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So McCane has never been president, and SHE WAS? Tsk, tsk, Hillary,

Does anyone doubt that re:Canada, Obama campaign set up


Clinton just took the lead in the Texas Real Clear Politics average

Just sayin'

Rhode Island Poll HDRC 45% BHO 37% ---22% UNDECIDED!

Rhode Island Poll HDRC 45% BHO 37% ---22% UNDECIDED!

Momentum for...Mike Gravel????????????????????????

Can the candidates just pay for a new FLA primary?

In all honesty, does anyone really expect NAFTA to be substantially re-worked over the next 4 years? The Facts About 'NAFTA-Gate'

The Night Before the Big Night.

So, you don't think Obama has run a negative campaign?

Is Hillary Clinton good for business? Despite her populist rhetoric, she's no enemy of Corporate Ame

A Texas-Sized Town Hall Official Thread!

The MSM Is In Full Spin Mode On THe Dem Candidates To Create a Feud

What scenario would YOU be satisfied with tomorrow?

No, I suck

delete dupe

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste

Polls Show Mike Gravel Leading Hillary And Obama In Ohio And Texas

I voted Nader over Gore and Will over Hillary

CNN's Andrea Mitchell live from Hillary stumping in OH, called it "sparsley attended".

Obama needs to FIRE his chief Econ_*&^%$$#

Talk to the hand, Hillary.

Latest odds – HRC is doing well.

Hillary Supporters: This is an election not a riot

My Precious DU Friends, Please Be Nice: We Have to Face Each Other The Morning After.

WAHWAH WAH If candidate X isn't elected, I'm voting for NADER!!WAAAH!

what I think is tearing this party apart.


I just saw the video of Hillary Clinton embracing John McCain...

Hillary really wouldn't support McCain over Obama

Is Canada really the problem with NAFTA?

I'll be glad when this is over.

So When WILL They Release Details About The New Clinton Sex Scandal(s)?

Canada defends Obama over NAFTA flap

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

Blame Canada!

Hillary goes on crazy rant - says McCain better for president than Obama!

Obama is the most dangerous man in the history of the world!

Best. Obama. Ad. Ever. LOL!!!

The RNC can look in here for recruits for the general election.

Its all cool remember all Barack's early turnout last week

Obama walks off stage at a press conference he called. Many

It's a McCain/Clinton ticket

Hillary's HUGE negatives. They WILL come out. And sooner rather than later

Obama Supporters Unite! Don't Allow Cheap Shots and Rudeness to Go Unanswered!

Canadian Embassy verifies Obama story on NAFTA

Holy Moly.....Excerpts from the Canadian memo:

Texas Dispatch: Anticipating Caucus Troubles

It's the delegates, stupid.

Hillary has lost, and it's over. Give it up

Clinton suggests she'll stay in race after Tuesday

Obama supporters, be aware

A thought on the eve of the Texas primary

A thought on the eve of the Texas primary

Turnout Already High in Texas, Ohio

Texas town hall starting now (Hillary)

A good response Hillary could've given to the Muslim question

Hillary's "Children" Ad, only partly a smear on Obama's "inexperience"... the other part, easy guess

The 3:00 a.m. ad that should have been run

DUDE! What Up!

Protest Votes

what I think is tearing this party apart...

I have never despised a Dem. leader this much before, not even Lieberman.

I won't vote for anybody who attacks Hugo Chavez!

The 3:00 a.m. ad that should have been run

Hillary Clinton Orders Draft

For the undecided: Why you should NOT vote McCain (debunking his talking points)

Media Bias in Favor of Obama And Against Hillary Clinton:Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

Is Hillary going to be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart?

will we throw away november tomorrow?

Maddows response to Hills endorsement of McCain "Thats what you say when you want to be McCains VP"

Maddows response to Hills endorsement of McCain "Thats what you say when you want to be McCains VP"

Maddows response to Hills endorsement of McCain "Thats what you say when you want to be McCains VP"

Tomorrow : Remember no matter who wins, a Democrat is always better than a Republican

Am I alone....

Auchi + Rezko + Goolsbee = NOBAMA

Rush Limbaugh wants Hillary to stay in.

A questions about polling:

To all the media asshats demanding Clinton drop out .......

Why Hasn't Obama Been Asked & Called to Answer The Following:

It's 3AM Your children are sleeping safely in their beds....

28 Years

I hope.

2008 Democratic Popular Vote

No matter what just remember Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience to bring to the White House

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/3/08 - Obama unchanged (44), Clinton up 1 (45)

Can you say something that bothers you about the candidate you support?

Can you say something that bothers you about the candidate you support?

If you are worried that someone is trying to hijack your party,

One of the greedmongers responsible for today's oil prices is an Obama supporter

Obama supporters please note ... this is hurting your candidate

The last two days have raised expectations for Hillary... this helps Obama now....

Obama denies Assuring Canada on NAFTA

New poll of RI shows large undecided vote: C: 42% O: 37% U: 21%

A Reporter AGREES With Me That Barack Talks In A Pretentious Tone

Reality check: Rezko accused. McDougals found guilty in a court of law.

"Is Hillary a lesbian?" "No, not as far as I know."

This kid 'gets' the Message--Nice photo

Can someone explain to me why FOX NEWS is CHEERLEADING!!! for Clinton

Should Hillary Clinton be Symbolically Tombstoned on DU for endorsing McCain over Obama?

Hollow Judgment

John Hagee Said.

Some thoughts from an Ohio voter.

Why Hasn't Obama Been Asked & Called to Answer The Following:

Hillary supporters - I have another question for you.. this is a simple poll question

Thats it I had with HRC

Barack Obama: Backstabbing Traitor

HIllary Clinton Speech immediately preceding Iraq War! MUST WATCH(transcript too!)

Remember, there are millions more like her

Newsflash: Hillary's not quiting.

The fact Obama attracts rethugs and Indies only suggests just how great a Democrat he is!

Three Texas Republicans have told me they're going to vote for Clinton tomorrow

Hillary Likes Fries, Obama Likes Onion Rings - OMG the horror

Are you planning on posting tomorrow or staying the hell away from DU?

Clinton leads TX early voting by12%, backed up by clinton internal polls, independent hard counts

When the going gets tough........the 'tough guy' walks out...

Second poll shows Clinton with 9-point lead over Obama

Word of caution on Texas polls

Question about the Texas primary/caucuses.

Let me get this straight Obama walked out after answering the last question?

Let me get this straight Obama walked out after answering the last question?

Anyone else experiencing combat in their homes over this primary?

if these two just slime each other into oblivion

John McCain will bring the draft if he is elected President

Final KHOU Texas BELO tracking poll Clinton 46, Obama 45

Final KHOU Texas BELO tracking poll Clinton 46, Obama 45

WHAT THE HELL?? clinton kisses up to mccain? rips obama?

Is there a Obama - Nadhmi Auchi ,Iraqi billionaire story?

TEXAS on primary eve: 2/3 of expected voters have already voted.

If Obama wins big tomorrow, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth

Breaking: You DO NOT need to bring your raccoon to your Texas convention/caucus

Hillary : How can you sleep at night?

I think this is best Barack supporters



Any news on Day one of the Rezko trial?

Sen. Clinton's Texas Townhall meeting being streamed now on her website


The sexism has been obvious to anyone who can see (MSNBC and C.U.N.T.)


Aw Fuuuck... I Guess I'll Go And Answer It, "What Would Be Wrong If Hillary WAS Gay ??? ... NOTHING

FYI ... Clinton is coming up on the Daily Show in a few.

Do all you candidate bashers realize you’re going to need the people you’re alienating?

Have you ever compared Clinton's and Obama's websites?


How to Spot a GOPer: "Attacks Against a Democrat Hurt the Party in the Fall"

Obama: an oratorically upgraded version of Mike Bloomberg

HIllary Clinton will become the nominee. I relaized today that she

"That's what you say when you want to be John McCain's vice presidential choice"



Clinton's Advisors set the record straight on her Foreign Policy experience!

This about sums up GDP

HA -Obama in stump speech says if Hillary read the NIE she would have voted against the

I reject and denounce Clinton and McCain's experience

Has Obama Made Any Statements Regarding Patrick Fitzgerald's Future?

Fake outrage level raised to Defcon infinity. Twisting words and writhing.


If Hillary wins tomorrow, that means this race is going all the way to the Convention

I've gotta admit that Obama is attracting a number of new devotees to our Party

Will Obama make the U.S. DU's perfect vision of a Glorious Liberal Paradise?

No, Obama sucks

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

So, what about this: Reformer: Trial Will Reveal 'Cesspool' of Obama's Allies

What kind of result does Hillary need tomorrow?

Poll Closing Times for Tomorrow

Obamatrons, UNITE!!!!!

Scarborough was practically salivating over HRC staying in.

I am very very sad

For the love of Peter, Paul, Mary, Joseph, Fred Flinstone, and Barney, I hope this is over soon!!

Has Dr. Phil endorsed anyone?

We can be either for the last 7 years or against it. Who are we as Dems is in question here

Hillary supporters this is a nice link please watch...

Hillary Roven Clinton. Yes, she's earned it!

Why Hasn't Obama Been Asked & Called to Answer The Following:

Hillary sucks

Can Hillary be trusted?

Can Hillary be trusted?

Here's My Prediction - Win, Lose or Draw, Hillary Will Declare Victory

Obama is a doo doo head...

Wednesday begins the long march, Hillary to the WH, Obama back to the Senate. n/t

Obama tangles with the press----answers "curtly" and walks out as press erupts...

Tom Daschle on Charlie Rose right now for Obama (west coast - PBS)

The good news: It's snowing in Texas tonight and not tomorrow

Ohio/Vermont/Rhode Island/Texas, it's 3 AM, I must be lonely

In Case You Missed 60 Minutes

TOON: Ann Telnaes on Hillary and dynasties

In November

Mark Penn: "no direct authority in the campaign"

Can we have one thread pinned where the Monkeys can sling poo?

How much have you donated?

Do we have to copy and paste Daily Kos diaries here?

Obama leads early voting in Texas by 12%.

72% of Obama supporters would prefer Britney Spears for president

72% of Obama supporters would prefer Britney Spears for president

I just want to wish all Hillary supporters in the board good luck.

Hillary Clinton's Tactics in Ohio and Texas Show Why She is Karl Rove's Favorite Democrat

Hillary will end the war and bring the troops home

Why are the Obama supporters clamoring for Hillary to get out

F#%* REZCO. We are SCREWN in Obamaland!!

Since when did our trade agreements with Canada become a hot button issue?

aTTENTION Operatives from the Lounge: Commence Operation Raweb NOW!

Rezco Literally is a Slumlord Hillary wasnt exagerating

Last chance!

Last chance!

The next "dog and pony show" to hit the fan.

Heavy rain and ice in Ohio

Wes Clark has compromised his integrity for HRC.

Is the spell really broken?

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

Inexperience Vs Polarization

If neither candidate

I'm off to town meeting!

I am setting out to work my campaign location for Obama - Best of luck to All Candidates

Primary voting in north Dallas...

Official Jonathon Sharkey Nomination Day Thread!

Can Obama take the heat. Chicago paper says "Obama talks a lot, but answers little"


She could still win....

Voting conditions in Ohio

Today on DU

Just Voted........Obama (OH)

I wonder if we could persuade John Edwards to "unsuspend" his campaign

Letter to the March 4th Primary Voters

Just voted in Toledo, OH...

It's not all that telling that Hillary played the fear card with that ad.....

28 Hours, 55 Minutes, 27 Seconds...

I'm still confused about Clinton bringing up McCain

This is very important day for all of us at the DU

Video:Obama "I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman"

To say Obama was lying on NAFTA is either the height of dishonesty or the complete loss of reason.

Hey, candidatimaniacs, since when does not liking some aspect of your favorite demand ...........



Well...I like her and I supported her.

Hillary said at the time the IWR might lead to war!

Quit Blaming Hillary

Hillary Clinton: I'm "just getting warmed up" ... on Day Four-Hundred-and-Five!!

Today's comical photo.

Obama Signs Along Highway (MANY)

What will happen today ( From Michelle Obama )

Obama supporters spend weeks telling a minority to shut up and stop whining about bigotry....

I apologize to the other Hillary supporters for my post earlier.

Brian Cave Law firm, Rezko and Obama ... Fitzgerald casts a broader net

Destroying the Democratic party in order to save it.

What do the most of the Obama "supporters" on DU remind you of?

Mark Morford: "Loading up the bunker with Ding-Dongs and Coors in case Muslim radicals take over"

Voting problem in Texas - people turned away at 7am

Tom Toles: The Audacity of Hate. The only question is, "Who is the author?"

Official Obama Nomination Day Thread

Official Mike Gravel Nomination Day Thread!

Barack voters out in Euclid, Cleveland


now that we've eaten our own - who is left?

Inside Obama's Surging Net-Roots Campaign

Hillary's Texas Town Hall replaying now for those who missed it


One of the problems I have with both of them.

To all those voting in the primary today... PLEASE THANK YOUR POLL WORKERS!

I voted today... and the best news...

Help from Hillary supporters.

Obama walks away from baby-eating charges, issues

Dan Abrams shows the McCorporate Media is PUSHING HILLARY OUT!

Republicans like McCain most, but Obama not too far behind.

A plea that will probably fall on deaf ears

Official: "Please Tell us about your voting experience today" thread

Clinton Says Obama Was MIA on Afghanistan. But Was She, Too?


Teeth and the slight smile of Obama.

Media Bias in Favor of Obama And Against Hillary: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

Rant 101 for the rest of us ... Author unknown!

If Obama can't handle the questions, he won't be able to handle the 3:am phone call..

The delegate counter game

Clinton-Obama photo galleries

A sober observation on our "discord" and their "cohesion"

Clinton ad launches parodies:

Obama will have to put Hillary as VP

It is the lobbyists--issue #1

Hey! Obama is black!

Latest Rasmussen Poll (Texas): Obama 48% Clinton 47%

If Hillary Clinton tried to sign up for DU, would you ban her for disloyalty?

Danger! If Hillary wins the nomination, she thinks she can match McCain on the "experience" question

Are we just begging to lose?

Brian Cave Law firm, Rezko and Obama ... Fitzgerald casts a broader net

When Hillary named Mccain as a better candidate for prez than Obama, she betrayed a lot of democrats

Rezko/Obama were neighbors...Who traded land for some favors...

MSNBC: Pew poll finding that 25% of Clinton voters would vote for McCain

I proudly cast my Texas vote for Sen. Obama this morning and in my opinion Sen. Clinton

Are we supposed to say that John McCain lacks experience?

Hillary on The Daily Show

Summary of Polls March 4 US

1996 Telecomm Act: Interesting that the Clintons pushed it, McCain voted against it!

DU Clinton supporter demographics?

Has anyone ever shown a finacial connection between ANSWER and the GOP?

Exactly what were Clinton's National Security duties...

Mark Penn, Charles Black, and FISA lobbying for AT&T

Rezco helped Obama buy his house

Olbermann/Maddow on the Hillary campaign.

a Poll for all HRC and Obama supporters

An amazing phone call of 18 former admirals, generals and defense officials supporting Sen. Clinton

Ultimately, every life = "a lifetime of experience"

The washcloths need a warm shower already!

The MSM allowing Hillary to use her "wink-wink" smoke screen to hide her own NAFTA lie

So, back in April 07 Obama literally ran away from the press over

Hillary Thinks Pennsylvania Is The Next Contest. So She'll Lose Even MORE Delegates In WY & MS

Should we switch to a "winner take all" primary system?

Whitewater, Lewinsky, Vince Foster, Mark Rich, Filegate, Travelgate

playing Ohio for fools?

UPDATE: Canada strongly backs Obama on NAFTA issue "We Deeply Regret Inference....."

Obama Supporters - Take ONE HOUR to call TX or OH RIGHT NOW!!

Obama Wins In Coverage -- But Much of It Critical

Make me president. I have more experience than McCain, Hillary, and Obama ...

Dallas Stonewall Democrats endorse Senator Clinton

If you live in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island or Vermont and haven't voted yet...

Ohio Sec. of State issued an extension on the primary voting due to

It Appears GDP Has Officially Gone Batshit Insane. I'm Going To Reach Out & Try To Help Change That.

We just voted here in South Austin

Hillary Leading In Final TX Zogby Tracking Poll 47-44/Tied in Ohio 44-44

If Hillary loses to Obama, will she still back Obama in the general election?

It's all in the timing with two strong candidates -- Snapshots of a churning situation

My wife and I just voted in South Austin

Thank you, Rachel Maddow: "That's what you say when you want to be McCain's VP"

Can Delegates Sit Out the First Ballot at the Convention?

HRC has repeatedly proven what the Clinton's are all about....

HRC has repeatedly proven what the Clinton's are all about....

Hillary supporters: If she told you flat out to vote GOP over Obama would you?

You mean the same Rachel Maddow who said in January that Chris Matthews is the best analyst on TV?

Who wants to bet Cuyahoga County fucks up before the end of the night?

Jay Rockefeller calls on Hillary to read NIE, gets busy signal.

I sure miss JOHN EDWARDS

I just cast my vote in Dallas Texas for President Obama.

Politics As Usual.

McCain releases new campaign logo.

Will everyone PLEASE get a GRIP on yourselves!!!

Scorched Earth Itinerary: Clinton Camp To Send Staffer to Rezko trial.

When do exit polls come in?

When do exit polls come in?

I like Barack Obama's "youth"

I like Barack Obama's "youth"

Help Please!!!:Fact or Fiction about TX? Also, some musings from NBC News

So when do we shut down GD:Primaries?

If Hillary can claim 35 years experience, Obama can claim 20. How unfair to say he has a speech.

Clintons not going anywhere

Let me be perfectly clear...

DNC Member Carol Fowler has endorsed Barack Obama

By a Large Margin, Dems Want Clinton to Remain in Race Even if She Loses Texas or Ohio

Too Close to Call: How Today's Primaries Resolve Nothing

Where's the experience?

FReeper thread about Clinton's statement yesterday

March 4 Voter Poll/Voting Stories

What would happen to a member on DU if they endorsed McCain over Obama?

What would happen to a member on DU if they endorsed McCain over Obama?

Voters Express Concern Over Polling Confusion, Malfunctions (Dallas, TX area)

So. Are there any reports from voting areas from DUers who have voted?

As a Hillary supporter, I have recently said that I will support Obama if he is the nominee

'Did I say Osama? I meant Obama!' says Clintonite

I am afraid the ONLY way to beat John McCain is..

For those of you who can't stop insulting Hillary or Barack with every post - click here!

Did Obama really say 'its just political talk' about changing NAFTA?

Obama picks up another Super Delegate this morning!

Flame wars everwhere, why!?

The Clinton campaign literally puts the press into the crapper:

After the barrage of gays posting about McClurkin, I'm glad for this Clinton endorsing McCain issue

If Hillary loses, she could become the Lieberman Party Candidate

If Hillary wins, we are awarding someone who voted against the War Powers Act

Good News From Ohio ..... Jennifer Brunner is the Sec. of State.

Hillary's 3AM phone crisis experience: "It's 3AM, do you know where your husband is?"

Bush is more experienced than Obama too

Bush is more experienced than Obama too

My sister has loads of experience with 3:00 am crisis calls

Obama Supporters, heres to believing in HOPE

I would follow Bill Clinton's advice

I do not care for Hillary

Will Hillary change from a D to an R if she loses?

So tonights vote is for either a homophobe or a warmonger...?

TX: Obama leads early voting by 8%

Hillary Campaign Sticks Reporters In Men's Room

Is it even possible for a gracious exit for Clinton at this point?

Call it (put your prognostical skills to the test)

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

Quit Blaming Hillary

Bartcop nails it.

The "I won't support Obama/Clinton in November" Segment (No Loss)


If Clinton gets the nomination, How will you supporters feel knowing...

Hillary missed a great opportunity today

Detailed predictions of tomorrow's races

"What has he accomplished? He got my ass off the couch, to be here, to listen!"

Do Hillary Supporters Want The Rezko Case To Simply End Obama's Campaign Or To Put Him Behind Bars?

Shocking new developments coming in the Rezko case. Look for breaking news...

What a sick joke these primaries are and these candidates

So is this the foreign policy experience that Hillary has?

Haven't posted on DU in a couple of years, but...

Seems like everyone and their grandmother has a prediction around here, well I have one also.

The Othugs are getting physical-Be careful- They are now punching Clinton supporters in Akron

My email exchange with my fact-challenged brother-in-law re: Obama. The wingnuts are scared

Hillary's team sets up press office in the men's room?

Imagine if Obama was pulling the same junk as HRC...

Hillary and McCain both supported the march to war in Iraq, Obama opposed it despite...

Obama/ Hillary, a big to-do about nothing

I thought Obama was against the Super Delegates deciding the race?

Seems like everyone and their grandmother has a prediction around here, well I have one also.

Rasputin Undead Poll Has HRC Eating McCain's Liver in GE...

Hillary is not helping McCain. Obama is the one republicans want.

The Field: Hillary's "3 AM ad" BOMBED BIG TIME in Texas

Vice President Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Vice President Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Thank you for applying. But I'm afraid we need someone with different experience.

Hillary's implied endorsement of John McCain is a slap in the face of millions of Dem activists

All the signs were there all along...

Will DU have a "Rules for Posting" Tonight?

I have one last thread before I reach my 3 per day limit

Bomb threat, ballot troubles as Ohio votes... Developing

I support Obama but Hillary is tough as nails and deserves credit

"We'll deal with Penn after TX and OH": Big shakeup coming in Clinton campaign?

With John Edwards out,, who can we trust?

Reality check: Delegate math

Need a party resolution? I've got your Homeland Security resolution right here

Hillary rode into her political career on the coattails of her philandering president husband

Ohio State Dem Chair: Hillary Needs Eight-Point Win In Both Ohio And Texas

I apologize for getting so torqued up last night about Hillary's fake accent

I apologize for getting so torqued up last night about Hillary's fake accent

Heavy turnout in Texas--

I called the Emergency Hillary Clinton Texas Hotline

I called the Emergency Hillary Clinton Texas Hotline

Neither Hillary nor Barack would waste their time on a political message forum

If we run the general election on an "experience" theme, we lose.

"the day after"

Hillary (and Bill) have betrayed the Democratic party...

CNN Interactive delegate counter

Dem candidate eats a baby on live TV; DU responds

Clinton would be a member of Black Sabbath.

Obama picks up 2nd Super Delegate today! DNC member Mary Long of Georgia.

In Her Own Words. Experience in action.

I Heard Cuyahoga County Will Be Hand Counting Votes

Let us be perfectly fucking clear here, John McCain IS more experienced than Hillary Clinton

RuralVotes predicts these delegate allocations for tomorrow: VT (O+5), RI (H+5), OH (H+7), TX (O+27)

When does being first lady give you experience to be president?

POLL: Obama supporters will you vote for Clinton IF she is the nominee

So why was John Edwards meeting with Hillary and Barack in secret and what came of it? nt

Voting experience in Ohio (Cuyahoga County)

Voting experience in Ohio (Cuyahoga County)

WaPo: As the Scandal Turns: Clinton, Obama, Rezko and Whitewater

SteppingRazor's Theory of Primary Season Flamebait:

What's Worse? Hillary's remarks about McCain vs. Obama, or...

Obama supporters: Would you ever not vote for Hillary because on her supporters?

Where desperation leads, Hillary will follow: chasing McCain

Rachel Maddow: Hillary jockeying to be McCain's VP!

Ohio weather causing election day voting changes re provisional voting

Are there any voters on board who are still truly undecided with all of the info on DU...

Hillary should follow Brett Favre's lead

Hillary should follow Brett Favre's lead

rightpundits early exits claim Hillary exceeding expectation in early data

The most liberal congressman being attacked by corporatists and needs our help...NOW!

CBS News CHANGED Hillary's exact quote regarding McCain's "experience"

Media and Hillary Clinton.

Delegate math...

Is there a full clip of Clinton "endorsing" McCain over Obama

exit polls: does anyone know if rush limbaugh's candidate

Dems to Hillary: Please, please don’t go!

The Longer this Goes On, the Longer the Dems are on the Front Page.../Sirota

When will we start getting results? I'm on the west coast....

New Ohio Poll on MSNBC Coverage. 44% - 44%

Delegate Counter Game on

"this is one of the most Civil and Postive primaries i can remember" Hillary the Betrayer

Pew Poll: Quarter of Clinton supporters would vote McCain over Obama

Ventriloquist caught in public with Clinton dummy ...

Has Hillary or anyone in her campaign responded to the McCain "experience" quote?

OH: Obama campaign cites incidents of voter suppression

Alter: "Hillary's Math Problem"

Did Farrakhan endorse Obama?

Suggestion for helping decide on candidatee....

Handy Guide for Hillary Clinton Supporters Dealing With Her Inevitable Withdrawal Speech

Hillary gets last-minute hope; Looking For Hope In All The Tough Places (Obama)

Tom Brokaw Says Obama Has 50 More Superdelegates in His Back Pocket

Yet ANOTHER Worthless "Are You A Hillary Supporter Or Obama Supporter" Empty Poll!

Why Voters pick Bugs Bunny over Daffy Duck

Obama Supporters: Keep the Faith!

Obama supporters aren't the delusional ones, it's the Hillary supporters

Hey, you know what? Fuck you!

Hillary would be a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Illuminati

so.... I just voted for obama today. and said hello to the man holding the clinton sign

3AM spoof videos... vote for your favorite

Who Do You Love?

Why Hasn't Obama Been Asked & Called to Answer The Following:

NY Times: As Four States Vote, Clinton Talks About a Long Battle

Open primaries will skews the results - Expect most GOP-ers to return to their base in the GE

Now I'm pissed. Hillary in Austin, Live on CSpan, faking a Texas accent.

I'm trying. I really am trying. But I **just** cannot warm up to Obama

Obama plans vote suppression in Ohio and Texas!

Sorry Hillary Supporters

Sorry Hillary Supporters

Clintons impossible odds: heres a reality check!

I can has toons?

Have there been any anecdotal reports on DU of crowds of Hillary supporters

If Texas votes the way my little precinct in Waco is voting today....

Here's the deal Hillary supporters


Final L.A. County 'Double Bubble' Tally: 12,000 Disenfranchised

Dirty Tricks in Texas and Ohio?

So they finally "FOUND THEIR VOICES"

Brown University: Statistical Tie in Rhode Island

Odds of Clinton winning: OH 83%, TX 48%, RI 92%, VT 4%, Nomination 21%, Presidency 16%

Sorry Obama Supporters

Tonight's results will be.....?

All right - different subjects - When do we expect to get the results? Exit polls? When does

there is blood. so what?

Odds of Clinton winning: OH 83%, TX 48%, RI 92%, VT 4%, Nomination 21%, Presidency 16%

I just heard a Hillary vid say she is qualified and mccain is qualified, but Obama is just a speech

ok, I found a running mate for O or C:

Ohio FLOODING Polling Locations CHANGED Important!

Randi talking about how Hillary is instructing her..

Obama is cooked for tonight

Obama is cooked for tonight

Clinton Can't Catch Obama in Pledged Delegates; Could Win Popular Vote, This is How It'll Go Down

HIGHLIGHTS From my trip on the AIR AMERICA Cruise...Kool-Aid and Laffs galore!

This woman could be Vice President!

My fellow Obama supporters...

Obama with the MIGHTY MO

In that telephone ad, just what papers is Hillary sitting up late to review? nt

Mississippi- Hillary ground game

The Clintons caught out again, link...

Well, Well, Well Obama camp up to dirty tricks in Texas?

All Obama has is a speech in 2002 - Let's take a look at it

Clinton exceeding expectations in Texas!!! Woo Hoo! Exit polls favor Clinton

Why Hillary's remarks on McCain are an endorsement

Let us be perfectly fucking clear here, John McCain IS more experienced than Barack Obama.

I always thought President Bill Clinton was all in all a good President

I go away for 2 days, and this place explodes!

OMG THe Obamas ran into Rush Limbaugh today!!! I'm series!!11 Look:

Hillary's campaign in a nutshell ...... Astroturfing

Made up my mind, or it was made up fo me...

Dem Caucas will begin later than scheduled in Dallas tonite.

Clinton Campaign doesn't sound very confident

Hillary's Blatant Race Baiting...

Why is Hillary refusing to explain her involvement in the Ehringhaus Incident?

Something we can agree on???

Obama supportors/Hillary haters - GET A FUCKING GRIP ON REALITY

It's time to wake people up to Obama's tainted past

Wanna know how we'll all win matter

36 Degrees, Pouring Rain-Just Got Back from Canvassing Low Income Af Am Precincts in OH

Clinton campaign's dying light

Clinton Talks About A Long Battle - NYT

Remember Obama supporters, if he at least pulls....

It's not about experience! It's about the fact that Hillary made it seem that she prefers McCain

Youth is the future

***Official OBAMA, OH, TX, VT, RI Vote Cheering Thread***


Replay of The Daily Show, with Hillary , on now

Your candidate sucks and is doomed and also sucks.

i have heard from two people, obama doesnt put hand on chest with pledge

I am really disappointed in DU these days. the virulence, the ugliness, the hatred, the

I am really disappointed in DU these days. the virulence, the ugliness, the hatred, the

Early March 4 Exit Poll Results

Dallas Morning news calling it for Hillary?

A Phone Will Ring at 3 am: +27 Texas Delegates for Obama

Cleveland Plain Dealer: GOP voters crossing over in large numbers

Halperin has some hard exit poll data from OH and TX...

Today early exit polls (via Talking points memo)

"Barack"~Lash by Jews. Or why Jews will vote for McCain if Obama gets the nomination.

"Barack"~Lash by Jews. Or why Jews will vote for McCain if Obama gets the nomination.

Hillary's campaign put TX filing center for press corp in mens room

Rovian Obama campaign manipulates newspaper quotes and their framing

Sam Houston was running on the Democratic ballot

Exit Poll Results:

Exit Poll Results:

DU this CNN Quick Vote!

Early Exits by Race in Texas:

Clinton fraud trial to start! how will they spin that!

Will Hillary run as an Independent/3rd party if the Dems "force" her to drop out of the race?

My opinion: Obama wins more delegates than Clinton tonight.

Hillary Crossed The Line Yesterday Saying McCain Has More Experience

Hillary Clinton Made A Huge Error In Saying What She Did, And I Hope She Doesn't Make More.


The REAL HRC on ringing phone ad : "Why do I always have to pick up the phone?!!11!!"

Hillary's smearing campaign worked. Result: president McCain

Texas preview: Demographic and county level analysis. Where are the Obama and Clinton Strongholds?

Hillary Ties Obama In Nat'l Gallup Poll-Moves Ahead In Rasmussen

Fear Mongering Ads, Embracing John McCain, Ambivalence over Obama's religion...What's H.C. Thinking?

Has Obama really given you any reason not to trust him?

Has Obama really given you any reason not to trust him?

Best of luck to supporters of both Democratic candidates tonight!

Exit Poll: Hillary hasn't won Texas

Texas Primary Projection Obama 65 Clinton 61 Delegates Exhaustive 31 District Breakdown

If there is any chance you're considering not voting for the nominee...

Exit polls: 'Change' Tops 'Experience"... Again

Hillary Clinton is no better than the GOP.

First exit polls from Huffington Post:


John McCain's got more experience than Obama? WHAT HAS IT TAUGHT HIM?

Photo of Hillary with Rezko

OK, everybody. Mental health time-out for everyone.

GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!1!!111 GO BARACK!!!!!!!!!111111

Cheating going on in Ohio and Texas???? you be the judge..

Brattleboro v. Evil Empire

AP Exit Poll: Clinton wins today's voting in Texas

Will the polls be extended in Ohio for weather?

OH MAN. Analyst on MSNBC just said Obama could net MORE DELEGATES out of VT than Clinton can from OH

Obama's Delegate Bomb

TPM: Republicans Turning Out in OH-For the Dem Primary (backing Hillary):

Drudge just put his fucking blinking siren graphic up.

Barack Obama wins Vermont!

***OFFICIAL "Tweedledee vs. Tweedledum" THREAD***

Wonder why CNN Blitzer hasn't reported John McCain's place in his class at Graduation time

BREAKING: Rachel Maddow on Countdown: "Hillary angling to be John McCain's VP"

On this election day...I extend an olive branch to all of the Democratic candidates

As an OHIO voter, This is what set me STRONGLY AGAINST Hillary Clinton:

The Clinton Challenge: come up with a plausible scenario where she wins the nomination

Clinton Is 1000 Volunteers SHORT in Texas; Field Ops STILL Not in Place >>>

Somewhere on a debate stage, 7 months from now.....

Bad news Obama fans

Obama's Double Speak And Reversals of Position: Opposite Answers He's Already Given:

To say Clinton endorsed McCain is either the height of dishonesty or the complete loss of reason.

Please, From Both Sides, Please Recommend This If You Agree.

Two things to keep in mind with polls.

I'm about ready to send some of you to bed without your supper!

I'm about ready to send some of you to bed without your supper!

Here's why I don't understand people who criticize HRC's health care plan

OH GOP voters crossing over in record numbers

Fox News has the Hillary ad with darker Obama

Want To Get Really Drunk? Play The "Texas Two-Step" Drinking Game

Hillary coverage 24/7. Seems like the tide is turning, Go Hillary!

Interesting to see how Obama reacts after losing "front runner" status...

Compelling evidence that Barack and Michelle Obama are daywalking vampires

I've changed my mind.

Howard Deans Endgame

I tried to vote for Obama, but Adam Smith's invisible hand pulled the lever for Hillary

So if Senator Clinton or Obama fail to get to the convention with

****OFFICIAL OBAMA Supporters Results Thread #1****

Pollster projects Hillary Clinton winning TX, OH and RI, gaining 9 delegates over Barak Obama

KO's Rachel Maddow Nails Hillary Clinton's Campaign....

Kerry on CNN- Call out the attack squad! "It's the delegates that count"...not VOTERS?!

Hillary must win Ohio and Texas - Just Ohio is a defeat. No spinning!

Exit Polls will tell us one thing....

You're now advising Obama. What role does Hillary play after he wins..

My voting experience in North Dallas suburbs

Matt Sludge reports Obama wins Vermont.

I think Hillary will concede in the next few days

Has any other candidate EVER praised the opposition at the expense of a primary opponent?

Worst.Kick.In.The.Face----I log on and see HRC preferring McCain

National Weather Service issues "Major Shitstorm" warning for TX, OH, RI and VT (Tue 3/4/08)

John McCain DOES have a lifetime of experience, and he DOES have more experience than

I voted for Hillary in Texas, but if Obama wins the general election

Let's do some math

Clinton's comments are indefensible here.

Is it even conceivable now that Hillary would listen to Gore, Edwards, or Dean?

This board is not representative of much of America...especially women voters

I made history today!

Hillary Either Makes Huge Strides In Closing Pledged Delegate Gap Tomorrow Or Concedes Soon After

Voters claim 'we weren't allowed to vote for Hillary'

Nervous Obama Supporters - Relax

Ohio reporting Reps voting Dem. What's up??

Queer for Hillary

Rove on Faux news: Obama much more likely to hurt McCain in GE

I just got back from voting

Obama to Press: "I didn't expect that you guys would bite on that"


What will happen to HRC and those of her supporters who are true believers?

Excellent Up-To-The-Minute Info on Texas Voting - Bookmark.

OK. The Gloves Are Coming Off! Demand the Clintons Release Their Tax Records.

Did Hillary Clinton endorse John McCain?

Hill is going forward whatever the results

=-=-= ATTENTION Political Junkies: Best site to follow the horse race =-=-=

Buzzflash: Hillary's Monstrously Blind Demolition

Buzzflash: Hillary's Monstrously Blind Demolition

Who did Hillary hurt more by saying McCain better president than Obama: Obama, McCain, or her?

Hillary's scumiest attack ad yet: False election news update.

Two thirds of the threads on this forum are vicious flamebait attacks on Hillary Clinton!

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Tuesday March-04-2008

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Tuesday March-04-2008

Obama Supporters: Something you may not know

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Tuesday March-04-2008

How is Hillary's comment about McCain any different than Obama's Reagan remark?

Hillary's ad: debate footage doctored to make Obama blacker

Video of Clinton's endorsement of John McCain over Barack Obama

Daily Kos: Hillary Disloyal Democrat...

Be The Media: DU Submissions Please - Help write updates for Scoop's Texas/Ohio Primary coverage

Hillary's Joe Lieberman moment, or, why I will not support her in November

Was Bush/Rove a secret Neo-Nazi Party member like his father/grandfather reputed to be?

Hillary is not a traitor but she did just star in a powerful ad for McCain showed Hillary's "3 AM Phone Call" Ad to 554 people. See how they reacted...

Has Hillary sent thank you notes to Rove, Limbaugh and her other "fans."

Rovian racist insets in Clinton's anti-Obama 3AM ad. I will NEVER vote for this woman!!

Hillary's ad: debate footage doctored to make Obama blacker?

Obama Endorsed Ronald Reagan

When Clinton loses in the Primaries, do you think she'll pull a Lieberman

Who Gives A Shit ?...

If you have empathy, you should agree to support the nominee

What is Hillary's plan for victory in Wyoming and Mississippi?

Clinton FAKING NEWS REPORTS on Radio...another Rovian move

Breaking!! Ohio official rejects Obama poll-watcher letter!!

It's ELECTION DAY! No matter the results, I accept your apology in advance, Hillary

If HRC wins OH and TX today

Skinner, just a suggestion: You need to make new people with gmail, yahoo, etc. accts. WAIT to POST

PHOTOSHOP: morph Bush and McCain and you get....

This primary should go all the way to the bitter end.

HIllary's staff did some interesting photo editing in one of their attack ads...

Latest Exit Poll: Obama leads everywhere! Hillary 0 for 4.

Can anyone recall a candidate that was as nasty as Hillary

A Real Danger from a Prolonged Primary. -- Burn Out and Apathy

Exit polls in Ohio show that the less education you have

Why are we all of a sudden hearing from Obama supporters that they will not support HRC in the GE?

What is this... some kind of funhouse? Why, having fun?

Texas voting emergency....Dallas area. Precincts 2506, 2507, 2503, 2504

The realignment. Or, Who among us didn't see this coming?

The more Hillary's trashed here, the more she has my respect.

Should Obama congratulate Hillary if she wins tonight?

An anecdotal and frivolous tale. . . Okay so I voted.

Man what did the Clintons do to Kerry?? He is chewing them up on MSNBC.

CBC gets the story right....Obama INNOCENT of NAFTA charge

New study shows: Media bias -- against Obama?

The Super-Delegates must support whoever the most Democrats want to be the nominee!

Is Barack Obama an Oompa Loompa?

She did not endorse McCain; this is getting ridiculous

Names that Hillary would like for you not to mention (to the Rezko fellaters)

CNN Poll: Who would you prefer to have answer a White House crisis phone call at 3 a.m.?

It's kind of strange to think about the amazing run of the Clintons ending today

I just had another email read by Cafferty (24th) about the impact of scandals on Obama

Dailykos:Hillary's ad: debate footage doctored to make Obama blacker

While Clinton plans to release tax records by April 15, Obama still won't answer Rezko questions.

Wyoming and Mississippi- how are the ground games for both campaigns?

Photos: Barack and Michelle Obama today en route to and arrival in San Antonio, Texas

If you won't vote for the Democratic Nominee in November, then you are a fucking MORAN!.

Tom Brokaw: Obama has 50 superdelegates waiting to endorse

"The corrupt skeleton in Barack Obama's closet"

Obama must be frightened of the Rezko trial he has his own representative taking notes at the trial

Sen. Obama, time to call us about Rezko: (312) 321-2417


Hillary would be tombstoned on DU

Camille Paglia: Hillary Clinton Has "Egg on Her Face" After 60 Minutes

Obama would be a member of FreeRepublic

OHIO, we need to inform the nation Today

Hillary-Voting DittoHeads Getting Big Surpise In Texas

Hillary Clinton's Game Day

We have a serious problem if Clinton stays in, and a serious problem if she drops out

Leaders of Pro-War group are pathological liars

Let's play the "In Chief" game ........

VCS Lawsuit against VA started today in SF-will last all week-court filed documents are online

Watch Bob Herbert's excellent lecture this month

For the General Election: Nothing has to be smoothed out or united

So the Taliban banned dog fighting: This is sickening

It's a McCain/Clinton ticket

Crime rates are lower than people actually realize?

Obama is the most dangerous man in the history of the world!

Chavez: Colombia Has Become The Israel Of Latin America

Crooks & Liars: Pastor John Hagee defends himself

Have You Called Your Congressional Representative Over Immunity

KO about to give Mclame the famous Hagee

Kinda funny how the "liberal media" has all but forgotten...

Take your mind off tomorrow for a moment. In the past I've

Non Sequitur

UAW American Axle Strikers Says They're Fighting To Preserve Good-Paying Jobs

To the Kind Soul Who Bought Me a Heart...

Gift Cards Can Become Worthless When Retailers File For Bankruptcy Protection

Fox News Promotes Global Warming Deniers, Says US Should Fear "Cooling"

BIDEN Statement on the Russian Elections

Attention Southern New Hampshire folk!

Just saw a REALLY DISGUSTING Teevee commercial:


State Supreme Court takes up same-sex marriage

Who will watch the biggest loser tomorrow night?

We are there NOW, and it doesn't matter how we got there

For the past eight years I have been hearing the left wing of this party...

On a hill overlooking a highway in San Diego

You are now the Armageddon candidate! A letter to John McCain.

Melanie Morgan (Move America Forward) may have lost her talk show

Reprentative Tim Ryan (D-OH) Explains, on the phone, why Government Earmarks are Crucial to all

Caption *

It's primary election eve night, but let's not forget FISA -- Bush & Telecomm's

After bankruptcies, gift cards can be worthless (Sharper Image "suspends acceptance")

Here we go with the MSNBC lockup bullshit! AGAIN. One would think

Attn all in the area of W Cen MO tomorrow-protest Scalia

Any mods around?

Wiretap Compromise in Works

Just filled out MSRNC survey & said SCARBORUGH SUCKS!1

History Channel Now: History Rocks. The 70s with Meatloaf!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Faux Noise "We like to be females we dont wear pants"

Nurse killed in crash near Kaufman while driving shooting victim to hospital

I want Dan Abrams to start doing campaign blunders etc on McCain instead of Clinton Obama every nite

Independent UK: Europe vs the super-rich (EU declares war on tax havens)

I had no idea that Rev. Hagee was such a lowlife, useless, lump of putrid flesh

The Economy: Heads or Tails

CDC:Toxic trailers made in Indiana/Katrina victims

ACLU Watch List Counter

Ohio of primary importance

The Daily Show is on

By golly, it's snowing in N Texas! So much

Help a true progressive win! (PDA)

Can I get a shout out for DU'er AutumnMist's birthday?

Cindy Mccain

03.04.08 -- significant in another way. My novel is in a store near you. Can you help?

California just got a little more BLUE today!

(TOON) Steve Bell on Rice's trip to the MIddle East

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

One Sentence

Waterboarding in 1902: No New Torture Under The Sun?

New screening methods target Muslims, critics charge

Oregon Conducts Health Insurance Lottery

U.S. Soldier throws puppy off a cliff

TH Online: Take the money and ... SPEND! (Stimulus Package)

Govt. warns action against Dikshitars of Chidambaram temple

Why is it always reported that the Dollar is at a historic low instead of what currency is at

WAPO: Inside the Mind Of a Debtor Nation

401k debit cards....WTF!!!

It is snowing here in East Texas this morning

WTF is the Dem leadership strategy on FISA?

She gets it! Finally she gets it!!

Flag pins are for losers -- literally

The Ballot Brawl of 1924...

For the undecided in the GE: Why you should NOT vote for McCain

Congress=Co-Conspirators "Getting SOMETHING For Themselves"- While DESTROYING Constitution

Finally, Obama faces tough questions from the press. Reacts with paranoia, walks out.

Finally, Obama faces tough questions from the press. Reacts with paranoia, walks out.

Finally, Obama faces tough questions from the press. Reacts with paranoia, walks out.

now that we've eaten our own - who is left?

Happy thoughts; Republicans will be eliminated by ‘STD’.

VIDEO: Fox Cameraman Kicked Off Public Property In Detroit

Quitting: Day One-Cold Turkey-No cigarettes for you!!!!

America must DEFEAT HILLARY and then DEFEAT McCain!!

CDC Health Agency Head Gerberding Drives Away Top Talent, Embitters Employees

Oregon Conducts Health Insurance Lottery

Why Isn't Iraq in the 2008 Election? By Noam Chomsky

I am youtube illiterate-need help posting video-"VA under scrutiny for veteran suicides"

"Chavez knows that if he crosses the border, it would be a terrible mistake"

Bwhahaha! Melanie Morgan canned from KSFO

very good review of strategy re Iraq against McCain

Two Modest Suggestions To Address Our National Financial Mess

Weather Channel Founder Blasts Network; Claims It Is 'Telling Us What to Think'

Idiom Shortage Leaves Nation All Sewed Up In Horse Pies

Are we just begging to lose?


Fox Anchor: "Here At Fox, We Like To Be Feminine. So We Don't Wear The Pants"

The Culture War Descends on Columbia

POLL Hillary supporters: will you vote for Obama IF he's the nominee

Colombia says Venezuela's Chavez helped in genocide

Bush regarding the Telecom Co's: They should be thanked, not sued

Inside the 'mind' of a Washington Post Editor: Pomfret 'regrets' offending women

KFSO Bush-cans hate radio hostess Melanie Morgan

Anybody Have Home Remedies for Sinus Infections?

Thanks to our CEO president! - Today’s Headlines 3/4/08

Anyone else from Southeastern states or Kansas get tired of the way

Oil over 103 dow plunging debt soaring endless war

The Republicans Pre-Depression

Here is a good link for internet radio links for the Election Turnouts.

What will you do with your tax rebate?

John McCain Believes Firmly in Evolution

Show your patriotism today

My phone call with a veterans charity

The Two Sides Of The Law

Criminals Cutting Off Fingertips To Hide IDs (in MA)

New Yorker: The argument against home ownership

$120 Oil Coming Soon? Sure looks like it.

BFEE Escape Hatch in Michigan: Citizens blast firm's disaster relief plans

So when do we shut down GD:Primaries?

The Rude Pundit: President Bush Says, "Bow Down to Our Corporate Overlords"

When will we see WWII type of gas rationing and food rationing?

Breaking: Another 25% cut in natural gas to the Ukraine by Russia

"What's telecom immunity?"

Bush administration is basically asking for the ability to monitor all email communications

What does everyone think Howard Dean's future will entail?

NY MAG: How Four New Yorkers Got Into Subprime Messes

Derived from but not based in reality of this Pres. Election. Fantasy Politics if you will

My sister has loads of experience with 3:00 am crisis calls

Why Not Legislate a $10 Maximum Fine For Telecommunications Companies Who Conspired?

Agencies' merger spawns tension, arrests (US Customs & Border Protection and ICE)

CA State guidelines lay framework for deliberately letting some people die.

Reporters covering Clinton campaign put in men's restroom ...... video........

World's most dangerous terrorist kills women, children in Somali missile attack

one of the dead good ones:(

A simple name change to make it clear

"Grotesque Imaginings"

If I Maliciously and With No Basis in Fact ...

Trouble in the RW Talk Radio World?

Fox Anchor: "Here At Fox, We Like To Be Feminine. So We...

KPFA Radio to Broadcast Historic Winter Soldier Event in Full

House Dems Now Plan On Suing the wh This Month

Need a party resolution? I've got your Homeland Security resolution right here

Keep Dennis Kucinich is CONGRESS - A light in the darkness - HE NEEDS US

Good News: Wingnut Canned

Rec'd. 2 calls from HRC this morning to go vote....I'm in Florida..

I feel something new from the Obama "movement" the last couple of days

Man injured in assault at gay club

Political rhetoric over federal judges heats up

Fox Anchor: "Here At Fox, We Like To Be Feminine. So We...

What do you feel the number of actual voters there will be ?


Chimpy Congratulates Medvedev on Victory in Russian presidential vote

(.............) should be the candidate because he/she won in (............).

Dick and Lynne's nightmare dream home 2,000 feet from CIA HQ

What would Jesus' US Budget look like?

Filled up the truck today

Stop Chairman Reyes from bringing telecom immunity back from the dead. Call him now.

Banks flout federal laws on fees, GAO says

Hey everybody! I just saw Condi Rice on tv

Nora, it's said like farve not faver or farvreh.

Pacifica Radio to broadcast Winter Soldier hearings live

Your Last Emergency Room Visit:, If you care to share

Executive Order 13233

So, Bush will invade Venezuela via Columbia....

Anyone else having this problem? Being harassed by the RNC

Wanna know the true definition of faux outrage?

I really appreciate that Bush spent 452 days (so far) on his "ranch"

Anyone getting more than their normal flood of right wing chain letters?

Bush: Americans ‘Ought To Say Thank You’ To Telecoms For ‘Performing A Patriotic Service’

McCain: "It's tough and it's long and it's hard"

Senate Democrats Question Iraq, Pakistan Funding

An Open Letter To My "Christian", "Family Values" Republican In laws:

Is Contessa Brewer "in the doghouse"?

This incident really toes the line:

The Telecoms and The Big, Bad Lawsuits

Oregon Holds Health Insurance Lottery

Marine Corps investigates puppy-throwing video

Howie Dean is on Tweety

Caption Pickles

Vets Tell True Stories of the Terror War

It was 20 years ago TODAY

The SammYcam is in effect.

Siegelman, Blagojevich and Obama: What do they have in common?

Is Anybody Here (Financially) Wealthy?

A question for Kucinich supporters

I have my hospital date.

Stock Loses 70% Value Execs Get Bonuses

I have proof that I am a VIP

Hot One In GD:P

Palestinians rebuff Rice's bid to restart peace talks

Dennis Kucinich under media assault from the RW & 'Dems'...asking for your help ASAP!

can you here me now?

McCain jumps into the vaccine/autism debate!

Bush: Americans ‘Ought To Say Thank You’ To Telecoms For ‘Performing A Patriotic Service’

So, the McCain corruption/sex scandal didn't stick...WTF ???

Query: Searching For This Book on The Iraq War.

Rewriting History is now officially "legal". . by Executive Order!

Senator Tom McClintock Enters GOP Race For Doolittle's Seat

Can they hear me now? is having a free course that starts tonight. It is using this book

So if the only way to "beat the elites" was to defund them (i.e., "not buy stuff,") are they about

I'm watching Sen. John Kerry do an interview on MSNBC now.

I've Been Sent As An Emissary Of GD-P To Deliver A Message

I was 3rd in line at the pharmacy last night..

My employer doesn’t believe in laying off workers!

The new republican strategy: Bush & Cheney don't exist.

Anyone use a car sharing program?

So we just booked Pat Buchanan *groan*

60 Minutes ** FCC's Michael Copps (D) Requests Investigation of WHNT-TV Black Out

Live On C-Span, Chairman of JCS Confirms Kerry's View Of Iraq

War in South America??

Sending Fliers Up the River To Ease Traffic

I walked 47 miles of barbed wire. I got a cobra snake for a necktie. Now tell me...

Cover me.. I'm going in!

TEDTalk Tuesday: The Omnivore's Next Dilemma

Did Adam and Eve have Campaign Buttons?

Fascist Joe Scarborough says that 9/11 Truther should be sent to secret prisons.

Man I hate when people burn witches at work.

Marines Probe Puppy-Throwing Video

Kitchy! and other people with KitchenAid stand mixers- deals on matching goodies

Thoughts about Wegmans

What is the maximum file size for a MyspaceIM avatar?

Kansas grand jury shocker: Religionists strike out, get NO indictments against Planned Parenthood

Opinions Please - Drug Sniffing Dogs/Breathalyzers at High School

Please unfreep this poll on CT banning plastic grocery bags

Fuck you, Savage, Hannity, and Boortz. Shut the fuck up, will ya?

Just voted. Big turn out. some guy working as "directing traffic" asked if I was a Dem....

MeatOut Monday! It's Chick'n Patty Time

HERO ALERT: FCC Commisioner Michael Copps

Man I hate when people burn paper at work.

Email received from repuke friend re: taxes Bush vs Clinton.

Oh crap. I just burned my popcorn in the office microwave ...

I want to thank you all for the positive feedback I have been getting on my mole rat pics.

This is your Captain...uh.. just relax ....we are going to make a second attempt at landing

So the Mil can rape & kill a 14 y/o girl but better not toss a puppy?

Does the Internet make people insane, or just stupid?

YouTube: Chambers Brothers, "Time Has Come Today"...the LONG version, baby...

Get A "Free Don Siegelman" T-Shirt And Button (not free)

Two things to ponder today:


In stores tomorrow: 2-CD "Deluxe Edition" of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Street Survivors"

It's raining in Nashville

My sister in laws Breast cancer benefit

Mike Malloy on KPHX, Phoenix stream

Jaguar is using 'Hush' now?

What do you do when you find out you're a topic of conversation?....

Dennis Kucinich’s Media Fight

Man I hate when people burn popcorn at work.

This is cool. I found MC 900 Ft. Jesus. Remember him?

Hey lounge... looking for some PK and a little cyber encouragement and courage

Just three years ago I could get eggs for eighty something cents for an 18 pack

Man I hate when people burn down the popcorn factory where I work

Anyone else having this problem? Being harassed by the RNC

doncha hate it when

I wish I'd had my camera today when I was out.

FCC Okays Nudity On TV If It’s Alyson Hannigan

Hey! They're bahing Lee Mercer in GDP! Let's get 'em!!11!!!!11!!

I Went To Vote This AM and Was Asked If I Were Republican. I Said NO......

Hil on the Daily Show tonight.

Is there any better PMS food than french fries?

New R.E.M. and B-52s singles out this month and they sound great.

Who will win Project Runway?

One-fifth of toys sold in Russia in 2007 failed to meet sanitary requirements

BUSHCO'S-DeCriminalization Of Crime-"Sometimes necessary to violate law in order to uphold law"-LAT

SO... getting ready for tomorrow on DU is like getting ready

Bushco: "Ordered it and approved it & then never came to the Agency's defense when it hit the fan"

Any KILLING JOKE fans out there?

The marine throwing the puppy video

Economist Stiglitz Says Iraq War Costs May Reach $5 Trillion

Dick Cheney's undisclosed location disclosed.

Why are Finnish kids Smarter?

Why are Finnish kids Smarter?

Republocrats. Aren't You the Least Bit BOTHERED, Anyone?

I love this - craig's list ad specifically mentions the person must be clean

What's Your Catch Phrase?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Anyone use Kompozer's free website design software?

I don't think I've ever had a thread in the Lounge go Hot before.

Jeff Healey - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Some push for super status for Lamont (instead of Lieberman!)

Letter from a Louisiana Jail - From Don Siegelman

I want....

condi's pic looks nothing like her...

Same-sex marriage/civil unions...I don't understand something.

You don't have to call me darlin...

self delete,


I think GD:P is going to eat itself eventually

A Poem for Monday Night...

US Homeland Security shuts down British travel agent

Saw an excellent concert last night! Flogging Molly in Richmond, VA.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/3/08

I didn't alert on any Op's, on any forum, in over ....

What happens when GD:P gets RickRolled?

You don't have to calll me

My Horoscope Said "Be Naughty Tonight" LOL

In The Know: How Can We Make The War In Iraq More Eco-Friendly

Has Anyone Seen Lars and the Real Girl?

While nobody's around I can indulge my addiction, for DU

I just ate 7 Snickers and 5 MilkyWay bars

Executive jet crashes outside Wiley Post Airport.. irony, anyone?

Cool. It's perfectly legal to own and drive a righthand drive vehicle.

Hypothetically: Severe Headache Lasting A Week or Longer


I hurt!

Computer rant: Dells are total pieces of SHIT

They never give up

Who likes winter but hates scraping ice off your cat?

Who will watch the biggest loser tomorrow night?

McCain...Bush 2.....more of the same crap....gatta be a joke....

So in a few days, no internet.

For the new parent/grandparent who believes their child is a prince/princess:

What would your occupation have been if you'd lived before the one you have now existed?

I have an exam today--wish me luck.

I'm going in to work early.

The PERFECT representation of the beginning, middle, and end of a DU flame war.

So I saw a film with the best Christopher Walken monologue last night.

Any fans of British band The Feeling?

Gary Gygax, 'Father of D&D,' Dies at 69

Brett Favre to retire

Any fans of IN TREATMENT watch last night's session?

I am concerned about the level of concern in GD-P.

I quit my job yesterday - not a copycat

We've got a live one in LBN

Brett Favre set to retire after 17 years

snowing in Texas in March

I am in SUCH a nice SPACE!

Reduced Shakespeare Company fans check in here!

Was Moses "Trippin"?

IHOP to offer green eggs and ham for breakfast

Appreciation appreciation thread!

Graffiti in bathroom....... What does it mean???????

Post a song from your iPod.

wisconsin needs serious positive vibes--Farve has retired

I quit my piece-o-shit job today and my stomach pain vanished.

Woman’s Memoir of Ghetto Childhood ("Love and Consequences") Fake

Pelosi to USAF: Build Your Damn Planes in the U.S.

Did I mention that I bought a new Prius a couple of weeks ago?

Who likes winter but hates scraping ice off your car?

Lounge appreciation thread!

Thread appreciation thread

Spanking Messes Up Sex Lives, Author Says

Backstabbing, anyone?

should I log out of DU when I go to work today or

Backgammon, anyone?

Are laser pointers good toys for cops?

To the Greatest page- FROM GD:P ??????

Hi everybody! I've been spending time in GDP for a few weeks now....

Oh man. I'm so groovy right now. Oooo yeah. Mellowing.

Bush incoherent

Thank you so much to the DUer who gave me a star!

Are laser pointers good toys for cats?

Why oil prices are going up

Join DU's folding@home team. Help us help find a cure.

Any Elliott Smith fans here?

How many people can one kill before it's a genocide?

I'm trying to find the Airport code for Wilmington, Delaware

Yay! Another adorable FedEx guy!

Any Elliott Saddler fans here?

Pot Smokers - post here what kind of money you're getting for selling your kids

It's 10:53 AM, and the UPS man is knocking.

Project Runway fans - how did Rami get picked over Chris?

A belated birthday post to IntravenousDemilo

Plans for Actions This Month

Rapture Index is at 168 and yet we still all walk the earth

Quite possibly the strangest music video of all time

"The Wire" , or how properly to pronounce the word "shit".

Everything you've ever wanted to know about flatulence.

I think I might've done something sorta racist yesterday

Senator Tom Harkin: Marijuana Makes People Sell Their Children

Do you think Scarlett got Rhett back?

I haven't written a resume since 2000, can someone help me out

Drew Barrymore, you GO, girlfriend!

I found a picture of my grama on the internet.

How do you define "binge drinking"?

California McDonald’s aims to boost sales with feng shui

A question of consanguinuity

Can you dispute a partial charge to your credit card?

My first job was w/ an orange juice factory

It was 80 degrees here today

I get to VOTE tomorrow!!!

False Resume gets chef cut from Food Network

Post something you think people should show....

Quitting: Day One-Cold Turkey-No cigarettes for you!!!!

Nice lounge. Cat friendly is always a good sign

My house-shoes lasted 4 months before coming apart...

Oh, noes...Level 1!

Post something you think people should blow


Who's lobbying for FISA for AT&T?

its sad when your most interesting class is Psychometrics

Post something you think people should grow.

Those crafty bastards at Trader Joe's have a new $4.99 alternative to "Two Buck Chuck"...

Male DU'ers....would you wear a Speedo in public?

Tomorrow we are going to look back on this as if it were yesterday.

Favorite Cookie:

"The New Phonebook's Here! The New Phonebook's Here!"

Gimme my Firebird keys!!!

A Tibetan Monk (two stories) - You decide


Yeahh Brett Whiner Favor Is Retiring!!!

Let's hear it for Rocker Chicks!

I know there have been discussions of cockroach problems here in the past, so

Should you microchip your cat/dog?

I had ovarian cysts a while ago. I wonder what Karmic retribution that was for

I am just about to hit the "crack in a box"

Just once... ONCE... while Keith Olbermann and Tweety are on television together, I'd like to see...

Tell us 6 things DU doesn't know about you.

I need moral support from the ladies of DU who have been perimenopausal

I keep telling him to go to his room but he won't! A very disobedient child

Wow, it was so tough NOT to "pull the lever" for John Edwards today...

Loungers afraid of GDP! Wanna join my vigil?

"To prevent clogs and expensive plumbing repairs, please do not discard paper towels in the urinal"

I just started a flamewar

They informed me that it was just the Blackfeet way

The fever has broken!!!!

I'm feeling the need to post something assertively inappropriate on GD:P,

What odds do you give us in the general election?

Jeebez my fucking eyes, god-fucking-damn-it Bucky

If I post a message in GD:P stating that both Clinton and Obama suck, will DUs servers explode?

I've had a snow day, and I'm gonna give some hugs. Anyone else have a good day?

What is your cat doing right now?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/4/2008)

Bucky Is Now Being Transferred To Guantanamo

I don't like GD-P today.

I'm trying to get the award for "Most Positive GDP Thread in the History of Primaries"

A lot of heavy rain and thunder in Western NC.

Oh, Critters, don't you have an exegesis to be working on?

BOBBY WOMACK: born Robert Dwayne Womack, March 4, 1944, in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

I'm so hungry

There's a stream and several tributaries running through my basement

Good news, MISTIES!!!! MST3K - The Movie available at Amazon - $13.99

Reality Shows on DVD

Do you allow your pet on the bed while you sleep?

Some things.

Has anyone checked in on John Madden?

A Solitaire puzzle for teh Longue

Looking at but not clicking on the threads in the Lounge appreciation thread!

I posted in GDP and nobody can deny what I said

Three doses down and two to go

Caption this pic of Jeb and Barbara

Green tea in standard grocery-store tea bags tastes like shit

Guys! Prepare the bunks! Hawt Natalies!

went to the accountant

A crying small girl child just showed up at my door

Harvard tries women-only gym hours

A Reminder: Bushco Was Spying On US- "6 Months - BEFORE - The 9/11/01 Attacks"

Question for anyone who's ordered from Amazon recently

Thoughts about 37.......Happy Birthday!

It beginneth:

Raul Reyes’ Amazing Laptop of Mystery (All you need to know about the Colombia-Ecuador brouhaha)

California Renters May Be Forced to Go Smoke-free

Paul Craig Roberts A Bi-Partisan Attack on the Constitution: The Mukasey Conspiracy

Its really nice to have Sarahbelle back. I missed her when she was gone

Big kitty picture thread (56k warning!)

Actions you hate?

Did you hear the one about McCain? (and other bizarre and funny stuff about Hillary's campaign)

[WARNING EXPLICIT] Iraq video, after 5 years, the troops start to unhinge

Could you use a little humor today? FUNNY TRUE STORY

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/4/08

I did not forget to use the sarcasm smily

Uke/Guitar Jam YouTube

Big Hug Post For lost-in-nj

Lee Mercer Wins Delaware

Hey pevs..check out my new hobby...Pole dancing.....

What was the worst job you ever had?

Hold on to yer teeth! Polls close in 4 minutes

I'm sure this will get deleted, but it is how I feel.

I posted this in GD:P

I know tonight is a bad time, but I'm absolutely devastated--

Yikes! Defcon 2! You know what to do, Loungers!

Police identify teenager slain in home-invasion shootout.

Funny lock message in GDP.

All loungelizards who didn't get a line in the "88 lines" thread check in here.

In 27 days, I turn 60. Then I will then be, officially, an old man.

Is Creekdog a male?

Today is my BIRTHDAY!

Views from the summit of Cascade Mt in the High Peaks area of the Adirondacks near Lake Placid, NY

Is it safe to go into GD:P?


A question of consanguinuity


I'm sure this will get deleted, but it is how I feel.

Can I get a shout out for DU'er AutumnMist's birthday?

Has anyone dealt with a herniated disc?

Best movie with the setting in the Dark ages ever.

Luke Skywalker vs. Werewolf with the ability to fly

Couch surfing: NYC

You know what? Tough girls wear heels

Male DU'ers....would you shoot a Greedo in public?

Happy Birthday IntravenousDemilo!!!

I got an email from a penis

Well, it's not good news.

Web Sites where I can sign up to raise funds?

DuStrange showering

Oh great. Tornado watch here until 3am.

Luke Skywalker vs. Windows Vista

Yay! USA! USA! We're number ONE in random carnage caused by firearms!

Learning from conservatives: a long term progressive strategy

Dear gun people:

Ask Me Anything!

The girl scout cookie crack is here!

Congratulations to Arsenal fans.

Before you see this on the news, and the place goes nucking futs, please read this.

Scoop - "Today America will feast at the table of democracy and yet go home hungry"

It's time for an "ask me anything" thread

Gary Gygax has passed away - one of D&D's founding fathers (links added)

What's your favorite GS cookie?

You know you live in the country when...

Atlanta Area DUers - a gathering this Saturday

Show off your memory and post a song dedication to a DUer

Tell us 5 things DU doesn't know about you.

Where would you go for a romantic weekend getaway

West Frankfort Business Owner Holds 'Smoke-in'

Man Butchers 15-Month-Old Nephew in Jeddah Supermarket

EPA Unions Slam Managers

Ricin investigation shifting to Utah, FBI says

Computer experts point to White House failures in e-mail controversy

Hells Angels planned to kill Mick Jagger

Fox & Friends promotes global warming deniers' conference

Tucson police bust man at ATM, find 200 credit cards and $168,000 cash

Violence Continues In and Around Gaza

Judge calls hearing to ponder ordering VA to improve health care

Marine base here investigating puppy abuse video

Clinton suggests she'll stay in race after Tuesday

Canada pulled into U.S. vote

Americans fire missiles into Somalia

ILWU Backs Obama for President

UPDATE 1-Canada defends Obama over NAFTA flap

Six dead in Memphis

Reported tornado tears through National Guard barracks

Gazprom to further cut Ukraine gas

Stocks fall on bleak corporate forecasts

Khadr lawyers allege Cheney linked to video release

Harper denies meddling in U.S. presidential primaries

In Ohio, it's really about the economy

Hagee claims views distorted in political fray

Pentagon Says China Is Working Toward Ability To Limit Use Of Space By Adversaries

Agent: Packers QB Brett Favre will retire after 17 seasons

Scientology PSA: Treating Mental Illness Like Blowing Your Brains Out

Pastors Provide Rides To Polls

House Democrats sponsor economic forum

Attorney: No Indictment for Kansas Clinic [Planned Parenthood]

Foreclosure Plans Benefit Banks, but Do Little for Homeowners

Immune Systems Increasingly On Attack

US: China Buildup Continues

Congress to Probe TSA, Flight Schools


Iran may be biggest threat to Iraq - U.S. general

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

Blasts hit Pakistan naval college

US senator (Carl Levin) wants Iraq oil funds used for rebuilding

SEC charges firm, hedge fund managers with 60-mln-dlr fraud

Sweden recognizes Kosovo

New Evidence Bolsters Women’s Colleges

Fed Chief: Mortgage Crisis to Continue

Author Admits Acclaimed Memoir ('Love and Consequences') Is Fantasy

Ecuador Breaks Ties With Colombia

US Q4 home prices drop; 1st consecutive drop since 1982

Russia, China block UN Iran resolution

Limbaugh Caller Says Obama Reminds Daughter of Cartoon Monkey

Group fears emergency center would cater to rich

Democrats expect no knockouts

NH Impeachment Resolution To Come Up For House Vote

Gulf investors may not save Citigroup, Dubai executive says

Wiretap Compromise in Works

Transit Alert (for New Yorkers)

Former Murkowski Chief of Staff Pleads Guilty to Corruption

Somalis protest after U.S. missile attack

Melanie Morgan out at KSFO

Want Health Insurance? Try The Lottery

OPEC not expected to raise production despite record-high oil prices

Bankruptcy makes gift cards worthless (Sharper Image won't honor gift cards)

Iranian to pay 124,000-rose dowry

FCC Asks About '60 Minutes' Blackout

Bush backs Colombia over Venezuela 'provocation'

Prices soar on inflation worries

St. Paul prepares for protestors of the RNC

Housing in 'deepest, most rapid' decline since Great Depression

Gas Prices Continue Their Climb Along with Oil, Gold (4.00/gal predicted)

Favre Has Decided to Call It A Career

Gary Gygax, Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons, Dies at Age 69

Peru's president: Colombia's incursion into Ecuador "unacceptable"

Paid Leave: Good for Employees, Bad for Business?

Vanity Fair: Bush approved plot to oust Hamas

Outrage over 'puppy torture' video

Washington’s role in the current conflict between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador

Venezuela: troop deployments are preventative

European Nonprofits Promote Elitist, Revisionist Vision of 2004 Haiti Coup Aftermath

Locking down open computing (BBC) {digital rights "management"}

Deliverance or Diversion? ...........Krugman

Chris Matthews Worships St. John the Baathist

Obama Secretly Assures Canadians He Won’t Abolish Hockey

Bill Clinton Weighs in on Obama’s Religion

Why Isn't Iraq in the 2008 Election? Noam Chomsky

Noose tightening on disgraceful Alaska Republicans

Nurses tell candidates: "Stop Selling Insurance and Back Real Reform"

When Did We Become the Enemy?

E. J. Dionne: The Battle That Clinton Didn't Expect

Party like it's 1912? Experience vs. Change

A politician in a messiah's clothing is still a politician.

Mukasey's Paradox

NYT editorial: Border Insecurity; "Pouring billions into building a fence is viewed as insane."

Obama Supporters Complain That Pentagon Ray Gun Can’t Stop Hillary

Sunnis make merry on US's dime

Lawmakers scrutinize missile shield

The 'laptop of mass destruction'

Congressional oversight office at NSA headquarters sits empty

WP, pg1: Immune Systems Increasingly On Attack

If You Think Karl Rove is Evil, Make Phone Calls Today

Hillary’s Math Problem

Who Says NAFTA’s All Bad?: Small Print Allows Trade of the President

Gates to appear again before Congress on eve of H-1B visa rush

Ask Tough Questions? Yes, They Can!

Five reasons Clinton could come back

Gulf investors may not save Citigroup, Dubai executive says

Eric Boehlert: Here Come the Media Attacks on Obama

Norman Solomon: The War Election

Joe Galloway: The Pentagon Is Financed Like Enron and Run Like General Motors

Dennis Kucinich's Media Fight

American Politics and the Faltering Economy

The Great Regression -- and the Road Back

Lone Star Liberals Are Back

This is Bush's recession, his legacy ... A classic 12-act tragedy

Herbert: The 2 Trillion Nightmare

The Man Nobody Wanted

Uribe's Colombia is Destabilizing a New Latin America

I Wish Obama Was A Black Woman

As Ohio Goes So Goes the Nation

Let’s Build Bombs: The Secret City Wants More

With the dollar so low, why not outsource to America?

Better Buckle Up! -- CheneyBush's Final 10 Months

Barack Obama Reciting Pledge with Hand on Heart

Canadian Parliament Fighting Over NAFTA Attack On Obama

Countdown: The World According to dubyah

U.S. Strikes Al Qaeda Target in Somalia (headlines, and a couple more)

Countdown: Thrust & Sorry


Clinton attack ad: Who you gonna call, America?

Democrats On Route To Buckling On FISA

It's 3AM redux part XIII

Vote Democratic


Brain Wash 101

Hillary plagiarizing Bush

Barack Obama -- His Life in Pictures

Obama Caught Lying About Slumlord Rezko

Brainwash?... Democracy Now Amy Goodman on Corporate Media

TPMtv's Texas/Ohio preview

MSNBC’s Countdown 3/3/08

Karl Rove's Advice

The Clintons with Tony Rezko

Jack Nicholson's Hillary Ad

Ohio Voters Missing Something About Obama (What Does It Say About America?)

For the record

Obama Avoids Answering About Rezko

Network - We're In A Lot Of Trouble - Howard Beale

Barack Obama for President 2008

Cafferty: Shame on you Hillary for defending a Republican over a Dem

Rachel Maddow on the Today Show


Morning Joe : Special Prison Needed for 9/11 Truthers

Not Necessarily the News

Canada say NAFTA story untrue

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky & The Media

Countdown: Your More Fears

Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman

Why is Canadian govt. meddling in the U.S. Election? (CBC gets story right)

Hillary Clinton: Liar (Mashup)

Obama's Writen Letter for Rezko

Revealed: Volkswagen's 69.9 MPG Diesel Hybrid

Iran defiant over new UN nuke sanctions

New York Times Editors Write A Mean Nasty Rotten Cruel Editorial Criticizing Biofuels.

Informative quote of the day: "'It's very easy to outrun lava'" (AP/CNN)

1 if by land, 10 if by sea ... North Church goes high-tech with LED lights (CNN)

Another interesting reason not to drill in ANWR

New 'Snapshots' Aid Quest For Fusion Energy

3/4/08 16:10 GMT - Tapis Breaks $107/bbl

Shallow Water Ahead for Panama Canal

Solar mfg breaks ground in New Mexico

Wave-power proposals alarm locals

Wind power continues to explode in ND

Home Solar Panels Reviewed: Which Technology is the Most Efficient and Affordable?

Vehicle Sales Fell by 10% Last Month

PSEG proposes (350 Megawatt) wind farm off S. Jersey shore

Dr Venter concedes being late with invention

10,000+ Unionized EPA Employees Withdraw From Partnership, Slams Appointees On Lack Of Integrity

Despite Rain Elsewhere, Murray-Darling Basin Farmers Looking At Potential Zero Releases This Year

ABARE - Biofuel Demand Ensures That Coarse Feed Prices Will Remain High In 2008

High In Andes, Potato Farmers Face Climate Breakdown, Spectre Of Blight - NPR

ABARE Projects Australian Oil Production Peak This Year - Reuters

Artificial Flood From Glen Canyon Dam Will Hit Grand Canyon Starting Tonight - SLT

(Texas) Wind power woes not sole issue in near blackouts

OPEC President Says He Would Welcome A Production Cut At Tomorrow's Meeting - FXStreet

There's a picture floating through the wildlife community in California showing a wolverine at Tahoe

Tech Luminaries Told To Dial Back Energy Use

How USDA Policy Helps Strangle Local Small-Scale Fruit & Vegetable Farming - NYT OP-ED

Scientists Say Salmon Collapse Due To Change In Currents, Resulting Absence Of Food

World wind power reaches 100,000 megawatts

Australia today = U.S. southwest by 2050 ..... ( greater water conservation needed)

Are we near a solar energy tipping point?

U.S. coal power boom suddenly wanes

MIT Builds Efficient Nanowire Storage to Replace Car Batteries

Oil giant Saudi to become solar power centre: minister

Park land dedication...

Kenya - Only 15 - 50% Of Farmland In North Rift Prepared For Planting - 8 Mo. Food Reserve On Hand

Lutz Backing Away From Volt By 2010 - Now Calls Target "A Stretch" - Reuters

Hillary on Jon Stewart's Daily Show

Wilkes-Barre students to get detention for walkout (to support their teachers' effort to unionize)

New rules offer more protection to mine workers exposed to asbestos

Gordon meat plant rejects union report

Pass Employee Choice to Save the Economy

American Axle Offers Real-Life Look at How NAFTA Hurts Workers

AFL-CIO Executive Council to Set Big Plans to Turn Around America

Washington Post: In Ohio, Candidates Court Unions

W Times: (Ohio) Obama banks on unions' support (40 percent of the primary voters are from unions)

TIME: Behind Obama's Union Comeback

Spring Hill firefighters unionize

'Men,' 'Theory' are first shows to start filming after writers' strike

Apple Valley SMMC Workers Choose USW (450 hospital workers)

Does labor need more clout? PRO

Does labor need more clout? CON

Union Support of Dem Presidential Candidates By The Numbers -Big Numbers $8 + mill and growing

NYT editorial: A Verdict for Workers, for a Change (US Supreme Court)

GM supplier strike to lay off two-thirds of workers at Toledo Powertrain

Today in labor history March 4

I hate saying 'no' to peddlers, but here's why:

UFW Launches Exciting New Cesar Chavez Online Resource Page

Student Labor Week of Action March 28-April 4th!

Building Political Strength Helps Jackson City Workers Gain First Contract

Indiana Labor on the Move in Special Election

House Democrats Call for Strong Standards to Prevent Dust Explosions

LA Times: Speaking up for exploited workers

New Jersey a Step Closer to Guaranteeing Workers Paid Family Leave



Citigroup, Wachovia face hedge fund lawsuits: report

Bundled Mortgages and Dubious Fees Complicate Foreclosure Cases

The Crash is past. Comes now Inflation.

Bernanke Sounds Alarm Bells

currency guesstimates

FIDEL REFLECTIONS: Pres. Rafael Correa

UPDATE Col/Ecu/Ven: Ay Dios Mio - Laptops, Uranium, $, and Probably the Kitchen Sink

Clandestine Mtg. in 1998 Between FARC and US per State Dept. Memo

DOW Down 5% in Past Five Days.

Col/Ecu/Ven: 4 Videos in Spanish - Presidents Correa/Chavez/Injured FARC/Hostages' Press Conf

thanks for all the help with the movies

Gay Marriage Attracting Skilled Workers To Mass.

I talked to the mother of one of my students a few days ago

For anyone in the Maine area...

GD:P is insane

URGENT Action! Any GLBT folks from West Virginia

Gay marriage debate shifts back to California

They've heard our case


Anita Bryant Pie in the Face

American Idol top 20 contestant was stripper at Phoenix gay bar

I have never posted in this forum before...or even read any threads..

Israel declares 'interval' to raids

Study: Young American Jews are not alienated from Israel

Obama says US should not meet with Hamas

Israelis show declining zest for military service

Peres: We shall overcome

Colonial realities

The Middle East's asymetric war

The Gaza Bombshell

Spread some love

Something not entirely Biden related

Biden statement on Russian elections

Correcting vision problems.

Does anyone have the trait of not tolerating jewelry on the skin for long?

my anecdotal voting story from today

Is it me, or are there more mass murders and random shootings lately?

One completely loopy dream

David Edwards, Who Inspired Episode of ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Dies at 20


Arsenal make history

Supremes Deadlock Over FDA Drug Approvals & State Suits

Drug Pitchmen: Actor, Doctor or Pfizer’s Option

CDC Warns of Safety Problems at Clinics

Flat Growths May Be Worse Than Polyps ( 10 times more likely to be cancerous than the polyps)

Severely milk-allergic kids can be desensitized

Help find a cure for a host of afflictions

Anti-vaxers have an ally in John McCain.

When People Drink Themselves Silly, and Why

Speaking of pastrami

anyone have a good baking powder biscuit recipe

False Resume Gets Chef Cut From Food Network

A couple from today

Accused witch survives lynch mob to give birth hanging from tree

What in heaven's name can we say about profanity?

Scientology PSA: Treating Mental Illness Like Blowing Your Brains Out

Keeping the Church Out of the White House

Violence Leaves Young Iraqis Doubting Clerics

Catholics Dig Up Dead To Staunch Attendance Losses

Moses 'high on drugs during biblical scenes'

I got an interesting book from the library.

I love culinary irony

Dinosaur Graveyard as Tourist Draw

Gene Map Becomes a Luxury Item

A Viral Attack against Brain Tumors rabies-related virus seeks out and destroys tumors in the brain.

OK it's diet time, hit me with your best (lo cal) shot

Guess i shouldnt have a right to privacy

always an exception for Law Enforcement

Look here, a responsible gun dealer

A Democrat's guide to why firearm sound suppressors ("silencers") should be made easier to obtain.

John McCain's Sweet Ride!

Modern Battles Will Be Won By Controlling The Weather *POPULAR MECHANICS*

Dick Cheney:"So we've never made the case...that somehow OBL (sic) was directly involved in 9/11"

Joe Scarborough commentator: "I hope we have a special prison for 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists"

Dr. Robert Bowman on NORAD stand-down.

Yes, I know you don't like to visit GDP but take a look at this post

Xpost: FDL: Siegelman transcript FINALLY ready!

"(Cuyahoga County) Ballots will be closely guarded"

Bomb scare, power outage stalls vote temporarily in Lake County

Ohio - Tab? What's the deal with the tabs?

Election monitors head to Texas for primaries

X-post from GD Primaries: Texas voting emergency....Dallas area. Precincts 2506, 2507, 2503, 2504

Gidday ERD..... I have posted Bigger Than Watergate III in GD.....

Has a Texas Election Integrity Estimate been compiled?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 03/04/08

ERD Submissions Please - Help write some updates for Scoop's Texas/Ohio Primary coverage

Please rec another Jon Powers diary (Fighting Dem!)

Nice Article in Politico about Loss and Moving on

JK coming up on MSNBC soon--about the election. n/t

Anybody wanta crash McCain's party tomorrow?

Why does Dallas get McCain AND Huckabee? Where's the GOOD party tomorrow?

Below is your official voting guide for tomorrow, March 4th

Texas Dispatch: Anticipating Caucus Troubles

Breaking: You DO NOT need to bring your raccoon to your Texas convention/caucus

Are kids knocking on your door, peddling the Star Tribune newspaper?

Mr. DTBK actually wants to go caucus for Obama tonight!

what to expect tonight

Help! My sister in Dallas needs some answers!

Can someone explain the caucus thing to me?

Signing in and then leaving after the precentages are figured.

CRAP: My precinct doesn't have a precinct chair.......HELP!

If there are less voters at precinct than delegate slots for that precinct...

Heavy democratic turnout in Red Houston Memorial

I am voting today. This afternoon. I hope I have to stand in line, I think it bodes well

Texas voting emergency....Dallas area. Precincts 2506, 2507, 2503, 2504 combined.

One more resolution for the Precinct Conventions tonight

Snow in Dallas! Is Texas the new Iowa?

MSNBC, has our polls closing @ 9:00 ET


Streaming music from a Linux server running Apache & PHP & Java.

The math is beyond me, but interesting diary about numbers and delegates here

Something to divert us as we wait today...

Texas voting emergency....Dallas area.

It's likely to get ugly tonight, guys, but buck up. We may lose the battle, but we'll win the war.

So do the gloves come off?

If Hillary wins TX and OH I think I'll stay out of GD-politics for a while

CP: Canada assures U.S. that $1-billion aid fund won't violate lumber pact

National Post: Time for an answer, Mr. Harper

CP: PMO won't answer key questions in Cadman affair

Government Fingerprints on Higher Education

California Education Code Section 35330

Why Hasn't Obama Been Asked & Called to Answer The Following:

Michelle Obama: What will happen today

Memo Gives Canada’s Account of Obama Campaign’s Meeting on Nafta

"I want the one with the Broad"

WP, pg1: To Women, So Much More Than Just a Candidate

Ask Tough Questions? Yes, They Can!

For Bill, it's all about Hillary


Election Officials in Ohio Question Obama Poll Monitoring Tactics

GOP voters crossing over in large numbers

All-Nighter in Cleveland?

Show your support for Rev here

Indiana Jones trailer has fans eager

Oh how will we survive the dreadful loss!

Anyone from Oconto, Marinette, Menominee, or Florence county here?

farve retires

Number of atheists & agnostics grows

I just got this in the mail...