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Hillary has openned herself up to examination of HER Pastor!

Hillary has openned herself up to examination of HER Pastor!


Please Hate This

The first draft of an editorial I'm writing.

Obama following Rove's advice

I feel sorry for young African Americans supporting Obama


If your candidate doesn't get the nom and YOU decide to stay home on election day .......

Most surprising bump of the month: Sinbad Experiences Career Surge, SRO in Bosnia

It would be predicate to what they get out of dropping out, if shes playing for vp then maybe

Health care plans not enough

Got some Super D questions? Here's a great new site with some answers

Got some Super D questions? Here's a great new site with some answers

Got some Super D questions? Here's a great new site with some answers

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/25/08 - Obama down 1 (43), Clinton unchanged (46)

Perhaps the Clintons are Inhaling Their Pot Now At Long Last.

KO is on!

Who would Jack Bauer endorse?

Just sayin'...

Barack is good for business

Barack is good for business

Nancy Reagan endorses McCain - pics & story

1 quick fact about Democratic Presidents in the last quarter century

About that quote from Bill Clinton..........

So, is there now a corollary to Godwin's Law? If a primary goes on long enough

Full Metal Pant Suit

If you want Obama to win Cool your heals, or you are going to loose the race for him

The Field's take on Pennsylvania Primary, Hillary wins by around 15 no matter what the polls say

Hillary Clinton was never in a war zone.

Reid says delegates from MI an FL WILL be seated.

Hillary,limbaugh, hannity,scaife, boortz,coulter. is she one of us?

I just got Rasmussened!

What is there to the rumor about Obama killing a vote in Florida and Michigan

So Hillary did editorial interview with a the paper which spread Vince Foster lie...

You want to know what an idiot is?

WHo was the clinton ass kisser on Dan Abrams show?

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton...The American people deserve better than tired political games

Mr Obama is ahead in all contest and will continue to be until he gets the nom, its now time

The Clinton Campaign likes Right Wing Sources, Too!


Hillary voted for war in Iraq, BUT Wright "would not have been my pastor." Okelee Dokelee then!

Has anyone seen Hillary Clinton and Tonya Harding together ?

Supporters of Both Candidates Are Killing Us.

Not really having a horse in this fight......................

Bill and/or Hillary Clinton will endorse and campaign for Obama?

Lanny Davis appeared on all three channels today... when that happens, you know that....

I believe that Obama & McCain are the only candidates who

You know what the real problem with Hillary is?

Democrats?? ...Do they rock?

Democrats?? ...Do they rock?

Incredible Illinois

A new picture confirms Hillary's account!

Oops! Seems Hill "misspoke" about NAFTA too

Somehow... This Seems Most Poignant Today...

Lawyer, Teacher, Philanthropist, Author, (and US Senator)

Imagination 'Just an illusion'

Now is the Time For Al Gore To Announce (don't rule Gore Out yet)

Hillary has jumped the shark

Admiral Joe Sestak (D, Pennsylvania), in defense of Hillary Clinton's "misstatement."

D.B. Cooper's parachute possibly found

Would Hillary misspeak when she answers the phone at 3 a.m. ?

Kos makes good point

Rezko sued by a former business partner and son of Nation of Islam founder

I Mean is Dan Abrams Fuckin Kidding Me?

Obama to be on "The View" Friday

The real reasons behind Recycling Wrightgate and Judasgate

Clinton fuels the flames of "Wright-gate"

Clinton fuels the flames of "Wright-gate"

Associated Press: Hillary's Flight of Fancy

A serious question about Hillary in the G.E.

So I keep hearing about how there are so many "anti-Hillary" threads

Good News/Bad News anecdotes from holiday weekend dinner table convo.

Being on vacation is good for Obama. The MSM has only one target now...

Progressives for Obama

Before O'Reilly called Daily Kos *fascists* FOX announced HRC "On the Record" tomorrow.

CBS News segment on Hillary's Bosnia Lies

There are only two realistic explanations for the Tall Tale of Tuzla

The REAL story of TUSLA, WAR and what we should be talking about.

Here is what happened when Laura Bush came to Bosnia.

Here's what I hear a lot of...

Local conservative uses racist remark to attack Obama

Can General Discussion-Primaries be hidden?

What was Bill doing while his Wife was being shot at by Sniperz?

1000th post "Clinton's Bosnia: Lies, Lies, Lies And More Lies"

I could be asking for an ignore--Theory of the primary slug-fest--

YouTube Church

Hillary said she almost "caught one" in Tuzla and lived to tell the "tale"

I think Hillary has to make a choice... her last chance...

Clinton campaign distributes an article in the American Spectator (!) about Merrill McPeak

AP: Why Wasn't The Truth Good Enough For Hillary?

Hillary: "As a shareholder and director of our company, I've always been proud of Walmart" (VIDEO)

In Memoriam: The Real Issues

Why McCain can't win (Or, whomever we nominate is still going to win)

Hillary Says She ‘Misspoke’ About Wrestling Bin Laden

If you were a democratic strategist, would you go after Mccain's war record in GE?

Wait, Hillary Misspoke Because She Was Tired?

Oh snap there's a sniper firing in my neighborhood!! I had to run inside the house!!

Mondale worried about super-delegate vote

This election isn't only American

THE HILL: Leading The News: Dem challengers do not yet believe in Sen. Obama

Prolonged primary good for democracy. Drawn our contest boosts voter rolls.

BREAKING: Evidence that Clinton site was fired on in Bosnia!

Latest PA & NC Polls Show Shifts To Obama

One year ago Clinton Reintroduces the 21st Century Housing Act, Obama talks/writes letters

The True Test of Presidential Leadership

Pastor Of Clinton's Former Church: Don't Use Wright To Polarize-Defends Wright

Why We Should Fear a McCain Presidency

HRC: "Probably my worst quality is that I get very passionate about what I think is right."

Visualizing Hillary's Tonya Harding option...

Every time Hillary or her camp slime Obama he should laughingly say:

bush isn't patriotic call fox news

POLL: Has the board improved since the boycott?

Why is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary insults voters in attack on Rev. Wright

What percent of your gross income do you give to charity?

Please answer honestly, if Obama received a bj from an intern, lied under oath and was impeached...

The Repubs are out on the playing field and we are fighting in the locker room

Hillary Plays the Rev. Wright Card and Blames Bosnia Lie on Sleep Deprivation

IF FL & MI unseated & SD's Give Nominaton to Obama - Would YOU support Independent Clinton Run?

How does one "misremember" sniper fire?

"I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day"

Sen. Obama Dodges Disclosure

Hillary's Claims

If the Bosnia story is NOT a lie...

Why did Obama side with Republicans in 2005 and support "tort reform" favoring big corporations?

The only prospect more depressing than President Hillary Clinton is President John McCain

How often and how long is Joe Scarborough going to harp on the fact

AP: Student Chelsea Rebuked Supports Hillary

Obama's dignity and Hillary's smugness

Video of Hillary's lies about Bosnia trip goes viral, over a million views on Youtube. Thank you DU!

Hillary's Bosnia memory provided a good contrast to Wright

which is worse?

The loser will do all they can to rally the Democratic Party

World News Trust: Open Letter to John McCain (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

McCain speaks today on Foreign Policy, Hillary is still babbling about Rev. Wright

Obama and Clinton are related to.

What happened to 12 of Hillary's super delegates?

If Hillary had divorced Bill in 1998 or 1999, would she be a candidate today?

Bill Clinton = Jeff Gillooly

Bill Clinton = Jeff Gillooly

A message on a bumper sticker

News regarding Florida and Texas on DemConWatch

Gallup Daily: Obama unchanged (47) - Clinton -1 (45)

Yeah, you choose your pastor. You also choose your husband.

There *are* no trends in the national polls.

Washington Journal is using the word "liberal" as a four-letter word again. nt

I misspoke, you made a mistake, they’re a bunch of liars

GOP Attack Plan: Clinton Stole the Nomination (Salon)

Clinton: "Wright would not have been my Pastor". No? she would stick with a cheating husband

Harry Reid: "Things Are Being Done To End The Primary Race Before The Convention"


Exclusive: Clinton Vows to Push On

Clinton & Obama Need to Cool It or Lose It

OK Democrats, Here It Is, Today's Call To Action By The Clinton Campaign

The solution is: ?

Veterans react to Clinton's Bosnia lie

I don't even think I care who the nominee is anymore. The SDs need to end this now.

Insane Internet About To Commit Suicide Over Hillary Clinton's Existence

If you stick with your wife knowing she dislikes America

If McCain vs. Obama, 28% of Clinton Backers Go for McCain

What was Obama doing in 1996 while Hillary was supporting American soldiers in Bosnia?


ENOUGH! It's time for Obama and Clinton supporters to stop arguing and attack the REAL enemy:

Should people suffering fixed psychotic delusions from sleep deprivation be president?

I think Hillary told the Bosnian Fantasy because she thought she'd get away with it.

Hillary insults voters in attack on Rev. Wright

Forign Policy Etablishment on Obamas forign policy pledge***Naive,Wil undercut pro Western forces***

Hillary starts taking Obama's base supporters!

Link reposted

Respected Names in Media Start Calling Out The CLINTON Lies

McCain sucks!!! about posting some dirt on him

Perhaps it should start with us?

An Editorial (3-26-08)

22% of Democrats Want Clinton to Drop Out; 22% Say Obama Should Withdraw

Looks Like the Latest Talking Point Has Emerged from the Obama Compound...

March 26, Raz poll: Democratic Presidential Nomination. It’s Clinton 45%, Obama 45%.

Hillary: "i made a mistake"

"I won't pray with Wright, but I will pray with these people" (warning pic heavy)

So Who's the Weaker Candidate?: Karl's advise to Obama campaign

So McCain defends Obama on Wright, so does Huckabee, and Hillary attacks him? What's going on?

More gems from TUCC...

Oh goody, Nader is coming up on MSNBC

NBC Nightly news lead: "The door is closing on her candidacy."

If these Rev. Wright soundbites had been used instead:

is nbc releasing a new poll tonight?

Bury the Hatchet?

Before this goes any farther: attacking McCain's military record is factually and morally wrong

Harold Ford - Harry Reid - James Carville - North Carolina - Clinton Apocolypse

The Hits Just Keep On Coming - Missouri-McSame-53% -Obama 38% /McSame 50% -Clinton 41%

Gallup: Obama, Clinton tied among Jewish Dems

I'm looking for a serious overview of Obama's higher education.

The DLC has the most defeatist view of America imaginable...

If McCain vs. Obama, 28% of Clinton Backers Go for McCain

Obama receives Indiana Rep. support

I Have A Question About Hillary

Obama asking for change

If HRC loses the Democratic Nomination, will she pull a Joe Lieberman and run as an Independent?

Plenty of things not to like - McCain's voting record

Did FDR ever compliment Hitler?

Who is the referee here?

McGovern is wrong when he says it's hard to elect a female president

Puerto Rico: why should they have a say?

McCain's positives are going up,because this whole time he has either not attacked Obama,or DEFENDED

Chelsea Clinton to ObamaBot: "I do not think that is any of your business,"

When Hillary says that SHE would have left Wright's church, is she really

Hillary's pastor speaks out on Wright

The Coming Digital Presidency

The Tonya Harding Strategy


NYT: Gravel to Run for Libertarian Nod

We can reject message but stand by messenger

Why is Puerto Rico considered friendly for Clinton?

Clinton related to Angelina Jolie; Obama to Brad Pitt

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) hints at switching Superdelegate vote to Obama

Carl Bernstein on Hillary Clinton: Truth or Consequences

Hillary's pastor on Rev Wright

Wolf Mentions Clinton Resurrecting the Wright Issue

Author Shelby Steele, Obama is a "bound" man who is limited by his race

Author Shelby Steele, Obama is a "bound" man who is limited by his race

Anyone watching the McCain speech right now? Snooooooooore.

As a veteran, I want an apology from Hillary for her LIE about

She expects Obama to disown Wright, but she was just fine staying with Bill after he cheated on her.

Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered.

How come the media and Obama have totally given the Clinton's a pass on Bill's White House sex scandal

Obama is so dignified and so are his most avid admirers

Hillary Clinton Misspeaks Like a Rug

Is the flip to McCain really that easy?

Hillary Says 8-Year-Old Bosnian Girl Was Actually Sniper

Hillary Says 8-Year-Old Bosnian Girl Was Actually Sniper

Barack Obama is related to the Pres and the Vp.

3rd post of the day just to remind you that our soldiers have to deal with real snipers every day

Barack Obama in 1996 ...

Obama gives $2500 in charity in 2004 but gives $21,000 to Rev Wright

You can choose your husband too Hillary

obama nc townhall

Another Ridiculous Myth: Hillary is Fully Vetted

Lanny Davis, it's me, Mephistopholes. Time to pay up.

Snarky, first-grade level responses to criticism is what is KILLING both campaigns.

What is the new DU Goal? Shouldn't it be To support our party?

HRC blah blah blah, Obama blah blah blah, WHO is leading in Popular Vote, State Wins, Popular Count?

MSNBC: Gore/Clinton ticket or Gore/Obama?

Anyone know if having the announcer say "Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama approves this message" is

One good use for those stimulus checks...(for Obama fans...)


Hillary's spiritual advisor Rev. Billy Graham

My God, The Republicans on MSNBC are Going to the Mat for Hillary Clinton

For my 1000th post... Stop Calling Hillary Clinton "Tonya Harding"

***Live: Obama Town Hall In Greensboro, North Carolina***

Shouldn't Hillary start trying to salvage her reputation and her Senate seat?

Do we really want a candidate that goes through constant emotional ups and downs?

Is anyone else sensing the tide shifting toward Clinton dropping....

Can John McCain's platform beat Barack Obama's?

Thank You Hillary. You have Sucessfully innoculated Barack on Wright for the rest of the Primary

I was a Marine in Bosnia when Sen. Clinton was there, and I didn't get a Combat Action Ribbon

~~Hillary Daily Update~~~3/26/2008

Barack Obama is the Antichrist

Hillary Clinton: Truth or Consequences

Senator Clinton, have you gone insane?!?

Shouldn't we have a more orderly flow of Primarys?

What even happened with Obama Getting 0 votes in some NY districts?

This is the very reason Rev. Wright said some of the things he did!

Why would any voter support a brokered convention?

On Wright: Anderson Cooper said last night it was "obvious" Hillary was reading from notes

Hillary's Weekly Prayer Group Is NOT The National Prayer Breakfast (Please Read)

Who Is More Qualified to Be Commander-In-Chief? Nancy, Laura or Hillary?

Hillary "misspeaks" again on Bosnia

Excellent Anderson Cooper Blog entry re: Hillary's honesty

Soldiers killed by real sniper fire

Fuck the Republican Convention, I'm watching the NFL game Sept. 4, LOL

Did democrats vote for Humphrey in 1968? Did democrats vote for Carter in 1980?

Is there a place to get contact info for the remaining Super-Delegates?

Heads Up: Obama Town Hall Meeting in Greensboro, NC Live Now!!

Welcome to SmearUnderground

Senator Clinton and Choices

Huff Po: A New Divinely Ordained Prez: The Hand of God or the Silence of the Press?

I grew up in the United Church of Christ

CLINTON IS A LIAR. If you still support her, you support lies and might as well support b*s*, too.

My God... She's been taken out by "sniper fire"

Take a Moment of Peace to Remember why You think this Election is Worth Fighting For...

Hillary needs 81% of remaining states if NC and PA vote according to current polls

I decided to vote for Kerry in September of 2004

I just realized, once again why I HATE her campaign.

Hillary's Diversionary Tactic Is Feeding The GOP Noise Machine

I do not care who gets the Democratic nomination!

Obama's legistlative history vs Hillary's legislative history

NEW YORK OBSERVER: Hillary in the lead if you don't count

What if Dem Convention schedule could be moved up ( 2 months)?

What Will Edwards Do?

"Clinton would have left Obama's church"

"Clinton would have left Obama's church"

"Clinton would have left Obama's church"

Twenty-Eight Percent Of Hillary Supporters Would Back McCain If Obama Wins

Pissing on the Democratic Brand

Ok - I support Senator Obama

I am looking for a candidate who will not be smeared by the right wing in the fall

Who wants to bet that most of the MSM is off the Clinton lie story already

ATTENTION: The Right Wingnuts don't need a reason to smear our candidate. They'll make one up.

Atrios NAILS that icky feeling we all have about Hillary

Joe Wilson

Hell has officially frozen over.

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/26/08 - Obama up 2 (45), Clinton down 1 (45)

New Gallup poll shows 28% of Hillary supports would vote for McCain if it's Obama. Why?

SurveyUSA: Importantance of VP choice - will Hillary put WA and OR into play?

So saying Hillary "got cozy " with RM Scaife...

How does one "misremember"

Media was Wrong About the War In Iraq and They Are Wrong About Obama

Lieberman is cemented to McCain's ass: is he angling for VP?

MSNBC just did a segment on "The Fellowship"

According to a Ramussen poll, "Stay in"

The Red Shoes of Power

Important: The Democratic Leadership Program - PLEASE JOIN TODAY!

Rachel Maddow was right!

Can someone who is using Obama's Hebrew name explain ...

Could Pennsylvania force crossover voters to use provisional ballots?

Obama's military adviser: "New York and Miami Jews are to blame for middle east conflict"

Real foreign policy experience, snipers not included

dkos:"Hillary Clinton to give 'landmark' speech on dishonesty"

Trend spotted in PA?

Josh Green: Hillary's Minister Problem ("The Fellowship")

Chelsea to college audience member asking about Lewinsky: "None Of Your Business"

Grandma disposal

If you stick by a husband that repeatedly cheated on you....

With record crossovers in primary, we demand Congress investigate radio host's call for chaos

PDA REMINDER: Obama, Clinton Calls Today!

In Response To Rush Limbaugh, I Propose Operation: Bluto

Dinner with Obama!

Hyperbole, exaggeration, and/or lies (or misremembering)

Obama Blasts McCain On The Economy

Gallup: Asking is Clinton Honest, Only 44% Said Yes, McCain got 67%, While 63% Said Obama is Honest


New DLC strategy for victory!

OMG Hugh endorsement for HRC!!!111 *pics*

Can any Obama fans make a SIGNATURE GRAPHIC out of this for me please!

Question about NC for supporters of both candidates

A record number of Repubs. changed registration in PA. Who wants to bet they're Limbaughians?

NOW do you see why Republican candidates tend to win and Democratic candidates tend to lose?!

POLL on my website, vote if you want... Is Hillary Gaining??? Over 700 Votes already

My Tax Return Was Just Shot To Pieces By A Sniper While I Was Listening To Rev Wrights Sermon

Barack Obama is 'extraordinary talent', says Michael Gerson

Link to Obama disagreeing with his military advisor for blaming Jews for middle east conflict

"Only 4 weeks to go" until we find out the result of the Pennsylvania primary.

Listen to Hillary flubbing (and lying) about Katrina...

Should we create a subforum GD:P:Attacks

Michigan primary ruling relates only to distribution of voter lists - nothing about revotes

This Is A Battle Between the DLC Democrats and Wellstone Democrats

Clinton has been caught telling a lie so flagrant...The Media Are On To Her (The Guardian)

Can I ask a question?

Clinton Camp: "Obama’s words cannot erase Hillary's 35-year record of action"

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!

DU Straw Poll 03-27-08

Slick Hilly's ultimate act of desperation.

Hillary Clinton interview on Fox tonight at 10:00pm (Gretta)

I will never vote for Obama. Ever.

A look into Hillary Clinton... her political ambition, the realization of her destiny

Delegate Myth and Fact (Bowers, OpenLeft)

NEW PLAN: How 'bout a Superdelegates Primary IN JUNE??


If Gore doesn't win the nomination I'll NEVER vote for Obama or Hillary.

If McCain vs. Obama, 28% of Clinton Backers Go for McCain

"I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you."

dkos: Obama gets the Blue Majority endorsement

My understanding of Obamas tax records is he is working class citizen in that if he or....

What's the deal with Rev. Wright now dissing Italians?

Dave Lindorff: Duck and Cover (Up): Hillary Under Fire

Anybody Read the Rolling Stone Article on Hillary?

To entirely too many people in GDP

Clinton shill asks Chelsea about Monica

Clinton shill asks Chelsea about Monica

***Super Delegate Dan Lipinski: Endorses Barack Obama***

Obama’s words will leave a legacy

Wright cancels appearances

Pilot of the C17 that flew Hillary and Chelsea Clinton to Bosnia speaks out:

Obama has chance for upset in PA

Can we stop linking to rightwing smear sites?

Michigan's January 15 Primary declared unconstitutional

Richard Wolfe Of Newsweek Joins TYT at 3pm EST To Talk Obama at Oh, and...

Did Obama call Wright his former pastor in NC?

Is Hillary Using "Tonya Harding Tactics" to Take Down Barack?

Now that she's made up lies to offend veterans and 9/11 survivors, who can Hillary offend next?

We have lost our Rovian intuition and still believe McCain will be their nominee.

Joining the Conspiracy

Why I think Clinton is trying to help McCain win

Why I think Clinton is trying to help McCain win

Obama picks up another Superdelegate! Rep. Lipinski.

To those who have already left the HRC camp

Please remember this: Only Obama and Clinton together can cause a brokered convention

"Why won't you die?" (Austin Powers to Robin Spitz-Swallows and *me* to the Clinton campaign)

Would it be a bad idea for Obama to frame the race as DLC vs. DNC?

The Millions of Americans Barack Obama Forgot or Just Doesn't Know 3/24/08

Say Hillary, What About The Religious "Family" You Have Chosen To Be Part Of?

Garlic noses? WTH? Is Jeremiah nuts?

Current taking pools: When will Hillary Clinton "suspend" her campaign?

If rumors are true and Gore heads the ticket in November...

Another Superdelegate goes for Obama today....get ready for the wave guys

Does 'misspeak' mean lying? (BBC Article)

Clinton Donors Chastise Pelosi

Senator Clinton - Your lies are at the expense of real people who have lost their lives

Clinton supporters, if you feel Obama is disenfranchising MI and FL voters...

As much as Hillary and Obama are pissing me off right now McCain is simply pathetic

Which phrase is cutier?

So-called progressive Sen. Clinton disrespects self... puts "Hillary" on her campaign signs.

Clintons destroying the party AGAIN (not the first time...)

One scenario to consider.

How would you characterize calling Hillary Clinton "Hitlery"?

Won't matter if Obama trails McCain by 30 pts. in the polls

One Good Thing About Hillary and Obama.....

DU Public Service Announcement In GD:

The Rev. Wright controversy on DU is about atheists attacking Christians

The Rev. Wright controversy on DU is about atheists attacking Christians

Great quote from Obama!

Great quote from Obama!

Stephanie Miller on Live with Dan Abrams tonight!

Tuesday Primary TOONS: HRC doesn't fare too well

I changed my mind today

Memo to Democrats: Grow Up

Union Is Part Of A Campaign That Wins Cancer Care For Teen From Pacificare

Dobbs said Obama fears no woman

Gregory: Clinton better positioned for GE. Matthews: Obama better positioned for GE.

AFL-CIO Health Care Survey Results Paint A Devastating Picture

A Laugh

post on another group that is pretty much the same view that I have on the political system

dk: Donna Brazile brings Wright-gate full circle

John McCain, Flip-Flopper?

NEW YORK OBSERVER: So Much for Barack Obama's 'Lead'

Fellow Obama supporters: do not worry, it's over

Fuck You Bill O'Reilly!!

Mccain wants to create a new "league of democracies"....

Don't most politicians exaggerate, embellish, misremember?

Republican Party: It's not the government's responsibility when we're in charge...

Clinton tactics turn off some superdelegates - she needs to "chill"

I am wondering as I read hundreds of DU posts each day....

U.S. Army to Sponsor Military Equipment Exhibit @ AZ State Capital tomorrow.

Saudis preparing for nuclear fallout

Advice for Obama - quit acting as though Hillary is on an equal footing - she's not

Advice for Obama - quit acting as though Hillary is on an equal footing - she's not

Barack Obama in 2008 is Bill Clinton in 1992.... without Bimbo eruptions....



Capital on the Runway (capital flight)

Hillary Distributes American Spectator (yuck) Article "Obama Has A Jewish Problem"

US Iraq KIA total reaches 4000, Look how republicans reacted when the Bosnia total reached 1 !

Hillary gets Vetted By Vet Who Flew Her Into Tuzla. Liar, Liar Pantsuit on Fire Edition (Audio!)

The Wright story is the end for Obama! How could he ever come back?!?!

My DEAD DOG could beat John McCain


To do: Hit Iran

Tweety is getting that feeling in his leg again...

last episode of "Jericho" starting now 10 eastern time

Is 'Success' of U.S. Surge in Iraq About to Unravel?

John McCain's pathetic health care plan


McCain in California

Norquist: ‘more people will die’ because Bush raised CAFE standards.--(huh?)

Today's battle in Basra foretold in the Independent five days ago

"Facts are stubborn things" Ted Kennedy on Hillary's schip exaggerations

Just FYI: Chris Matthews is promising staggering new NBC/WSJ poll numbers at 7 p.m.

6 Diaper Bags Found With High Lead Levels

Klein said last night the only embarassment about the Clintons' tax returns is how rich they are now

Take 2: The Power of Hillary's Purse: James Fallows on Merrill McPeak

Obamanites and Clintonites- don't even THINK about starting to trash Gore.

Oh boy - 22% of Democrats Want Clinton to Drop Out; 22% Say Obama Should Withdraw

Oregon Man Says He's Pregnant

"John McCain has brought a football and shoulder pads to a baseball game..."

On good, old KO, regarding Hillary

Your thoughts: why would Wright issue have hurt HRC and barely dented Obama?

Wright vs. Bosnia - Is a candidate MORE responsible for their own words or the words of another?

What exactly ARE Obama's greatest accomplishments????

What exactly ARE Obama's greatest accomplishments????

Air Force Pilot Who Flew Clinton to Bosnia Tells His Side of the Story

Caption this pic

Down memory lane re Bush and torture



Hillary's recent picture with Richard Mellon Scaife---- Amazing!

I would like to make the following suggestion.


I got my Bush-McCain "business cards" today

Military Base in Iraq: A Faith Not Shared

Obama's State Government Records Missing !Even Tim Russert brought

One year ago Obama sent a letter to Bernanke and Paulson regarding housing foreclosures

I am sick to death of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Karma For KBR???

Judicial Watch: Obama ‘intended to leave no paper trail’

How would you characterize calling Barack Obama, "Barack Osama"?

Hillary has swift-boated herself... the parade of offended veterans from Bosnia has begun

Tweety teaser.. poll numbers look good for BO

Rumors of Clinton Supporters' Demise Greatly Exaggerated (warning: creepy)

Shame on you Powell, you knew better and you let them skate..

Bosnian Vet Accuses Hillary of Valor Theft

Colin Powell was/is a dirtbag.

Cheney's comments re Iraq and Nixon Pardon . . . has anyone unraveled that yet--????

Gobama! Hosanna! Obama in the highest! . . .

Barr/Gravel ticket?

Charlie Rose: Shell Oil executive John Hofmeister on energy & "resistance to infrastructure"

official thank you to Mad Floridian!

Rutgers Antiwar Walkout Promises To Be Bigger, Bolder, According to March 27 Walkout Coalition

How many Iraqis will follow us home? Thousands will as we withdraw...same as in VietNam

If you don't want to vote for Obama

Will this be Iraqis "Tet Offensive"?

Scandal: Obama's secret love letters to powerful * administration figures

Honest Question: Does anyone sincerely believe post-sniper Hillary could win the GE somehow?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Is Jon Stewart in reruns all week or just last night?

Call me stupid, tell me to go to the lounge, or to put on a tin-foil hat

Hillary, drop out! Sign the petition!

D.B. Cooper's parachute possibly found

Shall I waste another post on unity? I guess I should..

Pittsburgh, PA -- Anyone else having trouble watching Bush's War?

Not that it's news but..............Cheney belongs in Jail while being charged with war crimes.

Clinton's Fellowship Church caused her to support damaging Right Wing legislation

Did Obama Dodge Sniper Fire?

Who Are You?

DU used to be a haven; It's now a torture chamber

Huge Ice Shelf "Hanging By a Thread"

doing augment/persuaision paper on minimum wage, need help with quote

A "coincidence" we should ponder...

State Dept Doc: "When Broken Down Vehicles Go Boom!"

Judy Shepard: Sally Kern’s free speech

Help me wrap my mind around all this, because it is confusing to me

An alien in an alienated nation

Clinton lies about NAFTA...national news... all this woman has done is lie, lie, lie...

Al Qaeda recruitment posters. I wanna join momma!

I'm an Obama supporter, but we shouldn't be talking about the Clintons' marital issues.

Damn, there is a sucker born every minute....

FBI’s “Terrorist Watch List” includes fourteen 9/11 hijackers who are known to be dead

So.... Clinton is getting coverage for bringing up Wright and not her HUGE LIE???

I was disappointed with Part II of Bush's War

Time for Superdelegates to Ratify Obama's Insurmountable Pledged Delegate Lead and Settle ...

New NBC Polls snapshot on NBC Nightly News

Surge in PA registration looks good for Obama; has a chance to pull off an upset

Remember POW Bracelets - Now We Have These

Do we still have a "ask a DU software/technical question" area anymore?

How would you characterize referring to Hillary Clinton as "Hitlery"?

A missed opportunity to pull the political "center" back to the left.

Iraqi government trying to regain control over Basra

Most apparently random CNN poll ever:

Obama's gives $240,000 to charity in 2007, more than 9 previous years combined

Hey D.B!

A crossover Limbaugh mole now a Hillary delegate.

This is begging for a caption:

Is America bored with Iraq or is the media? And how will they stop Obama fro ruining the party?

I am so sick and tired of the television media

I am so sick and tired of the television media

The Southern White Vote: The facts

Obama Campaign Contribution Predictions for March 2008

Thoughts/information about Colin Powell as possible VP for Obama?

*ATTENTION* NYers!. . Attack of the paperless voting machines!!

Dog thrown in Iraq?

Slab of Antarctic ice shelf collapses


Sadr rallying Iraqis to demonstrate against government

Mayor of Philadelphia Speaks Out in Support of Hillary Clinton

Bush's Open-Records Order a Sham

In light of the father killing his family in Iowa (and since it is my

Man Arrested Near Capitol Faces WMD Charge

Breaking: HRC Camp admits making Wright an issue. Says Wright = David Duke & that Obama worships him

One in five Staten Island pregnant women still light up

Obama's relationship to the truth

Honduran president defends melons by eating one: "I eat this fruit without any fear"

Freeps on "Mommy's" McCain endorsement ("Get ready for a Democrat Landslide")

weird. i was watching the larry king rerun with suze orman and...

Iran announces it is seeking membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Could it be, that the problem with gun control is two incompatible views?



When Conservative Courts Attack! ...... Airline Passengers Get the Shaft

Five Whole Years

300 Days Left

Affirmative Action Foes Push Ballot Initiatives

WJ this morning: Why are you a Liberal or a Conservative?

Matthew Rothschild: Haughty, Heartless Cheney


Brooks: Clinton should quit now or risk handing McCain the White House

Obama now trails McCain by 10%, worse than before "The Speech"

Specter (on Morning Joe) says he plans to run again in 2010...

Breaking: Tata finalizes deal to buy Jaguar/Land Rover for $2.3B

When have you been wrong? (political/issue missteps)

Damn...this episode of Jericho has me on the edge of my chair

NSA Spying On Every American: E-mails,IM's,Phone Calls.

Wal-Mart Sues Disabled Employee to Recoup Medical Costs

A few things I know for sure.

Tonight~ Hillary on FAUXNEWS

Rezko and Wright and maybe Karl Rove

Rezko and Wright and maybe Karl Rove

Should catholics abandon their church if the pope makes comments they dont agree with?

War on terror: Bush waives law on coups

BREAKING! New Obama Scandal: Top Obama Adviser Could Face Legal Disbarment

Barack gave nothing because he formerly had nothing till his book sales


Skinner et al should create a "DU H Award" for articles like this-

OMG, MSNBC showing side by side pictures of Tonya Harding & Hillary Clinton.

Getting back to basics....THE ISSUES *Disability and Autism*

Floridians: Last hour to send e-mails to preserve church and state separation; stop vouchers

McCain’s Evangelical Problem

I will never vote for McCain. Ever.

D-US Senate hopeful (Kleeb) loses his license

Outsourced passport work risky

"McCain on the Red Phone" - Harold Meyerson

Homeland Security Council fades to black

And then it gets worse....

PA will be split, NC and OR will go 60/40 for Obama (at least 60) Theres NO chance for Hillary.

Barack “I-didn’t-know” Obama

Washington Journal is using the word "liberal" as a four-letter word again. nt

OMG. THE Tonya Harding Comparison is Taking off in the MSM

The disrespect towards Sen. Clinton here on DU is astounding

Obama - R.E. Lee, W,Cheney, Truman, ,LBJ, Churchill, Brad Pitt * Hillary-Keoruac, Madonna, Jolie

US Government redefines "Weapons of Mass Destruction" to include small conventional explosives

Bush's War Part II on Public Television -

Defense Department Briefing - 12:30 PM EDT - C-Span II

Why on earth does He stay married to Her?

In about 10 years, I'm going to feel sorry for Barack Obama.

Disabled spouse allegedly killed by arson for $1.1M in insurance proceeds

John McCain's Plan to Ignore the Economy

Misspoke my ass! She lied.

Jews for Obama - WE HAVE THE POWER!

Universal Health Insurance Q&A at 11:05 AM est C-Span1 - Future of Medicare 12:30 PM EDT

"Security firm" paid the families of those kidnapped in Iraq about a half-month's salary

Local Dem Party office #'s to protest Clinton's disloyalty

Democrat Gravel switches to Libertarian

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) seeing chance to nix Real ID Act

Help me out with these problems that I have with the national healthcare proposals.

Who is the biggest threat to our freedoms and constitutional rights?

Adman who wrote Reagan's "It's Morning Again in America" commercial dies

Pentagon Holds Thousands of Americans "Prisoners of War"

How do the Republicans lie about this???

Gravel no longer a Democrat

What's up with site is down

Does anyone think Bill Clinton is jealous of Obama?

Danny Boy the bird reunites with owners

Chief Gitmo Prosecutor Turned Gitmo Critic Asks to Leave Military

Sweden Begins Sending Iraqi Refugees Home - Human rights groups outraged

McCain: "51 million homeowners doing what is necessary — working a second job, skipping a vacation"

How does a woman reclaim her femininity ?

The CLINTON Nit Picking Level in DU has reached epic proportions...

Why I Endorse Hillary Clinton

New Gallup poll shows 19% of Obama supports would vote for McCain if it's Hillary. Why?

London police will guard Blair while he is at Yale.

On the Frontline story on the Bush War - comment on Condi

People May Change Their Mind About Outsourcing

from sunshine in iraq

McCain is truly an awful candidate

Penn is using James Dobson's messaging to attack another Democrat

"Hi-Tech Census Costs, Accuracy in Doubt"

Hedz Up -- Chris Matthews says will reveal "startling" new poll on Hardball tonite

US Gasoline Hits Record, Crude Up Over $3 On Data

Obama went on Bill O'Reilly's show?!?!!!!

Jay Leno is a homophobic asshole.

MSNBC: "Housing bust" hasn't reached bottom rife with "sellers' denial about prices"

Maybe Chelsea is More Like Her Mom Than I Thought.

anti Cheney animation by Ann Telnaes

Both candidates wrong on Wright

MA:Investigation Into Train Collision Begins - 150 People Treated At Scene, 80 taken to hospital

Mother believes her son was a casualty of the war in Iraq - Army says no

So American soldiers are now policemen on Iraqi streets handing out money

Stock Market In Longest Funk Since 1970s

The Huckabee Index (or, the point of mathematical improbability for the Clinton campaign)

The Huckabee Index (or, the point of mathematical improbability for the Clinton campaign)

Glenn Greenwald: Tactics of the right-wing noise machine

Sen. Obama's religious mentor poses political problems for Jewish voters... 3/21

FT: Why we should fear a McCain presidency

PDF of FEC complaint against John McCain filed March 25, 2008

An unstable president leads to an unstable country - Today’s Headlines 3/26/08

March 14 2008: the day the dream of global free-market capitalism died

Spy-in-the-sky drone sets sights on Miami

Hillary's Pastor : It's a 'Grave Injustice' to make a judgement on Wright from a few soundbites

N.H. Again Named 'Most Livable' State.... AGAIN !!

For Those That Shun GD-P -- This OP and responses need to be read by all

3 U.S. Embassy employees wounded on third consecutive day of Green Zone mortar attacks

France claimed their bright, shiny new commander would turn things around in Algiers too

Questions Linger on Reliability of Electronic Voting in N.J.

The Latest 'I won't vote for ___' if I don't get my way poll

Demi hails blood-sucking therapy

There was no rise in Home Sales.

The Threat of a Re-Surge in Iraq

One of the 'Barbie Bandits' Gets Prison Time

Missing John Lennon Lyrics

Today's my birthday, so everyone has to agree with everything I say. Thanks. nt

Joining the Conspiracy

Will 61 democratic votes in the Senate lead to end of Iraq war?

Fililng for the stimulus package

YOU can strike a blow against TOUCH SCREEN MACHINES. . right now! Before Lunch!

3 Americans wounded in Green Zone - death toll of 55 rising, violence speading

Jack Van Impe says we can rest easy for another 12 months ...

Does anyone know if there are prevailing winds over Iran and what direction those might be?

Add Italians to the list of people Jeremiah Wright doesn't like...

Add Italians to the list of people Jeremiah Wright doesn't like...

"So called" Pledged Delegates up for Grabs, Clinton says

McCain Calls For Collegiality With Allies, But Forgets His Condescending French-Bashing»

Some websites you may not be aware of

I'm slowly but surely losing hope for Dem president in 08. Can Dems firm up control of Senate?

If my candidate does not get the nomination, in the GE I will...

Sigh...and I liked Gravel

Council Bluffs store raided; 16 illegal immigrants arrested

LOL- Rudy still hawking leftover campaign crap @ 75% discount!

LOL- Rudy still hawking leftover campaign crap @ 75% discount!

I know Obama wouldn't of stayed with Bill

Exposure to low levels of radon appears to reduce the risk of lung cancer, new study finds

A Modern Parable. (?)

Quality-Managing the Country

Yesterdays decision by the SCOTUS has me confused....

Right Wing Religious Hate Speech, and my comments

Craigslist Ad Lists Baby For Sale For $1,000

Sadr Offensive Shows Failure of Petraeus Strategy

Bet you didn't know that thousands of Japanese people have been protesting our occupation there?

Hillary's List Of Lies (From Dick Morris)

anyone heard about Air Force planes scrambled due to Russian jets?

Holy UFO's Batman!! United Nations secretly meets with US Military "insider" re: UFOs & ETs

Here's a reply for the media to use when discussing McCain's misstatements.

Iran Begins Supplying Basra With Electricity

Did FRONTLINE cover (or even mention) the uniformed death squads in Iraq? If not why?

UC Davis Investigating Rash Of Skunk Deaths

Oh goodness. Caption.

Doing a paper on why illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in this country, need help

Only 63 hours left in the War!!!!!

POTUS, joyous, very proud of himself, urges aides not to bolt

Court upholds Conyers man's criticisms of Wal-Mart

Handy Guide to Hillary Clinton's membership in the theocratic, neo-conservative "Fellowship"

This "multiple shooter" RFK assassination theory needs to be explored...

MA: Arrest Made In Church Vandalisms, Teen turns himself in at police station

MA: Arrest Made In Church Vandalisms, Teen turns himself in at police station

Alex Witt must be overworked.. (has no time to do laundry)

Somali Islamists seize key town of Jowhar - "catastrophic" humanitarian situation

Do you believe Al Qaeda is more dangerous to Americans than Hell's Angels?

Bidding War for Biowarfare Labs The Germs Next Door

Bidding War for Biowarfare Labs The Germs Next Door

Obama Chides McCain on Economy

O’Reilly: Media Matters, Huff Post, Daily Kos ‘are fascists’ and anti-American

Bush and the Easter Bunny

Malarial disease in Iraq dubbed ‘Blackwater Fever.’»

Gaza bakeries go on strike because Hamas refuses to raise price of bread


Bush advisors: Post-'surge' force to hold firm in Iraq

WHOA! Pentagon: Basra Chaos "A By-Product of the SUCCESS of the Surge"

Republicans issue new Clemens report (109 pages)

Hillary has disrespected the Troops with her lies about Sniper Fire in Bosnia

Late Easter toon: Bush baptizing prisoners


Are these the jobs of the future / present ?

How about this: RE topic of the day

Social Security Going Broke if Gov't doesn't pay back what it owes

Anti-choice politician changes name to Pro-Life

I just gave $120 to Obama!

U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 3,996 (?) - Pending DoD Confirmation: 5


Redefining POTUS...

Foreclose on the White House

FRONTLINE said al-Qaeda blew up the Golden Mosque. Bombers wore Iraqi security forces uniforms

Federal Judge Declares MI Primary Unconstitutional

Ray McGovern: Frontline's Timid Iraq Retrospective

McCain’s Iraq victory speech interrupted by reports of violence in Iraq

OMG. Clinton Caught In ANOTHER Whopper... about...wait for it...

McCain’s Iraq victory speech interrupted by reports of violence in Iraq

Fred Kaplan is on Tweety

Rep. Proposes To Girlfriend On House Floor: Vote 106-0 In Favor Of Marriage

Do you think the tax rebate check will affect the economy?

Some posted a nice highway sign link on Saturday

U.S. Spies Have Serious Job Gripes, Survey Finds

Did teacher really tell 10-year old Obama's Muslim?

Note to Skinner et al

Fuck It. No More GDP For Me.

Oh, By The Way, To Let Y'All In On A Little Secret Of Mine That Ya Might Find Interesting:

Malarial disease in Iraq dubbed ‘Blackwater Fever.’

E-mail circulating about Obama

Beware of General Election Polling Results

The "Tonya Harding Option" is now sticking.

Why doesn't military historian Frederick Kagan run for President?

i wanted to believe...

Excluding war opponents who were right all along from the Iraq debate...

This "sniper fire" thing is Senator Clinton's golden opportunity.

Details on upcoming Oliver Stone film W. (biopic of George Bush).

Runaway soldier’s family arrested, held without charge - Yemen

Into the Economic Abyss - How deep will it get?

Fla. Legislature Apologizes For Slavery

Bush says economy will be stronger, due to rebate checks..He is delusional

Bush confronts China on Tibet crackdown

Hey, Blitzer, you are not deaf, but are you dumb: s-h-e w-a-s a-s-k-e-d

Richard Widmark, "a passionate liberal Democrat," dies at 93


Market Slide believed to be on concerns of Clear channel buyout falling through.

It's brilliant, Bill and Hillary. Turning the FL and MI fiascos into Obama's fault....

It's brilliant, Bill and Hillary. Turning the FL and MI fiascos into Obama's fault....

It's brilliant, Bill and Hillary. Turning the FL and MI fiascos into Obama's fault....

It's brilliant, Bill and Hillary. Turning the FL and MI fiascos into Obama's fault....

Bush Calls (nuclear missile) Fuse Delivery a Mistake

I walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge today

Democrat Gravel switches to Libertarian; Cites War

Are Transnational Corporations Good for America?

Hey there,, I am a GD:P rat but wanted to post this info about McCain that came up in another thread

Saddam's Spy Agency Funded Lawmakers' Trip to Iraq, U.S. Says

Does Anybody else Mute The TV

Argue Against This

Civil War: Women faced danger in roles as spies

Wishful thinking: If Iraq gov and troops crush rebellion in Basra, perhaps....

From porn star to First Lady.

Heather calls in the experts to prove Paul DOES have Ł800million

Even Paul Krugman has Turned Against Hillary!

Independent UK: House price slump in US dashes hope of end to credit crisis

Thugs in the making, or "What is it with some kids today?"

Iraq contractor fights suit over toxic exposure

Now, does anyone seriously believe that if Obama gets the nomination...

Now, does anyone seriously believe that if Obama gets the nomination...

AK-47s Are Turning Up More in US

AK-47s Are Turning Up More in US

Dean Baker: Suppose We Had Invested Social Security in the Stock Market?


Boston-Area Shooting Called 'Work-Related'


from 1998 to 2004 I monitored every day

A little "sticking it to the man" - Vote Against Tommy Franks on BofA Board of directors

Debt: Our 9 Trillion Pound Gorilla


Oscar Winner Plans Abu Ghraib Photo Site

Does it seem like the news is throwing out a lot "chaff" today?

Dems have lost a lot of heroes to incoming gunfire.

The Education of a 9/11 Reporter (Slate)

I beg for your opinion: is this relevant to the Repugs Agenda?

Independent UK: Another illusion is shattered ("Stability" in Basra)

Basra: Shiite elites fight for dominance (video)

Stingy senators stiff GOP ~~ (lololololol !)

Does'nt look good for the surge (video)

The smarter ones

Why the sudden increase of violence in Iraq right now?

Tuesday TOON Updates

Looks like she really takes after her Dad......

How dare those firefighters blow their horns!

"From alcoholic bum to most powerful figure in world"...Oliver Stone's "fair, true portrait" of Bush

so, which woman WOULD you vote for?

I'd like to praise the Obama supporters here who are reasonable, kind...

Exciting new product for DUers who spend too much time on GD Primaries.

Clinton Donors WARN PELOSI on Superdelegates...

Flashback from late January of 2008 - Saddam wanted to fool world into thinking he had WMD

Navy pledges $200M for cleanup of Vieques

Shuttle will be landing in about an hour - for whoever's interested


Bredesen's idea about a superdelegate convention bothers me.

Is Fighting for Justice at Smithfield Racketeering? (Criminalizing union activity)

I would bet more Obama supporters will refuse to

I would bet more Obama supporters will refuse to

CNN: Dad faces son's alleged killer; sees 'normal' youngster

I just peeked in on GD-P and I've come to one conclusion:

Social Security: Why does the date of the impending "crisis" move into the future every year?

Good news, Social Security is not going broke!

Super Delegates forming for endorsement? --Pelosi Number /Pelosi List

FEMA knew about formaldehyde in trailers as early as 2005 and distributed them anyway...

== Tax my rich white torturer = By Mark Morford

The Hidden Iraq - At last the truth is out on video!

Here ya go: Yet another reason why equal

Iraq Blow-up Round-up and Come to Basra Britain....

Join the McCain FEC Complaint!!

Helen Thomas: Telling Bush the truth is costly

constitutional amendment that would allow retroactive laws

Heard on msm presstitutes that Gore is

What if these madmen do attack Iran ?

TYT: The Latest Clinton Canard

Clinton: "We talk a lot about so-called pledged delegates"

Paulson calls for fast action on social security

Dowd (NYT): Hillary or Nobody

In this thread, Bosnia veteran Dmesg explains why snipergate really bugs him

It´s "we the people" who mandate wearing a seat belt

Why did we marginalize Kucinich/Edwards and Run an African/American and a Woman?

No matter which way it goes, we will have a very handsome/beautiful President.

I never knew this. EURion constellation protection.


"None of your business" - I wish that more candidates have used this phrase

Decoupling Education & Upward Mobility

Recently released tax returns show the Obamas gave almost NOTHING to charity

As a Democrat, why should I give a Flying Fuck what Racists and Repugs "care" about in the GE?

Wall Street or Homeowners: Guess Who’s Getting a Bailout? Which Side Are You on?

SIGN Firedoglake & Jane Hamsher's FEC Complaint Against John "W" McCain:

I'm sorry, but I have to break my pledge. Where the hell does she get off?


Why is Al Sharpton So Pissed Off At Reverend Wright?

Why did the Secret Service bag Bush's poo and pee? "This is your President on drugs."

Jack-Booted Thugs III: Who's Behind Alabama Blogger's Home Threatened For Siegelman Case Writings

New questions raised about top Clinton advisor

Breaking - Condi Rice Flirts With VP Possibility

World News Trust: When "Oops" ISN'T Enough (Mary Lyon)

30 YEARS down the road will history lump the Bushes and Clintons together?

Murky Group Spends Hundreds of Thousands against Obama and Clinton

Oh, ferChrissake. Everybody is related to everybody else.

Obama Calls Out McCain On The Economy!!!!

Mike Gravel is wrong. Libertarians are NOT progressives.

Frontline: Too Timid, Too Little, Too Late

More L.A. police commit suicide than die in line of duty, study finds


If my property taxes won't go down as my home loses value should they at least not go up this year?

Neighbors say the man was covered in blood and looked dazed

Doug Kmiec, conservative law professor, endorses Obama

What is wrong with the country... I think I've gotten the answer

"There is hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags do not wave in a vacuum." - Arthur C. Clarke

This RFK multiple shooter story deserves wider discussion... I want to know what really happened!

Donna Brazile throws Democratic gays under the bus:

DU Public Service Announcement: Just a friendly reminder...

Is anyone speaking to the fact that the Saudi's are preparing for nuclear fallout

[Female] Bosnian Vet Accuses Hillary of Valor Theft

[Female] Bosnian Vet Accuses Hillary of Valor Theft

Question for Obama supporters: If Hillary Clinton becomes the Dem nominee

Note to Skinner et al

AK-47s are turning up more in US

Which candidate is speaking to our better angels and sense of compassion?

Is Gore the solution?

“Gore Is a Liar” 8 Years Later: Where Are the Media Whores Now?

A simple and quick poll about "seat belt laws".

Bill Clinton on Democratic Heat: Saddle Up!

Social Security Bankrupt by 2040... Chewing into the fund at 2017... What should be done???

A drastic development in Iraq

Through the looking glass with Tweety

IBM, Darrell Issa, and Millions of "Lost" White House Emails

Ministers Speak Out Against Clinton Politicizing Religion

HAAAA! An editor on Frontline's "* War" is a freeper and he/she is getting roasted...

How does this makes you feel?

I might be beating an old horse but...what about Hillary's time at Wal-Mart

MAJOR Freakin' Story That Will Die Under the RADAR

MAJOR Freakin' Story That Will Die Under the RADAR

It's 3 AM.............

Students Expelled For Touching BB Gun

***Official Tuzla VIDEO Thread.***

Hillary has the nerve to assail Rev. Wright

Take a Test on what Political Party in Norway best suits you!

So Hillary and her surrogates like to blather on and on about Obama's church...what about hers?

How Hillary Clinton got blindsided! (3/26/2008)

The Power of DU!!

Healthcare: How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay?

I'm starting to get wrinkly old person skin on my furniture and clotheslines and flat surfaces...

I'm starting to get wrinkly old person skin on my......

I'm starting to get wrinkly old person skin on my arms.

Part 2 - "Bush's War" is on now

Who has done more for the American People? Ralph Nader or Hillary Clinton?

I Just let Howard Dean ask Me Anything!

Which DUer has the largest camote?

Medical Advice Question: I need to remove my appendix with a 12/17" Forstner bit at 21 million rpm

I'm starting to become a wrinkly old person

RIP, Al Copeland

Sometimes it's better if you just say nothing.

Best-looking news anchor?


It seems I've done it again... fast, please...

Anyone ever drink reserva 1800 silver tequila?

This is Who Sequoia Voting Systems Has Chosen to Test Their Machines Instead of Princeton

Proud To Be a Republican?



The curtain is lowering

Saw my first "Obama Girl" video today, and I have to ask...

So if I start all my posts with

"Bush's War" - anyone else disappointed with this PBS show? Critiques welcome here.

Dark skyline for San Francisco?

Barack Obama is good for business

So if you are the one who "dumps"/ends a romantic relationship, it's easy right?

She walked in beauty, like the night.

When the phone rings at 3 am,

Because I like it and you might too: animated gif "kittycorn"

The otherlander once-only poetry thread

The difference between women and men.

Which one of you shits just RickRolled me on my cell phone?

It's time to pick on StarbucksAnarchist

So my husband comes back from the store...

I don't really have anything original to new pics or poems...

'Take Gun To Work' Bill Clears Hurdle

Obama related to Pitt, Clinton to Jolie

Yeah, Wednesday!

Four More Underaged Girls Take Joe "Girls Gone Wild / Bottom-Feeding Scumbag" Francis to Court

Car insurance Rant

I'm trying to remember a song, and its driving me crazy. Help!

What would someone have to do

My sister just told me there have never been any illness or deaths

If Americans only watched infomercials all night,

WTF is up with Priscilla Presley's face?

Let's say you were a cannibal. How would you butcher my carcass?

From the people are stupid files:Race in Heels Trips Man on Workers Comp

Feeling down today? Rickroll someone over the phone using this link

why was "making whoopee"

Hilrack Olinton's campaign slogan: Yes we can have solutions for America!

WTF?!? Did I read that right?

Oregon Man Says He's Pregnant

Barillary Clobama: Enemy to all villagers with torches and pitchforks

Testing my new sig line -- n/t

Day Of Days

Jet appreciation thread

How did YOU use one of your three daily allotted posts in GD:P today?

Apparently, I won $600,000 in the Owi Lottery Program

C-span...gas prices

The DU of the future

US Treasury chief says Social Security 'unsustainable'

Okay that's IT! I am sick and tired of the damned WIND!

Describe the fuck out of something you did today.

Whatever happened to John Kleeb?

What can I do to get my post-flags to be yellow again? (They are gray.)

i'm gonna get my hair did today

What a Rodent Can Do With a Rake in Its Paw

If getting rickrolled on your cell by your spouse isn't grounds for divorce

I always obeyed the drinking cups whilst in Korea

Damned deer ate my panties.

PJ Harvey!

Anyone here ever publish in an Academic Journal as an Undergrad?

If you start work at 7 AM, and can not come in, and I start at 10 AM....

TV cooking shows - do you watch 'em? Who annoys you the most?

Whats Your Favorite Football Movie?

So I Sit By This Lady At Softball Practice

Hey, Kitchy — you got the Twins game on?

Why is "Realtor" always capitalized?

Damned pansies ate my deer

“Us versus Them” The Money Party (5) Michael Collins

So I'm sitting with my Wife at Softball Practice

What would someone have to do to you

Ladies and Gentleman, the most inadvertently scary PSA of all time.

The Damned, dear, ain't no pansies

"Bird proof" squirrelfeeder my ass!

Frank Zappa - Bongo Fury

Damned Pansy ate my beer

I must have a sign on me somewhere...

Any bird nesting cams in your area?

What say you lounge....

I don't know about you but I think it's time to redecorate the lounge

OMG!! Delaware is teaching 10 year olds that Obama is Muslim.

I know what a bowl of lard is.

Post here if you are in a REALLY bad mood.

I'm Rockrolling all of you

Photo of Hillary with new buddy - Richard Mellon Scaife, who accused her of murdering Vince Foster

LynneSin in action in Delaware...

Inmate Released, Carjacks Woman in Jail Parking Lot

Oh Flvegan...Oh Leftymom..Oh any other vegans in the lounge...

Damned Deer was eating my candies

What Lube Do You Use.....

Question for anyone with a cell phone...

I know what a bowl of Crisco is.

Packers Tell Fans They Gave Favre To A Nice Farm Family

Mmmm, big ol' plate of bacon, eggs and hash browns...

Speaking of veggie burgers

Happy Birthday Spock

Report on The Hooters.

Dinner with Barack - What could go wrong?

Lee Greenwood Rocks

Anyone else have a youtube channel?

I'm feeling nostalgic for my childhood in the 70s

I never wanted to be a leach before, until now

It is pronounced (real'-tor) and NOT (Ree'-la-ter)

Obama in Greensboro George Clooney in Salisbury today

Can you be 'rickrolled' if you actually like Rick Astley?

I have established a universally-effective defense against marital discord

Smooth jazz in the workplace

I just found out that this season's "Top Chef" was shot a few blocks away from me

Damned deer ate my pansies

God Bless the USA!!!

God Bless the USA!!!

Holidays for the rest of the month of March.

A question for Minnesota DU'ers...

Post a picture that makes you think "FREEPER" when you see it

Circus "slave" forced to swim with piranhas

I Just Met Howard Dean - Ask Me Anything!

Ohhhh, God help us all!

Which DUers would you love to play strip solitaire with?

A GD:P Sniper Just Shot at Me.....

In which trof becomes an oyster farmer.

Hokey stuff

Where is Hypno?

Which DU'ers would you love to strip.....

Richard Widmark dies at 93

Bon Jovi's Bon Jovi arrested on Confirmed IUD


By Far, The Strangest & Creepiest Hillary Clinton Impersonator (this is a MUST SEE!)

I hate writing essays at the last minute.

What do you think about this website I designed?

Which traditionally shat-upon music genre could you most easily tolerate?

Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora arrested on Suspected DUI

Hillary Clinton supporters are more likely than Barack Obama supporters to vote McCain

happy birfday, Jet!!!

Email job offer - I can't accept but maybe you can - why do I keep getting these?

I couldn't really think of anything astounding for my 8000th post . . .

Damned deer ate my panties

Ashton Kutcher's mom is HOT!

I know this is a stupid, shallow question, but...

My turn to ask for the vibes

Anyone seen "Horton Hears a Who"?


Is it fair that the Washington St Cougars get to play in the Charlotte Bobcats Arena?

Name 5 websites you must read every morning before work

Crap....I don't know which chapter I'm supposed to read for skool tomorrow...

Robin Williams' wife files for divorce.


Let play a game.... what game do you want to play?

I know what a bill of lading is

More snow. Great.

I never

Heading off to work. Hope the commute is better than yesterday!

3-26-2008 DU GD-P 1,000 vote minimum challenge straw poll

I just got back from our Brownie tour of the animal shelter

I Just Passed By 15,000 Posts

Fashionistas- yes or no?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/26/2008)

I'm traveling to Manila for 15 days the end of May to visit family -

"Purple hammer taco"

My son just got a second job! Wow!

American Idol- who watched last night?

red satin sheets on my bed....

Can we at least all agree that MTV's "The Hills" is the worst show on TV?

i was sort of shaken by this, but i want to share . . .

What caused my airbags to deploy?

'Amateur pilot'?

Report on Hooters.

Have you ever just blown off a job interview (as jobseeker)?

Am I supposed to be mad about LeBron?

My Cats Are Fighting

My Cats Are Fighting

Man who beheaded hotel duck sentenced in Minnesota

What are your bad habits?

Baseball movies in which the actor in the lead role should've had a stunt double

Anyone seen "Horton Goes To Hooters"?

I have my first mammogramma tomorrow.

OMG, it's getting very Hawt in here.

Wow, I just noticed something

Favorite Variety Show of the 1970s

I've gotten my kids hooked on "Happy Days". Will this get my status as mother-of-the-year revoked?

Smooth ji--

White privilege, or class privilege?

It's spring and the grass is growing.....

Today is MY birthday and it's a great day to be alive!

Second injection today - wish me luck!

US-UK Built “Replica” Iraqi Dirty-Bomb and Germ Labs Before Invasion

I'm in Riverside, CA and can't get out of here for 3 hours, ask me anything

Fukity Fuk Fuk

Do you believe America is committing genocide in Iraq?

No More Grocery Store Small Talk, Please

Top 100 surveyed, name a famous couple, past or present, you'd like to spend an evening with.

I don't know about you but I think it's time to reeducate the lounge

So I'm dressed in drag at a softball game...

"Squirrel proof" birdfeeder my ass.

I need help with a mouse problem

"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill

UCLA students: have you ever had Greg Graffin as your Life Science 1 teacher?

Your favorite Zappa album

Who did you have a crush on when you were 12?

Baseball fans — is this fucked up?

Kid's new do...

Blood on Ice, Illiterate Newfoundlanders pick up your clubs - Seal Slaughter by Martha Rosenberg

Vegetarian Or Meat Eater?

How is defacing a Democrat allowed to stand at DU?

New book: "The Ten Cent Plague"

Religious hypocrites. Venting.

You gotta check this game out.


What Is Your DU Nickname?

McDonald's is bringing back the McRib sandwich.

My old dog still dreams

Pardons! Get Yer Pardons HERE! Bush grants 15 new pardons

Which DU'rs Would You Love To Play Strip Poker With?

Heather Mills wants more money, hopes Paul "will discretely pay" in lieu or return to court

My Soul-Mate Died 3 Years Ago Today

Florida "Road Rage" bill would require left lane drivers to move over.

What's your favorite baseball movie?

Damning: Hillary's sniper fire and NAFTA lies explored

Food prices taking a big bite out of budgets

3 aid workers killed in Sudan

Chavez Says U.S. Candidate McCain Promotes War With Venezuela

U.S. mistakenly sent nuclear missile fuses to Taiwan

Tabloid editor receives six month imprisonment for reporting that Mubarak was ill

Union Effort Led To Firing, Worker Says (State Bar Association Accused)

Toshiba invests in U.S. nuclear project

Philippine health chief approves order to eradicate black market in kidneys

Cigarette Company Paid for Lung Cancer Study

Clear Channel buyout in trouble

IRS uses YouTube to get rebate word out


Justice and State Departments join forces on passport probe

The Media and John McCain

If Foreigners Could Vote in '08

19 indicted in alleged mortgage scam

Study finds Clinton related to Jolie and Obama to Pitt

Explosives near Capitol go undetected for weeks

EU considering steps on seal hunt

Judicial Watch: Obama ‘intended to leave no paper trail’

Canada auto union says won't accept two-tier wages

Cappuccilli won't seek Walsh's seat in Congress (NY-25)

New-Home Sales in the U.S. Fell to 13-Year Low in February

The Real Meaning of 4,000 Dead

Bush advisors: Post-'surge' force to hold firm in Iraq

Top-Tier Recruit Rates a Rare Dem Challenge for Open Alabama Seat

McCain’s Iraq victory speech interrupted by reports of violence in Iraq

Schwarzenegger to Eastwood: Hasta La Vista, Baby

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner doubts prosecution of crossover voting(Ohio primary)

American Cancels About 300 Flights

Delaware Panel Probes Teacher's Obama Remark

Court Clears Way for 9/11 Illness Lawsuit

American Airlines cancels 200 flights for safety tests

Citi Settles Enron Suit for $1.66B

Protestors enter Bear Stearns building in New York

The Buzz on the Bus: Pinched, Press Steps Off (news on the cheap)

Clinton backers scold Pelosi on superdelegate comment

Cigarette Company Paid for Lung Cancer Study

Federal judge: Michigan's presidential primary law unconstitutional

At Pentagon, Bush Hears Military's Worries On War Strains From Long, Frequent Iraq Deployments

Arrests over Ethiopia's fake gold

Canada defiant over annual seal pup cull

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 26

FBI: Found parachute may be D.B. Cooper's

Multi-vehicle crash blocking Golden Gate Bridge

U.S. airstrike kills 60 gunmen in Hilla (Iraq)

US mil: American soldier killed by small-arms fire in Baghdad (number rises to 4,002)

Cheney disputes Iran's nuclear goals (The allegation contradicts international findings.)

Pentagon says new Iraq fighting arises from surge's success

Climate change 'a major threat to business', firms tell survey

Richard Widmark, Actor, Dies at 93

Gordon Brown to tell US to re-engage in world

Polls: Dems tied; McCain leads both in 'general election' matchups

Spy-in-the-sky drone sets sights on Miami

Taxpayers May Be Liable for Billions From Bear, Mortgage Rescue

Iraqi forces battle Mahdi militia in southern Iraq, Baghdad

NGOs Press President Uribe of Colombia to Address Wave of Violence Against Rights Defenders, Unionis

Iraqi PM gives Basra gunmen ultimatum (72hrs to surrender weapons and renounce violence)

U.S. soldiers seeking refugee status in Canada

AP News Alert Saddam's intel agency financed a trip to Iraq for 3 U.S. lawmakers

Bush tells Hu shipment of warhead fuse to Taiwan a 'mistake'

U.S. Orders For Big-Ticket Manufactured Goods Drop For Second Straight Month

Gravel now seeking Libertarian nod

Iraqi civilians killed, hurt in gunbattle during US raid in northern Iraq

Clinton admits to error over sniper fire claim during Bosnia visit

Pastor Flap Hasn't Hurt Obama

Republican Crossovers Fuel Record Democratic Voter Registration in Pennsylvania

Americans seek employment in India

Moqtada al-Sadr orders Iraq PM out ofBasra

House passes bill prohibiting smoking in cars with child passengers (Maine)

Chris Satullo: Criticism of Clinton is not sexism Philly Inquirer

Out of hiding: The engineer whose 'evidence' led to war in Iraq- Curveball

Nancy Reagan Named as McCain’s Economics Guru

Hillary or Nobody?

Financial Times: Why we should fear a McCain presidency

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Pentagon Holds Thousands of Americans "Prisoners of War"

When America Can’t Handle the Truth By Pierre Tristam

Food stamps double since '01...But price of food means they don't go as far now

Countdown: The Commander in Chief Test

America Defeated: How Terrorists Turned a Superpower's Strengths Against Itself

Watch this and weep (Creationists abusing innocent children)

Progressives for Obama....

Filibuster Funding for the Occupation of Iraq

"So?" In Dick's Head by Richard Mathis

Michele Bachmann Hates the Troops

Hillary in Evansville

Hillary says "I made a mistake" referring to Bosnia SniperGate lie

TPMtv: McCain's Achilles Heel

TPMtv: The Press covers mightily for McCain's Sunni/Shia problem

Charles Sullivan: America’s Ruling Clique

Financial Meltdown: Time for a Holiday From Progressive Politics? By Dean Baker

Dr. J.'s Commentary: So Was the Reverend Wright Wrong?

Hillary In Bosnia

Attorney General Mukasey Controversy at Boston College Law School

FireDogLake's Jane Hamsher Delivers McCain FEC Complaint

Hillary Clinton's Iraq war speech on the Senate floor in October 2002 (excerpts)

World News Trust: The Coming Uncertain War against Iran (Ramzy Baroud)

Robert Scheer: War of the Word

Barack Obama in Greensboro, NC - slams McCain for his lame economic proposals

Rachel Maddow and Keith O. marvel over McCain's economic vapidity

"(*cackle, cackle*) It was actually very pleasant." - Hillary on sleazy Scaife interview

Cheney: staying in Iraq is like pardoning Nixon

Anybody (who’s a Democrat) but Hillary

The GOP attack plan for Hillary Clinton

1974: Hillary lost Judiciary Committee job after trying to block Nixon impeachment. By Jerry Zeifman

The Media and John McCain

Watch out, you're being watched by Danny Westneat/Seattle Times

Where the Boys Are (MoDo spoof)

John McCain, Campaign Finance Criminal on CNN

WP, op-ed: "The thought of (McCain) answering the red phone at 3 a.m. fills me with foreboding."

NYT op-ed, The Maverick and the Media: Why the press loves McCain

Homeland Security office filled with feces

Whaddaya think of my LTTE (or, in the Akron Beacon Journal vernacular, VOP)?

If Foreigners Could Vote in '08

Massive blast at Dubai fireworks warehouse

The Fight Against Supermax Prisons By Jessica Pupovac

TYT: The Only Way McCain Wins Is If We Attack Iran

Rachel Maddow on The Gay Bomb

Top 10 Reasons Stephen Colbert Should Endorse Barack Obama

Blue Collar, Bare Cupboards

TYT: Clinton Still Punching After The Bell Has Rung

How the open net closed its doors (BBC)

George Galloway on people who voted for the Iraq War

CBS: "Can you trust what she says?"

Chelsea Clinton Being Coldly Asked About Monica

BBC Reports on Hillary Clinton's Bosnia claims

Attention Activists: It’s Time to Grow Up

Hillary Helped Get NAFTA approved (MSNBC)

ABC: Clinton Digging In, Exaggerating Truth

Bus Tours Show Properties in Foreclosure

Jon Snow's Hidden Iraq

The Nation: Cautionary Healthcare Tales From California and Massachusetts

The Real Meaning of 4,000 Dead

Hillary, Slipping in Polls, Seeks a 'Do-Over' in Bosnia

How Obama Can Actually WIN Pennsylvania!

US Moves Towards Engaging Iran


Morford: Tax My Rich White Torturer

I Had to Update My Tagline. - About that "4,000" milestone…

Video Failed

NEW!!!.......NBC-WSJ Poll: New Clinton Lows by Chuck Todd

Antarctica's Wilkins Ice Shelf Risks Collapse

Video Disputes "Black Separatist" Tag On Obama's Church

Pat Buchanon thinks that Hillary supporters will switch over to McCain if she loses

Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered...

Andrew Sullivan: It Takes A Pillage

Samantha Power Unapologetic About Iraq Remarks, Hints At Return

Obama and the Generation Jones

Bush's War

Street Fight Trailer (2002 Newark Mayor race Cory Booker vs Sharpe James)

ORIGINAL: 1996 Clinton Bosnia Trip (CBS News) -- much better for Clinton...

America Ferrera for Hillary

Prosecution rests in Ranger murder trial

Iraqi PM gives Basra gunmen 3-day ultimatum

Should Arlington honors go beyond rank?

Editorial: The real torture scandal

CNO: Reducing crew sizes a top priority

E-mail on military deaths is shaky on facts

Child porn Article 32 hearing postponed

U.S., India to talk maritime security

Editorial: Shipbuilding plans need a reality check

Keeping Up With The (Nuclear) Joneses

Green Zone hit as militia fighting intensifies

Pine Beetle Damage To Canadian Forests Hurting Salmon Populations - Vancouver Sun

Finland's Record-Setting Warm Winter Disrupted By 12" Of Snow, Snarling Transport - AFP

Chinese man sentenced in Aegis secrets case

Safety Problems With Dozens Of NY State Dams Unaddressed For Years - Even Decades - NYT

As Apiary Season Begins, Still No Firm Answers On CCD & Beekeepers Fear The Worst - BBC

Red faces in US at nuclear blunder

Editorial: New appearance rules may hurt more than help

Evals sent back to fix corrections

Connecticut-sized Wilkins Ice Shelf Hanging By A Thread - Would Be 7th Collapse In 30 Years In Area

Land swap deal could open Alaska wildlife refuge to oil

50% Of Marketable Trees In British Columbia Damaged Or Killed By Pine Beetles - 710 Million M3 Dead

It's time to play EVERYONE's favorite game: Debunk the Denier!

Solar Electric Light Fund Tackles Benin's Arid Land

Tokyo Electric to speed up construction of coal- and gas-fired plants

Strange rumblings heard near Idaho air base

Five years in Iraq

William Kamkwamba's Malawi Windmill Blog: Bringing an OLPC XO Laptop to Malawi

NASA/Earth Observatory Arctic Map Shows Massive Loss Of Oldest, Thickest Ice

Chernobyl: 22 Years After

Windy Weather Boosts Spain's Windpower Output to 40.8% Of Total Usage

Car That Gets 1,693 Miles-Per-Gallon

Ford sells Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata

Cultural advisers to join 1st AD unit for next Iraq tour

Drug-related court-martial delayed by pre-trial hearings

Reports: Petraeus will not request troop cuts

55 Dead in Basra, Baghdad Fighting

Haditha Killings Trial Set to Start

Report: Costs Eat Up Afghan Aid Money

CSAR-X Program Facing More Delays

ICBM fuses mistakenly sent to Taiwan in 2006

Reservist accused of killing former girlfriend

One of the world's remotest islands is being swamped with plastic trash ...

Profitable 'green' investing.

Hiroshima peace group on anti-nuclear drive

Bush Confident in AF After Nuke Error

Families USA Study Shows How Many Die Because They Lack Health Insurance

Save No Sweat? The update & outcome

Union: United Outsources Too Much Work (by nearly a half-billion dollars)

Big Tomato Farmer Quits, Blames Immigration Reform

Joint Panel to Address Bangladeshi Labor Issues in Saudi Arabia

Casting in the strike-shortened pilot season

Union members to protest McCain policies Wednesday in Pebble Beach during McCain’s $2,300-per-person

On unions (AFSCME organizing at the University of New Hampshire)

Salem school cafeteria workers pan privatization plan

CWA Gains Tentative Pact at Century Tel Missouri

Hillary Ran From Me (when I asked her about Walmart)

NLRB Makes Foxwoods-UAW Settlement Public

Yesterday had the most clicks ever for a day in the Labor Forum

A Test Case for Immigration (can't find unskilled workers for $16.59 an hour )

LAT: Unions seek to organize carwasheros


Taxpayers May Be Liable for Billions From Bear, Mortgage Rescue

New Century Bankruptcy Examiner Says KPMG Aided Fraud (Update2)

BlackRock and U.S. hedge fund form company to buy distressed mortgages

Question On XM/Sirius Merger Deal

Alan Garcia Would Like a Little Attention (BoRev strikes again)

Honduras: US Should Compensate Producers

Argentina seeks justice for 'forgotten' victims

Former Nicaragua official backed for UN Assembly post

S. America version of NATO on horizon

Fighting for the Right to Chew Coca

Letter from Venezuela's Communications Minister to the Washington Post

The Comng War on Venezuela - Golinger's Latest Book, "Bush Versus Chavez" Now Avail in English

Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern, openly gay church pastor face off on television

NGOs Press President Uribe of Colombia to Address Wave of Violence Against Rights Defenders, Unionis

We did our movie today

Argentina's Fernandez Criticizes Striking Farmers

Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals of murdered family in Iowa City

Venezuela to Host LatAm Conf. Against MEDIA TERRORISM

Why is it that in any thread about marriage equality in GD there has to be

Israeli hurt by Palestinian gunfire on Negev kibbutz

Hebron: Settlement marks a year since its establishment

IDF captures top Hamas man behind 2002 bombing that killed 29

Gaza bakeries go on strike because Hamas refuses to raise price of bread

Impending War? Is Israel getting ready?

US Suggests Ending Public Debate on Israel-Palestine at UN

A road becomes a dividing line in the West Bank

Israelis blocking medical care in Gaza


The Best of Diego Corrales

A question for all of you Golf Fans

matchday: USA-Poland. (spoilers, for you TiVo freaks)

No love for the Frozen Four bracket?

"A New Earth" - Week 4


I think the Mayans are right

Astrology, Dean and the Unity Ticket

AIDS Vaccine Testing at Crossroads

Rotten-egg smell induces suspended state

Rotten-egg smell induces suspended state

Damn you Pepin!

what's happened to avocados?

Poached pear and almond tart

I posted this in the lounge a while back, but never here . . .

Tobacco Company Funded Lung Cancer Study

So what are we doing for April?

Crosspost because it's a video.

The King of America (and it's not Stupid)

lookee heah, what i found!

Tithing Question

Girl Dies After Parents Pray for Healing

Do/can atheists believe in...

'Cool' elephants caught on film (BBC) {FIVE DAYS without water?!?}

Robber Uses Hypnosis to Steal From Cash Register

Beautiful MODIS Satellite picture of the Ross Sea and Drygalski Ice Tongue from Today!

NASA holds off on budget cuts to Mars rover program

Spain dig yields ancient European (BBC)

Gun statistics you seldom see

Good thing this man was armed...

Could it be, that the problem with gun control is two incompatible views?

Loopholes Allow High-Powered Guns Into California

Holy UFO's Batman!! United Nations secretly meets with US Military "insider" re: UFOs & ETs

Engineer Society Accused of Cover-Ups

Experts: Sirhan Sirhan Did Not Kill RFK

Call me stupid, tell me to go to the lounge, or to put on a tin-foil hat

Was 911 a gold robbery?

Hello.....? Some recs for the ER news, please? (Not even my night...!)

DRE manufacturers trying to force NY to adopt DREs * ~ TODAY 3/26~ *

Urgent email to send RIGHT NOW! down-anyone know what's up? nt

Brad Friedman Hosting 'Election Year Special Coverage' Today on KPFK

This is Who Sequoia Voting Systems Has Chosen to Test Their Machines Instead of Princeton

Unger: The Iraq War was a Conspiracy

Soldier Suicides: veterans are killing themselves in record numbers

Jason Lewis spewing lies about the war-mongering Vets for Freedom fiasco

Wouldn't you like to make sure the DELEGATES, not the establishment,

Texas soldier's father calls son's death 'a waste'

Kaufman: 1100 people voted twice (Harris county)

"Things are being done."

Anyone else here served on Nominations?

Is it fair to say my HD is broken?

Anyone from the Western Pa, Senator Obama will hold a town hall meeting.

BTW, everything Wright has ever said is being scoured

I wish that Obama would win in PA--that would finally cook Hillary

Crown wants criminal conviction for PC ex-education Minister John Snobelen

CP: Ottawa's attempts to blame Ontario for fiscal woes isn't winning votes: experts

After Campus Shootings, U.S. to Ease Privacy Rules

TeachersPayTeachers/Scholastic Climate Change Lesson Plan Contest

"Family Wealth May Explain Differences In Test Scores In School-age Children"

KOEB Meeting 3/25/08 Why?? Why?? Edition

Stephanie on Dan Abrams tonight bow-wow chicka chicka - wow

Richard Widmark has passed away. He was among the last of an era of great actors.

If you shop at Ralph's you can help the animals!

Schwarzenegger to Eastwood: Hasta La Vista, Baby

Anybody else in Madison tonight?

Gov. Doyle: Launches Clean Energy Wisconsin, a plan for energy independence

High court to rule over release of MP expenses

Ministers back radical plan for voting reform

Military Base in Iraq: A Faith Not Shared

Gorbachev Dispels 'Closet Christian' Rumors; Says He is Atheist

Ethicists say case unclear

Virginia Tech: Defending morality in an athiest's [sic] culture is challenging

My favorite kind of religious discussion:

Southern Dem warns party to avert disaster

WP, pg1: In Obama's New Message, Some Foes See Old Liberalism

Flip Side of Democrats' Spat: Higher Turnout: Dems top 4 mllion registered voters in Pennsylvania

Video: CNN scores a brief interview with Obama on St. Thomas

TIME exclusive interview: Clinton Vows to Push On

Obama's Ex - Pastor Cancels Speeches

Rasmussen: 22% of Democrats Want Clinton to Drop Out; 22% Say Obama Should Withdraw

In Letter, Top Clinton Donors Chastise Pelosi For Statements About Super-Delegates

Gallup: 28% of Clinton backers, 19% of Obama backers will desert to McCain if their choice loses nom

Obama Camp Hammers Letter To Pelosi As "Inappropriate" -- Demands Hillary Reject It

Hillary Campaign Calls For Party-Run Primary In Michigan