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Indignant Americans

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/24/08 - Obama unchanged (44), Clinton up 1 (46)

Why is anyone really in this forum anyway??

One of the two of them needs to step aside, soon, very, very soon.

One of the two of them needs to step aside, soon, very, very soon.

I just stumped my toe, yelled "Hillary Rodham Christ!!!" :) n/t

TAPPED: The Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine

Welcome to this week's episode of "As the Candidates Spin."

Fmr. President Clinton in Logansport, In.

Something we can all agree on?

A simple way to weed out crap threads

BREAKING-Hillary herself acknowledges she "misspoke" about sniper fire.

Breaking: Reports in that Hillary Clinton has begun to try and steal Obama's elected delegates.

What State Will Be Clinton's Last?

Who would Democratic candidates for office rather be seen with on the campaign trail?

Is Hillary Propping-up McLame to Help Him Get Elected, So She Can Run Again in 2012? ? ?

Dan Abrams covering Sniper-gate

DU is beginning to remind me of "The Monsters Are Due on

Thread deleted - it didn't go through correctly

My Neighbor Barack from The Jewish week

Record Number of PA Democrats Registered

Firefox users: anyone tried the iMacros extension? (possible post filtering tool)

Had Hillary strongly denounced or rejected her IWR vote, or offered an apology, would she be ahead?

Another perhaps interesting thing about "Sniper gate"

Another perhaps interesting thing about "Sniper gate"

Oh, please, pleeeease, don't throw me into that briar patch (aka ignore list)!!!

So HRC is dodging a debate on the day that she plans on releasing her tax information?

Obama tied to another racist, homophobe who is supposedly an Obama superdelegate

McCarthy • Judas • Blue Dress Stain • Entitlement • WTF are Our Party Leaders?

McCarthy • Judas • Blue Dress Stain • Entitlement • WTF are Our Party Leaders?

Question for James Carville:

What would be your solution to this problem?

Now Hillary surrogates are counting TX as a "big swing state that matters"???

Tomorrow's Hillary Moving Goal Post: she's won all the "New" States!!

Progressives for Obama

Sniper Gate is Hillary's way out of the elections

Do what I just did!

Q: What would it take for Hillary to win the nomination this year?

MSM and DU have switched from Rev Wright to Bosnia

Funny slam on GWB from fashion mag.

John Cleese's Letter to America ("Notice of Revocation of Independence")

'Snipergate' nailed

This whole ignore list/boycott/separate board bullshit is myspace style bullshit

This whole ignore list/boycott/separate board bullshit is myspace style bullshit

MSM and Bosnia

KO covering Sniper-gate

'Snipergate' nailed

Slightly more credible than 'Snipergate'

Shh...don't tell anyone, but here is the list of people we must get banned!

Let It Sink --- I Get It


My theory is that if there weren't any Republicans....

High court rejects anti-Clinton movie appeal

Simply Stated: I will vote for the DEM nominee.

I havent started three threads yet in GD-P today

I havent started three threads yet in GD-P today

People who believe Obama can win the GE are fools. I am tired of being nice!

The ClintonS trying to POACH delegates from Texas

Easter Dinner With the Parents

I heart Keith O

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Tuesday March-25-2008

An odd thing I noticed years ago about being under small-arms and rocket fire--

I misspoke about skydiving into shark infested waters

In response, I'll post my favorite poem. Rudyard Kipling

(fixed) supporter made Obama Reponse Ad To Rev. Jeremiah Wright Attack Ad

Obama's promise of a new majority, and the question it prompts

It's not my future I'm concerned about

Both candidates' specifics on FMLA are pretty good compared to where we are right now.

Gary Kamiya: Rev. Jeremiah Wright isn't the problem...knee-jerk patriotism is

O.K., Here It Goes:

HERE IT IS - The official DU master ignore list!

Just fucking vote for the Democrat who wins the nomination...

Hillary Clinton lies big time -- over and over

I saved 25 babies from a burning building today, while under sniper fire

How do we know the "ignore list" isn't fake?

LOL OK Can't help it - I have to ask this

LOL OK Can't help it - I have to ask this

LOL OK Can't help it - I have to ask this

LOL OK Can't help it - I have to ask this

LOL OK Can't help it - I have to ask this

supporter made Obama Reponse Ad To Rev. Jeremiah Wright Attack Ad

Clinton 'misspoke' about '96 Bosnia trip

I dedicate my favorite Langston Hughes (and all time favorite) poem to Obama:

No Carville apology for Judas remark

Easter Dinner with my Cousin in PA

49% of voters "less likely" to vote for Obama for president after watching/listening his speech

Ignore ME.

Been here from the begining



I believe that Hillary Clinton has never lied to advance her career.

I really like Hillary Clinton!

MSNBC Live Poll; Black President? Obama's Speech? 200,000 responses: VOTE!!!

"Slick Hilly" replaces "Slick Willy"

Zionist Organization of America asks Obama to quit his church

Zionist Organization of America asks Obama to quit his church

Counterpunch:Hillary's Berserker Campaign ... for 2012

poll for late oct vp

Why Obama cannot win in November.



BREAKING: Clinton and Obama supporter come to agreement in GDP!

The Long Defeat

A Poem

A funny thought -- Ok Obama wins nomination - What happens if Hillary runs as McCain's running mate?

Why are People So Offended By Being Put on "Ignore?"

Is it freaking midnight yet?

If Obama or Clinton become President, and then make an excuse not to pull us out of Iraq

Here's to the "Clinton Scab Patrol"!

hillary clinton was named for sir edmund hillary!!

Hillary's Latest Strategy - "Poaching" pledged delegates

Tonight, I'm reminded of a poignant poem:

Why am I on the top 10 list?

O.K., Here It Goes:

An Ode to the Hillarites Dearly Departed

I refuse to outright Ignore Clinton Supporters

Anarchy in the GD:P.

Hillary supporters don't go to Drudge Report right now

The Guardian UK Poem In Praise of Hillary By Maya Angelou

Do the people planning different strategies to disrupt DU

Obama co-chair mentions blue dress?

Don't you DARE read this! (naked pics and nasty words involved!)

Hillary says she uses Millions of words every day to defend her Bosnia "misstatement" (the math)

I know why the caged troll sinks. nt

BREAKING: DU Hillary gate cult dies with a whimper, now back to democratic discussions with her

Openleft is thinking about endorsing, they are having a poll

Even if Edwards (the person I voted for), ends up

Even if Edwards (the person I voted for), ends up

Even if Edwards (the person I voted for), ends up

A prayer for Hope!

Can't We All Just Get Along?

A prayer for Hillary.

Writer of "Hillary's Nasty Pastorate" article voted for Nader, blamed Gore for 2000 loss

Gallup (3-24-08): Clinton, Obama Closely Matched Among Jewish Democrats

It's only March, but have a look at who we all get to fuck with next!

Fellow Obama supporters, please dont:

Does Hillary's sniper fire == Bush's "Saddam has weapons of mass

Time out for humor in the GDP (if we have any left)

The Democratic Party is more important than Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

When Will Hillary Drop Out of the Race?

Super Delegate Tracker, Obama still gaining, albeit slowly

IF A Dem Wins In November *I* Propose A DU Inauguration Party In January (IN PERSON)

With SniperGate out in the open, what else is Hillary Clinton lying about?

I'm not giving up on you, Hillary. You inspire me.

Obama supporters, am I correct to surmise that Hillary supporters are now "trolls" to you?

Obama supporters, am I correct to surmise that Hillary supporters are now "trolls" to you?

Obama--Do Rules Count or Not??

"So,for a 5% chance, she''s got no problem w/ Dems tearing each other part for another 3 months."

I've got The List

Oh, I give up, just let Hillary be president

What are the Hillary supporters answers to these problems?

Hillary's "experience" is basically all exaggeration and half-truths

More Evidence Supporting Hillary’s Accomplishments as First Lady

Now Hillary is Ducking a Debate

Some Thoughts Of Hillary's Supporters Here

Some Thoughts Of Hillary's Supporters Here

"With a Powerful Speech, Obama Offers a Challenge," by Bob Herbert

"With a Powerful Speech, Obama Offers a Challenge," by Bob Herbert

The Registration Deadline in Pennsylvania has Passed.

Vetted . : - j

Ahem, I have a poem

are there

A collection of Obama's accomplishments for those....

Tweety just tore Mika a new one on morning LOSERS

Harry Reid: Nominee will be decided before the convention.


It's 12:45 a.m. and I'd just like to say: Hillary, It's Over. And Here is a Poem For You....

It's 12:45 a.m. and I'd just like to say: Hillary, It's Over. And Here is a Poem For You....

Ok, some of you will probably flame me for this, but...

"Where's the sniper, 8-ball?"

Interesting years and years of first lady duties kind of warp a person?

There are times when I take great pride in being a part of DU...

Young voter comes to DU for fresh info on her candidate, Obama - Tired of MSM and RW Blogslime

NYT: Obama’s Test: Can a Liberal Be a Unifier?

the Barack Obama love-o-meter

an open letter from Barack Obama to LGBT America

The SD's are going to be the Democratic SC ?

This Board Is Becoming More Like High School Every Day

Clinton's Bosnia Lie: Why Padding Your 3 am Ready Resume Is a Bad Idea

Dang! Is it August 29th yet?

Does She Know?

Could be a winner...he moves quite well




She has the nerve to lie about being under fire while sending our troops into real peril!

My hopes for a better America—

Carville(Clinton), Booker(Obama) & Edwards(Neutral) to Speak in NC Sat to Young Democrats of NC...

You May Write Me Down in History....4 Hillary

Shhh...Obama? You wanna win PA ?

So when she apologizes for exaggerating (misspeaking) did she just do it again?

Outraged Snoopy declares HE, not HILLARY, shot down Red Baron

'Snipergate' nailed

Heres a piece of advice from a canadian...

Thank you, Maya Angelou

Harry Reid supports Obama!

"So this is campaigning!"

LaGuardia Airport: Ruh-Roh!

YO! If George Bush is the yard stick by which we are now measuring

Someone needs to step up to the plate and explain to Hillary that she simply cannot win this thing

Cya in 7 days DU

Make no mistake about it ALL HRC and BHO zealots are wasting precious energy

Dear Mrs. Clinton....

If you want real Dem primary coverage get it from the Socialists.

Rush Limbaugh, Crossover voters in Ohio, and Felonies....

Hillary LIVED in a war zone!! For eight years dammit!!!

so why are we *agreeing* to let ourselves be torn apart?

If Democrats want to end this ...

Greensboro Gets Ready for Obama

The Clinton People Are On A Tear Again Today

I wonder

Views on Obama in Lexington Ky newspaper 03-05-08

"but, but, but, it really was a war zone..." What now, did she misspeak about misspeaking?

Why even bother with a 50-state election

US Republicans, in search of the weaker Democrat



Obama has made it to the World of Warcraft

self delete - wrong discussion group

PRIMARY POST-MORTEM THREAD 1: How Did Hillary Achieve "Frontrunner Status" So Early?

Making a list and checking it twice...

The Nation: Progressives for Obama

Which Lie Is Bigger?

Tulza makes me think of Commander Codpiece's Air National Guard lore

Polls - Look for a surge toward Obama

BartCop has an idea that's GUARANTEED to heal the party and unify it behind one candidate!

Is there a "Break Even Point" for contributions? i.e. Could a very small contribution actually

Politico Straw Poll: Progressives favor Obama to Clinton 72% - 16%

Others who have misspoken

The Favorite Bigot Mantra -- "Obama Can't Win The GE!"

So Wendy was like, "Nuh uh!" and I was like "Oh yeah!" and then

It's Like Trying To Unscramble An Egg: Race, Gender and Our Election


Isn't gloating week gonna be fun?

Obama inching closer to Hillary in Pennsylvania-Poll

Imagine an administration that lies, uses fear to unite, endorses McCain, and runs economically amok

Be very quiet. I hear snipers.

Have these easy questions been asked about Hillary's sniper fire incident and if not why?

So Did James Mary Carville Resign Yet

A must-read for all Clinton supporters.

The Long Defeat : David Brooks

Super Delegates should go to candidate with largest public rallies!

If you were fleeing a sniper, would you leave an 8-year-old girl behind?

1974: Hillary lost Judiciary Committee job after trying to block Nixon impeachment.

Clinton supporters, how long did you think the war would last?

here is the Obama supporters strategy , let it sink !

Gordon Fischer (Iowa Obama) Responds to Media Storm

There She Goes Again: Hillary Reminds us Yet Again that Pledged Delegates Can Always Switch.

Just for the record, there is a difference between McCarthy and Judas

Of course Bill Richardson has the right to endorse anyone who he wants to endorse, but...

'Unsexiest Woman'

they're baaaaaack ! they cant keep their word for even 24 hours

New Gallup: Obama (no change), Clinton -1.

Have these easy questions been asked about Hillary's sniper fire incident and if not why?

Have these easy questions been asked about Hillary's sniper fire incident and if not why?

PA Primary • PA Demographics • Can Hillary win it all? • How much difference will it make?

I joined DU just so I could use Ignore.

David Brooks (NYT): Hillary's Five Percent Chance

Carville: Seperated at birth?

For what it's worth, there IS a difference between calling someone "Judas" vs. "McCarthy"

If you are one who is actually compiling an ignore list....

Godbama vs. Beelzillary

My co-workers are totally not believing that I made my way in today under sniper fire

Since Clinton didn't Win Texas, Why isn't her campaign Over like Carville and Bill said?

Forgive my ignorance, and I apologize if we have been through

There is something strange about Hillary's "misstatement"

Obama’s speech meets unsympathetic ears with Americans

How Super Delegate rules HURT politicians endorsing other candidates they believe in...

If Hillary Clinton is going to attack Obama for staying in a relationship with his church...

So Hillary actually does believe that Reagan had some good ideas:

Have you heard? It's just a fish story. She meant to say "grouper" instead of "sniper."

Hillary in Bosnia: Picture in picture video

The Long Defeat of HRC NY Time Op Ed

The One Good Thing About This HRC Lying Thing

True extent of "list" activity.

Why did Obama ship Wright out of the country?

Does Ignore List Count?


Thom Hartmann is talking about what might happen if

Sleep deprivation should be come the universal excuse!

It's Over, People Can't Learn, Let's Move On

New NC Poll: O: 55 C: 34; C only has 7-pt lead among white voters!

About that AOL straw "poll"...

DU ignore list, segregation or profiling?

At the next debate, the candidates will be given "truth serum",

Check out this crazy war protester....

Voting for McCain because your candidate didn't get the nomination, is like...

Don't Boo the Home Team

Hillary Rodham Christ

Have these easy questions been asked about Hillary's sniper fire incident and if not why?

What hate speech did Wright give?

Waiting too long for PA

HAHA... Markos nails it

Sleep-deprived + Poor decision-making + 3 a.m. phone calls...

Sleep-deprived + Poor decision-making + 3 a.m. phone calls...


Clinton Camp: "Sen. Obama is turning the Audacity of Hope into the audacity of nope"

Are you still here?

The Sheer Absurdity of the Tuzla Story

It's clear now-If Hillary can't be the democratic nominee, she wants Mccain to win

Why is Hillary giving big interview to Richard Mellon Scaife's Newspaper??????

Two articles you might find interesting - I did.

Is the Clinton campaign even trying?

Much more than race - what makes a great speech great - G. Lakoff

Assuming Clinton is telling the truth....

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up.

The grand contradiction of boycotting DU. It is like a catch-22.

self delete

Clinton has hit a new low, which for her is waaaay down there.

It's Now or Never for Hillary

This Clinton boycott - how many of 'em broke through?

This Clinton boycott - how many of 'em broke through?

self delete

Share your funniest/most dangerous/scariest sleep deprived moment.

Just put the new all-caps troll on ignore. Please.


Hillary: "I Had a Different Memory" (mis-remembered?)

From the "Delicious Irony" Department:

As always, its not the initial statement, its how its handled.

AOL straw poll: Hillary beating Obama in 49 states. 53,000 polled so far.

If Hillary is inclined to repeatedly make mistakes when 'sleep deprived'...

Hillary undecided on April 19th Debate BUT

Obama is held accountable for Wright's words, Hillary can lie time after time and get away with it

Poll ON site... 50% says "the tide is turning in hillay's favor" Over 300 votes... VOTE!!!!


Hillary, I'm done... finished... through!

Hillary to give an all important speech to finish the Sniper scandal

Litle Miss Spoke

How to handle a media windfall - A comparison of our candidates

Hillary's Sleep Deprivation Causes Fuck Ups On Campaign Trail? What'd Happen At 3am In White House

Rasmussen Tracking Poll: McCain over Obama 50-41; McCain over Clinton 48-43. WTF!?!?!?!


Chelsea Clinton dodges question about Bosnia sniper Incident

Just one more reason why Hillary beats Obama...

Obama is full of excuses...

"SO, I made a mistake..."

The Ultimate Hillary Clinton Supporter----FUNNY

Hillary and Bill's trails of shady, filthy, fat-cat money. A MUST read.

How Obama will win the GE.

Breaking: Excerpts of Clinton's Historic Speech Leaked to Press

Clinton says pledged delegates can switch! GO KUCINICH!!

I know I'm just an anonymous person on a blog and all...

We are all witnessing the ugliness of the love of power and money.

Barack Obama: The Beer

I don't care if McCain or Clinton wins, we will be in experienced hands

I've come to the conclusion that the Michigan primary DOES matter

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Tuesday March-25-2008

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Tuesday March-25-2008

It is not hate that drives us from HRC it is fear

It is not hate that drives us from HRC it is fear

I donated to Obama today.

Record number of voting registrations for Pennsylvania

Clinton summons "the closer" to NC

Wolf Blitzer (CNN) is allowing HRC to change the narrative from her "lie" to "Obama's Church"

Hot to spot an Obama supporter?

Clinton campaign releases PROOF of sniper fire. Source not what anyone expected!

Hillary Deserves No Parent of the Year Awards.

Hilly and Billy, You are Officially TRAITORS to the Party. Im Done With You FOREVER.

Obama Posts Six Years Of Tax Returns, Calls On Hillary To Do The Same

Tell CNN & Blitzer You Are Fed Up!

Hillary Finance Committee Member Compares Wright And David Duke

Hillary: "I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day..."

When did the right wingnuts become so PC and what happend to Obama's white half?

Clinton stuttering over reporters Waco sniper comment.

Ticketing for Greensboro, NC event tomorrow closed...


Barack Obama: The Intelligence Revolutionary

Would you like to have dinner with Barack?!

Democratic Party Official: Clinton Pursuing 'The Tonya Harding Option'

When Hillary flat out lies, it's a "mistake" and we should get over it...

Why do the DU Hillary supporters feel so strongly about her?

I predict Hillary will drop 8 points in national tracking polls by Friday and a tie at 45% in PA

Texas county conventions are SATURDAY. Watch the news, look for Obama delegate gains.

for my 666th post i would just like to say;

No wonder I can't understand her platform, she is saying 800 words a minute!!!

No wonder I can't understand her platform, she is saying 800 words a minute!!!

Obama's Minister's Appearances Canceled


everyone should take note of this:

Richardson's like Judas who sold out jesus for 30 pieces of Silver ***Petition for DFA***

What do you make of IgnoreListGate?

One thing Obama and all Dems should learn from HRC - Ruthlessness....

This has to end NOW!

The kind of Pastor Hillary does support!

Can Obama Win in November Without Clinton's Supporters?

Hillary drop out, you're wasting precious Democratic energy, money, & attacking Obama like a NeoCon

Obama in NC vs. VA

Trust is the currency of Politicians.Once it's gone, it can't be recovered.

As much as I hate the expression...Hillary has thrown

I do NOT want to hear another word from an anonymous Party insider or Superdelegate:

Thinking and hoping...

Thinking and hoping...

Miss Poke

"Ignore Lists" are for cowards.

Thinking and hoping...

Clinton: Pledged delegates are not pledged. Like superdelegates.

Hillary Clinton a US Marine?

Super Delegate laying the groundwork to abandon Clinton

Hillary Clinton and the 'Tonya Harding option.'

IS IT TIME for voters to contact superdelegates in our states???

So is it fair to say that Hillary is now the Tonya Harding of the campaign?

The difference between criticism and mockery is an important one.

Why Is Clinton Suggesting That Pledged Delegates Can Flip "Just Like Superdelegates"?

Maybe Skinner should suspend GD:P for a couple days,

How will Hillary's supporters answer if questioned in the GE?

Who's fault is all this GDP madness?

Hey Hillary, you are a LOSER and an UGLY WITCH!!!!!

Hey Obama, you are a nice gentleman.

Got lube?

Got lube?


Hillary vows to keep fighting / smearing / tearing down the party for the "next three months"

Your candidate sucks!!....yeah, mine sucks, too.....

Anyone else watching Tweety? Update, no pastor gate coverage for the entire show

Take Action: Call Hillary's HG and tell them what you think!

Hillary is a liar and her lies are an insult to all mothers in war situations.

Maxed-Out Obama supporters: Send Patrick Murphy (PA) some money and thank him for supporting Obama

Pennsylvania shows Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama 49% to 39%.

The super delegates can end this right now....( NON BIAS POST )

I got in to a fight in the bar last night...

What was Hillary thinking with the Bosnia story? Why would she even float it?

Obama called the mortgage crisis a year ago

Of course Wright would not be your Pastor, Hillary

Who has done more to advance the lives of people through the application of progressive values?

Obama appears to be going after the ESPN male crowd

For weeks it has been Rezco ,Wright ,Rezco, Wright over and freaken over

Tweety Question: Do the Clintons prefer Obama or McCain to be the next president?

Candidates in long, drawn-out primaries usually lose in the GE.

Super-delegates looking for guidance from voters or party leaders

Team-Hillary's ugly race-based response to the Richardson endorsement.

Anyone watching HilLIARy's press conference on MSNBC?

W.Va. Democratic voters won't choose delegates

I think It's time for John Edwards

I think It's time for John Edwards

I think It's time for John Edwards

I think It's time for John Edwards

I think It's time for John Edwards

Can Rush be sued for violating the civil rights of Democrats?

If a male said Hillary grew up a privileged white girl in the 50s

Obama Releases 2000-2006 Tax Returns, Calls On Clinton To Do The Same

I feel the arrogant, sarcastic attitude many Obama supporters have isn't helping his campaign.

Christopher Hitchens on the Wright speeches.

God, what a smart Lady. Free advertising on all major channels

Would all of you who say you won't vote for the nominee if it's not the candidate you support...

Predict: When will Hillary Rodham Christ release her tax returns? n/t

Snipers who can Xerox.

********** I Misspoke, get over it ***********

Jesus Christ! I've hit alert twice in the last two minutes for both candidates.

If it was *anyone* instead of Obama leading by a slim margin..


Cognitive Scientists much easier on Clinton RE: snipergate

Teachers attack army over "school recruitment"

Just read an article at HuffPo that stated that Harry Reid said

The party SHOULD be splitting right now.

Please Obama folks if you believe he didn't lie about Wright sermons EXPLAIN this to me?

Why is this stuff on sale?

Clinton supporters - I understand where you are coming from.

WTF?? "Enquirer Claims Obama Behind Murder of Gay Choir Director of His Church"

Just how progressive are you?

Hillary's problem with Tuzla

Why is Obama not asking for money but Hillary is?

What was Hillary thinking with the Bosnia story? Why would she even float it?

I have a feeling that Harold Ford Jr is a Hillbot!

Justified, pre-absolved, sanctified and anointed

Gallup Poll: Obama doing well with Jewish vote, running nearly even with Clinton.

Move Over Obama Girl - Hillary Girl Is Here! (+ New Obama Girl Video)

Democratic Party Official: Clinton Pursuing 'The Tonya Harding Option'...!?

Obama related to Brad Pitt, Clinton to Angelina Jolie

"there was no greeting ceremony."

Hillary is campaigning for....

Barack Obama's "Scorched Earth - The Weasel Version" Campaign


Clinton: Pledged delegates can switch sides

Clinton comparing wrights words to imus's....

Conservatives Choose Obama

IMHO: It's not racism. It's not sexism. It's POLITICS.

Harry The Cable Guy: Reid's gonna git-er-DONE, and who has reason to doubt him?

I didn't think he could do it, but Obama survived Wright-I think he's unstoppable now

Hillary had a choice. (Bosnia remarks)

McGovern: "it's going to be harder to elect a woman than to elect a black man"

Remember when Edwards just HAD to drop out, cause his campaign was broke?

Hillary campaign on LIFE SUPPORT!

April 1st

Hillary is a Bitch...

WTF - local LTTE complains Obama's pastor has gotten too *little* coverage???

I'm so happy Tom Daschle is an Obama advisor

Chelsea Clinton appreciation thread

Obama goes on vaca when going gets tough. Signs of weakness in campaign.

Which centrist are you for?

Is it true that Clinton gave China most favored nation status?

Hillary: Wright wouldn't have been my pastor

Obama, Wright, and Hamas

When Is Hillary's Senate Seat up for Grabs.. or.. Tell Me How She Has a Future in the Party

Insanity on DU notwithstanding, it's probably better if Hillary stays in

The real enemy is McCain now - not Hillary. Let's start focusing on the GE

Hillaryites - Don't GIVE UP!

You'll have to be patient with me

Another Obama office open

Clinton remark on Obama's pastor leads on NBC news.

Predict: Who will get the honor of using the "stage hook" on Mrs. Inevitable? n/t

HEY PENNSYLVANIA!!! Do the right thing and end this nightmare!!!

CLINTON SUPPORTERS:::Positive Thread Here

Obama Superdelegate Charged With Perjury Over Sex Scandal (Put Away That Blue Dress!)

"I Have A Meme": From Katrina and Septembereleventh to Mustard and Relish

"I Have A Meme": From Katrina and Septembereleventh to Mustard and Relish

Chelsea Clinton is asked question about Monica Lewinsky

How can I put EarlG on ignore?

I've been gone all day --- can someone fill me in on what this "Ignore List" thingy is?

Just got back from my right wing feed store

Is Hillary's campaign starting to look like Weekend at Bernie's?

You know, I'm really mad about whatever it was, ignore list or "let it sink"

Indiana House Majority Leader Russ Stilwell Endorses Obama

New CBS Video Contradicts Clinton Again

Excuses for Hillary from Joliet Jake: "I ran out of gas. I, I had a flat tire. A terrible flood."

Does anybody know when the next debate is?

The Republicans Desperately Need Hillary To Win The Nomination

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports (Obama -1)

PHOTOS: Barack Obama today in the U.S. Virgin Islands, spoke briefly with reporters

Why this little lie will be the final nail in the Clinton '08 campaign

Bill Clinton: NH's primary didn't follow the rules

Bill Clinton: NH's primary didn't follow the rules

Any man who wants to call me a sexist for not supporting Hillary can go suck a lemon.

Scaife's Paper? She Went To His Paper To Make Those Comments About Obama?

The Sniper Flap itself is no big deal. But it reflects a Larger Big Deal about the Clintons

Clinton campaign use of Judas: Who are the real targets?

Were the Clintons always this horrible?

The Obama Doctrine

The Obama Doctrine

Why would Chelsea let her mom embarass herself like that?

KO Please Cover the Solutions Dems Offer the Country and Not Just the Mud Flinging

I am officially DONE with her

Poll: Edwards endorsement of Clinton wouldn't do much for her in NC

Still I Rise

Clinton has hit a new low, which for her is waaaay down there.

10 times as many Obama donors as Clinton

So many posts today about HRC's Tuzla lie, but does anyone notice that it's already fading ...

***Hillary is running scared in Bosnia.....***

The longer this crap goes on, the deeper the damage to the party

A question about PPP Polling.

Hillary's Pastor Problem is worse than Rev Wright

ALERT: Bush has only 300 days left to go!

So, Senator Clinton..... what happens to that experience of yours?

How can a woman that stood by a President that LIED to the entire country...

Clinton campaign recriting 300 volunteer lawyers to observe all TX st & cty conventions this wkend

****New Obama Girl video ("Hillary! Stop the Attacks!")****

Another Hillary Clinton whopper?

The fact that the superdelegates aren't intervening suggests to me the majority support HRC

Women can keep their mouths shut!

I just don't want a president who looks like this.

In theory, a number of Hillary supporters have taken a week's leave.

Are you as angry with Senator Clinton as I am?


Hillary's staggering ineptitude on Rev. Wright reveals itself yet again

While Clinton Delays the Inevitable...

I would have been here sooner *plink plink plink* but I am being held down *plink* DUCK EVERYONE...

Democrats 11% favorite when it comes to the issue of economy!!! Check out this poll! and VOTE

O'Reilly is dedicating the full 2 hours of his radio show to Snipergate today.

Do the latest gaffes of Hillary show why she was against Internet freedom back in the 90's?

Hillary's Macaca Moment

Why Hillary’s Lies are Important - Talking Points Memo

Breaking: Obama surges 20 points in 1 week in NC... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rev. who?

Pastorgate vs. Snipergate.

Michelle is asked "what would you do if obama treated you like bill treated hillary.?"

"Sniper fire you can Xerox!"

Hillary "misspoke" about Bosnia FOUR TIMES!

Obama Within TEN Points in Pennsylvania!!!!

PETITION: "Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz, Step Up or Step Down"

Clinton: "I was sleep-deprived, and I misspoke."

When the reincarnated return, cut them some slack.

Clinton Winning The Electoral College, Obama Losing

Word of the Day : 'Misspoke'

Who wins in the GE? Clinton would if the GE were held right now.

Toilet to Tap in CA: NPTV airs segment on sewage pollution to drinking water in Colorado R. basin

Dealing with stereotypes (Slowpoke 'TOON)

KOs dealing with the 4,000 deaths - Cheney's disgusting comment

Kevin Drum: McCAIN'S CRED

Detroit Mayor-Kwami Kilpatrick, trouble in paradise- Prosecutors statement

Those who were complicit in the invasion of Iraq CAN repent

"Teaching and learning is taking place,..."

Turkey Announces Tender For First Nuclear Power Plant

Harold Ford Leaves FOx News for NBC

Anybody Notice the Media Ignore the New PPP NC Poll?

McCain Claims ‘No One’ Believes Iraq ‘Diverted Our Attention’ From Quest To Catch Bin Laden»

McCain Claims ‘No One’ Believes Iraq ‘Diverted Our Attention’ From Quest To Catch Bin Laden»

BREAKING NEWS!!! I do not give a,...

We Can't Afford John McCain's Health Plan

Salon Must Read: Rev. Wright Isn't the Problem

Is there a Frontline thread?

bu$h* Given Plan to Put Off Further Cuts in Troops in Iraq

John McCain Bumper Sticker idea ..... feel free to pass it around

Spitzer's Black Socks: His own erotic fiction novel based on those legendary socks.

Check out these Bush's War air times on KLRU Austin

Did everybody miss Hillary Clinton inserting TORT REFORM into her speech on the housing crisis?

Mark Thompson - Sirius Talk Left, played the entire Rev. Wright sermon today. WOW, WOW,

McCain: Osama bin Laden and I agree on Iraq

Great. Another merger, another media monopoly.

Will John McCain find and capture UBL?

I think I went overboard w/ignore function here - this is the only thread i see now

The Iraq Long Term Agreement, due to be signed in July

Take the Patriot Values quiz. I failed miserably so I must be an Islamo-fascist.

McCain: Osama bin Laden and I agree on Iraq

First Lady flies into war zone to comfort and boost morale of the troops stationed there


John Cornyn's (UGH-TX) competition, Rick Noriega, goes dark for 4,000 milestone...

Neo Nazi/White Supremacist Hal Turner Confirms Friendship And Kinship With Sean Hannity

Hillary camp releases unpublished photo of Bosna landing:

Jesse Jackson, Rev. Wright, Farrakhan got captured U.S. pilot released

Hillary Clinton is Jon Lovitz's liar character

This pic needs a caption

When a baby is destined to die

Funny slam on GWB from fashion mag.

Encouraging news from Red country.

Obama U.S. SENATE Record

Craigslist prank costs man thousands of dollars

Ras: 71% of Dems will vote Clinton in GE, 64% of Dems will vote Obama

Kwame Kilpatrick gets 2nd segment on Nightline tonight


Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Your Help Debunking Latest Global Warming Misinformation Please

Hillary's Misdeeds Working On Judiciary Committee During Nixon Impeachment

I'll be damned! ABC's Nightline is copycatting Olbermann's "Puppet Theater"

Senator Reid and Governor Dean - "Things are being done"

Larry King Live

Hillary lied? Yeah, just like Barack Obama lied about....

Hillary supporters do not bother reading this ok

World's Tallest Man Struggles To Fit In

FRC’s Sprigg: Export Gays

Bush Given Iraq War Plan With a Steady Troop Level - Until He's Gone

Pa. Dems set enrollment record

Senator Robert Byrd: 4,000 Souls

West Coast Alert: Bush's War on PBS - a MUST watch

STOP IT!! You can't just "call" the race. There's no nominee. No one can get to 2025 WITHOUT

Take a moment please

Bush's war proves that even a bunch of assholes think Rumsfeld is the biggest one of all....

So, General Tommy Franks, when he got the order to plan for a war, drank tiquila

I like how Rummy drug his feet while the CIA was in Afghanistan for a month

Mark Tomasik: Don't discount Gore-led ticket.......(pretty please???)

April COVER Story of "The Prospect" - The Obama Doctrine

Why was Cheney in charge on 9/11??

Tell something...which part or event of the 'War on Terror bothers you the most...

1 in 10 in Ohio getting Food Stamps

It took me almost 4 years to get here - my 1,000th post.

Delete Please--Duped

So.....what is the objective in Iraq?

Toilet to Tap in CA: NPTV airs segment on sewage to drinking water in Colorado R. basin

huff post's Ehrenreich folly's

Make Oil a Public Utility

Hillary has once again stooped to a new low and will be seen as the smaller person for it.

'Unsexiest Woman'

Popular west Boca Raton, FL teen dies after breast surgery

“Sinbad you get to the left flank now” barked Hillary ...

Chris Floyd: Worried Yet? Saudis Prepare for "Sudden Nuclear Hazards" After Cheney Visit

Frederick Kagan = Dumbass

Meanwhile, Iraq continues to fall apart.

Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly to Jail

Banality Of Evil; Connecting The Dots - Attacking Iran

George W Bush, General Petraeus, John McCain, and Osama bin Laden all agree...

Jindal unveils plan to aid mentally ill - NOLA

Barney Frank (D-MA) doesnt want to Destroy American Lives over Weed? wtf?

Check this graphic out.

Check this graphic out.

I'm gathering pictures of McCain and Bush snuggling up

Bye bye tomatoes

Puerto Rico Switch From Caucuses To Primary??

4,000 Deaths, 435 Town Halls

fixed faux news still can't let go of Rev Wright

Cheney on 4,000 Dead American Soldiers: They Volunteered

Heir apparent: Shari and 'Daddy Dearest' Sumner Redstone inspires do-gooders to keep it up

Any chance we could resume making the war a priority?

Will America really vote for this arm pit sniffing Bush enabler?

Help for those about to lose their homes...

Fox Refuses To Pay FCC Indecency Fine

Too Big to be "allowed' to Fail?

re: McCain's assertion that Gen. Petraeus and Osama Bin Laden

why is Cheney being seen so much lately... makes me very nervous....

Mondale Issues Blistering Attack On Cheney: 'Brutal-Deliberate Policy To Ignore Laws & Constitution'

Tweety: "McCain has left it up to the Iraqi politicians how long we stay. It's not their call!"

Surge + Pause = Escalation

Surge + Pause = Escalation

Just Embellished Words: Senator Obama’s Record of Exaggerations & Misstatements

Hey GOP, How The Hell Are You Going To Spin This? (Warning, Scary Image)

DNC Official: Hillary Pursuing 'The Tonya Harding Option'

Obama spotted in Brooklyn!

South Philly's Watergate--state House candidate blames state Senate candidate for break-in...

McClatchy: Is 'success' of U.S. surge in Iraq about to unravel?

Violence spreads across Iraq as army and militias clash

Greenwald: Charlie Rose Circle Jerk on the Iraq War's Fifth Anniversary

Another Bush halo picture ... but this one he has horns. Hmmm

CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton's Bosnia Trip

I Love Scotch - pics

Hillary Clinton's "misstatement" in Bosnia cheapens what those who have seen violence in real life

Something is really wrong when we diss fellow Dems more than rethugs!

The essence of the 2008 campaign summed up in one cartoon..

FYI: Jeffrey Sachs is Jon Stewart's guest:

Iraq decisionmaking as courageous as pardoning Richard Nixon, Cheney says

As we pass the $4.00 mark on gas, it's time to begin reminding the public


Photos: Bush and the Easter Bunny go to their happy place

Weather Conditions in Baghdad


World Food Program issues 'emergency appeal' for funds

Obamas Gave Less Than 1 Percent of 2000-2004 Income to Charity

Something Olberman said last night resonated with me

The increasingly psychotic Dick Cheney........

Weighing Costs In Choosing Cancer Care

It needs to be asked, if Hillary's MLK story is true, why did she become a Goldwater girl?

This is what they will be using in the GE against Obama...

A few Honest words Ben Sollee

We live in a bizarre country: Fox refuses to pay indecency fine

After McCain trip Europe worried that he could be even more disastrous for the world than Bush


McCain: "General Petraeus and I and Osama bin Laden are in agreement"

Military Families Speak Out, Mourn 4,000th Troop Death In Iraq

UPDATED: Obama up by 21 points in NC...with link to poll...

Lou Dobbs and Chris Mathews

Lou Dobbs and Chris Mathews

Why doesn't Hillary have a "Dinner with Hillary" Fundraiser?

Chuck Todd (msnbc) predicts SUPERDELEGATE SURGE for Obama...

Judge Sets Schedule for House Contempt Suit (Miers, Bolten)

Cities grapple with surge in abandoned homes

Identity theft is cruel blow for woman who had lost job, boyfriend, home

Students turn a profit from candy sales

Party Registration Statistics Don't Matter.

America's Coming Garage Sale

intentional communities

Matthew Rothschild: Haughty, Heartless Cheney

On DU polls: Any clue what our "margin of error" is?

On DU polls: Any clue what our "margin of error" is?

Cyprus has big water problems

False Experience Claims Have Ended Careers and Worse

False Experience Claims Have Ended Careers and Worse

Ne. Senate hopefuls Kleeb, Raimondo agree to debate (one is a Rep in Dem clothing)

Today's depressing story: "Foreclosures slam doors on pets, too"

Princes of peace?

Pennsylvania Dems Set Enrollment Record

Obamas Gave $148,344 to Charity

Obamas Gave $148,344 to Charity

Five years is too long—100 years would be intolerable - Today’s Headlines 3/25/08

Cheney: Obama and Clinton are ‘wannabes.’ (VIDEO)

Dave Lindorff: The decline of public discourse

A Matter of Priorities (4,000 U.S. service men and women killed in Iraq)

One Fresno pawn shop sees new customers and unconventional items as the economy struggles

Doonesbury's "mad as hell" Iraq war straw poll (Five years in what do you think of our war?)

Sea Shepherd Moves North to Protect Seals

Court Backs Texas in Dispute With Bush

Mexico now the 2nd fattest country, after U.S.

Consumer confidence sinks to a five-year low

It's SNOWING. I want to ski, should I postpone my shoulder surgery?

Missouri: Candidate Runs Against Quotas, Cameras

better eat your cereal while you can still pay for it

Campaigns Quick to Shake Loose Cannons

Victory in Iraq vowed

Why isn't the US President on TV in Iraq? After all, we did f*@& the place up.

Cantwell backs away from Clinton (first step away anyway)

I'm going to say it: Clinton is officially unelectable.

If the Clinton Campaign Seeks to Make Jeremiah Wright an Issue...they WILL Lose Votes!!

100 more years of War.......with the Surge Masters

Where did Carville get the nickname "Snakehead"?

Veterans Struggle To Join Work Force

" will look like just a comma..."

Just so we don't forget too soon, its still 4,000

Baghdad's Green Zone Hit By Rockets

Sen. Byrd Wants to End the Occupation, Ask Him to Filibuster the Funding

The good news - limbaugh leaving a right wing radio station in New Orleans

McCain's "cred" gives him a free ride with fawning media.

Does This Equation Add Up?

Excessive emails and text are a mental illness

Cheney: Obama and Clinton are ‘wannabes.’

Vast Antarctic Ice Shelf on Verge of Collapse

John McCain had Joe Lieberman whisper facts about Iraq in his ear

John McCain had Joe Lieberman whisper facts about Iraq in his ear

The new $5 bill

McCain Boards Wrong Plane to Iraq

Come the revolution...

Charlie Cook on Florida: "Monumental Incompetence"


Cheney on 4000 dead: "They volunteered"

Member of Hillary's finance committee and long-time ally compares Rev. Wright to David Duke

Watch Bush LITERALLY Screw the Country

Please Jesus, Protect me from . . .

State bars HIV-positive inmates from work release

Into the Abyss: Of Ponzi Schemes and the Myth of the Self-regulating Market

Famous cousins of candidates include Pitt-Obama, Jolie-Clinton

Oh but we can afford an illegal war of lies @ 12 bil/mo.!

Only 1 things stops campaigns: Lack of Cash - will Bosnia/Judas/Wright Recycle dry Clinton up?

Please Welcome Drudge to the World Wide Web of 2003 (adding liberal blogs)

4 stages of a revolution - might be of interest to Cheney, King Louis, and that Sadr fellow ->

Imagine if the Constitution had a clause protecting any one running for office

How can you misspeak if you were reading from a prepared speech?


Driver ticketed for using biofuel

Have noticed how bad tasting coffee has gotten over the past year?

Robert Mugabe, poised to steal another election, has led his nation to ruin.

Nancy Reagan to endorse McCain today

US Navy Confirms Suez Canal Shooting

When craigslist goes bad

The March 20, 2008 US Declaration of War on Iran

RANT: I can't stand the cant anymore

I'm switching my support from Hillary to Obama!

Stephanie Miller is booked to be on Larry King tonight!

Mahdi Army Fights For Control Across Iraq

High School Cheerleader Dies of Breast Surgery Complications, Friends Say

so the fed pumps in 200 bil, jp morgan "bails" out sterns...

Britney turns up on sitcom...

Hahahahahaha! And you thought there was something sinister with the Minot/Barksdale Missle Express!

Lights Out America

Consumer Expectations Hit 34 year low...

Reading the 4000 names; the Nashua, New Hampshire edition

Rahm Emanuel and Terry McAiluffe. Friends or Enemies?

If Bush's Presidency Was A Movie This Would Be My Favorite Part

Kissing Cousins

The Foreign Policy Experience of Barack Obama

TEDTalk Tuesday: Once Upon a School

Twenty-three(23) Senators voted against the IWR

Glowing job reviews for accused teacher

Britain is world's 7th most stable and prosperous nation

MSNBC ratings up big-time with David Gregory in Tucker's time slot

No cheating question - trade and China

Sounds of gunfire draw deputy to Tonya Harding home

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer is getting a bit

Tom Toles Sums Up the Cheney Bush Memorial -toon

Guess what Warren Buffett's credit rating is?

Think Peak Oil is a hoax or fantasy? Think again:

All the Hillary supporters I meet outside of DU are nice folks.

Major military blunder. Parts of neuclear missle sent to foreign country

MSNobodyCares ranked 29th for week for basic cable ratings, 29th

MSNobodyCares ranked 29th for week for basic cable ratings, 29th

Blood for oil, or??

Bill Clinton: "We’re gonna elect either our oldest president ever..."

Bill Clinton: "We’re gonna elect either our oldest president ever..."

Fed judge issues an injunction. Just ignore it and do as you please. RE: Farmers Branch, TX

Obama related to Pitt, Clinton to Jolie

Update: CNN and Wright flap / need follow up Contact info!

SF mayor blasts Medi-Cal cuts, proposes lawsuit to regain funding

Going after some of MS's browser market share, Safari 3.1

"I was sleep-deprived, and I misspoke." 4 Times! but i'll be okay at 3AM!

The Foreign Policy Activism of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton

Any One Else Hear the "Conservatives" Call Sam Seder and Bitch about Socialism?

New Pakistani Leaders Tell Americans There’s ‘a New Sheriff in Town’

SHOCK! Alert the media right f**king NOW! Karl Rove reads Fox News, Drudge daily! STOP THE PRESSES!

Grover Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform

They're coming out of the woodwork today with Sam Seder

2 quick Facts about Bill Clinton's wins in the 90s

Every single DUer should read this.


Was Rumsfeld antisocial or insane?

The organic farmer on with Sam Seder is a phony

Bush is "rebuked" for "exceeding his authority" 15 years ago, Perino says he's "disappointed"

we DO need to stay in Iraq for 100 years, or until victory is secured

A Challege to DU: Reframing the Abortion Debate

There are no brigades of troops ready to replace the "surge" troops when they come home in July

The Surge is working, and Americans are happy

OSHA’s Four-Year Delay on Crane Safety Standard Highlighted in Wake of N.Y. Deaths

Obama related to Bush, Cheney and Brad Pitt!?

Tweety's ego explodes & requires emergency replacement - BARF alert

Your favorite up-and-comers in our party?

Your favorite up-and-comers in our party?

He's Baaa-ack

Repairing the Supreme Court

Green Zone has been attacked regularly for a week now

If we lose the GE for President, but the house and senate increase

Saddam didn't try to kill GHW Bush? More false intel that * believed.

Police: Teen pimp lures girls into illegal sex

How can I put GD-P on ignore?

Hillary tried to block Nixon's impeachment

Hillary tried to block Nixon's impeachment

How bizarre is this...went to the Onion just looking at video

we can spy on people, but can't find crooks that break into cars GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

rachel is reporting that fighting has broken up all over the place (LINK)

Hillary and her Campaign Make me Cry out loud For my Country!

Carville: Richardson 'properly branded' as Judas (Raw Story)

Voting for McCain because your candidate didn't get the nomination, is like...

Chevron Reportedly in Talks to Tap Iraq's Oil

Would-Be-Thief Gives Victims His Phone Number

Your tax dollars at work

If you haven't seen the movie Rendition yet, please do.

Comments from Frontline's messages boards, re: Bush's War

McCain Now Claims He ‘Had No Confidence’ In Bush Before The Surge»

Imagine This: A Dem Who Lied About Being Under Sniper Fire Debating a Tortured War Hero Republican

New Story Breaking on Raw Story

Just received this RW e-mail about the Democratic Congress

Still waiting for a Clinton supporter to answer; where's this "Irrational Hatred"?

Showdown: The Udall Boys Lead the Democratic Charge for the Senate

AARP 'Deeply Disappointed' by Supreme Court Decision on Retiree Health Care Benefits

Civil Unions Test H&R Block, Nation

Hey, folks. I'm back.

John Kerry misspoke

Memo to Reuters: He's NOT a F%$^&ING Maverick!!!!!

'This is war-This is what we did to the Iraqis' (The Nation: Winter Soldier Testimony)

correcting a "tempest in a teapot" regarding THE LIST

Obama is everywhere.

How does Obama win when 55% of Clinton voters would only be somewhat likely to vote for him in GE?

The "sniper" lie is the end of Hillary Clinton's hopes for the Presidency.

PDA: "We can and will defend Obama from negative attacks from any quarter"

PDA: "We can and will defend Obama from negative attacks from any quarter"

Hillary Looks Good From 30 Feet Away

Cheney blames soaring energy prices on Clinton vetoing ANWR digging in '90's

PBS Series Looks at How Inequality Is Making Us Sick

I made the Huffington Post again. But it's about a subject that is not celebratory.

Should the Family Research Council be considered a hate group?

Will bushco attack Iran before the November election?

A Boy the Bullies Love to Beat Up, Repeatedly

Can you imagine the Swift Boaters w/ Hillary in the GE

Mobile home park residents rally against measure banning rent control

Deeper and deeper into madness they go

We Are Way Past 4,000 Dead in Iraq

OK folks - I am putting on a flame suit.....

I am no longer angry at Hillary Clinton...

GOP Senate candidate changed his name to "Pro-Life". What's YOUR new political name?

Politicians - Out of touch or just totally stupid?

I am a man... but I am so upset at all the Hillary haters! how many feminists want Hillary to win?

Top of the World - Have you seen this Chix Video? On edit - Link added

Antarctic Ice Chunk 7 Times The Size Of Manhattan Collapses

Whether or not you saw Part 1, watch PBS Frontline's "Bush's War" tonight.

Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern, openly gay church pastor face off on television

I Will Not Support Hillary Clinton for President, by Molly Ivins.

I Will Not Support Hillary Clinton for President, by Molly Ivins.

Hey Chinese Goverment, here's a clue

N. Carolinians identifying as Repubs DROPS from 35% to 26%, Pew Research Center...

The English language is truly an amazing thing!

Early push begins to oust freshman Dem Rep. McNerney (CA)

CNN Launches A Comedy News Show

Human Rights Record of United States in 2007

First the frogs, then the bees, and now the bats.

Hillary up by 28 Points in W. VA.

What is your #1 issue for the GE?

Man fatally shoots wife while installing satellite TV system

Japan's baseball stadiums urged to drop octopus, save planet

Curious case of the dead scientist and the bomb experiment

This is the reason HRC continuing to harp on Wright will backfire.

The Red Menace: COME BACK Karl Marx, all is forgiven.

Female White House Spokesperson Has Trouble With Boy Military Stuff

Editor of FRONTLINE: Bush's War is a freeper?

Space Station and Space Shuttle May be visible in your sky soon

"Eve of Destruction" lyrics


Media works to banish cigarette butts (#1 most littered item)

STOP the XM-Sirius Merger NOW!

New dinosaur species found that lured mates with horns.

Slow Death of The Republican Party: the signs are overwhelming. Bad Philosophy, Bad Manners

When we've demonstrated, written LTTE's, signed petitions, called and met out Congresspeople,

Hillary's Quest for Power, Doug Coe, The Family and Tales of Genghis Khan

Lobbyists paid $2.9 billion, = 1% of federal budget

Food prices taking a big bite out of budgets


I still remember that last night - and while it pains me to no end, it taught me a lot

Clinton: Wright 'would not have been my pastor'

Clinton: Wright 'would not have been my pastor'

So... if Obama is a "fraud", what is it you worry that he will do AFTER hoodwinking us??

Frontline Laid Out Half The Case For Impeachment and War crimes Trials Last Night

McCain's record as a pilot. Wow. Not good.

Former Sen. Chafee in new book complains about Bush's "juvenile streak" - calls WMD skit "obscene"

What kind of a message do we as a society send our children when we treat women like this?

Did You Attend a Segregated School?

The real reason why an entire country has fallen in love with Hillary & why she'll be President

US high court says US states can ignore ICJ rulings (even if the US president orders them to)

Judeo-Fascist Lawyer Wants To Excommunicate Opposing Counsel

AlterNet: Fighting Words: How to Humiliate -- and Convert -- a Right-Winger

Quiet Hybrid Cars - the unintended consequence

93-year-old Man charged in sex sting.

Dean Scream, meet the Obama Bite!

Targetted for Banning:

I must say I'm sorry to all of DU's Hillary Haters.

Hillary and her campaign's defiance show she intentionally lied!

Hillary and her campaign's defiance show she intentionally lied!

Hillary and her campaign's defiance show she intentionally lied!

Windy City Times: Rev. Jeremiah Wright Gets LGBT Support

Y'know, the new Miss Surrey reminds me of someone...

Just played the lottery today with these numbers....

Well, after 4 long years, it seems GD:P has found its answer to the lounge's Chicken Threads

Things aren't going too well on army bases in Germany




It's A Number

I'm posting my list-I'm sorry I just can't help it

I'm starting an ignore list for those who start ignore lists.

Homework Update

Which DUer has the longest commune?

Someone please put me out of my misery....

So, I was in a music store

My 6-year-old son thinks Obama is the coolest

Are olives a vegetable or a fruit?

I need some tax help tonight please...

Let's see some geezers!

Why is it ok to say "Where do you summer?" but not ok to say "Where do you spring?"

I'm going to be leaving DU for a while

"From the Producers that Brought You..."

What's GREECE like, for a tour-experience?

I just talked to one of the sweetest people on DU

I just spent the last 30 minutes looking at MSN.COM

Dancing With the Stars, anyone?

Hey HypnoToad!!!

So, how are everyone's braces looking?

Peter O'TOOLE is on LENO *now*!1

For my 2000th post, here's some music fresh out of Denver for my fellow Loungers!

Gaze, if you dare, upon the face of a killer:

I think we're alone now.....

Oh, the humanity!

If you got Starz, the cable network, not the 70's band, check out the Cradle Will Rock...

It's 3:00 a.m.....

My Sweet Little Puppy Eddie

The Donald

Please pass the salt

"Anthem"- Julie Christensen and Perla Batalla

This got locked in GDP.... but it needs to be seen

23% of couples sleep apart...

Time for Harry Potter American Idol! Place your vote!

I Don't Like To Sleep Alone...

Sorry, it's Tuesday.

Is Writer Right?

I got an unpaid writing job

Sail On - Commodores

Gimme mai coffeh!

Proof Google is God

I can't warm up

Just thought you all should know

I just had my daily meeting with the 210 pound dumbbell.


I'm a bit freaked-Just sent an ex-girlfriend a facebook friend request by mistake!

I can't believe a colleague tried to convert me yesterday!

Tony! Toni! Toné! kicks Pearl Bailey's ass!

I'm going to see Carville in a town hall today. What do you think I should ask him?

5 more days and I'm getting fucked in Florida!

I"m with you Longhorn!

Below the Salt.

How much would you pay this woman to do The Dirty

Oh hai. I has a hat.

Copycat withdrawal

is it heat or ice for muscle pain?

So how is everyone's bracket looking?

Only In Hawaii

Fill in the blank: "MOSQUIT S" (Stupid game show answers)

Someone asked this recently but I can't find it: website for good (free) e-cards?

I just had my nightly date with the 1 pound dumbbells


Pam Anderson single again - I guess she's ready now for husband #4

All I ever meet are dumbells... that's why I never have a date

Unliscensed "doctor" injected Priscilla Presley with silicone used to lubricate auto parts

All I ever hear are cowbells... that's why everything sounds great.

Conan.. the Buddhist Chihuahua

I just had my nightly date with a 200 pound dumbbell

Question: Does your cat pick up sarcasm? Or does it suffer from sarcasm withdrawal?

How often do you pick your nose?

It's time to pay homage to the greatest TV show EVER

I've been missing my dates with 80 pound barbells lately.

As of this moment

Felis Xerographicus Interruptus

The SARCASM Smiley

That's right. Spread that butter. With the Force.

Spring is here in Boston....


Boy, it's nice to see a college that has such care and concern for its students...NOT.

Play a song that perspires you.

I'm sorry to break this to you guys, but Skinner is leading a double life.

What is that SMELL in here?!!

Tuesday? It's ONLY Tuesday? How in God's name will I get through the rest of the week?

Need help with a technical problem.

LynneSin is faking her smiley

Watching the X Files With My Daughters, Damn that was a Good Show

Pacifist Patriot is being a troublemaker

Tora, Tora, Tora kicks Pearl Harbor's ass

Damn, I had to take my dog to the Vet today, my dog tore a ligament in her knee.

I want a new body. I am tired of mine.

The ORGASM Smiley

Peeing in the hair conditioner

Wino Appreciation Day

"There was no question that beer played a part in the riot."[

Guys: Socks - On or Off?

Personally I think whoever did that to George Bush on wiki should fix it NOW!!!

Peeing in the shower

My coworkers have just now figured out that I'm a pev...

Which DUer has the longest tapeworm?

Prayers/Thoughts/Good Vibes for deadlyaj and his family

Peeing in the air conditioner

I did not know this song...but damn it made me cry...

Man Installing Satellite TV Shoots, Kills Wife

Super sized kitteh to be put up for adoption...

Al Copeland, flamboyant founder of Popeyes fried chicken chain, dies at 64

Reply to this message only if you see it.

Wow. Fergie's "Clumsy" is just a horrible, horrible song.

I got a job!!!

Play a song that expires you.

daughters explorer got broken in to she lost her IPOD and jump drive

I'll say it: The "upside down" ketchup bottle is a mistake.

Did you know that everyone passes gas, generally at least 12 or more times a day.

I think I have a bunion. Ever had one?

Quick! Before it goes away! Wiki "George W. Bush"!!!

Hope you guys don't mind If I bore you with Kid pics :)

I have lost the magic touch.....

How does one go about running a credit check on someone else?

Beatles cover on Moog considered tastelessly insenstive by some

LeBron's cover on Vogue considered racially insenstive by some

Where do I go to find out if something is a phishing scheme by snailmail?

I have two 100+ response post on the lounge first page...ask me anything!

I'm dog sitting Charlie,my sister's pet.

Oreo double stuff chocolate creme cookies

Call Me Wesley! You're a party "pooper"!

okay I need some help



So I got one of those As-Seen-On-TV can openers.

delete dupe

More Eddie Izzard dates - Dallas, Santa Fe, Prividence, Louisville

Do children no longer know how to walk?

What Do You Collect?

So what should you be doing that you're not doing?

My sister was almost attacked today

I have graduated to a TWO pound dumbbell for some of my exercises

National League or American League?

Seriously, can't a girl make a typo without getting shit from all you people

I have graduated to a SIXTEEN ounce curl for some of my exercises.

I bought new whine glasses today

Did you know that everyone passes a gas station, generally at least 12 or more times a day.

Whats The Difference Between Catsup And Ketchup?

That big sigh you all just heard?

Ok! All you fucking grammar natsis need to get over this grammar thingie!!!

Are drug prices going up too?

Some thoughts on this very morbid milestone the media is "celebrating" at the moment...

OMG! TMI from Stephanie Miller! Elliot Spitzer wore his business socks

Dance Break!!

Speaking of catsup...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/25/2008)

Grateful Dead - Star Spangled Banner, 4-12-93

I think its time for a new therapist....again

Just made my first homemade sushi and wow it was yummy!

Scheduler at therapist is lying and stonewalling us!

Onion Rings French Fries Tatertots

Alice....Who TF is Alice?

Classic SNL Clip: Celebrity Jeopardy!

My co-worker is throwing...

Has anyone ever been a delegate to a state convention??

Wealthier Americans live longer

My newest poem...Illness.

Cow. at laws. Cow.

Please identify this tiny wildflower?

Lets see some keytars!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/25/08

a note of wisdom from a puppy point of view...

Found old copy of "The Book of the SubGenius". Am twenty again.

I bought new wine glasses today

Fellow insomniacs post here

Now Boarding Passengers New York To Miami

2 blocks of cheese, 2 boxes of crackers, and a loaf of bread... $22

I'll say it: The "inside-out" phosphoric acid bottle is a mistake.

I'm going to GDP to advocate for my candidate!

Advice needed - best veggie burgers

You think you've heard of the dumbest American, ever? You haven't.

WordPerfect 5.1 for MS-DOS was the pinnacle of personal computer word processing software.

YouTube... Can you recommend a funny video?

Cheeze-its or Cheese-Nips or Tid Bits?

Okay peeps...I am in love and its not with my hubby

In time for baseball season. Ballpark beers too expensive, try the BeerBelly

Apparently I deserve to be banned forever!

Post a prissy sorority girl name!

Why is salmon pronounced "sam ann" and not "sal man"

Post a yuppie frat boy name


What do you love best about your pets

So, is this the coolest, or the ugliest?

Favorite holiday specific food

***Bush Carries Biggest Burden ... Bush Suffers More Than Anyone***


When the people of Iraq rise up against the foreign invaders, how will you stand?

Did You Go To College?

What do your pets love to do?

Who Else Thinks That The Bible Is The Worst Book Written In History

Today is my birthday and it's a great day to be alive!

The Iraq War has finally come home to my family - WAKE UP PEOPLE

Post a lyric from a musical -- then dare someone to identify the musical!

Let's say you murdered me. How would you dispose of the remains?

Paying the Price For Looking Too Closely at the Siegelman Case

Lets see some guitars!

Play a song that inspires you.


I'm a little freaked.

Bush resolute in face of Iraq death toll

US court jails 'agent of China'

U.S. warship fires on Egyptian craft, killing one

Parents of deformed child settle with pesticide producer

Afghan aid pledges 10 billion dollars short: report

Leftwing activists flock to Venezuela to soak up the socialist 'revolution'

Weighing Costs In Choosing Cancer Care

Musharraf swears in new prime minister as U.S. envoys arrive for talks

U.S. and others fall short on Afghan aid pledges

Media works to banish cigarette butts (#1 most littered item)

BREAKING NEWS: Pentagon says it mistakenly shipped non-nuclear ballistic missile parts to Taiwan

Iraq forces battle Basra militias

Iraq decisionmaking as courageous as pardoning Richard Nixon, Cheney says

Is 'success' of U.S. surge in Iraq about to unravel?

Critical cease-fire in Iraq unravels as U.S. death toll mounts

Protesters interrupt torch ceremony

Baghdad Green Zone hit by rockets (Tuesday)

Oops Pentagon Admits Missile Mix-up

Court skeptical of taking on Iraq cases

Police: Teen pimp lures girls into illegal sex

AP: Clinton 'misspoke' about '96 Bosnia trip

US Home Prices Drop 11.4 Pct in January

U.S. ship (not USN ship) shoots at small boat in Suez Canal

Bush Given Plan to Put Off Further Cuts in Troops in Iraq

Famous cousins of candidates include Pitt-Obama, Jolie-Clinton

Victory in Iraq vowed

Obama Posts Tax Returns on the Internet, Calls on Clinton to Follow Suit Immediately

Sadr militia seizes parts of S.Iraq town-police

Wall Street may cut 20,000 jobs over 2 years: report

Ohio plans recount of some primary votes

Tibetan riots continue in China

US consumer expectations index hits 34-year low

Truck Drivers Stage Protest About High Gas Prices

U.S. Cargo Ship fires on Egyptian boat

Consumers' Mood Plunges In March to Five-Year Low

Court Rejects State Protections for Air Travelers

Sounds of gunfire draw deputy to Tonya Harding home

U.S. says missile parts mistakenly sent to Taiwan

Green Zone mortared - source

FDIC to add workers to bank-failure division

Huge water surge headed toward Arkansas towns

Home Price Index in U.S. Fell Record 10.7% in January, Shiller Survey Says

(Iraq) US Embassy Employee Dies of Wounds

Photos show bullet damage to plane

Iraq contractor fights suit over toxic exposure

US, Iraqi troops battle Shiite militia

Blu-Ray Copy Protection Breached

Pentagon says it mistakenly sent missile parts to Taiwan.

Argentine farm strike enters 13th day

Lebanon will not attend Arab summit

Ford to announce sale of Jaguar, Land Rover for $2B to Tata -- report

McCain says U.S. succeeding in Iraq; Wouldn't change course

French leader considers Olympic boycott

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 25

Study: Lake Tahoe water may turn from clear blue to murky green in a decade

Machine vendor miscalibrated vote scanners, county officials say

1 Dead, 5 Injured In Miami Crane Accident

Calif. prosecutors indict 19 in mortgage fraud scheme

Elusive Jaguars Found in Arizona

(Supreme) Court backs Texas in dispute with Bush

NASA to cut Mars rover budget, put Spirit to rest

Sources: Air marshals missing from almost all flights

Bush pardons 15 people, commutes one sentence

Prudhomme grazed by falling bullet at golf tournament

Cheney: Iran seeks weapons-grade uranium enrichment

U.S. forces surround Sadr city

Government benefit programs (SS, MC) in trouble

Scientist Achieve Full Power Dense Coding With Superdense Photons

(UK) Government defeats opposition calls for Iraq inquiry

Ecuador seeks OAS role in raid row

Court overturns air passenger rights law

Police Confirm Steve Sueppel Killed Family, Then Took His Own Life (IA City)

Supreme Court Allows Retiree Benefit Cuts

(Iraq) Sadrists expand civil disobedience to all provinces

Antarctic ice shelf collapses in runaway disintegration, putting larger area at risk

Bush administration seeks Libya waiver

Holy Bosnia, Batman! Will Hillary’s Downfall Be … That She WAS Greeted with Flowers?

Telling Bush the truth is costly

In black churches, fiery sermons are the norm, not exception

Murky Group Spends Hundreds of Thousands against Obama and Clinton

Mondale issues blistering attack on Cheney

Musharraf To Administer Oath To New PM On 25th By Muhammad Khurshid

Nancy Pelosi: Where is Your Photo-Op In Support of the People of Iraq?

Resist the Impulse to Panic Over Finances By ALINA TUGEND

Way Around the Credit Crisis: Minn. Bill Would Authorize State Banks to "Monetize" Productivity

A Biofuel Reality Check; A Sane Voice from Iowa Farm Country By Michael Richards

How to Survive the Recession By Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

Assuring a Progressive Future By Siegfried Othmer

What Happened to Rev. Wright's Religious Freedom? By Greg Moses

The Next President And the Middle East

Huckabee: "Cut Some Slack" Quote & Some Easter Reflections By Stephen C. Rose

Mark Lerner is going to stop the Real ID. Now. By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

KY House honors 10 soldiers killed in Iraq, Afghanistan

Jesus Christ! Bill Richardson Branded 'Judas' by 'Mr. Sleeping With the Enemy'

Six of the Fallen, in Words They Sent Home

Social conditioning (e.g., politics) is the tail -- we're the dog.

Obama on Charlie Rose from November 04

Black and white and barely read at all

Barack Obama's Next Challenge, If He Dares To Be Really Honest

4,000 is not just a number

best obama surrogate (DISCLAIMER: not my title)

Bonfire of puppy-tossers, and the beer test

The Intelligence Revolutionary (TNR)

Barack Obama on Registering to Vote in PA

Hillary Clinton's Experience In Bosnia

Hillary’s Real Reason to Have Run on the Runway

Five Ways Clinton Leads Obama

TYT: Down Goes Kilpatrick - Should Dems Fight Like Republicans?

April COVER Story of "The Prospect" - The Obama Doctrine


Freedom Writers - I Have A Dream

Unasked Questions on Iraq War 5 years later

Cheney's Unforgivable Egotism: Bush bears the biggest Iraq burden???

The Collapse of the US Dollar...

Obama is NOT the anti-Christ!

CBS News reporter with Hillary on Bosnia trip exposes the fraud.

American voters how do you feel about the amount food

WaPo: After a Nuclear 9/11

Has Hillary Clinton Gone Over the the Dark Side?

A Mosaic: 4,000 Americans Dead, from Nico over at HuffPost


Here Comes Round Two - Clinton Told Bosnian Sniper Fire Tale on Feb 29 in Waco, TX

"No More" - Eddie Vedder - Body of War

Are Dems self-destructing? (Hotline TV)

Clinton: Pledged delegates are "like superdelegates"

More false Bosnia claims from Clinton (12/29/07)

One Child at a Time: Election 08

New Iraqi law Passed. Should help with Suicide Bombers

Gary Kamiya: Rev. Jeremiah Wright isn't the problem...knee-jerk patriotism is

Obama and the psycic auto-shrink-wrapping called race in America

Judas And James Carville

Hillary's Former Pastor A CHILD MOLESTER!!!!!!

Make Oil a Public Utility

It's A Number by Will Pitt.


EU forces passengers on and off buses

Religious nuts hijack museum evolution tour. (2008) - w/FG clip added.

Obama the Leprechaun

Cheney tells who's REALLY suffering in the Iraq war

Jehmu Green (former Rock The Vote Prez.) endorses Hillary!

The March 20, 2008 US Declaration of War on Iran by John McGlynn

A Western Fable: Waist-Deep in the Big Muddy (Again)

Small Retailers pushed into Bankruptcy. US Government Subsidies to Chain Companies

MIDDLE EAST: Cheney makes Iran bomb allegation contradicting US intelligence and the IAEA findings

TYT: Should Dems Handle Sex Scandals Like Repubs Do?

The Ultimate Hillary Clinton Impersonator

TYT: Is Hillary Clinton Calculating For 2012?

TIME: Maliki's Moment of Truth in Basra

Gary Hart: "Obama's Test" or Ours?

"For Bush and his top from Abu Ghraib are not pictures. They're mirrors."

Bill Clinton "Hits" Obama Supporter in the Face...

Chris Matthews owns the Clintons: interview with Richardson.

Cenk on the GOP plan for Iraq

HRC on Gandhi

TPM: GOP trickster Roger Stone involved in bringing down Spitzer?

Top Ten Responses to Dick Cheney's 'So'

Hillary's Nasty Pastor Problem

******Hillary Running Scared in Bosnia Spoof****

Black Swans Everywhere (James Kunstler)

A Hard Numbers Look At The War In Iraq After 5 Years

"We are living through another Hiroshima," Iraqi doctor says

NYT editorial, Pain at the Pump and Beyond: "Replace the oilmen in the White House."

Buchanan, Kristol, Hannity and those ungrateful negroes: a banner month in race relations

Tibet, the 'great game' and the CIA

TheRealNews: Phil Donahue on corporate media and the Iraq war

Venezuela to Host Latin American Meeting Against Media Terrorism

Álvaro Uribe, Lord of the Shadows... and of Los Pinos

Globalization and terror - Murder Inc. and Haiti

Poll: Obama Regains Big Lead In North Carolina

Of Mamet and Chicago. Of Obamas and Elections

Wal-Mart: The Real Story

Is Vogue Cover Racist?

Hillary lets us know what SHE would do!

Fed's rescue halted a derivatives Chernobyl

Why we should fear a McCain presidency - Anatol Lieven, Financial Times

Hillary! Stop the attacks! Love, Obama Girl

Hillary's Four Point Plan

Monday's WSJ front page: New Limits to Growth Revive Malthusian Fears

Farms clean up with new (energy) crop (WI)

AES and Riverstone Launch Solar Joint Venture; Target $1 Billion Investment (utility scale PV)

We must invest now for a greener future

U.S., Bahrain to cooperate on civil nuclear power

Algeria, China sign nuclear accords

Turkish Energy Ministry Opens Bid For Country's First Nuclear Reactor

No U.S.-made car meets China fuel standards

It's true: wolverine is thriving near Tahoe

Towns see big savings in wind (Mass.)

Clearing the Air: Wind Power and Reliability

Transition Ambridge

Vast Antarctic Ice Shelf on Verge of Collapse

NCO reprimanded in Hood training death case

DoD: Lack of UAVs allows insurgents free rein

Navy ignores IA families, critics say

CG steps up bid to rescue icebreaker funding

SecNav travels to Israel, India

Vice admiral fired over false testimony

UAE says to explore nuclear energy for electricity

Editorial: Adding amphibs a must

Amphib’s condition could sour arms sales

Japan police want sailor’s fingerprints

No result yet from puppy toss investigation

F-16s fly despite Israel formaldehyde fumes

Mixed emotions surround increasing U.S. death toll

As death toll rises, visitors honor, reflect on war in nation’s capital

Ramstein facility has seen more than 50,000 patients from war zones

Corps now responsible for security in Ramadi

AF considers personnel shifts for AFRICOM

Warrior Transition Battalion waits for go-ahead

US Ship Fires on Boat in Suez Canal

Iraqi Forces, Militias Clash in Basra

Shell CEO van der Veer: Carbon dioxide regulation necessary to make the markets work

Officials Allege US Aided Ecuador Raid

Bush to make terror speech at Air Force Museum

Army Screens Soldiers for PDHRA

Air Force psychiatrist testifies in Okinawa sex-shop rape case

Army Phalanx Gun Arrives in Iraq

Artificial Photosynthesis (Solar Hydrogen production) Moves A Step Closer

What concrete action to address climate change looks like

Navy ends ERGM funding

Who stole the warming?

Say no to nuclear power (LAT OpEd)

Company addresses 3 cave-in deaths

NLRB postpones hearing on union complaints about Foxwoods

Breaking.... UPS Settles OSHA Complaint ($254,000 to a former mechanic and alleged whistleblower)

Today in labor history March 25 (146 workers are killed in a fire at New York’s Triangle factory)

Pro Labor Candidate for US Senate from Ne.

26,000 Share Top Health Concerns in AFL-CIO Survey (faith-based health care system)

Act Now to Stop Colombia Free Trade Deal

St. Louis' America's Center locks out 3 audiovisual unions

Saint Agnes hit with labor complaint

American Axle CEO gets compensation of $5.55M, excluding bonus (wants to cut workers pay in 1/2)

Chisholm lawsuit addresses health insurance guarantee (contractual obligations in union contract)

US human rights violations exposed by China!

Crane Accidents are Latest Examples of the Risk of Loose Laws Favoring Contractors and Developers

$600,000 for Flowers, but No Water for Workers

Chavez-Thompson Honored as Beloved Champion for All Workers

McCain: Working Families to Blame for Mortgage Mess

Labor strife could hurt America's Center image

Ministro colombiano cabildea por el TLC

Battle on the horizon (all the way to Nov.)

Maine, N.H., contractors cited in jobsite (crane) electrocution (1 dead = $121,500)

Labor in Ohio targets McCain

Who makes sure cranes are safe?

Keystone worker killed in accident (61 year old on job when crane tips over)

American Workers Hurt by Failure to Curb Illegal Immigration

against all enemies


Cities grapple with surge in abandoned homes

Higher-yield bond funds run into trouble

Questions Linger Over Lehman's Balance Sheet

The Red Menace: COME BACK Karl Marx, all is forgiven...

Venezuela's Chavez sees US role in Tibet violence, says aim is tainting Olympics

Venzuelans loot food warehouse in Chavez hometown

Cuba makes waves with offshore plans

Major Agreement for Vieques Cleanup Finalized

Chavez Says U.S. Candidate McCain Promotes War With Venezuela

Venezuela crime

Company Cancels Domestic Partner Health Insurance For 9/11 Survivor

Student journalists put Bill Clinton on the defensive over DOMA

Jail Sentence Overturned For Lesbian Mom

Obama to LGBT Americans: The fight for your civil rights is a distraction

Let's face it. They're all prevaricating cowards.

Russia Backs Fatah and Hamas Reconciliation Bid

Which Noam Chomsky book best critiques the truth of the I/P conflict?

Renewed Egyptian ceasfire attempts undermined by Israel

Syrian silence on Mughniyeh sign of tension with Hizbullah

Terrorism money is still flowing

Palestinian media incites hatred through Holocaust

by the way, did you guys see this fun photo collection?

Biden at this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade in Delaware.

What Do Triumph The Comic InsultDog and John Russell Have In Common?

Have you ever seen this?

Fleming's Test Legacy

Damn Directv

Sorry, Willie Geist!

That was a damned fine baseball game this morning.

Check out this cool computer animation. Gives me chills!

Jedi Baseball.

Hey Manny! Hold onto that 1 million yen for a couple weeks...

Report: A-Rod was pursuing Canseco's wife

The Stars This Week: "Relationship Sparks and Spikes" - March 24 - March 30, 2008

Pluto and Tibet?

Ky Derby Trail: Is Pyro Really Too Slow?

"We Made It!" - Karen Bishop - March 24, 2008

Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers

Sparking the 8th Fire

How Government Adds To Ranks of Uninsured

My doc wants me to eat better in order to lower my blood pressure


Medicare. At age 65 does Medicare automatically become everyone's primary

Share your tips & tricks!

Easter Sunrise & Moonset

Attention DU photographers: How to Share your RSS Feed

And they're off...

Mission Accomplished -- A100 de-blotched

Here is a interesting essay on Camus' "The Myth of Sisyphus"

Hotel Ditches Nightstand Bibles

Saudi King Calls For Interfaith Dialogue

True or False: In Heaven, we don't have hands.

Flavors of atheism?

Christianity is built around Jesus Christ...

DNA testing firms eye consumers

Protein map of human spit created

Revenge of the Nerds-autism,the next stage in evolution?

Summer blockbuster: CERN hunts the Higgs

A reading from the Book of 2nd Kings (or, WTF?)

New Theory Explains Mercury's Mysterious Cliffs

Good thing she was armed...

America's Gun Gallery, March 25, 2008


Bush's War part one on Frontline starting now.


NYT: Two McCain Moments Rarely Mentioned

Warning! Voter Registration Site " Under Investigation

Ohio SoS Brunner calls for audits

Open Thread Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 3/25/08

Old minor question settled: That guy 9/11 in the PEOC who looks like Scheuer is...

En Vogue to headline Twin Cities Pride Festival!!

Jim Hovland is out of the MN-3 race

Hello to all the new DU readers from Katie Kersten's Fan Club!

A few ideas for your senate convention....

Anybody have an update on where are we in the Delay saga?

Rick Noriega wins Feingold's Progressive Patriot endorsement

For posterity: my precinct convention report

Liveblogging Durbin, Boxer, Carville in Dallas

Woo hoo! More Obama Girl!

Woo hooo! My Obama bumper sticker arrived today

Clinton's Associations Of Far Greater Concern than Obama's Association with Wright

Is anyone else through with arguing with Hillary supporters? I know I am.

Vista isn't Bad ...

Flaherty challenges McGuinty to cut taxes

Globe and Mail: Tories knew 1,000 French troops pledged before Manley recommended them, MP asserts

CP: Callers to radio phone-in shows scripted by Conservative headquarters

State Offers Settlement To Families Of Victims

Grad Students Shut Down Classes, Construction at U Mich

Space Invaders 2003

KOEB 3-24-08 - Hillary wasn't really under fire in Bosnia edition

Fresh off the press: Steph will be on Larry King tonight

Show Your Love For Crispini!

We all owe Keith a debt of thanks.

I just watched all of Sci-Fi channel's Battlestar Galactica this week

Fresno Council person Calhoun targets the Homeless

CA Democratic State Convention...anybody going??

Police say coffee shop owners believe lack of faith killed daughter

WTF? Why Is Debbie Cook Promoting Rep. Mark Olson and Michele Bachmann's PRT Boondoggle?

Happy (belated) Zombie Jesus day!

Superdelegates Look Down, Look Up for Assistance

Worried Democrats wish for 'dream team ticket'

Obama-Clinton tie in new Gallup poll: Pastor flap erased

Hillary Finance Committee Member Compares Wright And David Duke...

Hillary Wants Lawyers at Texas Conventions This Weekend

Clinton: Wright 'would not have been my pastor'

Obamas Gave Less Than 1 Percent of 2000-2004 Income to Charity

Indiana: "Both candidates begin with a roughly equal chance of coming out ahead."