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Polls suggest Obama rebounding from pastor flap

McCain's pastor a sharp contrast to Obama's

What's really important to you

Free (but valuable) advice for the Obama campaign

List of Media Sources Owned by Rupert Murdoch

List of Media Sources Owned by Rupert Murdoch

Changing your vote

Hillary Christ, Superstar, do you think you're who they say you are?

Before I go, I just have to say one thing:

Some more perspective

Is Passport-Gate an Obama Scam?

Seriously guys (and gals), STOP responding to Hillbot flamebait.

Karl Rove and the RNC are playing the Democrats for Fools, MSM is their Tool

AR POLL: Hillary loses to McCain in her home state (50-43)

visited Free Republic and DU is worse trashing dems

For I fear tomorrow they shall crucify me...

Blame yourselves Obama Posters for what's going down and throw in Hillary Supporters, too...

Every 5 Minutes -- Like Clockwork, A New Toxic Post From The Hillarites

There are pundits, PUNDITS, psuedo pundits and then the real pundits

It's a good thing not many of youse are real delegates at the convention

Do you guys think obama should pick gen. tony mcpeak as his vice presidnent?

Haunting Hillary Clinton's Dreams - Al, Jimmy & Nancy

TIME Magazine visits Obama's Chicago Church on Good Friday

The Ultimate Divide

See if I care - this makes me happy

********Video Evidence: Hillary Lies About Trip To Bosnia*********

********Video Evidence: Hillary Lies About Trip To Bosnia*********

********Video Evidence: Hillary Lies About Trip To Bosnia*********

********Video Evidence: Hillary Lies About Trip To Bosnia*********

DU wins first prize!!!!!!

A Little Machiavellian Thinking........

America's first "post racial" candidate is no longer that, he is Reverend Wright's candidate

So, Hillary can change Washington? (35% of Hillary's money in Feb came from Washington!)

Jack Kemp: Shawn I'm not going to keep coming on hear talking about this Wright thing

Who is Edward Peck?

If Rev. Jeremiah Wright were twins,

I think we're going to lose

The Polls, the Polls, they BURN!

Obama is up over $6 per share at since the speech

Obama is up over $6 per share at since the speech

Open Letter to John McCain

If "HE" endorses MINE "HE" is a GOOD guy if HE endorses YOURS

Dear Clinton supporters who won't vote for Obama in the GE..

If Hillary gives a damn about healthcare she might consider paying

Some Perspective

Anyone know why jlake got tombstoned?

The Need to Concede. Someone grab this domain!

So, if someone posts an article in the NY Times that is favorable to OBama you kick it.

My predicted 2008 primaries post-mortem

Edwards had 2 more years of Senate experience in 2004 than Obama...

An analogy to the the pro-Hillary spin on her Bosnia lie.

I Can't Help It. I Went Searching for Baby Kissin' Pictures (Obama, Hillary, and SURPRISE GUEST)

Texas Caucus Process Continues next Saturday

For the first time in my life, a president is stopping in my town!

Can you imagine if Al Gore endorsed Obama right now?

Clintons to face fraud trial

How Will Hillary's Bosnia "Whopper" Play in the Media?

Hal Turner: "Sean Hannity and I were friends, and he agrees with my views"

Regulation of banking and current crisis -- the loosening wasn't just under Reps but also CLINTON ..

3/22/08 USA Today - GALLUP Poll Shows Obama ahead of Clinton as does RASMUSSEN!

Hillary's Bosnia lie has proven she does not have the character to be President

FL And MI Message To 48 Other States Who Played Fair

Reality and Relevance.


Sunday News Show Lineup-3/22/08

NYT: Obama Race Speech Fuels Easter Sermons

A wee commentary on Obama's appeal.

I've had a loaded handgun against my head, am I qualified to be the Commander in Chief now?


FAQ: The passport breach: What exactly is in those records?

HALPERIN’S TAKE: Painful Things Hillary Clinton Knows — Or Should Know

regardless of who the

Bill Richardson knows a great leader when he sees one.

If Hillary wins the nomination....

MSNBC: "Barack Obama back on top of Hillary Clinton."

Hillary holding a child to use as a human shield to protect herself from the sniper as she runs

VERY thoughtful analysis on Obama's speech and race relations in the US

DU and The Real World

We Still Have a Month Until the Next Primary Vote!

Question: What else is Hillary lying about?

Let Hillary lose at her own pace.

What's the Big Deal about Bill's "Patriotism" comments?

Hilary's description of her trip to Bosnia in her book "Living History"

Congress' Magic Number

I'm using one of my three posts to say I'm on my way out to take my kids to see Horton Hears a Who.

Obama less than 2500 away from 2,000,000 donors!!!

August 27, 2008 Nightmare

As long as both candidates remain in the race it's futile to ask for the in-fighting to stop.

Happy Easter

To stay in at this point, Hillary needs a "mission"! And homage to "Hillary" is not a mission!

Sinbad Takes the High Road, Lets Hillary Be

It is time for us to come together

It is time for us to come together

A little help form DU's Obama followers, please?

IF Obama Wins The Nomination...

Traveling Press Pool Blog Links?

Each candidate's path to the presidency

Lets remember Buchanans Quote : "McCain ‘Will Make Cheney Look Like Gandhi’"

Morning show / MSM shift: Obama is nominee, Clinton fading (long shot), Dems taliking about McCain

Morning show / MSM shift: Obama is nominee, Clinton fading (long shot), Dems taliking about McCain

Morning show / MSM shift: Obama is nominee, Clinton fading (long shot), Dems taliking about McCain

Morning show / MSM shift: Obama is nominee, Clinton fading (long shot), Dems taliking about McCain

If Obama had made the "sniper fire" lie, his campaign would have been over.

Uri Avnery, former Israeli Knesset member on the US Election & Obama

Hillary World; A kiss from a little girl = Sniper Fire Washington Post

Should Obama offer Hillary VP position now?

Very bad poll news for Obama and the Dems (speech not working per Ras)

If HRC doesn't pull off a miracle, what can we expect from her inner circle in the GE?

Dowd: Carter, Gore and Pelosi will have the knives out for Hillary

Why the hell is HRC campaign $ going to "NC Child Support Collections" ($1,833.04)

I have not come to bury Clinton, but to praise him

Party time. Conversations at a liberal party.

W. Scott Thompson: Transcendent moment in US polls campaign

Rev. Wright Speeches - Profile of the man

By the time we get to November

I really thought we had a great shot at winning the POTUS......... But now

This Ad is in the San Fransisco Chronicle Print Edition Today Easter Sunday

delete please

Barack Obama is the nominee, the in-fighting needs to end, NOW. n/t

It's time for Biden to come out in support of Barack

Somebody call Jimmy Carter! The cease-fire has failed here.

Hilary Clinton is the bestest candidate becuase she does not give a crap!!!

nevermind, it is a glitch

Time to Move Forward

Obama: Exploitive and Wrong About Rev. Wright

I'm An Obama Supporter But Hillary is NOT Lying About Tuzla, She is Confabulating.

Setting foot in here is like crawling through Andy Dufresne's "river of shit".

Super D's and math


Ironically, had Clinton helped Kerry win in 2004

A Poll ABOUT Polls

Mods: Will the end of the primary be like the best day EVER for you?

Hillary Clinton's "experience"

Al Giordano suggests mass protests in Denver if election stolen ... link

Al Giordano suggests mass protests in Denver if election stolen ... link

Both arguments - "Big States" and "Popular Vote" - disenfranchise voters EN MASS

Even on Easter Sunday, the malcontents are with us!

Umm... There Was In Fact, One Dangerous Airport Experience For Bill & Hill !!!

Why Party Insiders Want to Nominate Obama - Bob Somerby Nailed It In January


For My First And Only Post Of The Day, I Just Want To Say ..........

Why so many attacks against both candidates on pro-Democratic sites ?

Obama's Eugene, Ore. rally live audio streaming now


A counteroffensive to Operation Let It Sink...

I heard the Gore as compromise candidate rumor again today.

Will Wall St. donations sway candidates?

I miss Bill Clinton

If Obama loses to Clinton, what should he do?

Ed Rendell's hypocrisy

Why did the Obama campaign give the Clinton/Wright pic to the NYTimes?

DNC agrees to seat MI and FL. 25 additional superdelegates endorse HRC

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/23/08 - Obama unchanged (44), Clinton down 1 (45)

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/23/08 - Obama unchanged (44), Clinton down 1 (45)

Too Intellectual To Be President? - By JOHN W. DEAN

consultant to Obama is the CEO whose employee snooped into passports

consultant to Obama is the CEO whose employee snooped into passports

Hey Obamabots suckers!!! Bill Richardson says Clinton Was Not Questioning Obama's Patriotism(video)

There's no more crap to say so about our candidates, so.....Go Hillary!!!!!!!!

GOP Lost The More Powerful Smear That Obama is a Muslim

Hillary: SD must not let him win the nomination

You People!

Devious media cover-up in passport security breach

A one picture summary of the farce that GD: P has become:

self delete, response not post

Rev. Wright: Burden of Proof

Actor, Kennedy daughter to join Clintons for Indiana stops (next week)

The answer to the civil war between the black candidate and the woman candidate?

Clinton Fares Poorly In Informal Poll - Berkeley CA

Watch this great, touching endorsement of Obama. Daniel Drinker has Downs Syndrome.

It's Far From Over.

New Obama Pastor Charges Rev. Wright Victim Of "LYNCHING"- Obamas speech fuled it !!

Hillary uses ***Little Girl as SHIELD from Sniper Fire?!?*** VIDEO!

Left Unspoken: The REAL Mind-Boggler

barack obama has ALREADY changed this country for the better.

Hillary was spot on... just 6 months too late

Of National Lies and Racial Amnesia: Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama, and the Audacity of Truth

Just say NO to Hillbots

Hillary supporters, why would you want to win via

ROFLMAO Obama/Hillary video

Who are these nutty Hillary Supporters (Website)

Why doesn't the media EVER mention that Obama is half white

Hillary: The New Queen of Mean?

Among unfounded allegations of Obama lying, get BANNED for pointing out lies by Clinton.

Among unfounded allegations of Obama lying, get BANNED for pointing out lies by Clinton.

Among unfounded allegations of Obama lying, get BANNED for pointing out lies by Clinton.

UFCW Local 1776 Endorses Obama

Lets be clear.. If Obama is Ahead in Popular Vote and Pledged Delegates.

Lets be clear.. If Obama is Ahead in Popular Vote and Pledged Delegates.

How many GDP threads do you report to the mods a day??

This sums it up about right. the middle of picture

I've had it!!!! This is supposed to be our year to kick some serious ass.

Mercerites! How's it going? We may have a brokered convention

E-mailing my Dad about Obama

Question for Hillary: Does Rush have a large audience in PA to help her win?

Nazi Hal Turner Acknowledges Friendship With Hannity

AFP - Pressure grows on Democrats to unite behind a candidate

McCain really needs to throw in the towel

Obama's hyped speech may produce backlash, refusal to renounce mentor/pastor Wright a factor

Third Post: Misc. for Anyone out of Posts: One Rule:

Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush - Kindred spirits in Voter Disenfranchisement

Painful Things Hillary Clinton Knows — Or Should Know

US Elections are a farce, designed for the rich and powerful to win - no-one else.

Breaking News! Bill Clinton's Peter Paul Court Date April 25, 2008!

What do you fear the most? (Poll)

Richardson Calls on Democrats to Unite and End `Bloodletting'

Name something a candidate you supported did that you dont agree with.

Is it now impossible for Hillary to win?

CNN Poll of Polls: (O) 49 (C) 43

Longing for an Obama of our own

Chief of firm involved in breach is Obama adviser

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Sunday March-23-2008

I'm an Obama supporter and I've heard Bill Clinton's stump speech..

An anonymous poster on kos says Hillary is thinking of dropping out and people here believe it, LOL

Are you a star bellied sneetch or a non star bellied sneetch?

Why do Hillary people think it is ok to say you were shot at when you were only at risk of being

Let it sink.

How Many Posters do you have on Ignore?

Pennsylvania political culture bodes well for Clinton

One Thing I have to thank DU for.

Shedding Light on the Richardson Endorsement

Humor time out!

Losing to the GOP once again

Your closed mind will be our defeat

Your closed mind will be our defeat

Why is Hillary Unreasonably Negative against Obama?

Hillary Clinton & the Late Reverend William Miller Have A Lot in Common: The Great Disappointment.

Hillary Clinton & the Late Reverend William Miller Have A Lot in Common: The Great Disappointment.

Sweeping generalizations about each other

Teresa Heinz Kerry: It's Pennsylvania's turn - vote for Obama

Why pass around a mass ignore list?

Ed Rendell: SD should overturn the ENTIRE primary based on "some SUSA polls"

Get a clue Obama supporters - the reason that there are not as many Hillary supporters posting now

I can find very few posts defending Hillary now.

ABC News Polling Unit on Clinton Pollster's Memo: 'Full of Overblown Claims'

Has the Ground Fallen out from Under Obama? I've been gone for a week, fill me in.

Two technichal questions 1) why big variance in PA polls 2) HRC as VP lose GE funds?

To DUers who will not vote for either Obama or Clinton in the general election:

Do you think HRC supporters actually WANT us to win in the fall?

Hilary supporters: Does it seem that the media is biased against her?

Hillary Clinton's Planned Attack on McCain - GE

Judas Richardson Does Nasty for Fox

If this was any other canidate other than a DAMN Clinton this primary would be OVER

The naivete of some DUers is amazing to me

The naivete of some DUers is amazing to me

THE MATH - Easter Sunday, March 23, - Just the Stats

Bill Richardson joins the movement

I'll burn a post on this one. A must read: "Inside Reaction from Latinos on Richardson"

Shall we rename GD: Primaries to GD: C.H.U.D.?

About a year ago Imus made racist comments about the Rutgers

About a year ago Imus made racist comments about the Rutgers

Correct Intrpret: Superdelegate, Senator Johnson, will honor Obama credo

Curious: did anyone hear a sermon about "race" relations today?

A long primary season is helpful to us in the fall

Rendell admits it's now impossible for Hillary to win popular vote and pledged delegates

Please DU watch HBO's John Adams Mini-series

Only Four Weeks Left For Hillary Clinton?

Time to THINK about something folks;

PRINCETON/GALLUP POLL - Very BAD poll NEWS for Hillary (Speech working- Obama Rebounds)

Could you admit that the opponent of your candidate did something constructive?

May I thank the Mods for a great job?

Blame yourselves, HRC supporters

I Am A True Disenfranchised Voter

The Method to Hillary's Madness

The Method to Hillary's Madness

Isn't it possible our primary system was designed assuming people would eventually drop out

Are you typical of your ethnicity?

NOT THIS TIME - the petition. PLEASE SIGN.

Have all the Clinton Supporters seen the video of her landing in Bosnia? It is worth watching

It was ours to lose.

Obama supporters IGNORE Clinton. she has lost. Focus on the GE.

What the HELL gives ANY of us the right to act this way?

Why aren't Hillary supporters more upset with HER?

Consultant spending saps Clinton campaign

----- OPEN THREAD --- Post what is on your mind --

So, has anyone in the press asked the Clinton campaign how they knew

Why this white, middle-aged woman feminist voted for Obama in our primary.

Obama begins ad blitz in Philadelphia

Obama begins ad blitz in Philadelphia

No One Can Justifiably Call for Hillary to Drop Out.

Streaming Live: Rev Wright's Easter Morning Sermon - Noon CST

Do We Need a Mandate to Make Hillary Pay Her Health Insurance Bills?

Primary process needs overhauled.


History will not look back kindly on the failure of the Clinton campaign.

What is Obama's position on reparations?

Not this time - let it sink - I'm all in.

Plan for superdelegate 'mini-convention' seeks to end Democrats' internal warfare

Has Hillary done her career long term damage?

when did the DU Obama/Clinton feud jump the shark?

Why I think Obama needs Hillary as VP

Anonymous Poll for Hillary supporters

Anonymous Poll for Hillary supporters

Teresa Heinz Kerry: It's Pennsylvania's turn - vote for Obama

Teresa Heinz Kerry: It's Pennsylvania's turn - vote for Obama's cover story has cast Bill Richardson as Judas.'s cover story has cast Bill Richardson as Judas.

HELP DIGG THIS! Hillary in Tuzla: The Tale of Bosnian Sniper Fire

The Clintons were Fantastic Until Hillary dared to run an assertive campaign.

Money Troubles in Denver

Get tickets to **Elton John** A New York Solo Consert in Support of *Hillary Clinton for President*

PART 2: Let's carefully examine the rationales for continuing this primary fight, shall we?

PART 1: Let's carefully examine the rationales for continuing this primary fight, shall we?

The Dehumanizing of Hillary Clinton

Video Documenting Hillary's Courage Under Sniper Fire & Her Recounting Of The Gripping Tale

Video Documenting Hillary's Courage Under Sniper Fire & Her Recounting Of The Gripping Tale

An explanation for Clinton Supporters.

Why Obama has still not clinched it: Rigged Primaries and a Complicit Media

Why Obama has still not clinched it: Rigged Primaries and a Complicit Media

Obama Loses Big to McCain in Rasmussen Poll; Clinton Not So Much

OMG!!! It's an Obamamiracle!!!

What Latinos are saying about Bill Richardson: A traitor to them

What Latinos are saying about Bill Richardson: A traitor to them

Hillary surges into the lead in Rasmussen's Daily Tracking Poll 46-44, Obama favorable rating 46%

If Obama is the nominee, there will be an * by his name -- just like Bush

If Obama is the nominee, there will be an * by his name -- just like Bush

Obama's Tony McPeak on Iraq- "We'll be there a century, hopefully. If it works right."

to all of you Obama supporters , why not explain yourselves ?

How About We Take The Let It Sink Movement To A New Level

Lieberman handed us our YouTube treasure on McCain - whispers to Correct McCain on Al Qaeda and Iran

GOODBYE TO ALL THAT - From a white woman Obama supporter

Richardson says Clinton running gutter campaign.

The Day Hillary Clinton Knew She Had Lost - HuffPo

The Day Hillary Clinton Knew She Had Lost - HuffPo

The Day Hillary Clinton Knew She Had Lost - HuffPo

Indiana County-level Projections based on Demographic Characteristics

Florida KNEW they could lose ALL their delegates if they voted yes to move the primary.

Florida KNEW they could lose ALL their delegates if they voted yes to move the primary.

I am haunted by the photos of Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. laughing and doing projects together

GD-P POLL: Let it sink? Or not? Or what?

Barack's Political Mentor in Illinois at Center of Ethics Spat and Blocking Corruption Reform

Obama superdelegate wavering, Senator Johnson may switch to Clinton

Obama's Neoconservative Foreign Policy Agenda

Obama's Neoconservative Foreign Policy Agenda

Hillary's Amazing Adventures in Bosnia (corraborated by First Lady schedule)

The 'fact check' from the WaPo On Clinton's Bosnia trip is bullshit

For the Record: I Did NOT Call the 3 A.M. Girl a Whore

Throwback Poll

One Nation

Donner Party Democrats

Sunday’s Breakfast Menu, March 23

How Many DUers Collect Coins?

"If you want more of the same, vote for John McCain."

McCain’s Gaffes Reflect Bush’s Iran-Qaeda Myth

The unsung heroes of Iraq war coverage

surge update - 6 killed by U.S. copter may have been allies

U.S. Pushed Allies on Iraq, Diplomat Writes

U.S. Pushed Allies on Iraq, Diplomat Writes

Eve of Easter...4,000 Dead and Bruuuuuce...sings about Long Ago...

Eve of Easter...4,000 Dead and Bruuuuuce...sings about Long Ago...

Bailouts for Wall Street...What About Main Street?

Hells's Angels turn 60--and a poem by Allen Ginsberg

Am I being just a bit too sensitive?

Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Paisley and all the other RW preachers...

"Is That All There Is"

Well, I think a found a church we can all go to (except the GDP people...)

How come Easter is so much earlier than Passover in 2008?

Rascism: A personal perspective

Roger Stone told FBI of alleged Spitzer sexscapades

John Edwards For DNC Chairman

Money for thought

Greg Mitchell At The Unsung Heroes Of Iraq War Coverage

how to read the WSJ online for free

Baghdad's Green Zone hit by barrage of blasts

Baghdad's Green Zone hit by barrage of blasts

Why do the Republicans REALLY, REALLY want to run against Clinton instead of Obama?

Watching John Adams makes me want to move to New England

Playin the black man's blues

DU Straw Poll 03-23-08

So is displaying or wearing of flags/flag pins OK even if made in China?

This Whole "Race" Thing Got Me Thinking

Family Research Council: Export Gays from the US

I'm in the tank for Senator Obama, but....

Happy Easter. Science News = The Resurrection of Jesus Christ a big LIE? Drug fooled Romans!

Can you imagine a live debate between Obama and McCain?

2 US coalition soldiers killed in Afghanistan

It's been 44 years since a democrat got more than 50.1% of the popular vote

WJ this morning: David Gushee

An Example of Disgusting Sexism against Sentator Clinton

How they voted- the top candidates for Pres

How they voted- the top candidates for Pres

Reward Offered After Churches Vandalized in several (three) towns

Disabled pregnant woman used as target practice (died after weeks of abuse)

Congress Can Use This For Impeachment!

McCane trip must leave them Foreign Leaders/Staff laughing on the Floor. ".ANOTHER ONE?"

Bad Blood? Old units might be substandard

It pays to play nice, Harvard study says

Should all SuperDelgates be forced to vote the way their States did?

Sunday Talk Shows. - "Sen. Hagel on the Future of the GOP" (LOL!) & the Iraq War

Top Obama Advisor Behind Latest Obama Scandal of PassportGate

China puts out its Tibet version - accuse the Dalai Lama of orchestrating the riots

Democrats look for legislative gains

Generating electricity from rain

Green Zone under fire as at least five die in Mosul attack

OK DUers in case you didn't know it

War veterans take to front line of politics

NYT: McCain's soothing tones in trip abroad

BREAKING: Obama Supporters At Democratic Underground Say: "Not This Time!"

Perhaps the best Opening Post in DU history: "Bin Laden is Dead"

Is Jeremiah Wright Responsible for Any Deaths? Bush and Cheney are Responsible for One Million!

Desalination gets a serious look

And a Joyous Morning to everyone on DU.

EU parliament Pres. says Olympics boycott should be considered

EU parliament Pres. says Olympics boycott should be considered

Once again, not by popular demand, I present: Holiday Characters Exposed-Easter Bunny

Bush-Does NOT Understand The Meaning Of Easter-So-How Can He Call Himself A Christian?

A picket line no one should cross.

A picket line no one should cross.

Exxon Mobil's tax bill

Commando who fought off 70 Taliban in Afghanistan is honoured in secret

Colo. man accused of posing as veteran

ATF = Always Think Forfeiture

OPEC chief sees oil at $80-$110 for rest of 2008

Happy Easter

Drilling for oil to start in Falkland Islands

Truckers protest diesel prices

Truckers protest diesel prices

The Crematorium at Abu Ghraib- The woman who took the pictures

The Crematorium at Abu Ghraib- The woman who took the pictures

* Gutting Endangered Species Act

Takin off my boots, layin down my gun

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Foreclosure bus tours coming to Greater Cleveland

Web host suspends site planned for anti-Koran film

a lawyer for Republican political operative Roger Stone sent a letter to the FBI alleging that

The Army's manpower squeeze

Food worker at Hicksville pizzeria has typhoid fever

Only way to stop the "season" now is for superdelegates to endorse Obama (or Hillary get out)

What would google be doing driving by here with an antenna on their auto

Free by Error, Ex-Radical Back in Prison

Easter Bunny not coming this year....

Newsweek: One thing missing from Saddam's files - no reference to Bush Sr. assassination plot

The Republican Right's Moonie Problem

McCain and the Keating 5 - How much dirt is out there

Short observation on BookTV on CSPAN2

Psst, wasn't it said Jeb Crow Shrub had affairs with State employees while married?!

Lindsey Graham on Face the Nation ...

another large city gets damaged by tornado and hail - Buenos Aires

From stew to fashion accessory: A dog's life in China

A different take on Easter . . .

A different take on Easter . . .

Economic woes in Indiana: foreclosures greater than housing starts.

C’est chic: Nicolas Sarkozy's 'babes’ sashay into town

4,000 to lose homes to Vladimir Putin’s Winter Olympics

Japan's Okinawans rally against U.S. military crimes.....Everyone protesting but us?

R-W Talking Points About "Yesterday's News" and "Nothing New"

Pat Buchanan cancels annual celebration of Hitler’s birthday

eBay auction: I worked for Mike Moore & all I got was a SIGNED BOOK?!

Be sure to watch "BUSH'S WAR" on PBS Monday night - new revelations

Bush Gutting The Endangered Species Act

Your guess for October Surprise!

Was Stalin a socialist?

Everyone's worst nightmare - Woman on Toilet Attacked by Rat

How did we allow criticism to be equated with hate and treason?

Evidence disappears from rape kit of woman who claimed that KBR contractors raped her

Steer clear of Iran central bank, says US

Semper Fi Memorial Hummer (from 2006 with photos)


This has been posted before, but it is worth posting again (end this war)

Peru Says Chavez Backs Domestic Revolt

Such extravagant waste - $200M yacht, complete with garden, tennis court, swimming pool

OK, let's not ruin our Easter holiday by talking about Iraq, shall we?

Britain and France to take nuclear power to the world

Cease Fire everybody.. Happy Easter

Today is the 25th anniversary of Reagan's 'Star Wars' proposal

"Bush's War" will be on Frontline on Monday and Tuesday.

Candidate changes his name to "Pro-Life"

Addiction to internet 'is an illness'

Hawaii Hospital Turns Away Horse Visitor

While the US military is in Iraq, why not use it to enforce equal rights for women?

The Constitution says, "No ex post facto law ... shall be passed".

John McCain shakes GHW Bush's ........ WTF? Has his eye on the Prize?

Hillary discussed a "graceful exit" with Dem bigwigs this weekend?

Secretary-Treasurer Trumka: Here’s What Ails Corporate America

Hagel: A Defense Of The Surge That ‘Dismisses’ Over ‘900 Dead Americans’ Is Wrong»

Dutch fear attacks over Islam film

Where is the Jewish diaspora?

Lieberman is McCain's bipartisan wingman - Politico

Researchers Develop The Self-Healing Rubber

Photo: "President George W. Bush tries to quieten the audience as he is introduced to speak"

surge update - Happy Easter - At Least 51 Die in Attacks Across Iraq

Even the wealthy are affected by this foreclosure nightmare

Death Star Stormtroopers spotted in New Mexico desert

Vermont inmates call food foul, sue over it

The Chinese Say Pelosi Is Bad Tempered Because Of Her View On Tibet

Happy Pagan Fertility Symbol Day!

Qwest To Workers: Pee In A Urinal Bag

Five Surgeries, Two Purple Hearts and Still Fighting for VA Benefits

Time to spy on your neighbors

A quote worth remembering - especially in these times

White Supremacist Hal Turner - "Sean Hannity & Me"

Sweden: How much of a monthly allotment do people on disability get?

What to Expect in Embassy Baghdad: Duck and cover!

WOW! 60 Percent of Marianas in Foreclosure

Statehouses Often Look Like Frat Houses

Bush - in league with evil (pic)

Cross post from the lounge - custom make road signs

"Bush's War", a 2-part series set to air on PBS this week. I wonder

Anti-Imperialists, can you feel the tide?

Scott Horton: Were Karl Rove’s Emails Destroyed?

How do we the people get rid of companies like Blackwater Worldwide?

New right wing argument is difficult to counter.

Comparing LBJ to GWB Toon It isn't on line so I recreated it

The War on Easter and destruction of America

Grover Norquist on CNN - Vicious Right Wing partisan whore

Hard Drives To Hell: 'The Audacity of Nope'

Happy Easter Freepers

Democrats Making Big Inroads In Party Identification

Spy cameras to watch you in your own living room. WTF?

The Coming Failure of the Social Safety Net

I see the Right Reverend of Chicago is preaching in Tampa

CNN: Rosensweig: "War not good for economy."

What are YOUR words? Words that make you instantly change the channel

Why the fuck are we still in Iraq? Because I REALLY WANNA KNOW!

ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

Kill your GF after abusing her? 4 years in jail....

So...what did the Easter Bunny Bring you?

US deaths in Iraq approach 4,000. Roadside bomb killed three American soldiers north of Baghdad

Live Blog with Charlie Brown, Candidate Ca-04

Things are looking up -- at the pawn shop - 60% annual interest rate. ACK!

Give and Be Happy

GOP attacking and distorting, because they CAN'T win on issues

McCain: "I LEARNED from Keating 5 case," compares it to his POW years

President Robert Mugabe 'raises the dead' to secure electoral victory in Zimbabwe

Conservative Blogger SHOCKS Nation, GOP, Joins Reality-based World


Get Your Tom Tomorrow Toon!! - NeoCon Game Show with your host Richard Perle

Paying the Piper: The Bodies and Bills are Piling Up

Larisa Alexandrovna: "And Then A Plank Of Reason Broke..." The Crematorium Of Abu Ghraib

Where is the Arab diaspora?

Cats & Dogs allowed to visit patient at hospital but not horse.

Student walkout protests war (Hundred exit classes at Millersville University)

CT paper reconsiders its 2006 endorsement of Lieberman - "We wonder what happened to the senator"

Pre-Collapse Photos Show Bends on (Minneapolis)Bridge

At least 51 more killed in Iraq today after Cheney and McCain visit...

John O. Brennan, CEO of the Passportgate Company is a major SPOOK

Sometimes, people do amazingly wonderful things

I Just Got Back From GD:P

Why gorgeous girls are happier with plain guys

Happy Ostara/Easter DU

Male synchronized swimmer barred from olympics. Aquamaids will compete w/o him

"She didn't deserve to die the way she did", This could have been prevented.

The Crucifixion of Christ, American Style

Hagel should give a speech in Denver

Building a Movement to End the Occupation of Iraq

Easter services attendance, this morning or last night?

Oil found in the Falkland Islands

hot spring break pic....

General Election.. worst case scenario

Paultards to form private, gated "Paulian Communities" based on teaching of L. Ron Paul- NOT Satire!

Paultards to form private, gated "Paulian Communities" based on teaching of L. Ron Paul- NOT Satire!

Interesting post from

Hannity's Nazi friend angry that Hannity denied relationship

John Pilger - The War on Democracy

Why do we as Americans assume that Democracy and unbridled

Cross-posting is normally evil, but: Happy Easter!

Connecticut Newspaper Apologizes For '06 Lieberman Endorsement

Jesus sure shows up in the damnest places

The End of America: Naomi Wolf - Video.

Is there a timeline on the Bosnia story?

Who is to blame for these unbelievable "primary" mood swings?

The right wing religion industry has destroyed my family and destroyed my brother's life as well

If we lose to McCain, it will be thanks to Obama's supporters

Barack Obama: Toxic Mentors Start to Corrode

Pay too much and you could raise the (homeland security) alarm - this is getting nuts

Woman, 57, thought she had cancer - until doctors told her she was 30 weeks pregnant.

This is Hillary Rodham Clinton

E&P: 5 Years Ago - Why Was Public So Misinformed On FActs Leading To War?

Who here has heard of Emil Jones?

McCain's ties to Airbus could cost him votes in Kansas

Attempts to cover for Hillary are showing that she intentionally misstated her positions

Freedom=Separation of Church & State

Memo: To Pennsylvania, et. al. - 'Hillary's NAFTA Lies' - The Nation

How to Become a Concentration Camp Guard Without Even Trying

PBS Bill Moyers Journal - "Body of War" - Movie & Music Album out now!

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of March 23rd 2008 - Ireland

Heads Up! Warning! Danger! - "Iraq Veterans for Congress" are all rethugs!

Big Prize Offered for Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

CIA studied Jesse Ventura's candidacy / CIA operating within state governments

Is Lou Dobbs a racist?

Don't miss Bill Moyers this week!

Where is the European diaspora?

"If the real Jesus Christ were to stand up today, he'd be gunned down cold by the CIA."

GOP slimeball initiated Spitzer hit job, er, 'investigation'

Remember Siegelman??

My RW Fundie mother has had a change of heart!

Rep. Frank says he’ll file bill to legalize marijuana

Notrious rethug "political hit man" tipped FBI off on Spitzer

Some Knowledgeable Person Tell Me Why South Africa Gave Up The Bomb

6 killed by U.S. copter may have been allies + 4 US Soldiers, 12 Iraqi's killed

The Man Who Saved the World by Doing Nothing

Geckos? Spy for sticky situations

hey you young'uns.. Economic expert says you may need to "delay" retirement until age 75

Top 100 World Ecnomies – 51 are Corporations

Jamie Lee Curtis: 'I'm posing topless at 50 'to show older women they can still be beautiful'

I'm listening. Without mentioning Hillary Clinton: "Why should Obama be our nominee?"

FIRST TOPIC OF THE NEW GD:P = How To Best Attack McCain!

FIRST TOPIC OF THE NEW GD:P = How To Best Attack McCain!


Controversial Author And His Book Begin National Tour Defying Some Officials Protest

Have you ever had all the smack you wanted?

Number 7

"A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets."

Maybe the problem with my enemas is that they're too much like me.

i just baked a batch of hash brownies and the house smells wonderful

Wonder what they were drinking?

Artist ties up dog in gallery, let's it starve to death while gallery goers watch (warning: graphic)

Sunday Morning

On my deathbed, while the tv is on in another room, I will be forced to hear

I'm starting 3rd Rock From The Sun from the first episode.

Endless rain. Fall on my heart....

I want to go bed so badly right now it hurts,

When Insults Had Class (maybe we should post this in GDP)

Foundation for a Better Life = DO NOT WANT

Blue Öyster Cult's "Imaginos" has been re-released on CD!

I got into a heated debate about the Journey song "Faithfully,"

she's worried about the jack hammers....

Have you ever left a FINGER TIP at a restaurant?

Do you like Cappy Cot threads?

Lyrics guessing game. Post some random bits of songs and we'll see who knows what.

Maybe the problem with my enemies is that they're too much like me.

People are suddenly being nice to me again.

Do you copycat Like threads?

People are suddenly being confrontational dicks to me again

i heard a funny joke on the radio while driving through mississippi last night

looks like I'll be traveling soon -- and I'm trying not to have an anxiety attack

Do you like catcopy threads?

A question about dogs and seizures...

i just baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies and the house smells wonderful

Off to bed. Love ya, gang!

A funny thing happened during some political activism today.

This always brings tears to my eyes..

Lucky Drink

I dunno, it is funny to me

Happy Easter! I love you

board, board, board, board, board

Arthur Clarke was a giant, wasn't he.

the neighbors behind me started to skeeving their dog out at night.

What are you doing for Dyngus Day?

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored...

I just bought one of those Klick Klack futons

Tryin to walk a straight line

Have you ever left NO TIP at a restaurant?

Anyone want to see my "artsy poses" pictures from when i used to model for men's

Name of a rock song from the late 90's

Was drunk earlier but did I wish everyone Happy Easter?

Happy Brit Satan Hippity Hoppity!

Poll: Someone threatens you by PM. What should happen to them?

I just love the TimeLife music compilation infomercials!

It looks like another flame out in progress in GD-P

Wait... GD:P still exists?

robot quadruped thingy...your DARPA dollars at work

Hey, is Weeds a good show? I can watch Season One on Netflix online

"Remove Me From Your Rooster!"

An Easter Video gift. Christianity is not my faith...exactly.

Check-in if you are Working Easter!

Ok, What's the BEST Candy in the World?

hey! du lounge! just so you know...

I know it was state of the art at the time but "The Ten Commandments" movie

who remembers this concept? a "long distance" phone call?

One of these days I will post

Mass rocks!

Have you ever noticed...

Note to self...

Happy Easter all.

Happy humping bunny day!

I give you this because I love the Lounge

Peep Show

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/22/08

For those who celebrate it

Puppy love (Cute graphics warning)

Yearly PSA-Avoiding tick bites. Avoiding skeeter bites.

If it's longer than it's wide, then it's phallic.

Can you paint lacquered furniture?

Sunday Girl and Yogi now have their presents from the Easter Bunny.

the neighbors behind me started leaving their blog out at night.

What's for Sunday dinner? Are you having a holiday meal today?

Need Lounge vibes - we're leaving tomorrow for Montreal

Leporines of DU, check in here. This is our day, Happy Easter!!

Playin the black man's blues

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/23/2008)

Usenet service providers: suggestions?

Here's one for you to enjoy @ F11 ~

Peeps on a cat

I'd like to recommend an excellent site. Free documentaries!

Do you all know you can watch full episodes of Star Trek at

Our high temperature was 92 today.

I may have a chance to work in Seattle!

Lost in the rain In Juarez........

Sounds from Jupiter:

The Pinocchio Test

Easter Tradition in our family: Watching movie "Harvey" about the six foot rabbit

The neighbors next to me keep leaving their logs out at night.

"Easter Parade" on TCM now.

The new GEICO commercial with Mrs. Butterworth absolutely slays

Jim Nabors defied me and started leaving his hog out at night

Computer question: Can I remove multiple instances of iTunes, Java Runtime Environment?

Prehistoric trilobites struggle with modern packaging.

uhm ....

What's cheap and easy that I should make for dinner tonight?

Hey - my OP made it to the Front Page. First time ever!

About how much we are worth.?

What 80 Songs Did You Like The Most?

LOL!!! Happy Easter!!!

the neighbors behind me started to leaving their dog out at night.

Wheelchair Rugby - I think I'm going to start attending matches

I just posted a thread in GD:P for the first time...

Any stores open today?

My house is presentable, my sermon is delivered (and well-received, which is nice)

Happy Easter, Lounge!

Anyone notice that all three NCAA Games on right now are two point games?

Sitar hero

Leopleurodons of DU, check in.

I had to leave the easter celebration early cause my med makes me feel sick

Did KG call the cops yet?

Now I'm in the mood for Baked Ham and Scalloped Potatoes........

Coin collectors? Have a bunch of foreign coins and need

the neighbors behind me started to leaving their god out at night.

My first and last trash talk thread about DU brackets...

Police bust party in man's pants

Still my favorite Easter smilie....

I absolutely hate men who cry at sunsets & want to spend their evenings whispering sweet nothings...

Who says GDP has no sense of humor?

Well, I just got fucked by Snapple Beverages.

Look at this ad I saw on DU...

Anyone a fan of the Bolthouse Farms brand juices and smoothies?

Art or Insult? Art on Trial

Think You are a good mechanic?

Think You are a good mechanic?

awwww cute doggie pic

Quiseira consejo sobre mole

Hunting Easter Eggs, Western NC Style.

Yeah, like a mummy's inscription and a bat wing tongue...

I hate easter, especially because of this.

I hate easter, especially because of this.

Ghirardelli Velvet Scout 1994 - 2008

Reconditioned Daisy® Red Ryder® BB Gun Kit.

Here is a picture for

who's watching NCAA men's BB tournament

Futurama - 4 new episodes on Comedy Central 8 pm edt

Just in case you ever wanted to know - a website to show how many cannibals your body could feed

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/23/08 (this one's personal and was hell to post; read it!)

There's been a "little Viggo" sighting in the Finnfan/SarahBelle household.

Is it Easter Sunday or something?

I bared my soul in GD about my brothers religious fundamentalism

Okay..I admit it, I am now addicted to "Guitar Hero"....

Your Sunday lolcats

The Easter Feast is over.

Very freaky: Not your father's Imperial Walkers....

Zing! Went the strings of my heart!!

Are you looking to buy some pens??? real web site...very strange address

On the fifth anniversary of the Invasion - photos from Anchorage

The Sex and the City movie trailer :)

The SPF 50 did not work today.

What? No dinner thread yet?

Ali and me are off to Nevada and parts east.

I WON'T grow up. I just wanna go and moon.

20 great artists that never made it to 30

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/23/08

Thank goodness for George W. Bush.....

The Forbidden Kingdom - new kung fu epic, coming next month

I need someone older than me* to explain a slang term

State bird copycat thread.

Tell me about how you found the Lounge...

I absolutely loathe stoneage men.... and this is just another reason why

I absolutely loathe stoneage men.... and this is just another reason why

Well, I just got fucked by Apple Computer.

For the physics lovers and physics-phobes alike

Beach man told FBI of alleged Spitzer sexscapades

Group Studying + Booze = No work done!

I absolutely loathe teenage boys.... and this is just another reason why

Torchwood! Check in!

So I leave for Asheville, NC tomorrow

This Always Gives Me Tears In My Eyes

Stuff White People Like

Picture of me at a Bustop in a Korean farming city not 15 hours ago...

I hate Sundays

Potato chips and salt

So.... what are you listening to?

Tell me about your homeworld, Usul.

So far, nearly 3 million hits on youtube for Obama's speech. Watch for his #s to rise even higher.

Jason Leopold: Fired US Attorney Iglesias Details GOP Effort to 'Cage' Votes

Anyone want to see my skiing pictures from die Schweiz? (Switzerland)

Ok folks - let's have fun with this one

Does Hillary Clinton support the neoconservative manifesto the Project for the New American Century?

Farmington site to be tested for toxic vapors (Diebold)

Book Details U.S. Pressure On Allies Before War: "Threatened reprisals...spied on...."

Democrat says he's 'most godly' candidate for (Montana) governor

Freed SLA member Olson arrested again

Sex offender is running for mayor in Dallas suburb

Taiwan President-Elect Urges Closer Ties to Mainland

U.S. Deaths in Iraq Approach 4,000

Peru Blames Eradication of Poverty on Chavez

NYT: Obama race speech fuels Easter sermons

(Rep Steve) King Continues to Defend Obama Comment (terrorists would view Obama as their savior)

Democrats look for legislative gains

NYT: McCain's soothing tones in trip abroad

Musharraf Hails Democracy in Pakistan

Ecuador Warns of New Colombia Tensions

Falling oil production a challenge for Venezuelan leader

FDA Issues Warning on Cantaloupes

Pakistan to meet militants

Cheney Meets With Israelis and Palestinians

Pope baptizes prominent Italian Muslim

Wis. mom believes son was victim of Iraqi war; Army unsure

Kansas Governor Sebelius Vetoes Bill to Revive 2 Coal-Fired Plants

Japan's Okinawans rally against U.S. military crimes

Since '01, Guarding Species Is Harder -Endangered Listings Drop Under Bush

Iraqi Officials: Iran Shells Kurdish Villages in Northern Iraq

Cheney Issues Strong Defense Of Israel

Stalwart Service for U.S. in Iraq Is Not Enough to Gain Green Card

Mortgage crisis spurs second look at consumer protection law

US wants Britain to lead 'surge' in southern Iraq

Democrats Making Big Inroads in Party Identificaton (Pew: "Decidedly Larger Margin")

Pope Benedict makes an Easter Sunday plea for peace

Russian TV Chief Is Shot Dead in Dagestan Region, RIA Says

Mother fights Army over son's death

Democrats demand 'straight talk' on Iraq

Colombia defends hitting 'terror' camp in Ecuador

Iraq's oil ministry invites companies to bid on oil, gas development projects

At Oil Firm (PDVSA), Signs Of Trouble

Pre-Collapse Photos Show Bends on Bridge (I-35 Minn 13 dead)

42 die in series of attacks across Iraq

U.S. drug informant goes from pinstripes to prison stripes

Baghdad's Green Zone hit by barrage of blasts

Iraqi detainees refusing to go home: US general

Pope Baptizes Prominent Italian Muslim

(Rep. Virginia) Foxx predicts doom with Dems in charge (calls Obama & Clinton socialists)

Emperors Club VIP Figure Is Deported to Brazil, Estado Says

Gas Prices Hit Record Average $3.26, Diesel at $4.06

Tiny Towns in N.J. May Have to Merge

China: Dalai Lama caused riots to damage Olympics

Dutch Islam film website 'shut'

Bikers rally in Berkeley to support Marines

What Created This (Financial) Monster? (worse news to come)

McCain Receives Endorsement of The National Enquirer

Bill Clinton Finally Gets the Hillary-McCain Comparison ‘Right’

There Goes the Neighborhood.

NYTimes' Stunningly Uses Phrase "Shadow Banking System"

Proof There Is No God: Cheney attends Jerusalem Easter service

Hillary 'Sins Bad,' According to Sinbad

Police expert witness in key Texas-based child porn probe is a fraud

Amid grimness and beatings, a sense of change- Gitmo- The Guardian

Catherine Crier: Newsrooms Revolt!

What Politicians Say When They Talk About Race

Mixed Messenger: Obama as the first biracial candidate

Editorial: After five years in Iraq, it's time to say 'no more'


India’s Debt-Ridden Farmers Committing Suicide

Will Durst: Hints On How To Cover The Historic 08 Candidacies

What the Hell is an ‘Unpopular’ War? tvnl

NYT: Obama race speech fuels Easter sermons

John McCain’s Senior Moment Lands Him Major Endorsement Deal

5 Years Ago: Why Was Public So Misinformed on Facts Leading to War?

Karen Kwiatkowski - Why more years in Iraq? arms, security services, occupation sales&business, more

We Don't Know This Senator Joe: Lieberman has been too busy burning bridges to build any

Bush Administration Fails to Acknowledge Existence of New Paramilitary Groups in Colombia

The Smearing of a Good Man - Reverend Wright in Context

Justice Vs. Power - Chomsky Vs. Foucault

What Obama didn't say . . .

Countdown: The Richardson Endorsement

How German Intelligence Helped Justify the US Invasion of Iraq

U.S. Ponders: How Deep is Economic Abyss?

Rightist Gangs Murdering Trade Unionists in Colombia

Dowd: Haunting Obama’s Dreams


The Fed's Bail Out: Whose Money Is It?

Prof. Peter Dale Scott on war and money

This Ad is in the San Fransico Chronicle Print Edition Today Easter Sunday

Obama Campaigns in Medford, Oregon - March 22, 2008

Barack Obama arrives at KIDS Unlimited in Medford, Oregon - March 22, 2008

IranMobile Launches Bush Bomb to Stop Attack on Iran

A season of renewed commitment to the human spirit

Hillary Lies About Trip To Bosnia As First Lady

(This Easter) Take Time.

Did U.S. Mercenaries Bomb the FARC Encampment in Ecuador?

COUNTDOWN: Double Talk Express = McCain sat on Abramoff e-mail, Riley

Wash Post's Weingarten: Media Overload.

Rich: The Republican Resurrection

McCain Intentionally Cost Boeing the Air Force Tanker Deal and sealed it for Europe's Airbus

March of the Dead in DC on March 19

Why Eliot Spitzer was assassinated politically By BrassCheck TV

Smells like content

Obama interview March 22, 2008

Sean Hannity Chased Down By Angry Republicans

Pope Celebrates Easter at Vatican

Clinton Camp Lies about Hillary 's Scam on Planting Question

NBC News: Delegate math puts Obama in strong position

Arrests on American Axle picket line in Detroit

Barack Obama, Damian Marley song

WE are the ones, we've been waiting for

Happy Easter!

Savers versus Speculators

U.S. Troops in Iraq being Electrocuted by Halliburton

Jack Kemp fed up with Hannity's attacks on Obama

Shut the fuck up, Buzz-kill Bill

TheRealNews: 80,000 Angry Men. Is the US Surge collapsing?

Derrick Ashong: Take Back the Mic: Open Mic - Politics/Week2

A Short History of Republican Treason

Big Media in Seattle Gets Dressed Down!

Hillary in Tuzla: The Tale of Bosnian Sniper Fire (TRAILER)

Why Eliot Spitzer was assassinated

Former 70s Radical Returned to Prison

Robert Cray Sings About the Iraq War

A very Cheney Easter

Hagel: McCain's Defense of the Surge is Wrong

Monty Python Argument Sketch

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

Kristof: Iraq, $5,000 Per Second?

Andrew Sullivan: How Did I Get Iraq Wrong?

Asian Energy Surge Hits America Hard

AETE Announces U.S. $1 Ethanol - Is this real?

Official backs radioactive dumping

Applied bets on a bright solar future

Gridlock could stymie renewable generation: Transmission lines backed up

Sanders delivers global warming address to Vermont conference

India promoting wind power projects in a big way

Bangladesh Govt. Goes All Out to Explore Renewable Energy Sources

Capturing carbon with concrete

Faulty engine delays return of paratroopers

10-week basic training on hold

Camp Taji units spreading out into the community to build relationships, curb violence

Sailor wanted for questioning in taxi driver's death now in custody

Italian police: Never lose sight of your credit cards

B-1B Flies Using Synthetic Fuel

Mortars Target Green Zone

A troubled soldier, a tragic ending and many unanswered questions

The energy tree: An alternative for the future (Distributed power generation)

State says ‘wait’ on solar system rentals

Town runs truck on used cooking oil (Maine)

Rev Moon tells Congress to pass Colombia trade agreement..

Indian Workers Say They’re Treated Like Slaves at Mississippi Shipyard

Today in labor history March 23

Steelworkers union calls on presidential candidates to address trade violations

LA Times: Wage suit cost LAX hotel workers millions, group says

Construction worker's mom (81) blamed city building inspectors for son's death (NYC crane)

Security officer campaign escalates; 17 arrested in act of civil disobedience + photos

Today's working family cartoon: Rat Race

LA Times: 4,000 Sutter Health nurses on strike in Bay Area

Union to Share Plan to Improve Customer Service at Starbucks Annual Meeting

Bracing for grocery strike

LA Times: Police union files claim over SWAT changes (affirmative action for females)

March 23, 1970 - President Richard Nixon breaks the first nationwide postal strike

Future Tempe School District Union retirees won't get health insurance


In Washington, a Split Over Regulation of Wall Street

Economist forecasts central bank action

US ponders: How deep is economic abyss?

Anybody ever sold silver?

Peru Blames Eradication of Poverty on Chavez

Resisting Agrofuels and Biotech:Monsanto's Raid on Brazil

An interesting article on Paraguay...

HAITI: The Benefits of a Weak State

ECUADOR: New Diplomatic Offensive Against Colombia if Dead Person in FARC Camp is from Ecuador

Human Rights Takes a Beating in Colombia

"Remove Me From Your Rooster!"

Carrollton mayor faces anti-gay challenger (TX)

MassResistance added to Southern Poverty Law Center's list of Hate Groups

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

A funny thing happened during some political activism today.

How many of you are involved in a marriage equivalent relationship but can't get married.

Hezbollah deputy chief says he has proof Israel killed Mughniyah

Olmert: We must curb infiltrations from Egypt

French Official Sacked for Anti-Israel Diatribe.

With friends like these . . . .

Another one of those "I had to do it."

ANOTHER chance to vote for Joe -- (dedicated to King of Lost Souls!)

Biden needs to take a cue from Richardson and endorse Barack.

Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk. KU!

Is Coach K Overrated?

Go Leafs Go!

Curious........NCAA is moving the 3 pt line back a foot next year??

** Democratic Underground NCAA Sweet 16 Pool **

When your Easter comes

Are the Boston Celtics Overrated?

Request for help in locating my Lili cats favorite toy, her beloved "stick"

WaPo Opinion on "Socialized Medicine"

New Focus of Inquiry Into Bribes: Doctors

Wrath of God on a blog.

Home owned by Dayton, OH Central Baptist Church busted for heroin, cocaine, pot

So now, what about Judas?

My husband finally had to get out the book of 'doctors'

St Peter was not the first Pope and never went to Rome, claims Channel 4

Delicious chicken salad

Suppose Judas had (like Pete) wanted JC to live, but suppose Judas had been more reliable than Pete

Photos of Anchorage's peace demonstrations this week.

Happy Easter to all in western Christendom

Chocolate Cookie Crumbs

Easter Skiing

Rejoice, for the tomb is empty!

It's amazing that so many people in the modern world still believe in fairy tales

Volcanic Moon Creates Glowing Aurora Spots on Jupiter

Easter Surprise: World's Oldest Rabbit Bones Found

Floating A Big Idea: Ancient Use Of Rafts To Transport Goods Demonstrated

The Extinct Boskops Humanoids: Brains 30% larger than humans.

Archbishop Romero anniversary on Easter Monday

Public Safety from Terrorists

Good thing this man was armed.

Using Fire Arms Against the Civil Rights of Others

Rescue Mexico from US Guns

The Saudi role in 9/11

Voting Technology: The Not-so-Simple Act of Casting a Ballot

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 03/23/08 - Open Thread.

Texas Democratic caucus delegates ready for next step Saturday.

AVG Free 7.5 AV and Vista

Good episode of To the Point on African American Churches and Wright

great video about the 3 am ad

Teresa Heinz Kerry: It's Pennsylvania's turn - vote for Obama

The Obama campaign here registered 200 new voters at St. Augustine

Stephen Colbert - - vote for Hillary or Obama and help raise money for Penn. school

Usenet service providers: suggestions?

3 banks give up on student loans

You know, I was feeling kinda bad about my post on KO's girlfriend...

Holy, Crap... Green Bay Press-Gazette endorses Butler!

Ah, you just have to love Wisconsin...

Question about 2 Milwaukee TV stations...

Badgers Down Wildcats, Move to Sweet Sixteen

Blair had a Jesus complex, says his former chief of staff

An Easter Dinner...umm I think it was at least

"Remove me from your rooster"!

8 Questions That Will Shape Where the Race for the Democratic Presidential Nominaton Goes From Here

Okay, Barack. Now Show 'Em Your White Side. (satire)

WP, pg1: In Parts of Pennsylvania, Racial Divide Colors Election

Obama's Rough Patch Could've Been Worse

McCain Gains from Clinton-Obama Feud