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I'm on pins & needles...

You are all disgusting.

Vermont first returns: Obama 53%/Hillary 45%

CNN VT Exit Poll 62-37 for Obama n/t

THANK YOU! Raising Kaine, Buckeye State Blog, Burnt Orange Report,

In the interest of party unity, I'd just like to point out that Rudy Giuliani still sucks ass

MSNBC Projects McCrazy wins Ohio!! this is HUGH!!11!!!!1!!

NMCC in the Pentagon hears the phone call, to the Oval Office first... officials figure out options,

We have Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

CNN OH Exit Poll 51-48 for Clinton n/t

Exit polls posted on MyDD.

Exit polls: Blacks consist of 20% of the electorate in Ohio

Live Now: Richard Wolfe Of Newsweek Weighing In On Tonight With TYT at

Who are you most tired of seeing this primary season?

FOX Projects Guiliani WINS OHIO and TEXAS

Hearsay reports from Central Texas

Hearsay reports from Central Texas


Any voter turnout numbers from tonight yet?

Ohio too close to call

CNN OH Exit poll (with link)


First Ohio Results from CNN - Clinton 56, Obama 42 - 0% reporting

Exit Polls: "Change" Beating "Experience" By Big Margins In Ohio And Texas


CNN OHIO Results - Clinton 60%

It Includes Confetti!

Why is CNN already posting results for Texas??

OH CNN Exit Poll: Obama wins 4 of 5 OH regions!

Obama up 58% to 41% in TX 1% Reporting

Early TX numbers look good for Obama

=-=-= CONTEST: Beat the "News Stations" to it. Name THIS Tuesday =-=-=



Barack, offer Bill Clinton Secretary of State ...

Anyone have a good site for seeing OH results by county?

Where are the candidates?

Obama Lining up Superdelegates to Announce as a Bloc!!!

Rasmussen markets showing large swing back to Obama in Texas

I think Clinton won Ohio

BWAHAHAHAAH: MSNBC Is predicting -1 to +5 delegate gain for Clinton if she takes OH 51 to 49

My Favorite Band is:

Texan Republicans voting FOR Hillary.

how nuts am I?

For the conspiracy people: Why did Karl Rove chose the which shade of blue Clinton and Obama got on

Fellow Clinton supporters...

Oh NO, it's the POTATO HEAD!

BREAKING NEWS: Ohio secretary of state has asked a judge to hold open the polls in Sandusky County u

Does Ohio SOS Election Data STILL run through Smartech Servers with the RNC?

Texas, please explain. How can you have...

I'm getting High Tonight...

My sister voted in Texas for Hillary. Her husband voted for Obama.

Ohio Judge: 15 polling stations in Cuyahoga county to stay open

Alert the Ohio Vote!! Not enough ballots!Burton, Campaign Mgr for Obama is quoted abt Cuyahoga

Looking for voter turnout numbers

Radio ads sounding like newscasts, putting your ballot number with a picture of your opponent on

Obama looks good in TX

Quit tearing each other down you spoiled little bratty shits! I, for one, am sick of this already!

I have a question.... for the Obama and Hillary supporters....

Larger percentage of voters in both states say Clinton has attacked Obama unfairly than the other w

MSNBC has Texas 1% in, showing 489,023 for Obama and

Clinton scrambles to freeze defectors

Got a Call from a Friend who is a Precinct Captain down in Austin

2% Counted in Texas == 950,000???

Per CNN: In Ohio => 62-36 Clinton

The Big Picture........

As a lifelong Pennsylvanian

How do Exit Polls take Early Voting into Account n/t?


Here we go. Clinton camp complaining because they are losing TX

Keith is on fire tonight. Claims he doesn't know who Wolfe Blizter is. HA HA

MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, Just Announced Texas...

After the debacle in 2004 and no evidence that things have been corrected, why should we trust OH?

Has anyone else noticed that we have an

Tom Brokenjaw is drunk !!...

Camp Clinton Full Frontal Assault on MI/FL Delegations

*It's Official:** Grandpa is the presumptive Republican Nominee

After watching Huckabee I have only one question.


TX EARLY VOTING: OBAMA 56% 484,538 CLINTON 43% 367,632

HRC won't raise cap on SS. Obama will!!

Just got back from my caucus in South Houston, Lots of Obama Support in the room

Hillary supporter Michael Shure on with TYT right now at

local ohio news reports

Get your Red Hot Texas Exit Polls here

How GD long is Huckelberry going to talk?

Hillary supporters - stand up, and take your bows!

Maybe Hillary does have more experience

Exit poll :People worried about the economy pick Clinton. Obama wins among those less worried

CNN just now reported Obama filed a lawsuit for the state of OHIO

trouble in river city

Most interesting exit poll queston they don't ask.

just read Huckabee dropped out....

did you hear David Gregory? Obama is going to start calling McCain: John W. McCain

The Clintons threw Kerry under a bus in 2004 fairy tale ...

Would you approve of your candidate dropping out for the good of the party?

Let's give CNN Kudos for Voter Map Technology!!!!

Schneider: Clinton's delegate problem

Clinton up by 20 in RI and OH. Now only behind Obama by 3 in TX.

I just want to encourage John McCain to campaign for NAFTA and free trade this fall

Obama Has Won More Blue States

Why can't HRC get it: It's not appropriate for her to attack anyone but McCain now!

Ok, HRC supporters, I'll cede Ohio with one condition:

John McCain I'mnot your friend

PIctures at Precinct 3 in Lubbock, Texas

So will the Republicans voting for Hillary in Texas balance out

Get ready floks....McCain is about to......zzzzzzz

Obama Calls McCain

Dem's beating the bejeesus out of Rep's in Texas!

McCain And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Tie

Texans, how did your caucus go?

I am watching this link - and I saw Obama's total votes just drop from

Keeping my fingers crossed for Kucinich! Go Dennis Go!

My Friends, who wants to play the McCain Drinking game with me?

McCain just said "Modernity" Huh! This is McCain's idea of "Modernity"

When will the cities report in?

***OFFICIAL Obama Supporters Results Thread #2***

Can somebody please wake me up after McLame stops speaking?

Hillary holds 26% lead in Rhode Island (28% counting)

When the party is over, who's going to buy the rag to mop up the sticky mess with?

OMG...look at the Dem vs Rep voting numbers in TEXAS!

McCain's "friends"...

I voted & caucused in TX today. Caucuses are collegial but stupid.

LOL....Huckabee invites Chris Jagger to rally on accident

Is it just me or is anyone else burnt out from this?

Why is there so much animosity between Obama and Hillary supporters?

Why is Wolf Blitzer calling McCain victory "historic"? An old, white man??

EXACT Rhode Island Ballot Count

Obama calls Cain, "looking forward to run against him in Fall"

Ohio: 37% counted - Clinton - 462,140 57% - Obama - 328,478 41% - Edwards 15,722 2%

What could possibly unite Clinton and Obama supporters?

My Gawd! McCain using "Johnny B. Goode"!! Does Chuck Berry know?

Keiths Bell.....has he used it lately?

Russert just said Houston (Harris County) - Obama country - has NOT reported yet.

Clinton could get 60% of the vote in OH

We went all out tonight! (What are your election returns plans?)

Media spinning like mad for Hillary... say HELLO to the McCAIN ADMINISTRATION


Civics question please --

So far, as per CBS, Tonight's Delegate Count: BO-64 HC-53

Obama's Ohio bases yet to report = 25%+ of the state


OMG, John King's touch map is making me nauseous

John W. McCain

Ohio: Voting by race? (was a polling question) WTF?

Politico has audio of Obama lawyer crashing the Clinton Conference call!!!!

MSNBC: Clinton Wins Rhode Island

What was Brian Williams paying Rachel Maddow back for?

My friends.....say hello to President McCain....

My friends.....say hello to President McCain....

Joe Scarborough needs to chill on this BS condscending of female coworkers.

Obama's Ohio bases yet to report = 25%+ of the state

Close, but IMHO, Obama's got Texas.

A bit of perspective: Either way it is the DEMOCRATS who have made

MSNBC - Texas Hillary is winning the .....

Think what you want of Gov. Rendell-Pa., but if he says Clinton's campaign goes forward, it's on.

Clinton won 61-38% of Texas voters who decided in last 3 days, the red phone worked

If the Democratic nomination process continues, both candidates need to

Any word on Dennis's primary yet?

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Do I sense some Obamanxiety on GD-P?

Last chance before the final tally: ~The Official I Hate Hillary Clinton Thread~

Just got home from my Texas caucus

Why can't HRC get it: It's not appropriate for her to attack anyone but McCain now!

Report from WolverineDG in Laredo

Hillary wins RI

MSNBC - Texas Hillary is winning the .....

My friends, let the contest begin. You see, my friends, as your president, I will not surrender

How late are you going to stay up tonight?

Texas's SOS web page shows Clinton leading, CNN shows her tied.

How am I supposed to remember exactly who to loathe

TX Caucus News: Obama Attorney Crashes Clinton Conference Call, Clinton Camp Whines About Packets

After tonight should Obama go negative

People Who Say RACE Was Important Broke 57-43 For Clinton In Ohio

Bill Bennett on CNN: McCain loves America blah blah blah loves America

Best place to watch results online (video)?


I'm confident that the delegate count didn't move much at all tonight.....regardless

I'm confident that the delegate count didn't move much at all tonight.....regardless

Obama campaign lawyer calls into Clinton conference call with reporters

Is this about winning the nomination or winning the PRESIDENCY?

self delete

self delete




People getting excited about Hillary in Texas should look at the county map

Congratulations to HRC supporters on OH and RI! Congrats to BHO supporters on VT!

Hushabee dropping out....what is taking him so long in his farewell speech...? GET THE HOOK ALREADY

What happened to Tweety....maybe he stomped off the set

20% of Ohio white voters said race was an important factor in their vote

*** Official Obama Comeback In Ohio Thread ***

Looks like Oregon's May primary might count for something

Mitchell looks sick as a pig over Hillary winning Ohio

Hillary is going to win the nomination.

Hillary looks very strong in Ohio...


Why are all the talking heads saying that PA is the next contest?

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/4/08 - Obama unchanged (44), Clinton up 1 (46)

***OFFICIAL Obama Supporters Results Thread #3***

For all who said I was full of it two weeks ago...Hillary wins Ohio!!!

My first TX caucus ** Pics **

Oh goodie! 3 more months of this sh*t

February was a great month for Obama

Rep. Heather Wilson Accused of Felony Vote-Buying in NM; Reporter Quits After Story Scrubbed

Ohio: 56% reporting, Texas: 33% reporting. CAN YOU PEOPLE RELAX?!

What happened to KO? Has he been handed his hat as a political prognosticator?

Is it just me, or does Hilary look kinda hot tonight???

"As Ohio goes, so goes the nation" "Ohio ... knows how to pick a president"

Congratulations Hillary supporters! Congratulations Obama supporters!

Who are the hopeless despair mongers tonight?

If Clinton wins Texas, it puts things way close...cuz she won all the big states....

Obama was down by what, 10-15 in Texas a couple weeks ago?

Damn it I hate Tweety

Obama/Clinton or Clinton/ dream ticket!

KOS says Obama is leading in Ohio delegates

Hillary Kicks!!!! She will be Prez!!!

A Ton Of Bricks Are Going To Hit The Clinton Campaign Tomorrow

Go Dennis!

My precinct here in Texas went 90% Hillary tonight

My precinct here in Texas went 90% Hillary tonight

why SHOULD hill drop out?

Hillary is wearing her Tiger Woods red dress....

CNN: Texas likely to switch again.

Post Number One for me 2Night..I LOVE THIS SHIT

Brooks Co. TX goes for Dodd

Tonight's big winner: John Sidney McCain

Why haven't they called Ohio already?

GOD did she win the nomination?

I just got back from voting here in north Texas

Here we go on MSNBC: Clinton shoves it in our faces

Would Hillary hand the election to McCain so that she could run again in 2012?

Clinton Winning Ohio Delegates nearly 2 to 1 (141 tied to primary) - C:46 O:24 so far

Any news on Kucinich primary?

Hillary Supporters: You were up 15% in Texas two weeks ago...

I am sad tonight

After today, I feel so much HOPE that

Here's a question. Who here thinks Democratic Primaries should be winner-take-all???

"I don't belong to an organized political party - I'm a Democrat."

I am so proud of

I am composing an "I told you so" post tonight

Not so fast Hillary in Ohio

Any word on Kucinich's Congressional Race?

Obama Speech: Goes right to McCain after congratulating Hillary

Go Hillary!

My Texas projection: Obama 46.44% Clinton 53.56%

Cleveland Vote Count Gets Off to Slow Start - Obama files complaint

Jesus, why tonight of all nights can't we see all the assholes we have on ignore!

How bout Florida and Michigan?

Watch now as the tone shifts

John McCain just fell on his face.

Was that a speech or experience on display? It's so hard to tell.

Hillary will win Texas

Obama: "John McCain and Hillary Clinton have echoed eachother" WOOT!

So How Many Delegates Ahead Will Clinton Be After Tonight?

A Million

if either O/C get ALL remaining delegates, not enuff to win the nomination SO>>>>>

Chill out. It doesn't really matter. We'll vote for the candidate that gets

Thin skin Obama supporters. For weeks they had the field open and could not stop

So, negative campaigning still works.

Obama and his supporters would rather F over the country than lose

Hillary lost big tonight -- she needed supermajority victories in 3 or 4 of these states...

Stop following polls vote from heart

Reminder: Not One Single Day Has Clinton Won More Delegates Than Obama

MSNBC: If Clinton wins TX and Ohio - she will only NET 20 Delegats.

From red to russet (a political blog from Idaho -- courtesy of a UK paper)



I am devestated

Damn good speech Obama, damn good.

To those who will supposedly vote for McCain if "their" candidate doesn't win.

****OFFICIAL WRITE-IN CANDIDATE Supporters Results Thread #1****

"In a day or two, I think those delegate numbers are going to sink in" (Josh Marhsall)

"In a day or two, I think those delegate numbers are going to sink in" (Josh Marhsall)

Candidates that win immorally will rule immorally.

Breaking NBC News: Obama campaigns says Texas lost;, Hillary "It's a pretty incredible feeling"

Hillary is Having a Big Night

Please take a look at CNN's district maps of Texas and Ohio

Who gives a shit what Bill Richardson says?

Congrats Hillary Supporters!

Hot damn! Let's go to Denver!

Hillary supporters

just donated to Hillary

Punxsatawney Barack musta seen his shadow.

Most accurate pollster for March 4th

Now it's PA-IF Clinton wins in the 5th largest voting state-well, then it's on to the Convention...

Obama could still increase his delegate lead.

Scarborough and Buchannan both gone to bed!

Scarborough and Buchannan both gone to bed!

Scarborough and Buchannan both gone to bed!

I HATE Candy Crockly


Spin me all you want media but Barack Obama probably netted delegates tonight

Today's delegate numbers by Chuck Todd...

Hillary had a grate night, and so has the Democratic party!

Someone please explain the logic behind appointing a DINO/DLCer as our Dem representative?

Rachel's got her hands full on MSNBC

Congratulations to Obama supporters from a Clinton supporter

Barack, I'll admit it: you disappointed me tonight.

To Those That Say My State Knows How To Pick A President

A 50-state primary ... If we can survive this, our party will be

I suspect what the Neocons are planning for Obama

"I'm surprised he didn't call her at 3 A.M."

are the TX caucas results in yet???

Obama is the BEST cantidate I have encountered in

Obama is the BEST cantidate I have encountered in

My precinct here in Texas went 90% Hillary tonight

Hillary sparkled tonight. She is ready to lead

A little humility is good for the soul.


This is going Nuclear , dragging to the convention

joe cimperman (corporate dem-assclown) pummelled in Ohio Primary by Dennis Kucinich

Larry King: "Could it go to a brokered convention where we look to another candidate... Al Gore?!?"

Funny thought

While we are waiting can I recommend a little history re Cuyahoga Co. Hunter S. Thompson....

Didn't She have to win big to even still have a chance?

Didn't She have to win big to even still have a chance?

John W. McSame -- Volunteers needed for

in texas HRC gets 65 delegates and BHO gets 61 in the primaries

Senator Obama will take the (C) and Senator Clinton will take the (P)....

Caucus numbers now coming in on CNN

Congratulations Hillary Supporters

so far in texas.. HRC gets 65 delegates and BHO gets 61 delegates from primary

wow - look at these TX caucus numbers Obama 56% Clinton 44%

Thank You Ohio and....

CBS and CNN both project Hillary to win Texas


Where are Hillary's other 130 delegates going to come from?

Texas Precinct observations

Just donated to OBAMA again,

Hillary won three of four tonight ... yet, all the O-bots can do is

This morning Clinton should drop out. Tonight Obama is finished.

Hoo boy...

Does HRC's preference for McCain over Obama disqualify her from OUR nomination

"As Ohio goes, so goes the nation" "Ohio ... knows how to pick a president"

Go Hill Go!!!

I congratulate Hillary on her Texas primary win

its not a "win" if she is still way behind and unable to catch up.

Chuck Todd: It is a wash tonight in delegate count

OH gets it right ... votes conscience over $$s

How is Kucinich doing tonight in his Congressional race? nt

Obama says Clinton's wins don't change his lead in delegate count

We are now seeing why HRC didn't want TX caucus results done quickly

What went down at the Mondale vs Hart convention?



KO sucking up to BO's campaign MGR asking if HRC should drop out...

Why is the MSM GORE-ING Hillary? SNL redeemed itself...

Pennsylvania is a closed primary. Democrats only. How refreshing.

Just heard Sam Sedar repeat a rumor

***** RESULTS *****

***** RESULTS *****

***** RESULTS *****

F***, brokered convention here we come, thank you hillary.

Can this being drawn out to the convention be a good thing?

Vermont town votes to arrest Bush!


Regarding the argument that Hillary can't win by pure mathematics

Now that Hillary has shown she's not dead, you can expect the MSM to try to finish the job.


HRC vs Repubs? Ugh can you just imagine

Late results..good news for Obama

MSNBC & CNN Making Huge Mistake...Obama will win Texas

MSNBC: Clinton wins Texas!!!

Yes, I realize its only a primary but isn't it great

Let's just set up camp in Pennsylvania.

Thanks, SNL

I voted Obama, and want him to win. What can Hillary supporters say to assure me she'll beat Mccain?

TX exit poll results suggest that Latino/as were a big factor for Clinton

"Conventional wisdom" is the bunk.

Breaking: NBC Projects Clinton Wins Texas

Things will get nasty = GOP win

Congrats to Hillary.

Democracy Wins Again!

Congratulations to Women Everywhere


Obama supporters- RELAX. He WILL be the nominee, no question.

Memo to Hillary Supporters

If Barack Obama is the Nominee, We Will Regret It.


Austan Goolsbee needs to go.

Texas Delegate Explination : Hillary's HALF VICTORY

A few demographic concerns regarding Obama

A few demographic concerns regarding Obama

If Hillary was a man women would HATE him

The Duel, by Eugene Field. 1850–1895

total vote count - BO still way ahead

Primaries & Caucuses March 10..1992 ( a blast from the past)

Republican voting numbers? (My first post in GD:P)

The Next President

If the primary vote in Texas is mostly in, what is the importance of the caucus?

If you were in a knock down drag out political fight, who would you want on your side?

Texas, 44% white, 32% hispanic, and 19% black.

It's our friend Blackwell on MSNBC!

Gore/Obama '08

This may be a dumb question, and this is not meant as a slam, but has Obama won any "blue" states?

My reasons I will fight for Obama.

recent up date on TX caucuses: Obama 56% Clinton 44% - 22% reporting

Yeah Hillary!

Matthews and Andrea Mitchell calling for Hillary to Drop out after she wins Ohio and Rhode Island!

Obama Supporters: Donate with me!! C'mon!

How did Hillary get votes tonight?

If the economy is such an important issue

reveiw the most recent slime ad by HRC

Holy schneikies, already....

Texas Reporting is not what it appears.

McCain can't make a speech without staring at that damn teleprompter.

From an Obama supporter: Congratulations Hillary

Win at any cost

1960: Adlai rallies, vows to take hopeless fight to convention.

LOL! My Texas County Repubs Voted for Huckabee!

Barack Obama: Show us your state SENATE RECORDS!

More lies from the Clinton camp . .. this time regarding Ohio

Ok first listened to HRC and now to Obama and there is this thread

The ACTUAL percentages, and how to read CNN's exit polls.

HRC needs 57% to catch Obama, and guess what ?

I predict TX caucuses will go well for Obama

So what now????

Humor: GD : P Tonight ...

Follow all 4 states & all 5 major news organizations, including CNN's county-by-county maps, here

Where are all the Obamatons tonight?

So what do the numbers and stats and hard data say

Congrats President McCain

Goldwater/Rockefeller, 1968, Humphrey/McGovern, Reagan/Ford, Kennedy/Carter, Mondale/Hart

I think the Texas prima-caucus might work out well for Hillary

who else is done after tonight

My TX precinct caucus JUST finished.....Obama 90, HRC 40

I voted for Obama in my state's primary...

CNN Exit Polls By Male/Female Vote - RI, TX, OH

***OFFICIAL Obama Supporters Results Thread #5***

Hatred Of Hillary Vs Fear Of Obama: Which hurts us more?

"Add-on" superdelegates: Another hurdle for Hillary

Obama's "JoeMentum" is flushed down the TOILET...

It seems like Obama would do really well in the GE

It seems like Obama would do really well in the GE

So McCain gets the GOP nominee nod tonight ...

What Senator Obama should say at the next debate to HRC when she brings up national security

A Toast ...

My caucus experience

Roll of Limbaugh in Hillary win should be examined by party.

Boy the Hillary bucks are going to make history now !!

Before you start worrying about TX, track the county map : Obama WILL win the primary

Obama the savior lost, let the slime begin ...

I can't help it, I know it isn't right to say this about Hillary but...

How Is This Party Going to Heal After the Primaries Going Into the GE?

Well, Obama is still ahead

Will you support the Democratic Nominee?

To me its about breaking with the past.

Which one do you think is more electable?

Which one do you think is more electable?

I thought Hillary made one of her best speeches tonight. Congrats - you had a good night!

How To Avoid Destroying Ourselves Before November

Relevant quotes from a Yeats poem

Over the course of the past 112 years, Ohio has picked the winner every time except 1944 and 1960

The lack of graciousness of the Obama supporters who are unable to even

Which one do you think is the most liberal?

Congrat to Hillary & her Supporters! Congrats To Negative Ads and Character Assassination!

Congrat to Hillary & her Supporters! Congrats To Negative Ads and Character Assassination!

Uh .. Can Hillary REALLY "take on" McCain?

Is this "thing" going to hurt our chances in the General Election?

Somehow, I don't think Edwards would have inspired all this bickering and finger-pointing

Time for a drink.

Obama delegates cost 10251 votes, Clinton's cost 11152.

It's not so bad as you're making it out to be.

Both candidates made great speeches tonight. NOW it's time to

A good reason to favor Obama over Hillary (coming from a former Kucinich, then Edwards supporter.)

Reports of both Obama and Bill Clinton

TX isn't over. Harris and Dallas Counties

Here's the only hope left: the Superdelegates revolt

Goolsbee's fault?

Can't we just let some people be happy once in a while???

Senator "Bomb Bomb" McCain, hero of the stupid

I'm a hardcore Obama supporter, but I would pick Clinton over McCain any day of the week!!

McCain winning early is good for the Dem's.

Who will win the brokered convention?

Texas primary vs caucus?

Obama WILL lose

You like negative campaigning? OK.

"Ohio knows how to pick a president!"

Hope John McCain brings his "black child" to the WH when he receives

I bet that housewife who sold her wedding ring for Huckabee

Alternet: Clinton Campaign Accuses Obama Campaign Of Cheating In Texas Caucuses

I'm worried about Hillary's strategy

It's March 5th 2008 and I still haven't decided on a Dem candidate,

The thing about the Clinton "wins"....

** Official Ban the Spam thread ***


The candidates are coming, the candidates are coming!

Super Tuesday deja vu

When Will Obama Congratulate Sen Clinton on her Victories tonight?

What I find APPALING are the BASELESS accusations against DU's Obama supporters.

A Pennsylvania Primer, Part 1

I like 'em both, but I think Hillary would really fight for the little guy

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton, her campaign and supporters

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton, her campaign and supporters

Has anyone seen Russert's Red Stapler?

Last night proves that negative campaigning works

Congratulations Obama Supporters!! Obama Wins Vermont!

Texas: Deadheat in Today's Voting + 13% Obama lead in Early Voting = OBAMA WINS!

My congratulations to Hillary supporters...

So, what is the elected delegate count after last night?

It's 3AM... a phone rings somewhere in Washington...

March 4 Tally (Minus TX Caucuses): Hillary +29 Delegates

Analysis: Why Hillary Won - CBS News

What is the delegate count as of this morning?

This shit is never going to end

What happened in Ohio?

****OFFICIAL HILLARY Supporters Results Thread #1****

And so it continues

Could Tweety Be On Obama's Junk Anymore?

HRC supporters: Congratulations. Obama Supporters: We are 27-14

Sex scandal to return to headlines with HRC nom....

Who else thinks super delegates are going to come out of the woodwork today

Bond had Q; Jethro has Hal Turner

So why is Joe Scarborough so damned happy this morning?

The Convention Won't Be Brokered.

Congratulations Hillary people!

Why..Why...It's almost like this whole primary was scripted...

This Pennsylvanian is voting Obama


Hillary Wins The Uneducated Voters

Clinton War Criminal

“a scurillous rumor that should be rejected out of hand.”

IF Bill Schneider is right, Obama is in trouble. Just a few mins ago

"Hillary Knows How To Solve Our Problems And Get Things Done"

The circular firing squad continues

Wouldn't you rather be a Senator from a big state rather than VP?

The sound we all hear this morning, is the hissing air escaping the balloon of History.

Obama campaign claims ballots ran short in some Cleveland precincts

Tonight may very well be a delegate "wash" per MSNBC

Look at the trajectory in OH and TX. Obama started off 20 points behind, but could not close gap.

Hillary's Ohio, Texas wins close Obama's 159 delegate lead!

People: this party isn't divided.

If Hillary finagles the nomination somehow, her VP would be 3rd fiddle

Something we can all be proud of: Dem voter turnout in TX (!!!)


Hillary is speaking now. She looks gorgeous!!

Official Obama supporter's thread. nt

OHIO: Amount of Dem Ballots Cast Twice the Number of Registered Democrats (Clermont County)

Isn't it friggin time we turned to beating McCain?

We're going to the convention

So, kudos on last night's victories and all that! Question:

Only one way to settle this now: Dinner Waitress

Putting another Obamaton lie to rest: "Hillary only won because Rush directed R's to vote for her"

Now Obama has to refocus his energy and money against Hillary

Hillary - On CBS Early Show - Said - She and Barak may be headed toward a shared ticket!

Should the Washington Primary count?

Barack is going after McCain instead of Hillary

Barack is going after McCain instead of Hillary

Time to fight, Barack!

Where is a good place to get the raw election data for all states

Would Hillary prefer the VP slot OR becoming a Supreme Court Justice?

This is the primary that will never end...aah!

Too many hurting people, and somebody has to go first.

STOP! THINK! What's important to you? Destroying the Democratic Party or the Republican Party?

STOP! THINK! What's important to you? Destroying the Democratic Party or the Republican Party?

Serious question: Can Al Gore still run for the Dems?

Terry McAuliffe is startng to remind me of Chistopher Lloyd

Obama lost because he played defense; his campaign was outplayed

Hey, my predictions were pretty good!

There will be no primaries for over

If Hillary Is The Nominee, We Will Regret It

So . . . what's the excuse for the exit polls being off by about 15 points THIS TIME?

Tonight was a watershed moment for's why

!!GOMAMA!! - Hillary supporter celebration thread - !!GOMAMA!!

Man, I am so glad I am an Edwards supporter...

Ickes & Penn: Hillary's Path To The Presidency

OOPS... Nevermind!

I'm going to start calling Hilllary's opponent the "brand X" candidate

Ohio will no doubt go to McCain as they love to hurt themselves.

Would you support a "Dream Ticket" if it ended the race tomorrow?

Vice President Hillary Rodham Clinton Pt Deux

So Who's Next: Democratic Primary Schedule 3/8 thru 6/7

Hillary V. Obama

In Fox interview, Clinton "thanks" Rove

Anybody know how man Dem. delegates in Wyoming and Miss.? nt

I am so proud of Hillary Clinton's supporters here in DU!

The NYT shows Hill won 27 more delegates than Obama did last night. True?

Hillary voter: "More will be revealed about the dark man."

If Im forced to chose, I'll take Clinton-Obama over Obama-Clinton

Hey, All Hillary Supporters!

Can we at DU UNANIMOUSLY agree to these two statements today?

Hillary needs to do one thing to win my support and the support of many others.

Remember I told you..Obama has to take Hil for VP

Now can she quit? leave on a high note, maybe even after netting 2-3 delegates on the night?

Hey, BO supporter! Why are you crying?

No matter what, this primary has changed a lot for American politics.

I'm very happy that this primary is continuing...

I hate to say this but...OBAMA you are my man you have to take the gloves off

The next president will inherit Bush's illegal unitary executive system...

I have just made another donation to the Obama Campaign.

Vote Wired News:Did the Clinton Campaign Doctor Obama Footage to Make Him 'Blacker'?

Now It Gets Dangerous for Democrats

Obama/Clinton: Let's call for it.

Electoral Vote Count for Obama / Clinton

Sen. Obama: if you think you can win this thing by not fighting back . . .

I have a bad feeling

What *IS* Obama's theme again?

My parents' racist caucus experience in Texas, etc.

So why can't Obama get it done?

Barack Obama Maintains Strong Delegate Lead in the face of Powerful Opposition!

A true patriot will do the math and, if the delegates (honestly earned)

It Looks Like Obama-Clinton?

It Looks Like Obama-Clinton?

What are the Republicans up to?

New Yorkers: Lets draft Andrew Cuomo to run against Hillary in the primary for 2012

MSNBC: Last Night's Delegate Breakdown Shows Hillary's Gains Were Modest

Slate Delegate Counter (try it!).

McCain's the Big Winner -- in More Ways Than One

Obama needs to play hardball - with the MSM!

Obama needs to play hardball - with the MSM!

If Obama wins the Texas caucus, he wins the texas delegates, and therefore texas, right?

Obama Legacy

Unfortunately for Hillary, the math isn't fuzzy. KO? no, but TKO is looming.

KOS: Delegate totals from March 4th: Clinton 185, Obama 184

Will either Clinton or Obama get to 2025 Delegates before the convention?

Hillary won the battle tonight, but has lost the war

Vote the resume?

What has bitter political FIGHTING done for this country?

Does Hillary have an April Surprise?

The Coming Convention War and Beyond: How Much Is It Worth To You?

Hillary won the Vice Presidential spot Tuesday night, I admit.

I've said it before, and will say it again: Brokered Convention.

Obama on possible dream ticket

I don't see how Obama wins OH in November if 20% of white voters won't vote for him just b/c of race

Howard Dean: WTF are you doing???!!!!

To all my fellow loyal Democrats

Dems have long dreamed of tough candidate who could win Ohio

You can all kiss my ass with your...

So how about that Texas caucus?

Democrats commit political suicide again.

We are starting to see the results of this bitter primary: McCain leads both dems in WA

PROGRAMS! get your PROGRAMS right here!!

Solution: Make the remaining contests winner take all

You really think the Democratic Party establishment will rule the first black nominee unsuitable?

Congratulations to you, Sen. Clinton. Congratulations to you, Sen. Obama

Congratulations to you, Sen. Clinton. Congratulations to you, Sen. Obama

my prediction: deal will be made just before or at the convention

Question from a fence sitter!

Calling all Clinton supporters, outline your path to the nomination please

Why can't Senator Clinton seem to close the deal?

It's 3 a.m. and Hillary's Dreaming

I could have supported a "Unity ticket" but not after Hillary's comments...

RESULTS: How many people showed up to my Texas precinct caucus!

Going negative proved positive in Clinton's comeback

NO to shared ticket! No to supporters of war crimes.

How many bonus pledged delegates have the candidates won so far?

Hillary people, there are two very basic things that Hillary has not convinced me of.

Clinton now pimping the shared ticket meme

Am I the only one who still has a real problem with this?

I'll admit-lots of support in the Hillary crowd

Well, at least MY primary will matter for a change:)

The fear I've expressed many times here is that Hill & Obama are gonna do each other in.

Ohio Superdelegate for Obama

Obama Supporters

"America's Team" Remember when consumers were being sold that image by the Cowboys?

"America's Team" Remember when consumers were being sold that image by the Cowboys?

Hey, Pennsylvanians out there in DU land! Our primary may actually matter this year!

I live in Pennsylvania. I guess that I need to start paying attention!

Neck and neck is the worst possible scenario. We're screwed

Neck and neck is the worst possible scenario. We're screwed

Maybe a scenario most reasonable and real supporters can get behind

Please, Stop Fooling Yourselves. As Of RIGHT NOW, This Race Is Again 50/50.

A Gore-Obama ticket at the convention would be the ultimate outcome.

A Gore-Obama ticket at the convention would be the ultimate outcome.

In Fox interview, Clinton 'thanks' Rove

Barack must now go after Hillary and forget McCain!

Obama's "rope-a-dope" will win the fight

"But we need African Americans and the young to vote in November"

For Obama supporters...

Hillary hints at shared ticket

I'm for Obama, but would definitely vote for Clinton (I just want to crush McCain!!!!)

MSNBC: Obama Campaign: What is Hillary hiding in her unreleased tax returns?

"McCain couldn't have hoped for a better day."

My fellow Obama supporters- My take on the events last night

Question about Mississipi

Obama's strongest point is HILLARY's ACHILLES HEEL.

Obama's strongest point is HILLARY's ACHILLES HEEL.

The baby back ribs that took our democracy

My report on Clinton Lycanthropy

Obama supporters: SWITCH---TO---CLINTON!

Obama supporters: SWITCH---TO---CLINTON!

What the heck is taking so long in Texas?

As an obama supporter, here's how I'm feeling right about now...(in video form)

New Jersey: Obama-McCain a Toss-Up

Hillery will now turn the campaign positive.

Ohhhh, Yeah: Hillary Wins Hope State

Of 326 delegates awarded since Tue. morning, HC got 14 more than Obama,

"I done my bit"...Bush summing up his presidency at the McCain lovefest

"Don't get your hopes up" is hardly a good campaign slogan."

help me understand the texas primary...

How many delegates did Clinton net?

Ickes: Pledged, but not bound (Looks like Clinton camp is going to try and 'sway' pledged delegates)

Obama and Clinton Supporters Must Drop Out of the Race

I am so damn sick of the Georgetown Cocktail Party bullshit on the cable news channels!

"I Don't Vote In Primaries"..........

Just came from a Freeper - Wait 'til they start on Obama. Got one last night

Why did Senator Clinton roll over and play dead in February post 2/5?

When Rush wants his supports to vote for your candidate, don't you think that is a problem?

PRESENTING the next President of the United States of America!

Congrats to both Clinton and Obama---what are the demograhics of your win? Do you really care?

Despite the pessimism of some, Hillary Clinton earned the right to press on!

Chimpy and McCain -- LMAO!!

Caption time!!!!

Electoral math

Not So Fast: McCain’s Lingering FEC Problem

Someone explain to me how Hillary wins the nomination, then goes on to win in the general.

Bumpersticker I saw today

From my friend in east Texas

The bottom line is this: Hillary's ONLY victory scenario is scorched earth in Denver

Delegates count !!!

a reminder of what the general election is about

Money will decide the Primary and......

A report from the lowly Precinct/caucus level of the Texas Primary

Hillary and her VAST connections to lobbyists and fat cat money.

Sick and tired of Hillary supporters name calling, and word/fact twisting.

Hillary on the War circa 2003 - what an experience

Where is Obama today?

7 more weeks of this crap will collectively end any chance Dems have at winning the White House

"Yes We Can" vs. "Yes She Will"

HRC supporters: how does Hillary win the nomination?

In Texas, a Gay Bar's Patrons Toast Hillary Clinton

No more dirty tricks please, says Obama's Kenyan grandmother

So how many Repubs helped Hillary gain delegates yesterday?

The Canadian Gambit was a brilliant move by the Clinton campaign

Time Magazine: Based on the power of numbers, the candidate of inevitability is Barack Obama

Mcpuke, rush fatbaugh, hannity win big last night

E-MAIL i received when i got home from work

E-MAIL i received when i got home from work

Hey Texas, what's going on with the caucus count as of now??

Fair Warning: The tide is about to change

Can't wait to see the film

I sometimes hate being so smart: My Feb 20th prediction

So far, Clinton gained 18 delegates yesterday

Clinton and Obama should continue until the convention; here's why:

Democratic Primary Voters have five million good reasons

My 1000th post! Go Obama!

My 1000th post! Go Obama!

RE: TAX RETURNS: What does Clinton have to hide?

OK. It's time for Richardson and Edwards and Biden, etc.

When Kos wants Dems to vote for a Repuke, don't you think that's a problem?

Every state Obama won was due to sexism and negative campaigning.

MSNBC: Inside the Hillary campaign saying Ohio is NOT enough.

Obama "Phone Home"Hometown reporters:The Chicago Sun: "time to call us about Rezko!"

Obama "Phone Home"Hometown reporters:The Chicago Sun: "time to call us about Rezko!"

Obama "Phone Home"Hometown reporters:The Chicago Sun: "time to call us about Rezko!"

Pew Research: 20% of white Dems would vote for McCain if....

Imagine if Obama had went on FauxNews.....

Could someone please find me a bombastic math thread in GDP?

Obama and Hillary both failed last night

Diebold, ES&S in Texas and Ohio.

NY Times "A.P. Delegate Projections" numbers

Obama and Clinton Supporters Must Drop Out of the Race

Do Republican cross overs make all remaining primaries meaningless?

Time to crush this pathetic come-back kid nostaliga with a real nasty ad about Hillary's war vote.

When will the Texas caucus results come in?

Hillary will be the presidential nominee/obama the VP

Strange Goings-on at my Precinct Caucus!!!

Man, I gotta get out of here.

If it were ONLY about the Math, I'd concede that BO will be the nominee...


Hillary McCain

What if it was Edwards?

Obama stopped whining about Super Delegates weeks ago. WHY?

Obama's spending advantage was blown away by Clinton's use of free media

Honest questions for Obama supporters

People have voted their fears

How many of my fellow Obama supporters were happy with last night's results?

Wolfson says they will release Hillary's tax return information "on or around" April 15, which is...

Can't wait to see the film


Are Caucuses really the will of the electorate?

Obama outspent Hillary in Texas and Ohio 2:1 and still lost

Celebrating "wins" in Ohio and Texas...

Despite predictions and expectations about the March 4 elections, Obama didn't . . .

The 352 undeclared superdelegates see the same delegate math we do.

Ohio? 20% of those that voted democratic in Ohio said race was the #1 issue

It's still the economy stupid!

DU you does NOT represent the real world. A UNITY TICKET WILL WORK and here is why. (numbers inside)

How do you define "win?"


Some obvious truths I've seen here...

Hillary or Obama Haters: Do you think your hate is significant of something else?

You say toma(e)to I say toma(h)to.

Does this mean that Gravel is in third place?

The McCain Message


Congrats to Hillary. It was dirty, but it worked. Now she has to use superdelegates to overrule

Hee hee hee, McCain is screwn now. He has bushyboy's endorsement.

Hillary: "I'm just getting warmed up."

I think we now see the wisdom of "superdelegates"

With Hillary's win in TX, TX is finally competitive in the GE. NOT

Obama Keeps Delegate Lead

AJC: Another Georgia superdelegate sides with Obama

What happens to Edwards delegates?

The Rude Pundit: Notes on Last Night

Is It Time for Obama to Take Off the Gloves? Yes or No.

History lesson: Jesse Jackson won Michigan in 1988 ,,, link

I'm sure McCain is wringing his hands in anticipation of our brokered convention.

+136 +97 +582,718

Pennsylvania can make Hillary president

All I hear is Obama picking up a superdelegate here and there. Did Hillary pick up any? nt

Front page of Daily Kos now: Clinton campaign makes Obama look blacker.

11/10/08: President-elect McCain Names Miguel Estrada Attorney General

Why would one not vote for the other Candidate, if your candidate loses?

Why would one not vote for the other Candidate, if your candidate loses?

If HRC gets nominated...we're doomed to lose. Everyone knows it.

Another Georgia super delegate comes out for Obama

Do we keep fighting or do we start uniting?

Hillaryworld Hypocrites Abound

Is Hillary's hint at a shared ticket just another lie to get elected?

This convention is going to suck.

Looking at the delegate count, I see just how thin a 100 delegate lead is

Chaos in Austin, TX caucuses- first hand accounts UPDATED

The stupidest thing I have seen on these threads,,

Jack Nicholson on why Hillary is 'The One!'

Chances of a Unity Ticket (as a necessity) Have Risen Substantially Today

My theory on Republican crossovers

AP: Obama regains ground in Texas caucuses

I can't wait for the Pennsylvania campaigning!!

Rolling Stone endorses Barack Obama (A New Hope)

Sirota: The Clinton-Lieberman connection (OUCH!)

Obama~ Where's the returns?

Is this true: Clintons doing background investigations on all superdelegates for blackmail

What sort of foul play is Hillary Hiding

Tell me who your friends are, & I'll tell you who you are!

Why would one not vote for the other Candidate, if your candidate loses?

I don't know about you, but I am enjoying the shit out of this. I like

I don't know about you, but I am enjoying the shit out of this. I like

Republicans may echo Clinton attacks on Obama

Obama campaign claims net *5 delegates* in Texas ,,, link

I feel so bad for the Clinton supporters

Breaking-Obama campaign attacks Clinton for not releasing tax returns

Open primaries suck

So what should be the unofficial rule on how Super Delegates vote?

So what should be the unofficial rule on how Super Delegates vote?

Nothing Has Changed, Hillary Knows It

Profile Piece on Michelle Obama in New Yorker

Obama and The Myth of Pledged Delegates

a black and a woman running for the democratic nomination. a first! oh, wait. it happened in 1972!

Are only republicans allowed to ride a wave of media support.

What I've learned at DU lately...

Obama was classy to Clinton. She didn't return the favor.

Hillary wins Ohio

"Osama for Obama " shirt wearer walking around Clinton victory party.

Hillary narrowly won three primaries out of the last 15. Three.

How many pledged delegates are still out there

GOP voters crossing over in large numbers

Raw Story headline..Clinton Thanks Rove....developing

Daily Tao: Verse 8

Hillary has ran a Swiftboat campaign

1968, AGAIN? How an Obama-Clinton Ticket Can Stop the Next Nixon and Put 2 Dems in the WH

Divided we Fall .....Alliance we WIN .....Obama/Clinton must find a way to victory

Care to explain why Obama had no oversight on Afghanistan?

Terry McAwful's tie is really annoying me

So Obama wins GOP voters (again) and somehow Hillary is the GOP choice?

What a disappointment: Eight years of Bush & now THIS...

>>> Obama fans in PA... PM me for some free Obama merch

Caption Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama!

Should unelected, unaccountable party insiders select our nominee?

Both Hillary and Obama will be DEFINED negatively by June, while McCain will still be the "war hero"

Rep. Ellison: Clinton Trying To Reap Benefit Of Obama-Muslim Smear

A Question For Caucus Goers

Time for Barack to play Hardball...

Michaelangelo Signorile is smart guy

BARF ALERT: "Can Cindy McCain Really Be That Perfect?"

Congrats are in order from an Obama supporter

Rezko Trial: Will Daily Coverage Mark Doom for Obama?

I don't know about you - but I love this battle in the primary. I think it's good for us

3 AM. The Witching Hour. Coincidence?

If I were a SD for HC, I'd be declaring really fast right now! Here's why:

Billary offers VP to Obama--"Join us or you ..will..die." Star Wars analogy anyone

If we can come together and don't do too much damage to one another this long primary helps us!

How Obama will fight first next time, instead of just fighting back.

It is now time for Hillary to concede. Obama won Texas, not Hillary.

Another Superdelegate for Obama — Dayton Ohio Mayor Rhine McLin endorses Obama

Breaking: Dewey Defeats Truman!

The benefits of a long Primary.

Media Hype Notwithstanding, Do We Have Our Presumptive Nominee or Not?

How can we resolve this situation and come together to win in November?

My god Is this really going to the convention??? We are so FUCKED.

Hillary and Wal-Mart money

2006 Taxes WERE DUE (w/t extensions) 10/15/07- Confusing '06 w/t 07 due dates ain't gonna work!

Hillary Campaign Makes Obama Blacker - see photos side by side

Updated RCP delegate count: Obama leads again by over 100, including supers

After last nights results, I call on Sen. Obama to bow out gracefully...

OK - O'BAMA, time to kick it up a notch!

Missouri v. Ohio, which bellweather state means the most?

Greenwald: "Rezko" is the Whitewater of the Obama campaign.

Fast-forward to Nov: Republicans could turn Obama into Carter in the GE

There is no other way the Dems beat McCain other than a shared ticket...

It's funny seeing all the Obama supporters here looking for Hillary and Bill's tax returns

I have a prediction

Hillary hints at a combined ticket w/Obama

I'm Not Sure Obama will win the Texas Caucus

Obama to win Texas, Vermont; Hillary takes Ohio, Rhode Island

FL & MI, Obama going negative, Hillary's "Kitchen sink" camp. SuperDels, NOW the REAL fun starts!

Obama called Clinton to congratulate her on her wins. Rachel

CLINTON; The Path to the Presidency; The Red States: Obama argument flawed.

MSNBC: Hillary gets TEXAS! n/t

Obama wins state delegate from TX caucus on coin flip

Obama Has Won More Blue States

Obama is winning caucuses in Austin, and DFW

Obama Lawyer Surprises Clintons in Media Conference Call

Obama is speaking now. He looks gorgeous!!

Clinton didn't just win TX ...she kicked ass

Hillary's winning? Not so fast, say John King with the Texas map.

Congrats to Clinton, But I Don't Think It's Enough

"They failed"

She won on experience!

Email from John McCain (he's going to change the course of human history!!!)

Email from John McCain (he's going to change the course of human history!!!)

Everyone calling for Obama to "get tough" are missing an important point...

Obama has class, He gave congrats to Hillary

Barack Obama - It's Time to Show Hillary Clinton "The Chicago Way"

I hope all the bashers are happy now !

It's Not About The Math

A few thoughts

Did Obama overstate his accomplishments in Community Service?

Do Democrats really want to spend the next 8 years talking about what (or who) Bill Clinton has been


History of super-delegates -- not so good for Obama

New Obama

What the candidates need to do NOW to win the GE and the primary fight

Hillary Clinton needs to face reality and drop out NOW

Voting for Hillary because of gender...


Obama takes Vermont !

Red, Blue States , Swing States & Electability -- Let's Look at the Argument Seriously


A look at the math if we assume Micighan and Florida are counted...

A happy Hillary on Obama, Nafta, and other items we've all hashed out here this past week on DU

While everyone debates, it is apparent party leaders are talking about a joint ticket

I Always Thought The Scared White Women

Obama Campaign: Hillary's Chance Of Winning Actually Decreased Tonight

For Hillary Clinton

The Clinton-Lieberman Connection, David Sirota blog

Is it just me that thinks that the vote count in Ohio and Texas looks decidedly fishy....

Obama had a net of 9 delegates out of DC, Clinton had a net of 4 out of yesterday's races

Hillary is no longer a Democrat

What should justly happen with FL and MI? (forget logistics)

As of 1:20 am, the delegate count from the Texas primary is 63 Hillary, 62 Obama with Obama likely

Looking for the two photos of Obama ....

Kos sez net gain for Hillary is +2. Yikes.

I think Obama is a vile, manipulative and totally lacking in dignity and integrity. I think

Texas Superdelegate Endorses Barack Obama

The ORIGINAL storyline was that Hillary had to win at least 65% in TX AND OH to remain competitive..

Latest Clinton tactic: Fake news reports

The Dream Ticket is a MUST

What can we do to unify DUers?

Should election days be designated as state & federal holidays?

I understand why this is being spun as a big win for Hillary. But it wasn't. Here's why.

Obama may have to go negative.

Obama to be in background of trial


Has Obama quit smoking?

If you can't win Ohio, you can't win the Presidency, unless you can.

So Obama will likely win the Mississippi primary

So Obama will likely win the Mississippi primary

I can't believe Hillary counts Michigan as a win.

Want reality and not just hope? Ok, here it is: (CNN) Delegates: Obama 1451, Clinton 1365

Clinton Takes Ohio (Photos!)

IMO, Florida's delegates should be proportionately awarded, but Michigan needs a re-vote.

How would you rank your own personal behavior during this primary season?

Ok, I get the anti-Clinton feeling here. But why the venom targeted at us Clinton supporters?

McCain mistress Vicki Iseman has gone missing for 12 days now & still counting.... WTF?

From Kansas, think about this, seriously.

Barack Obama Supporters Read This Now!

My thoughts on a VP


YES! Too close too call in RI!

Its time to relaunch "DRAFT CLARK". . .for VP

Hil's atrocious hiring skills/judgment make me fear her Cabinet selections,`

OSAMA FOR OBAMA MAN @ Hillary Party in OH Ties to RW Controversial Evangelist ROD PARSLEY

OSAMA FOR OBAMA MAN @ Hillary Party in OH Ties to RW Controversial Evangelist ROD PARSLEY

How is a woman who helped the rise of if Walmart and thought NAFTA was a good idea be seen

Perhaps we should raise funds, as a party, to bankroll redos in FLA and Mich...

Did the Clinton Campaign Doctor Obama Footage to Make Him 'BLACKER'?

SERIOUSLY: how can she win the generals?

Ohio's Incredible Significance: Must Win Ohio to Win the GE

Did Clinton win Texas because of Limbaugh's call to Dittoheads to vote for her? Evidence...

How Hillary dunnit,

Hillary Clinton/Wesley Clark

Even Clinton is competent enough to realize what a huge win yesterday was for Obama

That last Washington Journal caller is correct, it is too late for the Democratic Party to step in

Here's the dirt that the Right will use against Hillary

MAN!! I just love this Susan Rice the adviser to Obama

Hillary's McCain endorsement probably won't hurt Obama if he's chosen

A bad night for the Republican Party. John McCain has been

The BIG Winner tonite.....

Test Your Obama IQ!

Bottom line: Obama, Clinton, and the other Dem Leaders need to have a sit down now...

Bottom line: Obama, Clinton, and the other Dem Leaders need to have a sit down now...

Obama to sharpen criticism of Clinton

Something for the Obama campaign to consider...

Math experts only, how does Obama reach 2025?

Durbin warning that there's dirt on Hillary, too

Hillary supporters, maybe you can explain something

Would black voters leave the party if Senator Clinton pulls out all the stops?


Hispanic population by state

Why is H. Clinton stalling the release of her tax info and White House records as First Lady?

218 years or so of men as presidents!

voters want Clinton : Clinton 13,521,832 to Obama 13,497,175 is the official count

NYT: Obama's crowds dwindle

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/5/08 - Obama down 1 (43), Clinton up 2 (48)

Dear Establishment: If Super Delegates Overturn The Pledged Delegates, I'm Outta Here

What I'd like Clinton to explain...

Ickes: Pledged, but not bound (Looks like Clinton camp is going to try and 'sway' pledged delegates)

I don't get it...didn't they reduce the delegates needed so 1 candidate could win (w/o FL & MI)?

Detailed Delegate Breakdown for 3/4

Looks like Kucinich was electable after all.


If you can't win Ohio ,you can't win the presidency!

Will Obama Hit Back Hard? USA loses moral authority of democracy if will of the people is ignored

The Hillary experience myth

HILLARY is hearing the people...when talking about a unity ticket..

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Wednesday March-05-2008

Terry McAuliffe & Gov. Rendell are introducing the possibility of a re-vote in Michigan and Florida

What happened to Huckabee. I thought God was guiding his campaign???

Memo: Why is Hillary hiding her tax returns?

Thank you, OHIO!!

Thank You Charlie Crist!

oh my fucking god I Love HIllary!!

"Osama for Obama" t-shirt worn by Clinton supporter @ Clinton's election night party in Columbus

I need your help - please keep this kicked even on this busy night! >>>>>>>>>>

To all of the Hillary supporters calling for Obama to hang it up:

OBAMA Supporters!!! Campaign Email: The Math

A Primary Rant!

To all women Hillary supporters -- as a woman do you really want to support a war candidate.

The Clinton Victory Plan!

The Clinton Victory Plan!

Obama Camp lays ground for negative attacks

TX Caucus Totals - Clinton Total DROPPED!

Hillary overstating her role in N. Ireland

Most amazingly pathetic excuse of all: All Hillary got was "a statistical tie"

Barack is still the frontrunner

An honest question for Clinton supporters here. THIS IS NOT FLAME BAIT!!

Barack Obama is still ahead pledged dels by 156 and that doesn't

Only one way to settle this now: Cage fighting


If Obama takes the gloves off it won't be pretty.

Memo to Obama: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Why be mean and nasty toward other Dems?

Hillary's Win in Ohio Proves That She is the Populist Dem Now that Edwards is Out

Unbelievable. Lots of long sad faces among the "political analysts" on CNN right now!

Hillary's ad: debate footage doctored to make Obama blacker

What exactly is the logic of nominating the one person Republicans hate more than McCain?

If current trends continue Obama will win Texas delegates 98-93

Time for Obama to drop out NOW for the good of the party

Hillary Clinton - The Debbie Downer of American Politics

Faux News On air Proving Rush Helped Hillary win Texas!

In celebration - Hillary suppporters: some page ones I liked today - enjoy:

Everybody At MSNBC Looks Very Depressed

Gallup Daily: Clinton 48%, Obama 44%

A Word of Warning....

I'm calling a blowout for Obama in Mississippi--because of Clinton's own words

I am an Obama supporter

The Center of the Primary Universe is now MISSISSIPPI

Came from a caucus tonight in Texas...

let's be democratic: Hillary leads the popular vote: Clinton ==13,574,463

Obama is forced into a corner fighting both Hillary and McCain!

Du'ers: Who will benefit most from a continued Dem race?

Will the Super Delegates step in and save the Democratic party?

Hillary withstood a well-funded Republican-led investigation headed by Ken Starr.

***OFFICIAL Obama Supporters Results Thread #4***

Congratulations Hillary on winning Rhode Island

Just got back from my first Democratic Caucus in Collin County (Dallas suburbs)

Obama campaign REBUKED by Ohio's SOS Office.. (for cheating)

Obama campaign REBUKED by Ohio's SOS Office.. (for cheating)

Why won't Hillary release her Tax Returns?

A Call to Rationality and unity or "How we ALL should be concerned about the Nightmare in Denver"

Clinton wins among Democrats in OH and TX . Republicans choose Obama (exit poll)

The media is spinning a big win for Hillary out of a narrow must-win victory. Here's what changed:

GD:P, Its better To Remain Silent And Be Thought A Fool, Than To Speak Out And Remove All Doubt

Obama's arrogance -- has yet to win a single dem closed primary

Obama only needs 46% of remaining delegates to get the nomination

Is it time to Vet Hillary Clinton?

The Texas Caucus Has Only Begun

The Texas Caucus Has Only Begun

Is it time for Obama to drop out for the good of the party?

Howard Dean Weighs In on Clinton-Obama Battle (NPR just now)

"Obama and Me" *A Must Read*

For Obama Supporters Only ****Latest Delegate andSuper Delegate Update 3/5*****

Thanks Senator Clinton, Hello President McCain!

Thanks Senator Clinton, Hello President McCain!

Obama going really negative would be political suicide...

Clinton, the most secretive politician in America

Hillary Failed According To Her Own Stated Goals. Wolfson:We'll Be AHEAD In Delegates. Penn: +25

Hillary Ad Also Widened Obama's Face...

Obama Supporters, Use This Info Or STFU: Bill & Hillary's Recent Meteoric Rise In Wealth

Clinton and DLC will strangle the baby of Political Reform in its crib

Good news--it's looking like part two is gonna make TX a win for Barack.....

Does anybody remember 1994? We are doomed again with HRC.

Question: Which candidate can simultaneously depress Democratic turnout and increase GOP turnout?

Here's a first, at least recently... Clinton leading Obama vs. McCain

Congratulations to The Decent Hillary Supporters of DU

Obama Should Step Down

Am I really seeing a bunch of threads popping up today asking for Obama to drop out?

HRC and her supporters give 2008 to == MCCAIN! Thanks, guys!

EVIL COMEDY WRITERS at SNL attack Obama - cause him to lose

Congratulations to the Clinton camp, but the race is still over.

I believe that Obama will likely win the nomination, but

A toast to Mike Huckabee...

Hillary Clinton's Scooter Libby Problem( throwing the sink back at you, your dirty past )

NYT: Obama Pledges to Sharpen Clinton Critique

After today, I feel so much HOPE that

***** OFFICIAL Texas Caucus Watch ****



Geraldine Ferraro on NPR

Statistics that, sadly, may not matter in November

**ATTENTION DU** There is nothing wrong with negative campaigning!!

Hillary sandbags Obama at least 3 more times on video here!

This is a very, very, VERY bad day for Barrack H. Obama

Why won't Hillary call for Voter Verified Paper Ballots?

By the Sunday talk fest we will find out if Obama is a politician or a spoiler.

It's 3am and the phone in the White House is ringing...

I haven't seen Obama smile or laugh in weeks

I haven't seen Obama smile or laugh in weeks

Robert Parry: War on Obama by frontline of Washington Establishment - HRC's campaign

Obama Wins Delegate Fight in Texas

Looks like my info on Ohio was right.... Looks like a trifecta for Hillary!

it's 3 AM, And A Phone Rings. Which Candidate/Party do you trust to Monitor the Call?

Huge Win For Obama Last Night - Clinton needed 60% Blowout Wins, Didn't Get Them, Nets few Delegates

The 2008 Primaries Through an Electoral Vote Prism: Clinton 263, Obama 193

Obama wins in red states. How will he succeed in GE to get the most electorate votes?

Oops, she did it again: Michelle runs down America, Americans... and the Clinton era

I agree. "Now It Gets Dangerous for Democrats"

Did Someone Just Buy All The Votes In Texas And Ohio?

Clinton donor named in Rezko trial/criminal indictment

Obama is winning the Texas Caucus --- so,

Ohio: A hollow victory based on a lie. CBC (Canada TV) exonerates Obama on NAFTAgate

Hillary! Show Us Your TAX RETURNS

Hillary! Show Us Your TAX RETURNS

Hillary Makes Me Proud To Be A Woman!

The only reason why the Clinton supporters here are not as Bad as Hillary herself

****BREAKING -Gaullp Poll- The Hill Reacaptures Her Lead****

Terry McAuliffe wants to change horses in the middle of the stream.

If it weren't against DU rules, I would cut and paste some of

Where do we go from here?

It would be ironic as hell if Florida become a player in the nomination...

The problem with Obama: he has always bought his own hype.

To HELL with the Dream Ticket!

Fear NOT citizen! I will decide for you!

Obama Camp - Fight it out on the Open Government issue against Bushes AND Clintons.

But Hillary has only won in AZ, AR, CA, FL, MA, MI, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, RI, TN, TX.

But Hillary has only won in AZ, AR, CA, FL, MA, MI, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, RI, TN, TX.

But Hillary has only won in AZ, AR, CA, FL, MA, MI, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, RI, TN, TX.

Kucinich Declares Victory In 10th District Race

I think the tug-of-war between Obama and Hillary is GREAT

What do you do when you Love a Candidate but are Ashamed of his Supporters?

MSNBC: Hillary will release her tax returns on or around April 15th

Clinton won by "PLAYING VICTIM" while "MESSING-UP" Obama. How should he respond??

Both candidates voted for the Patriot Act. Both candidates are worthless.

Denial And Damage Control Will Not Discredit New Tell All Book

Damn you cant make this up /WTF


Ask Me Anything!

"Wired" election results tonight from Tejas???

MSNBC: Ohio Too Close To Call For Dems

When Was The Last Terra Scare

Colombia/Venezuela tension...the view from inside

Joe 'Klausutis' Scarborough says "911 Truthers should be taken to Secret Prison"

How did Ohio get to be such a corrupt state?

Ok this is funny

MSNBC's picture of McCain has to be twenty years old

Our Failed Foreign Policy

Fuck "Faith" ......

Huckabee chair Rollins: News of concession "completely fictional," mentions Carville

America2008 is a fascist nation

Huck. You had me at rent house. Dagg gonnait. Going to miss you.

Huckabee is a boring git

Wait. Isn't RI a small state? So it does count right?

Jesus, Shut the Huck Up!!

Miracle! Huckabee stopped talking! nt.

Didn't Huckabee lose?

You know what really SUCKS!

Is that Huckabee's mom with on the stage?

Terry McAuliffe

KO's email addy: anyone have it?

McCain in the GE: Two paths, both lead to a loss

Who would Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties) vote for?

Huckleberry doesn't know when ........

David Gregory: His WH Contacts Say Good For John "W" McCain To Get White House Meeting Out Of Way

Oh Oh. Howard Fineman raining on Hillary's parade right now on MSNBC.

New Book: " Young Dick Cheney: Great American"

32 Short Thoughts About Ralph Nader

McLame to go see President Boogerfinger for official endorsement tomorrow .....

It's confirm. McCain can read a telepromter. Let's get it on!!!

Oh, Boy. Another Boring McCain Speech.

Mrs. Huckabee looks like she could .......

the best they have to offer

So is going to be 2 and 2 tonight? That's not good for Hillary is it?

Iran calls for UN sanctions against U.S.

Hey McCain. Why don't you leave it to your opponent to be the next president while you're it.

MSNBC show the crowd at McCain rally. Or is it a crowd track and you can't show it?

MSNBC show the crowd at McCain rally. Or is it a crowd track and you can't show it?

There's something wrong with McCain's left eye

John McCain about to speak. Everyone who makes it to the end without falling asleep wins.

Huckabee is stating the impossible

Tim Russert is a scumbag

Update on my cousin's daughter who almost died of the flu.

Andrea Mitchell just said the Clinton camp wants to discount TX results?

What the hell are they clapping about? McCain didn't say anything.

Did they put more makeup on Rachael Madow tonight?

So McCain is going to the WH tomorrow to kiss the Chimp's ring

So what do I say...earlier tonight my brother calls and leaves me a voice mail saying...

Update on Congressional races:

Let's play the John W. McCain drinking game: each time he says "My Friends"

LOL! Someone at the Daily Show Plays Kingdom of Loathing

Knock, knock...

Could big brother ground you from the internet?

Rep. Heather Wilson Accused of Felony Vote-Buying in New Mexico; Reporter Quits After News Director

Which TV commercials drive you nuts?

My e-mail to Bartcop is called "Monkey Mail!"

It’s 3 am and GWB has just answered the phone

Is Air America still on XM?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Election night in Ohio, TX, RI & VT

What the Hades is Tweety shooting his crap mouth about?!1

will the rethuglicons gin up a war to get mccain elected?

Rep. Pete Stark Backs Impeachment

I can't watch Tweety, he makes me sick

David Gregory says Bush will campaign in "military towns". Will he be booed?

House Dems Near Surrender on Bush Spying

Ok first listened to HRC and now to Obama and there is this thread

You may hate what she did tonight but you can't deny Hillary Clinton is a fighter

FR Lays Down Conditions to John McCain! LOL!!!

Day-to-day concerns aside, anyone else wish they could go to sleep now and wake up on election day?

Australian PM calls U.S. campaign free market politics 'gone mad'

Bush - Bush - Bush - Clinton - Clinton - Bush - Bush - Clinton?

21 century catch 22

Last night I watched both McLame and Fuckabee

Last night I watched both McLame and Fuckabee

My Oats . . . creative therapy for primary overload . . .

FREE Gov. Don Siegelman Banners

FREE Gov. Don Siegelman Banners

It's official: I have Clinton fatigue

Creepy Freepy Email -- Out of Iraq (!) but then....OMG you've gotta read this.

McCain/POW/Broken by Rove and Bush but not the vietnamse

== How to abandon your God = By Mark Morford

New Yorkers Get Priced Out of Grocery Stores

The positions of individuals in Nazi Germany: intelligence, decency, and Naziism.

Are we a math ignorant society?

Bush: Americans ‘Ought To Say Thank You

McCain visiting Bush for endorsement? This is GREAT news!!

Querry: where is that site that has images of all page ones of all periodicals in the country?

Serious question: Can Al Gore still run for the Dems?

The Tax rebate, in the words of a Bush Bot.

Telling sign of a failed Iraq strategy

I Slept With Bill

There is too much GOP influence in dem races and I fear now its going to get worse.

Whales Frolic in Peace around the Japanese Cetacean Death Ship

John 'W' McCain: "I will defend our decision to take out Saddam's regime."

Brand-Name Drugs Continue Price Surge

I hope when they catch this Marine who threw the puppy (somebody help me)


Can you help a republican brother out for a common cause?

Online Bookstore Charged With Nazi Tactics

Chainsaw question

McCain Vitter 2008?

John Thune as McLame's VP?? Chuck Todd just floated that

The Society of the Owned: Caught in the Middle

Spell check-challenged freeps react to Huckabee: "I can’t say that I’m stuned"

This might sound like an ignorant question....

CNN is reporting -- Brattleboro resolution

What Time Is The Bush/McCain Lovefest?..

Dan Rather on "The View" today

Why is Lou Dobbs Orange?

Bush Says Americans Should "Thank" the Telecoms for Illegally Spying on Them

Lieing sack of shit from the State Department on C-Span

Are you guys picking up Stephanie this morning

Got this email forwarded from my mom (my reply-all)

Republican Ideology Has Broken the Economy

Sour Notes on Social Security

New Sanctions on Iran - Dubious Data from US to IAEA Sets Basis

Government official: Speculation may be cause of oil price surge

Nice to see toy manufacturers keeping in lock-step with the govt and media...

FCC looks into "60 Minutes" blackout

Sen. Obama: if you think you can win this thing by not fighting back,

Quick question on ARMs.........

It is nice to see McCain's daughter on the stage with him.

Wrong Forum!

Without Being Political Can Someone Tell Me Who Won What Yesterday?

National Assoc.. Of Broadcasters Sues FCC - Demands Further Deregulation

Kucinich WINS Congressional Primary

Clinton won by "PLAYING VICTIM" while "MESSING-UP" Obama. How should he respond??

Pot dispenser suing Modesto - Lawsuit claims city conspired with feds to drive out business

A report from the lowly Precinct/caucus level of the Texas Primary

MSNBC: Huckabee drops out of presidential race: "I fought the good fight" did Hillary get all those

Cook Political Report: Alaska Senate race upgraded to "Toss Up"

CNN Quick Vote--- bu$h*/mccain

You people just don't understand the brilliant strategy of Bush's anti-terrorism

I'm turning Republican........

Reports of Clinton political demise exaggerated - Today’s Headlines 3/5/08

Manmade Flood Coming to Grand Canyon

***** Official ReName the RePug Loser Thread ***** "John W. McBush"

Compare Resident georgie's visit to Iraq and President Ahmadinejad's

Money From Jack Ruby Gun May Build City

Is Iraq no longer a member of OPEC

Alternative way of addressing terrorism

Bush: US Must "Get Off Oil"

Is a Progressive working majority better than a Progressive/Blue Dog super majority?

Alert! GDP will soon meltdown on this news:

dour David Satterfield pursed his lips and was on Wash. Journal

Whom do YOU trust to answer the phone at 3AM?

More Iraqis are fleeing their country than are returning but Angelina says the surge is working

Doctorow's piece on the Iraq war is worth another read....

Ironiy of last vacation was in January 2001, in Cancun for the weekend,

McCain Suggests He Won't Investigate Bush Corruption

Treasury Dept. has a 'blacklist' of web sites - which they shut down

fwiw: St. Paddy's day is on March 15 this year

How long after he leaves office will The Shitstain on the Shortz of History be found ...............

Why are John and Cindy McCain being saluted?

What did the reporter keep yelling out to stupid and stupider at the presser?

Something Constructive to Do While We Wait

The silver lining to Gore not getting the Presidency in 2000...

Tweety was just on slobbering about how well the Repigs fall in line

Can Cindy McCain really be that perfect?

Did Bush just give McCain the kiss of death?

Ah, yes, the healthcare crisis is the reason you took nude photos of seniors

Need help with book banning policy issue

Vicki Iseman's Plane flew Saidis out of country after 9-11

Fire Destroys John Ashcroft's Farmhouse

15,000th post!!!

John McCain: More of the Same


Does anyone know if this is true? Just rec's it in an email from a friend.

* re: McCain - "He's going to be sitting in behind that desk making decisions on war and peace."

* re: McCain - "He's going to be sitting in behind that desk making decisions on war and peace."

Caption * and Mc*

LOL - * dances by himself as he awaits the arrival Mc* - pic (new pic added)

How the fuck did this guy become president?

School Snubs Speaker Over Abortion Stance

LOL Bush dancing- waiting for McCain-MSM covers as usual

Cablevision supplies non-terrorism related customer data to FBI

"A Fabulous Experience"

The Super Duper Delegates will sElect John McBorg...

McCain: "I will defend the decision to destroy Saddam Hussein's regime."

General: "We're probably at about the 80-20 measure right now of coalition- to Iraqi-led operations"

Gramps looks so tired, America doesn't want a tired President

ALL WE ARE SAYING ... Is... Give... GORE... a... CHANCE!

ALL WE ARE SAYING ... Is... Give... GORE... a... CHANCE!

"Well, to those people, I respond that God's plan may just be too complex

Dick Bott selected for National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame

I will leave it to the Democrats to abrogate trade treaties

Check out this poll in the AZ Republic.

WH - Dana Perino: "The president is very popular within the party"

More FBI Privacy Violations Confirmed By Mueller

Bush: McCain ‘Is Not Going To Change’ My Foreign Policy

Stay Bush's Course and...

Just in, Appeals Court was just weighing whether to release Kontogiannis secret plea details....


George Walker BushJr. That's 666, ladies and gentlemen.


Bush to Press: "I'm disappointed in the conduct of some of the people that have come"

Doc Hastings is on the attack re FISA

More F.B.I. Privacy Breaches Reported

Democrats Fret Long Battle

Amber Alerts For Cats And Dogs Help Reunite Pets With Owners

VERY funny presser at WH just finished. .

Preparing for the 72 conflict- the First Strike Ration (FSR)

Chart showing Republicans cause recessions and high unemployment.

I am so tired of the "Experience" canard

21 dead dolphins found on Texas shore

2008 retirees need $225,000 for health care

"Jesus Christ will protect me from future tsunamis. Buddhism makes no such promises."

Cheney Ignores Gag Order In Clear Violation Of Court Order

McCane is old, and I intend to point it out as much as possible.

Jack Nicholson Talks About Why Hilary is 'THE ONE!'

Let's get off this "Experience" canard

Can we cool the bickering for a bit?

I am ecstatic over last night's results: That bastard

Just goggled, Ace McCain, what a loser.

Delegates, Super Delegates, Electoral College...

Unite this Dem Party, Pay Fucking Attention, or NEVER Bitch Again.

Vermont Towns Vote to Indict Bush and Cheney

I really really hate the 3 post policy in GDP.

Yee Ha! Hoyer announces no vote on FISA this week

Design Me a McSameasBush bumper sticker, banner, T-shirt etc.

This Is Great! MI-07: Tell Dick Cheney how much you like him

War on drugs reaches new low -- BAN THE BAGGIES!

Here's why I want Hillary to win ... and Obama to win too ...

Update and Last Chance On Retroactive Immunity -- Silvestre Reyes may cave

Iran: UN Must Investigate Israel's Nukes

Is owning guns like being gay?

Gas prices from 'hell'. - pic

Just in time for the Denver Convention! Booze on Sunday!

FISA and phone immunity

Just Which Representatives/Senators Are Negotiating The FISA Deal?

My New Signature

My New Signature

Progressive Democrats of America endorsed my candidate, Vickie Butcher! (Duncan Hunter's seat)

Rush Limbaugh makes a bigoted ass of himself once again

Want to let the FISA Negotiators know how you feel about IMMUNITY?

Representative Heather Wilson (R) accussed of buying votes in New Mexico

Representative Heather Wilson (R) accussed of buying votes in New Mexico

Caption this pic

Melanie Morgan loses radio job; wanted Times editor executed...

Do You Want the Military Industrial Complex Counting Your Votes?

Rev. Hagee is WRITING our foreign policy. .

Why exactly is a prolonged primary resulting in a brokered convention a bad thing??

india and vietnam have banned rice exports.

Most Emailed Yahoo! News Article As Of 6 a.m. This Morning:

People, it's COLOMBIA, not Columbia...

McCain is slurring.

Just had an opportunity to reply to the "Muslim" e-mail.

Gov. Sebelius' son sells "Don't drop the soap!" game; mom is "very proud"

What Are the Main Reasons Right Wingers 'Hate' Clintons?

Is there a limit to the 'ignore list'?

"Rez Dogs" The meaning of dogs on the Blackfeet Reservation

Patrick Swayze 'has five weeks to live'

Why are John and Cindy McCain being saluted?

"A Fabulous Experience"

Harvard tries women-only gym hours

The Story Of Stuff

The Emperor Is Butt Nekkid

Diebold accidently releases results of 2008 elections

Ya wanna see a total whitewash of Cindy McCain from Anderson Cooper?

TOON: What Do Bush & Favre Have In Common?

Idiom Shortage Leaves Nation All Sewed Up In Horse Pies

Rep. Heather Wilson Accused of Felony Vote-Buying in NM; Reporter Quits After Story Scrubbed

Dan Rather telling it how it is on 'The View'. GO DAN!

Have you ever noticed how much Charles Manson sounds like Bush

Weather Channel Founder Says Al Gore Should Be Sued For Fraud

Government announces a change in emblem

Congratulations to Dennis Kucinich

Economic Meltdown: "The country will be wholly unprepared for the coming catastrophe."

Not Health Insurance...Healthcare....

** Senate Judiciary Hearings on Now re: Investigating the FBI

If you could be Robin Hood, would you?

The greatest man who ever lived died yesterday. He will be missed.

Hip Hip Hooray For Dennis! AND No immunity for Telecoms!

The right wing domination of cyber space

"It's time for motor vehicle crashes to be viewed as the public health threat they are,"

Bush endorsing McCain is like _______endorsing __________

McGramps will get the KISS OF DEATH HUG from Bush today

in two months, it will be FIVE YEARS since "mission accomplished" was announced

Invent Something We Need

"Those rules are antiquated and don't apply."

Governor Crist and Governor Granholm team FL and MI delegates.

As I type, the Brazilian Supreme Court is voting on the legality of stem cell research


After the storm

already there is not enough food in the world because of climate change

False propaganda being circulated through e-mail

For those who will not be watching election coverage like me "The Children's hour" is on Retroplex

Call House Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes today

MSNBC and their backdrop with the St. Louis Arch. Feels like local news

Holy shit...I forgot the ignore function isn't working now

POOL: At what time will DU hit *Level ELEVENS*

A CRIME IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN by House Democrats -- will DU do nothing?

Yes you can be size 16 and sexy ..says Miss England hopeful Chloe Marshall

I hate to say it, but Hillary is making a better case for the nomination.

I hate to say it, but Hillary is making a better case for the nomination.

waaaaa! I want my avatar back!

DREAM TICKET Who ever says it first wins the candidacy!

DREAM TICKET Who ever says it first wins the candidacy!

Southpawkicker Has 11 Inches.....

Hey! Google fleet enema's and see what comes up.

McCain Must Be Pressed to Explain his “Commitment” to our Imperial Occupation of Iraq

Fuck we are at LEVEL 2 ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!! its only 4:30 on the left coast

Shit! The ignore feature has ceased to function!

"Hide Threads" function turned off, time to re-post the VAL KILMER pic. Enjoy.

Moses come riding up on a quasar

"Hide Threads" function turned off, time to re-post the PAULY SHORE pic. Enjoy.

At least we are not at Defcon Yellow X

so is this sex thread night?

Has anyone seen the London Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona?

Anyone else about to turn off the TV and poll returns?

New Amsterdam (on Fox, sorry) has received good reveiws

Has anyone every driven down Zzyzyx Road?

At what level of DEFCON does the 3 OP limit in GDP fail, you fucking village idiots?

Well Connected Hollywood Friends/DUer's: Ridley Scott.

I made the Greatest Page twice in one day in GD:P!!!1

Lordy there's some rough weather out there!

Crazy Food Facts

You fucking village idiots need to get over this Defcon XX thingie!

I just posted this in GDP

whhoo fucking HOOOOOO

I don't care who wins the primary, as long as I finally get to kick someone's ass

Can it be, that no matter what you post here on DU, you will get flamed by someone?

anybody wanna be bad in gd-p?

The Lounge = a Kindler, Gentler DU....

Just got the new Porcupine Tree CD!

From Miami to Misery...

Congestion help

It's official! We'll be in Yankee Stadium on the 4th of July to see them take on the Red Sox!

posted again in GD :P

You Don't Need a Weatherman

OhioBlues, are you on Jeopardy tonight?

Tomorrow is my birthday.. (32)

"You know I am a persistant interviewer" - Katie Couric

Check out my craft project...Pic heavy

hey lounge.. wanted to leave you with a beautiful song... think we an all relate....

Downloaded the new Nine Inch Nails!!!

Tavernertavern serves Russian River "Damnation" and Stone's Black IPA

"I don't belong to an organized political party - I'm a Democrat."

I'm usually a more of a cat person but

Ever notice when David Gregory emphasizes a word, he raises his left eyebrow?

Arg. My moms plane landed four hours late.

DU Glossary link needed today

I just tried to caucus, but couldn't find a parking place - ask me nothing

Does anyone else here watch Jericho on CBS? The more I watch it, the more I feel that

I Caucused...

Now I am getting sick

I'm going to laugh so hard

I posted some caucus **pics** in GD: P

I was just thinking - what if Skinner implements the 3 posts a day rule here in the Lounge..

I'm 87 posts away from 10,000 - Ask me anything

C'mon, I dare you

Gary Gygax, creator of "Dungeons & Dragons," has died.

I need a bath, spent the day working a republican primary sending democrats to the proper voting

Fascist Morning Joe: Tase, Take 9/11 Truthers to Concentration Camps

PDA launches Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign, Sign the Petition

er, um. What decade are we in??

I did have to walk uphill bothways to school

Court finds model innocent based on Breast size!

Hey pevs...I'm thinking of buying this outfit so I can give my husband a Lapdance...

I just watched the BIG THREE

Man, it's one of those days...

Lock o' the night

Somebody buy Paula Abdul a bottle

I am depressed about the state of the world

I'm giving Onyx a new home tomorrow


I hate Republicans. Every single blasted one of them.

I'm watching Family Guy and Al Gore is President

My jam of the night: Extreme - "Rest in Peace"

A bit depressed tonight-NOT by politics

New birth control pill... YAZ ??

This is my 1000th post. And yet I still feel like I barely know any of you.

How about some hugs for a sick person?

Please desist from attacking McCain because of his age.




Throw DS1 a bone

my premiere lounge post

Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court!

How can Creed best annoy DS1?

As usual, Rachel Maddow had the line of the night

I think we Need to annoy DS1?

OMG there's an asshole scratching the inside of my popcorn husk

OMG there's a popcorn husk scratching the inside of my asshole

I love salsa.

So, did DU get to defcon 7 tonight? I've been out dancing.

Rhode Island is not an Island

I love my bird.

Cutting the Political Baby in Half (Mary Lyon)

I'm sick up and fed with politics. I want a music thread!!!

Is anyone else watching October Road on ABC...

NorCal peeps: Meetup? Late March, Early April?

Happy 21st Birthday to DUer Blue_State_Elitist

Ten Days until Z-DAY! Welcome the Ides of March!

That 3 AM phone call. Do you want an OLD PERSON to answer???

Fucking wikipedia contradictions. Fun for those who can read multiple languages

Picture of Mc Cain declaring himself the pug candidate.

Oh God that cbayer is such a schmuck!

I'm giving Orrex a nude gnome tomorrow

My first sign of spring!!

Knock, knock


Damn, I wish we still had ATA. I have a question for Skinner.

I just caucused in district TX-3344, ask me anything!

Because I don't want to burn a GDP thread, a question? (Not political, really)

On this flight the seat cushions were not used has flotation devices.

Aciphex? Really?!

I'm really dissapointed in today's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calandar pic

I want, NEED new friends..........

My head hurts

One of my friends has Glenn Beck as a "Top Friend" on Facebook!

How quickly would I be torn apart were I to post THIS link in GD : P tonight?

Looser Loser

ArRGHHH!! Harddrive crash and Maxtor Onetouch can't restore


How can we best destroy DS1?

Gordon Blowfish vs. John Bult

BATTLE OF THE 'BANDS'-Lenny Dee vs. Heino

Am I really watching "Urban Cowboy" right now?

Good news for the Lounge from GD.

I used to be a dyed-in-the-sheets Stones fan, had lots of their albums/CDs,

LOOK! a sure sign of SPRING!

When people drink themselves silly and why

Chainsaw question

Oh those Germans and their big ole technology

What albums/music do you want but just can't seem to find?

I'm sleep-deprived and working a double today...ask me anything! n/t

Fellow DU journalists, have you seen this site?

Question for Writers

Playmobil Security Check Point (Children's Toy! eek!)

Poll question: What Would the Beach Boys Do?

I own the greatest page

I have a burning question and I can't wait for the geeksquad

I am in a truly Foul mood tonight.

Believe it or not...

About the 4:00 meeting (true elevator story)

Double yoi! How come nobody told me

I am happy tonight!

i bet you one naked pic of me, you wont be able to guess what my DU username is.

My new plan for incorporating profanity into inter-office emails

Are any of you watching the fabulosity that is JERICHO???

If you wanted to make dough and freeze...

Luke Skywalker vs. Paul Atreides

Scariest Night of My Life


Water balloons exploding in slow motion---video link

Patrick Swayze has five weeks to live, The National Enquirer has learned.


Cops spoofed with Strawberry Meth

Attention friends in the Lounge. I will be bombarding you

The Emperor Is Butt Nekkid

People have learned nothing from the last seven years

Christ. I like talking politics but it's scary in GD/GDP.

Wanted: Women who have had an abortion in Kansas

Another fiery one over in GD:P

We must pray for madinmaryland...

over-the-shoulder boulder holder or tanks for the mammaries?


Just posted this in GD:P, but I don't think they find it amusing...

Fascinating - artist uses abstracts to portray overconsumption by Americans

Another wild day over in GD:P..

What does "eom" mean??? n/t

Hey, Raven! You promised some pics, remember?

Most horrendously OVERRATED 1970s musical act

NBC "Classics" now online (70's shows)

Question for Writers

Gonna need another headhunter

It's Wednesday! Conditions are perfect....there's nothing good on TV...

You must watch this entire video

Kerry to FCC: Will be monitoring Siegelman story blackout investigation closely.

Wednesday Match Game: "Lecherous Larry was so into Lent, he _______ a virgin girl child".

I needs me some new blogs to look at...

Get free money from the Airborne fraudsters

More Japanese cutting out the middleman with dating sims and sex toys

Grateful Dead Pack released for Rock Band yesterday.

"ColOmbia" is the country.

Psychologists, counselors, please weigh in here.

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Something seems to be missing here today...

I am not new here and here is a nipple pic....

Does temeah know that name is an anagram of hate 'em?

for the record, who really cares

Does temeah know that name is an anagram of mate he?

Does temeah know that name is an anagram of HEAT ME?

Does temeah know that name is an anagram of A THEME?

For the record, I'll be in Delaware tomorrow.

Get free money from the "Airborne" fraudsters

Since today is "Pick on temeah day," I shall introduce him to FRUSTRATION.

101 yr.old-1/2 marathon beer smoke training for 26.2 mile full marathon


I Lost My Shopping Carts

For the record it's youthere, not pbblft.

TEMEAH blah blah WOMEN HATING ASSHOLE blah blah blah

I am not new here and I do not have pictures of my nipples.

Does tutrtlensue know her name is an anagram of NEUTER SLUT?

A real e-mail, sent to my entire company (including the overseas branch)

Selling Recycle Bins Cheap

I am new here and I have pictures of my nipples!

I am new here and I have pictures of my nipples!

For Temeah....

Does Turtlensue know her name is an anagram of the german name SUE TURTLEN?

I just deleted my recycle bin!!!

In the last few days someone has left two shopping carts in my driveway. One of them

Everyone Around Me Has Cold/Flu But Not Me

neither fish, worm nor eel--the sea lamprey

I think it is time for a few days away...

Question about getting a second cat

Tell me 5 things you know about me...

The news is worse, I'm afraid.

Luke Skywalker vs. Paul Atreides

OK, more ignorance. What does ... underlined mean? n/t eom

Al From, DLC founder, says "drawn-out, negative campaign could actually prove useful"

You say toma(e)to I say toma(h)to.

Bush endorsing McCain is like _________ endorsing_________

For the record, it's TheFriendlyAnarchist, not HeBeTokinOnHisQuarterOzOfGanja

Want to adopt a kitty from the shelter.

My daughter went back to school today.

Its Hugo/Hewgo/Hughgo NOT OOHGO

This is an interesting website.

Resize this avatar for me to DU standards?

Susan Sarandon Masturbated To For Old Time's Sake

For the record, it's Rabrrrrrr, not JackBootedThugWithDysphasia AndALackOfPanache

Has anyone else caught themselves almost saying "BAAAAAAAH!!1ELEVENS!!!!111" outloud?

Oh no! I need some Lounge vibes. Really BAD news

crazy question (good one for private investigators) :o

WOW 5Years And 14,500 Posts

Harvard Tries Women-Only Gym Hours

My cat shot me, so I have to get a roommate.

Might be a GDP topic, if so, sorry, but I just got off a conference call FOR WORK


sometimes you just need a hug

The hamster licked me fair and square.

Does temeah know that name is an anagram of EAT MEH?

Anyone have a whippet?

New Hampshire Has Impeachment Fever

Don Wiviott, A Progressive for NM-03

My roomate's cat bit her, so she has to get a shot

Next time you need to shut out someone in GD:P..




My 1000th post

Do You Ever Feel Sorry For Some People?

Would you let the delivery service drop off a package, or drive 24 miles to get it?

Spicy Cock

Does DuStrange know his name is an anagram of U GET NARDS?

Study Shows Cats Cut Human Risk of Heart Attack/Stroke by 30%

Anyone have a whipit?

I got video/audio of my AFSCME speech in DC up on YouTube finally

Garage Door

Oooh, eye candy!!

Avant-garde GD-P.

Tell us 5 things DU doesn't want to know about you.

What's on your PBS station(s) tonight?

Do you believe in the beforelife

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/5/2008)

Let's start a giant hug chain.

I was wondering if anyone nominates their own posts for a DUzy??

God, I Love Butter

jason castro was awesome on american idol tonight

Do you believe in the hereafter? Well, then, I guess you know what I'm here after...

Does anyone here do GeoCaching?


For the record: Its TurtleNsue not Turtlesue

Name an historical figure who fascinates you

Maine is very cosmopolitan



IndianaJones Won! Should i honor my promise?


I'm taking my son in for X-rays today.

West Coast Longshoremen will stop work to protest war!


Time for a break.

Looks like this weeks episode of LOST features. . .

French press coffee


For the record, it's Monkeyfunk, not FuckingMonkeyTardAss

Who's worst ? (expanded)

DU, Its better To Remain Silent And Be Thought A Fool, Than To Speak Out And Remove All Doubt

What Would the Doors Do?

I better share this with my Lounge friends....

Some days , I just don't get the lounge

This is the Official VenusRising Appreciation Thread.

Someone just sent me this LOLcat...

When did USB ports become standard on PC's?

Pics of Ruby's kittens

Could I get a little advice or encouragement re: learning an instrument?

where the hell is Southpawkicker?? n/t

i bet you one naked pic of me, you wont be able to guess what is currently on my kitchen floor.

I just can't seem to get it right today - play a song of your day.

Penelope the cat will expire at 4:20 p.m. pacific time.

Ladies, your search is over.

How can we breast annoy DS1?

For the record: It's pronounced TavERner

I just saw a cat do the strangest thing...

i just finished biking up and down the schuykill, ask me anything!

Conservative Paradigm of Poverty

When I hit 10,000 posts I'll reveal the inspiration for my user-name

If you remember the 60s +/or 70s, 80, +/or 90s...

X-post: Kindergarten question--how do you know when a child is ready?

Patrick Swayze has pancriatic cancer

Best way to NJ from Grand Central as a regular commuter?

Dear DUers - please help my thread...

For the record: It's pronounced "Ha emet", not "temeah"

So the vet called today. Pretzel has the thyroid hormone of 5 kittehs. So tomorrow

Europeans get more vacation and live better.

Who wants to do my homework?

The concept "Love at first sight"

We need a phallic symbol pic thread.

Good vibes and well wishes, please...

Vermont Town Voted Today To Support Measure Asking Police Force-To Arrest & Indict Bush/Cheney

Democrats Have Not Folded On FISA w/link

Favorite TV jingle.

Delete Duplicate thread

The "Actually" addiction-

Did you know that y'all are now cowboys?

Do you believe in an afterlife? If you do, why do you believe in it?

My Favorite Band is:

Sports analogy: Hillary had a very good 3rd qrtr but Obama still has the lead going into the 4th

SPEARHEAD! The most important artist of the time!

Whoa, is that smell DS1?

Does No One Like DS1?

Who the hell is DS1?

How can weed best annoy DS1?

DS1 Appreciation Post

DS1 is even now, plotting a homogeneous revenge.

I'm going to Delaware tomorrow!! Ask me anything.

How can we best avoid DS1?

DS1 is even now, plotting a homogenized revenge.

How can we best annoy DS1?

DS1 is even now, plotting a humongous revenge

How can DS1 annoy DS1?

How can tweed best annoy DS1?

The definition of DS1

A One-Eyed Invader in the Bedroom

Obama, McCain Projected To Win VT Primaries

Huckabee aide: 'Handwriting is on the wall,' concession possible

Hormone use linked to cancer risks

Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic primary in Rhode Island, CNN projects.

MSNBC: Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island Too Close To Call For Dems

Based on Exit Polls and Vote So Far, ABC News Projects Sen. Hillary Clinton Will Win the Rhode Islan

Solon (OH) polling place runs out of Democratic ballots

Kucinich faces tough challenge in Ohio

Snow eating now endangered kid pleasure

Few voting problems emerge, even in Ohio

Bush To Endorse McCain At White House on Wednesday

Huckabee concedes; will endorse John McCain

Countrywide Is Sued Again by U.S. Overseer

Vt. Towns Approve Bush 'Indictment'

Growing bankruptcy filings a grim omen

US pushes India on nuclear deal

DNC: (AL) Gov. Riley endorsement of McCain is payback

Report: Turkey Levels New Iraq Attack

Hillary Clinton Talks about Dream Ticket

Ecuador president suggests Colombia wanted to prevent hostage release

A wave of the watch list, and speech disappears (US shuts down Euro. travel agnt.-Cuba)

US airbase e-mails go to town web

Filing Shines Light On Expert Witness Payment

Iraqi cabinet OKs deals with oil giants

NYT: Big Wins for Clinton in Texas and Ohio; McCain Is In as G.O.P. Choice

Monroe family threatened over video of Marine tossing pup

Six Flags Agrees To Help Build Park in Dubai

Ecuador's security minister proposes multilateral force to patrol Colombian border

China to enact new product safety rules

Grim news from private employers; labor costs up

Herger pushing for Beale to become cyber safe haven

US denies new Iraq talks with Iran

CNN: Clinton projected to win Texas primary

Arab ministers discuss Syria summit

Ex-Sailor Convicted in Terror Case

Obey surveys House GOP members on earmarks

BREAKTHROUGH (HIV): Immune-boosting DNA Protein Found

Crimes by Homeland Security agents stir alert

Federal study opposes national firearms database

Clinton victories in Texas and Ohio give McCain time to craft his message

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 5

Jobs Needed Or Iraq Troop Pullout At Risk - US general

Crude surpasses $104; heating oil at new high (of $104.52 per barrel)

Gene modified crop spurs investor revolt

Clinton thanks McCain for focusing Democrats

Florida and Michigan governors tell parties 'seat our delegates'

Obama regains ground in Texas caucuses

McCain makes Bush wait at White House

Caucus results could take weeks

BREAKING NEWS: Ballot Shortages Reported in Some Ohio Precincts; Polls Stay Open Late

Obama Keeps Delegate Lead

Five suburban mayors bolt the GOP (Ohio)

MSNBC: Clinton Takes Texas, Ohio, NBC Projects

Obama says he will sharpen criticism

Fidelity Fined $8 Million in Probe of `Lavish' Gifts

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton Wins Ohio Democratic Primary, NBC Projects

Bush anoints McCain his preferred heir

Gold soars to record high of $995.20 an ounce

Clinton Hints At Sharing Ticket With Obama

Russian Mafia in bed with Wall Street, CEO says

Whistle-Blower: Feds Have a High-Speed Backdoor Into Wireless Carrier

New FBI privacy violations confirmed

OPEC MEETING Cartel says will 'support' Venezuela in Exxon Mobil row

6 Held in Anti-Semitic Attack in France

Birmingham (Ala.) eyes $200 laptops

State-of-the-art bullet triggers debate

Prosecutors Say Siegelman Should Remain In Prison During Appeal

Canada says leak was "blatantly unfair" to Obama

Introducing the world's smallest gun that fires deadly 300mph bullets - but is just TWO inches long

Harvard tries women-only gym hours

Oil Rises Above $104 to Record on OPEC Output, Venezuela Tanks

Dennis Kucinich has beaten back his (congressional) primary opponents

Iraqi Christians are defenseless, says top clergyman

Computer science graduating class of 2007 smallest this decade

California's top court seems split on gay marriage

Anti-War Vermont Declares War on Hillary

Q&A: Rising world food prices (BBC)

Decision to Destroy Saddam Hussein's Regime?

Crude May Rise to $120 in Six Months (Bloomberg)

Yahoo! launches R&D lab in India

China reports big rise in food-poisoning deaths


Okay, I’m officially ready for this to be over

We are Powerless . . Or Are We?

Mother Jones Exclusive: I Was Kidnapped by the CIA

NYT editorial: A Clean, Fair Fight; Outlaw vote caging, rein in robo-calls

McCain Thanks 'My Friends': The Democrats!

Congress Bashing

Pakistan's grand bargain falls apart

House Dems Near Surrender on Bush Spying

Think Iraq's all hunky-dory? Read Nir Rosen's article in Rolling Stone..

Get to Denver


Stephen Schlesinger: Obama and The Myth of Pledged Delegates

The Shit That Comes Out Of His Mouth ...

The Chicken Doves- -the anti-war movement has been infiltrated the Democrats

Republican convicted of domestic assault faces election challenge (MN)

There’s a Beggar at the Door, It’s Your Banker

Colombia Faces Military Border Blockade from Venezuela and Ecuador

Two Vermont Towns OK Bush & Cheney Indictments

War Is Hell, but What the Hell Does It Cost?

Exclusive: I Was Kidnapped by the CIA

Crusade Of Surge And Siege, Part 4: Into The Valley Of Catastrophe (Manuel Valenzuela)

Primaries Without End, Amen

Hillary wins Texas and Ohio. Obama fans turn rabid. Disturbing trend as Democrats turn on Democrats.

Marc Cooper: It's 3 a.m. and Hillary's Dreaming

Dylan Loewe / Hillary: The New Huckabee

Washington’s Role in Current Conflict Between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador

If You Think Karl Rove is Evil, Make Phone Calls Today

Rising Above Politics (Joe Bageant)

The Clinton-Lieberman Connection

Working the Refs

Obama Glosses Over Colombian Attack in Ecuador; Clinton Calls for Escalation Against Venezuela

Do You Want the Military Industrial Complex Counting Your Votes?

US-backed border massacre brings South America to brink of war

Hillary Clinton's Monstrously Blind Demolition

DARPA builds a Vulture!

Mukasey's Paradox - Jonathan Turley

== How to abandon your God = By Mark Morford

Buckley’s Big Mistake

Black Prison Gulag and the Police State

World Bank´s True Goal Exposed

Unemployed and Skewing the Picture

It's 3 a.m. and Hillary's Dreaming

Rolling Stone magazine: The Machinery of Hope

Huckabee Drops Out - 3/04 Concession: This is Just Like the Alamo?

John McCain Nomination Speech 3/04/08

Barack Obama: "All Hat NO Cattle"

Barack Obama Speech - San Antonio 3/04

Howard Dean on Hardball 3/04: 'My Job is to Go After John McCain'

The Beginning of Martial Law

Does Hillary Clinton Really Have a Chance?

People Of Texas - Here's Why To Support Obama(?)

MSNBC: Iraq War Still Matters To Dem Voters

Hamas Rabbit: Eat the Danes!

Hillary Clinton Speech - Ohio 3/04 (Part 1)

Ralph Nader Appears On Sesame Street

MSNBC on Hillary's delegate count

Obama campaign's predictions-dated 2/06/08-amaze the punditry class

Mike Huckabee's Withdrawal Speech (With Special Guest...God)

Sen. John Kerry Interview w/ Olbermann, Matthews - 3/04

Reality Check: Barack Obama is still winning

Beat it Hillary!

Glenn Beck asks John Hagee 'Is Obama the anti-Christ?'

Bush & McCain Press Conference: Bush Makes an Idiot of Himself, Yet Again.

Rachel Maddow wonders why Obama didn't call Clinton at 3am

Another Bush "scandalously covert and self-defeating Middle East debacle"

Laura Ingraham Erupts (Hell Hath No Fury Than A Talk Show Host Scorned)

North Korea executes 15 involved in escape attempts

McSame as Bush

Barack Obama Endorses Bill Foster

Hillary Endorses McCain above Obama - Again and Again.

Chemtrails Clandestine Operation Confirmed by German Military on local news

'Big shift' to rail urged for UK (BBC)

a detailed rundown of Al Gore's talk at this year's TED conference

Renewables 2007 Global Status Report: Perceptions and Realities

Arava to get $2.5b solar station (500 MW PV, Israel)

Nuclear (worker) study finds link to heart disease

Americans Start to Curb Their Thirst for Gasoline

Snow eating now endangered kid pleasure

A portal for the world food situation

Warming Climate May Cause Arctic Tundra To Burn

Warmest Winter On Record In Stockholm Since 1756 - Warmth Persists Across N. Europe

EIA Head - US Will Not Hit Ethanol Targets - Cellulosic Shortfall, Waivers Likely - Reuters

Australia's Northern Territory Unprepared For Climate Impacts, Former Senior Bureaucrat Warns

California cows to supply renewable gas energy

3/5/08 - Oil Breaks $104 Mark For First Time - Inventory Projections Off By 5MB - CNN Money

21% Drop In Rate Of Coral-Building "Unprecedented In Recent Centuries" - Barrier Reef Expert

Good resource - Earth portal

Tidal power on Tacoma Narrows? Not yet, according to study

3/5/08 - WTI April Delivery Closes Above $104 For First Time - Marketwatch

Feds' plans to 'flush' Grand Canyon stirs concerns (this IS Bushco)

Konarka Announces First-Ever Demonstration of Inkjet Printed Solar Cells

NW wind developer reaches for the sun

Energy Challenges--Even for the Gulf

Whales Frolic in Peace around the Cetacean Death Ship -- Nisshin Maru dead in the water

Man, there's nothing going on today on this site. When's the ice going to melt?

EPA Head "Can't Recall" Any Pressure From Agency On States To Scuttle Mercury Reduction Plans

Sea Shepherd's Non-Toxic, Organic, Non-Violent Response to Whale Killers

Bush commits to renewable energy for climate change, energy security

Technology Advancements Allow Batteries To Store More Wind Energy (Ireland)

Nuclear Power Not Efficient Enough To Replace Fossil Fuels, Study Finds

PEMEX To Boost Output In Declining Cantarell Field (Actual Headline!) - OGJ

This is thought-provoking - artist uses abstract concept to portray overconsumption.

My Forbidden Fruits (and Vegetables)

Finland Records Record Number Of Winter Drownings - Ice Too Thin - AFP

Pigs Join Apple Orchardists In Fight Against One Of Fruit's Most Destructive Pests - NYT

GM Announces Plans For "New Generation" Of Hybrid Vehicles - Detroit News


Million dollar squatters

Richest 2% own 'half the wealth' (BBC) {UN study}

EU begins crackdown against 'tax paradises'

CNN Warns Americans A New Great Depression Is Coming

IMPORTANT-Cuba: "A Wave of Watch List, and Speech Disappears" -US Closes Down Brit's Travel Website

The argument against home ownership

EXCELLENT: Puts Ven/Col/Ecu Issue in Context Including 4,000 FARC Supporters Assassinated in 1980s

Adm Mullen's tongue slips

Mexico criticizes Colombia's Ecuador raid

OAS: Ecuador, Colombia reach agreement on resolution

If you get a an excellent film: "For the Bible Tells Me So"

California's top court seems split on gay marriage

same-sex marriage once again moves front and center - Matier & Ross

Anyone else giddy about how Ohio and Texas are turning out?

Researchers Make Breakthrough Discovery - Could Lead To HIV Vaccine

Iowa GOP Fails In Bid To Advance Anti-Gay Amendment

I'm confused.

The Obama Partisans on and off board have helped me make up my mind.

Rice fails to get Abbas to name date for talks restart (3rd Roundup)

Israeli Arab jailed for 16 years over 'honor killing' of his sister

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks back on.

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks back on.

(AIPAC) Trial to Offer Look at World of Information Trading

Arab ministers mull review of peace offer

Moses was high on drugs: Israeli researcher

Arab ministers condemn Israeli 'crimes of war'

Dershowitz calls Carter a "bigot"

MK Eitam to Arab MKs: One day we will expel you from Israel

Arab Cartoonists' Response To Gaza Violence: Holocaust Analogies And Anti-Semitism

So, As This Heads...

Biden on Kosovo (statement for yesterday's hearing)

Hillary won with the Rush and his minions crossing over to vote for her.

Have You Seen this Independently Made Obama Commercial?

how does Pennsylvania look for the Candidates astrologers? 4/22 is the date

Does anyone get Swami Beyondananda's Weekly Messages? husband told me he had this immunity years ago:

I had a not-so-great dream about Senator Obama last night.

I saw a beautiful crescent moon just before sunrise this morning

Am I going to abuse my light requests?

Astrology and the Pennsylvania Primary

Interesting discussion on consciousness in R/T

Animals Minds: Minds Of Their Own: Animals Are Smarter Than You Think

New Zealand Versus England Test Series

"In Tribute" By C. McBain Campbell

Red Sox Scout Arrested

Don't know about you, but I hate stadium/arena sponsorships!

Probe of health insurance cancellations expanded

The Wiimote as an interface bridging mind and body

Hormone use linked to cancer risks - including lung tumors AP

Costly placebo works better than cheap one

Arthritis sufferer dies after taking (alternative health) remedy

Method for hardboiling eggs?

Chili beans

Skin Tone standards for use in image editing

On top of the WORLD

I scored a photo pass for a concert -- advice?

Woman jailed for 'worshipping tea pot'

If you use Smugmug

Stinky! Help!

Chemtrails clandestine Ops confirmed by German Military

Creating a "phone-book for ET" (BBC) {SETI/exoplanets—fairly long article}

World's first six-legged octopus discovered (AP/CNN)

Indian inventor who lives in penury (BBC)

Physicists Successfully Store and Retrieve Nothing

The Arecibo Message

Secular fundies, take a sedative before reading this:

Island's ancient dwarf men were not hobbits, but cretins

I've been thinking about this a lot: We MUST add Chimpanzees to genus homo.

Gun control is racist, sexist, classist, anti-gay, intolerant, and ageist. We Dems should dump it.

Wisconsin gun dealer paints guns to look like children's toys.

an Assault weapon lie?

Bill Clinton's self righteousness

Vicki Iseman's Plane flew Saidis out of country after 9-11

Kucinich wins his election!

Spielberg to launch UFO and paranormal social network?

ION SANCHO SPEAKS OUT (and other news from FL)

Washington Statistical Society Seminars: Bringing Statistical Principles to US Elections


question about funds for paper ballots

Today-We feast at table of democracy & go home hungry-Elec Reform-Fraud & Related News-Wed 3/5/08

Mississippi SOS Wants to Purge Voting Rolls - Big Time

Do You Want the Military Industrial Complex Counting Your Votes?

SFRC meeting - a reminder

Kerry Presses FCC on 60 Minutes Siegelman Blackout

JK coming up on Ed Schultz right after the 2:00 news

So what does everyone think about the state of the presidential primaries?

Guys, I'm going to take a break for a while.

Michele Bachmann votes to raise OUR taxes, lower oil companies'

Why is Michele Bachmann hosting a New Orleans fundraiser for a Colorado congressman?

$1 billion statewide deficit - that's what I heard. Will doing this help:

I'm getting ready to go caucus!

My school also was a voting location today.

My wife is at the precinct convention

Huge turnout for Ingram,TX convention!

voting in Lake Dallas = a joke

I hope every one had the turnout at their caucuses tonight that we did.

War Stories at a very red precinct.

Okay, johncoby2 - let's do this thing.

Report from Central Texas

Looks like I may be a delegate for Obama

Best moment of the evening at my caucus.


I'll miss Texas DU'ers. I won't see you in Austin.

Veteran on state education board holds own against creation backer

A bit refreshed after a few hours sleep. More about the Primary.

Turnout in Fort Bend County


Best story from yesterday

Some good news...regarding District 4 Senate race to oust Hall

Here's a TX report submitted w/o comment:

Alright, everyone take note: Loving County, TX is in!

Midnight banter with Rod Dreher

What resolutions got passed at your Precinct Convention?

27,562 idiots in Travis County


And the winner is ....

Texas Supreme Court primary success!

Question on Texas caucus --- delegates--it's a farce, isn't it? (updated for clarity)

Tell Us Your Election Day Worker Stories

I think the media will flip out when they see the results of the TX caucuses.

New AVG 8.0

Need help with posting weblink

A very strange iTunes question

Precinct 347 caucus in Galveston Couty 72% Obama 28% Clinton

Delegate count

another one bites the dust

I got troll rated on DailyKos last night. Really incredible.

OMG. It turns out NAFTAgate/Canada was a TOTAL LIE.

Check out my GD:P post

Here is a list of the upcoming primaries and caucuses:

It seems the media have changed their behaviour against Obama.

Copy and use this chart as the campaign goes forward.

I hope Obama gets into Wyoming and Mississippi soon and campaigns his heart out

A great analysis of the race on The Field

Getting back on track

Obama picks up Ohio Super delegate: Dayton Mayor endorses Obama today

Even though you've all read it already, I think it's worth pasting Obama's email

Clinton Is Tainted By Money From Northern Marianas Islands Sweatshops (where women are enslaved)

Obama Has Won More Blue States

I can take the Hillbots but I'm sad when our own folks

All Obama has to do is win Pennsylvania and it's over. But can he do it?

A better idea than Hillary for Obama as VP--Bill Richardson

So I take it those 50 superdelegates waiting in the wings backed out?

Clinton on joint ticket

What some top Dems say Obama needs to do to get his campaign back on track

Canwest: Cadman book publisher removes controversial date

Canada ekes out victory in softwood fight

Harper visited Cadman on eve of explosive sponsorship testimony

Trying to make sense of Tory landslide in Alberta

Schreiber to stay in Canada until public inquiry ends

Commons probe opposed by NDP!!

Canadian sentenced to public beheading

On a recent show about abstinence they talked about brain pruning

Credit Rating Cut for Sallie Mae

Cimperman's loser party is at Around the Corner Saloon in Lakewood

Kucinich beating Cimperman 56% to who gives a ****

Howard Dean attacks john McCain

In 2 Battlegrounds, Voters Say, Not Yet

WP, pg1: Obama: In the Weeks to Come, A Costly Battle on Two Fronts

Web Donations Help Clinton Refill Her Coffers

Clinton Wins Big, But Math is Troubling

Mccain Debases Himself With Ohio's Most Prominent Bigot

Clinton won by "playing VICTIM" while "MESSING-UP" Obama. How does he respond???

News Coverage Changes, and So Does Tone of Campaign: Shift may be traceable to "SNL"

Obama Seeks to Rally Backers After Clinton Victories

The weather here is CRAPPY

Clinton scrambles to freeze Superdelegates secretly committed to Obama

12:06 am (EST): Keef cracks up everyone in the studio and all

KOEB 3-4-08 - Ohio and Texas primary results edition...and, the Democratic primary in Ohio is

DG is on Stephie right now!

After what I witnessed tonightq


We're two for two from the KOEB today on Stephie's show

Did I ever tell DG & Crispini that they are my Favs? .... Fighting EDVs

Look on the Bright Side

Penn: She Needs to be Within 25 Delegates; Bill: She needs to Win TX and OH

Sen. Clinton bringing message to Canton

Clinton: This may be headed to joint ticket

Clinton wins key primaries: Campaign back on track with wins in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island

California cows start passing gas to the grid

Lee Jasper: a case to answer

It's Official, Kevin Johnson is running for Mayor of Sacramento

So tell me again, why did we move our presidential primary from June to February

"Inn Tribute" By C. McBain Campbell (Cool Favre Poem):

Pew study confirms non-religious are significant bloc


Update on "I Am Legend". WARNING: Spoilers within.

Dan Simmons