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Archives: November 2, 2009

Canada arrests two suspected extremists

Now, here is a headline: Future of GOP and moderate Republicans uncertain

Defections, court fights test Scientology

Putin in new Ukraine gas warning

New ads here in CT: Joe Lieberman as champion of health care reform. Seriously.


Jon Krakauer: McChrystal's Explanation For Pat Tillman Cover-up Is "Preposterous"

Is Brendt Favre a good guy or a bad guy?

Let the Repukes eat their own, I'll gladly roast marshmallows on the funeral pyre of their remains

NFL Star's Agent -- You Can't Use the F-Word?

Norman Lear has something to say about joe

Norman Lear has something to say about joe



SSRI drugs and violence VIDEO

I figure that if we ever wanted to put America to sleep like an old pet, we'd elect an all GOP govt.

Screwed pooches and jumped sharks


anyone else watching the healthcare "debate" on nbc

Yahoo: "Future of GOP and moderates uncertain."

Yahoo: "Future of GOP and moderates uncertain."

Please keep the unrec feature (or: this is why I L<0L).

Democratic Underground Breaks Its Own Rules

Health Care Sit-Ins this week...................

Stay classy, Freepers

AOOGAH!!! ALERT !! ALERT !! Teabaggers pull out the ACORN Card (NY-23)

Halloween weekend portrait of Joe Lieberman...posting it so you

Halloween weekend portrait of Joe Lieberman...posting it so you

Chronic DUI driver (8 arrests) gets two years in prison

Indian Women Fuel Widespread, Silent Revolution

Indian Women Fuel Widespread, Silent Revolution

Axelrod: Abdullah would have lost anyway, according to polls

How many votes do you think we have in Congress to repeal DOMA?

Who said this quote?

Auto registration checks scaring immigrants

How to Fix Congress

Paul Krugman: Too Little of a Good Thing

Red Brigades woman kills herself

Mercury News investigation: San Jose police often use force in resisting-arrest cases

Saudi Oil not necessary; and bus that can run on Limbaughs dinner....

Scientists use computer to 'read minds' on screen- (eventually being able to record dreams?)

Four killed in N.C., suspect sought

Colombia volcano rumbles back to life

Goldman takes on new role: taking away people's homes

Rollingstone: The Generals' Revolt

Mich. communities sue Blue Cross over fees

What do you think Congressmen and Senators care about?

Rep. Barton wants hearing with Sebelius, CBO before vote

Man charged with carrying handgun outside Greensboro abortion clinic

"Its The Jobs, Stupid !"

Ford weighs car exports from U.S. - CEO in paper

Can someone please explain to me

Weapons sales are on the rise in Latin America

Northrop charges that tanker bidding skewed toward Boeing

I noticed that CNN is planning Election Night coverage Tuesday

Dark Clouds over $hitibank

Los Alamos waste moves toward aquifers

Please DU this Public Option Poll for Senator Durbin

Jungle woman Rochom P'ngieng wants to return to the wild

Civilian Deaths in Iraq Jump Higher in October

Thousands Of Remains Misplaced At Arlington?

Please be considerate of your fellow passengers when you fly:

FBI has 400,000 people on terrorism “watch list”

Joe Scum is in serious pain over Obama's trip


Karzai Gets New Term as Afghan Runoff Is Scrapped

Rush throws out red meat, Freepers go after it like good dogs

Chuck Todd is editorializing all over MSNBC

Some historical background on Afghanistan you won't see on MSNBC

Humor: The noble public service of Goldman Sachs

Fuck The Bus...

Harry Reid Doesn't Need LIEberman

excellent LTTE about Chris Christie

Christie Pulls Ahead in New Jersey

Good morning DU = fair & balanced

SPIEGEL Interview with Al Gore (11/2/09):

Don't watch Joe Schmo in the morning, why aggravate yourselves

Kim, Halloran lob charges of racism, robbery. Campaign turns sour in final stretch

Kim, Halloran lob charges of racism, robbery. Campaign turns sour in final stretch

Check out my halloween costume!

Part Deux of Mikey STEELE's desperate mailing of faked "census" solicitation letter

Who will FOX have on next week to balance out this weeks' guest??

Been there....done that. New idea on how to find answers about Afghanistan (Cartoon)

Where Your Money Goes - Golf Carts?

Do you think the Iraqi people who survived "Shock and Awe" considered that terrorism?

Con man at center of MT jail deal says he's broke

Charlie Melancon had better use this footage in an ad

NY-23: Scozzafava might change parties

Ouch...Did I just hear Mika say,

Ouch...Did I just hear Mika say,

Why aren't most health insurance stocks outperforming the S&P 500

U.S. pandemic options include crippling home modems

$1.4 billion dollars on the hoof

Vice President Biden Announces Reopening of Former GM Boxwood Plant

If Gore served 8 years as President

In case you'd like to start your day with a bowl of stinking steaming CRAP....

New evidence of Lockerbie bombing surfaces

New evidence of Lockerbie bombing surfaces

I don't favor one but if there ever is another draft, it needs to not exclude anyone based on race,

Sarah Palin Robocalls in Virginia..

Kissing was developed 'to spread germs'

Cadbury girds for Kraft takeover bid

Woman stabs child and herself over custody fears


NOW Toronto: (Stephen) Harper's Colombia cover-up

What's really insulting about TV is that no one admits that most instant punditry is bullshit

Opium, Rape and the American Way

UN drops Congo army over killings

Pakistan: Taliban Defeated by Mid-December

Slowpoke TOON: The Persistence of Joe

Serious question about using eBay to raise funds for defendants

Eating breakfast cereal will help build your child's immunity. (Just ask Kellogg's)

The Rude Pundit: Fox "news" Takes Us To Its Leader

I certainly hope that people from Connecticut are calling lieberman's office to tell them what they

The Nutty keep getting Nuttier: Taitz to hold protest AGAINST Bill O'Reilly & Faux News

The Nutty keep getting Nuttier: Taitz to hold protest AGAINST Bill O'Reilly & Faux News

Boston Globe: RNC running Tea Party Ads for HOFFMAN .

GOPers preemptively making excuses for loss in NJ race

Even if we'd double the number of troops, it wouldn't stop Islamic Jihadism

the poor mistreated Gulf of Mex. just got another oil spill 12,000 gal

NY-23. What would be the best result for the national Democratic Party?

Pro-Lifers Auction Pro-Murder (Really Bad) Art To Defend Tiller Murder Suspect

Why is it the GOPiacs Hate the Gays but have so many of them in their ranks?? Tis a bit of a mystery

Our Man in Kabul

538 shows how little local funding the NY-23 Conservative Party Candidate received:

Sorry---but these two pictures of Bill Clinton in Kosovo crack me up...

Sorry---but these two pictures of Bill Clinton in Kosovo crack me up...

RNC says 'vote conservative' in NY-23

Gingrich is "deeply upset" about Scozzafava endorsing Dem

Manufacturing in the U.S. Expanded at a Faster Pace than anticipated.

Detroit Free Press: Medical pot creates workplace dilemma

Jolene as "Octomom" - Poconos PA 2009

Democratic Party E Mail SPAM

Sen Vitter (R-Pampers) dodges tearful rape victim’s questions

High court won't review civil rights-era case

I just shook hands with our Vice President and spoke to Bill Owens. Ask me anything.

I just shook hands with our Vice President and spoke to Bill Owens. Ask me anything.

Is US beef safe to eat anymore?

US Congratulates Afghan President on (Stealing)2nd Term

Why are we in Afghanistan?

The Electronic Police State: It's already here...

Valerie Jarrett will host a White House live chat @ 3:30 today; topic is Health Care

Poll: Only 50% In U.S. (and falling) Support Keeping Troops In Afghanistan

Blue Dogs’ Fundraising Totals Plummet in Third Quarter

voted early for the first time today

Cheney and the Plame-Gate Cover-up

Bush on bin Laden: ‘I guess he is not dead.’

Fermi captures space-time theory evidence

Fermi captures space-time theory evidence

New Edition of The Blue Pages Means You'll Never Shop the Same Way Again

Antitrust exemption for insurers a red herring

Diaper Dave Vitter challenged by a rape victim over his vote on the Franken amendment.

Kucinich: Urgent - Act Today To Protect Single Payer Initiatives!

Walmart eyes urban expansion in US

I have a wish for the likes of Cheney and Limbaugh and Beck and most Republicans.

New movie to seek prosecution of George W. Bush

So CIT goes under and the market opens higher?

Is Party Purity or Party Power the Better Priority?

GOP Sen. David Vitter DODGES Tearful RAPE VICTIM'S Questions

Beautiful image of the Aries rocket.

20 years after wall fell, study finds less support for democracy

Iraq then, Afghanistan now--What's the difference?

Centre-right in Germany = Far left in America

Blackwater facility accepting civilians

Action Alert by the republicans to stop health care vote on Thursday

Republican adviser faces health care's costly bite-Former McCain strategist about to lose health ins

Eight Reasons Not to Tie Teacher Pay to Standardized Test Results

Eight Reasons Not to Tie Teacher Pay to Standardized Test Results

I am dense. Really. I saw a show this morning talking about "the first anniversary of Obama's term"?

"Did the United States torture? Why haven't you sent anyone to jail for it?"


Poignant healthcare letter in our local paper

Dealing with the violent mentally ill -- the system isn't working

If you had to pick one essential book that every Freeper should read, what would it be?

Depression link to processed food

Bugliosi movie puts Bush on trial for murder....

Bugliosi movie puts Bush on trial for murder....

So I got a call today from a committee to elect a certain candidate for District Attorney

So I got a call today from a committee to elect a certain candidate for District Attorney

Bachmann to Lead Teabaggers through the halls of Congress

Michigan makes drastic cuts to education, social spending

Palin Power and New York's 23rd District - The Mudflats

I like Thom Hartmann's idea of how to dress Congress up.

Happy Birthday Internet. Internet turns 40

New GOP logo:

Fact or Fiction? Punches Thrown in WaPo Newsroom!

"It" just isn't working anymore.

Grow a Moustache for Prostate Cancer Awareness in "Movember"!

Grow a Moustache for Prostate Cancer Awareness in "Movember"!

executive pay (enough already?)

Dick Cheney Dream analysis?

Dick Cheney Dream analysis?

Orly's going for the glory. Please come CAPTION!!!!

Alabama boasts lowest taxes in nation

The Lost Decade; Why Steve Ballmer is no Bill Gates

More than just fake "Kenyan Birth Certificates". Now there are skin creams with aborted fetal tissue

Rep. Alan Grayson on Health care, Afghanistan, Elections, Heated Rhetoric, More

how would a cooperative company work?

Usain Bolt adopts a cheetah cub

A Book To Read

What does the New Jersey Democratic/Corzine turnout operation look like?

What does the New Jersey Democratic/Corzine turnout operation look like?

Reid pledges transparency on health bill: blasts lack of Republican alternative

Biden stumps for Owens, takes dig at Palin

Very quiet in the office today...a lot riding on tomorrow (NY-23 and Maine marriage)..

Rigged NPR Online Poll Shows Disinformation Campaign

If Democratic contenders in NJ (Corzine), VA (Deeds) and NY 23 (Owens)

If Democratic contenders in NJ (Corzine), VA (Deeds) and NY 23 (Owens)

Someone on another forum just claimed that McCain's presidential campaign was "liberal"

Freepers looking to destroy the Republican party. Sweet.

Should we hold our politicians to a lower standard than most western countries' citizens hold theirs

Harvard to offer class about TV series "The Wire"

Rapist's neighbors knew something was wrong (by the smell)

Rapist's neighbors knew something was wrong (by the smell)

Salt, diet drinks may reduce kidney use

Virginia Foxx off her meds again

Scozzafava robocalls for Owens

If Reagan was a conservative ideologue, and Bush Sr was a corporate fascist....

Raw Story: " Did ‘big wet Fox kiss for Rush’ break truce with White House?"

Tweety discussing Cheney's lies

Judge Wonders Aloud If Orly Taitz Suborned Perjury

WTF is wrong with this picture?

Feinberg Says ‘Talent Drain’ May Face Firms Under His Pay Rules

Maria Cantwell: I'm "Not Sure" Why Geithner Still Has Job (VIDEO)

Rushbo Loses His Big Voices in North Carolina...

4-year-old California boy's body found in dryer


What the hell is the problem with you people? What is the big

Catholics mobilizing to pressure politicians on abortion funding in health reform legislation

My Oh My Stanford loses his knighthood

Limbaugh, a CAPTIONer's wet-dream!!!

" . . . the world's largest ever betting parlor". Thank you, Secretary Geithner.

Does America need a time-out?

Serious question: which is worse, a rational conservative or an irrational conservative?

Long-range Taser raises fears of shock and injury

Socialized health care in America or the fund raiser.

Time machine travel...back to Feb 09 (wk 1)

Dede Scozzafava records robocall for Owens (NY-23)

Interesting video about the building of the new Bay Bridge in process

DEPT. OF DEAD HORSE BEATINGS: Cramer Buy Recommendation CIT Goes Bankrupt

Locking Men's issues threads - and why I stopped donating to DU

Locking Men's issues threads - and why I stopped donating to DU

Why Hatch Is Really Blocking Health Reform: Americans Will Love The New System And Vote Democratic

A few words about Bill Clinton's Budget.

Don't Forget! It's Alan Grayson Money Bomb Day

Cheney's memory problems mirror Reagans,circa Iran Contra

Fox News Not An Arm Of The GOP? Hannity And Bachmann Team Up To “Tell Nancy Pelosi What She Can Do

US used "false pretext" to invade Iraq in 2003, outgoing UN nuclear chief El baradei says

Please excuse me while I scream - Student Loans & Bailouts....Thom Hartman talked about this today..

VOTE TUESDAY!!!!!! Vote for Democrats - no more Republicans in office,

The "New" conservative Republican party platform.

NJ Gov race: Christie may be sued by Monty Python.

according to the media, if any republicans win tomorrow, it's all over for the democrats...

New jersey had a republican governor when Bill Clinton was president

Boehner Says There Are "No Excuses" To Delay Sending More Troops To Afghanistan

Shuster on Ed's program right now - on Cheney's lies

Charts showing how much US residents pay for health care compared to people in other countries

Workers' insurance premiums estimated to rise 12%

Dallas Clinic That Told Doc She Couldn't Wear Hijab Backs Down

Do you think Charlie Crist would switch parties if they start attacking him?

Do you think Charlie Crist would switch parties if they start attacking him?

Limbaugh on Scozzafava: "She's Guilty of widespread bestiality"

Wallace & Limbaugh should've saved us all the trouble and just got a motel room together

Chris Wallace: Limbaugh a "very nice, very sweet and I'd have to say vulnerable guy"

ONE CLICK to tell Reid and Durbin to take away Lieberman's Committee Chair

In the past 8 hours I have already received 10 requests for contributions for.

60 minutes, 10 million doses of H1N1 Vaccine without a single serious adverse event.

60 minutes, 10 million doses of H1N1 Vaccine without a single serious adverse event.

Excellus (Blue Cross) increasing health insurance rates 8.8 percent

HuffPo: Keeping Geithner is like asking Al Cowlings to spearhead Nicole Simpson murder investigation

Mug a Monday before it mugs you . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Rack 'em and Screw 'em, Boys!

Hillary Clinton makes "The Last Of The 2009 Formula One Babes"!

Fun with UnitedHealthcare and retroactive claim denials! (Cross-post fom another forum I frequent)

Oh Crap, I'm not excited for Creigh!

Coroner: Census worker died at tree in Ky. forest

How many DU'ers are voting by Absentee Ballot this year -- ???

Great! another wingnut group: The Three Percenters

Rep. Virginia Foxx says health reform is scarier than terrorism

Tell all Republicans you know that Republicans vote Thursday.

Paul Krugman: Without more stimulus, high unemployment is here to stay for a long, long time

Hillary doing an interview with FOX tonight

I know Halloween is over, but wanted to share this scary screed with you

I was for propping up the financial institutions because it was the easiest way, but the world would

So, why support Democrats?

Freeper thinks Oregon football fans making 'O' hand signals are hailing Obama.

NY 23

GOP Chair's Daughter was JonBenét Ramsey for Halloween!

GOP Chair's Daughter was JonBenét Ramsey for Halloween!

Our health insurance just raised the deductible by $1,000/yr

Newsweek: Boom and Gloom (A new market bubble is brewing)

GREAT VIDEO: "The Crash of 1929" (PBS, American Experience)

Top McCain campaign adviser running out of insurance, has pre-existing condition

Palin's book is already being sold @ a loss.

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold nomination hearing Wed for 3rd Circuit nominee Vanaskie

The Coalition of African Lesbians stands up to stop harsh new ‘anti-homosexuality laws'

Gingrich Condemns Conservative Leaders For Driving Moderate GOPer Out Of NY Race

Child Support Statistics Myths, legends and the American Way: Deadbeat dads

Sharif University Student to Khamenei: Why Can’t Anyone Criticize You?

We've regressed along way, haven't we?

John Dewey and Health Care/Universal Health Care?

Day of DU harmony: November 4, 2008

Frank Schaeffer: The Loony Right Eats Its Own

Insurers consider organ doners to have "pre-existing condition", high bills follow.

Former McCain adviser finds that individual health insurance market he once touted isn't so great...

An insurance industry CEO explains why American health care costs so much

An insurance industry CEO explains why American health care costs so much

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is corrupt as the crooks he goes after

This UNREC feature has GOT to change!

Spider web confirmed as 'oldest'

Helping Dick Cheney Remember

Phony baloney jobs

Japanese fishing trawler sunk by giant jellyfish

Why Would Election Fraud in Afghanistan Make People Think the Government Is Illegitimate?

Ford reports a nearly $1 billion profit (in Q3)

eBay auction to benefit murderer proceeds

AP admits: Cheney equivocated to the FBI

Well, what a way to wake up. A phone call from a crying, almost hysterical woman...


Gingrich 'Deeply Upset' That Scozzafava Endorsed Democrat After He'd Supported Her

Good wishes thread: Maine Marriage Equality.

White House Claims 'Stimulus' Saved/Created 650,000 Jobs (but it imported 1,125,000 foreign workers

Hoffman Calls Glenn Beck His 'Mentor

Neocon crackhead Gaffney at Ctr for Security Policy: Cheney is our Churchill

Who Would Be Eligible For A Public Option? Far more than “10%” of the Population

Glenn Beck Peddles Populism for Rich Guys

Can we get a nitpickers forum? We need a place for people to post nitpicking bullshit

"Virginia, hello, this is Sarah Palin calling to urge you to vote to share our principles..."

50 golden guineas to anyone who can tell me how costs will be brought down in HCR

This is how predatory Bank of America is

67 of the top 100 universities are located in the United States

I'm sick of hearing about how we're going to pay for healthcare.

Senator Hatch - Healthcare plan would be too successful

On kids, and society

Boom goes the Dynamite! Jim Moran Calls GOP "The Taliban Ticket".

Drill, Baby, Drill, Disaster (w/ Pictures): Alaska, Florida, all this can be yours.

Living Small in a high-cost economy

Alan Grayson's Money Bomb is TODAY If you pledged and/or want to give, here's the link:

Was Grayson forced to apologize because what he said was too close to a bigger ugly truth?

The Canada Health Act established universal access to health care in Canada, it is 14 pages long..

Violence and Mental Illness: Media Keep Myths Alive

It's time to change the way poverty is measured

Our Going Rouge Palin Rogue Coloring book featured on Shelves in Entertainment Weekly!

I wonder if some people don't understand how the Unrec is supposed to work.

Jane Hamsher: Waxman to Eshoo: You’ve Got An “Evergreening Problem”

Cheney & Liz Have Been Sweating Bullets-Plame Notes Make It Clear Why - Scott Horton

Statute Would Require Public Schools to Offer Christmas Music

Couple sues: Neighbors smoke outdoors

Have I misunderstood Econ 101, or did someone else?

Lou Jing, "Black Shanghai Girl," almost wins China's Idol type contest

My (Democratic) Assemblymen lost my vote tomorrow.

''The Tyranny of the Majority''

Snowcap vanishing from Mount Kilimanjaro

I do not agree with mandated health insurance

PET PEEVE: People who use "Nazi" as a way to describe people & laws they don't like.

Who is backing Sarah Palin?

Anyone else’s workplace doing this “Standards of Behavior” stuff?

Why do people deify of the 'Founding Fathers'?

Between Hate Speech and Adoration

If you had to pick one essential book that every liberal should read, what would it be?

How Ayn Rand Became an American Icon: The perverse allure of a damaged woman

Palmetto Christian School in Florida joins 7 former Catholic schools, turns charter for public money

I move the US discontinue the Empire and use the money for a national health plan

Great Article by Fellow DUer AUTORANK-: "FAILURE BY DESIGN - The "Public" Option"

Both my brother and I have endured divorces involving kids. I support

Under-Treatment of Pain

Drug Testing BULLSHIT

Drug Testing BULLSHIT

Someone declare me dead on facebook please

Just back from Austin, had a great holiday weekend.


Island of Terror

Do you like ice cream, doc?

Worst Beatles cover ever or Republicans in Hungarian clothing?

Warren Haynes ~ I'll be the one

Dexter is on!!

Hey you sons of bitches ....

Dupe, delete.

Christopher Walken interprets Lady Gaga's "Pokerface"

After seven months, I've finally landed some work.

James Carr - The Dark End Of The Street


do you have candy left over? Are you going to eat it all?

May I share some photos I took today? Almost winter in Southcentral Alaska

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The Waiting

Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Wichita Lineman"

Blondie sez nitey nite (puppy pics)

No Sunday Night Football?


ROFL!!! Great jab at the Christian reich-wing:

Its 50 degrees out and I'm going to sleep with the window open!

Watermelon go kaboom!

Every indication pointed toward being released tomorrow.

Anyone else watching the "V" marathon on sci fy?

I think that top10 guy might be a sock puppet. Should I alert on him?

Server fuck up. (Not my fault). nt

Resurrection chart

A prayer, candle, good thought for my brother

Eschew Obfuscation

Did the Nads win today?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/02/09

&#^ (@#( #&%^@* *#^&$ !!!!!!

I "had" to go to the mall today ... Wow! It was crowded!

I "had" to go to the mall today ... Wow! It was crowded!

Kissing was developed 'to spread germs'

How do I find hotels near New York City Hall?

Oh, how I love not-so-bright people.

Good morning Lounge

I'm late with our Halloween pics

TMZ Video: Miley Cyrus belts out Joan Jett's "I Love Rock & Roll." As bad as you might imagine.

YouTube: Utopia, from their 1992 "Redux Live" reunion tour: "Hiroshima," live in Japan

Gratuity Included and the "Additional Tip" line

Anti-Monopoly board game

Surprise surprise, GD is still a bunch of assholes

What the hell is going on at Penn State? 2 weird Halloween stories.

YouTube: Lou Reed w/ the late Robert Quine, LIVE in Italy, "Some Kinda Love/Sister Ray"

Dexter sucks this season.

M A D M E N Question: How is it going to end?`

2010 Porsche 911 Turbo is Stuttgart's quickest car yet

Pink Floyd / CARP The Wall V-2: Dirty Woman (Part 4 of 8)

check this out

40-17 ALMOST as good as 44-6 but still....

Who else finds Pandora totally wierd?

Buddy / Partner relationships in the movies and TV that masked a codependent cry for help

YouTube...BBC, Halloween: Christopher Walken's dramatic reading of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"

Shopping addiction?

Lordy, I'm hungry early today

Leno would prefer his old time slot.

Name a movie that you think is better than that "classic" movie that you think sucks

Movie narrative charts

Home from work today.....Who else has the swine flu?

YouTube: The "Free Bird" sequence from Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects"

Whatever happened to the YAK threads?

Fuck you Billy Corgan

Post your new sunset time

Has anyone bought a cell phone from

My motor club let me down today.

How do you convert .flv video to .mp3 audio, then edit the audio file

ARACHNOPHOBES BEWARE! I think there's a little spider in our basement!!11!!

I'm running my daughter's Brownie troop meeting on Thursday

PHOTO: Hank's Hamburgers, Tulsa OK, serves "off menu" burger: six patties, total 1.5 pounds of meat

Examples where the movie is better than the book?

Halloween Breathalyzer Costume Results in What I Believe to Be Irony

I guess this isn't the right moment to ask for a DU Dingbat's Issues Group.

you'll take my caffeine from my cold, dead hands

Lets' play the game that is sweeping GD by storm!

Who here remebers rev-acts?

Attention Sci Fi Fans II........pic heavy......

Brtiney’s real voice

Hello Kitty. One Cool Cat

I'd like a relationship with somebody who listened to the music I love

Why babies have mothers...bwahahahahaha!

Very mixed emotions

Piece of crap technology!

Congratulations Phillies! Back-to-back champs.

Who do you talk to most via PM?

Hitler's cars for sale...(honestly, no joke; no weak punchline)

Proportion of DU university graduates vs. Freeper high school graduates

Thumb drives + water.... Recoverable, or no?

Are YOU up for a really COOL word puzzle?

After 15 years, my friend is putting her cat to sleep - such a unique story to this cat!

Q&A about some DU Basics

A YouTube CLASSIC: Jethro Bodine meets Julie Newmar down by the cee-ment pond

Jo Ann Pflug

YouTube: SNL, Christopher Walken "Walken Family Reunion"

My Betty Boop clock is running backwards.

What does your house smell like?

I made one of the two things you're told you don't want to watch being made.

Mad Men is demonstrating a remarkable gift for giving air time to characters I don't care about

Update on Erin, I've got a mighty sick kitty.

So what did you think of Dexter this week? (SPOILERS)

Post here and I'll insult you.

Any law enforcement officials in the Lounge? I have a question I'd like to PM you about.

Post a picture of you and your brothers and sisters

EEEK! Fuzzy Red Spider on my porch! o-0

Post a photo of your lazy, slacker, freeloading cat or kitten.

in 10 days hubby and I will celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss

Singer, harp player Norton Buffalo died Friday of cancer. Watch this performance:

BUZZ: Mel Gibson's Girlfriend Gives Birth

New Reports Demolish Justifications for Ouster of Zelaya Honduran Coup Myths Dispelled

GOP dropout in key 23rd District throws support to Democrat - NY-23

Massive blast rocks Rawalpindi hotel (Pakistan)

CIT files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

UN suspends development work in northwest Pakistan

Palestinians accuse Clinton of hurting peace talks

U.N. chief in Kabul as pressure mounts over run-off vote

GOP ex-candidate endorses Democrat in New York

North Korea Calls For Direct Talks With U.S.

Iran says UN-backed nuclear deal is not dead

"Blood price" paid to prop up Afghan govt-ex-aide

Cheney and the Plame-Gate Cover-up

Iraq signs new overseas oil deal

Iraq signs new overseas oil deal

Hector Ruiz quits Global Foundries (possible insider trading)

Asian markets hit by CIT bankruptcy, Wall Street fall

Vice President Biden Announces Reopening of Former GM Boxwood Plant

Ford reports surprise $1 billion profit-Automaker now expects to be ‘solidly profitable’ in 2011

Siena: Dede's Defection Fails To Halt Hoffmann (NY-23)

Siena: Dede's Defection Fails To Halt Hoffmann (NY-23)

Gitmo men celebrate freedom

Police: Blast near Pakistan army headquarters

Factory sector strengthens in Oct. (ISM to 55.7)

Palestinians chide US on Israeli settlements

More College Presidents Become Millionaires

Karzai declared elected president

Almost 546,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled

Bomb outside bank kills 30 near Pakistani capital

Gingrich 'Deeply Upset' That Scozzafava Endorsed Democrat After He'd Supported Her

Boy’s killer to be first public execution since Saddam Hussein’s rule

Asian stock markets slide amid US recovery doubts

GOP Sen. David Vitter DODGES Tearful RAPE VICTIM'S Questions

Former Blackwater now marketing services to civilians

Reno girl who helps disaster victims honored

Bay Bridge Reopens after 6-day Closure (San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge)

1,600 are suggested daily for FBI's list

Ranks of millionaire college presidents up again

Republicans aim for rival health plan in House

Tony Blair linked to £1m Tesco Middle East deal

Audit: KBR must trim Iraq work force or face fines

Senate Takes Up Unemployment, Homebuyer Aid

Afghan election commission says runoff canceled & declare Karzai president

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 2

US Supreme Court refuses to hear Guantanamo case

'Torture flight' plane spotted in Birmingham

Head of Caracas security plan killed

1,000 Iraqi detainees risk execution as premier rules out clemency

..U.S. May Not Recoup Auto Investments, Report Says

With highest rate of cases, Navy sees HIV infections rise

Hoffman 41, Owens 36

Political pundit Ed Rollins pummeled by debt

Brazil report: Pilot error likely in 2007 crash

ADL Heroes Against Hate to Be Honored at Kennedy Center

SPIEGEL Interview with Al Gore: 'I Am Optimistic'

Goldman (Sachs) Looks to Buy Fannie Tax Credits

Corzine and Christie in Statistical Tie, Poll Finds

Obama Congratulates Afghanistan’s 'Legitimate' – If Not 'Credible' --- President

A faith-based prison is pushed (all-Christian prison near a small Oklahoma town)

Goldman takes on new role: taking away people's homes

Food Stamps Will Feed Half of U.S Children at some point in their childhoond

Senate Republicans boycott climate bill

Feinberg Says ‘Talent Drain’ May Face Firms Under His Pay Rules

Army soldier arrested after C-4 explosives found

Conservatives urge 'House call' on Thursday (encouraging constituents to confront lawmakers)

Cheney Failed to Answer 72 FBI Questions

(Sen.) Burris continues to be thorn ("will only vote for a bill with a strong public option")

Senate, White House agree on reporter protections

(Jerry) Brown spokesman resigns over secret phone recordings

Ford Posts an Unexpected Profit of $997 Million

Fired U.K. Drug Adviser Says Scientists Will Shun Government

One Person Dies; New York Producer Issues Recall of Ground Beef Products

Appeals Court Rules Canadian Tortured After Rendition Cannot Sue United States

Nataline Keeps Bending the Arc of Healthcare Justice

Fox & Friends Laugh Over Speaker Pelosi's ''Burn In Hell'' Heckler

Matthew Hoh's Letter Indicating Afghan War is Immoral

Arlington West 6yrs

FNS' Juan Williams schools Bill Kristol

Capitol Hill Agenda: Nov. 2, 2009

Power Shift: "It's Game Time, Obama!"

Chris Wallace. Rush Limbaugh. Fair & Balanced. They reported. I decided. They're both a**holes.

Young Turks: Fox News Takes On Defacing The U.S. Flag

CNN Reports On Blacks & Gay Equality

Rush Limbaugh Calls FOX News 'Conservative Media' On FNS

The Week In Cartoons (Feat. Lieberman, Arnold, Palin, Oprah)

(WOW...) Justice Denied (ACLU) - Former Guantanamo Detainees Speak About Their Experiences

Foxx: Health care reform is a bigger threat than any terrorist right now in any country.

Cavuto has a Conniption Over Whether Fox Is Fair and Balanced in NJ Gov's Race

RM: Melanie Sloan Discusses Cheney's FBI Interview

Limbaugh: Scozzafava is 'Guilty Of Widespread Bestiality; She Has Screwed Every RINO In The Country'

Sam Keen interviews murderer David Rice (killed family b/c he was told they were communists):pt 1

Young Turks: Larry David's Controversial 'Jesus Bathroom' Clip

CNN Interviews Matthew Hoh Who Resigned In Protest Over Afghanistan

Feinstein: In CA Kaiser & Wellpoint Control 58% Their Market Presence up 14% in Last Year

Jon Krakauer: Gen. McChrystal's Explanation For Pat Tillman Cover-up

Sen. David Vitter, R-LA, Confronted By Rape Victim Over Franken Amendment Vote

Going ROUGE: An American Nightmare - The Movie by OR Books

The dumbest moran on youtube gives the UK a lecture! LOL

TYT: Alan Grayson Discusses His Tactics With Cenk! (w/ Transcript)

Painful death of the American economic dream

Abdullah Abdullah Quits Afghan Race, to Run in Upstate NY

Wasted Talent and Corruption

FOX News Blames Obama For Loss of Daylight Savings Time

Pentagon auditors warn KBR to reduce staffing levels in Iraq or face major financial penalties

Future of GOP and Moderate Republicans Uncertain

Think a coin toss has a 50-50 chance? Think again. By David E. Adler

Afghan people need a proper voice, not another election shambles — hence my resignation Nick Horne

Obama Strategy on Health Care Legislation Appears to Be Paying Off

Roubini Predicts “Mother of All Carry Trade Unwinds”

Cheney FBI interview: 72 instances of can't recall

US goofs the Afghan election

Healthcare: Key Democrats Undermining Their Own?

Too Little of a Good Thing By PAUL KRUGMAN

Fishermen under attack from wealthy countries

Naomi Wolf: Renewing the News

Chris Hedges: Opium, Rape and the American Way

Hope Gives Way to Nope

Corporate Money In Elections -- What To Expect

Biden a key part of Obama's inner circle. (Video)

Italian court to decide on CIA rendition trial this week

Monty Python Takes Revenge on Chris Christie for Copyright Violations

Comcast Said to Be Close to Gaining NBC Universal..

Too Big to Fail? Why All the President's Afghan Options Are Bad Ones By Tom Engelhardt

The Right Wing Case Against Adoption

Dems in House to Pass Resolution Defending Gaza War

On the Good Ship Lollipop

The prerogatives of power: Cheney Failed to Answer 72 FBI Questions

ABC's disinformation re Cost of Jobs Created by stimulus bill.$160,000 per job? Try $80,000 or less

Global anti-Semitism demands a united response

Republicans Delay Important Nominees, The American People Pay The Price (Harry Reid)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 376

The Health Care Bill Dies? Matt Taibbi

Deforestation sped demise of Nasca in Peru-study

Peak oil review - Nov 2

Drumbeat: November 2, 2009

Coal mines, power plant give Navajos income, controversy

3rd Typhoon In 5 Weeks Hits Philippines; 14 Dead This Time But Season Total At 1,100+ - AFP

10-50 Years Remain For Corals Of Andaman Islands, Nicobar Coast - Warming, Acidification

Federal Jury Finds SD Man Guilty Of Smuggling Leopard Hide Under CITES - Faces Up To 20 Years - ENS

The Maya did it to themselves

New study shows climate significance of land cover change

Climate change can kill 'a quarter of million kids' next year

Leaking Timor Sea Rig Now In Flames - "Huge" Fire Further Stalls Efforts To Plug Hole - ENS

Putin Demands Inclusion Of Russian Forests In Any Climate Deal - AFP

Beijing's first snow of season 'artificially induced'

Colorado county copes with methane mystery

Amazing Pictures - Pollution in China

Status on obtaining blight resistant American Chestnut tree seedlings

Who's Really Behind Organic Food Brands Like Amy's and Odwalla?

Life Out Of Balance

All Republican Senators To Boycott Environment & Public Works Climate Bill Markup

With Year Of The Tiger Approaching, Expect Even More Pressure On Remaining Wild Populations - AFP

This may finally be a good year to be an Islanders fan

When Plante wore a mask -- and changed the face of history.

The New York Jet's are the biggest fucking whiny ass babies in the NFL

Patriots win the weekend

Baseball question - Who gets the "win" in the following scenario? Last night's Phils-Yankees game

Is Brendt Favre a good guy or a bad guy?

Yankees beat Phillies 7-4; lead Series 3 games to 1

Just a reminder to REAL SPORTS FANS, the Detroit Lions WILL be playing

The speed of Ted Ginn---WOW!

16-team BCS Championship Tournament...

Sad Packer Fan, BUT There Were Some Cool Moments Tonight (Pic HEAVY W/Video):

Allowing McGwire back is a cardinal sin by Selig

I hate cheerleaders!

The Phillies are going to win the Series!

BCS Standings

The best sports-themed costume in Nawlins (after mine, of course) was...

Just one hurdle left for the Iowa Hawkeyes...

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 11/1

Magbana: Honduran Resistance Leaders in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 5

Suspects Arrested in Murder of Venezuelan Indigenous, but Chief’s Detention Fuels Conflict

Freedom of the Press Acquires New Definitions

Head of Caracas security plan killed

Colombia/U.S. Agreement for Increased U.S. Presence--Chavez Fears Destabilization

Obama's Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis going to Honduras

A Triumph for Democracy in Honduras?

Venezuelan Vice President: Colombians killed in the border were paramilitaries

The imperial mandate arrives in Honduras

An unsourced rumor in Honduras...

Family defends against really stupid home invaders.

Home Invader Attacks Resident While Resident Had Gun, HI Gets Shot.

Status quo at Westland gun show-Promoter dismisses N.Y. mayor's probe of sales as a stunt

Top U.S. officials: Mideast peace talks have hit impasse

Palestinians accuse Clinton of hurting peace talks

Israel frees six Hamas leaders arrested after Shalit abduction

South Africa's legal war over Gaza

Clinton backs Israel on settlements stance

Dupe delete

Palestinians chide US on Israeli settlements

Clinton Counters Arab Anger Over Israel Settlements.

Why do Israelis dislike Barack Obama? (Bradley Burston)

Would Israel arrest a Jewish terrorist with only Arab victims?

On extremists, moderates, and us

hubby went to the range, came home to clean his gun and the cat sat down

Today in Labor History Nov 2 Debs received nearly 1 million votes for president – while in prison

sunday afternoon light

Two resting places

I wish I had a tripod with me

Stumped again- and my family is tired of my asking - Poll of 6 photos for the Fall contest

how about this for fall

Dusk comes early

Want to see some wild Black and White's?

Happy (belated) Halloween!

How the Brady Campaign Lies and Distorts

Winter fast approaches

President Obama Takes Major Steps for People with HIV/AIDS

Oregon group launches drive for same-sex marriage

Nate Sliver ( Final Prediction - Marriage Equality in Maine 5-to-2 odds

Is gay bashing on the rise? (BBC News Magazine, 11/2/09)

Anti-Gay Dobson To End Radio Career

PPP Poll in Maine: 51% to 47% for overturning marriage equality (MOE 2.9%)

WI Supreme Court to hear gay marriage case

"Milk"... I watched it last night and was just blown away by the...

Astronomers designate the average color of The Universe as "Cosmic Latte"

Second Georgetown Univ. student victim of anti-gay attack

The Dystonia Flu-Shot Case

Add Picture--What you WON'T use for "Titles of Songs"

ha ha. xian asshole fired from brookstone for being homophobic

Get ready for triple-digit oil again soon

Dealing with permanent employment drops

Thinking the Unthinkable,By James Howard Kunstler

Health Care Reform is Critically Important, But Getting Americans Back to Work is More So

Underwater and Not Walking Away: Shame, Fear and the Social Management of the Housing Crisis

You may, or may not get a giggle out of this.

Thank you for the star!

Question on saging....

Strange dream about Dick Cheney last night.

So can someone break it down for me?

Just how safe are herbal medicines?

Reading the fine print on the three CDC approved swine flu vaccines.

Autism Spikes, Toxins Suspected - Mercury Rising

How is the bad economy effecting you

How to Make Your Own Bible

Pastors Open Online Churches

DU Christians, how (little "o") orthodox is your personal theology?

Police: "Too westernized" Teen Run Down By Dad Dies

Making a list (of SP's), checking it twice: The $cientology Holiday Catalog!

Atheists, do you actively seek out Liberal Christian opinion on the issues of the day?

Teach Your Teachers Well

Focus falls on cause of mid-air collision

New helo to have manned, unmanned capability

White House: Afghan decision in coming weeks

Analysis: Few ways forward in Afghanistan

KBR needs to cut Iraq work force, audit says

Families outraged over engagement restrictions

Training to get ‘hyper-realistic’

Fallen airman was ‘living her dream’

Dream jobs: A look at the sweetest AF gigs

Cannon airman faces new child porn charges

As Afghan war grows, so does Bagram

Military lags in safeguarding officers’ identities

This is Meat Paper

Buffalo tonight

New pararescue truck coming to Guardian Angels

Abdullah pulls out of Afghan runoff

Sailors: Some liberty rules too restrictive

Cheney Memory Failed Often in FBI Talks

Army to field upgraded Raven UAV in December

A Combat Role, and Anguish, Too

Is it fair to call the "9/11 truth movement" a fringe movement or....

For Perry, it's self before service