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Two class acts discuss "the state of blogger discourse"

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/16/08 - Obama down 1 (46), Clinton unchanged (44)

NYT: As Campaign Drags On, Aides Put Personal Lives on Hold

More on Obama's "mentor" and "spiritual guide"

Clinton & Obama To Play Nice For MTV on March 20th

This is what happened when the church I loved started spewing sexist garbage

ABC inaccurately spreads the concept of religious racism. I'm so angry!

Any aquarium owners here?

So how many people still think Obama is a Muslim?

Don't you like how the MSM talks about stuff today that we discussed about 5 days ago?


World Net Daily is a Good New Source Isn't it?

Barack Steady.

Has a politician ever been beat up before in the history of this country, because of his preacher?

Votes Are Yardage, Delegates Are Touchdowns (And Other Sports Metaphors)

Why are Obama supporters so sensitive?

Obama gave one speech after losing against a Black Panther.We would never know about it today

Obama on c-span now

So this is it huh.. this is the best we can do?

Whiskey in a Jar

Today's GDP Word of the Day: Internecine

More on Obama's "mentor" and "spiritual guide"

If we Dems don't like to be smeared, why are we smearing McCain?: (the 100 years in Iraq thing)

Yet another reason why we don't welcome Drudge & Newsmax reports here.

I would rather have John McCain win the Presidency & bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

Poisoning the public discourse: False headlines

How about some real GORE ? (warning extremely graphic)

Did you know that the majority of Democrats prefer O B A M A?

Bottom Line: No Florida Revote = Blow to Clinton

A message from Obama - "More Voices"

The Clinton's church deserted an African-American neighborhood

What If Obama's Preacher Was Fred Phelps Instead Of Jeremiah Wright?

The Desensitzation of Reverend Jeremiah Wright

I wonder if part of HRC's "experience" was supporting Bill's repeal of Glass-Steagall?

Obama the racist and Hillary the crook...

Lets make a little list.....


BREAKING: New NY Governor Paterson admits he had an affair

Hannity is scum and most Hillary supporters agree

Samanmtha Powers on Colbert Report tonight (now and later)

I think McCain might not be a push-over. He could be a challenge for both Obama and Hillary.

Skinner: On Bigoted sources.....

Sound familiar?

Five years. Five FUCKING YEARS, people. Five years of war and death, and slaughter of

Right wing is whining that the media isn't covering their "pastorgate" BS enough! Cry me a river!!

Full Transcript of Obama's Friday Chicago Tribune interview

Some here were quick to to call the Clintons racists, but very little mention of Wright's racism.

What if's involving Fred Phelps and Barack Obama--Are you NUTS??

Are you Democrat? If so, can you please come in and say UNITY?

I'm still not here

Foreign Relations Subcommittee : Afghanastan - Clinton: "he failed to hold a single hearing".....

Why didn't Hillary Clinton leave office after discovering she had been lied into war?

I listened to Howard Stern today

Senator Obama, Do Words Matter?

How About We Boycott Shitslingers and Propagandists?

Yes let's have a toast!

Obama readies speech on race

Brave New Films: Fox Attacks Obama

Hillary supporters: Since you are the pride & joy of DU, I would like to propose a toast

Obama will plagiarize JFK's speech tomorrow

Noticias Univision spent a lot of time on the Obama-Wright story...

Clinton's super delegate problem

Well, Pastorgate sure kills the meme that Obama was plotting for the Presidency since Kindergarten

Samantha Powers on Stephen Colbert tonight, not a "Must See" but entertaining if you get the chance

Samantha Powers on Stephen Colbert tonight, not a "Must See" but entertaining if you get the chance

Samantha Powers on Stephen Colbert tonight, not a "Must See" but entertaining if you get the chance

MP3: "Hillary, Why Do You Lie So Much" with just guitar and voice

I posted this originally on Bart five years ago....

To all the Republicans on DU

SNL humorist who called Hillary "bitch" was arrested twice for DUI

If Barack has to respond to race questions...

New campaign strategy for BOTH candidates! what do you think?

Richard Cohen rips "fawning" Olberman for softball interview with Obama

Welcome to Free Republic

"President Obama" sounds awesome. But "Madam President" has a pretty nice ring to it too.

It really is ironic how the musings of a preacher has created more outrage

Will Hillary Denounce and Reject the the words of James David Manning

Wrong on Wright...

FWIW... The Wright thing isn't sticking, from personal experience.

The McCain Money Trail.....

Out of Respect - For Obama Supporters or Obama sympathizers only!

Obama-gate is a weekend story?

Will Obama ask Secret Service to release 7/22 itinerary to show not in both Miami and Chicago?

Democrats are asleep at the wheel and driving the party bus in a ditch.

Democrats are asleep at the wheel and driving the party bus in a ditch.

Obama is a brave and principled pioneer and we are suspended between the old politics and the new

Should My Baby Die? Or Should I Sleep On The Streets? (Why I'm Pulling For Obama.)

Obama's crazy ass preacher has gone VIRAL, millions of youtube hits and hundreds of videos

Obama avoided Fox...until he got in trouble! Was tonight on Hannity and Colmes

Does Hillary inspire you when she gives a speech?

A personal account of why the IWR matters to me and why I keep bringing it up

OOPS, dupe

Is anyone listening to Bill Clinton's crap on Faux right now?

Texas Democratic Chairman tell Hillary to pound sand on signature verification

What did Obama's Pastor say that isn't correct?

Did Obama's camp set up the Wright story themselves?

How many delegates does each Dem candidate have right now?

Time ask all the Media Outlets - WHERE'S THE BEEF from Clinton

When I was a young boy my pastor held a friend of mine under the water until she passed out.

Every Senator who voted to give Bush money for Iraq 'authorized' his occupation

Clinton won't release names of donors of Foundation or Library unless elected

Obama to confront the smear!

Torture: I can't stand Hillary Clinton. I don't like a lot of her supporters here

Senator Clinton is done. Senator Obama is done.

Obama's addressing race issue head-on (Chi Sun-Times)

Diversity? What's in your wallet?

Local Talk Show Host. hillary's destructive new strategy

Some white people need to take their head out of their asses on DU


Scenario Poll

super delegates

How can I contact CNN and MSNBC?

I call on all good Democrats, Hillbots and Obamatrons and undecideds

Why Won't Clinton, McCain Make Tax Returns Public? 2 Secretive Peas In A Pod (McClatchy Newspapers)

STAY STRONG OBAMA months to the convention

USA Today: Obama says he still considers Rezko a friend

WANNA FIGHT BACK against Fox and media parrots?

Fox News and CNN Prove Obama is not a Muslim ...

Would Obama be a uniter if

Would Obama be a uniter if

Would Obama be a uniter if

Obama caught in pew!

Can Obama repair the "damage?" Ummm - what "damage?"

What time is Obama's speech on race taking place?

Debunking the latest Clinton lie

What time is the Obama speech today?

So the swiftboating has begun.

Meet Rod Parsley .... McCain's spiritual adviser

Charltotte The Buzz : This is an every day publishing :

Freeper Jim Davis says his notes on Obama attendance are in Landfill

There is no way Hillary will be able to distinguish her position on Iraq from mccain /nt

Is the Clinton campaign pushing Wright on the Web

Rev. Wright Pulled His Punches

For the love of God, does it tell you ANYTHING that Fox, Newsmax, Kristol, & Rush love "pastorgate"?

Obama's preacher uses "hate speech." HRC voted to authorize an illegal war that's killed thousands.

My Prediction: Obama's Race Speech won't Change the Narrative

Patrick Buchanan, MSNBC Commentator - In His Own Racist Words

I just have to say...Is Pat Buchanan really a proper commentator on racial issues?

I just have to say...Is Pat Buchanan really a proper commentator on racial issues?

As I await the speech.

A controversial move to help Obama win...

Prediction Poll: DU Reaction to Obama's Speech

Anyone care to join me in a silent I SCOFF at Hillary thread? Just drop in-don't say anything.

FIght McCain, not each other

Obama is a chump for denouncing Wright's words

Bill Clinton Says Critics Distorted Remarks About Obama

Bush ignores reality puts on a happy face

KO rips on Newsmax in "Worst Persons"

Obama's preacher didn't say anything all THAT bad...or that wrong.

You guys do realize that this isn't Activism it is Entertainment.

I won't demonize people when I haven't walked in their shoes.

What I think Obama should say

My Plea . . .

Obama is speaking now

The Feminist Case for Obama

A Plague On Both Your Houses

A Candidate Who Mirrors Their Lives

McCain will be nice to Clinton if she is the nominee

Rev. Wright and Swiftboating

A McCain supporter at work came in and told me he read the speech and now wants to support Obama.

A McCain supporter at work came in and told me he read the speech and now wants to support Obama.

A McCain supporter at work came in and told me he read the speech and now wants to support Obama.

So Obama 'knew' there wasnt WMD in Iraq, but doesnt know his pastor of 20 years hates America


Please join me in silent disapproval of the silent "scoffing at Hillary" thread.

Hope & Change: Obama is for real!

In the heat of this political storm, Barack Obama is sounding very presidential.

Does Trinity Church, Rev. Wright and the UCC teach hatred and violence?

Spotlight on eastern PA: Big Dog to Speak in Lehigh Valley 3/19.

Earth to Hillbots...

VIDEO: CNN - Excerpt from Barack Obama's Speech Today

Rev Wright isn't the candidate. WHERE ARE CLINTON'S TAX RETURNS?

Hannity: "When we broke this story. I know everyone's taking credit for it now."

It was good at the beginning. Now he is just reciting what we `all

Obama Speech: 'A More Perfect Union" (text in full)

Hillary's opponent desperate speech is for the superdelegates not the public

A GREAT speech. Obama supporters, you owe your candidate much better than you have often shown here.

OK, now let's please get back to talking about the economy

One thing we all know for sure.... an Obama Presidency means that...

The country just saw...

Obama is a good speaker but he did not help himself.......

The country just saw...

The country just saw...

Imagine if Hillary Clinton announced loudly and strongly that this Wright issue was nonsense.

The reality of the speech... great oratory, bad politics.... imho, of course

Let America Be America Again

Who will remain on DU when our glorious Lord and Saviour DUsus returns?

When was the last time Hillary talked about McCain negatively?

Obama's net favorability rating down 17 points since 2/21, pastorgate hurt him with whites

Obama's net favorability rating down 17 points since 2/21, pastorgate hurt him with whites

I can't recall hearing as comprehensive a speech about racism given...

Pledge to stop the infighting

Full Transcript of the speech

Full Transcript of the speech

Full Transcript of the speech

Full Transcript of Obama's Speech

I am one of several people I have spoken to today who just drove around to listen to the speech

The worm turns does it not?

Come on Barack, "hit it out of the park." Thread (no hate please)

Obama's Speech - Is it on Youtube yet?

"You know why I want a Hillary-McCain election?" (GYWO)

I say we get rid of every politician that ever had an affair,

Obama's Great Civil Rights Speech

Grade the speech

Well, Obama effectively negated that problem

From my Blog in May 2007 - Race in 2008

"I'm here because of Ashley".....why are you here?

Obama Supporters: After that Brilliant Speech the Time to Donate is NOW!

Just a quick note on the Obama speech

Obama's Race Speech is a Tearjerker...

Obama's Race Speech is a Tearjerker...

The speech is brilliant, but the right wing media will continue to use their canned talking points

Why I think Obama's speech will help him put the Wrght controversy to rest

Obama's speech SOUNDS Presidential in an almost Bill Clinton "State of the Union" way.

Obama's speech SOUNDS Presidential in an almost Bill Clinton "State of the Union" way.

Obama's speech SOUNDS Presidential in an almost Bill Clinton "State of the Union" way.

Obama's speech SOUNDS Presidential in an almost Bill Clinton "State of the Union" way.

2nd edition of "Things you must believe in order to support Hillary Clinton"

BREAKING: He is the one

Obama's speech on youtube

Reaction shot from Hillary Clinton after Obama speech this morning.

Shouldn't we be on DEFCON 1 or something?

Carpenter says DLC are neo cons

I confess. I'm Black and proud. Yesterday David Paterson. Today Barak Obama.

As Randi Rhodes says....

It is not just what Obama said, but how he says it

Full Text of Obama Speech

Clinton Sponsors Legislation to Ban Private Security Contractors

The Speech is already on youtube

I remember listening to John Kennedy when he was running in the 1960 election...

C'mon, cheer up, fellow Obamites!

C'mon, cheer up, fellow Obamites!

Joe, Joe, and Pat ........ this is objective?????? Get with it, MSNBC

"He is like family to me..."

The Great Race Speech, aka poke a stick in whitey's eye.

"I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother "

Full BO speech at KOS. nt

Obama's speech SOUNDS Presidential in an almost Bill Clinton "State of the Union" way.

Obama needs to act and not just talk?

Obama's race speech SOUNDS Presidential in an almost Bill Clinton "State of the Union" way.

"Not this time!"

I Wish We Could Have One Day A Week Here With No Bashing

Link to Obama's speech

So, I have been ignoring the Wright 'controversy' in here...

So, I have been ignoring the Wright 'controversy' in here...


Face it folks, the only speech Clinton supporters will hear is Obama's Concession

Obama speech better than his 2004 convention speech?

Why I think Obama's speech will help him put the Wrght controversy to rest

Healing the Wounds of Race

Obama gave a good speech. He said what he needed to say

Obama Rises to the Occasion on Race and the Race

** What to do after the speech! With added Bigot Control Action! **

I'm sorry but she's just out of his league.

Why is nobody mentioning that Obama's mama is caucasian?

I want Bill & Hillary to come out in support of Reverend Wright

Obama supporters - DO NOT POST ON "Obama needed to throw Wright under the bus..."

I've never seen a politician lead, until today.

Why I'm supporting Barack Obama for President

Has Hillary disowned her deadbeat brother?

"I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother "

Crossing Over to Hillary: a mom with two soldiers on the front.

Next thing ya know they'll claim Obama is Cheney's cousin or something.

Clinton announces release of documents....just now

I was push polled on Rev. Wright last night.

As a harsh critic of Wright's statements, Obama hit all the right notes IMO.

Change is difficult.

The line for which this speech will be remembered

Obama, what a truly amazing man

Conyers is talking to Ed Schultz about the speech--now. n/t

One side damns Rev. Wright, the other side disses Obama

For those with no particular axe to grind, do you agree that was one Hell of a speech?

HRC vs. Obama: it's good for both of them.

Quite a day for speeches... Hillary is currently giving a pretty striking speech also

Time for Obama to leave that Chicago church

What's the big deal about whether or not Obama uses a teleprompter?

MSNBC: National Archives will be releasing tomorrow Hillary Clinton's schedules as First Lady

Need links ASAP as to wether Obama wrote the speech himself.

CSPAN3 is playing Hillary's 2002 IWR speech right now

Obama wrote the speech

It sure is nice when your CANDIDATE is the strongest thing about your campaign.

Some worthwhile reactions to today's speech from blogs I read.


Hannity is to be congratulated?!?

Imagine Obama's inauguration speech...

Who HOO Heidi just got the big smackdown on CNN


I hope Hillary gets full coverage when she gives a speech agreeing with Obama

There have been several posts noting that Obama's numbers have slipped among whites . . .

Won't anyone think about the children? They must be shivering wrecks

MediaCurves Analysis of Obama Response to Wright

Things I'm guessing won't come up in Obama's speech on race tomorrow

How is the MSM reporting on Obama's speech?

do Hillary supporters question Barack's intelligence?

"Hating Your Country" is the Same Thing as "Loving Your Country" (And You Know It)

Those 3am phone calls into the White House... who's calling???

If THE speech was so inclusive, spanning everything, then why not one little word. Gay.

Time for Obama to leave that church

Deeds vs. Words....

I missed the speech, will watch it online, can anyone tell me what

Obama talks about healing our country. Hillary talks about the great gift the war is for the Iraqis.

What I get from Obamas speech .

VOMIT ALERT: Charles Murray (of "The Bell Curve" notoriety) LOVES Obama speech on race.

Limbaugh Reacts to Obama Speech (and sounds a little like some DUers, to boot!)

So, folks needed Barack Obama to explain issues of race to them? Is what he said new?

Hannity mocked Abner Louima who was sodomized with a broom stick, Hannity's opinion means naught.

Don't take the bait. Attack McCain.

My Candidate vs Your Candidate

Why is nobody mentioning that Obama's mama is caucasian?

Obama would rather lose the election than disown his pastor and this speaks a lot of good about him

Vote on on Obama's speech

I liked Obama's speech.

I apologize...............

CBN likes the Obama speech...

Obama needed to throw Wright under the bus, he didn't do that and he is now screwed

Obama's supporters are neutering the word "swiftboating"

Did Obama's speech inspire you to do any of the following?

Shocking Incendiary New Sermon!

Opinions on the "spin" so far?

The Only Big Problem with Obama's speech...

Obama's campaign says he didn't understand what "decriminalization" meant

The only thing I did not like about the speech

Bill, Hillary, Barack

David Duke? FU Buchanon!

I just read Obama's speech and have tears running down my face ...

"Not This Time" --- Best line of the speech and best idea in the speech

"Not This Time" --- Best line of the speech and best idea in the speech

"Not This Time" --- Best line of the speech and best idea in the speech

A good speech is not about flowery language--it's about saying what the other person WOULDN'T.

In a test of his candidacy, Obama makes sweeping speech on race

So, can we finally stop with this Obama isn't vetted bullshit?

For Obama, a Test of Leadership - WaPo

I confess. I'm Black and proud today. David Paterson yesterday, Obama today.

Randi is playing all of the speech on her show.

It would have been a worse mistake for Obama to throw Rev. Wright under the bus

I'm doing my best, says Hillary Clinton - polls predict cliffhanger

This nomination is actually like many previous choices

Just went over Obama' s speech again. No flames, please

O'Bama knocks it out of the park, around the moon and back again!!!

Of National Lies and Racial America

Clinton's National Director of Operations Leaves Campaign:

PA numbers ..Clinton up 11..Obama up 25

MSM who will replay Wright 'loop' first after Obama called them on it?

6,191,138 have watched this VIDEO

Freeper letters in my in box

*****Watch Obama's Speech On Race And Unifying Our Country*****

*****Watch Obama's Speech On Race And Unifying Our Country*****

The problem with Obama supporters

After today, I have no faith in Barack Obama

To remind us what Martin King's actual words.

To remind us what Martin King's actual words.

Did Hillary Clinton win Michigan fair and square?

Breaking the Racial Statemate

I think the average Edwards supporter would be impressed...

And in the midst of this, McCain get some press! Bad press.

Dirty Tricks? Unanswered Questions About Why Obama and 3 Others Dropped from the Michigan Ballot

I Am A Nominal Clinton Supporter And Defended Senator Obama Last Night

Current CaffertyFile question (3/18): Does Obama's race matter to you?

I'm calling it--John Edwards will endorse Clinton on Jay Leno Thursday.

Hear me out: Obama sounded GREAT to us BUT TO MANY AMERICANS....................

If Martin Luther King had been Obama's minister for 20 years,

I guess it would be considered censorship...

No new primary for Florida Democrats

Hillary "glad he gave" speech

Americans just saw...

Wright has been back burnered and will fizzle out. All news is now FL/MI and Division Speech

Come on Obama supporters!! Today is a great day to donate some $$ to the campaign.

We need to email msnbc to let them know

In all his words, what, if anything, has Sen. Obama said about investigating/prosecuting

For the good of the Democratic Party as whole. I am turning of *ALL* my ignores

Props to Barack from an Ardent Hillary Supporter

Is it insane to think that Lieberman would switch for a shot at being in McCain's cabinet?

Because of Obama speech.... I am going to a nice guy for now on

Whatever happened to Obama's principled stance to boycott Fox News?

Links to Obama's speech on race and his church:

Obama's Race Speech & Moments of Seeing the Other as Part of Us

Effect of the last week on Obama's campaign.

Clinton: "I am very glad that he gave it, it's an important topic"

Here's the video of today's Obama speech

The Democratic party's deepest internal battle:" Not one of gender

He made a believer out of me

Obama supporters - DO NOT POST ON "Obama needed to throw Wright under the bus..."

Christian Broadcasting Network (700 Club) lauds Obama speech

And tomorrow, Obama on Iraq. Thursday, Iraq's effect on the US economy.

Hillary's Spiritual Mentor Doug Coe Leads A Theocratic Power Cult. Why The FUCK Doesn't DU Vet THAT?

Can we at least agree on Penn/Wolfson '08?

I had issues with the area of his speech when he spoke of his memoir

Obama, while a great speaker, did not help himself.....

For those of you who listened to Obama's speech:

The Freeper response...

Obama Supporters: After that Brilliant Speech the Time to Donate is NOW!

News Radio and the Obama speech.

Obama is not presidential material

Familar with Obama's writing? Do you think he was the primary author of that speech?

Please rate Obama's "A more perfect union" speech - Terrible to Transformational

Talking head talk show hosts..

LIVE VOTE: Obama's Speech Successful? Is America Ready?

Dow Jumps 350+ on Obama Speech!

HOLY SHIT!!!!! Why Have I not seen this Peter Paul Video here?!

"Black and More Than Black": Obama's Daring and Unique Speech on Race

This isn't a controversy - It's a Full Scale Attack by the Media

are they re-airing Obama's speech tonight, and if so does anyone have details? thx.

Thanks to Obama's awesome speech, I'm back... with Lee L. Mercer Jr.!!1!!!

Jeb Bush: Florida Primary Fight "Ironic Beyond Belief" in light of the "2000 Count every Vote!"

Report: Michigan Re-Vote In Trouble...a day after Florida nixed a revote.

Well....this Obama supporter is an obamaniac once again

I am an Obama supporter and I feel GOOD

While the Dems are fighting each other........Clearwater post office loses 1100 absentee ballots

TIME: Obama's Bold Gamble on Race.

Roger Simon is a Dumbass...

To anyone implying that Obama knew about Wright's worst comments...

Why on earth do people respond to flame-bait threads? Let them die.

Just got home--what's the consensus on Obama's speech?

Michigan Primary now "all but dead".....

General Discussion: Primaries supporters

Throw in the towel Obama - Mac's new crack attack staff - MESS YOU UP!

Obama's Great Speech on Women and LGBT rights

Barack Obama: Transcript of 'A more perfect union', March 18, 2008

Break out the G-D bat and start raising for Obama - I mean it!

Do the people on this site really think they can win without the support of Hillary voters?

CNN has comments about the Obama speech - many are critical

Obama's Race Speech - Full Text and Video Here

David Gregory's new show- your thoughts?

In all his words, what, if anything, has Sen. Obama said about investigating/prosecuting

Michael Smerconish R/W radio host "I was happy to be in the room" RE: Obama speech GREAT candidate!

Please do not reply to negative posts....can I get a yeah!

ABC/CBS/NBC Evening News Open Thread

"we can come together and say, “Not this time.”

I am in a cult. This Kool-aid tastes good!

Why in Hell is the MSM making such a huge deal about WRIGHT but we hear nothing about HAGEE?

Hey Republicans... Keep voting for Clinton 'till your nightmares come true.

Honest questions for both sides...

"How can ANYONE not distance themselves from a preacher who blamed America for 9/11?"

Did you hear on Hardball, " a speech worthy of

Did you hear on Hardball, " a speech worthy of

Did you hear on Hardball, " a speech worthy of

Did you hear on Hardball, " a speech worthy of

Did you hear on Hardball, " a speech worthy of

I notice the entire Iraq war isn't a scandal

troll, freeper, cyberpiehole, asshole, Hillarybot, Obamabot

Clinton Foundation Received $500,000 From Wal-Mart

Blackwater: The Clinton's Real Water Problem (Not Whitewater!)

ABC/CBS/NBC Evening News Open Thread

AOL headline today

AOL headline today

AOL headline today

Wright has every right to speak the way he does. Obama has every

Obama's speech left tears in my eyes. I don't recall anyone confronting race relations

The better angels of our nature

Did Obama Resign From His Church? Did the Reverend?

Be Fair: Don't Expect Economic Miracles from Our Next President

What the Heck is wrong with the DNC.... Where is DEAN?

Which Broadcaster do people msot listen to or watch?

I made a mistake with my support of Obama.

A leader leads from in front, by the power of example. A ruler pushes from behind,

Someone posted the lyrics to "Cult of Personality" today...

What did Romney's hyped religion speech do for him?

Andrew Sullivan: The Testing of Obama

Andrew Sullivan: The Testing of Obama

Like many DU'ers, I was for Kucinich before I was for Edwards before I was for Obama

(Full Text) Speech of Senator Barack Obama - 3/18/08 (per huffington copy)

I think my Grandchildren and theirs will be studing Obama's speech .

"preacher who has depicted the United States as a racist society"

DU this poll on MSNBC about Obama's speech

How does the HRC campaign respond to the "A More Perfect Union?" especially her elected surrogates?

Quinn: "The Most Important Speech since MLK ' I Have a Dream Speech'

Quinn: "The Most Important Speech since MLK ' I Have a Dream Speech'

For those trying to bring down our likely nominee because of comments made by his pastor...

I think we are going to elect a statesman.

The Swiftboat Fetish and the Collapse of Democratic Politics

Obama's story about Ashley

C-Span replaying Obama speech at 7pm et, live call-ins afterwards, also at 10pm

Voter Test?

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Clinton Up 5 Beating McCain, Obama 2.

YOUR candidate is in full support of the drug war - don't blame Nader

Barack Obama: Implied Consent

I Canvassed A Targeted Group Of Independent Voters In PA Today & Found Two Kinds Of People...

This is why people fear African Americans

Obama supporters - DO NOT POST ON "Obama CULT thread(s)!..."

"The Speech" - By Andrew Sullivan

Obama poll

The Clinton plan is coming into sharper focus, win Penn big, Edwards endorsement, win Indiana, NC

Does anyone think "The Speech"

Tuesday Primary TOONS: Obama (mostly) edition

How many indivdual donors have now given to Obama's campaign?

Why Obama's speech could be a historic one...eventually

Barack Obama is a good man.

Which Broadcaster do people msot listen to or watch?

Arianna Huffington: On Clinton's Tax Returns

Rezko gavel-to-gavel: Star witness takes the stand

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Tuesday March-18-2008

Best Speech Of The 21st Century: Race, Relations, People, America, Me & You

Is it really true that the reason Hill and the gals are able to hang on

GO HILLARY GO! Obama will not stop our gal! She's going all the way!

Obama knows full well, the profile of the voters who would never ever vote for him. He

PA: Clinton 56, Obama 30. Obama at 20% with women, 23% with whites ; Clinton surging with blacks

Regardless if he wins or not... This speech will be taught & discussed in classrooms

Reverend Wright vs. Lani Guinier

A part of Hannity and Limbaugh must realize today what small men they are ...

Well done Clinton supporters...You just made Obama President!

My challenge to Obama supporters - let's follow our candidate's lead

Clinton widens leads over Obama in PA. 53-41

Open Letter From Members of the "Out of Iraq" Caucus (They endorse Sen. Clinton)

Here's Why I Liked Obama's Speech

Blame the white man for all the problems in the black community

the double standard of obama's supporters

Please pardon the interruption

Joe Scarborough is a COMPLETE MORON!

Obama "Exercise in affirmative action",hypocritical and devisive

Hillary Shot At in '96?

WOW!!! Sen. Obama playing us like a fiddle!!!!

heh. Obama kicks butt, Hill tries to steal the spotlight with doc release

Stop saying Obama denied hearing controversial remarks in church. He didn't:

America Embarassed on the World Stage

Fellow Clinton Supporters, With Florida Not Re-Voting...What's The Path To Victory?

Do you think Obama could sell a freezer to an Eskimo?

Hillary needs to make a speech on sex relations is America

Kos Diary: Obama's Life Prepared Him for Just This Moment

CBS Poll: Pastor's Remarks Hurt Obama

It was a fine speech... one of the most remarkable in presidential campaign history

I just finished watching Obama's incredible speech.

I'm here because of Hillary

Drudge si, Newsmax no

Drudge si, Newsmax no

Obama should drop out - Mac's new staffers are hardcore! MESS YOU UP

An Ode to Clinton Supporters and Thoughts on Fence Sitting

Do you really think anything is different all of a sudden becasue he gave another speech?

Talk about missing the point! Rush and Hannity - Invincible Ignorance

Obama's big speech: Prepare to be raptured

Hillary's campaign blames Obama for FL and MI problems...Harold Ickes

Obama's dramatic Lack of now Dragging US into a Race War!

Which Obama do I vote for?

I think there is only one way out of this Wright issue for Obama when he makes his speech

I hope Hillary gets full coverage when she gives a speech about Obama's sexism

The view from Mormon, conservative Utah on Obama's speech.

OMFG. Tweety has Ken Blackwell on tonight as a guest.

I know this is hard for DU

HA!! TX Dem Party calls HRC "an impediment"

ok everyone, no matter whom you support...

does Obama's supporters response to 'the speech' seem over the top to anyone else?

Top Hillary Supporter Ed Rendell Hit Up George Soros For Money To Fund New Michigan Primary

Leadership: or, Obama threw the deck, and all the cards in it, away

Do you believe Obama's speech was as important as the talking heads say it was?

Obama condems Imus but holds Wright up

Breaking the Racial (American) Stalemate

Curious: Why do you think Pelosi is trying to kill off any possibility of a unity ticket?

This is a fucking outrage. The media needs to cover McCain's gaffe in Jordan today

heres hillarys black church voice

You have to understand where Hillary supporters are coming from

Obama's economic plan has a faint odor to it.

John Edwards appearing on Jay Leno Thursday March 20th

Why the speech was remarkable

By linking Wright with his grandmother, Barack showed the incredible depth of his soul

"Damn You Barack Obama You Pretty Mothafucka"

John Nichols: Obama didn't do the politically "smart" thing....He did the right thing.

HOMERUN!!!!! What a wonderful, inspiring speech!

A Bright, Shining Moment

Obama set to deliver speech on race, Wright (he will turn this into a positive)

Obama's Speech - A Must Read

Grrreeat News, DU!! It's God *Bless* America after all!

Didnt Obama Lie about never in 20 yrs hearing controversial remarks from Wright.

Quinnippiac PA poll: C-53, O-41

March 18, 2008.... the day we will remember as the day "President" Obama became a reality....


Grade Obama's speech on race & the moment when we see the other as us

Why won't ONE Hillary supporter take on the "experience" question ??

Obama ADMITS He Kept Attending The Church After Being AWARE Of Wright's Comments

I stumped my toe last night and it's all Hillary's fault.

David Kusnet, Former Bill Clinton Speechwriter, Reviews Obama's Speech

Fox News continues to play Obama/pastor story over and over and over...


Professor Alan Wolfe Reviews Obama's Speech

MSNBC just now: The most important speech on race since Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech.

If Obama is Going to Lose behind this Bullshit, This is the Way

I was wrong: Barack Obama is the man for our time

Obama will win. its over. going to turn off my ignores and enjoy the tears and screams from HC camp

Want to know why Hillary people are reacting so adversely to the Obama speech?

Can Bill just get caught getting another blow job and end this thing already?

Republicans: Only Our Pastors Are Allowed To Say Crazy Shit

Finally Saw The Full Speech. I Am Flat Broke But I'm Donating to Obama Right Now!!!

You have to give Hillary credit

Obama to give major speech on Iraq, national security in Fayetteville, NC March 19

One of the most pro-gay pastors within the black church has been turned into a bigot

I'm off the fence...Obama won me over today

Obama Proves Himself Through Trial By Fire

Obama Proves Himself Through Trial By Fire


Bill Schneider on Obama's speech:

the message

Obama didn't write the speech, and he uses a Teleprompter

Poll: After Hearing or Reading Obama's Speech:

How I Chose between Barack and Hillary (after tossing them both under the bus so long ago)

Hillary can win!!!!

Now that the Wright thing is put to bed we have one more hurdle, Edwards

"He just answered the 3 A.M. phone call"

Why not Seat Florida and Michigan as Uncommitted Slates?

McCain has corruption/sex scandal ..gets squashed..John Hagee

A question for Obama supporters... What is the one thing you dislike the most about Barack Obama?

Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama: 2 kinds of Black leaders, 'Challenger' and 'Bargainer'

Kucinich to Edwards to Obama - my journey

Obama's Speech This Morning Is One That Every True Democrat Should Be Applauding.

Continue the Evecitement for Barack Obama!!!

McCain: Sunni? Shia? Doesn't seem to know to know the difference! Lieberman has to correct him!

OUTRAGEOUS! Obama sexism runs rampant in big speech!

San Diego Union Tribune: It's Over. Obama's the Nominee.

If Hillary's opponent really cared about racial conciliation............

Hope and glory and moonbeams and yes, fairy tales.

Barack Obama wrote every word of that amazing speech

WOW, JUST WOW! He's knocking one out of the park by telling PURE TRUTH we haven't heard ever

Amends thread for Jeremiah Wright's more passionate advocates

I find myself realizing that Barack Obama is the future for America

A serious question that has bothered me for awhile

I support Hillary. I will support Barack in the GE no matter what. I am a Democrat.

Are You Listening, Hillary?

THE MATH – Monday Night, March 17

Once the Muslim Smear Against Obama was Discredited, the Attacks on his Christian Church Began.

Would God "Damn" America?

Would God "Damn" America?

Can we Stop All The Trashing of Democrats

Another Clintonista jumps ship

Obama Race Speech Reaction.."speech unlike any delivered "

We bombed their country, hung their leader, put his sons' bodies on public display....

If the IWR was an attempt to "prevent the war", why did these Republicans vote for it?

The Rude Pundit: Barack Obama's Big Race Speech

Why have these deaths not received more coverage

Our colonial asprations in the Balkans: The next war?

DU this poll: Will Obama's relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright be a lingering issue for him?

New Yorker: Abu Ghraib abuses were 'de facto US policy'

Yeah, but....Wright wasn't Wrong.

A post on Politico - what many here already knew

Here we go again...(tornado watches/warnings)

What did Obama's Pastor say that isn't correct?

Another excellent reason to own a Hybrid vehicle...

American Axle Strike: Day 20...S&P creditwatch addition

Jimmy Carter : Worst President Ever!

First Nikkei Numbers...UP +0.67%

Has anyone seen this new Remax commercial?

This White House is MINE

I Accidentally Clicked On Drudge - Headline Says " Major Political Bombshell: Developing......

'Super delegate' win would be unfair, voters say

On Entertainment Tonight.........The woman who brought down Spitzer

Kuwaiti parliament dissolved after resignations

Mods, pls delete .... posting bug

Bush on Economy: "Administration is on top of the situation"

On MSNBC Pat Buchanan denies that Rev. Wright is a Christian . . .

I prefer to think of him as ........

The war started on my 25th birthday. I turn 30 today.

In Tikrit, Saddam's memory lives on in watches

Jpn Yen 97 to a dollar...used to be 115 only a few weeks ago..and 135 7 years ago

It's a wrap - San Franciscans go back in time once more for 'Milk' (Sean Penn stars as Harvey Milk)

This could happen in America (Egypt bread shortages cause riots )

"I Cant Stand This Indecision, Married With A lack Of Vision, Everybody Wants To Rule The World..."

Yeah TDS

North Chico Wal-Mart plans dropped

Because he was a part of me

Oh and you GLBT people, you will get that great speech some other time,

"Currency supply, free market reinvigorments"

"moral hazard" - what's to stop other crappy investment firms, or any bank, from taking unreasonable

Did anyone catch Olbermann's last story of the night? "The Falafel King"

My Grandmother told me....

Gov. Paterson admits to affair

CNBC Special: "Is your money safe?" 8pm ET

Bear Stearns sale bodes more ill for NYC economy

84 Nations On Board To Ban Cluster Bombs, But Not US

I think we should be able to remove GDP from our custom forums

Is there a doomsday forum? Everytime I talk with several younger

Do you folks understand now why Hillary should not throw in the towel?

Jane Smiley: It's the Economists, Stupid!

I was born to a white hat.....

ACLU Of Oregon Urges Appeals Court To Reject Patriot Act Search And Surveillance Provisions

Who is this James David Manning and why are we posting videos of him?

It's the Economy, Stupid -- Free Coupons

are we consciously accepting that our Congress will be incompetent

Sub-prime collapse 'beyond the US Federal Reserve'

If O'bama is influenced by his preacher....

Why choose?

I was choking on a sandwich while we bombed Iraq

FDR versus Hitler?

My Friend Red called me about this story. Happened on Rooney Street Ft Stockton Tx:


Maybe I'm a Republican

Whatever Happened To:

Ken Lay's widow is being sued for not paying her condo dues!

**** 3990 ****


so good to hear we are "winning" the "war" !

McClatchy: Iraq war has transformed tech-savvy U.S. military

General Wiliam Odom Says Impeach and Stop the Funding

things happen fast around here

Joe Scarborough snake-oil salesman, LIAR, distorter

India bans export of edible oils.

(TOON) Steve Bell on the financial crisis

Is MSNBC giving up the eternal reruns of the private/industrial prison complex crap?

prepare for the next attack from the right

A Generalized Run on the Shadow Financial System

are the votes being counted

Tomorrow's BREAKING political scandal - David Paterson Admits To Past Infidelity

'Dead Janitor' taken to new level

Tent cities spring up in LA

We get a little old stimulus package while

I love Obama's pastor - anyone that doesn't, has an agenda

The Rude Pundit: President Bush Tells Us All to Smoke the Joint

2-Headed Snakes As Common As Dogs

Five years. Five FUCKING YEARS, people. Five years of war and death, and slaughter of

John Murtha (D-Military Industrial Complex) endorses Clinton

John Murtha (D-Military Industrial Complex) endorses Clinton

Time for every republican elected official and their spouses to come clean..

Celebrating an early halloween on wall street

NY's new Governor, David Paterson, has been for "marriage equality" since the early 1990's.

C-Span Will Air The Oral Arguments In The DC Right To Bear Arms Case At 11:30

Christians' Sadistic Doctrines Supporting Torture

what happened to Charlie Rose ? has huge black eye

On Tibet Frontlines, Protestors 'Shot Like Dogs'

Let's say something more about Paterson comes out and people are trying to force him and put the new

John McCain’s War Cabinet

'State secrets' privilege fuels surveillance bill battle

MarketWatch: Ken Langone claims on CNBC to have knowledge Spitzer bought mail orders for hooker

Let's turn Social Security over to Bear Stearns!

What happened three years ago today? Only 3 years ago?

3 yrs ago the Repugs wanted to put Social Security under Wall Street

Cheney in Baghdad Claims Iraq Security Is "Phenomenal" as Bombing Kills 52 People

Pig Intestines, Downer Cows

A method to reduce gas prices by We The Consumers????

Figure out your economic stimulous package

Just desserts...

Humans are Having SEXXX!!! GASP!!!

Jim McGreevey Admits To Having Three-Ways With Chauffeur And Wife

Sunnis boycott Iraq reconciliation event

Veterans Administration Blocks Efforts To Help Soldiers Register to Vote

It's still the biggest elephant in the national living room

Dear media, about David and Michelle Patterson ....... mind your own fucking business

Walter Pincus of the Post: Our Neutered Newsrooms are a Poor Example to the Rest of the World

Bob Franken: Recession Depression

The Pet Food Recall: One Year Later, Has Anything Changed?

To John McCain, success is a hundred years in Iraq - Today’s Headlines 3/18/08

DU jazzers, take note: Creativity Jazzes Your Brain

Wow... I just saw a clip that got me so agitated (with John Kerry)

Henry, You're Doing a Heckuva Job

Ezra Klein: And The Economy Goes Splat

Charlie Rose suffers black eye in saving MacBook Air

TODAY IS THE DAY that I will not respond to negative headlined threads and elevate them.

U.S. Economy: Housing Starts, Permits Decline as Slump Deepens

Take Back America: Towards Health Care For All

O.K....Ohhhhhhh-kay...Time to dismantle the mega-corporations!

The Curious Myth of Hillary Clinton's Senate Effectiveness

You need to read Baracks speech that he made today

A Hillary Supporter Thinks Obama's Speech was Excellent!

Great speech, but Actions speak louder then words.

Great speech, but Actions speak louder then words.

Hillary Clinton Glad Obama Gave Speech

Obama's speech - where and when will the video be posted? n/t

I've never seen a politician lead, until today.

Obama on Cover of Time & Newsweek?

Caption the CEO of the USA

Oops - CNBC's Cramer Said 'Don't Move' From Bear a Week Before Collapse

I am sorry I made a post in the wrong forum.

The press still doesn't know how to cover Obama

Democracy In Decline?

I remember listening to John Kennedy when he was running in the 1960 election...

Repost: Lieberman Leaving Human Race

The failure is complete. A catastrophic “war of choice” in Iraq. Economic recession at home.

Who will remain on DU when our glorious Lord and Saviour DUsus returns?

It's tough and tiresome to be a Democrat. And I'm very tired.

"Care Packages" ... Small joys during an election season.

Heads Up: Take Back America - Progressive Agenda 12:30 p.m. EDT CSPAN2

Good headline: "Cheney cites 'phenomenal' Iraqi security progress as bombing kills 40"

self delete wrong forum

Handy Guide to Excuse #234 why the Clintons are scared to release tax returns

Bill Frist builds his own border fence

Winter Soldier CONT’D: US Vets, Active-Duty Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan Testify...

Obama showed today how to effectively sink a swiftboat....

Executives Teach Inmates How to Be Employees

Is It a Recession? Or a Depression? Shocking New Gallup Poll…

Peace Vigil in Your Neighborhood

Mortgage Servicing Fraud

Altus, Okla. : do not eat fish from city reservoir

Is Petraeus Wrong? Ask McCain and Cheney

HRClinton First Lady Records To Be Released Tomorrow

So are all politicians confessing their sexual sins this week?

Anyone Here Familiar With Islam?

Where should I donate Economic Stimulus Payment $$$?

Bush's Final Words - January 2009

Let's get ONE thing straight...I don't like obama

Wanna take down Venezuela and fight for Big Oil? There's a videogame just for you

China blocks YouTube, reporters over Tibet news

Anti-War Funeral March to the federal building in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Watch it:

How come Cheney went to Iraq instead of Bush? nt

Critics say Bush is out of touch on the economy

CSPAN3 is playing 2002 IWR Senate Floor speeches

Take Back America Conference/Campaign for America's Future - this week in DC

Bush on Tour in Florida Tuesday.....raising (Mc)Cain!!!!!!

LOL 'Your Presidency is even worse than *I* remember it'

Donna Edwards, the progressive who unseated pro-war DINO Al Wynn, 3:17 p.m. CSPAN2

Delta Air to Shrink Capacity 10%, Cut 2,000 Jobs, Bastian Says

Cheney: "You and I know what it means to be free"

Bremer: Iraq War Architects Are ‘Running Away From Their Building’

Bear Stearns employees owned over 30% of stock

NY Times: Rescue Tests the Credibility of the Fed

Here's when you can expect stimulus rebate

Ok, maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm not but wouldn't this housing downturn only make a modest home

The tough talking maverick

What Is McCain's Economic Agenda?

Lieberman and Brownback's 'Ten Commandments' Weekend' Bill Heads to Committee

McCain Gaffe in Jordan - Says al-Qaeda being trained in Iran - Holy Joe steps in to save the day...

This man is golden... If this country rejects the opportunity for his leadership

I-95 shut down for emergency repairs

McCain Conflates Shiite Iran And Sunni Al Qaeda, Needs To Be Corrected By Lieberman

Why the Fed's rate cuts won't help you

The Price of Smugness

The Bubble Economy: Where we are & how we got here...

BILL CLINTON ON RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW 3/4/08 (for the deniers, a screenshot)

MotherJones: GOP Hatchet Man "Predicted" Spitzer's Downfall (Roger Stone)

TEDTalk Tuesday: A Stroke From the Inside Out

Woah...climbing earthworms!

The Pelosi Number ----Today the Pelosi number is 223

Caption Holy Joe and McInane

An Empire of Debt -- Collapsing Under Its Own Weight

Tom Hayden: Pressuring the Democrats on Peace: A Commentary on the Fifth Anniversary of the War

Spending on the war in Iraq is a job killer. Ending the war would be the real stimulus package.

Toon from Bartcop captures the essence of the Dem problem

Admitting Sexual Abuse, City Councilman Resigns

If the value of my home drops like everyone else's do my property taxes drop too?

Fed Cuts Key Interest Rate by 0.75%

A free and democratic government that loses its 'moral compass' cannot survive...

So when will there be at least talk of a "windfall profits tax" on Bush's

ROFL - bush's hotmail inbox...

Anybody taking the IRS standard deduction?

"Rules of a good political blog post" (from "Dime a Dozen" blog)

Who's On First for the Next Generation

Uh Oh! The Horror.....What Cabinet Position is LIEberman Angling For re: Mc Cain ???

A song dedication to Bu$h, Cheney and co.

Hey East Texans - how's the weather?

Ridiculous Fed...simply ridiculous

WARNING: Answering DU polls can be dangerous to your health

Where were you when Obama gave the Race Speech?

Cheney: The Longer We’re In Iraq, The ‘Better’ Iraqis Feel About America

"Thinking Aloud"

Tweety calls on Abe LINCOLN, "he grabbed me"

Steven Weber: Loyal to the Corps

Director Anthony Minghella died - he was only 54

Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan

More regarding McCain's "Iran training al Qaeda" Gaffe

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh my, If the CNN poll on Iraq and the candidates is accurate...

American Petroleum Institute To Grant Congress Permission to Stop Funding Iraq War and Occupation

American Axle Strike-Day 21---Please Read This...I Beg of You

Arthur C. Clarke has died.

Judge Rips Heather Mills, Praises Paul in Divorce Ruling

Independent UK: The financial crisis: How bad is it?

White House given 3 days to comply with e-mail inquiry.

If you had to sell your present home within 30 days for what you owe against it, could you?

War in Iraq is a humanitarian dissaster, protest tomorrow

Tuesday TOON Updates part 2: The price of Smugness

Caption this pic (It seems somehow relevant to these times...)

The Age of Criminalizing Children

Has Arthur C. Clarke died?

Coleen Rowley: Twin Cities Peace Marchers Say Five Years Too Long of Iraq War's Pain and Suffering

Woman Receives Military Honors for Tour in Afghanistan

Do you expect your life to be better or worse five years from now?

The world according to Americans...

Summer camp for disabled aggravation:

The timeless brilliance of Howard Zinn:

24/7 News has become overkill.

McCain "al-Qaeda is going back into Iran and receiving training"

Cenk Uygur: What Happened to the Bootstraps?

Sequoia's threats stops independent examination of faulty machines.

Since Iraq War, I can no longer read certain types of books, columns, authors...

When the media publishes a poll like X percent of Americans think something. Why do they never

A serendipitous find

Markets, Systemic Risk, and the Subprime Mortgage Meltdown

British artist living in Turkey wants you to think! (paintings of Sibel Edmonds, 9/11, etc.)

Did you ever tell your church leader they were off base?

More Advice On How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis

Heads Monsanto Wins, Tails We Lose; The Genetically Modified Food Gamble

Economic stimulus checks

Baltimore Tells Md. Lawmakers To Pass Gay Marriage Bill

Please DU this poll

Caption the * family

Tuesday TOON Updates part 1

Cheney: The Longer We’re In Iraq, The ‘Better’ Iraqis Feel About America»

How much did this cost us?

Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger

Arthur C Clake died today.

The Official Say Something Good About Bush Thread

Health Care Reform and Retirement Security: A Fight We Can Win

OK, history diggers--here's today's question:

Eliot Spitzer in WP, Feb 25: "Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime" (Bush Adm)-->forced out March 10

I want the names of Karl Rove's "Democrat" friends...

I believe that the economic crisis would have been lessened by IMPEACHMENT

Bedbug Infestation at Fox News (the insect variety, not human)

Lou Dobbs thinks florida/michigan should count

Tweety: The best speech ever on race in this country

White House given 3 days to comply with e-mail inquiry.»

Sen. Levin continues ugly ''blame the Iraqis'' meme like landlord berating wife of alcoholic

Kennedy: "The Second Amendment gives a general right to bear arms"

Who teaches Roman history best: Yale or Osama bin laden's madras?

Lynndie England: "Rumsfeld knew" about Abu Ghraib - worse pictures were shown at trial

If you're not going to vote for our nominee if it's Clinton, or not if it's Obama, check in here.

Apologies to anyone offended

Rep John Yarmuth (D-Ky) in hot water over his Article 1 button.

Anti-War Grannies Arrested Trying to Enlist

A poll about valid US passports and travel outside of the USA

Krugman Warns Of "Covert Bailout-Snuck Past Voters-Bail Out Investors-DO NOTHING For Homeowners"

This is a God Dam OUTRAGE - How Can Associated Press Do This?

Look who's talking at Obama's church!

Supreme Court Hears Second Amendment Case As Cheney Opposes His Own Administration on the Question

Can someone tell me why the President decided to land at Rush Hour?

Hillary I love you but.....after watching Obamas speech...

Bob Fertik: "How Many Child Prostitutes Is Bush Responsible for?"

Every State & County Needs A Watchdog Group Like This

Why do people continue to ignore the rules and post in the wrong forum?

Does anybody know which American president had the smallest head?

Delta to offer severance payouts to 30,000 employees: Company says goal is to cut 2,000 jobs

Blowing Them Away Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry: Globalization Bush-style

How President Bill Clinton addressed the issue of race

email from John Laesch - conceding the primary to Foster

Dow is Up 246... everything is Fixed... no worries

question for DU auto mechanics

Why is Ken Blackwell on Matthews

I've been such a fool. Now I am so over Clinton.

Winter Soldier 2008: From a Marine Mom's Eyewitness account of the Testimony

"Did God make publicans by accident"

VERY IMPORTANT! A possibly innocent man might be put to death in Georgia

Dow rises 400+ points while Delta axes 30,000 workers...

Fighting about Fuck

At last, I fully understand The Sneetches

How to End the Economic Crisis: Would This Work?

Dean Baker: NPR's Denial of the Housing Bubble

David McCullough will be on the Charlie Rose show tonight.

How Many Generations Will it Take?

The race issue in America is about money.. Everything's about money.

Fed rate cut today of 1% (or more) will NOT help Americans

Open note to Clinton's internet leader pushing Wright to paint Obama as an Angry Black Man:

New "snus" taking on smoking ban.

Press Release from the Dalai Lama, 3/18

I'm sorry, but your earache is a pre-existing condition.

Lynndie England Blames Media for Photos

Caption *

A few words from Joe Bageant on the middle class and the poor

Did you all get your letter from the IRS yet about Glorious Leaders "stimulus payment notice"?

If only the Japanese had called it "harsh interrogation", nobody would have been hanged

"Bush Earned Impeachment 5 Years Ago Today"

I'm debating about whether or not to bring this up

Faux Snooze Has The Cooties

What do you all think of school drug raids?

Will any in the media pick up on McCain's huge national security gaffe today?

Anti-Gay Lawmaker Predicts a Violent Backlash Against Gays Seeking Civil Rights

What would you think of a Communication Forum on DU?

I really lost it today with a Republican

Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door.

If Rev Martin Luther King was alive would MSM be vilifying him today

"I lied about not knowing what Wright said, I thought it would be political suicide if I admit there

In "Big Speech" Obama refuses to disown Pastor "God Damn America" Wright.

Senator Obama is done: Should suspend his campaign now and may even lose his senate seat in 2010

I can't wait for the dirt on Bush's preacher. Oh, I forgot. He doesn't go to church.

Help for a Iraq vet with PTSD?

Conyers: 'If Bush Goes to Iran, He Should Be Impeached'

It Was Pleasing To Hear The 2nd Amendment Case Before the Court Today

There's a Valid Legal Arguement to STOP THE BUSH LIBRARY

I see that DU is using Google for a search engine. Have we determined that

How can we be SURE Hannity is lying about "20 yrs" of steady Wright extremism? SIMPLE:

15 Y/O Canadian Guantanamo Captive: Interrogators Threatened Him with Rape

I live in NYS, make $12.32 per hour and OWE over $500.oo in taxes

I live in NYS, make $12.32 per hour and OWE over $500.oo in taxes

I live in NYS, make $12.32 per hour and OWE over $500.oo in taxes

Where do we go if it's McCain (winning the presidency)?

Why would anyone...I mean anyone listen to a fat millionaire?

Lieberman feeds McCain correction for factual error during ME tour news conference.

Arthur C Clarke has died

Gore Vs. Edwards

The part of the speech that I find most disturbing (only by comparison) for several reasons:

Oh, It's On: Dan Rather's Lawsuit Heading To Discovery

Vote Company Strong-Arm Succeeds in NJ

Calculate your tax "rebate" amount, here;

Marta got her grade, it is official. Today she is a college graduate

We've still got a Valentine's Day balloon afloat

G.Greenwald: Time magazine invents facts to claim that Americans support *'s domestic spying abuses

Argggg! The battery on the van has been dead for the last four weeks.

i am again causing trouble in GD-P against a familiar nemesis

The Milgram Experiment-depravity, peer pressure, and the power of authority

I know this is wrong

A nice Irish tune for St. Patty's Day

Great Big Sea - Mary Mac


Anyone else here ever see the Pogues in concert?

Is it shallow of me to want to date kids?

Anybody know anything about this Ipod virus?

check in if you drive a subaru or volvo

Penn Gillette On Dancing w/the Stars

Well, I finally got dragged into Second Life

This was the worst Spring Break in a long, sad history of bad Spring Breaks.

Damn, if only I had a period then I could help all those African Girls

So we finally get our shower door replaced.

Charles Nelson Reilly/Brett Somers Appreciation Thread

Kobe throws towel in lady's face.

Looking for a thread about a Moon-Walking Bear.

"No Forum For Old Men" was terrible!! Anyone else agree?

The docs said I was worse than I feared

Dems seize on McCain's Iran gaffe

That's it -- it's over...we have no chance. The freepers on my veterans

Naked Man Allegedly Goes on Rampage

So California Peggy says DU Lounge is the heartbeat of the Democratic Underground..

Have high dairy prices caused you to cut back on dairy goods?

Adding injury to, well, injury, I've just realized...

I heard the red wing blackbird today! The males come up North about a week

Pay attention to the Market Rally folks BECAUSE it will not hold...

In memory of carte blanche

Hey, Colbert Fans!

Is Hayley Mills a gold digger?

On a scale from 1-10 how offensive would this be?

Life is so dismal sometimes...

I have a craving for fried ravioli.

Did Rev-Acts do anything pevvy today or did I miss it?

I'm off to have some pharmaceutically altered dreams.

How come my cats will come in the "cat" door but,

Are Cream Cheese jalapeno poppers healthy?

Want to see some awesome art?

Get the popcorn ready

W00t! 'Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film'

Skittles must have been one of the experts that the writer of this book talked with!

Guys - my mind just totally got blown! Have you seen this "My Stroke of Insight"?

A sincere apology to the Lounge and the DU in general...

The new Target commercial irritates the crap out of me!

I guess I'm a good influence!

I'm watching Iron Maiden's Rock In Rio DVD. you kids LIKE the rock and the roll?

Just before I hit the sack, an AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH poll!

OMG Turtlensue is posting kitty porn!!!!

Let's pause for a moment, and be grateful for toilet paper.

I can't help myself. A new LOLCAT from my own brood. needs a new editor

I need to send out a very big thank you to my fellow Loungers

OMFG! This is HUGH! 11-post DUer blows the LID off of SNL scandal over in GD-P! I'm SERIES1111

To thank kind person who gave me information on where to find low

If you have been wanting to buy a cornflake that looks like Illinois your wait is OVER!

If you have been wanting to buy a cornflake that looks like Illinois your wait is OVER!

Good Housekeeping is making fraudulent claims with their "Celeb Dishes"?

Is it redundant to eat grapes while

You might be a Redneck if.......

I seem to have descended into an obsession with ancient Greece

Just WHAT happens when you hit the "fire" button at the gas pumps?

AAWW JEEZZ... UR AAWW,,, Oh my head.. Please be quiet,.. use your indoor voice...

Lynnesin and Tyler Durden are dead to me

So All Of Heather Mills' Charges Against Sir Paul Were Bogus

What is the deal with Is this just a weird coincidence?

"Manufacturing Dissent" on Sundance, doc about Michael Moore is on now.

31 views, and not one taker

EVERYONE does it!!!

It's getting ugly out there . . .

So is that new thin Mac really any better....

What exactly qualifies as a nekkid rampage?

Why is everyone in GDP so upset about this Wright dude?

So the Docs say......

My 3-word GDP post has 9 recs at last count

OK, which one did you prefer? Cathy or Patty?

How would one go about training sheep while being at a wake?

Got Mommie Dearest for $5 at the store. Lots o laughs!

according to Turbo Tax....







Should there be more polls in the Lounge?

Pelosi challenger promises Bush impeachment


Total shot in the dark here re: diecast cars


Urgent Question, need knowledgeable honest answer about rehab of elderly


zOMG, all these years I have been here and

Well, I survived dinner out with my family.

i think in these troubled times, we, as americans, should always remember

Look at the top story headline in my hometown newspaper!

My co-worker just walked up and saw DU open on my screen. He said,

MODS are not doing their job in weeding out Freepers!!! There, I said it!

Man files suit, claims lap dance injury


Tesla Motors officially went into production yesterday!!!

Let me just say one thing...

Willie Horton Ad Being Used In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Deja vu

I am more concerned about where this economy is headed


MODS are not doing their job in weeding out kudzu!!! There, I said it!

"Alice's Restaurant" just came on

Bunch of you can't handle the truth.

Bunch of you can't handle it so you report the thread and have it closed down



NOBODY POST UNTIL 6 minutes after the hour!

Bunch of you need to get over the Delaware Toll Booth thingie

Bunch of you need to remind Billyskank to buy bread.

Is there a more scientific way of saying "set in your ways?"

Bunch of you need to STFU about the toll booths.

Bunch of you need to get over January 24th, 2009,..

If you could be self-employed what would you do for a living?

Bunch of you need to go on a nekkid rampage.

So did you guys know i was a stripper?

Don't go out there. It's a wee bit moist in Dallas this morning.

Bunch of you are Obama KOOL-AID Zombies.

Bunch of you need to complain about the mods' lack of attention to kudzu

So did you guys know I was a skipper?

Bunch of you need to try mineral makeup


Bunch of you need to get over yourselves

Why don't we attack Canada?

Bunch of you hates copycats almost as much as DS1.

Don't go there, Temeah. Don't copycat Prisoner_number_six

In this thread, we identify the origins of "Weird Al" Yankovic's STYLISTIC parodies.

Bunch of you knew lionesspriyanka was a stripper.

LOST-'Michael' answers 3 questions Yes, maybe, no idea

Director Anthony Minghella dies

Just wondering: Could we have a "Deleted Posts" archive?

Strippers in action (PICS)

Bunch of you is making me hungry for pizza.

Bunch of you are making me procrastinate.

Bunch of you Appreciation Thread!

Weird but fun websites/videos for today, including Butt Art

Bunch of you would like to welcome LostinVA to DU.

Bunch of you are NOT strippers.

You think GD:P is bad? Try the message boards at

I just hid bunch of you and the board disappeared.

Good Lord!

Lars and the Real Gull

What the hell did I miss?

You village idiots need to get over that 10,000 post thingie!!

Isn't it funny how you don't just have one anniversary to remember?

It's official! LostinVA has enough posts that I am willing to respond to her. My limit was 35,699.

Any of you ever had anyone investigated? An S-O, neighbor, boss, employee?

Bunch of you will NOT eat the Kimchi.

graffiti artists take on the king of beers...

Does anyone have the link to LynneSin's NCAA Tournament Pool thingie?

"Got To Get You Outta My Life!!"

I need to get my ducks in a row.

Bunch of you need to get your ducks in a row.

Bunch of you need to kick the bunch of you copycats to anny DS1

I had the lunch buffet at my favorite Indian restaurant today.

Fun with GD (Not P)

How much $ would a DU Nekkid Rampage Fun Run Raise?

Bunch of you need to get over the Brazillion joke

To DuStrange, with love:

Oh HEyHEY...Guess what I'm eating...

Why aren't YOU reading BlueIris's poetry breaks?

I finally found blackcurrant jam!

I went to a Mongolian Barbecue place yesterday.

Safari 3.1 released - I gotta say, I like it!

I had lunch special at my favorite Italian restaurant today in Maryland.

For those over 40: Have you used mineral makeup?

I can haz doom?

I hate to be a buzzkill but the only thing worse than being tasered is being tasered naked

My Tuition $$$ at work...

Monty Python Quiz Part Deux — the Not-Quite-So-Difficult as the Last One

Bunch of you are village idiots

"redouble efforts"

OK folks a little message on messing with DS1...

Bunch of you are idiot villages

Hrm... the Director of "The English Patient' died...

Take the quiz: How much are you worth in bed?

Dammit! Lionesspriyanka was stripping today and I missed it

Businessman sues over lapdance gone wrong (Be careful. You'll poke your eye out!)

You will have not lived a complete life until you've clicked here:

Bunch of you thinks Rabrrrrrr has too many damn r's in his name.

Book most frequently gotten rid of at used book stores?

Post a rumor about DU'er that confuses them with another DU'er

I passed 10,000 posts today I just realized!

Smack that ass

Bunch of you thinks "youthere" needs to stop posting "bunch of you" threads!

OK folks a little massage in passing with DS1...

Bunch of you thinks we need more Brazillion jokes.

Should there be more Polish jokes in the Lounge?


Some of us actually HAVE spent the entire day stripping!




Today I learned that Arby's will make a veggie sandwich,

zOMG!!!!ELEVENS!! You will not believe this! Most incredible version of "Hey Jude" EVAH!



Polish joke: What do you call a Pole flying a plane?

Study links popcorn flavoring to lung disease



Its illegal but legal now to feed the ducks at the park......

What are you snacking on right now?

Stripers Gone Wild!11!

Can someone help me with an NCAA bracket???

I need a pep talk. I've had to pick myself up and keep going for so long

Basketball fans, please critique my bracket!

Marriage, Babies, _______

Should there be more poles in the Lounge?


NCAA Tournament guide for basketball dummies


Lions and snakes at the supreme court.

UVa law student speaks for 'silent majority'

DUstrange should not be allowed to board airplanes

Serenity Now! I've got eight, no, nine idiotic one-word copycat threads hidden

I have done enough damage; I leave you The Comforter:

Happy St. Patty's Day. I need some advice.


Serenity now! I've got the movie and the TV series on DVD.


Damn it! I leave for a couple of hours


Tonight, I'm having a Yeti


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/18/2008)

Joey...Do you like movies about gladiators?

"New Wave Sissy Boy 80's Hits You Were Afraid to Admit You Liked in High School" playlist

It's been awhile...My newest poem:

Bedbugs at Fox News

Tonight, I'm having a Yeti

Big Rascal Flatts Fan

What the hell is wrong with the people on GP?

Bunch of you thinks madinmaryland secretly LOVES the bunch of you threads.

Question: Does using plain water and paper towels to wipe down gym equipment

Bunch of you think that madinmaryland likes beating his dead horse a bit too much

Bunch of you thinks that youthere needs to be reset.'s Mar. 18th, 2 days from Spring and it's 30 fucking degree's!!

Bunch of you have forgotten: temeah is Jesus.

Bunches of us think turtlensue needs to do nekkid yoda live!


A true geek tombstone

Earn five million the easy way

Woah...climbing earthworms!

The only proper response to China's Oppression: Boycott the Olympics

It's snowing.


I feel for the good Obama supporters. You thought you had this in the bag.

WTF is wrong with Amy Winehouse????

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/18/08 Bonus (warning: about a stripper)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/18/08

Hey! The Riches is back on tonight on FX

My long, slow trip to 4000 posts...

Kimchi is evil DO NOT TRY THE KIMCHI

Two of the sweetest, nicest women at DU are tormenting me!

The flu....oh whoopee-ki-yay.

Check in here if you WANT to go on a nekkid rampage!

Not all blondes are bimbos

Best Western Tunes when coupled with touring Seoul;

"Girls Gone Wild" human skidmark Joe Francis offers "Kristin / Ashley Alexandra Dupre" $1 million

Arthur C. Clarke has died.

Ethical dilemma: If lionesspriyanka *were* a stripper, would you watch her perform?

Ethical dilemma: If *I* were still a stripper, would you watch me perform?


So how's that Vista SP1 working out for everybody?

sniff, sniff.......


Today's young adults likely to be the 1st generation to not surpass the living standards of parents

Kitty Pictures! Starting with Gray and Silver.


A little help from my fellow Lounge Lizards, per chance?

Poll question: DUer most likely to go on a nekkid romping?

This is my animal companion. Yep, I finally got her on photobucket.

If your spouse died, would you get married again? nt

How would one go about gaining sleep while being awake?

I just lost my best friend of 22 yrs!

Poles & Italians--don't forget to wear red tomorrow!


Why do people sing without the accent they speak with?

Go to you browser's address bar, type "" -- don't press Enter

What should lionesspriyanka's stripper-name be?

EEK! Lock your doors boys and girls..DuStrange on a rampage

so before i go study, who watches New Amsterdam?

Bunch of you can't handle the pole hard truth....There I said it!

EXCLUSIVE: Voting Machine Company Threatens Princeton Profs

So I started using cloth grocery bags today

My first LOLcat, dedicated to FLVegan!

Something I need to say to all Pastors, Rabbis, and other religious leaders who make bulletins.

Bunch of you need to STFU!!!

Never has my IGNORE list been so long.

Morgantown WV winners of the big Powerball !!!

I need to drive traffic to my website -- anyone have


Ruby's kittens are now almost 3 weeks old

Can you donate a Prom dress? ~ Some girls can't afford a dress.

Is Heather Mills a gold digger?

Rush Limbaugh conspires and this is what happens....

I am sick of the elitists here mocking people that drink Kool-Aid

DUer most likely to go on a nekkid rampage?

So I am not most likely to have a nekkid ranpage am I?

What luxury item have you always wanted?

Still time to join the DU NCAA TOURNAMENT (30 members and counting)

What are y'all doing for "Ten Commandments Weekend" in May?

Need help identifying a Stan Kenton tune...

Anyone familiar with rental tenant/landlord laws, CA ones specifically?

Nigerian Oil Union Threatens Protest Over Job Cuts (strike could cut 2.04 million barrels a day)

Naked Man Allegedly Goes on Rampage

Toyota accused of unfair practices before Cambridge union vote

North Chico Wal-Mart plans dropped

Gov. Paterson (Spitzers Lt) admits to sex with other woman for years (cheating on his current wife)

There WILL be a public inquiry into Iraq, says Brown

Report: New NY governor admits affair

Blast near U.S. embassy kills Yemeni guard

Democrats raise $150m war chest to take back White House

Liberals to Spend $150 Million on '08

U.S. adapts Cold War idea to fight terrorists

Former U.S. ambassador, subprime mortgage pioneer dies

One-Third of Seniors Have Mental Decline

Bill Clinton Says Critics Distorted Remarks About Obama

(Qwest CEO) Nacchio's Convictions Are Overturned

Court Rebuffs Georgian on Death Row

Oscar-winning director Anthony Minghella dies

Guantanamo force-feeding sketch censored

Admitting Sexual Abuse, City Councilman Resigns

Navy Seal to receive Medal of Honor

New Jersey to Consider Health Plan to Cover All

Lehman profit falls 57 percent

Dollars tough to sell on streets of Amsterdam

I-95 shut down for emergency repairs

UVa law student speaks for 'silent majority'

Here's when you can expect stimulus rebate

U.S. will complete mission in Iraq - Cheney

Former Republican legislator files as a Democrat

Bedbugs at Fox News

Dalai Lama denies Chinese charges over Tibet riots

Husband says Colombia raid scuttled release of Betancourt

Fed poised to cut rates again

US Marines deploy in south Afghanistan

Lehman rout tests Fed's resolve

McCain Warry of Iran's Influence In Iraq and the Middle East

Kenyan officials plotted the attacks that killed hundreds

China premier attacks Dalai Lama

Situation of Palestinians on Iraq-Syria border continues to deteriorate

Supreme Court rules in favor of Washington state top-two primary

On Tibet Frontlines, Protestors 'Shot Like Dogs'

Jeb Bush amused by ‘irony’ of Florida Democrat delegate dilemma

Doomed bridge’s weakest areas carried 191 tons (Minneapolis)

Dalai Lama 'to resign' if violence worsens

Leader of body parts scheme makes plea

Dalai Lama to resign if violence worsens

Million face famine after plague of rats devastates rice crop in Mizoram, India

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 18

BREAKING:Delta airlines to offer payout severance to 30K -1/2 of workforce

Ecuador slams "fake" photo of gov't officials with Colombia rebels

Sen. Johnson Rated Safe as Recruiting Woes Hurt GOP (CQ rating upgraded)

McCain visits Israel 'worried' about Iran, Hamas

FBI provided flawed data for terrorism watch list, audit says: Innocent on list, real threats not on

Lynndie England blames media for photos

Record-setting young pilot dies at 26

Supreme Court rules in favor of Washington state open primary

Fed cuts by 0.75 points, less than market expected

Iraq reconciliation talks hit by walkouts (Sunni-Shi'ite reconciliation conference falls apart)

White House E-Mail Battle Heats Up

Echo earpiece to help stammerers

Gov. Patterson Admits To Having An Affair

Dollar recovers after rate move

Once a Defender of Indian Point Plant, the State Pushes to Close It

Dems seize on McCain's Iran gaffe

Obama confronts racial division in US

Obama To Army Vet: No Lower Drinking Age

Thickest, oldest Arctic ice is melting: NASA data

Sci-Fi Writer Arthur C. Clarke Dies

Activist To Lead Anti-War Campaign

DNC funds deadline blown

Exxon loses decision in court battle with Venezuela

Pelosi challenger promises Bush impeachment

Supreme Court to back right to bear arms

Florida Abandons ‘Mail-in’ Vote, in Favor of ‘Early Bird’ Caucuses

Don't let overheated rhetoric divide: What superlative is left for BUSH? Step back and focus!

Blowing Them Away Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Patrick Cockburn: Iraq is a country no more. Like much else, that was not the plan

Flashback! HRC once though taxes should be open

Is ‘Conservative Economics’ Bankrupt? Is Bear Stearns SH*T in the Woods?

NY Times: Troubled Outlook for New York City Economy Turns a Lot Grimmer

The global axis of death: Murder Incorporated

Obama's addressing race issue head-on (Chi Sun-Times)

More Racial-Gender Wars: Helen Keller Takes Shot at Blind New York Governor

The War That Never Ends

Too Big to Bail: The Fed's Wall Street Dilemma By Pam Martens

Suicide vest now weapon of choice for al-Qaeda in Iraq

From Animal Farm To Animal House

Struggle for Iraq Is the First I-War

Bottom of the Barrel - Millions of Asian workers producing goods sold here are trapped in servitude

Here’s the Obama Insight We Really Wanted to Hear About Rev. Wright

How to Become a Concentration Camp Guard Without Even Trying

The Race to Captain a Sinking Ship

EJ Dionne: The Street on Welfare

Bill Press's New Book 'Train Wreck' Says Good-Bye and Good Riddance to Right-Wing Conservativism

Ohio's voting machines are now an official crime scene by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

Richard Cohen: How Did I Get Iraq Wrong?

Bush's War, 5 Years On: Can US repair damage of Bush Presidency? It will never be as it was before.

Howard Dean Meets With Hillary's Fat Cats: Will He Cave?

Jon Carroll: The bad news; the worse news

What McCain Could Do About Taxes

Iraq War as War Crime (Part One) by Robert, Sam and Nat Parry 3-18-2008

Heads Monsanto Wins, Tails We Lose; The Genetically Modified Food Gamble

The Democratic Party's Deepest Internal Battle: It's Not One of Gender and Race

Lynndie England blames media for photos

The crash in Republican economics (Andrew Leonard, Salon)

Kazakhstan’s President Seeks Re-Election as Only Name on Ballot, Citing Hillary's Michigan Position

"Pentagon admits postponing brain screenings" by Ed Pilkington (3-18-2008 Guardian article)

Was Eliot Spitzer targeted? By Richard Clark

Dear Lou Dobbs, Who Owns the Federal Reserve?

A preview of how the rethugs will swiftboat Clinton over... everything

Bush Imitation

Obama vs. President Ahmadinejad

Coast to Coast Art Bell comments on Fox News

Amerika by Rammstein

White People Free of Slavery Guilt

Senator Ted Kennedy sings When Irish Eyes Are Smiling at Obama rally.

Debate about Secret Session in House of Representatives pt1

Countdown: Worst Person March 17, 2008

China struggles with Tibet

Zuckerman: Bush Recession barely begun. Will last years.

Jim Cramer loves Bear Sterns.

Cheney On The Five Year Iraq War Anniversary

Barack Obama On Pastor Wright's Comments

Barack Obama: 'We need unity'

Utah racist (GOP, naturally)

rod parsley..more on black genocide

NYS Governor David Paterson Inauguration Speech

Senator Gordon Smith's Greatest Hits

Dylan - "When The Ship Comes In"

Obama Distances from Pastor Wright But Won't Disown Him

Obama Wright McCain Hagee Pastoral Dispute Music Video UPDATE

DNC Ad: Bush/McCain: Lockstep

Sir Arthur C Clarke 90th Birthday reflections, 2007

MEET Mr Barak Obama

Chris Shays: the New Iraqi Information Minister

MLK preached Peace...Obama & Wright preach Racial strife!

Obama speech in Scranton, PA - St. Patrick's Day. 2008-03-17


McCain's Foreign Policy Gaffe (CBS News)

UN: World Glaciers melting faster

Jeremiah Wright's Hillary Remark with more context (Part 1)

Iraq Year Six and You

'NO! NO! NO!' or Six days of the the Cramer

Obama Speech: 'A More Perfect Union' (the entire speech)

Reagan responds to Obama and his supporters

Iraq's National Museum will stay closed (no security, no electricity)

Marianne Williamson: I'm not gonna vote with my vagina

George Carlin - The Real Owners

Pastor Gaye of Trinity UCC, St. Pete., FL - Re: Rev. Wright

The Choice is White Woman: White Trash

Barack Obama's Speech March 18, 2008

Howard Zinn on Civil Disobedience

Leakey backing for elephant cull (BBC)

BP (" Back To Petroleum") To Expand Canadian Coal-Bed Methane Plans, Refinery Presence @ St. John NB

40,000 CFS Release From Glen Canyon Dam Shows Promise In Rebuilding Grand Canyon Beaches

NYT - "Almost Complete Collapse" Of Sacramento River Chinook Salmon Run

Daily Mash - "Coal Is So Clean And Fresh That PM Brushes His Teeth With It, Says Downing Street"

60 Km-Long Iceberg Breaks Up East Of S. Georgia Island, EU Satellite Shows - AFP

Hyundai i10 (Auto Express)

Vauxhall Agila: Boxing clever? (Telegraph)

BYD's 'F1' Looks Like Toyota Aygo (Tech-On)

Take a look inside the iQ (Auto Express) {Toyota iQ Car}

Toyota Aygo Review (TheTruthAboutCars)

Mubarak Orders Army To Increase Bread Production, Eliminate Long Lines At Distribution Centers - BBC

Canadian IPY Research Plans Snagged As Perennial Ice Bridge Into Amundsen Gulf Fails To Form

Christian Science Monitor: At E.U. summit, climate change billed as major security risk

Florida Power & Light Company Says PSC Decision on Nuclear Power Units Represents Positive Step ...

Drought eases, water wars persist

US corn biofuels will expand Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone': scientists

Bicycle Maker Goes Green

Arctic losing long-term ice cover

A Farewell to Ice

Sand Pebbles: Solar Power’s Silicon Dreams in China

Coal Reemerges As Important Raw Material In Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Delta Air Lines to offer voluntary severances (to 30K employees)

India starts solar power generation

Global Solar Production 'Surprisingly Strong'

Flowering Of The Bamboo Brings Massive Rat Population To Mizoram, India - Rice Wiped Out - Reuters

Desert Sunrise: Concentrating Solar Power Makes Worldwide Progress

Citroen C1 Code (Auto Express)

EIP Report: U.S. Power Plant Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rose 3 Percent in 2007, Biggest One-Year Jump

The Aptera Hybrid: Too Good To Be True?

When was the last time the Arctic was ice-free?

U.S. to let states kill sea lions to save salmon - Reuters

A Mighty Wind: What Will China’s Green Appetite Mean?

Outrage Over Airlines’ Empty ‘Ghost Flights’

'We defeated Exxon,' Venezuelan oil minister says

Energy expert: New (nuclear) plants doomed (by economics)

Colonel: Pentagon delayed brain injury exams

Iraq government having trouble spending oil cash

The Monkey Trap, and Hillary Clinton's Blind Rush To Defeat

Communities Support American Axle Strike - Picket Line Morale High As Tensions Build

Work-training funds for AZ cut amid surge in joblessness

After Georgia blast, problems found at Imperial Sugar's La. plant

UAW Preps for Long American Axle Strike

We Feed The World

Today in labor history March 18

Federal Agencies Running on Fumes

Qwest Land-Line Workers Offered Buyouts

Workers Win Union with ILWU Despite Rite Aid Anti-Union Drive

thunder rising . . . . thread #2

meow mix . . . . thread #2

The Frank Factor- Liberalism 101, Part 1

Okay, who's the elitist?

Who will care about today's price inflation one year from now?

Luxuries are cheap, neccessities are expensive

Saving Wall Street (For Now)

So I have this international fund...

Bear shareholders may try to get higher offer

U.S. to be Trashed by "Greediest Financial Class in History"

The newest Chinese export: Companies

'Everbank'...... does anyone else use them for foreign currency?

The Yankees Paid More For ARod Than JPM Chase Paid for Bear Stearns

Why the Fed's rate cuts won't help you

End of Wall Street as we know it

Anyone else here had the value of their home go UP in the last year?

Husband says Colombia raid scuttled release of Betancourt

Update OAS resolution approved

Venezuela Launches New Mission for Health of the Disabled

Brit Court Overturns Exxon $12 B Venezuelan Asset Freeze

Maradona's high praise for Bolivian cause

A witness for peace in Colombia

OAS Approves Resolution that "Rejects" the Violation of Ecuador's Sovereignty

Costa Rican politicians alarmed by possible link to Colombian rebels

US Blocks Venezuelan Purchase of Food

US tries to create a new file against Venezuela

Peru arrests 2 carrying $150,000 over Ecuador border


I'm going to post something that would get locked on any other forum.

Gay Paris Mayor Re-Election Poses Threat To Sarkozy

Anti-Gay Amendment Advances In Pennsylvania

I found this extremely ironic that Obama would admit this.

How 'gay' became children's insult of choice

Question RE: Obama and Homosexuals

Barghouti, Abbas Popular for Palestinian Voters

Report: Suleiman delays Israel visit due to 'ongoing aggression'

Israelis can sue for suicide blasts

Shutting off the academic oxygen

Jailed Barghouti mulls running for Palestinian presidency

Olmert defiant on settlements

Rendering the PA irrelevant

PM: No chance Israel will cede E. Jerusalem areas like Har Homa

Rabbi stabbed in neck in E. Jerusalem terror attack

Joe Biden was quoted on his nice words for the Obama speech

I swear, Pat Summit's ass gets kissed more than Coach K's...

Donovan kicks Gators out of Practice Facility

Dream of housing, feng shui, games and adventure

What is the soul?

Cough, Shallah

Grape skin compound fights the complications of diabetes

UN Warns New Lethal Bird Flu Strain May Emerge In Indonesia

Alfalfa Sprouts May Be Contaminated with Salmonella

Anyone Here Familiar With Islam?

Do you have a soul?

I have a question ... since RWers will use "Wright" to sink Obama's campaign,

Any ideas for a Lamb roast?


Canon Zoom Ex Browser

More from the Ice Park

A few more ice sculptures

Been focusing on sparrows lately (large pics 56K beware)

If I make lasagna with fresh pasta

Sea Turtles

For you "French Laundry" fans - Thomas Keller's on Charlie Rose tonight

North Dakota: Workers uncovering mummified dinosaur

Workers uncovering mummified dinosaur

Space planes 'to meet big demand' (BBC)


Putting the Second Amendment Second

Dupe deleted. n/t

America's shooting gallery...

Dellinger for D.C. & gun-grabbers says people can have loaded weapon ready for self-defense

Justice Stevens referred to PA (1776) & VT (1777) constitutions re individual RKBA

America's shooting gallery for this week...

Are there any states...

Heller arguments on C-Span right now

City ponders 'Plan B' if justices void gun ban

Loose Change (the song)...

Debunking the Hemp Conspiracy Theory

American Statistical Association Calls for Audits to Increase Confidence in Electoral Outcomes

Sen. Kerry appeared on Imus today to talk up Obama.

Sen. Kerry to meet with students to discuss Darfur and the Iraq War.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Adding up Ohio Republican crossover votes was team effort

Why is the Dissent speech transcript no longer available on

David Shuster did a great piece on Republican Cross-Over Voting on Hardball

Today is a moment of truth. Will "fighting back" work?

Hint... bottom of post, 3rd word, starts with an 'R'...

Democrats for America's Future -- anyone heard of them?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 03/18/08

Ethics Reminder Urgently Needed for Congressional Republicans!

Michele Bachmann: My opponents will spend "hundreds of millions of dollars" to defeat me!

Pictures of Anti-War march in Minneapolis March 15th

How Ashwin Madia became a Democrat in 2002.

61B - Does Farheen Hakeem Really Have Becky Lourey's Endorsement?

Richard Dawkins in Austin, TX Wednesday, March 19th

Seymour Hersh to Speak at Trinity University San Antonio 4/3

Can a superdelegate also be a regular delegate?

Just wondering how many DU'ers work early voting.

South Texas landowners slow border fence's progress in court

Texas County/Senate District Conventions - Fact Sheet

Sen. Obama readies a speech in Philly for tomorrow on Race.

What the hell happened to Jerome Armstrong (

Obama sits down with Terry Moran on Nightline tonight

I am SO proud of our candidate!!!

Hi Obama Supporters. Just Dropping In Here To Say Something (Not Flame)


Barack Obama for President tribute--Wake Up Everybody

I take back every negative thing I've posted about Randi Rhodes.

Is everyone else putting 3 new users a day on ignore? I know I have been.

It looks like three Liberals and one Conservative

Globe and Mail: Canada subtly signalling change of policy toward China

Greens rejoice in neck-and-neck fights with NDP, Tories

Teaching for Lust

KOEB Meeting 3/17/08 Sure, An' It's Keith! Edition

So I posted a semi-serious, semi-tongue-in-cheek poll in the Lounge.

This mama's for Obama, I'm fired up and ready to go, and Yes we can can.

Sen. Migden fined $350,000 for campaign violations

CA tenant/landlord & rental law question

Just Found Out I Had A LTTE In Today's Wausau Daily Herald!

McClatchy: Why won't Clinton, McCain make tax returns public?

For me, 2004 was all about the anger of Eminem's "Mosh". But now...surprisingly, hope!?

Kareem Abdul-Jabar exchanges e-mails with Barack Obama

Top Hillary Supporter Ed Rendell Hit Up George Soros For Money To Fund New Michigan Primary

Posted This In GD (gableman/zeigler/wmc):

Obama Delivers Sweeping Speech on Race

Clinton's Hopes for Florida Fade

Interesting Applause Moment in Obama's speech today