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Blacks have been the most loyal Democratic bloc since the Civil Rights Era

Josh Marshall (TPM) Points out Ferraro as the "EVIL CLOWN!" Send in the Clowns!

What to do about the Limbaugh Effect

Commentary: Clinton mixes messages on Obama

Just how important is experience, anyway? Turns out it isn't.

Obama has the support of many independents

Pro-Clinton? ‘SNL’ Says You’re Joking

Potential Hillary Clinton Candidacy Worries Some Democratic Lawmakers

The only pattern I see, is KO's and NBC bias against Clinton

Wow, KO, "Senator, you missed a critical opportunity to do something right"


Freeper, Taylor Marsh poster, or MyDDer? You decide!

Is it me, or does KO looked really pissed right now?

The Advocate: Obama Rolls Out More LGBT Supporters

Geraldine Ferraro - the ultimate lightning rod

Geraldine Ferraro - the ultimate lightning rod

Geraldine Ferraro - the ultimate lightning rod

Why am I supporting Obama and not Clinton against McCain? Two reasons.

Geraldine Ferraro as the ultimate lightning rod

Please tell me how Obama wins states like Missouri, Ohio, Pensylvania when he can't win red counties

Ferraro's sad delusions on full display: "They're the ones who did it." (VIDEO)

btw Barack has clinched most states won

Are you just worn out from this unbelievably contentious primary battle?

I doubt KO cares who people think he is

Bush Bashes Clinton (and Obama) with His Mighty Might!

The one, simple, fact that the Clinton's cannot seem to grasp.

When you swap Hillary for Bush, you get..

thanks, question answered

I think experience is necessary, not sufficient.

Tonight is a great night.

Gallup: Obama and Clinton lead McCain by 2% in GE matchup

Gallup: Obama and Clinton lead McCain by 2% in GE matchup

Didn't Ferraro make what is commonly called on blogs "flamebait" ?

self delete

Would you support Rachel Maddow for president?

KO is NOT lying.....

Ferraro said "The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt you."

Ferraro is not on MY list of "Dem Icons"

JEEEEZUS! Did anyone just see that segment on dan abrams?

Will Obama condemn Olbermann tomorrow for his comment?

Folks please deal with the content of KO's Special comment , rather than attack him

Will The Obama Camp Sit FL & MI In June If They'll Still Have A Big Pop Vote & Delegate Lead After?

52% of Dems. and Independents favor revote or making January vote count for MI and FL (Gallup)

Olbermann: Senator, you must correct the wrong done to Obama

Keith Olbermann: The Pied Piper of Identity Politics

Ferraro and Clinton - Sorority Sisters in Nu Theta Epsilon?


I haven't posted here in quite some time

The KO commentary was fairly balanced with the one he did about the ex-gay guy Obama used...

The KO commentary was fairly balanced with the one he did about the ex-gay guy Obama used...

Keith Olbermann is the second coming of Christ! or Satan! I'm not sure.


Geraldine Ferraro making the rounds among the networks as some sort of victim is disgraceful.

is this racist?

Did anyone read KO's blog at KOS before the comments were disabled?

For those posting McCain vs Whoever polls!

Geraldine Ferraro's Ugly Words - Accidental, or Campaign Ploy?

"Keith Olbermann is No Edward R. Murrow"

Obama's divisiveness constantly playing the racism card is catching up with him at the polls..

Do you HATE the candidate you're not supporting?

Update on Buchanan smackdown tonight on Dan Abrams - watch it here

Update on Buchanan smackdown tonight on Dan Abrams - watch it here

Obama camp responds to Clinton memo.

Olbermann... spot on, as usual....

HRC supporters attacking Olbermann, he is giving her the benefit of the doubt!!!

Time to press the panic button: McCain leads Obama in PA and Michigan (polls)

Ferraro on Hannity & Colmes this hour

Please provide transcript of KO's special comment tonight.. deaf guy here..

If Obama does not want negative campaigning by either side....

Here's a game to play. Here's the perfect candidate. God for President and JC for VP.

I think the DNC, the states, and the candidates should hammer out the Florida/Michigan vote.

It's about that DU time...the dead horses are everywhere.

Threats of white flight and woman flight...

Randi Rhodes "(MENTIONING something about Barack's skin color is racist)"

Stabbed in the back twice

Rachael Maddow is beating Pat Bucannen into mush...again...

Mark Green on resignations (FALLON and Spitzer), and the rise

We're just going through the motions of an election at this point..

Ferraro in 2006: "more realistic" for a women to be president than an African-American

Deleted by poster

Wait a second...I thought that Obama's race was the reason why he COULDN'T win a national election..

Hillary Clinton has been compared in this forum to Julius Streicher.


Don't you wish Jeb Bush was running?

How to fix the superdelegate mess.

Ready To Race-Bait On Day One!

Dodd: Divide Michigan, Florida Delegates Evenly For Obama, Clinton

The official progressive heroes thrown under the bus during the primaries thread

Wow if Hillary puts Barack as her vice president it will be an affirmative

Whoa Keith...threw down the gauntlet...holy shit

Does anyone really think that Oprah would have rallied the masses

Does anyone really think that Oprah would have rallied the masses

So I was looking at my buddy list & several of my Clinton "friends" are on "vacation" from DU...

Looks like its over between Hillary and Bill

Hillary supporters are repeating Hannity's talking points word for word....

American Comedy of Manners

Obama statement regarding Wright, from January.

After four years I discovered the ignore button. There's little point in posting anymore.

Obama Opposes Revote In Michigan

I am tired.

Obama's pastor

Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary's "Archie Bunker" strategy for Pa.

We should treat Spitzer no differently than Craig

Guess the next race-based attack on Barack Obama!

Thank you, Keith Olbermann

Can't Gore, Edwards, Richardson and the other party leaders to something to stop this?

Has Hillary Burned You Out YET!!!!!!!

The Courts are to important for this B.S.

What other advantages do black men have in America?

When you step BACK and really look at it, this democratic primary, it is a beautiful thing.

We need some 527s to show America the church Barack Obama attends.

HOPE Making it's way around the world through YouTube

Obama is related to Cheney a ways back, so do we hold him accountable for what Dick says?

Olbermann is just the greatest.

Polling report..compilation of many polls thru 3/13

I attend a predominantly African American church: does that make me a racist?

Can we change the name of this site to DEMOCRATICOBAMA

Obama's preacher on World Wide AIDS Day!

Keeping the opponent "off-message"

Which would be more Un-Democratic?

Why Obama needs to drop out!!! (Obama supporter)(Long)

Wow, it's lively in here tonight. At this rate McCain should have it wrapped up by June

For those who attack the opposing candidate, do you feel you are spinning or reporting?

AFL-CIO protesters to follow McCain around

I'm betting that KO's commentary is resonating far beyond DU tonight....

Hillary is only here because she is Bill Clinton's wife...

Keith Olbermann is doing his best to be the second coming of Rush Limbaugh

Let's face it: we're electing our celebrity role model for the next generation.

To those who have decided to remain here through this slow time.

Just saw KO on the West Coast. I don't think he was attacking Clinton as much as he was pleading

Is it possible to have a united primary?

Is There A Difference Between Hillary and Hillary's Campaign

At least the preacher thing came out at a good time for Obama ...

Hillary and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Why would Hillary play the race card when it has cost her so dearly?

If I hear Obama distancing himself

If Edwards had given Obama's speeches and had Obama's record,

SHAME on Keith Olbermann! He should be FIRED!!!!

Oh for pity's sake: Keith Olberman is irrelevant to the race

How does Obama feel about America?

Can someone explain to me why Obama is opposed to a revote in FL and MI? Is he against the voters?

It's time for Hillary to step down

Is there any good news for Obama today?

Olbermann is still furious about Shuster being called out

Obama wins Wyoming and Mississippi in landslides, also TX caucus

Has there been any talk of WHOSE names should be on the MI/FL ballots, if applicable?

Ferraro VS Ferraro

How Good Are Experienced Presidents?

BULLS EYE!!!!! KO - "HRC you need to REJECT AND DENOUNCE" Geraldin Ferrro

Straight White American Male

The nasty truth about Clinton's race-baiting campaign

Wall Street Journal Poll on MSNBC

don't you see what is going on?

Feel like you have whiplash???

Feel like you have whiplash???

Obama wouldn't be where he is if he wasn't a heterosexual, half black, or a male.


Venting about this Australian article

Now for something totally bizarre: woman pried off toilet seat after 2 years in BR.

The experience equals competence canard. Or yes, Hillary has more experience than Obama

It's Back to Iowa, for Round 2

Why Does Hillary Hate Black People?

Randi Rhodes: "75% chance Hillary will switch to Independent to Siphon Obama votes..."

I am not anti-Obama. I am pro-America.

Barack is the ideal person to unite a nation

So I Waited All Day For The Hillary Bash-Fest By Keith

Obama Campaign Calls Clinton Out on the "Big State" Spin.

Regarding Obama's preacher: What do Democrats think of Malcolm X?

What's Up With Clinton Supporters All Bringing Up Jeremiah Wright at the Same Time?

these days being landed in Keith Oblerman's WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD for pointing mere facts about

The Politics of Personal Destruction

Clinton might very well win the overall popular vote

Senator Obama has already lost the GE, not his fault though, it's ours


Viral smear against Obama, Hillary supporter do you renounce

A closer look at the (R) crossover vote in Mississippi

Florida Democrats send 'do-over' plan to DNC

The Hillary Standard

Congratulations Gerry and Hillary!

What Hillary Said About BO &Jesse J: "People That Go Into The Arena Deserve Our Appreciation".....

The real election is in November

R.N.C. Snaps Up Domain Names --> may signal the party’s future strategy

Rezko Trial: Obama Consulted on Board Picks

Which victory is more important to you: Winning the primary or winning the General Election?

Fight jingoism! Read this post and tell your friends.

Is John McCain Bush's 'Lurleen'?

Hillary is a Divisive, Destructive and Angry Woman

Why Clinton and Obama don't get equal criticism / "equal time" in the media.

That loud noise, is President Barack Obama passing the sound byte barrier.

The understated importance of creditability. (from dailykos) - with link

Ferraro: I Wish I Were a Black Man

On today's agenda: Scare Whitey

Anyone Think Obama Would Pick John Edwards

Strategic Vision PA poll: Clinton +18 vs. Obama; Obama does better against McCain

"FOX News purchased the video recordings of Wright's sermons from the church."

When did Jeremiah Wright join the Obama campaign?

KO 'special' comment just played out here, "False or true, they see it!!"

The video from Dan Abrams last night with Pat Buchanan, Keli Goff, and Maddows


The next 8 months of your political life

The 'Decider'--the DNC Credentials Committee will be controlled by candidate with most delegates

Another Iowa caucus this weekend..

The 15 greatest black preachers - Reverend Jeremiah Wright

How anyone can defend Ferraro's comments is beyond me.

It's Not Really About Racism or Sexism.

Feeling sick at heart ...?

NYT: "Pro-Clinton? 'SNL" (Saturday Night Live) Says You're Joking"

I couldn't tell if Obama was running against Bill or Hillary either.

NC gubernatorial candidate Beverly Perdue endorses Obama

"Lucky" Obama ?

Clinton gains 5 new delegates from Colorado. Some TX caucus delegates still outstanding.

A Modest Defense of Hillary Clinton

I just realized: Hillary is not trying to win votes.

Will Hillary Try to Get Keith Fired?

Florida submits vote by mail and in person primary for June 3.

Who are the peacemakers? When this over there will need to be a Clinton/Obama peace summit

What I wish someone would say about the Ferraro debacle

I hesitated to post this, but then thought, "What the Hay?"

I hesitated to post this, but then thought, "What the Hay?"

Viral smear against Obama, Hillary supporter do you renounce

How do you think Hillary will respond after tonights Special Comment?

Those caucus delegates Hillary was talking about... there's something going on in Iowa this Saturday

Hillary and Obama should join forces and

Hillary and Obama should join forces and

Would it be right for Obama to over-turn votes by pledged delegates?

What the hell we sposed to do for the next 6 weeks?

The question that cannot be asked

Ferraro is the perfect publicity stunt for Clinton, if she plays it right.

The New Pollster graph is out....Very interesting shift....

Just pretend for a moment, in an alternate universe:

Ras PA Poll: Clinton voters disagree with Ferraro statements 47%-39%

Craig Crawford: Obama's been trying to make White People Feel Guilty

Did you wake up today and say, "You know, HILLARY 4U+ME just isn't absurd enough for me?"

Who knew that black racism was so important?

Why can't the Superdelegates vote for whom they want to?

Dirge for the Carlyle Group, anyone?

Hillary supporters - do you believe Obama has the experience necessary to be president?

Anyone catch MSNBC cut off Kerry when he made point about media focus on polls?

Sen. Obama Co-Sponsored Bill Creating Vote By Mail Program

Interesting quote from Ferraro

Should God damn America?

Why Jeremiah Wright will Not Become a Major Least Not Yet


We lose because YOU'RE fucking idiots...

Is harrassing progrsssive presenters helpful to our cause ?

Tom Toles Cartoon - Hillary a McCain Staffer?

If I could draw...

A question for Obama supporters re: Sludge

MUST SEE Video of Obama's racist spiritual advisor

Sen. Kerry cut off on MSNBC after making Dipshit uncomfortable

Obama raised big corporate money at the start

And the Marge Schott "Bitter Old Racist Hag of the Year Award" goes to:

Buzzflash: Hillary Clinton and Her Suicide Pact

Opinion: DOJ must "preclear" Michigan and Florida Do-Overs


"I'm sorry if I offended" never was and never will be an apology.

Should Hillary have avoided Tavis Smiley's "State of the Black Union" becuase of its "racial" tone?

Its not the red phone that matters, its what happens every day.

Breaking: Clinton apologizes to Black Voters (via AP)

Did Bill Negotiate NAFTA or not?

Obama’s are from Mars, Hillary’s are from Venus

Obama's earmarks - Now its Hillary's turn

Pelosi dumps on the dream ticket - AGAIN.

I think some of you may have done it.

Heres an exchange you wouldn't want to miss,

Hillary supporters have gone off the deep end, it's going to get worse

The comfort zone regarding the open discussion of "race" will never be the same and I'm glad.

How about a link where Obama repudiates "Reverend" Wright's

How many southern states will Obama win when the 527's

Would you trust Florida to properly administer a Mail-In Vote?

GD:P is not too harsh if you hide all threads about Ferraro, Olbermann, & Wright

Who else is tired of all this mudslinging and feels that both candidates

Hillary picks up more delegates

Obama should learn to practice what he preaches and stop causing "bickering".

Why All the Stuff on Wright and New Accusations of Sexism re: Obama?

Question: What did Jeremiah Wright say that wasn't true? Thank you in advance

Breaking: Fla. Presidential Primary Re-Do Unlikely

Kerry: "I don't know how many time I have to say this-POLLS-are meaningless at this stage of game"

Obama's Tax Fairness Plan (GD:P *can* talk about the issues! Yes, we can!)

The Ferraro inicident was bait intended to innoculate Hillary from charges of racism

In 2004, there were 20 states that "had no say" in selecting the democratic nominee

McCain was on 60 minutes flip flopping last night

Elliot Spitzer Accomplished what Edwards Promised

I don't know how many ways this can be said: If we want to win in November, it is past time to unite

Ex-Obama Adviser who called Hillary 'monster' Disputes Obama Vow on Iraq

Obama's pastor...

New Plan being discussed: Michigan to split 50/50 and Florida to lose half their delegates


Obama has the nomination almost clinched!

58% of Hillary's voters in Mississippi have a favorable opinion of McCain

Wright and "Damn," etc.

Olbermann's Special Comment re: HRC is akin to a GOP pundit in '00 ripping Bush for his McCain barbs

Clinton Camp: "many of us remain fans of Keith"

38% think Hillary can beat McCain, and 48% think Obama can beat him....

It's the kitchen sink, stupid!

Mike gravel leaving the democratic party?

Mike gravel leaving the democratic party?

Keith is a Dragonslayer

Rev. Wright's Statements...

Question: What did Kieth say about Clintons campaign that wasn't true?

In Harrisburg Clinton Stresses Experience

Flush with failure, Clinton uses Ferraro to provoke a response

Obama re Spitzer: Past Clinton sex scandals should not be issue for voters now

I Just Got Back From Registering College Students To Vote In PA...

Do you want Obama's pastor to show up at your door step at 3 AM

How to Lose the White House: How far will Hillary Go?

i just wrote a very lengthy and very reasonable plea for my candidate.

Lets see, (regarding "God Damn America")

So now Keith is the bad guy?

After Hillary officially wins, who do you prefer as her choice for VP? Clark or Obama?

Obama Swiftboat video.

The difference between racism and prejudice....a distinction I thought progressives understood.

Barack! Go on the attack against McCain! Jesus Christ! Remember who endorsed McCain?!

Am I bad because I don't believe that the "Commander in Chief" test is all that important?

One Thing That Frankly Kind of Shocked Me About Keith Olberman Last Night

Funny Reply to Hillary's Memo to Obama

Who am I supposed to support? (fluff)

What else is out there? The vetting process IS important

Oh crap THEY found out about "our guy's" nutsy preacher

Breaking: Fla. presidential primary re-do unlikely

Does Any Part Of You Ever Hope Your Candidate Doesn't Get The Nomination, And Becomes Idolized?

Race, race, reverse-racist, race-baiting, racial, racially divisive.... blah blah blah....

Gravel: not as bad as Lieberman, but close!

So, what are we supposed to do here for the next 6 weeks?

ATTENTION OBAMA CAMP: get your candidate out of the PA cities and ...

Can't nominate that guy, RW will smear him. Can't nominate this one because the RW will smear her.

Top McCain aide: Thanks for softening Obama up for us.

Clinton Says Michigan and Florida Should Count

A brokered convention would be a tragedy for the party.

What ethnicity is Obama?

if michigan and florida cant revote why not just split the delegates 50-50 and be done with it?

so John Edwards holds 25 or 26 delegates in his hands???

For the first time in months I'm feeling queasy about our chances

Obama's preacher and Malcolm X

Obama Supporters UNITE: We need a Smear Free Thread to Come Together and Say GOBAMA!!!!

Does recognizing reality = being racist?

These hypothetical questions based on race are just plain fucking stupid....

Transcript of Kerry vs Talking Head

Jeremiah Wright, Willie Horton, OJ Simpson and Obama

Jeremiah Wright, Willie Horton, OJ Simpson and Obama

Hillary and "Toxic Shaming"

Since we're talking about Carlyle Group today, let's look at the Clinton connections

A Pastor and a Parishoner...

Obama Releases His Earmark Requests; Calls on Clinton to do the Same

Does the 2025 target for getting the nomination assume that the FL and MI delegations are seated?

Will Gore End This Nightmare With an Endorsement?

Keith Olbermann: From Hero to Public Enemy No. 1

"Hillary ain't ever been called a n*gger!"

Does not knowing what a "bubble butt" is make you racist?


AP: Delegate Update

What about the anti-semitism and homophobia in Clinton's church?

Freedom of Speech (featuring Pinnochio)

The Ultimate Battle

That's It Obama! How Dare You?

I'll happily support Clinton for President if she wins fair and square

BREAKING: Proof that Republicans in MS voted for Hillary strategically

It's getting to the point where I'm no fun anymore

So are these new crazy pastor videos going to sink Obama?

Hookers, Racists, Sexism in here... hot and fresh

Ms Clinton makes first steps to endorse Mr Obama..........

Ms Clinton makes first steps to endorse Mr Obama..........

Clinton's own words on the MI vote... (must listen!!)

Okay, Hillary supporters. Can a person of color truly be RACIST towards white people in America?

Clinton apologizes to black voters (AP)

Olbermann just told a lie.

DO YOU WANT some insight into Obama?

Which is more damaging to electability: "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" or PastorGate?

The BS Pastor uproar is just Hillary's "Sista Souljah" moment ...

I feel LIED TO by Barack Hussein Obama!

It's the economy, stupid!

Doesn't the Phelps family STILL support Al Gore?

Debates In PA and maybe in NC

We need to unite, and we need to stop McCain because he will BOMB BOMB BOMB Iran

Rev. Wright humping? Why has YouTube been scrubbed?

did Obama meet the ex-gay dude through this pastor? is that how that...

Obama and Clinton agree to Debate on April 16th in Philly, Obama agrees to one in NC on April 19th.

Are we playing "52-pickup" with a deck of "race" cards?

"You can't be a Leader and a Victim at the same time"

Obama And Dodd To Introduce Legislation For A New FHA Housing Security Program

Do you agree with all of your Pastor's personal political views?

Why the race card is a good one....

Is Hillary the modern day Lazerus?

"If I can't have the presidency, no Democrat can!"

Obama on Offense (who is playing the race card?)

Hillaryworld's "Pennsylvania Plan" to win by bringing out racism as the Stupidity Firewall

Obama silent on earmarks as Ill. senator (BO critical of HRC for same info. he is withholding)

Lurker de-lurking to discuss this primary, specifically race.

Is there any chance Clinton will be the nominee? YES !

As long as we let the right wing smear machine define us, we're going to lose.

Clinton's PA memo riddled with false claims and loopy logic

Top Clinton Fundraisers Told Hillary Can Only Get Nod Through Superdelegates

Obama: "The last time I talked to Al Gore was last week"

Step back, take a deep breath, support your candidate fairly

A Hillary supporter I know complained that Obama is running as a black man

Buchanan: Pelosi's rejection of Dream Ticket = Carrying Obama's water

"I'm sorry if anyone was offended" is NOT a real apology

Are there ANY progressive radio hosts who are for Clinton?

"Yes We Can !"

I am an Obama supporter, and I don't owe Hillary my vote

"I can bridge some of the partisan as well as racial and religious divides.."

Could anyone have imagined this a year ago?

Never mind!

Poll: Do you know the political views of the pastor who baptized your Children?

IF....just f***ing IF....

Question for Hillary Supporters: Did you ever ask yourself why

Who brings their little girls to church services where the minister is gyrating sexually on stage

Study on Middle Class Responsiveness: Clinton/Obama an 'A', Mc Cain incomplete

Pat Buchanan is a racist POS

Impeachment and the Presidential Election

Has Obama denounced talking head Olbermann's comment yet today?

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

BO: The wRight Stuff or Putney Swope?

Is Today Jeremiah Wright Day? Or Is This Just the New Talking Point because You Got Nothing Else?

Funniest.Video.Ever. "Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early"

One week, mud flies, shit boomerangs, and Obama gains 2% in PA.

JFK's dad was a known nazi-sympathizer.... did that make JFK one?

The Democrats' dilemma: The people back Barack but Hillary backs Hillary

Hardball: Big Number

We must DEMAND that Obama and Clinton reject and repudiate ALL hate-based supporters.

Is Pastor-gate a serious issue?

Obama: Voters to judge issues, not race

Ferraro: You are only here because you are black and it's all his fault that people hate me too!

KO or Bill O I no longer see a difference. That was one of the most

GOP's mock Obama amendment gets zero votes

Is Ferraro a superdelegate?

Too bad Hillary fans, Obama is not going to implode. Not over Wright

Snapshot: December 6th 2006, We knew the primaries would get this dirty then. I asked this question:

Hillary and Bills RACIST PASTOR

I Waited All Day For The Hillary Bash-Fest By Keith....

Barack Obama "The Master Crook & Con Man" will he get away w/ it?

So, since GD-P is having the "Battle of the Religious Advisers" tonight...

By April 22nd, Hillary will have won only 2 primaries in an 11 week period of time.

I think if Hillary gets to the Convention, she will win enough votes for the Nomination.

DU Election Projection Exercise #458,129.37.G.2 (subject to change)

S. 979: Vote by Mail Act of 2007 (Obama's view of vote-by-mail)

S. 979: Vote by Mail Act of 2007 (Obama's view of vote-by-mail)

Ferraro's Racial/Gender Flip-Flop Exposed

"God Damn"

Is it insulting to suggest that Obama could "function" as a VP if he's not qualified?

Real buyer's remorse

Folks should call the news stations about the pastor story we nned no more race baiting this year

In Private Pep-Talk To Top Donors, Hillary Predicts

What do you think about Ferraro's comments?

"Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton sat down for a quiet little chat..."

Move On e-mail: Obama in 30 Seconds

NPR: Obama Campaign vs. Clinton Campaign - The Clash of The Memos

Why Vetting is Good: Would You Have Wanted Obama to Deal with the Wright Issue in OCT?

Is this blog entry lame? ("For my daughter's sake, don't go there Keith")

Why is Obama apparently completely inseparable religion, but Hillary is off the hook ?

One simple question. How is continuing this justified?

The Right-Wing Project to Cast Obama as a Muslim and Anti-Semite

Hillary Rodham Nixon

My sincere thanks to the Hillary Clinton supporters who represent

Obama Clinton ticket might be planned.

"Hillary ain't never been called a n***r." Jeremiah White, Obama's pastor

Could N.D. go blue for Obama?

Obama's mentor/pastor: "white America" deserved 9/11

Breaking News!!!!-Obama and Clinton agree to not just ONE but TWO more debates!!!

Major Pittsburgh endorsements for Hillary tomorrow

Taking off the campaign hat for a time out: The UCC church in my city is one of the most progressive

1/3 of you in this forum are Sexist, 1/3 of you are Racist and 1/5 of you are Sean Hannity

I care as much about Obama's relationship with Wright, as I do Hillary's with McCain.

Anyone basing their vote on a forum is crazy

"Pastorgate"? WTF? You've got to be kidding...

Self Delete

I thought this was America where people had the right....

Hillary accusing Obama of ABANDONING & SHUNNING Pennsylvania

Imagine if John Lewis had said:

A few points regarding Ferraro(gate)

Why do Hillary's peers reject her and endorse Barack Obama?

How low can you go?

Obama Criticizes McCain on Taxes

Some of you need to sign off the internet and get out into the real world.

TPM NAILS IT! Puts the current Rev. Wright controversy in to context: Its a manufactured controversy

ATTENTION! The Democratic Party is going down a Road of No Return......

We are morons and it's sad.

I've lost perspective of the Democratic Primaries because I post at DU

I've lost perspective of the Democratic Primaries because I post at DU

Racism Is Unacceptable. It Cuts Beyond The Political Game. It Is Real, And It Is Shameful.

WHY do we seem hell bent on giving the Republican'ts the White House again?

Make McCain Choose

Simply the PASTOR-GATE fiasco going to give Hillary the Nomination?

Why I Support A Ban On Funeral Protesting

Right now Democrats should be seen as the Party of Fresh Air -- But we're polluting it. Why?

You think Hillary is bad, just wait until the repugs start pushing the Muslim issue

Obama says we are one America yet he attends a Jeremiah Wright's church

The McClurkin Apology: For the record, is there any Obama supporter

Ferraro claimed that Susan Rice and others from Obama's camp called her a racist...

Name one.

BREAKING: Plan to seat FL/MI delegates revealed

KO and His Special Comment

80, count them 80, threads yesterday on Ferraro...

Poll question - were can I find the latest ones?

Welp, I try to be as fair-minded as I can. But tonight, Keith Olberman

Keith Olbermann lost a lot of viewers tonight. About 50%

Just now played the Olbermann clip on Ferraro and Clinton.

Wright story just now breaking on Inside Edition.....

2006 election data regarding battleground states and how that may relate to the 2008 race.

**Obama Releases All Of His U.S. Senate Earmark Requests. Will Hillary Follow Suit?**

The Air America Cruise: BIAS & a Kick in the Pants for only 4200.00 a Couple! breaks "possible solution to delegate impasse"

Hillary's campaign, Ferraro and "willful ignorance"

You can meet me, Michelle

Olbermann is the biggest hypocrite.

Distortions in the KO "Special Comment" Tonight: Say It Ain't So, KO!

We progressives are about to become extinct. We are doomed. We are screwn.

"I can't tell who I am running against Bill or HIllary." Sexist and divisive

Clinton Camp: Amish "shunning" reference

Barack Obama's Unfair Tactics!!

Thank You Keith Olbermann. Thank you for Speaking the Truth. Thank you For Being You!

Thank You Keith Olbermann. Thank you for Speaking the Truth. Thank you For Being You!

WOW - the google on DU!

THE MATH Mini Update - Super Tasty Superdelegate Statistics

McCain's "spiritual advisor"

Is Hillary's delegate count inflated?

Praising Japan on WWII Tokyo burning anniversary

Hillary Clinton Apologizes

Syria blasts 'hypocritical' US for its addition to torture blacklist

Obama had better sever ties with his pastor tomorrow or we can kiss the general election goodbye

Hillary Supporters Shouldn't Rap

Prostitution in a wired world (Sydney Morning Herald)

Still not ready on Day 35?

Look out, Keith...they are coming after you....

Go Keith!

All 435 House seats - Representatives or Congress are up for re-election !!

Honest Question...are some White folks here mad that...

I'm declaring my undying love for an Obama supporter

My 2 cents .... Ferrero's Comments were and are part of team Hillary's plan

Wait, Wait. How About This One....

THE MATH - Thursday, March 13 - After Mississippi

Pro Life, Pro War, Pro Torture

Ferraro: The Obama Camp Should Apologize To Me For Calling Me A Racist

I Support Keith Olbermann

There was more of a connection between Al Qaeda and FLORIDA

Senator Barack Obama Receives Endorsement of Flag Officers from Army, Navy and Air Force

Newt Gingwich to speak about Spitzer predicament!!!

BBC Link: Salaries skyrocket

Is a video up of Keith's comment?

While HRC continues her kamikaze mission, Obama directs his attention to McCain

Tweety's Big Number of the night: 13. the % of people who think

Oh boy, no grass grows under the feet of M$NBC, "the Rise and fall of Eliot Spitzer" on now.

' the rise and fall of eliot spitzer' dan abrams documentary style - jeeebus

REALITY: Clinton is the WEAKER general election candidate....

I'm certain Clinton can wrestle her way to being our nominee.

John McCain's Spiritual Guide Says: America Was Founded To Destroy Islam

REALITY: Obama is the WEAKER general election candidate....

The Continuing Confusion of Clinton Supporters

NC watchers, Bev Perdue is endorsing Obama

Meanwhile, 12 soldiers have died in the last 3 days.

Take a moment to laugh with me AT me.

Chavez-FARC funding connection obviously false.

1 Step Solution To All of the USA's Problems

Just one more time, as *'s tenure draws to a close and his legacy is established.

Hillary's "Like a Vermin" PA tour... 6 weeks ONLY!"

Oh great, Larry King has a "former sex worker" on his panel

Oil Tax Proposed to Help Fund Schools (windfall and severance tax)

Scorched Earth Hillary hits again!

New Fiore Flashtoon- "It's 3 am..."

Uh...say what?

I'm a white, middle aged Clinton supporter and I can't disagree with much of Rev Wright's views....


If Hillary Clinton is not nominated for President, should she run for Governor of NY?

Search and google and DU

Clinton supporters now HATE, Olberman, Randi Rhodes, Pelosi, Dean...will they tear up Al Gore?

Eliot Spitzer absolutely did the right thing in resigning his position as Governor


Has Shrub *ever* had sex?! Does he just send boys to die?! n/t

Chemotherapy KILLS people.

Guns and fists as "snow rage" erupts

Bush good for the economy. WTF?

Watching The Media With A Sex Scandal Is Like Watching A 3 Year Old After A Bowl of Sugar

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Peter Werbe sitting in for Mike

GOP senator threatens to block contract fraud loophole

US Organic Food Industry Fears GMO Contamination

"American Drug War" showing on Showtime

PRESS RELEASE: Veterans For Peace Chapter 56 Supporting Hand-Counted Paper ballots

what's with these TDS guests this week?

McCain's Spiritual Guide (Televangelist-slash-"faith healer" Rod Parsley): Destroy Islam

The cost of the war in Iraq as of today, 502 billion and counting by the second........

Public, media losing sight of Iraq, study finds

Lest we forget what black people had to go through

$200 barrel oil will be here by:

US chiefs will visit Russia

Oilman Pickens Predicts Oil Prices will Fall (short-term)

Don't forget to Listen/Watch Winter Soldier starting tomorrow

Tuberculosis in Africa — Combating an HIV-Driven Crisis (NewEngJourMed)

Do you consider a prostitute a whore?

It's funny(odd) to me how people like Spitzer & McGreevey drag their spouses before the cameras...

Spitzer ‘Destroyed’ Over Threat To Probe 9/11 Attacks On US??

'Canada: The land inflation forgot'

Late Night West Coasters

Meat Packer Admits Slaughter of Sick Cows

so who becomes lt governor in New York

Paterson Hailed As Staunch LGBT Supporter

I have two nieces who are mixed race but who would be identified

Dollar Is About To Drop Past 100.00 Mark Against Yen

Lewis Black advocates "military takeover" by US troops.

I heard Hillary on Morning Edition this morning, and I have to say she sounded outrageous

Iran Busted in Attempt to Circumvent Sanctions: foiled attempt to export 240kg of dual-use metal

Elliot Spitzer conducted himself like an adult. He made no excuses

Banks and brokerage houses trade bad mortgages for Fed loans

Google could be superseded, says web inventor

February Gas prices.. $1.07 per gallon Dallas Texas

Alleged "moderate" McCain MORE hawkish than Bush

Anybody know of an Independent voters political forum?

Dollar in freefall - approaching $1=100 yen

Washington Post Columnist Gives Private AIPAC Talks

Cold Turkey

Pacific Salmon Fishery in Collapse :-(

In Case You're Awake & Wondering - Markets Tanking In Asia Now

OMG! We Have A Google Search On DU!!!

Hillary in '12?

So I've watched all the Rev. Wright vids that have been posted, and I just want to say one thing

"To The Athlete Dying Young"- Bill Simmons

Japan Times: Diminishing ice floes raise climate alarm

On the substance, was Keith right? 92% of DUers think so.

Ignatius/WaPo: A Centcom Chief Who Spoke His Mind

Nobody Cares About The Economy

Get some popcorn and watch this story....

She's musical... Kristen (Spitzer's rental gal) is an aspiring R&B singer!

Man rushing for medical help arrested and jailed

Dollar plunges to less than 100 yen - a 12 1/2 year low

US/IRAN: Blowback of War Likely to Be "Terrible"

Let us speak no more of "Leaders"

Russia Accuses U.S. of Double Standards on Human Rights

HRC and Obama supports check in! I propose a DU pledge.

Another car bomb in Kabul

Spitzer fucks a prostitute and he resigns. Bush/Cheney fuck two countries and they stay

Teacher (Mills High School) arrested on drug charges in taping probe (videotaping girls in restroom)

Bush claims a Venezuelan link with terrorism

California DUers

Bush CENSORS Pentagon Report That Confirms NO Saddam/al Queda Link

Today's Rasmussen poll: Obama 48%, Hillary 41%

Spitzer Resigns - It's Time to Impeach Bush

The coining of a new word?

Proof the MSM diversion stories work..

Scarborough better Watch Out...Criticizing KO may land him in Worst Person in the World

France's Sordid Housing Crisis (Will It Happen Here?)

Truth be told- Spitzer

Paths Towards Fascism/Talk by Naomi Wolf. VIDEO

Treasury To Release Report On Mortgage Meltdown..

F.B.I. Made ‘Blanket’ Demands for Phone Records To 'Clean Up' Mistakes

Why won't Joe Scarborough offer us his keen insights on the Spitzer matter?

China Attacks US Human Rights Record

For the ethics crowd: Is the resignation enough for you?

Letter to God

Bush to make speech on wiretapping at 920am ET: Developing...Raw Story

Ruby slippers

+++ 3,987 +++

Why the “Wright attack” is the dumbest attack ever

Why the “Wright attack” is the dumbest attack ever

American Axle Strike: Day 17--talks to resume

Obama GLBT council mem. who resigned over smear still enjoys his blog posted on Obama web sit

Hillary supporters gone wild. 7 posts about Obamas pastor in Front Page of GD-P at the same time

Todays business news headlines vs BushCo priorities:

bu$h* is on teevee demanding the right to wiretap at will and immunity for the telecoms

Hey, you can GOOGLE through DU now!

White House bashes China torture, vetoes bill banning torture

You guys are hilarious.

if baracka obama were truly mature enough,

Senator Baucus (D-MT) backs televangelist probe

Teacher accused of abusing students

I can haz . . . lorena bobbitz numbr?

FYI...If you base your voting preferences on interactions w/ DUers...

c-span - congressional ceremony for 5 years in iraq

More on Obama's ties to right: "In 2006, the Obamas gave $22,500 to the church."

Google News: SPITZER = 6,373 articles. SIEGELMAN = 269

Anybody ever read Bob Shrum's "No Excuses: Concesssions of a Serial Campaigner"?

Pics of Spitzers hooker : )

Washington State gets a step closer to equality. Many more steps to go.

Public Knowledge of Events in Iraq Dropping

Governor Eliot Swaggart.

I must say that Eliot's Ho is smoking hot.

when bu$h* took office oil was $38 bucks a barrel...this morning $110.00

Wanna Make Some Money? Just Listen to Jim Cramer's Advice - and do the OPPOSITE.

Exclusive Bush Press Conference Feed 3-13-08

Has how Hillary has campaigned for president changed your opinion of her?

This fucking moron can't even read easy scripts

Chris Matthews, AKA "Tweety", doesn't get better ratings than Tucker

Need a list of McCain's big flip flops for LTTE

Republican workgroup wants government more involved in markets

Repub: "Republican brand is so bad right now-if it were dog food-they'd take it off the shelf"

A post about aging and being 37

WTF? "Clinton Camp To Obama: You Need To Answer These Questions

Bush: "The House bill may be good for class action trial lawyers"

Could you possibly NOT respond to the hate filled rants from either side?

Why did Obama and Edwards remove their names from the ballot in Michigan? Click for answer.

Clinton attack: Questionable Subway Sandwich franchise in Chicago linked to Obama family

Wright is a member of Obama's African American Religious Leadership Committee

Who ARE these dimwits substituting for Stephanie Miller?

Obama/Boxer: An Excellent Ticket That Merits Consideration.

We live in a rather absurd world.

Jeesh! Let Ferraro say what she thinks. We still have freedom of speech here.

Howard Metzenbaum - RIP

Video of Ellen Degeneres taking on bigot Sally Kerns

"Sit down and shut up!"

The Bush Memorial

Bush on Spy Bill: What About the Children?

Check out who just joined Spitzers legal team...

For everything, there is a season...

If I'm arrested for a crime, can I just quit my job to avoid the charges?

Bush denies forcing military commander to resign

Microsoft Internal Emails - They knew Vista is CRAP.

Former Ohio Sen. Howard Metzenbaum Dies

c-span2 senate vote on budget - how can they vote to make something permanent?

Letter to God Found in CO Gunman's Car

Hillaryworld, then and now.

You know, if a few million people went to Washington when Congress was in session

john conyers statement regarding immunity:

I fear for our Armed Service Members into the future

The Rude Pundit - Bush to Nutzoid Evangelicals: "I Feel Your Prayer"

800 small dogs seized from filthy Arizona home

reading today's buzzflash, one would think Hillary was a criminal worse then smirk and Co.

Jeff Cohen’s Message Clear: Don’t Trust Big Corporate Media

Nothing scientific ... just a simple "banking bailout" question

amazing video / talk about the brain and our "self"

Why isn't MSM reporting on what is happening to everyday Americans?

Jail For Belgians Who Reject Polio Shot

Study: 28% of the public is aware that nearly 4,000 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq

Telecoms- they are "BELIEVED" to have "assisted...after 9/11 attacks"???

C-SPAN: Fun With FISA Day

Who are we to point the finger? - Today’s Headlines 3/13/08

What $200 billion now gets us....

Do DUers Trust The New Google Search Feature & Should We Keep It?

Terror Toys for Kids !

Carlyle (Satan's Investment Group) Subsidiary in Deep Financial Shit, Shares Tumble

Pastor Wright's Statements Not Entirely False

Public, media losing sight of Iraq, study finds

Breaking MSNBC Chrysler To Shut Down.....

Anyone watch PBS News Hour last night? Some real idiots on there!

In January, Larry Kudlow called it a "Goldilocks Economy", what does the genius say now?

Carlyle Capital Corporation Limited Collapses

I am a woman (part of HRC's large block of supporters) I'm NOT supporting HRC

Why is Keith Olbermann throwing rocks at Hillary Clinton?

March 13th Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll: Obama leads 48% to Hillary Clinton's 41%

March 13th Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll: Obama leads 48% to Hillary Clinton's 41%

Interesting Site: Economy/Prices During 80's & 90's

Buchanan flips out, tells guest to ’shut up!’

Internet user demand to outpace capacity by 2011?

France's sordid housing crisis (BBC) {sex in lieu of rent}

Am I old or does anyone else remember when a hundred dollar an hour hooker was really something?

Notice The Difference in Coverage Between Spitzer and Jeff Guckert Gannon?

Pelosi retires after 35-year career

WA high court says random school drug testing unconstitutional

Nation Shocked by Politician's Behavior: A Dull Ache

Cindy Sheehan: The Cold, Cold Steel Of Handcuffs

How Do We Strenghen The Dollar?

"When you vote this election year, remember September 11, 2001."

Anyone else find it odd when Bush appointed a car bomber as Iraq's first post-Saddam leader?

2 questions about today's SCABROUGH: Sally QUINN, John GIBSON

Dr. Laura Blames Spitzer’s Wife For Scandal

Dean told not to plan a vacation in Florida.

Eliot, you couldn't just have had an affair?

How long before that hooker strips for Playboy?

Company capitalizes on drugs found in water. New Medicated water. Better than Vitamin Water.

erroneous post on my part. re: dick cheney. his middle east trip starts sunday march 16


Chris Matthews, Lou Dobbs and Joe Scarborough say they were always against invading Iraq

JOE BIDEN........where are you ???

Boyfriend: Woman felt safe in bathroom

More Sally Kern news:

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Thursday March-13-2008

U.S. Not Planning To Attack Iran, Says U.S. Iran War Czar (The Onion)

Anyone know where to get the CD re: the report about the lack of SH/Al Qaeda connection?

"Yes We Can !"

Regardless of your feelings about Spitzer, does anyone else think it is outrageous that the FBI

I wish DU had a thumbs down feature

Cuba allows its people to buy computers

if you are a Mex. woman stay far away from Fayetteville, Arkansas

Video from Msnbc last night is amazing: Abrams show

I have had it. TRULY AND SERIOUSLY. For as long

I want to know why Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi aren't in the press or on TV

House Judiciary Dems: Why We Reject Retroactive Immunity

Surgeon Finds New Way To Fight Lung Cancer

Hey guys, we made Wonkette!

You can still be a Hillary supporter and concede defeat

Obama Campaign SKEWERS Clinton. You Gotta See This!

OnionSPAN: Delicious Snacks Distract Congressmen From Horrors Of War

Has anyone seen the movie zeitgeist?


Day 442, Everything Changes

the poor Gulf of Mexico, another explosion

Andre Carson is making his first comments in

So the boink-E was a Jersey shore girl

March 29: Please turn out the Lights

Anyone Paying Attention? -- Credit Market About To Crash

Carlyle Capital On Brink Of Collapse

Clinton Calls on Senate Armed Services Committee to Investigate Circumstances of Fallon Resignation

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: "the purpose of war is peace"

Bush: "A Democrat victory in November would turn back the clock on all" of our accomplishments

Bush: "A Democrat victory in November would turn back the clock on all" of our accomplishments

LBN:Byrd defies rumors, returns to Senate

Ferraro and shirts and skins - The Daily Howler

John McCain is an idiot

CNN: Sweet Crude just traded for $110.70/barrel.

What was Cheney doing in the Senate today?

Yesterday I paid over $3.00 a gallon for gas for the first time in my life.

S&P says subprime loan writedowns are all done!

Good news for Skittles kid

Ohhh Nancy!!! "The President is wrong

Wow, Keith Olbermann is now the anti-christ according to the true believers around here...

Wow, Keith Olbermann is now the anti-christ according to the true believers around here...

Talk radio vs blogoshpere, Round 2--Boortz is mocking that disabled child again PLEASE D.U. HIS POLL

Advice, please. . .has anyone seen "The Kite Runner?"

Should we reserve some room for second thoughts on Spitzer . . . ??? ????

40 days of Democratic destruction....

How come "Kristin" isn't being charged with prostitution? nt

U.S. Air Force: Ueber Alles

Anderson 360 and Florida voting

Cuba Lifts Ban On Computer, DVD Sales

John Boehner

I couldn't overcome my disgust. Engaging in consumerism rather than Freecycle. Why?

Is Mother Jones Worth a Subscription?

Christopher Hitchens: Why Women Still Aren't Funny

I'm reviving an old thread of mine-to redirect-Favorite Anti-war movies?

The front runners are going at eachother again

If you want to stay sane, stay out of the GD-Primaries Forum

DOJ was looking (hoping?) for corruption, misuse of public funds from Spitz. **They DIDN'T find it**

United Technologies makes offer for Diebold - trick voting machine manufacturer.

"All the Money You Make Will Never Buy Back Your Soul"

Oh my god... the airport internet computer just censored DU

HRC's religious advisor provides Congresspeople 'sex-segregated housing& spiritual guidance'

Do people in porn movies get paid?

The recession is here... cross post from LBN

"If it came to a choice between Israel and America, I would stand with Israel."

A great liberal has passed away: Former Senator Howard Metzenbaum

Senate Bill Would Rein In Credit Cards' 'Extreme Penalties'

An interesting statistic regarding our economy.

My John Edwards for President yard signs just came in the mail...

Paterson Is Lucky He's Black and Blind

Some information on the Carlyle Group

Why are black people voting overwhelmingly for Obama?

Who makes money on the price of $3 plus gasoline?

THEREFORE, I (Hillary Clinton), Democratic Candidate for President, in honor and in accordance with

McCain, Charlie Black, Chalabi and Kuwaiti incubators.

Yahoo. A FL Republican uses the words "corporate welfare" in regard to CSX.

75th anniversary of the 1st Fireside Chat - Banking

McCain: Romney seems interested in V.P. spot (from "that's not going to happen" to "I'd be honored")

Senate to block White House recess appointments - - again

a friend of mine in the UK just referred to McCain

Purple makes appearance on US currency

It's just occurred to me: 2008 is Nixon's revenge

Air America (media?) now says that Randi and Thom's shows can't be archived. WTF????

More debates - April 19th

GOP Aide Cooked the Books to Hide Theft

The way I see it, if another Republican gets elected this country is done for.

College student, ex-Marine among hostages in Iraq

The House Will Meet In Secret Session This Evening over FISA

Women's day is coming soon, and my part of the world sucks at women's rights.

Do not let your life turn into just a long menu of resentments

Women's day is coming soon, and my part of the world sucks at women's rights.

Oh, for crying out loud - now my post about being censored is censored....

So who is this David Paterson?

Bar Questions Independence of Military Commissions

Dennis Kucinich *You Can't Secure Our Nation With LIES!*

GOP "No Confidence" vote on McCain

Sources of voter lists are defining the campaigns, could affect the election as well.

Cops called to break-up Wareham, Mass. Selectman's Meeting Gone Bad

The Founding Fathers wanted Impeachment to be used for "High Crimes": treason, bribery, war crimes,

Boca Roton police in riot gear dispurses 500 waiting for housing money

Check in if you support civil liberties.

House OK's budget plan with tax hikes

A petition for the creation of General Discussion Primaries Extreme

This REPUBLICAN-REQUESTED Secrete Session Of Congress is Unacceptable

"Veep case smelling ripe now" ... LINK (Will Cheney Be Deposed?)

Dennis Kucinich *You Can't Secure Our Nation With LIES!*

CentCom to cut a third of its staff

Lawyers for Canadian Terror Suspect Say US Military Commander Altered Evidence

For a lot of reasons, the so called Pastorgate is no big deal. Hillbots can stop salivating now

The Eliot Spitzer scandal leads "The View" to discuss the needs of men.

New York's new Governor is AWESOME, and very funny!

Best political sign this week

Democratic U.S. lawmakers defied bushitler on Thursday

Clinton on Ferraro, Bill (and a late, off the mark non-apology)

Baggage Becomes A Big-Ticket Item

Down the memory hole

Why do we make prostitution illegal, and then proceed to tolerate it?

New Evidence In Siegelman Case Points To Republican Cabal

New Evidence In Siegelman Case Points To Republican Cabal

Wachovia: Housing woes are far from over

Mortgage Crisis Fuels Missouri Working Families at McCain Event

The Forgotten Star Wars Trooper street Graffiti

To Build the Economy, Build Bridges—Literally

The Cold, Cold Steel of Handcuffs

Please Call Your Reps To Remind Them That Info They Are Getting In Secret Session Is From Liars.

2nd arrest made in UNC murder. Sure-let's blame "guns", while scumbags like this ARE OUT ON PAROLE!

The Almighty Dollar

Please Be Kind to Peace Activist for the next 5 days.

Is this a secret House session or a double secret House session?

CNN Classroom Edition: Broken Government: Scorched Earth

Sometimes I just want to go outside and do a primal scream

First secret session since 1983-

Governor's Stand On Justice Doomed His Political Career

surge update - Car Bomb Kills 18 in Baghdad 57 Injured

Are George W Bush and the Repubs responsible for $110 per barrel oil?

For God's Sake.. Somebody STAND UP!

Daily Show on the hypocricy of moralists - freakin' brilliant.

Quote from the new NY Guv:

54 Words, 7 commas, and a period. The argument against warrantless spying in a nutshell

The Carlyle Group and Stealth Communications............

Sen.Metzenbaum dies; the next day, Paulson says, 'Uh, maybe deregulation was wrong, after all'

FEINGOLD: "President Is Fearmongering" & "& Avoiding ALL Accountability" With His "ILLEGAL" Spying

MODS-anybody else?-why am I getting weird cookie coding at the top of some DU pages?

Who's watching C-Span?

The Dynamics of this Election are changing because of 2 Issues going into meltdown....

Rove: Bush taught me how to be ‘honest.’

Will American war crimes be revealed? (Salon)

There is no excuse, Hillary hasn't shown leadership

In case anyone wants to send in a message or a prayer request to Sally Kern's

Eliot Spitzer: What you had and what you've got...

Was Spitzer Destroyed to Keep Him from Being Obama's Running Mate?

Is anyone here a member of Link TV?

Keith Olbermann is doing his best to be the second coming of Rush Limbaugh

$4.01 a gallon regular unleaded in San Diego - we has it. :(

America is a "right of center" country

Laura Ingraham-behind the scenes and uncensored!

FBI: Yes, We Violated You

I am sad about what we "could" have had

Free Online Training on Economic Stimulus Payments

McCain Revealed: Who Is the Real John McCain?

I am so very, very grateful for this place; Democratic Underground.

Last Month, House GOP Said ‘Secret Session’ On FISA Was A ‘Stalling Tactic’

Appalling Spread Of False Information Requires Stronger Media Accountability

Keyboard Confessional: I'm a Hillary supporter but today I've decided...

McCain is Sane just look him in the eyes- photo

Bush: "I think 2008 is going to be a fabulous year for the Republican Party"

800 small dogs seized from triple-wide mobile home

It's Bush's end run to escape public scrutiny of the enormity of his lawbreaking against all of us.

A Blow-Job or a Blow-Up-Job? Which would you rather have?

So the pastor who married Obama and baptized his children is a racist who church Barack still

DEMS Call BULL On Bushco's ILLEGAL Wiretapping: "Serious Concerns About Illegality"

Prostitution and dry wall

Touring Europe at 200 Miles an Hour

I'm writing a letter to Obama asking him to fire Pastor Wright

Would you disbar Spitzer --- ???

The AP repeats Republican talking points on taxes

I just found out that one of my relatives was P. B. S. Pinchback, the FIRST "Black" U.S. Governor!

Rezko built part of his fortune by exploiting the black community that Obama served.

Obama's spirtual advisor: Bill did us, just like he did Monica Lewinsky. He was riding dirty

"Yes We Can !" "Yes We Can !" "God Damn America !" "Yes We Can"

Blackwater sinks

Obama Changes Mind: "We now do NOT want a Michigan Re-Vote..and We Demand 50% of Michigan's Votes"

Manufactured or not, PastorGate is a big deal.

Obama's sexism and Keith's Obermann's silence

No Where To Hide ... You Will Be Prosecuted ... Count On It.

Where is Sapphire Blue?

The humper , Rev Wright not gone from Obama's church per WSJ

Alan Dershowitz on SpitzerGate: What Is This? Russia?

Geekiest. Congressman. Evah.

What do you consider men who use a prostitute?

If my candidate came to DU and read my posts ...

If my candidate came to DU and read my posts ...

Bush Legacy: China Defends Its Use of Torture By Citing The Bush Torture Program

Salmon about to be taken out of the human food chain

If the RW (or other Democrats) Make Wright an Issue

If the RW (or other Democrats) Make Wright an Issue

If the RW (or other Democrats) Make Wright an Issue

2008 Winter Soldier Hearings Begin Today

48 Hours


This Just In: Some Black people are ANGRY at how this country has treated them and their ancestors.

Dr. Laura Blames Spitzer's Wife

Are Most Polls Here Nothing More Than Dishonest Push Polls?

Students Shut Down Capitol Hill

Just another "Bush league" South Texas Sheriff

"You can't be a Leader and a Victim at the same time"

2 Charged in UNC Student Leader Slaying

I can honestly say after writing a few numbers down....

It is official. Hillary Clinton is a lying, democracy-hating subversive.

Ashamed at the priorities of our country

shame on cnn...'the governors gal' has been their headline all day - along with 'sexy' picture

The absurdity of prostitution being illegal.

The authorization for the Iraqi death squads came straight from the Oval Office

BREAKING: If it wasn't before, the Economy JUST became the topic of the election: RECESSION

Help Charlie Brown, Ca-04, earn 5,000 Dollars!

Clinton supporters have finally helped me make up my mind.

Letter From Tucker

Obama cannot win Pennsylvania

Consumers mining jewelry boxes for gold

i can't believe posts i read here running down keith olbermann

Bell Ewing, and why Geraldine Ferraro is wrong about Barack Obama

I'm sure "Kristen" now has an agent, publicist, producer, and record label.

Carlyle saz,, "We can't crash because we're backed up by the US government"

"GOD DAMN AMERICA "- Rev. Jeremiah Wright. (spiritual advisor to Barack Obama)

"Obama's Pastor, Reverend Wright says: "God Damn America"

"Obama's Pastor, Reverend Wright says: "God Damn America"

Obama's pastor is completely out of line!

Jeremiah Wright: blacks should sing "God damn America"

The reason Pastorgate is a big deal is because Wright echoes Michelle Obama.

Is this for real? "Playmobil Security Check Point"

The Ignore Poll

The day I "got it"

The day I "got it"

Time to ‘Save Families and Stop Foreclosures’

Does perpetual Crisis mode Clinton have the temperment to be commander in chief - YES / NO

Just For You DU:

For anyone in doubt about whether McCain is a fundagelical, read this

Dem in Miami today said to remind Dean that they only thought they would lose "half" the delegates.

EXCELLENT diary (dailykos) on "MI, FL and the law of unintended consequences" (with link)

This "Secrete Session" Tonight Is Pure Horseshit


upsides to giving away what should have been an electoral cakewalk in '08:

MSM coverage of "families struggling to buy food and fuel"?

The Day After the Bombing of Iran

Teen mom charged after kids took crack

Forget the election, can we all agree that sexism kills?

Young women are flocking to Whorehouses and Fancy Madams thinking they gonna get big bucks

I want to know why Senator David Vitter hasn't been forced to resign?????

Why limit post counts to 1000 w/o checking profile?.. DU discriminates?

ACLU: FBI Audit Exposes Widespread Abuse Of Patriot Act Powers

A uniquely gay moment

How to watch and listen to Winter Soldier - Tonight 7 - 9 PM est



Mideast Commander Retires After Irking Bosses

Academic Political Survey, please participate!

Bush "Envious" Of Soldiers Serving "Romantic" Mission In Afghanistan

IEDs in Iraq being marked with label reading "against occupation forces only"

Kennedy: * Guilty of "One of the Most Outrageous Abuses of Executive Power in Our Nation’s History"

Winter Soldier 2008 Begins Today

spitzer - besides f'ng did this guy do good or bad for the people

Why do some people here think "paying for it" is so terrible?

Background on the Carlyle Group, lots of links on its history...

Everybody who thinks Condi should go to jail

Police Use GPS To Catch Sexual Predator...What Does DU Think About This?

Repost From Sapphire Blue's Journal: Ending The Crisis of Homelessness

Silda Spitzer is a beautiful woman

Whats For Dinner? I Am Having Beverages

Why are they making a big deal out of David Paterson being legally blind?

what is with the new fast food commercials? when did gauche and no manners become a sales tool?

I am an AA male and I agree with Most of the statements made by Mr Wright

I am an AA male and I agree with Most of the statements made by Mr Wright

***** THIS is why I like Kenneth Cole and his clothes so much *****

RED FLAG ALERT: Telecom Immunity is a distraction from Telecom Prosecution! Oh, BUSH too!


A nice song for MadinMaryland

I believe I posted this before...but I still think it's really fucking funny....

Police: Woman didn't leave toilet for 2 years

Okay, How Many Frickin' Initials Does One Need Behind Their Name?

free music hosting web sites...recommendations?

Results 1 - 10 of about 19,600 from for parche. (0.37 seconds)

I popped my GD-P ignore cherry a few days ago, and now I can't get enough

ABC: Pentagon report obtained and online

Is there a group, band, individual singer

I got a big ol' tom cat sprawled on top of a catnip scratch pad

What a day!

Ok who will be cast in the lead roles in the Eliot Spitzer movie?

I'm calling out Southpawkicker.

I'm going to be acting supervisor at work tomorrow.

I'm going to be acting supervisor at work tomorrow.

We Will Be At Defcon 1 or more from Now Until November?

We Will Be At Defcon 1 or more from Now Until November?

Who else is thoroughly sick of the "silly season" here

My Mojo Is Whacked

Male or Flesh Creeps??

I'm Going To Act Like A Supervisor At Work Tomorrow

Take a look at my thread in GDP. LOL.

Top Chef would be more interesting if they had to perform in various environments,

Lewis Black show starts tonight on Comedy Central

Barney Frank is screwing over the poor

Has anyone said anything to you today that lightened your brood?

Top Chef fans - my niece is semi-dating contestant Ryan

Show Me

OMG HELP >>>I am not sure if this cruise is going to be a hit...READ HERE PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

Misplaced ads or listings

I am going to Detox tomorrow

One of my cats is not putting any weight on his back leg.

Why the fuck are we at DefCon Level 1?

Tonight's Lullaby

WTF is wrong with my cats tonight?

High Hopes

Y'know, I'm infinitely patient with this place...

Oh yeah? Well, I'm calling out Southpawkicker, too.

Number 6

A math story


"Mama don't understand it / She wants to know where I've been /

I saw the aftermath of a bad one today.

Who else is up right now

Thoughts on Genocide and Related Horrid Crimes

Lounge: There Really Is A Brazilion

Which is worse? Homophobia or Heterosexism?

Now THIS is good music.

*le sigh*

I need a star...

Me Tonight1

Has anyone said anything to you today that brightened your mood?

Laura Flynn Boyle guest starring on Law & Order...

Holy Crap Carrot Top Is On George Lopez

I wants me a dancing walrus!

Number 8

Number 9

Best Antivirus?

Number 1

This dog

Look out for Number 1

Time To Rock The Lounge

50 Suggestions For John McCain's VP Pick

I am going to my convention this weekend and I will escape from politics.

I can't sleep

Hey MissHoneychurch or anyone else who speaks German

Is there anybody out there?

Is this real?

Which "Dream Team" would you be more likely to vote for in November?

Woman Hospitalized After Spending 2 Years Sitting On Toilet (Her Skin Grew Around Toilet Seat)



Let's Play Guess Who:


Gravel Defecting to Support Green Party

Happy Thursday!!

madinmaryland hates to bathe!

Now for something totally bizarre: woman pried off toilet seat after 2 years in BR.

Happy Birthday L. RON!!!!!

So, was the new Law and Order any good?

Oh shit, I completely forgot about the war on Easter until just now!

The Accidental Googler

Since when do you have to make an appointment

Is Defrauding Advertisers & Scamming Supporters in the Process?

DU needs to have "paragraph" training.

OK Loungers, when is it over the line?

What happens if you click ignore on yourself?

Iowa Town Offers Bounty on Stray Cats

Stale or Fresh Pepsi??

Sean Connery wants to "permanently subdue" his neighbor with lawsuits or "drive him out"

When Canadians attack!- "snow rage"

I just finished another show

I discovered today that temeah is a writer....

If Betty White wasn't White, she wouldn't be where she is today...

The DemocraticUnderground Universe.. (mesmerizing)

Is this just another dumbass urban legend?

Another bird has exploded in my bathtub

Woman Sat On Toilet For 2 Years

GGW Joe Francis: "I have never committed any crime. I pleaded guilty just to get out of jail,"

Stale or Fresh Peeps??

Apropos nothing, I see that I left the 700 club (after 6 years on DU) without even realizing it.

Sane heads prevail: Student's Skittles suspension withdrawn.

The Matcom Movie: Italian Spiderman

Sheriff: Woman Sat On Toilet For 2 Years

Anyone see that rant from the OK woman who said gays are worse than terrorists?

Medical ethics question

One of the guys in the mail room just refer to me as a "young lady"

Elizabeth and Anthony are engaged!

That Spitzer guy.

Which of these quotes best describe Pastor Wright's influence on Obama?

Notice nobody's picked up the shovel for NewYawker99?

Spitzer in Speedo photo:

Woman's body stuffed into huge Rubbermaid container packed with dry ice "was for religious reasons"

My parents are so embarassing....

Have you tried The Google on the upper right of the page?

warp speed ahead!!

Comments on American Idol tonight? *** warning contains spoilers***

I'm sick of the Swiss!

Bizarre post from Oct. 05...

Look! It's Helicopter Ben Bernanke to the Rescue!

An ode to 8-Bit

How long has it been since you detoxified?

Garbage bowl it: Rachael Ray Getting The Ax, King World Vehemently Denies

Poll question: How long has it been since you de-oxified?

I've only had biscuits and gravy once.

What is it?

XemaSab is my hero!

Red State Updates opinion on Elliot Spitzer

I guess if Howard Metzenbaum hired a few $5k hookers GD would pay attention

Bush Kitteh

Anyone else tune into Stephanie Miller's subs "Frangela"?

I have to go do number two,number one.

Poll Question: How long has it been since you decalcified?

Free to Good Home!

I need my sexy back

Give me courage to call this guy I met

googled my name and found this.... I had never seen it


An interesting email I just received

I need my sexy front

Is Lynnesin getting mad at me?

In Vermont, Governor Spitzer Tempted to cross state lines...

Poll question: Is Lynnesin getting happy with me?

Results 1 - 10 of about 6,690 from for clenis. (0.23 seconds)

Question about abroad programs and post-secondary education

Frozen grandeur at Mackinaw City

Debi needs to get over to GDP NOW!!!

How long has it been since you declassified?

If your work had somewhere where you could suggest things anonymously

Whatever happened to the DU Lounge Yak?

Vacation ideas

I googled my name and came up with this...

I'm not even a Metallica fan and I seriously must ask this question...

Oh no! Sad news about madinmaryland

Please share your practical advice: What are you doing NOW to survive through a recession?

Sometimes, my job makes me want to bash my head against the wall

For those of you who think scientists are boring and nerdy..

Ever heard of anyone having a big cat as a pet?

Well THAT went over well

HeadOn apply directly to the GDP.

Constipation Blues. Oh yeah, I'm with ya Screamin' Jay

I pledge allegiance to ________: Britons make up their own pledge

How is "Elad" pronounced?

Metallica Fans Unite

What was "Your" song you danced to at your divorce?


Thread title fun!!

My doctor is an ass.

How many Loungers here are gonna buy a Powerball ticket for the next drawing?

And now, my definition of hell:

This is the best video on American race relations I've ever seen.

What was "Your" song when you first *wink* *wink* drove thru the tollbooth?

Rode coworkers scooter- I WANT ONE!!!

"Jackass" star Steve-O hospitalized, charged with felony possession of cocaine

Happy Pi-Day Eve, everyone.

Billy Crystal strikes out

Do voters prefer politicians who are married?

I've never had a budget before in my entire life

Tomorrow's my DU-birthday, One year old and 4 posts from 6000...

Student Suing After Being Awakened By Teacher

I finally got to see Michael Moore's "Sicko". I thought it was

I knew it! It was Spitzer's wife's fault!

My Nephew In Afghanistan In The Army

Would You Pay For It?

Why does my soup keep exploding in the microwave?

Speaking of Rock&Roll Hall of Fame - when is George Thorogood going to get his due!!

Fox Mulder

I need some good vibes very, very badly.

I have good news

zOMg! I'm gonna have the *best Spring Break evah!!!

This is SOOOO adorable

Who likes icebergs?? Some gorgeous pics here

I've never done this before. I could use some good vibes

My Sweetie, now in convenient in Polaroid form.

DU Google your user name and show the number of hits

Please pray for me!! I was shopping at Target and discovered

Was this person trying to say "Various Sizes"?

Hey S.F. Giants fans. Just met Kirk Reuter in the waiting area

Cat people: does this ever happen to you?

A son's letter to Dad

Botox is turning Nicole Kidman into a 'bat face,' says cosmetic guru

done with one job, on to another. one day I swear I'll keep one for more than 6 months

Advice to my fellow Loungers

Funniest joke so far in the Spitzer debacle -"Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Client #8"

Why does the RNC think I'm a repug activist?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/13/08

Big day! I'm wearing deoderant!

Everything I Needed To Know, I Learned In GD:P.

Do you realize the vast majority of people who ever lived or live now


It's still broad daylight. 6 p.m.

OMG- I'm watchin' Woodstock on VH1 and Santana's drummer...


Is it safe to go back into GD-P yet.

Update on my brother

OK that's it! Screw everyone who has failed to say how awesome my sig graphic is!!

Pelosi retires after 35-year career

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/13/2008)

What the Jesus does a bunny have to do with...umm... with...

My moment of poetry fangirl heaven (with pic of autograph!)

Will Elliot Spitzer's hooker tab replace John Edwards house for flamewar material?

A big THANK YOU to DU.

Today , for the first time I discovered the difference between a Hippie and a Yippie!

Take the test - how fast can you type in one minute

Why Men Pay for Sex: Newsweek

If there's one thing I think we've all learned from this week's events, it's this...

Nukular Chicken Wings

Why do they make it so easy?

Is there anything bad about San Diego, CA?

Teddy Mather for President!

ICHC has another ** LOLcat up

This may make me naive or stupid , but I don't care.

Michael Schenker/UFO. Any thoughts?

Boyfriend: Woman felt safe in bathroom

I Just Want To Thank The Lounge

Do you know who this baby is?

Dang It I Missed The Plane!

Escaping to Canada - the f'ing paperwork is phenomenal!


Post a favorite snack/bear combo

Post a favorite snack/beer combo...


People with good taste: Do you this would look good on me?

What are you wearing on St. Patrick's Day?

What was "Your" song you danced to at your wedding?

I just hit 1000 posts!

Roll call! Who is going to the Boston meetup?

Who Was Your Favorite Star Trek Original Character?

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 3,330,000 from for Democratic Underground.

My feline overlords are displeased with me.

I just had a hernia operation. Ask me anything.

Am I a freak for caring so much about animals?


Don't you DARE post a reply to this thread.

Top Chef New Season starts in 3 minutes!!!!11!

The vet just called to prepare me.

I got my labs back today

Which Deodorant Do You Use?

Carlyle Capital on the Ropes - " substantial margin calls" & "default notices" to them!

Women are asking WHY

What is "Your" song you'd like to have played at your funeral?

The Dating Persona Test - which type are you?

Post your musical questions here

Post your musical questions here

Best antihero.

Do you have anything hotter than this?

Lookin' for hate on talk radio

Foreign aid for governments that don't tolerate free speech of citizens

Do you drink bottled water? Do you carry water in a reusable bottle?

What was "Your" song when you first *wink* *wink* 'did it'


DU Google your user name and show the number of tits

Are you struggling to buy food and fuel?

Good night y'all

How long has it been since you've oxidized (and reduced)

How many of you knew Dolly Parton recorded Stairway to Heaven?

I am the world's slowest text messeger!

That's it. I'm out of here.

The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test

Bush warns collapse of trade deal with Colombia could cripple U.S. influence in South America

Rep. Carson's grandson wins her seat

Former Ohio senator has died

Iraqis bury 10 after blast U.S. says killed no one

Mexican Students Condemn Colombia Raid

Hundreds seeking housing money overwhelm Boca Authority

CSX Rail Plan Faces Capital Troubles

AOL acquires Bebo social network

Area Mennonites Put More Effort, Less Energy Into Lent

Clinton Apologizes To Black Voters

CentCom slashing staff

FBI Asked to Probe (WH Missing) E-Mail Controversy

Iraqi asylum seekers given deadline to go home or face destitution in UK

Washington Blade editor: Lawyers for DNC chief of staff tried to intimidate me

France's final WWI veteran dies

Hedge funds on the brink as US Federal Reserve cash fails to ease crisis

Car bomb Kills 18 in Baghdad (Wounds Dozens)

Chaldean archbishop kidnapped in Iraq found dead: church

Liberal talk radio hires ex-con Ney

Health Report Raises Dispute Over Great Lakes Pollution

Former Ohio Sen. Howard Metzenbaum Dies

Ex-FBI Official Gets Six Years

Consumers mining jewelry boxes for gold

February retail sales worse than expected (MUCH worse).

Man arrested over Heathrow alert

b. foreclosures up 60 pct on yr -RealtyTrac

FBI Probes Va. Company's Workers in House Swindle

Peers lobby Smith to halt deportation of gay Iranian

Bereaved Iraqi mother vows revenge on US

2nd UNC Suspect Charged in Duke Killing

Sen. Chuck Hagel's book to hit shelves March 25

House going to secret session for FISA

(Mark) Penn: Obama "really can't win the general"

Health Report Raises Dispute Over Great Lakes Pollution

Mortgage relief plan falling short

Chrysler plans two-week July shutdown

2 die each day in Mich. for lack of insurance

Allegations of Embezzlement at the GOP Congressional Committee

Arizona city seeks moat to secure Mexico border

FBI disregarded secret court on private records

Two Suspects Named in Carson Case

Senate rejects Bush income tax extension

Obama Criticizes McCain on Taxes

Dollar's clout sinks worldwide

Dollar's clout sinks worldwide

Audit: More FBI Privacy Abuses in 2006

Dems seek to end KBR's skirting of payroll taxes

Documents Feed Debate on FEMA Trailers

Florida Dems to proceed with mail-in vote

Colombia President Allies Submit Petitions For 3rd Term Referendum

U.S. gold hits $1,000 record high

Teen Charged in 2 Students' Deaths (UNC and Duke students)

US veterans urge soldiers to speak out against Iraq war

Five Cuban soccer players defect after game vs. USA

China sees conspiracy behind Olympics criticisms

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 13

Bush seeks to reassure on economy

Chinese 'arming Darfur conflict'

U.S. Delisting of China from Human Rights Violators Upsets Rights Activists

'Client No. 6:' Brit press tags Duke of Westminster

'Schindler's List' survivors reunited

Brainstorming About 'Bailouts'

Most Economists Say Recession Has Arrived as Outlook Darkens

Carlyle Capital Lenders to Seize Assets `Promptly' (Update2)

Pentagon Cites Tapes Showing Interrogations

Feb. foreclosures up 60 percent over year before

Bereaved Iraqi mother vows revenge on US

Guantanamo trial delayed amid prisoner's protests

Justice Dep't says legal opinion on Exec. orders is classified

Abramoff Firm Indicted on Theft, Conspiracy

Condoleezza Rice to avoid Argentina during South American trip

U.S. economists see long-term ills from Iraq war

Russia Must Use Nuclear Deterrent To Protect Allies

(Rep Tom) Cole: Ward "deceived and betrayed" the NRCC "for a number of years"

Police keep tight lid on Tibet after protests

Bush threatens terror-surveillance veto

Letter to God Found in CO Gunman's Car

Bush says if younger, he would work in Afghanistan

Archbishop Kidnapped in Iraq Found Dead

John McCain: Early US pull-out from Iraq will cause 'genocide'

U.S. Troops Kill Iraqi Girl On Roadside

French Foreign Minister: 'Magic is Over' for U.S.

Fake fears over Ethiopia's gold

Paulson admits deregulation has failed us all

Report Shows No Link Between Saddam and al Qaeda (pdf link to full report)

Forget ‘Emperor’s Escort Service,’ Why Don’t They Bust This ‘Emperor With No Clothes’

Stunning New Report on Domestic NSA Dragnet Spying Confirms ACLU Surveillance Warnings

Venezuela: the U.S. government is “the terrorist government par excellence"

Toles on Hillary/McCain

The Iraq Follies

Ferraro: ‘Jackie Robinson Broke Color Barrier Just Because He Was Black’

Ferraro makes me realize: If Sammy Davis, Jr. had had a sex change operation, he would have been

The Road to Dystopia - the search for the silver bullet on illegal immigration

Return to Baghdad (IWPR journalist back after four years)

Wikipedia 'shows CIA page edits'

The O’Reilly Factor

New Hope for the Rich - (another reason to vote Dem)

The Real Reason Why Eliot Spitzer Was No Teddy Roosevelt as a NY Governor

Analyze This: The Message That Fallon's Farewell And Cheney's Arrival Sends To Teheran

The $3 Trillion War

Americans feel they are too poor to retire

Enemies Home And Abroad: Playing The Fear Card

Pro-Clinton? ‘SNL’ Says You’re Joking

Ferraro's Race Argument Isn't Insulting to Obama; It's Insulting to Democrats

KBR: Dirty Water, Dirty Deals

Look Out Disneyland, Here Comes Realityworld

How a Michigan Do-Over Would Hurt Obama

Did Limbaugh's Crossover Voters Break Ohio Law?

Iraq's health care system crippled by staff and medical supply shortages

CIA Holocaust Claims Twenty Million Victims

Recruiting Spies in the Peace Corps

2 die each day in Mich. for lack of insurance

McCain's Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam

Gay Iranian wins asylum reprieve

Power Grab by EU Parliament President

Ciccone Youth - 'Addicted to Love'

TYT On Hillary's Foreign Policy Experience

Countdown Special Comment: Sen. Clinton

The Logic of Hillary Clinton - Part 2

The Logic of Hillary Clinton - Part 3

Barack Obama: Judgement to Lead - Endorsed by Flag Officers of Army, Navy & Air Force

The Logic of Hillary Clinton - Part 1

Hillary Clinton "Can't Hold Us Down"

Congress Votes to Support Torture

Mrs. Bennett

Chimpy "speaks" about the FISA bill

They say what? That it's a big advantage to be a black man?

Interview to Chris Hedges 1 W/Amy Goodman. American Fascism

Election Reality TV - Butch & Hoppy Chase 1 sec.1

Election Reality TV - First in series

Fascism USA

The Logic of Hillary Clinton - Part 4

Don't Stand For This!

Why retired Generals and Admirals support Barack Obama

House chair supports protesters

Ferraro: Obama Campaign Should Apologize to Me


Geraldine Ferraro Resigns

Why We Fight - another clip

Why We Fight clip

Why We Fight - more

Dim Son pretends to care about women's rights

Speaker Pelosi on President Bush's Statements on FISA

Why We Fight - Oil and Blowback

Election Reality TV - Butch & Hoppy Chase 1 sec.2

[Dutch tv satire] Bush apologizes to Europe (in English)

Bush Saves World From Air Pollution

Hip Hip For Hillary (Just in Time for St. Pat's Day!)

Hillary in Ireland

Former Republican Rep. Chastises Representatives Subservient to Bush

Jeremiah Wright - Hillary Clinton ain't never been called...

TYT Asks: Can This Country Really Elect Obama?

Red State Update: Spitzer Hooker Sex Scandal

George Bush and the Moonie Cult's "Holy Wine" Ceremony

Pat Buchanan tells guest to shut up!

Keith Olbermann: Special Comment on Hillary Clinton

More reasons not to support Hillary

Really Funny: Eleanor Roosevelt on What's My Line

Cokie Roberts says being against Iraq War is getting "old"

TYT: Every Dollar Spent By Hillary Clinton Helps McCain

Obama pastor/mentor: "God Damn America"

NPR: Hillary Clinton says Michigan Results are Fair

Pat Buchanan tells guest on Abrams show to Shut Up. Maddow puts him in his place....

Silda Wall Spitzer House Tour of New York Governor's Mansion

Fascism - How to Spot it .How to Protect yourself Part 1 of 2

Obama's mentor : Hillary ain't never been called a ..... Is Launching An Ad Contest: "Obama in 30 Seconds."

Jack Cafferty, CNN: Geraldine Ferraro's Racist Remarks About Barack Obama

14 Characteristics of Fascism

Bill Richardson on hillary and Obama

The forgotten people

Grace to pay record fine (Balto Sun) {$250M for asbestos}

EU threatens to punish climate deal rebels

V2G pilot program initiated in MI

French nuclear sector risks serious lack of staff

Judge threatens audience evictions at Westchester nuclear hearing

Why offshore wind is poised to restructure our energy picture

removed to GDP - sorry

EPA Overrules Scientists, Lowers Smog Standard Only Slightly

3/13/08 - 12:40 GMT - WTI @ $110.23; Six Of Eleven Benchmarks Over $110, Gold Breaks $1,000

Brazil: deforestation sends snakes slithering to city

State's first commercial windmill farm starts churning out power in Huron County (MI)

The Green House Effect: Eco Appliance Technology

Can Green IT break the Jevons Paradox?

Solar Coalition gets enthusiastic financial endorsement from Ulster lawmakers

Worries still linger over proposed solar plant plan near Carrizo Plain (construction noise)

Coal Plant Catch Up: Bill Halts New Coal Plants until Coal Technology Catches Up with Clean Rhetoric

(Pennsylvania) Energy policy for state picks up steam Lawmakers near final bargaining

Turbines may soon dot urban landscapes: Larger cities begin crafting wind ordinances ...

McCain's Nuclear Waste

Powering the Future - A new book hints at the alternative-energy sources we may soon be tapping into

Pakistan Projects Decline In Water Storage Capacity Of 12% In Next Decade - Daily Times

Storms Drive EU Wholesale Electricity Price Down By 12% - German Wind Output To Peak @ 20 Gigawatts

UC Berkeley Study Projects Annual Chinese CO2 Emissions Growth At 11%, Far Above IPCC Estimates

Congressional Investigators - No MPG Action, Despite Johnson's Decision Three Months Ago To Do So

Congressional Investigators - No MPG Action, Despite Johnson's Decision Three Months Ago To Do So

CDC Releases Great Lakes Health Report After Withholding Documents, Demoting Scientist

Residents Of Northernmost Japan Look To The Sea As Ice Declines, Water Warms - Japan Times

Jeff Immelt - US Moving Far Too Slowly On Clean Energy - ENN

Can. Government Paid $50K To Publicize Climate Report, Then Quietly Posted It Online After Leak

Solar tower of power coming to Spain, Abu Dhabi

DELAWARE: House panel approves two wind power measures

EU leaders seek to lead the way on fighting climate change

Maine Maritime developing a tidal power development center

(Florida) Poll shows support for investing in solar energy

History Meets Eco-Innovation with Long Beach Airport Solar Panel Project

Pilgrim's Pride cutting 1,100 jobs. Was renewable fuels industry at fault?

3/13/08 - 20:40 GMT - Every World Oil Benchmark Over $100 - 6/11 Over $110

Solar Powered Lighting Project (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)

Archer Daniels on the Hotseat

How plastics industry battles bans on its bags

David Paterson: First Openly Peak Oil Aware Governor

Labor's Changing Tune on Global Warming

Polysilicon-Production Waste Unacceptable To Solar Industry

Solar modules twice as efficient as conventional silicon - photovoltaic concentrator technology

Basic Greenhouse Equations "Totally Wrong"?

Early Season Salmon Fishing Cancelled For All Of California, Most Of Oregon - CC Times

Bush is destroying the West - one day at a time and he still has more than 6 mos to go!!!

Toyota's Watanabe Warns That Fuel-Cell Car Commercialization Difficult, Years From Showroom - AFP

Science - Historical Data Show Solar Output Changes = 3% Of Observed Warming

Colbert: Naomi Wolf and Fascism in America

Today in labor history March 13

Indiana Union Members Help Send Carson to Congress

McCain-o-nomics: Warmed Over Bush

Huffington Post: We Fight Inequality by Restoring Freedom to Join Unions

Hearings Spotlight OSHA Inaction in Setting Combustible Standards to Save Lives

New Abolitionists Fight Slavery in Tomato Fields (in the USA)

McCain Stiffs U.S. Workers, Helps Europeans Win Air Tanker Deal

Ethanol E20 blend passes compatibility, performance tests

How America is betraying the hungry children of Africa





Doctor Housing Bubble 03/12/08

Wall Street flags as hopes fade (BBC)

Dow futures down 153 points, or 1.3 percent, ahead of opening.

Flu Resurgence Spurs Profit Gains

Recession is here folks, the MSM finally sees it

How a lender bailout hurts the economy

Hedge funds on the brink as US Federal Reserve cash fails to ease crisis

Any good Economics 101 podcasts?

"See You in The Hague" - BoRev Speaks

Venezuela Wants Euros for Some Fuel Exports (No Wonder US Wants to Declare Ven a Terrorist State)

VEN's OAS Rep. Says US Gov't. is a "Terrorist Government Par Excellence"

Cuban-American Progressive's Message to Obama

Washington Blade editor: Lawyers for DNC chief of staff tried to intimidate me

Please put your input in this poll. Thanks!

Anyone need to fill up your "IGNORE" list (now with the Thread address) ?

Is (should) the anti funeral protest law in KS

Letter to Kern - Real Terrorism vs Gay Agenda

Sally Kern ("homosexuals are worse than terrorism") apparently has a gay son

Has everyone SEEN this???

I think its time for a GLBT Picture Thread and our Allies :)

The homophobes will stop at absolutely nothing.

Assassinations in Bethlehem and Tulkarm – a grave provocation

ACLU accuses library of censorship for canceling Israeli-Palestinian film

Rattling the Cage: Terrorism, theirs and ours

Tell me about Stuart Pilichowski (Topic: Partial Solution to Qassam Rocket Attacks)

Hamas sets terms for Israeli truce

Consistent demands

IDF strike kills 5 militants; South on alert for Qassams

Dangerous fringes

Gush Shalom: West Bank assassinations, “grave provocation”

Hezbollah becoming more visible in West Bank after Mughniyah death

At least 30 Qassam rockets fired into Israel from Gaza since Wed.

UN chief calls on Israel to halt 'excessive force'

Abbas says Israel "ethnic cleansing" in Jerusalem

The Silence of the Family

How to Become an Israeli Journalist

Police arrest rabbi for 'inciting Palestinians' in East Jerusalem

A letter from a mother in Gaza to a mother in Sderot

Israeli sniper bullet takes 12-year-old girl's life

Consistency is the Key to Victory

Somebody besides a lawyer could get rich off of Barry Bonds. You want to bid, cboy4?

Red Sox: Schilling to DL; Mirabelli released


Okay. You all are SCARY good!

Red Sox picked to go all the way again

Affirmations for Balancing with the Elemental Energies

An Enduring Measure of Fitness: The Simple Push-Up

STD Data Come as No Surprise, Area Teenagers Say

Report Criticizes FDA Over Spinach Packers

The healing effects of acupuncture

cooking a sirloin tonight, had it marinating all day now the question is.....

I found me some Meyer lemons

The vitamin D miracle: Is it for real?

Using jerky in recipes. I'm thinking of buying some jerky to have

Bible and Science

Believing and non-believing

Episcopal Church Votes to Oust Bishop Who Seceded

Bishop accuses gays of 'conspiracy' against the Catholic Church

Anyone experienced with making baby food?

~~~ March Contest Prelims Now Up in GD ~~~

Happy St. Patrick's

Vitamin D 'cuts risk of diabetes' (BBC)

Island find stirs Hobbit debate

Space Advocates for Obama Website

2 asteroids passed between the earth and moon this week

Huge ice deposits 'seen' on Mars

What size shot is best for self protection? nm

Boy punished for T-shirt with gun image

Gun Battle at the White House

I don't believe in atheists (Chris Hedges's new book)

'9/11 attacks made up, ' says French best actress Oscar-winner

Spitzer ‘Destroyed’ Over Threat To Probe 9/11 Attacks On US??

Howzabout some visuals on election integrity for the Backbone Campaign?

HUGE New Diebold "Accuvote" Optical Scan Vulnerabilties Uncovered by University of CT

Nice diary thanking John Kerry to rec right now!

Blog conference call with Kerry

Alert: John Kerry was ambushed by Michelle Malkin's goons. He remained calm & polite.

Kerry's Lift HIV travel ban bill is inching its way toward passage (Very historic!)

JK has an essay on torture in this month's Washington Monthly

New York sex scandal has Austin ties

Look Out San Antonio

Space Advocates for Obama Website

No one should miss Keith O's Special Comment on HRC campaign from last night

Tired of the Kitchen Sink attacks.....

Presidents with less or equal national experience than Obama.

A friend of mine said Obama should announce his running mate soon

Maybe we should take the high road

Globe and Mail: Canada: The land inflation forgot

Globe and Mail: Tories stalling abuse probe, watchdog says

Panel to urge wide probe into 'grease money'

Canwest: Conservatives shoot back at Gomery

Cadman motion paralyzes committee

Globe and Mail: Joe Clark has some 'concerns' about Harper

Harper sues top Liberals for libel

Reading, Writing ... And Engineering

You Have No Job Security, But We'll Tell the Goverment You Do

Panel: America's Math Education System is "broken"

Who has KO's email addy, as well as Dan Abrams'?

Hello, Craig Crawford????

KO transcript link here

Fun Stuff

most surreal post-"Special Comment" remark (or at least I hope so)

Is Hillary's delegate count inflated?

Ex-Military in Tow, Democrats Make Case

Clinton, Obama Are at Odds over Plans for Florida, Michigan

Pro-Clinton? ‘SNL’ Says You’re Joking

'Rocketeer' Comic Book Creator Dave Stevens Dies At 52

The Dream-Ticket Fantasy

Final Potter film split in half

Obama / Gore for 2008

United Technologies makes offer for Diebold - trick voting machine manufacturer.

NBC/WSJ poll: Worse off than 4 years ago, voters say; Clinton, Obama, McCain within close margins

State GOP offers to help Michigan Dems resolve delegate impasse

Will the misery never end?? Another debate...Katie Couric moderating??

March 19th March and Rally to End the War Now — San Francisco

Tin foil hat alert! THIRD Brit top cop found dead....

I am worried about the Supreme Court race.

Another Super Delegate Endorsement ....

What makes Lena Taylor Run??????

The idea of exceptions