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Obama's pastor's comments being played on Olbermann

Rasmussen: 'Is America generally fair?' Yes--> McCain vote, No--> Democratic vote

I think we all are missing the primaries a bit too much

OMG! Some CNN guest duoofus, sorry, guest host is trying to coin a new word, "Sub-burblicans"?!?

If Pastor-gate doesn't blow over soon it will stick with him forever (like herpes)

Obama to be on Olbermann now

I think it's time to play W.O.R.M. again

You know what? Never fucken mind.

The Daily Howler Calls Out Josh Marshall / TPM

The Daily Howler Calls Out Josh Marshall / TPM

Let's stick to the issues.

Wasn't Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim last week?

Let's nominate a republican.

Obama is going to be on Fox (Hannity Show) tonight.

LOL at the H. Clinton supporter desperate feeding frenzies.

This Kucinich fan thinks Hillary should stay in the race

Obama: "I did not inhale!"

The Obama scandal from Heaven

Knock it off with this "Hillbots" crap

Hillary Lies saying she was instrumental in establishing S-Chip

Rev. Wright is downright crazy....

New 7th Inning Stretch Song for Obamicans --

New 7th Inning Stretch Song for Obamicans --

As a progressive white man, I have to say that I am terrified of the scary black man.

i love this desperate hate emanating from the hill camp. they are terrified of the scary black man

official ****Countdown **** official thread...

Design the ad that will counter the inevitable RW smear based on Rev Wright

Put on your gas mask and watch Hannity and Colmbes -- Obama and Wright on

There is nothing LESS AUDACIOUS than HOPE*

'All of the statements that have been the subject of controversy are ones that I vehemently condemn.

Robert Parry: Suddenly, a Dangerous Turn

I guess we can count out the Muslim swiftboat on Obama

If the Rev. Wright thing brings down Obama, it means one thing.

Obama worst enemies are his voters

Damn that Fox News! Barack Obama looks GREEN!

Get the Rolodex, It's time for a purge

I just saw Rod Parsley (McCains spiritual advisor), Obama has nothing to be concerned about in GE

Will the NCAA basketball tourn. distract most Americans from this stuff?

So who said electing the first African-American president was going to be easy? Anyone here?

So how was the AC360 interview tonight?

Religion is a cancer on humanity

Will Barack Obama pass his unconstitutional right-wing religious test for public office??

The chickens coming home to roost:

Calling all HillBots - Take you little red wagon and go home. Come back when you have grown up.

McCain giving the commencement at Falwell's Liberty Univ. is FAR worse than Obama/Wright assoc

Ask McCain why he supported this crazy preacher!

Is religion the root of all evil?

This post is dedicated to ridding America of the cancer of racism

Why has the media not shown Jeremiah Wright criticizing black society?

Its Convenient for Freepers to pose as DU Hillary supporters. that way they can pursue thier racism

Obama supporters - he's coming up on Fox any minute.

Iowa's 14 Edwards delegates are up for grabs this Saturday --->>>

I forgot how much I hate Ari Fleisher

Interesting strategy-Obama blames Wright and Ferraro on the 60s

No WMD in Iraq. No connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

An important quality in a president

Barack Needs to give a speech addressing the issues in Rev Wrights sermons

Obama DENOUNCES pastor's 9/11 comments

Robert Parry: Suddenly, a Dangerous Turn

"If I heard him repeat these things I would have quit"

Stupid question: Buuuuuuuuut, is there any chance these videos got circulated by BHO?

A silver lining in Preacher Flap?

CAUTION: Reading/Posting in DU:Primaries can lower your IQ

CAUTION: Reading/Posting in DU:Primaries can lower your IQ

Pro-Choice Catholics: How Do You Feel About Obama's Relationship to His Pastor?

I think John Lennon had it right,

Media ignore McCain's finances after obsessing over Dems'

ABC News: Clinton Woos Superdelegates at Private Dinner

OK, I'm ready to talk about issues now.

Wright is leaving the campaign.

What's happening on Hannity?

The Weird Political Symmetry In Ferraro and Wright's Angry Rhetoric

I don't mind saying, I told you so.

Obama and Mandela


My first GDP post - Obama handled himself VERY well on Fox.

I'm glad Wright's views are getting an airing

I can see Wright's appeal

Only Weapon Left Is Divide and Conquer

Headline: Obama blames 1960's for his pastor's comments

Gergen: Press should investigate Obama. What about Clinton's tax returns?

Republicans are Terrified of Barack Obama

They Expanded Presidential Power So Much They Will Do Anything

OK corporate media, where are the inspirational Rev. Wright sound bites!

I feel better, now

Jeremy Scahill said: "Don't drink the kool-aid of Obama or Clinton"

Obama goes to a predominately black church!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everybody !!! - For Tonight's Distrac, Er... Entertainment... Keep On Rockin !!!

Here Is The Lesson To Be Learned From "Pastor-Gate"

Obama & "Pastorgate" What are we missing?

All the hurt and outrage from the media about Wright but not a single peep about Rod Parsley

Candidates Have To Be Held Accountable for What Their Pastors Says?

This week has been pretty damned amusing around here.

Obama Supporters: Clinton Easy Reference

We are going to kick some fucking republican ASS in November people

McCain is not going to want to fight Obama on Wright. He has his own Religious Nut Problem

Why Obama's claim about not knowing is believable - an "inside the beltway" perspective

anyone reconsidering Obama/Clinton Clinton/Obama

NYT: Big Donors Leaning on DNC Over FLA and MI Delegates

Do you want to be polarized by race, or do you want this country to

Did you see what Hillary invented!! It's all her fault!!11!!!!1!!

I hope that Obama and Clinton supporters can all agree

90% of first page about jeremiah wright - the hillbots are parroting Hate Radio

Obama video--this is US!!

Senator Obama JUST said on Anderson360 (CNN) "When I WAS running for President!"

This just in: OBAMA hates white people even though he is 1/2 white

Wright is right....

Africentric church: A visit to Chicago's Trinity UCC

"The Fellowship" = Wright = Ferraro = Rezko = Monica Lewinksy

After this pastorgate has sunk in, how many delegates would

Don't make me post more home videos of my infant son.

Take heart, people..

when do we see the taxes and the records?why are they hidden?

So, given a hypothetical choice

Obama has answered the questions about Rev. Wright. What else can be asked or said?

"The White Elephant in the Room"

AP: Obama denounces pastor's 9/11 comments (See, Obama's strategy is working)

Obama supporters are dropping like flies

Holy shit!!!! Obama's barber is a Muslim who thinks 9/11 was an inside job!!!! Holy crap!!! Adios!

Bill Clinton was in my town two days ago... Youtube video of my idiotic mayor introducing him....

Since Jesus hung around prostitutes and lepers

obama told wright, "it's best for you not to be out there in public."

Chicago's Trinity UCC is 'great gift to wider church family'

Zelig Agonistes: Or, Why Wrightgate Is So Hugh.

Zelig Agonistes: Or, Why Wrightgate Is So Hugh.

So what is the genesis of HRC's SChip firedrill? It comes at a convenient time for Obama..

Hey GD-P, Look in the Mirror.

Something for all you Primmies: Democratic Rivals Agree to Play Nicer

Clinton Camp Roots Out A Rogue Element (Maybe) - LATimes

zOMG!! This is HUGH !!!11!! Obama Just Refused to Sing "God Bless America" on AC 360..

Why do white people scare so easily?

Did you hear the latest on Obama?

Which video do you prefer?

This is how Obama's Wright problem is actually helping Obama:

Obama has Black children!!!!

You know what's odd-Drudge has largely ignored these Obama bombshells

No Person With An Ounce Of Black Blood Could Ever Run

Maybe I'm NAIVE, so please... ENLIGHTEN ME.

"God Bless America Again"

Obama told us tonight....

A Dream Deffered

I think it is now time to stop tearing our two top candidates to shreds

re: Rev Wright

Given the all-time low approval ratings

Exposing the Hypocrisy of America

Obama - Wright - Rezko - - a pattern?

I guess vitriolic anti-homosexual rhetoric is acceptable nowadays

I said it before and I'll say it again

Taylor Marsh is a REAGAN DEMOCRAT

PA is the Hillamo--and they know it.

SO - anyone want to talk about the Candidate's Economic Recovery Plans? OMG ISSUES!1!11111!!ONE!111

I now hope if/when Obama wins the nomination he picks Hillary as VP, or...

Bill Clinton's pardons...Hillary seems to be taking

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just" -


"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just" -


After Hillary Drops Out, What Will Be Your Source Of Faux Outrage?

PA Primary News

Okay, now what do we do?

Anyone watching CNN 360?

Anyone watching CNN 360?


Something positive to come out of this Wright mess

Are Wright's sermons the campaign WMD that the GOP need to win

How are we feeling now, fellow Obama supporters?

My problem with Rev. Wright is how antithetical he is to Obama's own message.

There's a significant difference between the "racism" of African Americans

Why hasn't John McCain released his tax records?

Listening to Richard Clarke, I get angry all over again

While Pastorgate consumes the US news and political commentary:

Tony Perkins, that All American Family Guy: not too worried about the destruction of Islam

Tony Perkins, that All American Family Guy: not too worried about the destruction of Islam

Tony Perkins, that All American Family Guy: not too worried about the destruction of Islam

Jeremiah Wright lauded by UCC leadership

Another Media Assassination: Wright and Rezko = Dean Scream Part II

"To soothe the savage beast" a poem for GD:P

Rev. Jeremiah Wright was Oprah's Pastor Too

Rev. Jeremiah Wright was Oprah's Pastor Too

POLLS: Obama beats McCain by 12 in CT (Hillary up by 3), beats McCain by 15 in CA (Hillary up by 7)

BREAKING NEWS: New Obama scandal

I Like Our Candidates, It’s The Jerks In Their Campaigns I Can’t Stand.

I Won't Support The Democratic Party If It Overturns The Will of the People

I Won't Support The Democratic Party If It Overturns The Will of the People

Here's my bottom line without any spin

I am not sitting in judgment on either of our fine candidates

Intellectual caliber/curiosity/decision making style of the candidates (?)

Intellectual caliber/curiosity/decision making style of the candidates (?)

And here goes number three.

Guilt by Association.

Skinner - I beg of you - please close DU's registration temporarily

Oh no--I just saw a new, horrible, shocking video of Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Fox News

Don't let the sunshine spoil your rain.

Damn, for a minute there I was scared, but then I remembered ...

The 3AM call on Wednesday November 5th...

Campaign could undo Democratic Party

What the hell are Obama & Hillary thinking?? Why are they replacing their preachers with THESE guys?

Obama backer takes aim at Clinton's experience

Do any of you really think

Do any of you really think

Issues? What's an 'issue'?

9 New Super Delegates for Obama?

Rev.Wright Leaves Obama’s Campaign

Mario Cuomo: Candidates should be grilled about Iraq War, because it's illegal

NYT: Influential fundraisers for HRC threaten to withhold donations to DNC if FL, MI not seated!

If Obama loses in November, it will make it that much harder for a woman President.

Do you believe OBAMA when...............

85% of Foxnews viewers say pastor scandal could be fatal to Obama's chances ... link

So who benefits by this battle of the "ists"?

I just heard Jesus hung out with whores and thieves.

Racism and Presidential Elections - Nothing new.


CNN Just Blew the Lid of the Race / Gender Issue

Why the press hates Obama

Did Hannity really say that Obama should drop out of the race and resign from the Senate?

We are tearing ourselves apart

Thoughts on the Pastor from an Obama Supporter

We are tearing ourselves apart

We are tearing ourselves apart

We are tearing ourselves apart

We are tearing ourselves apart

We are tearing ourselves apart

LOL Why Not Obama page is DRUMROLL under development & to be uploaded soon

Did Hannity really say that Obama should drop out of the race and resign from the Senate?

Obama: A disturbing pattern of dishonest statements

Obama's problem with Wright is that he only denounced him when he became a political liability

Obama's problem with Wright is that he only denounced him when he became a political liability

Does anyone know where Hillary Clinton goes to church?

Sorry people, criminals don't donate $250,000 to politicians for nothing

Clinton and the Democrats

self- delete

Ed Rendell, who is Hillary's PA ally, invited Farrakhan to Philadelphia to calm racial tensions...

Ed Rendell, who is Hillary's PA ally, invited Farrakhan to Philadelphia to calm racial tensions...

An 'SGL Ally': In Praise of Jeremiah Wright

An 'SGL Ally': In Praise of Jeremiah Wright

One of the real reasons why Obama & Hillary supporters are at each others throats

Donna Brazile, Obama, Michelle and, hey, let's throw in Oprah

Obama credits a sermon of Rev Wright, "The audacity of Hope" With drawing him to Christianity.

Perspective on Wright

April 16th set for Democratic debate in Philadelphia

The Wright issue pushes electability down for BOTH candidates

Has Obama ever leveled a right-wing criticism at Hillary?

Barack Obama releases video to supporters discussing Wright issue



Why Obama supporters should support MI and FL re-votes, seriously.

The Dean Scream, Part II

Ferraro must be laughing her ass off.....

I'm a delegate in Iowa. Just returned from registering...

After paying our dues for 7 miserable years, we had earned the right to enjoy

At the convention, Hillary should follow her usual route: Vote for Obama's nomination

Just remember this DU folks - The Wright controversy is a MANUFACTURED


Sorry, Hillary: You've crossed the line

Sorry, Hillary: You've crossed the line

Sorry, Hillary: You've crossed the line

Sorry, Hillary: You've crossed the line

Obama is running on his "good judgement".

wndycty is feeling very militant and dedicates a song to Obama & Wright: Don't Believe The Hype!

This Wright thing WOULD have been a disaster--if Obama had said any of these things himself.

Obama gave an explanation on wright. If you don't like it, don't vote for him

AMERICAblog: Obama Quells Media Frenzy Over Words of His Pastor

Ferraro, Spitzer and now Wright.. a timeline of events


Fox news is overdoing the pastor coverage

Obama (Interview): "I trusted Rezko" - says friend raised more money than previously known

A Free-Spirited Wanderer Who Set Obama’s Path

I remain hopeful about life, and that includes Obama's candidacy.

The dimwitted are distracted by shiny objects.


Need some advice on how to answer a bad forwarded email-

Here's to Obama for kickin' some FOX butt tonight!

the effect of Hillary continuing to fight for a nomination she can't win.

I can't believe Barack Obama is at the end of my street, and I wasn't told until yesterday!



Obama: 'I strongly condemn his views and I wasnt aware of them'

Obama: 'I strongly condemn his views and I wasnt aware of them'

Well what's go on here on Free Republic/DUGDP

Chicago Tribune reports that Rezko raised $250,000 for Obama

Obama : Edwards : Clinton !!

Obama is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Making My First-Ever Contribution to the DNC Today

I'm Making My First-Ever Contribution to the DNC Today

We now know what Obama is about and he needs to drop out now

Help from a high-ranking supporter?

Obama : Edwards : Clinton !!

Obama : Edwards : Clinton !!

HuffPo: Mississippi: "LIMBAUGH EFFECT" Softens Blow for Hillary Clinton ("HillPublicans" )

HuffPo: Mississippi: "LIMBAUGH EFFECT" Softens Blow for Hillary Clinton ("HillPublicans" )

HuffPo: Mississippi: "LIMBAUGH EFFECT" Softens Blow for Hillary Clinton ("HillPublicans" )

Let us not forget

Let us not forget

Obama coming up on CNN from Indiana....

f it- delete

Yesterday's Barack Obama's Chicago Tribune interview about Rezko.....13 pages Transcript

Clinton supporters living in pretend world.

Now, more than ever, Barack Obama.

I think that its sad that Hillary's folks have to work so hard to create scandal

Cynical question: who thinks it's possible the Obama campaign is behind the Wright story?

Barack is half WHITE who dearly loved his white mom and grandparetns stop distorting him America.

NEW POLL with the Damage reported

NEW POLL with the Damage reported

NEW POLL with the Damage reported

Will the Clinton supporters finally support the Obama

One is unforgivable, the other barely news

A reality check and a little perspective for everyone.

Hey everybody! Obama is not a Muslim after all!!!!

Hey everybody! Obama is not a Muslim after all!!!!

Hey everybody! Obama is not a Muslim after all!!!!

Hey everybody! Obama is not a Muslim after all!!!!

A reality check and a little perspective for everyone.

The Racial Divide vs The Gender Divide

The Racial Divide vs The Gender Divide

Obama Fans...

We're still not talking to each other.

The mob and Harold Ickes

Is Pastorgate really about media wars???

Will Obama supporters back Clinton If she is the nominee?

Live: Obama Town Hall In Indiana - First Since Pastor Controversy

A Modest Proposal for Compromise

It bothers me that everyone keeps talking about "The Clintons"

Ironically, this may be Barack's "Sista Souljah" moment

After work the other day

The Various Ministry Services of Reverend Wright

WTF? Despite Rev. Wright, white folks join Black folks in chanting "YES WE CAN!" in Indy?

A sincere thanks to Hillary

The silver lining to the Wright issue is that the idea that "Obama is a Muslim" has been shattered.

The silver lining to the Wright issue is that the idea that "Obama is a Muslim" has been shattered.

Does anyone have links to Obama's and Clinton's positions on Tibet?

Does anyone have links to Obama's and Clinton's positions on Tibet?

To everyone still defending Wright's statement.

Is it possible Clinton & McCain are colluding?

Is it possible Clinton & McCain are colluding?

The Pessimist Inside Me and Why Obama Will Have the Carpet Pulled from Under Him

The Optimist Inside Me and Why Obama Will Overcome this Swiftboat Attack

I'm backing Hillary but I am bugged by this Obama attack

Instead of being throttled, Obama takes Fridays frustrations and renews the purpose of his campaign.

Obama debates with Republican! ** must-see, video, serious **

Obama, olbermann, and Wright

Our Racial Divide Will Widen Dramatically if Obama is Destroyed by the Media

Is the IRS investigating Rev. Wright? Seems that is the appropriate course of action.

I want my feel good campaign back! You hear that Barack and Hillary?

I was a proud supporter of Joe Biden and John Edwards

Excuse my language, however;

Enough's enough. COME HOME H2O Man!!!!

Don't know if it's true or not....

Chicago Tribune indicates that it's satisfied with Obama's account of Rezko.

If the Kitchen Stink strategy yields its intended result

Apologies and deleted.

Thank You, Hillary

The Primaries are a Farce

Anti-American comments of Obama benefactor could derail campaign

Old polarities persist in Dem race ~ Associated Press

6 more weeks of Rev. Wright and Rezko

6 more weeks of Rev. Wright and Rezko

WHAT'S WORSE? Being a long-time follower/associate of Jeremiah Wright, or of Dick Morris?

white over 50 middle class and STILL for obama

The Blog Boycott Action Network (BBAN) *PIC* plenary session meeting

I'm Not Comfortable With Obama's Mentor

Do any Hillary supporters feel that this story has gotten A BIT out of control??

Well, we screwed this election up royally, didn't we?

Have you ever voted for a Catholic?

If Martin Luther King were alive today he would be accused of playing the "race card"

Bribing the Referee

Obama is getting crucified about Wright, while McCain gets a free pass on

I got no dog in this fight, but it seems that Rev Wright Spoke the truth,

Falwell and Robertson on 9-11

Dem Panel With Final Say on Delegates Includes former Clinton Employees

McCain on Youtube about Obama and Wright

What exactly has Rev. Wright said that you disagree with???

Reverend Wright's Sermons Point out Hypocrisy of Many of us ...

***** Here's a question Barack Obama should ask EVERYONE on Fox News *****

Chicago Tribune Gives Obama Clean Bill of Health on Rezko

Klinton Klan references should stop.

Why The Attempts To Make Obama Into A “Black Militant” Will Fail

I am waiting for a feminist radical or a homosexual radical to campaign for Obama.

How's everybody feelin' about this primary?

Vatican Calls US & Israel "inhuman"

From the Progressives: Ferraro, Clintons Love the Race Card

Members of the Church of DU better not run for president

Here's a way we can work out some frustration in a positive way - making calls!

Here's a way we can work out some frustration in a positive way - making calls!

Gut check on the primaries.

Gut check on the primaries.

Which wing of the Democratic party are you a part of?

Which wing of the Democratic party are you a part of?

Clinton Backs Michigan Revote Plan

Fellow-citizens, above your national, tumultuous joy, I hear the mournful wail of millions!

Shocking disclosure!!! HUGH!!

The choice: It's all about Hillary and McCain

Obama and Nader need to sit down and talk

John Edwards was co-chair of Hillary's "secret" Prayer Group

Something intriguing about the Drudge Report and “Pastorgate”

Has a SINGLE Superdelegate left Obama since Wright story broke?

I'm not Comfortable With Obama's Mentor.

Is Reverend Wright an exception amongst black preachers??

Guilty by association???

Denver is Going to Be a Disaster.

Another of Hillary's top donors is pressuring Dean personally about Florida.

This Wright episode is not good for Clinton either

Obama/Clinton supporters may keep either out of the White House

Obama/Clinton supporters may keep either out of the White House

The Democratic Party: A Snake Eating It's Own Tail.

The Democratic Party: A Snake Eating It's Own Tail.

Clinton Monsters swiftboat Obama for attending an African American church.

I truly hope Clinton Supporters do not boycott DU

Rasmussen Connecticut - Obama: 50, McLame: 38; Hillary: 47, McInsane: 44

Pastorgate is exactly the reason that super delegates exist - and the reason they

Florida primary by mail? Guess what happened earlier this year?!?!

My husband made a good point about the Obama flap.

If Hillary had vision, she'd defend her colleague, Sen. Obama from the racist innuendo and insist

obama's mistakes last night:

They've done it again

Don't get it-Mormons are ok, but United Church of Chirst is crazy??

A journalistic reality about Obama's campaign going forward

A journalistic reality about Obama's campaign going forward

Boston Globe: Kennedy and Waxman say Clinton exaggerating role in SCHIP

Chicago Tribune Article:The Obama I know

The Naivete of Hype

Your son/daughter just died

A quick look at the election prediction markets shows....

25, that's all it takes, just 25 names on Ignore

Michell Obama was right this country is darn right mean

I am blown away by this election. Its a complete joke.

I am blown away by this election. Its a complete joke.

I am blown away by this election. Its a complete joke.

Millions of listeners heard Rush say this for hours yesterday and today about Barack Obama

Ted Kennedy - We wouldn't have S-chip if it wasn't for Hillary--->

Is every child that attends Pastor Wright's church now unfit to be president?

CNN Obama/Pastor poll

Rezko Played Bigger Role, Obama Says

Obama: extensive interviews with Chicago Tribune & Sun Times

Obama wrote that he's looked to Wright for spiritual advice, not political guidance....but he writes

Obama Nosedives in Presidential Tracking Poll

I have something in common with Hillary!

Lou Dobbs doesn't want to Deport ANY "Latino's" - He just said so

Bill passes "Come Back Kid" torch to Hillary

I Think I Understand Where Obama May Be Coming From

I Think I Understand Where Obama May Be Coming From

Obama trying to out-Jesus everybody else tonight...

Clinton: Delay the Delegate Count (Because I'll Lose)

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/15/08 - Obama down 4 (46), Clinton up 3 (45)

Which Hillary are you voting for?

Cool We Can Believe In

Poll. Obama Crisis: Tempest in a Teapot or Catastrophe?

In the Clinton-Obama Race, It’s the Pollster vs. the Ad Man

The only thing that will save Obama now is who he picks for VP.

About vetting Obama:

Let's just flip a goddamn coin or something and get this nonsense over with.

Anyone want to post positive pictures of Hillary and Obama?

Obama camp: We did that already!

Good News Obama Supporters

Obama needed to be talked out of voting for John Roberts.

It's impossible that the Wright thing helps

Breaking: Democrats Drop Donkey . New logo will be......

There's a golden opportunity staring Hillary right in the face but, of course, she will miss it

What Obama *should* have said...

If Having A Controversial Pastor Disqualified One For Office, There would be no Republican Officials

If Having A Controversial Pastor Disqualified One For Office, There would be no Republican Officials

Obama decries rising racial rhetoric ~ AP

hmmm...if Reverend Wright retired months ago...

Dear Hillary Supporters: Church Going Is About More Than Hearing A Pastor Deliver A Sermon

The white entitlement, the smug judgmental crap, and the racism

If this were 1808 rather than 2008, then Obama could become President...

Pennsylvania Straw Poll

Blacks and gays have a lot in common in how they experience America



Vatican Calls Saddam Execution "tragic"

Bill Clinton: Now all of the delegates don't count - only popular vote - move those goal posts

More hate speech from the pulpit

Yet another Obama problem

CNN's Kira Phillps Interviews Iraqi Soldiers and they go 2 to 1 for Hillary...

Rasmussen Poll - Obama lead drops 8 points in one day

Pennsylvania will end up like Ohio for Clinton then the race will be over. Obma wins.

In Defense of Samantha Power


Obama's opponents pushed Wright story, according to Politico

For all those who believe Obama "didn't know" How do you explain this??????:

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Saturday March-15-2008

Bill Clinton's senior foreign policy adviser on Hillary Clinton's foreign policy experience

So let me get this straight

E-mail your super delegates and tell them "No to racism, no to Hillary".

Hillary Donors THREATENING the DNC...who wudda thunk?

What the Church of Christ thinks of Wright

Novak was right (Wright) about the machinations of the Clinton slime machine

Does anyone believe that this is the first Obama has heard of these series of remarks by Wright?

OK. Tomorrow, or last week, someone connected to BO or HRC says something "bad". What shall we do?

Obama Should Drop Out Now

It is good the race has gone on so long. We are seeing true colors.

Your Ideal Candidate: Can you think of any potential names with no serious liabilities?

BREAKING: Clinton campaign to hold 12:15 p.m. ET conference call to attack Obama over pastor/Rezco

Obama claims Iowa gains - New AP article - Obama expands delegate lead over Clinton

Obama's shown excellent judgement in his relationship with Wright.

Grand day. Saw Hillary in Scranton and had a great meal at the Olive Garden.

Breaking News32 minutes ago: Obama says Rezko played a bigger fundraising role..

Do not run for political office!!! Ever!!! Not Ever!!!

ABC News: Just What Did Obama Know About Wright's Past Sermons?

The Obama's visit Rezkos’ home in Lake Geneva Obama revealed Fri.

"Jeremiah Wright is like an uncle for me" - Barack Obama on H&C

"The Republican Party and their Hillary"

Hillary answers reporters' questions for 92 minutes re her tax returns!!

Ahem, the fat lady would like your attention.

Obama news: Clearance on Rezko scandal from The Trib!!

OBAMA SUPPORTERS: Awesome Dead On Video!

Who's this guy Wright anyways, and when did he start running for the nomination?

PastorGate is not about race, it's about Obama's judgement and credibility

Obama: "I trusted Rezko" Judgement matters

Does anyone here think that Obama is a (EEEK!!) Radical?

Eating Our Own Face, -how to lose the White House once again-

6 more weeks of Rev. Wright and Rezco

I keep posting this everywhere: White Priviledge: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

A letter reveals how Team Obama steals caucus wins - a Texas caucus review

Keith Olbermann: Hillary is guilty by association, Obama is an angel from heaven.

Rev. Wright is Right!

Clinton wins 86% of the black vote. It is Obama who bleeds Democratic support if nominated

Will OPRAH run shows to honor the outstanding community achievements of Jeremiah Wright,

**** Breaking - Results of Today's Iowa County Conventions**** Thread -post updates here

I will waste one of my posts today to Post Obama's video denouncing Wright

Want to see the destruction of the Democratic Party?

1992: Tsongas exit clears way for Clinton


Worse wish: That Pastor Wright have a peaceful retirement or that GHWBush have a peaceful retirement

Rezko And Wright Both Dumped On A Friday Night And Now Obama Is Vetted. If He Survives, He's Money.

Hillary Didn't Read The Bill - She Didn't Have Time - She Voted For The War - You Lose

Barack new video says united we stand. Time to reject division to heal our nation

Findlaw: Parallels Between Spitzer and Clinton, If Bill Resigned, Gore Wins, No Iraq, Strong Economy

Obama in Senate: Star Power, Minor Role

Is there such a thing as the Rush Limbaugh faction of the Democratic Party?

TOON: Obama is a lucky bastard

Obama camp adds 65,000 registered Dems to Pennsylvania

Rochester NY , St. Patty's Day Parade.

Obama will survive the Wright storm- and that will silence the critics.

Michelle Obama

The thread for DU members that will support EITHER candidate...

Is Wright Right?

Hillary Clinton Makes Campaign Stops In Pittsburgh

Maybe I'm NAIVE, so please... ENLIGHTEN ME.

Hillary Camp Seeks to Delay Texas Caucus Results--Wants 1,000,000 Signatures Verified!

Photos: Barack Obama today at a townhall meeting in Plainfield, Indiana, arrival in Indianapolis

Clinton supports still grasping at that last thin thread of fantasy...its too little, too late

Pelosi's Delegate Stance Boosts Obama

Obama should accept the VP from Hillary - its the best offer you'll get

Hillary Clinton and John McCain

Shame On You!

Frankly I don't give a shit if Obama knew what Wright was saying...

Just got back from seeing Obama today in Indiana.

Scarey Black Men...keep your daughters inside America!

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, judging and producing your Obama ads

There are 2 economic crisises in America the economy as it relates to everyone & the parallel black

The PRESS Plays the Race Card (and Is Playing Us for Fools): My Response to the Progressive

Obama’s campaign today unveiled its African American Religious Leadership Committee


Obama Speaks Out Against Forces of Division Today

BREAKING: New "anti-America" quote from black minister dug up

Can ANY Of You Obama Zealots Deny The Following Facts?

Obama should NOT offer Hillary VP slot. He can do MUCH better.

Let's kick the repugs around. Pig pile!

Donate to Hubler (only candidate against King in CB, Ia. terrorists would celebrate a Obama Nov. win

McCain Leaves Campaign Trail to Vote for Tax Breaks for the Rich

Clinton says Obama voted for oil firm tax breaks

Very slight Obama drop in new Gallup tracking poll, leads 49-46

A little good news, Obama supporters

Just a minute

Winter Soldier conference live link here.

Would you like to hear what's really going on with Wright-Gate and why it helps Obama?

There was a time when Wright would have been lauded on DU

Pope Condemns American Capitalism

Tibet in uproar as soldiers kill demonstrators

Almost Half Of All 'Natural' Personal Care Products Contain Known Carcinogen

Venezuelans shift to euro for oil contracts

Howard M. Metzenbaum: Former U.S. senator leaves legacy of liberal activism

Get your Bush stickers - right here on DU!

On NPR Hillary sets rules for FL and MI primaries. Says no other way is fair.

(TOON) Steve Bell: "It will forever be the right decision" (Shrub)

**Breaking ABC News *** Clinton Supporters Give up posting at Daily Kos***

Programmer with Apple laptop considered dangerous terrorist with dangerous device

A bit of good news: Faux Noise nitwit and albino woodchuck John Gibson has been cancelled!

Temperature do YOU feel after this morning's Bush press conference?

DCCC, 2008 Congressional Races - interactive map tool:

Does anyone still honestly believe Barack Obama has a chance to win the nomination?

Sick in America? You’re on Your Own (Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director CNA)

SF Chronicle: Is Suburbia Turning Into Slumburbia?

John Conyers: Thank You For Helping To Fix FISA

Heads up...Bill Moyer on with Waxman

Has anyone heard the allegation that Obama's church has Marxist ties & foundation?

The chickens coming home to roost:

Question for those of you who prepared for this financial crisis long ago.

How are you going to prepare for the Depression?

Man, I am bushed.

Atlanta DUers.....Is everyone OK?


McCain and the Torture Veto--maybe he's consistent?

What do you spend, per person of those you shop for, on Groceries per week?

Carter's Recession vs. Bush's Recession

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

This one is begging a caption (photo)

A third of U.S. military women say they've been sexually harassed

Mediamatters has a "Matthews Monitor"! ROFL!

Hannity = Pedophile?

McLaughlin Group talking about prostitution, Spitzer? I'm

Has Jack Kevorkian set up a "Jack Kevorkian for Congress" website yet?

The Sky Is Falling (fable) aka Chicken Little = DU

Atlanta's been hit hard....I think...

So, what did you white people think happened in a black church?

How did Kristen finger Spitzer? I just had to post this article.

reps from all 3 countries oppose SPP (NAU)

Bad news: The DU petty cash fund was invested in Bear Stearns Stock.

Charlie Rose, 'cause I'm listening: Experience isn't all that it's

Feinstein/Boxer: Harsher punishments sought for slaughterhouses

Obama is on the rocks .... just look how bad things are.

CNN : Black Ministers will Denounce Obama for Denouncing Wright

What have you sent the GOP (or any other org you don't like) in the prepaid envelope?

I just heard John Elliott say that Carlyle Group lost it's a** today!

'Homosexual practice is incompatible with Christian teachings'

Delete this's a mess

An open letter to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Shawn Hannity: Obama should have to RESIGN from the Senate because of his ties to Wright

Which Candidate Is Better For LGBT Issues? Hillary, IMO.

Which Candidate Is Better For LGBT Issues? Hillary, IMO.

I have a confession to make.

OBAMA FUCKING LIED THIS EVENING: Wright warned Obama he should leave in April 2007

Please congratulate fellow DUer, 48percenter, for passing the test! that you on the tall building on CNN??? Tornado?? Holy Crap. Hope all is well

Taylor Marsh is a REAGAN DEMOCRAT

Behind Bear Stearns Rescue Plan, a Wall St. Domino Theory

Mary Landrieu: Cousin's murder-suicide was mercy killing

What really happened in the Closed Door Session?

Excellent Moyers show on oversight, secrecy and

US Commanders: al-Qaida in Iraq to Stay

Ravenel sentence: 10 months?

Yemeni describes CIA secret jails

George Speaks, Badly

AmericaBlog: Where are all of the "free market" people now?

Thank you for helping to fix FISA

Has anyone noticed the new Google Search feature on DU?

Another One: Top Federal Judge Linked to Prostitution Ring

Bad News at the Pump: The Dangerous Implications of $100-Plus Oil

In Torture We Trust

What we need is a good old fashioned *uck George Bush thread...

Things that annoy me, #728: The "holistic medicine" fruitloops.

Danny Schechter's " In debt We Trust" here.. MUST SEE TV

Repost from GD:P so maybe someone will see it;

Barbara Ehrenreich: World's Designated Shoppers Drop (Downfall of the American Consumer)

My new governor has a good sense of humor about the GOP

Google your way to a wacky office

Deputies: Middle Schoolers Plotted To Kill Classmates, Themselves

Homeland Security worker in sex bust

Bush: "Our energy policy has not been very wise.... I'm an alternatives fuel guy."

Harvard's Feldstein Says U.S. Economy in Recession that could be worst since WWII

What is everyone doing with their IRA's and 401(k)'s?

Understanding War In The Mideast - your comments welcome

Horton Hears a Who - Is this brand new movie political?

Great Dr. Seuss Cartoon About Military Build-Up

Have Hillary's supporters completely given up trying to be positive?

So the McSameasBush fundraising in London will be hosted by

Republican in Texas was behind scheme to split California's Electoral Votes

Pentagon - Al-Qaeda and Saddam were not linked


WHY are Republicans so worked up over giving immunity to the telecoms?

Holy Crap!! Tornado hits Georgia Dome during SEC basketball tournament game.

'Stop the Fox News Virus,' says filmmaker in new vid

After Bear Stearns, Who May Be Next?

HRC's connection to "The Fellowship" is a hell of a lot more dangerous than Obama's

McCain warns Al Qaeda might try and tilt US election

Hillary, "The Fellowship" and NEW WORLD ORDER: (Links to Mother Jones & Harpers)

What's worse than a total asshole? A really dumb total asshole.....Introducing Steve King of Iowa

When you get a minute,see how the Bush enablers` war is going

I Can't Believe This Didn't Get A DUzy!

White House Blames Bad Arabic Translation for Confusion Over Agreement with Iraq

You got your "Angry Black Man" You can run away now.

Hal Turner: Saudi Arabia in Bush Cross-Hairs!

McCain/Pubic Hair 08

OMG! Look what the slave drivers are doing to their mascot!

House Dems Not Only Grew A Spine Yesterday-They Went Further & Gave Bush Big Middle Finger!

RSOE has, so far, 4 updates on Atlanta with lots of info

500,000 GIs suffer from ‘invisible’ wounds: End the war, fund health care, veterans groups say

? How much oil/gas that we use comes from the US and how much from the Middle East?

Medication Recall -- PRICARA™ RECALLS 25 mcg/hr DURAGESIC® Pain Patches

I'm tired of all the bad news. Somebody please post something to make me laugh.

Obama's YouTube upload - going viral.

Weren't all the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy supposed to prevent a recession?

The country that elected George Bush — sort of-is getting its comeuppance

"Why would I care if someone taps my phone? I haven't done anything wrong"

out of touch much Bush?

Just because you don't agree or they cause discomfort, Wright's sermons aren't "hate speech"

March 15th, Health Care ... Do you have adequate health insurance?

Drudge: All Fri. stories related to Bear Sterns, dollar collapse, solvency crisis GONE this AM

The Ides of March are come

Neocons attack Obama - The Nation

Why I'm glad William Kristol writes for the New York Times

Bush Radio 3/15/08: Yesterday's "Economy" press conf. script without the giggling and awkward pauses

The Rise of American Incompetence

My Letter to Sen. Mikulski on Don Siegelman

"This Recession won't be as Bad as Japan's 90's Recession" say mainstream economists...

Is Suburbia Turning Into Slumburbia?

Weak Dollar Costs U.S. Economy Its World No. 1 Spot

Quit yer bitchin' citizen

The Nation: The War and the Working Class

Get elected to Congress and get rich: study

Convoluted explanation for appeals decision to support secret plea of Kontogiannis...

Need help responding to local right-winger in newspaper blog

Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright's America - Home of the Brave, Land of the Free

Take some time this weekend to watch "The Winter Soldier"

Noonan, Brzezinski mischaracterized Clinton's 60 Minutes response about Obama's religion

Mika said Obama "claimed" McCain "flip-flopped" on Bush tax cuts - but it's not a "claim"; it's fact

Tornados hit Central Atlanta!!! Damage reports coming in on CNN and here.

It seems the anti-gay AFA bigots have gotten to Ford.....Those in favor of equality for all....

Crumbling Bridges a Sign Our Nation’s Economy in Trouble

Ah, yes. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

AP: Okla. pol's screed vs. gays sparks furor

Thanks!! for the new Google search widget! . . . . . .?

An educational idea--input requested!

Fed Invokes Depression-Era Law for Bear Loan

With Ted Kennedy on his back, judicial candidate Gus Puryear is forced to defend his membership....

Time: Scrutiny for a Bush Judicial Nominee

I've about had it around here...

ABC repeatedly reports comments by Obama's "allies," but won't mention comments by McCain endorsers

Spitzers Last E-Mail To His Hooker (humor)

Ne: Outside cash fuels drive to kill program (seeking to end affirmative action-style programs)

Pastor Wright should lead the attack on Iran, he'll then be considered a 'good' patriotic Christian

3am Funny or Die video

Nelson (D-Ne) switches vote; alternative minimum tax rate cut derailed

Bill Introduced in Congress Would Double Cap on H-1B Visas (to 180,000 in 2010)

Have you seen this, worlds deadliest shotgun, blackwater style

It's not our 'freedom' they hate us for.

The economy in my little corner of the world.

Why did Obama say he strongly condemns Wright's comments?

Now I'm wondering if this is why Impeachment is off the table

"days of the theocracy"

OMG...found on FR..."Christians Need To Be Careful About Antichrist / Obama Comparisons"

The Next Failure of Health Care Reform

Obama Doesn't get it . He heard plenty of sermons but he sees nothing wrong

So long and thanks for all the fish...

Was MLK wrong to use his church as a vehicle for social change?

Horton Hears an Abortion Protest

To be a good Republican, you must believe these things

'Change Congress Project' launches March 20 !!!

Gibson Loses 'Big Story' Gig At Fox News

Follow-up of Bush's Colombian puppet Uribe's invasion of Ecuador:

FOX keeps repeating that crane accident

Another tornado in Atlanta!

Hillary Clinton Leads St. Patrick's Day Parades in Pittsburgh and Scranton

Government bails out Bear Stearns - guess the $200 billion didn't last long...

Atlanta's violent weather is clearly punishment for CNN's political bias

Freeper bigotry never ceases to amaze me.....

Help with a small reseach project: What issues are most imporant to you this election?

Just saw a bitter-ender

Screen capture from New Zealand TV

Will Adm. Fallon endorse a Democrat?

Russian rocket fails to take US satellite into planned orbit

Wow:Crane collapse in NYC kills 4, traps others

Freep: Condi is "obviously the best choice" for VP. "She has the stature. She has the credibility."

Guardian UK: This (financial) crisis has a life of its own

Taking China off the Human Rights list really worked out well.

Taking China off the Human Rights list really worked out well.

Has anyone been able to contact Cat yet? I know she lives in Athens, but that area is under a watch

Tormado moving towards downtown Atlanta Now from West!

Fuck liberals and progressives

Conservatives hate government until they fall down- then they need us bandage their boo-boos

Guardian UK: When BS hits the Fed

Anyone have the Sunday Talking Heads Line-up?

Friday TOON Roundup: Spitzering out the water

Georgia DUers particularly Atlanta DUers

$200 billion bail-out and Spitzer charges are intimately linked.

FISA Question...

BREAKING: Fox News attacks Obama

President POS says He Won't Be Forced into 'Bad Decisions' on Economy

Guardian UK: Marching in March (Youth against the war)

Pride of Baghdad

Hahaha...I'm proud of myself for this one. . .

David Gergen on Obama's pastor story....A voice of reason...

“All Roads Lead to Rove.” - Siegelman

Anyone want to predict the Dow Jones Avg. on 1/20/09?

Pennsylvania County-level Projections based on Demographic and Geopolitical Attributes

Great quote from Noam Chomsky:

Has Anyone Signed Up On Air America To Download Shows?

I actually spend more on cable than on gas.

Does anyone else feel as though we are merely

SexyPolitics combines sex, politics — and voter education

Military sees fewer sex assault reports

So this economy is now sucking; who do you blame it on?

Climate Change Report Buried by DOT; Author Blocked From Reporters

United Church Of Christ - Rev Graylan Hagler & We Will Not Be Silenced

Col. Ann Wright: Counter-Recruitment Is Not Counter-Military

Is anyone else having just awful feelings lately or this morning?

Separation of church and state:

Just remember that "core inflation" figures released by YOUR GOVERNMENT don't include food or gas

So a TORNADO rips thru the CNN Center...

Get Well Keith Olbermann

Disgraced Spitzer faces campaign cash inquiry

Well folks, I think we have learned all we need to know recently

Storm warning for Atlanta and North Georgia DUers. More coming within an hour.

PA is a closed Dem primary. Why would an Obama ad say "register as a Democrat"?

From the blog: "Socialism for the Rich"

Isn't it a little insensitive that you have to be a donor to post to Hurricane Survivor Group?

Tiny Iowa Town Rescinds $5 Cat Bounty


Beautius hard boiled eggs to go with yer green beer!

Giving up the Ghost: Detainees, Doctors and Torture

You do know the Head of the CIA died under suspicious circumstances?

Saturday Morning Brainstorm: Small business ideas during a recession?

Making your own toilet paper in the new Bush economy.

Tucker Bows out

Pastorgate: Operation Ajax redux?

Kucinich Refuses To Attend Secret Session on Spy Bill

Bush’s legacy: ‘a great, great, great story.’

Florida Man's Bold Attempt on Darwin Award Thwarted by Police

Will Pastorgate push superdelegates to Hillary?

Propaganda Alert- "Evidence" Emerges of Iran's Continued Nuclear Weapons Research

Senator Kohl on Don Siegelman

Don't let the Rethugs and their complicit media fool you. All earmarks are not bad things

My Dad Thinks the Repubs Are Trying to Throw this Election

Do you even know what's going on in Atlanta?

Are you still FIRED UP & READY TO GO. I sure am. post Amen here.

FREE PRESS? ?? Top Federal Judge Linked to Prostitution = ONLY 12 news articles

Do you remember when?

Well, they juust said LARGE HAIL, tremendous winds & heavy rain

Feminists Celebrate National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

Severe Weather Alerts - Georgia

Eric Alterman Joins TYT : "Why We're Liberals: A Political Handbook for Post-Bush America"

At least 100 killed in Tibet unrest: Reports

Sorry Hillbots, I was wrong.

Brownback, Lieberman propose May 3-4 as Ten Commandments Weekend

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 14, 2008.***

is it wrong for me to make prayer beads for my patients and their families?

What are some Anti-Corporate Organizations?

'We are the financial envy of the world.' - George AWOL Bush propgandizes. Badly.

Has anyone else seen this video or listened to these guys before

Book TV Schedule: March 15th - 17th

Please help with this Poll.

Carlyle Group in Trouble in US as well as Europe

A Tail of Two Prostitutes

Kucinich Opposes FISA Bill That Infringes on Fourth Amendment Rights

Human peace sign today in Santa Barbara, California

McCain updates "I WANT YOU!" poster


Obama Admits Repeated Poor Judgment With Rezko...Time Mag audio interview

sexism in the US is real

You, my fellow DU'er, have probably broken the law - and will be punished for it (maybe)

Debt Serfdom Comes to America

So last month people thought Obama was a Muslim, and now his Christianity is all over the news

Who Is Rev. Moon? 'Sex Lord,' 'Messiah,' Publisher of the Washington Times

Hedge fund president speaks of panic and collapse - New York Times

The Psychology of an Eliot Spitzer. Help Me Figure This One Out.

Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild: another victim of Republicanism?

greg palast/spitzer/sub primes

LAST WORD ON NEAL "Shoot those leftist bastards dead" BOORTZ ABUSING A DISABLED 9-YEAR-OLD

The Ultimate Peepshow!

No, I am not a heretic - but I think that the David Tennant Dr. Who is the best ever.

OK, so my curiosity got the best of me and I pad $2.00 to download...

SO! I need to know...

Fashion-gasm.I friggin' love Wet Seal.

I just donated again

Have you ever heard of "Taco Bueno"

Is it too much to ask?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Would-be millionaires leave large Lottery jackpots unclaimed

*rawr* want brains *rawr*


Why are these different??????

Since I'm gonna win Powerball tomorrow, should I ask for the winnings...

Athletic Injuries, Depression, and lack of Hope

Possible Tornado hits downtown Atlanta

I'm in love with a Japanese painter

People are stupid

Little GTO

Happy Pi Day everyone! It is March 14 or 3:14... Did you hug your Pi today?


BTW - Did you know that March is National Frozen Food Month?

Question: How Do You Focus Images On Google Earth?

I'm a delegate tomorrow - give me advice!

I am afraid I have drained all my resources.

Okay need some opinions here...

Aaaaa OOOOO gah! What's YOUR Tex Avery method of showing unbridled lust?

I am suspicious of this lady on Olberman

Boots knocking! Paris Hilton to select new STD on reality show

My ball game starts in about an hour and a half

Yes, I *am* drinking Chartreuse tonight. Sod off.

Play a song from your past

Anybody else remember "Dead at 21"?

Before They Make Me Run

Ah. Fuck uh. crap DU -.

Will somebody LOLCAT this picture?

I know DUers hate Sports...but...

King Harvest Has Surely Come

Oh Gawds There's Two Competing Screens

Damn, I'm out of another job!

What additional ingredient would ruin a PB&J for you?

I had a mojito and a screwdriver tonight

Am going on a road trip tomorrow, and got news today am willifully ignoring thanks to the wine

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (03/15/08)

an Excellent history report - totally!

I am a thrift goddess.

Stupid is as Stupid does (please contribute early & often) -- I'll start...

Well, it's all over now.

Gordon Ramsay

Alzheimers test

$12000 engagement ring floats away in balloon

DU, I've been lost

Post a picture that shows how you feel when you leave GD-P

Bob Dylan tried sneaking into "American Idol" in fake beard

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/15/2008)

The dog broke his ankle.

Christian the Lion video

Good thoughts needed for a friend of mine..

I'm sorry I have neglected you DU. Guitar Hero III has CONSUMED me

Jacko wants to sell. If you could afford to buy Neverland Ranch, what would you do with it?

I guess he doesn't like my 1/20/09 sticker.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves music video

If you absolutely refuse to participate in this kind of thread, then post here to let me know.

Father sentenced for killing toddler over broken Xbox

Hey lounge...what's an appropriate tip to give for a mattress delivery/pickup? Thanks

Pic thread! My new hair cut....

I seen my baby this morning. She was weeping to herself.

Dawn "Mary Ann" Wells dropped from Girl Scouts speaking engagement because of pot bust

So who's turn is it to watch after Rev-Acts for St. Patricks day?

"In Living Color" Fly Girls on national "Do Not Fly" list...

Cat bed or Cat toy?

US/Iraq: Rules of Engagement ‘Thrown out the Window’

This is my 40,000th post. I talk so much, yet I never really have anything to say.LOL

I just got back from the greatest concert I've ever seen

Wow! I've been asked to represent my Economics Department at

GodDAMN my roommates.

Insert the phrase "God damn America" into a movie title.

James T. Kirk anticpates defying Alabama's sex toy ban

Happy St Paddys day at my house!

Do you ever find yourself posting to GDP threads like they were Lounge threads?

Guys: GREAT Strategy Notes ahead. We can't take back our country until we "get" the original theft.

Happy Easter

Reach out and touch someone . . . .

email compares Shrub's house to Gore's house..

Okay, give a DRays fan a high five. Look at the Spring standings

Hold me! I was put on ignore twice (at least) today, and once by someone who agreed with me.

My obsessive song for the day:

Help! My daughter's cat is stuck in a tree!

Kitteh impression of GWB

Me and my podcasts! Get some fresh ones!

Why do instructors assign group assignments? (rant)

Explain this logic to me? How is letting banks fail and consumers go belly up a good thing?

I taught my nephew Liam all about Janes Addiction

Delhi the Elephant has Died from infected feet caused by circus life

14 years ago today, I took my last drink! 12 years ago today I smoked my last cigarette!

I LOVE our library book sales.

Just one more thing, Lounge...

Great lock in GD just now!

Elvis vs. Britney Spears - Was there REALLY any difference?

Is cornflake chicken on the menu at Olive Garden?

My wedding shirt came in today!!!

Kirk is seducing another space alien

How can a property assessment go up $36,800

Should I Be Worried Our Owner/Boss Wants To Meet With All Of Us

I was a contributing editor for U.S. News and World Report today

Looks like we need to call the WAAAAHmbulance for "Kristen"

How do you know if you are on the "do not fly" list? I have not flown since, you know...

Just Because...

Last 'Harry Potter' Book Becomes 2 Films

Hey Hipsters, explain this to me

Happy Birthday! Phil Lesh, Sly Stone, and Ry Cooder

Do you name your vehicles? We named our two

I'm drunk


Opportunity knocking! Paris Hilton to select new BFF on reality show

Which Scrubs Character Are You?

Celebrate a Saint Today

anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Which DUer should be Paris Hilton's new Best Friend Forever?

Would you make a good eyewitness? How aware are you? Take this test . . .

Have you seen the Dancing Walrus?

Was it wrong to post this in GDP?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/15/08 that you on the tall building on CNN??? Tornado?? Holy Crap. Hope all is well

How's your beaver?

wORd ASSsocIation thReaD

How do you make your coffee?

Notes to self thread

What's your favorite Easter candy?

Anybody seen "Doomsday" yet?

I think I may have to switch to pot

B-A-C-O-N! Yay Bacon!!

A tip on a fascinating documentary series....

Still looking for DU members to join the NCAA Mens Tournament brackets game

what are you listening to right now?

Who else is going to watch the new HBO series...

Just thought I'd share something that happened to me today.

I feel so sorry for the lobsters in the grocery store tank.

Poco -... Buffalo Springfield-- The Byrds

Need a new car, want alternative fuel. Whaddaya think? Biodiesel or Hybrid?

DU Jam Sessions?

What's your favorite series of books?

Otis Elevator Co. estimates 15 percent of its elevators around the world omit the 13th-floor button

Wright and the racist and hypocritical MSM: Fox and CNN

Wright and the racist and hypocritical MSM: Fox and CNN

WTF.....a rash under one arm

Who are 3 current TV chefs you like, and 3 you dislike

Who is this lounge poster in this video?

Maybe someone already did this, but where is your dream vacation spot and why?

Pelosi's delegate stance boosts Obama

Has anyone seen Hypnotoad?

Angry listener crashes into KXL radio building

Controversial minister leaves Obama campaign

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,987

On My Faith and My Church (Obama on Wright)

We will not let Mugabe be beaten, police and army chiefs warn

Atlanta braces for another severe storm

PUCO Uses New License Plate Scanner To Look For Law Breakers

Tainted Blood Drug to Face Import Tests

Was Omar Khadr coerced?

Pentagon accused of doctoring Guantanamo tribunal evidence

McCain names eBay's former chief to co-chair his campaign

Alaska GOP beset by turmoil, competition

Delegate Battles Snarl Democrats in Two States

Democrats' Budget Will Stimulate Economy, Conrad Says(radio address)

Albania rocked by huge explosions

Al Gore Releases Children's Book on Climate Change

Mass grave unearthed

Media Shield Law Remains in Doubt

MND-B Soldier killed by small-arms fire (Baghdad)

Possible tornado in downtown Atlanta

Chinese seethe on Web over rare riots in Tibet

Clinton camp questions Obama’s transparency

Magnitude 5.9 quake hits off Oregon coast

Confirmed: Atlanta storm a tornado (EF-2 tornado with winds up to 130 mph)

(David) Kelly ‘thought that there was 15% chance’ of WMDs’

Conyer's Matter Of Antitrust: House Judiciary Committee Chairman Wants It Applied To Internet

Rep. Wexler Introduces Resolution Recognizing 5 Year Anniversary of War, Calling for Withdrawal

Avoid Overcorrecting Economy, Bush Warns

War Stories Echo an Earlier Winter (Wash Post Covers Winter Soldier Testimony)

Turkish PM attacks proposed ban (on ruling party)

Bush Says U.S. Mustn't Overreact to Home-Mortgage `Rough Patch'

Crane Topples in Midtown Manhattan

Thousands Protest over Iraq, Afghanistan in London, Glasgow

Toyota Faces Union Organization Vote at Ontario Plant

My Lai Marks Massacre's 40th Anniversary

UN calls for investigation into deaths of Colombia activists

Bush to meet with financial policymakers (Plunge Protection Team)

Obama expands delegate lead over Clinton

Other Democrats back local (Florida) hopefuls (no support from Fl Dems)

Run on Big Wall St. Bank Spurs Rescue Backed by U.S.

Japan's outrage at kangaroo cull

Pro-sealing rally set for St. John's

Man in month-old Vegas ricin case wakes

Costs Surge for Stocking the Pantry

Wright leaves Obama campaign

Muslims Nations: Defame Islam, Get Sued?

Latest Rasmussen: Obama 46% Clinton 45%

Gun-rights ruling could ricochet across nation

To Distance Himself from Jeremiah Wright, Obama Becomes a Muslim

Top Blair aide: we must talk to al-Qaida

Obama Sings: 'Jeremiah’s Bull is My Bog'

CBS to Unveil New Reality Show: 'Pastors vs. Prostitutes'

Who Says Bush is Not a True Romantic

Run on Big Wall St. Bank Spurs Rescue Backed by U.S.

Big Lobbying Practices See a Billion-Dollar Year

McClatchy: How big a factor is race in Democratic presidential contest?

Bush "Envious" Of Soldiers Serving "Romantic" Mission

Ron Jeremy Disputes Ferraro’s Contention That It’s an Advantage to be a Black Man

Bystanders to Genocide

A Wall Street Domino Theory

On wisdom scale of 1 to 10, humans in general are less than 1 -- hence elites and enablers.

F.D.R.’s Safety Net Gets a Big Stretch ..(Bear Stearns bailout)

US/Iraq: Rules of Engagement ‘Thrown out the Window’

The Ruthless Empire Report

"Happy Fifth Birthday, DHS!" by Ivan Eland (3-15-2008 Consortium News)

Karl Rove Claims Jail Has Made Siegelman a 'New Man'

Wright's "Blowback"

Fed rescue of Bear Stearns raises specter of Depression-era crash

Delegate Battles Snarl Democrats in Two States

Urgent: This Is Serious Folks, Admiral Fallon Fired To Clear Way For WW3, And Only Impeachment Can

**John McCain's Spiritual Guide ** Rod Parsley on Hate Crimes Law

Rod Parsley: McCain's Anti-Gay "Spiritual Guide"

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright

"The time is for America to hear the truth" Martin Luther King jr.

Make Poverty History - Nelson Mandela

Iraqi Soldiers Speak Out about their Favorite Candidates!

Welcome Barack Hussein Obama and Louis Farrakhan

Rep. Jerrrold Nadler - FISA Amendments Act - HR 3773 - 2008.03.14

Rep. Barbara Lee - FISA Amendments Act - HR 3773 - 2008.03.14

Rep. Leonard Boswell - FISA Amendments Act - HR 3773 - 2008.03.14

Rep. Joe Sestak - FISA Amendments Act - HR 3773 - 2008.03.14

Grouch Anthem

Obama Denounces Jeremiah Wright`s Controversial Remarks

Rep. Jay Inslee - FISA Amendments Act - HR 3773 - 2008.03.14

ShadowPlay Trailer

2008 Winter Soldier Testimony: Adam Kokesh 'Don't Ever Let Your Gov't Do This to You'

2008 Winter Soldier: Overview

Day After Bombing Iran

Empty Promises

Speaker Pelosi: Override President's Veto of the Torture Ban

Rep. Doggett: ZERO Tolerance for TORTURE = Overriding President's Veto

2008 Winter Soldier Testimony: Hart Viges

US HOUSE: A Moment of Silence on the Fifth Anniversary of War in Iraq

NWA Strike: Last Living Souls

Only Kindness Matters

Yes We Can! We Must! - Obama 2008

Obama talks to Keith Olbermann about Rev. Wright

Cheney's No Fly List

A Complaint Against YouTube

Barack Obama addresses Pastor issue with cool composure during FauxNews "interrogation"

Rep. Jane Harman - FISA Amendments Act - HR 3773 - 2008.03.14

Fact Check: Barack Obama's Church

TYT: McCain's Spiritual Guide Doesn't Understand America (It's Worse Than You Think)

No racial hate from Obama here. Barack speaks of his depe love of his mom He WILL unite America.

McCain defends Barack , my friends

Dennis Kucinich speaks about secret congress meeting!!!

Countdown: Bush - 'War is Sooo Romantic'

Barack Obama in Indiana: Unifying America

Robert F. Kennedy announces death of Martin Luther King Jr. in Indianapolis

Water in Dams, Reservoirs Preventing Sea-Level Rise

Ozone case shows Bush meddling in science: watchdogs - Reuters

If We Want to Survive the Climate Crisis We Must Change

Nordic Windpower Selects Pocatello, Idaho, for North American Turbine Manufacturing Facility

Weather Channel Founder Considers Suing Al Gore

Oil prices will fall, but not by much, analyst says

Long Beach Homeowners Sign Up for 175 kilowatts of Solar Systems

Price Of Hard Coking Coal May Double Or Triple In This Month's Industry Talks - Bloomberg

Top 20 Polluting Nations Meet Blahblahblah Timetables Blahblah Discussions Continue Blahblah - AFP

Freep "where to buy gas" email

Norfolk (UK) - Confiscated Toy Cars Have 40X Legal Lead Limit, 5X Chromium

US told to go green on carbon emissions or lose EU flights

Benchmark Antarctic Glacier Shows "Tremendous Ablation" In 2007 - Mass Loss Accelerating Rapidly

The Earth we think we have is ending - article by Jon Sumby

N.C. joins plug-in car effort

Bruce Springsteen "Youngstown" Montage

Laborers Rejoin AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Dept.

1,000 New Jersey Adult Day Care Providers Join CWA

Machinists file for union vote at Toyota Canada

IBEW: Comcast Workers Deserve to Share Wealth They Created

Unemployment Benefits Need to be Extended NOW

Workers' Rights in 4 languages (Age Disability Gender Pregnancy Race or Ethnicity Religion Sex

Taking Back UC (has the support of hundreds of political, clergy, faculty and community leaders)

AFL-CIO En Espańol

Download and Print Complete US Legislative Voting Records (PDF) '96-07

Voting Record by State Congressional Delegation (How did your Senator or Congress person do?)

Today in labor history March 15

Hotel workers stage protest at Google Headquarters (Feb. 7)

Mn labor to join in events demanding end to Iraq War (Today 3-15)

Guards at plant OK new union

(China) Union calls for regular wage rises

Greedy Troglodytes Attack Teachers

Shipyard Workers Organize to Stop 21st Century Slavery

Huffington Post: McCain Revealed

Countrywide asks for delay in shareholder suits

Bear Stearns Seeking Sovereign Wealth Funding, Telegraph Says

Insurer Losses From Subprime Approach Katrina Claims

China's CITIC says may not invest in Bear Stearns

Spitzer was a trouble maker

Bear Stearns on brink of break-up

Fed just made matters worse, says Carlyle

A Request To Honor Ronald Reagan

I need to refinance my mortgage. Help please.....

Borrowers Find What Citigroup Says Isn't What It Does (Update1)

UN calls for investigation into deaths of Colombia activists

Chavez Dares US to Put Ven on Terror List, Plus Nationalization of Slaughter Houses

R.I.P.: The Monroe Doctrine

Article following the Bush puppet invasion of Ecuador:

Australian State Moves Closer To Gay Partner Registry

Vt. High Court Declines To Review Contentious Lesbian Visitation Case

UK To Review Iraqi Gay Teen Case

We have a Gay candidate for 80th AD

I just thought I would share this story I've found on Transgender Group Blog..

WHAT is with this infantile "Iggie/Iggied" crap??

Norway Moves To Legalize Gay Marriage

Dr. Dean, you're breaking my heart.

I am worse than a terrorist!!!!!!!

I am watching Jesus Christ Superstar

Drag Queens are NOT to be Messed With!

Ford Concedes, Victory Declared!

Palestinian old guard: defiance, regret

A Terror Tour of Israel

Rachel Corrie play debuts in Israel

Peres opens Paris book fair as Muslims boycott 39 featured Israeli writers

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Calls for Ceasefire, Palestinian Unity Government

net worth info on Congress members

Hey, good news on a couple of Biden's bills

Joe quoted in NY Times on NATO problems

Hope you enjoy these

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (March 15): Hou Yifan leads in Istanbul

How come BOSSHOG ain't in here gloating?

Formula One is back!

Have the Blackcaps got a Hero?

Heparin investigation focuses on raw ingredients

NCAA "Bubble" Predictions?

Should China Olympics be Boycotted over Tibet Slaughter?

Has anyone used an Alpha Stim?

I had a great day today :) I am so thankful for that.

Do people in general value peace?

Dreams with very clear faces

There is a God!!!!! *******SPOILER*********

Is anyone else having just awful feelings lately or this morning?

March 2008 Prayer, Light & Healing Requests Thread – Part II

The Uses of Empathy: A Medical Student’s Perspective

New Study Raises Questions on Anesthesia Monitoring System

When a Brain Scientist Suffers a Stroke

Soy compound may halt spread of prostate cancer

Leftovers - BBQ chicken / black eyed pea soup.

Anybody use an Aerogarden?

Court again rebuffs Scientology's lawsuit

Some questions about The Golden Compass

Rev. Wright is downright crazy....

Any idea why shallots are so ruinously expensive?

The Wonderful World Of Early Photography

I made fried oatmeal this morning.

Is religion the root of all evil?


David Olofson getting positive press coverage finally.

Collateral 39-What Does He Know?

A minor footnote on gvt duplicity, 9-11 vs Eliot Spitzer

What really happened in the Closed Door Session?

911 group family group challenges Jessie Jackson on his CFR

What's Being Covered Up? Tenth Time Asked - Video Inside

1,117 Reasons Friends Don't Let Floridians Vote By Mail

Election Reform and Related News Saturday 3/15/08

I will just be quiet now

Iran, Hillary, McCain, Obama and campaign strategy

A personal rant, for what it's worth.

Ashwin Madia vs. Teri Bonoff for DFL nomination results

From the training sessions, I went to, it is my understanding

Has anyone here seen the letter from Gary Mauro?

Will adding a video card permit a 2nd monitor?

good sense on Wright from The Field

Video, Obama in Indiana


Paul Martin visits jailed Canadian in Mexico

NBC Nightly News - Helping Homeless feel at home in school

Olbermann Watch pats themselves on the back for getting Keith to show up last night!

I am even more impressed with Keith now.

Howdy, all.

Here's a good ole blue dog Democrat

Top Hillary Donor Directly Pressures Dean: "Exercise Some Leadership" On Florida And Michigan

Gableman ad lies about Butler

Feingold- backed amendments to fund crime-fighting programs pass Senate

Tories gain 16-point lead over Labour - Times/YouGov Poll

The Independent's Boring List...

Poles accuse Daily Mail of defaming community

So who do we (Brit DUers) like for the Dem' Candidate then?

You'll love these religious pamphlets.

Better be careful! I'm dangerous!