it's not over by a long shot"

John Edwared payoff:; DNC Chairman?

Hillary has won me over

So 54% of NH voted for one of the CHANGE candidates

Big ass loser of the night is Mittens. O for two in the two contests he was counting on to win.

Even Big Dogs Cry

Jim Webb, Hillary's Running Mate VP?

How Wrong Were The Polls?

"I listened to you, and in the process I found my own voice"

RCP: Morning Thoughts: Fired Up (all kinds of tidbits. Not specific to Obama)

Bush's reason for going to the Mid-East canceled.

Yesterday the media was playing you!

The Clintons will now throw the kitchen sink at Obama

LOL, in NH, "Others" Beat DropDeadFred!

Welll, is Bill Richardson gone or about to leave?

Edwards supporters, who would you vote for IF John dropped out (God forbid)?

So how does a tie translate to a victory?

Skinner/Elad how about a "strategy/analysis" discussion forum with tighter rules?

this is getting ridiculous

Does Mike Huckabee have the inside track to the republican nomination?

NH delegate count: Obama 12, Hillary 11, Edwards 4 (according to CNN)

Unite Here (National) is endorsing Obama


A Call for honesty:: A personal pledge to Advocacy and Objectivity

Initial Quick & Dirty Analysis of NH Democratic Primary Vote By Voting Method

Yes, it's a two person race.

In New Hampshire, You Don't Get to Give Votes to Your Second Choice

How did Hillary win NH? Got Out The Vote.

Higher margins than expected for Clinton from voters concerned about economy, women, union voters

Can we at least all celebrate Rudy's downfall?

The Bi-Polar Media Narratives create their own Fantasy/Reality

Yes, Clinton should drop out

What's the story with Richardson?

BTW, to the Obama supporters: Dean lost by 27,000 votes in 2004.

One caucus down, one primary down, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING but good news for Democrats

Women, diehard Dems keys for Clinton comeback

Hillary was on Fox "Live" distorting Obama's Iraq War Stance just like Bill did in NH!

Nader, McKinney Confirm Presidential Debate Attendance

The Obama Loss and Looking Forward

I (heart) New Hampshire

Clinton supporters calling for Edwards to quit should

Most importantly of course from NH. Obama gets to reclaim underdog status!

What does Obama do now?

How many of the votes in New Hampshire last night came from absentee ballots

Atlanta Mayor Shirly Franklin Endorses Obama

any thoughts on how much of a bump Hillary will get from NH?

NBC's First Read: Hillary Camp Pulled Out All the Stops in New Hampshire

THREE THINGS we learned last night:

Neat Graphic Showing Edwards Rise Over the Last Month

S.C. to use voting machines banned in other states

Your image of Barack Obama is

Justification for Selfishness

Raw Story: "Larry Craig's new defense: The cop started it"

Chris Matthews' next big play against the Clintons

Why did women break for HRC in NH so much more than Iowa?

Ron Paul-in his own words (WOW!)

Its true Clinton had to win New Hampshire.

I said it was possible Monday, it happened Tuesday...the REAL reason for the Clinton bump in NH

I spoke to my local Hillary HQ in Los Angeles ..

Great editorial about yesterday's happenings by Brian Williams

If Edwards was not in the race last night, would Obama have won?

Here are some of my thoughts on the polls:

Anybody have links to raw exit poll data in Iowa and New Hampshire?

Cool your jets people - What was won last night? 22 delegates, we have long way to go.

David Plouffe: The Next Four Weeks (Obama is ready to win)

About Those Democratic Polls: Potential sources of error

Does Clinton's comeback raise questions about Obama's viability?

Obama's plan for the next four weeks (and 4th quarter fundraising totals)

Could Obama have won Iowa due to bullying other caucus goers into switching sides?

I think John Edwards attacking Hillary the past few days, especially at the debate, helped Hillary

Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner Endorses Clinton

After a tough night and some hours of sleep, I have a question for every Obama supporter

I don't buy that there was racism or rigged machines.

I know why Hillary faked emotion!!!

Thank you for your contribution

John McCain

I want a brokered convention

Did the other GOP candidates "pile on" Romney in debate because he's a male?

Do unions play a bigger role in Caucus?

Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters in NH....

I keep hearing about how Obama did poorly because the independents went to McCain

Barack Obama: Get a little bit more specific in terms of the issues from now on.

You Have Got to Hear This Parody!

Lazy media calling New Hampshire Democrats racists...

State Polls and Primary Schedule

Inside Clinton’s NH Win: The Women and Whouley

Not a "Bradley" effect...but a Chris and Joe effect...

"Woman whose question moved Clinton to tears voted Obama"

Primary Distraction

Wow. Ron Paul is crazier than I realized

First woman to win a presidential primary

The Buying of a President 2008 (Center for Responsive Politics) First: Obama, 2nd Clinton, Kucinich,

Obama allowing himself to be swiftboated

The future: Is Clinton the Iron Lady aka Thatcher or the 'Cry Baby Clinton'

Remember this: Iowa = caucus, NH = primary

Bradley Affect scares southern black voters

Obama received Culinary Workers endorsement

How Hillary Turned it Around

How should Edwards and Obama

It was "Oprahfication," "chickification" that won for Hillary!

Why doesn't Obama drop out of the race so that Edwards can take the nomination from Hillary?

What is Edwards path to the nomination?

Hillary's Thank you to New Hampshire

Not so fast re: Culinary Workers endorse Obama

Women like soap operas

Just gave $100 to Obama...

RIGHT NOW-The NV Culinary Workers' Union is officially endorsing Obama...

Obama officially gets endorsement of NV's Culinary Worker's Union

You could convince me of your arguments better if you spelled America with a K.

Democrats are in great shape because of last night

NYT's John Hardwood: Clinton's Strategy Echoes Bush in 2000

Bush signs bill to keep guns out of the hands of mental patients. Does this mean it's safe...

So, we are now reduced to "alayzing" tears. (Jesse Jackson, Jr.)

Daily Kossackian: "I don't get Hillary" (no, I didn't write this. I wish.)

Is Edwards the only top 3 with a GLBT Issues section on their website?

Edwards takes lead in early Calif primary results

IF Clinton wins, who for veep? Personally Ithink she's be a fool not to offer it to Obama, but,

Most expect traffic jams--not much else from Bush visit:


A wakeup call re Hillary and Hillary bashers from Markos (a must read)

Ras POLL: Hillary 32 (even), Obama 31 (+2), Edwards 19 (-1)

A response to George W. Bush

How safe are Clinton and Obama's senate seats?

I support Edwards, but looks like my candidate has no chance.

Anyone have stats correlating CWU endorsement and winning Nevada?

The contrast between Hillary's and Obama's supporters on DU's responses to victory is striking.

The Rude Pundit: Goddamn, Democracy at Last?

Rush, read this. .

McAuliffe credits emotion for Clinton win

Was NH vote rigged? Repeat of Florida & Ohio?

NYT Editorial Must Read: Unite, Not Divide, Really This Time

"Before Obamaiania in Iowa, Sen. Clinton stood at 39% in the New Hampshire polls.

Unbiased... It doesn't matter if HRC's "cry" was real or strategy... This is why!

The Top Five Reasons Barack Obama Lost New Hampshire

Hillary HAD to win New Hampshire!

I just got home from a party with the Next President of The U.S.A.

For those who don't understand

Clinton Teaches Politics 101

How Clinton Won

The woman who asked the question that made Hillary tear up voted for Obama.

Oh Hillhaters, I love you dearly

Hillary Clinton's nomination will be our Iraq War

Obama's cash blitz

It Was The Machinery, Not The Emotion

Obama's art of grassroots political war (

Rush Limbaugh Is talking about DU RIGHT NOW!

The exit polls were 7% off cause they matched the outcome. How else do you explain the voter fraud?

"Iran is a threat to world peace"

In defense of questioning Hillary's win

Clinton neutralizes PUKES on national security, blows them away on domestic issues

Edwards Fights to Stay Relevant

The only one that has truly victimized Hillary Clinton is Bill Clinton...

Obama played "Prevent Defense" during the debate; Prevent doesn't work

Your image of Hillary Clinton is

What does this phrase from Hillary's victory speech last night mean:

So Nevada's Unions are behind Obama? That's great!

Your image of John Edwards is

Some basic facts that cannot be ignored.

Thompson draws 'line in sand' in SC...

I'm a little confused...Did Obama just get the Nevada Culinary Unionor the National one too?

I just gave $100 each to Obama AND Hillary

I Saw My Neighbor Having Sex With Her Dog

Gary Hart's non-endorsement endorsement of Obama

HuffPo: "Woman Who Made Clinton Cry Voted For Obama"

For White House runners, South Carolina's toxic brew awaits

What is the Record for the SEIU and CWU Endorsements in Nevada?

Voters are tiring of the pro Obama Negativity

One NH female Clinton voter's message for Obama: I think you'll win

Hillary's campaign bribed Bill Richardson's supporters in Iowa!

We are eating our own.

I got a bit of "perspective" today.

ABC: Obama endorsed by Culinary Workers Union

Oh Are We Doing Rascism Now, As To The Reason Why Obama Lost?

Just one pharse... Any Democratic Candidate but Hillary! Sorry Hillary..

Why February 5 "Super Tuesday" looks super to Clinton

George W Bush; The Great Uniter... Seriosly!

Exit polling is the weak link and the easiest to rig.

First Read: NV Congresswoman endorses Clinton

saw something about SCOTUS this morning, saying that it has been decided that there


I just donated $100.00 to Hillary Clinton for President...

Looking at exit polls, Obama voters

Question for math geniuses... which number is greater? 39 or 36?

Obama tried to bribe JE to drop out and throw his support to Obama

Breaking CNN: Security breach at 9ui11iani event

Hillary has secured her place in history...Stowe, Anthony, Stanton, Roosevelt, Jordan...

You know what I'm proud of?

Apparently New Hampshire is a neighbor state to New York.

Las Vegas Sun: Obama Wins Endorsement of SEIU Nevada

Political stock exchanges...NOT POLLS....look inside.

I want to make it clear that I'm not 100% averse to Hilllary but

how many vote counts on the Dem side have you called into question in the last 8 years on DU?

Caption McCain - - - > > > pix

I Still Can't Believe That Hillary's Win Hasn't Sparked The FIRST WOMAN IN HISTORY TO WIN A PRIMARY!

Guiliani TERROR ALERT ! Has to move event from airplane hanger !

Could we see a backlash in the media against Obama?

Random Post-New Hampshire theories/observations

99.5% of the nation Thanks You, New Hampshire!

Has Chris Matthews lost his mind or what?

Congrats Hil supporters. I think she may ultimately win with the help of Edwards. Here is why...

Getting what you want the sneaky way...Or making lemonade from lemons

Nevada caucuses........Jan 19.

Thoughts on the NH results

Mittens is pulling Ad money out of SC, concentrating on MI

Town-by-town breakdown of NH primary results

Clinton Question

Looking at delegates, it was a tie... 9 for Clinton 9 for Obama.

This is a generational war. Re: Clinton vs Obama

Good news about the NH Senate race

Sen. Craig Amends Gay Bust Appeal

If I lived in NH I would have voted Republican

If leading Democrats wasn't like herding cats we could rock Michigan

RANT TIME: Its F'ing stupid to try to demoralize DUers who support other candidates

Romney pulls ads in Florida, South Carolina

Come next Fall, MOST OF US will have to support one of the big 3

NYT - Maureen Dowd: Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?

Negative Campaigning Against Obama Could Haunt Clinton in South

LINK with Live Stream To Obama Rally in NJ

What AreThe Current Polls Saying In Florida, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina?

One good thing about the Hillary/Obama/Edwards debate

Here is where things stand in terms of pledged delegates: Obama 25, Hillary 24, Edwards 18.

I Feel Like Someone Broke My Christmas Present

Has Anyone Notice That HuffPo Has Ripped Any Mention of Hillary Off Their Web Site?

Is it just me, or is this board being painfully slow???

I hope New Hampshire serves as a lesson for the Hillary haters in the media --

woman who asked Clinton the "cry" question on NPR

Odd Little Fact from the Exit Polls

Did HRC best Barack by more than McCain beat Mittens?

that fred thompson is one smart cookie

What I saw in N.H.

Will Nevada, because it is a caucus, be better for Hillary or for Obama?

Let me tell you about my memorable night!!!

CNBC: Obama Campaign raised 500,000 last night

How ironic - the press plays the race card to cover their miscalculations!

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley Endorses Clinton

if the backlash from the sexism

My quesion. How did Hillary win? Period. nt

FWIW - Ballot position different than poll position, so different outcome?

Suggestions for Obama's team. How to win an election. Or not.

Cooks' union's endorsement of Obama means little

Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner Endorses Clinton

Congratulations Hillary supporters.......

Drum roll for delegates won to date: Obama 25, Clinton 24, Edwards 18 !!!

How many unions backed Dick Gephardt?

Are either Obama or Clinton in South Carolina today? Edwards is.

Anybody watching Chris Matthews right now??? What a complete ass!

Clinton wins more votes, Obama takes home more delegates

The "non-Hillary vote"

Obama needs to start talking about the Clinton scandals of the '90's

South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson is endorsing Barack Obama

Sorry for the silly question, but who do you think will do more for the poor? Hillary or Obama?

Representative George Miller endorses Barack Obama

Arrest these women!!

Iowa caucus math doesn't add up????

Michigan voter: What do I do?

DailyKos: Memo to the anti-Clinton brigades (Kos is voting for Obama)

Why were the polls wrong again? Polls are getting it wrong more and more

Gore/Edwards 2008 Unlikely Scenario (FUN DISCUSSION?)

WBZ TV Boston: Obama at fundraiser tells supporters "It's a two person race now,"

Folks, It's The Bradley Effect All Over Again

Which one of you kept calling the WAAAHMBULANCE for me yesterday?

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton Supporters.

The only thing that baffles me about Hillary supporters.

Obama's Co-Chairman Jesse Jackson Jr says Hillary teared up because of her appearance...

Rasmussen: What Happened to Polls In New Hampshire?

Since when did using RW terms against Democrats become allowed on DU?

Did we really want a coronation?

New York Civil Rights Commission on Bloomberg: high handed, arrogant, snobbish & clueless

Fundamentalists Launch Shareholder Drive To Fight Microsoft On Gay Rights

Edwards' chances continue to diminish

Question to DUer's, does it not bother you at all that elections will be counted by paperless trail

Hillary to Katie Courie: Obama and Edwards used the "buddy system" to attack her during debate

Bill Clinton's attack helped Hillary win because it highlighted Obama's record

Edwards could use a big time endorsement - Al are you listening?

I guess there's a bookie in Ireland crying into his Guiness about now

Independents can be very odd

EL Mundo Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

I might change my vote. Who did the lady who made Hillary cry vote for? I need to know

Observation..didn't see one post about potential voting fraud in NH...until after Hillary had won...

Obama Supporters -- Do You Want Him To Go Negative On Hillary?

More about the primary confusion the Florida Democrats caused.....

Does Obama support the death penalty? (On edit: yes, he does)

Voter cited by opponents of Indiana's ID law registered in two states

On Hope and Fairness

Charlie Rangel just smacked down Jesse Jackson Jr. on HC Iraq vote.

Bloomberg on the Iraq war: some disturbing hints

Mom and daughter

Hi everyone, I'm semi-new here with a question

I'm Almost Sorry I Posted Here Today

A Dose of Hope for Obama Supporters - from a Southern Red State

Rasmussen: Obama Now Seen As Most Electable Candidate in Either Party

"They were all not just wrong, but wildly wrong. But only for the Clinton/Obama race."

Will Money Translate Into Primary Votes? Check YOUR STATE and SEE!

The woman whose question caused Hillary to nearly cry voted for Obama.

8 reasons why i don't think that Hillary's win tonight translates into wins in other states

Jon Stewart's reaction to Hillary's 'meltdown': "That's it?"

Diebold, Rigged Voting Machines, Polls, Exit polls,...

Hillary Clinton: You don't need Bill Clinton to win this race.

I am switching my primary vote to Hillary

Please watch this short video clip of Obama

Dear MSNBC--Fire Chris Matthews

AP: Obama hints of sharper edge vs. Clinton

CNN exit polls MATCHED the actual results of the New Hampshire Primary.

The Seismic Shift (Mary Lyon)

Obama endorsed by National Labor Union, United Assocation of Plumbers and Pipefitters

Why should Edwards drop?

Hillary is poised to take Michigan, Nevada, Florida, Cali, and New Jersey.

Why are some former Biden Endorsements going to Hillary?

Congrats to the Hillaroids, Hillshills, Hillbots, Hillarians, Hilltards, and Devil Worshipers.

It seems to me

I have perhaps a dumb question...with all the analysis today...and the exit polls being used...

New Poll: John Edwards Support in Florida hits high mark at 19%

Why I continue to support Edwards

Can we demand a "recount" of the Iowa caucuses, too?

So, who will win Nevada next week?

Oh God, what is Jesse Jackson Jr. Doing?

Head to Head Matchup: Clinton vs. Obama (Round 1, 1/09/08)

Why are Hillary supporters so insecure...

Six US Soldiers Killed and Four Wounded in Explosion in Baquba, Iraq

Did anyone else catch Michelle Obama's dance at the end of Barak's concession?

The NH Polls - The Bradley effect - And the MSM

I Didn't See Hillary Supporters Screaming Fraud In Iowa. Seems That Obamanuts Are The Whiners

Obama won White Men and rural voters: NO BRADLEY EFFECT!!!

Spot on analysis by Maureen Dowd (a woman, no less)

How is it that NH Dem voters find Hillary less favorable, less electable than Obama

To all Edwards Supporters

Obama already past winning post at bookies

Oh boy, Breaking: Bloomberg exploring Presidential Run

NYT editorial page rips Clinton's NH campaign

Hillary cried (almost) and won...

Bill Clinton signed the 1996 Telecommunications Act - That's why we are where we are.

The first thing Our new Democratic president should do is pack the Supreme Court...

Congrats to the Clinton team, however, I'm still FIRED UP

A country of one -- you won't believe what McCain just said

Two things for Arianna: 1) Hillary didn't cry 2)Shut the hell up you gossipy jealous Clinton-hater

If There Was Some Sort of Voter Manipulation in NH Then Clinton, Obama, and Edwards Know About It

Call this person at MSNBC and complain about Chris Matthews outrageously sexist, personal attacks on

I am a WOMAN and I am NOT voting for Hillary!

So, What will GB do when he finally reliquishes the presidency?

Who will get the Republican Nomination?

Hillary's slight win demonstrates feminist split in our party. Men listen up

John Edwards Welcomed by over 1000 supporters in SC

Have some of you lost your minds on here today???

Gee, how many chairs do they get to buy Obama?

The N. H. backlash against Hillary-hate

For Edwards supporters only! I am doing a stump speech tonight for John

NH Sends a Resounding FUCK YOU to the Poor and Middle Class

Does America Need To Rethink Its Nominating Process?

---- The Five NEVADA Rules ----


So for all the charges of sexism, the Clinton team has made the election about gender

Polling NH: What Happened ? (Zogby analysis)

Begala: Fox News: We Report -- Even if We Know It's False

John and Monica Conyers urge Mich. Democrats to vote "Uncommitted"

Edwards supporter makes the case for Obama.

WP op/ed indicates Obama would continue the neo-con imperialist foreign policy

New, Improved Analysis of NH Democratic Primary Results By Voting Method.

"I hate her. I hate her. All that she stands for." Chris Matthews speaking of Hillary Clinton-LINK!

Pssst, Take a look at Edwards...

Nevada :: Journalists - pretend you are educated - learn how to pronounce our state.

My heart tells me that Obama is our last great hope

Playing the Class Card

WOW! I just donated $2300 to Obama and it feels good!

The Clinton Campaign : Trouble in the horizon with the African-American Community

Atlanta Mayor Endorses Obama

"I hate her. I hate her. All that she stands for." Chris Matthews speaking of Hillary Clinton

Honore, cool hand in national crisis, retiring

At least 500 troops openly gay, group says

Major joint ops begin against al-Qaida in Iraq

Army: Electrical shock killed SF soldier

Reservist on trial in alleged barracks rape

Video footage shows Gulf encounter

2 coalition soldiers killed in Afghan bombing

Editorial: Bill, veto unfair to troops

Editorial: Improved rifle a must

Backtalk: A surge in support

Opinion: Better reserve retirement plan long overdue

Legislature latest to oppose Monmouth closing

Bonuses, promotions top 2008 Army to-do list

Navy investigates Super Hornet crash in Gulf

Former aviator, POW McCain wins N.H. primary

Editorial: Might alone won’t win

Interesting mailbag from the Navy Times today:

Pregnant Marine missing from Camp Lejeune

Witnesses recall scene after attack on convoy

CNO: 313-ship fleet represents a minimum

2-tour ‘Mama’ advises young Marines

More days off for war-zone service

3 firms submit CSAR-X rebids

Prop planes OK’d for Africa duty

Senator looks into missing band laptop

Officials mum on aviator incentive program

Editorial: Flight pay on hold

Phantom Phoenix takes aim on al-Qaida in Iraq

Backtalk: Medical emergency

U.S. troops wait for Kenya violence to calm

Sailor given meritorious advancement

Teen abuse of medicines a concern

Troops in Europe follow election campaign in U.S.

Airman pleads guilty to indecent act

Air Force consolidating financial services in S.D.

Sasebo officials are packing up water purification equipment

USFJ leader: Bond with Japan strengthening

Helmet Sensors to Measure Blast Impact

Marines may face charges in alleged cabbie attack

Boeing Back in CSAR-X Ring to Take Another Swing

1st Cav Soldiers Return Home

Task Force XII Soldiers Stand Ready

MQ-8B UAV Begins Testing

Backtalk: Troops left out of process for choosing presidential nominees

U.S. Launches Major Offensive in Iraq

Paper nickels (xpost from GD)

Interesting mailbag in the Air Force Times today:

Report: Iranians deny threatening U.S. Navy ships

unhappycamper,et al-I just heard on CNN-more troops to Aghanistan..

New leave policy will cut soldiers’ ‘free’ days off

Independent UK: Slowdown in new issues fuels fears over China

Why John Edwards’ Campaign Never Took Off

Public Service Announcement: Your Bank Will Turn Over Your Social Security Payment

Yet another dumb LTTE from the Columbus Dispatch

News Analysis Clinton Escapes to Fight Another Day & Exit poll Results: Experience mattered

An Inconvenient Resurrection / Marty Kaplan

Did Obama "Supporters" Lie to pollsters?

Impeachment Caption Contest

The dark side of Iraq war cheerleader

Dave Lindorff: What is This "Iranian Provocation" BS?

The REAL Ron Paul

The butcher's apron

The Issues The Candidates Won't Touch (Part I) By Timothy V. Gatto

Obama's art of grassroots political war

Playing the Class Card (Robert Scheer)


"Is too much respect given to fundamentalist/literalist clap trap?"

Military Strongman or Hereditary King?

Who goes Nazi? / Dorothy Thompson / Harper's, 1941

Gene Lyons calls MoDo a

New Hampshire has sent a message:Live Free or Die No Longer Valid By Gigi Bowman

A few tears won't make Hillary more electable (Mark Steel, The Independent, London)

Martin Luther King Would Be Proud of Obama

Robert Scheer: Playing the Class Card

The Fix Was In. NH/GOP website posted "McCain Victory Party" before polls opened. (screenshot)

Iguanas Fall From Trees With Cold Snap

After 22 Years, It's Only Right To Free Jonathan Pollard


Edward R. Murrow Was Here

NH: Edwards Supporters Chant to Hillary Clinton - 'Status Quo has Got to Go'

Dunlap Apologizes to Fred Thompson

Bush's Mine Safety

Max Keiser: Is the world running out of oil?

John Edwards on Larry King after NH Primary - 9 Jan. '08

Charles Durning sings SIDESTEP

Hillary, McCain Win New Hampshire RED STATE UPDATE

Obama at Culinary Workers Union Rally (3/23/07)


Hillary's New Hampshire Victory Speech

Hillary is not the only one calculating

Sam Seder is on the Giuliani campaign trail in New Hampshire.

Rachel Maddow: Mathews behind Late Break towards Clinton?

Maya Angelou Still I Rise

Chris Matthews on Hillary Clinton's Political Career

Al Franken, the next Senator from MN, begins his ad campaign

In NH: CA SOS Bowen

Bill Maher on Conan discusses the candidates

John Edwards Post New Hampshire Speech - "2 Down, 48 States to Go!"

Raw Video of Iranian Gulf confrontation

Big Money - Big Media

Confirmed: Ron Paul Is (was?) A Homophobic, Racist?

Barack Obama: "Yes We Can" (New Hampshire primary night speech)

Protesting FPL headquarters over sleeping Wackenhut guards

Home energy use gets a 'smackdown' on reality TV

Anthony Fauci - "Widespread Appearance Of Dengue In The Continental US Is A Real Possibility" = AFP

Climate Breakdown Means Potential Increase Of 4.7(C) By 2100 For Japanese Temperatures - Reuters

Soil Erosion In Northern Mexico Worsens Under Intensive Overgrazing - AFP

With Reservoirs At 9.2% Of Capacity, Cyprus Considering Plan To Imports Tankerloads Of Water - ENN

Saudi Arabia Abandons Major Wheat Production Efforts - Too Water-Intensive

Forbes: "It Seems Russia Is Incapable Of Substantially Increasing (Oil & Gas) Production"

More Joy From the Car Culture: Rapeseed As A Source of Methyl Bromide.

Super Soaker Inventor Aims to Cut Solar Costs in Half

Tough to pump more oil, even at $100 - Reuters

US giving Japan location of Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd ships

German Power Supply 14% Renewable In 2007 - Up From Under 12% In 2006 - Reuters

Norway's Oil Output Down Slightly 12/07: Continental Shelf Output Falling "Faster Than Expected"

China To Ban Plastic Shopping Bags Effective In June, 2008 -

Open thread on the effects of climate change and peak oil on society....

Study: Prairie Grass Can Produce Ethanol

2010 Launch For Chevy Volt "A Stretch" Even W/O Major Technical Issues - LA Times

Andrea Mitchell ..

Obama "I am fired up and still ready to go"---giving his consession speech on cspan1 now

It was a good night

Clinton, McCain wins NH primaries, trailed by Obama, Romney

'One of the Greatest Political Upsets in History'.....Tim Russert

A Clarkie's account of Hillary's Manchester rally

News Analysis Clinton Escapes to Fight Another Day & Exit poll Results: Experience mattered

TIME: How Hillary Turned it Around

"from the bottom of my heart"....

I'm Almost Sorry I Posted Here Today thread about 'stollen' elections mantra

Has Anyone Notice That HuffPo Has Ripped Any Mention of Hillary Off Their Web Site?

Hillary has secured her place in history...Stowe, Anthony, Stanton, Roosevelt, Jordan...

Observation..didn't see one post about potential voting fraud in NH...until after Hillary had won...


Shame on us for sour grapes and conspiracy theories about the NH primary

OK..........I've had enough.....

Jon Stewart's reaction to Hillary's 'meltdown': "That's it?"

Pinnacle Files Lawsuit Against Union

Judge Enjoins Retaliation Against Plaintiffs Seeking Overtime

2,000 Vietnamese workers strike at Taiwan-owned plant

Citing Persecution, Spanish Abortion Clinics Go on Strike

Nurses gain support at HealthSource picket

MSHA Issues $220,000 Lockout/Tagout Penalty

Worked to death - Bangladeshi garment workers take to the streets after workmate dies

Local labor announces 'aggressive' campaign for Kucinich


An American President and the outposts of Zion

House hit as Qassam barrage from Gaza Strip strikes Sderot

Chief Rabbi Metzger thanks Bush for intervening in Iraq

Thousands protest in Gaza against "vampire" Bush

The dark side of Iraq war cheerleader

Jerusalem's hotel with terrorism history to greet Bush

Endorsing Death Squad Economics

Bolivian leaders agree on unity

Ex-CIA Agent Philip Agee Dead in Cuba

PARAGUAY: The Struggle Against Child Labour Is Just Beginning

COLOMBIA: Black Communities Organise in Country’s Poorest Region

Check your candidate: Should the U.S. continue to support an embargo against Cuba?

Chavez says he has coordinates for hostage release in Colombia

Crossposted from GD. Irish Market collapse ignored.

Dr. Housing Bubble 01/08/08

US slowdown could spark global economic recession - UN

To Each a Job According to Ability to Pay Cash Under the Table to the Employer

Grassroots economic/political change in the works

Florida Appears to Be Losing Its Sunny Magnetism

Gold shines as it surges to record

U.S. Consumer Debt Rose $15.4 Billion in November

Stock market's worst start in history

Talk about coming late to the party, but what was the Republican showing

WMUR continues its fair coverage of the candidates...

Shit. They just called it for McCain. nt

Well, at least there are 51 people in NH with a conscience!!!!

Ooops - meant to post this in GD-P

Live blog here

Biden needs to come back.

Wes Clark, Jr. is coming up on Young Turks. Is that THE Wes Clark's kid? nt

I was watching the Young Turks while the results from NH were coming in.

LOL! Biden beat Gravel!

Tweety on Obama - "Young and Clean"

Something, I found very interesting was.......

Nice gesture from Hillary.


From a friend


I'm gonna ask N-whora O'Donnell's mention of Joe

The end of Hillary's NH speech. Classy.

Biden campaign strategist goes to Clinton in Nevada.

Here's an interesting comment about Joe & McCain...

Listening to Randi

I'm angry - in a hurt sort of way.

Here goes Obama with the young shit....

Another WTF....

Check out the title of this article!!!!

Does America Need To Rethink Its Nominating Process?

There will be no more invisible Americans

GLBT Dems are nobody's fucking doormats

At least 500 troops openly gay, group says (xpost from Veterans)

OK, I just woke up and don't know what to feel

Are LGBT Rights a Civil Rights Issue

Fred Phelps Get Pwned

oops. self delete.

So tonight in New Hampshire, Senator Clinton found her voice,

David Earnhardt reports the latest on showings of "The Uncounted"

NH PRIMARY DISINFO ALERT: 'Problems' with Paper Ballots in State Inaccurately Reported by National

Mark Crispin Miller's new book can be ordered: Loser Take All

In NH: CA SOS Bowen (video) (X)

"Not One Line Of Software Between A Voter And A Valid Election"

BradBlog fears election fraud in Hillary win

What would it take to get a NH recount? Could Kucinich request

If the voting machines fixed the vote for HRC, will Obama challenge it? If not, why not?

Diebold Favors Clinton! 6% switch; Here are the numbers & site link

Are We Talking About Exit Polls Being Off, Internal Polls Off, Day Tracking Polls Wrong & DIEBOLD?

Deibold wins again!

Shame on us for sour grapes and conspiracy theories about the NH primary

New Hampshire Primary - All Diebold. All the Time. Your thoughts?

Is it now a "progressive" trait to scream "voter fraud" when an election doesn't go your way?

Claims of fraud in NH seem to be premised on the notion that the news media is a competent body

OFFICIAL SCOOP COVERAGE THREAD 1: New Hampsire Primary - Hillary Gets No Votes In Dixville Notch

...... Warning..... Do Not Adjust Your Set.... Follow the numbers from our DIEBOLD servers...

Diebold's ok!! My candidate won!!

Oh, I guess MoveOn doesn't "get it...."

So let me get this straight...Obama's been winning all day up until the polls close

Nearly 15 point shift from last night's polls to today's vote, with unaudited Diebold scanners?

Velvet Revolution Calls on Candidates To Demand Investigation into NH Results

Diebold and New Hampshire

No one knows who wins ANY American election. We. Do. Not. Know.

To 'regular' ER posters....

NH-Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different Than Results-Election Reform-Fraud & Related News, Wed-1/9/08

GOPer Admits they only SUSPECT Voter Fraud (RE Indiana Voter ID Case to SCOTUS):

The REAL Problem: Uninspectable, non-transparent, privatized "voting" machines.

The Hursti Hack, New Hampshire, and "Tinfoil"

According to CNN...

New Jersey Passes Groundbreaking Election Reform Legislation

Romney's the candidate for Ohio ... since "as Ohio goes, so goes the nation"

Why the fraud red herring?

Election transparency and US Elections

Please forgive me...but I really need help with this.

Astrology experts--are the forecasts you get in the paper worth it?

Spiritualists who also like/know astrology and are parents...a (personal) question.

Don't forget, polls were never so innaccurate BEFORE BushCo 2000.

Giants-Dodgers rivalry-related lawsuit

Anyone exceedingly familiar with Ramtha?

NCAAF: 2008 Preseason Top 25

A plea to all BCS voters for the '08 college season......

So... Big Sam is out.

Congressman blasts Rocket on taped-call tactic.

Seahawks kicker to wear heated pants vs. Packers

Kelly Tilghman's Comments About Tiger Woods

My Response to Certain Important People around here and CNN Exit Polls

Dean: Restrictive Indiana Voter ID Law is a Manufactured Problem by Republicans Based on Fear

Health Spending Exceeded Record $2 Trillion in 2006

Food Allergies Stir a Mother to Action

Another cooking "haunting" to report.

Interesting Sci Tech Articles/Links site

Fix will give Hubble major boost (BBC) {WOW!!}

Emo Philips' religion jokes: Greatest Hits

Theologian Dr. Robert Beckford.

Is it safe to post ...... here?

I am a lukewarm convert to RAW

meat and savings

we can stretch a chicken

What are good snacks to serve with hot mulled wine?

Agribusiness vs. Local Organic

NH Primary: Where Paper Ballots Used, Different Results

Gun control, the great sleeper issue in 08???

More good news...Appeals court rules San Francisco gun ban null and void.

PA Voter open carries at polling place - 2nd amenment...

Doesn't the word being = the word is?

Did any fellow Dungeoneers come across this thread from a week ago?

Iranian TV: US video images, audio recordings of encounter in Gulf was 'fabricated'

delete n/t

A MA paper talking about Kerry - Shocking!

OMG, The Pres race is now a Democratic free-for-all

The Buying of The Presidency - Interview with John Kerry

Something did go right in 04

Laurie Coleman's partner is hoping they become gazillionaires with BLO & GO, the hair dryer holder

DVD burner help.

Wordperfect 12?

Can anyone tell me why this happened? Internet connection problems

I'm stunned

CanWest: Canadian Muslims dismiss Harper government for 'lack' of Mideast policy

Nuclear safety commission challenges minister

My favorite thread from last night:

KOEB Meeting 1/8/08 New Hampshire Primary Edition Part Deux

If not now, when?

ALL Diebold, ALL the Time - It's the NH Primary

FL: Bill would allow schools to segregate sexes

Report: Teachers earn less than peers

Johnny Cash Folsom prison tribute concert canceled

looks our california primary votes will matter for the first time since......? nt

A funny, yet soooo gross, cartoon!

The Post-Theological Umbrella by David Niose

Speedboat attacks.. does anyone think that Bush is desperately seeking a reason to

So, who does my Atheist bretheren support for Prez.?

Johnny Depp filming Dillinger movie in Wisconsin

Once more, FAUX "screws" up

Jesus, Mary and Joseph . . .

Enzyte Fraud Trial Set to Start

Introducing Dixie Pixie Wendell