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EARTH HOUR questions for folks who know something about electricity

Obama Tells Harry Smith Hillary Should Drop Out...

AP: Obama, Clinton offer economic plans

Hillary supporters: Please remove this off your head..

What is the America Votes Coalition?

Who wants to put a wager on this primary? (oops, is it legal?)

TOON: Dodging sniper fire

So-Wright's church reprints something from the L.A. TIMES and it's a problem for OBAMA?

If the Democratic Party panders to Republican Lite and counts on their votes

Siegelman Top Story on "Verdict with Dan Abrams" . On nowwwww!

I see dead people.

Survey USA favorability ratings

Independent UK: When Clinton tells such obvious mistruths, she exposes herself as a fantasist

What Obama should do RIGHT NOW: go overseas

Wanna have some fun.....?

McCain wants to continue to spend $5000 a second in Iraq!

Email link to tell NBC News to cut the Wright crap. Enough of this nonsense already !

I blame Hillary' advisors. Like Cindy Sheehan when she started veering off course

Hillary claims sleep deprivation caused Bosnia mishap.

If all the Hillbots are on vacation

Barack Obama gave 240,000 to Charity in 2007.

Hillary Clinton has been too programmed by her consultants, It's why she is losing

Latest Pew Research national poll - Obama up by 10 points.


As much as it doesn't seem to relate to this year's Primary,

Holy Shit I Made It!

Repukes seem to have reached a new depth of delusion/denial

Analysis of Hillary voters most likely to defect to McCain, Obama loses 38% conservative democrats

Where is the Outrage

"The Tide is Turning"! - Barack Obama

Radical idea to solve the Democratic problem

Idea for Michigan and Florida Primaries: Do-Over Primary by Lottery

Ha, I've the perfect response to if McCain tries to use Hilllary's words against Obama in the Fall

The "Swiftboat Phrase" that the right has for Obama

Oregon: Obama 12% better than HC v McCain, CA Obama 6% better, Connecticut Obama 14% better!!!

I found a creative ad on you tube today...

Has anyone else noticed that most of HRC's most vocal spokespeople are Beltway types?

Obama supporter meeting in Texas tonight

I'm a Obama and I don't owe shit to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton Donor Shakedown Officially Backfires! This May Prove Fatal To Hillary, It Was THAT Stupid

The Clintons go "Gangsta"

Dickhead Cooper: "We're going to look at the economic policies of Sens. Clinton, Obama and Wright."

So....what does everyone think about the Obama/Bloomberg

I'm a Hillary and I don't owe shit to Barry H. Obama.

Clinton, Banking Deregulation & Repeal Of Glass Steagall. Hillary, Do You Agree W/Bill On This?

10 Top Reasons McCain Will Never Be Elected President

10 Top Reasons McCain Will Never Be Elected President

"I'd Like To Do A Song Of Great Social And Political Import!" - JJ

Please DU this AOL Negative Poll Factor = We need to get McCain's numbers down

Clinton - Health Care

Obama to be on The View Friday (3/28 11:00 CST ABC)

Analysis: Fox News has Peaked

Question that haunts me

Clinton, Obama predict eventual unity

Clinton tax return reminder!

The "Wide Stance" Party's Fascination With The Black Male

How Will Clinton Win With a 37% Positive Rating?

The drumbeat...has it begun? Some interesting supposition about superdelegates in June...

The Hillary I know.

Turn on Hannity - defending Obama

Obama supporters' poll

Is this The Lounge?

Which one is the cult again?

Obama supporter here. Legitimate and sincere question

When will the GOP pick their VP candidate?

And for that Three in the morning call (What a commercial really... )

Countdown To The End Of The Dynasty

O'Reilly talks about conspiracy to thwart white power and McCain nods in agreement...

Check McCains Website. Wash Hands. Report Back

Carville's on LKL, so's Laura Flanders (AAR)

Who will win Indiana?

I'm that young(ish) White man who helps pay for your social security.

My sister called me a "Traitor" the other day because I voted for Hillary Clinton

Obama almost to 2 MILLION campaign donors.

HillFans INCONSISTENCY regarding Obama/Wright and Hill standing by Bill.

Why hasn't Hillary denounced and rejected the letter to Pelosi???

Visualize a Democrat in the White House in less than a year

WHILE Soldiers die, Americans lose Homes, Gas Price Rise, & the $ falls; The MEDIA PASTORBATES!

What will it take to end the Wright controversy ?

what is wrong with these Obams folks,

Newsweek: "Bloomberg and Obama Meet in the Big Apple. Is the White House Next?"

I will absorb all your Hillary Clinton abuse!

For the last time....

Ex-congressman disputes Clinton boasts on medical leave legislation

If Hillary can win PA, NC, IN, WV etc. and pull ahead in the popular vote

One thing Obama could say that would lose my vote in the GE . . .

Quote: Here, ruining people is considered sport.

You Guys Are A Bunch Of Whiney Douchebags

With all the difference - please keep in mind who the real enemy is

-----> Obama's Economic Speech: Video

Bloomberg on Obama's short list? Didn't realize Bloomberg was

Alright, so call me insane, batshit crazy..

Please Hillary, Please

Is Senator Clinton putting her own ambitions before the party and the country?

-=-= The REAL Magic Number for Obama =-=-

Eugene Robinson: Clinton Hurt By 'Win at Any Cost' Attitude

Obama vs. Clinton - communication style and leadership style

Ever wonder why Pat Buchanan Joe Scarborough and

Quick Question..

Sarborough do you have any morals(and Willy too)

POLL: How important is trusting a candidate?

Just saying, mind you;

I just had a thought about Obama

Is John McCain a Crook? (Oldie but goodie S&L dish - Slate and more)

Obama Supporters, let's welcome the Hillary supporters back with open arms (and changed avatars)

Barnacle says Obamas biggest problem is that hes a "liberal"...

If Obama wins the nomination, should he choose a female running mate?

Leahy: Hillary “Ought to Withdraw and She Ought to Be Backing Senator Obama”

Penn State: Michael Stewart is a Stud

Clinton Risks Credibility Gap Over `Fudged' Claims, Stances (Bloomberg News)

What if Hillary says after NC: "I'll quit if you make me your VP"?

The Clintons and their followers ...

2 more Superdelegates & Senators go for Obama

If We Count Florida And Michigan

Obama Wins The Nomination!

Dean wants nominee by July 1 (link has video)

Obama Up on Indiana TV

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/27/08 - Obama down 1 (44), Clinton up 1 (46)

Holy crap! It's class warfare - and it's not the republicans!!

Just checking in

Dean says attacks getting too personal, favors June resolution

MoveOn takes on Clinton's moneyed supporters

Pew Research Poll has Obama ahead of Clinton by 10 for Democratic Nomination

Leahy calls for Clinton to step aside and support

A Thought On The Chelsea "Monica Question" Controversy........

Talk Radio And Obama

I just told my Superdelegate to get in gear and ENDORSE OBAMA already.

Thursday March 27, 2008

Obama On the Rise: Rasmussen: Obama 46 (+2), Clinton 44 (-2), Rebounds vs McCain and Approval Rating

The political game Hillary Clinton is trying to win

Hillary fails NC Values Test.

Our worst nightmare in not only the GOP VP candidate but that

Hillary starting to say the right things?

Hillary starting to say the right things?

Gore hopes Dem race will resolve itself

If BOTH Hillary and Obama began to speak out about NOT voting for McCain...

Please Obama, Please!!

Sen. Obama speaking in Pgh right now!

Hillary thinks she is so smart


Anderson Cooper Is Full Of Crap

I never watch the View, but I am watching it now...

I never watch the View, but I am watching it now...

McCain's Public Financing problem? Not a Problem as long as the Dems keep Fighting Each Other

Which candidate has the best plan for the economy???

How the Hell does a 22 year old on My Space get Pentagon Contract?

Gov Schweitzer is on with Hartmann

POLL - Have you already voted this year?

Reminder: Barack on 'The View' this morning.

I'm voting for Hillary....

The "looney left" accurately predicted the future Financial Meltdowns in 1999

Take a little break DU

Hillary Clinton: Should she stay or should she bow out?

Hillary Clinton: Should she stay or should she bow out?

I am overjoyed that Obama is running.

Suppose we give Senator Clinton the benefit of the doubt.

McCain is running GE ads in New Mexico while the democrats are...

The Rude Pundit: Why Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat, Part 3579

The Rude Pundit: Why Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat, Part 3579

Rasmussen: Obama regains lead 46%-44%

Obama Live CNN Video link Pittsburgh PA

Clinton risks credibility gap over 'fudged' claims, March 28 (Bloomberg)

Recall Hillary Clinton's Secret Health Care Task Force?

Yesterday I finally figured out why Tweety has been

Vote for McCain! CALL CONYERS & thank him for his efforts!

For the first time in god knows how long, I want to say, "Thank you Senator Clinton"



A woman born in 1928 would be 80 this year.

Choose your favorite Obama presidential ticket here.

Holy Cow! Gallup: Obama: 50 Clinton: 42


Trolls popping up...

Pa. Sen. Bob Casey endorses Obama

CSPAN: The committee that voted to sanction Florida - The Movie

From the Department of Reaching Way Too Far For A Stunning Headline:

A big win for Obama in NC will virtually cancel out a Clinton win in PA

PA Gap closing - now H:51 O:39; on 3/11 H:55 O:36

Obama is NOT responsible for every single thing released by someone from Wright's church!

Obama is NOT responsible for every single thing released by someone from Wright's church!

Obama is NOT responsible for every single thing released by someone from Wright's church!

Obama is NOT responsible for every single thing released by someone from Wright's church!

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/28/08 - Obama up 2 (46), Clinton down 2 (44)

Josh Marshall on the "Silliness" on Bill Clinton's Texas Argument

Hillary snubs the SF Chronicle but meets with Scaife Newspaper

Bill Clinton: Caucuses 'Killing Us'

PA Gap closing - now H:51 O:39; on 3/11 H:55 O:36

So I posted something pretty dumb a few minutes ago

"garlic nose" is not a slur to Italians, in fact, it's a compliment

Please sign petition below regarding big money donors letter to Nancy Pelosi.

Bill: (Paraphrase) Hillary and McCain led on climate change.

Pennsyvania Senator Bob Casey - To Endorse Obama Today

LITTWIN: The show must go on and on and . . .

Who is more ethical?

WOAH NELLY Michael Sneed in the Chicago Sun-Times: Is Hillary broke?

Survey USA Favorability -Ratings -HRC 34% BHO-38% McSame -34% Bush* -22% Spitzer -4%

Another story about a former Hillary supporter

When will Pastor Wright publicly disavow comments which Barack Obama claims he privately disavowed?

Obama could have said : If MY spouse was diddling a 22 y/o kid at work and

New Gallup tracking poll: Obama 50 Clinton 42

WTF - she won't even call it a "recession"

Who should have won in 1994?

David Sirota: "Is Wright Right About Racism?"

Wow Preaching A Doctrine Of Hatred And Racism Sure Pays

Sen. Leahy: Clinton should drop out.

"A third Bush term" is a great Democratic Pary meme for this campaign!

Obama seems to be a genuinely nice person

Condoleezza Rice: Race Still an Issue

Ever take a look at McCain's Heath Care plan?

All of you people who are still whining about Rev. Wright's "hatred of America!!"

Who here has primaries battle fatigue?

'The View' (ABC) has Barack Obama as a guest today. On now -- est.

Take a break GDP- read and be heart-warmed...

Yay! More Clinton Pandering to John McCain: Bill Clinton Calls him a Moderate

Who is our worst nightmare as John McCain's running mate?

H gets 41, O gets 42 vs McCain's 49, 22% of Dems want Obama to drop out -&vice versa 22%

How much respect do you have for Hillary Clinton?

Truth, Lies and the Bosnian NAFTAgate

Truth, Lies and the Bosnian NAFTAgate

Is Bill Clinton's praise of John McCain part of the "Tonya Harding strategy"?

Why won't Hillary accept a debate in NC? Obama was QUICK to accept a debate in Hillary-friendly PA!

Breaking news....Tweety to bring along a physician on Obama college tour!

What a shame for Democrats.

Be patient.

What books do the 3 candidates that are left read?

MSM pushing latest Rev. Wright "controversy" - "garlic noses" of Italians

Clinton sought Casey's endorsement - Will her campaign demonize him like Richardson?

Reasons to vote Dem: Supreme Ct., Polar Bears, Health Care, Globl Warming, War, shrinking mdl. class

Obviously there's a new talking point: Obama doesn't support his ailing grandma!

Poll: Are you sick of fucking polls?

People in general have a well known bias in favor of the more popular person

Hillary Clinton: Pundits vs Reality

Another pastor problem

Caribbean sings (literally) Obama's praises

Hillary Clinton tells Democrats: Don't vote for McCain

My Florida and Michigan solution: What do Hillary supporters think?

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey endorses Obama - It's over Hillary. Sorry

The Clintons MUST be stopped. They have crossed the line.

Hillary Clinton and her Endless Circle of Bullshit

Braley: let Clinton/Obama clash last 'til convention

Braley: let Clinton/Obama clash last 'til convention

Hillary's team crosses the line: Clinton campaign's circulation of right-wing materials

Snipe this poll! ... MSNBC: Should Hillary drop out?


Who is still in Camp Clinton?

I am done..

Chuck Todd: Clinton has made the right call… so far

I'm worried about a friend of mine

I am done..

OBAMA Town Hall in Greensburg, PA - LIVE NOW on

E-mail from Nancy Pelosi:

Please help me understand! If Hillary was a "Goldwater Girl"

The MSM has nothing to talk about! FUCK!

The Canute Factor

God Bless America.

The Swift Boating of Barack Obama

Is it me or does it seem like Bush is at his happiest when alot of people die?

Mass graves have been turning up with increasing frequency in Iraq

Live: Obama Town Hall in Greensburg, PA

Iraq assembly holds emergency session amid curfew

Post #2 for silly misleading headlines today:

"Too Liberal" --- CNN had a disgusting news report about Obama

Dallas club where girl, 12, stripped will keep license (NO age limit in Dallas on strippers)

Bush is not concerned with his legacy. He is trying to stay out of supermax

Rev Wright bashes Italians and Obama defends it

Delete duplicate thread

Torture's Scars Run Deep

McCain’s Gaffe in the Middle East

Siegelman to be Released Pending Appeal

Cnn is full of shit! Their trying to stir up racial shit again.

DELETE - DUPE (I wasn't a good citizen - I didn't check.)

Next time you see a racist post here, remember this:The AA vote is at risk

Slogans you can Xerox - Why is everyone stealing Obama's fire???

Obama just called me!

Democrat Davis confirms he'll run again for Congress (NY-26)

Obama and the Republican attack machine ::

Obama and the Republican attack machine ::

Obama and the Republican attack machine ::

Dan Abrams on Siegelman's freedom now n/t

The Scoop on "The Letter" to Pelosi

Sen. Leahy calls for Clinton to drop out

Mark Penn appreciation thread

Edwards Donors Prefer Obama to Clinton

OT- I Just Saw Stop Loss

To my fellow Texans: BE PATIENT TOMORROW

The Casey Endorsement

This might be old news -- McCain's statement on Obama/Wright:

Bush's Latest Nuclear Catastrophe

Poll question: How much respect do you have for Barack Obama?

The troublesome "get-attachment.aspx.jpg" that you receive

Would Bill Clinton's statements be banned from DU? I tested, click to find out the answer.

"Hillary Clinton is the victim of a sleazy Obama campaign"

To ALL who are considering deserting the party if their candidate doesn't win the nomination:

PA Senator Bob Casey to endorse Obama

I guess I must have "Obama Resistance Complex"..........

I guess I must have "Obama Resistance Complex"..........

Zuckerman: Obama's Double Standard on Reverend Wright

Oh for fugg sake Keith

PBS's Frontline: Too Timid, Too Little, Too Late on Iraq

Rock Chalk Jayhawk. We're #1.

"Clinton campaign is really pushing the blarney boat out" - she's gone off the deep end

They are talking on Impeachment on Clout right now with Fein

the best group photo of all the candidates together >>Link:>>

26,000 Cosigners to FEC Complaint Against McCain…And Counting

The Americans learned one lesson from Vietnam: don't count the civilian dead

Photos: Barack and "The Bus" Meet with Steel Workers in Pennsylvania

ARG: C 51 O 39

Fox News Is Going Down The Tubes

U.S. firm investigated for selling Chinese munitions

For 2012: How to change the Democratic Primary rules?

Hypothetically Obama: "I would have _____________ if _____________"

Hypothetically Obama: "I would have _____________ if _____________"

So long ago....

McCain is SO DUMB, he thought the Iraq war would be EASY.

Finally! "Breaching of fiduciary duty" - CEOs enriching selves at expense of company

can anyone explain why the convention is in late August? seems really late...

can anyone explain why the convention is in late August? seems really late...

I'm going to bed, and will dream sweet dreams knowing that

Donna Edwards: 4000 Reasons to Take Responsibility

Ruh-roh..some TX precincts MAY get to "re-caucus" tomorrow

Did Hillary Clinton seriously say she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary??????

Hillary and the Cherry Tree

McCain Plan Would Offer Foreclosure Victims Free Housing In Iraq

'Sure love Hillary and Obama tearing each other apart.!'

Is this an Obama lie?

Al Gore Expects Dem Nomination To be Set Before The Convention

Bedtime wisdom from Noam Chomsky:

Suggestion to Admins: Making the Career forum free??

"Democratic dogfight ‘could make McCain president.’ Let's come together people...

Odd Coincidence - Bill's Statement & Now RoboCalls

Portrait of a BO nomination victory!

Washington Post: Democrats Knock McCain's Economic Views

DU Straw Poll 03-28-08

Is there any more news on the passport security breaches?

Letter from my parents - Obama conversion story

Anyone who lets DU posters influence their vote shouldn't be voting


Clown slams Bartaroma over Obama Comments

Just many JDs and/or lawyers on the DU?

Big Dog farts in your general direction: Division among Democrats "a bunch of bull"

KO is wrong on the Wal-Mart case

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bush Official: Doctor's Right to Withold Info Greater Than Patient's Right to Receive It

Who's your daddy? Answer's at the drugstore

Saddams' torture methods go on display in Iraq. I wonder if someday US torture will go on display.

Oh snap! I think Obama's speech ties our troubled economy to Bill Clinton's policies:

I finally figured it out. If we leave Iraq, Iran gets the oil! Watching CNN talking about

Let me put it clearly, Do you really want Obama to win? Then shut up with the Clinton quit talk!!

Ultimate fights expand to include kids

Clinton camps accuses Obama of taking more money from the top 10 sub-prime loans - Numbers disagree

Live (almost) blogging here from our state senate credentials committee meeting

A Quote- "Fascism is Capitalism in decline"

Who in Their Right Mind Will Go See Oliver Stone's GWB Movie?

Imperium Watch: Banking on the Quick Buck

Dueling Political Music Videos

Dueling Political Music Videos

Ron Paul just gets dirtier and dirtier every time I see him...

I think the American people just don't trust Obama and he can't win general election....

But at least the dollar is still worth more than the Monopoly game board dollar.....

We've made a change to the login routine

Republicans are the REAL Terrorists

Who Remembers "A Kinder, Gentler Nation" & "Compassionate Conservatism"? What Will McCain's B.S. Be?

New Hampshire State Reps To Vote On Impeachment Resolution Early April

You don't have to like Barack Obama

Where can we find no-spin information on the economy?

Not good for Hillary--now she's lost Conason ("Hillary . . . has crossed a line")

The "Al Gore Savior Solution" is Unfair and Won't Work

BREAKING - AP: Obama would have LEFT if Wright stayed

Overheard conversation today

New Hampshire turning against Hillary

Just a reminder: Obama is a liberal.

Obama to Elizabeth on THE VIEW: Imagine if somebody compiled the 5 stupidest things you have ever..

Gore: Race Will “Resolve Itself,” He “Sees No Urgency” to Endorse

By Doing All Of These Nationally Televised Interviews, Is Obama Hitting Clinton On Transparency?

North Korea launches missiles

I should have been a republikkan

Could Casey be a legit VP candidate?

Gender Politics and Fear.

Hillary Gump

PETA To Aretha: We'll Stop Your Foreclosure If You Quit Fur

The chorus is getting ready to sing.

Obama supporters, what exactly is it that Hillary is doing that you feel needs to be stopped?

'Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?'

Glad to hear Olberman is going to keep running with the Walmart story!

When they say they'll double or triple your money...

Screenwriter of 'Judgment at Nuremberg' Abby Mann Died Today

More attacks on the Homeless in Fresno, CA.

I'm that old White woman that helped you get your Civil Rights by

I'm that old White woman that helped you get your Civil Rights by

"I think this is another episode of 'Alice in Wonderland,'" the Senator says.

"I think this is another episode of 'Alice in Wonderland,'" the Senator says.

Obama endorses a Repug on the view!!!

Faux News Special Investigation: Reverend Jeremiah Wright getting $1.6 mil home from Trinity church


Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

How has the Hillary supporters' boycott affected GDP?

Hillary hypes McCain, insults Obama supporters?

Need Obama-friendly blogs to link to

All the people in this forum can throw crap on my face, and I'm still gonna vote Dem

Abrams discussing Seigelman

Investment firms tap Fed for billions

Has anyone noticed that BHO rallies have been toned down

McCain's Man in Iraq: Muqtada al-Sadr

Ultimate fights expand to include kids

So they declared a curfew in Basra and

ok, say we privatize k-12 education tomorrow.

If You Want Closure, Start With Your Legs/I was Tortured By the Pygmy Love Queen

Little Lord Pissypants on C-Span DRUNK AGAIN last night

Pennsylvania Poll shows Sen. Hillary Clinton leads Sen. Barack Obama, 51% to 39%.

Does military spending have the same problem as buying computer hardware?

It's Springtime In Your Nation's Capital!

The Green Zone is under daily attack and

U.S. forces drawn deeper into Iraq crackdown

Torture: An "unwise decision."

U.S. Armor Forces Join Offensive In Baghdad Against Sadr Militia

News Burn Out?...Try a 15 second news works.

Sharpen up your keyboards, the media is a-comin' and they're gunnin' for us

22% of voters think Obama should drop out

Why McCain shouldn't be President Part 1

Mumia's attorney on democracynow

Closing the deal at Recession Motors (Non Sequitur 'TOON)

Rare condition may be cause of West Boca High cheerleader's death after breast surgery

Campaigners see red over seal cull

How to solve the Florida/Michigan dilemma!

Second choice Candidate

Occupations Are Not Won. They Are Ended

Remember: When you call people "Obamababies", "Obamatrons", "Hillbots", "Hillatrons"

California lowers auto emissions rule

Why do people use The Super bowl as the analogy to this process? It is clearly a golf tournament

Ya know Obama supporters...if you didn't spend 3 or 4 weeks bashing gays in the Fall...

For the entirety of DU's existence, we have clamored for real reform.

Inside looking out I see a 21 year old, outside looking in,

TPM: Patrick Leahy Calls On Hillary To Drop Out Of Race

How close are Clinton's and Obama's stands on the major issues?

Three Super Delegates endorse Obama

IRAQ ACTION DAYS: Change Begins With You, April 14-16, in Washington, DC

Defeated democrat opts for early out from Congress - Al Wynn

Hale "Bonddad" Stewart: It's Time to Reregulate Business

Numerous Hillary supporters oppose interracial dating and think civil rights have gone too far!!

I thought Obama was magnificent on The View today!!!

Poll question: Do you believe Obama is trustworthy - YES / NO

Why occupying Iraq is not the same as our continued occupation of Japan, Germany, Italy, etc.

Dean: FL/MI delegates will be seated, and cool the rhetoric, Obama and Clinton.

Post your favorite political pics!

NE Sen Chuck Hagel tearing up bush on Iraq...

Bush, McCain “gaffes” on Iran echo Iraq war lies

Obama's speech - the one he's giving on CNN now:

Dallas-Ft Worth airport is the latest victim of auction-rate bond failures.....

Scarborough the scumbag has jumped the shark

Clintons plan : how she wins ( with insights )

An Election Without Meaning

Who's Former Pastor Was Sentenced To 3yrs? Ooops!


This is really cool: Obama proposes a trade: voters for hoops

Idaho Senate Candidate Wants to Change His Name to "Pro-Life"

42 Democrats Vow a Drawdown in Iraq If They Win Seats

She died last night.

CNN : Maliki is personally heading the forces in for the WaPo story

Scientists Test Plan to Have Fish Catch Themselves

Genl Livingston on C-SPAN 1 now has mic in his ear? Why, who's telling him what to say?

Sean Penn: ‘End Is Near’ for Fox Pundits

Rove and the Reublican attack machine in trouble???

State of Disrepair: 5 former Secretaries of State at a round-table discussion...Fascinating!

Siegelman: Has anyone heard one word on the morning programs

Coalition Forces Involved in Basra Fight

Who's Behind Abu Ghraib? - One Chart Shows Chain Of Command-From BUSH To Detainees

"University of AL Political Scientist William Stewart Says Siegelman May Never Go Back To Prison"

He's baaaaaack! Da Mittster

== Free iPhone with Every Outrage! = By Mark Morford

5 words or less - Why are you supporting Barack Obama?


Democracy & Capitalism: Can Anyone Please Explain...

NPR reporting Zimbabwe's rate of inflation is 100,000%....

Admit Your Guilty! -Someone Show This To BUSHCO Please!

Constitutional Lawyer Calls For Sending US Citizens To Guantanamo

NEW site The Strategic Action Center (to assist progressive organizations with campaign needs)

CNN has such 'cute' headlines for bad news.

I live near a military base and I haven't heard this much activity since the start of the war.

Gore hopes Dem race will resolve itself

It is happening right on schedule

BREAKING: 10 Year Old Girl with Brain Cancer who wanted to see imprisioned father: Dies

TYT: Cenk and Michael Klare of the Nation discuss his article about the Architects of War(s).

Condi re: Iraq: "I thought it would be tough, but I didn't think it would be this tough"

Everyone needs to read this analysis of the renewed fighting in Iraq.

What scares me is the parallels to Chile 1973 to us

I was wondering if I could get a few suggestions for a caption?

Operation: Bluto. Please Take The Time To Read


Keith, happy to stick with MSNBC 2nd time around

Pakistan’s New Leaders Tell US: We Are No Longer Your Killing Field

I am a 57 year old white woman who benefited from the Civil Rights Movement

Woman forced to remove body piercings before boarding a plane....

Dem Presidential Candidates Call Out McCain On The Economy

Want to fix our economy? Boot Bernanke, and appoint THIS guy

A Sane Society

Didn’t we Bail Out financial institutions in the 80s

AP: Parents pick prayer over docs; girl dies

John McCain's [Dominionist] Congressman in Disguise

University of Chicago: Obama Was a Professor.

Australian Prime Minister has a rather posh Australian accent.

Truckers: Slowdown protest planned for next week

London Times article about Iraq produces another dazzling display of RW genius

Exclusive: 'NYT' This Sunday Probes 'The End of Republican America'

Fifth soldier injured in Easter Sunday blast is conscious

Way to keep us safe TSA...

Any one remember in 2000

NY’s finest savagely club Free Tibet protestors

More pathologizing the victim by the Bushies: Condi Rice blames the Iraqis for continued violence

Just another day in Iraq, like the 1833 before:

Holy moley, what a great insight to the world of Asperger's.

Friday Primary TOONS-Hillary is being roasted

The Ghoul that won't go away: Giuliani eyeing the Governor's mansion

Limbaugh's Operation Chaos - the Convention

Obama attacks Bill Clinton’s economic legacy

Obama attacks Bill Clinton’s economic legacy

Boo Hoo: “Mukasey grimaced, swallowed hard, and seemed to tear up" Re: Retroactive Immunity

just wanted to share this with the Obama camp:

The Puerto Rican Wild Card - Hillary could net 1 million + popular votes

How Industries have purchased "scientists" to undermine scientific facts when they threaten profits.

Rice opened her mouth and said "birth defect"

McCain: War is on his mind. - Today’s Headlines 3/28/08

Wayne's World;

Holy Helll: The bottom has dropped out for Hillary... Pew: Obama 49 % Hillary 39%

Higher Ed funding and the U.S. Senate: Failing grades for Repugs

+++ 4,004 +++

Clinton Toon from today's Salt Lake Tribune (Bagley)

Rep. Murtha Endorses Clinton

Egg McMuffin inventor Herb Peterson dies

Bush Official: Doctor's Right to Withold Info Greater Than Patient's Right to Receive It

Did you hear the report tying Singulair to suicide, and if so , what did you think?

I just talked to Siegelman's attorney's office.

Siegelman: Read this quote about the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling today.

"White Man's Greed"

Tapes’ Destruction By CIA Hovers Over Detainee Cases

Affirmative action foes work to make it illegal

Best Buy calls the cops on a customer for saying an item is overpriced

Ousted Sprint CEO Forsee got $40 million in 2007

Obama people - truce time - you really need to start reaching out - it's waaay past that time....

Just another day in Iraq, like the 1833 before:

limbaugh claims he's going to have secret delegates in denver

Edit: New Al Gore comments disturb and disappoint me

Leahy: Clinton “Ought to Withdraw and She Ought to Be Backing Senator Obama”

How the Hell does a 22 year old on My Space get Pentagon Contract?

How is ripping off Federal Pension Guarantee different then ripping off FDIC

5 Years After The Fall Of Saddam Hussein, Situation In Most Part Of The Country Remains Grim

Air Force Wants Contractor to Write Our Nation Defense Strategy.

Japanese Court Agrees WWII Mass Suicides Coerced, Nobel Prize Winner Wins


OMG !!! - It Is Actually Posted On YouTube !!! - Academy Award For Best Documentary 1974 !!!

10 days That Changed Capitalism

NRC reviewing Three Mile Island security - refused to reveal what happened

Bush logic on Iraq:

Hillary can still win

Bill Clinton reportedly terrified that Hillary is about to officially lose Texas

Bill Clinton reportedly terrified that Hillary is about to officially lose Texas

Nader urges Hillary to keep running

Dr. Jocelyn Elders: Mainstream Medicine Has Endorsed Medical Marijuana

Obama and Clinton need to refute McClain claim that "terrorist might attack U.S. to help Dems get

Former Terror Detainee Recalls Captivity (Held Underwater, Shocked, And Suspended From the Ceiling)

Paul Krugman: Loans and Leadership

Colombia seizes uranium from leftist guerrillas

US moves towards engaging Iran (A lot of information in this article; Asia Times Online)

Areas of Baghdad fall to militias as Iraqi Army falters in Basra

Nato Chief Warns Putin Over Summit

29 years ago today


mods pls delete

The 6-Titty Tour

How is Siegelman not guilty?

Anyone watching Seder cover for Randi

UN OKs Islamic text against defamation

AP: Anon Pentagon officials claim rockets used on Green Zone have 2007 Iranian manufacture dates

New York Times Covers Siegelman Release

Did Anyone Catcth The MTV Forum "Young Veterans' Issues" With Obama & HRC Last Week?

In Wal-Mart we Trust

Crisis on Wall Street - Shock Doctrine Opportunity

Chuck Hagel: Dick Cheney has a "credibility" problem.....


Bush: Al Qaeda said Iraq is the place where the war will take place

(must read) Negroponte in Pakistan -“How is Pakistan different to Honduras?”

do we have compassion for lifestyle choices?

Five Years of Accelerating U.S. Decline

Lionel is about to get canceled from Air America

Howard Dean speaks out on CBS, ABC, and to the AP. Video links.

Great SMACKDOWN of taylor marsh by the great Al Giordano

Economic Report: California Home Prices Drop $3000 A Week In February

Marines Drop Case Against Corporal Charged in Haditha Killings

I'm concerned about a friend of mine

I'm concerned about a friend of mine

I'm concerned about a friend of mine

I'm concerned about a friend of mine

Many Muslims Turn to Home Schooling

Apologies To Everyone

"Wall Street's woes are increasingly giving Main Street the blues"

"Katherine Harris" interview coming up on the Sam Seder show!!!

AP: Judiciary Comm. Subpoena OK'd for Rove = Senators join the House

Frederick Kagan, Michael O'Hanlon, and Kenneth Pollack: The Three Musketeers of Neo-Colonialism

"What are we if we don't try to help others? We are nothing. Nothing at all."

Man Held On $1 Million Bond For $21 Theft Charge

Mugabe warned of Kenya-style revolt

White House says a presidential aide has resigned after engaging in improprities

When you use the word "Genocide"

Difference between a repub & a democrat.

SAN FRANCISCO, Stabbed girl's family sues over parole gaffe

Faux News Obsession: Where is Rev Wright?

Deadline for Shia Militias extended to April 8, Petraeus speaks to Congress...

Freeper Freakout over Condi saying saying Slavery a US Birth Defect

The Poverty (Final) Solution -- as told by Central Floridians (DU this crap, people!)

Iraqi police in Basra shed their uniforms, kept their rifles and switched sides

Intel to shut down last Silicon Valley 'fab' this year

Monitoring these omens of impending US doom:

Wolves among the sheep and dittoheads among the delegates

Racist!! Homophobe!! Sexist!! Troll! Liar!! Hypocrite!! Ignore!!

Krugman: Hillary "bold and progressive", Obama "cautious and relatively orthodox"

Hillary’s prayer cabal (The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power)

Woman Shoots Robber, Husband During Home Invasion

The Bush Administration --The $3 Trillion War

IT IS OFFICIAL: Gov. Don Siegelman departed federal prison in Louisiana, spoke briefly to press.

Who stands to gain from dividing Dems?

McCain Guru Linked To Subprime Crisis

Whatever happened to:

Lord I love listening to Sam Seder whomp on the wingers

Traveler says she was forced to remove nipple ring

Is Hillary broke? - Chicago Sun-Times

Jane Hamsher & Markos Moulitsas: 22,000 Signatures for John "W" McCain FEC Complaint

Subway attack was to amuse, police say

Video of Siegelman statement this morning.

Bush: ‘Troops Are Coming Out’ (And Staying) Because ‘We’re Successful’

Consumers Experience Hair Loss, Diarrhea From Diet Supplement

Judge To 3 Men: Learn English Or Go To Jail

I Cannot Believe What I See in Our Local Newspaper This Week

Now Hear This: The surge is working! (No, really!)

I don't give a fuck who wins the nomination.

When Nancy Snubbed John

Are You Mad Yet?

email to petition for a regular daily show for Sam Seder! nt

We've made a change to the login routine

After Bush: The Case for Continuity in American Foreign Policy

I can't wait for Dems to destroy that stupid McSameasBush


Thick ice hinders controversial seal hunt

So when a Democrat wins the Presidency

So....You Think Rover Is Going To Pay ANY Price For Siegelman?

Siegelman Speaks - My 2004 interview tell all about Rove and the 2002 election

Colleges keep watch over troubled students

EXCLUSIVE: Federal Fraud Complaint Against Voting Machine Company Unsealed

How will you celebrate * leaving office?

Karl Rove pays his speeding tickets "in full, and promptly"

Romney lends his support to McCain during Colorado visit (video)

Appalachian Power seeks 20 percent rate increase for our area...

A rabbit and a monkey

Thought This Should Be Posted Again Today:

Report finds DEA losing more guns, fewer laptops

(OMG!) Do you think police officers should be allowed to use Tasers on children?

Al Gore On 60 Minutes This Sunday To Discuss Climate Change/Alliance For Climate Protection/Election

US gave $300m arms contract to 22-year-old with criminal record

Bush gives out wrong hotline number — again

Sean Hannity Hypocracy Exposed---MUST SEE


Anyone else went from "liking" HRC to just loathing her?

Free Siegelman Fingers Rove

Jeremiah Wright is set to retire in a fabulous mansion costing roughly $1,000,000

I had a medical appointment at Walter Reed today...

Operation Vigilint Shield!?

I'm that young, black woman who helped get white Democrats elected.

delete - wrong forum

Bob Geiger: The Face of Number 4,000 in Iraq

Florida appeals court says Hollywood can take downtown property for redevelopment

A Serious Peace Strategy Emerges

The war with Iran has officially begun

Sacramento progressive talk station (1240 KSAC) flipping formats?

More Info On Legal Schnauzer: Alabama Blogger Who May Lose House For Writing About Siegelman, Etc.

The Natural

Church of Scientology's 'Operating Thetan' documents leaked online.

Free Press’s Ben Scott Faces Down Titans, Regulators in Battle Over Internet Control

BEWARE the trolls

Ever had anything published on any other liberal political blogs?

“she is dreaming!” (re: pledged delegates changing sides)

Limbaugh safe from voter-fraud charges

Did my governor just "federalize" our National Guard?

TPM Election Central: "Hillary Is About To Lose Texas and Bill is Terrified? -- Listen Up Media!"

U.S. Rep. John Conyers: Contempt of Congress Update

Ok, I'm slow. For some reason today this just hit me.

PHOTOS: Obama endorsed by Bob Casey begins bus tour, joined today by Pittsburgh Steelers players

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday March 28, 2008 This is a test, repeat...

Cancer-Stricken Girl Whose Last Wish Was to See Inmate Dad Has Died

Indian workers on H1B visas protest

Playing for Peace

Tonight On Real Time with Bill Maher

Obama’s Records as State Senator Are MIssing - Obama not disclosing them

Contentious Debate: Is it possible to reduce gun violence?

12 Reasons why Hillary will pull out before PA

Leahy, Richardson, et al Are Tearing Apart the Democratic Party

Warner Music Pushes for Mandatory Music Tax on Your Internet Bill

Warner Music Pushes for Mandatory Music Tax on Your Internet Bill

Frontline "Bush's War" makes a great impression on my hubby's RW friend

Siegelman: Rove's Fingerprints Smeared All Over Case

Siegelman: Rove's Fingerprints Smeared All Over Case

Just saw "Stop-Loss" -- cussed Bush out loud in the theater -- and no one objected

Jeffrey Milyo: (FCC and "Voter Fraud") Academic for Sale

Walmart you suck and so does your money grubbing insurance company!

Bill Moyers Journal tonight: Race and Politics

Poor Billionaires

Obama Praised At Mass Rutgers Student Walkout (DailyKos Dairy)

Family Research Council wakes the fuck up

MacBook Air first to fall in hacking contest - 2 minutes

Wal-Mart.we're greedy, we suck and there's nothing you can do about it

Fast and Loose With the Facts: How Two Leading Journalists Played the Public to Help * Sell His War

AlterNet: How Lethally Stupid Can One Country Be?

NYT: Freed Alabama Ex-Governor Sees Politics in His Case

If you had only ONE book to recommend on the Vietnam war, which one would it be?

Gore's Message To Climate Change Skeptics

The importance of Code.... and why we have to decipher it

Who's coffee do you drink?

Help, Starting today, gray wolves can be killed in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

The Fight For Basra - It's About Oil And Power

Hey DUers, if you're interested, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee is on HBO this weekend.

This is THE best time in decades to embrace "Liberal"

Saturday....March 29,,,,,, 8 pm...... Earth Hour

How is Capitalism Killing the Kids?

Larry Silverstein Sueing UA/AA/CO Airlines For 9/11

How common is your family name today? Check this database to find out...

It may be time for "The 100 Mile Diet".

Why Republicans Should Be Scared of Don Siegelman

Alabama GOP/Siegelman for Dummies: Why Rove Should Be Sleepless in Rosemary Beach.

DU Education Census: Grades 1-12

Yay! Dan Abrams is running some of my Siegelman footage!

Friday TOON roundup...

THE TORTURE TEAM (Soon To Be Exposed) "Strenuous Efforts Were Taken To COVER-UP" (Scott Horton)

Proud To Be A Democratic Party Member

We had a chance after 9/11and probably before

Have you signed up for Earth Hour?

This really is a stunning visual aid about where our money goes.

Raw Story: Karl Rove's Next Move - Million-Dollar Home On Florida's Emerald Coast (PICS)

Why Don't Kids Walk To School Anymore?

Why Don't Kids Walk To School Anymore?

Do You Have a Good Sense of Humor? Take the Quiz! Post your score, if you want.

I never repeat gossip, so I'm only gonna say this once...

Fearmongers, Warmongers Gather For Annual Mongering Conference

Paul Krugman - Clinton's policy "surprisingly bold and progressive"

Paul Krugman - Clinton's policy "surprisingly bold and progressive"

Gallup: Obama widens lead - 50%-42% (biggest lead to date!!)

Pastorgate or Snipergate?

DNC gives money back to top Clinton donor and friend who accused Dean of incompetence.

DNC gives money back to top Clinton donor and friend who accused Dean of incompetence.

Can Anyone Tell Me About Future Obama Appearances in Philadelphia?

More mud right at McCain: A Tragedy- GENOCIDE ! Right here in America !!

I just finished watching Fitna

AL GORE???!???

Missing N.Y. Pastor Found in Ohio Strip Club

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 28, 2008.***

John Kerry is raising money to elect more Democratic veterans to the House & Senate this fall

OK I'm catching up on 'Top Chef' so I don't know if this has been said, but....

Go Heels, beeeotchs!

The Good News And The Bad News

New advances in anal probing...


Which one of you assholes rickrolled my phone?

Helter Skelter Update: Lindsay Lohan stars as Manson Family member Nancy Pitman in "Manson Girls"

Holy shit!! I got rickroll'd on my cell phone!

Yet another shout out to

For all of our Celebrity Gossip peeps, a sweet story:

Grammar Police have a red, white & blue shit fit in GD-P

How to get back at flvegan for rickrolling me

Tonight's lullaby CALL CONYERS & thank him for his efforts!

guns guarding crops, food riots - it has begun

It's really not that bad of a song, I mean there are much worse songs out there.....

Negroponte Denies Pressuring Pakistani Leaders

If I remodel my bathroom

Play like Jerry...The Zen Tricksters...and a weird story.

Post a picture of who was President when your great great great.....

I have a "man cold".

Hey, DU lovers of lost music: Help needed!!

I want a goliath frog

If you see the police...

Post a picture of yourself during the presidential term preceding your birth.

Your Drivers Licence on the Internet

OMG, I just cleaned my whole house. I'm f'n EXHAUSTED.

Philboy says goodnight...

Good news- I don't think my foot is broken after all.

If I lay here

I dunno, I am floating in a most peculiar way...

One hour, America. Earth Hour. Turn out for Earth Hour! What will you do when the lights are off?

I am turning in early tonight... Too much earthquack excitement last night

You are the hole in my head

I haven't posted in GDP for almost 24 hours, I think...and,

Take a SOLEMN OATH HERE to never RickRoll anyone in the lounge!

Had kind of the day from hell today.

Hmm, just gave a homeless dude some coin

Silent Running

The Odds- Be your man

A blue lamp

Wouldn't it be good to be on your side

Only the lonely can play

Madame Butterfly

Captain Nemo

Levi Stubb's tears

Everlast - What it's like

Haunted Type O Negative.

The Jedi Mind trick - how do you fare?


Sniff'n The Tears - Driver's Seat

Any grillmasters here? I need some marinade recommendations

Please go vote in my poll!

The Friends of Mr. Cairo

Help I just dumped a glass of red wine on my carpet any quick fixes??

Summertime, Fish are jumpin, cotton is high

Quick etiquette question

My pregnant daughter was called a socialist by her father in law .

The BIG BIG Lie - Clinton was against disenfranchising Florida and Michigan

I really need to get my ass in bed!!! Driving to San Jose for the California Democratic Convention

questions about the walmart lawsuit against debbie shank--

"I want to drink your bath water."

Essential Jazz Fusion/ 60s and 70s Rock recommendations?

Big Audio Dynamite

Wanna hear the SpongeBob theme song from your butt???


Hell with Six Pack Abs....

Post a picture of who was President when you were born

I found out about you

Yeah, that crack my neck keeps making can't be good....

News Burn Out? Try a 15 second news check, it works..

T. G. I. F !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightening Crashes

So, after the apocalypse only tattoo artists and bad hairdressers survive?

Dubai's Springs and Meadows suffer without water (Funny Headline)

Please read Rev. Wright's letter to NY Times a year ago..........

Please read Rev. Wright's letter to NY Times a year ago..........

Somewhere Down the Crazy River

Would this be a weird website

Some of you young folks been saying to me

Does anybody know a good job search website for summer work?

I just got done with fighting a staph infection.

woot.. when i woke up this morning it was 60°F

Yesterday at the animal shelter, I saw the CUTEST pit and pendulum.

My buddy list

Anyone going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC?

I'm so sick of "Take a look" and "Take a listen"

Dumbest network passwords


The fucking village idiot needs to get over the whole Tony Romo thing!

I've destroyed $5,000 in company property this week.

This Baseball Season is going to be sloppy for Washington Nationals Fans......

Thought you guys would like to see Stephen King supporting a new writer

Out of the mouths of babes...

GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE HOT!!!!!!! Star Trek geeks in this thread

Steak And Lobster Last Night For 3 People $200 (Includes Tip)

Police: Little Chute teen used 'Dummies' book to hack school computers

We left the harbor at about 11 am

Ashlee Simpson "inspired by so many fun, wonderful things," channels energy into making T-shirts

Who wants to see a three-week old kitty?


80's music fans...I saw the English Beat last night!

Photos: Hillary & Chelsea , Campaign Rally in Washington


Trio Try to Rob Martial Arts Expert (ends less than well)

A few days ago I ate a chocolate-bacon bar

Opinions wanted.

She says to me, "are you wearing pants?"

Whatever evil stuff flvegan posts about me, don't believe him.

GD:P in cartoon form





"I'd rather cop a feel than feel a cop"

Man sees flvegan in the shower

Musicians: How Long Have you had to lay off your instrument and how

When you 'play rockstar' in your head who are you?

Anyone have Kindle?

Anyone watching Wrestlemania on Sunday?

Everything happens as it should?

Two *new* Battlestar Galactica shows on Sci-Fi tonight

MacGyver Knife appreciation thread...

Uh-oh!! There's been a turtlensue sighting...

Rosie Arrested!!11!!

Seriously, is the governor of Puerto Rico the secret love child of Richard Nixon?

Rosie Arrested!!

Something to make you go "WTF?"

Flunked mammogram update..

Who should have won in 1994?

Freeware recommendations: mp3 editors

i'm curious, what do you think of this picture?

My baby sister was accepted to law school!

Well, I've got to go sell some plasma to help pay a parking ticket.

Flying Apocalyptic Fish

I want to order this poster for my office.


Do any of you live with a pet you really dont like?


I saw this today.


I quit smoking 48 hours ago - what should I do now?

Post a picture of who was President when your parents were born

Did anyone catch "L.A. Ink" last night?

Barack Obama coming up on the View

I throw myself at the mercy of the court...I sang karaoke last night

What should I do this weekend?


Guess what folks?

Waaaah ! Why must they provide SO many good Econ classes in the Fall?!!

Do You Like Polls?

Weeds the tv show weed question

What dog sex have you owned that you'd never own again?

I'm so very happy...

Rosie Arrested!!!!

uncle jesse hurt his cooter

Breaking: You will not believe this....turn on CNN

Help me remember the name of a jazz album which has the

If you knew a lot of dirt on a prominent Republican, but

i'm the only one up at home...who else is up?

Kickin' some jams

Did people back in the 60's really take George Lincoln Rockwell seriously?

Post a picture of who was President when you were a fetus

Songs that just rip your f*cking liver out any time you hear them

Poison's Rikki Rockett Arrested on Rape Warrant

Judas Priest Shreds - This had me almost in tears

Possibly Moving to Boston -- HELP

I had a rude awakening this morning

I am in need of a 12 step program to deal with incessent watching of reality shows

Man sees Jesus in the shower

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

DUers familiar with Chicago

Any suggestions for an inexpensive left-handed guitar?

Animator vs Animation

Re-Animator vs. Re-Animation.

My expiration date: April 8, 2050

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/28/2008)

DAMN!!! Two more hours and I've got a new bottle of 10-year, single malt scotch...

Wish me luck. I got a blind date!

I Just Saw A Whiney D*uchebag Walk Down The Street

Boxers Or Briefs?

My son and my husband are sitting behind me comparing auto porn

I had to buy bread today. Nobody reminded me.

Inside looking out I see a 21 year old, outside looking in,

Dog, Pig or Sheep - which one do you most resemble?

I just washed down a blood orange with a Mexican Coke

Dave Matthews Band...

My husband just won a Hawaiian vacation from a local radio station!

Attn: Beer-ophiles, I'm not an alcoholic. I have hay fever allergies

How dangerous is it to meet people off the internet?

Former Edwards Donors Prefer Obama

Any DU musicians want to offer up music for a short(2 min) video?

Yesterday at the animal shelter, I saw the CUTEST pit bull.

For the next hour, the BAR is OPEN

Pixies are the greatest f*&#ing rock band from Boston.

I'm eating some 86% coca content dark chocolate.

Hillary Clinton: To Preserve Your Dignity, Drop Out of the Race Now

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/28/08

Shameless Rescue Plug: Adoptable Pibble in WI

*A Word of Warning*

At the end of the day, I am on vacation, going to LA and Las Vegas!

Why didn't any of you fuckers remind me to buy bread?

We've made a change to the login routine

Really BAD ideas for new products.

Match Game: "Execrable Ed so despised Easter, even his Mum __ trolley __ traumatized __ tuppence."

how would you like to get there?

How do YOU feel about the fact that I've stopped posting Britney threads?

Locking: please don't call your fellow DUers whiney douchebags

Two sperm are swimming along. One says to the other

Bizarre - on April 1st, we might not even know what TIME it is in Iraq

Surya Bonaly short program at the 1994 Olympics

White people like kitchen utensils, Sarah Silverman, Toyota Prius, Apple, ...

Die Hard anachronisms & other things

Growing up, were you poor or wealthy?

Eh, I need to set the record straight.

I have to go on a low-cholesterol diet

A, B, C, D, E, F, G ...

*** Duran Duran Poll!!! Which is your favorite song? **

Obama candidacy= Return of THE DEAD!

What music have the loungers been listening to lately?

Post a picture of who will be President when your grandchildren are born

hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup

I know you read them so fess up!! Favorite Harry Turtledove book

Trekkies and Trekkers, I need guidance.

Question for straight male DUers: Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads?

Love kills

Women, the Moon, and Cycles in the Home

i have a job interview monday morning

Sadly, Free Republic lost another poster today.

Man said 'wombat rape' led to accent change

Is graywarrior *really* a freak?

Lounge animal lovers...

Should I shave my head?

Wow...Sniffa is woefully uneducated in all things Duran Duran!!!

Why Were You Born?

Missing NY pastor found in local strip club

Moral dilemma

Songs that just rip your fucking heart out any time you hear them

How in hell do I play an MP3 CD?

The Official Ralph Wiggum Appreciation Thread!

I'll start a pic thread. (Post your pics please)

Can someone fucking explain all the goddamn jumbo jet pics that people post?

Gorn,Salt Monster or Talosian - which one do you most resemble?

Recommend this thread if you want Hillary out of the race: Devastating New Jed Report on Ireland Lie

Who speaks a lesser known European Language? need translation help

New DU'ers, check in for a welcome!

Canadian Harp Seal pup hunt to begin Today: 275K to be clubbed to death

In praise of simple, maybe elegant inventions.

Nipple warning!!!

Before and after the hair appointment...

Things that make you go hmmm?

Where Were You Born?

It's official - I'm supporting Obama

Hillary's Ties to Religious Fundamentalists (the "Fellowship," aka the Family)

Hillary: "You don't choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend."

UK Admits to Torturing Nine Iraqi Prisoners, Beating One to Death

Post your favorite painting.

puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh

Gov. Don Siegelman, the Roughly $3.6 Billion, ExxonMobil, and Pissing Off BIG OIL.

Officials: Deputy Shocks Girl, 11, With Taser At Elementary School

Kuwait police disperse protesters

Ten Days That Changed Capitalism

FARC acquired uranium, says Colombia

Philadelphia: Man Holding Woman and Baby Hostage On Walt Whitman Bridge

Obama Offers Plan for Economic Woes

State Dept. warns diplomats in Baghdad (personnel should "not sleep in their trailers")

3 Makah whale hunters plead guilty

Diplomats Told to Take Cover in Baghdad

Basra fight widens rift among Shiite factions

NKorea test launches missiles

Dodd: Prolonged Democratic race 'devastating'

NAFTA-gate probe to be made public

Thirty Two Years Later, Argentines Still Seeking Disappeared

Court: (Michael) Moore did not defame Iraq veteran

Dempsey to become Central Command chief

School Districts That Got Recalled Beef Are Listed

Office of Iraq parlt speaker hit in missile attack

42 Democrats Put Focus on Getting Troops Out of Iraq

Brazilian president Lula calls Chavez "a great peacemaker"

Republican Party Responds to Siegelman Release

From $70K to food bank, one family's struggle

U.S. Armor Forces Join Offensive In Baghdad Against Sadr Militia

Dean: Bickering Democrats May Hurt Party

Developer sues to recover 9/11 costs

Obama: Had Wright not retired, I'd have left church

Basra residents asked to give up weapons(by April 8, separate from the 72 hr deadline)

Mortgagees bring reality of sub-prime crisis to Wall Street lobby

Gunshot possibly triggered by safety lock

U.S. Planes Attack Militia Strongholds in Basra Fighting

After child-porn arrest, deeper DCF lapses found

Former Terror Detainee Recalls Captivity (Held Underwater, Shocked, And Suspended From the Ceiling)

Subpoena OK'd for Rove

American Anchor (Dave Marash) Quits Al Jazeera English Channel

Britain sits on sidelines as Iraq's Basra burns

Bill Clinton: Caucuses 'Killing Us'

Shi'ite fighters seize centre of Nassiriya

Bush: Iraq is returning to normal

Bush: Violence in Iraq 'defining moment'

Gore hopes Dem race will resolve itself

Russia links help in Afghanistan to NATO expansion: report

Iraqi police in Basra shed their uniforms, kept their rifles and switched sides

Iraqi PM extends deadline of surrender to April 8, al-Sadr fights on

Bush aide resigns for alleged misuse of USAID grant money

Close Gitmo, five secretaries of state say

Willamina city leaders considering an 'illegal alien-free zone'

(Director of National Intelligence) McConnell's top worry: Iran getting nukes

Gore: Cheney and global warming doubters are almost like those who thought earth was flat

REGION: Feds may seek tougher sentence for Cunningham figure

GOP State Parties Outraise Dems

U.S. forces drawn deeper into Iraq crackdown

Giuliani weighing 'special' run for gov

Morales accuses US of 'conspiracy'

Mukasey backs Bush efforts on wiretapping

Aid groups fear worsening of humanitarian crisis in Iraq

Mexico sending 2,500 agents into troubled border town

Indian soldiers go missing in US

Student lose in lawsuit against anti-plagiarism site

Jayci Yaeger Dies After Seeing Imprisoned Father

BREAKING NEWS: White House says a presidential aide has resigned after engaging in improprieties

Clinton adviser faces Canadian interrogation

Anti-McCain material hits mailboxes (part of a $54 million campaign)

Marines Drop Case Against Corporal Charged in Haditha Killings

Brothers Injured In Tiger Attack Sue San Francisco

Limbaugh safe from voter-fraud charges


US-led coalition forces bomb Shiite militia in Basra

Office of Iraq Vice President hit in missile attack (Green Zone Fri)

Bernanke, House Republicans to meet Tues on economy (no Dems to be allowed at meeting?)

French recording may be world's first

Obama suggests he would have left his Chicago church if Wright kept preaching

FBI Focusing on 'About Four' Suspects in 2001 Anthrax Attacks


Argentine farmers call off strike, to begin talks

FDA seeks $2.2 mln fine against Advanced Bionics

Pennsylvania senator to endorse Obama

Pastors, scholars at Dallas conference voice support for Jeremiah Wright

Raul Castro: Cubans can have cell phones

SIEGELMAN IS OUT! Former Ala. Governor Freed From Prison

Rice (Condi) hits U.S. 'birth defect'

Roman Abramovich 'to drill US-Russia tunnel'

Northwest: Pay $25 to check second bag

Fed offers $100 billion more to banks

GM to idle Detroit plant due to American Axle strike (Could Cut 40,000 Jobs From U.S Payrolls)

Lula to Bush: My son, solve the credit crisis

Starbucks to ignore tip-sharing court ruling

Clinton tells Democrats: Don't vote for McCain

Sen. Leahy calls for Clinton to drop out

Sen. Nelson: End Electoral College System

Colombia offers to free rebels in hostage swap

Feds target Miami Beach arms merchant (22- year-old)

Pelosi Responds to Clinton Donors' Threat ("do whatever it takes" to protect House candidates)

Iraq Town Halls Discussed on Air America's Clout

Darcy Burner Asks For Advice

Pissed Catholic Mom and her atheist son

Turn Around America-Laura-3-26-08 Union Members Highlight Sen. Coleman’s Anti-Worker Votes

CALIGULA (George W. Bush) Trailer

Obama Up on Indiana TV

RSU: Hillary in Bosnia, McCain in Iraq, Passports Snooped

Barack Obama 'Eye to Eye' on CBS

Barack Obama CNBC Interview With Maria Bartiromo Part 1 - 27 March, 2008

60 Minutes This Sunday: Gore on Global Warming Naysayers

William Jennings Bryan's famous Cross of Gold speech

Obama Leads Pledge - With Hand Over Heart Even !!!!!!1!!1!

5 Former Sec of State Call for Gitmo Closure: Kissinger, Albright...

Barack Obama on "The View"

Obama defends Pelosi after she's threatened by Clinton camp

Barack Obama in Pittsburgh (interview and comments from supporters)

President Executron?

Clinton donors Threaten Nancy Pelosi - Obama support

Obama on "The View" - (PART 2) - First Three Things He Would Do, Toughness, Michelle

The Mighty Sparrow - Barack the Magnificent

Countdown: Electile Dysfunction

McCain Promotes National Security and Biography in First General Election TV Ad -

Banned Commercial from Holland - Bill Clinton Voodoo doll very funny

Mandated means that NO ONE is left out. and means Healthcare for ALL AMERICANS.

TYT: McCain's Response To Obama's Economic Plan

Violence Is A Positive Thing

Senator Bob Casey Jr. (PA) Endorses Obama

Joe Sestak's funny Freudian slip about Hillary and party unity

Bush Administration Approves This Massage (Therapist) … For 'Arms'

Ex-Alabama governor may testify in prosecution probe of Bush Administration

Why Pat Buchanan or Anyone Else Has No Business Telling Black People "Be Grateful"

Massive Antarctic ice sheet collapses with global warming

Prof. Juan Cole Joins TYT To Break Down Iraq

We're building a wall between our cultures

The Guardian: US gave $300m arms contract to 22-year-old with criminal record

Sioux City Journal - Mini Editorial slams Bush


The Stealth Candidate

Parties Differ on Whom Economic Aid Should Help

Mortar bombings kill guards of Iraqi vice president

WP, pg1: Fed Ponders Expanded Mission: Wall Street Bailout Could Forever Alter Role of Central Bank

Net Neutrality’s Quiet Crusader

Bring Your Daughter To War Day

Bush and McCain’s Shared Foreign Policy Approach

The Manufacture of Uncertainty

This Week in the Religious Right.

'NYT Magazine' cover story preview: 'The END of Republican America'?

Gates orders inventory of US nukes

Bush in Heaven (Part 1 & 2) by Fidel Castro

Diet Coke Is My Crack

Independent UK: Is it so terrible that marriage is in decline?

Has Sen. Clinton Morphed into ‘Church-Hill’?

Jon Soltz: Why the Administration Won't Define Success in Iraq

TYT: Shocking Truth About Iran's # 1 Ally... (& More On Iraq)

Obama on Obama on "The View" - (PART 1)- Relationship with Pastor Wright

2007 Letter from Rev. Wright to NYT

Fox News Channel on the Run

Obama on "The View" - (PART 3) - Campaign Tone and Taxes

Cereal Coverage GOP 2008

AFL-CIO John McCain Revealed Action - Denver, CO - 3/27/08

AFL-CIO John McCain Revealed Action - Denver, CO - 3/27/08

Did Krugman Join The Clinton Campaign?

The Nation: Is This the Big One? (Another Great Depression)

Gov. Don Siegelman Brief Statement to Press Leaving Prison

BREAKING: Don Siegelman Ordered Released from Prison on Appeal

Damn you Barack Obama - YOU PRETTY MOTHERF**KER!!

A Challenge To The Media: Who is the Iraqi Army? (TYT)

Obama Pennsylvania TV spot - Nothing's Changed

Fearmongers, Warmongers Gather For Annual Mongering Conference

Slogan Sign Falls Down During Hillary Clinton Speech

AT&T CEO says hard to find skilled U.S. workers

Book Review: 9/11 Contradictions

Zbigniew Brzezinski: How to End the War

American Blackout

Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctic break-up! (2008.03.25)Great footage

Obama "would have left" if Wright had stayed?

Bronx students discuss Obama's race speech

Hillary in Ireland: "Peace at Last" (TRAILER)

Million Acres of Guyanese Rainforest To Be Saved In Groundbreaking Deal

Copy of a letter I sent to a cfl mfg.

Nuclear Power Debate Heats Up

Argonne National Laboratory licenses battery technology to Toda Kogyo

India and Vietnam curb rice exports

CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corp.) to build the world's largest offshore wind power project

Denmark signs deal to implement Israel’s electric car project (wind turbine powered cars again)

Green Ink: All About Iraq

Botswana (gets) Bad news from Eskom - Power supplies to be cut by more than 1/3 over next 4 years

Novel coatings boost solar cell efficiencies

California lowers goal for zero-emission vehicles (AP/CNN)

A portenteous decline in Mexican oil exports

Report: Chinese solar cells swamping subsidized German market

Americans drove less in 2007 for first time: government

Warning on plastic's toxic threat (BBC)

EPA Signals Caution on Global Warming: It will not be rushed

U.S. West warming faster than rest of world: study - Reuters

Study Of Ancient Pollen Shows That Shrubbier, Warmer Tundra Burned More Often Than Thought

8 Of Every 10 Rainfalls In Guangzhou, China In 2007 Qualified As "Acid"

Resources Minister - Russia's Oil Output May Fall This Year For First Time In A Decade - Bloomberg

India Bans Rice Exports At Less Than $650/Ton - Reuters

Cambodian Government Bans All Rice Exports In Attempt To Control Price Spike

Expedition To Ruwenzori Mts. Finds Mapped Glacier "Simply Doesn't Exist Anymore" -

Garbage to power 20,000 Sydney homes

Despite Planned 10% Budget Cuts, EPA's Johnson, 10 Staffers Plan 2-Week Junket To Australia

Developer plans $45 million solar energy farm in Rhode Island (8 MW PV)

Grain Prices Soar Globally - White Rice Up 50% Since January, Potential For 40% More By End Of April

Canadian Harp Seal pup hunt starts Friday, nearly 300,000 will die

My new Danish energy idea about how to make wind power more useful.

Thick ice hinders Canada's controversial seal hunt

The payoff for plug-in hybrids: 95 years?

Utility billing leads to energy savings

Army back in charge of Central Command

Court: Michael Moore did not defame Iraq vet

Carrier, gator among 13 options for Mayport

Gates orders full inventory of nukes

McKinley stresses efficiency to Korea airmen

One of the best Iraqi units finds it still depends on American forces to move forward

AAFES gas prices drop across Europe

Coalition jets drop bombs in Basra

ACC commander says forces are stressed

Green Zone faces renewed violence

Iraq Is Returning to Normal, Bush Says

Spouse whose ex killed kids will get benefits

Senior airman accused of online sex acts

Pentagon Meeting Held on F-35's Future

Star Tribune 's coverage of Vietnam Veterans Day

Zero House- collects its own energy, water and waste processes

GWEC Says Wind Boom will Continue (240 GW by 2012)

The man making 'wind bags' (BBC) {storing wind energy}

Montana Dam Will Be Removed to Clear Arsenic Sediment

My new neighbor just took out two acres of old growth pine trees

Bachman (R-MN) Wants To Block Switch To CFLs - She's All Concerned About Mercury, You See . . .

NRG's estimate for Texas nuclear reactors still climbing ($8 billion)

60 Minutes: Economic Disaster Ahead

Are conservatives happier then liberals?

Union Members Highlight Sen. Coleman’s Anti-Worker Votes + video

Time to CLEAN Up the Car Wash Industry

City Employees Begin Unionization Process

Judge: Mason Schools violated employment laws; district has opportunity to respond

Supervisor criticizes county for hiring law firm for union contract negotiations

Minn. House panel backs unpaid leave for samesex partners...

‘Nothing done,’ library, union will head to hearing

Casino union prepares for potential strike

Supermarket Workers Nationwide Mobilize for Good Jobs and Affordable Health Care

Los trabajadores piden renovar sistema de salud

American Axle’s Demand To Slash Workers’ Wages Could Cut 40,000 Jobs From U.S Payrolls in March

Today in labor history March 28 MLK leads the I AM A MAN strike

Bill would expand workers' comp coverage to mental illness

Four Unions In New Partnership To Put Workers Rights At Top Of National Agenda

500 Contra Costa nurses have tentative contract

Dresser-Rand Makes Tentative Labor Pact (500 workers)

New labor rules ("no-match" regulations) make some fear decline in work force


Across California, Union Members Confront McCain

Workers’ Political Strength Helps Stall NLRB Assault on Rights

The coming storm: NFL’s labor unrest is a disaster waiting to happen

Hardball: Clinton vulnerable on NAFTA?

Denver Union Members Greet McCain, Who Has ‘No Plan’ to Address Foreclosure Crisis (on video too)

Two Anti-Worker Ballot Measures Dead in Nevada

IBEW Building New Partnerships to Meet Utility Industry Challenges

Houston nurses' vote on unionizing may touch Dallas

? about performance reports for brokers

Mass. regulator subpoenas UBS, Merrill, BofA

Junk Bond Sales Rise to $2.8 Billion as Rates Fall (Update1)

Housing Rescue: What You Need to Know

Time to honour America’s debt to the retired

I'm thinkng about hoarding some cash

Eye on Commodity Prices

Kern Meets With PFLAG Group

Minn. House panel backs unpaid leave for samesex partners...

(UK Foreign Office Minister) Howells does U-turn on Colombia

Colombia soldiers face arrest for machete massacre

VENEZUELA: Warning on Amazon Region

Colombia Says Uranium Find Points to FARC's Dangerous Ambition plus best quote of the day

Ecuador says accusations worsens dispute

Bush in Heaven (parts 1 & 2) by Fidel Castro

US TRADE REP Talks about Colombia FTA

Death by deportation / Remembering Edgar Chocoy

Managua Fills With Trash in Fight Over Best Scraps (Update1)

Two stories which should sober us up

Why does CA legislator, Bob Huff, hate LGBT youth?

Fat Joe Strikes Back At 50 Cent & G-Unit

Cuba Considers Sweeping Gay Rights Bill

Fat Joe Strikes Back At 50 Cent & G-Unit

Young (Gay) Avengers

Paraguay ruling party faces tough election challenge

Brazilian president Lula calls Chavez "a great peacemaker"

Ecuador Not To Re-establish Relatons if Colombia's Media Attack Continues

Undermining Chavez (as an argument for Colombian FTA)

Has Religion no place for the 'T' in GLBT?

Bush aide resigns for alleged misuse of USAID grant money (Center for a Free Cuba guy,winger)

Arab FMs re-endorse 2002 Saudi peace initiative

Rice will discuss final-status talks during Mideast visit

Jordan MPs Want End to Peace Treaty With Tel Aviv

Gaza and the failure of deterrence

Lieberman stripped of attorney-client privilege in bribery probe

West Bank faces toxic waste crisis

Palestinians rally in Gaza and Hebron calling for national reconcilliation

ANALYSIS: Isolating Syria serves to highlight its importance

UN says 'criminals' killed Hariri

New PAC To Offer Pols A Dovish Mideast View

Palestinian Authority Granted New Trial in Terrorism Damages Suit

Separation or unity

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Reject Truce With Israel

Hamas gets Iranian plans for improved Qassams

Jonathan Cook's "Blood and Religion"

Acting in ignorance (Richard Silverstein)

Ladies -- and those who love ladies...

Have you signed up for Earth Day?

ahem again

Did you guys hear that Dean has said

Poll, please.

This Red Sox schedule is nuts!

Dallas Mavs are toast, Dirk should be traded, and Cuban should be fired

This is a must-read.

Woohoo Manifestation thread

Mutable grand cross

My 1000th post is here....Namaste, I salute the divine in all of you.

Important thread about Inflammatory Breast Cancer

For big surgery, Delhi is dealing (Medical Tourism)

U.S. elders don't live as long as others

Pesticide Parkinson's link strong (BBC)

vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

FDA looks into Singulair, risks of suicidal thoughts

Sea Turtles Part II

x-ray specs and a pussy-

Jesus: Identity Theft Victim

Church-state battle heads to the ballot (FL)

Would you go to a creation museum?

Bill Maher: Catholics Must Walk Out of the Church Forever

Passover as if the earth matters

If this is the best theological reasoning proponents of Jesus's historicity have to offer...

Silicon chips stretch into shape (BBC) {flexible IC's}

Speaking of plastic ... (and giant squid)

Mathematicians rewarded for decoding symmetry

Voice recording may be world's oldest (AP/CNN)

Quantum randomness may not be random

Stern Steps Down as NASA Science Chief After Mars Budget Dustup

Photo Suggests Planet Under Construction

Saving Santa Claus: Ancient Petroglyph May be Key to Christmas Legend

Women in Science and...(an illuminating conjunction)!

3 killed in Ga. hospital shooting spree

I guess this is what passes for gun journalism at the AP these days...

Gun Debate: Should we give up on gun violence?

FBI Focusing on 'About Four' Suspects in 2001 Anthrax Attacks

David Ray Griffin has some sage advice (and a great new book)

The 9/11 Standdown Primer

Developer Sues to Win $12.3 Billion in 9/11 Attack

Iraq. It is not looking very good there now.

1st of a series of full-list emails from JK raising funds for other vets' House & Senate campaigns

Casey endorsement of Obama:

The Sunday Talk shows: Stephanopoulos has Sen. Kerry on the show

For AZDemDist6 - Cheesecake tips

Keep the Republic "Robert Koehler"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 3/28/2008

Computers Are programmed By People, Not Magic

Whistleblower: Voting Machine Company Lied to Election Officials About Reliability of Machines

Star Trib's Allie Shah strikes those opposed to WAR. Again !

Again, MN makes Michael Moore's website.

does anyone know how long the events tomorrow will take

Denton County - delegates/alternates check in

Warning from Boyd Richie - robocalls to delegates

I just told my Superdelegate to get in gear and ENDORSE OBAMA already.

Does this mean the person sending an email to me is getting notified when I open it????

Photomemory Q?

What's up with C-span?

Warning - Disinformation Alert - Robocalls to Delegates

In case you missed it - Casey endorsement

Hit piece making the rounds: Reply to All.

Funny Jay Leno - Obama Clinton town hall

I think the tide has officially turned.

Dion calls for party discipline in face of Quebec criticism

So, I guess the Conservatives survived the Cadman bribery scandal.

CBC shuts down radio Orchestra

5 dead in plane crash east of Edmonton

Western colleges find school mates in India

International Baccalaureate for the elementary years Update

Help me remember the name of a jazz album which has the

Anyone here for the 10 p.m. show?

DG is on Stephie right now!

KOEB - 3/27/08 - What, no intro edition?

KOEB Meeting 3/28/08 Weekend before Countdown Anniversary Edition

Happy Birthday Greylyn58

The attack on the Homeless in Fresno gets worse

$3.39/gallon in my neighborhood

Gov. Doyle: Signs bill modernizing Wisconsin code of military justice

Man Sees Jesus Image On Shower Wall

Obama Rewriting Rules for Raising Campaign Money Online

Bill Clinton: Caucuses 'Killing Us'

Poll: Obama stronger than Clinton in California

Poll: Clinton's negatives reach new high

North Carolina Can Change Race Dynamic

Bill: Praising McCain-again

Pin the VP on the Nominee

Senator Leahy calls for Clinton to drop out

Clinton Risks Credibility Gap Over 'Fudged' Claims, Stances

Media Notes: Open Season on Hillary

Obama's Iowa Campaign Director Headed For PA To GOTV

Edwards Donors Prefer Obama to Clinton

Controversial Rev. Wright bulletins surface