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Rush: World Wildlife Fund staffers "brainwash their own kids." Time to donate!

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Dunn leaving White House, Pfeiffer takes over

"Given your sex scandals, it's best not to talk too much about your efforts to protect raw oysters."

Ezra Klein: Is a flawed healthcare bill better than no bill at all?

Scariest Halloween Costumes of 2009

Elkhart (Ind.) Coroner Blames High Suicide Rate On Recession

Calling In The Big Dawg: President Clinton to Address Senate Dems on Healthcare Vote

Why man has become a slave to religion (and how to stop it)

Which will happen first?

So There are Three Types of "Anonymous Sources" in Washington DC

Just posted this on my facebook page for all my friends and family to see

why are you pounding sand up your own mandate?

Scamville: The Social Gaming Ecosystem Of Hell

On a lighter note. My son in law from Indy got 4 tickets to the Big Game

If Republicans have accomplished nothing else they have at least distracted the nation

Sen. Kerry promises draft of climate rules for Copenhagen

The Fort Hood Shooter was NRA trained and approved.


Eonline on Hannity's Prejean's interview: "planting a far more disturbing idea in our heads" contest annoying...

Study: Only 0.027 Percent of Iranians Use Twitter

So ..... The Dawg goes to the Senate today. The invite was arranged by one COS, R. Emanuel.

AMA under attack -turn on Rachel

State Rep. Campfield escorted from UT game on Halloween

'Christmas' back in state tree title

Bully As Victim Won’t Play Well

Senator McCaskill to oppose the Stupak amendment

Blackwater approved Hush money to Iraqi officials

Guardian UK Opinion: John Allen Muhammed deserved mercy

Couldn't Nidal have claimed to have "TEH GAY" and gotten out of the mil?

Should the DC sniper be put to death?

Jihadist battle cry is called ‘speculation' (San Antonio Express-News)

Bush Jr. Is To Blame For Hasans Actions....

How reliable is Bob Chapman? A friend emailed me about

4362 US Military Deaths in Iraq / 832 Afghanistan Countless non US Casualities...

Bitch Tits and BPA

Afghanistan's GDP in 2008 was $22.27 billion according to the CIA.

I Just Re-Watched "Sicko" - More Timely Now Than When Released

Women Ascend to Iraq’s Elite Police Officer Corps

Would people support a national food relief program

Weekly Audit: The Unemployment Epidemic

Need a job? McDonald's has an opening at Guantanamo

Is it me or

Good special about health care on PBS right now.

Speaking of Amendments: If the HCR bill is gonna have amendments, wouldn't it be better if

On NY 23 race . David Ross commentary it's amusing

Without family planning . . .

Rupert Murdoch behind H1N1 vaccine research on pregnant women, children

Frontline: Sick Around The World

Help! Mom! Conservatives are ruining books! - The Mudflats

Irony Overload: Cynthia Davis, MO Repuke, on Separation of Church/State

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Jon Stewart/TDS busts Fox fake footage

End Congressional Health Insurance Plans NOW

On a 70 degree day in New York, Sean Hannity says global Warming is BS...

Thom Hartmann: 'The rising influence of evangelicals in the Democratic Party has blindsided many.'

A Republican Senator from Connecticut would be better than Lieberman


Heads up - Former Sen Max Cleland (Hero-VN) on with Tavis tonight

Excellent piece by Irshad Manji: Let's analyze Fort Hood, not sanitize it .

I'm Sorry.. but Bart Stupak has to be the biggest A-hole in the world...

Salon: Carly Fiorina criticizes Barbara Boxer for expecting professional respect

Is your iPhone destined for a Rick-roll?

Lawerence O'Donnell just said that Bill Clinton was for his plan or

Great quote I saw

Great quote I saw

The plunder of Iraq’s oil

The plunder of Iraq’s oil

Republican congressman Eric Cantor is a prick

Specter: Make them Filibuster

Google to Murdoch: Whatever, Dude

Bipartisanship is Dead. It Was Always a Mirage Dangled by Repubs. Time to Bring the Hammer...

Disclaimer proposed for anti-abortion clinics

IEA Has Been Fudging Oil Data

Sotomayor poses in court for Latina magazine cover



Oh My!!Blackwater approved payments in Iraq shooting - NYT

Ore. police dog bites wrong man, intruder flees

How do you feel about Goldman Sachs and Citigroup being one of the first to receive H1N1 vaccines?

Iraq our Great Land, it's old but.... it's still worth seeing.

Cheney goes for US president's jugular

Under Attack, Bernanke Studies Politics

Wonder why the Stupak amendment has caused

So, ah, when am I allowed to move in the house in a ritzier

Some of the things one finds while doing research for a novel re LGBT rights

I'm Going To Agree With Sean Hannity And Dick Morris

Commonalities in How America's Big "Terror" Events Seem to Have Been Staged To Provoke More War

An appreciation thread for all those who have served ....Veterans' Day...November 11, 2009.

Jon Stewart showing those two different clip Protests clips from Hannity

Disaster movie political correctness

PHOTO of the COIN that President Obama placed at the marker of each Fallen Soldier at Fort Hood

Death Penalty poll

"So Much for Motivation" Can you tell how long ago this was written about motivating students?

PHOTOS: Fort Hood Memorial

Judge blocks UND from changing nickname from 'Fighting Sioux' (Boy does this have a backstory)

Six persons voted for the Stupak amendment

The reason for the Stupak Amendment is pretty simple to explain...

In battles, we borrow from enemy - Opening shot Maj. Hasan redux

Secret Lives of Women on WEtv: Born to Breed (Quiverfull)

Juan Cole: The most patriotic way to honor future veterans of foreign wars is

Commentary: How to stop veteran suicides

So according to a GOPer poll in Maine

So according to a GOPer poll in Maine

An Object Lesson on Not Being Jerks

Gulf Coast veterans displaced by Katrina anxious to go home

The Birdseed Milkshake Economy

Blackwater Said to Approve Payoffs (BRIBES) To Iraqi Officials After Shootings

Oil industry sinkhole threatens to swallow city

Number Of Wounded US Soldiers Coming Home Continues To Swell

Missing soldier’s body is found

WBC: 'Pray for More Dead Soldiers' & 'God Sent the Shooter'

Russian judge reduces mother-eating cannibal's sentence... because the guy was hungry

Could someone post the ORLY owl picture

Purple Cabbage Necco Wafers

Thanks to Veterans with food

One of the good ways for Republicans to support the troops

Does Anybody Know Yet Whether Any Muslims Were Shot By Hasan?

2,266 Veterans Died In 2008 Because They Were Uninsured

Documentary: George learns Self Defense

I found this on facebook today!!

God or Country?

Our Peers in State Killings

Ukraine declares martial law following pneumonic plague outbreak

Airplanes sprayed mysterious substance over Ukraine days before pneumonic plague outbreak

Because of the Senates' !#$% inefficiency we get to live through another cycle of insane Townhalls

NECESSARY ILLUSIONS- Thought Control in Democratic Societies

EU to test fuel-saving "Road Trains"

How to make sure Jeebus is a part of your wedding.

Ms. Prejean's theme song & video

What kind of subsidies would the Duggars receive under the new HCR plan?

What kind of subsidies would the Duggars receive under the new HCR plan?

You know, I've been pretty rough on Kucinch in the past few days, but now I'd like to praise him:

O'Reilly: ''As a soldier, we can't kill all the Muslims."

'Don't Ask' repeal likely part of 2011 defense budget bill

I live in a banana republic with buses.

The Ideal America...

The Ideal America...

In the spirit of the spanking your child thread... Is hitting your Dog OK?

In the spirit of the spanking your child thread... Is hitting your Dog OK?

A survey this year found that up to 50 percent of physicians consult Wikipedia


Media Racism: Why Two White Kids are a Senseless Tragedy but an Arab American is Terrorism

Should the right to call a fellow employee 'a deviant' be protected under law?

"Well, we must have priorities..."

For Veterans Day: A ZW Repost from 2003

The Health Care Script...

Punchline contest

Coburn (R-Okla) blocks wounded veterans' benefits bill

Tammy Duckworth comment I didn't understand

Happy tales for some former fighting dogs

Preview of some 2010 senate races

"Stupid" and "Stupak" both have six letters...

Goalkeeper commits suicide

Actual Ukraine newspaper in english about flu outbreak....

The Man Who Put the Rainbow in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, by Amy Goodman

Another Day, Another Republican Hold on an Obama Nominee

Man charged with statutory rape in ‘marriage’ to 14-year-old girl

Boss gives employee his kidney

It's Veteran Day. I'm a Muslim-American and a Combat Veteran

The Florida Government Has Misplaced 18,000 Buildings -- Yes, Buildings

I'm Going To Agree With Sean Hannity And Dick Morris

Snortin' meth with Andre Agassi By Mark Morford

Support Veterans? Sign this petition asking Coburn (R-OK) to stop blocking s1963:

"It's obvious: Repuke infiltrators have descended on DU"

Let's Mourn The American Lives Lost In Iraq/Afghanistan & Remember WHO Sent Them There To Die

Burnt Orange: Finally, A Well-Qualified Democrat Announces for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

It's The Economy, Stupak.

Are you looking for a H1N1 or seasonal flu vaccine? Check here...

Sarah Palin 2.0 (satire)

"Working to defeat the Blue Dogs"?

Do you believe someone when they've told you that they've seen a UFO?

Is this an H1N1 anti-vaccination scam or what?

Father says boy who shot self at Westfield Sportsman's Club had permission to use machine gun

Happy Veterans' Day - Welcome Home!

Anyone heard the word "Dithering" lately?

Health Scare Tactics

I don't recognize DU anymore.

Carrie Prejean is the most self-obsessed beauty pageant contestant I've ever seen in my life

The Rude Pundit: Veterans Day for the Living of a Previous Failed War

This is not the Change I voted for.

Cell Phones - Survival of the Fittest

Start Over?

why is there an ad for Carly Fiorina against Barbara Boxer on DU?

What is the best way to characterize people who wanted the House health care bill to pass?

Nice but w/o research I have no idea who they are.

Debate over Philippines health bill

Chrysler sets second shift at Belvidere

Banks face uphill battle vs. possible fee limits

IEA: Washington made us fudge oil data

Armistic... err, Veterans Day is an ironic sort of Holiday

A Brief History of Canada's Health Care System

tonight the state of virginia murdered a murderer

Scozzafava decries 'vicious' attacks

Clyburn thinks Stupak clause will be removed from healthcare bill

Falafelgate 2? Shockingly Racy Lawsuit Rocks Murdoch's New York Post

This is a government that can't monitor all Internet traffic.

From Justice Kennedy, a Lesson in Journalism

Our beloved Democratic Representative: Stupak

"Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn"

Happy Veterans Day... and if you get a chance read a great book written by the most decorated Marine

Republicans concerned with ascent of young Florida candidate (vs. Grayson)

46% of Britons think the Afghanistan occupation is increasing the threat of terrorism in UK

Yeah, we'll get an option.

For once, some good news on the autistic front: Judge allows service dog in classroom

Clyburn thinks Stupak clause will be removed from healthcare bill

3 Obama Advisers Favor More Troops for Afghanistan...i'm emailing the white house N O W

The media is reporting Sammy Sosa has been called a racist for changing his skin color

I just donated $25 to Barbara Boxer's Senate campaign, all I could scrape up this

A solution to the "I don't want to fund abortions w/ my taxes" debate.

VA sec'y promises timely response to PTSD, depression

VA sec'y promises timely response to PTSD, depression

Hum through hump-day with a CAPTION . . . please come do Head Wreck!!!!

From Justice Kennedy, a Lesson in Journalism

Please explain how this Health Care isnt a sell out?

America's First All-Christian Prison May Be Coming Down the Pike

Man who deserves an ass-kicking

Federal District Court Rules Against South Carolina’s ‘Christian’ License Plate

what do secretary gates, admiral mullen and hillary clinton have in common?

Federal Reserve: Weak Recovery Means High Unemployment For Several Years

For the fallen: The 11th of November, 11th hour, 11th minute silent thread

Former Bush aide seeks to toss torture memos suit

Vets - what got you into the Service? What was the story?

We're in the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month right now.

We're in the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month right now.

Happy veterans day Coburn

Justice O'Connor's Husband Dead at 79


Foreign-policy aide to Dick Cheney: Yeah we fucked up in Afghanistan...

Tom Richmond iPhone App rejected

Carrie Prejean

We need a cabinet level peoples ombudsman lobbysquad.

what has happened to vice president Biden, alien abduction?

Let me tell you my conspiracy theory: Kucinich is a shill of the DLC.

Protecting Academic Freedom: AAUP Announces Effort to Shore Up Academic Freedom at Public Colleges

Our beloved Democratic Representative: Stupak

I Just Saw The Following On The CNN Crawl - GOP Senators Push For Term Limits.........

My prediction for the final healthcare compromise

Lately I find myself using the small i instead of the capital I...

Until these questions are answered we will be confused about the Stupak amendment

Get ready, America: Here comes Sarah Palin (Going Rogue Tour)

All little ones miss their soldiers...

sometimes love is not enough.

has cheney volunteered to waterboard hasan yet?

So much stupid, so little time...

Run, Sarah, Run!

How do you stop spam from your blue dog dem congressperson?

Conyers tells Obama to start knocking heads

Shocking, sickening

Right-wing pundits now lecturing the military about guns

2008 FBI: Hassan Not A Terrorist (BBC)

If murderers should be executed for the sake of "justice"...

Today's odd two minute hate: DU is no longer recognizable. Or not what it used to be.

Doctor-drugmaker ties: Psychiatrist received nearly $500,000 from drug manufacturer

My apologies to DU and especially to my sisters...

Watch for 'sneak attack' on rates, economist warns

Muslim backlash only in our minds says The Denver ComPost

Great post in praise of Dennis Kucinich

"Now that the town halls have blazed with vituperation, and fantastical patriots are . . .

A Song by XTC to try and mend fecnces of those whom I offended

Need a job? McDonald's has an opening at Guantanamo

Key Aides Back Plan To Add About 40K Troops In Afghanistan, Source Says

"This is Jenna Bush Reporting ... "

DU, Class and New Industrial State Economic Nostalgia

Milwaukee muggers see Army ID, return wallet

Supporting The Troops With Toxic Fumes

Who is behind the promotion of Sarah Palin's book?

Stupak’s Flaccid Amendment Needs No Viagra (Go Shannyn Moore! You Betcha!)

RE TEABAGGERS: Ever notice:

Remember all the details of the DC SNIPER back in October 2002?

Marine reservist attacked Greek priest he mistook for terrorist

Thank you, Veterans. Thanks to all who bring peace. To hell with all who make war.

The War Condolences Obama Hasn’t Sent

Premium Rate-Busting Controls in HR3962

Hasan's Ties Spark Government Blame Game (cbsnews)

Brian Ross: Brian Ross 'connected with terrorists'

Photo of Orly Taitz's Protest in front of FoxNews (News Corp’s offices) - U CAN COUNT 'EM

California finances plummet less than three months after budget passage

Are abortions covered in the health care insurance Congress has?????

Bayh, Conrad, Feinstein, Lieberman and Warner form national suicide pact

CO State Sen: Obama 'Is Flying U.S. Plane Right Into The Ground At Full Speed'

Applied Materials to cut 1,300 to 1,500 jobs

So Carrie Prejean has a sex tape, what law did she violate?

Parents of Iraq Veteran Receive Mistaken Notice from US Gov’t, Not Condolence Letter They Await

Family feud (Rev. Moon) creating turmoil at Washington Times?

MSNBC is now in HD in Los Angeles

Stand with the Vets: say NO to Obama's troop surge RETHINK AFGHANISTAN

peter king & jose lieberman are outraged that hasan was still in the army

Husband of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has passed away.

Fox: Bill Sammon pushes "Ft. Hood = 9/11" meme, says Bullhorn Bush "found his voice" at Ground Zero

Is the Mormon Church About to Endorse Protections for Gays and Lesbians in Salt Lake City?

DADT has cost the military $200 Mil as of 2005 to replace the skilled servicemembers it kicked out

Smells like HCR: Senate's Slow Move Toward Student-Loan Bill Is Raising Anxieties and Opportunities

Bachmann May Have Violated House Rules

Focus on the Family uses Principal health care insurance & it offers abortion coverage.

Michael Steele says white GOPers scared of him cause he's black?

INTERNATIONAL-CLEMENCY: Kenya Commutes 4,000 Death Sentences

Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) sees a (centrist) compromise on Senate health bill

Democrats, Rachel Maddow, take on Pete Hoekstra over questions on Ft. Hood shooting, while others po

How Anti-Choice Dems and Mike Huckabee Could Team Up to Screw Over America's Women

Study: Over 2,200 US Veterans Died in 2008 Due to Lack of Health Insurance

Clinton Warns Senate on Failure as Health-Bill Timeline Slips

A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal

Carrie Prejean: 5-year mandatory minimum federal sentence for distributing child porn

Michele Bachmann's 'high stakes' political game grows

Riddle me this, Batman. If your political party absorbs roughly a quarter

Fallen soldier's body will ride in Terre Haute parade

Another "Family Values" Republican Freak-of-the-Week Asshole

Activist 'beaten' after BBC story

Stimulus Effects Question In Mass

Mining firm 'damages' Great Wall

Health Care, Section 7203 and 7201 problem

Local GOP Censures Graham for Climate Cooperation, Other Bipartisanship

If states are allowed to 'opt-out- of the public option as Harry Reid agreed to push for last week

2fer: BFEE tool NEGROPONTE gets tossed. & KERRY picks up the tab.

Barney Frank: 'DADT' repeal coming next year in next year's Dept of Defense Authorization Bill

Breaking: Ambassador in Kabul dissents on troop increase

Radio host Ingraham distorted my words, then cut my mike

The Donald: Prejean 'Should Be Ashamed'

Here’s the Vehicle for the Next Jobless Benefits Extension

Did Bachmann's "House Call" pitch break House rules?

Iraqi court fines British paper

US judge bans Christian car plate

Health Care Reform

Black Colleges React to Low Point in Fashion

Under Pressure from Tea Party Activists, Charleston GOP Censures Graham

OMG! I've Seen the Light! Kucinich Should Have Won The Presidential Election!!1!

Mormon church issues statement in support of gay-rights ordinances

Wasn't there supposed to be a rapture today? Anyone know

Sharlet's Latest: The Democrats' new "Family" values Thanks to C Streeter Bart Stupak and his allies

How will the Senate deal with the Public Option?

I would like to nominate MadFloridian for the "Most Sane, Consistent, Clear Voice on DU" award.

The questions "public option" supporters won't answer

The death penalty and the closure myth: "naive, unfounded, pop-psychology"

China Too Big To Fail? Not!!!

Someone please tell me what this is really about?

Dangerous Storm Carolinas to Mid-Atlantic

Take a Veteran to dinner

This is how I'm seeing healthcare reform at the moment.

iPod Touch Question - I'm Posting In Gen Disc Because I'm Leaving For A Trip And Need A Response...

Walter Reed Officials Asked: Was Hasan Psychotic?

4362 +

Brothers In Arms :Dire Straits

Mea Culpa (please read)

Armed Guards At The Washington Times

Who here had a relative in the First World War?

Orly Taitz Shuts Down Fox News, With A Protest

Republic of Money: Lizzie Borden & the Harriman family

You know what gave me GREAT SATISFACTION TODAY?

Wow, a prowler was just shot not far from my house...

Fox News Regular Bo Dietl: ‘10 Years Ago, [Katie Couric] Looked American. Today, She Looks Oriental'

If the Republican Party rejected their current ideology and embraced progressive principles...

Listen up Democrats! If your congressman/woman or your Senator is a memnber of "The Family"

Sacramento Bee: California budget boss jumps off before train wrecks

I'll be glad when all this

Ex-Marine who survived three tours in Iraq is slain while installing cable TV in Victorville

Isn't Viagra an elective prescription?

Sex offender to become new neighbor

This is great! Stupak's Flaccid Amendment Needs No Viagra - Shannyn Moore

Remember the Equal Rights Amendment?

Pharma Deal With White House on Course to Net Industry Billions

When is the best time to "weed out" some of these faux Dems?

Feds Wanted Private Data on All Visitors to Liberal News Site!

Why did the DLC, centrists, Tony Blair's Labour Party et al adopt

Chimp attack victim reveals face on Oprah

Democratic Underground has New Moderators!

Fired NY Post Editor: The Post's main goal was to "destroy Obama"

I don't want to fund war, Wall Street bailouts, torture, or corporate welfare with my taxes

How do you kill someone for killing someone and expect that to stop killing?

The Pope Nader Israel Hillary Dean Olive Garden Guns Smoking Public Breastfeeding!!1!1!

Let's Face It, Big Eddie Is An IDIOT

Veterans To Obama: Do Not Escalate

Question: Should the mandate to have insurance or be fined be stripped from the current HCR?

Yoo's lawyers warn of flood of political suits

Looks Like the Attack on Medicare and Social Security has Begun...

DU language geniuses: what language is this?

I just donated $50.00 to the DLC.

Fox News is Going Down - MAJOR Bust by Daily Show

bishop says no to homo tourism at Vatican

I do not support the death penalty under any circumstance BUT

Afghan future threatened by ex-warlords in gov't

Where's my freaking pitch fork??????

We watch the Repubs who are purging their party of moderates in favor of their nutbagger wing

JFK Investigation Photos Now Online

I've not seen one Serious Discussion on How HR 3692 is a "Giveaway" to the Insurance Industry

Ambulances start charging extra for obese patients

Ambulances start charging extra for obese patients

The Democrats are committing political suicide

WTF!! Obama Helping Lobbyists Weaken Offshore Tax Crackdown Dems Passed In 2002 Over GOP Opposition

Which is more dangerous?

Which is more dangerous?

If you ran an ad to sell your car, that read " Asking $10K, but will take $2K"

Blackwater tried to bribe critical Iraqi officials with $1 million after 2007 shootings

Christie may declare a financial emergency (Union busting at it's finest)

On Veterans day I want to offer a big thank you to DU's unhappycamper for his support of Veterans.

So how do we have a revolution without destroying ourselves?

To Those Who Say "The Public Won't- Doesn't-Can't Support" SINGLE-PAYER I Say BULLSHIT!!!

HIT THE BLUE DOGS: contribute to ads in districts of Blue Dogs voted against health care reform

Propriety and the Right to Choose

The Democratic Big Tent has no place for Corporatists or Anti-Choicers

Modern Warfare 2 - The offensive "Airport Mission"

4:41 PM and it's dark in Boston.

Outrage! GOP won't join in Ft. Hood moment of silence!

Christians my ass

I got an email from a student who I taught 20 years ago:

"I'm not racist, but -"

Rhode Island Governor Won't Even Give Rights to Dead Gays

If I don't talk this out, I'm gonna bust (cross-post from GLBT)

why not strip out everything from the House medical insurance corp. giveaway bill

Live interview with Helen Thomas on NPR's

Venting... After 35 years customer service hung up on me

Since we're never going to ever leave Afghanistan, we need to bring back the draft

Second hand smoke and smoker's rights. Yeah, I'm the asshole here.

Are Too Many Students Going to College?

Veterans Day - Dad's journal of his WW2 voyage from New Guinea to Manila (dial-up warning)

When excuses are just plain inexcusable

Considering these two topical O.P.s

Buzzflash Interview with two DUers about new book!

If Nidal Hasan wanted out, he could have told the Army he was gay

Hard to Believe: 73 U.S. Kids Sentenced to Life Without Parole at 14 or Younger, and All Are Black

Once upon a time in America, it was possible.

MUST SEE!!! Dogs welcoming back their soldier parents!

About half an hour ago, John Mohammed, the DC sniper, was pronounced dead.

Excellent sign from the Methodists in DC on 11/4

Bourgeois Underground - Why Class Matters PART 2

Birther FAIL: Orly Protests Fox News

Can you help me with my situation?

Has the DU Changed? Or Is It Just Me?

What has happened to DU? Has it been taken over by aliens? How can "liberals" defend Stupak?"

Columbia Professor Punches Lady Colleague In the Face

Ash Wednesday

Rahm is da man!

Sen. Sanders: If Lieberman filibusters health reform, force it through

Even faux snooze is fact-checking Palin

Toons on the underside of health care reform

William Shatner soon to have new material: the Quitter is back on Twitter.

William Shatner soon to have new material: the Quitter is back on Twitter.

William Shatner soon to have new material: the Quitter is back on Twitter.

Can someone who knows explain how health care reform will help the economy?

Deep under the ocean, there is a species of crab that eats trees. - BBC Obama camp was source for Edwards haircut story

More Questions Raised About Death Of Bush Cyber Expert Mike Connell

Toons: Veterans Day

Toons: Veterans Day

Anybody else think that "Anna" the alien leader from the show "V" bears an awfully close resemblance

A psychologist friend: Insurance trying to force her patient to take medication.

What's your view of spanking children?

10 Reasons to Abolish the Death Penalty

Ralph Nader: "Senator Joe Lieberman's motto seems to be 'L'Senat c'est moi.' (The Senate is me)

Since 2007, more than 70,000 service members have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury

The Star-Spangled Banner

Top Gear fans: James May on the Moon

Inventor of the Chia Obama meant it as a 'tribute', Jesse Jackson agrees

Is the Denver Bronco's coach about 15?

Having a crate trained dog is GREAT ...

Woman drives into aquarium at Tampa airport

I am sure someone can come up with a caption of this kitteh picture

Are school field trips as fun as they used to be?

All I want is a good night's sleep!

You know, it sucks,

AGGGGGGGG how do you donate? I just lost my star

Crap. Never mind.

Fear of the Dark...

I hate Christmas movies about Santa having kids.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar goes public with leukemia diagnosis

DO NOT try your best to irritate/annoy/anger me. DO NOT go ahead. I DO NOT dare you.

Tonight's Son's Of Anarchy episode...

I am saddened to see you go.

Carl Sagan would have been 75 yesterday.

Teaching my boy a little bit of literary style and a little bit of French on the side...

Useless gadgets Dept: Twitter-equipped bathroom scale

Green Haze

Best Michael Moore movie:

Veterans' Day Question. Happy Veterans Day!

10 of the world's worst jobs

Ya know what? I Don't Need No Doctor.

Purple Cabbage Necco Wafers

Shopping, or the decline of Arbusto Baboso's mind.

Good morning Lounge

Have you or do you plan on getting the swine flu vaccine?

writing software

Rejected Ideas for Disaster Movies

A Couple of Swells - Astaire & Garland

A Poem for Veteran's Day

Today is my work anniversary -- 18 years

Itching for a joint tonight , but can't smoke , so I am trying something different

"Stand back! I am MAN!"

OMG...A reggae version of John Denver's "Country Roads"!

Ok, I have a question about the movie Land of the Dead

Match Game Story: "Mavis Muncherofbutt occluded festeringly _____ savagely yet ribaldly hematic!"

Anyone here ever been stalked by a political groupie?

My boss said "Thanks."

For Veteran's Day, Big Country expressed it best in these lyrics...

When can I reuse this calendar?

The Trailer for Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Need some major super-duper DU vibes...

Anybody else watching TV.

respect your neighbor's procrastination! no xmas lights until AFTER thanksgiving!

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary YEA...but...hubby had to work over 24 hours yesterday

Heavens to Murgatroyd!

I probably should not say this, but I think you are hopped up on drugs. n/t

"This Is The Story of Two Sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell"

From Veterans Day 2003: A ZW Repost

Apparently it's War-on-Christmas season again

Dad & Grandpa...

I need a break--see you all after.

turned my students onto ABBA today. I have a student named Fernando

Democratic Underground has New Moderators!

Turned my students onto SENSUAL MASSAGE today. I have a student named Kitty Candystriper.

Shoulders: Trashman Shoes

Truth in advertising laws, are they the same on the web as print or tv?

Uh-oh! NJMaverick is going to Bunco night with Midlo! He got the boxed

I don't know why I insist on watching Animal Cops.

E-mail Forward-a-Thon attempts to raise $1 million for Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Post something vogue

The devastation of Ida (video)

Just saw "Desperate Housewives" for the first time.

Oh I was moved by your screen dream

King Earl Boogie Band - Plastic Jesus

Road trip!

Bubba had shingles.

The weight

Craving butter!

those of you who are playing in the match this afternoon move your clothes down onto the lower peg

That's no moon!

Scarred but smarter

Anybody else watching V.

I am running my study tonight. Let me tell after 8,5 hours of corporate serfdom

Best review of "V" out there:

A little trance remix of MJ for your rainy/non-rainy evening:

If Emerson Lake & Palmer REALLY put on a show that never ends, how do they make ANY money on tickets


Does anyone here remember Vera Lynn?

If my boss has referred to my work as a "clusterfuck", that would be good, right?

God I Love Dolly Parton- Backwoods Barbie

Finally reading "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" for the first time.

More on the Northwest pilots.

Is HFCS any worse than table sugar?

The prisoner remake Sunday. Get ready

Have you seen the video in my signature line yet?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/11/09

You Live in New England

Happy Veteran's Day and annual veteran check in.

Help me choose flowers to send to my sister -- what are your faves to receive?

There are more important things in life...than gas mileage.

When are they going to announce the new moderators?

Who remembers Reddy Kilowatt?

Do you like fetishes?

If I opened your refrigerator what would I see?

What has happened to DU? Has it been taken over by the French?

WTF? My ISP just vanished!

What is your PORN NAME? Mine? Sugar Dreamwhip

This week's Dexter--some questions (SPOILERS)

Truth in advertising laws, are they the same on the web as print or tv?

can anyone here translate a phrase into Latin?

Any Holly Palmer fans here? Give her a listen and you will be!

Wha is the BEST Pre-1950 movie you have ever seen?

Something's wrong with a woman, wouldn't you agree,

Post something vague.

What's Your Favorite Memory of a Pet That is no Longer With You?

"I find your lack of pants disturbing."

Frozen pizza and /or store-bought pre-made pizza - what brand do you like?

UPDATE 1-Ex-NY Post editor sues paper, claims racism, sexism Obama camp was source for Edwards haircut story

Army Wasn't Told of Hasan's Emails

Allies Uncover Cache of Bomb Materials in Afghanistan


CVS To Pay $875,000 for Selling Expired Products

Brazil's 2 Largest Cities Hit by Blackouts

Adobe cuts 680 jobs, to take charge

US judge bans Christian car plate

Greek Orthodox Priest attacked by Marine

Major online ad site hacked, serving up exploit cocktail

Gordon Brown signals the start of Britain's exit strategy from Afghanistan

Ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak pleads guilty in attack on romantic rival

China production and retail rise

Ex-Marine who survived three tours in Iraq is slain while installing cable TV in Victorville

Arkansas Anchorwoman's Face Shattered 'Like an Egg' During Attack

Associate professor assaults Arts School employee at local bar

DADT (Repeal) Likely To Be Part of Defense Bill

Pharma Deal With White House on Course to Net Industry Billions

Clyburn thinks Stupak clause will be removed from healthcare bill

Blackout hits central, south Brazil

From Justice Kennedy, a Lesson in Journalism

Mormon Church backs protection of gay rights in Salt Lake City

Get ready, America: Here comes Sarah Palin (Going Rogue Tour)

Texas polygamist gets 10 years for sexual assault

Missing US soldier's body found in Afghan river

Report: AIG CEO ready to quit over pay limits

Democrats, Rachel Maddow, take on Pete Hoekstra over questions on Ft. Hood shooting, while others po

Priest living in South Bend jailed as Ireland seeks extradition

Germany tells GM to go it alone (Opel controversy)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 11

McCain calls Fort Hood shooting terrorism, says signs missed

Brazil's Lula defends Ahmadinejad's visit

White House allies say Obama bungled Guantanamo closing

El Salvador facing food shortage

White House Denies Quick Decision On Troops

Creditors fight "wicked" plan for bankrupt Freedom (30 daily newspapers + 8 tv stations)

KBR improperly billed ($103 million) for security guards, senator says

3 Top Obama Advisers Favor Adding Troops in Afghanistan

Get ready, America: Here comes Sarah Palin (Going Rogue Tour)

Report: AIG CEO ready to quit over pay constraints

Federal judge nixes SC license tag with cross

U.S Law Would Require Employers to Provide Sick Leave

Yemen, US sign military deal as country fights rebels - Iran 'ready to aid Yemeni security'

Lou Dobbs to Depart CNN

Report: 10 (US) states face looming budget disasters

'Don't Ask' repeal likely part of 2011 defense budget bill

Lack of health care killed 2,266 US veterans last year: study

GOP Secretary of State candidate (Calif.) explains why he didn't vote -- ever -- until this year

Breaking News: U.S. ambassador dissents on Afghan troop increase

Feds accuse Eugene man of threatening to blow up Planned Parenthood

Czech troopers wore SS insignia (in Afghanistan)

Ben Nelson Says He Might Block Dem Health Care Bill

High BPA levels linked to male sexual problems

D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad executed

Vice President Biden’s (Biden OK) motorcade was involved in a fatal accident Wednesday

Walmart Calming the Black Friday Crowds

RI Gov Vetoes Same-Sex Funeral Rights

US 'wants to guard Pakistan's nuclear arsenal'

Vatican looks to heavens for signs of alien life

Gang Rape Witnesses Kept Silent So They Wouldn't Be Called Snitches

Drug 'shrinks lung cancer tumour'

U.S. envoy arrives in Honduras to break stalemate

GOP senators push for term limits

UN declares Mandela Day

DFA Campaign Academy: The Art of Email Engagement, the Do's Part 1

DFA Campaign Academy: the Art of Email Engagement, the Do's Part 1

DFA Campaign Academy: The Art of Email Engagement, the Don'ts

Thom Hartmann - If were going to purge Muslims from the military...

US Less Educated Than Bulgaria? - Austan Goolsbee

In Full: Pres. Obama's Remarks At Ft. Hood Memorial

Stupak Limits Women's Health Care

HLN's Joy Behar & Panel Talk Carrie Prejean's Sex Tape & Gay Rights

Frat Boys vs Westboro Baptist Church

Part 1| President Obama's Speech At Fort Hood Memorial Service

Playing Of Taps & Obama Places His Coins At Fort Hood Memorial Service

Alan Grayson interviewed on the Joy Behar Show 11.7.09

Seymour Hersh: The US Has A Team Ready To Help Secure Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons

Behind the Scenes- David Plouffe on Obama Campaign Twists & Turns

Young Turks: Cenk Interviews Jane Hamsher on Stupak Amdendment

TYT: Breaking Down Crazy Conservatives On Ft. Hood Shooter

Protect Insurance Companies PSA

Fox Knows Their Audience - Debating Drunk Breastfeeding Moms

Marcy Winograd on Vets in America - Progressive Candidate Running For Harman's Seat

Wounded Warriors at the White House Playing basketball

Thom Hartmann - Should children get life in prison?

Thom Hartmann - Is the Fort Hood Shootings George W Bush's fault?

Young Turks: Sarah Palin Idiotic Coin Conspiracy


Denying Responsibility for the Wars One Cheers On

Indiana Coroner has linked rising suicide rate to recession

Carrie Prejean Endorses 'Uni-Sex' Relationships

Too fearful to publicise peak oil reality

Defending The Arsenal: In an unstable Pakistan, can nuclear warheads be kept safe? By Seymour Hersh

Banks are struggling to make money in the credit card business

Unbelievable GOP Tactics to Stall Debate in the House

Count the Cost of Freedom

Can Any Self-Respecting, Progressive, Pro-Choice Woman Vote for HR 3962? by Meg White

Health Scare Tactics

Sean Hannity Interviews Carrie Prejean

Sarah Palin Charges Obama Removed 'God' From Monopoly Money

Veteran Gone Wild on Veterans Day

Why Is Timothy Geithner Rejecting Legislative Policy?

The One FOX News 'Tea Party Distortion' Missed by The Daily Show

Fox News Fact-Checks Sarah Palin's Coin Conspiracy Theory BS! Republican Congress & Bush did it!

AMA Ask That Marijuana Be Removed From Schedule 1 Drug List

Religious Freedom or Discrimination?

Obama helping lobbyists weaken offshore tax crackdown Dems passed in 2002 over GOP opposition

Michael Jackson Seance

San Diego veterans join chorus demanding a repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Jim Hightower: Real Recovery Is Easy to Spell: J-O-B-S

'Conservative' Justice Anthony Kennedy Gives Whole New Meaning to 'Judicial Restraint'

The Truth About the Teabaggers

David Sirota: Business Aims to Relax Bans on Products Made with Child & Slave Labor

Secret bin Laden Tape Reveals Al Qaeda Strategy to Infiltrate U.S. Military

Paranoia Strikes Deep By PAUL KRUGMAN

Garrison Keillor: How to pass healthcare reform

Republicans concerned with ascent of young Florida candidate

3 Top Obama Advisers Favor Adding Troops in Afghanistan

Arrests @ Lieberman’s Offices Lieberman Laughs Everyone Has A Right Express Views

Avoiding Factory Farm Foods: An Eater's Guide

The train wreck of our United States Congress by P.M. Carpenter

Dave Lindorff: In America, Selfishness and Lack of Solidarity Know No Bounds

I'm A Democrat, And I'm A Republican (Medicare For All #1)

Tom Cruise Talks About Beating Disobedient Scientologists

Pro-Democracy in Iran "Counter Rally" - November 4, 2009

TYT Interviews: Surprise! Faux news DIDN'T get a ratings bump from Obama

Bush At Fault For Ft. Hood Shootings

Veterans to Obama: Do Not Escalate in Afghanistan

Sean Hannity and Dick The Shrimper take the Fort Hood 9/11 ball and run with it

So We Don't Have To Pay For Things We Are Morally Opposed To?

Bill O'Reilly: We Should Win Hearts and Minds Because "We Can't Kill All The Muslims"

Want real reform? Let's start with Congress.

Buck You Farack Obama

Dennis Kucinich Explains Why He Voted Against The Health Care Bill

Classic: Keith Olbermann Goes After Carrie Prejean & Her Sex Tape

Young Turks Debate: Cenk Vs. JJ of Boston Globe On Public Option

Irresponsible bankers caused this economic crisis. It's only fair that they pay to clean it up

For Army Platoon In Afghanistan, A Familiar Enemy

Fox News Hannity Caught Using OLD File Footage As Live Event - GOP LIARS!

Maddow to PRO-Slavery US Corporations: "You child labor endorsing, pro-slavery freaks!!"

" Hi, I'm Marty, and I'm a recovering Republican"

Meredith Vieira Interviews Carrie Prejean on sex tape: (Must See)The View Interview included

Rick Sanchez: Rev. Fred Phelps Protesting At Fallen Soldier Funerals - 11/11/09

The deform of reform

A Hunt for Seeds to Save Species, Perhaps by Helping Them Move

Drumbeat: November 11, 2009

India 'arrogant' to deny global warming link to melting glaciers

Carbon Nanotube Sponge Can Absorb Toxic Oils and Solvents up to 180x Its Weight

Projection Pegs Sahel States' Grain Production Down In 2009-10 By 8-34% - AFP

Philippines Tenders Largest-Ever Rice Bid - 600K Tons - In Wake Of Typhoons, Flooding - AFP

Huge power outage hits Brazil & Paraguay

EPA Fines Knoxville Utilites Board $68,500 For 159 Sewage Spills Over 4 Yrs - Or, $427/Spill

40% Of Lowland Forests In Sumatra And Kalimantan (Borneo) Leveled 1990 - 2005

Warming Climate Will Remove Nitrogen - 2nd Only To Water As Determing Factor For Life - From Deserts

Kihansi Spray Toad Declared Extinct In Wild - Microadapted Species Lost To World Bank-Backed Dam

Chinese Academy/WWF Study Projects 2C Rise In Yangtze Basin Temps By 2060, With Manifold Impacts

UC Davis Study - Multi-Century California Droughts In Past 20,000 Yrs. Linked To Ice Cap Loss - AFP

Taiwan Reef Area Will Need 100 Yrs To Recover From Typhoon Morakot - If Overfishing, Development End

Taiwan Reef Area Will Need 100 Yrs To Recover From Typhoon Morakot - If Overfishing, Development End

Mercury & PCBs Detected In Every Fish Sample In 500 Reservoirs & Lakes Tested Across Lower 48

Gov't says brown pelicans are endangered no longer

NSW Soil Loss Five Times Replacement Rate; China Losing Topsoil At 57X Replacement Rate

Arctic Scientists Increasingly Bitter, Frustrated By Funding Struggles, Public Ignorance & Apathy

Masses Of Chicken Shit, Feathers Apparently Contributed To Dip In Illinois River (OK) Recreation

Spanish wind farms outperform 11 nuclear power stations, briefly

Gloat free Basketball scores (Tuesday, November 10)

Griffey agrees to one-year deal with Mariners

Quinn back at QB for Browns against Ravens

American League Gold Glove Winners for 2009

My teams have had the worst two or three months ever! I need one of yours!

Midnight Sunday I'll be done with this God Damn Avatar!

Ryan Zimmerman wins Gold Glove

Is poker a sport????


Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 11/10

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Updates 11/11


Did y'all see Mario Diaz-Balart at Bachman's Teabagger rally with the Nazi death camp bodies pic?

Chávez's Next Target: El Salvador

Brazil's Lula defends Ahmadinejad's visit

Washington disappointed: Netanyahu didn't present concrete steps

Obama’s latest surrender to Israel - Gordon Campbell on Scoop Independent News

'Israel has different laws for Arab and Jewish youth'

"SAS makes deadly debut with new sniper rifle" .338 over .50 caliber.

DETROIT: Five of Nine City Council Members Will Carry Concealed Guns.

Happy V-day to DU gunnie vets

"NJ Judge Says Quadriplegic Man Can Have Guns"

"At least he's safe there"--in Afghanistan--"and he can fire back, right?"

Father says boy who shot self at Westfield Sportsman's Club had permission to use machine gun

Questions about armor-piercing ammunition and the Brady Campaign's Five-seveN vest test

Illinois allows carry of firearms in car consoles!!! ....

The Phallacy of Unilateral Disarmament

MLB Network -- Goddam, $elig is such a fucking asshole.

Today in Labor History Nov 11 Four Haymarket Martyrs executed, 6 dead at parade, Everest murdered

uh...(shuffles feet in embarrassment)...when do submissions for the November contest begin?

Trying sepiatone...again...

Pt. Reyes and a milestone

Ceiling, Chateau de Chillon .

Perhaps there was "some" *cough* post-processing done on this shot...

Birds swarming

Star Trek-like Replicator? Electron Beam Device Makes Metal Parts, One Layer At A Time

R.I. governor vetoes 'domestic partners' burial bill

Leonids meteor shower coming up

San Diego veterans join chorus demanding a repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

sending you this

Victory: NY State Senate to vote on marriage equality

Man Arrested for Attempting to Burn Gay Pride Flag

If I don't talk this out, I'm gonna bust

Marriage equality in New Hampshire.

NGLTF tracks Obamas progress on over 80 items that dont require congressional approval

Mormons Back Salt Lake City Gay Rights Laws


My semi annual thread: People are BIG FAT LIARS about Gay Marriage

Filmmaker Philippe Diaz on “The End of Poverty?”

Charlie Gasparino: Job Losses Could Trigger Round 2 of Banking Crisis

Under Attack, Fed Chief Studies Politics

The Recession and Work Time

11-11-11 Stargate

Brian Weiss - "Past Life Therapy" on Coast to Coast tonight

Saturn Square Pluto, part 2

Ghost hunters find possible human bones in mansion basement wall.

The four tribes/ kingdoms and Totems....

Wasn't sure where to piggyback this, so I'll just create a new post.

Do you really believe that psychics can do remote readings...?

Well all you good folks out there,

APA Survey Raises Concern About Parent Perceptions Of Children's Stress

Mood Improves On Low-Fat, But Not Low-Carb, Diet Plan

Making Health Care Better

Chemicals in Our Food, and Bodies

FDA's Lax Ways (fraudulent research)

Study links BPA in plastics to erectile dysfunction

Wireless Phones Can Affect The Brain

HFCS linked to hypertension

Don't Use Mobile Phone During Storms

Closing the Door on Homeopathy

The Infection Schedule versus the Vaccination Schedule

New procedure covered by health care reform bill...

CDC approved multidose injectable flu vaccines -- including the H1N1 (swine) flu -- are toxic waste.

The Top 10 Unabashed Quacks in Medical History

12 year-old sneezing 10,000+ times a day.

Four hundred years after the Vatican locked up Galileo

Suppose that the Pope quits and becomes a police officer in Germany.

After a decade of fighting it, Judge orders Roman Catholic Diocese to release child sex abuse docs

Senator Feinstein's response to my...

The Trouble With ‘Zero Tolerance’

Warning, this is a Rorschach test.

Some Sides!

Have you ever cooked a turkey in a Nesco Roaster? I'm thinking of trying

Do you have a favorite food website?

Ukraine declares martial law following pneumonic plague outbreak

Have You Ever Read A Birther Thread At Freeperville?

Airplanes sprayed mysterious substance over Ukraine days before pneumonic plague outbreak