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What kind of (flag?) pin is Obama wearing in this video?

I Would Call It Desperation...

Separation of Church and State

Olbermann--Hsu does not equal Rezko--although Hsu donated to Obama & Clinton

With the major Chicago newspapers vindicating Obama on Rezko, what will be Penn's new talking point?

Complete video for Plainfield speech today

U.S. God's favorite country

Just What Did Obama Know About Wright's Past Sermons?

Like my old Pappy used to Say . . .

Suppose Bill Clinton becomes a Republican...

The Historic Significance of the Wright Problem

Obama's Keys to the Keystone State

My Brand New Car

My Brand New Car

Sean Hannity only has a high school diploma!

Did I read this right? Obama gains 13% more support TODAY then the last time he won in Iowa?

"I don't find any rancor here"

Hannity's real agenda

Gas Prices

Question about Clinton, Obama, and gas prices.


Clinton and the Media

Sunday NY Times: Many Uncommitted Superdelegates Agree With Obama Decision Basis

What words do you never want to hear again after this primary is over?

Long ago, in a land far away, a man was running for the post of Lord High Potentate.

Hillary's Week From Hell: Spitzer and Ferarro

Still 80% of GD-P threads on Jeremiah Wright. GD-P = FoxNews

McCain’s Grandson Caught Playing “God Save the Queen”

Clinton Donors Threaten To Withhold Funds From DNC

If the case may be, Hillary doesn't want the VP job and Obama shouldn't offer it to her

Clinton says Obama voted for oil firm tax breaks- & CBO says she's right & "Factcheck" wrong

Speaking of crazy pastors: Why the hell aren't the Democrats bringing up Rev. Moon??!?

please stand for the N.A. with asshat that put us in this mess

please stand for the N.A. with asshat that put us in this mess

I went to a sporting event tonight in "Bush Country", the Anthem played....

Which of the three candidates remaing has the most Irish heritage?

when confronted with a truly asinine post that isn't quite alert worthy,

When is Hillary going to cut Obama's lead? Obama's lead is currently the largest it has ever been

Watch Obama nail this FOX news "interview"

Infested? Try Troll-B-Gone

Infested? Try Troll-B-Gone

I cant decide which is more painful

Tracy Morgan Just Gave A Rebuttal To Tina Fey On SNL Tonight...

New SNL Classic

New SNL Classic

Seems that Barack's net gain in Iowa might be 10

Why should Hillary Clinton be our next president?

Say what you will about the republicans

Obama is poison in November. Michelle, Wright, and the pic.

Turnabout is fair play. Obama supporters - why should he be our next president?

Robt Greenwald & Brave News Films take on the "Anti-Obama Virus" & Fox News

What If This Wright Thing Doesn't Go Away?

Identity politics is destroying the Democratic party before our very eyes

Obama's Dance with America

Some thoughts about race in the primaries and what it takes to be president.

The Clinton's: Race Baiting, Racist or Angels?

Obama's pledge delegate lead now stands at 170!

What counts in this election?

HRC's message for Saturday: My Inspiration

Chicago Trib: Over 36 years, J Wright built up a congregation of 8,500 from a mere 87 in 1972

To the haters, trolls and the rest of the flotsam of fear and......

To the haters, trolls and the rest of the flotsam of fear and......

A true Progressive could never criticise Obama over Wright.

Hillary Clinton on the Electoral College - 2001.

With Barack I feel we gamble and win a sure bet. As division will splinter our world apart.

A Candidate Inspires:

Supposed Clinton GD:P supporters are actually McCain attack dogs

Obama fans, take heart - GD- P crazyness all caused by 37 of the trolliest Clinton supporters...

Well I hope this Pastor thing well end soon because we should really go back to talking about

Obama could pick up many delegates if Hillary falls below viability in certain caucus states

Clinton's and The Killer Blood

aka "The Ugly American"

Next on the agenda....Which candidate will be branded as "mentally ill"?

4000 dead american soldiers vs 1 crazy reverend

On a scale of one to ten, how anomalous is Rev. Wright?

Hillary! Don't go away mad! Just go away!

Who would you rather be influenced by?

The Pastor and The President---Graham, Nixon, and Bush

How will Hillary respond to the new NYT article stating most SD will go with pledged delegate winner

Wright story might already be out of news cycle

Wright story might already be out of news cycle

How did we get to this place we are now? How do we get out of this mess.

Took a trip through the 'Free Republic' forum for the first time and

A Delegate Loophole? (Is Hillary going to go after "pledged" delegates?)

I am surprised nobody has brought up the possibility that Obama could be the antichrist!

Parade-goers adore Hillary

Honestly, how does anyone know Obama doesn't believe some of what Wright is saying?

The Country is looking awfully purple!


The thing that scares me most about Hillary supporters

Ted Strickland for vice president?

Hillary Clinton

If the Republicans want to go after Wright then they better be prepared for what we have on them.

D.M. Register: At DEM county conventions Obama edged Clinton in some counties she won on caucus day

Calling on the MEDIA to end the racist and sexist talk

Calling on the MEDIA to end the racist and sexist talk

Google Trends

This is what the next president will inherit...

They were 'changing money' for scape-goats/doves inside not just 'the' temple...

The Juggernaut ...Some thoughts.

Did any Clinton defenders at DU write this script?

All this crap is starting to make me angry.

Super Delegates Tilting Towards Obama As Race Prolongs

Flawed or not, it needs to be said.

Randi Rhodes suggested Hillary had a number of scandals that had not broken yet

Obama Wins +10 Delegates from Iowa (25 0, 14 C, 6 E)

Obama Wins +10 Delegates from Iowa (25 0, 14 C, 6 E)

Did anyone just hear on MSNBC

Financial Gurus at DU! Give us some advice about what we can

The Rev. Wright controversy clearly only an issue in the blogosphere!


Reposting, Why I am having fun this primary season: In essay form (sort of)

iraq soldiers on cnn about U.S. elections

Rev. Jeremiah Wright's America

Rasmussen Obama 47, Clinton 44 (O must have had a very good day yesterday)

God bless you all - your passion for your candidate is inspiring

God bless you all - your passion for your candidate is inspiring

Obama Gains 14 More Delegates

McAuliffe ambushing Dean?

Since positive threads fall on deaf ears

Everyone needs to stop panicking.

Wait a minute...

Are We Ready for a Black President? Lighten' up folk!!

Meet the Press

Who was the best dem president and how much experience did they have?

Final Results: Obama gains 10 more delegates in Iowa

Zogby - McLame: 44%, Obama/Clinton: 39%, Nader: 5%

David Gregory on Meet the Press

John Edwards - Your Iowa Supporters Have Spoken

It's not the policy differences; it's the approach and stlylistic differences

The perfect weekend in Iowa

What Obama really saw in Wright.

Hillary lost the nomination, even with FL and MI she loses to Obama!

When HILLBOTS have to take Wright stories from Fox News and Newsmax, we can see who the enemy is

Only on DU could Nancy Pelosi go from goat to heroine the second it's learned she's anti-Clinton

Editor of Pittsburgh P-G: The Democratic Party seems determined to

Editor of Pittsburgh P-G: The Democratic Party seems determined to

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 47 (+1), Hillary 44 (-1) - - Hillary's "Pastorgate bounce" short lived

I think all the trolls on DU should be ostracized.


Obama's "full assault" on Hillary (with link)

Should Hillary supporters at DU be labeled as trolls?

There should be a special place in Hell for any Democrat who votes for McCain.

So who has spent more time in elected office of our two candidates, Barack or Hillary?

About a possible Edwards endorsement of Hillary...

And the Next Fine Democrat Under the Bus is.......................

Rasmussen Daily: Obama 47 (+1), Hillary 44 (-1)

More Numbers Crunched from SUSA State-by-State Polling

Let us not lose sight of our objective

Clinton writer's Don't Strike and Don't Go****** In fact we have a few topic requests

Barbara Boxer and Obama Make A Great Pair--Video

Has Obama put to rest the Wright business?

John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants

Bad News for Barack Hussien; First Iowa and now Pelosi .... he is doomed!

I Have an Idea. Tell Me What You Think. (Nice Post... I swear!)

In case no one has seen this here is Obama's video address on Wright.

Another question about the great Obama judgment.

Dallas Morning News political blog: Clinton: Delay the Delegate Count (Because I'll Lose)

Why red states are red

Can Someone Explain to me what "The Fellowship" Is?

How would Jesus run?

*** OH NO!! The repukes must reject and denounce the Pope ***

Sham Audits May Have Hid Theft by G.O.P. Committee Treasurer (One of the Swiftboat Guys)

The Rev, Wright controversy is clearly only an issue on DU.

Gallup Poll 3/16: Obama 48%, Hillary 45% ... link

It's funny how a few days can change the trajectory of this race.

Breaking News: Hillary campaign announces new motto

senator clinton at long last where are the records

Should the superdelegates be suspended to avoid corruption?

Superdelegates Question Clinton's Electability and Effect on Down-Ballot Races

Clinton: Delay the Delegate Count (Because I'll Lose)

George Bush is only president because he is white.

I was asked this question and didn't have an answer... I know Obama supporters can answer it...

Is Hillary Clinton Trying to "GORE" Obama?

Iowa breaks Edwards' heart, again

'Single mom' emerges as real mentor of young Obama

Obama needs to deliver a speech on race, religion, and divisions much like Romney did

If Obama is the eventual nominee... would you LIE for him to get him elected to the presidency?

Obama's church accuses media of character assassination

Obama no longer outperforms Clinton against McCain. He once did 9 points better, lost 5 pts in March

Did anyone bookmark the satire post from last week re persons DU'ers

Would Hillary be running on experience if Bill Richardson was her only opponent?

I find it nauseatingly desperate that Obama is attacked for Farrahkhan's kind words

If Edwards had emerged as HRC's main opponent would she be doing the inexperienced bit on him?

Hillary supporters frenzy to lynch Wright and Obama, prove Wright is right!

Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male

I just got home from Palm Sunday services.

Rasmussen Florida - McLame: 47, Clinton: 40 ; McInsane: 47, Obama: 43

The conservative Chicago Tribune on Obama and Rezko

How some Obama supporters hurt him

Once and for All, the Wright story

Clinton tougher in the big states? Really?

Obama vs. Clinton on regulation

Which Is Worse: GDP 2004? GDP 2008?

Robert Greenwald petition against FOX News & Their Attack on Obama

A video worth watching: Obama on religion and politics

Hillary Clinton news 3/16/2008.

So Today Obama Gets More Iowa Delegates & AFSCME Endorsement In Oregon! Wright REALLY Made A Dent

I believe the 80/20 rule is in play right now.

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Mr. Edwards, a post for you!

Is GD:P Still Being Moderated?

Breaking: Obama won't release many earmarks and tax returns (AP and ABC)-(What is Obama hiding?)

Obama's church accuses media of character assassination

Obama Now Needs An Uber Duber Patriotic V.P. What Are His Best Choices?

Breaking: Obama won't release many earmarks and tax returns (AP and ABC)-(What is Obama hiding?)

Proof that Repugs want McCain to run against Hillary

Are the mods biased for Hillary or Obama?

How come there have been no interviews with Wright to clear this up?

So it appears the latest RW talkingpoint is...

Straight out of the Clinton Bullies' playbook...

For All Those Bemoaning The Fact That There Will Be No Unity Ticket

An eerie but currently possible Scenario...

The Deep Blue Divide

Anybody Catch Obamas Fake Accent Speech?

Clinton aides "deplore negativity"

Obama can't win the blue states? does better than Hillary in CT, CA, and NY

Do people still think Obama is conservative?

Let's all have puke session in honour of the theme of the HRC campaign.

Have any of you ever been asked to take an exit poll on election day?

Clinton Surrogate Botches Appearance On Meet The Press

Enough is Enough on this Wright story

THE MATH – Sunday, March 16 – Polls and “The Magic Number”

So If Edwards Ends Up Endorsing OBAMA

Meanwhile, out in the real world. . . . .

Can we afford to lose the White House on the gamble of a dreamer spiritually married to a bigot prea

Obama watch

The UCC fights back

The UCC fights back

Obama's biggest problem is that he lacks sufficient qualifications to be POTUS.

Postitive post: Tomorrow NY's (my state) New Govenor David Patterson will be sworn in...

Voting By Mail

Why "Popular Vote" could never be an accurate reflection of the will of all voters in a primary

Is Elliot Abrams an Obama advisor?

Iraqi teen in war zone: 'I will have a future'

Attn: Democratic delegates: I'm not kidding . We are sick of it.

I didnt see the news today. Is Hillary out yet?

Mods, how about GD-PP and GD-PN?

When OBAMA Has to Take Madrassa, Photo, "As Far as I Can Tell" from Drudge and the Moonies....

Clinton campaign one of "fight and divide." Obama campaign, a campaign of "unite and fight."

Question: If Hillary screws up this Presidential race for the Demos, why not get a 527,

Question - what if Edwards comes out and backs Obama or Clinton? Would

Are you ready for St. Pelosi's Day?

Ferraro attacked Obama for being Black and White....

Angry FL Dems asking DNC for their donations back..

Get your GD:P flamesuits here!!

why is clinton

Did you know that 3 counties in Tx. had no primary because they

The Problem is... We're Part of the Problem.

Dear Senator Clinton and Senator Obama: [Rep. DeFazio (D-OR) letter]

Obama picks up 14 more delegates

Barack Obama will rebuild the Reagan coalition

Obama's Minister Committed "Treason" but When my Father Said the Same Thing He Was a Republican Hero



McCain's Iraq visit....with Lieberman!

Bill Clinton: 'Chill Out,' Let Voters Decide

CBS Poll: Obama Surges Ahead Nationally

Are we (DUers) going to be able to get back to where we were before the primaries?

Why Obama isn't qualified to be president

So, someone said on here that Rev Wright left on vacation

Today's postings remind me of what's at stake, so I just made another donation to the Obama campaign

Obama is a hypocrite .Why is it ok for his preacher to criticize Hillary for being White?

Clinton camp: “We have run a substantially positive campaign"

Nita Lowey: Worst Clinton Surrogate Ever? ("gaffe-filled performance" on today's MTP)

Is there way to contact Edwards to ask him not to endorse Hillary?

Listening to Bill Bradley speaking about campaign tactics in primaries

I didn't know this ... do you?

Does anyone here honestly believe an Edwards endorsment would change much?

Does anyone here honestly believe an Edwards endorsment would change much?


What % of African-Americans believe what Rev. Wright says?????

If we lose the General Election in November, whose fault will it be?

The biggest noncovered misconception about the Fl. election

The entire Tracy Morgan Segment on SNL Weekend Update can be found here...

McCain's Short List for VP: Joe Lieberman or Lindsey Graham ??

John McCain will never be President.

What is a "concern troll"? I point to you a old thread from 6/8/06 by bunkerbuster worth repeating..

Are there no file films of McCain groveling to RW preachers?

Why the hell is Rev. Wright a Topic of Discussion, again?

I'd just like to announce that I was elected to be a DNC delegate today!

Huffington Post: Florida Suggests Half Vote Solution To Settle Democratic Party Squabble

Hey! I heard on NEWSMAX that Obama and Farrakhan are really brothers!

When is the last time you read any posts in the GD? ~ PS. Happy St. Pat's Day!

Dan Gelber, D-FL: "We're going to spend $10 million to put 10 more delegates in somebody's tally?"

The Excuse.

Obama's pastor attacks Clinton for being white

It's Hillary Clinton's Fault if Democrats fail to win the White House and hold Congress

Clinton Request Violates the Law (TX)

Edwards Supporters: How Will You Feel If Edwards Supports The Clintons?

Fact Check: Obama's Church

John Hagee and Rod Parsley, McSame supporters, should be the real pastor problems.

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Sunday March-16-2008

Edwards delegates switch to Obama. goodnight, Hillary. its over =)

Obama picked up 14 more Delegates ... Washington Post

Hillary. Stop DIviding Us.

Harry Reid belonged to a church that didn't allow blacks full membership, is he unfit to lead?

That mysterious quality some politicians have: Call it teflon.

HRC wants "eligibility of an estimated 1 million caucus-goers are double checked". in TX

For the record, Obama isn't a 'gamble'

Are there any other "ticking time bombs" for Obama?

Democrats might not need Florida to win the White House

Kinda funny: Obama does 1 point better against McCain in New York than Clinton.

Tweety's show: Edwards to endorse Clinton soon.

What is racism?

Anger versus Hatred

Anger versus Hatred


'If this is ok, I want to start just by talking about my house purchase and Tony Rezko'

"I didn't inhale"

Obama + 9 (not 7) , Hillary -1 in Iowa; Obama +5 Hillary +2 in CA

Guess what. We NEED division to heal the problems the right-wing created for us

Republicans See Storm Clouds Gathering OR as the GOP implodes, Dems win

Obama is a Liability

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/16/08 - Obama up 1 (47), Clinton down 1 (44)

Delegate, popular vote scenarios just got a lot worse for Hillary

For everyone defending Wright

Would JESUS support the "GOD DAMN AMERICA" rhetoric of Jeremiah

How Many States Will Obama Win This Fall?

CBS: Democrats Must Unify — Or Else

Chicago Tribune: Obama prepares for full assault on Clinton

Lou Dobbs: Obama owes me an apology!!

Obama Converts to Judaism

Obama Converts to Judaism

GOBAMA!!! ||||| Go, Hillary, Go!

Clinton lashes Obama's 'assault' as McCain visits Iraq

Clinton lashes Obama's 'assault' as McCain visits Iraq

Well THAT ("plunge") didn't last long-Today's Rassmussen poll-Obama 47%, Hillary 44%


"Come, let us reason together": a plea from 'flyover country'.

Taxes: Play fair!

Tracy Morgan: Black is the new President, Bitch! (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

Idea of Woman President: "This is Big Time Change" - Pittsburgh Post

Idea of Woman President: "This is Big Time Change" - Pittsburgh Post

Idea of Woman President: "This is Big Time Change" - Pittsburgh Post

Hillary Messes With Texas from DailyKos

Teh paztur Gyrated! Is not Godses Man!

Race and Civil Rights In America - Senator Bill Bradley at The National Press Club - July 16, 1991

Clinton's doublespeak hits the AP...

I do not think the FL election should be re-done.

Tonight, I am heartsick

Polling Data too Fascinating to Ignore: Obama better than Clnton against McCain in NY (Rasmussen)

Should Catholics Renounce and Reject Their Church?

Clinton Library Builder's CFO Vanishes, Leaving Questions, No Clues

Clinton Library Builder's CFO Vanishes, Leaving Questions, No Clues

A Hillary Clinton win equals a John McCain presidency

Nancy Pelosi gives Clinton supporters NOTHING on today's ABC's THIS WEEK W/ GEORGE

A Little Even-Handedness (In Hopes That It Doesn't Offend)

Obama has been vetted, Hillary hasn't

Oregon AFSCME breaks ranks, endorses Obama

Hillary Clinton: Exaggerator In Chief

Can someone explain the importance of getting donor names of Bill Clinton's library?

Senator Clinton's ties to Reverend Sun Myung Moon should be examined


Pelosi delivers the Judas Kiss

NEWSWEEK: 1 out of 4 Clinton supporters would vote for MCCAIN?!

READ IT HERE FIRST! Obama Was Raised By His WHITE Mother!

The Rules. Or why Hillary WILL win.

"Superdelegates": A political creation of The Democratic Party in 1984, are undemocratic

"Superdelegates": A political creation of The Democratic Party in 1984, are undemocratic

"Hillary Ain't Never Been Called a (Slur)"

ETHICS, and why Obama was slow to retaliate against Clinton.

Sick of Reading Bullshit About Rev. Wright? John Adams Miniseries Starts Tonight on HBO

As of right now, who here at DU would still vote for either candidate in November?


Democrats risk losing a generation

The problem with Rev. Wright is that he didn't tell the whole story

Bush asked for weaker smog standard

Why I support Hillary Clinton:

For the record...this IS the 'United States of White America'...

Panel Finds Restaurant Discriminated Against Blacks Students (Applebee's)

How a war with Iran might be provoked

Sunday news shows

Banking Corporations Flouting Disclosure Laws with Virtual Impunity

Question about Clinton, Obama, and gas prices.


UK Telegraph: Goldman Sachs to reveal $3bn hit

Which group is entitled to free speech "god hates f***" church or Wright's church or both?

WOW, East of Eden. What a movie. War profiteering during WWI

Winter Soldier Makes Washington Post Cover War Crimes

Can you believe this? Where was Jack B. Nimble? This lady

Let us all hope Obama is the next FDR

Switching my Support to Dean. Removing it from Clark. I apologize to all the 2004 Dean supporters

The Obama/Wright Connection Is Not About Race To Me

Anyone heard from Catwoman?

Imagine: U.S. an Emerging Market

AFA: The "Pro-Homosexual" 'Day of Silence' is coming.....Hide your children!!!!

Appraisals add fuel to CSX commuter rail debate (Jeb's sweet deal with CSX)

For those who may have missed this worth a read.

In 1992 the Republican Party of Washington state called for outlawing yoga

Who here now thinks twice before entering GDP forums?

Glaciers melt 'at fastest rate in past 5,000 years'

This Thing With Wright Won't Fly!

Someone we can all vote for:

America will not rest until Obama says Jesus had blue eyes

Waterboarding and Financial Entities "Too Large to Fail"...

US told to go green on carbon emissions or lose EU flights

WARNING: Possible New Brand for Repubs

A question directed to supporters of Mrs. Clinton

CLARIFICATION ................ Every solar panel is a peace sign.

"America will not rest until Obama says Jesus had blue eyes"

UN resolution against torture - some help please understanding legal aspects

Father testifies on son's suicide in Iraq

I have reached the point where neither Hillary or Obama

The wheels have fallen off the Hopemobile

Ticking bomb of Iraq’s forgotten refugee children

"Top TSA Officials in Cheating Scandal ..."

Wright is WRONG - In the name of Love

We can fight about the preacher later!

I am Distrustful Of White America

Hollywood, London, Montreal, Banghor, Madrid, and more anti war photos

Is the Spitzer resignation a blessing for progressives?

**** 3988 ****

Banking Corporations Flouting Disclosure Laws with Virtual Impunity

The MSM is going over Wright's sermons with a fine tooth comb. Did they do the same with Hucks?

Welcome to Miami, and a real estate crash

As pithy as I can make it:

Watching the Dollar Die.

Sunday’s Breakfast Menu, March 16

Five very long years..........

Marine dies in sleep months after Iraq blast

I think the media and the Dems KNOW Bush is nuts and are trying to humor him out of office

Who Will Show Support for Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago ?

Sunday morning feel good story

help again-replying to a local cretin

Going After Spitzer

Countrywide asks for delay in shareholder suits

Risking Disabled Workers Is Wrong

Behind every cloud is a silver lining

New doco on the USA economic trainwreck.

The World's Billionaires: A New Count, A New Record

Photos from today's World Against War march in Toronto, part 2 (dial-up warning)

Iraq’s Insurgency Is Running on Stolen Oil Profits

The 2008 Crash - What Did Goldman Sachs Know ?

Guardian UK: A deluded Wall Street threatens the world economy

Sunday talk show tip sheet

How the U.S. Can Avoid a Fiscal Wreck.

County's voting machines examined........Thank You Jennifer Brunner!

"Veterans recall horrors of war in live broadcast" - from the Sunday Boston Globe

Maureen Dowd: Soft Shoe in Hard Times

Enron Founder's Widow Sued by Condo

Clinton's growing Iowa disaster could effect other caucus states

Iraq Fax-in: Let's Show Congress How We Feel

Guardian UK: 10,000 face axe as City (London's financial district) panic spreads

RE: Spitzer's Dilemma.....

How many day until bush

"Black is the new President...Bitch" - SNL changing the tone.

Bernanke and Bremer coming up on Blitzer

If one dollar was one second:

She has lost more ground.

The (Always) Sunny Side of the Street

She has lost more ground.

She has lost more ground.

She has lost more ground.

She has lost more ground.

She has lost more ground.

Can Sen. Clinton be both her own woman and her husband's wife?

Cougar hunting....

Video Of Feingold's and Biden's Iraq Resolution Floor Speech

fyi- Don Seigelman's website now accepts online donations to his defense fund

Home Starts, Factory Production May Fall: U.S. Economy Preview

TULSA, Okla.: Bomb Falls Off Military Jet, Hits Apartment

NYT: Beyond the Noise on Free Trade (McCain related)

Rev.Wright? What Rev. Wright? Obama has already thrown him under the bus. Scrubbed his webpage.

Let me tell you how this will turn out.

Firm: 'Waterboarding' suit hasn't hurt sales

If your church

NYT Magazine: Supreme Court Inc.

So the economy tanks, the dollar plummets and now we can't even leave...

The Secret Life of Lou Dobbs

Ed Schultz...trying out for the prone position media whore role & winning!

The really bad Pastor.....

Are we going to see the collapse this week?

Please MSM, do not discuss McCain's minister.

Sunday NYT Page 1: Fed Chief Shifts Path, Invents Policy In Crisis

While you were away...a memo re: the war in Iraq

Another example of a lazy mass media. Every news department went out

Another example of a lazy mass media. Every news department went out

Get ready to work for Chinese, Japanese, Saudis -- and that's the good news

False-flag mystery may be solved.

Honest Exercise: Can Anyone Come Up With Anything That Could Be Used Against Hillary In The GE

How long are media outlets going to say the economy is "on the verge of a recession" .....

Two issues that we CANNOT lose with in the general election

Should HRC release her tax returns?

So McSameasBush, Lieberman and Graham are in

Pole Dancers in Santiago Lure Clients With 2004 Dollar Rate

Job losses: Worst in 5 years

Here is what the Political Debate is about

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Speak Out [Photo Essay]

Madison, the Constitution and slavery

Stop Loss (new movie) - I want to see this when it's released.

Winter Soldier

Have you seen the new ad campaign for the AIr Force? The one that shows

The poet Langston Hughes had a complicated love of his country

Seeking info: When it's all over, Can the popular vote be determined?

what it takes to get Maliki 1/2 mi. outside the green zone

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of March 16th 2008 - Venezuela, Spain, Holland

Anybody know what happened to DeepModem?

Need help. I moved my 401K money out of stocks last Sunday and into bonds. Now I'm still

"I'm turnin' on the 'Fasten Seat Belt' sign. We seem to have hit a little bumpy air..."

In the National Presidential elections I’m voting for the Irishman

Interesting trivia about the Confederate Constitution

A bit of good news and it was teenagers that made it happen!

That there are no statutes of limitation on war crimes is reassuring

Oklahoma conservatives stand with anti-Gay, anti-Muslim bigot Sally Kern

A photograph of oppression.

Russian Archangel bloody seal pup cull halted (ice sheets to thin to walk on global warming)

The scandalous conflict of interest in Clinton's campaign.

Please remember who the enemy is

Goldman Sachs to unveil $3bn writedown - UK paper

Ann Coulter Deadbeat

Adrenaline Junkies Unite – admit it you love the Flame wars

Toxic world fallout from Iraq invasion

Words of wisdom from Professor Juan Cole:

Letter to the Editor of the Tehran Times - Iran

"Putting People before Pennies"

McCain is in Iraq with LIEberman and Lindsey Graham

A question about refinancing. What's going on with this?

If I only had a brain....

Iran high on Cheney's Mideast agenda

War in Iraq kept away from public

Senator Larry Craig's Second Favorite Album

Iraq war's cost: Loss of U.S. power, prestige and influence

Focusing on the future McCain

Spitzer a target because of his reform agenda

Fight Fear With Logic

rice and gates are in russia, cheney's in the mideast

IRS spent (squandered) $41.8M to tell us the check is in the mail... (morons!)

Old news. Philip SHENON: Condo's a liar, Shrub incompetent, KISSINGER spills coffee. Yawn.

Recession/Depression Good for US?

Moses in the Airport

Sarkozy: the shortest love affair in history?

Who's for taking back our country?

Say goodbye to the dollar...

Brief report and a few pictures from Winter Soldier today

Senator Larry Craig's favorite album

Sovereignty and Political Power

Keep Hope Alive - Jesse Jackson Radio Show on Sunday

I seem to recall a pic/chart/bar graph showing Democratic Congress losses since 1994 until 2006..

First Freedom Fries now Freedom Planes

Myanmar and China are different because . . .

An epidemic of boarded-up homes

Welcome to Miami, and a real estate crash

CNBC airing "The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer" at 9pm ET -- What took 'em so long?

What Is Clinton Hiding? The Media Begins To Notice The Clintons' Secrecy. Let The Vetting Begin!

What Is Clinton Hiding? The Media Begins To Notice The Clintons' Secrecy. Let The Vetting Begin!

I doubt we will see a boycott of the Chinese Olympics

"Paul Krugman's weblog is the place to be."

Hey DUers, what do you think about this? I just saw Sandra Lee promoting it.

Another impending economic crisis is looming on the horizon

NYT Iraq editorials - THEY STILL DON'T GET IT!

Dana Siegelman Interview at 4PM EST

Does anyone else find themselves retreating into different times these days?

Winter Soldier pictures - final day

Sex and moralities and DU

New blog:

Video link from proud2Blib (You gotta see this!):

Photo Gallery: Eureka, CA Peace March 3/15/08 (Dial-Up Warning)

NBC just had a story about

CSPAN-2 "Three Trillion Dollar War"

Republicans See Storm Clouds Gathering

A US drone dropped a missile killing 16 people in Pakistan

April 1st 2007: McCain's "stroll" through a Baghdad Open-Air Market....

Putting the New York Times OUT OF BUSINESS

Dollar Falls to Record vs Euro on Speculation Subprime Losses Widening

Obamba in attendance as Wright refers to "white arrogance" and the "U.S. of White America"

Orwell for a Sunday Afternoon

NorCal police hunting for pot find alligator in apartment

March 2008 Vancouver Anti-Seal-Hunt Demonstration photos

Independent UK: Wall Street fears for next Great Depression

71 Senate 'Nays' for a moratorium on earmarks. Why don't they

'08 foreclosure rate is on way to a record - "the greatest speculation in the history of housing"

5 Years after "Liberation" in Iraq there are worms in the water

What will you do with your stimulus money from Bush?

Corrupt Clinton Pardons: Marc Rich, Bro Hugh Rodham Getting $400k, Roger Clinton $50k, 2 YRS 4 COKE

Watching WINTER SOLDIERS . . . got a late start on this ---

A soldier's death, a family's fight - Army probe finds failures in care at Fort Knox unit

Conservatism Is Dying

Saw Erik Prince Yesterday

Why didn't favored Boeing win Air Force tanker contract?

Unprecedented Black Hole in the history of American governance

"Large trees were uprooted!" From a talking news bimbo a minute ago.

Canada is ...

Holy Cow, have you seen this? Elliot Spitzer silenced by Wall Street?

Dana Perino, unhinged....... Pt. III

France says "Va te faire foutre" to Nicolas Sarkozy

Do any of you "StumbleUpon" when your not on DU?

My younger brother, the MBA, is optimistic about the economy long-term.

What would be your choice of "Just Desserts" for George Bush?

This is an important day, and I think everyone should think about it.

Man who gave gun to friend sentenced

Prepare yourself for the disappearing white man syndrome.


U.S. may declare Emergency Bank Holiday ???

Biofuels: the fake climate change solution

Did Douglas Feith (OSP) have access to CIA torture tapes?

I rail against the "rich old white guy" power structure... and oh yeah, I'm white.

If we go to war with Iran with this financial crisis won't that just

Report: Spitzer's Hooker Also Did Charlie Sheen

And now for something completely different

When Did The Rules Change?

Iran's very own 'Spitzer' scandal

Top 10 Priorities for our Next (Democratic) President and Congress

Story behind the lockdown: Warren County OH & the 2004 election

I'm thinking about organizing a huge DU meetup in Denver - in August (DNC convention)

New York Times says Superdelegates Prefer Pledged Delegate Leader

Coming Up On 60 Minutes:

If HRC wins, will she end the ray-gun gains, or will she continue them?

DUers are writing GOP speeches

It’s now also the most dangerous place on the face of the earth

GOP Demise Taking A Toll On Right-Wing Pundits

"Living on the Edge" -- The economic crisis as seen through the eyes of a family

"Living on the Edge" -- The economic crisis as seen through the eyes of a family

One Year Later, Market Where McCain Strolled ‘Freely’...Too Unsafe For Americans To Visit

Should we get rid of superdelegates after this election?

I have been wondering, and worrying about leveraged corporate debt (as another domino)

The Real Reason for the Crane Collapse in NYC - G R E E D

What's the story with FDIC?

Where do Hillary & Obama stand on withdrawing from Iraq?

NY Veterans Subjected to Illegal Drug Experimentation DIE...Hillary ignores pleas for investigation

A note about Wright's "fiery" tone . . .

The Ten Worst Countries on Earth to Be a Woman

As War Neared in 2003 -- Hillary Was Silent

Is she really worth your soul?

Question to Congressman Andre Carson (D): Is that the same Koran Congressman Ellis was sworn in on?

Obama: Politics & Religion - Never a good mix

'Eighty killed' in Tibetan unrest

Vichy Democrats: Pelosi and the Politics of Collaboration

What do you do with outdated prescription medications?

"Debt Slavery" Replaces Physical Slavery

2008 Federal Spending

Iraq Insurgency Runs on Stolen Oil Profits (NYT)

Boycotting China and the Olympics

The biggest fear of the Obama camp is a total blow out in Pennsylvania

NYT: "REAL Danger Is For Bush" Because Americans Will SEE "Breathtaking Extent Of LAWLESS Behavior"

NY Times: Rescue Me: A Fed Bailout Crosses a Line

Siegleman being BEATEN while incarcerated?

OH's 2004 Election Night Lockdown Finally Investigated by Media

The Gathering Storm at Justice-"The report will almost certainly be explosive." (Scott Horton)

Correa to Bush: send us your troops or 'shut up'

Do You Remember All Those Missing RNC/Whitehouse E-Mails

Big Oil and the economy.

Truth Time: Rev. Wright Is Right

Congressman Robert Wexler Awarded Backbone Award

JPM buying Bear Stearns for $2 dollars a share. Was $57 on Thursday and $30 on Friday

DIGITAL TV vs. ANALOG TV: Everything you always wanted to know about DTV but were afraid to ask...

Immigrant Soul

Tiger Woods: Another great win today. Remarkable.

The Costs Of Speaking Out Against Injustice

In today's Los Angeles Times: Cell phones, RFID, and you..

Photos from today's World Against War march in Toronto, part 1 (dial-up warning)

Still have regular phone service? Here is an money saving option

Who do you think Al Qaeda wants to win the election ?

does it seem fairly obvious to most people that alternative energy is the next 'tech boom'...

Two Florida Democratic congress folks prefer their Republican incumbents to their own party.

Laurie Dhue leaves FAUX News

Note to DU: Sean Hannity is a Racist. When you find yourself agreeing with him, stop and think.

Cheers To The Lounge

Man, westerners are embarrassing

Say what you want but I'm listening to XM "Thriller" and loving it

Hello? Osama? Hi! About the virgins...

Temple's going to the NCAA tournament!!!!!!!!

jlake is...


Heaven Beside You

What is a hookah bar?

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Dick's Bottleworks IPA and Great Divide Old Ruffian Barleywine

Thanks to whoever gave me the star!

My wife is no fun :(

Anyone else have a Powerball ticket for tonight?

A.G. Tabb of Kidderminster, England did not win the 1937 Tour de France.

Publix v. Harris Teeter. Ok. I'm biased...

my rash is caused by ( and I"m sure this is how the Dr.s are doing it)

For you 25 or 6 to 4

Water. Water, PLEASE! Help, I need water, arrrgh.....

Guess how many Powerball numbers I had that matched!

The Annotated American Pie (the song, not the movies)

Things I want my future self to come back and tell/warn me...

I use to be the King of Asteroids

DKos Poster: Gov. Siegelman Beaten In Prison

Iraq has put $10,000 on each American's credit card. Our politicians should talk about that.

** Flower Pics **

Hated this song until Petra Haden got hold of it.

Project Runway Finale... I finally got to see it, so you're stuck with my thoughts.

So, my neighbor has snow blowed my driveway for the last few years....

Spring Break..Are you having Yours?

"Mastercard Wedding" making the rounds

I Saw Tim Robbins Playing Roller Hockey Today

Warning: Tomorrow is the last shopping day before my birthday.

Warning: Tomorrow is the last shopping day before my birthday.

For you 4 2 0's

So its after 10

I'm listening to

Now here's a St Patty's day tune worthy of the GD-P!

Predict the Fed (FOMC rates announcement 3/18, 11:15 a.m. Pacific Time)

Pain in the chicken wing

What I learned in GDP today.

Nice quarter in the ass today.

Hillary's campaign wants to have a transparency battle?

I asked to be recognized

Geico Caveman on the History Channel

Glaciers suffer record shrinkage

DU Jam Sessions?

12:46,,,,,,and I am so UP

Point of Personal Privilege

Picture thread!

And now for something completely different

Here's someone we can all vote for:

Owie! Owie! Foot cramp! Owie!

delete, dupe n/t


Some pics from my trip to Corpus Christi

Remember this bit?

doesn't everybody use the "spam box" excuse sometimes

Hey, y'think GD: P would get it if I posted

Point of parliamentary procedure!

My juke box--I made a little post about Lounge Saturday nights--

Watching Chappelle's Show again on DVD, I found something for GD:P

Do you think ethnic groups have worse or better tempers?

I've lost my voice....

Alex, I'll take "How can you tell that the honeymoon over?" for $1000.

that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Hey, Xema!

I love free ITunes Podcasts...

My DU Bumper sticker

Okay, I went ot the Cheesecake Factory tonight for a Herb Encrusted Salmon...

Okay, I went ot the Cheesecake Factory tonight for a Herb Encrusted Salmon...

Okay, I went ot the Cheesecake Factory tonight for a Herb Encrusted Salmon...

New Marine Osprey

This is really corny.

Pussy pose

The Sneeze is in the hospital...Monday is the day of decision.

Anybody need a little truck?

Point of order?

What are your hobbies? I drunk

This is one big-ass snow-woman.

American Soldiers--Have you guys seen this movie?

Parche sent me a picture of his dog

The dog wars in my house.

"I said I was", my wife just said to me

Random local wildflowers (Dialup and bad photography warning)

Echo got adopted!!

Six views of "Won't Get Fooled Again." Moon at 8:15. Big leap at 8:26.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré: Emperors' Club's Employee of the Month (from HuffPo satire site "23/6 News")

NYC/Philadelphia area long to get from Philly area to NYC on a Thursday afternoon?


Thanks for the star, anonymous.

Hey Taverner - guess what I'm drinking tonight

Untergang, Der. Downfall. Holy Shit

Presenting the beautiful and endangerd Diamondback Terrapin

i am incredibly overwhelmed---

lol cat hs sen de light

How often do you "vacuum" your "floors" (or "sweep")

It's a picture of my badger!

What time is it? The hand knows...

I feel so sorry for the losers in the grocery store buying tang.

I am stuck in bed with a backache today- it even hurts to roll over.

Our God is Strange: Pictures of his wrath today

"John Adams" miniseries premieres tonight on HBO

The Clinton campaign appears to be trying to undermine the authority of the DNC.

Quick!!!!!!!!!!!! Your home is on fire!!!!!!!!!!

Are people less likely to tell polite lies in writing than by phone?

The Lounge Pancake Breakfast! Insert the word PANCAKE into a song lyric!

10 things not to do during a job interview.

Dishwashing Machine Tip

I just got home from Palm Sunday services.

Is anyone else ridiculously excited for Iron Man?

Your Ideas, Please , DU....What Can Be Done (Right Now) To Save Our Economy?

night thunderstorm - time lapse

Anyone here heard of Rosetta Tharpe? This is jaw dropping.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Eve!

In Memory of Colin Wolcott.

What do you do when housemates hog the kitchen?

Retrolounge Clothing

11 Great Gift Ideas!

DU grillmeisters, a question:

This LOLcat made me LOL...

A great big thank you to a generous DU'er!

My wife and I may have saved a life Friday night

Has anyone tried ordering groceries online?


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

How 'bout them Dawgs!

Best casting ever!

Please don't vote for candidate X. Pet Twinkie said bad stuff and

Making Corned Beef and Cabbage today!

Bananas are now .65 cents a pound

Pretty sunset here in Corpus tonight (pic)


Why is 'faux' so popular? If we use this word, does whatever

Whoever gave the star thank you!!

Our Dog is Strange: Pictures after his bath today

So my extreme right global warming denying brother called me to tell me....

I'm poop

What are family fights like, in your family?

Look Homeward Angel - by Thomas Wolfe

Did Dook make it into the NCAA Tourney this year?

How Many 5 Year Olds could you take in a fight...?

Happy birthday to the smartest, sexiest, most awesome 40 year old on the planet!

I have a crush

Zornhau got a kilt...

Uh oh! I just double brazillion'd GD:P

Uh oh! I just double brazillion'd GD:P

Does anyone have experience with volunteering in NO?

About that $275 million Powerball jackpot last night...

Thunder, I heard THUNDER

OMIGOD! How do I get a picture on the net?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/16/08

You've GOTTA see the track list on this: "The Sound Of Philadelphia: Gamble & Huff's Greatest Hits"

Holy shit ...... I just washed our car!!!

Cat experts, help w/ your opinions:

is cookie monster an announcer on nascar races now?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/16/2008)

A couple of beautiful photos are in the photography group. I think they are "must see."

Zoos Should Have Cots For Adults

Taking a break from the daily witch burning in GD

Anyone know of a trustworthy site for downloading free fonts?

You're sentenced to die - what's your last meal?

So who are the bigger assholes? Obama supporters or Hillary supporters?

sleeping bears

I just got an email with the subject "It's Brittney"

Why Bush targeted Spitzer: 200 Billion Dollars

Nice ass in the quarter today

What's for dinner, lounge?

A person's a person, no matter how small. The amazing Dr. Seuss

Does this image advocate violence or illegal behavior?

Alright ladies and gents, here are the pics you've been waiting for!

How often do you vacuum your floors (or sweep)?

TIGER wins 5 in a ROW with a 24 footer on 18!

Anyone going to watch the John Adams Mini-series premiere on HBO tonight?

Navajo Nation President Asks Congress To Honor Its Ban On Uranium Mining In Navajo Country

Anyonehad to put down a pet?

Fan of ginger cats? Caption these two (image has been fixed):

Florida Dem senator whines to the BBC....threatens DNC.."mutually assured destruction."

What is your favorite cookbook?

you know how you're supposed to make sure your pets have access

My cats are so funny

Does daylight savings time really accomplish anything?

Pretend you're Cliff Clavin and post some random trivia...

Xenith Booksellers Store Sign - A Poll...

Would you prefer that people remember something about you and forget your name...

Lets see where DU'ers really are - who would you like to see win

Suppose a lion converts to Judaism.

Did you know there is a community called Tent City, 40 miles east of Los Angeles?

Did you know there is a community called Tent City, 40 miles east of Los Angeles?

Did you know there is a community called Tent City, 40 miles east of Los Angeles?

Good news about Gray and Silver.

I cannot believe this story out of the Clinton campaign!

Have a new hobby?

Isn't it amazing? Spitzer's prostitute suddenly is a prude

I just had coffee from a French press

We're in a world of shit, and only a grand new vision can get us out.

Why are GLBT newspapers publicly airing details of depositions of the DNC staff?

Dogs who look like they are posing for campaign pictures

Reggae Fans: Mikey Dread has passed on:(

Who are the bigger assholes; Rush listeners or Spinal Tap fans?

If you had to give up either cable TV or your internet

No pic thread on the front page. Okay, I'll start one.

you've seen me

"No Country For Old Men" was terrible!! Anyone else agree?

Is it shallow of me to not want to date women that have kids?

My turtle scratches on the door to be let in like my cats

China sets Tibet protest deadline

N.Y. governor's journey toward resignation

Crane Collapse in Manhattan Kills at Least 4

Shelton Joins Clinton Camp (Retired Commander of 82nd Airborne)

Fed and Rival Bail Out Bear Stearns (done deal)

UN: Drop in Iraq violence may not last

Venezuelan ex-president Lusinchi called to appear in court over 1986 killings

Army judge in Guantánamo Bay rebukes government

Tibetan riots spread

Soldier died of alcohol poisoning. Was anyone else to blame?

GLOBAL MARKETS WEEKAHEAD-Investors shaken by bank troubles

Pelosi's delegate stance boosts Obama

Cheney to Mideast with "rich agenda" on oil, peace

Pilot dead in F-16 crash in Ariz.

Put young children on DNA list, urge police (UK)

China security forces swarm Tibet

McCain's mixed signals on foreign policy

Man who gave gun to friend sentenced

Cuba to make computers, microwaves, other goods available to consumers

Cheney heading to Mideast

Goldman Sachs to unveil $3bn writedown - UK paper

Pilkington laying off 250

McCain makes unexpected visit to Iraq

Cuba may be helping in Colombia hostage issue

Paulson Defends Bailout of Bear

Bear near announcing sale to JPMorgan: source

Tibet unrest spreads beyond Lhasa

Calls for 1-point rate reduction grow louder

Paulson: Govt Will Act to Aid Economy

For Democrats, increased fears of a long fight

Bear races to forge deal with JPMorgan

Fed Takes New Steps To Ease Financial Crisis

Protesters Across the World Condemn Iraq War (5th Anniversary)

Breaking: Oregon AFSCME breaks ranks, endorses Obama

Wal-Mart Loses Meat Cutters Bargaining Appeal

JPMorgan says it would buy ailing Bear Stearns for $2 a share

Argentina, Brazil to drop U.S. dollar in bilateral commercial transactions

Fed Must Buy Securities to Halt Crisis, Cambiar's Barish Says

Pakistan state TV: Missiles kill 20

Russia throws a wrench in NATO's works.

Dollar Declines to 12-Year Low Against Yen on Credit Losses

Lieberman explains support for McCain (to his hometown paper)

Top Saudi cleric calls for writers' deaths

Wall Street fears for next Great Depression

Republicans See Storm Clouds Gathering

Dalai Lama: China causing 'cultural genocide"

Venezuela opts for oil contracts in euros: report

Searchers find possible graves at Manson compound

Pro Clinton Bloggers boycott Daily Kos

Nader might sway November presidential election, poll shows

The Good vs. The Bad & The Ugly

Chris Floyd: Silent Scream: Anguish Grows in the Terror War's Forgotten Victim

A sickening truth at Guantánamo

Paul Rockwell: Clinton's Shameful Vote on Cluster Bombs

N.Y. governor's journey toward resignation

The Intelligence Cover-Up

Clinton era official sees globalization of power by 6,000 leaders

Five years on, Iraq still a nation at war

Appalling and inflammatory. And true. (Obama's pastor, Rev. Wright)

Accountability for the Iraq War

Iraq: Who won the war?

A brilliant reply to Sally Kern (anti-gay OKC politician)

Soft Shoe in Hard Times - Maureen Dowd on why W. is having fun with us. 3-16-08.

Jeffrey Rosen on Business Cases Before the Supreme Court

It's Still the Economy, Stupid

Interview: Rice talks about Chavez, the FARC and tariffs on bio-fuel.

The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right:

Howard Metzenbaum spent his retirement working as a consumer advocate

New Evidence in Siegelman Case Points to Republican Cabal

Prisoners of Sentencing Politics

Marx Continues to Influence 125 Years After His Death

Supreme Court Inc.

Banana-fest Destiny

My Lai: Legacy of a massacre (BBC) {MUCH worse than we were told--records found last year}

American Corporations Want U.S. Relations With Cuba, So What's Holding it Up?

A planetary country club of vampire elites and billions of symbiotic enablers.

Clinton earmark requests: You ask, we don't tell

Another Year, Another $300 Billion

Bush and Spitzer: Compare and Contrast

Republicans See Storm Clouds Gathering

For Germany's Former Communists, a Stunning Resurgence

Celebrating the Anniversary, Mr. Bush?

Latin America Rejects Bush Doctrine

McCain, in Iraq, Confused About Who to Call 'My Friends'

How many have participated in the Doonesbury poll?

Monica Benderman: Where Are We Going?

Scott Horton: The Gathering Storm at Justice

Getting Smart About Cuba

A commentary about Iraqi Winter Soldiers

George Speaks Badly From The New York Times Op-Ed

GLOBAL MARKETS WEEKAHEAD-Investors shaken by bank troubles

Wiretapping's true danger

Clinton Take on Pennsylvania Is Increasingly Detached From Reality

Barbara Ehrenreich: World's Designated Shoppers Drop (Downfall of the American Consumer)

More pink-slips for techies this year (India)

Forget Spitzer, fire Bernanke

Is Suburbia Turning Into Slumburbia?

Accountability For The Iraq War

Chi-Trib: What is Clinton hiding?

(unbelievable) WSJ: Bear Stearns chairman played cards amid crisis

Massive Debt Default by Mike Whitney

NY Times: Five Years (War Torn)

What we call 'the news'...

John McCain: Jerry Falwell backtrack

The Religious Reaction to the 9/11 Attacks

Brave New Films: March 2008 update

NYT: Through Bush-Colored Glasses

Johnny Loves Georgie (John McBush

Winter Soldier Mike Prysner testimony, Pt1

Pat Robertson: "Bush Asking For The Wrath Of God"

The TRUE Barack Obama (no spin)


FRC Perkins: Being green promotes Abortion/Homosexuality.

Winter Soldier Mike Prysner testimony Pt2

Stuck in Vermont 69: Winter Soldier, Iraq & Afghanistan

The Ballad of Cindy Sheehan by Black 47

WINTER SOLDER: U.S. Marines Fire on Mosques Unprovoked

TYT: Pentagon Confirms That Bush, Rumsfeld And Powell all lied

Pennsylvania Officials Support Hillary

St. Pat's Day Parade in Pittsburgh

Schumer: Bush Is Indeed Herbert Hoover

Why Son of Nun Supports Winter Soldier

German pilot who killed Little Prince author says he is sorry

Chasers War on Everything - The World According to Fox News

FauxNews inserts frame of Obama to make it appear like he was present during Wright's sermon

Republican Hate Speech (Sally Kern on The Homosexual Agenda)

Is Florida Going To Mess It Up Again?

Why won't you release your tax returns Hillary? A supporters ad to PA voters

The Headzup/ GoLeftTV Week In Cartoons

Hillary Street

George W Bush's best press conference ever

Making Torture Scientific

Habitual Liar - Obama : I Won Michigan!

Obama Discusses Unity in Indiana 3-15-08

Tracy Morgan on Clinton v. Obama --Weekend Update style

We The People - Charlie Chaplin Speech Remix

Food Fight

Red State Update: Obama's Preacher

Obama's Crazy Pastor


Tracy Morgan Responds to Tina Fey

Nuclear Energy Slows Down

Ariz. lawmakers tout solar-energy bills

Federal protection requested for popular smelt

Schwartzenegger: Brazillion solar roofs bills are not fantastic!

Indian Govt. tells Left 'privately' that it won't pursue nukes-for-mangoes

Unusual cold storm moves into Arizona

Navajo Nation President Asks Congress To Honor Its Ban On Uranium Mining In Navajo Country

Took an interesting picture in DC this morning

Japan's outrage at kangaroo cull

Glaciers suffer record shrinkage (BBC) {MFTE -- *sigh*}

Cougar hunting....

Kite-Driven Beluga Skysail Completes 12,000 Mile Journey and Proves Concept

I just sold a Prius. Maybe two.

Schwarzenegger: Nukes Are Great

Wal-Mart CEO: It's Not Easy Being Green

request for readers of the vets forum

They call her Doc

Brentwood pair plead guilty in labor fraud scheme (would teach about solar energy)

More Temporary Workers For Colorado? (& video)

Arrests mar talks in American Axle strike

CNA calls off strike at Martinez public hospital

Hospital group threatens 10-day lockout

AFL-CIO Spent More Than $2M Lobbying US Government in 2007

NLRB regional director rejects paper’s allegation (Graphics Communications Conference, my old union)

Members of Congress, AFL-CIO, RFK Center Back Petition Drive for Florida Farm Workers (Conyers, Kuci

Atlantic County Workers Vote to Remain Teamsters

Dem. AG in MN blackballs AFSCME, stirs labor abroad

Teamsters: Peters' Testimony on Mexican Trucks Was Frightening

Boston Globe: Union seeks to represent tech workers at Fox 25

USW Calls U.S. Commerce Anti-Subsidy Duty on Thermal Paper China Imports 'Strong Trade Law

UPS Freight Workers in New Jersey Sign Cards to Become Teamsters

Western Union will close facilities in Bridgeton and St. Charles (800 outsourced out of the US)

Smithfield workers win legal victory

4 Killed in NY Crane Collapse Members of IUOE Local 15

Today's working family cartoon: Sweatbomb

Handyfat Workers Win $360,000 in Back Pay

Union ratifies contract with Volvo; workers to return March 24

OSHA investigating worker's death at Great America

Axle wants to cut workers’ wages from $28 per hour to $14 per hour CEO got $9.3 million in 06

OSHA Fines Company After Deadly Wall Collapse (news video too)

Huffington Post: Wal-Mart's "Meat Wars" With Union Sizzles On

NLRB Judge: Hawaiian Daily Illegally Fired Guild Leaders

$200,000 Back pay due for 400 Milwaukee, Wi (IBEW) workers of Bay View castings company

Employer's "out of the ordinary" action was unlawful surveillance

Thomas-Davis claims settled after 10 years, Doctors, staff of closed clinics win long fight

Ca. Statewide teacher layoffs: It’s 20,000

Union tries to refocus jobs fury, Labor leaders realize the realities of NAFTA

LABOR: US Flag must be at elections, board says

Leave anger behind: Recovering after a layoff

Roubini’s Nightmare Scenario: A Vicious Circle Ending In A Systemic Financial Meltdown

Canadian ABCP Trusts File Bankruptcy

New York Pension Funds

What Auction Bargains?

Someone please help me..

Exit Bear, pursued by its creditors

The culture of greed

Bear Stearns Bankruptcy Looms

Zuckerman Says U.S. Economy May Face `Perfect Storm'

3 Airlines Match Increases In Fares to Help Pay for Fuel

Wall Street fears for next Great Depression

Asset management-is it a ripoff?

You think our message board is bad.. Check out Goldman Sachs! LOL

Marx and Globalization

Bear Stearns Racing Toward Selling Itself to JPMorgan

Fears That Bear Stearns Downfall May Spread

someone explain shorting the market and going long on something -

The 2008 Crash - What Did Goldman Sachs Know ?

A theoretical question if the doom & gloom forecasts happen.

Guatemala: Bill Clinton's Latest Damn-Near Apology (oldie but goodie I just discovered)

Argentina, Brazil to drop U.S. dollar in bilateral commercial transactions

Correa to Bush: Send us your troops or "shut up"

The Cost of Power: Coal Mining and Human Rights in Colombia

Latin America Rejects Bush Doctrine

Cuba may be helping in Colombia hostage issue

Getting Smart About Cuba

Cuba may be aiding hostages' release

Medical Decision Bill Advances in Maryland

Developer (And Marriott Hotel Franchisee) Is Foe Of Same-Sex Marriage

NYT Magazine: When Girls Will Be Boys

"All over me" is on IFC in about 20mins (11:30 CT)

Same-sex marriage in NY?

Gays fear an influx of hate-Sacramento

have you guys seen this thread

Ed Fallon

Foreign envoys to press Israel on peace process

Ilan Pappe: I'm not a traitor

Bradley Burston: Ten Commandments for Arabs and Jews at War

Palestinians Unite in Anger Against Israeli Attack

Justify your policy (Ha'aretz editorial)

Rightists hurl stones at Arab homes in Jerusalem

'Eighty killed' in Tibetan unrest

Many positive comments about Joe at Capital Hill Blue

Kudos to the Georgia Bulldog Basketball Team



More March Madness

Pat Tillman on College Hall Ballot

Deleting, already been posted.

One more final four #1 seed to be decided...IMHO..SPOILER (sort of)****

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Albert Pujols is good

Interesting Information on Epsom Salts

Happy birthday to me!

"You can never be too rich or too thin".

Tumour growth block hopes raised (BBC)

Ex-Drug Sales Rep Tells All

Need recs on a couple more

Mixed up the dough for the CI bread tonight.

Made Japanese bar-food tonight!

Making dinner can hurt.

Photos from this afternoons's protest:

The Ultimate Peep Show - Clean

Update: Introducing Jack

Spring Rainbow, Snowy Alps and ICE

Impeach Bush! Scenes from pro-impeachment/anti-war concert

~~~ March Contest Final Round Now Up in GD ~~~

I'm half-way through "I Don't Believe In Atheists" and it's brilliant!

Crashed probe yields Sun secrets (BBC)

Glaciers melt 'at fastest rate in past 5,000 years'

The Pentagon and Homeland Security had a baby....His name is Edd

Nasa's chief talks new approach (BBC)

Saturn moon 'once had ocean' (BBC) {Tethys}

Gun injuries soar as police 'experts' blast themselves and colleagues by mistake (UK)

Reduce Gun Violence Through Uniform National Laws -- Without Banning Guns

If the Federal machine gun ban were struck down, who would it hurt?

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 03/16/08


Cinti. Enquirer finally revisits Warren County lockdown '04

Kerry, Obama and religion - My opinion about what Obama should do. (aka the Smartest move)

Houses are left behind to pay car, credit bills

Bob Slagle very ill (cancer)

Purchased new monitor and can't get it to work

What is the best way to download YouTube videos

Has anyone here switched from Vista back to XP?

another good one from the Field: Barack gains delegates in IA

"What is Clinton hiding?"

Obama really seems to be down playing PA

I hope Gore and Carter will endorse Obama

Halifax Herald: Cadman affair: Insurance bribe allegations spark feverish speculation

Layoff notices set to hit teachers' mailboxes

You wonder why there is a financial crisis in the public

College frenzy likely to ease as fewer graduate high school

If you haven't seen 3:10 to Yuma - run, walk, catch a cab. It's a great ride.

Help me raise Money for my husband, a candidate in Need!

Polarities Persist in Democratic Race

Put young children on DNA list, urge police

Rick Stengel of Time Magazine Said on the CMS Edwards to declare for Clinton soon..

Cross-post from the labor forum-massive teacher lay-offs

"It's True"

Do you ever just want to scream?

Can't these people get enough of the same bullshit...

I am coming out Atheist and quit going to church to appease my wife.

Recalling reports of Bin Ladin - CIA meeting in July 2001