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Santa Claus is DEAD to me now!

Owwwww.....he pulled my hair!!!!!! Ouch..Owwww!!!! Mommeeeee

Obama up at intrade

How does Hillary Clinton feel about Torture? and specifically Waterboarding...

Health Care for Campaign Workers?

Trade Controversy: Obama vs. Clinton on NAFTA...

Trade Controversy: Obama vs. Clinton on NAFTA...

How is the Clinton campaign going to spin this one

don your al-u-minium chapeau. a question about republican strategies

Media heaven

Obama needs to start talking about the cost of the war. Two Trillion

How many super delagates will base their support on the word of Wolf Blitzer, Keith Olberman, Tweety

CAN PRESS: Officials Only Got Briefing From Obama Campaign- KO, Randi, et al...BIASED 4 Obama

WASHINGTON POST: Downside of Obama Strategy- Losses in Big States Spur GE Fears

Is there any way that battling it through past Pennsylvania will help the eventual nominee?

I wasnt watching, has Hillary called to congratulate Obama on yet ANOTHER win?

Offering the Vice Presidency to the candidate you are losing to


One Reason Why Gore Wouldn't Take My Vote From Obama Anymore.

59,000 Registered Democrats in Wyoming

The State of the Union (as seen from the outside looking in)

Link to the DNC: Let them know how you feel

Obama in Senate: Star Power, Substantive Role (A response to NY Times)

Has Hillary fired the joker who said McCain is qualified, but not sure

Steven King: Al-Qaida will dance in the streets if Obama wins the White House

NYT: The Resume Factor

Question - how many Primary states has Obama won vs Caucus states and

Weekend TOONS: Part 1, Saturday night's alright for fighting

"Obama's Iraqi Oil for Food connection". We seem to learn more of Rezko every day

Since 1972,when a party has let their primary go until the convention,they've lost 100% of the time

Follow the Money--the REAL reason Limbaugh wants Hillary to win the Democratic Nomination

I decided

Current Vote Tallies: Obama has more votes, but only if you don't count Mich. & Fla.

Any guess on where students and others who supported Ron Paul will shift their support?

Was Pillary ever in B Movies?

Will Hillbots please stop endorsing McCain over Obama?

Final Results Show Obama Breaks 60%: 61-38 with 100% reporting

IL-14 - Bill Foster Vs Jim Oberweis - .Foster WINSSSS !!! YeeeHaaa

IL-14 - Bill Foster Vs Jim Oberweis - .Foster WINSSSS !!! YeeeHaaa

IL-14 - Bill Foster Vs Jim Oberweis - .Foster WINSSSS !!! YeeeHaaa

I read here that Hillary Clinton was once a Rethug is this true

Why are we fighting so hard over this big pile of steaming horseshit of a mess?

Pennsylvania Delegate Selection Process - info with a map

AP Calls IL 14th for Bill Foster....Obama very likely to gain Superdelegate as a result.

Coattails in IL-14 (Hastert) - GO FOSTER GO!

I think every single member of the Congress and senate

I think every single member of the Congress and senate

Would Hillary be doing better if she lost some weight?

Why does PR get to vote in the Primary but not the GE?

Air America Phoenix 1480 KPHX Online

Obama wins 61 percent!! Thank you Teton County!!!!!!!

Call the DNC right fucking now!!! WAIT, WE'VE CHANGED OUR MINDS!

Call the DNC right fucking now!!! WAIT, WE'VE CHANGED OUR MINDS!

I don't want to hear y'all griping about YOUR Dem congressional candidates....

I can't believe that less than 10,000 voters are going to determine the delegate count in WY

Florida Re-Vote Unlikely

In Cheyenne speech, Hill said something like "she met Karzai many times". Anyone have a transcript?

How come everytime Clinton criticizes Obama he looks like he's going to cry?

I have a question regarding the Wyoming Caucus.

I have a question regarding the Wyoming Caucus.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Congrats on Wyoming to Obama from a Hillary supporter.

Why Obama would be an Unwise Choice for the Dem Nominee

I have a question regarding the Wyoming Caucus.

Roland Martin

Can someone explain about this link to Barack Obama?

Can someone explain about this link to Barack Obama?

What Does Heavy Voter Turnout All Year Say About Obama's Chances in The GE?

Obama has now won 29 caucuses and primaries to HRC's 14

this SNL crap is getting old

Look At This!

The Bill Foster Election: More Proof That Obama MUST Be The Nominee

Not trying to start a Gore rumor thread again, but can anyone explain

If caucuses are so bad, then Hillary should've said something before Iowa at least

hilarious thread on a site that shall remain nameless

hilarious thread on a site that shall remain nameless

Do You Agree With What Margaret Carlson Wrote About "Electability'?

If Red State Democrats are not to be trusted for voting for the right person,.....

McCain getting heat for shipping US jobs overseas: Boeing v. Airbus

On the Campaign Trail, Few Mentions of McCain’s Bout With Melanoma


John McCain flashes temper by repeatedly cutting off a reporter who asked him about Sen. Kerry

Obama Champions Free Trade, Hillary Clinton champions protecting American jobs

Obama wins WY...but Hillary still picks up Delegates? Obama 7/Clinton 5

Obama wins WY...but Hillary still picks up Delegates? Obama 7/Clinton 5

UPDATED: Hillary the movie right wing crap?

Age will be a big factor in Obama's favor vs. McCain

This is different.....

Just a reminder...

Mods, can't y'all add Obama to spell check?


CBS News is corporate media CRAP !! Join me in complaining.

I support Obama: this race ain't over! And it shouldn't be.

I support Obama: this race ain't over! And it shouldn't be.

Political awakening could be costly

One great thing about this great and close contest...

One great thing about this great and close contest...

One great thing about this great and close contest...

Many Dems in Newsweek Poll will back McCain if their fave not nominated

Saturday Night Comics

You really know how to spoil a victory don't you Obama suporters.

Delete - wrong forum!

Link to transcript of Clark's criticism of Power's statement

Link to transcript of Clark's criticism of Power's statement

Educate me. Why are caucuses "undemocratic"?

Educate me. Why are caucuses "undemocratic"?

Educate me. Why are caucuses "undemocratic"?

solving the delegates problem

I am man enough to admit I was wrong....

I'm done with GDP - but one last thing to swipe to the Hillary supporters -

Can a Superdelegate(s) ever be bribed?

NEWSWEEK: Clinton's foreign policy record examined

A challenge to one and all! Using the Forbes delegate calculator, come up with a winning scenario!

I would never, EVER even CONSIDER voting for McCain, no matter what happens

Obama supporter Michigan and Florida delegate proposal, seating from existing votes

Obama supporter Michigan and Florida delegate proposal, seating from existing votes

Well wouldn't one rather see them dancing in the streets. . .

Hillary thinks she can raise more money than Obama in March

McCain question to ask in the GE: If John McCain wouldn't defend

Sinbad relates his momentous peace-making trip with Hillary in Kosovo

McCain question to ask in the GE: If John McCain wouldn't defend

McCain question to ask in the GE: If John McCain wouldn't defend

Which 2 states would you like to leave out of the Primary's?

The ancient Greeks provided a method to solve the problems

I would just like to you know make sure you were aware of ....

Clinton's momentums stopped by Wyoming?

This isn't about the Presidential primary, but this is about an election yesterday.

Will you vote for the Democratic nominee, even if it's not your favorite candidate?

Will you vote for the Democratic nominee, even if it's not your favorite candidate?

slugfest loses one hour of fight time-PSA-DAYLIGHT SAVINGS-move clocks ahead 1 hour-change batteries

Obama: Charisma Isn't Enough

Obama: Charisma Isn't Enough

It is simply astounding to me that after winning just two out the last 16 tillts

Obama's secret ploy to win super delegates revealed....

The Clintons latest desperate ploy: Forget pledged delegates, it's the popular vote that matters!

Obama Supporters: Boycott SNL

Many conclusions can be drawn from this

Yoohoo Obama this and weep

Nobel winner: Hillary Clinton's 'silly' Irish peace claims

Who Is FOR Retro-Active Immunity For The Telecoms?

Obama in the Senate: Star Power, Minor Role...

Hillary Tonya Harding Clinton

Sunday News Show Lineup-3/9/08 (Move clock UP one hour!)

Obama Campaigned For The Guy Who Won Hastert's Seat

I think it's interesting about Ireland

Is it any wonder Obama can unite so many people....

If HRC does take the nomination, what POSITIVE appeal will she make to Obama supporters?

If HRC does take the nomination, what POSITIVE appeal will she make to Obama supporters?

Hillary's 3 AM Ad Truth....whoops!!!!!

What is your "Dream Ticket" preference?

What is your "Dream Ticket" preference?

I wonder where/how you draw the line?

Our candidates exposed!!

Just watched "Hillary: The Movie" -- OMG, this is what counts as a president?!?! We're F'd!

Just watched "Hillary: The Movie" -- OMG, this is what counts as a president?!?! We're F'd!

Just watched "Hillary: The Movie" -- OMG, this is what counts as a president?!?! We're F'd!

Just watched "Hillary: The Movie" -- OMG, this is what counts as a president?!?! We're F'd!

This is surreal. There is no other topic worty of discussion asdie from How can Hillary

This is surreal. There is no other topic worty of discussion asdie from How can Hillary

The Dem nomination system is institutionalized vote dilution. It is undemocratic. It is a travesty.

Obama wins in Wyoming, adds 7 delegates

Bush won by dividing us and winning the big states.

Lifting the Entire Ticket and Winning the White House

It's 3AM: Do YOU want an insomniac president answering the phone?

It's 3AM: Do YOU want an insomniac president answering the phone?

It's 3AM: Do YOU want an insomniac president answering the phone?

HRC could win PA by 100%, and still not catch Obama's PD lead.


Obama does not support US workers or US unions, but took $$ from the owners

"If you are looking for the guilty, you only need look into a mirror"

Must-Read Daily Howler

Why does Hillary have such a hard time understanding the rules?

Other than the "Dream Ticket", who do you think the VP candidate should be?

Do you really want a candidate surrounded by yes-men?

As a Muslim, I am extremely offended by Mr. Tweety Matthews

winning a primary state has VERY LITTLE to do with winning it in the general election

MSNBC tonight: Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, and btw

OBAMA. why does he win caucuses in all white states?

I'll vote, but I don't like my choices

Clinton surrogates are sounding a lot like Bush surrogates before the 2000 election

Breaking! Photo Surfaces Of Hillary Crossing The Threshold For Commander In Chief

In the GE Obama will not be carry the big states thatHillary's won in the primaries

If Obama wins the pledged delegates, the most states, and the popular vote...

don't underestimate Obamas Coattails

F- These Polls. People continue to give McCain too much credit

Hey Hillary Supporters, CHECK OUT my new VID.....

How the media is killing Obama

McCain picking KARL ROVE to help with campaign - MSNBC reporting

When that red phone rings -- "HEY BILL -- IT'S FOR YOU"

What if there was an absolute tie of delegate votes at the convention?

Obama Wins Proxy War Versus McCain

Pumpkinhead Russert..nailed Rendell more than

Silly question, but are machines used in counting any state caucus results?

Dem Bill Foster wins Hastert's seat in special election after Obama endorsement!

Obama, Alinsky and The People's Ball

Looks like SNL has finally 'jump the shark'

What experience prepares one for the "3am phone call"?

The Problem With National Polls, And Why Obama Is The Stronger Candidate

If a million pissed off Obama supporters show up at the Convention and intimidate

Anyone Else Watching "The Chris Matthews Show"?

Clinton's General Election Disaster in the Making

"They're gonna have to carry HRC out feet first on a gurney like Brittney Spears."

What;s worse: a million Obama Fans marching in Denver or 50 Clinton SDs in a smoke-filled rooms

Obama Rally in Ohio 3/2/08

I don't want any President ever answering the f'n phone at 3:am!!1!!

Levin blames New Hampshire

More Clintonian Logic

More Clintonian Logic

All of this "talk" about a MILLION "Democrats" meeting in Denver to "assure" that obama gets the

For my 9944th post, I have only four words:

Mississippi Clarion-Ledger Endorses Barack Obama

Hillary is proving herself to be a good Goldwater Republican.

No fucking way...Dream ticket?

Mario Cuomo on whether the race for the nom will hurt one of them, and why...

We should just let blue states have primaries.

We should just let blue states have primaries.

If Obama wins the nomination, how is he going to win over the Clinton supporters?

Ras. poll shows Obama beating McCain in CO, IA, MI, MN, NV, NH, OR, PA, and WI

**With Wyoming Obama's magic number drops to 453

Jackson Free Press Endorses Obama

STOP telling me that I'm sexist if I don't support Sen. Clinton.

Maybe it doesn't matter who is appointed to the Supreme Court.

GET REAL: Local Democratic Party Machine Support = Support from Democratic Working Class Voters

Will Obama lose the GE if he lost Florida?

I'm beginning to feel like I'm trapped in a bad movie remake: Cool Hand

What should Obama's PA strategy be?--Obama supporters only!

The DU has turned into

Help! I am looking for polls about what residents of FL and MI think about a "redo"

Less than a week after Super Tuesday II Obama up in Gallup

To Believe in Hillary you must.....

About those tax returns...

Rick Lazio, I demand that you release your tax records immediately!

SNL Spoofs Hillary's 3AM Ad ... very funny

Hillary supporters - I don't get it. Why is Hillary STILL in the race?

There is a reason why the Democratic Convention is in Colorado...

It looks like there will be no revote in Florida or Michigan ...

there are so many new people on this site. where have you heard of du

What is the percentage of Limbaugh rethugs who voted.....

What is the percentage of Limbaugh rethugs who voted.....

This got shot down the first time, but if there's a brokered convention I say they flip a coin

Rush Limbaugh: "Hillary on top, where she is use to being" ??

Perfection is the enemy of GOOD

"Chimp" Champ about NAFTA on CSPAN

Wasserman Schultz retorts: Asking if a FL Dem first introduced early primary bill is "inappropriate"

Who would be the better first lady: Michelle Obama or Bill Clinton?

Dean Says Solution for Democrat Dilemma Up to Florida, Michigan (talks seating delegates)

How to make GDP a decent forum again.

Regarding the business about a protest/riot/whatever you want to call it in Denver

How many primaries/caucuses come before April 15th?

Hillary would make the ideal running mate - as McCain's VP.


John McCain must reject and denounce Steve King's bigoted remarks

Fun trivia about yesterday's historic election in Illinois

There is no way that Hillary can cheat her way to the nomination

Will Clinton Run A Third-Party Candidacy?

Worth a second look., Part Two - -- Obama's Blueprint for Change

Worth a second look, Part 3 --- Obama's Blueprint for Change

Latest polls show that OBAMA would win FL & MI in a do-over!

What kind of change do you want?

Super Delegates: Please end this nightmare NOW

Worth a second look, Part 1, -- Obama's Blueprint for Change

I stole this from another post, but it needs repeating.

Obama SHOULD CONNECT the Clinton's secrecy with the Working Class Fears

If there's one thing I hate, it's the Gore as savior fantasy narrative

OK, I may be naive or really uniformed

Please sign this petition to have Hillary disclose her taxes

Obama: "I've been a uniter my whole life. McCain has been a uniter. Hillary, she's been a divider."

So, if it's a brokered convention...

2,100,000 people voted in the Ohio Dem Primary - 8000 voted in Wyoming Dem Caucus

Okay. Since when has TEXAS been a crucial state for a DEMOCRATIC nominee?

***POSITIVE POST*** (Enter if you dare)

MCain hiding recent medical records?

For the Clinton faithful - you really need to see this

Sorry, Rep. King - But That 'Terrorist' Dance Card is Already Full

Shades of racism in the least expected places.


Obama "You will not see me as the VP on the ticket".

Must-see: Samantha Power video regrets her monster comment

DNC - The Status Quo

Clinton advisers think the superdelegates may pick Gore, neither candidate may win on first ballot

how's this for a possible scenario - McCains VP chosen for President.

Obama in Senate: Star Power, Minor Role

The Pledge taken by Dem candidates posted below:


Why does Clinton want to win this way?

How many superdelegates have the candidates added since OH, TX, VT, RI?

Why don't Hillary and Barack pay for new FL/MI primaries themselves?

Major Financial Disclosure Source

poll SNL

Just saw something weird on a Philly Street:

Barack Obama is a liar.

Barack Obama is a liar.

Wahoo!!! Hillary Clinton Wins the Popular Vote in WY!!!

Sorry Folks...but the Popular Vote doesn't Decide who is the Nominee

80 Superdelegates Waiting Until Convention

Girl shown in Clinton ad, now 17, is big-time Obama supporter

For my 9961st post, I have 5 words:

It is interesting to hear the Clintons and their supporters...

In terms of experience, neither Obama nor Hillary can hold a candle

Have riot police if necessary at the convention

Maggie Williams's spun: HRC "Beat Expectations" in WY... what about Barack's TX/OH expectations?

The "post 911 world" myth is destroying the democratic party!

Obama Should Start Vetting His Cabinet Now.

Obama Should Start Vetting His Cabinet Now.

Some of you don't get it. Hillary HAD to SWEEP after Wisconsin...

She'll be gone soon, our house will be back in order, and a new day will begin

She'll be gone soon, our house will be back in order, and a new day will begin

Florida and Michigan will vote in the GE

"Hillary Clinton, Fratricidal Maniac"

things you will never hear in Election 08....

What if HRC loses the Delegate count and/or Popular vote in PA?

What if the superdelegates ended up split down the middle?

This entire primary process needs to be revised

If MI and FL have a revote what is the NEW target number?

Obama and Clinton tied nationally in new poll

I don't see that it will make much of a difference: MI & FL

Howard Dean painted himself in the corner with his arbitrary rule....

Texas: Obama 98 Hillary 95

folks, I think it's done been decided

As the World Churns

Penn: Obama Not Ready

Does Rep. Foster become a superdelegate?

For every delegate you win, you get a ping-pong ball with your name on it.

My predictions for the rest of the primary season.

On Tax Returns, Stock Options, InfoUSA and Vetting

The PRESS v. Hillary Clinton Part III Leaping Lesbians

the myth- you win by having the most pledged delegates

Not Just Foreign Policy-More Clinton First Lady Hype (FAMILY & MEDICAL LEAVE ACT)

Why did Barack Obama choose to run now?

Newsweek poll: O 46%/Mc 45%, HRC 48%/Mc 46%

Hillary really has no right to expect Obama to take the VP slot

Reminder to labor voters in Pennsylvania: HRC is backed by right wing union buster Ed Rendell

Obama campaign: Hillary the "most secretive politician in America."

Why Clinton will win the nomination

What would happen if?

Did Republicans Give Hillary Her Victory in Ohio?

Breaking: New ARG poll out of PA-52-41 Clinton

Can posters on this forum PLEASE QUIT POSTING IN CAPS!!

Can posters on this forum PLEASE QUIT POSTING IN CAPS!!

Yes, We Can- Barackapella

Big Clinton wins don't boost her in national poll

Rendell and Corzine to raise funds

BWAHAHA! Daschle's new book advocates people be FORCED to buy health insurance!

Sorry, But a 50-50 Split Is The Only Fair Thing For FL & MI

Bush and Cheney have had lots of Experience..."

NJ Gov. Corzine Offers to Help Pay for Redo of FL, MI

I would vote for a Clinton/Obama ticket

I would vote for a Clinton/Obama ticket

For Edwards supporters: If Edwards is/was the only way to win in 08, then,

Does McCain like him enough to make him his VP choice? Chalabi?

Media tainted by anti-Clinton bias

With Body Language, Presidential Candidates Say A Lot

GET REAL: Obama not Ready = Obama not yet controlled by big $$$ lobbyists.

Whining racist POS Steve King (R-IA) on Fox: "I reject the Democrat web pages that call me names"

Mr. Obama wanted to vote to confirm John G. Roberts Jr. for the Supreme Court?

Why was South Carolina allowed to change its primary to an earlier date and wasn't even sanctioned?

I'm no longer supporting Hillary Clinton. I'm supporting Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton

I'm no longer supporting Hillary Clinton. I'm supporting Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton

Superdelegates -- who's selling and who's buying?

***** In light of recent events and comments by both parties, do we need another debate? *****

***** In light of recent events and comments by both parties, do we need another debate? *****

Fox News .... Pushing the "Obama is in trouble" meme

When I hear the word "vetted" I think of the following:

Hillary will drop out May 7th

"Obama Speaks!"

Obama to Stiff Arm Michigan and Florida?

McCain = Invisible Man

Why Would Super Delegates From WY or MS or Any Other Red State Support Clinton At The Convention?

Why Would Super Delegates From WY or MS or Any Other Red State Support Clinton At The Convention?


So, did she Xerox her tax returns yet ?

Push Us Around at Your Peril

Calling Bullshit on Ed Rendell

Heads up: instead of .org gets GOP

By One Vote...

Obama Adviser: I ‘Strongly’ Believe Telecoms ‘Should Be Granted Immunity’

It's Coming: Obama/Clinton - an analysis by P.M. Carpenter

Hillary supporters, here's what I'm afraid of...

Don't like "The Dream Team"?

POLL: Obama supporters, what is your threshold for voting for HRC in the GE

*** DUers from Florida *** If there is a revote, who will you vote for?

BREAKING: Hillary declares herself the nominee.

How Big A Factor Is Race In The Democratic Primaries?

Sobering recent data: Lots of Democrats now actively disliking the candidates

Hilary accepting Rush Limbaugh votes and Nader accepting Republican money

Pssst... hey, GDP fishbowl

Obama Adviser: I ‘Strongly’ Believe Telecoms ‘Should Be Granted Immunity’

Does anyone know why Puerto Rico is now a primary and not a caucus?

If Sen. Clinton wins Pennsylvania by 70%, here's the numbers

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/9/08 - Obama unchanged (45), Clinton up 1 (47)

If HRC is the nominee, will we lose IL in the general election?

Disenfranchising Florida and Michigan?

Disenfranchising Florida and Michigan?

Obama in Senate: Star Power, Minor Role

If a poster using a familar screen name starts writing in an entirely different style

If a poster using a familar screen name starts writing in an entirely different style

OMG Meet The Press-Rendell v Daschle

I'm a DEMOCRAT but if super delegates override pledged delegates I STAY HOME IN NOVEMBER!

Rendell and Corzine, Hillary SDs, will help raise money for MI and FL do-overs

7 - 5 split is actually not that bad for Clinton.

Obama, can you help your grammamma?

Obama's Black Support Shows Its Limits

Hillary Supporters! Do you think she's setting herself up as VP?

Extreme Obama folk - calm down

To Hillary Supporters: What's going to happen here if Obama wins the nomination?

It's 1992. Who Has the Lifetime of Experience to be POTUS?

Hillary Is JUST LIKE the Repubicans? FACTS DON'T SUPPORT THIS!!!!!

Marc Ambinder: Hill Raisers Down By One-Will She Return The $100,000?

Hillary is 100% correct about the importance of experience...

A republican fan gives Obama advice

Newbie here

Clinton is ahead in the electoral vote count & in public opinion

Reality Check: North Carolina Will Essentially Erase Pennsylvania

If we need the president with the MOST political experience

If we need the president with the MOST political experience

Clinton 142 Del Deficit; Obama 252 Away From 50%+1

Why is North Carolina not considered a big state, and New Jersey is?

Please sign this petition to have Hillary disclose her taxes

Hillary has guaranteed that Obama won't offer her a veep spot.

When "Hope" turns into "Whine"

Obama nets 2 delegates in Republican Wyoming! 5 campaign offices to 2. TV ads to radio.

BO A calculating and ambitious man.

Nader is my guy if HRC becomes our Democratic Nominee

When are the SDs going to step in and end this nightmare?

Excellent primary contest observation from Nicholas Kristof

"Look it up" No, you fucking look it up.

show me a state obama can win in the general election that hillary can't

Obama and the Bigots


If Obama wins the popular vote and pledged delegate vote - is that as a 100% lock on the nomination?

Why Obama will do better in the General Election


The Obama-haters need to calm down.

Well, well. Looky what I found...and on MSM, yet! (McCain's health status)

Ed Rendell Comments on MTP: Read it and Weep. This Is What Its Come Down To

Will Obama Start Telling the TRUTH if he's our Candidate?

Dick Morris offers advice to Obama

This isn't going to end well, but...

show me a state hillary can win in the general election that obama can't

And you thought GD:P was bad?

I am one of the undecided in Pennsylvania, help me choose a candidate

To all of you who hate Dick Morris, Hillary was the one who got him for Bill.

Bad news for Obama supporters: It may not be simple math after all.

HIllary Clinton is a coward.

Hillary Clinton did not endorse John McCain...

Which of these VP statements do you agree with most:

Rasmussen: Obama Leads in North Carolina

EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN! Calm! There. We all know what will happen here.

Question: Is everybody assuming that HRC will sweep Pennsylvania

Obama's Political Timeline: Why Run Now?

My Friends McLame will win the GE if we can not mend both sides of the party.

Obama is MUCH stronger than Clinton in the general election, and here's the proof:

March 4, 2008 Obama hires Starbucks lawyer to fight Hillary/ to keep Hillary from advertising!

Check out the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Home page. Obama is winning their poll

If it ended this nonsense right now, would Obama supporters accept Clinton as VP

New Gallup tracking poll shows buyer's remorse for Senator Clinton-Obama back on top 47-45%

My Sister-In-Law Won't Vote For Obama....wanna guess why?

"Look, I've lived overseas," said Obama.

"Look, I've lived overseas," said Obama.

Tucker Carlson's MSNBC Show Cancelled. It was just a matter of time...

Does anyone know what happens with Edwards' 26 pledged delegates?

What does Obama have to do to connect with the blue collar

Would you support an Obama/Clinton "Dream Ticket"?

Is Hillary's 3rd comeback already dead in the water?

The Dem candidate Dubai and Saudi royals prefer making decisions in the White House.

Hillary's ongoing campaigning at this point is as damaging to the party as anything Nader has done.

"Put Up or Shut Up on Anti-Math Argument" ("math drinks your milkshake.")

Clinton Tax Returns Question -- ANSWERED!

Why does OBAMA want to win this way?

Let Me Get This Straight - Clinton Starts A Civil War,Then Claims Only She Can Bring Us Together?

Bill Bradley hits the Clintons...

Are you disturbed by the racist subtext of the SNL skit last night?

Democratic party officials cancel Michigan's convention rooms

Hillary Night Live Is On

I love how some say Hillary "endorsed" John McCain

If Florida and Michigan hold new primaries, do you think the results will be tainted?

CNN: Sen. Clinton comes in strong, in Wyoming... in a 23% loss

Media reports on Wyoming Caucus and cannot fathom why anybody would vote for Obama over Clinton

Media reports on Wyoming Caucus and cannot fathom why anybody would vote for Obama over Clinton

I want my (Florida) vote counted! Yes we can!

If Obama wins the nomination, white working class voters will not vote for him and he will LOSE

Here is what Hillary actually SAID


Amusing: Hillary's map of the US

This Is Fucking Outrageous!

HRC = Humphrey's Replayed Campaign. Denver 2008 = Chicago 1968.

Fact: 59000 registered dems in WY. 8753 actually voted. *59265* voted in the 2004 primary.

Mother Jones article: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics (was a surprise to me) -

To the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights: I salute you......

Video Indictment, Audio Impeachment

C-Span II Booknotes NOW!...Incredible Discussion...from our "New Democracy Foundation!"

The whole reason Hillary praised McCain over Obama, in a nutshell

Today in Black History – March 8, 2008

Tonight, 10 p.m., CSPAN2 Book TV......

Orwell Quote For The Day

Which one is Rachel and which is Ralph?

I want to make this perfectly clear: ALL ACTS OF TERROR IS AN ACT AGAINST HUMANITY!!!

Bees come down! Bees come down! (apologies to Larry Shue)

iPhoto HELP! I can't open iphoto...Starts to open then while loading Library it crashes..PLEASE HELP

Defense Official Says Recruitment Declining

bu$h*s Veto of Bill on C.I.A. Tactics Affirms His Legacy-NYTimes

Today in Women's History – March 8, 2008

Hello President Gore: Clinton adviser says neither Obama or Clinton may clinch nom on first ballot

Looks like we're picking up a congressional seat tonight, folks!

Are you seeing this? We're winning Hastert's seat!

The race for Tubby Hastert's seat is in a dead heat!

Progressive Caucus Legislation Aims to Stop BushCo "End Run" for Permanent Iraq Bases

Peace Action Demands Exxon Mobil Be Held Accountable for Missing Iraq Funds

Tired of MSNBC promotion of SNL

Stop the Racist Steve King, Rep. IA

The Hateful And Divisive Record Of Bigot Steve King

Foster over Oberweis 53-47% (so far) in race for Hastert's district

By Vetoing the torture ban BUSH just opened the door for our own soldiers to be treated horribly

Take a stand against hardcore religious fundamentalism in the military

David Trimble, who helped broker peace in Northern Ireland blast Clinton's foreign policy claim

Age will be a big factor in Obama's favor vs. McCain

Boeing: Briefing on tanker contract raises 'significant concerns

There's a cool space launch (Jules Verne) in about 25 minutes if you have NASA TV

Iraq veteran says McCain policy is wrong

Weird Bush photo I found on google images...

Causes and consequences of our foreign policy in the Middle East; What it means for Americans

It's Over!!! Foster won (IL-14)

In The Valley Of Elah


I accidentally clicked on GD : Primaries, and my laptop's temperature went to 160 degrees

Ok I gotta say... this is hilarious


My 10 rules to improve DU.....

DU Public Service Announcement: Daylight Savings Time Begins 2 a.m.!

Should Henry Hager be an honorary conservative idiot every week

Islanders heal, hail WW2 pilot; man changes lives, returns to build school

U.K. Jews irked by Tory chief's 'gimmick' reference to Auchwitz trips


On Wednesday March 19, 2008 World Can't Wait will be having a protest

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME today-set your clocks ahead ONE HOUR-PSA nt

Bush, 01/12/04: "There won't be any more mass graves" (Mass grave discovered in northern Iraq)

Huckabee: "Mission Not Accomplished," tells supporters "We may be delayed, but not deterred"

Rumors that Putin's successor is Jewish has community worried

Impeachment Update: Video of Wexler's Response to Bush Attorney General

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - School Shooter in Finland revealed to be a Neo-Nazi

AP: Water makes US troops in Iraq sick

Houston Chronicle: Democrats' feuding is music to GOP hopes, could give Repubs playbook for fall

Free press watchdog slams Arab media 'charter' as bid for censorship

After the remarks by that POS King about Obama...

how far do I go to protect my daughter from derogatory words?

Dem takes Hasterts house seat. - not a word

I don't want to hear y'all griping about YOUR Dem congressional candidates....

should I laugh or cry when Republicans whine about "class warfare?"

Progressive Caucus Legislation Aims to Stop BushCo "End Run" for Permanent Iraq Bases

Hillary Clinton Refuses To Sign Anti-Torture Pledge from AFC! Obama Did, Clinton RESERVES EXCEPTION

External HardDrives...Please recommend one...(80-200GB)

70 Cats Seized From Unsanitary Home (cats well fed, home filled with feces & garbage)

Senate Committee Seeks Audit of Iraq Oil Money

Looking at Illinois and Wyoming


LOL!!!!! Freeper reactions to Blob's lost seat are HILARIOUS...

Saturday Night Live is racist and misogynistic

I'm sorry Pinto

The Illinois 14th Congressional District Turns Blue for the First Time in 35 Years

Sales Probably Cooled as Fuel Prices Rose: U.S. Economy Preview

Half the discussions and Posts in GDP are this! Photo

Journalist's Contempt Charge Unsettles Fellow Reporters

My first GDP post. Honest question, charisma, why do Hillary supporters not think...

Bush entertains the CEOs

OMG. John McCain use's Hillary's Talking Point about Obama on Opener of 60 Minutes.

CEO’s Pocket Big Pay While Their Companies Tank

Does the U.S. Military hate Jesus Christ?

TX paper: If Obama doesn't get nomination, many Dem voters will skip Nov election

Lifting the Veil Using a 'Bluetooth Burqa'

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of March 9th 2008 - Pacific Northwest

Carlyle Group May Buy Major CIA Contractor

Brother of Victim Is Charged in Deadly Memphis Shootings

Fuck you Jon Kyl...

A Florida "Do Over" primary would be subject to rules made by Republicans.

In All Honesty, When Do YOU Think We'll Be Completely Out Of Iraq?

The Hateful And Divisive Record Of Bigot Steve King

The Hateful And Divisive Record Of Bigot Steve King

The Hateful And Divisive Record Of Bigot Steve King

Time to be honest: We've got money problems

OPUS (and as usual - dead on accurate)

David Cay Johnston, author of "Free Lunch..." on CSPAN2 at noon ET

C-SPIN: Not A Word About Last Night's Election...

Bush serenades Cheney’s secrecy; "“the first and final performance of George Bush and the Busharoos"

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the destruction of the Democratic Party

what is your theory for the absence of pathetic GD-Primary Hate post madness early Sunday morning, ?

KBR supplied contaminated water to troops

Does the U.S. Military hate Jesus Christ?

Our Liberal Media

Ever accidentally post a witty response to Latest, not realizing it's GD-P

Hurray for Bilbo Bush and his legacy of liberty killing vetoes!!!!!


DJ Insight program finds McCain leading Obama and Clinton in favorable media coverage since March 2

Looks like it's time to betray the Kurds again.

Troop Rotation...Today's Los Angeles Times

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

This message brought to you by the Ministry of Truth

A crack pipe, or a novelty?

Need Your Opinion Please

John McGlaughlin is showing his age

How is the Clinton campaign going to spin this one

Let's DU this Neal Boortz poll that jokes about how he mocked a disabled child

Argh! I hate Daylight Savings Time. I really hate losing an hour.

Bring Our Troops Home, NOW!

Vic DiMaio's "blood is boiling". He is suing Dean, and will get injunction to stop do-over.

Why popular vote totals are irrelevant for the election ...

Cartoon: Uncle Sam

Daylight Saving Time is a scam...

This campaign season has me confused.

Go left TV: George Bush is Mistaken (video)

Just got back from a "Jeanne Shaheen for Senate" rally...

A simple question that almost always leads to the truth -- "Who Profits?"

Weekend TOONS: Part 2- non primary toons


The Complex Necropolis: Mass Graves in Iraq

Clinton's Cash House Deal: "A clever & unusual piece of Financial Engineering "(NYT)

There are really only two critical issues regarding the next POTUS.

Chinese Olympics Preparation Includes Slaughtering Pet Cats

Countrywide Financial Said to Be Subject of Federal Criminal Inquiry

Ex-Defense Official (Doug Feith) Assails Colleagues Over Run-Up to War

Angry Boeing Supporters Target McCain

GOP Congressman accuses Bushco of criminality: "YES-Lying To Congress IS A Crime"

Daylight Saving Time: Is your DU clock displaying the correct time?

How about the Dems save their time and money and settle MI. and FL. with a coin toss?

LOL.. Anti-immigrant protestor arrested for indecent exposure!!!!


The Spanish Government won reelection

Pakistan's victors form government, vow reforms

Doug Feith releases memoir blaming everyone else for the Iraq War - "War & Decision"

A Science Prodigy in an Unlikely Place

House Prepares for Contempt Challenge

Self delete — mods, please lock or delete

IL 14 Election Watch...

Shortage Of Rural Veterinarians Affecting Food Inspection System

Democrats being called/subpoened in Alabama

Corporate Welfare for Big Oil

with what the iraq war has cost so far, how many diseases could we have cured....

why won't HRC's supporters debate her votes?

OMG! Make Your Own Obama Logo Here!

OMG! Make Your Own Obama Logo Here!

How DARE you blue state "Democrats" look down your noses at those of us in the heartland!!

Cokie Roberts -- Ann Coulter with a brain?

Women's History Month woman of the day: Coretta Scott King

Oh... So THIS is how they do it...

Want to see what (almost) literate Freepers are reading nowadays?

I'm confused re: McCain

Parts of Ohio, Tenn. get a foot of snow

So what's it for anyway?

Lorne Michaels, The Creater of SNL, Has Donated The Max To John McCain In This Primary

Anyone else notice something different about R. Maddow?

If you want some fun...and like elves.......

Boom times for 'gently used' clothes

I'm convening a People's Grand Jury investigation here at DU today.


Sherriff Joe's right-hand man tells all.. "He's a monster"

does anyone here feel the North American Union is real ?

Why would anyone donate to the GOP, they steal your campaign money

Why would anyone donate to the GOP, they steal your campaign money

26-Year Secret Kept Innocent Man In Prison (Includes a DU call-to-action)

Is "black" the new "negro"...

Just got back from college visit for daughter. 11,000.00 a year for the next 4 years

Studies: Iraq costs US $12B per month

Dean: "After July 1st, the control of the convention shifts from the DNC to the nominee"

Lookin' at tonight's threads.......

Am I the only one who thinks CNN's Rick Sanchez is an idiot?

Dick Morris: It's Over

Job losses' ramifications far-reaching

SNL Weekend Update: Hillary "Just getting warmed up? After 31 primaries? How the hell...

Unemployment Benefits Need to be Extended NOW


FLORIDA POLITICS: Democrats torn between party, GOP friends. Unfricking believable!

C-SPIN TONITE! 6pm EST: Shehan on the story behind the 9/11 Commission

I know it's a lot to ask-can someone DU my local opinion page?

why doesn't DU post liberal radio shows

I never knew this about the Guernica tapestry at the UN

Hospitals battle bid to rein in Medicaid

This is scary! Please help DU this poll on waterboarding.

Why defeat in Hastert’s district is a ‘disaster’ for the GOP

Please welcome...

Anyone else here hoping for a brokered convention, with Edwards jumping in and winning?

A Time to Break Silence COME BACK H2OMAN

19 yo female Medic receives Silver Star in Afghanistan

Horrible anti-gay speech at Oklahoma state legislature meeting

Westboro Baptist Church ordered to pay $5 million (church that protests at military funerals)

Laura Ingram Attacks Caller! "I'll frigging destroy her"


Obama will do better against McCain in the GE

As a Hillary voter, I would like to let the Obama people know...

As a Hillary voter, I would like to let the Obama people know...

As a Hillary voter, I would like to let the Obama people know...

Economist John Williams of about exploding M3 money supply growth and depression.

I am sick of this shit

Ex-Defense Official Assails Colleagues Over Run-Up to War

The Greatest Disgrace of The Bush Presidency Is Us

JPM margin call warning - my favourite financial blog says "The Game is Over". Here's why.

Why Bush NEEDS a Third Term ...

Tucker Canceled; Other Programming Changes Ahead

Once you have an ongoing health issue that is covered by your insurance

"Who Will Work In the West?" ---- Are we forcing businesses to hire foreign labor?

Oil prices have not increased since Bush took office.....

How many Afghans caused any harm to the US? If you know the answer and still support the massacre

Obama won the Idaho caucus 79-17, A 60-40 split is a big improvement for Hillary in Wyoming


I Wonder If It Has Occurred To Members of Congress That Their Phones Are Tapped?


Forcing Psychiatric Drugs Can Increase Violence

The Fruits of Fascism - New Orleans Reduced to White Playland

22-Month-Old Child Finds Gun, Kills Himself

THE MATH - Sunday, March 9

DEA Undercover Op Warned Senators Years Ago About the Use Of Informants


Follow up on the shooting (attempted murder) this week of Captain Paul Watson written by Marc Gaede

There's a new AT&T commerical here.

I'm going to top some cheesecake with some ice cream

Why bother?


Man, Obama sure is upsetting the status quo, isn't he?

Dont taunt the Reaper: 26 tempting but inappropriate funeral songs

Sigh. I've lost the urge to be delightfully saucy.

The most revolting ringtone ever recorded

It's windy here...... I love wind.... but not like this,,,,

Word of advice:

My wife just blew my mind.

Just another reminder of life in general: in video form.

Saturday @ the Museum of Life & Science

Sometimes Bill Maher hits it out of the park!

Just lost power. Need a time stamp

Most inessential ringtone

Pro-lifers infiltrate "Horton Hears a Who" premiere, chant anti-abortion slogans

Saturday night humor

Just got back from college visit for daughter. 11,000.00 a year for the next 4

Anyone with inflatable sex partner experience?

Local paper quoted me as being in favor of gay marriage,

I finished my spring cleaning (pic)

It's a German beer night tonight. Strange that I'm having Pizza.

"Next week, your luck color will be green!"

I feel like I'm wasting my life away

I love the smell of Agrilime in the morning.

Wow. Compensating? Half of British Men Would Swap Sex for 50-Inch TV

My Olive Garden lunch did not work out today

K. I am off to bed. Everyone have fun. Watch out for GD:P. If they bite you, the penicillin is

I'm getting some take-out Vietnamese food - anybody need anything?

Ohhhh, you can never get too low when you're so damn high

My wife's new car..

Hillary's "scorched earth" strategy gets her nowhere. Obama widens the margin

Does anyone else want to wreck the cars of the ad executives at safe auto?

So I'm filling up my car with gas in Venice, CA today...

Drunk, onary and pissed of at my oppressors

Who wants to hear how perfect the weather is in AZ?

It's later than we think (DST gripe)


I tried GD:P

F*#%! my watch is already fast!

Black Sabbath Iron Man(Live in Paris 1970)

Do you like your bank?

Can somebody find me somebody to love? by Queen and sentiment by me

I'm gonna hate daylight savings this year.

When was the last time you could say "Last Night was Amazing"?????

I just watched lost in translation

The last lines of Tennyson's "Ulysses" keep running through my head

Donnie Darko

Egads....I think I like the Dixie Chicks...

I actually had McDonalds tonight.

I was in the dark last night due to storm-related power outages

Seasons in the Sun- by Nirvana

The empty bottles of wine were dead soldiers...

I like those first few hours of clock-changing Sunday

Movie recommendation: "The Band Trip", an Israeli film we LOVED IT and so did the

I saw this one coming...(ALMOST a Darwin Award!)

I am so proud of my 7 yr old daughter...

Meet The Guy Who Will Play A Young Spock In the Next Star Trek Movie

Computer clock?!1 Daylight Savings means 7 mos of my setting the clock every few days

I just bought an 80 Gig Classic Ipod, Duers - what should i expect...

Help..I'm downloading a .rar ifle to a windows computer. What do I need to unzip and play it?

Dear God I wants me some Cheese Burger in a can!!!

External HardDrives...Please recommend one...(80-200GB)

Funny story about Daylight Savings time.

I move to abolish "Caps Lock" All in favor say Aye.

Crimes buffs


question about domestic partners splitting property

For my snow-bound friends...a few spring pics...

What a fun wedding!

My continuing cat saga (pics!): my poor, poor stray has some troubles

My Cat Doesn't Seem To Understand Claws Yet

Alleged "failure to signal" leads police to pull over and sexually assault 28-year-old single mother

I don't know who she was, but I love her. (Pic)

So Vampire Weekend...

Can we stop blaming the sub-prime meltdown on the borrowers?

Your Sunday lolcats

Famous groups you've totally forgotten...

One year ago today, Brad Delp of Boston passed on.

It's emoticon orgy time!!

I just saw No Country for Old Men

Do you monitor your parents' online activities?

I just haven't been myself lately...

There will be bud. A surprising and refreshingly well done weed version of There Will be Blood

Whoops! Bottle said "Three pills/day". I thought it said "Ritualistically mutilate your neighbors"..

dont listen to frankie teardrop on acid

California to criminalize home schooling?

what is everyone listening to tonight?

Steven Chow/"Kung Fu Hustle" fans: New movie out!

reggae song about u.s. politics

Where in the hell is Midlo?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/9/2008)

The Dodge Durango is now 7 inches longer

It's real! It's revolting! It's CHEESEBURGER-IN-A-CAN!!

The ROFLMAO smiley needs to be on top of Smilies lookup table

Does anyone know the way to reduce jet lag using Melatonin supplements?

Sunday Music thread! (songs with Biblical themes)

Things You Learn While Lurking On FARK....

Yay! I finally got my home internets back!

Yay! I finally got my home internets back!

well, this week the time frame has elapsed and i qualify for expungement

Jazz folk - are you familiar with Anna Maria Jopek?

Surly folk - are you familiar with Stavros and Nikos?

Do you monitor your children's online activities?

A guy was annoying me for passing some gas at the convenience store.

I've got a new, large flat screen monitor, and the internets are almost unreadable now

Does this man monitor your children's online activities?

Anyone mad at a DU friend because of his/her candidate preference?

do you even know what buffet means?

I usually start the cocktail hour at 4:00. Today I'm catching crap.

do you even know what buffet means?

Does anybody know whatever happened to these guys?

My confirmation class/middle school youth group is watching "Amistad"

Computer Issue--HELP!!

A guy was annoying me for some gas at the convenience store.

Lets just have a re-do of this whole process

‘NYPD Blue’ star Morales escapes rape charge (Los Angeles D.A. rejects case due to lack of evidence)

" your cat?" This is what I get whenever I post one of these:

My grandma was just rushed to the hospital.

is it wrong that i am not still mourning a celebrity death?

Uh oh, I think my cats are in trouble. (picture/not serious)

Spending some time in Jacksonville!

Body Detoxification--Day Two

If The Lounge Ever Got As Bitter and Angry As GD:P, What Do You Think Would Have Caused It?

Anyone like Dog dancing?

Im so sick today that my new mac doesn't even hold my interest!

do you even know what buffet means?

I've become more cynical and jaded in my life

crap.... I just got an email from my daughter

Yup, going to see 10,000 BC tomorrow morning

what is the most important thing you have ever done?

The Great White North

Clinic: have vasectomy, watch NCAA hoops

I Love DU

A cute little fat girl has expressed an interest in me.

self esteem

Why do they call Panera Bread "St Louis Bread Co" only in St Louis?

This is why you never talk in the men's room

Alternatives to "thrown under the bus"

Do you feel old?

How long after a kitteh has kittenz can we get kitteh spayed?

I lost my dvd remote...

March 1991-March 9, 2008

Noticeable One

What do you think lounge: to PHD or not to PHD?

TIRED TIRED TIRED!!!! (USFS Adult Midwesterns)

It's a shame to use my 9971st post to start a flame war, but you have to see this:

** Pic Thread? **

Ever get woken up by a fire trucks in front of youtr house and heavy burning smells in the house

Weird phobias

what is your favorite way to piss off a control freak?

I love my new toy!! Printer/Scanner/Copier

Its 3am and the red phone is ringing... what do you do?

45° here tonight. Homemade potato soup for dinner.

Anyone A Fan Of Shoes? Shoe Shopping? Check This Out

I'm making a snarky shirt to wear to my Econ classes!!

Saint Taterguy is here to solve all your problems.


Create your own Obama logo! They're doing it in GDP even! We need to beat them!

Glen Danzig's grocery shopping list

WOOT! My buddy FINALLY struck a major motion picture deal for "Bone"!

Name 5 things you wish to do before you die.

Off Leash Dog Park Gripes

Dreamy? (pic)

900+ frames. All in Windows Paint.

Scents/smells that make you sick...

Anyone here able to help regarding pulling my kid out of public school, like tomorrow?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/9/08

Dudes - please help me parse a bizarre Jeopardy answer/question

anyone else looking forward to the impending collapse of the US economy?

What TV show episodes have you seen the most?

Capitalism has finally done it. They've destroyed themselves via their greed.

Is it wrong to be glad someone is dead?

Top 5 cartoon characters you knew had to be Republican:

The DLC, Lieberman and Hillary

You know what sucks?

Anyone else here own a SIGG bottle?

Precious, little, oh-so-prissy food.

ww dud

GDP is extra-crispy tonight!

Anyone here play FFXI?

The bad news-- My brother was in a motorcycle accident

If I hear "Apple Bottom Jeans" once more...

This is not a mere cat

Plouffe: "You have to wonder whether she'll be open and honest with the American people"

Iraq Vet: U.S. Can't Afford McCain Victory

U.S. troops buy own gear for safety, style

Ford CEO paid $4.1 million in stock

S.F. mayor may run for governor

Senate Committee Seeks Audit of Iraq Oil Money

Bill Stumps For Hillary On Battered Coast

Dem. wins election to fill Hastert seat

Ex-Model Waris Dirie Found in Belgium

Chelsea Clinton to visit Millsaps

Impeachment Update: Video of Wexler's Response to Bush Attorney General

Water Makes US Troops in Iraq Sick

Illinois District Votes For Hastert's Successor

Local (WA) Obama supporter shocked to see herself in Hillary ad

Dem. Wins Election to Fill Hastert Seat

(PSA-DAYLIGHT SAVINGS) Time to spring forward, change batteries in (smoke) alarms

US lawmaker says Al-Qaeda will celebrate if Obama wins

Olympics clean up Chinese style: Inside Beijing's shocking death camp for cats

One Last Thing: Who can go the distance?

Pakistan rivals to share power

Tougher child porn measure nears vote

Upswing in Iraq attacks not a trend-US military

16,000 Republicans in Cuyahoga crossed over and voted Democratic in primary

Spanish vote in general election

Dougie Feith calls Bush a liar

Influential Democrats Waiting to Choose Sides

U.S. role in Philippine raid questioned

A Political War on The Law Continues on Alabama Soil

China foils attempted terror attack on flight

FDIC reports second bank failure of 2008

In Peru's high plains, Chavez is exalted

Obama wins Wyoming caucus

Venezuela nabs suspected Colombian cocaine kingpin

Report: Water Makes U.S. Troops in Iraq Sick

Socialists (PSOE) win Spanish elections

On the trail, few mentions of McCain’s health

Florida Mail-In Primary Plan Gains Traction

On the Campaign Trail, Few Mentions of McCain’s Bout With Melanoma

Sarkozy suffers setback in French local election

(Ne) Dems kill plan to up impact of primary

16,000 Republicans in Cuyahoga crossed over and voted Democratic in primary

Minister authorized to sign oil deals with foreign majors

Clashing Over Church Ritual, Flag Protocol at Naval Academy

Indian workers at US shipyard allege slave treatment

U.N. committee says poor, blacks harmed most by Katrina

Female medic earns Silver Star in Afghan war

Preliminary resilts from Spain election show PSOE victory

Britain makes camera that "sees" under clothes

Gasoline prices hit new high, seen jumping more

Race played an intriguing role in Ohio primary

Bush surprises journalists with song at dinner

Democrat Bill Foster wins special election to replace Dennis Hastert

Indian firms snag most H1-B visas

States weighing lower age to drink

AP Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water

Democratic party officials cancel Michigan's convention rooms

Kentucky Lawmaker Wants to Make Anonymous Internet Posting Illegal

Fannie Mae may fall more, need bailout - Barron's

Olympics clean up Chinese style: Inside Beijing's shocking death camp for cats

Ex-Defense Official (Feith) Assails Colleagues Over Run-Up to War

Crime pays for US prison companies

The Madness of John McCain- The American Conservative Magazine

Kristof: Obama and the Bigots

A deadly clash of emotions before Oxnard shooting (Gay Student Lawrence King)

Is social/psychological politics killing our natural human species?

Pull Up A Chair…

Bernie Sanders: Changing Our National Priorities

Strickland wins it for Clinton

Hillary: 'I Have a Dream … Ticket'

Election Determines Hastert’s Seat to be Filled by TWENTY Democrats

Telegraph UK: French women 'are the sexual predators now'

Election proved that Ohio should have a closed primary system

Panama Caught up in FARC Crisis

'Human Smoke' by Nicholson Baker

The Gaza Bombshell - (“Iran-Contra 2.0”)

Political instability and social struggles will follow Spain’s general election

Break out the shock and awe

No End to Media Myths About Healthcare Policy

High Stakes in the Andes

Media tainted by anti-Clinton bias

The Folly of Experience

Bush The Torturer, The Tyrant, The Disgrace

Bush, Colombia & Narco-Politics

Truth: What Gets Found in Translation (if only someone would let Sibel speak)

The Last Roundup: Slaughter of spent dairy cows raises health concerns

Democratic women: Come Together? Yes, We Can.

New Instruments of Surveillance & Social Control: Wireless Technologies

Bill Clinton In the Mortgage Crisis

Justice Scalia's Two-Front War

Top Iraq contractor skirts US taxes offshore

Global Warming “Skeptics” Conference Enabled by Conservative Philanthropy

Scott Horton: Mr. Blackledge’s Black Helicopters

Maria Duran's Endless Wait

Carlyle Group May Buy Major CIA Contractor: Booz Allen Hamilton

The Iraq War Will Cost Us $3 Trillion, and Much More; "The cost will grow the longer we remain."

facespace CONRAD BLACK is.... feeling imprisoned, yet free

The Five Commercials Obama Must Run; The Urgent Need To Un-Vet Hillary Clinton

Obama and the Bigots

Tucker Carlson Unintentionally Reveals The Role of The American Press

Self delete 'cause I'm an idiot

The Detroit Free Press demands Michigan Primary be counted

Chalmers Johnson: The 'Rape' Of Okinawa

Hillary, it's 3 a.m. Your conscience is calling ...

Bill Clinton: A Clinton-Obama ticket would be 'unstoppable'

International Experts Foresee Collapse Of U.S. Economy

Dowd: The Monster Mash

USDA Says It’s None of the Public’s Business Who Ate Recalled Meat

WP, Dionne: Culture Wars? How 2004; "The era of the religious right is over."

Will Durst: Hillary Clinton: UNDEAD

2008: The year of global food crisis

Yuppies, we're not, as Ohioans proved in backing Hillary Clinton

Stephen Colbert Covers Fascist Regime's AT&T Treason Again

Hillary 3 AM Ad REPLY........Funny Response..Click on link BELOW

Kraftwerk - Computer World

GOP Rep. King spreads false Muslim smear about Barack Obama

Hillarious Malloy skit on our bickering

world can't wait bandana

PBS Newshour - Path to 9/11 (The Clinton's Involvment) + FULL VID

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer interviewed by Charlie Rose

PART 2 of Randi Rhodes debunking HRC distortion

Nothing Says Support the Troops Like... (strong language)

3am Phone Ad Girl is Obama Supporter

Steve King Stands By Attacks On Obama

Bill-O Calls Huffinton A Nazi

It's 3AM - Animated. Pretty Funny.

Obama not telling the truth about troop withdrawal

[PRES] McCain: Man In The Arena

Obama in Laramie, Wyoming

Vietnam Veterans Against McCain

The Big Party

Hillary Clnton Mock Campaign Ad Endorsing John McCain Over Barack Obama

Obama's Doubletalk Express - The Great Pretender

Samantha Power Apologizes to Senator Clinton

Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan (Part 1 & 2 Previews) - Begins Mar. 13th - 16th

I'm Listening

Rep. Wexler responds to AG's refusal to enforce contempt

Climate change: A guide for the perplexed

Environmental Film Festival - March 11-22 in Washington

A fin in the door (alewife restoration, Maine)

Ken Deffeyes On The Vanishingly Small Possibility That The NYT May Finally Be "Getting" It

Saudi Aramco Will Not Hit Khursaniya 500KB/D Target On Schedule

Bridgestone, Michelin Announce Further Tire Price Hikes, Cite Raw Materials Costs

'Big shift' to rail urged for UK

Methane gas from Three Rivers landfill will power Kimberly-Clark plant (SC)

Greenpeace: "Ban Video Games?"

Pollution involved in manufacturing solar cells

Sandia, Stirling Energy Systems set new world record for solar-to-grid conversion efficiency at 31+

Secret Plan To Let Japan Resume Whaling

11 from San Diego-based Navy submarine disciplined for falsifying tests on a nuclear reactor

CT Oil Distributor Goes Out Of Business, Leaves 12,000 Customers W/O Supply

What If They Gave An ELE And It Simply Couldn't Be Reported? - Grist

"Axmen" - new reality show on History Channel.

Cape man markets mini wind turbines (Mass.)

Already we have riots, hoarding, panic: the sign of things to come?

Solar Energy Firms Leave Waste Behind in China

Woman earns Silver Star in Afghan war

Army mother comes home to tragedy

A History of CIA/FBI Disinformation in the United States

NYT: Ex-Labor Leader, Guilty of Racketeering, Recites a 45-Minute Catalog of Crimes

China's trade union official upholds labor contract law, denying cost rise

Gunite Lockout Could End (UAW)

Exploitation: 100 Indian workers walk out of US firm

Still no contract for Walker Methodist workers nearly five years since vote

Obama's Right on Crucial Issue of Replacement Workers

Teamsters discuss Hillary

Union Members Tell Hubbard Broadcasting: ‘Stop Crushing the American Dream’

Working family cartoon: The Weekend

Women in unions: It’s not just Mother Jones

Go Left TV: Hubert Humphrey's last public appearance before a union audience

If you work in the USA, voting for McCain is a vote against your own interests (the work book)

Working Families Vote 2008 T shirt union made in the USA

Labor Beat: Richard Berg - The Battle for Teamsters Local 743 {LB544}

Supermarket workers overwhelmingly approve new union contract

More than 600 attend meeting to hear diocese union

Union meets with poultry workers (BOOSTING ITS N.C. STAFF)

USA: Union-busting in Minnesota Attorney General's Office E action

OSHA probes worker's death

OSHA cuts fine against Ceres in worker's death (paid $1,250 for the violation)

Hearing set for Monday in NLRB injunction request (Santa Barbara News-Press)

Smithfield loses its appeal (threatening QSI employees with arrest by federal immigration authoritie

Students Join Ithacans in Fast For Hotel Workers' Right to Earn Living Wage

Clergy group boycotts Rochester's Crowne Plaza Hotel

Bashar Issa faces four labor complaints at Statler Towers site

Unfair Labor Practice Settlement in Ithaca (story & VIDEO)

Teamsters cry foul in Panolam case

LA Times: As Clinton and Obama struggle, so do the unions behind each

AFL-CIO will hear from Obama, Clinton

Minnesota meat packers start negotiating new contract

MN public radio: Union battle heats up in A.G. Swanson's office

Labor leaders slam politicians who ignore the ‘real’ problem with NAFTA


JVS . . . . thread #2

F.B.I. Opens Criminal Inquiry Into Countrywide

Financial Crisis: Sorting Through the Rubble in Post-Bubble America

From boom/bust to bubble machine

Interesting video on the market and social trends.

Security bubbles, Bio-tech bubbles or alternative energy bubbles?

Capitalism has finally done it - cross-post from GD

Freedom Rider: Economic Meltdown

Economic Stages of Grief Chart

Colombia rebel's slaying boosts Uribe

In Peru's high plains, Chavez is exalted

How Fidel Saved Chavez in the 2002 Coup

In Peru's high plains, Chavez is exalted

Fidel Castro, the First Super Delegate

Bolivian provinces reject ruling against autonomy plan

The Book of Daniel is out on DVD now

The Spanish Government which legalized gay marriage just got reelected

Now I know this will shock you

I am watching a terrific gay film

Has anyone recieved their copy of this month's agenda?

Palestinian sources say Hamas, Hezbollah helped in J'lem terror attack

Intel chiefs to present cabinet with grim scenarios for 2008

'WE need Judaization'

Israeli Officials Say Talks Proceed

UN Human Rights Council condemns IDF actions in Gaza

Palestinians: Hamas, Hezbollah cooperated on Jerusalem terror attack

IDF soldier dies of wounds sustained in Gaza border ambush

Dignitaries honor Tom Lantos; Livni: World lost a great leader

Hamas admits that its fighters are trained in Iran

Palestinian killed, Israeli hurt in drive-by shooting in W. Bank

50,000 Hezbollah men said deployed along border with Israel

Settlers agree to evacuate several illegal West Bank outposts

A defeated policy, not a defeated people

Egyptian plan, with US and EU backing, engages Hamas, PA and Israel in resolving Gaza crisis

Israeli minister says sack (IAEA head) ElBaradei over Iran

UN rights body holds moment of silence for Gaza 'martyrs'

Twilight Zone / A great darkness has fallen

Report: Hamas leader says hundreds of militants trained in Iran, Syria

Palestinian celebration of murder dooms hope for peace

Israel okays expansion of West Bank settlement

Palestinian student killed as protesters confront Israeli troops near Ramallah

One on One: When defeat means liberation

Gaza's 'bigger holocaust'

I had to do it

"Kill A Hundred Turks And Rest…" (Uri Avnery)

The Perfect Presidential Candidate!

Jews who fled Poland after '68 anti-Semitic purge may now reclaim citizenship

Pluto square Pluto

Since we were talking about "reptilians"

A question for ASAH folks

PBS show on the Moon(s)

RE: Wickfordbard's Dream Lady show on Mondays at a new time

The Stars This Week: "Be Inspired!" - March 10 - March 16, 2008

Channelling from SaLuSa

Lord Maitreya’s 2008 Forecast

Ex-NBA star to run for Sacramento mayor

Dirk's One Game Suspension

Golfer Isenhour: I was just trying to 'scare' the hawk

8,000 drums March 21

Probiotic hope for kidney stones (BBC)

Nevada officials sued over care at state prison

Anyone know of online support groups for spouses of those with chronic illness?

Late winter (early spring??) swans

Map sheds light on hothouse world (BBC) {Cretaceous warming period}

Sluggish tuatara fastest in DNA evolution

Rhea might have rings

I haven't bought ice cream in over a year now.

The effect of DC vs. Heller? Look at Minnesota and Ohio.

CNN report on women shooters.

'REPUBLICAN' Flashes on Diebold Screens in Illinois Special Election to Replace Hastert

VFP-56 PRESS RELEASE: Supporting hand-counted paper ballots; "No justice in secret vote counting"

BradBlog - LA's 'Double Bubble' Hearing: Logan Runs, Conny Called on the Carpet, (and Kim gets it)

Florida's motor-voter database snafus changes political party

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 03/09/08

Plain Dealer: 16,000 Republicans in Cuyahoga County Crossed Over & Voted Dem:

Smoking Gun in Texas?

Way OT: "Jubilate" A funnly diversion

Hearings! Last week of hearings before Senate does not recess for 2 weeks!

Hi everyone!

Kerry ranked among most powerful members in Congress.

JK coming up on Face the Nation

Ahm, hey, the Boston Globe found this. Blame them, not me.

To our PA Kerrycrats on DU, please talk PA

3 Republicans who overrode veto lose party endorsement

Steve King (R-IA) who made dubious remarks about Obama, is in a district bordering MN.

Can we trust Richard Clarke?

Suggestion for precinct leaders

Heads up: instead of .org gets GOP

Obama tried to fly in south texas support.

i have road runner, i cant load Crimson Skies on Gamespy.. what/how do i tweek it to work

I thought I could FINALLY create something without having to ask...

hi.. need some advice, motherboard/etc suggestions for AMD 64 x2 6400

Need help with Dreamweaver

I think we need a new DU group - Electronics

Is there still a way to add the du button to my Google toolbar?

Obama, Lugar Secure Funding for Implementation of Nonproliferation Law

Question: Does anyone have any evidence of Obama's campaign denigrating Hillary supporters?

Girl In Clinton's '3am Phone Ad' Supports Obama

couple of random comments

Is it me or has the media spent more time on the "monster" remark

Now we're "boutique states" in the west???

NDP Explains Its Love Affair with Harper

Lawsuit Takes Aim at College’s Billing Practices for Study Abroad

Looking for help; would like to take my child out of public school mid year.

Obama's Black Support Shows Its Limits

NYT, pg1: Obama in the Senate: Star Power, Minor Role

What if?

If Obama wins the national popular vote, that would very probably give him a lock on the Nomination!

Pennsylvania: Safe Win For Clinton? Maybe Not ..

Go away? Why should she?

Tina Brown: Hillary and the Invisible Women

Surfrider Foundation Action on Coastal Commission

Francis Pym, Thatcher's enemy within, dies at the age of 86

S.F. mayor may run for governor

DU Meetup at my place: Friday, March 28

Illinois just elected a scientist to Congress