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Martin Luther King said God would make US pay for Vietnam war

Obama Family: Countdown looks like it's gonna be a good one!

Joe Scarborough is now infilitrating every NBC show and LYING about Obama, lets complain

"A typical white person"-Barrack assumes we are better than we are...

Hispanic DUers, does the Richardson endoresement make a difference?

With B and H's unfavorables climbing... and McBush supporting unpopular policies...

Where were all the whiners when in 2004, the following states had trivial primaries?

KO open thread. Man he just TRASHED FOX on Worst Persons.

What the Wright issue is really about: "Black privilege"

I have lost hope..

Our local Conservative radio host just said Clinton has no chance


Can Clinton Win The Popular Vote?

Hagee Acknowledges McCain Sought His Endorsement

ABC NEWS: Civil War: Split Decision Divides Democrats

David Shuster: Obama Campaign Didn't Push Story That Hillary Was Behind Passport Files Breach

Obama "did a much better job paying his bills." Debt: $625K vs. Hillary's $13.7 million (w/loan)

NY Daily News: Sharpton supporting Obama, but wants to keep it on the down-low

The full story behind Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s God Damn America sermon

At least part of "Pastorgate" exposed as BS! Wright's comments taken out of context

Pastor trashes Obama!

I'm becoming convinced both candidates are unviable, A Grand Compromise is needed

I just contacted Media Matters regarding Pastorgate

Rasmussen: Even after his worst week, Hillary still unable to take lead

What is your opinion on the Fairness Doctrine? This whole Pastorgate thing is making me lean towards

The full story behind Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9/11 sermon

Is This The Ticket?

Fox News Anchor Walks Off Set When Co-Hosts Act Like Bad Clinton Supporters

Question about the polls showing candidates v. MCCain

The Clintons suck/ The Obama's suck----Check it out, it isn't what you think

Hillary vows tonight she is taking it to the convention no matter what happens

Anyone afraid that we're already screwed?

Cindy McCain loves to watch Navy Seals running on the beach

I have a question about these polls:

My point being.....

People need to get a freaking grip here.

What did the appeals court in Georgia say to the Florida Democratic Party on March17th?

Clinton, Obama Are Wall Street Darlings

Supporting a candidate doesn't mean you have to be an a-hole

Well now, Hillary supports McCain, Bill has come out today in support of McCain, just wondering how

Isn't this apparently false "sniper fire" story a pretty big deal?

*CAN* Obama get to 2025 by the convention? Is it mathematically possible?

Did anyone catch the Clinton spokesperson on O'REILLY ragging on Kos?

cross post .... please listen and watch with an open mind....

Hillary's best and only shot at President...

Slight detour (pardon me) but where did the phrase "throwing them under the bus" come from?

Ezra Klein: After the Fact: I keep trying to figure out Clinton's path to the nomination, but can't.

Here's The Only Polling Data You Need

is there a site that lists current reg. voter totals for each state

a McCain/Clinton Unity Ticket?

Breaking!Obama camp lies and claims that HRC didn’t deserve credit for Family and Medical Leave Act

Richardson calls out Clinton adviser

To the uninformed and slow learners: Rasmussen is a RWer who skews the polls! Stop citing them!!

Obama and race

Clintons are the devil (again)

Bill Maher tonite = best race discussion so far.

Surprise ? More lies from Obama camp - Obama Campaign Character Attacks Not Supported By Facts

I'm a voter.

The Last Time We Truly Got Together... 38 1\2 Years Ago... With Bonus Helicopter Footage, LOL !!!

Latest Poles showing 2 very different but equal sides

Can Richardson join the admin even though he is a super delegate?

AC360 - Reporting on Fuller Context Wright Sermons - TONIGHT

Clinton Supporters - should she drop out if she loses Pennsylvania Primary?

Lies about Clinton's NAFTA view debunked by someone who was there

So, If Bill and Hillary Clinton lose their fight for the 2008 democratic nomination.....

Who is the leader of the democratic party?

CNN: 60 % Say Obama Does Not Have The Right Experience To Be President

Thanks Brian Kilmeade

For the Late Night Crowd: Some Evil Comedy.

Why doesn't the Obama campaign push for new elections in MI and FL?

John McCain tells ordinary citizens to "Get A Life"

Why are there so many more Hillary posts than Lee Mercer, Jr. posts?

**Obama Live in Eugene, Oregon -- Link Inside

Obama smoked in Salem and Portland today

she shoudl have just gotten back on the plane

"I'll Take You There"

Didn't Richardson endorse Obama a few weeks ago?

What's REALLY at stake

Mar 21st CBS Poll: Good Reviews For Obama Speech

Why do Clinton supporters cite polls attacking Obama...

Bill and Hilliary suck

FERRARO WATCH: Bill Richardson Edition

Donations to get her to "stay down"

Like Hillary? Like Obama? Hillary qualified? Obama qualified?

Obama supporters... introducing my "Dollar for Hillary" proposal

Anybody watch Keith's last segment?

Overflow crowd greets Obama in Charleston (WV)

Here's A Warning To The Two Campaigns

There is quite a difference between Bush's McCain endorsement vs. Richardson's Obama endorsement.

Obama needs to skip Public Financing!!

Hillary needs to drop out now and run as a 3rd party candidate

Time to hold the MSM accountable for enabling this farce.

Rasmussen: Obama's Unfavorable Rating Reaches 50%

Obama adviser heads one of the exposed passport snooping companies

How Things Change in 12 Years...

Sometimes it seems like we're watching a veteran fly fisherman

CAN Clinton drop out?

Yet another McCain endorsement by Clinton, this time from Bill. How much lower can they stoop?

Imagine if Barry Bonds and not Jackie Robinson was the first Black ballplayer

I found an interesting video about Obama on homosexuality..

So Carville thinks Richardson betrayed Hillary by endorsing Obama but not by running against her?

Obama Aide: Bill Clinton Like McCarthy

Why Do I Have To Love America?

Why Do I Have To Love America?

Who do you feel more sorry for?

Motion to ban the phrase "Thrown Under The Bus"

This is true. My Asian boss' sister and her husband used to

Bill Clinton in 2004 said most politicians "are good people who love their country desperately."

Hillary's "3 A.M. Ad" Girl Doesn't Approve That Message *Video*

Superdelegate Endorsements Since Feb. 5: 62 for Obama, 5 for Clinton

Ms Clinton can not drop out its about the money and she is stuck being Baghdad Bob just to.......

Obama Campaign Character Attacks Not Supported By Facts

Obama Campaign Character Attacks Not Supported By Facts

Handy Guide to the Last 10 Democratic Primary Races in 2008

Hillary should drop out!!!!! As soon as someone else hits the magic 2,024 number!

MY Mea Culpa about Bill Clinton's Statement Today in NC.

Obama Aide: Bill Clinton Like McCarthy

It's over, McCain has won

It's over, McCain has won

A moment of reflection for Obama supporters:

A moment of reflection for Obama supporters:

A moment of reflection for Obama supporters:

Rasmussen - Minnesota: McCain 47, Clinton 46.... McCain 43, Obama 47

Rasmussen - Minnesota: McCain 47, Clinton 46.... McCain 43, Obama 47

Despite White House precedent of breaching passports, some here wanted to blame Clinton

Hillary fans, if Obama's so damaged, why are they lining up for 10 hours to see him in Oregon?

Forget the "Bill Clinton was trying to imply that Obama doesn't love his country" meme


Obama aide (retired Air Force General McPeak): "Bill Clinton like McCarthy"

A republican recently told me

Media Boycott/Protest of Morning Joe Sponsors - Should Include All Shows with Buchanan

E. J. Dionne: Judge Obama Not His Pastor

So an Obama supporter is the contractor involved in Passportgate?

Obama in Eugene, LIVE NOW

I am a regular Mass attender

Barack Obama: a "white mother and an African-American father"

I Registered Two Lifelong Repubs InTheir 80's For Obama Today...

Jesse Jackson: Typical White Person

Ms Clinton's "speed of light" problem and the 10 year lag factor.........

Jesse Jackson: Typical White Person

Bob Barr candidacy in '08?.. (WaTimes story)

Bob Barr candidacy in '08?.. (WaTimes story)

Obama awash in cash as Clinton scrapes

So Edwards is unlikely to ENDORSE? I thought HRC had that one locked up? Oy Vey!

Is it safe to donate again?

14 painful things Hillary should know

As a small business owner, if there is no cash on hand- the show is over-

How would we have handled impeachment and this primary season? Thoughts.

RCP Obama 47.3....Clinton 44.2..Clinton PA poll# up 3.8% from last Nov.. Obama up 25.2

Bill Clinton: Hillary, McCain The Candidates "Who Love This Country"

Bill Clinton: Hillary, McCain The Candidates "Who Love This Country"

If he had said "ordinary" instead of "typical" would they have brayed

Paul Abrams: SuperDuper Delegates: How About Some Leadership?

Let's face it, Ms Hillary would have been 20 points out in front if her Swiftboating had worked!

At last nights gig....Obama up the river...

If you didn't vote for BO or HRC in your primary are you entitled to demand a revote?

Please, I implore Hillary Clinton to drop out for the sake of the party

JOE WILSON: Obama's Shallow Credentials on National Security Are Dangerous for the Country

Ladies and Gents... Your official Obamatron Avatar!

Do Libertarians like Obama?

Obama Rally in Medford, OR - LIVE on

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/22/08 - Obama down 1 (44), Clinton up 2 (46)

Obama's Medford, OR rally starting. Link inside

Mccain is beating Obama in all National Polls

Barack Obama: More Voices Video - GOTV - 10 States Left

The hilarious futility of GD-P:

People posting the latest opinion polls, typically in ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!

Poll shows Obama fading; Speech didn't help.

Ugh! On KO, the Big Dog is suggesting Obama is unpatriotic, with his

The only reason Richardson endorsed Obama is because he knows Obama

Collision of the willing .

I Wish I Had The Transcript, But... "It's Not Just About The Campaigns, It's About The Party...

"People Get Ready There's A Train A'Comin"

We know Hillary needs money

Obama's VP will be an old white male. Discuss.

Reality Check: Obama Crushing McCain in Money, Turnout, Enthusiasm

Clinton and Obama did not gig McCain on his Al Qaeda/Iran link?

Obama struggles to limit damage in pastor row as white voters slip away

Obama Web Site "People" Menu and Identity Politics

We have a war in Iraq that is bankrupting America, we have a planet that is possibly dying, and we

Reverse thinking on Obama / Clinton

Passportgate: Correct Me Where I'm Wrong On This.

This is why I love the Obama campaign

Will the nomination be decided in June or August?

Question to the supporters of Obama and Hillary who

Wooing the Super Delegates

I'd like to urge fellow Hillary supporters to give their vote to Obama should he win

If experience is the most important quality then Hillary should have stepped aside for Richardson.

free fallin', now I'm a, free fallin'

free fallin', now I'm a, free fallin'

free fallin', now I'm a, free fallin'

This is the sort of reflexive racism Hillary doesn't have to deal with...

Caption this pic of Hillary & McCain

Two wrongs won't make a right--I'm glad MI is off the table.

I just received this PM from another board...

OK, Let's do this...

Obama needs to go on the offense

Obama needs to go on the offense

My first and last post in GDP...

LoL.Great Response By The Obama Campaign

So Who is going to Denver in August?

So Who is going to Denver in August?

Judas Richardson

What if...

Lieberman as McCain VP?

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah... Passports.... Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah... Crazy Preacher

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah... Passports.... Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah... Crazy Preacher

The Clintons

The Clintons

Leave it to Bill Clinton to claim patriotism and cast aspersions on the patriotism of a Democrat...

Obama's 3 new ads: racial balance?

Obama's 3 new ads: racial balance?

A great cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Barack Obama Pushes for Hillary to Release Her NCAA Bracket

Obama on cspan now

The two modes of GDP: Bitterness, and defeatism

If Hillary wasn't running...would Bill have endorsed Barack?

If Hillary wasn't running...would Bill have endorsed Barack?

Obama would seek Bill Clinton, Bush 41 & his advisors councel...

What does Obama supporter Ted Kennedy say about taking it all the way to the convention?

BREAKING: Obama Announces Major New Endorsement

Name That Strategy!

The endorsement Hillary is REALLY waiting for.

Since either Obama or Clinton will be running against McCain, why don't they campaign against him?

Obama Can't Win a Fair Primary

Obama: Your own personal Jesus

Here is what Bill Clinton meant

Donner Party democrats

Where is Reverend Wright???

I find Conservative anger at the Wright flap deeply, deeply, DEEPLY ironic.

GERRY ADAMS: "Senator Clinton played an important role in the peace process."

Foreign press remarks on McCain's elderly, frail appearance ... link

About this Clinton has lost/Obama has won thing...

If you all (Obama/Clinton) want to go for each other's throats, go ahead.

PA voter registration trends: Going bluer

Obama's Most Serious Problem

Anyone who thinks that Hillary Clinton would accept a McCain VP offer is insane.

The New Segregation.

You know this FL and MI thing is going to be decided by the SCOTUS.

I thought Michelle was his "secret weapon." Where in the world is Michelle Obama?

Clinton faces an uphill struggle

what right-wing moron predicted race riots is Obama doesn't win the presidency?

Obama's Brownshirt Tatics


Herman Munster vs Dems Will Win - Who wins?

If Hillary loses the nomination and joins McCain as his VP will you vote for them?

I always thought "swiftboating" meant smears directed towards military veterans

If Hillary loses the nomination and joins McCain as his VP will you vote for them?

How's it going Edwards folks

Obama’s Speech on Race Played Well, a Poll Finds - NYTimes

Obama supporters: If he gains the White House, will he have been put there by God?

...oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please...

Great Exchange On Senator Obama And Reverend Wright

Watching the right wing media with grave concern

MSNBC and racism

Is Rev. Wright trying to sabotage Obama?

Typical voter, Joey Vento up next on Lou Dobbs

Remember when Obama supporters were pissed off at being called homophobic

Can someone explain Carville's "irony" in Richardson's endorsement?

If you are too polite, too conciliatory, too level-headed, I will put you on ignore.

Be nice to each other.

McCain Sought Actively Rev. John Hagee`s Endorsement?

Meet Joey Vento, "typical voter," who appeared on Lou "Build Me a Fence" Dobbs

If Obama Can't Win PA?

Hannity gets called out on his association

Hannity gets called out on his association

Hannity gets called out on his association

Hannity gets called out on his association

Hannity gets called out on his association

Richardson Calls Out Clinton Adviser....The Politico

"Illinois Combine" "What do you call that Illinois political class" Fitzgerald said.

Need help with a senior moment. Which -gate are we on today?

Obama Adviser CEO of Passport Breach Company


Here are your choices for President. Vote for one.

Clinton Spent $6M on Mark Penn in February, and for What?

Barack Obama won't be visiting his ailing grandmother this Easter.

Barack Obama won't be visiting his ailing grandmother this Easter.

Barack Obama won't be visiting his ailing grandmother this Easter.

"American Patriotism" and the Wright Controversy.

Is Richardson on the "X is Dead to Me Now" list?

President and CEO of the firm involved in Passport breach is an Obama adviser

We are soo doomed....

The real shame of this primary election cycle.

NYTimes: Obama Speech on Race Fuels Easter Sermons

HRC's attacks on Obama are attacks on the values of RFK.

Why I am very happy that the Clinton campaign does not know what we talk about.

Brand new Footage of Wright praising Malcolm X and damning US terrorism

The Fears of White People

****BREAKING: Bill Richardson DEFIES Obama Camp Request!****

CBS Poll: Good Reviews For Obama Speech 3/21

TYT: After Giving It More Thought, Why Was Obama's Speech So Great?

Throwing my own mother under the bus...

"this other stuff that always seems to intrude itself on our politics"

Obama's Poll numbers Soar! ...Gallup: Obama 48%, Clinton 45%

Ohhhhhh......I got a good one.....

Oregon loves Obama!

Oregon loves Obama!

Dear Newbies in GD-P: Do you want to be taken seriously?

Live from Medford- Obama calls Bill Clinton our on "2 people who love America" and...

Apparently There Are African Americans for Hillary - Here's What One Says

What President Clinton said was the very definition of McCarthyism

Clinton Advisor: "She only has a 10% chance of winning."

Obama streaming in Medford OR...

Don't let this get lost in the debate on race:

OUT OF THE MOUTH OF A BABE: Obama's young daughter sends a message to the Hillary Campaign!

I just had a weird thought - what if McCain chooses Hillary as his

I just had a weird thought - what if McCain chooses Hillary as his

Hillary's Harrowing Trip to Bosnia

Richardson linked to noisy left wing cult

BREAKING: Hillary enraged! - Barack refuses to let her win!

Obama Debuts Three New Ads for PA - Watch Here

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Saturday March-22-2008

Richardson calls out Clinton adviser

November: Which of these two tickets can win the White House? (2 photos)

Delegate Math Calculator Shows Hillary is DONE

Hillary's rather embarrassing recollection of "The Dangerous Boznia Trip"

No Ordinary Election

No Ordinary Election

No Ordinary Election

Let's hear it for Chris Wallace- showing some spine on Fox News.

The Enemies List

Obama's favorable rating down to record low of 46%. Racist comment may have hurt him

You know what I like about Obama?

BREAKING: Obama. Sex. Wombats.

Hillary's Walter Mitty trip to Bosnia

The line that Hillary Clinton 'hurts' Obama by fighting for the remaining votes makes him look weak

BREAKING: Clinton camp denies marriage rumors.

A question for Obama supporters

Skinner, could we please get an "Ignored by" functionality added?

A Taste of Her Own Medicine, with a new twist: Truth -- Clinton “Misleading” Voters

Bill Clinton: "I think it would be a great thing..."

Salt Lake City pastor calls Obama speech historic'

Washington Post has photo/video, obliterates Clinton Bosnia claim

Just like with Ted Kennedy; Richardson said his phone conversation with Clinton got 'Heated'

Just like with Ted Kennedy; Richardson said his phone conversation with Clinton got 'Heated'

Just like with Ted Kennedy; Richardson said his phone conversation with Clinton got 'Heated'

Obama owns southern Oregon

Lists Of Super-Delegates Who Have Committed, And Those Who Have Not, Here:

INTRADE: Obama whomps Hillary. Now 4:1 odds to win nomination and growing

If her lips are moving...

If her lips are moving...

The Excel Delegate Calculator: Clinton needs 64% of the remaining Primary vote to catch Obama ( TIA)

Obama is not experienced

Please, CNN:Candy-ASS Crowley doesn't think Passport gate is a "scandal,"

FLOG, Could Dems STOP BOOSTING MCCAIN w accolades re bravery, sacrifice, patriotism

Hillary's Poll numbers Soar! ...Gallup: Hillary...49% Obama...42%

Obama Needs 407 more delegates to reach 2,024. Where will he get them?

YES WE CAN....My funny story about my Grandson...

When did the hate start?

NEWSWEEK Cover Story: When 'Barry' became Barack

If Hillary had been "coronated" we would all be rallying behind her as a unified party and on our

Which woman do you think would be a great President?

Some of the disgusting comments I've heard on here lately.....

Rasmussen-Clinton 46% Obama -44%

The ascent of Barack Obama, Mr Charisma

Clinton's fantasy trip to Bosnia meets reality - the vetting begins

Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and human rights in China

Clinton and Obama fans, hello! I've had many conversations

Any Clinton Supporters Here Doing Volunteer Work In Pennsylvania?

The great DU law.

Father Michael Pfleger shames Bill Clinton and the media

Great News for the GE: Long term trends favour Dems :)

Cliniton's internal polling

Did Hillary Clinton lie about the dangers she faced in Tuzla?

{{-Rush Limbaugh Implicated In Vote Fraud Scheme-}}

Is Hillary running ads in PA?

Women (who waited all their lives to vote for a woman) for Obama

Why should Hillary drop out of the race?

NY Times ... Awesome Trend for Obama; 62 to less than 5 in superdelegates

Gay Democrats downplay the rivalry within the LGBT community

I Guarantee this thread will Sink like a Stone -- But I Dare You to Keep it Alive

He's still the best guy in Congress.

He's still the best guy in Congress.

Anecdotal evidence from Pennsylvania

CNN: 62% americans say they will be PROUD to have Obama as president.

Cronyism and What is "Owed"

DU Straw Poll 03-22-08

DU Straw Poll 03-22-08

well lookie that..Passport contractor exec is an Obama advisor..How fun is that..

It occurs to me. If Obama's race speech was his answer to swiftboating, and it doesn't work

Howard Dean & his 50-State Strategy + Barack Obama + grassroots LIKE US...

If John Kerry had responded like Obama did...would he be President right now? YES/NO

Obama Still Considers Rezko a Friend

I can't believe this Wright 'scandal' is still going -It shows the immaturity & ignorance of America

What all is in a passport file (medical/financial info,arrest warrants, court orders and lots MORE)

Pat Buchanan: Slavery Best Thing Ever to Happen to Blacks

Josh Marshall on people threatening to vote for McCain or sit out

Why is Edwards Consulting with Advisers Before he Endorses?

Chris Wallace criticizes Fox & Friends for "two hours of Obama bashing"...

John McCain is the whitest person I have ever seen...

I know why Hillary and her supporters...

FUN AGAIN.....Caption This McCain Photo

Anyone here for unity?

My problem with Obama’s Speech on Race

From what I see I HOPE DU has a small number of members/posters

A NON-HILLARY Person needs To Know: Obama PRAISES GHW BUSH?!- Obama supporters what's up with this?!

Chicago Tribune: Obama Knows His Way Around A Ballot

Fellow Obama Supporters: What is so difficult about the concept of respecting the opposition?

Obama’s speech meets unsympathetic ears with Americans

Hillary Campaign "In The Red"

Let's Hear It for Barack Obama. This man is tough as Hell!

Hillary's IOU list: Deaf Services, Boys and Girls Club, YWCA

The Demarcation Line

Clearly, Mrs. Clinton has lost the nomination.

OBAMA TAKES LEAD IN GALLUP!! (Updated with story)

Newsweek: The Obama Dividend (Jonathan Alter)

No. Ireland's Nobel Peace Prize Winner John Hume Endorses Hillary Clinton

Reverend Wright Sets the Paper of Record Straight

Obama’s Race/Unity Speech Attacked by Pat Buchanan with Vile and Utterly Stupid Commentary

Clinton got along with GOP in Senate

Clinton got along with GOP in Senate

McCain now has the award for worse internet ad

Rev. Wright, the US government did not inject African-American men with syphilis.

Richardson: 'For the good of the party it's OK for longtime Hill supporters to back Barack.'

Round up the HRCs and TS them all

Hillary is not a good role model for women and young girls

This Edwards Democrat is coming out for Obama.

Republicans for Obama ?

Here's what I think: Gore, Edwards and Carter should endorse Obama, and end this.

Here's what I think: Gore, Edwards and Carter should endorse Obama, and end this.

Obama aide: Bill Clinton like McCarthy

Obama Adviser Runs Company at Center of Passport Controversy!!!!

Clinton Campaign Balance IN THE RED!


The Ideal Female President

WTF! A Brief for Whitey By Patrick J. BuKKKhanan

If it is honestly true that Senator Clinton is mathematically "finished" as many maintain,

Is anyone else asking themselves, "Were the Clintons always like this?"

Obama: The Biblical Prophecy

You know what Bill Richardson owes Bill Clinton? Not a damn thing.

There's No Such Thing As A "Popular Vote" In A Primary Season Including Caucuses

Buzzy Krongard of Passport Breach - what was his role in the 911 put options

Passport-gate Is Another Rove Dirty Trick Against Obama

James Carville: Betrayer of Kerry and all Democrats

THE MATH - Senator Clinton and the Politics of Selective Information

On the Ground in the Philadelphia Suburbs: Day 1

Obama approaching 2million Donors!

Here is how Hillary lost my support........

Two who started the Florida Fiasco call on others to fix it.

The DU I Remember

Carville Calls Richardson a "Judas" "accepting 30 pieces of silver" on Easter Weekend. Penn disses 2

The Bush Administration and a Culture of Lawlessness.

Soldier Electrocutions Probed in Iraq-KBR Faulty Wiring

Soldier Electrocutions Probed in Iraq-KBR Faulty Wiring

Looking for specifics on how to file an FOIA request to get my own passport records.

Report Shows FBI’S Terror Watch List Not Updated Properly


Politics, protest mark anniversary of Iraq invasion (Haunting photo from Politico)

Vermont Vets Put Themselves on the Line for the Sake

The Surge is working, my freinds.

Las Vegas Sun OpEd: Bush a fear-mongering liar.

Hastily disbanding Iraq army was key error (Trudy Rubin article)

Should Iraq Be Our 51st State, Since We Paid Trillions For It Anyway

UPDATED CLIP: She is not Xeroxing her experience.... she is PHOTOSHOPPING it.

Best Parody Ever!

RFID tech turned into spy chips for clandestine surveillance

This has to be the best blues music show I've heard in a long time! - I found the LINK!! 5 certifiably insane politicans people still vote for:

My Wish for Every Right Winger/Troll, That May Be Lurking Here:

Florida Hillary superdelegate publicly demands Dean resign...Corrine Brown.

AC360 - Reporting on Fuller Context Wright Sermons - TONIGHT

State Dept. privacy practices seen as 'satisfactory' in OMB report to Congress (March 1, 2008)

Michael Ware on Bill Maher? What do you think? nt

Disaster Preparation Video from the FED.

Wow....I'm getting chills just from watching the excerpts from "Body of War"....

Bill Moyers on PBS tonight.

Salmonella in Colorado Municipal Water System - serving a town of 8,000

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

So .... is McSame paying Joementum to keep his ass out of hot water or what?

Dems Want HUD Secretary to Quit -- (WooHoo!!)

Economic troubles? Not here...

About my right-wing bush supporting fundie mother...

Primary spurs party changes

RE: "Passport-gate"

FINALLY - Clinton/Obama FEC reports

Wife of County Official Caught in Sex Sting

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Gave $8 Mil to Charity (they disclose their income taxes)

Senior Democrats fear suspicions that Obama shares Pastor's views will make him unelectable

Hypocritcal Obama campaign's latest smear of President Clinton

It use to be YES WE CAN for O suppprters on this forum, now it's

Breaking news from Iraq:

The Return of ..... Students for a Democratic Society

My most petty and catty post ever

Bill Maher' guests have been total CRAP

Star Explodes Halfway Across Universe

Independent UK: Water will be source of war unless world acts now, warns minister

Risk, Disaster, and Wall Street Windfalls

Has anyone heard those Circuit City radio ads, telling people to spend their rebate checks on TVs?

Wj this morning: Lambro from Washington Times on the passport breaches

another look into our wonderful fourth estate

British Writer denied entry into US on grounds of "moral turpitude"

Olbermann Today, HOLY COW!!!

spitzer caught in patriot act net

User Fees for Federal Lands: A Failed Experiment

Oil and Water: Can They Ever Mix?

People Get Ready

Her name was Stanley.

On a lighter note, Bill Richardson's beard looks pretty cool**nm

AlterNet: Calling B.S. on the Idea of 'Marijuana Addiction'

Dept. of Justice wants to buy pocketknives engraved with "Always Think Forfeiture"--is this a joke??

Urban Design: Why are sidewalks Flat in places where there can be snow, freezing rain, or ice?

The other "contractor" in the Passport "breaches"

John McCain’s Polish Moment, Iranian Style

14-Year-Old girl on the Bullhorn in Ohio; "Stop it!"...

My Gawd this photo just says it all (Ford, Sneer & Helen Thomas)--->

Holy week my grandmother always reminded us to remember the patriots who died for freedom from evil

AlterNet: How Generation X Got the Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything From Sucking

POLL: How Many DUers Have Already Cast Their Vote in a Primary or Caucus?

KunstlerCast - A weekly audio program about the tragic comedy of suburban sprawl

KunstlerCast - A weekly audio program about the tragic comedy of suburban sprawl

Pentagon Rules Out ADM Fallon Testimony To Congress

Patrick Cockburn: This is the war that started with lies, and continues with lie after lie after lie

Anonymous Republican Senator Places Hold On Top Justice Department Nominees»

China stays top of world road death list

Passport-Gate Company headed by adviser to Obama?

Bush Radio: "Easter beckons us homeward...We hold in our hearts our troops on the front lines..."

Grannies Shut Down Atlanta Recruiting Station

The Return of ..... Students for a Democratic Society

Germans lose their marbles crown

Oprah show sued over 'seat rush'

NOW and MOYERS tonight's line-up: Iraq Conflict in Numbers .... more

Water will be source of war unless world acts now, warns minister

A Catered Affair

5 years of war against nobody

PLS Explain this: Stanley Sen VP Sells 5825 Shares under prearranged trading plan:

Check out the American Family Association's online Poll of the Day.....

I watched a George Lopez show last night where George was mad at a neighbor

What's Usually IN Passport Files that Would Be of Such Interest? nt

Cyber Vigilantes Track Extremist Web Sites, Intelligence Experts Balk at Effort

China vows to crush freedom-seeking Tibetans

College Republicans: Some Kinda Stupid

"Always a pleasure to to do business with you!"

Look! I got the blood off.

How much "ameroscepticism" do you think we'd have to fight off from the right to further integrate

came across this post about Spitzer

came across this post about Spitzer

Climate Change? Been There, Done That (Book Review)

Climate Change? Been There, Done That (Book Review)

Climate Change? Been There, Done That (Book Review)

US Senate Votes to Increase Funding for Programs Under Violence Against Women Act

In NY, if Gov . Paterson is unable to finish his term, who becomes governor?

Here is what is in a Passport Application

When I die, I want to be a ballerina-Plastination reveals truths about us, welcome or not.

If Paterson Has To Resign, Too

LOL- Chris Wallace to FUX hosts: "2 hours of Obama-bashing is enough" and more!

sea swells getting stronger, higher , causing much damage

Aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia today

NORMAN LEAR on C-Span NOW . . . repeat from Wednesday

Opposition wins Taiwan presidential vote

Did you see the Obama pic at

Risk, Disaster, and Wall Street Windfalls

Wachovia economist: "Pain for the consumer will be most severe since 1991, possibly since '81-'82"

Sarkozy to pledge 1,000 more French troops for Afghanistan: report

OK, just curious....

Colombia's Rebels Face Possibility of Implosion--Chief Threat Not Deaths, but Desertion

AlterNet: How to Find Out if You Use Too Much Water

Starting now on CSpan - Norman Lear at the Take Back America conference

Holly strips off for shower photoshoot- but it's all for a good cause

Does Perot dislike McCain because of what Stockdale told him?

The more I think about it....

Pope blows off Condi

"It's well known..." and "It's widely reported..."

Why has it taken liberals so long to RENEW the crusade for liberty---???

Will Joe Lieberman be John McCain's Assisted Living Caretaker and Vice-President as They Bomb Iran?

"Pros and Cons" with Lucky Duckella (ToM the Dancing Bug 'TOON)

Coming up on CSpan - Jesse Jackson on ML King & Progressives w/ Taylor Branch


MRSA superbug reported at King County Jail

Man mugged while training for Army test

For the Record: I Did NOT Call the 3 A.M. Girl a Whore

Stephen Colbert -- World Water Day (Watch this!)

Well, I gave it my best shot....

McCain Exceeds Public Spending Cap

Guardian UK: A funny kind of Christian (George W. Bush)

Help, please. Yesterday I saw the most beautiful Pics of Afghanistan

Cheney assures Israel on security steps

Vermont Supreme Court To Decide If Prison Food Is Punishment

Taking Christ out of Christianity

I'm watching "Primary" the documentary about JFK and Hubert Humphrey in Wisconsin...

Are you a State Farm customer who hasn't filed your taxes yet? Free e-filing!

The Army's Telepathic Ray Gun- No Really

my 131 letter to the editor almost didn't get written.

delete wrong forum

Great Warren Buffett quote you can use against Republicans and other

Police: Couple broke into church to have sex

John McCain ad remixed

I Just Saw Today's Diesel Prices - Folks This Could Be Serious

Disaster Capitalism, Big Boy Bailout-ism, Feed the Beast-ism, Trickle Down-ism

Owner charged with felony after dog found dead in Omaha yard

Chomsky BBC's Francine Stock

I'm back (on a limited basis)

Here is a video that is not on youtube.

Book Details U.S. Pressure On Allies Before War

Money and McCain

As Iraq toll approaches 4,000 "war" widows have money problems. So sad

No Matter How You Slice It This Is AN EMPIRE and the Next CEO Won't Be Addressing That

Last Hope in a Weak Economy? Mom and Dad

Ohio's Jennifer Brunner America's first female President?

Legislated government hand-outs are laissez-fair capitalism.

Why Exxon won't produce more oil

128-mpg Kubota Diesel-Powered Sports Car

Today is World Water Day... What Will You Do?

Winter Soldiers Move Toward GI Resistance

Why did Great Society social programs become so strongly associated with African Americans?

These Little Feet

Song: Happy Birthday War! Great Video:

Holy crap! McCain wants to DOUBLE the Bush tax cuts!!

rate it up on yahoo " Thousands rally against Iraq war in New York "

Public school nurse sacked after son, 15, reports her for smacking his younger brother at home

Diplomat: BUSHCO 'Threatened, Spied On, Mocked & Punished' Countries That Did NOT Support Iraq War

surge update - 4 Americans Killed in Iraq

White House: Hard drives tossed

Blackwater is now Greystone

What is this election about?

FDA Issues Warning on Cantaloupes

is McCain acting like an elected president?

If Someone Can Access Passport Files Can They Also Add or Delete Information Contained In The File?


Were Karl Rove’s Emails Destroyed? - BY Scott Horton

Marine, Iraq dog reunited in San Diego

"The politics that sets to divide us than unite us, not this time there is too much at stake for

Franken in dead heat with Coleman

Which forum spends the most time bashing Dems? DU or Free Republic?

Drivers slow down their tractor-trailer rigs to save fuel

I would like to live in a place where there was at least three answers to every question.

On board the world's first 'gigayacht':


Hero mom smashes door to save senior

What is this election about?

Bill Moyers & Phil Donahoe -- watch the video

I Received in the Mail My Wallet Size *Domestic Partner* ID Card

So let it be written. So let it be done.

CA dept. of corrections say "oops" re: Sara Jane Olson

Beijing launches new anti-pest campaign

Anti-sealing vessel heading to East Coast Seal hunt - Canada

The Vietnam Syndrome (graphic) - NEVER forget

Jolie and Pitt give MILLIONS to charity

When Tradition and Taunts Collide: Gay Hockey Fans Criticize Garden

White House: Computer hard drives tossed

The woman behind the camera at Abu Ghraib.****HE CALLED IT THE CREMATORIUM****

A profile in courage: U.S. Rep Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, California...

Germany Warns China Olympics at Risk

Germany Warns China Olympics at Risk

Police: Obese relative may have crushed boy

Iraqi police say US kills Sunni allies

Iraqi police say US kills Sunni allies

NE/IA DUers: Monday & Tuesday on PBS: Frontline - bush**s War

Truckers Slowing Down to Save Fuel


I was just told "America love it or leave it"

Just a reminder....

DU THIS: A Chilling Word of Warning from a Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL)

"Progressive" Peddler of Overpriced Java "Starbucks"-Stealing from the Poor, Giving to the Richer

Would Obama supporters be happier if Hillary supporters just left DU for good? Just wondering...

Is Condi falling apart? Just saw her on Olbermann

Pastor arrested for attempted rape of adult relative.

Carville calls Richardson's endorsement an "act of betrayal."

Carville calls Richardson's endorsement an "act of betrayal."

Eternity News update: Bush/Cheney to be Nixon’s “roommates” in Hell

Hush-a-bye little one, never you weep....For we've got a toy that can put you to sleep

Hush-a-bye little one, never you weep....For we've got a toy that can put you to sleep

Pregnant woman's death by torture described

Edmund Burke and the War in Iraq = Bush “the worst of the worst” flawed presidents

Congressman Barney Frank explains his move to decriminalize weed

Someone needs to do a study on how much people spend with CASH

US press can't be bothered to discuss the death of any of our people in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Northwest DUers - re Pacific Northwest Salmon

A sorta 'Easter miracle' story --- Funny thing happened on the way to Wal-Mart

A good man has died.

1 in 3 British Kids say Winston Churchill first man to reach the Moon, 1 in 4 think he never existed

HEY! Can we get some Weapons Inspectors Over HERE?!

Check in here, if you want Al Gore to step up and run!!

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

Anyone here a socialist of any stripe?

Is the United States of America still a Superpower?

Bill Maher and his comments last night.

This Is a Kind of Political Demographics Sort of Question: How Old Is the Oldest Poster on DU?

Book TV Schedule: March 22nd - 24th

Article about Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK - may he be defeated in November!)

Why isn't anyone talking about this? A white guy inspired Wright

Editorial toon on Dick Cheney's "So?" to question about overwhelming public opposition to the war

Kathleen Soliah aka Sara Jane Olson ..... thoughts?

Someone needs to open a Counter-Bush Library

How long will people pay $3.00 plus a gallon for gas to

The World According to Monsanto - A Documentary That Americans Won’t Ever See

2 stories, Pg5 Local Paper - 'Teen dies after shock from Taser' & 'Trooper kills man who sprays him'

Why do so many DU posters not like teachers?

Former CIA No. 3 Official Foggo May Face New Corruption Charges

Polls show Barack Obama damaged by link to Reverend Jeremiah Wright

I am so scared that McCain will win a landslide.

McClatchy: Obama's church pushes controversial doctrines

Dying professor gives his "last lecture"

Drug Overdoses Deaths Are Going Through the Roof -- Is Anybody Watching?

8 Inches of snow, what month is it? Calgon take me away.

Fuck-you Pat Buchanan! You disgraceful bigot! ***warning--graphic pics*** ...yeah, slavery worked

Anti-war protest in NYC- Hands across 14 Street - River to River - photos

Please Don't Forget "Frontline" and "Bush's War" Monday Evening

Please Don't Forget "Frontline" and "Bush's War" Monday Evening

Jamie Lee Curtis: "Growing older means paring down to an essential version of yourself"

I'm gonna have a Fright Night movie night tonight.

Oh yeah....the moon is full!!

My height is 9 feet. What's yours?

Minister claims to hold Cheeto that looks like Jesus praying

Got a photobucket/etc account? post your album

I just tried to use the ignore function, but it is not working properly

Interesting Christian movie night

Dumb questions



Spring! earlier tonight

So, here's what I bought tonight.

Did the bar close early...?

K, I'm off and leaving too. See you all tomorrow *hugs*

I discovered some fun things today

Jeremy Paxman vs Richard (Prince of darkness) Perle coming up soon


I bit the head off a bat with John Lithgow...

cross posted to gd:p

It's official...Tampa sucks. Upset city.

I won a DUZY!!!! so why

For DU's cat lovers: "Simon's Cat-'cat-man-do'" and "Let me in"! (videos)

Good night lounge

Photos and graphics in the public domain POST 'EM HERE!

Bwahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What I found on Craigslist

Today I officially proved that I have NO self control.

Oh speak ole toothless wonder! A fart by any other name is......

So I am off...

If you have nothing of interest to say - come and sit by me!

Hmmmph... and I thought progressives were supposed to taste better.

Can't take it anymore

I loosely followed one of the Cleavage Chef's recipes tonight...

"I'll Take You There"

My IQ is .24, what's yours?

Mom claims "straw-shaped penises aren't fun"



Gun hidden in oven goes off, injures 2 boys

Bill Deal and the Rhondels - I´ve been hurt - 1969


Is Everyone In Bed??

Doing my part to spice up GD-P

Kinda funny military cadence video

Illinois shaped corn flake sold on ebay!

For thosse who like the Dixie Cups...

Southern Culture On The Skids fans: please help me identify this song!

Peep Show

Pharaoh Sanders - concert at Grace Cathedral, 1988 - Wow!!

How Alert Are You? Take the Awareness Test.

"Tainted Love" is the shittiest song I've ever heard.

For those who like the Dixie Chicks...

How Many Text Messages Does Your Cell Phone Hold (if you have one and text)

Stingray Kills Woman on Boat in Fla.

What type of birds are these?

AIDS research in crisis as 'miracle' vaccines actually INCREASE chance of catching virus

"Low post count" means...

so i step outside of my cabin tonight (i live in the ozarks)...

Web Article title of the day....

In honor of Easter

Meh, I'm Screwn

best "find me a job" web site?

Who's posting nekkid right now?

Aw nuts! "Jericho"'s been cancelled

I can play the guitar like a middle-aged white guy who's only played for a year

GD:P sends this with love

Love Client Number 9 - Spitzer Parody

DU Bracketology Leader Board

Holy crap!! At the end of the first round (NCAA), I am in FIRST PLACE!!

For those who like the Pixy Stix...


Hero mom smashes door to save senior

What is your favorite part of the day?

Fox films proof the surge is working

I'm going to Hardee's for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and you're not!

cat pic

Easter egg hunts gone terribly wrong

For Easter

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/22/2008)

EFF: Computers, Freedom, Privacy - and Policy

This cat HATES to get up in the morning...And Says So! (Hilarious!)

Honk if you love Blind Melon.

Because the Lounge is in desperate need of a push poll

THIS WEEK in review: White House Says It Destroyed Hard Drives = CREW v. EOP

Little MB may have meningitis....I think we are headed to the ER

Help. Totally confused re. which PPO health insurance to buy...

WTF of the day!!

A Jehovah's Witness just came to my door

Good vibes request, please.

Opinion of my 50 most played artists

Another "Best of" compilation: Drama Prairie Dog.

I need help in IDing a piece of music

Aren't they precious?!

What will be the highlight of the upcoming Democratic Convention in Denver

is cat vomit the most likely vomit to step in by surprise?

Is this funny, or am I just strange?

If gold were a hallucinogen, how much would it be selling for per ounce?

wvu beat

Anyone here like the 70's Progrock outfit "GOBLIN"?

I am getting a stimulus rebate and I only get Social Security

I just made my kittehs very happy!

Just bought a laptop. For work. To keep up with GD:P.

Question for any and all graphics folks.

So who here would date the preachers daughter/son?

Post something that explains a lot about you.

"Old" when referring to a person means...

Speaking of grammar. A flash movie takes a real question and answer from Yahoo answers

Post beautiful film music clips here.

I Think It Is Beverage Time

So my son knows the Brazilian Joke ROFL

Back from the ER with Little MB

Beautiful Day, Sun Is Shining, Warm, Few Clouds Anywhere, 66 deg

77 Reasons Why William Shatner Is Awesome

Red light cameras too good for their own good?

Now THAT'S what I call a virus infection.

My house is a royal effing mess, I'm exhausted, I'm hoping to leave on vacation tomorrow

I am opening up a $2.97 bottle of pinot grigio/chardonney mix, wish me luck

Have you ever had all the crack you wanted?

Who's wishing that Graywarrior was posting nekkid pics

kids , its spelled "naked" not "nekkid"

This Tuesday: The B-52s' first new album in 16 years, "Funplex"

kd lang did Hallelujah. How did I not know this? Her version has me in tears.

Figure Skating Fans: Worlds on ABC right now, Men's Short and Women's Finals

I am completely clueless about gaming, so I ask you: Where do you buy

Anyone know the name of the song in this video?

Should I join facebook?

WHY did the Dodgers switch to a right-wing radio station??


Playing with your food - as an art form

oh hai

Whatcha havin' for Easter dinner

Richard III - A critism

I just returned from the Metropolitan Opera live HD broadcast of "Tristan" in my local cinema

Futurama returns tomorrow!

I have a kitteh kat asleep on my lap and you don't.

Best Pink Floyd Song

How Many DUers Collect Coins?

whats a "forced" ignore?

Mom declares "Straws shaped like "Idaho, when you are drunk & squint your eyes a little" aren't fun"

self image...quite long

I am proud of myself for one thing today.

*The Wedding of Puerco-bellies and the lovely Ali!* (pic heavy)

Sergio Mendes, Brasi 66 band & Donovan --"First There is a Mountain"

Happy birthday, HEyHEY!!!

Baked ham with glazed apricots, scalloped potatoes with onion and tyme and heavy cream and cheddar c

I'm having a nicotine fit right now...

Thread for all American grammar geeks

CaliforniaPeggy pictures from me and Ali's wedding (Just 3)

Egg Dying Contest

Southern Culture On The Skids fans: I need your help AGAIN. Please help identify these two songs.

one of the most beautiful pieces of music

Anyone going to UltraFest (Miami)?

Happy Feet !!

Why is it that on the days you just want to crawl into

I just went into a coffee shop wearing a cowboy hat (disturbing graphic alert)

Oh, good, a thoroughly obnoxious cowboy-hat-wearing jackass has come into the coffee shop.

My Dear CaliforniaPeggy

I can play the guitar like a mother f*ckin riot!

Clinton's "Kitchen Sink" strategy has hobbled both Candidates. Party now forced to SELECT THE TICKET

Did anyone else watch Diane Sawyers 2hr special on prostitution?

Take the Star Trek personality test

I don't think this is a copy. I went to bed around 1am. Around 3am

What 80's Song Did You Like The Most?

My Mother is bringing me over a freezer full of elk meat tomorrow

People who speak/read Latin--help?

Need help! The songs on my iPod are all up in my house with disease (all three)!1!!

A Question Of Lust

Anyone seen Horton Hears a Who?

Cannot Turn Back The Years

I feel like Pee Wee Herman did when his bike got stolen.

Is wearing black to a wedding in bad taste?

Name a film in which Samuel Jackson does not appear.

Sorry lady, you can't jog here.

I thought regressives were tolerant, but I haven't seen much of that

I vastly overestimated my abilities this Semester. I cannot take 3 classes and work fulltime

Pat Buchanan: Slavery Best Thing Ever to Happen to Blacks

Happy birthday, dolo amber!

A little explanation of the Native American (Apache/Navajo) wedding ceremony. (Picture heavy)

The Truth About Money....

Human Rights Record of United States in 2007 = By James Secor

The backstabbers cry betrayal

The backstabbers cry betrayal

The backstabbers cry betrayal

The backstabbers cry betrayal

The backstabbers cry betrayal

The backstabbers cry betrayal

Obama ties economic woes to Iraq war

Gregoire approves Gold Star license plates for war dead parents

Ferraro: I am no Jeremiah Wright

Wright to deliver 3 sermons at Wheeler (Houston)

China ups death toll in Tibet riots


McCain’s Money Woes

Taiwan's Ma wins poll

Gitmo lawyer accuses U.S. soldiers of war crimes

Pentagon will not send Adm. Fallon to Congress on Iraq

President and CEO of firm involved in passport breach is Obama adviser

Chertoff: ID must comply to fly

Top court tackles Gitmo (Canada)

Pentagon won't include Fallon in Iraq hearing

Three U.S. soldiers die in Iraq, toll nears 4,000

(Sen.) Craig keeps promise to retire

US air strike kills six in Iraq (allied Awakening members at checkpoint)

Mukasey 'surprised' by scope of terrorist threats

Us ad bashes McCain as 'hero of France'

Passports probe focuses on worker: Contract worker with firm headed by Obama campaign adviser

Pension funds used for retirement offers

ISPs derail low-cost city Internet plans

No Admission for Evolutionary Biologist at Creationist Film

Britain and France to take nuclear power to the world

White House: Computer hard drives tossed

Sarah Jane Olsen re arrested

The full story behind Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9/11 sermon

self delete

Reverend Wright Weighs in on Passportgate

Bill Clinton Just Can’t Take a Pass on ‘Passportgate’

Chris Floyd: No Country for Old Men: The Reality of Iran in the Shadow of War

My oped confronting an anti-Obama oped, on religious arrogance and the use of hate

Why Obama Stands With His Church

Patrick Cockburn: This is the war that started with lies, and continues with lie after lie after lie

A New New Deal

New movie damns Monsanto's deadly sins

America was conned - who will pay?

America's New Racial Reality: White Minority Status

Venezuela Slams US in UN Terrorism Debate

Speech Translation --Shadi Hamid reflects on Obama's speech & ME-American relations

McCain busts the FEC's spending cap, violating campaign finance law by Joe Sudbay (DC)

Bush administration illegally examined Obama passport file

Bush, McCain “gaffes” on Iran echo Iraq war lies

IRAQ: Forbidden fields: Oil groups circle the prize of Iraq's vast reserves

Libby Disbarred

Canada Imports "School Choice" Ideology

Annus Horribilis (depleted uranium exposure, compliments of the U.S. Gov't)

The Old White Dude and the Kingdom of Farfelu

A Gracious Hillary Still Promises Bill Richardson a Cabinet Post

Will Rush Limbaugh Be Indicted for Voter Fraud? By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet.

The full story behind Wright’s “God Damn America” sermon

Resisting the Empire

Pat Buchanan's latest racist screed

Imprudent Curiosity

Veterans Administration Won't Help Soldiers Register to Vote

Shameless threats from Re-create 68

Tibetans' rage is directed not at communist rule, but the consumerist threat to their traditions ...

Bush's Alternate Reality By Dan Froomkin / WaPo

About the "Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq" By David Swanson

It's The War, Stupid! By Chris Gelken US Economic Crisis: Bush blames sub-prime loans, experts blame

A Report on Take Back America 2008 By Rob Kall

No War - No Warming - Blocking Traffic at American Petroleum Institute (VIDEO)By David Swanson

TYT: John McCain Promises Another Five Years of War in Iraq

Edwards Unlikely To Endorse....The Politico

Book Details U.S. Pressure On Allies Before War

Is the Iraq war vanishing from US view? (BBC)

As Iraq Toll Nears 4000 -- Bush Sees a "comma"

Steven Waldman / John Adams: God Damn America

Mark Myers The Silent Superiority: Why Florida and Michigan Superdelegates Should Not Be Seated

A Letter to my Daughter: We Tried to Stop This War

Why bottled water is good for the environment

Guardian UK: No diseases for old men

Book Details U.S. Pressure On Allies Before War: "Threatened reprisals...spied on...."



Barack Obama differentiates his policies from Hillary Clinton's in Salem, OR

KO's Worst Persons in the World for 3/21/08

The Great Pretender : Calling all ostriches...time to feed!

Rev. Wright sermon based on quotes from Reagan appointee

North American Union and VCHIP Truth

McCain’s Money Woes

Olbermann: McCain and Bush losing touch with reality

First a Tense Talk With Clinton, Then Richardson Backs Obama By ADAM NAGOURNEY and JEFF ZELENY

SwiftKids- The Pantsuit

Becoming a Force of Nature - from "The Forbidden Book Of Getting What Your Want" By JK Ellis

McCain's Spiritual Guide Racist Comments

Jeremiah Wright on His Relationship With Louis Farrakhan

How they (coporations & the government) bleep you

Obama TV Ad "Carry" Airing In Pennsylvania

Book Details U.S. Pressure On Allies Before War

Fox News Anchor Walks Off Set

Why Can't We Live Together (LIVE) - Joan Osborne

One Life

New Rules - 3/21/08

Bye, America

Chickenhawk meets his match in D.C.

Joe Scarborough doesn't understand exactly who is being bailed out because of risky behavior

American Beauty In A Post-9/11 World

TAXI TO THE DARKSIDE - Oscar Award Winning Documentary

Verdict: Beat The Press Mar. 21, 2008 (funnier than hell)

The Headzup/ GoLeft TV Week In Cartoons

American brothers accused of spying in Moscow

Rachel Maddow explains GOP double standard on preachers/pastors, Joe Scar proves it

Young Turks- Cenk Runs In To John Edwards (Almost Literally)

Insane in the McCain Brain

As Iraq Toll Nears 4000 -- Bush Sees a "comma"

Rachel Maddow on GOP song: "Why Should God Bless America?"

Whitewashing the Second Amendment / Mother Jones

Morality is grounded in nature not institutionalized religion.

The woman who nearly stopped the war By Martin Bright

Hannity Denies Association With White Supremacist

3/21/2008 | Bill Maher | Part One

Jobs, the Dollar, the Fed and the Next Great Depression By Jeanne Roberts

Did Obama channel Lincoln...or did his pastor? By Michael Lubin

New footage of Wright damning US

Bill Clinton, media shamed by white preacher

Raining McCain

BBC: Undercover filming near Tibet (Hezou, Amdo)

Independent UK: Water will be source of war unless world acts now, warns minister

Independent UK: Sea levels rising too fast for Thames Barrier

Sierra Club NYC report, "Sustainable Energy Independence for NYC"

AlterNet: The Folly of Turning Water Into Fuel

Air Force Plans to Switch Fuel for Coal (xpost from Veterans)

Renewable Energy Development Plan For 11th Five-Year Period Unveiled (China)

California project seen key to future U.S. wind power

All systems go for South Africa's nuclear reactor (pebble bed modular reactor)

CBS Report: "Suicides Seen Among Vets Treated By VA"

Overdose raises questions at Walter Reed

Firm to sell troubled base housing projects

Expert: Suspect in Ranger death was near gun

Arabs in U.S. still leery of Army recruiters

Lawyers argue over evidence in fragging trial

Sailor sought for questioning in cab driver stabbing

CG gets fresh start with new ships, aircraft

Fallon won’t be included in Iraq hearing

Winter urges shipbuilders to modernize

Japan sacks navy chief over scandals, crash

Forward-firing Osprey gun not a done deal

Military: Foreign fighters getting out of Iraq

A 54,000-strong Coast Guard?

Memo: DoD needs MRAP specifics

VA grants disability to waterboarded Navy vet

House wants details on (US) electrocutions in Iraq

Airmen misused tuition money

Analyst: Lawmakers do not trust Navy numbers

Pilot, plane not blamed in Okla. bomb drop

Clear Skies Group Intros TetraPort Solar Energy Carport System

Q&A: Global Solar VPs Dish Thin-Film Details

Democrats will have a booth at the MREA this year (energy fair)

BLM Works Out Deal With San Bernardino County on Future Solar And Wind Power Generating Stations

AlterNet: How to Find Out if You Use Too Much Water

Homebuyers take a shine to solar power

!!! BLM Offers Additional Time for Comment on Oil Shale Study !!!

Caribou (Maine) sets snowfall record (182.5 inches)

Arizona could lag behind other states in solar race

Regulator asks why Ariz. wind power is not tapped

Subaru shows off electric car

Kansas Governor Vetoes Bill to Revive 2 Coal-Fired Plants

Dumbass nuclear activists paid themselves 1 brazillion dollars out of Walmart funds in 2007.

Nuclear trade group (Nuclear Energy Institute) spent $1.3M lobbying (2007)

REBUTTAL: Peter Roche on nuclear power (Sunday Herald, UK)

Solar industry company talks about the new spray on solar cells.

New cyber command to comprise four wings

DoD wants to upgrade Minot AFB radar

Editorial: Above all, be forthright

New housing opens at Keesler

British opposition party hits U.S. missile defense

Gas prices on Pacific bases continue unprecedented climb

Vicenza’s tent city protesters stand firm

Marine is held in Naha on charges of counterfeiting

Okinawa sex shop made off-limits

Allied subsidiary pleads guilty in Iran deal

Sentence brings Aviano drug probe to close

How much does AAFES actually pay for a gallon of gasoline?

Resident concerns raised as air tests begin at Gricignano

USAFE: Fewer sex assaults in Europe – maybe

Air Force Plans to Switch Fuel for Coal

Man Accused of Posing As Veteran

Trial on CIA Rendition Resumes in Italy

Hepatitis Infections Tied to Ex-Nurse

Accidents kick-start revised motorcycle rules

Navy cuts Raytheon weapon

Today Is World Water Day... What Will You Do?

Large-scale production of solar panels planned (in metro Toledo)

Barack Obama and the History of Project Vote

US: CALIFORNIA $100 million tip for Starbucks servers

Judge rules that hospital interfered in union election

Union Reaches Last-Minute Deal That Averts Strike By Thousands of NYC Building Workers

Banks, Not Working Families, Are Prime Beneficiaries Of Sub-Prime Mortgage Bailouts

Delta Flight Attendants Will get A Union Election

AFL-CIO Federations in Kentucky, Oklahoma, Idaho Roll Out Endorsements for Congress

Today in labor history March 22

Cool labor site for the week of March 17, information about union-busting consultants

Labor joke for the week of March 17, 2008: Advice from Your Supervisor’s Guide

Boeing Workers Rally to Stop Bad Tanker Deal

ILO Says Decision Expanding Definition of Supervisors Violates Freedom of Association



How To Beat The Street (the old fashioned way)

Amsterdam's small currency shops stop taking dollars

housing bubble song and video

Federal Agencies Running on Fumes

The truth about coal.

Inflation Hits the Poor Hardest

The hypocrisy of the Boomer Cons

Ohio jobless rate falls, but so does employment

U.S.A: "insufficient evidence" to extradite Posada

Archbishop Romero anniversary on Easter Monday (28)

Book Details U.S. Pressure On Allies Before War

Peru Says Chavez Backs Domestic Revolt

I posted a while back that I had been voted VP of my school's GLBT Pride Alliance.

Anyone else find this hypocritical?

Me? I'd rather vote for Subcomandante Marcos...

Arab-Jewish youth soccer team to play in Spain peace tourney

5 Palestinian smugglers injured in tunnel collapse

Efrat settlement near Bethlehem to expand

Go vote for Joe -- just like the old days! :-)

The Big East...8 teams invited, 7 make it through...

UT Arlington was ahead 6 to 3. Thanks Buzz Click!

Any interest in a DU - Yahoo Sweet 16 Pool?

Duke looks like they're going down

Woo Pig Sooie - Hog Underground for the next 24 hours

Tribune wins Sun-Times music video contest about Wrigley Field naming rights.

N.Y. Giants raise ticket prices....The price of success!!

The Jach Rabbit Chess Report (March 21): Yifan takes Istanbul; Aronian leads in Nice

Richard Williams comment on Tracey Austin and Chris Evert

Anyone else looking at a blood red full moon tonight?

Poster at DU has asked for prayers

Has anyone here ever heard of Elizabeth Baron?

Larry King CNN UFO Disclosure

It's my 1,000th post--about Ego and Essence

I thought we had a cancer forum here

Do miracles ever occur?

A Third of Patients On Transplant List Are Not Eligible

4 Toxic Alerts

help with identifying onions?

Southern buttermilk biscuits....

Popular denominations and when the splitting occurred: Christianity versus Islam

Easter menu?

Back again. Been away for ages. Got new camera. Photo of cat.

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Any predictions on the SC decision?

Boomerang works in space: Japanese astronaut

Oops: Home invasion victim shoots, kills suspects

CA SoS Bowen Denies Application for Certification of ES&S Unity EMS/OpScan and AutoMARK

Transparency and Accountability are the Life Blood of a Democracy. "Andy Novick"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 3/21/2008

Is this "our" Diebold?

Election Reform and Related News...Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beautiful summary of Eyes Wide Open and Lourey's speech

How does Klobuchar feel about being used in Coleman's ad?

Michele Bachmann: Queen of Self-Promotion

Well, Obama has the right "enemy" in my neck of the woods

5th anniversay of Iraq war local events covered in Dallas Air America Newsletter

Sex offender is running for mayor in Dallas suburb

Houston - Wright to deliver 3 sermons at Wheeler

IE opens then immediately closes!

Caroline & Kids in PA

So Obama has $30 million in the bank and Hillary only $3 million.

So among former candidates Obama now has Richardson and Dodd!

A Must See Video - Father Michael Pfleger

Hey guys--My wonderful story of being thrown under the bus by DU HC supporters

Got a letter in today's Philly Inquirer re: Obama/Wright

Is OBAMA in your DU spell check?

NY: Planned Lawsuit Challenges Constitutionality of E-Vote Counting



BWAHAHAHA! Three OP's at once!

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KOEB Meeting 3/21/08 -- Si Se Puede, Gov. Richardson!

Berry did you see this about your new BFF, Jenny Brunner

Who are these people and what are they doing stealing our

Meet Keith Olbermann's Girlfriend, New York's Newest TV Reporter

I got dolo amber a 20-pack of Brewers tickets for her birthday.

I just joined the DPW, is anyone else a member?

Assembly seat opens up in Appleton

Doyle bans pay for disciplined Milwaukee cops

Lottery winner George Wass married to his sister Alice

Report: 32% of Prayers Deflected off Passing Satellites

Ruthless Attack Sets Atheism Back 7,000 Years....

what happens to a candidates General Election funds

WP, David Broder: The Real Value Of Obama's Speech

Donner Party Democrats: "As the snow piled high deep into March, the Dems turned on each other."

Obama invites Pennsylvanians to join the party: Asks GOP, Independents to register as Democrats

Report: On Easter Sunday, Obama will be on St. Thomas, not at United Church of Christ in Chicago

Democratic Donations Keep Pouring In, but for Clinton, There’s a Catch

Sniper Fire, and Holes In Clinton's Recollection

Clinton Sees Rise in Online Donations