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If you haven't read the Issues section of your candidate's website, why do you support them?

Big Dog 2008

Against the tax rebates? Give rebates back to help America:

Hillary Clinton plots to win super-delegates as Barack Obama breaks

Hillary Clinton plots to win super-delegates as Barack Obama breaks

The mass ignore lists are one thing

The mass ignore lists are one thing

Calling all typical white people, if any left on Du to check in!

OutFoxed explains the talking points that both.....

What's at stake in this election

Hillary supporters, can you please not use the comments section of a blog as a credible source

Hillary supporters, can you please not use the comments section of a blog as a credible source

AIPAC + Obama

AIPAC + Obama

March 23rd ,Chicago Tribune: Showing transparency,Obama releases papers (Detailing Rezko Connection)

Petition: "We won't be distracted. Not this time!"

Why does Clinton do so well with blue collar whites?

Perspective has a round number this Easter Sunday

Perspective has a round number this Easter Sunday

2 Divergent McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned (NYTimes) - photo w/ Kerry

2 Divergent McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned (NYTimes) - photo w/ Kerry

Funny: Little Repub blog in Ohio names ME 'the evil liberal!'


Typical white people and Chris Wallace

"We won't keep working for this campaign if it's going to destroy Barack Obama."

Question about Indiana (and who will win it)

Nobody is right enough to tear the country and party apart!

NYT: 2 McCain moments rarely mentioned

Mitt Romney was in Law School when the Mormon Church gave

4,000 Dead for a war that should have never been waged

Who is really more electable?

Four thousand troops killed as of tonight

Does anyone think that anything they say about Obama/Wright will change anyone's mind at this point?

4,000 dead: McCain means 4,000 more wasted in Iraq.

Heres a food for thought

The U.S. Supreme Court

If the "typical white person" comment bothers you, it's probably because you are one.

I'm sure cheney's reaction to 4000 dead is...

Are people lying to pollsters?

Compare the campaign for Dem nom to a poker game, Think there are Aces that haven't been played yet?

I'm starting to think they're both winners.......

Does associating with angry people disqualify you from office?

A Present for McCain as the Other Side Fights

It will all be over soon, this forum will be gone.

LET IT SINK. Race-baiting seems to be the new thing today

Why would Obama pull out the Richardson endorsement so far away from any voting?

Hillary supporters....

As none of the candidates will hit the magic number of delegates

Let's sink BO!!!!!

Fellow Obama Supporters: I propose we go ahead and implement PLAN "HOPEX2008"

Hillary supporters....

Hillary supporters....

Just returned from New Mexico. Here's my report...

A ballad for Hillary

A ballad for Hillary

John Edwards and North Carolina will have a lot to say about who becomes the next DEM Nominee...

Hillary is behind in Donations she needs the support

Barack on Larry King Live talking about Sunnis and Shias.....that will

Sunday night Primary TOONS: McCain makes a boo boo

Sunday night Primary TOONS: McCain makes a boo boo


Are Lobbyists and "key campaign fund raisers" allowed to be "Super - Delegates"???

Unfair attack on Ray Taliaferro

I agree that Hillary needs to win Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina to remain viable

K&R Industries..... 821.57

Democrats: Who would you like to see McCain pick as VP?

As of tonight... There are 4000 reasons to come together as a party and stop the fucking war!

Bill Richardson and energy policy

I've Got It: Clinton/Romney

Who Is Reverend Wright?

Foreign Policy - Hillary or Barry

Would you vote for: Kathleen Sebelius or Hillary Clinton?

CS Monitor Patchwork Nation map

Do you think it'll be funny if Obama offer Hillary VP then fires her after the general election?

My 1001 Post: A Reminder

Johnson Will Back Clinton if She Wins South Dakota (superdel)

I wonder if the Wright affair actually helps Obama in the long run

2 Divergent McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned

2 Divergent McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned

Time to find a possible new senator for the NY seat.

Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog.....(PRO OBAMA)

"Hi, my name is BB05 and I'm a GD-P addict!"

Buzzflash needs your Obamamoney.

Why Barack Obama HAS to Win, Okay even Hillary...It's Personal

So the emerging media consensus (Halperin/Todd) is that Hillary has to win NC or she is done

Do you remember all the "W" stickers?

Are health care mandates constitutional?

Looks like the Clinton talking point of the day is

Announcement from me: I will no longer criticize Hillary Clinton on this board

Easter Sunday

What has Jennifer Brunner done to improve the situation in Ohio?

Join, or Die

Is Hillary Clinton's backup plan, to become McCain's running mate?

Clinton Proves She's Going to Be More of the Same (CRONYISM)

Ok, I am confused. Someone, a little clarity please

NYT: Dissension arises at Fox News over treatment of Obama!

When Kerry wooed McCain

Wasting a post to remind everyone. JOHN MCCAIN=WORLD WAR THREE!!!

Did Obama do drugs with Rev. Wright?

Obama Supporters: Please Reject Ugly Race Baiting Demagoguery!

Hey Mods and Admin! Is there a required amount of alerts before you delete this shit!

Obama's Inauguration Speech January 20, 2009

video of barack obama official postion on reparations


Hey Hillary: 'If your whole candidacy is about experience, they should be your own experiences.'

Tweety on a tear! "This is not a sitcom!"

DNC Announces New Round of Debates as Senator McCain Squares Off Against Senator McCain

This is shameful - poll i just heard on NBC Today

I think that the Clinton campaign has become very desperate

I think that the Clinton campaign has become very desperate

If I never hear from Bill or Hillary Clinton again for the rest of my life

Want a nominee who has permanently pissed off many blacks? Hillary's your girl

Want a nominee who has permanently pissed off many blacks? Hillary's your girl

Tweety Irony Alert! Tweeety Irony Alert!

Our boy Barry (aka Barack Obama)

Hope I don't have to put it on but I've got my bumper sticker for Nov. 5th ready

Totally Honest Delegate Math

Totally Honest Delegate Math

Each side, angling for any edge, gins up pseudo-controversies. In response, each feigns indignation

2008 Races Map - Click on your state to see targeted races in your area

2008 Races Map - Click on your state to see targeted races in your area

Here is what the presence of the secret DU candidate support sites tells me.

Democrats using "Left-Wing" as a slur against some of us?

xerox post

Judge to ex-Clinton pastor: 'You lied'

Evan Bayh's new math (how to bring superdelegates to Clinton's side by wildly grasping at straws)

Krugman: Reason to worry about Wall Street's sway over all of the candidates

Krugman: Reason to worry about Wall Street's sway over all of the candidates

We made a mistake with Obama and Clinton


What Obama Should Say about McCain........

Is where HRC supporters go to insult DU members?

Is where HRC supporters go to insult DU members?

Sunday Sermons - What was yours like?

NEWSFLASH: It's Still The Economy, Stupid!

CNN ticker--Obama's Church and the Easter Sermon

Extreme DU Hillary supporter boycott countdown, 12 am tonight

For the 4,000 dead, this song is for you

Why J-Mac can't win in the GE

Clinton's Money Problems...NY times picked up on it today.


Clintons' former pastor comments on Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Obama supporters: spinning Wright (another way to look at it)

Just heard that Obama camp apologized for McCarthy snark on Bill Clinton comment by staffer:

Frank Rich: The Republican Resurrection

I'm thinking they have both won their respective parties.....

A (non DU) name list of those who post on a rival website's forum called "DUmp"

What is the Meaning of This? (Thematic Apperception Test):

So, my dad thinks OBama needs to get out of the race. That's it. It's over people.

So, my mom thinks Hillary needs to get out of the race. That's the end folks.

A Question for ALL re Clinton/Richardson

Getting past preconceptions

Seriously, is John McCain supposed to be some sort of serious threat to the Dem nominee?

The Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party

Does anyone think Clinton will outraise Obama this month?

So You Don't Think You're A Typical White Person? Well, Mass Marketing Knows You're Wrong

So You Don't Think You're A Typical White Person? Well, Mass Marketing Knows You're Wrong

Who's responsible for the atmosphere on GDP?

If Hillary was shot at back in '96, or ~whenever~,

Smoky backroom reality poll.

Money Troubles in Denver: Don't worry who's winning we may not have a convention!!!


3/3 Newsweek: "Hillary Should Get Out Now"

PSA: Use the *plonk*!!! The best way of all to Let It Sink!!!

"So?" Dick Cheney blows off two-thirds of Americans:

How Obama learned to be a "natural" - some background & Obama Juice

Even if I do not vote for the nominee in the GE (I hope we don't have many of these)

Even if I do not vote for the nominee in the GE (I hope we don't have many of these)

Ok, tell me they aren't the Clinton News Network

Got this forwarded today, please read Obama supporters.

Got this forwarded today, please read Obama supporters.

If Obama was the presumptive nominee, why haven't the SDs selected him yet?

If Obama was the presumptive nominee, why haven't the SDs selected him yet?

One Bruising Scenario for Clinton - NYT

Obama Supporters: Post Your Best Response to the Threatened Invasion !

Latest RAS state polls: Both Dems win Nevada; Obama makes NC more competitive

Latest RAS state polls: Both Dems win Nevada; Obama makes NC more competitive

Mystery posters planning disruptions of GDP...(but don't worry)

Hillary wanting Greenspan on "expert" panel. OK. THATS. IT.

See You on the Other Side.....

Can we possibly elect someone to the Democratic Party that

Kos: The Obama Logic - Fighting Fire With Water

Who would you rather see lose in the GE?

The Reverend Wright controversy is not going away...

WTF is the "Roman News Network"?

bill richardson still alive and well superdelegates please take note

Puerto Rico?

"I did not have text with that woman!"

The Next President's Plan . . .

Senator Obama's plan to end the Mortgage Crisis

Friends just moved to PA

ANIMATION: who Hillary is becoming

Obama vs. McCain - Obama in a landslide!

The math.

Newsweek 3/3: "Hillary Should Get Out Now"

A freeper on my veterans' board said that Obama cannot beat McCain because...

BREAKING:: New Clinton Attack on Obama

Capital Hill - The Place for HIllary Clinton supporters

Ed Schultz is reading an article from the Nation by John Nichols that says Hillary was Pro-NAFTA

HRC chief strategist, Penn, helped reelect Menachem Begin, the first Likud PM of Israel...

Time to kick republican ass!

Clinton proposes Greenspan lead foreclosure group.

Wanna Know The Blunt Truth And The REAL Reason GDPs Become This Cespool Of Ignorance And Immaturity?

Do you have good will for the opponent of your candidate?

Clinton aides may not stick with her if its going to destroy Obama; some have admiration for Obama

Clinton aides may not stick with her if its going to destroy Obama; some have admiration for Obama

Obama papers confirm Rezko tie

From the Phew Dept.: Obama "Clinton has the right to continue to compete.."

Clinton Supporters Only Please...

why vote for hillary when you can vote for mccain?

LOL, now Hillary's a PNAC member. Welcome to the Theater of the Absurd

A Present for McCain as the Other Side Fights (NYT)

James Carville

What exactly was Obama's drug use in the 90's?

Ed Rendell...on MSNBC a few minutes ago: "John McCain is a great guy."

On The Same Side

Some here are trying to disrupt DU.... super-generic- unlockable-version

Help me understand a mantra I've been hearing re: primary victories


Former Reagan/Bush lawyer endorses Obama

An Obama spot with Hillary's own Bosnian trip lies would bury her in Penn. Hell, if he doesn't run

Did Hillary Really Attempt To Join The Marines in 1975?

I'm An Obama Supporter That Will Be Voting For Hillary Clinton In The General If She Is The Nominee.

Is Hillary Clinton SATAN?

TYT: Is Hillary Positioning for 2012?

One Year Ago: Obama proposed the summit Clinton is offering today

Why are Clinton supporters so desperate?

Bill Clinton will be in my backyard (literally) in 3 hours!

There is absolutely no reason to lock this topic

There is absolutely no reason to lock this topic

Maureen Dowd: Carter and Gore likely favor Obama ...

I warn everyone against sore winners once this nomination is settled

The "Is Hillary Satan" thread got locked, apparently that was over the line, LOL.

I like Richardson alot better when he used to groom his beard

I like Richardson alot better when he used to groom his beard

Judging the fallout from SniperGate

Reminder: LET IT SINK

Sptizer hooker took pics of the encounter

"a vast right wing conspiracy"… Are we finally seeing who Hillary really is?

What are the Hillary forums on the web?Im getting a little sick of the Obama supporters

Teresa Heinz Kerry "I will cast my vote for Sen. Obama"

I had dinner with my roomate's cousin's carpenter's family

hum just a reminder, Mike Gravel is still in the race

she was on the FRONT LINES

she was on the FRONT LINES

The only people I hate more than Obama and Clinton are the F*ing Judean People's Front!

March 14, 2008,Obama released a new list of Rezko-related campaign contributors- I't GROWING SHEEPLE

Do you care how your candidate wins?

even if hillary was 100% guaranteed victory over mccain, i'd still want obama to win the primary.

Critics off base with 'Obama Commandment'

Ok, the Hillary 4u and Me video is officially off the hook for being bad...

Voice of Doom for Dems

Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!!!!!

We're being attacked by gunfire from all sides! Quick - SIT ON your bullet-proof vests!!!

3 new Obama ads now running in PA. (video links)

3 new Obama ads now running in PA. (video links)

Are You Ashamed of Yourself?

What is this Rasmussen, NewsMax Drudge crap?

Hillary's path to nomination is hard but certainly doable - at least a 40% chance IMO

Hill as PNAC? Hill as McCarthy?

Do you think a surprise Hillary exit would earn lots of good will in return?

Rasmussen Nevada - Obama: 45, McLame: 41; Hillary: 44, McInsane: 43

Gallup Poll: Clinton, Obama Closely Matched Among Jewish Democrats

Obama cannot win and needs to realize that Hillary is omnipotent.

Barack will be on "The View" on Friday

The cult of Godbama prayer thread.

Is Hillary copying Reagans playbook?

Didn't CNN say that Gallup is Up For Obama?

Memo to Hillary - Re: Alan Greenspan in charge. Are you nuts?

Five ways to know when your political campaign is circling the drain.

POLL: Obama/Richardson or Obama/Webb?

National bloggers, local Democrats tear into Wasserman Schultz

Who will play Hillary Clinton in her feature-film biography?


I think an Obama/Richardson ticket could win Texas (34 electoral votes)

On the so-called Will of the People!

Bill Clinton "...she’s the only member of the Armed Services Committee in the race..."

To those who are very distressed about the'disenfranchising' of voters in FL and MI,what did you do?


Obama-Clinton tie in new poll

Has GDP become a Cespool Of Ignorance And Immaturity?

They compared Bill Clinton to Joe McCarthy? WTF! This has been one of the dirtiest campaigns ever!

The Progressive Vs. The Corporatist --- A shadow in the light.

Tweety's Daughter organizing for Obama at Penn

Tweety talking about Hillary's air assault in Bosnia in a few....

E Pluribus Wiggum (Ralph for President!)

Question about Let It Sink

changes in puerto rico

I guess Hillary Clinton Lying isnt That Important of a Story

Dammit, I'm really angry. I wanted to be Top 10....

Is Hillary Clinton a willful Liar?

Super delegates should vote the will of the people

Hillary "Knocking off a brother"

Honesty and Fairness

Tweety: "When it comes to the baggage load, you don't want the Clintons"

Every crazy nutjob thing a white person says should be attached to Hillary Clinton.

The Media is letting McCain get away with fucking murder!

Shouldn’t being caught lying on your resume put an immediate end to your getting the job?

Why I don't think Barack will win the GE

Responses to Hillary's Support of Mountaintop Removal For Coal-Mining in WV

Top Clinton Advisor Guilty Of Drunken Driving

Lots of Emphasis Now Being Put on North Carolina

"The Liar" must face the press and not hide behind Wolfson's Weasel words on Tuzla-gate:

Gabriel Maria Marquez's new book on McCain is titled

Obama has nobody but himsefl to blame for his current situation if he loses the general election

I will not shut the fuck up

Reductio Ad Absurdum (Josh Marshall)

Is it so bad for Hillary to accept Senate Majority Leader?

RS: Generation Squeeb: Barack Obama’s Reverend Wright controversy, and America’s squid-heart

Obama spotted on Virgin Islands beach!


Anyone else wish this nomination wasnt contested by using things like "snipergate"...

May I propose a toast to Mark Penn?

And When Obama-Hearted people, Living in the World Agree..

Slouching towards Denver and maybe an apocalypse?-TNR

OK, guys start lighting the torches, we NOW go after McCAIN!

Pass This Around: Picture of Rev. Wright Nursing President LBJ, And LBJ's Thank You Letter In Return

Let's try to be objective, is it really smart for Carville to be screaming Judas all day long?

If Hillary pulls ahead in the popular vote....

Pat Buchanan Thinks African Americans Should Show More Gratitude for Being Descendants of Slaves

Alert! Junk News: 2 superdelegates for Sen. Barack Obama making headlines

Is THIS a problem for the Clinton campaign?

Obama campaign hit by fatal fraud!

Keep your coins; I want change...

Bite me all you frippin, psychotic little twistoid, big mouthed, so and so............

Forget Obama/Clinton - McCain being a GOP idiot will bring us together!

Top 6 Signs your Marriage (Campaign) is Over LOL humor time

"Whiteness is the symbol of the Anti-christ"

Some superdelegates feed off Clinton's campaign

90% OF THE MCCAIN SUPPORTERS HERE, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!! Obama vs McCain (he loses) Hillary vs McCain (she wins) maps now up.

80% of Obama supporters on this board don't give a crap about Clinton supporters.

Barbara Ehrenreich: Hillary's Nasty Pastorate

This place has become disgraceful.

Young voters in Texas are STOKED for Obama! It's amazing to see

.........When Democrats Stop Being Democrats..................

Candidates and their pets

Candidates and their pets

People, don't you see it?

Is the primary discussion here finally worse than 2004?

My acceptance speech for being on the Ignore list going around.

DU; Contact your superdelegates

Regarding "the list", do we know exactly who started it?

Superdelegate Lynn Woolsey to switch to Obama?

Did Michigan and Florida cheat by moving their primaries before Feb. 5th?

Whats all the candidates stands on guantanamo, including mccain?

Hilbots on Obama's commanding lead in delegates & votes

Hilbots on Obama's commanding lead in delegates & votes

My tinfoil hat theory about Hillary's "scorched earth" strategy

Got any dental floss?

Anderson Cooper's Blog On Rev. Wright


Post here if you are desperate to be added to the Obamaton "Final Solution" list

Keep your coins sucker, I want change!

Which is going to happen first; the re-emergence of my Obama

Those with ties to GOP-linked firm donated $112,750 to Hillary Clinton

CBS Poll: Obama beats McCain 48-43, Clinton beats McCain 46-44.

Maureen Dowd, Professional Narcissist, Trashes Entire Democratic Party

A serious question for thoughtful Clinton supporters

Obama is not the Nominee yet, so Shut the Fuck up with this Presumptive Nominee Bullshit

Poll: What would you rather have? 4 more years of Republican corruption or good times & peace?


Presidential Debate: So, Mrs Clinton where did you say the snipers were when you landed at Tuzla?

Republicans have no worries. We're the sideshow. Meanwhile, they're setting up the main event.

"That's the ticket right there."

"That's the ticket right there."

If you have secret meetings and/or mass ignore lists, you need to find something better to do.

Has anyone here changed their opinion of Obama because of the Wright controversy and his speech?

Has anyone here changed their opinion of Obama because of the Wright controversy and his speech?

Has anyone here changed their opinion of Obama because of the Wright controversy and his speech?

Has anyone here changed their opinion of Obama because of the Wright controversy and his speech?

Has anyone here changed their opinion of Obama because of the Wright controversy and his speech?

Has anyone here changed their opinion of Obama because of the Wright controversy and his speech?

Why didn't Hillary just run in 2004?

Hillary WILL Release Tax Returns At Least Three Days Before Pennsylvania Primary

Three Myths About the Democratic Race** Cliff Study Notes for Obamamaniacs**

I am and Always Have been a Strong Supporter of Barack Obama

Obama supporters: I made an DU For Obama MySpace. Keep this Kicked!

What would you rather have? 4 more years of Republican corruption or good times & peace?

Gallop: Obama's numbers go down and tie with Clinton again

Gallop: Obama's numbers go down and tie with Clinton again

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Monday March-24-2008

An Inconvenient Truth For the Clinton Campaign

While Barack was having his palms greased by his slumlord friend...

I'm starting an Ignore List of DUers who don't like "American Idol"


Another angle on Wright; Didn't Bush's pastor DENOUNCE W and kick him out?

The next fusilade of r/w attacks on Obama

Skinner: This is ridiculous.....

Isn't Hillary the real Judas not Bill Richardson?

Just back from dinner with my mostly Republican family

Just back from dinner with my mostly Republican family

Obama surrogate: Bill Clinton worse the Joe McCarthy, brings up blue dress

I wonder why OBAMA didn't go to celebrate Easter Services at his Church?

Who should be Barack Obama's running mate?

Straw Poll

Obama: 'This is not a crackpot church' (on Smerconish Monday)

By Electoral College votes measure, Clinton leads Obama 219 - 202

Update from Asile 11

"Obama Campaign Character Attacks Not Supported by Facts"

I am 37 Years old. I graduated from high school (almost) 20 years ago.

For me, it's about not wanting the young to be driven away.

For me, it's about not wanting the young to be driven away.

TYT: John McCain's Pastors are Worse Than Obama's

So, Your State Already Voted, Right?


Florida & Michigan..

Obama to embark on Diplomatic World Tour after securing the Nomination

No one has mentioned the "Obama steps aside" scenario ...

If you SPY on those having secret meetings and/or mass ignore lists, you need something else to do.

Why I support Barack Obama

OK, so I finally listened to the Obama speech

At Least The DNC Hasn't Forgotten About McSame...

Reminder to DUers in GD-P: We are still on the same team! Remember when...

Is The Tide Turning in Hillary Clinton’s Favor??????? Vote In this Websites Poll

If Barack Obama won the nomination but lost the general election

dang! my "Capital Hill" login has already been deleted, and i never even said one word lol

Restaurant conversation in PA!

For the fallen - A silent Prayer

NGU for the 4,000 without a voice for the ones who are

MI and FLA DUers only..... Do you feel cheated?

Dear HRC supporters.....(from a Obama supporter)

Clinton DID propose Greenspan, Rubin, Volcker lead foreclosure group.

I'm so sick of the caucus hypocrisy.

Electability in November? (Hillary's arguments are stupid)

Skinner: This is ridiculous.....

Skinner: This is ridiculous.....

Why are Obama supporters so desperate?

All of the fuss over the recollections of Hillary make me wonder. What were you doing in 1996?

Is it just me or does it seem like a much more pleasant tone in here today?

Are "Clinton supporters" afraid of being ignored?

Does experience actually help?

So, my dad thinks OBama needs to get out of the race. That's it. It's over people.

I've come to a conclusion.

I've come to a conclusion.

His Bravest Moment: Obama's Refusal to Scapegoat His Pastor

Clintons lose luster with black voters

Hardball Panel Believes Clinton Angling for 2012

Hardball Panel Believes Clinton Angling for 2012

Signs your campaign is in trouble #217

Carville Stands By ‘Judas’ Remark

My Dear McCain... one day soon... one day very soon... all of this hostility...

From the Phew Dept.: Obama "Clinton has the right to continue to compete.."

A must watch for anyone who won't vote if their candidate doesn't get the nomination

Wow this must be what it feels like to be on the receiving end...

Wow this must be what it feels like to be on the receiving end...

Women for Hillary Clinton

Does Hillary remind anyone else of Daniel Plainview?

Does Hillary remind anyone else of Daniel Plainview?

I see they are here...

Its her way or the highway - ya gotta love em

Clinton's core strategy: disenfranchise tens of millions of Democrats

My Neighbor, Barack - Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf - NY Jewish Week

Chris Bowers thinks Hillary still believes in the Iraq mission

Obama staff mum on Tiffany's purchase with campaign funds

Your attention please: ***** POLLS DON'T MEAN SHIT THIS FAR OUT. *****

Clinton's Campaign Is Broke. Do We Want Her Handling The US Economy?

"Obama is going to Idaho - what a fool"

The whole philosophy behind "Let it sink" is contradictory, cliquish, and, well, stupid.

You may as well condemn the entire Black Community in America...

Key Obama Adviser Invokes 'Monica's Blue Dress' When Assailing Bill Clinton's 'Patriotism' Comments

Obama campaigns comment on "Misspoke"

Obama runs a negative campaign while claiming to take the high road.

LOL ..Richardson said all those big states like Guam

Senator Obama shows poor judgement

Senator Obama shows poor judgement

Why McCain will win - and how he might not

DU Straw Poll 03-24-08

I'm going to burn up one of my 3 daily threads to praise some Obama supporters here

Douglas Kmiec, former legal adviser to Romney and Constitutional Scholar Endorses Obama

"Dr Death" Kevorkian plans to run for Congress

Obama Supporters: What's Your Biggest Reason For Supporting Barack Obama?

You're not getting anywhere with the "it's over Hillary" and "let's move on to the general" posts

You're not getting anywhere with the "it's over Hillary" and "let's move on to the general" posts

Qualified Borrowers Face Credit Squeeze


The Democrats' anti-momentum

McCain Is Now A Campaign Finance Criminal

Consumers' Right to Sue Weakening

Did anyone else hear Wolfson's explanation of Hillary's "sniper fire" claim?

Time For A Gut-Check - "The Arab Abstraction"


Greg Mitchell: Springsteen, Iraq And Me

Headline on " Iraq security adviser to Americans: Be patient."

Why the Primary Fight must end in early May. If you love the Party you must insist.

This is just flat out funny if it wasn't just plain despicable

History as Propaganda: Tibetan Exiles versus the People's Republic of China

Know the Enemy: ROGER STONE Got his start in CREEP '72 and it got worse from there....

Why didn't Americans listen to Robert Byrd when

Why Clinton Must Help McCain Defeat Obama In General Election

It's over Hillary.......

CBS News led off with the story of Hillary's fabrication

Please post hints for being kewl in the lounge.

When The Shitstain on the Shortz of History thinks about war, this is his world view .........

Barack Obama/Gary Hart 2008 - Please Read This and Consider

John Adams is making me seasick

White House Official Tells Judge Searching for Missing Emails Requires Too Much Work

US deaths in Iraq just passed 4,000

Seattle TV stations have gone black, NBC CBS, anyone know why?

We said in 2001, Bush will go down as one of the worst Presidents in history and we were right

Would it be okay to post "The Math" here without commentary? Updated: 4,000

Help me out with the numbers

Phil Donahue on CSpan now talking about his new documentary "Body of War" & at 11pm et

Here's why my frog will remain my signature image as long as I'm a DUer.

Silly Hillary campaign whines about McCarthy comment in new fundraising plea

Note to Matthews: Hillary did not get the blow job. Bill did.

Howard Zinn: Beyond the New Deal

2 Divergent McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned (NY Times)

Oldest Texan Dead at 114

Fighting South of the Wall (Li Po: 701-762 CE)

Has your opinion of the DLC changed over the last few years?

At 4000, * is making his "just a comma" remark again

Spring Breakers Arrested After Dynamite Explodes On Hotel Sundeck

Oh my I am tired of it all.


Congressman Kendrick Meek's ties to health bill, cigar maker raise question


Awesome videos from the Take Back America conference

NYT revives McCain party switch in 01', Kerry-McCain ticket stories

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/23/08

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

PHOTOS: Cheney calls Iraq war a "major success"

Can you read this?

Can you read this?

Mother fights Army over son's death

Thousands in Japan protest over US military

Candidate for this year's "You Call This NEWS?" Award

Iran's military buildup "is endangering the stability of the region and the entire world"

WingNutDaily has lost it completely.

Hang on in there Hill

bwahahahahah - what's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

Kristol claimed Hagee and Parsley are "just individuals who've endorsed" McCain

I can't resist it: If Carville says Richardson is 'Judas' does that mean he thinks HRC is Jesus?

Not this time! NT

Oh, goody, we made it to 4000

Oh, goody, we made it to 4000

Attention Music Lovers/Likers/Not Sure

Musharraf is quickly losing his grip on Pakistan

Cool story about a Subway hero (new one that happened the other day)

Purpose for super delegates?

Washington Journal this Morning: 4,000 dead in Iraq

What's with the small number of Chinese Communist Party Defenders?

Was Jesus Jewish or Irish?

VOTER SELF IDENTIFICATION, -Big Movement In Democratic Direction_



The Rev. Wright-ism everyone is avoiding...

Holy Crap: Andrew Sullivan Sees the Light

Call for Probe Over Passports Gains Bipartisan Support

Huffington Post beats Drudge Report in traffic for February

Clinton ‘Misspoke’ About Bosnia Trip, Campaign Says

wacko on Lionel show

Where Is The Sacrifice Mr Prez.....

4,000 dead: A complete list of US casualties March 21, 2003 through March 23, 2008

Wall Street Firms Cut 34,000 Jobs, Most Since 2001 Dot-Com Bust

Bremer-REVEALS The Process In Which BUSHCO Chose To Blame HIM For Disastrous Decision (NYT)

Where Is The Sacrifice Mr Prez.....

Some of our lefty radio hosts are ho's too

So? ... A Note from Michael Moore

The reasons why I'm angry have reached 4000; A response to my republican brother.

If you have 10 seconds, would you consider emailing Rick Sanchez

The Iraqi Civil War Bush and the Media Don't Tell You About

Fallujah Police Chief:"No Democracy in Iraq. Ever"

Current talking point attack lies about Hillary Clinton's campaign

Bear Stearns and Pfizer: A Tale of Two Corporate CEO Excesses

- 97% of 4,000 - US Casualties In Iraq Came - AFTER - 'Mission Accomplished

4,000 reasons to support the troops—BY BRINGING THEM HOME! - Today’s Headlines 3/24/08

I couldn't take it.

New book on Bush's reading list

Venezuela's Chavez blames U.S. for Tibet unrest

Police Charge Teen In $24K In Damage To Soccer Field

Some Current Numbers Re Iraq and Bush

QUIZ- Since 2001 Healthcare premiums have risen....

Oh, God! We're there - 4,000 dead

Your government doesn't give a shit *what* you think.

Rising Health Costs Cut Into Wages-For Families, 78% Increase Since 2001

NYT: Remember, McCain Almost Became A Democrat -- Twice!

Dem House Campaign Unit Gained While GOP’s Drained in February

John Nichols: Bush Whacks the Wall of Separation

self delete

Sunday night TOONS: So?

Just a few things I'd like to hear a Dem say during the Presidential primaries

OMG - The Agony of Watching this McCain Booster Video is Indescribable

McCain breaking the FEC laws needs to be pushed with LTTEs

$3.93 A Gallon In So. Seattle Spotlight On China's Human Rights Record Fails To Illuminate Treatment Of Dogs & Cats

Curveball: 'I Am Not To Blame' for U.S. War in Iraq-I 'Never Said" Iraq Had WMDs

G.O.P. Consultant Says He Reported Spitzer Trysts in 2007

The Place to Be

"Why Was Public So Misinformed on Facts Leading to War?"

surge update - FOUR THOUSAND

UAW-American Axle Strike (week 4)--Chief's pay was increased to 10.2 million ('07)

Bush didn't start the Iraq War...

Faces and names: month to-date KIA/MIA Iraq/Afghanistan (dialup warning)

Glenn Greenwald: Journalists, McCain and the Iran/al-Qaida link

Mark Crispin Miller: There Are Back-Ups Of The White House E-Mails

NY Times: It's Hard to Thaw a Frozen Market

A Mosaic: 4,000 Americans Dead (4000 thumbnail images create laughing Bush & McCain photo)

Internet vigilantism

What is the Easter Bunny doing the other 364 days

RFID tech turned into spy chips for clandestine surveillance

Police Charge Teen In $24K In Damage To Soccer Field

Fred Thompson, failed candidate, to resume career as Fred Thompson, bad actor...

Winning the "We told you so!" award, a CT. paper withdraws their Lieberman endorsement

Just a small anecdote from this weekend....

Racist comments on FOX News Website: Where is O’Reilly’s crack team now?

The States' ID War with Washington - May is the deadline! (Real ID Act)

Barbado's corel reef being broken by giant waves

A freeper on my veterans' board said that Obama cannot beat McCain because...

Caption this * pic...

giant wave sneaks in at night and floods houses, etc. Guyana

97% of U.S. deaths in Iraq came after ‘Mission Accomplished.’»

I'm rubber and you're glue

Anti-War Protesters March Outside Las Vegas Strip Resort [The Venetian]

Anti-War Protesters March Outside Las Vegas Strip Resort [The Venetian]

Price Of Eggs Cracking Budgets

If you want to see the future of Iraq tune in C-Span now

Aloha Airlines Files For Bankruptcy

In some sense, they're right. 4000 is "just a number"

Feel free to post in this thread. But only if you have NO ONE on your ignore list.

Dog & cat cruelty in China merits exposure - Salon

Presidential Candidates Want Foxes Guarding the Henhouse

Telecom industry tied to McCain

Rezko bombshell:witness describes GOP insiders forgiving debt in exchange for Carlyle Group contract

36% of "disposable income" went to food ,energy, medical care (2007) highest in 48 years

Woohoo! Justice is making a comeback!

John Grisham exposes our corrupt political system

Do Male Politicians Practice Safe PoliDics?

"I'm intelligent, therefore...I vote Republican."

Air Force Prod Aids Coal-To-Fuel Plans

U.S. captains bear weight of Iraq strategy, leaving military in droves

4,000 dead and Bush is about to roll

Cheney on 4k death toll: "it's a tragedy that we live in a kind of world where that happens"

Wonder why I am such an outspoken activist?Welcome to Joe Bartonville

Who or what is the perfect candidate for public office?

A sizzling summer in Malibu: a rental for $150,000 a month

Why All the Foreign Bases?

Cyclist's trial foreshadows Bonds' case

Healthcare or Warfare: Time to Choose

"You had your say now SIT DOWN and SHUT UP!"

"You had your say now SIT DOWN and SHUT UP!"

Oregon man's property ransacked after Craigslist hoax

Reclaiming Mother's Day Events

frederick Kagan (AEI) on the success of the surge - CSPIN 1 Live

Bush's War - Frontline PBS Monday @ 9 PM! Don't miss it.

**Exposed**Obama Accepts Over $1 Million From Subprime Lending Industry

Dave Lindorff: 4000 US Dead in Iraq: Maybe What We Need is a National Spittoon in D.C.

America ........ Meet Justanumber

Caption the Mad hare

Kevorkian Announces Run For Congress

The Shitstain on the Shortz of History makes remarks observing 4,000 dead

Teens assault man dressed as Easter Bunny

Teens assault man dressed as Easter Bunny

US Home Sales Increase

Rather Sad moment

Southern Family Values

Peace Is Off The Table

AP: Many Arabs fear McCain would continue Bush policy

Chickenhawk Michael O'Hanlon whines that no one's listening to him anymore

Arab Media Warns Bush Wants Iran War

Remains of 2 US contractors recovered (They were kidnapped in Iraq more than a year ago)

A pic of some people who were not fans of Hillary's IWR vote

Judge Tells Sex Offender to Put Up Signs (around his house and on his car)

Democrats say they will Impeach if Bush* attacks Iran but....

Nancy Pelosi: Where is Your Photo-Op In Support of the People of Iraq?

"any port in a storm...." (the electoral college argument)

Four More Years?

The Art of Crucifixion


Impeachment from another angle?

Linguistics for Administrators

Rivers keep rising in parts of Arkansas

PAYBACK TIME. How do we make the Pervert Party and their Media Whores pay for attacking Dems?

This just in - CHARLIE BROWN WINS!!!

Blu-ray Disc Protection BD+ Cracked

California state employee unions face tough bargaining

Michael Ware on Friday's RealTime...

The Rice woman

Ahhh! My eyes! My ears! Bush: "I'm impressed with the State Dept..."

Sam Seder substitutes for Randi Rhodes for the entire week

Sam is sitting in for Randi All Week!!

SF Chronicle: Gap in life expectancy of rich, poor widens

2506 "I'm waiting to hear the words 'I was wrong' Dick Morris, 4/9/03

Municipal Wi-Fi Failing, Earthlink Pulls Out

'We never tortured anybody' though 'sometimes we beat them'

Halliburton is moving to Dubai....

Frederick Kagan.....Dumbass

Hill as PNAC? Hill as McCarthy?

It's Raining McCain

Dear John


Tried to post this in the lounge...

Obama Statement on 4,000 American Deaths in Iraq


CNN's Rick Sanchez says that Black Liberation Theology is "communist".

This Modern World: Five Years Later - Neocons Discuss Their Regrets

Geoff Ogilvy has ended Tiger Woods' winning streak

At least four fishermen dead in sinking off Dutch Harbor, Alaska

CNN: Clinton no win, but maybe yes if, but no so why try?

here is an interesting >>LINK>> to a story about Taiwan's Health Care System

Consumption in the US - in Pictures. $12.5 million/hr for Iraq war

Are DUer's hoping for an economic collapse? no. however...

N.H. Medic Killed In Iraq - Became a medic to help and not drop bombs

In Rememberance: A Mosaic: 4,000 Americans Dead

Can consumers stop the funding of the occupation of Iraq?

Anyone from Detroit here? I'm curious as to your take on the mayor...

Mouth Breather still thinks that Iraq =9/11

Peak Oil update

this picture is worth a thousand gifts of freedom

I was very proud of Gov. Richardson this morning.

Patraeus complains of Iranian influence in Iraq. Ain't life a bitch.

Watchdog Group Names Top Corporate Abusers

David Sorota Filling In Entire 3 Hours Today - Sexy, Smart Wonk

One of the biggest reasons I will vote for whoever the Dem nominee is:

I received this link from a friend mourning the loss of 4,000 US troops

NPR caller rips bush*

So Wrong for So Long: Greg Mitchell on How the Press, the Pundits—and the President—Failed on Iraq

"The wise man's heart inclines him to the right, but a fool's heart toward the left". Ecclesiastes 1

I think it's time to name....

Pilot's Gun Discharges On US Airways Flight

Five ways to know you shouldn't have run for President in the first place.

Bush Expresses Sympathy For 4000 Americans Killed

My email to the BBC

my 131st ltte printed today-rate up and comment at site,please

FERC approves US's first floating LNG terminal

TYT: Cenk Discusses 'The True Patriot' That Illustrates How Being Liberal Has Always Been Patriotic

Bush: "One day people will look back at this moment in history and say thank God"

Is the Dept. of Justice absolutely friggin stupid or what?

A McCain Moment: Do You Want Four More Years of This?

Iraq: Viet Nam redux

HUMAN privilege and rights.

As Bush grieves for our 4000 dead, it reminds me how not a single Guardsmen could remember

Has the Shitstain had another heart attack/stroke?

I'd like a moment, please, for my 4000 brothers and sisters,

FM: China To Continuously Promote Strategic Partnership With Russia

Sam Just Nailed a Right Winger On McCain!!!

Cheney as role model? Picking the next VP

CA-04 candidate Charlie Brown live blogging on the EENRb tonight (8pm EDT)

M is W gif

Charlie Gibson (on ABC News): If we were to read every name of the 4000 that we lost

Man declared dead, says he feels 'pretty good'

Look him in the eye....

Looking for work...

Noting burden on Military families, Cheney says biggest burden carried by Bush

Larry Wilkerson Spiegel interview: "I am convinced that the vast oil resources of Iraq..."

Mothers-Fathers Sisters-Brothers Wives-Husbands Children.........

SFGate: In black churches, fiery sermons are the norm, not exception

We don't like your president ....7 day excursion with 67 different countires

Consumers Right to Sue Weakening/ Fascist bastards SCOTUS

Pass This Around: Picture of Rev. Wright Nursing President LBJ, And LBJ's Thank You Letter In Return

"Nightmare At Guantanamo"-US Army Chaplain Stood Tall-While Arrested & Falsely Accused Of Treason

PHOTOS: 4,000 Dead, 5 Years Occupation, 1 Year "Surge," Past 48 Hours

CNN/Blitzer put loss of 4000 soldiers in bush's war into perspective

Post here if you hate the "google toolbar" (ad package) at the top right

The End of America

National bottle bill awaits action (to include bottled water!) Yeah!!

Petraeus: Iran Behind Green Zone Attack

Market's Up a Little Over 250 Points - That's Refreshing

Market's Up a Little Over 250 Points - That's Refreshing

HELP DIGG!!!! ---- Report Shows FBI’S Terror Watch List Not Updated Properly- ------- -----------

Homeland Security's Full of Shit

4,000 Commas

Watched a movie yesterday about Geronimo

Cheney On 4,000 Dead Americans: They Volunteered, * Has The Biggest Burden

Obama cannot win and needs to realize this.

Forest Hills High School Cancels Pro-War National Heroes Tour

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. This one is worth 4,000

Bill Clinton says no revote in FL and MI is deliberate attempt to disenfranchise voters.

Sebastopol (CA) Argues WiFi May Harm Your Health

I don't think the surge was ever working. I think they paid al-Sadr off to make it look like it was

I have XM - so what will the merger with Sirius

Great book about Debt & Deregulation

Frontline tonight on our local PBS station is showing "Bush's War".

Frontline tonight on our local PBS station is showing "Bush's War".

1000 paper cranes for peace

A moment of silence, please.

So? ... A Note from Michael Moore

$13B USD XM, Sirius Merger Approved by Justice Department

So? ... A Note from Michael Moore

Felony Charges For Mayor Kilpatrick (Detroit)---Perjury and Obstruction

Are Lobbyists and "key campaign fund raisers" allowed to be "Super - Delegates"???

God bless Reverend Wright..

Dana Perino discloses her IQ.....

Damn you Daddy, the Texan thought to himself.

Military veterans to deliver citizen arrest warrants for Bush and Cheney

Military veterans to deliver citizen arrest warrants for Bush and Cheney

During China's Totalitarian Games this Summer, How Will They Respond to Protests?

Post your favorite pics of your candidate

Post your favorite pics of your candidate

"My only son"

What's It Really Like To Live In Europe?

Is this forum counterproductive to the election of a Democratic President

"We in America are in great danger of slowly evolving into a proto-fascist state..."

Americans Are DYING: Universal Health Care Should Be Something We Can All Agree On

Mark Penn and Burson-Marsteller

February Existing Home Sales Fell 23.8%

Dear Media Fuckwits ..... lemme get this straight .......

HRC people are treating Obama like Humphrey treated McGovern in '72

It's over. Clinton can't win. Let's move on.

Walter Mondale Delivers Blistering Attack on Cheney

Barack picks up a Hillary pledged Mississippi delegate? (Math nerd alert!)

Worried Yet? Saudis Prepare for "Sudden Nuclear Hazards" After Cheney Visit

Do you agree with this statement?

Obama Connection to Terrorists Revealed by Talk Show Host

Just learned my friend's 23 yr-old son killed himself this morning. When will we get back to caring

So last night my wife and I had a long talk about the economy...

Pass this on to all your rightie friends...The Insanity of Hannity

Let’s put the Obama/Wright flap in context

Let’s put the Obama/Wright flap in context

THIS is why they shouldn't have guns....(Pilot "accidentally" shoots plane)

"Honey, I am being set up"-Another U.S. Soldier Suicide in Iraq -- Or Was It Murder?

15 POSITIVE Reasons why BARACK should be our Nominee!!!

Gay Porn's Neocon Kingpin

States weigh lowering drinking age - What do you think? Please explain your answer.

HAS SOCIOPATH NEAL BOORTZ BEEN SUSPENDED? (or did he just take an unscheduled vacation?)

I'm getting pretty sick of white radio hosts 'initiating' the discussion of Race in this country

hahaha - Blogger Expelled From Creationist Movie "Expelled" Someone ELSE Gets In....

Do You Think A Person Who Kills A Woman Who Is Pregnant Should Be Charged With 2 Homicides?

Obama plans six-day Pennsylvania road trip - kicks off Friday

I think, maybe, somewhere along the line we forgot something my friends

The hour is much, much later than we think

A Boy the Bullies Love to Beat Up, Repeatedly

Unger: The Iraq War was a Conspiracy

Who is Roger Stone, the Long-Time R Dirty-Trickster and Miami Mob Leader?

How Women Got To Vote

The fake Texan George W. Bush, and remembering LBJ

So the new guy at work asked me if I went to

My mother wrote this

Hillary's DREAM and HOPES for who we are as AMERICANS , and why she is a hopeful person after all!

White Privilege.

White Privilege.

Neil Aspinall, the 'Fifth Beatle' has died in NYC.

Racism: A Refresher Course

Animals with drinking problems

Number 6

How caffeinated are you?

Have you heard of the Once a year period? "Annuelle."

Did I Ask Too Much More Then Alot, You Gave Me Nothing Now Its All I Got

madinmaryland's Brazilian

madinmaryland's Brazilian

100th episode of Family Guy rerun


March of the Penguins starting now on Animal Planet

Was Easter Eggsellent For You?

How Can I Get My Colon Cleansed?

Life, bitch that she is, hands you some bittersweet / paradoxical stuff sometimes.


I actually eat eggs on Easter


I didn't know that Ivan "Kinchloe" (Hogan's Heroes) Dixon died...

Dear anyone who is looking for tech support with anything ever...

What should I do to commemorate my 2000th post?

Mmmm.. Plum shisha in the hookah, good merlot in the glass...

Me as a candidate: "Of course I inhaled," "Because I was drunk."

"Forecasters warn of flooding in Ark."

"Forecasters warn of flooding in Ark."

Where do Corbin Bernsen and Richard Grieco go to die?

Ever get really bugged by something you know is stupid to let bother you?

One Semester of Spanish Love Song

I have been on a two week break from everything, just needed to shut down for awhile.

My newest thread in GD/P...

Some Velvet Morning

Who else is going out tomorrow and buy half price easter candy.

I Dont Listen To Opera, But This Is Fantastic

My cat Jewel looks like an Owl in this picture! :)

Coping with tough times

Not a silly post but a question about heart attack recovery


College Quidditch takes off

yep, it's Monday...

Who else is going out tomorrow and buy half price easter candy.

Question for fans of the "L Word"...

Please post hints for smoking Kools (in the lounge).

I may suck but not as bad as FinnFan - and this is good!

Articles of Impeachment? Bear Stearns Buyout Illegal?

Would you send a $13 necklace back to the store?

Wal-Mart sues disabled woman to get back health benefit money paid out.

For those who love Iphones... an anti-advertisement for Iphone!... Ugh!

I've spent too much time in the Monkey House (GD:P)...and I'm in a foul mood anyway.

Make your prediction ... Economic collapse in 2008?

I smoke a pound of pot here in the lounge, but i seriously just have one favor to ask

Please post hints for being Kool in The Gang (in the lounge).

Grape Nuts f'n RULE!

Conan the praying dog...

circa 1915

It must be jelly,cause jam don't shake like that.

I need to buy a new Garbage Disposal - any recommendations

Happy Kickboxing Day!

would anyone be interested in a DU summer camp?

Grape koolaid f'n RULE!

i'm gonna organize a DU ice cream social in branson, missouri

State of racial relations in DU: What do you think about interracial dating?

I petted the sweetest Dog today

I watched Easter Parade today - and sang along with all the songs!

I absolutely loathe baby boys.... and this is just another reason why

Need to pick up a sympathy card on my way home from work today.

what's this "we" shit?

Want proof that the 90's were the best decade ever for music?

I spent most of yesterday in the emergency room with my sister...

Tell me about how you find the Lounge

Help, I need to answer this idiot about those that couldn't get our of New Orleans

Happy Dyngus Day everyone!

Paul Craig Roberts talks Nuclear False Flag terrorism at Counterpunch

Name a film in which Samuel Jackson does not appear angry

Spring Cleaning

When not to expect a reply.

i joke around a lot here in the lounge, but i seriously just have one favor to ask

I'm leaving the lounge...

So when will Ken Burns make a documentary on the civil war in GD-P?

We finally got a scanner and I've been having a blast scanning old

New, Easy, Effective Monitor Cleaner!

ok... time to let us know what song REALLY hits home

state of the art rainwater collection system

y'all can have your lounge back for today

My encounter with Racism this weekend - no tolerance for it here!

The Very First Blonde Guy Joke

I just posted in GD... help me!

Genesis f'n RULES!

I Get Free Lunch Today!!!!!

You know what my favorite reheated food item is?

When registering a new (to you) vehicle,

64 ounces of water is waaayyy too much to drink

where do you hummer?

DU Southerners...

I love my mom's Beets - you would too

McDonald's *IS* bad for you! NFL'er gets cast and stitches after slipping on wrapper

Random ramblings after spending easter with some truly sweet and delightful republicans

And stop dangling your participle!!

I watched Cinema Paradiso again this weekend. Anyone else love that movie like I do

Why won't they sell you British Pounds?

U S Death Toll in Iraq Reached 4,000

The new line of handbags are here-you know -for the ladies

Happy Birthday to...

We hates the new search function-FOREVER.

DS1 makes me laugh.

Hmm. I'm hearing all kinds of noise from the first floor and no one else is here.

Check in here if you want me to Ignore that you have me on "Ignore"

Opie and Anthony

Resume opinions

Quisp f'n rules!!!

Grape Now-and-Laters f'n RULE!

Another hot day.

Anyone get the JS/Downloader Agent virus?

Check in here if you have me on "Ignore"

People who double park should rot in the deepest depths of hell with Karl Rove

They crowned the winner in the 'Hunky Jesus' contest yesterday (PICS)

Get your dancing walrus here!!! (or seal)

Hey DuStrange its Monday...

Take the Bill O'Reilly Presidential Culture quiz

Guns N' Roses f'n RULE!

World's greatest musical parodist - Weird Al, Bob Rivers, or Blowfly?

Founder of POPEYE'S CHICKEN died over the weekend

I'm almost halfway with my Leukemia & Lymphoma society marathon fundraising!

I don't know who Agnes27 is - but she must love Boxed Wine and is a spoiled sport too

Burger joint's name, logo irks LGBT group

Michael Keaton Ordering Food.

Britney Spears will be on tonight's "How I Met Your Mother".

Question of the day:

A question for fans of The Beverly Hillbillies

I've died and gone to Heaven! BILLY JOEL on OPRAH today!!

Happy Dyngleberry Day to all the Buffalo area DUers!

Florida DUers...

Best Friend

Will Hillary's misspeaks be address in the next debate?

It's Raining McCain!

If you sumbitches don't stop VERBING, I'm breakin' out the comma-particle beam!

Grammar Queens -- Check In and Please Help Me!

Which DUer has the longest corn-chute?

Leave it to the French to screw up us Americans - GRRRRRRR

Which DUer has the longest trip to LynneSin's gathering next month?

OH my GOD! I think i have the Bunyan!

I think that I just picked up an EVP

Some questions about plastic surgery?

I'm being prayed to by Citi MasterCard

Happy Dyngus Day to all the Buffalo area DUers!

I need some minor tech help

Idiot I work with tells racist joke.

Which DUer has the biggest commune?

Please ban all copycat posts

I dreamed of ghosts of times past.

Is Yahoo mail acting weird for anyone else?

I got namechecked in this week's Reduced Shakespeare Company podcast!!!

Please ban all cat scratching posts.

Please fan all copycat posts

White People Not Understanding "The Speech"

White People Not Understanding "The Speech"

White People Not Understanding "The Speech"

Weather forecasters lie

Why are old threads reappearing?

Bad news everyone, it's safe now for Midlo to speed on her boxed wine runs

I got a letter from the IRS

I'm *psyched* about the computer I ordered today!

My boss just came by and offered me a Snickers bar

Percocet and Mojitos...a classic combination

Beatles fans - Beatles' friend Neil Aspinall dies in New York

Sugar Smack f'n rules!

I confess that I have never seen XBox live.

What song can you karaoke the best?

Just posted this in GD-P

My new anti-GDP *alternative* jiggy hangout:

Please post mints that, for the time being, are cool in the lounge.

GDP has gone nukular

Most fun you ever had at a concert?


Really need Consumer Reports' best healthcare plan article.

Whatever became of racist restaraunts like "Sambos" and "Coon's Chicken Inn"?

I'm Home From Work Sick Today, Ask Me Anything...

Which DUer has the longest ..................?

Which DUer has the longest ..................?


Ladies and Gentlemen....BEEFAMATO!!!

12 hours until the season begins

These boots are made for walking!

I am sooooooo pissed! There's a "master Ignore list" in GD:P and I'm not on it!!

GPS tracking devices and a new (I think!) idea to use them

Back from Sunny Caribbean Sea...Had a good time

I got a new bike

Please post pics of various herbs in the lounge

I confess that I have never seen X live.

where do you summer?

Myspacers, I've become fascinated with looking at other's and changing my mood and status

Please post hints for being kewl in the lounge.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/24/2008)

buy cheap or better

"Girls Rock!" the documentary about

Listening to Dan Fogelberg while PMSing is NOT a good idea

Attention Arrested Development fans: Will Arnett sex tape scandal

Ow. Cat claws. Ow.

Lets come up with an ignore list that will make the Lounge more pleasant

Some questions about plastic surgery

Caption this pic...or die trying.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/24/08

17 more days and I'm the fuck out of Florida!

Florida's failure. They did not act "in good faith".

I get the feeling most Americans have no idea how vile and damaging slavery was

Watered Down GAS! Some consumers cry foul, as more stations switch to E10 gasoline

What's for dinner tonight?

"Bush's War" tonight on PBS FRONTLINE. Set your Tivo's....

I am sick...I hate it

Who Is Watching TVLAND'S High School Reunion

I am doing the Happy Dance - The Twins signed Joe Nathan through 2011!

HAHAHAHA - Check out the tidbit about Boxed Wines on Wikipedia

Favorite Animated Film.? Got any..full length, or 7 minute short.

I installed the Windoze XP Service Pack THREE (3) RC 2 tonight

6 more days and I'm the fuck in Florida!

I'm being preyed upon by Citi MasterCard

Huge Music Festival in SF in August! (Radiohead!)

Damn you Daddy, the Texan thought to himself.

I absolutely loathe Country Music.... and this is just another reason why

What are you doing with your leftover Easter Ham?

oh geesh..... someone hold me.... I just made hotel reservations for LynneSins GTG in DELAWARE!!!!

I spent the whole weekend building an excel spreadsheet to express the behavior of a certain salt

Anyone here ever have plastic surgery?

The reality of severe mental illness

Which DUer has the longest commute?

Do I look professional? Somebody critique my appearance, please.

Favorite Woody Allen Movie?

Transgender man is pregnant (LOVE the photo!)

Last night I had something very exotic for dinner

Hey, Duers with Myspace!!! Check out my page!!!

Baby Pictures! ****Dial up Warning***

*** I Want a Pic Thread, and I Want it Right Now! That's an ORDER! ***

I need some music help, please!

New pics of Mick the Border Collie -- post your dog pics here

Brand name products that you will never replace with cheaper products?

Metro One to Shut Call Centers, Cut (600) Jobs

U.S. Ponders: How Deep is Economic Abyss?

4000th soldier dies in Iraq

Iraq war protesters disrupt Chicago Mass

Oil nears $100 mark on profit taking

Tibet officials vow tight security for Games torch

Shuttle crew prepares to leave station

Anbar: U.S. trophy for Iraq security losing its shine

Former Philippine president Corazon Aquino has been diagnosed with colon cancer

Iran inflation keeps pressure on Ahmadinejad

Network Solutions shutters anti-Islam film site

Privacy alarm over fingerprinting at Heathrow's fifth terminal

UAE to set up nuclear agency

Colombia Confirms It Killed Ecuadorean

A Boy the Bullies Love to Beat Up, Repeatedly

Fierce Attack on Green Zone as Violence Erupts in Iraq

Some superdelegates feed off Clinton's campaign

Cheney voices doubts on Hamas-Fatah reconciliation

1500 Comoros troops to retake dissident island

With Economy Tied to Wall St., New York Braces for Job Cuts

Olympic torch lit despite protest

Explosions destroy 40 fuel trucks, injure 100 at Pakistan-Afghan border

Lukoil head in Iraq to discuss reviving oil deal

Qaida No. 2 urges attacks on Israel, US

Cheney says Saudis kept promise on oil production

Families Torn by Citizenship for Fallen

Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick charged with perjury, obstruction, misconduct

China urged to shift urban growth to supercities

Court Turns Down Anti-Clinton Group

Oregon man's property ransacked after Craigslist hoax

Buckeye Arizona's anti-terror training site: Israel

Israel passes on U.S.-produced anti-rocket laser

Police: Clinton Aide To Plead Guilty

Japan Observes Whaling Ban to Improve International Image

Bhutto loyalist elected as Pakistani PM

Venezuelans burn Exxon 'Judas' in Easter ritual

U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 4,000 after four soldiers killed in Baghdad

Wall Street Firms Cut 34,000 Jobs, Most Since 2001 Dot-Com Bust

Curveball: 'I Am Not To Blame' for U.S. War in Iraq

Iraq cleric's militia in show of force in Baghdad (start of a civil disobedience campaign)

Pakistan chief justice released

In Fallujah, Peace Through Brute Strength (Security Flows From Hussein-Era Tactics)

Clicking on the Wrong Web Site, Now a Federal Crime.

Bush 'grieved' that US toll in Iraq reached 4,000: White House

Amber Alert Issued For Missing Homestead Sisters

Basra imposes night-time curfew

Colombian minister: Ecuadorean killed in cross-border raid on rebels

Clinton: Protect Reputable Home Lenders

Sen. Clinton Linked To Embargo Scandal

Baghdad mortuary sees rise in number of corpses

Feds (OSHA) propose $1M in fines for fatal tunnel fire (could have been avoided )

Home Sales Rose, Prices Fell in February

IRAQ: Remains of 2 US contractors recovered

Deployment Is Largest Ohio Troop Mobilization Abroad Since WWII


Peruvian leaders cry foul as Chávez exports healthcare

Conrad Black says prison life 'safe and civilized'

Patients' Data on Stolen Laptop

Piece of Plane Dislodges Over Md

Clinton Undecided On April 19 Debate

Iraq stance may keep Hagel (R-Ne) from endorsing McCain

Kevorkian to run for Congress as an independent (Michigan- 9th)

JPMorgan Raises Bear Stearns Bid to $10/Share

Felony Charges For Detroit Mayor, Beatty

Cheney on Iraq: 'It's Important to Win' (On 4,000 Dead in Iraq, He Says They Volunteered)

Va. Politicians Point Fingers In Tax Ruling

"Pay Day" Loans Exacerbate Housing Crisis

Clinton proposes Greenspan lead foreclosure group

Mice With Parkinson's Cured Using Cloned Stem Cells in Study

GOP State Parties Are In Dire Straits

Major Northeast Tomato Grower Ends Crop Over Migrant Shortage

Major Northeast Tomato Grower Ends Crop Over Migrant Shortage

XM-Sirius merger approved by DOJ

Pilot's gun discharges on US Airways flight

Iraq war protesters disrupt Chicago Mass ("Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War")

5 Killed in Iowa City Shooting

US vessel 'shoots at Suez boat'

Breakdown Knocks Out Netflix Site

Telecom lobbyists tied to McCain

From imaginary sniper fire to a campaign in the red, Hillary's primary run is one of the worse

Venezuela's Chavez blames U.S. for Tibet unrest

Iran 'behind Green Zone attack'

Justices to Hear Warrantless Search Case

Dem insiders say joint Clinton-Obama 'dream' ticket all but impossible

‘Clergy Controversies’ Inspire New Simon and Garfunkel Hit: ‘Parsley, Hagee, Jeremiah and Slime’

Taming the Beast

A Letter to Howard

Rising Health Costs Cut Into Wages

Following our own script, we've weakened America

The Wrong War

Dems Considering Mini-Convention After Primaries To Settle This Mess

NYT editorial: National Parks in Peril

For Wounded Veterans and Their Families, a Journey Without Maps

Bush to Phase Out Environment by 2009

U.S. Immigration [USCIS] changes selection process for H-1B visas

THE Winning Slogan for the Democrats!

A memo to Obama

Americans seek employment in India

Why Interracial Love Is Still Hard

Body Counting

The Real Rev. Wright, Part 4

Surprising LAPD behavior

Mainstream Media vs 9/11 Truth

Hillary Clinton worries about being investigated

Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright

Evan Baye; Let's Move The Goalposts...Again....NYT article

Spencer Ackerman: The Obama Doctrine

My Neighbor Barack

Forgot Me Knot

4000 U.S Now Dead In Iraq

A Tribute to Millard Fillmore

Wm. Kristol takes time to discuss race and tell us that we don't need to discuss it, anymore.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R MN) Gets Hot (2006)

Healthcare or Warfare

Eight Years Without Hillary?

Breaking! New Problem for Obama! Another ...

Make Oil a Public Utility

Bill Richardson on Morning Joe

You Weren't Meant To Have a Boss

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 330

Is It Hillary's Turn to 'Denounce and Reject' a Problematic Pastor?

TYT: Worst Quote From Iraq War From Barbara Bush?

Religious nuts hijack museum evolution tour. (2008)

Dick Cheney "So?"

Chinese execution buses make organ harvesting more efficient.

AP president: US arrests journalist in Iraq to 'control' information

Hillary in Anderson IN

Winter Soldiers & Fair Weather Patriots

TYT: Cenk's 5% Rule on Racism

Paul Krugman: Taming the Beast

Drink-soaked former Trotskyist Popinjay says women aren't funny

You Say Sunni. I Say Shiite.

George Will's Ironic Excuse for John McCain's Confused Mixup

Leftwing activists flock to Venezuela to soak up the socialist 'revolution'

Hillary Clinton: Sniper Fire (Mashup)

Eight Years of Bill Clinton was pretty danged good!

Judge likely to delay sentencing engineering reactor-leak case

Dawn of a new nuclear age

Scientists warn of soot effect on climate

UC San Diego Chemists Find Important Contributor to Smog

Harnessing the power of wind and waves

Indonesia warned of looming water crisis

Record-High Gasoline Never a Better Buy, Say Citigroup, FBR

Scientists warn of soot effect on climate (second only to CO2)

Relentless Water Demand Growth Drains Ethiopia's Lake Harmaya In A Generation - Seattle PI

Cyprus Cuts Water Deliveries By 1/3; Israel Facing Severe Water Shortage - AFP

As Maoist Insurgency Ends, Nepal's Endangered Rhino Numbers On The Rise - ENN

Warming Studies Project Substantial Decreases In Rice Yields - New Scientist

Chinese Crude Imports In February Up 18.1% YOY, Diesel Imports Up Nearly 1,000% YOY

Bomb kills 4 soldiers; Iraq toll at 4,000

Father disputes that pfc. committed suicide

Guard presence along border to end this summer

Crew lauds Georgia’s $1B conversion

2 soldiers die in Afghan roadside bombing

PTSD home opposed for fear of ‘deranged’ vets

Teen booted from mall after harassing Marines

Thousands protest near Marine base in Okinawa

Bikers rally in Berkeley to support Marines

Surplus of reserve colonels prompts logjam

Who's following "Dumped"? It's like Survivor in a landfill, but they need to show

Securing Iraqi roads a matter of tit for tat

McCain “might take [new CAFE standards] off the books”

Fuel Shortages Return To China - Long Lines For Gasoline, Diesel In Very Short Supply - MSNBC

Tissue From E. Greenland Bears Show 19-27% Annual Increase In PFC Contamination Since 2000 - Star

UK Garden Supply Companies Report Big Fall In Flower Seed Orders In Favor Of Vegetables - Guardian

Japan Pushes For Easier Emissions Target

Substantial improvement in essential cheap solar cell process

USAF Pushing To Build Coal-To-Liquids Plant At ND Airbase - AP

EDIBLE ESTATES: Attack On The Front Lawn

U.S. `Wide Open’ to Another Crippling Power Blackout

McCain Advisor - "Dow 36,000" Author - Says We Just Need To Stop Zoning Suburbs, All Will Be Well .

Searching For Solutions To Collapsing West Coast Salmon Populations - SF Chronicle

German Green Party insists environmental impact was not assessed

Reactor suppliers are perplexed and confused by gag order

Across America, Around The World, Warming Knocks Biological Cycles Out Of Kilter - KC Star


James Lovelock: We are all doomed. Malthus was right.

Group’s latest fight with Grafenwöhr is about new housing

Kin Torn by Citizenship for Fallen

F-15 Pilot Sues Boeing for Damages

Tourism chief wants to restrict Pompeii access

Marines Say They See a Safer Iraq

The battle-scarred caretakers

2,500 from Ohio Guard set to deploy

Mother at odds with Army over death of sgt.

Kucinich's Republic Foe Wants Guard And Reserves Off The Front Lines

xpost: Worried Yet? Saudis Prepare for "Sudden Nuclear Hazards" After Cheney Visit

Fred Singer Says Warming Will Be Good For Us, And ABC News Gives Him A Megaphone

Grassroots Truckers' Strike Generates Lots Of Talk, Action Uncertain - Quad City Times

We're all doomed! (James Lovelock)

OSHA proposes $155,000 in penalties against Naples, Fla., construction contractor

NLRB Judge Overturns Disputed 2007 Nurses' Union Election - Cites Illegal Activities By Company

"Catch the Flame" to encourage worker rights during the Olympics

Union election set April 9 at Austal's Mobile shipyard

NLRB Hears Familiar Argument (Tribe Again Asserts Federal Labor Laws Don't Apply To New Union Effort

USW Calls on Presidential Candidates to Address China's Trade Violations

American Axle Strikers Don’t Want UAW To Buckle As Some Production Moves To Mexico

Op-Ed: Nurses know best about patient care

IBEW Tries Mass. Organizing Of Comcast Workers

NLRB injunction request hearing Monday

Union wants to fix NAFTA, not junk it

Teamsters, National Commission, to Launch Report on Waste Management Safety Crisis

Obama hopes Oregon’s ‘important’ primary supports his nomination fight

Indian Workers Trafficked to US

LA Times: Inspectors find dirt on books at Southern Calif. carwashes

4,000 Nurses Walk Out in Bay Area for Better Patient Care

AFL-CIO reports net membership gain

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Names New Director

From the Fact Check Desk: The Clinton Campaign Misrepresents Clinton NAFTA Meeting

Teamsters rolling up organizing, contract wins

10,000 UC nurses ratify new labor contract

Actors guild's heavy hitter

FairPoint reaches tentative union deal

Striking union workers cheer, criticize charges against Detroit mayor

Mexico: 250 Corona bottle makers fired for forming an independent union

Would Kansas snub McCain over tankers?

Teamsters Alarmed by Reports of UAL 747s Grounded Due to Foreign Repair Station Error

Remember this? 12/2006 - "It's a Wall Street bonus bonanza"

Manhattan bracing for financial sector job losses, slow real estate

Winding Up Bear Stearns: Paulson’s Gift to His Bankster Buddies

Shouldn't we look at all ropes thrown to our economy, even Larouche's HBPA?

massive de-leveraging shock wave in all products ; Forced selling

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 03/21/2008

JPMorgan in Negotiations to Raise Bear Stearns Bid

Articles of Impeachment? Bear Stearns Buyout Illegal?

Clinton Treas Sec Robert Rubin, & Fed Reserve heads Greenspan and Volker on Mortgage panel - good ?

Why hard work doesn't pay

AP - Food Prices Soaring Worldwide

not to say i told you so... but

Ecuador Reveals FARC Attacked wth Bombs Similar to those US Used in Iraq

Former FARC hostage and Colombian senator seeks meeting with Bush

If you want to read a Spanish article and explain the gist of it, here's a story from Colombian

Cuba Condemns Criticism of China - Watch the Spin

Gay Porn's Neocon Kingpin

Hamas rides wave of support despite Gaza's economic woes

Evil is not neutral


Barack Obama blasts pro-Hamas Op-Ed

Nasrallah: The Zionist entity can be wiped out of existence

Hamas 'wrecking Mid-East peace'

The vision of an Arab-free Knesset

On Tape, Zawahri Urges Attacks on Israel and U.S.

HR group: Palestinians died awaiting treatment

Defense officials view laser as future of anti-missile technology

Sorry for this, but what's mine is yours.

After Putin

Any info on the status of Beau's deployment to Iraq?

Do you guys know anything about this?

Bidenites to the rescue

Hey everybody

NCAA dunk of the year-Deron Washington (Va. Tech)

2008 MLB Predictions

I had an Obama dream!

I received a message from my mom.

I'm parked in one of life's way stations.

Hi everyone. There's a new Matthew message up


Anyone done any research on how the US health care system compares to other countries?

Ham sauce/accompaniment?

Calling Maestro....

Question for Muslim DUers

Spring is slowly getting here.

Anyone Else Photoblogging?

Network Solutions shutters anti-Islam film site

Corpus Christi - or why I remain a Catholic.

Is Boojatta persistently trying to play a little game in the DU Religion/Theology forum?

Anti-missionaries suspected in attack

The ultimate asparagus

Gore Vidal Speaks Seriously Ill of the Dead...a good read

An 'Astounding Time' for Planetary Discoveries

Are some objects in a state of absolute motion?

Oil Generated from within the Earth's core

Helmke wants gun control issue ‘solved'

Some of that 'ol time hate-r-ation from (former) Senator Torricelli...

What is "Responsible" gun ownership?

Do you believe in God and how secure is your supply of Honey Nut Cheerios?

DailyKos diary to rec and comment (THK's op-ed!)

Who's fighting hardest for women?

THK had an op-ed yesterday!

PDA election transparency conterence call 3/25

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 03/24/08

DoJ memo confirms that McKay's "investigation" of the 2004 election was a sham

You can’t test our product unless you use our rigged test


4000th military death. Coleman's office at 4:30pm !!!!!

Gov. Pawlenty looking forward to Monday morning?

Yippiee. Vets for Freedom canceled at Forest Lake Highschoo

Woman considered oldest Texan dies at 114

First Freedom First Screenings in Austin & Houston 3/26

In Texas, slur carries baggage of history

Need help dealing with potentially troublesome Delegation Chair

Need help downloading movie

Anyone get the JS/Downloader Agent virus?

Wonderful op-ed by one of my favorite Pennsylvanians!

DailyKos diary to rec and comment (THK's op-ed for Obama!)

good piece from Huff Post

Obama on Virgin Island Beach. I was wondering how long it would take before it got

The cult of Leonard Cohen

An Obama forum! Frenchie just told me about this place

Teaching For Love 2

My student loan is in what?

Easter Night 2008 .... A flock of EDVs had gathered around a bonfire ....

neil aspinall, beatles right hand man, dies.

Just posted in GD-P.

6 rock masterpieces you've probably never heard of

Just posted a query about getting British money in PA on the Lounge ...

Have you seen the Irvine Housing Blog?

Is Obama the Antichrist?

Just in case you heathens missed this...

Just what I'd been looking for!

"A sign from God"

WP, pg1: Both Obama And Clinton Embellish Their Roles

For Clinton, It's the Economy, Stupid

Last Rites for Hillary?

Obama's life of striking contrasts

Police: Clinton aide to plead guilty (Sidney Blumenthal)

Why Obama has still not clinched it: Rigged Primaries and a Complicit Media - x

Clinton Backer Evan Bayh Points to Electoral College Votes as New Measure

Is this the newest tactic by HRC?

Obama's promise of a new majority, and the question it prompts: Can a liberal build a majority?

What It's All About...