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Early Exits: More Mississippi Voters Think Obama Is Qualified To Be Commander-In-Chief

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/11/08 - Obama up 2 (48), Clinton down 3 (41)

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/11/08 - Obama up 2 (48), Clinton down 3 (41)

A brief reminder: the goal is to WIN in November

Obama camp could've chose to exploit Ferraro remark by firing back at her a few days before Miss.,

Early Exits: More Mississippi Voters Think Obama Is Qualified To Be Commander-In-Chief

Obama / Chris Matthews 10:00 PM EST

A Couple Of Comments/Questions About A Re-Vote In Florida.......


13% of Dem primary voters had "strongly favorable" opinion of McCain, and 74% of them

Six weeks until the next election!!!! How will I survive?!?! AAAAAA!

A Comment And A Couple Of Questions About A Re-Vote In Florida...

RUSH FATBAUGH(hillary clinton) loses mississippi!!

It must be driving these Eastern MSM types crazy having to cover Mississippi like this...

It must be driving these Eastern MSM types crazy having to cover Mississippi like this...

Based on MSNBC Exit Polls: Obama 58.5 - Clinton 40.5

My first post in GD-P: I still can't make up my mind Obama or Hillary?

Ann Coultergeist endorses the Monster

Ann Coultergeist endorses the Monster

Here goes "the dead one" Keith Obamaman, Leading with Geraldine Racism.

Okay, who is in charge of this here Democratic Primary?

Hillary got 77% of the puke vote, Obama won the Primary

Hey Hillary, Now that you have a break until the PA primary on April 22

MSNBC Calls MS for Obama!!! His 30th primary/caucus victory

1/21/09 – Hillary Clinton Refuses to Concede Nomination to President Obama

Keith will be doing a Special Comment On HRC tomorrow!

Greatings from the non-primary GD

Clinton's foreign experience is more limited than she says

Susan Rice is a liar

Clinton:"Feb good for Obama, March good for HRC" ****Obama wins March***

KO to have Special Comment tomorrow

Obama will be live on MSNBC at 10pm show with Matthews

"What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war."

Clinton:"Feb good for Obama, March good for HRC" ****Obama wins March***

I couldn't make up my mind until now: Hillary or Obama?

Obama about to speak on CNN: Alert on my TV right now. 8:42 ET

Hey, Obama supporters...the world did not end on March 6th (NAFTA-gate analysis)

Matthews to question Obama LIVE on special edition of HardBall tonight -nt

Republicans rally for Clinton!

KO to have Special Comment tomorrow

I had a problem with Keith's worst persons tonight

Susan Rice is a liar

Affirmative Action

Wolfson's Latest on Ferraro contradicts Maggie: "We Have Made Clear That We Reject Her Remarks"

Analyst on MSNBC: Clinton Campaign Defending Ferraro

I hate this pundit talk that Hillary has more Dem votes. FYI, in Nov. it's not just Dems voting!

Obama has MOMENTUM; Hillary has INERTIA

My apologies: Ferrarro's racism apparently cannot be blamed on anything but...her racism.

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/11/08 - Obama up 2 (48), Clinton down 3 (41)

(Title)*brief witty maxim*(/Title)

Southern States Are Not Going to Go Democratic in the Election

A revote in Michigan and Florida would be a nightmare

Where are you John Lennon?

March Primary Results 4 to 2 in favor of Obama

Really nice pic of Obama from yahoo

Oh shit, Hillary is going to be Special Comment'd on Countdown tomorrow night

Geraldine? I sure was confused when I saw that .

Dear Geraldine Ferrarro:

OH SNAP!!! KO Says he is Doing a Special Comment on The Clinton Campaign Tomorrow Night

Could Hillary's lead in PA be Obama's key to the winning the nomination?

The CNN delegate count included supers

Obama's lead continues to grow

Obama would be NOTHING if he weren't black, but he'd sure make a GREAT VP!

Ferraro is absolutely correct, Obama is getting a free ride because he's black

Can Keith Olbermann rise above the fray and say:

I will vote for the Democratic nominee in November. That said, I wish i liked Clinton.

Obama should be the nominee - I give

What the hell is the matter with you people?

If Obama wasn't black and Hillary wasn't a woman

Obama Victory interview on CNN: I'll support HRC if she's the nominee

Howard Fineman and Olbermann just said HRC wouldn't be where she is if she wasn't a woman

Will the person posting crappy racist posts at least defend yourself in your crappy, racist post??

CNN site shows 4% of the vote in and Hillary at 53% and Barack 45% ... how can they claim a winner?

More important than Spitzer's diddling and H&O's cage match combined

Revote in Michigan! This Obama supporter says bring it on!

Another example of Ferraro's racial spew. On scumbag John Gibson's radio show, two weeks ago. (Kos)

Geraldine Ferraro's defense of her bigotry is more outlandish then her original statement!!!

Obama's lead continues to grow

Racism, sexism, prostitution, DEMOCRATS

O'Bama on MSNBC now!

**Clinton Link in Brazil Ethanol Probe**

Where is BOSS HOGG in this Mississippi process????


Matthews Compares Hillary's Campaign to the North Koreans Digging Tunnels

Keith to have a Special Comment about Hillary's campaign Wednesday

MyBC: "10 out of 10 Primary Fanatics will let Bush & Co get away with crimes"

Why isn't Andrea Mitchell in charge of the Federal Reserve? Her husband did a good job with it.

I support Obama, and I'm no youngster

Key Exit Poll number Obama Gets 57% of the Female vote

MSNBC says "Six in 10 Obama supporters said he should pick Clinton for the VP ???"


Presidental Candidate Barack Obama speaks

Why is it....

CNN exits: Hillary wins the Pro-McCain vote

The "logic" on DU is amazing ... truly Through the Looking Glasss.

TX Dem Party stops running public tally caucus results--no more #'s til March 29th

How much WORSE will the campaign get?

Repugs Heart Hillary - She wins them 3:1 over Obama (Mississippi EXIT POLL)

A candidate that has race baiting surrogates is by extension racist.

OBAMA no longer on MSNBC, you missed it sorry

Obama in Mississippi--opponent leaks photo & I'll twist her words

Obama is already winning by over 50,000 votes in Miss.

I call it for Obama! 61-39

"If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race."

Hillary - This is where the party ends.

"I am big!"

They're coming to take me away ha ha hee hee ho ho


Hillary - This is where the party ends.

Another reason to vote Obama

A couple of other candidates that had an unfair advantage because they were black.

The stat from MS that makes me want to vomit.

The stat from MS that makes me want to vomit.

Scorched Earth: Obama Already Has Black Vote, So Clinton Racializes Contest With Ferraro

According to CNN, Exit polls show big racial divide

PA primary coming - who will Obama accuse of racism next?

Obama wins racially polarized Mississippi primary

Hillary gains 2%!!!!!!!!!!!

It is time to call out the bigots

And then there was that OTHER Ferraro interview....

Why no speeches tonight?

How is Obama race baiting?

Check out this jackass

Obama might pick up a couple a couple of delegates in Ohio

No Thanks, We're Fine, CA Don't Need No Revote...

PA is not a "must win" for Obama

Lift every voice and sing

There's no way to avoid or rationalize it at this point.

Clinton's racisim disqualifies her for the job of president.

Geraldine Ferraro quote: (1984)

whats the point of having all these last primaries so far apart?

CNN projects Obama wins TX Caucus!!!

A question I would like to see Obama answer

Are a lot of voter bigots in more way than one?

Would Hillary really return to the Republican Party and join McCain?

None of my neighbors have any yard signs.

look at the patterns on this map. Interesting voting trends!

look at the patterns on this map. Interesting voting trends!

Obama never said Ferraro's comments were racist.

They Might Be Giants say it best.

I'm surprised O'bama isn't doing better with the Irish vote.

Does anyone else wish they were black?

"If Hillary Clinton had not been the president's wife, she wouldn't be in the race."

More and more, I am becoming increasingly frightened....


MSNBC project Obama wins Mississippi!

Oh, if only I were Black so I could have Obama's advantages!

Where's the vomitarium?

BLOWOUT #30 (Tonite at bat: Mississippi): Why does Hillary like getting blown out so much?

How important is Pennsylvania?

How important is Pennsylvania?

Obama can only win Caucus states.

Rush Limbaugh: "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well."

Miss. Dem. Racial Divide

Lets be real

Lets be real

Since FL and MI are apparently going to have a revote, any popular vote count that includes....

13% of Dem primary voters had "strongly favorable" opinion of McCain, and 74% of them

Do you agree with Geraldine Ferraro's comments?

Obama supporters please think before posting.

Under what circumstance would you totally freak?

Hillary supporters a question. Does this count as a loss?

CNN: Obama wins Texas Caucus!!!

CNN Calls Mississippi for Barack Obama!

Keith to have a Special Comment about Hillary's campaign Wednesday

We need a new forum - for those DUers who choose to endorse GOP talking points

March Contest Results 4 to 2 in favor of Obama

How dare he be black, the lucky bastard!

EWWWWW a Special Comment tomorrow! EWWWWWWW!!!!!!

The cumulative effect of the Hillary campaign's racial comments is extremely disturbing.

So Obama will gain delegates from California

Obama needs to let the Ferraro mess go and just let the story fade away

So Obama will gain delegates from California

Sadly, I have gone from extreme optimism to extreme pessimism about the general election.


The perfect Obama reply could be....

Is HRC gunning for the Veep spot?

Obama at 58% in MS, with 71% Reporting.

Obama at 58% in MS, with 71% Reporting.

Obama at 58% in MS, with 71% Reporting.

Hillary getting CRUSHED tonight; Hillary cannot win the South

Obama just added another 100,000 votes to his National Popular Vote Lead with lil ol Mississippi

Obama will dominate the remaining MS counties ... 92% reporting

Fear and Loathing in America (aka All Hillary Has)

For my 1000th Post : A Toast to Obama Supporters!

FL Dem leaders have dinner with Charlie..Crist, that is. Discuss do-over.

Holy Shit - 72% Of Clinton Supporters WOULD NOT Be Satified With Obama As The Nominee

The monster has no clothes.

So what does your crystal ball say?

What Would JFK, RFK, MLK, LBJ, and Many Others Say?

Did Hillary congratulate Obama on his victory tonight?

Neither Obama, nor Clinton is ever going to say they will accept the VEEP slot at this point

Phone call between Maggie Williams and Geraldine Ferraro

Have women put too much stock in Hillary?

Popular vote. Anyway you count it.. Obama is ahead. Including Fl and MI

Barack adds 20 delegates (to her 13) and wins popular vote by 94,000

Obama 60% of the vote Hillary gets 38% with 98% of the vote in

Citizens o' the Five Blogs! Clinton fans are attempting to draw Barack O'Bama into an argument...

Florida Congressmen opposing revote mainly *Hillary* supporters ... link

Would I be racist if I said this...

This is why Racism and the Destruction of the Democratic Party are supported

Progressive blogs slam, mock, op-ed guy who said "3 AM" ad was racist

Obama is up +8 in SurveyUSA North Carolina poll.

One way to deal with Florida and Michigan that I have not seen discussed here

When did people start hating LATTE so much?

Would your parents who raised you in the 50's vote for Barak

Question.....Did Hillary congratulate Obama on his win tonight? He congratulated her last week.

FLA Democrats say NO to re-vote? Seems like they did!

James Moore: "Brutally obvious similarities between Hillary and democracy's Darth Vader, Rove"

Damn you Hillary supporters for voting for her just because she's a woman!!@1212

Petition to the DNC : Obama Supporters Who Will Not Vote For Clinton

If Barack Obama said this, instead of Hillary Clinton, what would happen to his candidacy?

Can this be RIGHT? Obama got more than DOUBLE the votes McCain MISSISSIPPI?

Its going to be almost impossible for Hillary to win, heres why:

Obama sneaking ahead - Mississippi gives him 120 delegate lead.

Antiwar Voters

Congratulations to Obama & his followers on a great win in Mississippi!

Obama is winning Mississippi by 24% and growing with 99% of the vote in!

Hillary needs to keep her mouth shut about Obama.

How can Hillary win the popular vote?

Obama getting 25% of the White Vote + 5% other in Mississippi is Fucking Progress!

Pelosi's comments today said it all about Hill's chances

Obama - brilliantly throwing Hillary's OWN words and actions back at her

Dallas political analyst final column (found dead w/ wife): No HRC/BO "Dream Ticket"

After Ferraro makes race a issue as part of the Monster's campaign...

Obama 61%, Hillary 37% with 99% reporting

What are we going to do for six weeks?

Can Obama win the GE with only 25% of the white vote?

Hurray for David Paterson

Thank God Geraldline Ferraro put her thoughts out there for everyone

Super delegates should be eliminated from the Democratic Party, agree/disagree

Hey Rep.King I'm going to dance in the streets when Barack wins too!

I agree with Ferraro's most recent response. When you challenge Obama, you are branded a racist.

Obama to hold Wednesday Chicago press conference with retired admirals and generals.

RE: All these whining race tinged 'concerns' about Obama

Obama now leads Clinton by 7 percentage points in pledged delegates.

North Carolina: A big state that could go blue....will be an Obama blowout

More on delegate "sifting" (it's not stealing because it's within the rules)

I'm becoming very upset with the Clinton campaign

Look at the Vote Totals for Mississippi

On MSNBC Hillary supporter says he hopes Bill will be home to help Hillary if she gets 3 a.m. call

Interesting exit poll numbers from Illinois Senate race 2004

Was it racist when @90% of African Americans voted for Kerry, Gore and Clinton in the gen election?

Interesting theory on HRC's Texas Conservatives "miracle"

Who is that holding young Barack Obama?

Hillary and Obama Both Need to Leave Their Race Cards at the Table

Scenario: Your at a company banquet, and your boss.....

Left wing media driving away potential Obama voters within the Democratic party

An hour's reading finds 22 posts by Obama supporters calling other members racists.

I voted for him/her in the primary, will become the new "some of by BFF are . . ." in Nov.

Republicans look at the "primary process" very differently than Democrats...

SurveyUSA: Obama Up By 8 Points In North Carolina Primary

Did Ferraro think Carol Moseley Braun was not qualified?

Another Myth on this Forum: Mondale won because of superdelegates in '84

Oh joy ....

Pelosi refers not to Hillary Clinton but to the "Clinton administration" LOL!

This *country* may be ready for a black President.

If Hillary JUST BLOWS OUT OBAMA in PA can she be stopped?

Who will sign a tax increase into law to start paying the war debt?

Is there one person who has the gravitas to talk Clinton into

Republicans Are Crossing Over To Vote For Hillary In State After State

So, did I hear correctly that Keith Olbermann is going to have a special comment about

Color Coded Hillary Alerts

Why did Obama back Cheney and vote to give oil companies $14.5 billion?

I thought Clinton had to win BIG in Texas and Ohio to be the nominee?

Hillary: "I AM BIG!"

In the past 2 primaries, Obama wiped out Clintons "Firewall Tuesday" gains and gained 2 delegates

Hillary Voters really dislike Obama more than Obama voters really dislike Hillary

All right Obama supporters, here's an offer you can't refuse:

Question Please

Hillary: the “Heads She Wins, Tails You Lose” Candidate

Hillary's "foreign policy experience": Somalia, Afghanistan Stew, allowing Russia to flail

How to Defend Hillary

Hillary, get out NOW!!!

Republicans vote for HILLARY!

Obama Wins Mississippi, But Don't Look for a Fall Repeat

Mississippi ROCKS! Who cares about Ferraro and her racist remarks?

Here's Geraldine's original comments, and, once again, BO takes them out of context

Can someone explain to me how HRC is *MORE* qualified than BO?

As a fairly neutral voter, please explain this math to me...

Convention Outcome

History has proven it just does not work.

Hillary's chances vs a divided party

Great Kos find: Ferraro said the same CRAP 20 YEARS AGO!

Duplicate post- delete

Duplicate post- delete

The PA "T" is similar to OH, but it is mostly republican. IMO, in the closed primary

Duplicate -- sorry.

Ferraro made a boneheaded move.

I agree with Ferraro

Dear Hillary, You are delusional.

Will superdelegates weigh in on this new race-based fearmongering by the Clinton campaign??

Plouffe: Obama will have 1 million vote popular vote lead when all said and done

Mystery surrounding Clinton’s relationship with three Cayman funds

If Hillary was white, would she be where she it today?

Hillary is going to have a tough time winning in the general election without the black vote

Is the new Gov. David Paterson of NY a Obama support?

Did sexism and race do Hill in today? Obama won the "gender is important" vote 66-32

deleted message

Despite Wins, Obama Campaign Still Dogged by Questions

Democrats, as a party, need to convince at least 35 percent of black voters to be Republican

How Hillary (and Bill) can win

Video: A Behind The Scenes Look At Clinton Headquarters While Devising Their Attacks

Why don't the rest of the candidates jump back in?

For my Obama Friends

New SUSA Polls NC Obama 49 Clinton 41 / PA Clinton 55 Obama 36

Dershowitz just asked my question regarding Elliot Spitzer

Red Phone, CiC threshold test, blah blah

Has any journalist asked Ferraro....

Barack In The Day - Willamette Week Portland Oregon

Spitzer resigns effective Monday

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think it's time to put the focus on McCain.

15% of Clinton voters will be unsatisfied if she gets the nomination?!?

I hate to say this but we might need Hillary ; (

If you had to wear an oversized novelty campaign button,

The Difference Between Clinton Repubs and Obama Repubs.

$273K for Michelle Obama to work at Chicago Uni Hospital?


Maybe Ferraro can tell David Paterson

I am really tired of hearing

OK - so who else said someone 'was overrated because he's black'?

THE MATH - Mini update Tuesday night

Some folks cannot give Obama any credit at all...

I think both candidates should stop the "gotcha" politics.

Obama can have a knockout in PA with an Edwards or Gore endorsement

What will HIllary do when she loses the nomination?

So, Pennsylvania is a closed primary. Central Pennsylvania, the

IF Obama wins the nomination

When Obam wins the nomination will...

Barack In The Day - Willamette Week Portland Oregon

We want to distance our campaign from Ferraro's remarks about Obmam's BLACKNESS. The fact he's BLACK

**Keith Olbermann to have a Special Comment on Hillary on Wednesday!!**

Official says NY Gov. Spitzer to resign

Keith Olbermann; Special Comment Tonight On Clinton Campaign Tactics

Keith Olbermann; Special Comment Tonight On Clinton Campaign Tactics

Dylan Loewe / No Seats For You!

So if Hillary wins PA she is the nominee.

Carville spin: MS doesn't matter because because it was expected.

“Injury in Iraq was just start of troubles” Where was BO when this happened?

“Injury in Iraq was just start of troubles” Where was BO when this happened?

Feminism does not mean getting to the top by any means necessary.

Mississippi Cross-Over Voters:

Clinton Says She'd Support McCain as V.P.! Can there be any doubt she's really a Republican?

Duplicate post sorry.

Duplicate post sorry.

Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick

The media brought flowers to John McCain's wife

Should Obama drop out of the race now, or should he wait until he loses in PA?

Is Hillary going to pressure the Saudis to change their treatment of women?

Yet again: Florida happenings may result in an UNFAIR and Undemocratic Election Outcome

Good News/ Bad News Re the '08 Primaries

Team Hillary: "We are going to take the boy down."

Everyone knows if Hillary gets the nomination - Say hello to President McCain

Obama in PA has to do four things:

I hate to say it - it's gonna be a tough win for Hilary in Pennsylvania

New York State Democratic Party - We have Geraldine Ferraro and Elliot Spitzer!

I just named my new dog Hussein

Hillary loyalists have NO PROBLEM with super delegates deciding it

Hillary! Where the @*%! are your TAX RETURNS and First Lady Papers?

Spitzer's endorsement never published, so wasn't "scrubbed" on Clinton Web site

Obama only needs 360 more delegates to clinch nomination

If George W. Bush wasn't white, he wouldn't be where he is now...

It is time for Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy to appear together...

It all seems so familiar - The more Clinton loses support, the angrier her supporters become

Howard Dean: Where TF are you? Answer the fugging phone!

Miz Ferraro Stops By

Miz Ferraro Stops By

By running a race baiting campaign, Hilary Clinton has won the nomination

If Dems, especially HRC, don't STRONGLY CONDEMN Ferraro then STFU when the GOP uses racism

Obama: "They" are attacking you!

Obama: "They" are attacking you!

Hillary's failure to immediately REPUDIATE Geraldine Ferraro . . .

What's the Hillary equivalent for "Obamabots"? Wanna make sure my RW coworkers

What's the Hillary equivalent for "Obamabots"? Wanna make sure my RW coworkers

Its not that he is black ,Hillary--He was against the war when you should have been,too.

Rush Limbaugh: Donovan McNabb was only where he was because he's black

Screw you guys. I'm moving on.

Winning big states doesn't mean Hillary will carry those states in the GE

Turnout in MS was Expected to be between 125-150,000...Over 400,000 people cast their Ballot!

Ferraro: Republicans rejoice

Does HRC winning Indies and Repubs in MS put an end to the idea that BHO only wins open primaries?

Has the Clinton campaign begun 'Operation: Race War'?

Huckabee on Hillary's "experience"...

DU SPEAKS: Who should drop out and endorse the other - CLINTON / OBAMA

Happy Special Comment Day!!

Please understand Mississippi.

Hillary wins???

Obama Camp: Our Popular Vote Lead Is Pretty Insurmountable Too

If Obama gets the nomination, how can HRC endorse him?

Astronauts were paid to drink TANG

Ferraro, Borat, and "Throw the Jew Down the Well"

in 2004 Kerry got more African American votes than Al Sharpton

How much difference is there between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the issues?

Has Hillary denounced and rejected Geraldine Feraro yet?

Here's how I see the Primaries.

Here's how I see the Primaries.

2008: It's all about The Supremes!

I just posted a thread about Clinton in Pa. which got trashed by folks using race as a wedge.

Did the Ferraro comment impact MS

Did the Ferraro comment impact MS

Obama speaking now in Chicago about "Commander in Chief Threshhold"

Tonight, we reclaim our dream.

The truth in black and white: what many DUers don't seem to grasp

Pennsylvania Obama supporters in the's an offer

Hey a supporter of your candidate has upset me, all of you SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

GE results with Ferraro on the democratic ticket in 1984

Hillary never rejected or denounced the "gang bang" statement either

Obama Camp: Moving On to the Next 10 Contests - It's not all PENNSYLVANIA

I'd like to know from those who would defend Ferraro's comments:

It's 3 AM, Hillary gets a call to respond to racist comments, refuses to answer the phone (update 2)

So if my mom in Mississippi voted for Obama and my dad voted for Clinton


if obama was white... (sorry in advance, it's disturbing)

Geraldine Ferraro: Kamikazi Pilot or Suicide Bomber for Hillary 08?

AFL-CIO Targets McCain's Economic Record

Obama / Gore 2008

Obama / Gore 2008

States that don't count in the GE for Democrats.

Nobody likes a quitter

Would YOU put this on a resume or trust your life to this???

Eliot Spitzer vs Common Idiot Practices in the USA

CLINTON ON THE ROPES: Race Issues Loom as Obama Wins in Mississippi

"What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war."

Okay! It's settled we will decide by flipping a coin

Is the Only Reason Geraldine Ferraro was on the ticket in '84 because she was a woman?

Is Hillary making you sick? Take the cure!

Anymore kitchen sinks or garbage disposal units just chant TAX RETURNS, TAX RETURNS

Anyone else ready for a new forum, General Discussion: General Election?

If Hillary was a man, she would have been president in 1992

Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary's "Archie Bunker" strategy for Pa.

Obama Receives Endorsement of Flag Officers from Army, Navy and Air Force

Ferraro's "Rush Limbaugh moment" ( dkos)

Bill Clinton, Maggie Williams, Geraldine Ferraro... Who's next?

Can someone help me out here?

Who here is using the Ignore feature on DU?

Antiwar voters favor McCain by large margins

Olbermann "Special Comment" tonight to take on a Dem: Hillary Clinton

Clinton 'saddened' by Spitzer's fall

Obama Receives Endorsement of Flag Officers from Army, Navy and Air Force

Olbermann targets Hillary Tonight

African Americans and their unfair advantages.


AFL-CIO Launches McCain Revealed Website

I'm disgusted over how many DUers are using Republican talking points to defend Ferraro's comments.

Penn Primary Polls - Here's the Question

David Patterson is a Hillary supporter?

David Patterson is a Hillary supporter?

David Patterson is a Hillary supporter?

ohh man, i wish i were black,..

So if he were Bobby O'Bama from IL, he wouldn't be here?

If the IWR vote is such a big deal, should Obama "reject and denounce" John Kerry's support?

This election has stopped being fun at all ...

Ferraro's comment similar to Chris Matthews' statement on Hillary

Would Obama be where he is if he were not half white?


Prediction: Obama picks a woman for his VP

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/12/08 - Obama down 1 (47), Clinton up 1 (42)

Being women and all, is it okay for women to be racists?

He is building a religion....

It's Pretty Clear: Clinton is Being Supported By Bigots

Last Night's Big Obama Win, put Hillary Out of Reach. Even if MI and FL seat As Is.

Obama campaign letter

A small, unrepresentative group of supporters OF YOUR CANDIDATE, have been mean to me. YOU ALL

Why is Hillary Committing Political Suicide?

Obama leads McCain in OH by slightly more than Clinton.. Both trail McCain in FL by over 5%

Clinton Supporters: Do You Have a Realistic Plan to Win Without a Devastating Convention Fight?

Was it racist for 99% of white voters to vote for white candidates in previous primaries?

How the 2008 Democratic primary is like Rollerball

How the 2008 Democratic primary is like Rollerball

Six weeks until the Pennsylvania primary.

Obama Advisor caught sending Rovian-type emails (he resigned yesterday). Now we have a

Obama didn't say...

Thank you Ma'am! Can I Have Another!?!

It does appear Obama will say and do anything to stop the voices of Florida & Michigan Democrats

Geraldine Ferraro is the Fuzzy Zoeller of the campaign

Antiwar Voters Trust McCain to Make Decisions...

Pro-Obama Governors Challenge Hillary "Big State" Spin

Nobel winner: Hillary Clinton's 'silly' Irish peace claims

So how's that Ann Coulter endorsement working out for you guys?

Hillary Can Only Win Big States W/Pre-Existing Democratic Machinery. If She Had To Organize

Commentary: Florida, Michigan don't deserve revote

Commentary: Florida, Michigan don't deserve revote

Why are white voters presumed to be making decisions based on issues

What say we organize a Women Over 50 for Obama march in PA before the primary?

Just words: Obama vs Deval Patrick vids side by side

Spitzer just announced his resignation

Geraldine Ferraro is leaving the Hillary Clinton campaign

Keith Olbermann will do a "Special Comment" about Hillary tonight.

Keith Olbermann to do a special comment tonight on Hillary...

Why Isn't Alan Keyes Still In The Running For President? He's Black Isn't He?

I'd rather vote for Obama.

Hillary Clinton, her surrogates and her supporters don't believe people dislike Hillary THAT much!

Ferraro was on O' Reilly Radio show


Okay, this has gotten totally out of hand. I propose we choose candidates alphabetically


Geraldine Ferraro defends Obama's Patriotism against Rethugs

Interesting exit poll results from MS primary, 1524 Respondents.

Hillary To Huddle With Her Top Donors In D.C. Today

Why don't we just have a national plebiscite instead

I NEVER thought I'd see anti-Muslim bigotry on DU, but we've apparently hit a new low.

Our party has wasted all the political capital it once had due to Bush's incompetence

Obama/ Edwards 2008 ..........

This political season is about "historical precedent."

Who is a better role model for women: Geraldine Ferraro or Samantha Powers?

PA Poll: Hillary leads Obama in PA by 20%, loses to McCain by more than Obama

Hillary wants us to take our ball and go home.

Hillary wants us to take our ball and go home.

"The reality is this is going to go all the way to the convention."

Why did Nancy Pelosi lie about what Hillary Clinton said about John McCain?

Why did Nancy Pelosi lie about what Hillary Clinton said about John McCain?

Ferraro Quits Campaign Post

The Clintons --- Eddie Haskell Reborn

Hillary Is NOT Going To Win A Majority Of Super Delegate Support At The Convention

If Bill Clinton was black, how far would he have made it in politics?

I'm starting to think the Al Gore/2nd ballot scenario is plausible ...

I'm Changing My OP!: Clinton Campaign Claims Obama is in a "Downward Spiral"

The Will of the People (your mileage may vary)

"Rode Hard and Put Away Dirty:" Portrait of a Hillary Feminist?

Here's my "Special Comment" addressed to Keith Olbermann!

Without her husbands last name Hillary would not be where she is today - TRUE / FALSE

Without her husbands last name Hillary would not be where she is today - TRUE / FALSE

"Hillary Clinton Feminists"

Anyone know how long this Rezco trial is expected to last?

Some humor...

Here is how to end the stalemate.

HRC declares MI fair. Would she govern fairly?

Proof of the "Limbaugh Effect"

If ifs and ands were pots and pans and all the sea were ink

My imagination, or are we getting a lot of disruptors today?

I can't handle all the hate anymore.....

Hillary Seam Sealer. Because we need to patch things up.

Hillary Seam Sealer. Because we need to patch things up.

so...what, we have six more weeks of the silly season?

Breaking News: Geraldine Ferraro resigns from Clinton campaign

Final Results are in - Obama wins Mississippi by over 100,000

feeling sick?

The fact is, what Ferraro said is true.

The fact is, what Ferraro said is true.

Cinti Enquirer: Taunting LTTEs written by republicans

Gender and race aren't the reasons for Hillary and Obama's success

Why does Geraldine Ferraro still have a seat on Hillary Clinton’s campaign finance committee?

Why does Obama keep attacking Hillary if it is all over?

If Sen. Clinton can't control her supporters, warm-up speakers, ect...

If George Bush was Black, how far would he have made it in politics?

24hr total pledged delegate gain/loss per candidate = zero

Hillary only needs to win PA by 102%

Another tearful moment.

Check in here if you are waiting in anticipation for Keith Olbermann to trash Hillary.

Clinton: Michigan Primary Was Fair

Would Hillary Clinton be where she is today if she were black?

obama wants the megaphone all to himself. he wants to charge the clintons, ferraro, and whoever else

Race And Gender as "advantage"

Hillary is here because of who she is married to, and the country is caught up in the concept...

The Obamite Compromise: Seat Florida. Re-vote Michigan. (Obama did not suggest this, just me)

We just lost our MSNC at 7:45 p.m. (east coast)


Been reading alot, one question: What the heck is WRONG with being a woman?

Preview of KO special comment & placeholder to summarize for us west coast cube rats

You know, after all these years, I ....

A look back at the 2008 Primaries from January 7, 2012

While you fight over Hillary\Obama, whio's talking about McCain

It's over - Clinton will NOT be allowed to seat MI or FL. She refused the viable options.

Will there be a "summer surprise" that shocks the country?

Can HRC win the general with ZERO Black Vote?

Which is better foreign policy experience?

Honest question: If Obama was white would he be where he is today?

Can a Clinton supporter explain,

Ferrarro 1988: "If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race"

Obamans, let's reason together.

Give me ONE LIE Olbermann has told

AP: Clinton disagrees with Ferraro on Obama

I'm as partisan as they come, but I don't get the sheer hatred for the opposing candidate

I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent.

Preview of Olberman's special comment tonight

Ferraro: Obama should be thanking me for comments

OK, so "Caucuses aren't democratic and we should only look at Primaries". Fine. was the Clintons that Moved the Party to the Right

The "Archie Bunker" Strategy

Maybe Obama should drop out

Clinton doesn't seem to realize she's in a contest for numbers, NOT a contest for headlines.

Tonight was the final straw. I'm done with the Clintons.

There is only one viable and appropriate option for Florida:

Ferraro: Obama machine tried to fire me from my job, this is the last time O can play the race card

Obama: Stop 'slicing and dicing' voters by race

800% more of CLINTON voters think OBAMA would

Obama to Visit Indianapolis on Saturday

Why does it always take DAYS for HRC's campaign to change course after a f*ck up?

Just saw Claire McCaskill on Tweety. She's a solid spokeswoman for Obama.



"You racist swine", answered by "Well, you sexist misogynistic bastards"

Hillary Is Not Trying To Win The Nomination. She's Trying To Ruin Obama's GE Chances.

I really don't care for Obama. Does that make me a racist?

Clinton:"Feb good for Obama, March good for HRC" ****Obama wins March***

RACIST AND SEXIST ATTACTS ON HILLARY! Obama needs to fire Jesse Jackson Jr!

Ferraro's comments were racist and if you're defending them, you're saying racist comments are OK.

I fully expect to get over my opposition to Obama

I fully expect to get over my opposition to Obama

I fully expect to get over my opposition to Obama

Clearly the problem is Yale...

I wish people would stop bringing up

Would Hillary Clinton be where she is today if she were black?

Margaret Carlson Distorted Hillary's 60 Minutes Comments: This Madness Must Stop

Gov's of IA, WI, WA, VA and Sen. McCaskill of MO call Hillary on her big-state bullshit

Gov's of IA, WI, WA, VA and Sen. McCaskill of MO call Hillary on her big-state bullshit

I'm predicting a republican win in November...

24% of Hillary's Votes in MS were Republicans.

This very funny lol

Who Will Win A Majority Of Super Delegates At The Convention & Why?

FERRARO attacks Obama in her resignation letter to HRC

I think Hillary picked up 4 or 5 pledged delegates today.

Hillary playing for 2012 makes little sense

WP: Spitzer's Troubles May Hurt Clinton, Monica all Over TV, TRUE WEB PHOTO OF "KRISTEN"?

Good time to donate to Clinton or Obama.

FL House delegation is "opposed to a mail-in campaign or any redo of any kind."

we haven't come a long way, baby

Reminder: Olbermann DEFENDS Hillary Clinton:

Obama folks Condemn Paul Krugman (a hero of truth and left wing economics)

Hillary and the VRWC - Wayne Barett from Vilage Voice:

Ferraro talking to Curry on NBC just now. (irony alert)-

The Reason Why Racism STILL Exists in the U.S. Is reflected by the idiotic racist statements at DU

Ferraro on MSNBC saying Obama Camp playing the race card..

AND THEY'RE OFF - The starting line: HRC 55%; BHO 36% - 6 weeks to go

Another Milestone on the Road to Serfdom

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Wed. March-12-2008


Hillary is only where she is because she is a woman. Right?

I post on GD:P to

Special Election Tonight: IN-7

HDNet - Dan Rather Reports


Hey Hillary! I Like Starbucks.

******** Thank you Howard Dean and Thank you Madfloridian ********

Protesters arrested in waters off Diego Garcia

If Clinton won't bow out, time for Dr. Dean or someone to take her out

This election is not about Race nor Gender, It is about US and our FUTURE!

The REAL difference between Dems and Pukes: Spitzer -VS- Craig

Infants at risk

Hillary Clinton is clearly the presumptive nominee... When will the admin call it?

We all should be very afraid. Three articles you should read

I find the "O'bama" thing racist and in very poor taste.

I find the "O'bama" thing racist and in very poor taste.

To Correct the Record: Wall Street Didn't "Hate" Eliot Spitzer

If Obama is so fucking unelectable...

Your Evening Orwell, for Tuesday the 11th

Last line of "Green, green grass of home" is for bushco:

The blatant Obama campaign and media sexism against HRC

US drops China from list of top human rights abusers AND blasts China for alleged torture

Lemme tell you what I admire about Repubics .......


Where can I find a copy of the delegate voting rules for the Democratic Convention?

Where can I find a copy of the delegate voting rules for the Democratic Convention?

Where can I find a copy of the delegate voting rules for the Democratic Convention?

Where can I find a copy of the delegate voting rules for the Democratic Convention?

Where can I find a copy of the delegate voting rules for the Democratic Convention?

Where can I find a copy of the delegate voting rules for the Democratic Convention?

Bush will take us in to Iran before departure

That disgusting video was at an event where the audience was the MEDIA??????

When Obama loses the GE don't blame HRC or her supporters

Poll question: Is it racist when 90% of white people in America vote for the White candidate?

NJ: Court choice gets third degree from GOP they fear nominee is faking GOP affiliation

Michelle Obama could not recall the contents of the Princeton thesis she composed in 1985

Psssst! Remember THIS guy?

Keith Will Have A Special Comment On Clinton Campaign Tactics

What are the five fundamental tenets of "conservatism"

What are the five fundamental tenets of "conservatism"

'Torture-tainted evidence' mars US legal image: rights group

Spitzer Resignation Expected Wednesday

CNN just ran an ad slanging Speaker Pelosi

Obama's BIG ones.....

new york governor spitzer involved in prosecution ring!!!

"Mom!!! King John=Bush!"

Clinton Surrogate: "Latte Drinking" "Birkenstock Wearing" "Trust Fund Babies"

Just in - Ferraro Steps Down From Clinton's Finance Committee

You people really scare me (and many others)

Calling lawyers and paralegals: Question about litigation software

I think my hypocrisy meter just broke....

Newsflash: Our posts are not changing the race. Take a step back, folks, and refocus.

How can anyone defend Hillary at this point?

Hillary violates unwritten but important rule: One Presidency Per HH

Anyone watching CSPAN????

Why is Republicans voting for Obama good, but for Clinton bad?

How many male-dominated primaries has Clinton had to compete in?

Abandoned briefcase causes a scare at federal building

Bigtree: "I just wanted to offer a positive thread of the rival candidate today....."

White Male Republican Iraq Marine Veteran votiing for Obama - and a Kick Ass Obama Animation I made!


Ok, One Last Time For THE SLOW PEOPLE On DU, RE: Spitzer

How does the Mann Act work in the District of Columbia?

TYT: Hillary Clinton's Only Remaining Hope: Steal This Election

Is it possible for Spitzer to turn over power for a period of time

Spitzer Escort: Governor Was a Nice Guy, Good Tipper

Bush will take us to Iran before his departure you can

Who's the bigger dumb fuck?

DKos: The GOP is now gaming our primary for Clinton. It's time to end it.

grover norquist on TDS/jon stewart

IMO a political campaign is NOT the place for a "dialogue" on gender or race

Jesse Jackson Jr. starts the race baiting for Obama--video

Obama has done well with the Black constituency

A question Hillary supporters,

Help! List of Bush Admin "High Crimes"?

Is Lisa Bloom the queen of all women?

interesting trends in the voting...GDP is too bogged down in trashing each other

So I've got a couple thoughts.

It's the ORGANIZING, silly!

7.5% of Hillary's votes in Mississippi were Republican

It's gone too far!

I got the "Military Losses" bullshit email today...

Clinton Buddy R. Altman's National Enquirer: "Obama's secrets...His close friendship with terrorist"

found a political site I haven't used before

What can we do now?

Romney open to VP invitation

NSA's Domestic Spying Grows As Agency Sweeps Up Data

Why no comparisons of Gov. Spitzer to Sen. Vitter in MSM? Besides the fact that

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The Rules and Obama supporters

Poorism? What Is Inequality Coming To?

The problem is not that Hillary said that Obama was unqualified

I REFUSE to let Obamabots abuse me with "FACTS" any longer!

Reality Check from the Obama Campaign

New crime because of gas prices... Someone syphoned my tank

"As a sex scandal stuns the nation..."

HEY! SUPER DELEGATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the War Czar?

I think that Florida and Michigan need to be counted, and I'm an Obama supporter.

What was the last post in this forum having to do with an issue? And not character assassination?

Question about teevee show "Jericho" - I've never watched it but some DUer said the other day

12 things I know I know, and feel that you should know too

People Turn More Liberal With Age

Why Mississippi was Important

Romney: "I think Hillary Clinton did the nation a big favor"

Closed Primary. 6 weeks of concentrated campaigning. Pennsylvania is a crystal clear test.

Bush will soon see his brown brown ass in Hell!

White House Civil War

Who had the GREAT picture/animation of the green Shrek-like lady with the horn rims ?

If Tiger Woods were white, would he be where he is today?

Lewis Black on the Spitzer thing: Why not a Six Pack of Hookers?!?

Sex, lies and Spitzer


# 9 ... # 9 .... # 9 .... # 9 ... # 9

HERE is what Geraldine Ferraro Actually said! In Context! It was a Slam on the MSM NOT Obama!

A google image search for "client 9" brings up Spitzer's image.

Found Dead: Another prominent Briton who challenged BushCo

UNDemocratic Underground submits to the Dark Side

Al Fromm sucks more ass than a bus seat! Iraq is making some money...a budget surplus that they won't spend?

Do you still shop for the cheapest gas?

Self-delete. Sent to GDP.

The Federal Reserve Is Trying To Stave Off A Democratic Landslide In November

Hillary Clinton is doing to the Democratic Party what Saddam Hussein did to Kuwait prior to being

McCain's Role in Plane Pact Spotlights Ties to Lobbyists

Black TV Crew Attacked While Filming

Bill Fallon, I'm proud to have served and partied with you

A letter to an escort

My tire exploded today

Bush's little songfest.. The reviews are IN!

So what is the Mann Act, and is violation of it so serious?

Smoking, pot, escorts, eating meat, drinking, being overweight, driving suv's, oh my.....

Can anyone help me find info on Teen Challenge the religious drug rehab group?

Be weally weally nice to ya banka cuz it's no fun when ya banka feels gwumpy

Spitzer met with call girls over several years

Martha Stewart's new favorite drinkie-poo? The White Wine Spitzer.. recipe in video

I wanna make something perfectly clear about James Carville.

My wine glasses are shattered, my dog is howling, cracks are

Eliot Guess...

$28 million jury award in boy's killing: Jury finds state police intentionally shot 12 year old boy

this is my 1000th post.

How *not* to deal with a news crew outside one's house

Matter of FACT...

Heidi Fleiss on the Eliot Spitzer scandal: LOL

watching bu$h* sing about his crimes on KO right now...

General McPeak - “Steady, reliable, ‘No shock, Barack. No drama Obama.”

The number of US soldiers who have died in Iraq is approaching 4,000.

UN torture expert denied access to US run prisons in Iraq

should Ferraro apologize re Obama?

== Damn, there goes my meth supply = By Mark Morford

Strange that this report from Bush's thugs doesn't mention Shock and Awe

I didn't click on it, but, as a newcomer I find it startling that the 'Greatest' post

What issues, foreign and domestic most important to you?

Bush Justice Dept. Says Rape Is A-OK

Bush said he listens to his Generals

Eighteen things you've already forgotten about the media's flawed coverage of Iraq.

McCain More Hawkish Than Bush on Russia, China, Iraq

China to issue human rights record of the United States for 2007 tomorrow

HEY I got a big one over on the Republican owner of the company today!

Joe Barton (R-Tx) on C-SPIN on food hearings today (Energy)

Geraldine Ferraro, April 15, 1988: "If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race"

Apologists for war are as silent as all the graves

UK top cop who led CIA probe found dead

Scott Horton (Harper's): The Spitzer Sex Sting: A Few More Questions

Why doesn't Obama's time as a community organizer count as part of his "lifetime of experience"?

MP3: A little song called "Hillary, Why Do You Lie So Much"

Poverty: The myth of "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps" and the many factors of poverty

Would you call George W. Bush lazy?

U.S. report cites human rights abuses in other nations

A short, small history of Roger STONE and Nydia "The Insatiable Couple"

Forget the money, the studidity, and the hurt to Spitzer's family.

Over/Under on number of prostitutes claiming to have serviced Spitzer

NPR reporting that Spitzer will resign today.

NPR reporting that Spitzer will resign today.

An argument in support of Lynching

The Difference Between Dem and Repub Whorehoppers

Breaking: Spitzer resignation to be effective Monday

Buy Local

Matt Lauer's dumbass question to Obama

Person throws their two children (apx. 5 and 8) from overpass onto I-30, then jumps

Only in America can you....

If Newt Gingrich is any indication - Spitzer will be White House ready by 2012

I don't hate Hillary, but

Mom Faces Trial For Leaving Child In Car

How would Roger Stone and his wife Nydia become friends with a call-girl named Kristin?

Germany money after WW I (How many parallels to Germany are there?)

US Middle East commander quits

CNN Admits: We Shouldn't Have Used Alleged Stripper Biter As Spitzer Commentator

Sen. Clinton, it's almost time to give up your dream...

NBC just pixilated the penis of a mountain lion. . .

Who on earth would spend $1.60 to $16 on a half dozen trysts with a gorgeous hooker??!?!

Great Op-Ed: Reagan "won" by cutting & running from Beirut

"175 pounds of ambition"

"175 pounds of ambition"

Democrat Carson Wins Special Election; Only 2nd Muslim Ever Elected To Congress

The Iron Lady - The Clinton campaign returns from the dead, again!

investigation of the prostitution ring itself was triggered by an investigation of Spitzer.

Judge Likely to Compel Cheney Testimony

It makes no sense

Why machine translation doesn't work

Remember Rep. Sally Kern?

Hillary won't win in November. She has alienated progressives...

Watching Spitzer on his way to resign looks like a scene from a Batman movie

So...will Patterson be governor of ALL NY citizens?

Pink poodle gets owner trip to court

Hillary, since she has blown it, can do the right thing by stepping aside to work with Obama

Women if you had $5500 you had to spend, how would you spend it?

I think we need someone with experience as a Fed prosecutor to comment...

This whole Spitzer thing is a circus...ignore it.

(Bill)Clinton Went On Limbaugh?

Ashcroft Testifies: What Conflict of Interest?

Summary of Gov. Spitzer's speech

I've heard some vague rumors about the governor of New York.

Does anyone here actually LIKE Lionel???

Why I am having fun this Primary Season. In essay form (sort of).

Will Hillary now run for Governor of NEW YORK?

Is there anyone here that actually LIKES Lionel???

Classy resignation speech, anyway.

I'm calling the GE for Obama right now

is this fucking insane? we're watching spitzer's suv driving thru manhattan streets

Men if you had $5500 to spend how would you spend it?

CNN BREAKING: Low speed chase. Spitzer's motorcade.

They Impeach Democrats, Don't They? (Mary Lyon)

Bankrupting America is part of the Neocon plan

At Bruno press conference on Spitzer: "He was gonna take you out and he got taken out?"

Who will stop an Iran attack now? - Today’s Headlines 3/12/08

Mary Ann? Mo' like, Mary JANE! Gilligan's gal is down with the 420!

Why I am having fun this primary season. In a limerick (sort of).

Notes reveal that engineer's Crandall Canyon mine warnings unheeded

John McCain and tanker lobbying

The earth has split , humanity is human?

Are you all keeping tabs on all the self-righteous indignation?

5 Reasons I'm Glad Eliot Spitzer Is Stepping Down

Is anyone else enjoying Stephanie Miller's subs today? They are cracking me up.

CSPIN - the GOP congresscritters protest new ethics law.

It's Pretty Simple: Health Care or Warfare

Human Events: "all the ammunition you need to end Obama's White House dreams once and for all"

Open Letter to Eliot Spitzer

Pelosi Gets Ethics Reform Bill While GOPers and Some Dems Kick and Scream

"Eighteen things you've already forgotten about the media's flawed coverage of Iraq."

Spitzer resigns. Effective Monday

Kneel Boortz: Stinking rotten dirtbag.

CREW Calls on FBI to Investigate White House Destruction of E-Mails--Including Plame Wilson

San Sebastian, Spain takes a hit

the "environmental migrant".

Question re: B*sh, another attack and the General Election.

Why is it important for the TV news to point out the color of

All for some nookie Eliot?

Awesome! Ellen playing Sally Kern's bigoted comments

Amy Goodman had it about right re Spitzer.

Spitzer--Langone's telling statement on CNBC

They find lots of bodies in Charlotte County, FL but this is one of the saddest

Maybe it's the polluted water in the Hudson River?

What Rudy Giuliani did to disqualify himself from public life for ever and a day

Maybe the DNC can cancel HRC's hotel room reservation, also

Americans Deeply Pessimistic About US Standing in the World

Outsourcing the poor and the sick

Severed fingers of 5 hostages held in Iraq delivered to U.S.

Someone said that Bill Clinton is really tight with the Harlem community

How many prominent New York Democrats are kicking themselves today

Gas here went from $3.15 to $3.43 in the past week

Juan Cole: The real reason for moving Fallon out is not Iran but Iraq

Prices vary but "Client #9" t-shirts now available online

Update on my child's right-wing Govt teacher: now she is encouraging Republican students to

Update on my child's right-wing Govt teacher: now she is encouraging Republican students to

For a lot of married women, it's NOT about standing by the man, but protecting the family

NEED HELP Pummeling this RW crap to death

Possible "Kristen" pic emerges...

The Independent Underground forum

Top Ten Messages Left On Eliot Spitzer's Answering Machine

Fall of the American Empire

I'm a bit confused by this one

This Deserves Its Own Thread... On The 40th Anniversary...

Geraldine Ferraro goes hysterical:" I am a lunatic about this" implies Lewis is a coward

This Obama Supporter Doesn't Think The Clinton Campaign Is Purposefully Race-Baiting.

Spitzer Has Sinned, But It’s Our Sex Obsession That’s Criminal

Yeah Phoenix and Seattle!

It's 3 AM, and a terrorist tries to get through to the White House...

Cheney's populist message..

Celebrate. Another war-loving politician bites the dust.

Women of DU: Would you stand by your man?

AFL-CIO Will Follow McCain Around the Country

CNN: "Was Spitzer contrite ENOUGH?"

Jesus wouldn't be where he is today if he wasn't a jew!

LA Times: Scavenging to survive in Pasadena

Every time the Clinton Bullies post something patently outrageous...

Every time the Clinton Bullies post something patently outrageous...

Take a break from fighting and watch this new UFO video....

Henry Waxman Coming Up on Thom Hartmann

I don't understand the credit market at all

Finally, some "good news"

If the US would practice "shock and awe" within its own borders

McCain is a member of the rubberstamp GOP

Rachel Corrie 1979-2003

Steroid-using athletes should be sent to The Hague

Attention economic gurus: income inequality measurement vs. consumption inequality measurement

Another sign of the times ... world's largest poultry processor shuts down.

1,000 PINK SLIPS for San Diego teachers

BUSH vs. Spitzer. War crimes, illegal spying, illegal spying, politicization = NO PROBLEM, but

Chris Floyd: The Ant Man Exits: War Crime Accomplice Canned for Insufficient Groveling

Disappearing the Facts

So $200 billion is pumped into the market yesterday, it shoots up 400+ points...

Women and men, if you had $200 billion to spend, how would you spend it?

As a white gay woman, I speak out against Geraldine Ferraro's racist comments

Graffiti found on El Al plane in Italy-police

Why don't the media & The History Channel cover Shrub like they do HITLER?!1

David Vitter's Congressional District

For married couple: Just curious, can your spouse spend 80K without your knowledge?

Saggy pants law overwhelmingly approved in Riviera Beach

American Axle Strike: UAW not negotiating...

Spitzer’s Shame Is Wall Street’s Gain

heartfelt thanks to Chris Matthews

Terrorist surveillance program used domestically to get Spitzer.

Dobson: Christian Right Needs Leadership

Another worthless media yakking head?

Another worthless media yakking head?

3 More Soldiers Die in Iraq (12 soldiers killed in three days.)

Note to all governors....

Here's THE Esquire article on the newly-resigned Admiral Fallon. Did it cost him his job?

Freddie Mac: House Prices Still Only 1/3 of the Way to the Bottom

The GOP is Now Gaming Our Primary for Hillary Clinton

FL NEW VOTE: "The party would then pay a private firm to count the votes, Mr. Bubriski said." YIKES!

abusing diversity funding

Should only Democrats and Republican be allowed to run for office?

Would someone please post links where Keith Olbermann is being sexist towards Ms. Clinton

Oil Rises Above $110 to Record as the Dollar Falls Verses Euro

What's different about the Spitzer sitchiation....

Jack Cafferty's questions today: NOTHING about Spitzer. Good on yuh, Jack.

Google "fun" and anti-Semitism

UN Torture Envoy Says US Denied Him Access to Iraq Jails

Who is DU Ad- Bot and should it get our vote

White House denies Bush stifling dissent on Iran

"'Creepy gnome' terrorises town"--Black bag op?

The Heart and Soul of Our Constitution, Impeachment, Is Now Only for Democrats and Only for Sex

I don't care about Spitzer. I do care if there was a set up.

And an Irish joke as the 17th is approaching.

Who, besides Open Secrets, has campaign contribution data? I wanna know about this shitbag:

Did anyone else read the Wonkette's OUTSTANDING "A Pictorial Tour of The Emperor's Club Ladies"?!?

Sanchez, Abramoff, law firm named in second superseding indictment (GUAM)

Sanchez, Abramoff, law firm named in second superseding indictment (GUAM)

Iraqi women once had more rights and freedom than most others in the Arab world

Paging Dr. Death: Kevorkian planning House run


KBR Announces Completion of Iraqi Oil Transfer Platform Facilities

Without a deal, will Spitzer be jerked around every few days by Bushco's DOJ until Election Day?

Without a deal, will Spitzer be jerked around every few days by Bushco's DOJ until Election Day?

With Fallon gone, how much more likely is an Iranian Strike?

President Bush Sings Farewell to a Hilarious Presidency

I've been in a motel outside of San Diego for several days. Every morning the police

Hillary is willing to sacrifice the women and children of America to hurt Barack Obama

“Support for the troops” has become political cover to support the wars

$300 Million from Venezuela to Colombian Rebels a Fake by Greg Palast

France's final WWI veteran dies (BBC)

It's Open Season on Democratic Governors.

Caption Mc*

David Paterson is where he is because he is blind

"Mean Jean" Schmidt Votes Against Ethics Reform (Reprimanded in '06 for False Statements)

c-span video of arrivals at gridiron dinner

Hillary Clinton's Campaign and the Esau Complex

Watch the DOW, yesterday it came up, after 200 B infusion

Adm. William J. Fallon for V.P.?

Well, the euphoria on Wall Street didn't last long. Dow closed down 46.57.

Garrison Keillor: "My San Francisco Buzz"

Kleeb for US Senate: Choose my branding iron (link added)

So - THAT is what it takes to be impeached?

Richest man in England also a regular of prostitution ring in Spitzer scandal

From Jack Johnson to Eliot Spitzer

Pentagon Dismisses KBR Contaminated Water: Troops Should ‘Just Drink Bottled Water’

Is This Wealthy British Tory Also an Emperor's Club Client?

This song has been stuck in my head-Stick it in YOURS!!

Sordid Details on 'Black Site' at Diego Garcia Island Come to Light

HEY!!!! How long have we had Google search ?

'China fires tear gas on monks protesting in Tibet'.

Am I the only one who wanted Spitzer to put up a fight?

Is anyone watching Cspan3? Ashcroft conflict of interest hearing on now..

Peru meteorite may rewrite rules

Iran and the United States.

Finally got the transcript - Cafferty on Ferraro:

Right Wing Haiku

the US, the European and UK central bank and the Swiss one injecting 210 billion dollar

surge update - 3 US Soldiers Die in Iraq Rocket Attack

Caption McLame

Google Search on DU on top right of the screen


Duke of Westminster is client #6 (thats 2!)

Just a reminder of dems vs Repigs

6 Signs the U.S. May Be Headed for War in Iran

Meanwhile, Federal Budget Deficit Swells to $263.3B

FISA Fight: House Judiciary members reject amnesty

US Syphilis Up for Seventh Straight Year

Emperors' Club Owner Mark Brenner Worked for the IRS?!

Sheriff: Woman sat on toilet for 2 years

Bernie Sanders gives Democrats a chance to practice what they preach

Eliot Spitzer & America's Perverse Ethics

Gas prices hit all-time high ( {AAA survey}

A round of applause for this young woman, Teen honored for advancing cancer study

Pentagon Report on Saddam's Iraq Censored? ........Well Duh!

How cool is that: NEW! Google search DU or the Web

Thats it, I am going to start an escort service for republicans - I've already found some girls.

C-Span Reports a FISA Bill Will Be On House Floor Tomorrow

C-Span Reports a FISA Bill Will Be On House Floor Tomorrow

Lewis Black Says It For Me....

Ferraro has stepped down

Martha Stewart buying "Spitzer Spritzers" for friends this evening

John McCain's spiritual adviser says: Destroy Islam

Same Ship Different Day

pat buchanan's high whiney-ass voice just made me scream at my television

BRADBLOG: NM Sec. of State says Heather Wilson Vote buying scandal 'Very Odd'

Nice... RollingStone Magazine indorses Obama... Nice pic....

Has Springsteen Endorsed a Candidate for '08 like he Endorsed Kerry '04?

The late Pat Tillman is on the ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame

Ten Reasons to Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney

'Fox' Fallon Fired and we're...

House FAILS to Overide Bush CIA Torture Veto . . .

House FAILS to Overide Bush CIA Torture Veto . . .

What is the House of Representatives doing?

mccain & romney

Double standards and Clinton support

'DC Madam' comments on Spitzer scandal

SEPPUKU...the Gov gonna do it....slice his gut and be decapitated Japan style..its the only way

Dan Froomkin: Are We Closer to War?

Thank you Geraldine, for that teaching moment

(Rep) Abercrombie wants to know if torture is a 'mortal sin'

Scott Ritter on Farias

Have you seen this hypocritical mess?!?!?

Which of these professions is the most shameful?

Eliot Spitzer's Blurry-Faced $4,300 Prostitute

is america's media covering our vice-president visiting the middle east? any reporters along?

if spitzer resigns, here's his successor-david paterson

Want a man, or a worm? In today's Los Angeles Times...

One Day in Iraq costs $720 Million

Condi testifies on Capitol Hill - Protesters hold up their mock bloody hands - pics

House committee chair defends 'bloody hands' protest at Rice hearing

History Lesson: The Decline of Rome

Why did Spitzer resign, but Republicans do not?

Bizarre advice for Mrs SPITZER from wingnut gossip queen (Cindy ADAMS)

ALF-CIO comes to the rescue to define John W. McCain

Geraldine Ferraro is scared to death . . .


pro-life, pro-choice, shhh...

FDR's first fireside chat 75 years ago today on the Banking Crisis

My mother, a 60 year old black woman, who didn't like what Ferraro said proved her point.

Let's get a couple of things straight on Spitzer....

Five Reasons Why HRC Will Win the Democratic Nomination

spitzer's woman - finally journalism looks too!! nytimes or national enquirer?

Did Secret Wiretapping bring Spitzer down?

Need to scream and laugh: Lewis Black is back tonight

¿When did DU get the Google search thingie?

We need more Spitzer threads!

Gas prices jump, oil hits $110.; Bush: "That's interesting."

Is it racist when 90% of African Americans in Mississippi vote for the African American candidate?

Is it racist when 90% of African Americans in Mississippi vote for the African American candidate?

I was among the party elite last night, Kathleen Kennedy (Townsend) learned something about Bobby

New Vitter bumper sticker - Top line: Your Family's Safety - Bottom line: Depends on David Vitter

I'd like to see an Obama/Cuomo ticket

Generation Jones

HUD Officials Caught Gleefully Emailing Retaliation Ideas

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Why the Religious Right Is Just Awesome

Every Day is a Good Day in BushWorld

Elad Rocks.

Pentagon Now CANCELS Release of Study Finding No Saddam-al Qaeda Link

Great story about Obama from Bill Richardson!

Citing Faith, Bush Defends War Actions

Newsday columnist: Republican operator claims he knew in advance about Spitzer downfall.

Emperors Club "Speaking on condition of anonymity", "quotes an anonymous law enforcement official",

Florida House Dems refuse revote. Dean resolute. Sad part...original primary day was March 11.

UK top cop who led CIA probe found dead

The Democrats have raised to a high art the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Democrats have raised to a high art the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Democrats have raised to a high art the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Keith Olbermann announces he will have a Special Comment tomorrow night.

Are any Democrats who won't impeach Bush & Cheney calling for Spitzer to resign?

McClatchy/Strobel: Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida

Condi to Congress: Drop Dead

Critical Piece: Clinton Campaign has Failed from Day One

From my local cartoonist regarding Spitzer.

Ohio Considers Banning Hallucinogenic Herb

Sad: Deforestation in Monarch Butterfly Reserve

Silver lining in Spitzer cloud: Patterson is the 1st publicly Peak Oil-aware governor

What's the difference between Spitzer and Bill Clinton?

What some folks are missing about Florida and Michigan...

Can we get a chain e-mail going re: Iraq costs?

Feds print billions more out of thin air

For my daughters sake, don't go there Keith

*******Push Us Around at Your Peril*******

Bernie Sanders just went off on Judd Gregg on the Senate floor


How Conservative Christianity Is Duped By Its Leaders to Help Oppress the Poor! A Paper.

$4 gas is here!

Obama in Senate: A newbie still getting lost in the corridors while running for President.

Obama in Senate: A newbie still getting lost in the corridors while running for President.

(Hosting company) GoDaddy Silences Police-Watchdog Site

Winter Soldier: Can the Mainstream Media Handle the Truth?

Client 9: "Things... you might not think were safe"

Dolphin rescues beached whales ... great story. Rove Gets Spitzer's Scalp

Was Spitzer right to resign?

I could not sleep last night.

Severed fingers of 5 hostages held in Iraq delivered to U.S.

Did Roger Stone have a hand in Elliot's mess?

Dems forced to resign while GOPs stay in office - it's the PARTY MACHINE, stupid.

OMG!!!! Woman sits on boyfriend's toilet for 2 years

My sister, an Obama supporter, called me this a.m. upset about what Hillary is trying to do to Obama

Can we stop focusing on political penises long enough to look at the shrinking dollar?

What lead to the First Revolutionary War? And is it time to wonder

Harry Mitchel a target, along with 22 other dems. A secret memo w/ list

Teacher Gets 2 Years For Having Sex With Student

Clinton & Obama People: Do You Know Anyone Who Has left DU or GDP?

Please Read. This Is An Historic Night, and I think we should all just pause for a moment.

When will Kucinich introduce Articles of Impeachment of Bush?

Tribute thread to Code Pink! Today's s/heroes!!!

have you read Leadership and Self-deception-gettining out of the box?

I'm so glad that O'Bama is IRISH!

14 Days

Sigh. I am wanting to look for a new job again.

"And the Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull". Any Earth fans?

Fighting inflation at the groery store..

Kucinich, Challenging the 10,000 Republican Democrats For A Day

My feet hurt. My knees hurt. My back hurts. I have nerve damage

Knee Surgery: How bad is it, and how long until recovery?

Barack Obama's Controversial Pastor Puts Church In Hot Water

The Good news; Leonard Cohen annouces first tour dates in 15 years

The Good news; Leonard Cohen annouces first tour dates in 15 years

This last guy on Idol just rick-rolled me

Warning: This thread might contain a sax murderer.

I went to Sunflower Grocery today for the first time since they opened

Warning: This thread might contain an axe murderer

I just put someone on ignore. What is happening to me?

Two sets of ads: Which do you like (if either one)?

Hey Benneyboy, did you see this?

Beatle fan DU'ers: Would you visit Macca if you could?

Self Deleted. NT

Reese jumped up on my daughter's bed this morning!

Abused Iraqi dog headed to the US

Uh-Oh! Keith Olbermann is going to have a special comment on Hillary Clinton's campaign tommorrow

"Come see me eat nipples, eat nipples"

It is amazing how fatigued one can get using only a 1 pound weight.

Goodnight everyone

Maniac at the car wash today. *A Rant*

I like DS9.

Ick. Even I have better grammar than this!

Its a fire...

I like the D9

political Pokémon battle

Fred Thompson's Revised Campaign Website Is So Awesome!!!!

DS1 was awesome

I finally realized who Ryan Seacrest reminds me of.

Pizza's here. Get it while it's hot.

I wonder how much plastic surgery Andrea Mitchell has had?

Help....I'm having an "Old-timers" moment

Woohoo! only one day to go before I head to Seoul!

A gallon o' regular in Kollyforniya now costs $3.58 on average

MTV Warns Of Coming Police State WTF!!! Holocaust references

Radio Lady Entertainment Update: Portland (OR) Opera presents Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten

This looked good, but I'm glad I checked the ingredients first

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/11/08 (warning: graphic language)

Go away from my window, Leave at your own chosen speed

This is a dumb,stupid, waste of time thread

I hadn't made my choice this primary season, but now it is clear.

I'm getting confused ....

What are the odds that temeah has just landed on DS1's iggy list?

We got a live one in GDP

Additional things you'd take off the table if you could be Speaker Pelosi for 24 hours

Post headlines from the newspaper a year from now!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/12/08


Mary Ann busted for possession of Mary Jane...

It is spring time, the wild flowers are out and about.

Smiths fans: Would you visit Mozzer if you could?


DS2 Appreciation Post

A confession to the Lounge ( a mini rant)

DS3 appreciation thread.

My tire exploded today

Prepare for the new and improved reefer madness:

Weirdest thing happened- I thought I had killed Chairman Meow (one of my cats).

HEY I got a big one over on the Republican owner of the company today!

At 17


Scored two tickets to see Lou Reed!!!!

Forget the money, the studidity, and the hurt to Spitzer's family.

The Valley of Elah (potential spoilers)

I'm going to a preview performance of "Crybaby" (new John Waters musical) next week!

I'm going to cut back on my driving so I don't have to cut back on beer!

Woman predicts future with asparagus

Two cardinals were duking it out this morning!!

Elton John Fans Unite

Wow. My hard to please boss really trusts me

See, this is what happens when i get bored at work

Hillary's next stop -- Ben Tre,Vietnam


I can't get the theme song from "One Day at a Time" out of my head

Beckham's first season with L.A. Galaxy a "massive disappointment," may be heading back to England

I'm going to cut back on my beer drinking because of the gas prices

I have run-ins with the oddest people...

Tell me all about Leaving Las Vegas

Do you know shorthand? If you do, your age (or thereabouts)?

Well, I've picked my nose for this year's Idol.

I challenge anyone here to NOT laugh at this.

I am about to pick up my mouse and throw it through the computer screen.

Dolphin Appears to Guide Whales to Sea

I know I don't have many posts...

Well, I've picked a golden calf for this year's idol.

and for my 4000th post...

It's reached the point in the primary where the Canadian says....

How long are tax refunds taking this year?

this is my 1000th post.

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president

Kitty Lovers... At About 2:57 Into This Vid...

I'm going to Lanham, MD tomorrow! Ask me anything.

He's a MacDaddy

Da bomb!

Apple is supposed to be a cool company, right?

Who Else Is Having A Bad Day?

Any Automotive folks out there? I've got a small spill under my Mercury and need advice

Happy 62nd birthday, Liza!

What's a waitress to do? (picklephobia)

Yesterday I got Lidocaine shots all over my shoulder blades

Cop- 3 shots, Ambien, throws up on self and in truck, hits police station, DUI (VIDEO)

What's for Dinner DU??

Have you recently helped co-ordinate a high school reunion?

Madinmaryland is going to Delaware

I am NOT a prude but this is just ridiculous

You fucking village idiots need to get over me going to Delaware thingie!

Were you ever in a relationship with someone, or just starting one, and

Is powdered laundry soap better for the environment?

I think Elad should add this animated picture to our smilie list

Any Mythology folks out there? I've angered Mercury and need some advice

why is whoisalhedges obsessed over poop

Which is more powerful: The lure of Herradura Tequila or the Repelling nature of Febreze?

Why is Midlo so obsessed with having me killed?

What's the whole issue about Mercury? Everyone know that.

Any pest control people out there? I think Delaware has a problem

Why is LynneSin so obsessed with me being in Delaware.

Why machine translation doesn't work

Any Mechanical people out there? I've got a small Mercury alignment problem...

Catch my breath, close my eyes....

I pre-ordered a dvd copy of "Sweeney Todd" from Amazon.

"What do you call the thing where you go to the bathroom?"

Aliens have kidnapped my boyfriend and replaced him with a replica!

I wish I was going to the Yankees game tomorrow.

The New GW Bush Presidential Library

Pant, Pant, Want, Want

8th grade honors student suspended for buying Skittles a bag

Well, at least a blind governor

I can't remember how to post pictures.

HELP! I just posted in GDP.

What hints could I drop to get unwanted guests out of my Delaware

Please, DUers, I need your good thoughts tonight!

People in GD: P scare me

Well, I've picked my horse for this year's Idol

I finally came up with a solution to the arguing in GDP

The google search box on the upper right hand side, is that new?

Hey, how long has the Google search box been in the upper right corner?!

Have I got a DEE-LISH-US dessert for tonight set up!

theres a google search button here now???

is it time for another "GDP in pictures" thread?

Best part about Easter...

Is it time for a special "March Madness" forum?

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,320 from for brazilian joke. (0.24 seconds)

I found a video of GDP!

After two strenuous hours, I have successfully installed a towel bar.

Nitrogen in tires

Ladies: If you're down about Mrs Spitzer

DU Google searches are the new:

Results 1 - 10 of about 37,900 from for LynneSin. (0.22 seconds)

The fruits of my labor

I Just Found Out Something I Did Not Want To Hear

Do you ever want to say something in GD: P or GD, but you hold off


Match Game: "Opie Obamabot and Helen Hillbot were so vicious, even GDP ____ the moderators."

Poll for Lounge Ladies:

Don’t judge too quickly…

You know what I love about my job

What Stynks?

Rotating the hair in your fires

This is wayyyyy too funny, I'm dyin' here...

The Official Democratic Debate Strategy Against McCain In The Fall

I Need A Beverage My World Is Spiraling Down

Interesting DU/Google Search Term Hit Results: "Homophobic" - 15,600 Hits

'Twas the Last Night of Body Detoxification

And I thought I spent a lot of time on the terlit!

Autism settlement raises worry about vaccines; some parents opt to not give their kids shots

Any artists in here interested in having their work placed on my skin permanently?

ABC News: Bushists Would Rather You Not Know About Pentagon Report Debunking Saddam-Qaeda Link

If we send people to Mars, and they discover life, should we make it a suicide mission?

Today on tap at Tavernertavern: Marin's Eldridge Grade White Knuckle DIPA

I just met the coolest guy at Ledger's Liquors in Berkeley 's Ode to "Body Detoxification"

This midterm is gonna kill me...

Since it "has been written" I will win Powerball tonight...I need some advice.

Hi, I'm a doubly duped consumer

YAY! We got a Piggly Wiggly!

Whoa... somebody has a lot of time on his hands.

Love the DUogle bar

The Lounge Mods are racey AND sexy and I am lodging a CARNAL inquest

What soap does madinmaryland use to bathe?

A Post To Make LynneSin Happy

Are counterfeit pens much less effective on older bills....

Porn for Women

8th grade honors student suspended for buying a bag of Skittles

NZ dolphin rescues beached whales

I done a bad thing in GD-P.

Why do you hang out at DU?

Animals no longer have to get a room in Dibble, Okla

My CD is on i-tunes and Amazon!!!!

Verb Tense and Spelling

OMG!!1!! turtlensue loves Delaware more than her home state of Maryland!

ok, all you American Idol haters...

I might have put my foot in it!

How do you like your eggs done?

Head accident.

I made a wonderful dinner... yet

"Vaginal Ejaculation Dysfunctional Disorder"

DU search has been assimilated with the Borg. I mean, umm, Google

The Lounge Mods are racist AND sexist and I am lodging a FORMAL protest

Hey DuStrange..More algebra for you....

So I tried to pick the lock on a locked thread

it feels incredibly wrong to be home at 3:30 p.m. on a wednesday

I had a thought ... Is California Peggy the lounges Mary Worth???

I love my brother...

Isn't this a sign of the end of days?

Why the hell did I even look at Gp

Damn, my dog ran away

Miami-Dade Democrats decry lack of support (Wasserman Schultz & Kendrick Meek supporting repugs))

I know I am painting with a broad brush and being judgmental, but I just don't like child-molesters.

anybody else having problems with

Every morning before I get to work, my boss changes my homepage to Newsmax.

Lets throw a dog party.

It's easy for us men to say "legalize prostitution." What do you women think about this issue?

A question for the guys out there, do you have the same problem I do with colors?

Hi. I'm Dmesg and I haven't spent nearly enough time in the lounge

Woman spent 2 years sitting on boyfriend’s toilet

Tell me all about living in Las Vegas

How many years have you sat on your boyfriends toilet?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/12/2008)

Please tell me what you think of "The ides of March"

I just told Mrs Matcom I Would Do The Dishes Tonight

You need a video. It will improve your life. Fred and Sarah will make one for you. Great idea!

Just one new photo scan tonite, but it's a good one.

For those who smoke(d) pot, a question....

I'm going to vomit pics on the Lounge.

Dolphin rescues stranded whales

Any Astronomy folks out there? I took a small spill on Mercury and need advice

Any Pakistani chefs out there? I've got one more curry spill and need advice

Any Astrologer folks out there? I've got a small question on Mercury's alignment and need advice

Now that Madonna is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - who is next?

Any Astrology people out there? Mercury is my Love Sign

Penny For Your Thoughts.. 8th graders protest lunch policy

my son thinks I'm a beluga whale

Lounge vibes urgently requested

A post about aging and being 37

Kwame Kilpatrick is an absolute DISGRACE to the city of Detroit

Any Chemistry folks out there? I've got a small mercury spill and need advice

Post your DU Google searches here

I present to the neighbor's spectacular breasts:

Some algebra for temeah and turtlensue.

Any Roman Studies folks out there? I've got a small quiz on Mercury and need advice

Are the big brand names of laundry detergent really any better than the cheaper ones?

Now why wouldn't you change the muffler bearings at the same time as you rotate the air...

If I get my backhoe and bury the dead horse would the Lounge

What kind of idiots are bidding $130+ on ebay for a standard light bulb?

Russians protest bogus elections.

Any Physicist folks out there? I've got a small thrill on Marie Curie and need advice

Rotating the air in your tires.

Ben Stein's money to fund documentary to challenge Florida's new evolution standards.

What are your newest musical discoveries?

The Bushies didn't bring down Spitzer - a "large New York bank" did.

Whats the best and worst act you've seen in concert?

A Question for Non-Fundamentalist Christians (or anybody)


I could use some good vibes today.

For your entertainment! (Cat lovers enjoy!)

a Preacher and a Star Wars Stormtrooper talk about a friends trip to Hooters!

J E R I C H O was heartbreaking and fucking brilliant

What the fuck does a bunny have to do with Jesus?

Any Anime folks out there? I'm looking for a Sailor Mercury costume and need advice

Any Anime folks out there? I'm looking for a Sailor Mercury costume and need advice

Childhood Photo Thread

Carl Bernstein: The CIA & the Media

I'm worried about madinmaryland

OMG!!1!! Jeff Gannon/Guckert is from Delaware!

Cedar Point Ohio

Stranger than truth: Woman sat on toilet for two years

If madinmaryland posts one more Brazillian joke we should revoke his 'COOL DUer' secret membership

Things that don't suck about me

Tehran police chief arrested in brothel with six prostitutes

Presidental Candidate Barack Obama speaks

House Democrats refuse to delete pending spy lawsuits

UK might not meet troop cut promise

At least 46 killed in Iraq violence

Sources: Spitzer's Resignation Expected Wednesday

S.F. supes require posting of nutrition info

Black TV Crew Attacked While Filming (in S.C.)

Appeals court blocks fines for reporter

TN: Bill boosting Guard AWOL penalties in trouble

Iran ready to restart nuclear talks with EU

Prosecutor seeks Concorde charges

U.N. torture envoy says U.S. deny access to Iraq jails

Not in Our Name National Project Comes to an End

GOP schemer predicts more shakeups ahead

Sudan warns west of 'Iraq-style disaster' in Darfur

Sources: Spitzer Resignation Expected Wednesday

Darfur's return to hell

Disillusioned with the US, Navratilova defects again

Preacher Video Recorded Himself Sexually Abusing 7 & 9 Year Olds

Citing Faith, Bush Defends War Actions

Source: Spitzer To Resign (effective) Monday

Storm of problems shook Shaws to the core, friends say (suicide pact over personal/medical debt)

Oil steady after record, dollar weighs

Oil steady after record, dollar weighs

US report shows increase in Iraq violence since Jan.

House Creates New Panel On Ethics

(British) Minister loses union's support over aid to Colombia

FBI: Mass. Man mailed airport threats, notes to Jodie Foster

Drug Office's Budget Tactics Faulted

Aging Americans unsure they can afford to retire -survey

Retail Sales Drop in February

Jack Kevorkian preparing a run for Congress

White House Denies Friction With Fallon


Iraq refugee crisis 'getting worse:' experts

Russian court rules to extradite Israeli wanted in Colombia for training death squads

UK team in bacteria breakthrough

Economy faces recession, probably in Q1

Obama projected winner in Mississippi

Livini speaks with US presidential candidates McCain, Clinton

Bush to send Colombia pact to Congress soon: Schwab

Poll: New Yorkers Want Spitzer to Quit

Cuba, Spain Talk Renewable Energy

Court Drops Case of 'Peeping Tom' in Target; Says Victim Was Not in Private Place

Southwest grounds 41 jets (Inspections missed for cracks in fuselage)

Actress from 'Gilligan's Island' serving probation under plea

Google to cut jobs

Boeing: Tanker contest was 'seriously flawed'

Japan criticized over child porn loopholes

Meat Exec Admits Sick Cows Were Slaughtered

Pa. trooper protected child prostitution ring, feds say

Orphan Wants Adoptive Parents Jailed

Afghan war trend worse than Iraq: U.S. trainer

Fewer know number of US deaths in Iraq (Only 28% - down from 54% last year)

"All Clear" issued after UNI campus placed on alert

(Calif. Assembly) Speaker proposes oil taxes for teachers

McCain More Hawkish Than Bush on Russia, China, Iraq

Launch schedule off Web

Federal budget deficit swells in first 5 months of fiscal year as spending outpaces revenues

Democrats split delegates

Ferraro: "They're attacking me because I'm white"

High Finance Backfires on Alabama County

BREAKING: The U.S. Capitol building has been evacuated

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 12

A Heart Device Is Found Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks

Exclusive: NM SoS Says Heather Willson Voter Payments 'Very Odd'

Dollar Drops to Record Low Against Euro on Speculation Fed Plan Won't Work

High-interest Lenders Tap Elderly, Disabled

Obama says Ferraro dividing Democrats

Drug Firms Woo Democrats, Helping Defeat Their Bills

HUD E-Mails Refer to Retaliation

Bush Bashes Clinton (and Obama)

President Bush vows to veto restrictions on Christian broadcasting

Severed fingers of 5 hostages delivered to U.S. officials in Iraq

"Boys survive being tossed from overpass"

Government Reports Warn Planners on Sea-Rise Threat to U.S. Coasts

Spitzer resigns

Pentagon Report on Saddam's Iraq Censored?

Microsoft's Gates Advises Congress on U.S. Competitiveness

'World War II bomb' found in city

Carson (D) wins seat in (Indiana) 7th District race

3 More Soldiers Die in Iraq

Exec Acknowledges Illegal Cow Slaughter

Security worsens in south (Iraq) as Mahdi Army resorts to arms

A mere blood test to detect depression

Breaking: Ferraro steps down

Citing Faith, Bush Defends War Actions

Student suspended for buying Skittles at school

Bush Says U.S.-Colombia Trade Deal Can Counter Chavez (Update1)

Clinton insists Michigan, Florida votes should be counted

Anti-war protesters chant "war criminal" at Rice

Gay teenager faces return to Iran after Dutch ruling

Russia to extradite Israeli wanted by Colombia

4th grader brings gun to school!

Geraldine Ferraro: 'Mondale Given Top Spot on '84 Ticket Only Because He Was Norwegian'

There’s a Hole in the World

Spitzer's Troubles Ready-Made for Jokes

Darfur's return to hell

NZ dolphin rescues beached whales

A Bailout. For Everyone.

As Violence Peaks and Dips, Debate Over 'Surge' Persists - PBS News Hour

Fallon falls: Iran should worry-Asia Times Online

The Nation editors: Will Democracy Win?

Follow Bernie Sanders’ Lead

The "Hillary's Resume" email- I just got it (you will too) and responded as such

Norman Solomon: Warfare and Healthcare

Have you fed your prisoners today? by The Other Katherine Harris

Why Spitzer Should NOT Have Resigned!

The Myth of the Victimless Crime (NYT)

Chiquita Faces Wrongful Death Suits for Payments to Terror Group (FARC)

Like it was great (totally) - Garrison Keillor

Spitzer stood up to Wall St. piggery (BaltSun)

Hillary and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy - Village Voice

Arkansas Woman, Left in Cell, Goes 4 Days With No Food or Water

Eliot Spitzer paid for sex? So? (Robert Scheer)

SBA Wants New Judge in Lawsuit Over Inflated Contracting Data

A President, Not a Symbol

How L.A. Was Almost Our Greenest City - ("ballet of pirouetting SUVs")

Colonel Richard Klass: Hillary's Experience - It's Not Secret

Fiji hits back at US human rights report

Airbus Deal Critics Ignore Boeing's Outsourcing

New Chapter in a Dirty War

The Peacemaker

"Political Awakening Could Be Costly" -- Gene Lyons

It's Troublesome to Do Right

NYT op-ed, Dana Matos McGreevey: Stand by Yourself

U.S. Cocaine-Plane Invasion Spooking Latin America

Barack Obama Wins in Mississippi

Cheap Oil Is Over: Kiss the Gas-Guzzling NASCAR Era Good-Bye

Baby Got Barack

Barack Obama on CNN Following Mississippi Primary

Brother's arrest like "slavery times"

Vatican Releases New List of Seven Deadly Sins. What Party does this sound like to you?

David Mamet: Why I Am No Longer a 'Brain-Dead Liberal'

Parody of Jack Nicholson Hillary Ad

Adm. Fallon Resigns Over Differences w/ Bush

MSNBC Mississippi Coverage 3/11/08

Obama with Chris Matthews

Besides Hagee, who else endorsed McCain? That Patriot Pastor, Rod Parsley.

Obama - The odd remarks of Geraldine Ferraro

Countdown - Making Light of Failure and Ferraro's Comments

Obama ignores Steve King's remarks.. lambasts Ferraro!

McCain - If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck

"I brought the fork, Hillary. You're done."

Give Me A Break: Latte Drinking Birkenstock Wearing.....

Rachel Corrie: The Girl with DREAMS

Video failed

KO and Howard "Media Whore of the Year" Fineman discuss the Ferraro remarks

Bad D.C. party: It was fun until the cult leader showed up!

It's 3am. The phone rings. Hillary has someone else answer the call.

Birmingham Sunday

Sea Shepherd Ship confrontation with Nisshin Maru Whaling Ship Antarctica March 2008

Pub Think MTV Holocaust metro

Dr. Laura Blames Spitzer's Wife

Barack Obama Responds To Geraldine Ferraro

Osama bin Laden has made a Youtube video

Stop-Loss Congress #1 Introduction

Hillary Clinton does John McCain political ad

Barack Obama TOWN HALL MEETING in Fairless Hills, PA-Part 1

Insidious Innuendo - The Cancer of Racism in the DLC

Geraldine Ferraro Defends Her Statements (Full Video)

Cocaine & the Contras - Robert Parry & Gary Webb

Freedom Summer 1964

Critique immediately following Obama's '04 Convention speech.

TPMtv: Send in The Clown (Geraldine Ferraro)

Elliot, I just GOTTA know. Please... Gimme a little clue, here.

Countdown World's Worst 3/11: Doocy Wins!


Enough Facts Here Linking Obama to Rezko & Other Very, Scary People -- Decide For Yourselves:

Bush tribute to Zappa (R rated)


Maybe Sixty Years Left For Patagonia's Viedma Glacier - MSN UK

Seven EU Nations Issue Storm Warnings As WMO Cautions On Storms In UK, France - AFP

Peru Plans To Desalinate Seawater To Make Up For Rapidly Shrinking Glaciers - Reuters

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Air Pollution, Particulates "Far Beyond Permissible Limit For Years"

Feds warn California/Oregon coast salmon season could be halted

Explosive tempest driven by surge in the jet stream

In Queensland, Sugar Cane Smut Appearing In "Resistant" Cane Varieties - The Australian

Front month NYMEX crude futures settle at $109.92

Polar Bears in Limbo as Drilling Leases Go Forward

CEI Struggles to Remain Relevant, Bashes Gore

3/12/08 12:50 GMT - Tapis $111.04; Bonny Light $110.41; Louisiana Sweet $110.10; WTI $108.52

Rooftop PV powers sheet metal plant

EPA examines tougher standards for cutting smog (AP/CNN)

(Mass. Gov.) Patrick challenges designers to craft ’green’ ("zero net energy") buildings

Clean Solar, Inc. will now Guarantee your Solar Production

'Printed' solar cells coming to windows, clothing

Clean Energy Businesses Booming

HyPower Fuel Releases Details on Ultra-Green Biodiesel Process and HyPower Fuel Limited Partnership

UK Chief Science Advisor - World Leaders Wasted 10 Yrs Debating Warming; EU "Failed Miserably" w. US

Interesting battery application for wind - 648 Wh

UK Gas Guzzler Tax Kicks In April 2010 - £950 Levy For Most-Polluting Cars - BBC

Clean Air Watch: EPA Smog Plan Compromises Public Health

Soybean growers hold up University of Minnesota funds to protest biofuels paper

Chairman Markey and Chairman Waxman Introduce "Moratorium on Uncontrolled Power Plants Act"

Scottish power (CNNMoney/Fortune) {Wave power, that is}

Governor O'Malley, UM Scientists Announce New Energy Technology (New Bacterial Ethanol production.)

Presidential Candidates Clueless on Energy

Chicken Company to Cut 1,000 Jobs: "Renewable Fuel" industry blamed.

Builder Develops Solar-Powered, LEED-Certified Neighborhoods

NZ dolphin rescues beached whales (BBC)

Researchers find corn ethanol, switchgrass could worsen global warming

Nice view of Beijing's Olympic Stadium

Climate change's most deadly threat: drought

Energy, water demands are on collision course

Wagoner Dismisses Lutz Remarks Re. Climate Change = "Crock Of Shit" - Detroit News

What is a nimby?

Solar cell maker adds 3 new production lines

Coal boom declines as global warming boosts natural gas and renewable power

USDA - American Soybean Stocks Will Fall To Less Than 3-Week Supply Before 2008 Harvest - Reuters

I'm speechless. For the first time in years it's from hope and joy.

Today in labor history March 12

Petro-Canada locks out workers, puts community at risk

Workers Fight Closure of Men's Wearhouse Suit Factory

Lucky 13

CONTRIBUTION OF THE ETHANOL INDUSTRY to the U.S. economy - prepared for the Renewable Fuels Assoc

Where Either a Borrower Or a Lender Can Be

NEED HELP Pummeling this RW argument to death

Some 'fun' facts from 1989....

Warren Buffett's latest on the economy, corporate finance and market returns

Good grief, the dollar!!

Gas Bush responsible?

(British) Minister loses union's support over aid to Colombia

Orphan Wants Adoptive Parents Jailed

Cuban education program reaches millions worldwide

Recruiting Spies in the Peace Corps

Dade Democrats decry lack of support

Las FARC hallan refugio en Ecuador (The FARC finds refuge in Ecuador)

I'm trying to help our friend Greg with this translation.

Russian court rules to extradite Israeli wanted in Colombia for training death squads

IMPORTANT: DOJ Harrassing Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)

Gay people who use HATE speech and

U Hawaii Agrees To Gay Couple Housing

Group Says Iraq Video Proves Claims Of Increasing Violence Against Gays

Study: Third Of Irish In Gay Relationships Now Live In US

Episcopal Church Ousts Fresno Bishop

Ellen Degeneres plays Sally Kern bigoted rant

Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson Steps Out of Anglican Conference

Hamas-Israel deal would put Abbas' men at Gaza crossings

Gaza forced to pump more raw sewage into sea

Protesters to Peres: Eliminate Israel

Rachel Corrie 1979-2003

How Israeli Troops Invade Homes in Gaza, Brutalize, Smash and Steal

US security envoy said to be frustrated with Israeli disruption of PA`s efforts

Obama to Livni: Israel has every right to defend itself

Iran hard-liners put bounties on heads of Israel leaders

Israelis kill four in West Bank

'Unwavering Commitment' to Inequality

5 Cuban Players Missing From Hotel (U-23s)

Women's Bracket top 4 seeds?

Will this flu ever go away?

I know March Madness is upon us.

Anyone have any good meditations....

Is anyone feeling a sense of agitation about this summer at the Dem Convention?

Attacking Iran? Astrology dears...?

Something funny is happening

"We're Almost There!" - Karen Bishop - March 12, 2008

I finally had to do it - put my first person on ignore.

The Man Who Wrote Hitler's Horoscope

"A New Earth" - Week 2

NV: (Gov) Gibbons may support criminal charges

NV: Police and FBI raid 6 clinics

Gulf War syndrome's chemical-origin theory upheld

STD study sends message to teens: You're vulnerable

CDC: U.S. syphilis rate increases again

Disabled girl's parents defend growth-stunting treatment

As we age.....

Using stem cells to treat cerebral palsey

The new DU google bar is great for foodies!

7 minute Salmon YUMM!!

"Don't Eat Anything That Doesn't Rot"

6 openings and 6 hours remaining - MARCH Photo Contest

50 People Looking For Solar Image Of Mary Lose Sight

Downtown leftovers

Another leftover Main Street thread

Lance Mackey does it again!

Peru meteorite may rewrite rules (BBC)

honey bee populations adequate for this year's largest pollination event....

Cassini to make audacious flyby

'Shabby' lab blamed for disease

Bradys complain about Students for Concealed Carry's funds: $610.02

Take a break from fighting and watch this new UFO video....

Veteran CIA officer doubts Bin Laden involvement in 911...

911 Questioned in European Parliament

This must be investigated!!!!11!!!!

OH GOP is Circulating this Assault on Brunner's Changes

FL NEW VOTE: "The party would then pay a private firm to count the votes, Mr. Bubriski said."

Fighting Diebold buyout could be impossible (by defense contractor)

Hackers Can Attack Heart Devices

Proposal for objective measurements on voting and exit polls

Surging Support For Hand-Counting Paper Ballots in Humboldt

forgive me if I take a day off -Election Reform-Fraud & Related News-Wed 3/12/08

Any clean government fans want to weigh in here?

For some in U.S., guns are a hobby like any other

Protest the 5th Anniversary of the WAR on Sat March 15th 1pm

Al Franken is afraid to debate Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer

Storm of problems shook Shaws to the core, friends say (suicide pact over personal/medical debt)

No more Mallard

Company pays $1.9 million to settle racial discrimination case

We can get "Don't Think of an Elephant" at big bulk discount -- interested?

What is SwitchSniffer?

Anyone from DC/MD/NoVA going to PA to help w/Obama's campaign?

Fishiness in Florida?

Obama has won Jan, Feb and Mar

I'm seeing lots of attack threads on Michelle today so it's open season on Bill right?

Letter to Clinton

Today was a good day.

Obama Interview with Jon Delano of KDKA Pittsburgh

Check out this cute O'Bama GOTV dress!

My copy of Dreams from My Father arrived today!

FYI re Pennsylvania expectations from The Field

US Middle East commander quits

CP: Tories don't deny report of $1-billion Afghan budget blowout

CP: Gomery readies new blast at Tories for sponsorship response

Canadian soldier found dead in Kandahar Airfield

Not sure what this is

Tories making Ottawa a new libel belt, Liberals say

Liberals threaten election over budget

Science Education Invokes the Rapture

Dead to Me Thread

Oh, Keith, are crazy like a fox.

KOEB Meeting: 03/11/08 -- Mississippi Counting Edition

KOEB panic room strategy.

I just dropped a little reminder in GD-P about who we REALLY

Special Comment: Keith's Kos Diary Preview

KOEB Meeting 3/12/08 Hier Stehe Ich Edition

And now for something completely different

Obama rolls to easy win in Mississippi primary

Democrats' Quest For Mail-In Revote Hits Major Hurdle

NYT, pg1: Democrats in a Fight to Define ‘Winner’: Overstate own advantage, understate other's gains

Obama Mississippi Win Defined By Race; "Emerging racial divide" in Democratic Party

The primary vs. general election fallacy

Peace Fresno's Rally in the Valley this weekend

Spitzer's whore agency also used by Duke of Westminster...

Kratz to announce congressional candidacy (WI-6)


Necco to close Stark Candy plant in Pewaukee - Candy Raisins may be gone forever!!

Hey look! GRASS!

As someone who chooses not to drive but who likes a drink or two ...