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Bernie rocks

Sen. Nelson Will Vote "YES" To Bringing HCR To Senate Floor

New Birther Billboard In Colorado Features Picture Of Obama And Asks ‘President Or Jihad?’

Tweety must be off his meds again

BANK.....BUST......FRIDAY !!!!

13 charged in $19M Central Oregon bank fraud

Republicans/Conservatives "explain" why the Democratic Party generally wins the College Educated.

Rape victim upset KBR trying to modify $3M arbitration award

To my DU friend who donated in my name, I want to thank you!

"Battleground states" book tour

The Wrong Side of History (Kristoff NYT) **MUST READ** hilarious

Fox fearmongering: nonbinding cancer screening recommendations rationing

New Interrogation Unit Unlikely to Question Ft. Hood Suspect

I really hope they vote to start debate on healthcare tomorrow night...

Another Gitmo Detainee Wins in Federal Court; Score Is Detainees 31, United States 8

Attempt To Recall (republican) Lawmaker Over Tax Hikes Fails - Over 11,000 signatures short

9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Kozinski grants health benefits to same-sex partners

What if they Threw a Black Friday Party and Nobody Came?

Katrina ruling could bring deluge of legal action

The $100 million health care vote?

Dueling bible verses

Sarah Palin Gets Booed

Link to slide show of the "massive turn out" for Sarah Palin in Columbus, OH

Zazzle has 4 Psalm 109:8 bumper stickers for sale. DOH.

So who is paying to run those TV ads for Palin's book every 5 minutes on the cable news networks and

Should we try to respond in kind to the Psalm 109:8 merchandise?

Cafe Press decides (again) to dump 109 Psalms stuff

An Unsteady Future for Broadcast

Maureen Hackett for Congress in MN3

Do male bullies, when young, target males, and later target females?

US to drop shooting case against Blackwater guard

What is this about no anti-trust exemption in the HCR bill?

Ex-Smoker Wins Against Philip Morris

Sometimes it is good to "invisiblize" people...

Got an email response from Cafepress stating they had pulled all their "Psalm"

Glitched poll. So sad to see a poll die before its time.

Did my defense yesterday - here is the Conclusion to my paper

Whoever donated and gave me a star........

Salon: Palin's ghostwriter has written about “abnormal & deviant” lives of gay men & lesbians

Man who said he strangled/killed his wife during a nightmare has been found innocent

Angry Crowd Shouts at Sarah Palin Book Signing Tour Noblesville, IN (youtube)

Thanks to CIGNA, A Six-Year-Old Girl May Never Hear Again. Each Day's Delay, Another Horror Story.

Nationwide vigils held for gay teen found dead in Puerto Rico

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Happy Birthday, VP Joe Biden!!!!

Testing a new sig line. This is only a test.

University sit-ins spread throughout Switzerland

Gay Marriage Gets Boost From 9th Circuit

Tories to pull British forces out of Germany

Tories to pull British forces out of Germany

Museum finds astronomer Galileo's lost body parts

Afghanistan is world's most dangerous country for children

Did Bu$h appoint any Muslims for any position

Are Taxes going up in Reid HCR bill? refuting RWinger claim

I am no big fan of Tweety but he just whooped Judd Gregg like a red-headed stepson

Colo. billboard links Obama with jihadists - pics

On "Numb3rs"; He could have been a CEO had he not been a crook

Somalia 'to ratify UN child pact'

Did I hear Lawrence O'Donnell right? Reid dumped the anti-trust changes from the healthcare bill?

the bills passed by our representatives are never what they seem to be. or should be...

You know what's a CRYING SHAME?

Vatican calls Twilight a "deviant moral vacuum"

National Institute on Media and the Family - video game-bashers - goes out of business

Easyjet apologises for photoshoot at Holocaust memorial

Letterman's things more fun than reading the

What are you doing for the 2010 elections?

Out of thirty-six weeks in session this year, the US Senate has had four weeks of working sessions

1 mil a year?

Thank goodness we are superior to all

It's the JOBS stupid!

Some Disturbing Facts About ACORN #ACORNfacts *snarf*

How Limousine Liberals, Water Oligarchs and Even Sean Hannity Are Hijacking Our Water Supply

America needs fewer jobs-

America needs fewer jobs-

America needs fewer jobs-

America needs fewer jobs-

America needs fewer jobs-

America needs fewer jobs-

America needs fewer jobs-

Prospects for your future?

Is your bank solvent? How's its Texas ratio?

Lawmaker asks people to stop complaining, and gets an earful

"Stealing some of our best lines"

No More Blood for Israel!

Karl Rove Memoir Coming in March

is anyone planning

4th Annual Holiday Charity Break-a-thon - good cause

Rush to the Bottom: New College Grads Starting Salary:40 Thousand

Listen to ‘World’s First Twitter Album’

Precisely what cuts are planned for the Medicare Advantage plans?

Feds Drop Plans to Appeal Cyberbullying Case

So how did Senator Vitter pay his prostitutes? Cash, check, credit card or political favors?

Boeing f**ks Puget Sound over, hooks up with the anti-union land of Mark Sanford

Finding an End to a Costly War

Union reports on injuries to hotel workers-employees blame larger beds chains use to tempt guests

Karzai 'would fall in weeks' if Nato pulls out

CBS 60 Minutes: Swine Flu Vaccine

You ever known a generous Republican?

Tea-Parties so Diverse, They Had to Use the Same Black Guy in 5 Different Scenes of Tea-Bagger Movie

Dick Cavett Sums Up Sarah Palin In 7 Simple Words

Completely Non Political Humor for a Saturday Morning.

How would you interpret this sentence in a LTTE?

Partial Legal Reversal in San Diego MMJ case (Nathaniel Archer)

Do you know Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) says God forgave him for having prostitutes change his diaper?

Australian Troops Using Hard Drugs in Afghanistan, Iraq

If you have a star to give today, I have a suggestion:

Are you going to get, or have you already had, the H1N1 shot?

Taliban Blow Up School in Pakistan: Officials

Another victim of the health care system

New Consensus Sees Stimulus Package as Worthy Step

US welcomes interim Honduran leader's move to brieflly step down

Rape Victim's Parents Charged With Abuse

Rape Victim's Parents Charged With Abuse

THANK YOU to the wonderful DU'er who gave me a star--what a wonderful thing to

Late Friday Night Cool Music and Video (Relax and Enjoy)

How many tax dollars were set aside for TARP...

Canada, US seek warmer ties on Arctic

Eye doc may lose license after calling patient fat

Just to say "merci mille fois" to my mystery benefactor...

Census finds no shortage of job-seekers

Do we pose a threat to the establishment?

Sri Lanka Tamil refugee camps 'to be opened next month'

Question on Senate health care bill:

Vietnam government denies blocking networking site

I just want to say thank you most kindly for your generosity

Dalai Lama praises Obama on Tibet

Congressional Progressive Caucus calls for a prohibition funding for Afghan surge. The Nation

Thank you very much, whoever you are!

Uga VII, the University of Georgia's Bulldog Mascot, Has Died

Zimbabwe troops 'leaving Marange diamond field'

kpete, 4.10.2007

All He Is Saying, Is Give Escalation A Chance...

Army preventing media from covering Palin event at Fort Bragg

More Bad News: Bill Moyers to Leave Weekly Television

I may be eternally cynical of our government, but I still expect a Renaissance in this presidency

Racist Obama Billboards: Colorado Ad Links President With Jihadists

Pontiac Silverdome sold for $583,000

Birther Billboard

How would you interpret this sentence in a LTTE?

Kit Bond speaketh with silver tongue

April 28th, 2004 - The meeting that started the banking crisis ?

Scientific Link to Autism Identified

"Sanctity of Marriage"

My new bumpersticker idea;

New Online Game encourages Domestic Terrorism against Obama

Homicidal/Suicidal Psychoses Is Not Terrorism; Rather It Comes From Being Psychotically Terrified

After pouring billions into Pakistan, its youth want dictatorship and sharia law over democracy

Relief may be in store for dairy farmers-legislation would shift shipping costs to processors

Relief may be in store for dairy farmers-legislation would shift shipping costs to processors

Legislation would offer hunters dough for deer

To the person that donated for me...

No Pumpkin Pie for You!

There is only TWO economic indicators that matter: Job growth and salary growth.

Sen. Levin: Fort Hood shooting rampage was likely a terrorist attack

Sen. Levin: Fort Hood shooting rampage was likely a terrorist attack

Cornyn vs. Facts - My Texas Sister Nails It!!

Reid Has $500-million To Throw Around To Pass HCR

Eyes on the Prize! Good Saturday Morning, DU...

Landrieu supports moving forward on HCR

Super model Kim found hanged in Paris

Iowa professor named Inventor of Year

Fired therapist: Stressed Marines get shoddy care

A Holdout Will Support Democrats’ Health Bill, bringing it to the floor

Intriguing new theory about cause of multiple sclerosis.


What a wonderful surprise!!! I opened DU and it said

So Lincoln, Landrieu and both Nelsons are finally on board - that really only leaves Lieberman.

Oh shut up already Senator Hatch...

Oh shut up already Senator Hatch...

Just heard on NPR: Landrieu will support Procedural Vote

NBA Announcing Team Suspended for Remarks About Iranian Player

How Limousine Liberals, Water Oligarchs and Even Sean Hannity Are

Sunday talk show tip sheet

So. The last two nights my wife's cell has received calls from Saudi Arabia bet. 11PM and 2 AM.

Baucus' family emergency could sure prove to be convenient.

DKos' bob zimway: Treating A Dissociative Disorder with Marijuana

Tipo desconocido, gracias por la estrella!

HEADS UP DU: Mary Blanche Lincoln speaking NOW on CSPAN2 (Senate)

75 years ago: Roosevelt administration plans works programs to create jobs

OK - I have to turn C-SPAN off now.. I can't take any more of the anti-abortion crowd.

Welcome to my neighborhood.

Where do i send my money for the "Lieberman Out" fund?

Omg. My sketch character Priscilla Riddy is Blanche Lincoln incarnate

landrieu will vote for, a democrat voting with their party!!!!

Blanche Lincoln on c-span 2.

Senate debate Health Reform Bill live on CSPAN2 now!

Allowing the debate on HCR is simply doing the right thing in a Democratic Republic.

What if they sold "Pray for Palin: Psalm 137:8" merchandise?

Damn you Skinner!

Thomas Friedman on Charlie Rose: Excellent

freeepers a-freakin' as they watch the healthcare debate in the Senate (man, are they stupid)

Thumbs up to the fund drive!

Thumbs up to the fund drive!

How many Republicans will vote for the Health Care bill tonight?

Republican health care debate = Abortion???


Putting the forthcoming OPR report in context

Has the "Queen of quit" given a reason she split the signings?

Has the "Queen of quit" given a reason she split the signings?

A month or so ago I mentioned a guy with a gun

Are you as tired of babysitting the Southern Right as I? (my rant)

The truth about Blanche Lincoln's vote and the reality of current HCR

This "double dip recession" meme needs killing.

Well, those of you with patience and strong stomachs for BS can watch the Health Care debate. Me?

What are you watching today? Football or Healthcare Senate Debate?

Rethug Senators to hold a press conference in 20 minutes

Hey DU: Sign Alan Grayson's Petition to :Stop Senate Stalling..

For people who are in the business of speaking, many of our Pols. really

United filibuster-proof Dem Caucus, Senator Blanche Lincoln joins HCR effort!

Honestly, the lies and stupidity coming from these elected elite is mind numbing.

A Senate Democratic Chief of Staff chimes in ...

Democrats Clinch Vote on Health Debate

Democrats Clinch Vote on Health Debate

Freepers want choices

Judge rules: Miley Cyrus is not racist (controversial Asian photo story update)

I Guess We Own This Economy

FDL The Seminal: Uninsured Little Rock Amputee Can’t Get Prosthesis

Bob Corker is now blaming Medicaid for causing more deaths than not having Medicaid.

The Great Meltdown (PBS overview of the Bank Failures)

French Hotel Offers Guests the Chance to Live Like Hamsters

Vermont church to sell Tiffany window to help homeless

FYI Anti-cheerleader Doomers: Leading economic indicators rise for 7th straight month

There's really only 2 reasons not to debate a matter in the Senate

David Letterman: "There's a big Thanksgiving dinner at Sarah Palin's house..."

Marks go up after school bans homework

Berkeley Students Protest Higher Fees

The Republicans seem like they are making an argument for everyone

It's the Bob Corker Republican Hour in the Senate...3PM-4PM

The left has been bullied and abused constantly since 1980 - and is suffering from victim's remorse

Gramps talking now

Climate Depot: Everything You Need To Know About 'ClimateGate'

Thank you anonymous person for the star

The day has come!

How America's Wars Are Systematically Destroying Our Liberties

How do you go about finding out who was a congressman at any point in history?

Why are women being told to forgo cervical cancer screenings?

Dkos' Patroit Daily: Obama Admin. Likes Farm to School

Palin to hit Birmingham Al. bookstore. Run away !! Run away!!!

Does anyone know what is happening with the F-22? Has it been shelved?

Individulized computer based elementary education.....Much better than no Child left Behind

Dkos' buhdydharma: The Class War Comes Home

And Now, A Story About A Dog...

Save the planet?

So now Pete Hoekstra is blaming Obama Administration

Petition from Alan Grayson. Pease sign and kick. About # of votes needed for cloture

Now that we have an intelligent administration, could someone please fix

Another legislator calls for probe of Blue Cross

Another legislator calls for probe of Blue Cross

A Must Read Transcript on Health Reform: Amy Goodman & Kucinich on Democracy Now

I would like to give a shout out to the person that donated for me

Joe the Plumber Hits Media Coverage, Tells 'E&P' He Hopes Palin Does Not Run in 2012

Oh FFS, have a look at my BILs Facebook status...

New mamo & pap recommendations

Lawmaker asks people tp stop complaining, and gets an earful

Say It Ain't So !!!! Bill Moyers is retiring from his weekly TV show

On Breast cancer screenings

NY has nuclear event

Tea Party leader and regular CNN, Fox News guest Mark Williams repeatedly calls opponents "faggot"

"Christians are the new Negro"

Smoking Near Apple Computers Creates Biohazard, Voids Warranty

My wife and I were watching TV a couple of nights ago when some woman reporter

Afghanistan: Our Poor fighting their Poor.

Conservative talking heads rally weakened party

I confronted a republican today

Meat on the menu for Connecticut thieves

Police is moving in on students at Berkeley

Football causes brain damage.

The Rejoicing to begin debate on health insurance reform is premature

Did Grassley just admit that Republicans



Glenn Beck reveals "The Plan" today, FReepers ready to march

Republicans put up billboard that tells people to "PREPARE FOR WAR"

This Time, Egyptian Riot Over Soccer, Not Bread

Oprah has destroyed the book tour

“Jesus died and rose and lives for you. What did Allah do.”

Peace (Dial up warning)

Thank you so very much to my DU donor!!!

Woman gets 40 years in sexual assault captured on video

So I know that real national health care is a dream, but about the public option,

A short history of the Great Depression

KKK to protest ban on 'Dixie' at Ole Miss

Ex-Lockheed engineer claims F-22 tech 'defective' (Fail to pass stealth test- huge bullseye on F22)

McCain is calling for seniors to cut up their AARP cards again

Levin: May be more troubling e-mails from Hasan

Paulson/Summers/Geithner or Volcker/Krugman/Stiglitz?

Republicans don't give a shit what is in the HCR bill - they are bought and paid for.

It is time for the government to slim the Military.

All is right and just in the universe

GOP Celebrates New Billboard: It May Be Time For "WAR" (Against America)

Poll: Majority of Republicans Believe ACORN Stole the Presidential Election

President or Jihadist? Big Billboard Questions Obama's Citizenship

McCain Predicts Success in Afghanistan in 12-18 Months (Riiiiight)

Right now, there are 128 coal miners in China who are trapped underground.

Chavez praises Carlos the Jackal (and Mugabe, Ahmadinejad and Amin)

Lesbian U.S. soldier wins bid for asylum in Canada

There are a bunch of DUers in need of stars in this thread....

Joint Strike Fighter: We Were Told This Would Happen

President Clinton to Skip Arkansas Free Clinic, Blames Olbermann for Politicizing Event

CNN poll: Do you want the Senate to pass its health care bill?

Anybody Want To Caption This ???

Our current public option

Remember back when you didn't need a degree to get a good job?

The scary similarities between "Teabaggers" and other cults

Senator Lugar Wife Charged with DUI and hit and run

50 oil tankers loitering off British coast as they lie in wait for fuel price hikes

Dems’ health plan would limit immigrant aid

Senator Carl Levin's (Michigan) proposed tax on wealth to pay for 2 wars

Here's my issue with the way these debates play out...

Polonium-210 in Cigarettes

Story from the job hunting trenches: My most recent unemployment/re-employment experience.

Quick restart of Big Bang machine stuns scientists

"I came out publicly at a PFLAG meeting..."

Is Rahm Emanuel more short-sighted than Karl Rove?

General Wesley Clark's Advice: Get Out Of Afghanistan

Hey "pro-lifers"

Navy: Newest carrier will be ready in 2015 (8.7 Billion USS Gerald R. Ford)

A School of Minnows

You voted for Bush? Both times? Then no, you don't get your country back. You fucked it up.

Noticing a pattern here? Sarah Palin decides to quit signing books in middle of book signing event

Does the Senate health reform bill prohibit insurance companies

Obama's Fraudulent "Job Summit": The President needs to fear the consequences of doing nothing

Lincoln is throwing P.O. and Democratic Party under bus - sounds like a Republican to me.

My commanding officer, Col Lew Millet has died. He taught me lessons in

I had just paid for my Cafepress account so I didn't want to close it down, so instead

My Nastygram to Senator Lincoln's office:

Will somebody please tell me what's wrong with AnnMarie Cox?

So now the filibuster begins?

HCR. I'm fed up

Medicaid expansion will cause doctors to quit in large numbers....

Would you be a member of an organization which advocated against interracial or gay marriage?

"Hey Guys, Don't Want Kids? A Vascetomy Is Probably the Way to Go"

On our way to a full blown Corporatocracy

Military's latest gambit for denying PTSD claims, UH, I mean, TREATING

An apology is in order, and here it is in writing!!!!

Martha Stewart: Palin is a ‘dangerous person, ‘I wouldn’t watch her if you paid me’

Chavez praises Carlos the Jackal

Imagine Charter Schools spreading in Indiana though they are accused of not following state law.

class picture

class picture

A Heartwarming Story of Courage

Isn't it illegal for anyone to hold anti Commander-in-Chief rallys on a military base?

Sex Offenses on the Subways Are Widespread, City Officials Are Told

Who Knew I Was Not the Father?

Only WE Can Defeat Health Care Reform: More Notes from the Circular Firing Squad that is the USA

Why is Amazon's Kindle so expensive? $259.00

God I love this economy... losing my job after a few months

The MBA and the fisherman

Overheard a Rapture Ready conversation today.

Bill Clinton Blasts Olbermann For Politicizing Health Care Clinics

Maybe I'm just depressed right now, but I'm starting to lose faith in Obama.

Anyone having any second thoughts on NOT impeaching Bush/Cheney when it mattered?

Health Insurance Reform: The Enslavement of American Citizens to Corporate Rule

thats nice. walking my dog here in town and seeing 3 dead deer hanging from a tree

FIVE Consumers Digest "Best Buy" awards for the 2010 model year autos

Legal minds, do I have a cause of action against people who rake their leaves into the street?

Muslim contributions to society

"Facts Behind 'Men Who Stare at Goats'" by Linda Pease (11-16-09 Consortium News)

Florida almost last in the nation in science scores.

Florida almost last in the nation in science scores.

Vampires. Do. Not. Sparkle.

LMAO - teabaggers on another board I frequent were frothing for a Palin / Limbaugh ticket.

Tech (sort of) question about clicked threads

Name your secret shame

Can anyone here spare a star for some DUers?

YouTube: Freddie King - "Have You Ever Loved A Woman," Live in Sweden, 1973

Do you ever get ready to post something, and then read it really thoroughly and realize...

YouTube: John Lee Hooker w/ Eric Clapton & The Rolling Stones: "Boogie Chillen"

When people say that they're going to have company over on the weekend...

YouTube: "She said MUDDY WATERS...another mule's been kickin' in your stall"

Man, I've been loving some of this stuff lately....

YouTube: "It's YOUR time right now baby, but it's gonna be MY TIME after a WHILE"....Buddy Guy

Thanks secret doner who gave me my miracle star!!

I admit that his novel had a monotonous beginning with that "All work and no play" stuff...

"I shouldn't be alive"

Glorious Food!

A Wistful tune for Friday firesides

HEY PHISH PHANS! (Exile on Main Street video is up!!)

Secretary.....I really liked it.

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

The moment you've all been waiting for: My review of "New Moon"

Did Dad succumb to our emotional blackmail by going to Jared like we told him to?

Going to Vegas in Jan. I am absolutely going to ride that roller coaster on top of

Let's play a drinking game.

Russianstyle - It's Like That (Run DMC)

Hey, you've got to hide your love away...

Anybody else watch The League after Sunny?

They just opened up a Carls Jr by my house!

Just got back from mooning 22 new students!

The Twelve Nights of Klingon Christmas!

The Twelve Nights of Klingon Christmas!

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Dusty Island Universe

May deforce be with you

So. Who's drinking what on this fine Friday evening?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/21/09

Thank you to whomever gave me a donor star!

My lap is occupied.

Has anyone popped a 'roid yet?

I just realized something horrible this morning.

Has anyone filled a void yet?

YouTube: Master of the Telecaster Roy Buchanan peels the paint off the walls, Austin City Limits '76

Is it Sunday yet? I need my LOLCats....

Completely Non Political Humor for a Saturday Morning.

I was gonna post something sooooo cool here. (there's a cute kitten in this OP...)

Looks like Werewolf Without a Cause is gonna beat

My oldest brother got his results from the BAR exam...

Hey Ur not going to beleive this...Grey Warrior's Duck on checks.

In an ideal world, the Thread Linked below would be in...

I like this little offering from Geico.

Damn, I'm addicted To House Hunters AND

OMZ!1 Perfect Xmas gift for an older, female relative!1 A purse hook. Need suggestions/outlets

I just saw THE stupidest car ad, that I've ever seen.

If Sarah Palin was your Mother.....

Oh Noes, Just got the "please wait while windows sets up your new computer" message

ORO DE CALABAZA!!!! Whole Foods here finally has Jolly Pumpin beers!

Blacktoast intolerant

EZ microwave cleaning

What if a nudist club had a don't-ask-don't-tell policy on whether a person is male or female?

Has anyone caught a Droid yet?

Greywarrior: another song for yer birthday weekend: Hope you enjoy this one.

Forrest Gump VS Darth Vader -

Anyone familiar with actress Eve Harlow? Just saw her today in a POS

Forrest Gump VS Darth Vader - who wins?

I had lunch next to a couple of mormon missionaries.


Lewis Black Heads Up!! Monday on the History Channel


Why do I keep watching this?

Why do I keep watching this?

I want to create a thread that never fries.

Gah! Why?! Why does my toilet overflow instead of stop filling when it's plugged?

Hey, here's a cat playing a theramin.

Why is there cold air coming out of the damned heat vents?

What do you think was the most important invention from the 1800's

Getting a large hadron just thinking about the big bang and black holes

Never in a billion years would I buy anything from Cafe Press

College football is almost over.

Girls given male names

Office fans ----- Subtle Sexuality Music Video, very funny stuff

The ultimate in irony

Cats are like little Vulcans and Dogs are like Klingons

DU drinking game? Is it possible?

San Francisco is pretty dead, too.

View from the top of Burj Dubai tower

Just got back from taking 22 students to see New Moon

Was James Jamerson the best r&b bass player ever?

A Walk in the Park with my Granddaughter

I just got dumped, please cheer me up

Dear Prudence.

I apologize, but I love this ad

Do you consider the burger in this photo to be UNDERCOOKED?

O - H

Non gender-specific pronoun

I had my colonoscopy today.

What do you think of this?

Levi's Playgirl photos have been leaked.

Watching the original 1951 "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

Today's College Football Thread

Vienna or Verona?

Best Flash Mob I've seen in a long time.

My brother turned down Harvard job and entered Zen Buddhist monastery

Is there a web site design group here



Scientists create Star Trek-style phaser that can both stun and revive creatures

Has anyone bought a Droid yet?

It is written that some people have foot fetishes. Are there hand fetishes?

The "2012" film with John Cusak (Spoilers)

Need recommendations for a flatscreen tv for under around $500

I'm gonna do it. Favorite Beatles song?

Question: If motion to proceed to debate on HCR fails to get 60 votes on Saturday,

Whatever Obama's poll numbers now or then, the 2010 election is about these people

House passes Medicare 'doc fix,' 243-183

Ex-Smoker Wins Against Philip Morris

Wyden Free Choice amendment added to Senate health bill

Claremont McKenna's in-depth guide to Louisiana Redistricting

Moderate Republican taking a stand

WH Statement on the Pending Cloture Vote.

Colorado Music Promoter May Challenge Rep. Perlmutter

Do u think Obama has fears that some of those Military Tribunal convictions won't hold up over time?

US MCC Nominee approved by the senate

Sarah Palin is the real Lonesome Rhodes - It didn't take long

Another GOP way in how NOT to attract blacks to your party

Health Insurance Reform and Your State...

I'm just curious. Where is the President?

GD: "I still can't understand the hate ... towards President Obama"

White House celebrates the 540th Anniversary of the Birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

The double-digit jobs disaster

When is Max Baucus (D-Mont.) scheduled to return to Washington?

Todays Senate Speaking Schedule

Listening to Sam Brownback on the HC reform bill

America's House of Lords Debates Health Care

Why are women being told to forgo cervical cancer screenings?

Cancer and class

Tell Senate: Health reform, but not at women's expense

CNN just said Blanche Lincoln would be on the floor in about 20-25 minutes. So the mystery should be

Tonight's Vote Is...

The Health Care Tax

Blanche Lincoln joins LIEberman to say voting against final clouture motion to end debate

U.S. Fears $53 Billion Spent On Reconstruction In Iraq Will Go To Waste

Speaking of Page Numbers...(WH on healthcare reform bill)

Why I voted for Obama

How many people even heard of the BBG before Perino?

Condemning oneself without knowing it.

If Obama stole the election, I guess we're set for 2012.

Staying In Saturday Night?

If the organization, passion and commitment of the left does not come together, we all lose

Remember the blue dog dems would allow debate to begin.

Poll: Dem freshman Kratovil down by double digits in rematch with Harris

The twin follies of military escalation and nation building.

Obama. Inc. Worth Waiting For

Wish this man a happy birthday ---->

"Landrieu to announce her vote Saturday morning"

It's early, but I'd like to see the GOP crushed in the 2010 elections

Saying that Obama needs to act like LBJ is stupid

Can someone update me on what's going on with this bill tonight?

"Is Obamanomics a boon or a bane? A debate over the president's policies."

Senate Democrats assured of 60 votes to debate health bill, Lincoln say yes

Birther-freeptard Lie #4,562: Obama doesn't want women to have pap smears

Hardheaded On Hardball

With all of the peripheral items being discussed, I just wanted to...

Abortion should be health care

Maybe it's my own unemployment and financial worries. . . SHALLOW is MHO

Red Scare, Black Scare

A stupid Senate procedural question please, we still need 60 to close the debate? Right?

Glenn Beck to challenge Limpballs for head of the GOP - voter registration drives, rallies (NYT)

Tea-Parties so Diverse, They Had to Use the Same Black Guy in 5 Different Scenes of Tea-Bagger Movie

CNN Ad: "Seniors will not forget if you cut medicare"

Cafe Press "Assasination" ??????

"PRESIDENT or JIHAD?" Billboard Stirs Strong Response

Small Town to Liz Cheney: We WANT Gitmo Detainees, Not Your Fearmongering

US to drop shooting case against Blackwater guard

US to drop shooting case against Blackwater guard

Tamiflu-Resistant Swine Flu Cluster Reported In N.C.

Ex-Smoker Wins Against Philip Morris

Coal mine gas blast in north-eastern China traps 139

Levin: May be more troubling e-mails from Hasan

Karzai 'would fall in weeks' if Nato pulls out

New Consensus Sees Stimulus Package as Worthy Step

Chavez praises Carlos the Jackal

Museum: Galileo's fingers, tooth are found

This Time, Egyptian Riot Over Soccer, Not Bread

Fired therapist: Stressed Marines get shoddy care

Sunday talk show tip sheet

Atheist student groups flower on college campuses

'New Moon' takes record $72.7M box office bite

Strains in Party Threaten Democrats' Plans

Health care's 'public option' would cover little of population

Central Bank, Stillwater, MN, Assumes Deposits of Commerce Bank of Southwest Florida, Fort Meyers

US Treasury To Sell TARP Warrants In Public Auctions

Sears Tower bomb plot leader Narseal Batiste jailed

Sears Tower bomb plot leader Narseal Batiste jailed

Bill Moyers Retiring From Weekly Television

'Rain like this happens once every 1,000 years' -- severe preciptiation in England

Army faces inquiry over ‘Battle of Danny Boy’ torture claims

Dems have 60 for health care; Lincoln a 'yes'

Militia movement resurfaces across nation

Iran Plans Air-Defense Drill to Protect Nuclear Facilities .

A Holdout (Landrieu) Will Support Democrats’ Health Bill

Retired US official and wife admit spying for Cuba

Postal Service to resume North Pole Santa letters

Levi Johnston's mother gets 3 years in drug case

China says 42 dead, 66 trapped in mine explosion

Stinky The Clown

Paulson's golden investors have to commit $10 million

KKK plans protest over chant at Ole Miss

Ohio's Unemployment Rate Increases (10.5%)

Mr. President - Please fill the vacancies on the courts

What the Law Commands

Senator Lugar's Call to Recognize Honduran Election

Why do human testicles hang like that?

NYT Egan: iPols

Book Critics Hail Palin's 'Going Rogue' as 'The Great American Drivel'

An American Catastrophe - Bob Herbert

Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute

Communist conference calls for mass popular action

Chris Matthews 'Flips' – Claims Obama Gives Him a 'Chill' Up His Leg

US peddling yet more lies about Cuba

Abortion should be health care

GOP to Filibuster Health Care Reform By Reading 'Theodoric of York'

Cancer and class

"The real Republican campaign is not going to be fought on the issues" Harry Truman

Why are women being told to forgo cervical cancer screenings?

Harry Reid Prepared to Take Unprecedented Steps for Votes of Lincoln and Landrieu

1 in 4 Adults Say Family Member Lost Health Coverage: Zogby poll

Viewers to C-SPAN: Opt-Out of GOP Colloquy, and Trigger Reruns of 'Booknotes'

Addicted to Mammograms

Who are the Blue Dogs?

Naomi Klein: 'No Logo' Revisited

The Health Care Tax

The double-digit jobs disaster

What Sarah Palin's "Jewish people will be flocking to Israel" prediction means

Strains in Party Threaten Democrats' Plans

Und Sie Kamerad?

Parade Magazine's Propaganda Parade Against Social Security (Dean Baker)

Ohio Sues Rating Firms For Losses In Funds.

Friday Talking Points (102) -- Harry Reid's Glacial Progress Grinds On

Dear Mr. President: If you REALLY want to create American jobs. . .

Obama-haters are perverting Christianity

An American Catastrophe (by Bob Herbert)

Health Care Bill Would Reduce Abortions - Rachel Laser, program director, Third Way

HOW many people oppose HCR because of abortion?.....3% - PEW Research Center poll

Brutal Class Warfare Disguised as Health Care ‘Reform’

Week In Review - Media Matters

The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You!

Martha Stewart believes Sarah Palin is 'boring' and a 'dangerous person'

DFA Campaign Academy: MoveOn's Public Option Email

maxkeiser ON THE EDGE, 'Vampire & zombie movies teach kids to be blood suckers for Goldman Sachs'

Chris Matthews doesn't like Obama bowing to Japanese emperor

What the Left's activists bring to Democrats; what TeaPartyCrazies bring to Republicans

Shamanic Cheerleaders for Obama

TYT: CENK'S ANALYSIS of Sarah Palin's Embarrassing Interview w/ Barbara Walters

The ED Show: Why Do We Have To Audit the Fed? Congressman Alan Grayson

Adam Kokesh on Appalling US Army Suicide Rate

President Obama Weekly Address: Traveling Abroad for Our Economy at Home

Young Turks: Conservatives React to KSM Trial by Fear Mongering

Landrieu: Explains Why She Will Vote To Proceed With Senate Health Bill

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Torture in a Lithianian Horse Barn

Plague or Plan? Ukraine's mystery disease 'burns out lungs'

Why Is Socialism A Bad Word When It Comes To Medicine In This Country?

Giant holes in new banking rules

Hitler Can't Find A Copy Of Sarah Palin's Book

Glenn Beck & The 26% Who Believe Obama Stole Election

Bloggerinterrupted Slams The Palinoids At All-night Book Signing Campout In Ohio

Dr. Nancy pushes back against Rep. Marsha Blackburn's mammogram claims

Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie)

60 Votes Sen Lincoln Supports Health Care Debate, Won't Allow Liberals Dictate My Decision

Lincoln To Support Motion To Proceed, Explains Opposition To Public Option

Elizabeth Warren Explains the Financial Mess in Terms Anyone Can Understand

Sen. Al Franken's Remarks on Health Care Reform

MSNBC's Countdown: Comedians never short of material with Sarah Palin! ''Uuckin' Funqualified''

David Letterman - Stephen Colbert & President Obama

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Palienated" - Sarah Palin's Fans Turn On Her At Book Signing

Stage-Three-Cancer Arkansan Hasn’t Seen Doctor in 7 Years

Chris Matthews tears apart JFK - LBJ author, slams his sources, then tells you to buy the book!

Ron Paul on House Floor: End the War in Afghanistan

Former Afghan Finance Minister Tells Amanpour That Afghanistan's Government Is A "Looting Machine"

A thought on storing excess energy...

EPA Tangles With Texas in Battle Over Air Quality

Stolen CRU emails: Who are the criminals behind the conspiracy theorists?

Ginger Ninjas Bicycle Revolution

Email hack has GW deniers all excited

Outdoor peeing could activate a composting revolution

New Nuclear Development – Corporate Risks

The War on Soy: Why the 'Miracle Food' May Be a Health Risk and Environmental Nightmare

Thom Hartmann - Should we each have a carbon footprint allowance?

Go Bucks ..... win this for the Stef!

Uga VII, the University of Georgia's Bulldog Mascot, Has Died

College bball - #4 NC and #12 Cal lose to #24 Syracuse in the Garden

(Pat)Murphy resigns as ASU(Arizona St) baseball coach

How about those HUSKIES!!1!!

Go ahead everybody drink your Ohio State hater-aid


UFC 106 tonight

Hand ball

God leads right and justice against the dark forces

Fruit of the Loom Campaign VICTORY!

"Chavez Bashing" by Anthony DiMaggio, Z Magazine

Chavez and RCTV

[es] Marvin Palacios: Canal 36 nuevamente victima de la dictadura


Senator Lugar's Call to Recognize Honduran Election

Cuba's early education programs

US peddling yet more lies about Cuba

Intelligent talk on Venezuela...

The relentless lies about Chavez: Anti-semitism

US State Dept. Bankrolls Young Venezuelans to Slander Chavez in the USA

Revisiting the "miracle laptop" scam in light of the dramatic US military buildup in Colombia

In Morocco, Tzipi Livni backs Mideast talks

Report: Jerusalem stabbing of Arab nationalistically motivated

No More Blood for Israel!

An open letter to Barack Obama

Guarded by police, woman slain

Chuck Schumer goes hunting?

Fight to protect California condors from lead ammunition moves to Arizona

"Bush aide urges weapons ban to slow Mexican drug war."

Common sense gun control in Honduras

Teaching our class how to figh

Wine Spectator Top 100: We're Named #1 Wine in 2009 (made in the USA)

Just in case you're wondering

I'll be back Home Tuesday late.....but

zombie road or abbie-normal road

Still having a very fine holiday

How to get two dogs and a baby to pose for a photo:

"100+ Examples of Brilliant Tilt-Shift Photography"

Found: Dino-Munching Crocodiles Who Swam in the Sahara

Spray-on Skin Offers Fast Healing for Burns

Museum: Galileo's fingers, tooth are found

CERN on Twitter: "We'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens." (Large Hadron Collider)

Lesbian U.S. soldier wins bid for asylum in Canada

Just finished crying my eyes out...

Levin: No hearings on gay ban until 2010 (xpost from Veterans)

Dr. Housing Bubble 11/20/09

Geography of a Recession

China: the Ultimate Protectionist

The Great Disconnect Between Stocks and Jobs

Financial and Economic Situation Could Get Ugly Fast

Why You Shouldn't Listen to Jim Cramer

Beware The Ice Age Cometh: Hackers Prove Global Warming Is A Scam

Time of Radical Shift: A Look into the Coming Cycle - By Molly Hall

I want to share an intimate look at relationship evolution...(long)

Birthday Party Fun for BuelahWitch: Join in the Celebration

Calling are you doing? Please let us know!

Medical billing question?

WHO Investigating Norway Swine Flu Mutations

Scientific Link to Autism Identified

Metallothionein, genetics and why the argument against heavy

A month or so ago I mentioned a guy with a gun

Obama’s public education race to the bottom

Priest admits groping NY woman during counseling

The First Jesus

I missed my national boards by 1 point

Atheist student groups flower on college campuses

Cadbury Bid Under Study at Hershey,

What about Zool?!