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Rebutting the "PastorGate" Smear

I think we all could use a good laugh.

Since I have repeatedly been accused of lying about Bradley and Gore

I cannot believe this story out of the Clinton campaign!

Question regarding Wright-gate

I have no problem with Wright's "Goddamn America" comments BUT

BTW...CNN at 10 tonight is going to Hilight Reverend Wright's Most Offensive Sermons.

Obama's pastor: no different than many others

Look around you.

will she fight to the end of the party?

Obama is on the defensive.

Raz daily tracking poll for Mar 16th BO 47 - HRC 44

Raz daily tracking poll for Mar 16th BO 47 - HRC 44

The great undeserved advantage of being White

I have a tough time seeing Edwards endorse anyone

Rezko or Hsu... you decide.

Glad Our Dems are having the right debate...

Stop the spin: Democrats can't win FL in the GE w/out a significant black voter turnout

Stop the spin: Democrats can't win FL in the GE w/out a significant black voter turnout

Are political polls here inherently biased?

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Enough of this nonsense....

Enough of this nonsense....

Would a Gore or Edwards endorsement change your vote?

How we win the GE

I predict Oprah will soon have a show about black preachers, and why America shouldn't be scared.

Unless Edwards can give Hillary a whole bunch of delegates

Are there any new polls out tonight?

Hey while everyone's on this ignore kick, how bout we ignore the rest & nominate the best....

Watching Michelle O. speaking on CSPAN. I'm neutral (Edwards supporter) so far.

Words for leadership, hope and inspiration.

Obama opens up on Rezko, and it's almost believable

I heard from one Super Delegate staffer that my Senator my switch to Obama after the last primary

November Looms. What's the worst the repukes can do, and which candidate is better able to withstand

Everybody Listen to the Hillary Supporters, and the Obama Supporters.

John Lennon had it right,

Are You In?

Double secret ignore is a great feature.

In case if you were wondering whether I was prophetic: yeah, I am.

I think I figured out why Obama wins more educated voters

Nah ah . Don't spin this back Barack released the REQUIRED returns HRC has not time for honesty

For Hillary supporters: Do you like the job Mark Penn is doing?

I'm done with Clinton supporters. The whole lot of them.

A Bold Move

O NO... "suburblican" is catching on!

Notice how the Pastorgate coverage has avoided the clip pantomiming Bill Clinton ridin' dirty?

"Assigning an importance to your your opinions that doesn't actually exist."

Wright Story: Fear Them Here So We Won't Have to Fear Them Over There.

Democrats have been using black churches and black ministers for years

Why Obama is Guilty.

Damning video of Obama praising Jeremiah Wright that will be used in 527 ads against him

Just like I think Hillary is a better Candidate than Bill ever was ..I think Michelle Obama is

Everybody Here Ignore The "Obama Supporters"

Why don't Hillary and Obama talk much about the billions missing in Iraq?

Why don't Hillary and Obama talk much about the billions missing in Iraq?

I predict Oprah will soon have a show about African-American preachers ...

Damn You Rich!

Everybody ignore the "Hillary supporters"

What Gary Hart Said About Jesse Jackson in 1987 to Hunter S. Thomspon....

Fun toy.. Plug your candidate into this interactive EV map

Obama people, look at the silver lining of the Jeremiah thing

Michelle Obama On C-Span right now!

YOUR candidate DOES not SUCK! so prove it!

Everybody here ignore everybody else here (ignore me too I guess)

I left here for a couple hours

Screw damage control! Obama should attack!

Preacher compared U.S. to Hitler's Germany and called for violent overthrow of government!

Hillary Supporters, Learn How to Count!

What did you think of John Adams?

HRC supporters if you can at least do one thing just view this link all I ask(no smear)...

What did Wright say that was "racist" exactly?

I don't care about hurting some athletics feelings...

I guess I need to reframe the question then.

WOW!: Dick Morris-Obama CANNOT and MUST not be held accountable for his pastor

WOW!: Dick Morris-Obama CANNOT and MUST not be held accountable for his pastor

Obama’s Church Responds

Will your state have a new Democratic Congressional Rep and/or Senator this year?

I'm going to level with you, both Obama and Hillary supporters on DU are NUTS!

Amid the insanity, a little perspective

Some New Yorkers Don't Appear To Be Too Happy...

Hello everyone.

Don't even fret about Florida.. since 1968 it's gone dem

The real reason for McCain's visit to Iraq....

Let's Ignore The Depression, the Iraq Fiasco, Pending War In Iran

You know, it only took 4 clicks of the "ignore" button

crossover voting

Rev. Wright OMG

Ralph Nader wins 5%

An observation about my ignore list...

An observation about my ignore list...

Ms Clinton's supporters have gotten their marching orders......


Wright to NY Times: Islam, Jews, & Obama 'the 1st honest candidate 4 Oval Office'

Wright to NY Times: Islam, Jews, & Obama 'the 1st honest candidate 4 Oval Office'

NBC Today just played a Rev. Wright clip w/o mentioning BO's repudiation on Friday!!

Let's deleted and lock any more posts that ATTACK!!!

And you guys called me paranoid.....

Top Clinton Contributors.

Here's some election reverse psychology to use on the bigots and fearmongers

Wright: US the same as Al-Qaeda, knew about Pearl Harbor, channels Sister Souljah

How Obama has played the Wright/Rezko thing perfectly.....

How Obama has played the Wright/Rezko thing perfectly.....

What is WRONG with you people? I just got...

Here's what I want to see: Obama and Clinton back in the Senate

When you have affairs on your Wife is that showing respect

I have heard this happen 3 times now on MSNBC

I have heard this happen 3 times now on MSNBC

Kristol attacks Obama and lies to do so?

A few Irish proverbs for GD-P

Which Word is Worse?

Not to add fuel to the fire but

"This country is going to hell in a handbasket."

“he aint rich and he aint privileged” --Rev Wright on Barack

The white man has been the most arrogant, self absorbed, destructive

Obama must have never said anything controversial

What time does Obama's church start services? How do you know he didn't fly to Miami after?

The MSM is trying to end Obama's campaign on the Wright issue

agree with Wright?

Sen. Hillary Clinton to deliver address on Iraq this morning

I just logged on and thought I was on Free Republic.

This Modern World Don't forget -- the presidential candidates are mere job applicants.

Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP

will this story trump politics tommorrow

Put the d*** donkey in a suit and I'd vote for it!!!

Obama is still doing well and will continue to do so - A reality check

For my 700th...

Who cares more about Obama's association

Obama addressed Miami group July 22, 1:30 pm

I certainly hope you can look in the mirror and really realize what kind of human being you Clinton

Hillary's Major Policy Speech..."End Military Contractors and No Bid Contracts

Self delete because I'm a dumbass for posting in the wrong forum

85 yr old Bear Stearns gets sold for 2$ a share & there's still more than 1 top post about Wright!?!

What the Pundits Mistake About Obama's Church

Suggested New Obama Campaign Theme Song

Obama's Town Hall Meeting At CCBC Now Live On...

Obama Was In Chicago The Morning Of Controversial Sermon

Dave Lindorff: Censorship and the Anemic State of Political Discourse in America

It's three a.m. and Henry Kissinger says...

Clintons to face fraud trial

Obama... where's Oprah in PA? She worked in Iowa.

Obama... where's Oprah in PA? She worked in Iowa.

Livestream... CNN - Obama in PA (n/t)

I just emailed every news outlet I could think of to ask them

"Ready To Bring Our Troops Home"...

Is there any way to read candidates' websites without registering?

It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to actively support either candidate

Did Oprah Winfrey stop attending Wrights church years ago because of Wrights racists sermons?

Hey Obama, great speeches! But what's with the Problem <--> Solution disconnect?

Kristol admits error in his NYT Anti-Obama op-ed but article remains unedited

Michigan Primary Revote Unlikely Because Of Time, Money Barriers

Another Black preacher linked to Obama campaign condemns US government as most violent on earth!

How many will vote for McCain if their candidate of choice

If Hillary were to receive a 3 a.m. crisis call, she'd convene a meeting and....

Obama Attended Hate America Sermon (Clarification)

Oprah's board is burning!!! Rev. Wright angers anti-Hillary viewers.

Kristol's column about Obama contained big error; In other news, water is wet

US Government performs human experiment on 400 black men.

If Bill Clinton was mugged where was their secret service...

White Working Class Males: Clinton won 11 states; Obama won 10 states; they split five states

Does anyone here actually believe we gave the "gift of freedom" to the Iraqis?

Hillary DU supporters for some reason believe Jeremiah Wright is running for President

Daily Kos: Money Bomb the DNC. Show support for Howard Dean. Don't forget the symbolic 27 cents!

I dont see what was so bad about what Rev Wright said.

I can't stand the U.S arrogance from Hillary's speech on Iraq...

Hillary sinks to new lows. I take it back.. i dont see her as a fighter anymore.

Quick - Give me some examples of Wright's profound influence on Obama.

Clinton under fire...bunk

Rassmussen - Clinton Leads Polls Among Dems, Obama Ahead B/C Of Indys, Neg view of BO 50% now.

Obama's attempt to have it both ways may be coming to an end.

What keeps YOU out of the political arena?

TOON: This Modern World nails the lame ass debate about Hillary vs. Obama

Obama Speaks Out On The Economy!!!

Onward & onward! In liberated moments, we know that a new picture of life & duty is already possible under virus attack. (Locked out of GD)

Superdelegate Margie Gavin Woods endorses Obama

Oops.....Today's Gallup

another day no taxes no records

Just fired off my email to David Gregory for his new show tonight

What's the best site for an up-to-date delegate count? nt

My prediction for the Primary outcome.

Double Standard: Clinton's Religious Practice, Tax Returns, Earmarks & Library Donors - All PRIVATE?

God BLESS America? Yeah, right!

Pastor Wright blessed the Rezko house, Barak took Wright's tapes to school

Has anyone asked Hillary Clinton if she believes that Obama

The Media Is KerryBoating Obama....

Hartmann's sub inadvertantly subscribes to losing strategy

Reporter saw Obama nod in agreement during Wright hate white america sermon

Hillarys "Experienced" vote yields more Death in Iraq. Bomb kills 32 in Iraqi city of Karbala

Clinton claims 2 point lead over Obama in new Gallup poll

The problem with George W. Bush’s religion is more psychological than doctrinal

My problem with Rev. Wright

Paradegate- Obama campaign beats up small children.

Something a bit more positive - Hillary give speech at GW on Iraq today

Blagojevich mum on patronage chief's Rezko meetings

seriously people ,what' s more important ?

ON DEADLINE: Obama walks arrogance line

Many Voting for Clinton to Boost GOP

Hillary wanted the Iraq War.

"Obama has Cooties"

Why, outside of DU, the Wright story is pretty much over

How long until Michelle has to answer questions about Wright?

Clinton is a "Poopy Head"

Ed Shultz has talking about the lies that Fox has been spewing about Obama on his show.

Let's not kid ourselves about Pastor Wright.

This really disgusts me that I feel I have to say this but I do. I had the same minister

Hillary is NOT a racist.

Hillary supporters: Please explain Hillary's vote for Iran resolution where Bush can now call the...

how obama can win in PA!!

A question to supporters of Senator Clinton

Solid web Ad from Obama

Has anyone seen any coverage of Wright in the M$M Today?

Greetings to one and all on St. Patrick’s Day.

About that job interview: You call this Competence? Why we're swimming in soup...

Hillary, tell me the lie about Obama not winning big states...

Clinton Camp Hedges, Then Backpeddles, On Troop Withdrawal

Bill Nelson has irritated some FL Dem leaders with his press appearances.

No one should be surprised if Hillary gets the nomination, if her Iraq policy is the same as mccains

Just 8% Have Favorable Opinion of Pastor Jeremiah Wright

Happy St. Patrick's Day to DU Irishers

Another Superdelegate for Obama--48 for Obama since Feb 5th--0 for Clinton

Is anyone else implementing a "zero tolerance" policy for NewsMax and the like?

I'd like to congratulate DU-ers on taking the media race/gender bait and running with it!

I'm going to bash all ya'lls' heads together!

I'm going to bash all ya'lls' heads together!

What did I miss over the weekend? What's with all the Newsmax threads?

Greetings to one and all on St. Patrick's Day.

Obama in Indiana reminded us we have a choice!

This will probably sink but I think it bears saying

The winner of the democratic presidential nomination is a shoe-in for the presidency

Obama's (hypocritical) negative campaign comes straight from the top

How is what Obama's preacher said, different from this song at the GOP debate?

I think I have figured why BO is going negative!

Staunch Hillary Supporter Michael Shure Will Be Guest Hosting TYT Today, 3pm EST

A major sex scandal story on leading presidential candidate to come out

Is this DU or FreeRepublic?

Bill Clinton Went On Rush Limbaugh’s Show Day Of Texas Primary

While GD:P and the Democratic primaries zoom along,

Does the MSM have their Dem candidate? They do, but they'll continue this charade to hurt Obama

It really is time to STOP blaming the HRC campaign for Obama's

Somebody please explain this inconsistency to me re: Obama and Kos:

Fight McCain, Not Each Other

"Caucuses aren't fair!" But how fair are the primaries?

Endless Repeats of 20 Seconds of Wright = the Dean Scream

Church accuses media of 'crucifixion' (Obamas' Church)


"Obama? Ol' Mama? or Ol' Papa?" from a sign in Brookshire, TX

Obama's track record on Iraq not so spotless... interesting read.

Republicans and Hillary Supporters Unite

Draft Gore or McCain will be the president

Obama based keynote speech and "Audacity of Hope" on Wright's sermon "Audacity to Hope"

The Billionaire’s strategy behind all those small individual donations Obama receives

What will happen McCain has broken campaign finance laws?

WSJ: Testing Clinton’s Big-State Theory

BREAKING: Elton John to release new compilation CD for Hillary

On Obama's infestation and Hillary's Poopyheadedness...

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Clinton up 5 points on McCain; Obama up 2

NewsMax's Kessler: Date was wrong; Obama campaign: 'Story is false'


A Quick Message To Hillary Supporters

Obama picks up another Superdelegate Today!

Democracy for America (Dean's former group) sends open letter to Obama & Hillary: Fight McCain

Who do you love?

For 8 Years, Hillary was content to withold the "gift of freedom" from Iraq while children died.

This mornig I had a huge AHA! moment

"Chatting with the guy from Illinois with the funny name"

Interesting, Obama runs better in Florida than Clinton against McCain (new poll)

Obama Play "Checkers" With Rezco Land Deal

Breaking~ no re-duex in FL

Candidates Court Catholics (Tina Fey was right...)

Obama got about 135,000 GOP votes in TX and 100,000 GOP votes in OH.

If Rethugs Ran An Ad Of Rev. Wright Clips Against Obama, Couldn't Dems Just Make One of Rod Parsley?

ABC's The Note points out the obvious regarding Obama's delegate lead. When will others follow?

Breaking: Florida Officially Rules out Re-Do Primary

When the GOP run the Rev Wright ads-does anyone have dirt on McCain's church?

HEADS UP: Obama interview with Gwen Ifill on NewHour today (TRANSCRIPT)

Hillary crosses arrogance line

I was saved from wolves by Obama supporters

Obama supporters (or recent defectors?): How are you feeling?

Obama's Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee - Clinton memo charges are cynical politics

Stephanie Miller is reading a post from DU

reality check

Elton John to raise money for Clinton

Hillary Whines to the Refs?

The Deep Blue Divide

Starting My Hillary Campaigning Here In Pennsylvania Tomorrow...

Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP, Seek to prolong bitter battle

In honor of womens history month... A little look backward.

Hillary voted for war?

Lots about a spiritual advisor...

Poll: Majority of Democrats prefer Obama

Stupid controversies shed little light on candidates.

Stupid controversies shed little light on candidates.

Stupid controversies shed little light on candidates.

Stupid controversies shed little light on candidates.

Stupid controversies shed little light on candidates.

FYI David Gregory's first show is today @ 6 p.m ET on MSNBC.

I'm SHOCKED, I tells ya! Chris Wallace "outraged" over Obama pastor, but John Hagee gets a free pass

Obama attended hate sermon.

Ok Clinton supporters, help me out here!

Bill Clinton's Image Damaged by Campaign Role

The Last Ever Democratic Debate

olive branches and whatnot

Bill Clinton claims he was "mugged" by the Obama campaign...

Obama Supporters: More Voices (New Campaign Email)

Assessment on the republikkan party from Rep Tom Davis (R-VA)

A Classic Poem About The Democratic Primary

Is the candidate you're backing this go-round your second choice?

Marc Ambinder: "A Last Minute Hurdle Erected in Michigan?" Only Dems allowed to vote!

David Patterson Appreciation Thread

"Pastor Wright goes down the Obama memory hole" (scrubbed from website)

Fellow Obama supporters. Please stop using the offensive term Hillbot.

Obama & Clinton supporters: Who's your real enemy?

It's Monday morning, where are we on Pastorgate? Does it have legs? Solutions?

Obama: "Economy is in a shambles, contracting, probaly already in a recession"

You're all wrong

Clinton Camp wants a revote in MI

Gallup Daily: Clinton Now at 47%, Obama at 45%

Are we ruining the best chance that we have for a Democratic President when we need it most?

Can we Stop All The Trashing of Democrats

If Pastor Wright has been preaching incendiary sermons for 20 years..

Senator Obama Interviewed Live Tonight - Comments about Wrights Speech

Funny thing...since the Rev Wright flap, I've stopped getting 'Obama's a Muslim' emails

If a man attended a Klan rally regularly for twenty years

Sorry folks - dupe post delete

There are righties posing as Democrats on both sides.

Obama Factcheck Proves Hillary's Point On Military Contractors

GOP/LImbaugh effect on Dem Primaries is statistically marginal but one number really sticks out

Mods: Might a review of the "Five recs and off to the Greatest page" policy be in order?

Keith Olbermann to air "special comment" condemning Wright's racism (not confirmed)

Last night when I logged on, I thought I was at FreeRepublic. I was wrong.

Since 2/15 Obama is winning Super Delegates at a rate of 10 to 1

Something about thundering preachers ... and all the hyprocisy ... from the son of one

Obama live on WBRE - Scranton. He's wearing a green tie.

ON DEADLINE: Obama walks arrogance line

Ron Kessler (Newsmax reporter behind Wright story) hangs up on Roland Martin just now

Clinton claims 2 point lead over Obama in new Gallup poll; First she's lead in a week.

BTW Where IS That Edwards Endorsement Of Clinton

Obama needs 1 superdelegate per day to catch Hillary in superdelegates by Pennsylvania

Black Agenda Report - Obama: What Blacks and Progressives Have Bought Into

Obama's silence stands in the way of enfranchising Michigan

Regardless of who you support, should FL and MI get redos on primary?

Sen. Obama favored over Sen. Clinton in NEW CNN Poll

And to think the Clintons used to visit black churches all the time...

Parade-goers adore Hillary (so do I!!)

CNN Poll: Majority of Democrats prefer Obama. Court ruling on FL delegates imminent

Obama defends war position, criticizes Bush money policy(Also speaks on Wright)

Hillary supporters, why isn't Huckabee in the race ?

Clinton: McCain would keep troops in Iraq 100 years - On Obama, 'Just words for five years'

Road to the Whitehouse (David Gregory): Anyone watch this? If so...

True or False: Clinton and Obama are winning because they would be best for the Presidency.

Rasmussen polls showing fallout from Rev Wright's remarks

Tweety's Baiter Splitter Lies for 3-17-2008: He Attacks CATHOLICS on St. Patricks Day

Michelle Obama and the wee ones...

Clinton Camp Looks for a Delegate Loophole

I know that threads bashing Republicans are very unpopular here, but I am posting this anyway.

My Clinton supporter experience

Boston Globe: Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP

Every single Democrat should be fucking outraged over the media's coverage of the Wright scandal..

I want to thank Elton John for helping Hillary!

As Banks Start Failing: Clinton, Banking Deregulation & Undoing The New Deal

What was Obama doing when he was supposedly listening to Wright's sermon on "white arrogance"?

A question to supporters of Senator Clinton

Oliphant addresses DU


BREAKING: Hillary to stand down after PA

Calling all "Chimp Cage Residents!" A simple YES or NO question, if you please.

How in the living fuck are two warring camps supposed to decide the fate of Florida's primary vote??

SUHPRIZE!!1! Clintons disagree with Pelosi on superdelegates

"What happened there was a total myth and a mugging." This is Bill Clinton's take on HIS SC comment

HOLY CRAP! Did you READ what this bishop said?

********************To Hillary Supporters********************

Wright's anti-female words enrage me.

Bill and Hillary *EXPLETIVE DELETED* the Democratic Party

Just curious.....When did Jeremiah Wright file his nominating papers?

The hard reality is that Pennsylvania is not not going to dent Obama's 120 or so delegate lead

"Sen. Obama has said that words matter. I strongly agree..."-Hillary said that TODAY...

Sorry Obamaniac cultists. Stick a fork in him, he's done.

I like Hillary more than when this campaign began

I like Hillary more than when this campaign began

Obama's Big Speech on Race Tomorrow

Obama's Big Speech on Race Tomorrow

Hillary Is Racist? The NAACP DISAGREES!

Question: Why is everyone attacking democratic nominees and not McCain?

Newsmax (and Friends) : Are you sure about that five minutes?

Obama strikes me as far more presidential than Hillary Clinton does.

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Monday March-17-2008

Is Newsmax a reliable source that should be used on DU?

Obama plans major "race" speech tomorrow ~

St Petersberg Times - All Attacks Reviewed

Obama Lavishing praise upon his "Advisor & Friend."

Rev. Wright trainwreck continues

Congrats bvar22 -- Stephanie Miller read your "Dead To Me" post this morning on the air!!!!

I work with this guy who thinks he is better and smarter than everyone else

Transcript of Obama’s Interview on “NewsHour” & his comments about Wright

Emerging Consensus Within Democratic Party: Obama Will Be Our Nominee

Why I don't care about Obama's preacher.

HRC supporters over here let's focus

I'm so glad that the Wright issue is being dealt with right now

HRC supporters can you examine this...

Um, I would like to point out that the Newsmax story is false...

Texas Democratic Chairman Boyd Richie regarding the Delegate Selection Process:

CNN NOW - Obama black backlash - the rock and the hardspot

It's the Superdelegates job to choose the best candidate...

Obama's Minister Committed "Treason" but When my Father Said the Same Thing He Was a Republican Hero

Tabhair póg dom, táim Éireannach!

Delegates, Super Delegates and ??? WTF Add On Delegates ????

I Can't Ever Run For Office!

Can A Brokered Convention Turn To Al Gore?

Will Hillary even offer Obama the VP spot now?

Republicans See Storm Clouds Gathering

Pardon My Assumptions

Why I am for "closed" primaries

Why I am for "closed" primaries

*Mission Accomplished: McCain pulling AHEAD of both Dem Candidtates....

So, any late breaking word on whether we can see Obama's speech

The many faces of Barack Obama

Statistical analysis of one legislative district in Washington state

A little credit for Hillary on the Wright issue

Confessions of a former Catholic and what the priests, pastors and bishops said while I was present

Obama gets only 79% of female Democrats, 65% of Clinton supporters against McCain

Is 'sloppy seconds' a sexist and demeaning remark?

Freepology Today: Author of NewsMax "Obama Bombshell" is a Freeper

That's it? That's all there is to "Pastorgate?"

Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male

What % chance do you honestly give either to win the nomination at this point?

Marc Ambinder: Kristol Bungles Key Fact In Anti-Obama Column

Inside Info about NewsMax, the site behind the false Obama story

Please help my campaign for Indiana State Senate "The Fighting 44's"

Obama To Clinton: You Should Have Been Right On Iraq "On Day One"

Clinton: "we have to make clear to the Iraqis that they have been given the greatest gift...freedom"

Sincere question to Hillary supporters: If Clinton wins with the aid of Super Delegates....

NYT responds: Dear Reader,

Who watched several hundred hrs of sermons to find 1 1/2 min of scandel...

BUSTED! The Kessler-Kristol lie: what does it tell us about Barack's enemies?

BREAKING: Florida Governor announces they will NOT have a do over.

Death toll nears 4000 in Iraq:

Wright Exposes Hillary Supporters Willing To Align Themselves With Republican Values/Principles

GDP Challenge: Post Something NICE About The "Other" Candidate

JPM buying Bear Stearns

Delicious Snacks Distract Congressmen From Horrors Of War

I really don't see the appeal of Clinton.

Obama To Give Major Speech on Race Tomorrow

Do Americans Care About Big Brother?

Bush Fails First, Then Rice. Now It’s Cheney’s Turn to Make Things Worse in the Middle East

Obama Rapid Response is ON IT! Response to Clinton attack today:

Ah, only in America :)

Winter hearings held concerning Iraq War

About those low blows...

Simultaneously to JPM deal, Fed drops lending rate a quarter-point

John "economics isn't my strength" McCain...

Cheney is off on his big adventure.

Don't ya' miss this guy?

OMIGOD! How do I get a picture on the net?

So it's National Women's History Month

Market Likely Uneasy Over Bear Stearns

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

JPMorgan Chase Says It Will Acquire Bear Stearns for $2

The text of Bush's speech to the economic Club...hold your stomach

"Tibet: China blocks YouTube, protests spread, bloggers react"

Bear Stearns

Barack Obama's speech on race tomorrow will do down as one of the best speeches in political history

Lincoln Chafee Slams Clinton As a "Bush Enabler" Who Was "Duped"

And I thought the big Bush disaster would be Iraq

Anyone know the name of this TV anchor . . . I recognize the voice . . .

US nears 4,000 dead in Iraq.........How does Bush sleep at night?

14 year old stabs 13 year old to death.

Winter Soldier hits Army Times

Study reveals drop in assault-related hospitalizations for troops

Bush: "Economy Facing Tough Times"

That evil man wright no its Jesus

Five little words that say all that needs to be said: “If the Fed hadn’t acted..."

Bush's newest secret...who's funding his new library

NPR = National PROGRESSIVE Radio

The war is an obvious success!

We need an Iraq War Forum

Dow Futures Down 240 Points @ 10PM EST nt

Japanese Managers Say Economy Is Deteriorating, 97% say US economy is the biggest concern

Need a picture of bush not wearing a pin and hand on heart

Independent UK: Banking giants in the spotlight as confidence drains from Wall Street

If Clinton supporters are going to use Wright's words against Obama from 7 years ago

Greenspan: Current crisis will be most wrenching since end of WWII

Kos: The Clinton Civil War-no surprise that for all of '07 Clinton never exceeded 11 % support

DU seems to hope for an economic collapse

GD:P In a picture :)

Collapse!!Wait I need a mocha latte!!

McCain = More of the Same.

Three Tennessee counties drop precinct system to test new "convenience voting centers"


Daily Gallup Poll after Pastorgate - Yawn- Obama loses 1 point

Daily Gallup Poll after Pastorgate - Yawn- Obama loses 1 point

Just A Heads Up. For Those With HBO John Adams is starting Eastern Time Right Now! (8PM)

Army Times Runs Article On 'Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan'

FYI: "Stealing Democracy" coming up now on LinkTv. (8pm Pacific)

Bleak picture of Iraq conditions

Code Pink party in DC - pictures

Will Bush* declare martial law after the financial crash?

Was Spitzer Entrapped by the rethugs?

Paulson thinks those $600 checks will "add 500,000 to 600,000 additional jobs this year"

New CNN Poll: Majority of Dems Prefer Obama

Quotes of John Adams

I ponder.... Considering the current global financial crisis, will we begin to see the Presidential

My sympathies to all Clinton supporters.

"On Deadly Ground" on CNN. Say what you will about their negatives,

It's 3 am and the Red phone rings...

New Ras Polls show Mccain Well Ahead While Obama's ratings are starting to plummet

Larry Kudlow on CNBC will be wearing a little black number in mourning for Bear Stearns and

God Bless America versus God Damn America

Talking head on Bloomberg, next suspects are Citi and Shearson Lehman for trouble.

We will find no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this St. Patty's Day

U.S. Air Force Has A New Slogan- "ABOVE ALL"

Are you an Obama supporter? If so, can you please come in and say GOBAMA?

Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) Awarded Backbone Award By Progressive Democrats Of America

On a purely visceral level, this past week has felt particularly dark to me

A Euro was $1.08 US at the time of GWB's Iraq invasion. It's $1.58 now on the 5th anniversary.

Well, Things Seem To Be Going Pretty Much According To Plan ....

Can we say the Iraq War is the major cause of the dollars death

Are the banks failing under their own weight?

GOLD! - "Reports Of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated" - UP $18 In Asia

Over-Under tomorrow....

What percent of the current financial disaster can be blamed on Bill Clinton's genitals

Can anyone explain why the Nikkei has been stuck at

What do they check for in a gun background check?

'Take Back America' Conference Is a Chance for Democrats to Highlight Progressive Politics-tomorrow!

Washington Post: Housing Crunch Flattens More Companies

Can someone explain how allowing JP Morgan to buy Bear for $2/share will save the market?

Dollar Doomsayers Draw Signs From Bernanke Rate Cuts

Paul Krugman: The B Word

Why the fuck?

The Crash of 1987 -- What a Difference 20 Years Doesn't Make

Jesus' parable of the dishonest steward: or the FED is going straight to hell

As My Family's Home is in Jeopardy, Bailout of Bear Stearns Sickens Me

My anti-Democratic relative dropped a bombshell at the kitchen table today.

holy crap look at the USD plummet!!

House Republicans gag witnesses against credit card companies

FDR on the Banking crisis: March 31 1933

If there was a revote in Fl. does it effect the local candidate elections?

"It's not Bush's fault - it's the Democrats in Congress."

I can't help but think of Malthus and Marx

You Know That Things Are Really Bad When Alan Keyes Is Leaving The GOP

Bear Stearns: Sold For Just $2 A Share - The Bank Worth $140bn Last Week

US Economy infects the world.....Nikkei plunging.....

Alan Greenspan, Criminal.

The Reluctant Revolutionary

What do you think is going to happen to our economy?

The War on Greed,watch the movie,sign the petition!

Folks, McCain is probably going to win.

So.....what should we do with our money?

CNBC interrupts regular programming to cover the Fed Emergency Measures and world markets selloff...

Time to Consider Boycotting the Beijing Olympics

Vote for this man. He's in a wheel chair, but he could still kick W.'s butt.

Monday Monday

Can ANY Hillary supporters find a quote of Susan Rice or Jan Schakowsky calling Ferraro a racist?

Well, Somebody Has To Ask: Is This 'Financial Crisis' Intentional So That Martial Law Can Be

Iraq conditions "worse than ever" says Red Cross

Through the Fed Looking Glass!

Two Things to watch out for re: the economy

Let me get this straight....

**** 3988 ****

An historian's take on the Supreme's DC gun case...

"Correcting" the markets now so that they won't for McCain...

Warmongering Five Years Later

Bush Diplomacy: Predator Planes Are Conducting Assassinations by Air

Bill Nelson has irritated some FL Dem leaders with his press appearances.

Washington Post: Housing Crunch Flattens More Companies

For everyone that hates wall street: Bear execs lack golden parachutes as stock plan crunched

“Thanks. It was a great ride.” Trek Founder & Chairman, Richard Burke dies


Bush Diplomacy: Predator Planes Are Conducting Assassinations by Air

What do you think is in HILLARY's tax returns that's so intriguing?

Why President Insane is, well, insane....

If John Edwards comes out and supports HRC, than Gore should come out in support of Obama

Finally got around to watching Sicko

So O is gonna give his speech on RACE tomorrow huh?

President Bush Signs American Dream Downpayment Act of 2003

I just heard the STUPIDEST justification for the Iraq war

Is it time for the United States to nationalize the railroads?

Should the Fed keep throwing money into a melting pot??

Senator Clinton, I support you. But this is REALLY pissing me off.

What would it take for you to NOT vote for OBAMA or NOT vote for CLINTON?????

December 2004: ""Betting the House on the Stock Market""

Hey wait a minute!!

During the Cold War you were going to have about 20 minutes warning

Are Obama's Wifes Comments About Finally Being Proud Of USA Now Making Sense?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Image how much WORSE things would be if W had rammed through his SS "reforms"

Can scumbag Joe spin for McSameasBush any harder

Can scumbag Joe spin for McSameasBush any harder

OK DUers let's calm down and predict Bushco's diversion

Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt meet in storm-hit area

The resident fuckstick will be making a statement on the economy in a few moments.

JP Morgan buys Bear Sterns for $2.00 and right now its selling for $1.84

Oh, Joy! Chimpy (a.k.a. "Mr. Happy") about to give a screech on the economy!

DARTH Cheney to speak from Baghdad at 9:40AM EST on "progress" in Iraq

12 minutes until a major downturn in the market.... watch if you dare! n/t

Blue Horseshoe Loves Endicott Steel

President Moron looks like he did on the morning of 9/11

Edwards to endorse Hillary? From Bartcop........

What a great call on Sibel on WJ this morning

'Shallinging times' -says his moran in thief

I think we have Bush on the run . . .

Former McGreevey Aide Claims Trysts with Ex-Gov and Wife

I would like to announce the birth of

A Million or More Dead- $3 Trillion +++ No End In Sight

IVAW (Winter Soldier) on CSPAN 2 NOW

For those not watching the market here's a great suprise for you

Dow down 177 nt

Somewhere I Picture Osama Bin Laden Landing On An Aircraft Carrier........

Taxpayers Bail Out Bear Stearns; JP Morgan Buys for $2/Share Discount

Fuck the Dollar, Fuck the People: Bail out Wall Street

Welcome to Miami, and a real estate crash

Government Bailouts

Lehman Bros. pulls a Baghdad Bob as its shares plummet

The piggy's slanted economic construct is collapsing ---> 'Hey, look! That long haired guy killed..'

Stocks Drop Worldwide on Bear Stearns Collapse; Bonds Rise, Dollar Falls

We are on the precipice, the edge is crumbling, and 'the truth' is about to be revealed....

Bush announces new toilet paper for the middle class's Posterity

You can smell the fear of the Obama supporters, the Hillary supporters are sitting back and watching

Bush: "In the long run, our economy's going to be fine"

The desperation at the Fed is palpable...

FCC insider: This place is hell; silent protest planned by staff

EURO HITS $1.59 against dollar

Christ, could we have a little bit MORE fearmongering here tonight? Chicken Littles,

Dow will go to 11500 ish and then resume its climb to 20K

Time magazine invents facts to claim that Americans support Bush's domestic spying abuses

Fed’s Forced Marriage of Bear Stearns and J.P. Morgan

Please help create list of Bush-named ills, eg Bush Linguine (Ramen noodles)

It all boils down to this as far as I'm concerned ....

"A Look at the Myth of Reverse Racism "


Unintended Consequences: Spitzer got snagged by the fine print of the Patriot Act.

There are intelligent people on FreeR......

its the media's sunshine celebration and a member of the media was

While we're pretending we're going to make a difference in Nov.:

Can we be a bit more discriminating?

John Mclane for President

Repub Party Press Release Prepared And At The Ready for Release....

Are Lewis Hamilton and Tiger Woods selling out?

Ben Stein On Spitzer: Elections Are More Important Than Hookers

'New Priorities' Iraq War 5th Anniversary Vigils On Wednesday - Check For One Near You

My Grandfather Billy Murphy from Mayo and the Reverend Wright

RSOE had an Iraq entry this a.m. - re: oil production

So, I guess our society is not based on capitalism after all.

And That's Why They Paid Him The Big Bucks: The Work Ethic of a Bear Stearns CEO

I feel like Bill Murray did in Groundhog Day!

Putin receives letter from Bush

Faber on MSNBC just said Bear Stearns had been leveraged 44 to 1....

Der Spiegel-Life in Baghdad Since the Fall of Saddam

Why I am supporting Obama (long)

McCain, Cheney: US in Iraq Long-Term

I thought "capitalists" didn't want government involvement

Cheney responds to reporter's questions at a press conference in the Green Zone (*WARNING GRAPHIC*)

Clinton says 'No political solution in Iraq.' ?????

Jeremiah Wright, anti-American? He served in the Marines, what about his critics?

‘John McCain Is Not Our Friend’

Can't get Steely Dan's "Black Monday" (poetic licence) out of my head today

Our MBA prez has done so well by our economy - Today’s Headlines 3/17/08

Are there homeless people in the UK?

Whats the Dow doing this morning?

Iraq Vets: 'Racism Endemic; Comes from the Top of Command Chain' (VIDEO)

Why is the Fed Action Not Equivalent to a 'Pump and Dump' Scheme?

I want the same kind of loan from the Fed that Bear Stearns and JP Morgan are getting...

411 Bank Owned homes in Shiawassee County, Michigan.

BREAKING: New Scandal Rocks Obama Campaign

Triple Shock to the Global Economy

Bush* has been able to rub it in Democrat's face from day one

Bush on TeeVEE now with Irish PM Ahern, gimme a beer!

An open letter to the IVAW

Aren't private armies against the law in the U.S.?

Stock Market Crash....NOT!

CNN (Clinton News Network) Twisted report on Obama and Rev. Wright

(inspired by another thread) does anyone know what's checked in a low level security clearance?

Dow Future -270 at the start bell 03/17

Saw something I hadn't seen in quite sometime yesterday...Twice!

Saint Patrick's Day in Fortress America - (no joke for the Irish)

Empire State Manufacturing Survey (NY) eeek!!!

Something terribly wrong with this picture ?

Private militia/army under virus attack.

Could there be a "Tet Offensive" in the works in Baghdad?

Baghdad Rocked As McCain, Cheney Visit

Cause of Bear Stearns collapse revealed...

So Cheney goes to Iraq in secret and under guard and yet Iran's President .....

Bwahahaha! From 3/5: Microsoft taps Bear Stearns CEO as consigliere for advice on Yahoo! deal

Women for Peace

Since March 4th Obama has increased Pledged Del lead by 11

14k Bear Stearns Employees with Company Stock in their Retirement suffered double hit here...

Bear fire sale sparks rout - Reuters

Bush Says Administration Is `on Top' of Economic Issues as Markets Tumble

Bushvilles - Tent cities outside L.A.

Stearns was the 2nd bailout in 7 months - not the 1st

Kristol's favor

Bush library stetch contest LOL!!

C-SPAN3 today - 2002 Senate debate on Iraq

the "Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" thread -- how much stock did YOU buy today?

This is the only time in my life I will post news about a naked man, a forklift, and a pizza oven...

'Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II (review)

Thanks to DU over the weekend I haven't looked at any news today because I already know that . ...

This is a joyful moment - Patterson being sworn in as NY Governor!

Yes,there is one thing Bush can do..only one thing to restore confidence.

Q about reporting the Dow's performance

People get ready, we're going to get thrown under the bus

What happens if a hedge fund is upside down & the investment bank running it fails?

with all the turmoil in the markets

China blocks YouTube, reporters over Tibet news

Tax Cuts...Rate Cuts...Print More Money...

Granville Says Market Is `in a Crash;' Stovall Says `Contagion' May Spread

Neva mind.

Translation Of Today's Fed Announcement

Matthew Rothschild: Iraq War at 5

Looking for some help here

Forget the Republicans trying to swing our Primary!

Anybody want to bet that Bear Stearns' CEO gets a multi-million

Here's a thought - get the oil companies to bail out the Fed Res and banks...

For the first time in my life, I know what it feels like to be a multimillionaire!

News Item: VP Cheney Says Iraq Invasion 'Successful Endeavor'

WaPo: Hacking a Heart Monitor Too Easy, Says Study

No black, no white... Today We're ALL GREEN!

This Modern World: "Presidential Candidates Are Job Applicants" (Tom Tomorrow Has Been In GD-P)

So what happens when you deregulate the market, have no spending caps,

Without being personal ... Did anyone here have Bear Stearns shares?

So the FED has thrown $1Trillion in Liquidity at the problem so far and it still persists...

My Lai Probe Hid Policy that Led to Massacre

Bolton Says Cheney Has ‘Enormous Credibilty’ In Iraq, But Iraqis Suggest Otherwise

Husband commutes 220 miles a day, wife commutes 160, and they complain about gas prices

5th Anniversary Celebration - Be There

Watching Matthews, the truth became clear—we may have our first Teflon Democrat

Greetings to one and all on St. Patrick’s Day.

So was it worth spending our money on bullets and not butter?

So, after huge bailouts, massive inflation and every cheerleader imaginable

DU this poll — or, something...

McCain has guts

Now THIS is a SPEECH!!!

Iraqi army, what Iraqi army?

Why is cheney in Iraq?


Without being personal ... have you invested in gold or silver?

The primaries should be scrapped

Lewis takes $1 billion hit from Bear Stearns

Suggestion for New DU Forum: The "Wayback Forum"

US Dollar becoming worthless overseas

A "big explosion and bodies flying in the air" offset Evil Dick Crashcart's Baghdad victory laps

Bernanke May Run Low on `Ammunition' for Rates, Balance Sheet

+++ 3,990 +++

Bush Diplomacy: Predator Planes Are Conducting Assassinations by Air

Winter Soldier LiveBlog: Racism and War

Pics from the front door at Bear Stearns this morning

Concise review of the past 7.5 years...from our Politicians, Media and Pundits...

Good news at Bear Stearns

NYT reports Cheney in Iraq to get oil privatization - bomb kills dozens - NYT replaces story...

Cheney Says Iraq Occupation a Success

Cheney: Was There ‘A Link Between Iraq And Al Qaeda? Seems To Me Pretty Clear That There Was’»

A Billion-Dollar Loss For Lewis (yes, a Bear Stearns investor)

stock market a reflection of our wealth

I know lots of people have questions about this

Pope Visit to U.S. Prompts Peaceful Protest March for Protection of Religions from Exclusivism

There Should Be Little Traffic on DU on Wed Night 3/19

Letting the Market Drive Transportation - Bush Officials Criticized for Privatization

McClatchy: Cheney praises "phenomenal" progress as bomber kills 39

How long will the Media ride the MYTH of the "surge"??

Peak Oil and Glen Beck

Pennsylvania Union Members: McCain Has Supported Every Bad Trade Deal

Israel To Hold Largest-Ever Emergency Drill In April


Jeb Bush amused by ‘irony’ of Florida Democratic delegate dilemma

An Update On Shirley Golub (from The Pen)

I purchased some Girl Scouts Cookies

Why did Soledad O'Brien lose her show?

How many of you have posted something stupid and then defended what you said to absurdity?

Native Americans On "Longest Walk 2" to Grand Canyon, Colorado

Patients with rare disease feel like “a burden on society” because of cost of treatment

Do you think the United States is in a recession? CNN POLL

David Gregory is anchor of MSNBC’s new "Race for the White House"

An Economic Katrina

Since no Democrat can possibly fix the damage from the momentous blunders of the past seven years,

Selective Bailouts: Help for Wall Street, Not Your Street

Dallas' Turns Off Red Light Cameras Because They're Working Too Well

Supermarket Chain Reports Data Breach of 4.2 million CC's (NorthEast to Florida)

DC v. Heller Tomorrow

Bush to calm fears

McCain in Iraq - pics

Hale "Bonddad" Stewart: On the Bear Stearns Situation

A note I just received from

France honours last WWI veteran (BBC)

Suicides, family breakups, depression and social stigma are a legacy of Iraq

Dean Baker: Bernanke optimistic about subprime market collapse.

"The market has absolutely no idea what's going on,"

Lehman Brothers Too Big To Fail? Don't Count On It

You DO know that recessions only happen because a critical mass of people panic because they believe

He's 80, wears hearing aids , has a pacemaker, & plans to protest the 5th anniv. of the War -pics

Holy shit. I agreed with (CNBC's) Jim Cramer about something .....

An open letter to Rod Jetton, Missouri House Speaker.

Now that Poop Stain is on the Faux Network....

Just saw BO on NPR. he looks like he has aged 10 yrs in the last week.

I'm crying now, this is gutwrenching!

The Responsible Plan - Congressional Challengers Show New Way for Iraq

ABC reporter in Iraq yelling about how safe it is now-dressed in a flak jacket.

Bear Stearns Manhattan headquarters part of JPMorgan deal

Costs soar for new Marine One fleet

Oil at $111 a Barrel: We Are Being "Sovereignly Screwed"!

Do You Hear The People Sing?

NY Times: Fears That Bear Stearns’s Downfall May Spread

How will history refer to these 8 years? An interregnum?

Bear Stearns may have survived the Depression, but they couldn't survive THIS...

Dana Perino, unhinged....... Pt. IV

Food stamp plan on the move

McCain's foreign policy advisors

St Patrick's Parade: Gays, KKK, and Neo Nazis Need Not Apply

American film crew kept from China protests (CNN)

Everyday Joe Shmoe's guide to this Stearns and JPMorgan buyout.

Did You Notice After the Enron Collapse that Nobody Rushed In to Fill The Void?

Greenspan: Dark Days Ahead for the Global Economy

'THE INVASION HAS DESTROYED IRAQ' - Life in Baghdad Since the Fall of Saddam

GOP activist, lecturer wife were dead for days before being found

OKAY...I'm freaked out!

Vitter Claims There's 'Enormous Difference' Between His Case and Spitzer's, Really?

Tokyo market opens in 8 minutes.....

Dynastic Cycle

Does anyone actually believe that HIV was invented for genocide?

Does the UN have rules preventing a country from changing its name too frequently?

Does anyone actually believe that HIV was invented for genocide?

Does anyone actually believe that HIV was invented for genocide?

Does anyone actually believe that HIV was invented for genocide?

MSNBC Moves Countdown Repeat To 10PM EST

British tycoon Joe Lewis takes $1 billion hit from Bear Stearns


Ok, maybe we can come at this war another way...

Happy St. Patty's Day

Gulf currencies may drop dollar peg

McCain stumps for support in Delco ("No Republican has won without carrying Springfield Township")

I'm starting to feel kinda bad for the good Obama

ABBA Drummer Found Dead......

Is Cheney's clock ticking? He's in Iraq today to get the oil, already!

Gas price $3.39 for regular unleaded in Madison WI -how about by you?

Bu**sh**: More like Hitler -- or Hoover?

Shhh! Don't Say Anything Bad About Banks or Billionaires Tonight on DU...

Holy Shite: David Gregory is talking about economic hardship

We Own The World, By Noam Chomsky

Gold Spot

Will someone please hand this....(Froomkin)

This is your government, with AIDS.

Ohio's voting machines are now an official crime scene

My Grandfather Billy Murphy from Mayo and the Reverend Wright

Is this Diet Mountain Dew commercial sexist?

A National Women's History Month / St. Patrick's Day double tribute.

Tax Rebates: Why SSD and not SSI?

How about this for a Consitutional amendment?

The Official List Of Items That Have Collapsed Under Bush

"stimulus" checks, when

Whatever happened to all those hearings and investigations?

DU Amnesty

CIA Widens Pool of Employees It Will Reimburse for Liability Insurance

liberalism vs. classical

Samantha Power To Guest On The Colbert Report Tonight

Luck of the Irish

Amnesty International: Stop the Execution of Troy Davis

We are not in a recession - we are in deflation

Anybody else watch the John Adams miniseries on HBO?

Those Fighting Scots-Irish ~ RCP

Will the "stimulus" checks be mailed or direct deposited

What it's like being an air traffic controller....

My capacity to hate grows exponentially

DU History Made Today: Identity of Agent Mike revealed!!!


Sooo....I'm reading "The Shock Doctrine" right now, and...

Is Rachel Maddow Leaving Air America Radio

Photos - Ides of March in Rome: Et tu, Congress?

Great Maureen Dowd Column on GWB - Soft Shoe in Hard Times

Thank You, Kos!

Yikes!!!! An alarming Chart from the Federal Reserve- I need some explanations

I'm a single guy....I don't go grocery shopping often....But I went today....

The Nation: Economic Chaos, Political Consequences


Pathetic Loser

What was the Resolution Trust Corp?

Humor is such a great way of putting people down, isn't it?

Realty Trac has 222 foreclosures in my zip code

Abba drummer Ola Brunkert dies in freak accident

Would the World be better off if the United States went into an extended economic decline?

George Bush is not a criminal... He did not lie us into war... He did not break the law...

"FIRE THEM ALL" The Fateful Choice on Iraq Army Bypassed Debate

Africa: (US) Torture Debate a Mockery ....

Lieberman to attend GOP convention.

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann: God is backing the United States in Iraq

Notice For DUers Who Didn't Read DU Over Weekend: Gov. Siegelman Beaten In Prison

Toon: you all know the answer to this one...

HUGE GOOD NEWS! Flux Capacitor Invented....Hydrogen Fuel Breakthrough!...3x energy output vs input

The Ticking Time Bomb and the Twilight Zone

Amy Goodman....."Not even mainstream media anymore."

The Man Who Pushed America to War.: Ahmad Chalabi

Too Big to Bail-The Fed's Wall St Dilemma

The top ten Women Warrior Leaders throughout History

Heckuva job, Bushie.

Just watched the movie "Rendition" ...Did the Clinton Administration really start it?

My Obama supporter experience

An open letter to all who participate in the protest movement.

Is there truly room in DU for non college grads?

Here's a bunch of pictures from Hurricane Katrina that my friend uploaded

As a white, straight, fat old male, here is my "spin" on the "Gay Agenda" regarding civil rights:

Gay Couples Say Civil Unions Aren’t Enough

30 Years ago today Aldo Moro was kidnapped.

* administration is "on top of the situation" - * pics

Where is the outrage? -Bush is bombing our Allies!

One business that will begin booming..

Is the economy sliding for attacks on Obama

Rush Limbaugh conspires and this is what happens...

We've Been In A Depression For The Past 7 Years

Even the freepers are terrified about tomorrow.

Even the freepers are terrified about tomorrow.

BREAKING(CNBC): Q-WEST's Nacchio Convictions THROWN OUT- In "Stunning Rebuke" Of Illegal Wiretapping

I am so sad at viewing the posts here lately - as well as responses to some of my /others posts

We Have Met the Enemy…And It is the News Media. So, Are We Going to Fight Back?

Good Advice for Hard Times from a Realistic Investment Manager

I have discovered who was behind breaking PastorGate!!

I have spent the afternoon uploading photos for my daughter's school yearbook.

The new HBO mini-series on John Adams began tonight & is excellent.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about here...

well...i didn't win the hgtv dream house...bummer

For mondegreen lovers, is there a word for when you fall asleep

I'm now in love with Preity Zinta

An lolkat for the Dugger family

I'm freaked out about the economy, but I need to collect my birthday present from my wife.

Anyone else like "In The House of Stone And Light" by Martin Page?

Admiral Fallon Will He Spill the Beans?

Reasons I do want to go to work tomorrow:

Fans of The Frames: where's a good starting point?

hail in Tucson

Help! W.a.s.p.!!


Unless and Until Edwards endorses Clinton, I will treat it as it is - a rumor.

New Book: Chalabi secretly met with an Iranian Revolutionary Guards general wanted by the US

A few thoughts for the lounge lizards here.....

Ha! Bill Hicks ...rickroll

Spencer the Rover.

Economic disaster is much more palatable when

Iraqi Freedom: The greatest gift that a human being can give another human being


Im not reading unpunctuated thread titles again tell me what meaning that

Someone posted this video in GD:P and I don't want the lounge to miss the laughs

Ok, I'm scared shitless

To make it through the coming Depression, I say every man for himself!

Wish me luck.

Tips on dealing with stubborn bank managers

I am back from my media convention, had a great time.

To make it through the coming Depression, I'm resorting to cannibalism

Help! Wasp!!

Shouldn't you kids be asleep?

I Wish You All Peace

I am HIGH right now

Anyone else up sick?

Gotta get out of GD:P for a while.....What's happening in tha Lounge?

Can someone help me -- I'm posting a Craig's list ad...

Stupid Holy Week is messing up all the good channels.

Stupid good channels are messing up my Holy Week!

Wow, you go searching for the "bring me a double old-fashioned please" song and a mullet arises!

Anyone going to watch the Terry Riley Mini-series premiere on HBO tonight?

So I got my Irish up and posted in GD-P.

Retail & service sector workers, what are the strangest people you have dealt with?

Dammit, I just put WAY too much vodka into that drink! I'm going to have to pour it out

Say can I have some of your purple berries



Dollars tough to sell on streets of Amsterdam

What are the IRA doing nowadays?

Green alleygaters and long-necked geese

Still time to join the DU NCAA tournament game

Free wifi?

Ok, I'm scared shirtless

Mumia Abu Jamal

You can all relax now. I just saved you.

So I barely post in the Lounge at the moment

How about an Obama/Tiger Woods ticket for '08?

Those in the DU NCAA Brackets tournament - you can start picking your teams now!!

You know you've been spending too much time on DU when...

No black, no white... Today We're AL GREEN!

Go use Google maps and see if you notice anything different

So I went to Wal-Mart last night....

BUSH ... Has Happy Feet!

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

Anybody have a link to "ghost pictures/videos"? Listening to America coast to coast.

Anybody have a link to "ghost pictures/videos"? Listening to America coast to coast.

LOL! Great webpage

In Celebration Of St Patricks Day One Of My Favorites U-2

10 pound hamburgers.....


Heather MILLions

For fans of dog mushing, I have some photos of the Iditarod start

Our Redstone created a SHITSTORM in GD.

If a GD-P post is titled 'Not to add fuel to the fire, but...'

Has "Kevin And Kell" been looking at GD-P?


What is your opinion of Boston's first album?

Anybody been watching "John Adams" on HBO?


You, yes YOU, can kiss my Irish....

Anyone else watching Howl's Moving Castle?

My desk at work makes me look like I have a drinking problem

Post here if you're damn proud to not have one drop of Irish blood in you!!

What are the best vacuum cleaners for under $100?

Anyone Watch 'Dirt' On FX?

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Since it is "Holy Week"

Holy cow - I work in downtown Atlanta and it looks like a bomb went off here this past weekend

Sick husband, kid on spring break, so much for getting stuff done

My letter from Don Siegelman in prison

Can someone help me debunk this?

Old Money in the South

Irish Family Reunion

Oh, wow, a filibuster in GD-P


Sea lion waddles out of ocean, across street, up to front door

22-0, people!

Reggae great Mikey Dread passes away :-(

Danny Boy

LynneSin is mocking me and I am going to up to the Middle School

Not all Irish are GREEN y'know.

So, when's the bar open?

Do you drink the green beer?

Danny Boy

A spectacularly craptacular ending to a spectacularly craptacular week.

Hilarious Jeep ad!

*sniffa* Where is bi-baby?

For St. Patrick's Day: "Danny Boy"- The Larks

I'm starting a DU fundraiser to help pay for Linda Lay's condo fees

I'm joining the AARP!

As of tomorrow, we've had HBO for two weeks

My old buddy Sneezer the Dog is going to make it this time!

So I have 3 GD-P threads to burn

I've got something to say...

St Patrick's Day joke

It's Erin's 4th birthday!

Midlodemocrat is a Wal-mart shopping - mock her in this thread

*sniff* Where is temeah?

NCAA March Madness

Iza and i are heading to Boston in about an hour!

ABBA Drummer Found Dead in His Garden

For our Scottish friends. ;)

Did anyone watch that report on "60 Minutes" last night about sleep?

Winter really needs to fuck off and die already.

I'm a little sad tonight.

Anyone residents or frequenters of Myrtle Beach, SC?

No Antiwar Voices in NYT 'Debate' - Look back at Iraq features nine hawkish 'experts'

Some advice regarding delivery people, please?

It was 6 years ago on Sunday that I first me Khephra

Happy 29 to you, Slut-Witch Becky!

Have you ever smelled mothballs?

I went all weekend without drinking a single beer.

What are you listening to right now?

Holy cow. I just peeked in on GD-P

Where area/region do you live in and how's the job market there?

The Pogues and The Dubliners together, singing "The Irish Rover."

There is a good thing about St. Paddy's Day being on Holy Monday.

Uh-oh. I've been posting in GD:P again.

Today's feel-good Web discovery: "50 Animals with Drinking Problems (and Photographic Proof)"

"Cats. The other white meat!"

Bummer--everyone's sold out of corned beef

Sick of seeing orange tongs and packages with Rachel Ray smiles? GET READY FOR PAULA

Poll question: Richard Dawson

I do not give a RAT'S HIND END about Heather Mills and her stupid settlement

Holy shit ...... I just wasted our cat!!!

Favorite Irish movie

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the Reanimator!

Trivia thread!!

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to The Animator!

Garfield minus Garfield

Aye and begorra, 'tis the Day of St. Patrick's, i'tis. Erin GOBAMA!

Oil at $111 Per Barrel

Somebody called me sleazy in LBN!

Sine 4 non-Englush speeking immugrants!

A word about trucking and consumers.

New Podcast is up!

You might be having a bad day if.... (Great for a laugh!!)

Into The Wild -revisited

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/17/2008)

Favorite Irish band

The late Bob Denver. Maynard G. Krebs or Gilligan?

Change one word of a movie title to "Irish"

Ordering Pizza in 2010...CREEPY!

Which transmission do you use: Manual or automatic?

Do you have any Irish in you?

I just threw away a 15 dollar bag of dog food- I hope my dogs are going to be OK.

Looks like Obama's picked his running mate -- and he's one of our own!

McCartney ex-wife awarded $48.7M

Holy cat....I just washed our shit!!!

Gotta hide the cat

Why don't they sell colored toilet paper anymore?

So How Does It End

Is there oil under Antarctica? nt

For St. Paddy's Day - HOUSE OF PAIN

More HOUSE OF PAIN - Shamrocks And Shenanigans

TMZ gifts you with a photo update of arrogant dickhead "Eric" from MTV's "Real World Season 1"

7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened

Nobody called me sleazy in LBN!

I was thinking.. If we took seepage from a wound

One "L" or two?

I want to go down on you

Fixing US.

BREAKING: Keith Richards "still smokes weed all the damn time"...alert the media right fucking NOW!

An Irish Misunderstanding

How Will You Get To LynneSin's Gathering

What SHOULD you be doing instead of being on DU?

What is your favorite color of cat?

So We Started The Day At The Eye Doctor In Tulsa

Happiness is removing five slots from my ignore list in one morning

Post a St Patrick's Day funny

U. of Alerbamer coeds renting the beach house next door! Trof! Need wingman!

I'm stranded 250 miles from home - ask me anything!

So there's a raccoon outside on my porch eating dinner.

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

We reserved our moving truck for April 11.

Match It for Pratchett (Alzheimer's research fundraiser, on behalf of a wonderful writer)

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne (Live)

Sean Combs denies he planned Tupac killing

How the fuck do you recover when youve screwed your life up so totally that it seems beyond repair

Favourite Wu-Tang Clan member?

Why are some people always late?

New reality shows you'd like to see....

Shock Therapy for our Economy ? We must seize political control of our government this Nov

Jim Cramer CNBC - recommended Bear Stearns in March !

Major theater chain restores raunchy trailers

Traditional Irish music thread

Happy Birthday, LeftyMom!

In Memory Of Aunt Blanche

Today's hard lesson

Why are button-fly pants useful?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/17/08

I just listened to The Banana Splits theme song.

Don't Kid yourself...

It's official - I'm having a small DU gathering on 4/19

What's your Irish name today (if you're not already Irish) ?

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DuStrange's Monday morning caption time.

Has anyone heard from Catwoman or other Atlanta area DUer's?

the 1989 movie Say Anything - you seen it?

Gotta hide the cat

What is the fastest way to get rid of a bad cold?

Favorite Scottish Band

What's my S&P 500 Index fund going to do tomorrow?

I Just Paid $3.74 A Gallon.....

(distasteful joke, don't click if you don't like) So the cops are looking at the scene of a murder..

My cat is so cute in the early morning

Holy shit ...... I just washed our cat!!!

Everybody meet my gal, Crazy4sea

What I learned about H1B Visas ...

Who wants to see a nekkid yoga picture?

I'm scared shitless and need some lounge vibes

I'm playing a gig in Wisconsin this August: Need advice for inexpensive electric bass

Torchwood **possible spoiler**

The Gitmo Farce- by Scott Horton

Accounting scandal hits House GOP campaign committee

To make it through the coming Depression, I'm starting a commune

Many on DU hoping for economic collapse

Which would you rather hear?

Had my surgery today (please excuse the typos)

(unbelievable) WSJ: Bear Stearns chairman played cards amid crisis

UBS reportedly eyes job cuts, doesn't rule out splitting units

Unintended Consequences: Spitzer got snagged by the fine print of the Patriot Act.

Red Cross says Iraqis still lack basic services

U.S. Fed Cuts Discount Rate

Japan stocks drop 1 pct despite Fed move

Analysts: Govt Funds Heat Up Oil Prices

Cost of new presidential helicopters spiraling higher

As the Economy Falters, So Do State Budgets

U.S. Futures, Asia Stocks, Dollar Decline After Fed Cuts Rate


Fed acts Sunday to prevent global bank run Monday

Asian stocks tumble on Bear Stearns news

Japan's markets plunge as dollar erodes

Correct Levels Of Stress Hormones Boost Learning, Squirrel Study Suggests

Pakistan parliament meets with Musharraf in its sights

US Rice, Gates In Moscow For Missile Defense Talks - AFP

Dalai Lama Warns of 'Genocide' in Tibet

Bush to make statement on economy (after reg.scheduled policy session)

U.N. and NATO troops clash with Serbs in Kosovo

Millions of Iraqis lack water, healthcare: Red Cross

Bearer of Bad News Decides to Advertise It

Audit: Bush Barely Trims FOIA Backlog

Special Edition: STOCK MARKET WATCH, Sunday March 16

Climate change: 'Indigenous people can help'

Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP

5 years after Iraq's 'liberation,' there are worms in the water

HORTON: The Case of the Amazing Vanishing Corruption Investigation = ON ABRAMOFF

H&R Block sells troubled mortgage servicer

Obama Attended Hate America Sermon (Clarification)

Prosecutors fear castle law's 'presumption' will allow real murderers to go free

Fed rate cut of one percentage point more certain than ever

Four NATO soldiers, three Afghans killed in new unrest

French Socialists inflict losses on Sarkozy's party (weekend elections)

Bernanke Plays `Whac-A-Mole' With Turmoil in Markets

Woman suicide bomber kills five in holy Iraqi city

Cost Nearly Doubles For Marine One Fleet

Only Saddam Hussein can run Iraq, says aide

Production of Craft (Marine One) Has Been Delayed

Bear's 'Fire Sale' Sparks Fear That No Bank Is Safe

Cheney says Iraq invasion "successful endeavour"

Seven out of 10 Iraqis want foreign forces to leave: poll

Boston Globe: Clinton recieved more than 100K GOP votes in Tx & Ohio

Oil plummets on economy worries

U.S. Economy: Factory Production Contracts More Than Forecast

Sub-prime mortgage watchdogs kept on leash

Carlyle Capital To Liquidate What Is Left

Port labor talks to begin today (29 West Coast ports)

China denies using deadly force in Tibet amid mounting pressure

Paterson sworn in as NY governor

Fed Takes Bold Steps to Ease Crisis

Major theater chain restores raunchy trailers

Gay Ex Gov Claims threesome tryst

Four, Up To 14 Twisters Hit Metro Atlanta

Law gives access to patient information

Cheney says US support for Iraq 'unwavering'

(Bush) Letting the Market Drive Transportation

Abba drummer found dead in Spain

New Orleans' homeless rate swells to 1 in 25


Poll: Three-Quarters Think U.S. in Recession

Chinese troops parade handcuffed Tibetan prisoners in trucks

Four FBI agents hurt in Pakistan bombing

McGreevey aide says he had sexual trysts with ex-governor, wife

Bush says administration dealing with economy

U.A.E. to Keep Dollar Peg After U.S. Pressure, Official Says

Mills awarded $48.6M from McCartney

Gold up $18.90 to $1021.50 Sunday as Overseas Markets Open

Bear execs lack golden parachutes as stock plan crunched

Seventh Body Found In NYC Crane Collapse

Bernanke May Run Low on `Ammunition' for Rates, Balance Sheet

New trial for former Qwest CEO Nacchio

Baghdad rocked as McCain, Cheney visit

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad

Breach exposes 4.2 million credit, debit cards

Fed Cuts Discount Rate, Lends More to Avert Meltdown

Oil hits record over $111 a barrel as dollar slumps

Contractor warned city about crane but was blown off

NBC reports Florida will not hold second primary

Wartime author mystery 'solved' {St-Exupery}

Bush, Praising Fed’s Intervention, Faces Criticism

Clintons Prod Dems on Delegate Strength

Clinton, McCain delay on making tax returns public

H-1 B: Two new bills to raise cap

Obama plans major race speech tomorrow

Clinton says "we cannot win" Iraq war

Stunned Bear Stearns Investors Eye Legal Claims

Supreme Court to Review FCC Ban on Profanity

Dollar slides to fresh euro low

Peru warns Venezuela against funding leftists

Hubble Detects Organic Molecule on an Extrasolar Planet

US enters 'checkbook war' with China

Iraq Five Years Later: Six books on the lives lost, the money spent and the opportunities squandered

Edging (at Times Clumsily) Toward a Post-Racial America

Homegrown terrorism -- on the heels of Obama Presidency?

BBC-Iraq key players, then and now

Iraq always illegal and unwinnable. Gordon Brown must name the date for withdrawal By Bianca Jagger

A Crude Case for War? "Blood for Oil"?

Partick Cockburn: A gross failure that ignored history and ended with a humiliating retreat

Downer lashes Liberal's Iraq criticism

Letting the Market Drive Transportation

U.S. military nearing 4,000 deaths in Iraq

Iraq War Disappears As TV Story

Big MAC Attack

WaPo: Housing Crunch Flattens More Companies

Bush Diplomacy: Predator Planes Are Conducting Assassinations by Air

We Own The World By Noam Chomsky

Why 'St. Dubya' is the Opposite of 'St. Patrick'

Cheney's Bagman and Bush's Brain Join McCain By Jay Farr

A Real Freak Out (James Kunstler)

Five Years in Iraq, and Some Accounting--An Indictment of George "Mission Accomplished" Bush

Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP - Seek to prolong bitter battle

Patrick Cockburn: A gross failure that ignored history and ended with a humiliating retreat

Forget HBO Series, George Bush is More Like Another Addams

Wall Street waits for the next domino to fall

Today We're All Irish: Debt Serfdom Comes to America By Dr. Ellen Brown

Philadelphia Inquirer: Republican war rhetoric devoid of reality

Bernanke Plays `Whac-A-Mole' With Turmoil in Markets

Chafee raps Clinton as Bush enabler

Where Have All the Profits Gone? by Stephen Fleischman

Postfeminism and Other Fairy Tales: "Preposterous...not just because Ms. Bee’s husband wore pearls."

Scott Ritter: Dinner With Ahmed

Tibet and the Ghosts of Tiananmen (TIME)

Outsourcing the Patients ... More health insurers slashing costs by sending policyholders overseas

What Is McCain's Economic Agenda?

America was conned - who will pay?

Memo To The Fed: Stop Those Rate Cuts

The Wright Stuff

China positioning to overtake India as world outsourcing centre

Enough! Attacks on Obama and Jeremiah Wright are ludicrous

Why did Gore abandon us?

Treasury Secretary Paulson evasive on bolstering the sinking dollar.

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 329

Barack Obama Tribute to HOPE and CHANGE

The Poster Boy For The American Civil Liberties Union

Tacoma Shuts Down Military Recruiting Center

The media's double standard on John McCain's bigotry

The Great Depression (

Challenging the 10,000 Republican Democrats for a Day

McCain's Iraq Marketplace Too Insecure For CNN To Visit (1 year later)


St. Paddy's Day wish for DU

Danny Boy

Living a Republican War In Iraq

Bush's Gridiron Dinner

Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) For Obama

"O'bama Boy" St. Patrick's Day song/video to the tune of "Oh, Danny Boy"


David Paterson sworn in as New York's 55th Governor

Hillary Clinton: Questions on Iraq

PM Harper informed Canadians don't want a Bush/neocon/war criminal toady for a PM

Barack in Beaver County, Pennsylvania: Clarity on Iraq and Military Contractors

Farrakhan says kind words for Barack

TYT: Cenk (For Obama) With Michael Shure (For Hillary) Today

Here is what Obama says about his mentor/pastor when not under the political gun

A preview of how the rethugs will swiftboat Obama over his mentor/pastor

BBC Covers Winter Soldier 2008 - Waterboarding In Iraq ('It Was Torture')

Tent cities spring up in LA

US firm, CEO admit weapon, nuclear-linked export violations

No deal produced in crucial nuke talks with North Korea

Estonian scientists propose underwater nuclear reactor project

Scientists fight to save the last Java gibbons (CNN)

Samurai-Sword Maker's Reactor Monopoly May Cool Nuclear Revival

Solarbuzz Reports World Solar Photovoltaic Market Growth of 62% in 2007

U.S. on the Verge of a Small Hydro Boom?

Melting glaciers start countdown to climate chaos

Bill would block imports of low-level nuclear waste

Science at Risk - NY Times

UK Government figures hide scale of CO2 emissions, says report

Six species under threat in Mexico

Got this in an email today

Climate change could turn Ireland's green to brown - Reuters

South Africa: thieves stealing 3-5km of copper cable per day

The Cleanest T-Plant in Eastern Europe?

Rising diesel costs hurt local truckers

Pittsfield: Farmers brace for fertilizer, diesel fuel costs (Maine)

Clinton County, Michigan Considering Converting Paved CO Roads To Gravel - Repaving Too Expensive

Beijing pollution no threat to athletes: IOC - Reuters

I apologize for not being around the last two weeks.

Army Times: Guard recruiter accused of faking GEDs

Nike report focuses on labor problems in China

Huffington Times: Illinois Labor Leader, Women's Advocate Backs Obama

Good Jobs First ‘Claws Back’ Against Corporate Tax Subsidies

Report: Ohio Middle Class Families Fall Further Behind

Today in labor history March 17

Pennsylvania Union Members: McCain Has Supported Every Bad Trade Deal

Bottom of the Barrel

Do injured workers get enough?

Workers’ rights advocate, lawyer discuss impact of Employee Free Choice

McCain Revealed: same Bush policies, different wrapping

Nurses’ advocate goes national

Sindicatos EEUU, '100 pct' en contra de TLC Colombia

Trane Union Workers at Fort Smith Ratify Agreement

CWA Condemns Western Union's Announced Closing of Three Facilities in Missouri and Texas

Volvo strike ends with new contract for auto workers


Must see doc for these times: An Injury to One is an Injury to All

Chimpy at the Economic Club of NY

Bear Sterns: From $1.1 trillion in Nov to $236 million.

Cambridge Health Alliance facing a potentially "catastrophic" loss

I could use some honesty here.....

Reuters: Stunned Bear investors eye legal claims

What happens if the company that holds your credit card goes under?

Is this asset allocation OK? Is there anything I should do or is it too late

Fed action leaves underlying instabilities unaddressed

What is left that is sellable?

Lehman Too Big to Fail? What do you think, Jeb? You're on the board.

3-Month Bill Rates Fall to Lowest Since 1950s

Goldman's Cohen Replaced as Chief S&P 500 Forecaster

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 03/14/2008

Has anyone invested in Euro's?

"In this election year, no one is discussing the elephant-in-the-room "

Fed Fails To Halt Debt Meltdown

Buffett Was Right: Derivatives Are Destructive

Bear Sterns Lost > 96% Of Its Value In One Business Day. This Is Very Frightning To Me.

Senator Obama on the State of the Economy - March 17, 08

Anyone else's 401k sucking?

Bear dead, is Lehman Bros. next?

Closed door session of Congress...what was discussed?

Without support Ecuador's OAS anti-Colombia resolution

Peru warns Venezuela against funding leftists

El Salvador: clamorous protest over food prices


James Petras on the FARC and Colombia

Interview with Senator George

Oregon State Senator George ripped over gay rights repeal initiative

Dirty tricks on TV?

Dirty tricks on TV?

"I was wrong: Ban on gays in uniform should be lifted"

Connecticut Gay Couples: Civil Unions Not Working

As a white, straight, fat old male, here is my "spin" on the "Gay Agenda" regarding civil rights:

McGreevey Aide: I had Regular Threesomes With The Gov And His Wife

I think we really do have different attitudes toward sex than straights

Great Hillary pic

I know it's wildly impractical, but...

Pa. Senate Proposes Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage

German leader confronts past in Israel

Court case reveals how settlers illegally grab W. Bank lands

Talking like Meretz, behaving like the Likud

Poll: Haniyeh more popular than Abbas after IDF raids on Gaza

Tibetans rally in Tel Aviv in memory of brethren killed in blood riots

A minister of war (Gideon Levy)

Executions in Bethlehem: 'I Came, I Saw, I Destroyed!'

And in the midst of the latrine called gd-p is some Biden love.

CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying News

Mike Golic is really dumb.....

Denver 168 --Seattle 116

These will make your day/night/whatever:

astrology: Market Week

Favorite NCAA Basketball Tournament Matchup

Cuba running low on soccer players

The Stars This Week: "Working at Cross Purposes" - March 17 - March 23, 2008

At a crossroads--need your help!

There's been a communication glitch or cable cut somewhere, a massive one

Ky. Derby Trail: Cut Off at the Pass

Anyone getting any hits, feelings, etc., regarding the economy?


Could this be the year?

A Touch of Grace: Massage Therapy Aids Retired Nuns

Home Depot for Some, Neuro Depot for Others

According To John McCain Satan Apparently Lives In D.C.

Found a great Irish recipe last week. Guinness Stout Chocolate Cake.

a shout out to a great foodie hostess

Iditarod photos FINALLY captioned.

Police say rosaries are newest gang symbol

Photos of Funny Signs

State a conjecture that some people here will initially believe to be false.

Suppose that we're heading into an era of nuclear war AND nuclear terrorism.

A proposal for background checks.

Here's another one of those assault weapons, designed to be spray fired from the hip...

Anyone know the name of this TV anchor . . . I recognize the voice . . .

David Ray Griffin at EU Parliament

WeAreChange confronts Bo Dietl

Re-Zeitgeist The Movie and the Bear Stearns buyout by Morgan Chase.

Press TV - Tony Blair under investigation for war crimes

Stealing Democracy on now on LinkTV (8pm Pacific)

Hackable Voting Machines Hacked in Ohio

Freepress: Ohio's voting machines are now an official crime scene

Fired US Attorney Details GOP Effort to "Cage" Votes in New Mexico

Prevent unwanted presidencies.

HEADS UP for JK's office - Siegelman beaten in prison.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 03/17/08

Ohio voting machines now officially a crime scene. 2006 AND 2004 under scrutiny.

Why are taxpayers footing the bill for a bridge p.r. firm?

Bachmann on Iraq: "God has not abandoned us.“

Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP (TX connection)

Prosecutors fear castle law's 'presumption' will allow real murderers to go free

Hey, you can vote for Rick Noriega in Russ Feingold's "Pick a Progressive Patriot"

Boyd Richie is not amused

Al Franken 10 Points Behind Norm Coleman

Upstart Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer says he won't rest until he bests Al Franken.

Anybody know of a FREE way to convert MKV files to AVI?

I highly recommend this positive diary: "Chatting with the guy from IL with the funny name"

On being saved from wolves

Obama in SW PA March 17th - Part of Speech & Interview

Must read Kick Ass post from Markos (with good excerpts from The Field)

Oh my, here is an interesting anecdote on Obama. LOL

Rebutting the "PastorGate" Smear How the PM's statement of claim differs from other credible accounts

Latest slain Canadian soldier had 'warrior spirit 100 per cent'

Colleges' debit-card deals draw scrutiny

10,000 affected by Harvard hack

Teacher pay disadvantage soars

Happy St. Paddy's Day to ye all.

Oh, wurra, wurra, I fear me O'Lbermann won't be a-showin' up this night.

Drive-by hello

Ron White Rips into Garth Brooks fans

Obama Not Ready to Cede Pennsylvania

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright was an early concern, Obama aide admits

Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP: Seek to prolong bitter battle

Candidates Court Catholics: 'Nun Theory' at Work?

From the GOP attack machine? "Obama has brother in China" and "a polygamous father."

Next time you hear a RWer using the "You can't go to the same church for 20 years and not agree

Any Oshkosh DUers out there?

Has everyone here heard of WMC Watch?

An announcement of interest ...

Obama walks arrogance line: "aloof and ungracious"

Bill Clinton: We did not play race card


California: love it or leave it?

Pandagon: The problem of ever separating religion and politics completely

You know, if an open atheist ever *does* run for President...

USA Today Op-Ed: Am I raising athiest children?

White Male Vote Especially Critical: Questions Remain Over Obama's Ability to Appeal to Demographic

Behind Closed Doors, Democrats Seek Answers: "It will be solved by Obama and Clinton."