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omg!!!!11!!! obama said something!!!11!! this is hugh!!!11!!

Taking the fight to the convention? Sound familiar. Same talking point that another candidate used..

Familiarity with Obama's writings

What did Gore say about the Presidential campaign?

Looking for informed insight, re Obama, economics, Colombia

Question: What's the implication in asking how Obama lived on a small salary as a Chicago activist?

A chance to make up

Kuchnich (just a bit on CNN)

Don't push me...

About the youth turnout in the primaries....

Pfleger welcomes Wright at roman catholic church video

Latest results from Texas County Conventions

Prediction: Clinton Backers Will Get Over It

How Many Nations Does The United States Have Troops In?

New Backing for Obama As Party Seeks Unity

Why calling out misogyny matters

What a Difference a Week Makes

The audacity of hate

Robert Parry: Telling Truth Early

Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Indiana FIRED UP

Let’s put the Obama/Wright flap in context (Bill Allen / Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Kate Walsh Visits Bryn Mawr

You know that book that Newsweek always publishes after the Presidential Election...

This is very interesting - Obama's debt is less than a million, Hillary's more than 5 million

New Backing for Obama ----- As Party Seeks Unity

After reading through all of the Hillary debt

Hillary vows to stay in race for 100 years

Go ahead Hillary--run.

Should The United States Increase Its Armed Forces By Over 90,000 Troops

Klobuchar To Endorse Obama

Obama is our nominee, McCain is the enemy, and Clinton is just noisy

Wall Street Journal: Obama picks up 7 superdelegates!!!

The Snipergate lie was a LIE. How can anyone defend it?

Lieberman blasts Obama, while giving credit to Clinton for her stance on his Iran bill

Does anyone know where to find the Senator Obama speech

Why John Edwards' endorsement = DU's Great Pumpkin

Why John Edwards' endorsement = DU's Great Pumpkin

New Hill vid

If Obama has enough pledged and super delegates to win, will

CBC News' "Misplays of the Week" are Hillary's Bosnian sniper and Obama's birth ...

FLASHBACK - No sitting Senator has won Presidency since JFK

Gonna play with some more numbers... I think Obama can hit 2024 pretty easily

Why I switched my support

Oh GREAT, so the mudslinging will continue!

Oh GREAT, so the mudslinging will continue!

Obamaphiles: Blog and mp3 regarding Obama's early law career

Minimum wage in 1985 was 3.35/hr x 40 hours wk = $134.00 x 52 weeks = $6968.00 before taxes, ok? n/t

OBAMA Takes On Question About Women's Wages In Work Force---AMEN!!

Is going to Superdelegates a wise move?

I bought "The Audacity of Hope" today. And so far, it's been absolutely wonderful.

So how should these friggin' Superdelegates be voting anyway?

Both candidates should start pounding McCain and ignore each other

A question about money collected during the primaries

SOMETHING INFLAMMATORY!!!! Something contentious.

If Edwards will endorse Hillary, it'll be after Pennsylvania

Asked my Wife who she thought would become President, and here is what she said:

Ok, so I'm driving my bus today.

Major Endorsements for Obama-As Party Seeks Unity (WSJ))

I went to my first Obama rally Saturday night & Bill Clinton is coming this week !

Right now, being progressive means being partisan...

Presumptive Nominee Democratic Senator Barack Obama~

Kudos to the People of Texas from a Fellow Texan

The World is Watching and Wants More: Clinton-Obama Race Should Go All the Way

I know this forum doesn't want anyone questioning Obama's Patriotism but . . .

Why isn't "Obama" added to DU's spell check???

Obama Was First to Use Race Card

Klobuchar: Obama: "inspired an enthusiasm... that we have not seen in this country in a long time."

New Obama email I came across..

Hillary Clinton Quits White House Race, Endorses Prozac

Edwards Praises Both Clinton, Obama

Senior Democrats mull Al Gore's nomination: Oh, I hope!

Obama appears to be closing the gap with John McCain (Rasmussen Reports)

How exactly is Hillary going to get enough superdelegates?

Who Are We? New Dialogue on Mixed Race

The Jed Report: Leading Indicator of a Doomed Candidacy

The Biggest Indicators of Long-Term momentum

Superdelegates should know who they are voting for right after their states voted.

Where DOES Edwards stand?

If I were an Obama suppporter, .....

The title is now earned. Barack Obama is our "Presumptive Nominee."

A word about Jackson-Lee and other elected endorsers

Predict the Pennsylvania Primary Results


I just want to know one thing and one thing only....

Yesterday I wrote that I don't want a president who goes off half-cocked or half-vagina'd either

It just doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter!

Rendell vs. Kerry

Nora Ephron on Hillary: "She should withdraw because I'm losing my mind."

Why are Clinton & Obama losing to 100 years in Iraq McCain

Obama had greater role on liberal survey

Sen. Barack Obama clarifys his position on contractors.

I hope Rush Limbaugh doesn't see this ... link

This Obama supporter is switching to Hillary !!!!!!

Bill Clinton spoke to 15,000 people in N.C. on Friday

I love Obama's position on the Iraq War, I think we should end it.

Go Bill as you did in N.C. hold this nation togeather

Predict the General Election Crowds Obama Will Get.

If Obama wins the nomination but loses to John McCain, who will you blame?


Bob Boudelang unmasked?

New Polls: Obama runs better than Hillary in WA, OR, WI, NJ, and Michigan

HuffPo: McCain On Biography Tour To Show How War Dominates His World View

Should we start looking for a candidate to primary against Obama's senate seat?

If your candidate isn't nominated (Barack or Hillary) will you not vote?

Obama Leads Among Senate Supers

The experience of a lifetime (cartoonists' perspective)

An Argument in Favor of the Caucus Portion of the Texas Primaries

Obama bowled a 37 last night in Altoona

In 13+ hours, the striking Clinton supporters return to DU.. which poem will they all post en masse?

Clinton didn't pay health insurance bills

We still haven't heard if Hillary has the most important endorsement of all...

Obama's PA Bus Tour--Video!


MODS: Delete

When people post threads here that they know are going to piss off a large part of this forum

Obama Presser on as we speak

Hillary Just Lost 50 Cents from Her Campaign

Hillary Just Lost 50 Cents from Her Campaign

Obama still has big lead in Gallup

Obama still has big lead in Gallup

31 percent of North Carolina voters would be less likely to support Hillary if Edwards endorsed her

Don't Forget The Supreme Court!

Rendell predicts Clinton's lead in Pa. will shrink

If PA gets close in polls will Hillary throw in another sink?

So when is it going to be over?

We are buying "Fools Gold" for thinking McCain will be the nominee.

All Seven NC Dem House Members to Endorse Obama!!!


Hillary gets an endorsement-Unfortunately it's RICHARD MELLON SCAIFE:

Hillary gets an endorsement-Unfortunately it's RICHARD MELLON SCAIFE:

NAFTA-gate Update aka Obama's Big Lie!!! Obama The Liar!

Hillary Clinton the true agent of change

Thank GOD for Kos, Firedog, Hullabaloo, BartCop, Crooks and Liars

CNN: Obama Opens Up Double Digit Lead Nationally

Obama Matching Constributions Still Being Taken

Obama's 'I Didn't Inhale' Defense and excellent clip!

Obama's 'I Didn't Inhale' Defense and excellent clip!

What if Hillary ends up winning the popular vote ??

is barack obama going to appear on fox news ?

Obama has re-won the Texas caucus.

Some Republicans Emerge To Endorse Barack Obama

Giving Away Hillary Buttons in KY!

I think since Clinton is strapped for cash......

The Game’s Not Over, Clinton Backers Agree

Dean's Endorsement Helps McCain

Dean's Endorsement Helps McCain

Please tell me soundbites exist for these John McCain quotes

Obama: "My economic plan is better than my bowling"

Hillary's Money Woes: Staff Health Care Bills Unpaid and More

Breaking News!!! Endorsements Announced

Clinton Projection Syndrome

Refined positions/mistakes=IWR "aye!" & cluster-bombs "aye!" & torture "aye!" & death penalty "aye!"

Did Hillary Clinton have a sex change?

It's Official: Minn. Sen. Klobuchar endorses Obama for president

I like the idea of a televised live superdelagate debate.

Pep talks at Obama's church - - "Let your enemies in your fight bring out the best in you."

Obama leads among senate supers - List Included - Call your senator now for their support

Exactly what is the extent of Hillary's political experience?

ARG NC Poll: Obama (51), Clinton (38)

My daughter's 8th grade Tech Ed (shop) teacher thinks Gore is a flake & global warming a conspiracy.

***** North Carolina Poll (PPP) 03/31 - Obama: +18 ***** n/t

Obama snags more superdelegates-trickle to gusher!

Kicking Hillary to the side of the road and out of the race in

DU Parents: Has This Ever Crossed Your Mind?

I'm a single parent. My son is a blessing to me.

all this 'hand wringing' over the democratic party by the media is utter horseshit

It is INHUMANE to continue this fight.

Utoh, Hillary is a "Deadbeat" growing legs. Ppl Demanding money up front.

I'm a single parent. My STD is a blessing to me.

Andrea Mitchell-"Did Sen. Obama misspeak?"

Dean has packed the Credentials Committee with Dean loyalists, not Clinton loyalists.

Hillary supporters - When will you finally let go of her?

Hillary supporters - When will you finally let go of her?

Hillary continues lying while insisting Obama is just as bad as she is

Hillary continues lying while insisting Obama is just as bad as she is

I will support the first Democratic candidate who calls upon their superdelegates

Offensive statements.

I want Barack Obama to be my President, but even more...

OMG, Obama really is a Muslim - can't argue with fundie logic

Obama supporters: we need to stop calling for Hillary to quit

Do you agree with Ralph Nader that Hillary should not drop out?

Slowpoke TOONS takes on "The Hillary Nutcracker"

Think Hillary learned her lesson and will start campaigning cleanly?

Don't Forget the Supreme Court!

It has to be said: Hillary Clinton hates America

It's Obama's fault that Hillary is broke

I just can't believe that we have people in charge of our

At least this year's Texas Two Step wasn't THIS bad.... (LOL)

Hillary Clinton Turning the Bluegrass State Blue

Hillary Clinton Turning the Bluegrass State Blue

"If It Stinks, Let it Sink"

"If It Stinks, Let it Sink"

A Hillary loss will NOT set the women's rights movement back 50 years.

CQ article: McCain Running Strongly In Some Key Democratic States

Manufactured Outrage!!!!!!!!

Breaking - major endorsement switch!

The Superdelegates wouldn't have to *override* the *will of the people*

Draft GORE Thread

Chelsea Clinton "None of Your Business" Part 2

Obama campaign has trouble telling the truth - caught with his handwriting down

Andrea Mitchell: Creative Editing for Ratings


Please donate to your candidates' campaign before midnight tonight

Parental Units

Parental Units

Question: Is the Media besides Fox News and Andrea Mitchell Covering BabyGate? OR...

Clinton campaign head made $200,000 with subprime lender

Gore unveils $300 million warming campaign

Obama draws 2,000 for Lancaster visit (pics)

Two in my family are switching to Mccain just because of baby debacle...

Al Gore needs to address Lieberman's trashing of our party from his This Week appearance yesterday. SurveyUSA Poll: Obama absolutely crushing Hillary in NC /Hillary cruises in KY

No one should drop out. A brokered convention is exciting!

Come on Obama supporters! It's the last day of March. I just donated $ 50 more to Obama.

I have a 17 year old daughter you better know DAMN WELL that in certain cases Abortion would be an o

On babies as punishment

Obama on CNN livestream now

I hereby nominate this image as the official 'Let it Sink' Logo

Obama Lancaster Town Hall - My Recap (edit added pics)

How is the hypothetical Obama: "Punished by having a baby" meme

Anyone got a tweety report? I'm at work

This place reminds me of a philosophy department where I used to work...

I have a wacky prediction: Lieberman will re-caucus with the GOP after November

Anyone know how KO's special last

Is this grounds for having someone TS'd on DU? SurveyUSA Poll: Hillary up in KY +29/Obama up +18 in NC

Hill Sez:

TURN ON CNN! Michelle Obama is thanking supporters for the LET IT SINK movement!

Hillarious Video : Hillary girls versus Obama Girls

Any reports from Allentown?

New GDP heart-throb Tweety: Bush Showed "Guts" At Baseball Game

PHOTOS: Barack Obama at a townhall meeting today in Lancaster, PA.

considering the sniper fire lie, the NAFTA lie, the Irish Peace lie dont you think this story has

A leading indicator of a doomed candidacy

Rev. Wright building a 1.6 million dollar home. Sounds like he is doing OK!!......

Clinton Campaign Op, Maggie Williams Involved in Mortgage Melt Down!

As a single parent, let me just say that my daughter has been a TOTAL punishment

Truth Is the First Casualty. Logic is the Second. The Democratic Party is the Third.

Wow the Clinton unpaid debts problem actually got mentioned on the news

Why should Florida and Micigan count? Clinton agreed to the rules, they broke the rules.

GREAT NEWS!!! My 16 year old daughter was rewarded with Gonorreha!!!

Clinton clobbers Obama In Kentucky

On Saturday, I posted 7

Hillary is $2.7 million in debt, Barack has $31 million, won twice as many states. . .

If this doesn't demonstrate the excesses of government wiretaps, I don't know what does

Crook Rendell goes on Fox and PRAISES them ..who wudda thunk?

Hillary Clinton Says Pregnancies Are Burdens On Teenage Mothers

*** Happy 60th Birthday Al Gore!!! ***

I don't see how anyone can believe there is not a split dem party

Hillary wins in seating the Credentials Committee. "President Hillary Clinton" sounds good.

Why would/ who would donate to the Hillary campaign now?

I was punished with a spanking.

Why is nobody polling Indiana? They are polling every other state

Women push back in support of Clinton

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright situation might well have

Yet another probably-wrong prediction: Hillary will be done-done on May 20th.

Hillary supporters: Does the 'will of the people' count? Simple question.

Wouldn't it be great if BOTH Democratic candidates were slamming Mccain?

John and Elizabeth Edwards Focus on Issues, Not Endorsements

Caravan to the Convention

Ultimate Irony: Hillary didn't pay her Health Insurance bills for staff

Okay, what's this punishment shit

Disgusted with undemocratic calls for Hillary to drop out

This Modern World: Hillary Clinton's Six-Point Strategy

The lie about Obama's airlift

Another Clinton lie, Being "briefed" on the N.I.E.

Another Clinton lie, Being "briefed" on the N.I.E.

If we keep hurting each other, we will be hurting deeply when McLame carries out 3rd term bush

Take the blinders off folks, saying having a baby is punishment in any

Shouldn't we be talking about McCain and his shady deals

Two McCain Campaign "Big Wigs" Involved in Mortgage Melt Down Scam!

A Message From The Past And Future of America

I love you :o)

Hillary supporters: please list ONLY POSTITIVE reasons to vote for your candidate

Hillary raised 2.8 million in the last 69 hours.

New Backing for Obama As Party Seeks Unity

Wiretapping program sparked legal concerns within hours of its adoption.»

Squatters Leave Meth Cleanup Bill Of $100K-Sacramento, CA

Bush was booed at the Nationals game just now!

Western "Free World Leaders" Lecture China On Non-Violence In Tibet

ESPN: Bush will be on with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan at the Nationals game...

The Slate: Hillary's Chances at Nomination drops to 9.7 %

Well Then... Someday, We'll Let It Be...

Washington: Obama 48% - McCain 43%, McCain 46% - Clinton 43%

I'm an Obama supporter. I've made up my mind. I don't need anymore anti-Clinton talk.

Is anyone else watching Bush on with Joe Morgan and Jon Miller on ESPN?

Heads up for those who have been watching John Adams on HBO..starting now 9PM EDT!

McCain Fundraising Lags; Fails to Recruit Big-Money Supporters of Bush-Cheney

Asked my Cats who they thought would become President, and here is what they said:

Hillary's Bruce Willis Syndrome: Dead But Doesn't Know It Yet

Chris Floyd: Operation Permanent Presence: The Civil War "Surge" in Iraq


Over The Top- Pentagon To Orchestrate War Crimes Prosecutions for 2008 Elections?

US Army recruits Tijuana residents for the military

In case you missed it, here's Bush getting booed at the Washington Nationals opener tonight:

Mystery Around Kyrgyzstan President

I know exactly what Obama do you, so does the media,

Openly carrying gun not a crime

Mark Crispin Miller Notes DU Support For Gov. Siegelman

Vets defend Winter Solider conferences

Your view of politics and campaigns: Are you a High Roader or a Low Roader

Damn...After Seeing Al Gore on 60 Minutes, I have tears in my eyes that this....

Sadr's first public appearance since May via video from an undisclosed location. Must be with Cheney

Payrolls May Have Slumped for Third Month: U.S. Economy Preview

Hillary’s Not Merely Dead, She’s Really Most Sincerely Dead

Just a quick reminder -- Sibel Edmonds' List of Dirty Dozen Congresspeople

MSNBC: Another jobs loss may sink stocks again ("it's very, very hard not to have a recession")

Tom Hayden: Iraq Crisis Threatens Bush-Petraeus "Surge" Strategy As Bankrupt

RECOUNT - new movie on HBO in May

I asked my partner if Gore might be a good compromise candidate.

Wiretapping: Throwing cold water on the First Amendment.

Sick of the primaries? I am. A solution, if I may.

I'm a little freaked out. Tell me I'm not losing my mind.

Editor of Village Voice defends FL and MI leaders, says DNC picking on Hillary.

The most metal Democrat is Lyndon LaRouche

Indian marksmen fed up with shooting blanks

AP: Bush Gets First Pitch - "I'm Not Gonna Give Them An Excuse To Boo Me"

Canada's Globe And Mail: "George W. Bush: The Bygone American" ('Forgotten,' 'Ignored')

1 in 8 on Food stamps in Michigan; 1 in 10 in Ohio.

Krugman On The Housing Crisis: "It's Like Katrina To Say 'Let People Suffer'"

I'm single. A child would be a punishment and a curse.

Al Gore On Sixty Minutes

Maybe we ought to remember

He was talking about sex education

NYT: McCain Faces Test in Wooing Elite Donors

Check out this 'Thug in denial over Bush getting booed:

Democratic ranks swell in Pennsylvania - Almost A Quarter Million!

How Does It Make You Feel That Obama's Gallup Numbers Are CLIMBING After the Wright Controversy?

Let this be your last battlefield

Let this be your last battlefield

Asian markets are going down

Fighting Words: How to Humiliate -- and Convert -- a Right-Winger

Fed eyes Nordic-style nationalisation of US banks

HUD Secretary Expected to Quit

I guess I can't vote for Obama now that I found out he's an awful bowler *

Angela Merkel to boycott Olympic opening ceremonies.

Driver convicted in Sealy's death arrested again for DWI

Refresher Course: the truth about "Super Delegates"

Doesn't it seem, that to some you can never be right-wingish enough?

Is it a state's right to import nuclear waste?

To All Who Suggest Obama Doesn't Love Children, Suck On This:

on Cspan they are talking about Bu$h Ending the SEC giving responsibilities to Federal Reserve Bank

On DemocracyNow!, a hot Russian babe is talking about sex and chocolate.

AlterNet: Texas Prosecutes Little Old Ladies for Voter Fraud

The Boys are Back! Opening Day 2008! Show us some love for your team...

Gore Launches - Ambitious 3 Year/300 Million Dollar - Advocacy Campaign on Climate

when the Democratic Party started picking and choosing which votes should count

Climate Change Is a Wake-Up Call to Radically Reform Our Economy

A Thousand Thank Yous to wakemeupwhenitsover (mod here at GD-P)

A Thousand Thank Yous to wakemeupwhenitsover (mod here at GD-P)


Mr president, the boos don't mean anything! The people that matter still love you

AlterNet: The Ravaging Effects of Capitalism on My Hometowns

Obama Caught LYING (again) About Kennedy's Role in Helping the Father who Abandoned him.

Has bushit Seen This?: "Iranians help reach Iraq cease-fire"!!

Smells suspicious

Asking a Judge to Save the World, and Maybe a Whole Lot More

The Untold Story of How the GOP Rigged FL and MI

Spin and parsing will get us nowhere.

The more I see Obama,

Meet Obama's mother-in-law.

U.K. launches trade war over video game industry

NHS dentists play as patients wait

400 turn out to picket Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church

Summer Job Forecast for teens Not Sunny

Connect the dots

Blame Dealer: Not all Ohioans Condemn NAFTA.

A chance encounter at the beach

United Church of Christ denomination supports Obama's church

The Audacity of Government - This is scary as hell -the UNITARY President!!!!

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite Guys

Five years later, neocons discuss their regrets...

I am sad right father died 11 years ago tomorrow

Rusty Yates moves on, has new child.

TYT: McCain's Economic Plan Doesn't Add Up

What's your opinon on Parental "Escort" policies for minors?

Left Progressive Media Inside the Propaganda Model

Siegelman Seeks Answers, Eyes Rove

TYT: Sean Hannity's Hateful Pastor

TYT: Sean Hannity's Hateful Pastor

Who's defining this moment in Iraqi history?

cool new google feature

Whew, the 19 percenters are coming out of their hidey-holes

Amazing!!! Gallup - Dems, Reps Agree: Obama Tougher Opponent for McCain

Air Force seeks jets powered by liquefied coal

President Bush heading for Europe...asking Congress to work together an give him what he wants

Tonight on TCM 9p.m. GRASS - amazing movie of Persian Herdsmen in 1925 moving

Breaking News....Prez Bozo is......

McClatchy: Bush administration changing who gets Cuba aid money

wait a 218 page proposal to change the "strong" economy!

Canadian Coast Guard Rams Sea Shepherd Ship, Seal Hunt

“What’s going on here? Is this legal?” F.B.I. official asked after learning of the N.S.A. operation

NYT: As Jobs Vanish and Prices Rise, Food Stamp Use Nears Record

Dem. Now! Today: “Exodus: Where Will Iraq Go Next?"

What If Iraq Had Invaded The U.S.?

Iraq Green Zone comes under fresh attack

Strong Storms Hit Oklahoma, Louisiana

Is Obama girl = Exploitative?

Log Cabin Repukes are mad at Howard Dean's remarks

HUD Chief under criminal investigation, going to resign

Gore says no to being Dem 'broker' . "I am no 'Boss Tweed'

Helen Thomas Supports Hillary

"I took her stuff and then I left"

"I took her stuff and then I left"

States Are Hit Hard by Economic Downturn

Will moderates on both sides decide the upcoming election?

I am so glad my fellow medical professionals have grown a pair-Vytorin

Politico: Barack filled out a survey on his position on issues. No he didn't. Yes he did.

David Horowitz uses Neo-Nazi propaganda poster as label against Muslims

Daughter's 8th Grade shop(tech-ed) teacher thinks Gore is a flake and global warming a conspiracy.

Watergate-Era Judiciary Chief of Staff: Hillary Clinton Fired For Lies, Unethical Behavior

HUD Chief Quitting, Cites Family Reasons

HUD Chief Quitting, Cites Family Reasons

Maliki Offensive HUGE Disaster

BREAKING: McCain gave up secrets as POW says former intelligence officer

BREAKING: McCain gave up secrets as POW says former intelligence officer

VIDEO: "The Job" - I don't know whether this is funny, sad, prophetic, already true or what...

Mugabe apparently faces major defeat in Zimbabwe

It So Depresses Me to Fight with My Friends Here.

Stuart Rothenberg: A Crop of House Candidates Worth Taking a Look At

Oliver Stone's George W. Bush biopic coming together

The Hurricane Katrina method of economic recovery - Today’s Headlines 3/31/08

wikipedia-Economics of Fascism...quite a read

Baseball team allegiance

Bumper Sticker IDEAS: Newly Minted = McBOOOOOOOOOOSH '08

I'm curious how many people really understand the nominating process.

Please let's all just drop this Babygate crap. As Gertrude Stein put it: there's no there there.

Iranian general played key role in brokering Iraq cease-fire

Glenn Greenwald-The John McCain "centrism" fallacy

They fixed AirAmerica and now I can't get it to work

Coming up on CNN-- "Building a Budget". they're gonna show us how to do it..

Caption this Treasury Secretary Paulson pic...

I'm confused about the latest CIA warning about Al-Qaeda "Western looking" terrorists

Saudi woman killed for chatting on Facebook

What is going on with Air America

Fireworks, Hot Cables Land In WrestleMania Crowd, Injure 40

Clinton Camp: "Our cash flow is good. Bills are being paid."

Danny Schechter: Did Dick Cheney’s Visit Stir Lastest Round of Iraq Violence?

what Obama SHOULD have done while Bowling.

what the neo cons did to Iran on 3/20

American Democracy: Reprise

Can We All Agree that is NOT a Good News Source?

Mississippi certified returns have been updated - Obama +1, Clinton -1

Saving the Precepts of American Democracy

Does any one listen to The Onion presidential weekly radio address?

Has your DVR (tivo, dish, etc) ever recorded an infomercial for you? (when you didnt ask it to)

For your reading pleasure, responses to the YouTube video of Bush being bood at the Nationals game

A third American war crime in the making

So What Is This 'New Terrorist Look' That Hayden Was Talking About

Travels with Reverend Moon and Neil Bush

McCain ‘Surprised’ by Iraq Developments

If Al Gore was completing his second term ...

Omg, I just realized something.

The confidence of Obama supporters here is disappointing, they think their candidate can lose.

Mass Grave For Dogs Found At Shelter-euthanizing dogs by shooting instead of using lethal injection

CNN Scrubs Dobbs’ Racially Charged Comment From Transcript»

Take Back America. Please.

Across California, Union Members Confront McCain

Where's Thom Hartmann?

White House unveils financial-rules overhaul

Delusionary, Dancing Bush - By Ray McGovern

Richard Mellon Scaife did NOT endorse Hillary -- don't spread that, it's wrong

Truthdig: The Decriminalization of Corporate Crime

McCain writes another Dem GE Campaign Commercial! (he wants to privatize Soc. Sec.)

Fighting for Every Texas Delegate

"They (young women) shouldn't be punished with a baby." Obama

Iran was integral in persuading Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to halt attacks

I need some levity...let's tag some things on Amazon

Antigang group turns New York thugs into college students

The Clinton Campaign has flatlined - Fairy Tale on life support

Matthew Rothschild: Henry Paulson’s False Confession

Okay fellow DUers, please suggest/help me answer to this crap email

Joe Wilson: “If there is a hell, the president will inhabit it for a long time.”

Dave Lindorff: Bush's "Defining Moments"--In Iraq, and Back Home in D.C.

How's this for an economic stimulus plan?

Gates: Iraqi Army kicked A** in Basra. Still bringing U.S. troops home.

John McCain: Family Man?

Sen. Byron Dorgan laying it all out re; the mortgage crisis.

Chickenhawk Michael O'Hanlon whines his way into an interview about Iraq

The White House last 2 days = 2 people leaving under criminal investigation

What is the breakdown of male to female on the DU. Just curious.

The "I'm tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton..." post

BUSH - CLINTON 2008 Collins/Scoop

on the deeply moral issue of abortion, I think we can all trust...

Something different - Chanting Gregorian Monks Land Record Deal Off Of YouTube Clip

Supreme Court won't review FBI raid of William Jefferson's office

"From The Altar, A Vow Of Protest" Clergy Won't Sign Legal Papers Till Same-Sex Marriage Legal In MD

Treasury backs sweeping financial change; Democrats say more needed

Does anyone have footage of the Gore 60 minutes interview: IMPORTANT

downtown Vegas mall to be left half-built, due to credit crunch

if maliki started the offensive in basra, how can al sadr call a cease fire?

This weekend, someone told me he was afraid Obama will put black people before white people.

Our Candidates morphed with their relatives - pic.

Why Cuba is a Democracy and the US Is Not

This is why John McCain is so confident that Americans want to stay in Iraq for 100 years

Has anyone else avoided getting their taxes done?

I watched a movie yesterday that had a couple of things that made me think

Looks like DU did it--Neal Boortz was SUSPENDED last week!

Karl Rove: "Every moment and every event should be scripted"

Can someone name me one major legislative battle that the Dems have won?

Lou Dobbs "is tired of Cotton Picking Black Leaders"

Bush library loses web address to cybersquatter.»

A third American war in the making?

Great Paul Krugman piece on alleged financial reorg

Take Them Out, and Let Them Shake That Stuff

tweety = all politicians get booed at sporting events

Fall From Grace

DNC continues attacks on McCain today...week of speeches doesn't help a weak candidate.

A Bailout for America?

A story of real bravery

Robert Reich: Henry Paulson's Punt

Robert Reich: Henry Paulson's Punt

Clinton supporter: FOX has done the fairest job, and remained the most objective of all the cable

4:30pm EST: Micheal Hirsh From Newsweek Reveals More About John McCain @, &...

'News' teaser: "Can visit to babershop save your life?"

Lets welcome our Fellow DUer's Back

Lets welcome our Fellow DUer's Back

Exposing McCain’s ‘Free Ride’

I'm sorry, but people didn't show the proper respect to Bush at the National's.

What's next, mortgage 86er Robots?

What happens if every serial killer isn't a blight on society?

Al-Kida Training 'Western' Looking Terra Ists Here Is One Of Them

Iceland investigating Bear Stearns for currency manipulation

2nd email from John Kerry raising money to elect Democratic veterans to the House & Senate this fall

Boortz has promised on the air to pay DUer "Civildisobedience" 25,000

Heads up, Dallas and Collin County!

Nefarious bullshit that we should be ashamed of.

LOL! Bush is getting BOOOOOED at the Nationals game.....!

I may be shot for asking this, but remember when some people blamed the gays for us losing in 2004?

What is the breakdown of the sexes in the DU? Don't answer if you

Bush is getting pounded on YouTube.

surge update - 37 soldiers dead in march

Labor Dept Investigation: Mine Safety Agency Was "Negligent" in Utah

Who'll Tell Hillary?

The New Yorker: Out of Print THE POST OF THE DAY!!!

McCain: Speech Today - The battlelines are drawn (not)

The Nation: Worst News of the Year

ret. FBI agent's op-ed on FISA changes. No Paper would print

Oklahoma conservative PAC email to supporters about Kern rally

Internet hoaxes

Why is DraftGore.Com still up and running

Someday there will be justice paid back in spades for this shit....

The End of the Age of Milton Friedman

U.S. military buildup on Iran border- Russian Intelligence

Eight reasons why extending the campaign helps Obama

CA Real Estate "Expert" gives INSANE advice: WAIT to sell your house.

What's all this talk about babies?

Couple Broke Into Church To Have Sex On Altar; Wanted "spiritual and sexual experience.'

Army lets soldiers take ‘I do’ to Iraq war zone

Army lets soldiers take ‘I do’ to Iraq war zone

Quit? I don't think so.

Asked my grandmother if she thought that Hillary would become President, and here is what she said:

Asked my grandmother if she thought that Hillary would become President, and here is what she said:

Asked my grandmother if she thought that Hillary would become President, and here is what she said:

Asked my grandmother if she thought that Hillary would become President, and here is what she said:

Lou Dobbs Almost Calls Condi A "Cotton Picker"

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

Everyone should see this hysterical video!!!!!

Happy Birthday Al Gore!

PBS on Iraq: A Compilation of Deceit

An Illustrated Guide To Capitalism

Hello again and why I walked out…..

Ralph Reed writes a ‘political thriller.’

McCain kicking off his bio-week? Dad & Granddad were admirals. What was McCain's rank?

Approx. 2,000 protest in Pittsburgh

AAR issues this morning

Surgical follow up with the doctor good news

Racial healer-Lou Dobbs explains how he's sick of "cotton pickin'" leaders tell him how he can talk

Doesn't the popular vote disenfranchise caucus states?

Researchers alert! McCain's family tree: There have to be some skeletons in those closets.

HORTON: The House that Karl Built = ... Architectural Digest special issue ..."

Hillary’s Hail Mary Pass That Will Never Happen! (3/30/2008)

Where do you draw the line on what arguments are not worthy of debate?

Boy do I feel stupid--it looks like Neal Boortz was on vacation after all

What in the world is wrong with McCain's face?

Happy Birthday Navy Chiefs

Continent sized-garbage patch accumulates in Pacific.

Successes Sneaking Up on Us?

How and When Will Hillary's Creditors Be Paid? Does the "Little Man" Get Stiffed?

It was okay to boo Clinton and Gore at sporting events back in the 1990s,

I love Al Gore.

Amidst all this craziness -- this video could truly enlighten you and raise you up!

Prominent pro-Clinton blogger: Jeremiah Wright is a 'nigga'

80-Year-Old Church Deacon Arrested for Refusing to Remove His Anti-War T-Shirt


It's Monday. Y'all need some happy shit.

Scott Horton: 60 Minutes 'Busy At Work On Second Installment' On Siegelman (This Sunday?)

Should we give the Federal Reserve more power?

STOP LOSS... we went to see the movie today

If you're pro choice, then you agree with Obama's position on abortion

BREAKING NEWS: Five People are Stupider than John McCain

Hackers Assault Epilepsy Patients via Computer

This is a spot on assessment of the Wall Street Crisis, & how taxpayers are footing the bill. LINK

Tweety further affirms his status as Bush Fluffer: Junior showed "GUTS" when booed at baseball game

Ed Rendell: Fox is the "most objective" cable network

Lieberman calls Democratic Party 'hyperpartisan' taken over by far left minority

Hidden hand of Jeb Bush behind upcoming church-state ballot fight in November

Please support the Corrie family's release of Rachel's Journals

MUST HEAR Podcast this week from PRI's "This American Life" on "Unitary Executive" BS of Bush/Cheney

So Obama draws over 20,000 to Penn State? That's awesome turnout.

Should we start looking for a candidate to primary against Clinton's senate seat?

When it is over, and Hillary Clinton is the nominee...

Thank you

When it is over, and Barack Obama is the nominee...

Violence in Iraq has Exploded- What is Congress doing?

Obama Calls for Cesar Chavez National Holiday

Just a Homework Lesson The Project for New American Century

Branding the Republicans

Iraq War Vets With No Signs Of Trauma Are Losing Their Vision

Kansas church member (yes that church) to be prosecuted by Sarpy County

Sweet Home Alabama: Why Obama will win the Pennsylvania Primary (Gallup Data)

DU needs some beauty

Hillary is busted for being a Liar, predictable Hillarites dub Obama 'King of all Lies'

5 Years Later: Pundits Who Were Wrong on Iraq Are Silent

Dog Warden Suspected Of Shooting, Burying 100 Dogs

I've been an Obama supporter but...

Very simple anti-McCain bumper sticker design:

OMG! I am starting to like Barack Obama!! It's killing me!!!


Products made anywhere else but China

3 years ago today... Terri Schiavo died

This pic is on today's NYTimes front page, above the fold. Check the t-shirt.

Hawaii: Audit of private prisons possible

Has Lying Become a Requirement for Right Wing Media?

Donate $37 or amounts ending with 37 in honor of Obama's bowling score!

Dean Baker: Middle Class on What Planet?

Nationalizie the banks? WTF?

Disabled Men, Woman Beaten Over Not Paying 'Fee' For Being White


By The Way...A 62 Year Old American Airline Just Went Bye Bye

Asked my Husband if he thought that Barack Obama would become President, and here is what he said:

A FAA Representative is on C-Span, its scary

Liberals or Conservatives, Who's more giving?

Please DU this. BUSH video = BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Scott Horton w/ Larisa Alexandrovna On Investigating Rove's New House: Rove's Neighbors Hate Rove

Family trying to raise $500,000. by Thursday for son's bone marrow transplant

contact WWRL

CREW: Under investigation, HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson to resign today

The Party of Death - A Primer for Democrats

FOR THE RECORD-Obama never said a child is punishment!

If you never learned how to do a budget in school.. a Primer

HUD Secretary Jackson Resigns; is Under Criminal Investigation

I've Heard It From Rendell And Wolfson Today - That Obama Shut Down The Re-Votes In.....

20 John McCain Quotes to use in the battle.

INSULT: Bosnians Rip Hillary for Her "Horrible Lie"

When buying a new house in the States, how many years of warranty do you get?

Anyone suggesting Barack Obama would lose to McCain is a bitter moron.

Women Soldiers Being Raped by fellow soldiers than Killed By Enemy Fire

Anyone watching the ballgame on ESPN?

We all want something beautiful...

Under the bridge downtown

I just got invited to a Mona Vie party.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese? Not so much.....

My thread is languishing in GD...

Will some *please* explain dogs?

Scott Horton: Iraq in the Balance

JEEZUS, I hate that VW ad with the damn honking!!!!!

Let's say you're working on a group research paper, and

GAG ME! Bush on ESPN's Braves-Nationals game.

Did anyone else's "Message" font change?

MOCK the LOLcat????

Housing secretary Alphonso R. Jackson resigned on Monday, saying that he needed to devote more time

Tears on my pillow

X posted, just because: It So Depresses Me to Fight with My Friends Here.

Goblin. Prog Rock. Alcohol. Discuss

Get Over It.

Don't push me...

Just in case you needed something to make you laugh tonight...

Ok Lounge I'm About To Watch

Senate hearings on "Iraq After the Surge" 4/1-4/8

Reconstructing Hillary: Ireland, Experience, Bosnia and Nice People

How Do You Want It?

Thank you, Ric Flair - for 35 years of dedication to the business.

Anybody here have a problem with Barbie jets?

I expect we'll see this young man in London in 2012

I'm at 74.29%

To all my fellow BSG fans, I would just like to say...

Death penalty

This is one of the coolest blogs I've ever seen: "detroitblog"

How do you deal with an extreme stress level?

Mine - Lame, I know.

You don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me. I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel.

A good thing about Orange County CA - there are no Cracker Barrels

Why would a Turkish Nationalist group want to hack a pop music message board?

A word to the wise

I can't believe I never left the house this weekend.

How does one express an exponent on a computer keyboard?

Rush Appreciation Thread...

*** Picture Thread. For all you night owls ***

College basketball: commercials interrupted by minutes of basketball

Tonight's remastered Star Trek: TOS

Is there a time you "usually" go to bed???

Living the low life on the Speed Channel

their sushi is toxic but I looooooove 2 buck chuck

Damn, Hell, F***!

Small craft advisory - red flag.

UFO skeptics.

A DU'er needs your support in the lounge

A DU'er needs your support in the lounge

A DU'er needs your support in the lounge

Stoned Cop Calls 911: A Drama

I love Clinton.

OK Lounge...I am about to watch Blade Runner.....on......

Stay away from GD-P. Barack bowled badly.

Can I get a fuckin' A?

Mrs. White in the Kitchen with the Lead Pipe

Anybody here have a problem with jumbo jets?

was "sexy" ever synonymous with "horny?"

Look at what is heading towards me!

I got my daughter on a swim team.

My aunt sent me this funny picture ...

Why is sushi so popular, not gator meat? I hate sushi.

Hey music fans! Have any recommendations for new stuff?

Look ... Reuters wrote and article about DU and GD-P!!!

Frozen Four!

Has anyone here ever had experience with scabies?

I know I'm late but these Easter pics are too cute to keep to myself

Being Strong and Facing the Pain of a loved one.

I'm free!

Did you know ----

This pre-election crap is killing me.........

"Regret"- Magnolia (1999)

"Regret" - New Order (1993)

Stranger in my house

What would happen if everyone DU put everyone else on DU on Ignore?

Did you guys see Chimpy booed at the Nationals?

I love the show Weeds. Weeds fans, check in!

I wish to share huge vibes with the Lounge.

Stuck with loads of corned beef? Make Reubens...

They are building a hotal *AT* the MALL!!!!

Happy Birthday Warren Beatty!

I was just going through that old PMS....

Boaters, is it possible to repair a personal flotation device?

David Schwimmer appreciation thread.

HUGE thank you to the mods!!!!

Make your own Westboro Baptist Church protest sign!

Whats For Lunch

i was just going through all my old private messages

David's schwimmers fertilize ovum

well, this is just freaking lovely

DAMN. These bifocals are hard to get used to.

In a mere 5 hours, I will be able to watch my Twins on ESPN2

Psssttt.... someone tell rateyes

Wake Up And Smell The Slurpee®! --SLURPUCCINO™

Dog for sale

I hate myself for having a crush on Marie Osmond! (weird crushes)

How vapid and desperate for approval does one have to be to RENT a designer handbag?

Snow day! Part of me is pissed 'cos I'm sick to DEATH of winter

AMAZING photograph


In an hour

Ok, which one of you DUers sent THIS into Post Secrets?

THE MATH – Monday, March 31 – After Texas Counties

Katydids on a summer night--how do you feel about their singing?

Katydids on a summer night--how do you feel about their singing?

Mmmm "Burger Sliders"-- Think Global, Eat Local at 7/11

Interesting article about Delaware...

Look out Minnesota here I come!

14 yr old prostituted by step-father, gang raped by his friends

David Schwimmer annoys the HELL out of me

A cartoon for Turtlensue

The Boys are Back! Opening Day 2008! Show us some love for your team...

I met one of my heroes yesterday.

OMG!!!! ANOTHER LeVert has died!!!

"Evicted" for a couple of days...

Can someone explain this video game to me?

Dith Pran has died.



My father lapsed into a coma 11 years ago this very time and date and died March 31

My father lapsed into a coma 11 years ago this very time and date and died March 31

Remember those Valentine's hearts people were giving out on DU?

Feinstein to Mukasey: Explain why Public Corruption office investigating Rep. Jerry Lewis closed

does anyone here have experience with contiki?

Surgery tomorrow, need some good vibes!!

David Schwimmer paid off my student loans

Why is flash player and/or MLB Gameday a load of crap?

PSA: Jokes about Hillary withdrawing don't go over well in GDP

Stupid no-roof-havin' Cubs

David Sirota: Clinton's last-ditch efforts could rely on "Race Chasm" and the trampling of democracy

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite Guys

Shameless vibe-whoring

Mmmm PASTA in a HUT. Is there really any other way to eat one's pasta?

Fox News is teh awesome!!!

I just saw DS1's avatar.

After going to the Gym for the first time after my Gallbladder surgery

I have a car problem question

i got the job

Obsolete Skills Website

Tiger Woods

Have you ever had a drunk that made you feel like a headache?

Storming like crazy here!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

2008 is going to be a great year

It's true because I say it is

Sooooo There is a stray kitten with no mommy and it gets adopted by ... A Crow - YouTube is there

My Tribute To Aloha Airlines

April Fools tomorrow -- anyone have some good

I really don't get the anonymous friend requests on Facebook.

Where does The Who rank all-time?

Not-so-suprise gift for Midlo.

I am outraged.

Lollapalooza 2008 rumored bands...

Someone help me understand why my cat would do this to me!!!

I am sad right father died 11 years ago tomorrow

Crash! Bang! Boom!

I think we need major group vibes here tonight! Close your eyes

The GORE Solution - and how you can help

If gas gets more expensive - would anyone consider commuting in this?

The Obama Store rocks!

crying here..... just watched the end of Cool Runnings

Anyone got any tinfoil?

Pictures of our Cruise...Freedom of the Seas March 2008

Paul Giamatti is a sensational actor

I just drank 32 ounces of "vitamin water".

It's getting dark here in Irving - OH NOES!

Awesome Star Trek First Contact clip on youtube

spring break pics ***DIAL-UP WARNING***

Emergency Room update

WTF? Fetus found on plane in Houston

Damn you Y! Video!

Remember Fiona?

My new favorite recipe...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/31/2008)

What music are you listening to right now?

I think I may have finally reset my watch correctly.

If only John Kerry had been defended by the likes of Andrea Mitchell, Marc Ambinder, et al in '04

Anybody know what kind of bird this is?

I've had 3 Full Throttles and a large double cappuccino in the last 8 hours! Ask me anything!!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/31/08

Are there any airbrush artists here?

I'm pissed at the World! Ask me anything!

SWEEEEEEET - The Cubs just tied it up with a 3 run dinger

Why, when Italian savory pie is spelled PIZZA, is the place that serves said pie spelled PIZZERIA?

Tomorrow(April 1) is our anniversary

Why does high school suck so much?

I just spent $31.40 on seeds

Mr. Midlo and BoyMidlo are installing the new microwave.

I'z in San Fran! what!? heeeeyyyyyy!?

Have you ever had a headache that made you feel drunk?

Thinking of buying an old house in Wallkill, NY. Any advice?...

Interesting fact about Geddy Lee of Rush


if you're gonna be in a sex scandal, be in a HUGH one! (five women, nazi uniforms, spankings, etc)

Vermont Teddy Bears - so wholesome .. so sweet .. so..... err WHAT?

What's for dinner DU??

A girl is 5 ft 3 and wears a size that thin, heavy, normal or what?

Randi Rhodes is being outright rude.

CIA chief: I personally believe Iran is seeking nukes

Gay Couple Loses Benefits With Move

My aunt worked at the Douglass aircraft factory in WWII

I am a Katrina survivor and ready to talk. Ask me anything.

Underrated names for girls?

If you had been born the opposite gender, what would your name have been?

I'm desperate to find a way to pill Harry successfully without terrifying him

Anyone have advice for my Spanish friends about visiting Yellowstone?

what did you do for your 18th birthday?

Tomorrows my 19th birthday!

WOW that 60 Minutes report on Gore was horrific

WOW that 60 Minutes report on Gore was horrific

need DU love- Hubby died last night

REPOST: "Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council,

REPOST: "Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council,

GOP May Find Comfort in Soft Money

The Foreclosure Machine

In Boston, Residents Seek Face-to-Face Advice to Avoid Foreclosure

Government to lift Baghdad curfew

Democrat plan to tempt Gore

1 killed, 4 injured in Richmond church shooting (Homeless Outreach)

Obama's Penn State rally draws 20,000

US military deaths in Iraq at 4,010

Safety fears over French nuclear technology

Liberty City terror retrial going to the jury

HUD Secretary Jackson Expected To Resign On Monday - Media Reports []

Some Republicans Emerge To Endorse Barack Obama

New Backing for Obama As Party Seeks Unity

Siegelman Appeal Could Take a Year or More to Be Decided

Katrina Victims May Have to Repay Money

Official Says HUD Chief Leaving

States Are Hit Hard by Economic Downturn

US charges embassy bomb suspect

2 British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Iranians help reach Iraq cease-fire

Source: Klobuchar to endorse Obama

Obama had greater role on liberal survey

Chaos on Wall Street

3 U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad, Anbar

HUD Chief Is Expected To Announce Resignation

Activists, coast guard clash over seal hunt

HUD secretary resignation not enough, Democrats say

Worker 401(k) fee suits find friend in Labor Department

Baghdad security plan spokesman freed-Iraq military

Guantanamo prisoner charged with war crimes

HUD Secretary Jackson Resigns; is Under Criminal Investigation

Thousands of police officers who refused to fight Sadr are given the sack

Wiki-edit mania spreads across Government

Houston Nurses Vote For Union (first private sector nurses in Tx to win collective bargaining right

Baghdad Green Zone Hit by Mortars (Again)

RCMP probe Coast Guard's actions

Military wives cashing in as surrogates

Key McCain advisors were lobbyists for shady lender

Second Female Senator Endorses Obama (Klobuchar - MN)

Best-Selling Doctor Accused Of Molestation

Truckers protest fuel prices in Harrisburg (PA State Capitol)

Turkey Court Takes Politically Explosive Case

Turkey Court Takes Politically Explosive Case

Treasury Rolls Out Overhaul of Financial Regulators

Army lets soldiers take ‘I do’ to Iraq war zone

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday March 31, 2008

Google partners with NSA, CIA on intelligence database

Ex-Terror Detainee Says U.S. Tortured Him

Al Qaeda training 'Western-looking' fighters: CIA

Top U.S. Housing Official Resigns

Analyst Predicts Corn Rationing in 2008

Sadr fighters vanish from Iraq's streets

McCain ‘Surprised’ by Iraq Developments

Bush booed loudly while throwing out first pitch in Nationals home opener

Cantaloupe recall continues to expand

Senate's Dodd: Paulson plan "not even close"

Max Mosley faces calls to quit as Formula One chief after ‘Nazi’ orgy

Gore Begins Huge Public Campaign to Go Green

80 Year Old Man Arrested For Anti War Shirt

Nouri al-Maliki humiliated as gamble to crush Shia militias fail (sic)

Supreme Court Won't Review FBI's Congress Office Raid: Jefferson raid unconstitutional

Food Stamp Use at Record Pace as Jobs Vanish

Bush library searches for Web site name (oops, allow to expire)

Davis Warns Against Siegelman Testifying to Congress

Iranian who helped stop Iraqi violence is linked to terrorism

U.S. Atty. Gen. Says Piracy Threatens National Safety

Will Air Car get green light?

Aloha Airlines To Shut Down Passenger Operations

Dell To Save $3 Billion, Shut Austin Plant, Cut Jobs

Tech companies get creative to hire foreign workers in the U.S.

Recession unlikely to curb H-1B demand

Do You Want To Change The World?


Obama's sponges and porcupines

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'Sad, Sadr, Saddest' - Soldier Body Found

TYT Break Down Bush's Ridiculous Comments On Iraqi Violence

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'Presidential Study Guide' w/ Lewis Black

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'Worst Persons' - Wal-Mart, DICK Morris

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'Bushed!' - Nexus of Politics & Terror-Gate

Olbermann 5 Year Special: Clinton - 'No Intention of Stopping'

TPMtv: Sunday talk show roundup on Hillary staying or leaving

Matthews, McCain And Money

Otis L. Sanford: Setting the record straight, 40 years later


[Real Time 03-28] "Rev. Wright stands in tradition Martin Luther King."

John McCain's War

[Real Time 03-28] Should Hillary drop out? And why has McCain a chance of winning?

Salt Water Fuel

TYT: Taking McCain's Economic Plan Could Cost Us (A LOT)

Obama on Countrywide, the mortgage crisis, and CEO bonuses

Robin Cook's resignation speech part 2 MUST watch and re-watch

David Hicks gag order expires

Robin Cook's resignation speech part 1 MUST watch and re-watch

Market Leader, Paul O'Neill

TYT: Last Week's Highlights - Success!

Barack Obama - times they are a changin'

Don't Stop the Campaigning!

Self-delete -- it posted 3 times!!

Democracy isn't for everybody

Bill Maher on Hardball

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'A Delegate Matter' (Texas Caucus)

The Clintons’ New-Found Faith, in Richard Mellon Scaife

[Real Time 03-28] The Patriot Act: A device used by Republicans to catch Democratic governors.

Hillary thinks Obama will lose to McCain - Halperin touts her scary "electablilty"

Bill says "Time to saddle up, ya'll!"

Barack Obama at Penn State University

Conversations with History: Chalmers Johnson

Joe Scar thinks Obama should have talked about Jeeeeeezus.

My Nomination for Lie of the Year by Yves Smith

Ray McGovern: Delusionary, Dancing Bush

Firms try working around visa shortage

Independent UK: Yet another reason to condemn Blair over Iraq

Ed Rendell plants a loving kiss upon the derriers of Faux and Fiends

America lauds Martin Luther King, but undermines his legacy every day

The Hillary Clinton Ad We'd Love To See!

Hillary Reassessed

Hillary Clinton and SCHIP: The Unvarnished Truth and The Massaged Talking Points

The Political Specter at Justice

Did Your Shopping List Kill a Songbird?

A convention of atheists. Plus, ABC interview C. Hitchens

Civilians handle minor duties for strapped police

Mile-high tower: Saudi prince promises £5bn desert spire...

Military wives cashing in as surrogates

Noam Chomsky on the Politics of the Essence of the Human Mind

Who Are We? New Dialogue on Mixed Race

Death for hire - suicide machine lets you...

Gareth Porter: Embarrassed U.S. Starts to Disown Basra Operation

Hackers may have accessed Sony PlayStation network

The Situation: Doom

OBAMA Takes On Question About Women's Wages In Work Force---AMEN!!

Bush booed at 2008 Nationals home opener

The Lessons of Basra

Bush and Brown in push to deal with ($) crisis

P-G's Jack Kelly: McCain ahead of BOTH Obama and HRC head-to-head

Manchurian Candidate

Projection: Clinton Wins the Popular Vote!

Alice Walker: Lest We Forget: An Open Letter to My Sisters Who Are Brave

Chaos on Wall Street

Lame Press-Register opinion of Don Siegelman case 3/30/2008

US FedReserve is examining the Nordic bank nationalisations

"The View" 3/24/08 Obama & Racism - Continued (1 of 2)


USA 2008: The Great Depression

Forty Years After Vietnam, a Reckoning

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 331

There's nothing funny about prison rape (by Ezra Klein)

Prodigal Petraeus

Call for curbs on Antarctic ships (BBC) {ecotours causing harm}

Dominican Republic bets on wind energy

Aiming to put fuel cells to work

Biogas Projects Show Promise for Power Developing World

Glacial Retreat In Austria Hit 5-Year High In 2007 - AFP

The great migration...South.

In-House Memo Shows Stark Warning To Harper From Govt. Sciensts Before Climate Summit

Solomon Islands Suffering Salt-Water Intrusion, Loss Of Island, Environment Minister Reports

Rain threatens Russian doomsday cult's bunker

GI faces charges in alleged 2006 desertion

Military: AC-130 strike kills 16 Basra gunmen

New programs aim to ease Guard return from war

Reservists recruit off the clock, raise cash

Setbacks temper expectations for Iraqi forces

Police: Death of spc. at armory not suspicious

Sadr takes fighters off streets, makes demands

Overhauled rotations to fit career goals

Sailor tells Japanese court he stabbed 2 women

2 Indian soldiers missing from Pendleton

F Troop deals final blow to building that set off IED

Bush never quits and he has ten more months to go to trash the WEST!

Diyala troops pause to re-evaluate strategy

Urine test monitor found guilty of using drugs

NASA MODIS Image Of The Day - Wilkins Ice Shelf Breakup 2/29/08

Basra Calm as al-Sadr Pulls in Militia

Lawyer: Gitmo Trials Tied to Election

Reps Hit Air Force Ads as Outrageous

Former Okinawa-based petty officer charged with rape in Delaware

Program targets veteran suicides

Maupin's remains found in Iraq

Migratory Species, Esp. Birds, Facing Longer Odds, Higher Mortality Rates - Globe & Mail

Remains of soldier missing 4 years found

Some History of Biomass Fueled Devices In Hollywood.

Officials hope to clear wait lists by 2012

A Tasmanian devil by the name of Cedric may hold the key to future of his species.

Load-Shedding In Karachi Hits 14 Hours/Day As Fluctuations Trip Nuclear Power Station

Diesel Shortage Migrates To Beijing Along With Truckers In Search Of Fuel - Some Stations Rationing

Farmers expected to plant less corn (Higher costs for consumers at grocery stores)

Beak Deformity Means Starvation For Birds, Puzzle For Cash-Strapped Scientists Investigating Cases

Gore Launches Ambitious Advocacy Campaign on Climate

Canadian Coast Guard Rams Farley Mowat

Rep. Jane Harman: Rapists in the ranks

Obama on the Run

Cool Tools Highlights ‘Workingman’s Death’

Editorials from 1968 reflected attitudes of the era

Four decades later, men recall King’s last campaign

83 year old Mother grieves son's (16 at the time) death, overshadowed by King slaying

Chicago Tribune: In fight for blue-collar voters, Clinton talks the talk

US Dept. of Labor: Wirtz Labor Digital Library goes online

Actors unions butt heads over negotiations

Israel: Coffee Bean strike breakthrough labor deal

Aloha Airlines Halting Passenger Service

Book Excerpts: Getting Over China

AP: California: Inician campaña para sindicalizar lavadores de autos

Part 2 Construction Worker Deaths on the Strip: OSHA goes easy

Hundreds Protest Employment Violations at Three Hollywood Carwashes

Federal board won't probe train crash (Union to protest in Canton accident)

Workers appeal for justice at Hyatt Regency

Today in labor history March 31 Workday reduced to 10 hours

As Jobs Disappear, So Does Health Insurance

Experts debate reasons for fall in carpal tunnel cases

Chemical storage angers Kingston union official

Vatican to hear union

UNITE HERE backs marriage equality!

Workers go on strike at W.Va. casino across river from Ohio

Utility workers near deal with National Grid

Healthcare Workers Across California Vote to Join UHW

Nurses, Hershey Medical Center reach deal on new psychiatric unit


There should be a new campaign sign for McSameAsBush ...

Gamblers don't learn from mistakes

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 03/28/2008

Wall St. overhaul doesn't address current crisis


Clergy Refuse Signing Legal Papers Until Same-Sex Marriage Legal In Maryland

Supreme Court Case Could Impact Phelps Push For Anti-Gay Statue

NYC Gay Couple Teaches Tolerance In Poland

UNITE HERE backs marriage equality!

cross post from Writer's Forum

Bush's "Igor," on Latin American affairs, Roger Noriega, discusses the internet program,

Britain's Relations with Latin America - Hugh O'Shaughnessy

Colombian Troops Kill Farmers, Dress Bodies in Rebels' Uniforms

Cuba lifts ban on locals staying in hotels

Diary -- Yonatan Mendel

Amir Peretz to Ehud Barak: Who would want to vote for you?

IDF tracker charged with 'aiding Hezbollah in war against Israel'

Jerusalem municipality announces settlement project

Human Rights Violations in Israel and Palestine

Israel: End Systematic Bias Against Bedouin

Palestinian feud focus of debate

Puppet child on Hamas TV "kills" US President Bush in revenge

Peace Now: Settlement construction increased since Annapolis

Busy Biden - more Iraq hearings this week and next

Dutch Jewish group: Anti-Islam film is 'counterproductive'

Did you hear those boos?

Norm Duke

It's Opening Day!

Happy 80th Gordie Howe!

The Sun and Moon in Families

Revelation 13 site predicts Presidential Election, reveals antichrist

Tyler Hansboro and Kevin Love-pro?

Request for light, energy, positivity on Wed afternoon EST

The Stars This Week: "Act On Your Desires" - March 31 - April 6, 2008

April 2008 Prayer, Light & Healing Requests Thread

Al Gore and Astrology

Go with the Generic

Starving Protects Healthy Cells From Chemotherapy, Study Says

Federal agencies: Our rules pre-empt injury lawsuits

A half-dozen late winter souvenirs

Looking for an inexpensive yet good Dutch Oven

Nigerian officials try to contain measles

xpost of some desert pics in the lounge ***DIALUP WARNING****

Muslims Pull Ahead In The God Race

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed on 29 June 3123 BC (Julian calendar).

I've found a brand new use for the proverbial left over ham

Why did the Ku Klux Klan attack the Catholic Church? I thought it was the foreign Pope, but an

Excavation starts at Stonehenge

US bats fall victim to mystery illness

Clay tablet holds clue to asteroid mystery

My hypothesis: The Year is 2010 and gun control enforcement is in place. What next?

America's Shooting Gallery, 3-31-2008

Another, It took a gun to stop this guy thread.

So how do criminals get their guns? Here's one source.

Two more would be home invaders carried off feet first.

The stupid, it hurts: City looks to add to gun list

Architect to Discuss WTC Destruction in KC Saturday 4/5 2 pm

who do you think did 911 ?

Architect to Discuss WTC Destruction in KC Saturday 4/5 2 pm

What was the Purpose of 911 ?

2nd in the series of emails from John Kerry raising funds for other Demoratic veterans

Well, well, well. Let's take a trip in the wayback machine of dkos during the SBVT attack

And here's the archived transcript of his 8/19/04 speech to the IAFF, too

JK's on Ed Schultz today

Hearings this week. 4 in SFRC on Iraq

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday, March 30, 2008

Despite the extra planning, state ballot shortages persist

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 03/31/08

For those who were following Holt and auditing...

Justice Dept. Staff Cleared in Election Report Inquiry

California review of the ES&S AutoMARK and M100

Lee Hamilton is your man!

Wergin, Olson host climate change skeptics forum

My LTTE is appearing in the Monday Strib!

So, here it is, March 30 - a winter storm watch has been posted for the area

A picture perfect convention. Harris County SD 11

Abbott at it again: **Texas Prosecutes Little Old Ladies for Voter Fraud**

Olbermann - A Delegate Matter (TX Caucus)

Hot runoffs in DeLay's old seat, Dallas district

SD7 Convention Results - woo hoo! Obama wins 61%!

Judge strikes down strip club fee

Photos from the improperly run Webb County Convention

Austin or Bust!

Montgomery County delegate convention

So has bought (what's left of) CompUSA.

I have a question RE MS Outlook font configuration

Obama leads in ongoing tally of Texas county caucus results

Houston Nurses Vote For Union (first private sector nurses in Tx to win collective bargaining right

Vote for Dale Henry this week

So, is it time for another Austin brunch or what?

Introducing Obama Organizing Fellows (students)

Recent Campaign Posts from Liberal Values

I just gotta say, yinz are the best!

Has everyone donated to Obama this month? Hillary COULD outraise Obama this month.

Anyone feeling it?

Zaccardelli directed income-trust announcement

When a "Job Market" Isn't One

In schools, cheating is an education in itself

Not on the Test (Tom Chapin song & video)

May I please invite everyone to take a break from Primary fever to check out some good live music?

Interactive Al Jaffee MAD Fold-ins!!

A little help in GD:P

KOEB Meeting 3/31/08 Monday of Anniversary Week Edition

If Keith DOES show up tonight, it'll have been a busy day for him indeed.

Mouse has gone to the Great Catnip Pad in the Sky.

Is anyone else here helping Shirley with her primary challenge against Pelosi?

Lawton will run for governor if Doyle doesn't

Second District Court of Appeals? Opinions?

San Franciscians - want to help give GWB a proper local memorial?

Bernie Ecclestone defends F1 boss Max Mosley in sex scandal

(TOON) Rowson: Governments being in touch - what it looks like

Wiki-edit mania spreads across Government

Somebody in DU is actually OK with the bear mauling the 42 children in Kings 2.