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I hated the timbre of McCain's voice during his press conference

DEBATE: For those who don't have cable, it will be streamed on nt

The slime media whores EDITED Mrs. Obama's statement on purpose

what time is the debate (est)(nt)

I reserved the Obama table for the Madison Farmers Market starting this spring

Clinton attacks Obama ahead of debate

Hooray For Snot!

Oh look, Republican hack Dan Senor's wife gets to moderate a Dem bebate

Michelle Obama and pride in America.

Hillary back to using the Politics of Fear

What presidential candidate had the most experience? ... You'll be very surprised.


My proposal: Seat Florida and Michigan's delegates BUT..


Kansas Poll: 50% McCain, 44% Obama - 59% McCain, 35% Clinton



Obama's probably should be a woman...

Obama's probably should be a woman...

22nd Amendment question-

Before she was proud. Now she's really proud. When Barack wins, she'll be really really proud.

22nd Amendment question-

22nd Amendment question-

1 Hour into this debate and not one question about Iraq

politics aside for a moment, hillary looks fabulous


Unity ticket.

At the break leader?

Change you can Xerox!

I predict that Senator Obama will be our next President

Obama: No preconditions, (Pres. meeting with Raul Castro) except for preparation H?


Obama - the master of understatement.


Just a quick debate observation

Hillary: End the Bush War on Science - Yes!

Anyone wonder

Second break leader?

McCain story proves incendiary among journalists, conservatives

I think this has been the first debate where Senator Obama is very clearly winning


Two Pieces of Advice I'd Bet Obama's Consultants Gave Him During the Break

Hey, calling all DUers. I have a serious proposal for you

It's sickening to see Campbell Brown (Mrs. Dan Senor) as the Dem debate talking head.

why is Hillary answering first all the time?


I think she's gonna lose it - that smile looks so fake!

Who isn't not losing the debate?


Did Hillary just admit that the Iraq War was a mistake in a roundabout way?

They are both doing well. And I am so happy that it has not gone so negative..

What's with all the one line OP's? nt, eom, etc.

NYT: Delegate count w/in 5

Campbell Brown is rather testy, eh

Final Question: What was the moment that tested you the most?

Why doesn't Obama mention his foreign policy / foreign relation committees?

Earmarks for America ... shame on us for wanting

Is there anyone here who thinks the candidate they DON'T support is winning this debate?

she blasted McCain for supporting a war that was wasteful?

Ruh Roh.... the debate is getting into the IWR vote.... Hillary squirming.....

Want to see the change Deval Patrick brought to Massachussetts

OK, Hillary just made up for the Xerox response. She knocked the last

She sounds, and looks, so desperate tonite...

She sounds, and looks, so desperate tonite...

Jesus Peeps...HELLO !!! - Police (Dallas) Concerned About Order To Stop Screening - Star Telegram

Hillary just sealed her loss with that Xerox statement

WTF is he talking about, more army, more war WTF Scare Scare, no applause.

I can't believe Obama has picked up Bush's 'spreading Democracy' line.

What did Hillary say to close the debate?

No Matter Who Gets The Nomination, And Who They Choose For Their VP..

Did Hillary write the line, "Change you can Xerox"?

Plagarism, Hillary? Really?

Obama makes the major slamdunks right before each break

I can see either one of them in the Oval Office.

To all of Sen. Clinton's supporters:

She's good, I'll give her that. Just not good enough.

Clinton is a skilled debater, but she didn't make the difference she needed tonight

Did anyone notice Hillary Clinton mentioning John Edwards and seemed to court his support?

reality of tonight... Hillary lost her new theme, "lets get real" and "I am the best to be comm....

Fight score in boxing She got booed........the only one of the debate....Low blow

Nice Concession speech there at the end Mrs Clinton!

Xerox moment on Youtube! Watch it if you haven't!

She got pwned.!!1!1

Xerox KO

Xerox KO

Silly Season's Greetings!

IMHO Fundamentally she did nothing to stop his momentum and trajectory

I give the debate to Clinton ...... but it won't make one bit of difference. Obama's got the Big Mo.


Wow, CNN covered the debate like it was fucking American Idol

Why can't Clinton learn from her mistakes?

Is Sheila Jackson Lee's Role as Co-Chair for HRC a Conflict of Interest?

Well, the debate proved that the stereotypical views of both candidates are wrong.

Well, the debate proved that the stereotypical views of both candidates are wrong.

Obama did great... until the last question.

I wish Edwards and Kucinich could be questioners on the debates

Well, I never! How can PopeObamaOsamaAndHisMama and his BotArmy EVER inflict this on

Hillary Clinton "Plagiarizes" John Edwards In Her Closing Moment

He never looks her in the face

Hillary supporters: How do you think Obama performed in the debate?

For those that think having real Health Insurance is a Mandate

CNN: Obama plagiarizes=scandal Clinton plagiarizes=normal politics

Clinton's wonderful final answer? Plagiarised?

A curious thought.....

SurveyUSA poll Re NY matchups.

Watching CNN's People Meter, Clinton certainly lost it on the Xerox comment.

Xerox Candy Bar...

It's really funny.

Rachel Maddow has marked new asymmetry in her face

Yahoo News: Clinton accuses Obama of plagiarism in Debate

Hillary's statement on Delegates - From the transcript:

I really like Hillary.

What did HRC say about superdelegates?

Obama is the better candidate. Hillary would make the better President.

Hillary's an Obama-ite now?

Hillary? Plagiarize? Hmmmm.

Bush. Clinton. Bush. Obama. Obama. Obama. Obama.

Article about Rove and this election....tidbit: Obama writer's brother is FOX News VP...

How much more they can stretch Cindy McCain's face?

Don't think for a second that the prevailing candidate will pick the other...

Don't think for a second that the prevailing candidate will pick the other...

Why no questions about Belgrade?

I think that HRC is a nice woman.All I could think about when she referenced the wounded soldier

"Yes we will, yes we will"

What did you think about Hillary's non-answer to the delegate question?

If I was someone who stumbled across this page tonight, here is what I would learn

Alter thinks that Clinton might be hinting at concession with her final statement

Bush. Clinton. Bush. Obama. Clinton.

I should know better

Back in the day, we, at DU, would have been celebrating this debate..

"If you look at the Youtube"??? - LOL

Obama Xeroxes Patrick

Hillary plagiarized 2 lines at the end of the debate

How out of touch is Hillary? Xerox? When the fuck was the last time you xeroxed something?

Are they going to repeat the debate? If so, what time?

Does Anybody Really Think That The Choice (Clinton\Obama) Is Still Fluid ???

Why not allow people to buy into Medicare as part of the plan?

Wow, Hillary's attempt at sliming Obama bombed

Watch Tweety come out spitting all over the place saying Clinton won

Why does ugh Obama ugh stutter and stammer ugh when he's ugh answering

OK, now I'm calling people names: The most fucked-up, idiotic, asshole losers EVER, are:

If "unity", "change" for the sake of it, 90's bashing, and experience not counting sound familiar...

Halperin - Time Says Obama Wins

Obama just lost it...He doesn't know enough about his own Health Plan

Ground Hog Year

I m tired of hearing this lie about Hillary saying that Obama

Change you can Xerox!

For all those who "wish" that either Dem candidate would drop out, I have some advice.

I just caught 5 minutes of Michael Savage. He praised Hillary's answer on Cuba

Could CNN possibly be any more biased?

Clinton using the Iraq war wounded to close was Ironic. She voted for them to go, didn't say sorry!

Hillary, The Plagiarist?

The important difference showed tonite in the debate


Clinton plagiarized Edwards tonight.... quotes included

The fact that Clinton gets that it isn't about them is one of the reasons why I voted for her.

Debate format Error: Barrack should have spoke last!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!

Why doesn't Hillary "go after" Obama in the debates?

Dear GD:P, could you flame each other in Freeper Talk for awhile?

Obama "the victim" messiah

What is the stupidest line used in a political debate?

Hillary's commercial for Texas and Ohio--Who is best suited for CIC on Day One?

Yet another pointless poll about the debate

Hillary will never accept her share in the War that Maimed and Burned those Soldiers

as long as Clinton continues to lie about the IWR

Directly after a debate, listen to the media on radio/tv to hear/see the bias

Hillary knocks it out of the park best debate moment makes up for "xerox" statement

Hillary knocks it out of the park best debate moment makes up for "xerox" statement

Bill Clinton: Texas Loss Could Mean The End For Hillary's Campaign

Hillary Clinton Borrows Edwards finishing line (video link here)

Another CNN "debate" with NO questions on energy, nuclear proliferation, port security, etc etc

Latest RCP polls show the gap down to small single digits in TX

Dallas Morning News: Clinton struggles to stand out, chip away at Obama in debate

Now, I have to get to a focus group on music, I expect you guys to play nice...

I missed the debate. So, is Hillary quitting soon or what?

I See Ignored People!

These 'People Meters' on CNN -- Kinda Creepy IMHO

A tool of the Military-Industrial complex

The line between comfort and greed

I now believe that a unity ticket is the best solution

Can Hillary Win a Debate On A Plagiarized "Close" ? Media Says It Was Her One Good Moment.

This debate was a draw, and that means Hillary lost

Is Hillary dropping out before March 4th??


"Change You Can Xerox"?????

"Funding the future, ending George Bush's war on science" it doesn't get better than that...

Loved it when Barack said ...

Ummmmm, what's a Xerox ?????

Barf. Who else wishes their candidate was still in the race?

Hillary also ripped off a page of Joe Klein's Primary Colors

"The Obama Delusion"

I'll take Hillary's Xerox remark over Michelle Obama's nonsense anyday

What's Up With that Spanish Guy?

I Xerox Copies Every Fucking Day

Let's all stomp on Hillary, it's fun!

David Gergen, trying like hell to support Hillary.

I just had a wierd thought

Shadow's on heavy meds and not enough sleep or coffee this morning

Roadrunner/TWC, has picked up the "Xerox" comment...

Wow do they dislike each other or what?

Fox News O'Reilly on when he will go on a "lynching party" against Michelle Obama

'Change you can xerox.': Did it help Clinton or hurt her?

That kid superdelegate pledges for Obama!

Would Hillary (or Obama) accept the VP slot?

Hillary finally met her match

Hillary DID NOT PLAGARIZE Edwards.

We've been fighting these f*ckers since 2000


Hillary didn't need a 9th inning base hit in a blowout to pad her stats

Cleveland Mayor Says He's Backing Obama For President

my 2-cents, penny for your thoughts and GOPers keep the change

Ah, the MSM...Raleigh N&O Headline - "Clinton Takes Swipe at Obama's Integrity"

McCain will love the Xerox line . . .

This doesn't look good

Is the new 527, "American Leadership Project", legal?

Hillary showed her age by using the term "Xerox" in place of "copy"

Well it looks like Obama is up by around 80 delegates (based on various sources).

Sequoia E-Voting Machines Reporting Inaccurate Totals in New Jersey

Has the DNC ever considered rotating the state's Primary order?

When will this country get real debates?

When will this country get real debates?

BREAKING Times Editors to answers questions online today re-McPain

Obamas' remark to main job as Pres.

We said no more money ..

Hillary brought up the crap from Hardball

This country needs more than one toilet brush!

Bamboozling the American Electorate (again)

Blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah. *

60 Minutes: Rove Sought to Smear Dem (Siegelman) - Airs 2/24

Ohio - Clinton lead down to single digits, down from 21 last week.

Anyone who's ever used a Xerox machine isn't qualified to be President

Was Hillary ever President? If not, isn't she going to need "on the job training," too?

Hillary Clinton is policy illiterate: Social Security and Medicare are entitlement programs.

I wonder how much campaigning *19% will be doing McCain's crazy ass.

NYT: Spending by Clinton Campaign Worries Supporters

Clinton donors worried by campaign's spending


Here's A Clue For Hillary Supporters On DU- When Your Candidate Bets BOOED, It's Bad

Positive thread: Say something good about the "other" candidate

Obama should turn to Hillary and say: "You talk a lot of shit about me, but don't back it up!"

Clinton campaign might not work for Chelsea's paymasters

This country is in the toilet!

1990 article about Obama

Did Hillary really lose the lead or did she ever have it?

Hillary opens tip hotline asking for ideas to beat Obama, starts warming up her trusty Xerox.

Mark "The Titanic" Penn: Predictions on his future after the Primaries

Breaking MSNBC: Rick Renzi (R-AZ) indicted on charges related to land deals

Yes THEY can!

Who gave Hillary the xerox line? James Carville?

He thinks while he talks

computer hiccup dupe

Obama's notepad paper was flapping in mysterious magical hypnotic breeze of evilness. I'm outraged!

Hillary knows it's over

Name the polling organizations that should go out of business after the primary season

"Ready on day one": just words. False, hollow words.

McCain: 'Anti-Lobbyist' Who Works With Lobbyists ("virtually every one of his closest advisers" )

whats todays news: "Hillary Boo'd for Xerox, and shes bad with Money"

More blacks than Hispanics may vote in Texas Democratic primary

My old brain is failing

Oh, Xerox THIS.

Hillary closed with power: John Edwards' power.

Hillary closed with power: John Edwards' power.

McCain calls Obama “naïve” for suggesting what the CIA is actually doing!

Not a "glamours topic" but Hillary's response about SCIENCE was right

Obama's little raised finger is getting a little annoying. He just looks so smug and "special"

Dick Cheney!

I'm not sure if McCain was having sex with Vicki Iseman, but

The Progressive: Obama Wins Texas Debate

Should Obama win it all, my only regret would be...

New Rasmussen OH poll: Clinton 48, Obama 40

This Obama Supporter Says Hillary Closed With Power Tonight.

Hillary 'Xerox" Clinton: Quality Copying You Can Rely On

Is it just me or did Hillary suddenly get old tonight...

I think it's quite possible that Clinton will drop out before TX and OH

Clinton should fire whoever told her to use that "Xerox" line

A Nader announcement soon?

Howard Dean HAMMERS McCain on honesty and ethics

Does this question make any sense?

McCain's affair & Plagiarism

McCain's affair & Plagiarism

Reaching Across the Aisle

Obama is growing on me more and more

Obama for President, Obama for President

Answer honestly: Do you think there can be an Obama/Clinton ticket?

Ohio Superdelegate Sonni Nardi Endorses Obama!

Since he still gives better speeches AND won the debate - NOW WHAT??

Since he still gives better speeches AND won the debate - NOW WHAT??

Why isn't McCain a flip-flopper?

Interesting Flyer Put Out By the Republicans

CNN lies about their own debate

The "Xerox" Remark Was Simply Distasteful

Would Hillary accept the Vice-Presidency?

The "Xerox" Remark Was Simply Distasteful

Who won the debate? Vote at

Kinky "I'm for the Irish guy"

Compared with the current leader of the free world, this guy is Albert Einstein

Compared with the current leader of the free world, this guy is Albert Einstein

Several new polls from Survey USA: good news for both Obama and Clinton vs. McCain

Sen. Joseph McCarthy rises from the dead and points to Obama

Daily Texan endorses Clinton!

Bill Clinton to Speak at Symposium Commemorating Report on 60s Riots

Arizona Rep. Rick Renzi Indicted for Fraud and Other Charges

You Saw the Democratic Ticket at the Debate Last Night

PHOTOS: Can McCain complain about smears when he did this to last guy to smear him in a prez race?

Yes, let the super delegates vote as they wish

Welcome Aboard Clinton Supporters & Undecideds

The Texas Primary

Newest Obama meme of the last few days. Their policy positions are

Clinton Camp Pushes Obama - Radical Domestic Terrorist Group Ties - Ignores Her Own Ties

What has obama done to end the war? If he's the answer

Battle of the Books - Why Obama whups Clinton in the war over word ownership.

Clinton's Closing Remarks raise a typical and bigger dilemma about her

Some of the original reactions to the tragic accident of the officer in the motorcade

double checking Obama on nuclear/coal

Is there another conspiracy in Dallas...SECURITY RELAXED AT OBAMA SPEECH

BREAKING CNN (TV): Hillary's Motorcade gets into crash..

WSJ: Voting Changes May Snarl Tallies in big OH County (Cuyahoga ie Cleveland)

When will we get the truth about Iraq from ANY of these candidates?

Nothing funny about Nader

Question about health care plans

I hope this hasnt already been posted...

The Texas Primary

The Texas Primary

O.K., I'll Admit It. I Hate Hillary Clinton.

Questions about Obama's Health Care Plan

November 26: Hillary says "it WILL be me" winning the nomination ...

November 26: Hillary says "it WILL be me" winning the nomination ...

Clinton doesn't vow to go on beyond March 4

CNN, John King and the fucking touch screen

What a third party "conservative" candidate could do for the Democrats in November

What a third party "conservative" candidate could do for the Democrats in November

What a third party "conservative" candidate could do for the Democrats in November

Will "change you can xerox" go down as the line of this campaign

Dallas police surprised by the secret service lax security at an Obama rally

The McCain story and the tragedy at the Hillary motorcade: will it make voters feel sorry for them?

NO ONE WON & Hillary booed over "plagiarism" redux

Pennsylvania Superdelegate Endorses Obama

Hillary knocked it out of the park on the health care issue.

Hillary's $5 million loan + INTEREST

Question: Will right wing operatives within or outside the governemt try and take Obama's life?

Can We Do Anthing For The Motorcycle Officer's Family ?

The Nation: "Clinton seemed to surrender, graciously."

Donors Worried by Clinton Campaign Spending

Secret Service order police to stop screening for weapons at Dallas Obama rally (WTF?)

SUSA Ohio Poll - Clinton by 10%, Obama by 3% over McCain

Please say a prayer for the DFW metroplex, SMU officially got *'s library *GAG*

Hillary Debate Closer Plagiarized John Edwards

Who won the debate?

Clinton Donors Worried by Campaign’s Spending -New York Times

Point of Order Ladies and Gentlemen...

Are there Obama supporters here that like Hillary too, just not as much? Or am I alone?

Are there Obama supporters here that like Hillary too, just not as much? Or am I alone?

When did Texas change to this crazy primary & caucus thing?

Newsweek: Inside Obama's Big Debate Night

Both Candidates threw out a Joke last night.. one hit, one bombed..

For those who have attended Clinton Rallies....(Weapons Check?)

That's a nice one of the two of them, isn't it

That's a nice one of the two of them, isn't it

My parents just watched the debate in Spanish on Univision, and here are their thoughts

Over 2,300 Stand Up for Change with Michelle in Rhode Island

Three cheers for Hillary Clinton! (From an O supporter).

AP Survey: Superdelegates Jump to Obama

Clinton's Excellent Health Care Plan Offers Choices; Is Affordable for ALL

I wonder what next weeks apology will be about...

Change is in the Air

Barack Obama is left handed

Lefty or righty ?

Lefty or righty ?

Only In ClintonWorld(tm)

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/22/08 - Obama down 2 (44), Clinton unchanged (41)

Obama constantly goes after Clinton on Nafta - yet he just supported its EXPANSION.

Yes We Can Haz!

"If he runs the country as well as he ran his campaign, we'll be all right."

Union group: Clinton may need to exit soon

"I Refuse To Buy Into the Obama Hype," (misleading title warning) a review of senate terms

Hillary's 'Gumbo' is missing an ingredient...

Hillary sure has some balls hitting Obama for plagiarism then closing with Bill's speech! race playing a role in Mass? Mccain within 2 of Obama

Straw Poll: Obama v. Clinton II

I noticed Obama had a hair out of place

Straw Poll Straw Poll

Hillary in Boston's Back Bay Sunday night.

Straw Poll Straw Poll Straw Poll

Straw Poll: Obama v. Clinton II

Give that Man a Heisman! The Eyes of Texas are upon Obama...

Mulch Poll

Mulch Poll

Mulch Poll

[From MyDD] I found the BEEF - Obama's Senate Record [US Senate, not Illinois]

Caption pic

Wait - What's with all the Ovation talk for Clinton - It was the END - OVATION was for BOTH...

I will use my 3rd post to give big ups to Hillary Clinton re: her handling of officer death

Top Clinton supporter in Rio Grande Valley says she has little chance - debate was "turning point"

Ok Mods, I'm I missing something here,

Do voters need to be registered Dem to vote in Dem primaries?

**I'm 36, make $250,000 per year and I have $10,000,000 in the bank...should I be forced to buy...

The Secret Service told Dallas police to stop screening for weapons at Obama rally

**I'm 36, make $250,000 per year and I have $10,000,000 in the bank...should I be forced to buy...

Fast Forward to 2012 if BO wins the presidency

Two Very Different Shades of Green: League of Conservation Voters' Congressional Scorecards

I'm starting to see why Hillary flunked the DC bar exam

McCain is mad at reporters.

Do you think the next POTUS should take a harsher economic stance with China?

Elon poll: Obama, McCain lead in N.C.

Democratic Superdelegates Jumping to Barack Obama

Question and request for Hillary Supporters.....

NYT: Clinton chooses graciousness

If Obama supporters think by Hillary's closing comments that she's thinking of quitting

OBAMA even admits he fools you with his speeches.

Fox News Poll Asks, "Who Would Usama Vote For?"

Hillary's jinxed. 1st, the final NM count story is pre-empted by 2/14 massacre. Now, the cycle cop

Clinton won't clarify post-March 4 plans

AP survey: Superdelegates jump to Obama

Is there a name for when people mistake DU for the "real world"?

Is there a name for when people mistake DU for the "real world"?

Gramps: I hope Castro meets Marx soon.

McClatchy: How Hillary Clinton blew a sure thing

Obama gets 60 out of 87 Georgia delegates

Obama gets 60 out of 87 Georgia delegates

If we get our Democratic President, will DU change?

self delete

Obama in Austin: A Texas boogie with "Asleep at the Wheel," and a Hook-'em-Horns

Ralph Nader..headliner on next Meet The Press

To be heard in November... Crow being served...

I'm Concerned that something Ugly in the American Psyche might come out if/when Obama

My respect for Hillary is gone

Dream Ticket Express - Check in!

Obama should definitely stick to public financing

why DOES Cindy McCain stick her FINGER in John's ASS during his SPEECHES?

David Axorod: We are the UNDERDOGS in Ohio and Texas

One of Hillary Clinton’s top supporters in the Rio Grande Valley appeared at an Obama Rally Friday.

WashPost:Texas is a dead heat, Obama within seven of HRC in Ohio

The Obama movement seems largely based on "people hate Hillary"

Whatever happened to Hillary?

Whatever happened to Hillary?

When Hillary supplied fake questions to fake questioners, did she Xerox the list of questions?

My Two Dream Tickets...Obama/Sebelius or Obama/Feingold

Clinton: We will fight for Michigan, Florida delegates.

Clinton: We will fight for Michigan, Florida delegates.

Hillary the Hypocrite

Hillary the Hypocrite

Hillary's closing was a Grand Slam!

A Turnout Report from Rural Republican Texas- Gillespie County (Whoa!)

John McCain & Barack Obama on Small Business

John McCain is Your Jalopy

STOP MAKING FUN OF XEROX! They make great copiers!

Would you support a progressive primary challenger to Hillary in 2012?

complete last nights debate...where can i find it?

Friday is not a good day for Obama supporters

Hillary has not lost the nomination.

The Sun Is Setting On The Clinton Era

With love to all the Hillary and Obama supporters

Dems have nothing to fear unless Voters have Feet of Clay

Hillary: Seat Michigan, Florida Delegates

Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight

God this section of DU is a riot--- I've never seen a bunch of Morans in my life.

I Just Donated to Hillary's Campaign :)

ATTN: Obama +14 in Texas!!!

The Video on the Obama donation page

From the Fact Check Desk: Obama's Army Anecdote

I would like to see Obama run on a fusion ticket..

WOW how about that McCain scandal - That sure had legs...

Obama takes funds from lobbyist partners despite campaign rhetoric

Obama takes funds from lobbyist partners despite campaign rhetoric

I have to admit

Xerox lost it for her - here are MY thoughts.

Example of Obama's Ohio ground-game

If Obama had not run for President....

Is Chris Matthews going to throw-up on live T.V....

The woman officer died.

Hillary fan on Randi: Obama is like a Messiah. Randi: That's what falling in love looks like.

Obama once visited '60s radicals

The candidates should appear nude.

My proposal for the 2010 DNC convention where the rules for 2012 will be made.

My proposal for the 2010 DNC convention where the rules for 2012 will be made.

LOL - Change you can xerox!

It's hard to believe the Republican Right Wing Media ...Brain Washed so many Democrats

The Obama$ out$pent Clinton in Wi$con$in TV ad$ nearly 5-to-1

Reports: An officer escorting Clinton's motorcade in Texas has died after crashing her motorcycle

UNBELIEVABLE!! Hillary Copies Bill Clinton Speech Verbatim in her closing remarks (MUST-SEE VIDEO)

TPM reports Hillary's closing was "borrowed" from Bill Clinton (1992)

Obama Supporters: Evidently We Are Supposed To Be "Courting" Clinton Supporters

In Hillary's closing remarks, she seemed to be releasing her supporters to move to Obama if

New TX Poll: OBAMA 57%, CLINTON 43%

Lance Armstrong Unhappy With Candidates

Will McCain’s Nightmare Continue?

Hillary: "Ready to XEROX on Day One"

Obama should definitely stick to public financing

It was not a standing O for Hillary. The debate was over and all were standing

Top Clinton Texas Outreach Activist turns up at Obama rally — With Endorsers like these...

I feel sorry for Madame Clinton , I really do

Here's some "change you can Xerox" if you want it:

Hillary: I Will Press To Get Florida And Michigan Delegations Seated

*Hillary for President~Very Cool You Tube Vide!~

I just heard Rush Limbaugh refer to Barack Obama as an "authentic figger"

Hillary's proposed policies are the most liberal of any presidential candidate in US history

Here are the poll results from SUSA over the last few days. MANY states.

Here are the poll results from SUSA over the last few days. MANY states.

Hillary supporters approve of her nasty tactics because she'll use them to beat republicans?

My Five Year Old is For "Bawok"

Plagiarism Charges from Obamites are GARBAGE

Obama just not ready for prime time....

Both Hillary and Barack are far more gracious than some of their supporters.

Watching Hillary, I keep thinking of Angela Lansbury.

Pentagon doubts Obama account of equipment problem

They both did beautifully. Hillary and Barack both rock

Who Should Obama Choose as VP?


Hillary's negative campaign strategy could sink her in the general election (pliagerism).

Please help me out on this. Was the IWR a declaration of war, or an authorization for the President

CNN just reported that Obama didnt entirely tell the truth about Soldiers in Afganistan

No Joke People, TX Poll: Obama 57 Clinton 43

AP survey: Superdelegates jump to Obama - None of Obama's have strayed.

HuffPo: McCain Co-Chair Hit For Fraud, Extortion

Now these are the Cindy McCains I remember

As An Obama Supporter - I Am Afraid Of Him Debating McCain

You Sent Them There, Hillary Clinton

"We are just heartsick over this loss of life in the line of duty"

UK Guardian: "A bungled attack by Hillary Clinton ruined all her good work last night."

Cindy McCain's shifty eyes scare me. (Totally irrelevant, catty post.)

David Schuster is back on MSNBC

Obama/Edwards ticket? If Edwards would accept how would you

Hillary cancelled her rally in Ft. Worth and went to the hospital to be with the family.

Debate FACT CHECK-Obama caught

Hillary: Seat Michigan, Florida Delegates - "The only agreement I entered into was not to campaign"

I missed the xerox/boo part of the debate - what happened?

Answer to the BS question: tell me one thing Obama has accomplished

I don't like Hillary's health plan. It became very clear to me

Time for a trip in the WAYBACK machine

Hillary's false claim of concern for working people

What Hillary Advisers Are Privately Telling Jittery Donors

Hillary's Chance

Hillary's Chance

How about an Obama/Nader or Clinton/Nader ticket

Hillary has pretty much handed Obama the nomination tonight.

"Clinton's Radical Past" smear email completely debunked

(George) Clooney: "I'm the Hillary Clinton of the Oscars"

One Texas vote for Obama

ABC: Clinton Camp Pushes O-Bomber Links: Ignores Her Own Radical Ties

ABC: Clinton Camp Pushes O-Bomber Links: Ignores Her Own Radical Ties

Taylor Marsh is on fire with "BO's Willie Horton"

I don't hate either candidate

Oh Hell... LOL !!! - Caption This !!!

On Dennis Miller's radio show a Repub called in to say he & his friends are voting Obama in TX (read

How's Hillary's gutter politics working out:

Feingold: I voted for Obama

Gergen's right: Hillary needs to argue she's a fighter.

Question--Is it true that until the convention, nothing is set in stone?

For anyone who thinks Hillary's "Xerox" comment will HELP her, you're as tone deaf as she is.

Hillary paid Mark Penn 3.8 million dollars in ONE MONTH.

I love Hillary Clinton.

Obama constantly goes after Hillary for Nafta, but he just supported IT'S EXPANSION

Why was Obama one of only 11 Dems to vote against pro-worker, pro-fair trade amendment?

Obama Is Much More Likable as the Underdog

Hillary people.... seat the FL delegates!!!!!......

Hillary Xeroxes Bill

Obama: "We'll be happy to provide you with that information"

You Sent them There, Hillary Clinton

Are you this DU'er?

Hillary ROCKS! Obama is SOOOOO Arrogant he makes Bush look humble.

When will we get the truth about Iraq from ANY of them?

When will we get the truth about Iraq from ANY of them?

Poor James Carville. He is totally clueless about the large primary turnouts.

Well.. Good ol' corpomedia is at it again... shooting the messenger.

Maverick NH Republican: Bush/Cheney Should Be Tried as War-Criminals

Teee Heee!

How To Behave On An Internet Forum

Dave Lindorff: McCain and the Lobbyist--Missing the Story of the Miss

Dave Lindorff: McCain and the Lobbyist--Missing the Story of the Miss

Is anyone going to live blog the debate?

It is a shame that progressive blogs have led the charge in demonizing Hillary

I'm sure this is real old news - yes I am video on youtube

I admit it. I was anti-clinton NOW I AM PRO OBAMA

I Just Exploded At My Local Gas Station

Ex-GOP official acquitted in phone-jam case

If you've been avoiding GD: P you might have missed this

Independent UK: Credit crisis turmoil claims new victims

"Cynicism is too common in American society", she said

Remembering James Orange: He Spent His Life Standing Up for Others

Bush Administration Kills the (Economic) Messenger (update)

Rep Shaddegg Reconsiders Is Running Again

C-span RADIO has a live stream of the DEBATE.....

U.S. unions to work hard for Democrat-in-waiting

Maybe My Nephew In The Army Fixed This Helicopter For Them

**** Debate reminder ***** LiveBlog in GD-P NOW

Independent UK: Calls for inquiry into alleged 'profiteering' of energy giants

U.S. now unsure if Iraq bombers mentally handicapped

'It Can't Happen Here' - Sinclair Lewis (1935)...

how do igtards like limpballs and insannity and oliely still have jobs

McCain cancels Michigan press conference

Obama on pace to raise $60 Million in February?

Iseman and Maverick

CLG - Secret Service Order Stop to Screening Obama Crown in Dallas

Economic Report: Massachusetts Foreclosures Up By 128 Percent

"I did not have sex with that woman"

Watching the debates and the thought just hit me that they are sparing as to who of the two

"Election Madness" and what we miss when it's going on . . .

Clinton says she’s been speaking with Edwards

Clinton says she’s been speaking with Edwards

Could I be any more excited?

how upset would you be if the superdelegates destroyed our party?

Olbermannism of the night, on Countdown a while ago:

McCain's 'Never' Is a Long Time

If you hate Mitt Romney boycott Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin Robins ,Togo's Sandwiches and KB Toys

100 years in Iraq= 12,000,000,000 x 12 x 100 = 1.44 x 10^13 just in money. But

Why is Michelle Obama's thesis restricted until Nov. 5th 2008?

McCain story proves incendiary among journalists, conservatives

McCain story proves incendiary among journalists, conservatives

Hillary Just Answer The Guys Question


Obama! Go to New Orleans tomorrow, PLEASE

Anyone else noticed how much McLame was blinking

I just saw a little clip of McCain addressing the brouhaha --

Debate... I thought that Campbell Brown did an awesome job tonight...

ROFLMAO of the day: McCain using Lobbyist Story as Fundraiser.

Is everybody ready? For Dennis Miller's new game show? No? Ah c'mon...

Independent UK: Power to the people: watchdog bows to pressure for energy inquiry (price gouging)

Obama Finally Got Me!

McCain rated a zero out of 100 for his votes on environmental issues last year

Guardian UK: The war without end (Republican Party purge of anti-war moderates)

Race Matters Less in Politics of South

OMFG!!! Tweety just said "cooter hooters"

Time to buy Democracy Bonds!

Thanks Keith

"Aren't there any grants or anything?!"

Emerson Quote Now on T-shirt

Eric Alterman: Conservative Cannibalism

It's a great day in my city - a mini-Barrack Obama will run for mayor

Olberman is hitting it out of the park

I really wish Buchanan would LOSE HIS VOICE

Corporations complicit with administration crimes

How Does Hillary Have Such A Smooth Face Sometimes?

Help me out here. Vicki Iseman has an education degree. And she's a senior partner in a law firm?

Hillary's last comments at debate PLAGIARIZE John Edwards speech! See video!

The Harm Initiative - Slate

Representative government: When you bend over, it's not too hard for someone to kick you in the ass.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

First Ladies and Pride

Republican scum bag Bob Ney

ABC Nightline tonight: McCain gets a rough ride. It's fair and balanced, but oh boy!

Look at Dan Abrams' dad

Dave continues his nightly string of one-liners about old man McNASTY!1

Why does Hillary constantly say, "Ya know...ya know...ya know...

Uh Oh...Obama Scandal About To Break????

People seemed to be a "friendly crowd."

Is this now the 'McCaine' mutiny against family values and American ethics?

LAT: Exurban Blight - surge in foreclosures is taking a heavy toll

If Hillary's and Obama's universal healthcare plans are so good, why FORCE us into them?

Charlie Rose tonight: Isikoff, Black, and Franklin Foer (New Republic) - subject is McCain and NYT

So I have been real busy the past few days and missed all the McCain

sooo.....if this affair finishes McCain

The Next Slum?

"Ten Nails" - The Ten Nails in Hillary's Presidential Coffin

Two lawsuits and a Supreme Court precedent on the side of the DNC

(D) Sex story:"Scandal! -gate!" (R) Sex story: "Gutter politics! Smear campaign! A private matter!"

Executive Power with a Democrat in the White House

What one bumper sticker on a rental car in Europe might make me look non-American?

LOL- IN honor of Yuppie Gadget Shop "Sharper Image" Bankruptcy, a FLASHBACK!

My qualms about the "Movement" for Obama.

How Much Damage Will Clinton Do Before She Folds?

Canada vs. America. "30"

Canada vs. America. "30"


Utah: "House-tending" - Living In Luxury In Shaky Real Estate

Barack Obama is a phenomenom. He is a man who is giving people

Would Hillary Tank Obama's Chances in the General Election?

Complete Unbiased Super Delegate Update * Updated Daily*

Delicious bumper sticker I saw yesterday

Does she remind you of anyone?

Hillary Should Legitimize Her Political Self

My colleague asked the best question at an election media conference today...

Navy Research Paper: 'Disrupt Economies' with Man-Made 'Floods,' 'Droughts'

Never go hunting with Cheney

Okay. Soo...Vince Foster...

Any chance this Mccain thing is the big Larry Flynt revelation from last fall?

CIA Leak Prosecutor Back on the Hunt

Thank GOD!.. Someone's thinking of our wellbeing.. and it's only costing $179.3Million

Welcome to Liberia, Mr. President

Pre-Order "Strange Culture" Docu About 9/11 Hysteria Persecution of Steve Kurtz DVD Out March 25

Fundrace 2008 at HuffPo - telephone poll redux?

Somebody Should Tell Willie Geist that his role as the Third Wheel on Morning Joe just doenst work.

OMG. Get this teenager some contraception!

I think I know a fun way to shut down anti-Obama wingnuts.

I found DU when a 'friend' provoked me with jokes about how

San Diego: Novice Landlords Pinched Between Outgoing Payments and Rents

McCAIN-"He Makes A Big Deal About NOT Being LIKE Bush-When In FACT-He IS Bush." (Howard Dean)

Death of Ex-Cop's 3rd Wife Was Homicide (Drew Petersen)

Tonight on Bill Moyers Sarah Chayes

An Obama web site I found

== Praise Jesus, the end of an era = By Mark Morford

Dance Fever, with George the Wth.

Have you noticed that all the Right wingers are telling us to stay away from the McCain story

Is this the beginning of the Smear and the name of the paper LaLA from Raw Story was talking about?

How Many Revised Economic Forecasts Before The Fed Says The "R" Word?

New Republic's Story Behind The Story

The Permanent Republican Majority: Part III - Running elections from the White House

Eek !....Naps, Mammograms May Predict Stroke Risk

BUSHCO's concept of democracy: The popular vote should NEVER be honored. Accept his puppets or else.

Kucinich supporters donate nearly $700,000 in six weeks

What is not being said on the bobble head news or being printed in the papers

Taxi to the Dark Side

Independent UK: Credit crisis turmoil claims new victims


ORLANDO: SeaWorld Leaking Salt Water (fouling groundwater)

Looks like the McCain affair scandal is helping his campaign...

WSJ: Fears of Stagflation Return As Price Increases Gain Pace

Isn't everybody sick of this junk yet? Mccain's sex life and pundits manipulating

NYT: Rising Inflation Limits the Fed as Growth Lags

Caution: Retirement bankruptcy up ahead

Vicki Iseman Gets Advice From Gennifer Flowers

Willie Nelson Backs Calls To Impeach Bush

A Peace of History Turned 50 Yesterday

Caught! Insurance Industry Snubs Sicko, The Rainmaker

Vicki and Cindy: Separated at birth?

California Split-Major Gop donor tells party to stop pissing off voters or no more money. Ha Ha.

Can some one please tell me if Edwards is a Bilderburger?

Election Madness-By Howard Zinn

No housing bottom until 2010: CP Morgan

On The Blogs: The Good-est, The Bad-est, And The Ugliest-est

Bloomberg: Auction-Rate bond market in Collapse - Citigroup Flees

Editors and reporters who worked on The Times’s article to answer DUs smart questions

My daughter lost in the primary in her run for Senior Student Body Class President

"Canada's real estate boom turns 10 years old"...BUT..."Toronto realtors report big drop in sales"

Forcing Medical Patients To Be Consumers Wreaks Havoc on Our Health System

Fresno Bee: Equity loans may have hurt owners (DUH!)

Alternet: Subprime Is Really SubCRIME: America's Deeper Financial Crisis

When Change Is Not Enough: Seven Steps to Revolution

I'm down with Telecom Immunity....

USA Today: Expect food prices to keep rising, industry says

American Family Association says Procter&Gamble is "Top Pro-Homosexual Sponsor on TV"

401-Keg Plan!

DNC comments on Walmart greeter McCain - Charles Keating was Mrs. McCain's business partner

Rep.; Rick Renzi (R-AZ) indicted over land deal

Is it that Oil Prices are "High", or is it that Greenspananke have made the Dollar WORTHLESS?

Yet More Conservative Personality Cults

Video: O'Reilly's "apology"..."I'm sorry if my statement offended anybody. Context is everything"

UN Voting on Nuclear Disarmament Shows Abysmal US Record

NH Republican Legislator Calls For Bush/Cheney Impeachment, War Criminal Charges

Things are quiet on McCain story. A little TOO quiet. "The Iseman Cometh."

FEC Warns McCain on Campaign Spending

Kirkwood council’s first meeting since shooting turns hostile

Letterman SCORCHES McCain. Too funny!

Journalist-Bites-Reality! How broadcast journalism is flawed

Imminent Destruction of the GOP, Part II

Speaking of sex how did McCain vote when it came to impeachment for Bill getting a BJ?

KO: The nexus of politics and terror

What the Hell Are Democrats So Afraid of?

Colorado Senate candiate pulling a reverse Romney?.

Which Agencies - In Your Opinion" - Has The Bush Regime Corrupted Most Throughly?

Chicago Trib: Food takes bigger bite from wallet

'How dare Serbia not protect our embassy!'

"McCain and Iseman...neither has sued for defamation or demanded a retraction..."

Can we please stop wishing for the demise of businesses?

The Secret Service and the Dallas Police dept.-lax security on Obama

Caption *

Congressman Rick Renzi (R-naturally) indicted!

Lobbyist-hating McCain is surrounded by lobbyists

Republican "call" girls link -- ooh, la la!

Very telling screen capture from

At least one of our candidates has said they will put Republicans in their Administration

Cisco Layoffs In the Offing? ("Cuts are going to be big enough to raise an eyebrow")

Lott may be called to testify in Scruggs trial

Today’s Headlines 2/22/08

McCain, The Teflon Senator ?

In consideration of the latest revelations concerning John McCain...

New Ohio GE poll: Both Hillary & Barack beat the old pug McCain

About the POTUS and the "too many houses" statement.

Willie Nelson Calls For Bush Impeachment On The Alex Jones Show

Turkish Army Begins Ground Assault on PKK in Iraq

*Whoops* McCain's deposition in 2002 on McCain-Feingold

OMG, Steve Bell! (Kosovo, telecom, 9/11 trials, Afghanistan medley)

Ohio Job Losses Worst Since Great Depression

Starbucks Cuts 600 Jobs, Restructures Operations

Starbucks Cuts 600 Jobs, Restructures Operations

Sen. Bill Nelson Won't Rule Out Vice Presidential Job

Worldwide shortage of rice shoots prices soaring

Gitmo Ex-Prosecutor to Testify for Defense in Military Trial

Gas prices: bad to worse. Predicting $3.75/gallon by summer

Dave Lindorff: McCain and the Lobbyist--Missing the Story of the Miss

Newsweek: What We Actually Know About McCain and Iseman

Dennis Miller's New Gig: Game Show Host

Dennis Miller's New Gig: Game Show Host

So I was getting a cup of "coffee" from McDonalds, and Fox News was on in the seating area.

Oh my god... Obama ovation for blowing his nose....

I NEED this McCain bumper sticker

Turkey Invades Iraq: Tell me Again How We Are Getting Out

On Kosovo, for once Bush has done something right.


About your letters to your editor during the up coming pres campaign

It's over!!! The math shows that Obama has won the nomination.

Bernie Sanders and Thom Hartman don't know about Sibel Edmunds

Pat Buchanan claimed McCain's FCC letters were "in the normal course of business of a congressman"

FEC Warns McCain on Campaign Spending

Mrs. Huckabee in Las Vegas: attends boxing match, stays at Hooters

Guest Column I wrote in my local newspaper

Renzi Frenzi

Kick-Ass Letter To The Editor On U.S. And Saddam

McCain "affair" doesn't smell right

SMU plans Final Vote on B*sh Lie-brary Today (Friday)

Wal-Mart CEO Toasts Recession

E-mail from Frist - Republicans worried about Democratic Turnout

Confessions of a flim flam man: McCain defends lobbyist ties.

America's Infrastructure Crisis: Are We Really A Developed Country?

I notice the Turks want to go and "liberate" some Iraqis now

Question? How much do you pay a month for all your insurance?

McCain defends lobbyist ties: 'They're honorable people'

For the love of gawd, the frat boy was doing his monkey dance again..

The Republican Worst Nightmare....MELTDOWN...Now WHAT? McCain in Pain

Exclusive: Help Us Examine the Lost JFK Files

Time For Bill O'Racist To Resign In Disgrace

Most curious murder similarity

NYT: The McCain Article "Ask the newsroom"

Obama Ohio...True Story

Who would Hitler watch?

Gas prices rise, again

Minnesotans For Global Warming

When Change Is Not Enough: Seven Steps to Revolution

I see that one of the more vicious Obama supporters has bit the dust on DU.

I am very, very concerned about the cavalier attitude on Barack's

Must See Illustrated Slideshow: The Subprime Mortgage Scandal Primer

Details emerge for George W. Bush library- Dallas Business Journal--YIKES!

When Change Is Not Enough: Seven Steps to Revolution

HATEWATCH: Unmasking the Radical Right (investigative magazine by The Southern Poverty Law Center)

GOP candidate in Weller’s (R-Ill.) district to drop out

U.S. Ends Protections for Wolves in 3 States

WaPo Headline: The Anti-Lobbyist, Advised by Lobbyists

BREAKING Security breach at the Treasury Dept in Philadelphia!

White House takes swipe at NYT

Dupe . Link to original post.

Have you blocked GDP from Latest & Greatest?

The never-ending poison of the “Obama is a Muslim” e-mail

Congressman indicted on charges of extortion, wire fraud, money laundering, and more

Snake Oil Sellers of the Christian Right?

How Iseman's Clients Benefitted...

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Case of Star Beer

On Fox, focus group of Clinton & Obama was asked: "[H]ow many of you want them to make love to each

Clinton motorcade in accident. One person hurt. not much detail

Columbus, Ga.: Fort Benning: Mid 1950s

Study debunks 'global cooling' concern of '70s

Ex-Republican Operative Says Bush Adviser Karl Rove Pushed for Dirt on Siegelman

Hitler Was A Leftist Dictator

So what if McCain was playing stink-finger with this 31 year old lobbyist gal on her bosses jet

USNews: Bush's Africa trip hasn't generated the PR buzz the White House was hoping

What will a President Obama do about Blackwater?

How Low Can You Go? 19% latest from ARG

re: the snake Karl Rove

If there were no 22nd amendment

Disputed Bush library: Southern Methodist U.

George Soros gives big to drug rehab measure, California.

Olbermann not amused by Rove's quip about 9/11

Must be that Arizona sun ....

Caption the Straight Talker

Mark Morford: "Fidel Castro slumps away, Bush races to history's dungheap"

At this point, I really don’t give a crap who wins this election

Kucinich Supporters Donate Nearly $700,000 in 6 weeks to hold onto Congressional Seat!

Officer Riviera rides again - Thank God for video cameras...

His name was Gary Hart

Does the share of the black vote Democrats receive in general elections worry you?

Nader to Appear on Meet the Press to Discuss Possible White House Bid

MSNBC coins my NEW all-time favorite phrase: "DENIAL HOLE."

If you were a doberman and you wanted Hillary to pet you, this is what it would look like.

Kosovo's Nazi Past: The Untold Story

Racist Attacks on Obama Growing More Heated (report by Hatewatch, part of SPLC)

Please save my computer from the harm it will suffer if I can't make Internet radio work....

A non-primary thread to show our sympathy for the motorcade officer who died today

so now 2008 is the most important election

A 28 mile "Virtual Fence" .... will do what? Keep out "Virtual Mexicans"?

I don't want McCain to be toast .. .. . .

Taking Off The Tin-Foil Hat

Is China A Military Threat To America?

Congressman indicted in Ariz. land deal

how do you find the just released names of fallen Iraq soldiers? Someone from my home town was kill

CIA leak prosecutor back on the hunt

What Happened to Mental Health Care for Vets?

Who do you think will win Best Actor Sunday Night?


McCain's Campaign Is Filled To The Gills With Lobbyists

*Inside the world of war profiteers

Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room just said that he would

I just got a call from my Congressman's office (R)...

Line up on tonight's Real Time looks like this:

Tonight on Real Time With Bill Maher

Okay, enough of the smearing, I'll bash McCain on the issues...

Gawd, is Rick Renzi a corrupt piece of shit!

Al Jazeera English is reporting Turkey has sent 10,000 troops into Iraq

Astounding artwork of Chris Jordan depicts deluge of "stuff."

one of Israels religiously insane thinks gays cause earthquakes

I have a prediction, right here, that I can pretty much guarantee is going to be correct:

So McCain is hoping Fidel will meet Karl Marx soon

Secret Pentagon Report tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

How Rove Neutralizes Political Liabilities

NEWBIES!! Want to know why we say "Moran" instead of "Moron"?


This war just hit my hometown!!!

Are small aircraft allowed to fly in a circle in a downtown metropolitan area?

US senators give July deadline for N-deal

Police officer in Hillary's motorcade accident has died.. re: CNN. n/t

I'm not sure if the old Canadian flag trick works anymore

Have you ever been down & out, and then given a break that turned things around?

David Shuster's Back...I dont know about you, But I'm Excited!

Most Evangelical leaders support Iraq war

Rescues for Homeowners in Debt Weighed (Some of these homedebtors are DOOZIES!)

A bad omen for Ron Paul's campaign.....

Disagree with other posts: I do respect expertise, degrees and education,

News Alert: It's still America out there!

FEC says McCain can't drop out of public financing

Conservatives Have Decided Adultery No Longer Matters

The right-wing calling Fidel Castro's resignation a US victory?

Zogby: Obama beats McCain 47 % to 40 % and Obama has a 14-point edge over Clinton, 52% to 38%

Congress Ramps Up Fight Against Permanent Iraq Bases

Kudos to the pilot - the plane landed beautifully

Bush Hopes Recession Doesn't Affect Sales Of His Memoirs

I just "Damned" Dick Cheney

anybody know if there is such a thing as an on-line adding machine?

You know, you'd think we'd look back and see what worked in the past.

Take action against Target-

60 Minutes doing Rove expose --> Don Siegelman

Big Easy to Big Empty-What really happened in N.O.?

are the bible thumpers gonna have to start their own political party?

Most Miserable City in America...

Anyone else notice the irony in shooting down the toxic space bus?

U of Colorado just picked as its new president a former oil executive who denies global warming.

American Tune (Paul Simon)

Larisa Alexandrovna: CBS Releases 60 Minutes Teaser On Siegelman Segment (VIDEO)

McCain Voted to Convict Bill Clinton and Remove Him From Office Over Lying About His Affair

Shuster: "I was at the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time"

Well, well. Jeb Bush is also connected to Alcalde & Fay (Vicki Iseman's firm)

Honest Question: Why do TV and Radio economists keep saying we are the wealthiest nation

The Nation: Give Dennis Kucinich His Due

Is it just me, or have GD:P "Greatest" posts disappeared from my Greatest Page?

Pure Speculation: You're A Republican

Did anyone just see on C-Span 3

Can any police officers out there explain the wisdom of these motorcades?

Breaking: Republican Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi indicted on multiple federal charges

Well, they (the rw), were wrong yet again (what I heard today)

Rove Implicated in Don Siegelman Case

CNN Just ran an Excellent Story about the Dirty Crap Fuel Called Ethanol

McCain having an affair? - Preposterous

Study says that Domestic Right Wing Terrorists have caused most damage to the United States

Report: Rove wanted dirt on Alabama governor. TPM

LOST-in-NJ gets off...TONIGHT!!

YO: the *complete* story behind this McCain-Lobbyist scandal...ouch...

Noooooo! Lee Marvin is Six Feet Under

A must see movie! two thubs ub!

If you grew up in Southeastern Mass in the 50's - 80's....

I think attacking McCain's personal life is utterly disgusting and beneath contempt! Oh, wait...

Level Two Immenent...

What lobsters did you fear as a kid?

Women Praying, Holiness Church.

Now THAT'S how to answer your mail!

Bush has 11 months left to accomplish his final agenda: Immunity for his crimes/Control of Iraqi oil

I don't have cable TV so I'm staging my own damned debate with sock puppets

"On the Death of David Kelly--Suicide? or What?"

Ken Star and the tobacco industry?

Do you need a passport to fly domestically now?

I believe in the power of thought and intention so the next time bush tries to

Another shoe drops in Siegelman case. Dyn-O-Mite!

Loungers, we have reached Defcon 2. You know what this means.

Oh yeah, Big Ben Wallace is coming to Cleveland to dominate with Lebron James

I have to take a moment to brag about my kid...

Hold down the fort my Loungies...I gotta go to the PTA meeting.

Three day weekend! It's Rodeo Week.

Tonight on Bill Moyers...earmarks and how they work

Exclusive: Help us examine the lost JFK files- All the files are on-line now.

OMG - ABC News just pronounced Placentia CA "placenteeah"

Can I be an absolutist about "there are no absolutes"?

Lost thread(could contain spoilers)

Scott Horton under attack... it begins...

MATCOMNEWS: Alien Sex Offenders Being Deported from Va. (to Mexico)

"The public...doesn't understand how bad the situation is. If it did, we might have a real panic"

Boycotting NCLB: In Effort To Protect Students Illinois District Will Refuse Test

My Suggestion for Vice President - Wes Clark

God Damn Miley Cyrus didn't buckle up in her movie--- I'm pissed!

I have a 1936 Indian Head it valuable?

Well, of COURSE The Lounge is a hot spot, but is it hot enough to boil a monkey's BUM?

So the middleclass has an uptick in sucicides...and those

Mr. and Mrs. Matcom at Home

Breaking: American Flight 862 with 132 people on board

Trivia - The daughter of Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn

Well, i give up. I messed up, I am getting punished for it - and yet bush is walking free

What muensters did you fear as a kid?

Redqueen Thinks Bald Is Sexy. Should I shave my head?

Me and Mrs. Jones - Billy Paul

Picture of McCain running in the race against the Democrats.

Everyone's going to parties, they're all laughing, having fun....

Welcome home

Where'd all my ignores go?

Someone help me out musically here?

How many people use Xerox Copiers at work

Videogamers! Starfox for the Wii is coming soon!

Damn. The guy is annoyingly cute

I just spent 30 minutes trolling about in GD:P...

If you need a heart-warming ending today, here is your story:

I just got this joke in my email...

Guitar Wolf

I just watched "Ratatouille." I would buy that movie...


Cat people. I need your help. Badly.

An announcement... no big deal except to me.


Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein!

Nader to discuss election plans ~ Associated Press

My favorite commercials with a baby talkin and buying stock

What The Blu Ray Format Really Means To You

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (02/22/08)

I have a Masters/PhD//am a engineer/doctor/scientist and post on DU

Yahoo has a video up on Karl Rove --- but I don't know how to link it ---

Yahoo has a video up on Karl Rove --- but I don't know how to link it ---

A Tough Parenting Problem That Kind of Stumps Me.

If I were a rich man, I wouldn't have to work hard.

wow. even in the lounge

This roommate/house mate shit is really getting on my nerves.

Drink your milk

Ugh. Sick as a dog...

Fuel... Bad Day- Hemmorhage... digging these

I am so sleepy and I want to go home but I am stuck at work.

Haiku or Filthy Limericks?

My 6-year-old son thinks Barack Obama is the coolest

I can't believe I have to work today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

My Love, He logged on here and read how you hate him.

Strange news: Mr Goosebumps not actually commiting a crime...

Anyone, other than me, remember this one? Chevy Van

A little mornin music for ya

How long in inches is a US dollar bill?

Baby Rickrolling

Cockroach gets 30 television workers fired

People Magazine pays $6 million to JLo for exclusive photo rights

I just have to say to DuStrange...

Songs about Life, Death, Heaven and Hell, the Devil and the deep blue sea only in this thread!

Have you noticed this guy checking out the other guys ass?

Today I get fired and rehired. New owners taking over the business.

Happy 33rd birthday, Drew Barrymore!

Searching for a Legacy?

Jennifer Lopez gives birth to twins

Why does Obama keep insisting he was raised by a 'single mother'?

Need help with medical jargon

Vampire Weekend: Love 'em or hate 'em?

Video: Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" meets "Star Trek"

Mission Accomplished Dog Poop bags.

Everyone was drunk at the BRIT awards last night.

The default ringtone on my new cell phone is so darn cute and bouncy.


May I share some really good news?

Yeah.. About those private pictures you uploaded to myspace? Not so much private after all

Teen schween Aaron Carter busted in TAY-has with two O-ZEES. "I hope you like jammin' too."

What d'you call it when you take a page and make a replica of it with a machine?

The 1,000th lounge thread about the state of GD-P

So I Was Landing My 717 At Portland Airport...............

DU, May I Take the Stump

I am going to go empty the entire contents of the fridge into my mouth, then I am going to bed.

i'm soaking wet from shovelling snow, eating toast, waiting for a phone call, bored...

Massive Flight Cancellations Northeast

Finally - sanity out of Texas

Damn You, Lounge, Why all these posts about food when I am on steroids...

Welcome to Fantasy Island, I am your host Mr. Roarke....

Just got tickets to see the Mr. Anderson in concert!!! Jethro Tull

I'm having a crappy day

You fucking village idiots need to share the love with other DUers

You fucking village idiots need to share the love with other DUers

GD:P, it's tricky

For My Favorite KitchenWitch

I am powerless over my obsession for food and my life has become unmanageable

help me out DUers - how do I embed the link so you can click a word

Arrrrgh! Gimme me my f'n software license!!!1!

DU HOWTO: Post without Emoticons...

And now...a glimpse into the fantasies of DarkTirade...

Anyone Up For A Neener?

Wow, I thought I left sixth grade behind 36 years ago

Out of respect for Kitchenwitch's "roid" problem..what delicious food will you NOT talk about?

BREAKING NEWS: The new library for George W. Bush has been located...

McCain Witholds "Judgment" on Rep. Renzi (R-AZ) Indictment

I'm moving again - sometime in April

Mother daughter birthday fun! ***Pics***

School's been cancelled, so I'm making chicken stock!

NH woman with a bit of a problem...

Honestly, there's nothing more wild than a visit to GD-Primaries these days!

Well, I made the right decision not going in to work today

Finally!! A Toll Booth that we can all show some love for!

well, I'm headed home before it gets too bad out there

Firefox users: How many tabs do you open when "politics" surfing?

For Parche

The continuing sage of the cat I guess I am aparently "adopting"

What's coming through your speakers right now?

Soap Opera 'As the World Turns' gets criticism from BOTH sides over their gay couple

One of my daughter's sisters is going to get married.

McCain flip-flops on lobbyist story

Ever sprinkle Coffeemate on a birthday cake after the candles have been lit?

Not Sure If You All Have Seen This, But This Kid Bush Impersonator's Hilarious! (Re: Global Warming)

Life's to short not to stop and...

Anyone Up For A Nooner?

John Lennon, Paul Simon, and a surprise guest at the 1975 Grammys

Do you have difficulty speaking before other people?

check out this comment at youtube.

What food are you craving right now?

OMG - I just had my first Cinnabon ever today

Poverty, Homelessness; A Man Who is Making a Difference

Where are they now! the guy who played Andy Dick's twin on "News Radio"

One more hour 'till the weekend starts!

Does Hartz (the flea collar/pet product company) have a good reputation?

Wow, I found a decor item to go with the shoe chair....

"It's a mute point."

GD: P thread title is "Lounge-esque"

Have you ever wondered what Art Garfunkel likes to read?

My Dilemma

I got a new keyboard and mouse today and I have to say,

Happy birthday George Washington, greatest effin president

Sheesh. Medea's Family Reunion ALWAYS makes me cry. Dammit.

OMG!!! We now have "Xeroxgate" in GD:P!!1!!

Cindy McCain = Chicken Lady?

Anyone who has ever seen *that* "Wonder Woman" pic and are Project Runway fans

Is anyone experienced in grant writing?

Gateway laptops suck!

I miss PMs from the Secret Admirer(s)

Post a village where you've done some fucking

Apparently, I am what is wrong with GD/P!

Early Adopters Who Got Screwed:

Things that only I know what in the hell I'm talking about.

Are you honestly going to upgrade to yet another movie format (Blue Ray)?

It's STILL snowing!!!!

Well, the student loan vampires hav e come for me.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 are on Oprah and those 8 kids are the cutest

If you were a doberman and you wanted Hillary to pet you, this is what it would look like.

I am off to see "Body Worlds 1". Anyone seen it?

Bow-wow-wow yippie-yo-yippie-yeah

Will Smith wins libel suit for his "Hitler" comment

I am staying out of LynneSin's love thread.

Amy Winehouse's incarcerated husband trades her autographed photos for heroin

Airplane nuts- amazing video of a STOL aircraft. (short take off/landing)

I got low-cost spay certificates for my cats

lost-in-nj says "tell everyone hi" and...

Perfect LOLcat to represent GD:P?

Does anyone else wish they could sort GD:P by locked threads?

Who do you think will win Best Actor Sunday Night?

Its her birthday today


Is having a lawn ornament depicting a human ever appropriate?

What celebrities would look like if they lived in Ohio..... (Dial up Warning)

Dashdund mothering a piglet...soooooo cute.

Madonn' What a #^*%& good song

10 Nurses face CRIMINAL charges for all QUITTING on the same day!!!

I need to save some money

I am experiencing Cognitive Dissonance.

Anyone who watched "Sweeney Todd" already?


White Stuff People Like

Total. Body. Control. TOTAL. A-Mazing.

Minor relationship advice needed

HBO Agrees To Air ‘Taxi To The Dark Side’ After Discovery Drops It For Being Too ‘Controversial’

Another One Taken Way Before His Time... Marvin Gaye "What's Going On / What's Happening Brother"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/22/08

Who would in a fight? Unlikely, but good matchups.

Why does this remind me of Haruka?

Bank Robber Blames Foreclosure: "You took my house, now I'm going to take your money"

If your boss was a food item what would they be?

Jason will be returning.

Where's the Debate Over Gun Control?

So I'm waiting for the time to start my class and a student yells "Hey Honkie!"

OK. Some people here need some Disability 101.

In this thread you are required to share the love with other DUers

What’s your favorite way to kill time on a computer?

One of my uncles died on Tuesday.

I think fate had a car accident in store for me today.

BREAKING: Newsweek Catches McCain In Lie

Happy 276th Birthday, George Washington!


The Piano Has Been Drinking

Early 1980's computer games you liked

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/22/2008)

Dilemma - Best friend with new unsuitable girl friend



Im looking for a small very progressive town (not city)

So, Ann Coulter Is Speaking At My School (Part 2)

No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to ________________

All You Can Eat Catfish

Can we ever be really happy and satisfied?

Post something from your cache.

some dude stole a 1972 station wagon, is 'running' from police, and its all over MSNBC

Best. lock. ever.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH IN ALTERNATIVE ENERGY -- Cheap method for producing hydrogen FOUND!!!!!!

How do you help a loved one who is an alcoholic

what are the benefits of getting to a thousand post?

Will someone please beat this damn game

What is your blood group?


Just came from the Doc. I have dry eye syndrome

Battlestar Galactica fans -- season 4 promo pictures

I think I'm going to sue the makers of ambien.

Speaking of food, and granmas. What did your Grandmother fix that was your favorite thing?

The End of an Era: I'm posting this from the last Netscape browser ever.

Is there anyplace in north Jersey (the area nearest to NYC)

Texas is looking bluer everyday. Obama and Clinton did

It's the message, the movement and the management

It's the message, the movement and the management

Political Prisoner Don Siegelman: Will the 60 Minutes Spotlight Make a Difference?

Heraldists want penis reinstated on military badge

Harper unveils new Afghan motion with 2011 end date

California city (Vallejo) mulls filing for bankruptcy

Ohio Jobs Loss Is Biggest Seven-Year Decline Since 1939

Indiana: Tensions flare in House over immigration (GOP walks out)

FEC Warns McCain on Campaign Spending

Bombs Explode In Baghdad, Tikrit, Killing 4 and Wounding 10, Police Say

Plane missing in Venezuela with dozens aboard

Jennifer Lopez gives birth to twins

Report: Rove wanted dirt on Alabama gov.

Rescues for Homeowners in Debt Weighed

Iraqi Official: Four Killed In Fallujah Mosque Bombing-AFP

Ariz. Congressman (Shaddeg-R): Retirement Can Wait

Vicki Iseman Gets Advice From Gennifer Flowers

Starbucks to cut 600 jobs; divide its field organization into four divisions

Former Gitmo Prosecutor to Testify for Bin Laden’s Driver

Congressman Charged in Land Deal

Over 20 people injured in clash in south Nepal

EU awaiting Polish, Romanian replies on CIA jails

UK troops accused of executions and torture in Iraq

Shia militia chief extends Iraq ceasefire

Arizona 'virtual fence' gets final OK

West warns Serbia against violence

EU assembly must reopen "rendition" inquiry

Bush: No Compromise On Phone Immunity In Spy Bill

White House: New York Times Usually Drops ‘Bombshells’ on GOP Nominees

Mugabe ready to party in impoverished Zimbabwe

White House: (NY) Times Made ‘Incredible Leaps’ in McCain Story

L.A. says Health Net illegally halts insurance

Alaska's Stevens seeks to stay in Senate

Ex-Ohio lawmaker Ney in halfway house

Turkish troops launch Iraq offensive

Will Smith wins damages over Hitler claim

IAEA: Iran dismisses evidence on nukes

Two Very Different Shades of Green: League of Conservation Voters' Congressional Scorecards

Scam Bilked Calif. Seniors Out of $190M

Waterboarding Approval Focus of Justice Investigation

Flight lands in Miami after gear scare

It's official: Bush library coming to SMU

Combative N.O. mayor blows up during live TV interview

SMU Will Host Bush Presidential Library

Cancer Drug Ruling Will Have Wide Impact

FDA Clears Avastin for Breast Cancer

US court upholds dismissal of 'agent orange' suit

Rice Says No Interest in Veep Spot

Sanctions on Businessman Target Syria's Inner Sanctum

Military Subpoenas CBS Haditha Video

Officer killed in Clinton motorcade

Congressman Indicted for Fraud, Extortion

U.N. says world fisheries face collapse

A Hole in McCain’s Defense? An apparent contradiction in his response to lobbyist story

Kurdish Troops Surround Turks in Worst Confrontation Yet in Iraq

Huckabee: A Deadlocked Convention is My Goal

McCain Leaves New York Times to Answer for Lobbyist Article

No Agreement Yet On Cluster Bomb Ban (U.S. Opposes Ban, Not Taking Part In Talks)

UN fires tear gas at Serb protesters

Republican Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi indicted on multiple federal charges, sources tell CNN.

Judge acquits ex-GOP official in phone-jamming

Wolves to Be Removed From Species List

US says missed intelligence after spy act expired

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 22

Guatemalan farmers seize police

Dolphin dies during Navy SoCal sonar exercises

US to evacuate staff from Serbia

Secret Service says Obama rally was secure

S. American, Arab nations condemn attempt to control Venezuela's resources

Karl Rove 60 Minutes Expose: GOP Operative Explains Smear Campaign

Muqtada al-Sadr extends Iraqi cease-fire

One Store's Old Food Is Others' Bread and Butter

Turkey Launches Ground Operation in Iraq (Escalating Conflict With Kurd Rebels)

Health Net ordered to pay $9 million after canceling cancer patient's policy

Chavez rejects independence of Kosovo, blames US

Enzyte founder guilty of fraud

Nader considering another White House run: Will appear on "Meet the Press" Sunday

Prosecutor: Baby dead after 8 days of neglect

GM exec stands by calling global warming a "crock"

Banks Lose to Deadbeat Homeowners as Loans Sold in Bonds Vanish

One in 10 home loans is under water:

FCC Fines 13 Fox Stations for 2003 Episode of 'Married by America'

Hillary: Seat Michigan, Florida Delegates

Russia could use force in Kosovo

Illegal Immigrant Charged With Homicide in Deadly Minnesota School Bus Crash

Georgia Claims a Sliver of the Tennessee River

Dennis Kucinich raises nearly $700,000 in six weeks in bid to keep seat in Congress

Israel Expects “Disappointing” Iran Nuclear Report

Hillary’s 'Nice' Plagiarism at the Debate

Hillary’s 'Nice' Plagiarism at the Debate

McCain: Lobbyist Not My Lover, Just a 'Friend With Benefits'

Amy Goodman: Lessons of Internment

No Recourse for the Injured

Northern Rock bill gets approval (UK failed bank is nationalized)

Sorry is not enough

Retirement party: Republicans should consider a name change

Humor me while we conduct a little thought experiment.

India Inc takes on US politicians (Someone is Getting Jittery)

Hillary Accuses Obama of Xeroxing 'Change,' and His Butt

U.S. denials about rendition might undermine relations with Britain

AK Governor says Young owes public answers about mounting legal fees

Joe Galloway: Some inconvenient truths, conveniently locked in a safe

Windows Vista SP1 Blocks Antivirus Programs

IRAQ: In Tatters Beneath a Surge of Claims

Robert Parry: McCain's 'Never' Is a Long Time

John Nichols: Valedictory in Texas…

McCain/Iseman Story Spurs Bi-Partisan Call For Ultimate Lobbying 'Disclosure'

How Much Damage Will Clinton Do Before She Folds?

Hey Chris Matthews, Ask People What ONE Senate Action Hillary is Best Known For

Rolling Stone: The Myth of the Surge."...little doubt what will happen when stops."

From the "good news if it's true" department

If Kosovo, why not Palestine?

Why Obama is beating Hillary

Bush Hopes Recession Doesn't Affect Sales Of His Memoirs

What the Hell Are Democrats So Afraid of?


Obama thesis obtained by Politico

Activists to arrest Japanese whalers - Antarctic Whale Sanctuary

Lloyd Bensen Dan Quayle 1988

Misery in Belgrade today, what I saw

Hillary Clinton Borrows Edwards Finishing Line

Countdown: The McCain Unmutiny

Its Not the Same: Obama and Deval

The Dog, The Cat, & The Rat

Barack Obama Guardian Angel Song

Hillary Clinton borrows a few lines

Bill-O's Not Going To Lynch... Yet.

CNN picks up on Hillary's plagiarism

HRC distorting in earlier debates

Hillary Channels Bill in her "closer"

World's Worst - Perle, O'Reilly, Rove

Obama and Hillary weigh in on plagiarism charge

Wow...He Spent *How* Much Of His Own Money On His Campaign?

Interview with Norman Solomon author of War Made Easy

Barack says COMMUNITY or national serivice for education tax credit

John McCain's "friends", starring Vicki Iseman

Hillary 'Xerox" Clinton: Quality Copying You Can Rely On

Clinton's 'Change you can Xerox' line, and the BOOS that come after

John McCain Affair? Links To Female Lobbyist

Senator Kennedy belts out a Mexican song!

Clinton's Heartfelt Answer at TX Debate - Only Standing Ovation of the Night

Hillary's "Campaign in the Wind" Parody Song...

Countdown: The Nexus Of Politics & Terror pt1

This is more shocking than John McCain's Affair

Bush: Iraq War Helped The Economy

How a Bill Becomes a Law: The McCain Version

Who's Advising Your Candidate? (You better know...)

Satellite Takedown: Military Confirms Hit

Michelle Phillips - Impeach Bush

New Pro-Obama Music Video: Si Se Puede Cambiar

Famines May Occur Without Record Crops This Year, Potash Says

"A Theology of Compost" John Michael Greer

Climate Outlook Bleak For Greece - Rainfall Averages Now 30% Below Those Of 1970s - Reuters

Biggest Earthquake On Record Hits Norway's Svalbard Archipelago - 6.2 Richter - AFP

BP Pulls Plug On Coal-Bed Methane Plan For Flathead Basin, But Runoff Threat Remains

New aluminum-rich alloy produces hydrogen on-demand for large-scale uses

Nature - Baffin Island Ice Cap Study Shows 20th Century Warmest Period Since 350 AD

Arizona Public Service Co. to Build 280 Megawatt Concentrating Solar Power Plant

What Does "Expensive" Mean When Discussing Grain? Interesting Op-Ed

Alfa Bank - $100/Barrel May Look Cheap Within 5 Years, Depending On OPEC Capacity - Bloomberg

South American Miniing Operations Now Tapping The Ocean - Freshwater Supply Becoming Unreliable

Cleveland debates 50-year commitment to coal plant

Brazil dances with OPEC

Potash Corp. Of Saskatchewan - W/O Record Harvests Every Year, We Will Not Meet Food Demand - B-Berg

Tree Maps

Brazilian President Defends Biofuels, Says Increased Production Won't Hurt Amazon Forest

UNEP Report Sounds Alarm For All Planetary Fish Stocks, Outlines Multiple Trends Powering Collapse

Rob Hopkins' Transition Handbook

A little help please for my daughter's report on bush environment failures

NCDC Scientist - 1970s Global Cooling Consensus "An Enduring Popular Myth" - AFP

A Tough Parenting Problem That Kind of Stumps Me.

Science Magazine: We are turning the West into a desert

Confidence Frays In Saudi Gas Prospects

China sells its soul for liquid coal

British Gas Researching 33-Gig Offshore Wind Farm - $136 Billion Plan

Calder, UK, planners reject wind plants.

Soldier gets 28 months in prison for bribery

Sens. make emergency landing in Afghanistan

Soldier gets 120 days in death of Iraqi

Hawaii troops grill Mullen

Knox touts improvements for wounded troops

Civil Air Patrol widow hopes to get benefits

Canadian troops to join Va. exercise

1 soldier killed, 3 wounded in RPG attack

Soldier tied to alleged sex assault in Japan

O-4 LDOs get more time to prepare for boards

Marines yield to civilian drivers in Anbar

Crash victim a Kaneohe Marine, police say

Hadithah case plagued by legal problems

Panel frustrated in Marine shooting case

Mountain Home airman dies in road crash

Investigators look for debris from F-15 crash

Rumored end of base restrictions on Okinawa denied by Marine officials

Navy downs spy satellite, destroyed fuel tank

Quiet in Taji attributed to many reasons

Controlling the web of communication in Iraq

Iraqis’ tips pay off: Car was fully loaded with explosives, rifle

AF aims to make powerful point on sexual assault

Europe gas prices jump

Al-Sadr to announce future of cease-fire

Soldier to serve 6 months in jail for child porn

502nd engineers happy to be back in Hanau, even as short-timers

Army sergeant held as new rape accusations surface

Officials investigate alleged molestation by school janitor

Soldiers get a taste of riot control

Former Corps of Engineers worker accused of bribery

Pacific brief: Gas prices rise in Guam, S. Korea

S. Koreans claim abuse by gate guards at Osan

Senator: Army moms need more maternity leave

Mideast brief: Detainee dies while held in custody at U.S. base

Insurgents in the Bloodstream

Ex-Prosecutor at Gitmo to Aid Defense

Defense Tech: Analyzing the Threat of Cyber Attack

Bush: Surveillance Compromise Unlikely

Troop Crimes Threaten U.S.-Japan Alliance

Deployed Airmen May Qualify for Deferments

Turkey Launches Iraq Ground Offensive

Body Found in U.S. Embassy in Serbia

250 Marines to leave for Iraq today

'First of the First' Return Home

Satellite downing shows US arsenal

Retired E-9 charged in JROTC sex assault

Iraq-stamped plane lands in Fla., causes stir

Soldier gets 6-month sentence for refusing to deploy to Iraq

Ohio Jobs Loss Is Biggest Seven-Year Decline Since 1939

Change To Win Endorses Obama, But United Farm Workers Stick With Clinton

Colombian President Uribe Confirms U.S. Unions’ Fears

Bush Administration Cries ‘Uncle’ on Gutting Workers’ Rights at Homeland Security

Women Add Union Sectors, Fueling Labor Revival

Workers Revved Up to Take Colorado Back in 2008

For the workers, caution with a dose of optimism

NYT: Restaurants Must Rehire Deliverymen, Judge Rules

City Employees Approve Union

Recent Explosion Reveals Fatal Double Standard for Workers

OSHA fines contractors $464K for safety hazards in WTC tower fire

How Many Workers are Injured on the Job? Don't Ask OSHA.

Plant Cited by OSHA Following Worker’s Death ($44,000)

Critics Rip OSHA's Construction Confined Space Standard

OSHA Proposes $195,200 in Fines against Pelham, Ala. Masonry Contractor

State fines company whose workers killed in St. Paul sewer flood

Plainfield man dies after industrial accident

NFLPA Accuses NFL Of Collusion For First Time Under Current CBA

Final Cost of WGA Strike Less than Estimated

OSHA begins investigating plant explosion (hospitalized 11 employees)

Huffington Post: American Labor Laws Fall Short of American Values

Today in labor history February 22

Taking On Target-

Crane falls into river on way to Keystone Trail work site, operator was pinned on his side

California Overtime: “Why are they getting away with this?”


Countrywide Treats Bankers to Ski-Resort Trip

COMRADE FIDEL Reflects on Resignation and US Presidential Candidates' Reactions

ITALY on Trail of South American Abductions - Operation Condor

FIDEL's Last Laugh

New Versus Old Right in Paraguay’s Presidential Election

RIGHTS-COLOMBIA: Workers of the World Unite - in Anti-Paramilitary Vigil

The Subprime Mortgage Scandal Primer

US Economic Warfare against Syria?

Florida Schools, California Convert Auction-Rate Debt (

Neighborhood memories (Amira Hass)

Brussels: New court to try Israel for war crimes

West Bank farms fall to Israeli bulldozers

Hamas: We won't rule out any bid for cease-fire

"Gay Superdelegates may hold key in Dem prez race"

Demands For Censure After Gay Earthquake Remark

Homosexual Activity Cause Of Earthquake, Shas MK Says

Soap fans claim bias against gay characters

Pastor Credited With Canadian Gay Marriage Win Receives Highest National Honor

Cost of Intollerance

Cool video...

The Science of "Gaydar"

Globe story on helicopter - funny Kerry quote

Friends, a question.

Would someone be kind enough to give a quick chart reading for me please?

Hillary conceding?

ooga booga smooga wooga

Something's up

Suns, Nuggets to play first outdoor game in modern era

Georgia Tech -UVa basketball game 'rained out'

Report: Pics put Clemens at Canseco bash

Who's gonna get Zach Thomas?

Joe Louis: American Hero .... Betrayed

I've been sort of on the fence about spygate---until I read this piece.

The Olympics

Health officials keeping eye on drug-resistant flu strain

Egalitarian Healthcare versus multiple tier healthcare systems

FDA ties pneumonia deaths to infant vaccine ~ MSNBC

Western diet killing us? I'm reading a very good, sensible book about

Do you have

How to ask?

Weight Watchers Recipe Cards From 1974

A warm day on the pier

landing gear

How about a photo from my back deck

Rev. Joseph Howard charged with arson fire of Trinity Metropolitan Baptist Church, Albany

OK I'm now the proud owner of a pasta machine

Oh Jeeze, I can do better than this...anyone got a recipe

Police: Convicted Child Rapist, Pastor Violates Megan's Law

Augusta Youth Pastor Indicted for aggravated child molestation

Reclusive Mexican Cult Leader / Defrocked Priest Dies

Man indicted on charges of attempting to kill rabbi

Four charged for ‘punching and robbing’ Prestwich rabbi

Catholic Priest Rodney Rodis sentenced to 63 months in prison

Former bishop Rt Rev Riah Abu al-Assal denies fraud charges

Ouster of Rev. Thurman A. Hargrove Outlined, Second Baptist Church, Worcester, MA

Bluebirds from my backyard

Catholic Priest quits after cops charge indecent acts with children

State police on hunt for Ft. Wayne, In. pastor wanted in forgeries, theft from Topeka parishioners

Witness confronts priest John McCollough in sex trial

Clinton Should Not Be President Because She is a Female.

Geraldo's Satanic Panic Lives! "Woman recalls finding out husband was abuser, satanic"

Man “angry at God” drives minivan into church sanctuary

Titan's Surface Organics Surpass Oil Reserves On Earth

Brief of 31 states supporting HELLER, in D.C. v. Heller.

Gun Crazies Create an Atmosphere of Terror on Campus

Gun "Crazies" Face Political Party Affiliation Crisis

Have Obama and Clinton really shut up about gun control?

Friday's Gungeon Gun Humor

Is God a person?


I submit that we ban the term "gun-grabbers".

* The federal government just cut 9/11 Health Care funding by 77%.

Karl Rove:"...Sometimes history sends you things and 9/11 came our way,"

WSJ: Voting Changes May Snarl Tallies in big OH County (Cuyahoga ie Cleveland)

A question regarding HAVA money - just curious

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 2/22/2008

How does it feel to get swiftboated? --from dKos

OT: update on the movie, "Coraline"

Sen Kerry in Texas on Sat .Feb 23rd.

Hillary Clinton in Dallas tomorrow?

John Kerry campaigning for Obama in Texas Sat 2/23

Thanks to whomever placed the Maxey sign in my yard today.

Hillary in Dallas - pictures!

Chelsea in Austin Friday

early do or not to do

I need help...... Craiglist posting needs flagging: Latinos You can Vote Twice

Bill Clinton invokes LBJ

At the caucus, you can nominate people who are not there to delegate spots.

A proposal - no more responses to 'No-Planers'

Obama, Clinton neck and neck in key states

I Really Need some Help!!!! 2 Main Questions for my very smart fellow Texans

"Superdelegates aren't party bosses of old, and they are as split as the voters have been."

NYT, pg1: Clinton Donors Worried by Campaign’s Spending

Clinton Looks to Regain Support Obama Eroded

CNN/Univision Debate: Clinton likely did little to blunt Obama's momentum, ended on strong note

Pawlenty rejects transportation plan

Ohio Gov.: Clinton Is More Electable:Predicts Wins In Ohio, Texas And Pennsylvania

Why Obama whups Clinton in the war over word ownership

Obama Yard Signs Available in Dallas

Obama on a college textbook “racket”

There's the Beef: No empty suit, Obama is "most impressive candidate to come along in quite a while"

Clinton campaign tells supporter to stay away when she’s in R.I.

Would someone post this TIME/Mark Halperin link showing Obama winning the debate?

Kos has a happy post up about Texas

Great WaPo column backing up Obama's bona fides for the highest office in the land

So how did everyone think the debate went?

Here's the rule: NEVER give Hillary the benefit of the doubt

Kucinich supporters donate nearly $700,000 in six weeks

I love that Obama thinks it's necessary for Americans to learn other languages!

Cdn UN observer reported Israeli war crimes before Israel bombed post

Globe and Mail: Harper government gives science a raw deal, journal Nature says

July, 2011 - that's the pull-out date for Afghanistan

Sam Sullivan is gonna be gone soon!!!

Bill Richardson for Vice President!

It all comes down to 9/11.

Black Press: Not so Canadian anymore?

Ya'll tell me when I should switch over to MSNBC for KO.

KOEB Meeting 2/21/08 Post-Debate Edition

KOEB Meeting: 02/21/08 -- What's With the Misplaced Commercials? Edition

OMG! I'm on teh Youtubes!!

A new piece of temporary art for Keith to hate...and it'll be right outside his window!!

Vampira memorial--Update

SF Chron: More About the Ill-advised SF Chinatown Subway Line

the beginning of the end - Librarians demoted

Rep. Steve Kagen D-Wisc 8th endorses Barack Obama

Who here thinks Scott Walker should stay as Co. executive?

Mark Jensen found guilty

AA Media Ellen Johnson on CBS Early Show Monday, Feb. 25, 2008 ~ Exorcism!

Cross posted from the Lounge

Best LOLcat I've seen in awhile...

I've been hearing the bit "Hillary appeals more to the less educated"