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It's not that I ENJOY believing that we are, by and large, a nation of ugly ignoramuses...

House GOP leader: I wasn't aware of any wrongdoing

Wasserman Schultz: Health panel findings 'disturbing'

Tweety's drooling over Sarah Palin is disgusting

Stop Sarah Palin Before It's Too Late!

Stop Sarah Palin Before It's Too Late!

Stop Sarah Palin Before It's Too Late!

Stop Sarah Palin Before It's Too Late!

If I were clever, and wanted to promote stoopitness, I would start a political action committee.

This was posted on our local freecycle

I'd say this good ole boy is lucky to be alive

Cannibals nabbed selling corpse to kebab house

Subtitle for Sarah's book: Sarah: Plain & Stupid n/t

HuffPo: "The 15 Biggest Congressional Recipients Of Wall Street Campaign Cash"


LOL! "You HAD to mention Sarah Palin"

excellent book!

Anyone care to make a bet...

From Petition to US Chamber to stop supporting

Biden on Daily Show Tonight...His motorcade just had another crash

This article and this video just about sum up the state of things in America

Rep. Bill Otto is “A Colored Person Also”

Dana Rohrabacher on Cspan now. (7:30 PM Philly time.)

Dana Rohrabacher on Cspan now. (7:30 PM Philly time.)

Shaffer coming on Rachel Maddow

Mukasey: Rep. Moran Has ‘Lost Touch With Reality’ And Should ‘Get Professional Help’ From Maj. Hasan

Upstate 'Grenade' Maker Will Be Hiring Soon

If most Afghans want US forces to stay at least another year,

Raw Story: Palin says yes to 2012 presidential run, ‘if the people will have me’

"Mohammed ain't Magneto, nemesis of the X-men." - Rude pundit


Poll: Most Say War in Afghanistan Going Badly (Up From 53% to 69%)

CStreet stripped of it's

WOW! That george w. bush can really bow & kow tow!

I just kicked in a couple dollars for Modest Needs

Army's record suicide rate 'horrible,' general says

Army's record suicide rate 'horrible,' general says

Joe Biden is the guest on the Daily Show tonight. n/t

“Florida is a hill to die on for conservatives.”

Hillary crushing on Britain's Miliband?

Utah U.S. Congressman thinks Prejean could run for office because of her 'strong message'

California Outsources Tourism Hot Line - Kansas City Call Center Answers Toll-Free Number

What does Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and GW Bush and Cheney have in common????

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


How Drudge cherry-picks data to fit his global-warming-denying narrative

There is a food pantry near my work that is open every Tuesday and it was PACKED

Water Scarcity, Food Security Concerns Prompt Global Land Grab

On human evolution on Nature

Tax marijuana?

Anybody Know What Happened To The Revoking Of The Insurance Industry's Anti-Trust Exemption ???

hey Stupak, pick one: your amendment, or your Party funding. dickass.

To anyone who has ever done acid

Sarah's book marked down to $4.97 on Newsmax

Sarah's book marked down to $4.97 on Newsmax

Ms Palin thinks McGramps fucked up by not going against Obama re Rev Wright.

If there's ever a flight that you want to qualify for pre-boarding on.......

God, the Army and PTSD--recommended article.

God, the Army and PTSD--recommended article.

FR: Pro and Con "debate" re: Sarah Palin (or should I say CONNED....)

"You might want to check the temperature in hell first"

Let's be honest about the Newsweek cover

Nicole Wallace responds to Palin

Another marijuana public policy poll

Right Now. PBS Frontline: The Neda Soltani story. (woman murdered during Iranian elections)

Dear God (or whatever deity), PLEASE give me a day before I die not dominated by Sarah Palin.

Lou Dobbs on the Daily Show tomorrow night

Caption this pic of Cheney and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

One of the best anti-war movies is on tomorrow.. TCM 2 PM

Mexico's Juarez on path to anarchy

Australia mulls Scientology probe

C Street House No Longer Tax Exempt

Someone on Facebook is trying to find two million people who do not like Rush Limbaugh.

Cheney passes gas again: Obama "weak" for bowing to Japanese emperor

Caseworkers worry about threats from clients.

The Nine Nations of China-Atlantic Monthly-the regional differences within China.

The TPP--I heard it here first.

Sarah Palin is the Susan Boyle of authors

Kudos to Georgetown University Law School - Now this is a good idea!

Army suicides expected to rise for 5th straight year

To the pro-revolution teabaggers and those that support them.

War-torn nations 'most corrupt'

As Karzai starts new term, doubts grow that he'll finish

Ahh....this poor lady was filmed while being told her husband was killed.

Here is THE Scoop. Levi Johnston IS Trig's father and Bristol IS

U.S. researcher: Comic books get no respect but they should

U.S. researcher: Comic books get no respect but they should

Sex offender ban sought for homeless shelters

Court hears arguments Mich. affirmative action ban

Toilets aren't "aspirational or charismatic," potty expert says

Senators Ask Holder to Declassify Evidence on Patriot Act

Country-by-country corruption indexes-2009-Transparency International

Country-by-country corruption indexes-2009-Transparency International

Congratulations, Senator Byrd!!

Do you believe in Karma?

AP POLL: How to pay for health overhaul? Tax rich

HC "reform" as it is can anyone support it?

HC "reform" as it is can anyone support it?

FBI tracked Studs Terkel for decades, documents show

Democrats Considering Tax On Stock Transactions For Jobs Bill

Obama meets with half brother in China

Vermont is the healthiest state

FL city government gives BofA a smackdown! This is how it's done.

Someone gave me a star last night

For 12-Year-Old Without an Arm, Insurance Has Run Out

Coburn's Stupid Stunt

Coburn's Stupid Stunt

Moonie Times hit with EEOC complaint.

IL Rep.. Manzullo--Opposes Prison Siting--Insults Islam

Americans Still Delusional About The Value Of Their Homes

Rep. Chaffetz: Carrie Prejean could run for office with a ‘strong message.’

Washington Times Editor Files EEOC Complaint

Watchdog demands probe of Rep. Bachmann’s anti-health bill care rally

Teen strangled with necktie


It's been well over a year and she's still one of the most talked about politicians/celebs out there

Better Black TV


Will this person ever need an abortion?

Costco nixes Coke products

Costco nixes Coke products

Obama Dismisses Palin "Failing Grade" ("Obviously Mrs. Palin is out there selling books")

Sen. Sherrod Brown: 'Where Was The Compromise From Their Side?'

Sen. Sherrod Brown: 'Where Was The Compromise From Their Side?'

Going Rouge

Many Doctors to Stay Course on Breast Exams for Now

What kinds of "methods and sources" is Mort Zuckerman so hysterical about being revealed at a trial?

What kinds of "methods and sources" is Mort Zuckerman so hysterical about being revealed at a trial?

Reid's Plan: Public Option + Opt-Out?

Best of The Left Podcast now has an app for iPhones and iPodTouch with Bonus content

Rush had a big on-airgasm yesterday. He must be tired today.

My donation has to wait until Friday. I'd like to do it now but

Return To Coathangers: GWU Analysis Details Industry-Wide Implications of Stupak-Pitts

Adventures in Bad AP Headline Writing: "City trying to make sense of brutal gang rape"

Sex tape tips from Carrie Prejean, By Mark Morford

Southern Poverty Law Center: 100 new militia groups since Obama elected

Rubbing Two Dicks Together: Dick and the Dictator

Where can I see a copy of the Health Care Bill as stands or a summary. Some

Diversion break. Rank these people 1 through 4 based on their intelligence.

Schwarzenegger got big money from alleged Ponzi schemer

The Rude Pundit: Fact-Checking Sarah Palin Is a Waste of Everyone's Time, But Fuck It


Imagine if a Dem senator while under a Dem administration had said this

Climate change toon-Says it all, really....

Visualizing the Decline of Empires

'Star Trek-like' device paralyzes animals

If you have any doubt that memes do spread:

Company to take down medical pot ads




GOP Pin Fort Hood Shooting on Obama

Twitter Users Punk Teabaggers: Teaparty Activist Organizing Call 2009.11.17

New England: Democratic, Secular, Healthy. The South: Not so much

"Going Rogue"

Senator Robert Byrd: "I look forward to serving you for the next 56 years and 320 days,"

US 2 - Pirates 0.. CNN reporting pirates again try to attack U.S. flagged vessel and fail.

Palin says yes to 2012 presidential run, ‘if the people will have me’

New Breast Cancer Treatment guidelines.. What a great way for democrats to lose womens vote!!!

H2O Man, what is happening???

Housing Starts in U.S. Unexpectedly Plunge 11%

Wow. True believers. truly delusional.

New Jersey's "one gun a month" law restricts gun dealers to one per month

Redundancy thread. Right-wingers are really selfish, hateful jerks

Sen. Graham (R-SC) to AG Holder: "You are criminalizing the war"

Wesley Clark Tells Congress to Plan Exit Strategy in Afghanistan

Do you remember when the senators were giving Ollie North such a bad time?

Construction of new homes drops a surprising 10.6% in October

Hungering for a True Thanksgiving, by Amy Goodman

Catholic bishops: Gay marriage hurts society, homosexuality no factor in priest abuse

Excerpt from "Growing up bin Laden" by Oman bin Laden, Osama's fouth son.

Lender That Really Does God’s Work Is Slowed by Funding Decline

Slavery, abortion and civil war

Congressman calls for Obama to release his birth certificate

Congressman calls for Obama to release his birth certificate

Idea: A Democratic Underground Ventrilo Server for Voice chat.

Reid 'optimistic' about getting 60 votes on health bill

" presenting too cheery a view of life in Cuba."

Top US officer: We Have Until May to Reconsider Iraq Drawdown Plan(Uh-oh, Seeds of Staying?)

Hot Oil!

Mortgage Applications Drop Even as Rates Fall

US commander in Iraq still pining to stay past exit date

Revealing Pic of Moonie Times Editor who claims Obama doesn't know what America "is about"

A replacement for Harry Reid:

Who Are You and What Have You Done With the Community Organizer We Elected President?

== Watch the Eric Holder senate hearing here ==

Schwartzenegger admin facilitating back-door sell-off of National Park land?

Things you can get for $4.97

For Some, Palin Not Far-Right Enough

My family has disowned me for not being classist, racist, republican


If NewsWeek really wanted to be sexist, they should have gone with this pic..

Sarah Palin to Rush Limbaugh: ‘Are we warming or are we cooling?’ (should have asked Todd instead)

Turning Waste Heat into Electricty (potential 10 fold increase in useable energy)

VP Joe Biden Bows To Jon Stewart On Daily Show, Riffs on Senate Democrats

This picture 'bout says it all regarding Republicans

Interesting tidbit on Afghanistan

Got this from a RWer today

Authorities raid newspaper offices in New York City

Tourist-In-Chief: Obama Visits The Great Wall Of China

OBAMA:1:20:2017 - let's get some tee shirts made up to annoy the Bible Thumpers!

afghanistan build a manhattan in

Holder Says OPR Report Will Be Released by the End of the Month

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Gov’t Audit Criticizes Handing of AIG Bailout - Geithner Approved

Rape of our Middle Class

Posting for a newbie.....

Gohmert's Pile: Obama and Dems want a terrorist attack because it brings money to the city

Birther Scorecard: Birthers 0 - Reality 54

Giuliani: I'm Glad To See We're At War Again-"'War' is important,"

Moonie Times editor's suit threatens to unravel myth of paper's editorial independence

Right plans “Armageddon” to block Equal Employment Opportunity Commission nominee

Disease spread through school lunches

To all of you folks giving Newsweek a pass for the Sarah Palin cover:

Turning Waste Heat into Electricty (potential 10 fold increase in recovered energy)

‘Tenther’ Oklahoma Lawmaker Considering Bill To Opt Out Of Hate Crimes Act

I am unrec'ing all Palin related threads. They are all crap and not worth the bandwidth

Wall Street Headed for Record Profits in 2009

Dyslexia question for Teachers

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- Hard-right-cover book

What does Sarah Palin have to hide?

Scenario: It's November, 2012 - Sarah Palin has just been elected President. What do you do?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2- Trials and tribulations

US funding revamps African contraceptive drive

Palin is getting all this undeserved attention, for a book she didn't even write.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3- Asian trip

Why do we all pay so much attention to Dan Quayle?

Help me here.

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Giuliani won't answer whether or not the U.S. courts have more credibility than tribunals

Military Leaders Push Congress To Close Gitmo, Stop Fear-Mongering

Escalation in Afghanistan Could Leave Few Brigades in Reserve (We Are Out of Troops!)

Audit The Fed Effort Under Threat In House (due to Sleazy Corporate Dem)

Winning the 2010 midterm elections

Politico is such a rag. They are saying independents are moving away from Democrats

Carter is leading thousands of volunteers in building homes for the poor along the Mekong River.

The White House Blog-Reality Check: Beware What “Critics Say” on Reform and Mammograms

Just sayn'.

Need link to large number of terrorists already tried in fed court

Skinner please, please, please help clean up GD

You'd think Andrea Mitchell Greenspan would be so ashamed

Can Your US Senator Draw Your State?

Support progressive Dems running against Blue Dogs - link here!

Do Beltway journalists enjoy being used and then snubbed by Palin?

Lawsuit seeks to overturn Jeb Bush's destruction of Florida's education system

Slate provides missing index for Palin's book

Bonanza For Drug Companies

Deciding the Fate of Charged School Officials (abuse of autistic child & cover up)

Anyone else catch AG Holder talking to family members of 9/11 victims after the Senate hearing?

"Lincoln, Landrieu, Nelson meeting with Reid"

Obama: 'We've restored America's standing'

It is time to resurrect this thread. Salute to H2O Man.

HHS Secretary Sebelius says women under 50 should keep having mammograms despite panel’s advice.

Schwarzenegger rules out another run for office

Tim Geithner Must Go

Sarah Palin

Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be

Palin's Prayer Leader Hinted Terrorist Attack Could Make Her President

Gay Catholics Come Out

WOW MSNBC interviewing Palin fans

Police Officer Uses Taser On 10-Year-Old Girl

Hoekstra: WH 'Bribing' Poor Towns To Take Terror Suspects

Sub involved in collision: lax leaders who tolerated sleeping, slouching and music in radio room

Will the IRS collect back taxes for the years that the C Street house

Ouch! From Wall Street Journal ...Palin

Homophobe fail

Palin: believes that the Jewish settlements should be allowed to be expand even in Palestinian areas

Simmons bedding company files for Chapter 11

Open Letter to Christians and Others

WTF?!!!!????? MSNBC is doing live coverage from Palin book signing?

Obama Nominates Pesticide Executive to Be Chief Agricultural Negotiator

If I see a "Psalm 109:8" bumper sticker can I turn them in?

We Cannot Fight Climate With Consumerism

Rep. John J. Duncan Jr. (R-Tenn) 'Let's bring our troops home and start putting Americans first ...'

You folks want to throw up???

Amazon's best seller

Judge orders compensation for gay couple denied benefits

The American Taliban line up to see their hero Osama Bin Palin!

To all of you folks giving Newsweek crap for the Sarah Palin cover:

Hardly any songs about protest anymore

Treasury Department choice marks Obama's fifth pick with a tax problem

When Bad Books Go Rouge ...

An exchange of views from an ex Obama supporter

The Going Rogue Index

"news" request (Holder grilling today) and opinion request (Obama's China visit)

Gay couple win right to wed in Argentina

nora o'donnell is completely taken by she who once was governor

I bet a nickle apiece that the guys at Guantanamo were never properly Mirandized...

I bet a nickle apiece that the guys at Guantanamo were never properly Mirandized...

Man charged with murder in celebrity dog trainer disappearance, Wal-Mart receipt among evidence

I don't know what to think about this - this document is making the rounds at my place of work

I don't know what to think about this - this document is making the rounds at my place of work

Ray Comfort is dropping his ID-ified Origin of Species bomb a day early

Who is the dumbest motherfucker in the Democratic Caucus?

CBO in on HC bill 849 billion over 10 years, covers 94%, covers 94% of Americans and

Foreclosures Overwhelm Rural Communities

Foreclosures Overwhelm Rural Communities

Farmers Not Invited to Food Summit?

Unemployed Flock to Jury Duty (for the $40 per day pay).

mika is hyperventilating over ms moose

Sen. Robert Byrd on CSPAN2 now.

Will Anyone Ever Undo the Patriot Act and Homeland Security?

Can New AFL-CIO Plan Save Two Million Jobs - and the Dems in 2010?

Can New AFL-CIO Plan Save Two Million Jobs - and the Dems in 2010?

Right sees mammogram recommendations as confirmation of "government rationing"

Archives To Proceed with CSI-ish Watergate Test

Retired military officers cash in as well-paid consultants

Government report shows 15% of Americans had trouble putting food on the table

Stimulus Keeping 6 Million Americans Out of Poverty in 2009, Estimates Show

Police Used Taser on 10-Year-Old Girl in Arkansas

The Nation's Second Online Auction is Open!

Africa population tops a billion

Fear not Sarah Palin.

classic political cartoon that's suddenly relevant

Republican Governors Association uses Wordpress (free open source blog software)

More than 100 Dem lawmakers want answers on health insurance rates

More Questions On Landrieu Camp's Donation To Treasury -- CREW Filing Complaint

More Questions On Landrieu Camp's Donation To Treasury -- CREW Filing Complaint

So now that Depp is the sexiest Man

Since MSNBC has apparently forgotten who comprises its viewership, I have been

UC Fee Hike Plan Passes (32%!); 14 Arrested in Massive Protests

Study: Stupak Amendment Will Eliminate Abortion Coverage 'Over Time For All Women'

Hunter mistakes 2 biology students, collecting frogs, for deer. Shoots one to death

orrin hatch is going to propose his version of the stupak amendment in the senate

A friend of mine posted this on!

observation about negative bias

Spew from a right-wing anti-choice nut

Ashcroft: Holder lacks legal authority to order terror trials

Sec. Clinton expands on her view that there's no 'long-term stake' for U.S. in Afghanistan

I want my America back, Really?

Watch: Maddow on C-Street (Interview w Jeff Sharlet on C-Street losing Tax Exempt Status)

Uranium mining vs. water

White House reports $98B in bad payments

President Obama says his 'preference' would be not to hand off (Afghanistan) to the next president

Just got a (bleep)-ing "War On Christmas" e-mail.

Anybody else seen this bumper sticker?

Will the IRS collect back taxes for the years that the C Street house

Newspaper Threatened with ‘Another Fort Hood’ for Criticizing Tea Party Protest

Tommy Thompson Considering Challenge to Feingold

Do we need to bombard MSNBC with phone calls and emails to tell them to STOP treating Palin like she

SOLIDARITY! VICTORY! The striking graduate students at the U fo Illinois have won!

Is Spanking Of Children Appropriate?

Andrea Lewis - KPFA journalist - dies

Karl Rove memoir coming in March

I'll buy the f**ker the rope (glenn beck)

Is there a Republican who's NOT an asshole or an idiot? (Or a combination of both)....

Lakota Nation files lawsuit against parties in sweat lodge incident

Man's extended arm causes flight diversion

Heather Ellis Could Face Prison Time After Cutting the Line at Walmart

Obama Nominates Pesticide Executive for Chief Agricultural Negotiator in Office of the US Trade Rep.

Unemployed girl just knocked on my door with child in tow.

Robotic Hamsters Sell Out at Walmart as Season’s Must-Have Toy

Robotic Hamsters Sell Out at Walmart as Season’s Must-Have Toy

Turnpike Stretch To Go Cashless In '11 - program aims to reduce emissions

Senate Health Bill CBO Scoring Is In! Reduces deficit by $127B in first 10 years

Fox News displays old campaign footage to claim Palin is getting ‘huge crowds’ at her book signings.

Hold your nose and tap this link, but before you do get a barf bag...

so, like, where's todd?

Sarah Palin

Was the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center "an Act of War"?

'God' Made people out of meat too. Does that mean we should be cannibals, Sarah?

6+ C

C Street House No Longer Tax Exempt

Is Harry Reid on Xanax?

Is Harry Reid on Xanax?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4- Economy and health care

HOW is creating 4.5 MILLION orphans in Iraq (2008 figures) with an ILLEGAL invasion & occupation

Big Bear Causing Major Problems In Tahoe Community

Kay Bailee Hutchinson is an ass and bravo for Shuster

I am concerned that the new "guidelines" for mammographies

Swine flu in Ukraine: horrible mutation

Michael Moore says Democrats’ HEALTHCARE BILL IS A GIVEAWAY To The Insurance Industry

Will this madness never stop? "Palin Doesn't Rule Out Palin-Beck Ticket"

Biden humiliates America with deep bow to Jon Stewart.

Unemployment by geography

Unemployment by geography

Something fishy is going on with that SP book signing in Michigan.

If we are really going to get Change, with a capital "C," there has to be

Jon Stewart busts Rudy Giuliani's flip flop on terror trials (Save To Your Hypocrite Folder)

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 5- War, etc.

Instaputz reviews "Going Rogue"

Would your Congressperson do what Leo Ryan did?

if insane teabaggers can take over GOP, progressives should be able to take Dems

Rage Grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies (ADL takes on Glenn beck)

WOW! Amazon is "Temporarily out of stock" of Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity

Derailing for Dummies. Bookmark it! Whip it out for those "discussions"!

International Justice Group Takes Aim at Bush Officials

This isn't a recovery it is a cover-up

Fort Smith Police: We Can Use Tasers On Minors (Arkansas)

Bill Donohue: Sexual abuse in the Catholic church is a homosexual problem, not a pedophile problem

Microsoft employees assault customers (with a dance)

Alabama to Execute T. Arthur after DNA proves he was not there.

Interesting photo essay; Normandy 1944, then and now. (Edited. Dial-up warning)

Which cinematic leading lady (character) most reminds you of Palin?

Yes, there are some great provisions in the health care bill, BUT...

A good pictoral summary of what has happened to China

Donate to DU today, and 10% of your donation goes to help foster children

I call for Congressman Nathan Deal (R)Ga) to produce *his* birth certificate

French Bank tells clients how to prepare for 'global collapse'

French Bank tells clients how to prepare for 'global collapse'

Mine's Bigger, Daddy! - Bush Presidential Library Plans Unveiled

C Street House No Longer Tax Exempt

Texas marriages in legal limbo because of constitutional amendment, candidate says

Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter against San Diego Padres while on LSD!

newest health insurance screw job for us - spouse surcharge

Unlikely animal friends: the orangutan and the hound (video link and pics)

Despicable (from another board)...... a 'gold' board

Let's not forget that Glenn Beck lost an Uncle at Dachau.

Texas' gay marriage ban may have banned all marriages

Ouch! From Wall Street Journal ...Palin

Afghanistan War to surpass length of Revolutionary War

Evan Chandler Dead: Father Of Michael Jackson Molestation Accuser Commits Suicide

China’s Control Over Rare Minerals Troubles Pentagon (China Owns The MIC's Key Ingredients)

Pioneer Press: (Twin Cities) Northstar rail debut features solid ridership, only one glitch

I didn't believe the Psalm 109:8 story when Rachel told it.

"The American left is void of compassion" - Why Class Matters PART 4

Smokers: If I can do it, you can, too!

Wasserman Schultz: New Breast Cancer Recommendations Are ‘Clear as Mud’

Until we put people above profit, this country won't be able to fix a damn thing.

First we were told that bin Laden masterminded 9/11. Now we are told that KSM did it. Who did it?

***Ask your senators to support Sanders Healthcare-for-All Amendment***

Palin: Can't we just underscore the fact that she has a personality disorder and be done...

Contraception is a "suddenly loaded political issue, a toxic sister to abortion"

Rachel Maddow Points Out The Pray For Obama Psalms 109:8 - But...

How many "End of the worlds" have you lived though? I've made it though nine

Rolling Some Stones

Watching WWII In High Definition on the History Channel ....

Andrew Sullivan is on to something (re: Palin)

Bart Stupak is a Democrat- and is Anti-Choice????

The white religious right is too stupid to understand they're the ones being cursed in Psalm 109.

Assumptions about black men in Redneck World.....sigh

Assumptions about black men in Redneck World.....sigh

Global temperature 'to rise by 6C'

Conservative cowards scared of 9/11 trials

Parent upset after teacher shows "R" rated movie in class

Open Thread for good, cheery news (about news and politics, not your personal life)

Walmart Won't Let Family Print Photos Of Dead Relative For Funeral

Dad accused of forcing son into field, killing him

Dad accused of forcing son into field, killing him

Why Can't We Do to DC What We Did to Seattle?

Why Can't We Do to DC What We Did to Seattle?

Michael Moore: Democrats' Healthcare Bill is "Giveaway to Insurance Industry" ...

Michael Moore: Democrats' Healthcare Bill is "Giveaway to Insurance Industry" ...

Please donate to DU, where is Redqueen when she is needed to

The JFK assassination still haunts us....

Massage Situation

this is a $1650 course, why must these two dumbasses whisper and play tiddleywinks out of boredom?!

It's a secret

Wow, winter on Whitney Houston today! Oh, wait, that's not snow.

...yeah, but could it surf the web?

Bittersweet Dexter

Tabata training. Anyone else tried it?

Dexter is criminally insane

Just made a veggie slaw burger and it was...

How could you post that?

YouTube: MAX J-Pop Gig Tour 1997 - "Love Is Dreaming"

YouTube: More MAX, J-Pop Gig Tour 1997 - "Give Me A Shake"

It sucks that a nice guy got fired, but good riddance to Dick Jauron!

YouTube: Even more MAX: "Anata wo Omouhodo"

Who remembers TV FUNHOUSE?

Name some things, then post the goodest ones their. n/t

Tonight's geography FAIL

MORE Pageant Porn: Sex Tape features Miss Japan '08, Miss Trinidad and Tobago '08 & Some Young Guy

Connie Martinson & Barack Obama

No man in Germany pees standing up


BREAKING: Microsoft Unveils "Pörn," The Search Engine That Only Returns "XXX" Search Results

The Onion's Obama lampoon

Is there anyone here who isn't stressed?

the diversity of my boring day

"Ninja" Impaled On Fence In Seattle After Failed Leap

If you are unemployed.........

I got a new used sofa today for free.

Bittersweet Symphony or Unfinished Sympathy?

I'm posting with a 'roid!

YouTube: My all-time favorite Brian Wilson solo song, "Your Imagination"

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Nuke?

How many (if any) degrees of seperation from bacon are you?

You Tube: Black Leather Elvis, '68 Comeback Special, "One Night"


Right now there is a BLIMP right outside my window!

Who would win in a Hugh Jackman/Grovelbot deathmatch?

You know what else I hate? Male a capella 'rock' groups, like Rockapella

Hugh Jackman vs Russell Crowe who is the better Australian?

Make your own music

YouTube: Pick up a flat rock, skip it across the Green River LIVE - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Rock Cutter

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/17/09

Paper Moon

Cutter Moon

Moon Pie

Paper Cutter

Paper Cutter

'68 Yardbirds - Dazed and Confused

Police search yields alleged prowler and fugitive imposter

Hugh Jackman vs George Clooney who's the better actor?

Okay, now I've got Rock Lobster stuck in my head.

A late night fractal, newly created. (1024 x 768 pic)

Onion nails it again: American Muslims To Fort Hood Shooter: 'Thanks A Lot, Asshole'


V - episode 3 - anybody watch? (spoiler alert)

How many days should there be in a week?

John Mayer and Gozer the Gozarian, Seperated at Birth?

House (spoilers)

Ninja Fail

Ninja Fail

There is dumb...

Another but tutcher!

Flowchart Helps You Determine What Crap to Eat

Damn! It's our 37th anniversary...

Opinions on bidets requested.

Do you believe in Karma?

I've been watching the AMC "Prisoner." My new name is 813. What's yours?

Terrific interview with Tim Gunn (of Project Runway fame) in the LATimes

I just saw the Leighton Meester GQ photos. Ask me anything...but slowly. My attention is diverted.

Name this song and performer: "Getting rid of the albatross"

Hey, Brutha: Ric Flair re-arranges Hulk Hogan's face at Australian press conference (graphic pic)

Post in this thread and I will ignore you!

Say my name, say my name

bacon and beer...... no really

What is "Smart Casual" Dress?

If I posted an argument in GD, what percentage of them will agree with me?

Cutter John

The 13 year old kid who caught Bill Mazeroski's World Series winning home run ball...

Dylan's Must Be Santa is too catchy...

bwaha the nutjobs at some alternative reality think I have down's syndrome

Thanks to whomever gave me a star!

Poll: Grizz or Dot Com?

I am unrec'ing all Chuggo related threads. They are all crap and not worth the bandwidth.

Coast Guard Cutter

Bill Maher

I think Vampire Weekend's next release will be even BETTER than the last one!

Most of you sorry braggarts are playing the Kevin Bacon game wrong

Someone Gave Me Walt Starr!!! I Was Planning On Yelling, So I'm Now Taking Recommendations

Final score: Tree +1 / Crane 0

Cigar Cutter

Coast Guard Cutter

Are you in an angry state?

Red House Furniture - for black people and white people!

How many (if any) miles of seperation from a slab of bacon are you?

MY question to anyone who has ever done acid:

Grown Women with Babydoll Voices - your thoughts?

What would be involved with synthesizing meat?

Grown Women with Babydoll Vices - your thoughts?

Nut Cutter

Happy Birthday, 5gan!

Funny cat video.

Funny cat video.

Parking Wars

Nicholas Cage - Gold medal for overspending

No, Please. Tell me what you really think of us Brits.

German language question

Box cutter

How many "End of the worlds" have you lived though? I've made it though nine

One badass dog (pic)

Can someone tell me can traffic tickets from another state sent by mail be enforced?

Have you ever been strip searched?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/18/09 (warning: graphic subject matter)

The Law of 3 happened again: Edward Woodward, Ken Ober and now Dennis Cole

To anyone who has over-done acid |View all|

So... whaddaya think of this one

The purr-fect traffic stop

People should not try to have serious conversations with me when I am this out of it.

Grown Women with Babydoll Lingerie - your thoughts?

Tomorrow I start prepping for my colonoscopy on Friday

so my stepdad died yesterday

My grandmother died last night

FYI, fans of Criterion DVDs...and who isn't?...Barnes & Noble is having a 50% off sale

SYTYCD season 6 - kind of lame

Johnny Depp named "Sexiest Man ever to visit Walmart Alive"

DAMN YOU, DEPP! Looks like I was passed over for People's "Sexiest Man Alive" AGAIN.

If you can tell me what these names are from, you win

To anyone who has ever done acid

To anyone who has ever done antacid

No, please. Tell me what you really think of ur tits.

No, Please. Tell me what you really think of us Gits.

Cute attack!

My wife is going away for Thanksgiving day, staying the night. What

I scored the most totally cool thing today --

Turn your Gold into CATS!!!!!

Portishead-Roads (live)

What do you think the sixties were like if you were not yet alive?

2012: these people are serious.

Piranha found in Palm Springs pond

I just had hypnotherapy for my seafood aversion and it's working! What should I try?

Guess which image I was searching for.

Why Taterguy is the Coolest member of this site

Rented the most recent Star Trek movie last night ...

Progressive Caucus Requests Meeting with President Obama to Rethink Afghanistan

MA-Gov: Patrick Looks Better, Thanks to Cahill

House plans jobs bill before year end

Should Pres. Obama keep his campaign promise of continuing the Afghanistan war?

Palin/Prejean 2012

Run for the Hills Lieberman! Here comes the "Former Senators" Cavalry!

Another view on Obama's overseas manners, bows and townhall meetings

update: Support mom still facing Afghanistan deployment, court martial.

When you get an in depth interview that is accessible on The Daily Show...

Some GOP gubernatorial candidates run to right of Roy Moore on religion

College students arrested for not tipping the waitress at the pub

Stupak on Hardball just now seems willing to compromise

In The Know: Palin wants to do Rahm's job, not Obama's

More than $98 billion in improper gov't payments

S.C. might get a 7th seat in U.S. House

CQ: Democrats Who Don't Retire Make Republican Takeover Tougher

Holder: Don't fear trial of 'coward' 9/11 plotter

Ezra Klein: Reid 'very pleased' with CBO score

You know what I love about DU or just lefties in general?

Politico posts one scary collage

Palin/Beck in 2012?

Obama says he met with half brother while in China

PHOTOS: President Obama tours the Great Wall

A Great Wall: Obama tours China's iconic site - "It's magical"

Faux news, The Chamber Of Commerce, and The Repuke Party trying to

Zogby's anti-Obama polling tactics exposed by Media Matters

"Miscue"? by which administration? Not this one

Frank Schaeffer: Obama supporters have to speak up

POTUS' Sits for a Series of Interviews with Networks, (Videos here!)

Astonishing email from McCain campaign on what a PITA Palin was.

"Threats Against Obama Drop to Normal Levels"

VP Joe Biden bows...

Who's the most Far Right?

Video of Nouriel Roubini's speech and economic predictions: Tel Aviv on November 17, 2009

I don't remember: did Lloyd Bentsen issue a statement after the Dukakis-Bentsen

Gotta love Politico

U.S. Senate: Grayson confident, but Bailey could enter race

Baucus approval rating slides in MSUB poll

Democrat enters governor's race (Kansas)

Zombie Politics - Henry A. Giroux

Randy Rhodes: PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Shara run in 2012

2009 Healthiest and Unhealthiest States and their 2008 Electoral Votes

if you were a longtime pro-life republican national committee contributor,

Breaking: CBO Score of Senate Bill - $849 billion.

Asian Fusion II: Obama In Japan

The Nation's William Greider: Charitable Capitalism

Sarah Palin: Why Me Not President?

My House rep. Brad Ellsworth email on his Health Care Reform position

I just found out that Barack Obama Sr. already had a wife in Kenya while Obama was being born

Crist To Engage Rubio

Are you watching Rachel? Frank Schaeffer is scaring me

So Wes Pruden wants to bring mamas and daddies into it?

President of AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, Urges Spending Up to $3 Trillion to Spur Jobs

Nouriel Roubini: A Tale of Two American Economies "most of America is facing a near-depression"

Former Professional Wrestler Blasts Linda McMahon And Her Campaign For Senate

Palin uses "Presidental" language to describe the economy

Did anyone see CNN preview Barbara Walters asking Palin about foreign affairs?

Sean Hannity has to be one of the most desperate RW media hacks in history

Hispanic Growth and the 2010 Reapportionment

CNN interview with President Obama

Obama's Bad Trip by Richard Wolffe

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Foreign Assistance Revitalization and Accountability Act

US MCC Nominee and USAID Nominee

DNC Goes On Offensive Against Politico For Claiming Indys Are Fleeing

The Newsweek cover. Sarah commented on the sexist picture but did she talk about the wording?

How many people do you think would show up to an Obama book signing?

President Obama: I'd Fire Afghan Decision Leakers


Clinton Makes Unannounced Visit to Afghanistan

Obama: Professed 9 / 11 Mastermind Will Be Convicted

"FLOTUS hails broken 'brass ceilings." (Photos)

Study: Stupak Amendment Will Eliminate Abortion Coverage 'Over Time For All Women'

Winning the 2010 Elections: Hint- take some risks, stand up and fight for ordinary Americans

An democratic president should not bow to a Japanese emperor

Michael Moore says Democrats’ healthcare bill is giveaway to insurance industry

Do you hope Palin competes for and wins the Republican nomination in 2012?

Is the bully that clueless, or just pretending to be? "Mr. Monk and the Bully"

My Republican friend with RNC connections has surprising views about recent political issues

Iran could have more secret nuclear sites, warns UN nuclear watchdog

Israel angers U.S. by approving new West Bank homes

Record numbers go hungry in the US

Poverty, corruption key in Afghan war: Oxfam

Nato chief promises Afghanistan will get 'substantially more forces'

Iraqi Vice President Vetoes Election Law

3 Democrats Could Block Health Bill in Senate

Obama: Aim is to put US on path to end Afghan war

Pakistani Successes May Sway U.S. Troop Decision - NYT

Hillary Clinton makes surprise visit to Afghanistan

C Street House No Longer Tax Exempt

Senator Robert Byrd Becomes Longest-Serving Member Of Congress

Pakistani army shows off captured Taliban posts

Obama sees leaks on Afghanistan as firing offense

GEO, University reach tentative agreement; strike suspended (U of Illinois)

How Vienna college project led to charges over Nazi massacre

Obama Dismisses Palin "Failing Grade" ("Obviously Mrs. Palin is out there selling books")

(UN) Investigators quiz Musharraf over Bhutto assassination

Afghan minister accused of receiving huge ($30 million) bribe

White House reports billions of improper payments in 2009

Death of an Iran prison doctor raises suspicion

Glenn Beck is scarier than Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, says Anti-Defamation League

Gay couple win right to wed in Argentina

Majority in US see Afghan war not worth cost: poll

Iran sentences 5 to death for causing turmoil after election

Death of an Iran prison doctor raises suspicion

Police Officer Uses Taser On 10-Year-Old Girl

UN: Fight climate change with free condoms

Byrd becomes longest-serving Congress member

Purple Hearts proposed for Fort Hood victims

Senate approves budget for veterans programs

International Justice Group Takes Aim at Bush Officials

Iraq urges French firms to invest, offers oil

Obama, brother hold brief reunion in Beijing

Americans favor public health option

Citi boosts base salaries for some senior employees

Medical Schools Quizzed on Ghostwriting

Canadian diplomats ordered to hold back information on Afghan prison torture: sources

Government report shows 15% of Americans had trouble putting food on the table

Women Can Make Or Break Climate Change, Says UN Report

Business Lobbyist: Health-Care Study Should Be Buried If It Comes Out Positive

Obama: Alleged 9/11 leader will be executed

Jobless Benefits Set to Expire Unless Congress Acts

US Army arrests mother who failed to turn up for Afghanistan deployment

Health insurance rates soar as Oregon regulators nod

Obama confident in conviction of Sept. 11 suspect

(AG) Holder tells senators 'We need not cower in the face of this enemy'

Feds plan 25,000 on-site H-1B inspections

Afghan official said to take bribe for copper deal

Nelson (D-Ne) leans toward health debate

Nelson (D-Ne) leans toward health debate

Senate Panel Passes Food Safety Reform Bill

2 Ejected From '05 Bush Event In Court

Lawyer accused in $1 billion fraud was co-chair of Gov. Bobby Jindal fundraiser

Ex-Kiss drummer: Breast cancer not just for women

Democrats promise jobs bill

3 Democrats Could Block Health Bill in Senate

(Chicago) Woman accused of hate crime against Muslim

William Jefferson can remain free during his appeal, federal judge rules

14 arrested at UC Board of Regents meeting

Ill. (Republican) lawmaker apologizes for (Islam) 'savage religion' comment

Small firms scrapping, scaling back health plans

Senator Calls for Investigation Into Report That Drugmakers Sharply Raised Costs

West Virginia's Byrd becomes the longest-serving member of Congress

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 18

Mumbai investigators focus on 2 men charged in Chicago

US Congressmen urge Clinton to step up humanitarian and decrease military aid

Official Denied Mining Permits, Got Fired

Wives say sergeants are heroes, not criminals

Breaking News: Cost Of Senate Democrats Health Insurance Bill Is $849 Billion - CBO Says

Retired military officers cash in as well-paid consultants

Obama admits Guantanamo won't close by Jan. deadline

Calif. requires TVs to be more energy efficient

Palin’s Exxon Valdez account draws guffaws

Human rights group says Cuba is holding masses of political prisoners

(ABC News) EXCLUSIVE: CIA Secret 'Torture' Prison Found at Fancy Horseback Riding Academy

Honduran Congress to vote on Zelaya fate after poll

GOP Blocks Freeze On Credit Card Interest Rate Hikes

U.S.-Flagged Maersk Alabama Thwarts Second Pirate Attack

Global temperatures will rise 6C by end of century, say scientists

Texas' gay marriage ban may have banned all marriages

Ford's big day: Billionaire (Soros) buys stake, Fusion named car of the year

Somali woman stoned for adultery

Once again: The New York Times and Obama’s attack on health care

American justice on trial

Calgary police look to surveillance tape in anti-Semitism case

Small firms scrapping, scaling back health plans

Study: Uninsured Trauma Victims Face Sky-High Death Rate

How Far Right Must GOPers Lean to Please a Crazy Base?

Afghan minister accused of taking bribe ($30 Million Payment Alleged)

Patriotism in the Age of the Phony

Juan Cole: Palin and the Muslim Fundamentalists (Reprint Edn.)

The Weekly Standard's ACLU smear indicts only itself; Neoconservative contempt for the Constitution

Jim Hightower: Obscenely Rich Bankers Claim to Do God's Work -- They Can Go to Hell

In Health Care Vigil Outside Joe Lieberman's Home, Rabbis Invoke New Commandment

U.S. Extracts Great Trade Concession at Great Wall: Opening of 'Badaling Club'

15 Very bad things Republicans would do if they got their selfish way

The Debt Economy

Zombie Politics and Other Late Modern Monstrosities in the Age of Disposability by Henry Giroux.

SPLC: The Second Wave: Evidence Grows of Far-Right Militia Resurgence

Conservative Cowards

Let Them Eat Zoloft

Glitch could cut jobless benefits for a million

Glenn Beck: Reagan Would've Demanded That Hu Tear Down 'The Great Wall'

How Far Right Must GOPers Lean to Please a Crazy Base?

Is that Money in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

The Rise and Rise of Turkey (NYT)

Who Are You and What Have You Done With the Community Organizer We Elected President?

Robert Reich: The Great Disconnect Between Stocks and Jobs

The Persecution of Sarah Palin

Amy Goodman: Hungering for a True Thanksgiving

** Green Scroll Project in DC - Human Rights 4 Iran

Real News Pales Next to Palin

COP15: RAISE YOUR VOICE & change climate change! 193 nations 1 city

COP15: Google Earth Climate Introductory Tour [Al Gore]

COP15: Google Earth Climate Introductory Tour (long version) [Al Gore] - ## [5:16] ##

Global Land-Grab For Food Security "Spiralling Out Of Control"

TYT: Washington Times: Obama's Mom Liked Third World Men

Breitbart tv » Uncovered Video Obama Leads SEIU Chant After Vowing to Paint the Nation Purple

Countdown: Bill O'Reilly - "I Don't Care About The Constitution, You Pinhead!"

Leave Sarah Palin Alone

Keith Olbermann: Sarah "Palinocchio" - Going Bogue

Reid: you should be impressed by Healthcare bill

Robert Byrd: The Dean of the Senate

Terrorists Attack Could = Jobs

TYT: Cenk Debates Conservative (Who Attempts To Defend Sarah Palin's Intelligence)

Moving Music Video About Iranian Citizens Fleeing Iran

Papantonio: Teabaggers and Boomers Don't Matter Anymore

David Vitter doesn't know if Loving v. Virginia was decided correctly

Sarah Palin & Rush Limbaugh: The Extended Cut

The New and Improved Pledge of Allegiance (as re-written by right-wing crackpot)

[whitehouse] President Obama Holds Town Hall with Chinese Youth

Gohmert: Dems Support Trials Because Rebuilding After Terror Attack Would Create Jobs

Thom Hartmann - Raise Taxes Now!

Civilized People Should Demand More Than Fighting The "Resource Wars" for Oil Giants! Rep Kaptur

Oregon Food Bank: Faces of Hunger

More profits for big pharma? Michael Moore

Obama: 'I Probably Won't' Read Sarah Palin's Book

Former Bush A.G., Current Stand-Up Comic Mukasey tells Fort Hood joke on Washington Times Radio show

Rachel Maddow & Naomi Klein: America's Interests Not A Priority For War Profiteers

Thom Hartmann goes after CNN and Fortune who are claiming Americans are overpaid?

They keep going lower and lower

Ain't That America? People wait in line for wristbands for Sarah Palin book signing @ Woodland Mall

Rep. Alan Grayson Reigns In the Fed's Unlimited Lending to Foreign Banks

Don't Hate Me For Posting This

Fox News displays old campaign footage to claim Palin is getting ‘huge crowds’ at her book signings.

Leahy Rubs Sessions' Nose in Civil War Defeat

Former Campaign Advisor Nicolle Wallace Responds To Palin's Charges Via The Rachel Maddow Show

TYT: Cenk Slams Washington Times For Disgusting, Racist Anti-Obama Editorial


Attorney General Confronted By 9/11 Widow

Attorney General Confronted By 9/11 Widow

Norah O'Donnell stumps Palin supporter about Palin's policies

Fox News Interview with President Obama

Rachel Maddow: Frank Schaeffer Warns Against New Religious Right Threat to Obama (Psalms 109:9)

The Onion: Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

Palin on 'Profiling' Muslims: 'I'm All For It'

The US Has 5% Of The World's Population And 25% Of The World's Prisoners! Senator Al Franken

Fervor and Occultism at Sarah Palin's Formative Church

Climate change laws years away: Prentice

The 'Fat Map': Putting World Hunger Into Perspective

Massive New US-China Clean Energy Plans Announced

GOP Ramps Up Attacks on Dems Who Support Clean Energy Reform for 2010 Elections

KY Official Who Denied Mining Permits Fired (X-Post from KY forum)

Bristlecone pines are growing at faster rate due to Global Warming

Drumbeat: November 18, 2009

Controversial wind farm to build turbine plant in USA

Reid's Bold Climate Push: "We Are Going To Try To Do That Sometime In The Spring" - AFP

Yet More Comedy Gold From CERA & Dan Yergin - With Notes From The Last Times Around

Ancient High-Altitude Trees Grow Faster as Temperatures Rise

Long-awaited pipeline funnels gas across 8 states

Skate Species On Brink Of Extinction, Thanks To European Fishery Misclassification - AFP

Global temperatures will rise 6C by end of century, say scientists

Turning heat to electricity

Carbon Emissions Hit All-Time High Of 8.7 Billion Tons In 2008 - In Synch W. Climate Worst Case

NOAA - Combined Global Surface Temperature For October Sixth-Warmest Recorded

World Wind Conference Cites Climate As Top Concern - Higher Temps Mean Higher Alcohol Content

Global Warming’s Six Americas

Beijing Household Waste Output Up 8% YOY - 90% Of 6.7 Million Tons Goes Directly To Landfills - AFP

Nature Geosciences Article Emphasizes Dwindling Capacity Of Carbon Sinks Over Time - i.e. Oceans

Sodium Fast Reactors- Key to eliminating Nuclear Waste?

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, November 17)

Chiefs WR Bowe suspended 4 games

Grossman's dad rips Bears

Buffalo Bills fire Dick Jauron as coach

When football's deadly brutality outraged America

Boxing thread -- the fight(s) you remember most vividly

I got promoted at work

A short time-out to ponder what is going on outside of the Sports Forum...

Is it flvegan's birthday?

Browns would give LeBron a shot

Tracy, Scioscia win manager of the year awards

Now who said that Soccer is a boring sport?

Word is, it's Forkboy's Birthday!

Which Cardinal will win the Cy Young?

Why do you hate ESPN? My answer below...

it's 2009, what's the team of the decade, SO FAR?


Venezuela: Colombia detained troops illegally

Please delete. Dupe. Thanks. n/t

Election Boycott Kicks Off with “To Vote is to Say “Yes” to the Coup D’Etat”

US Congressmen urge Clinton to step up humanitarian and decrease military aid

Rape broadcast causes outrage in Bolivia

Chile blasts spying comments by Peru's Garcia

Arnold August: Honduras – Constituent Assembly is the Solution

Venezuelan Vice-President telling lies about the real situation in the education system

Caveat Emptor: Jewish America's West Bank Sell-Out

Palestinian officials doubtful about elections

'Netanyahu to propose 10-month settlement freeze'

Soldiers' mutiny raises concern in Israel

Opinion: U.S. should stand against apartheid in Israel

Obama revives talk of U.N. gun control

Hunter mistakes 2 biology students, collecting frogs, for deer. Shoots one to death

Protecting Employees, Employers and the Public: H1N1 and Sick Leave Policies

Beck uses blatant distortions to smear SEIU as violent organization of "thugs"

Union Busting 101

Today in Labor History Nov 18 Seattle printers refuse to print anti-labor ad in newspaper, sitdown

AFL-CIO Lays Out Five-Point National Jobs Strategy

UPS And FedEx Will Add 64,000 Temporary Workers For The Holidays

Keeping Track of Killings by Concealed Handgun Permit Holders--85 Dead So Far

How not to run a Photo Contest...

"The Palace of Purification"

been down so long

Remarkable photo of a mounting wave (surfing)

Does anyone know where I can find a USB cable to fit my Fujitso S8000 fd camera?

Ethnic Groups of China (Stunning Photo Essay)

Boy Scout Scab Earns Union-Busting Merit Badge

Post and Chain

Arresting in Red - a house a block away

You can look, but you better not touch

ALMA RadioTelescope Takes Its First Sub-Millimeter Measurements of Space

Goodbye Earth

NASA and JPL team up for kids - BE A MARTIAN and REALLY help map Mars

"Vampire Star" May Unlock Clues to Secret of Dark Energy

"Vampire Star" May Unlock Clues to Secret of Dark Energy

Kansas father, son suspect meteorite landed in backyard of their Liberal home

Online Maps: Everyman Offers New Directions

Lightning Strikes in Africa Help Take Pulse of Sun

CT scans reveal heart disease in mummies

Real-life rolling stones creep across Death Valley in California

Medical bioengineer replaces $100,000 chip fab with Shrinky Dinks

Birth of New Species Witnessed by Scientists

Is Doomsday Coming? Perhaps, but Not in 2012

Withers: Teacher accused of wanting to kill student

The messengers of God can't get arrested in this town

Kentucky Equality Federation applauds pre-filed legislation to overturn Kentucky's same-sex barriage

OMG! Someone FINALLY gets it! DC Board of Elections declares no popular vote on gay marriage rights

Murder suspect thought Puerto Rico gay teen was a woman; UPDATE

Michigan's House Speaker Pro Tempore Pam Byrnes introduces legislation to overturn marriage ban

Gay couples blast federal Defense of Marriage Act

Lambda Legal files suit to prevent Ariz. from stripping domestic partner benefits

If gays can openly serve, will straights still want to? (xpost from Veterans)

Chinese challenge the U.S.

Americans flee to Guatemala to escape bleak job market

Obama, China, and Wishful Thinking About American Jobs

The 15 Biggest Congressional Recipients Of Wall Street Campaign Cash


The Markit Group: A Black-Box Company that Devastated Markets

Wealth Distribution - shocking truth from the enemy camp

There is so much good energy in the H2O man posts...

More movement in the James Arthur Ray sweat lodge incident..

Oy, another thyroid-specific question....

All bills must be published in comic-strip form

What Is Dystonia? What Causes Dystonia?

"Study ethics, NIH!"

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

U.S. Gets 'D' in Preterm Birth Report Card

Not just swine flu - new cold virus may lurk, too

Evidence in Medicine: Correlation and Causation

Ukraine Pneumonic Plague Epidemic - Serious

Vitamin D linked to heart health

Bumper sticker I had to stop and think about

Thou shalt not manufacture marijuana

An ironic Rapture Ready thread .

The other thing about the term "education reform"....

Can we stop calling it "education reform"?

Degrees of Atheism/Agnosticism

Michelle Rhee and the D.C. Schools (PBS report)

Christian conservatives praying…for Obama to die

Atheism is a non-belief, not a belief.

The Ten Commandments

I can now wholeheartedly recommend Spirit-in-Nature flower essences.

Zuchinni flower soup

Question regarding Sugar.

These Days, Anne Rice Prefers Angels