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Archives: November 20, 2009

Internal AP Memo Thanks Writers For Successful 'Literary Treasure Hunt'

We need a 'good vibes' emoticon.

Der Spiegel: Obama Has Failed the World on Climate Change

Recession Pressure on Labor Rights

The power of church: mother goes to church leaders with alleged incest worries, not the law

End coming

Senate bill would see Iraq contractors face justice in US courts

Sen. Brownback just said that abortion is not health care.

Paul-Grayson “Audit The Fed” Bill Passes Financial Services Committee

Sarah Palin reads EVERYTHING online

I'm making this up about Stupak and his vile amendment.

Stupid Freeper comment of the day....

Support Kanjorski's Break Up Authority Amendment

Top Safety Picks: Chrysler 4, Toyota 0

Top Safety Picks: Chrysler 4, Toyota 0

San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area not maverick enough to read Palin book

Covers 94%?

You guys wanna know something?

Marriage might not be legal in texas!!!!!!!!

Revealed: 50 oil tankers loitering off British coast as they lie in wait for fuel price hikes

San Francisco facing $500 million deficit

Anyone watch Stewart.. w/ john oliver at the barnes and noble?

Severstal Steel to re-start a plant near Wheeling WV

Sen.Landrieu holds off on taking health care stand, while pressing for aid for Louisiana

would one of you call your Dem. Senator (I don't have one!)

House-a-thon! 8PM to midnight!

Russian High Court Bans Death Penalty

Letter From The Trenches, 11/19/09.

Micheletti to step down briefly for Honduras polls

US Senate confirms Judge David Hamilton, 59-39.

I went to one of those Redi-Clinics for the first time today

Will Bunch: The 26 Percent Solution

WTF? Bwahahahahahaha!

For those opposed to using federal dollars to support Palin's book tour

Anyone else see Phil Gingrey (R-GA 11) get slapped down today by Henry Waxman on parliamentary point

WABC: Oprah to Announce End of her Talk Show

How Divorced From Reality Is the GOP? Come Look!

Afghanistan is world's worst place to be born: UN

Where do you guys get audiobooks?

Committee (Judiciary) endorses Nashville attorney (Jane Stranch) for judgeship (US 6th Circuit)

Majority of GOP voters think ACORN stole 2008 vote

Major Hasan's E-Mail: 'I Can't Wait to Join You' in Afterlife

O'LOOFAH's big "GET" is Sarah PALIN?!1 ---- AND Bernie Golddigger?!1 May I say, BWAH- HAH?! n/t

Pitchfork? Check. Torch? Check. Map to castle? Check. nt

3 stooges

Did you get a chance to watch the 3 pt. interview w/J. Stewart&Dobbs?

Drugs, Booze and Vegas

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Tweety: I think Rep. Foxx is a replicant like in Blade Runner.

Slowly, secret U.S. nuke deals come to light

Piranha found in Palm Springs pond

Local Computer Shop Helps Bust Child Porn Suspect

Glenn Beck, the musical.... w t f ?

A tale of two breast cancers

Revealed! Realistic GWB Presidental Center model

Skewed Healthcare Poll from US Chamber of Commerce

Skewed Healthcare Poll from US Chamber of Commerce

I'm Stupid. How do I find "resistance "by PG5YP on utube?

Former paramedic gets 12 years for beating patient

Progressive 3rd Party Challenges in US History

WW II in HD showing the images of the camps

Sen. Lugar's wife charged in car crash

Wohoo! My cable just added MSNBC in HD

Teacher loses appeal to carry gun at school

Resident Shoots, Kills Burglar

We're liberating the Nazi concentration camps right now on History Channel

Isn't that speshull!

I'm glad to see students protesting massive tuition increases for the University of California

2/3 of recovered funds come from federal health care fraud, Justice Dept. says (CNN)

26 indicted in scheme to defraud program for the deaf (CNN)

WTF happened to the Dead forum?

Theresa Brown, R.N.: The (Health Care) Lottery

Haha lol. How come I never heard this classic Palin dumbass quote?

Gunman opens fire on Saipan Island

So, Lynn Vincent was the ghost writer for Palin (per Stephen Colbert)?

Wahoo the police horse saved by passers-by

Clinton, warlord Dostum are honored guests at Karzai fete

Legislators call for Blue Cross/Blue Shield probe

Pope prays for abused and suffering kids on UN anniversary

Pope prays for abused and suffering kids on UN anniversary

question about credit card crap

Evolution and history compulsory

Evolution and history compulsory

Evolution and history compulsory

Army protects Palin from terrorist threat known as "media coverage of her book signing event"

The Republican Plan to Block Health Care Reform

Afghanistan is world's worst place to be born in

Climate Change Conference Crisis -Obama heading for Commonwealth meeting in T&T?

If you are like me and DU is your lifeline to a more sane world:

Finally! The Republicans have a plan for health care reform

Apparently G9u11ni didn't get the message from the 2008 presidential race....

Tweety & Lurch reporting on $arah palin!

Tweety & Lurch reporting on $arah palin!

On the way to the store (this morning ) I saw a Great Bumper-Sticker.

Thank you so very much for my beautiful star!! Whoever you are!! Please let me know!!

Bill Gates' inept college roommate gets a lot of heat at shareholder's meeting over Apple's image.

Who Will Investigate CIA/RAND/APA Torture “Workshop”?

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus On Trial (animal abuse on video)


Paul B. Farrell: Wall Street's 2012 meltdown sweepstakes

Al Gore on 30 Rock last night: HILARIOUS

Cop shoots 12 year old with bean bag gun watch then vote at website

Woman awarded $3M in assault claim against KBR

I'm having an e-mail argument with a wingnut and need some ammo.

Toon: Perfect map of Palin's book tour

San Francisco Chronicle: More people fall behind in state taxes

Mika is constantly calling on Rangel to resign because she says he is corrupt

20-somethings can go 2 years between Paps

Rudy Giuliani to run for U.S. Senate against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in 2010

Major floods in Cumbria England

To Spank Or Not To Spank?

Hey, media! Where's the coverage of this political movement??

Hey, media! Where's the coverage of this political movement??

Hey, media! Where's the coverage of this political movement??

Why Is Congress Demonizing an Investigation of Israel's War Crimes in Gaza?

DynCorp International And Bribery

They are going to own our Banks too!. .. grrrreeeat!... NOT!

They're campaigning. Hard. Have been since last Nov. Wide and deep. Every segment of their base.

How fast could they ram health care through, and on to the Presidents desk

Forced sterilization

That settles it. The SC governor's race won't be about Sanford or health care.

12 YO Girl Totally abused by Portland Oregon Police!! Used friggin shotgun beanbag on her!

Cashing In On Disabled Veterans

LInk of Supreme Court holding Corporations to Donate

Transatlantic labor union highlights globalization pressures

Lincoln U. Requires Its Students to Step on the Scale

Immigration Officials to Audit 1,000 More Companies

Jon Stewart destroyed Lou Dobbs last night with

Judge Orders Feds to Pay Gay Couple

Is there any good reason that our Dem Congress won't lift the Cuban embargo?

FYI..... I wonder how Big Ed is doing???

FYI..... I wonder how Big Ed is doing???

Did I just hear Mika saying that the teaparty gang

"Teabagger" is a finalist for the New Oxford American Dictionary's "word of the year."

"Teabagger" is a finalist for the New Oxford American Dictionary's "word of the year."

Sarah Palin is spitting on the troops!

Pakistan: Nuclear Weapons

Ensign Accused of Violating Campaign Finance Laws

Oprah Schmoprah...why wait 2 years... go ahead and end it now..

LOL I don't remember Faux giving Hillary this much coverage on her book!

ISI helped Taliban Supremo Mullah Omar to Flee From Quetta to Karachi

Obama Kills Santa Claus

Web sites spread al-Qaeda’s jihad message in English

Prescription drugs, abortions linked

the Ft. Hood situation and the neo cons

According to MSNBC and a poll from Marist, Guiliani would beat Gillibrand by 14

I had a horrible day ....

Chevy Volt gets some positive press

A flyer on my door this AM

N.J., national environmental groups file lawsuit to halt Delaware River dredging

"sarah palin is like goldman sachs--too big to fail" --a friend told me she heard this

Army Tried To Ban Press From Palin's Visit To Base

Answering the Kissinger Question

no flood to control but still costing much money

no flood to control but still costing much money

Bush Justice officials support trying terror suspects in civilian court.

Well, well, well. Isn't this interesting. Politico: Tea Partiers turn on each other

Texas executes accomplice to killing, actual killer gets life sentence

Florida's Republican Ultras - Bulletin from the Dark Side

Does The Obama Administration Need New Advisors/Staff?

James Galbraith: Economic optimists are wrong

Local Man Selling Original Apple Computer for $50,000

6% of 307,973,991 USA population = 18,478,439

1000s to Protest 'School of the Assassins'

Palin holding anti-Obama rallies on military bases?

U.S. Senate rejects false choice between supporting veterans and UN Funding

College students arrested for not tipping the waitress at the pub

I just sent a message to Cafe Press that I won't be spending any more money there....

Stevenson High School Paper Spiked By Administrators

I'm shutting down the Amendment II Democrats store on Cafepress...

If Tea-baggers are so worked up about taxes....

Where is Senator Byrd?

Letter to DSCC: You want donation, I want Public Option

International Justice Group Takes Aim at Bush Officials

Compassionate Burglarism

I just want to thank all of you

I just want to thank all of you

Short story just heard on local teevee nooz .... no more letters from Santa

Child asthma, mother's depression linked

Child asthma, mother's depression linked

Police: Money from Patterson ‘fundraiser' misused

woman relearns the "old skills" in preparation for homelessness

Worried pimp 'called off Rabbi Baruch Chalomish's three-day drug-fuelled orgy'

Which concern you more- Terrorists imprisioned/tried in the US or Right Wing Militia Groups?

Nate Silver: It's still the economy. dumbass!

Offbeat: Drunk Dad, Son Rob Home, Son Passes Out

Defining ‘rogue’

In earlier centuries, when adolescence wasn't so prolonged, I wonder if

It seems like Luke Russert is in over his head

Diocese: Pedophile priests should get benefits

Pelosi calls Afghan Karzai "unworthy partner" - Reuters

Labor group launches 'Twitter flash mob' against Chamber

Majority of Bagram prison detainees to be released

What's happen to the UC System (UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, etc.) is not just to students.

Have a guess which racist group is behind the Obama Prayer sticker?

BREAKING NEWS: Ethics Committee clears Sen. Burris (D-Ill.) of wrongdoing over appointment

Specter Goes Dove: Calls For Exit Strategy, No More Troops In Afghanistan

Miss California pageant gives ad time to gay group

This Thanksgiving, be good to your host: Help Clean Up!

Ark. town says FBI steps into Tasered girl case

Valerie Jarrett was on Morning Joe repeating teabag talking points!

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

MSN - "Stop acting rich, start getting rich" - Reviews Thomas Stanley Book - Anti-OC Housewives

NY-23: Doug Hoffman Is Officially A Loser

were larouchites out in your small town today?

For those complaining about the Health Care Bill--don't worry it probably will be defeated

Breaking MSNBC: Nelson is a "Yea" for cloture. (Updated)

Albanian town plans statue of Bush

GOPers Scream ‘Rationing,’ Don’t Endorse Bill Ensuring Mammograms

Dairyland greyhound park in WI is closing- Dogs need homes!

Breaking: Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev not cleared of ethics violations

OpenLeft: The 2010 elections will hit moderate, conservative House Democrats hardest

Grand Rapids Press: "The phony 'war on Christmas' has begun" ... GRAND RAPIDS?


Saw a bridge weight limit sign spray painted "Fuck Obama".

Utah Senator Chris Buttars Doesn't Want The Gays Stuffing It Down His Throat All The Time

Hatch attacks Napolitano's immigration comments after he called for ways to legalize

The Pep squad can calm down

Truth and Honesty in Advertising ... and subject lines - Don't be a YouBoob

U.S. Rep. Steve King manages to out-asshole.....himself

Autopsy links Taser to Cardall's death

Let the debate begin

Obese man dies after 8 months in home recliner

Don’t boil a lobster, give it a zap instead

Carrie Prejean's brother would watch her porn tape.

Mark Morford ( Sex tape tips from Carrie Prejean

Is it time to stop picking on glen beck? An aol poll

Confederate flag must come down from Capitol, says S.C. governor hopeful

New guidelines issued for Pap smears (test needed less frequently)

TX College endowment fund managers lose 2.6 Billion, get 3.3 miillion in bonuses.

Dallas Fed President: stop 'coddling' and break up 'too big to fail'

Sponsors of 10 Underfunded Plans Paid Executives Approximately $350 Million

Health care rhetoric heats up before key vote

How Can She Be A Teabagger???

Isaiah 22:19 is the new Psalm 109:8

He Didn't Have To Pick A Republican

zazzie steps up, does the right thing

why isnt palin being used for libel?

Three visions of all-consuming hell, By Mark Morford

Friday TOON Roundup part 3- redefining limits

Forget the right-wing family members -- how do you deal with the holidays?

McCain Could Lose Primary in Arizona

Coburn's Cravenness

Friday TOON Roundup part 2 - The opposition is revolting

A meeting in Copenhagen – what’s it all about?

What information can an employer give to an unknown caller about an employee?

AOL supports Glenn Beck?

'a political firestorm is raging across the nation on unemployment'...m$nbc

Sarah Palin: Plastic Surgery ? What do you think?

Senate Ethics Committee clears Illinois senator of legal wrongdoing

Friday TOON Roundup part 4- a few more

"Peru's Police Say Gang Drained Victims' Fat"...

Web sites blamed for sex industry slump - being hurt by online dating sites

Rain may put pumpkin pie in peril, Nestle says

It's A Womans World After All

Americans United Challenges California Community College Prayer Policy In Federal Court

Heard on Rush today: The Democrats want your body parts!

Democracy Now! report on UC tuition hike and protest mirrors what is happening across the country

First Thanksgiving with Smallpox Blankets and Whiskey

Gang accused of killing to sell human fat

Borowitz: Lieberman Exploring New Ways to Be a Dick

Meet James Powell, a geologist who says climate skeptics are being duped

Medibots: The world's smallest surgeons

CafePress vs Zazzle: What did we learn?

(Shades of Fight Club?) Peruvian police: Gang killed people for their fat

Do GOP voters REALLY support credit card companies' gouging policies the way their GOP reps do?

"We'll kill anyone who says the Shroud of Turin is made of linen," say muslin extremists.

What is the fascination with Sarah Palin, you ask?

To lower rates, Citi customers must spend

Hamsher: Help Us Help Alan Grayson Save Federal Reserve Audit Bill

The Illustrated Man: How LED Tattoos Could Change The Face of Humanity

Fundies come together to prevent the nation from falling into Gawd-lessness

Boycott Microsoft Bing

Fox News: "Sen. Joe Lieberman (R-CT)"

Huffington Post: The Change We Deserve

'Acoustic cannon' used to fend off Somali pirates

Bernie Sanders is on Tweety now

Senate likely has 60 votes for motion to proceed on health care bill

I'm going to write a book about my life and get Rupert's publisher to sell it!

The Paul-Grayson Amendment (HR 1207) has 313 co-sponsors with lots of Dems missing.

Geithner to Goldman Clock is ticking down.

Doctors say to women: don't call us..we'll call you (eventually...)

Faith-based blackmail by John Shelby Spong

Breaking: Vatican researcher finds Psalm 109:8 on Shroud of Turin

I just sent Senator Blanche Lincoln an email...

Grayson coming up on Ed..n/t

Awwww Where is my miniature violin???

So, if I'm understanding the GOP's argument on CSPAN2 right now...

Anti-War protester at Jeb Bush event awarded $60,000 for false arrest...

Giant Snail Pies to Feed the Malnourished in Africa

Dirty secrets of Black Friday 'doorbusters'

Barack Obama is way too optimistic.

Limbaugh Accuses Gallup of Counting Too Many Blacks in Polls on Obama

First Pap test can be delayed

Got a great push poll today by a Grassroots Republican organization

A growing number of radical Muslim clerics and theoreticians have reversed course in recent years.

Small Town To Liz Cheney: We Want Gitmo Detainees, Not Your Fearmongering

Mark Sanford ~~ "AP NewsBreak: SC lawmakers to take up impeachment"

Should the FCC look into whether Fox News is really news?

Do you understand that we are paying banks not to lend??

Housing Recovery in U.S. Set Back to 2010 With Market on `Life Support'

Smack Down in the People's House!

NY 23: Owens Leads Hoffman By Insurmountable Margin -- A Greater Lead Than Outstanding Ballots

NY 23: Owens Leads Hoffman By Insurmountable Margin -- A Greater Lead Than Outstanding Ballots

Hey Cherri California has a Rethug governor

DU the CafePress poll about the Psalm 109:8 controversy.

Lost in America: a lesson from Dickens

Post-Lehman Deja Vu As T-Bill Yields Turn Negative

I was just polled by Gallup.

Sometimes I have to wonder if the police here even care

Washington Blade is re-launched as 'DC Agenda'

With F.H.A. Help, Easy Loans in Expensive Areas

Why Does Sarah Palin "Lie"?

The Health Care Bill Gets Its Own Chair at Republican News Conference - pics

The Health Care Bill Gets Its Own Chair at Republican News Conference - pics

Not Mistaken: Donated $$s because DU is pulling from CafePress

I give up .

it's odd to me that there are so many i.t. people in here sometimes...

Police in Peru say gang members killed people to drain their fat for cosmetics

So, Barbara Walters Asked Palin How She Would Bring Back Jobs

Despite rumors, world won't end in 2012

Unlikely teammates Grayson and Paul get bill to audit Fed passed.

2nd annual Children of Lesbian and Gay families poll! Are you there?

Democrats Propose Surtax to Cover War Costs

Stefanie Spielman, wife of Ohio State and NFL star, dies at 42 (breast cancer)

New Missouri billboard tells Americans to ‘prepare for war’ against the government.

Sen. Wyden wins big healthcare concession

Are the cops holding back Andrea Mitchell?

Oath Keepers - Preparing for a Coup?

USC hosts Socialist Conference this weekend poster: Beck is "the baby food that feeds potential" Nazis

Hamsher: FDL Statement on Senate Combined Health Care Bill

Perino appointment needs to be approved by the Senate. I'm calling and writing

MSNBC said Palin couldn't sign all books at first tour stop and people started chanting "quitter!"

So, will James Cameron be the next Right Wing punching bag? (Avatar)

FAUX, Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh and the rest won't be happy until there is violence

U.S. losing its lead in space, experts warn Congress

"Read the bill" advocate didn't read the bill

Banks In "Utter Chaos" Dealing WIth Off-Balance Sheet Assets (WFC, PNC)

Sanders, Grassley introduce new guest visa restrictions

Maybe the conspiracy nuts are right on health care.

US to drop shooting case against Blackwater guard

US Debates Lifting Cuba Travel Ban

Obama- Please Tell Me You're Joking

Dammit, I still miss Ted


Sometimes, the Majority of Americans Are Really Stupid

Cafe Press has apparently changed its mind ...

Health care story and request for advice

Arianna Huffington to Warren Buffett: Put Down the Pom-Poms and Tell Us the Truth About the Economy

Judge Orders Phoenix Church To Stop Feeding Homeless

Friday TOON Roundup part 1- Scared tough guys

Goldman Sachs Execs Skirt Christmas Party Ban

*****Thank You DU Admins for Closing the DU Cafe Press Store*****

There's someplace I have to go

CBS Evening News: While Worker Pensions Fail, CEOs Get Rich - video

Small Town to Liz Cheney: We WANT Gitmo Detainees, Not Your Fearmongering

Small Town to Liz Cheney: We WANT Gitmo Detainees, Not Your Fearmongering

digger phelps on morning joe

Zazzle? Are you sure?

The Hum: often described as sounding like a distant diesel engine.

Psychology Today: 'Sarah Palin Lies and is a very special liar. Here’s why'

Dirty secrets of Black Friday 'doorbusters'

Peter DeFazio, Dem Rep: It's 'Pretty Embarrassing' That Dems Now Identified With Wall Street

Utah Senator doesn't want gays "stuffing it down his throat"

Has the Democratic Party jumped the shark?

Let's Call It What It Is: Privatization, Not Education Reform

Senate Ethics panel clears Burris of illegalities, gives 'qualified admonition'

Senate Ethics panel clears Burris of illegalities, gives 'qualified admonition'

Sarah the Quitter leaves hundreds of wet fans steaming when she leaves book signing early

And do you know why the Psalmist is calling down such horrid curses on the leader's head?

Obama should be eaten by cannibals? Zazzle Product up Since May:

Doctors talk about real patients who are the real victims of Stupak-Pitts.

US unveils extended Bagram prison ("Guantanamo's lesser-known evil twin")

Is this Andrea Mitchell being held back by a police officer at a Sarah Palin book signing? - pics

Is this Andrea Mitchell being held back by a police officer at a Sarah Palin book signing? - pics

I thought Tim Geithner and Larry Summers were bad choices and idiots

Agree/Disagree: Every level of education (including college) should be free:

HELP WANTED: Brave Congressman to file bill prohibiting Geithner from working on Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren Appreciation Thread

Elizabeth Warren Appreciation Thread

Angry Wingnuts Boo Sarah Palin, Call Her “Quitter”, Chant “Sign Our Books”

Angry Wingnuts Boo Sarah Palin, Call Her “Quitter”, Chant “Sign Our Books”

Zazzle Statement

China may be spending 3.5 trillion on stimulus: Its gov't planned economy system is humming along

Save 20% on these AMERICAN made clothing items for the holidays

White House Rebuke: Angry Dems Shut Down Vote

The 15 Biggest Congressional Recipients Of Wall Street campaign cash

Six held in gang rape of West Philadelphia woman - dragged from restaurant

Would it be more accurate to call DLC & Blue Dogs Democrats just plain corrupt instead?

Why is 60 votes "needed", not only to end debate, but to START debate? What has happened?

How do you like your Obama?

2 bulbs burn out in hospital sign, now gives very different message

Religious Right, Catholic Bishops Seek To Impose Religion On All Americans Through Law

Terra Cotta warriors on display at National Geographic HQ, D.C.

Latest insult from Chase: Outstanding balances can be called 100% due at any time

Shame all those CA students haven't figured it out

FORECLOSE THIS: "No Bankruptcy Help for Homeowners", April 30th, 2009.

The Big Squander - Paul Krugman

Palin is fascinating for some/many because she has a Personality Disorder.

New DU Bumper Sticker: "Obama's Prayer: Psalm 40:15"

Transgender Day of Remembrance 11/20/2009

All right! HR 1207, the Paul-Grayson Bill to Audit the FED (FDL)

SDSU Music Bloodbath Update: CUTS FOR 2010 and beyond! $50-100K GONE!!

Living in Afghanistan...

Don't wait to get help until you are on the verge of foreclosure.

Three more cities approve declaw bans

Anyone who actually READS the Bible would agree...

When You Find Out A Friend Is A Teabagger...

Salt Lake Tribune: Autopsy links Taser to Cardall's death

I love to eat meat, adore my iphone, and dig Barack Obama

Peter DeFazio: It's 'Pretty Embarrassing' That Dems Now Identified With Wall Street

DOMA Declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL by Ninth Circuit!

"Each day that goes by, the dog makes such a difference in my life. It’s easy to hit rock bottom..."

Bill Clinton Chides Olbermann for making AK free clinic political

Belgian PM is first 'president of Europe' (CNN) {NOT Tony Bliar!}


Despite many flaws, it doesn't make sense for Dems to lobby for the Senate health bill's failure

What does the Executive of the University of California do that is worth $600,000/year?

What Is The Best U.S. Made Product? What is the best example you can think of?

Catholic Bishops: Pro-Abortion Senate Health Care Bill "Worst We've Seen Yet"

Should people wearing the Psalm 109:8 stuff be reported to Secret Service?

An all woman cast results in success - Fixing the mammography snafu

Attention DUers: If you use Spybot to detect spyware, read this.

Call it the New York-23 effect

Students Taught How to Grow Marijuana in Detroit's New Cannabis College

The Debt Economy

Supposedly hacked docs on climate causing an uproar.

The hacked climate science email scandal that wasn't

YouTube: Takako Matsu - "Sakura no Ame Itsuka" ("Cherry Blossom Rain, Someday")

YouTube: Takako Matsu - Yume no Shizuku ("Drops of Dreams")

YouTube: Miki Nakatani - "Frontier"

YouTube: Toko Furuuchi - "Strength"

YouTube: Toko Furuuchi - "Stay"

YouTube: Every Little Thing - "Deatta koro no you ni" ("My Love Is Forever")

John Mayer's new album kicks ass. That is all nt

Tell Cafe Press to blow it out its backside

World Wide Web.

So, I'm MAKING everyone's Christmas gift this year.

i just posted in the gungeon, for the first time

Extraordinary Measures - January 22, 2010

Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time (JAKE GYLLENHAAL) May 28, 2010

Oh hai, dreams. I've missed you.

House-a-thon! 8PM to midnight!

YouTube: Iggy Pop & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Risky

I would like to raise a toast. To Catalonia.

YouTube: Iggy Pop - Nightclubbing (with Johnny Depp on guitar, Chrissie Hynde on vocals)

I rarely call out anyone

If you like my show

I never did see new Star Trek movie at the theaters, got the dvd today for my birthday.

Eddie Money-Two Tickets to Paradise

I still like "Footloose" ... so cut loose...eom.

I just wrote my first love letter

Mrs. Auggie just made Calzone

Can't sleep? perhaps it's strange dreams......

Just had my ass kicked by Pat Travers again - why is he so underrated and ignored?

I have nostalgia for my parents' nostalgia

I Wanna Be A Cowboy - Boys Don't Cry

Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto ---- In The Basement

All you need is love... (pic)

Your help is needed to help reverse the Palin insanity on E! Online

MAN DOWN! Airport security cam captures doofus peeing on ELECTRIC FENCE

Need some quick synonyms - "impressed" and "appreciate"

George Thorogood - I Drink Alone

Who else is awake?

I am offficially old and totally out of it--never heard of Cafe Press

They raised the prices in the laundry room!

a public service announcement from beer snob_50

Best couch in the world.


Queen - Radio Ga Ga

Many people have fond memories of their school days the way Holocaust survivors have fond memories

GIF of the Day. Thanks to Call Me Wesley...

l'Université de Montréal lipdub to The Offspring's Pretty Fly

Drinking an Egg Nog Latte, listening to some nice Reggae

How cool is this?

Okay, I've decided to like Parks & Recreation

He's gone off to "Road Warrior Weekend"...

Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

So what I'm doing is illegal?

L O S T final season premiere date!

So 535 kids order a pizza

Jack's Mannequin on the Daily Show....

Looks like there already was a unicorn of the sea

Breithlá sona duit, Mr. Vice President!

YouTube: No-Talent Ass Clown delivers EPIC FAIL version of U.S. National Anthem

I would like to wish you all.

YouTube: Francis the French Poodle explains how to prepare a Bento Box Lunch on "Cooking With Dog"

I'm too poor to post polls, so vote here:


Take Me to the River: Al Green, Etta James, or the Talking Heads?

The devil made me do it I guess

I need to buy a video camera -- any advice would be appreciated.

I'm Gonna Kill Him and Then I'm Gonna Hurt Him Really Bad (NSFW)

Who Does The Best Verion Of "I Fought The Law"

Mother whore - my watch just broke.

Wow. I did it! I surprised even myself!

Renaissance "Hyperphoto"

No one told me about this...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/20/09

Should Smokey Robinson be allowed into restaurants with strict no-smoking ordinances?

What is correct?

How many days can Dylan's 'Must Be Santa' run thru my head before I go insane?

SHIT! This is not the time for my TV to die...

I'd forgotten what a great series "Becker" was.

Who wants to feel good about themselves

I finally figured out where to find Eggo waffles!

Anyone near Burbank, CA? Skywriting and a blimp outside my window

Where can I find the version of "Gimmie Shletler" from Good Fellas/Casino?

This is from my sister re: night vision

So I just called for a pizza

YouTube: Gene Chandler - Come on, let me hold you darlin'...'cause I'm the Duke of Earl

Overheard at lunch: Wingnut berated by a conservative

So I had a little fight with my live in girlfriend

Friday's caption that picture

I discovered a cool music group Pandatone. Nice meditative stuff..

Its confession time lounge....

I just shot drugs for the last time

Well, I can now say I've had a deep-fried, cheese-stuffed hamburger

Gee thanks TZ, now I've got Carly Simon stuck in my head

Anybody ever use a steam mop? If so, what did you think?

L.A. Craigslist: Borders employee reports "Palin book not selling"

Does this make me a BAD PERSON?

Man allegedly paid teens to spit in his face

1960-70s decor, wrt Mad Men

Cats For Gold

Memo to Sarah Palin: In Britain "Going Rogue" means having unprotected a--l sex.

Trying to remember a movie: Satan reborn on Earth, or something like that


Parental discretion is advised here.

Itai ! itai! itai! itai! itai! itai! (ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch!)

WTF - Glenn Beck wrote a Christmas book?

Can somebody help me figure out the name of this horror movie?

Shameless Plug For My Folks NEW WEBSITE (Great Holiday Presents!!)

I upgraded MySpace to their 2.0 version and hate it

I've been hoodwinked

I've been hoodwinked

Anybody here into CAROLYN WONDERLAND? (Cincy content)

Geek is good. Geek works. (The GEEK appreciation thread)

I had dinner tonight with a gentleman who lost his wife just a very few weeks ago....

My Emergency Medicine rotation is really getting me down. So many malingerers.

Ladies, when you married were you hoping for Mr. Darcy

Dick Grayson's first move after turning 18 and getting his hands on that Bruce Wayne Trust Fund

My after school students are watching a movie on the holocaust. And then one just asked me....

Flash Forward now starts the stories of minor characters

Dock Ellis talking about delivering a "no hitter" while on LSD - Animated!

Holy Crap Mick Foley was on the Daily Show was last night lol

I would like to raise toast,

Francisco Franco is still dead

"We'll kill anyone who says the Shroud of Turin is made of linen," say muslin extremists.

I don't understand the point of a "Netbook"

Today I met a man whose life has been ruined by our healthcare systerm.

Gender sensitive alternative to the word "gal" request

Materialism rant.

What words do you find funny?

Some new pics of me(enjoy)

Blog finds brief cameo in Star Trek Movie...

If you were going to live somewhere other than you do, where would it be?

Going to Greece for Thanksgiving: Anyone else doing any travel for fun on Turkey day?

Marvin Gaye "What's Going on" - Greatest Soul Album of all time?

iPod question

What is one childhood treat you refuse to give up to this day?

post song that ROCK!

Whats your thanksgiving menu?

Palin interested in Glenn Beck as possible VP Candidate

Krugman, Interest Rates, Inflation and stuff

REPUBLICAN elections commissioner from NY-23: Hoffman's fraud claims "absolutely false"

Since Sarah Palin says she reads everything online, how about give her something to read!

So going to a Palin book signing:The Mission

FauxNews loads POLL in desperate effort to rehabilitate Palin's toxic image.

HuffPost provides more evidence that Republicans are JUST PLAIN DUMB (re: ACORN poll)

Americans United Lauds Senate Vote Confirming David Hamilton To Federal Appeals Court

Stupid Teabagger Palinlites, LARGEST expansion of government since WWII was under BOOSHE

Obama- in terms of foreign policy- could be the best ever. On the domestic front...

Congressional Black Caucus Fights for the Unemployed postpones vote in congress.

Judd Greg on MSNBC: "after HCR bill gets out of conference it only needs 51 votes in senate to pass"

Judd Greg on MSNBC: "after HCR bill gets out of conference it only needs 51 votes in senate to pass"

Krugman: Invisible bond vigilantes

The Next Steps Forward Toward Health Insurance Reform

Cafe Press Contact Info

Angry Congress lashes out at Obama

Angry Congress lashes out at Obama

Obama Rewarding Bad Behavior With Dana Perino

NYT: A Gift to the Credit Card Companies (Republican Thad Cochran blocks Dodd bill)

Eugene Robinson: Battlefield in the War of Ideas

If I see a Psalm 109:8 bumpersticker on a car, I

Is the economy "headed in the right direction"?

Another reason not to pass mandatory corporate insurance, that you probably haven't even considered

RE: KSM Let's give him a fair trial, then hang his ass.

TIME: Inside Barack Obama's Plan to Close Guantanamo

White House Rebuke: Angry Dems Shut Down Vote

Don't month is the Kennedy Center Honors

Breaking the Credit Card vicious cycle

In California we are raising tuition on students and closing elementary, middle, and high schools!

Is Rahm Emanuel Karl Rove's retarded cousin?

Poll: McCain in Dead Heat in Potential GOP Primary for Re-Election

I have been getting DCCC calls all week. They are hard working Democrats but

Why would a democrat vote not to debate HCR?

SPECTACULAR news from Arkansas-Sen. Lincoln up by 16 against Hendren/2 against Baker!!! in new poll

No Obama decision on Afghan until after Thanksgiving

Wisdom 1:16,2:10-24

Obama will be below 50% on Gallup tracking today for the first time. Prepare for news alerts on all

HAHAHAHA! MSNBC just showed the results of FAUX'S poll re: Obama's bow!

US envoy criticizes coverage of Obama China visit

VIDEO: Angry Wingnuts Boo Sarah Palin, call her "Quitter"

Psalms 109 ..... Two Can Play at That Game.

I am disgusted...totally disgusted.

LBJ: How to get votes in the Senate.

Joe Madison: Mr President it's time you MAN UP!!!!!

Obama, NFL Players Star in Thanksgiving Day PSA

Gallup daily tracking poll is out-49%

So, now Lou Dobbs might run for president?

From the White House: Reality Check: The "Rationing" Smear... Again?

VICTORY! Cafe Press Pulls Psalms 109:8 Designs

Paul Krugman: The economy is in grave danger because Wall Street was treated with kid gloves

AZ-Sen: This Is Bad News! For John McCain!

Eric Alterman: Think Again: “History” Isn’t a Dirty Word

WH to Senate: "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Orrin Hatch Says Health Care Vote Will Start "Holy War"

Cafe Press has a Psalm 109 poll at their blog

"President or Jihad?" -- Another billboard, folks

90 Accomplishments of Pres. Obama Which The Media Fails to Report....

OMG! OBAMA Please STOP THIS! Dana Perino, Victor Ashe, Hudson Institute?

Elizabeth Warren not sure the White House "gets it"

Obama Has a Job for Dana Perino. Really.

How did the discussion of the Ft. Hood case get so bassackwards in the MSM?

Obama deserves TIME.

Bronze Plan Meager In Senate Health Care Bill - 60% actuarial value

Does AMC show reruns of Mad Men? Will they rerun this season?

Revealed: 50 oil tankers loitering off British coast as they lie in wait for fuel price hikes

Media blocked from Palin signing at Fort Bragg

Give in on same-sex benefits, judge orders feds

Racism alleged in Wall Street Journal editorial on (Obama appointee) Butler

Suicide Bomber Kills 13 in Afghanistan

Dem lawmakers introduce Afghan war surtax

Peruvian police: Gang killed people for their fat

Venezuelan army blows up two bridges in Colombia

Google previews Chrome open source operating system

Egypt recalls ambassador to Algeria over soccer game

Six world powers to meet on Iran nuclear deal

Woman awarded $3M in assault claim against KBR(Tracy Barker)

72 immigration charges dismissed (against the former manager of a kosher slaughterhouse in Ia.)

Gunman opens fire on Pacific island Saipan; 5 dead

World powers meet over Iran nuclear plan

FIFA suspends Iraq for political meddling

Britain knew CIA tortured detainee

Asian carp may have breached barrier for Lake (Michigan)

Philippine gay group fights to contest elections

Change Ahead for Cervical Cancer Detection

SC Lawmakers to Take Up Impeachment of Governor

Right-wing activists storm TV station over 'bias'

AP NewsBreak: SC lawmakers to take up impeachment (of Mark Sanford)

Palin Greets Hundreds, But Not Everyone Leaves Happy

Some T-Bills Due Jan, Feb Are Trading With Negative Rates

DNC raised $11 million in October -- and is raising more off Sarah Palin

Omaha leads U.S. in recovery

Nelson to support motion to proceed

Pelosi calls Afghan Karzai "unworthy partner"

Ethics committee: No punishment for (Senator) Burris

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 20

Pentagon: US to look at own role in Afghan graft

Norwegian scientists raise concerns about mutated form of swine flu

Man who killed wife while dreaming is freed

Goldman Holders Miffed at Bonuses

Ohio Sues Credit Rating Agencies

Stefanie Spielman, wife of NFL star, dies at 42

Drug-resistant H1N1 reported at Duke hospital

Hoffman lacks votes to catch Owens ((NY-23)

East Africa to agree trade deal

Toyota's image under scrutiny - Safety advocates say acceleration issue may not be easy fix

On 20th Anniversary of Killings of 6 Jesuit Priests by US-Backed Salvadoran Forces, Thousands to Pro

(NY) Senators pledge to find out how local soldier was killed

Lilburn City Council rejects plans for mosque

Researcher says text proves Shroud of Turin real

Veteran robbed, killed on way to deposit money from benefit

Students Take Over UC Berkeley

Lou Dobbs: Senate, White House A Possibility

Lesbian U.S. deserter case must be reviewed: (Canadian) court

Interim Leader in Honduras Says He’ll Briefly Step Down

Honduras regime seeks to disarm citizens ahead of polls

New H-1B hiring bill takes aim at tech firms

Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists

George W. Bush presidential library plans unveiled

Independent UK: Only with an act of political courage can we re-civilise our economy

Guardian: Face down the militarists and get out of Afghanistan. No strings attached.

David Sirota: Intelligentsia Against Intelligence (on WaPo editorial idiocy)

US is lowering expectations for climate change reform...Naomi Klein..

Slideshow: President Obama greeted by protestors in South Korea

Reagan Didn't End the Cold War -- Leftist Intellectuals Did

Breast Cancer Screening: New Fuel for an Old War of Words and Data

GOP and Conservatives are ALL "Going Rogue"

Mark Foley Claims HE, Not Mick, Should've Been on Daily Show to Protect 'Pledge of Allegiance Boy'

Christmas Is Coming -- The Executives Are Getting Fat (Michael Greenwell)

Globalization Unchecked: How Alien Media is Suffocating Real Culture (Ramzy Baroud)

CommonDreams: Health Care, Essential to Democracy

Holder's reasonable decision - By Jim Comey and Jack Goldsmith

The Fate of the Yeast People (James Howard Kunstler)

Palin's Stunning Failure To Solve Riddle Confirms She Doesn't Read Newspapers

Bernard Goldberg Concedes Conservatives More Likely to Have 'Clown Syndrome' Kids

More Militant Vegans, Less Ethical Butchers (Mickey Z.)

What's Joe's Problem?

No Voice

Dean Baker: The People Who Couldn’t See an $8 Tril Housing Bubble and Thought Iceland Was Thriving

On the Anniversary of Kennedy's Death, Extremism Lives On

An Interview with the Tweeting Anarchist, Elliot Madison

David Sirota: Intelligentsia against intelligence

Obama-haters are perverting Christianity - Tony Norman Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It's Really a War on the Poor : A War on Coca Nobody Believes In

FDL The Seminal: Barofsky Sounds “Moral Hazard” Alarm in TARP Report and Congress Responds-

Is Womens' Health Care Under Attack?

WEE Retrospective, November 20-22, 2009-1963

Twilight New Moon Werewolf Denied Health Care Coverage

Done with Healthcare for now, onto jobs

Gov. Barbour Refuses To Call Palin 'Qualified'To Be President

Andrew Halcro reads from Sarah Palin's Going Rogue

Geithner asked to step down, gets testy.

Keith Olbermann & Arianna Huffington Call Out Glenn Beck For Dangerously Stoking Fear In Americans

Media Matters Confront Rupert Murdoch In Person

TYT: Oprah Quits!

Young Turks: GOP Terrified Maximum Security Prison Not Good Enough For Terrorists

Trials of 9/11 Suspects Uphold American Values

Man-Made Disaster in New Orleans

Hardball Fact Checks Rep. Foxx

Olbermann on Palin, Dr Pepper, Reading 'Riting and Roguing

Thom Hartmann & Lamar Waldron on JFK's Legacy of Secrecy - Did the mob kill JFK?

Chris Matthews calls Palin's crowd a WHITE CROWD and MONOCHROMATIC

The boundless lies and shocking dissonance of Rep Virginia Foxx, Republican of North Carolina

Thom Hartmann - Too big to block the Comcast-NBC merger?

(Pathetic)-Dick Armey Appears As Witness For Stimulus Legislation-Admits He Didn't Bother To Read It

Sanders Details Weakness Current Senate HCB, Do Not Pass Handout Ins Cos. 30M New Customers

CNN Hosts Palin Forum With No Palin Supporters

Rick Steves: Travel Opens Eyes to Rich-Poor Gap

PATRIOT BABY: USA #46 - Spanking John Shadegg

Bill Maher, I'm Not: Going Rogue

Mike Papantonio: Rupert Murdoch and Google, plus he mentions DU.

Why Are So Many Media Conservatives So Obsessed With Rape?

Peter Rowan -- Thirsty in the Rain

Perino On Obam's Treatment of Fox Noise

Police stops bicyclist WTF?

TYT: How Many People Think Obama Stole The Election?

SuperNews! Twilight of the Vampires (Parasailin with Sarah Palin)

TYT Interviews Sam Stein of Hufington Post on Glenn Beck's Associations

Tina Fey remarks on and does Sarah Palin at Ad Council Dinner

Angry Crowd Shouts at Sarah Palin Book Signing Tour Noblesville, IN

"You've come a long way, baby" to stop Stupak Pitts amendment

Rude Prick-Slash-Elected Official James Inhofe to Barbara Boxer - We Won, You Lost, Get a Life!

TYT: Sarah Palin Can't Hit Hannity's Softballs!

Grayson, Spitzer, Ratigan : Even on Wall Street, Losers Must Lose

Thom Hartmann - While the U.S. economy tanks is Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs handing out shiny dimes?

Listening Post - The Art Of Leaking

Taxi to the Dark Side

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Conservative women come under fire because they are OK with having kids

Elizabeth Warren not sure the White House "gets it" - Dylan Ratigan

The Ugly Face of a Typical Sarah Palin Supporter

Alan Grayson Passes Bill to Audit the Fed

Smart Remarks: Palin will be the GOP nominee

Thing of Beauty: Elizabeth Warren grills Geithner over AIG/Goldman


President Obama, United We Serve, and the NFL Team Up for Fitness and Service

Drumbeat: November 20, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - Nov 20

Up and Turning on Vinalhaven (largest East Coast community-owned wind farm) Maine

Army Corps of Engineers blamed for Katrina flooding; opens door to $500B in lawsuits

Science Friday: Chemistry And Personal Solar Power

Housing bust halts growing suburbs

First test for record solar plane (BBC)

Detroit Free Press: Asian carp may have breached barrier for lake

Cargill warns on self-sufficiency

Electric car maker Tesla reportedly to go public

Offshore Wind Farms and the Turbine Installation Vessel

MIT: Liquid battery big enough for the electric grid?

Doubts raised on nuclear industry viability

hey Giants fans

Shit, I forgot there was a football game on tonight.

Mickey Mouse Noticeably Avoids A-Rod During Trip To Disney World

RIP Uga VII...

Iraqi Detainees Use Brett Favre To Taunt Wisconsin Soldiers

Here we go...Lincecum says pot bust "won't ever happen again"

Congratulations Tim!!!! That's two in a row!!


Stefanie Spielman, wife of Ohio State and NFL star, dies at 42 after long battle with cancer

NFL Week 11 picks (with point spreads)

BREAKING -- Micheletti to step down from presidency for ONE week

1000s to Protest 'School of the Assassins'

Dollar militarism vs ALBA humanism

It's Really a War on the Poor: A War on Coca Nobody Believes In

Obama answers questions from top Cuban blogger

HAITI: Shooting Incident Sparks Anger at U.N. Troops

The 'South Vietnamization' of Colombia...

Western movie on CholusatSur

Abbas confirms Palestinian vote to be postponed

Why Is Congress Demonizing an Investigation of Israel's War Crimes in Gaza?

Barhoum: “Hamas Will Not Negotiate With The Occupation”

Where is a good place to price guns, for bird hunting, online?

New Amendment II Democrats store on Zazzle

Resident Shoots, Kills Burglar

South Carolina will offer tax-free holiday on guns

Groups Urge Obama to Ban Armor-Piercing Gun Used at Fort Hood

Wal Mart Walk parallels?

American Snipers Go Magnum

I'm Thinking of Applying for an Internship with my Local ACLU Chapter

Ridgefield Schools' Cafeterias; Workers End Dispute with Employer and Ratify New Contract

Fire Dog Lake: Richard Trumka, Andy Stern accuse Fed of massive secret bailouts and cronyism

Today in Labor History Nov 20 Mine fire in Telluride, Colo., kills 28 miners,explosion killed 78 WV

NEWS--Executives Received Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Before Dropping Workers’ Pensions

Yuuko went to the beauty shop

mo got hit by a car today

What Earth would look like if we had rings like Saturn

Teaching of Evolution and history to become compulsory in England?

Giant Lungless "Worm" Found Living on Land

mo update

Poll: Just Six Percent of Scientists are Republican

Miss Calif. pageant gives ad time to gay group


Transgender Day of Remembrance Nov. 20, 2009

Mini Tutorial - Prepping an image for contest specs using IrfanView

Philippine gay group fights to contest elections

Fan: Palin's For "Putting Homos Back in the Closet"

Breaking: Give in on same-sex benefits, judge orders feds

IF there's another California ballot measure, should our GLBT ads this time...

The Great Stimulus Debate of '09: "Crybabies need not apply"

Give back the bonuses

Here's why Georgia ranks Number One in bank failures

Never forget this about Chris Dodd:

WE'RE NUMBER ONE !!!!!! in billionaires ( pic)

It looks like we're going into a double dip recession!

Anyone familiar with The Human Design System?

Check out this playlist

Any medical intuitives here?

New Matthew message dated November 19, 2009

Stem cells could create new skin to help burns victims (BBC)

Guidelines Push Back Age for Cervical Cancer Tests

DSCC wants donation, I want public option

Deaths Not Linked to H1N1 Vaccine: WHO

Self-Delete, Dupe (Sorry)

Morning Ho Was Orgasmic This Morning At arne's republican education plan

Ta dah!

A Crown Jewel of Education Struggles With Cuts in California

What does it mean to "believe in" something?

Yawn! Another Vatican Researcher Sez The Shroud of Turin is Authentic

Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian leaders invoke Martin L.King Jr, declare war

Happy EARLY Thanksgiving!

I bought 2 whole roasted chickens yesterday , I intended to give

Concern about canned foods.

Date Nut Bread

My incisional hernia. A second opinion on a failed hernia repair surgery.