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Archives: November 23, 2009

An idea for a Zazzle saying! Really, great! Trust me!

Secret report: Blair misled public throughout 2002

FACTBOX: Major differences in House, Senate healthcare bills

Pakistan to US: Don't Surge in Afghanistan, Talk to Taliban

NOW Toronto: Eat the rich

Discovery Channel now(8pm ET): New JFK probe.

NPR - "In Switzerland, A Health Care Model For America?" Current Bills Are Swiss-Lite

Many of the female suicide bombers in Iraq have lost close male relatives

New Consensus Sees Stimulus Package as Worthy Step

Underground thoughts are difficult to have while safe at home.

Why do countries like France waste tax money on two-round elections?

In These Times: Too big to regulate, the banks need to be broken up

Special Forces Funding Fighters in Afghanistan

Here is why Harry Reid is using HR 3590 to get HCR done.

Thank you, Senator Sanders

Spouse Pleads Not Guilty In Embezzlement Case

KKK Protest and Anti Hate Counter Rally at Ole Miss LSU Game 2009

Thanksgiving is coming up, here is your chance to make me feel guilty or bad about it

Togo to ban public smoking

Bernie Sanders' pushback from the left

Bernie Sanders' pushback from the left

Legislators fear more red ink in store for Maine

Here it is, updated for 2009: A Republican's Christmas Prayer

Virginia Tech Survivor With Hidden Camera Films Dangerous Gun Sales at Gun Shows

Quite Frankly, We're Appalled"

I accidentally the Tofurkey. Is that bad?

"Senate's Duty on Climate Change": Ny Times:

I had hoped that "Bush-speak" would end when he fled the scene of his crimes, but it continues to

Survivors of the Spanish Flu ..quite an interesting list

1 in 5 of animal species in danger of extinction in the next 20 years.

Dad wants son back on basketball team

Teabagger Spokesman :"We are very much aware that Congress

I am with Senator Bernie Sanders

Captain Sullernberger is using his fame for a good cause: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Health care fight swells lobbying

Without jobs that people can make enough to live off of how

Heads Up on Discovery Channel (PST): Thom Hartmann and others

Hostility between British and American military leaders revealed

I just watched the end of a soccer game

Is the role of money too big in election campaigns?

Nestlé joins queue of confectioners for Cadbury

The Guardian and the NYT report on a big business deal. Only one considers the human element.

Heroes of the economy: Paycuts prevented layoffs

Republicans Eye the Tiger of Populism

Time for full disclosure by retired military brass who advise the Pentagon & defense contractors

Fat people live longer

The FDA and only the FDA stands between gays and giving blood

any tax geniuses here?

Istanbul Opens World’s Largest Earthquake-Safe Building

Thousands Demand Closure of Fort Benning's School of the Americas

Things That Don't Happen in America...

The Empower America by Taxing Millionaire Excess Act of 2010

Spinelessness in Action? CNN headline this morning re Dems and HCR -

Obey to Obama: 'There Ain't Going to Be Money for Nothing if We Pour It All Into Afghanistan'

A Bosnia-based organization is a global leader in the science of identifying human remains using DNA

Humans are funny squishy meatbags

I bet this company is going to be doing some hiring

Laptops a reality now for Uruguay kids

NCSU approves tuition increase

New York To Tap Gaming Console Networks For Emergency Alerts

Is there a limit to the number of postings we can bookmark?

Most of my family will be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital this year

BOOKMARK! What's next - 13 more steps to passage of Health Care legislation.

Sometimes you just have to face the fact some of your friends are assholes!

Carrots and Sticks

Doctor shortage? easy solution at hand

Professor's 'fake weed' now a real pain

How long should they debate the healthcare insurance reform bill ?

I wish I could wave a magic wand and me and my family members would be

More Or Less Homeless People In Your Town

More Or Less Homeless People In Your Town

Et tu, Bernie?

You know the U.S. is in a recession when… (from the New Republic regarding immigration).

Let's visit this Thanksgiving Classic: Palin pardons one Turkey....

Day Care May Double TV Time For Young Children

Another month, another justification: Lieberman's Latest B.S. Excuse for Opposing Health Reform

Sirota: Why are our 'wise men' such idiots?

Andre Shepherd - deserter or Hero

Some Courts Raise Bar on Reading Employee Email

With all the uproar about a public option, the pukes wouldn't Even notice if we slipped Medical pot

Grocery store gimmicks and how to beat them

DKos' sunspark says: on the nature of memory 11/22//1963

Seattle right-wing talk radio host hired illegal immigrants, now fires 100 of them

Project binds Muslims to Americana

NEWSFLASH: Many working people aren't offered health insurance through their employers.

Break 'em up. Bernie Sanders' petition to Tim Geitner

Anybody else want to see Eliot Spitzer as Treasury Secretary?

Anybody else want to see Eliot Spitzer as Treasury Secretary?

Circulated around 1963 in the south in major cities.

Louisiana Purchase, my hiney! Let's shoot this one down forthrightly.

He served less than a thousand days.. a lifetime ago..and yet

DKos' boatsie: Feeding America: Live from California: "Tag, You're It!"

Back in the USSA

Heroin Addicts Pressure President To Stay Course In Afghanistan

DKos' Sentinel: Christianity Versus Islam

4 US Service Members Die in Afghan Attacks

Why Do We Need 60 Votes Again?

"It's The Time Of The Season For Illegal Aliens" from TPM - repub election year tactics.

Americans of all political bents would just like to see some value for their tax dollars

Separated At Birth?!?! - Warning! Possible Evidence of Conservative In-breeding!

Healthcare and Political Liability

DKos' Valtin: Murder at Guantanamo?

To whoever donated my star-thank you!

It appears that my congressman does not read email. I just received

Scrooge Defended: A Christmas Tale to Warm the Cockles of a Republican Liquid Helium Pu..Err ..Heart

Remember Michael Connelly?

US builds up its bases in oil-rich South America

Monday TOONS, part 1: The usual suspects

Are you committing career suicide?


Time to change the filibuster rule

DU this Poll!!!

Which would be better, a weak public option in all states, or a strong public option with opt out?

Having trouble with some websites this morning--formatting is off

We are all homeowners now!!! You just didn't know it....

UPS 2010 Rate Change Information (increases increases increases)

Karzai Refusing to Sign Ministers' Arrest Warrants

"THIS IS WHAT TORTURE IS" (with warning)

In 1963, JFK ordered a complete withdrawal from Vietnam

Costo is selling Going Rogue???!!!

To enforce the will of the majority Reid should use the Nuclear Option on HCR

Did the Administration ever go back

Exploitation leads people to support the exploiting class

Nick Turse, Out of Iraq, Into the Gulf (this report will make you ill)

Climate Chaos and Vagabond Icebergs

Have conservatives found their new Ronald Reagun in Palin??

Have conservatives found their new Ronald Reagun in Palin??

Bill Scher: The Insincerity Of The Public Option Haters

A Question For Those Who Think Oswald Acted Alone

Thank You PFLAG -

NY Times - Medicare and Health Care Reform Combined Result In 98 Percent Coverage

"Chamber Of Commerce Solicits Money For Economist Who Will Give Bad Review Of Health Care Bill"

E Soup Fake Oprah & Palin Interview

San Francisco-Oakland BayBridgeophobia

Joe Conason and Joe Scrborough were discussing the deficits this morning...

Children Re-Enact The First Thanksgiving

Republicans give their poor relatives Swiss Cheese for Thanksgiving

AHIP (Insurance Trade Group) Official Press Release - AHIP Attacks Senate Health Bill

Home sales rise to highest level in 2.5 years

Why is it the world can see through Sarah Palin? no wonder they are laughing..

Monday Toons, Part 2 : Making turkeys out of us

Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left. (Warning: graphic)

Microsoft, News Corp and Google

Monday Toons, Part 3: We have Health issues

People with mental illness are more likely to be VICTIMS than PERPETRATORS.

Monday Toons, Part 4: War...and other light subjects

Could Palin Take Down President Obama in 2012?

I volunteered at an H1N1 immunization center this weekend...

Senate votes to move forward WITHOUT Stupak-Pitts language.

Author of 9/11 Commission Report: Don't Believe Us

Blue Dog Dennis Moore (KS 3rd district) not running for reelection

The War on Soy: . . . Health Risk and Environmental Nightmare

S.C. Governor faces 37 ethics charges

Here is the right-wing selfishness I'm dealing with.

Sanford is recruiting candidates to run in GOP primaries against the GOP sponsors of impeachment

Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute

If you were a prosecutor in the Scott Roeder case, what would you say to take him down?

Study: Switchgrass Produces Biomass Efficiently (Agribiz looking for cheap alternative to corn feed)

Afghanistan War Strategy

Are sanctimonious posts persuasive?

If a person, screams, spams, thread-jacks and thread-stalks...

10 Year Old Will Phillips...and those Subversive Unitarians

Palinites go clone..

Freepers are inhuman.

China's New Relationship With The U.S.

Seeing Red Over Palin Parody (Going Rouge creating confusion)

Teabagger leader issues standard non-apology apology for saying family with health care horror...

Can China Help on Afghanistan?

Pa. nuke plant event update #1 - worrisome info

Wiley Drake: "I've stopped praying Obama's death, I now want him to be convicted of treason"

No negotiations with legislative kidnappers.

S.C. gov faces 37 ethics charges,Sanford broke state laws by using planes,

Hey DU friends...will you sign my birthday thread in the Lounge? Thanks:)

No more concessions on HCR: If Lieberman & Lincoln want to filibuster--Let them!

President Holding Afghanistan Meeting Tonight With McChrystal and Eikenberry

Glenn Beck's 100 Year Reich... er, Plan

Favorite Right-Wing Term That Has Nothing to do With Sex...

The British are laughing their asses off...

Does anyone have a current list of DLC & Blue Dog senators? DLC doesn't post members list anymore

Fundies up in arms over Obama's radical, pro-polygamy, FemiNazi EEOC choice

Digg this Question About "Fox Using Fake Footage" for Tomorrow's Digg Dialogg with FCC's Chairman

the credit card game

Mark Sanford hit with 37 ethics charges

Partisan bickering is so pathetic

Senate Bill Would Tax Cosmetic Surgery

Is Obama making a mistake by sending more troops to Afghanistan?

Pop Quiz,,part 2.. History


Breitbart (ACORN tape guy) responds to critic by calling her...

Question :: How many Child Abusers did the Bishop publicly deny 'Holy Communion' ?

Red-Zone Scofflaw: This Time It was Schwarzenegger (gov parks in red zone)

RNC official resigns

RNC official resigns

Hugh and Series: Fox News really upset by ongoing Reign of Error

Hugh and Series: Fox News really upset by ongoing Reign of Error

NPR's "Talk of the Nation" health care debate = rationing vs. no rationing

Children in day care see a lot of TV

Pick the next rightwing best-seller! As Palin and Beck wander the countryside, looking for bucks,

The blow out state dinner- I think it's a boneheaded move

Americans Must Beware Commie Pinko Beck!

Senate looking to crack down on deceptive marketing ('bout damn time)

AARP, AMA launch joint ad campaign touting health bill

AARP, AMA launch joint ad campaign touting health bill

Olympic Shark Jumping. Caffery's CNN ??? - What can Obama learn from Palin?

Microsoft and News Corp Eye Web Pact

Anyone here from Western New York who remembers "blue snow"?

The RNC and its Chairman gives us a another belly laugh

Man Killed Puppy Before Steelers Game

Why the hell do Senate Dems fear a GOP filibuster?

Let me get this straight. One of the country's wedge issues has been hobbled by another wedge issue.

Chuck Todd and MSNBC First Read NAIL it on President Obama

My time on DU recently feels like that Smokey Robinson song "You've Really Got a Hold on Me"

LA Times: California budget's going to be dreadful

Tea partiers heckle woman whose daughter-in-law died because she didn’t have health insurance

Joe Scum is attempting to compare Going Rogue with

Joe Scum is attempting to compare Going Rogue with

So now it's fiscally conservative to oppose deficit reduction?

U.S. to announce target for cutting carbon emissions

WaPo: Support for legalizing marijuana grows rapidly around U.S.

List of people not allowed to take communion - this is priceless!!

Update: Work resumes at Three Mile Island after leak...

No wonder the British are laughing at Sarah Palin's book...

No wonder the British are laughing at Sarah Palin's book...

It’s Harry Reid’s Choice: Reconciliation = Majority Rule

U.S. Cities Crime Rankings - How's your city doing?

U.S. Cities Crime Rankings - How's your city doing?

Former ACORN official gets probation

I need some immediate help......PLEASE!

I need some immediate help......PLEASE!

I need some immediate help......PLEASE!

OPT OUT: Do you support the right for anyone to be able to OPT OUT of private insurance?

Tea baggers attack family mourning loss of mother/unborn child

Could we please stop posting FALSE STORIES on DU?

Tea Baggers Laugh As Woman Describes Losing Her Daughter-in-Law and Unborn Grandchild


Did Utility and Nuclear Industry deliberately deceive public on price?

Who's this birther on Ed Shultz

Sarah Palin's book tour his NC's Fort Bragg (her dad calls Obama "scary")

August 28 - "Glenn Beck to hold March on Washington on anniversary of Dr. King's march"

Another California crisis: Unemployment fund facing $7.4 billion deficit

An RNC Purity Test?

Just when you thought you couldn't stand another post about Palin,

How big is the government's file on you? Jack Anderson's is over 2200 pages.

What Do You Get If You Put Palin/Beck/Dobbs Together? ....

In honor of Thanksgiving.......Turkeys !!!!

In the case of the man that was actually functioning for 23yrs in a coma..

Howard Dean - House bill allows insurance companies to charge double for pre-existing conditions...

Howard Dean - House bill allows insurance companies to charge double for pre-existing conditions...

Press conference from CERN regarding start up and first collisions!

WARNING job hunters: scam/spam danger

DUers predict the ways in which

"Rich Irony" - What Psalms 109 is really about - (those who choose the verse have NO idea)

Laura Flanders: The Most Racist Sheriff in America's Worst Nightmare -- Meet Salvador Reza (Video)

Blanche Lincoln Could Face Primary Opponent Due to Health Care Opposition

Were you very young when JFK was assassinated, but you remember it?

DU Alert! Sign this Petition by Rep. Grayson!

As God as my witness, I thought Sarah Palin could fly

Ezra Klein: Hostage negotiation in the United States Senate

Richard Tisei, Openly Gay Republican, Picked for GOP Ticket in Mass. Gov.'s Race

Army Asks Palin Not To Speak At Fort Bragg

Freep historian....

96 hidden Palin threads since the 18th

RISK (why the Dems must be willing to sacrifice it all for Healthcare Reform)

"Obama is the next Idi Amin"

Microsoft plots to divide search results and content for users of the Internet. This is Bad! --->

On thanksgiving the traditional way

Holy crap! Someone told the truth about health "reform"!

Marijuana is the foe, and after a century of battle, the weed is winning! (Hightower)

Response to my RW sister on health care questions

Official: Reaction to Japan Bow Left Obama "Speechless"

ACLU sues for students to wear anti-Islam shirts

Man Finds His Long-Lost Dad Is Charles Manson

Has Bill-O become irrelevant? Since Keith stopped picking on him

Exclusive: Doug Hampton Speaks Out on Sen. Ensign's Affair With His Wife

Sanford Faces 37 Charges by State Ethics Board

As DU's fundraiser comes to an end...

Working sick, companies that are penny wise and pound foolish, telecommuting and other work topics:

Thankstaking Day, USA

Thankstaking Day, USA

It all comes down to we need election finance reform

Bottom line on climate change debate...

"Fox News Threatens Pink Slips For On-Screen Errors" by Rachel Slajda (TPM)

The Rude Pundit: Columnist Star Parker Says George Washington Would Hate Gay Marriage

What's the average house price where you live??

Americans United Warns Cleveland City Council To Stop Opening Meetings With Sectarian Prayer

Volunteers Log Off As Wikipedia Ages

Check in toThank your lucky stars here!

Can't wait for the return of the Romney boys - Flip, Skip, Chip, Dip and Pip

DOGS: Dangerous people foods. If you have a dog, read.

Crescent Earth spins towards the Winter Solstice

Insulin and core body temperature,metabolism linked

Gun opponents up in arms as Jerry Brown aids NRA

It's time to stop pussy-footing around with Insurance companies

Why Aren't the Democrats Framing the Debate?

Time to exclude church's from tax exemption

See you in Heaven!

Chris Matthews is ripping "His Excellency" a new one on abortion.

Should this woman lose her sick pay benefits for attending her birthday party at Chippendales?

Boy attacked for having red hair on 'Kick a Ginger' day

Debunk this please Dr. Hunt is a social and cultural anthropologist.

Debunk this please Dr. Hunt is a social and cultural anthropologist.

Calling for the death of for profit health insurance companies

THANK YOU to everyone who donated during our fund drive! Here's how much we gave to charity...

The Senate gives rural conservatives too much power

Allowing China a Dominant Role in Afghanistan's Future

What do you think about the assassination in Dallas, exactly forty-six years later?

Howard Dean just said the Democrats will rue the day they didn't just go for budget reconciliation -

I WANT to be happy over a HCR Bill Passing, BUT deep in the pit of my stomach I have a sick feeling

"Kill The Bill!!!" "This Bill Must Die!!!!"

Ravens form a wake-like gathering after 2 electrocuted

Ravens form a wake-like gathering after 2 electrocuted

WSJ - "Business Sours on Overhaul as Legislation Veers to Left" Re Health Care Reform

Sherrod Brown says now is the time to lobby our pols more than ever regarding health care.

Sebelius Reiterates WH Preference For Harsh Immigrant Provision In Senate Health Care Bill

"Sheriff" Joe Arpio - how do we get rid of this guy?

Apple Computer refuses to honor warrantees of computers exposed to smokers

Change the damn Senate rules already!

If you're a bishop and you show up on Hardball to debate abortion, your tax status should be removed

1 in 3 laptops die in first three years

Police: Man kills puppy misbehaving before Steelers game

Has ANYTHING good ever come from "Conservatives" or "Centrists"?

A Synopsis Of Palin's Book

John Ziegler Calls For NBC To Fire Palin-Hating Norah O'Donnell (LARGE grain of salt please)

Carlos Santana is my hero!

Blue Dogs & DLCers, what are the best arguments AGAINST a strong public option?

Wal-Mart's new corporate logo is an asshole.

Week after Obama tap, Perino blasts him over terror trials and golf

BART police have another incident - Video

Bishops flex muscle, see opportunities

Did Oswald shoot Officer Tippit?

This is outrageous! Bailed out banks are going to spend 1 Billion outsourcing jobs to India.

War on Christmas: AFA calls for boycott of Gap for saying "Christmas", but not "Merry Christmas"

A personal take on Religion, Politics, Personal Philosophy.. whatever guides you

No one here will be celebrating the genocide of Native Americans on Thursday.

So, I got drawn into a discussion about abortion on Facebook…

McDonald v. Chicago, how it can effect a woman's right to choose.

Revealed: the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s secret plot to deny the Queen the throne

Dean talks with Sam Stein at Huff Post today. Says Dems in trouble over health care bill.

What the fuck is 60 minutes doing

Do deer hunters ever look up?

Petition to use reconciliation from FDL

New College Obesity Policy is Legal -It May Encourage Other Universities to Adopt Similar Ones

170K doses of H1N1 vaccine withdrawn due to severe allergic reactions

"most people just don't care about animals"

"most people just don't care about animals"

Teabaggers vs. Progressives

Billy Graham invites Sarah Palin to dinner

Wrong Thinking: Why China will keep it's Yuan pegged to the Dollar.

Wrong Thinking: Why China will keep it's Yuan pegged to the Dollar.

Anybody hear from TahitiNut?

John Kerry's Daughter Won't Be Prosecuted for DUI (Breathalzyer test under legal limit)

Hey! Amazon's "Temporarily out of stock" of Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity B

Medical Marijuana: are we ready?

When I took karate lessons I was disappointed that I didn't turn into another Bruce Lee

Little Boxes on the Hillside

I feel old



HOLY SHIT!!! RiffTrax--actually in the theaters this Christmas!

The Conservative side of America

Do you identify more with Don Quixote , or with Sancho Panza ?

Gillian Welch-Orphan Girl

I just heard a different, and yet great, version of "White Christmas."

(awestruck voice) Why it'''s a Christmas Miracle!

It's official...the nastiest place in a kitchen

One At A Time

Purely in self-defense...

Levi's leaked pis strangely more alluring than Sarah's...


I feel worn out

Instead of pumkin pie why not this?

So the barber asked me "how about this weather?"

Nice weather we're having. Nothing to see here, move along....

Rock Food Table (pic heavy)

I met the man I am going to marry....JIm

Are you having a turkey day feast at work? Ours is Tues. Admin will be fixing ham and turkey

Your FAVORITE Dr. Leonard McCoy Damn It, I'm A Doctor, Jim variation from Star Trek?

Gotta love startrek episodes on youtube!

I saw another one of these today.

Confession time. Admit one or two

Weird semi-legal question regarding medical confidentiality

Holy Fuck!

Tumble and Fall

LOST fans,

What do you think of Nicholas Sparks?

American Music Awards: Who's watching?

J. Lo falls on her ass at the AMA' pissed backstage.

New CD Review:

Hate metal all you want. But you convince me Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a Madman aren't brilliant

WTF??? $370 dollars for my wife to stay in country

Good Morning lounge

At any time, it is almost certain that Meet the Spartans will be airing on at least one HBO chanel.

Crappy Time To Be In Sales

The official Next Iron Chef thread (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!)

Tofurky vs. Turducken

Earworm: the Amazon-Kindle commercial song (Annie LITTLE)

You know Mr. Carlson's line about "As God as my witness..."

Good morning Lounge

The Zombies - Time of the Season

Have you ever met someone who gives off negative vibes, and you can't explain it?

I have decided that everyone on the internet is insane, except me.

Belief in Santa Claus--I was seriously pissed off when I found out Santa Claus wasn't real.

I am sick and tired of the "Getting ripped" ads!

Share your favorite Thanksgiving recipe

Most ANNOYING quality of The Wolfman?

Ads on this site are inappropriate and annoying

Why I am such a techno dolt?

What's more disgusting than the burnt corpse of a once living bean on your table (soy bean, that is)

Susan Boyle Official Web Site

What's more disgusting than the burnt corpse of a once living being on your table ?

I accidentally the Tofurkey. Is that bad?

Happy Birthday Lost in NJ!!

I'm going to eviscerate the next one of you assholes who asks me a personal question.

Why are so many people so open with complete strangers?

DU Artists/Tattoo folks...a request please

the beer family is getting a new member

have a problem with my dog

Today... according to Freejack

X-Files fans... super deal online right now...

The New Kindle 3 - reading has never been more fun! Made for Americans!

Just testing something. Go about your business.

Why would you even pay money to have your hair cut ?

Hee Hee. Bush Tit.

Hee Hee. Bush Tit.

32 password protected viruses on my brothers lap top

Hair Cut 100 Love Plus One

What is a podcast?

Mr. French and Hoss trapped in a potato. ****WARNING:GRAPHIC*****

Just Had a Poll Call on Health Care Reform and the President's job so far.

I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition

Life's a bitch. Self-medicate regularly, and responsibly

Shopping cart demolition derby.

Got Any Funny Sites To Share? Safe For Work Only, Please

Summoning the power of DU!

Favorite Thanksgiving movie?

OK - I might ruffle some feathers here - but the etymology of the word 'pussy' proves its not sexist

Okay, I just watched parts of "Crash" for the first time, and I have to say...

Some of you are planning to cook Goose for the holidays.

"Over Macho Grande?"

People might shit on it...but I liked the movie Big Trouble.

This is a busy season for people who cut hair.

Dexter tonight.

First Godzilla took Tokyo...

I need some honest family advice regarding splitting holidays.

Watching The Great Escape for the brazillianth time

If we'd imprisoned Mike Myers after The Cat in the Hat, we'd have spared ourselves The Love Guru.

What's more disgusting than the burnt corpse of a nosy hairdresser on your table?

Tim Conway's Elephant Story

So I didn't get the job, and the person who did started today.

What's more disgusting than _________________ on your table ?

31 years ago today, on Thanksgiving - a TRUE TURKEY was born! (pics)>>>

turducken vs. turpossquirrel?

What was the song at the end of the Simpson's last night?

I have a cat problem -- need advice.

Worst movies based upon video games...

IBM makes supercomputer significantly smarter than cat

Cavy / Guinea Pig adoption

Pigs swallow Mr. French and then pass out cold due to "Massive Testicle Syndrome"

Dik Dik. (That's a lotta dik!)

Any advice about a dog with new food issues.


is there anything that cannot be made even more awesome by just adding bacon?

What Gets Your Vote For Quote of the Year?

Adam Lambert's Performance 2009 American Music Awards (VIDEO)

Do people actually wear lingerie?

I fear that Graywarrior will release the duck this holiday season

Did The Chinese Watch Obama's Town Hall?

What ties together government budget cuts, the health care debate, & college fee hikes? The Wars

RNC, DNC Spent More Than $30 Million In October

Primary Could Cost Kosmas Cash

Lyndon Johnson Struggled with Obama Struggles with AF/Pak

Just establish Medicare Part -P (for public option)

In several states, "idiots" do not have the right to vote

Employers are seen starting to add to their payrolls after November

Obama adds Afghanistan meeting to Monday Schedule

The Phantom Menace By PAUL KRUGMAN

Clarification on pre-existing conditions legislation in (current) HCR bills

Obama Live. National Lab Day will help students "get their hands dirty", need to recognize students


India's relationship has quietly become one of the most important the United States has

SEIU Spends $1 Million Praising Eight House Dems

Here is something I find interesting

Obama wants $100M more to carry small-business programs

Krugman: Deficit hysteria (scaring the government into inaction on unemployment)

Must Read from Robert Reich: Harry Reid and What Happened to the Public Option

ConservaDems are OK with failure

Glimpse of perspective

Darth Cheney: Holder Wants "Show Trial" for KSM, Obama's bow was "fundamentally harmful" to US.

KS-03: Moore Won't Run Again

America's leadership deficit

Obama's Great Divide: Public Split Between His Personality and His Policies

America's Broken Politics - American Psyche: Two companion pieces

Message sent by the Obama administration and the Democratic "leadership" thus far

****Heads Up: POTUS Presents the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award, Live! ****

LTTE in local RW rag this morning: China teaches novice president

Since Lieberman will vote with the republicans on healthcare reform (against cloture)

If Repugs voted against debating healthcare - WHY should they be allowed

Matthews is shredding that dipshit Bishop from Rhode Island.

Schumer: Dems ready to go-it-alone on health care. "We're not going to not pass a bill."

Palin unsure on Latino issues - forced to bail on Univision interview during campaign (Politico)

Brief History: Universal Health Care Efforts in the US

Protestors gather at billboard comparing Obama to Terrorists in Denver

9/11 Defendents To Plead Not Guilty / Use Trial As A Platform To Promote Their Views

9/11 Defendents To Plead Not Guilty / Use Trial As A Platform To Promote Their Views

ANALYSIS: Under Senate Bill, Families Would Pay 25% Less For Health Care In Individual Market

Existing-Home Sales Record Another Big Gain, Inventories Continue to Shrink (updated)

House Dems. should introduce a resolution to condemn the "President or Jihad" billboard

Breaking: Lou Dobbs running for the White House

Sarah Palin DID NOT write a 400 page book.! So please stop saying that. She can barely talk.

Why Liberals Should Be Excited About the Senate's Health Care Bill

why the HELL is Ed Schultz interviewing this idiot?

**COMING SOON: History and Protocol of State and Official Visits with the First Lady - A Program

Howard Dean on the Ed Show (just now) addressed Pre-Existing Conditions

President Obama Not Losing Independents

New RNC Comm. Director - Castellanos - Is Insurance Industry Lackey, Creator Of Racist Ad

CBS Evening "News" Chip Reid just had a piece that was as nasty as any one

Am I the only one that knows the meaning of the word, "rogue?"

Dean: There's No Real Insurance Reform In Health Care Bills

My Letter to President Obama

HCR: Vote to Allow Debate was Historical. Don’t Let the Media or Naysayers Convince You Otherwise.

HCR: Vote to Allow Debate was Historical. Don’t Let the Media or Naysayers Convince You Otherwise.

FOX proves yet again the impossible is possible...

Senator Bernie Sanders Pushes Back On Public Option

An Old Fashioned Shunning

Laptops a reality now for Uruguay kids

CPS knew of higher STP cost year ago

A STATE OF FAILURE: Florida 4th in nation in bank closures

Responding to Harmful Government Inaction, Protesters Stop Blasting on Coal River Mountain

Voice of America expands its Latin American audience

Microsoft, News Corp. said to be weighing Web pact

'New Moon' sends box office soaring

Algeria acquits two former Guantanamo Bay detainees

Army recruiters see a jump in enlistment

India ties solar plans to global climate support

Dupe. Delete.

S.C. gov faces 37 ethics charges

Madoff Trustee, Law Firm Submit $22.1 Million Bill

I was born in a Philippine brothel. I'm told my father was black. I was sent to a Catholic nunnery..

4 American Military Personnel Die in Afghanistan

Boxer dies in Blue Horizon bout

Hero girl, 8, raises fire alarm

John Kerry's Daughter Won't Be Prosecuted for DUI

Sarah Palin's book tour his NC's Fort Bragg (her dad calls Obama "scary")

Ex-CNN anchor Lou Dobbs is considering running for president in 2012

Former ACORN official in Las Vegas gets probation

Radiation leak investigated at Three Mile Island

SC Gov Faces 37 Charges He Broke State Ethics Laws

Schumer: Dems can go-it-alone on health care

In U.S., India PM touts nuclear deal, infrastructure

Obama could lock in Afghanistan decision Monday

U.S.: Chinese Drywall, Corrosion Linked(Plumbing, Wiring, Appliances, Health)

Hostility between British and American military leaders (over Iraq) revealed

Priceless photos of JFK, Bush found dumped under Fort Worth bridge

Iraq offers incentive to intermarry ($2,000 "gift")

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 23

Existing-Home Sales Jump To Highest Level in 2-1/2 Years

Eurozone economic activity 'hits a two-year high'

At least 30 killed in 'gruesome massacre of civilians' in the Philippines

Democratic candidate Tom Schieffer quits Texas governor's race

Top Dem to Obama: 'There Ain't Going to Be Money for Nothing if We Pour It All Into Afghanistan'

Retailers seeing signs of a good ‘Black Friday’

Brazil’s President Elbows U.S. on the Diplomatic Stage

Canada aware of Afghan torture claims in 2006

Army asks Palin not to give speech at book signing

Over 100 icebergs drifting to N.Zealand: official

Mom: Son in coma heard everything for 23 years

Survivors must dig graves for their dead

US pours millions into anti-Taliban militias in Afghanistan

Obama pushes math, science education

Cern's Large Hadron Collider makes first collisions

Warming's impacts sped up, worsened since Kyoto

(JPMorgan CEO) Dimon seen as successor to Geithner: report

Threats, Detentions, Persecutions Prior to Honduran Polls

G.O.P. Considers ‘Purity’ Resolution for Candidates

Hate crimes against blacks, religious groups rise

Independent UK: The key question – is Blair a war criminal?

Pop Culture Critics Link Sarah Palin's 'Appeal' to Vampire Craze

How much money is enough?

Lindsey Graham extends a green hand to Canada

Report: Ill. prison deal could create 3,000 jobs

Poll: Majority of Republicans Believe ACORN Stole the Presidential Election

Iraq war probe ready to name and blame, says chairman

Secret files show UK courts were misled over 9/11 suspect Lotfi Raissi

Media to Obama: Less Talk, More War (F.A.I.R.)

TO OBAMA: Visceral Has Its Value

In Chicago, Ex-Editor Fights Back.

Giving thanks in secular, holy ways By James Carroll

"ACORN: Another Super Villain with Super Powers" by Steve M.

Al Gore on SNL Doesn’t Go Crazy Enough!


"The Memory Scrub About Why Ft. Hood Happened Is Almost Complete...If It Weren't for Archives"

What Ever Happened to That Prosperity the Tax-Cutters Promised?

Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Bright-Sided

Why Afghans Dig Empire Graveyards

Courting Convulsion (James Howard Kunstler)

Earth Destroyed By Large Hadron Collider; Martian Questioned

Andrew Sullivan: "Beware the fantasy of Sarah Palin...."

Hostility between British and American military leaders revealed

The Suits vs. the Green Shoots

Lawmakers' stock holdings raise questions

The Memory Scrub About Why Ft. Hood Happened Is Almost Complete ... If It Weren't for Archives

Jim Hightower: Marijuana Is Basically Harmless -- The Monumentally Stupid Drug War Is Not

Catholic Bishops flex muscle, see opportunities

Leaked emails mark dangerous shift in climate denial strategy

SNL- Sarah Palin 2012 Movie Spoof

Instant Runoff Voting Violates Voter's Civil Rights

TYT Interviews: David Sirota Challenges So Called Deficit Hawks On Healthcare Reform Costs

Scrooge-"I hate people." Early Teabagger

UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied, Disclosure Project

Breaking it Down in Berkeley

Polar Bear (warning: CGI animal violence for a good cause)

Honduras, recent violence and repression

Lady Gaga Sits Down on Fuse's

Sarah Palin Goes Rogue On Martha Stewart

What Women Deserve

Healthcare's long upper chamber road ahead

Former Narcotics Officer Exposes the False Drug War (Barry Cooper on Alex Jones)

Dean: There's No Real Insurance Reform In Health Care Bills

TYT: White House Deal w/ Drug Companies = Failure

Fox News Politicizes Pap Smears?

Pocketbook Politics in the Senate

Adam Lambert's Performance 2009 American Music Awards

Scumbag tea baggers heckles lady who lost a daughter-in-law and unborn grandchild

Michelle Obama Action Figures Being Held at US Customs

Young Turks: DHS Report on Right Wing Extremists Buried!!!

NEW- Roger Taylor (Queen) Anti-War Song

Today Now: Little 8 year old Boy Heroically Shoots, Mutilates Burglar

Palin Explains Her Qualifications: She Doesn't Have An Ivy League Education

Bart Cop slams man into window---it shatters and causes injury

BBC's "The Nazis - A Warning From History" Part 1 - Helped Into Power

Dean tells Dylan Ratigan Democrats will have huge problems in 2010 without public option.

Sarah Palin Book Signing In Ohio - Interviews With Supporters (TEH STUPID, IT BURNS!!1!)

Will Copenhagen Produce Anything Positive?

At least 400 pipelines vandalized in Niger Delta (past 2 years)

Peak oil review - Nov 23

Drumbeat: November 23, 2009

Sea level rise could cost port cities $28 trillion

As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways

Delft breakthrough in bioethanol production from agricultural waste

Intensive land-management leaves Europe without carbon sinks

NY Times: As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways

Heaviest Rainfall Ever Recorded In UK Powers Floods In Wales - 1 Foot+ In 24 Hours - AFP

Allianz SE Estimates 5X Increase In At-Risk Property On US Atlantic Coast From $1.35 Trillion Today

Rare Tortoise Extinction "Inevitable" If Road Built, But Who Cares If There's Stimulus $ Involved?

Study Suggests Ocean Acidification May Cause Disorientation Among Fish, Failure To Avoid Predators

Solar energy industry brings a ray of hope to the Rust Belt (solar and wind manufacturing)

Murray River Wetlands Oz Enrironmental Disaster - Invasive Worms Drown Turtles, Bird #s Collapsing

NY Times: New Voices (TV weather presenters) on Climate Change

Camden Dreams

Top Aussie Reef Researchers- 50% Change That Great Barrier Will Survive w/o 25% Carbon Cut By 2020

WMO: Main Greenhouse Gases Reach Highest Level Ever Since Pre-Industrial Time

Antarctica Loses Ice From East as Well as West, Scientists Say

Bioengineers succeed in producing plastic without the use of fossil fuels

Simple Living for the Environment Is for Suckers

Unchecked Climate change will put world at ‘tipping point’, WWF and Allianz report says

Report: Solar Electricity Cost Likely to Fall 50% in 2009

Geoengineering Steps Toward Reality—Once viewed skeptically, plans … gain traction

Is Global Warming Unstoppable?—Theory Also Says Energy Conservation Doesn't Help

Oceans rise faster than expected as climate change exceeds grimmest models

Chiefs Beat Steelers YEAAAAAAAA

"Instead of touchdown Jesus... it's Field Goal Jesus"

BCS Standings

Coming soon to a youtube near you: Devin Hester's ass

Kobe finds a new way to score

Can Anyone Else See Tony Dungee Being Head Of The Players' Union Someday?

Dolphins lose another player for the season

Holy crap! Oakland recovered the fumble on the kickoff

Brown coach suggests injuries faked to slow down no huddle offense

Joe Thornton named NHL's 'First Star'

Interesting 2009 NFL Strength of Schedule.

Tear Away Face Masks?

Mauer Near-Unanimous Pick as MVP

Boxer dies in Blue Horizon bout

25th Anniversary of THE Hail Mary pass.

Is the SEC is a league of cowards?

Brazil’s President Elbows U.S. on the Diplomatic Stage

Laptops a reality now for Uruguay kids

Fr. Roy Bourgeois and SOA Watch Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Nov. 22: Thousands are calling for the closure of the SOA and for justice in the Americas

In An Atmosphere of Repression... "What Elections?"

On This Day: Reagan Endorses CIA Support of Nicaraguan Contras

Voice of America expands its Latin American audience

A Week Before “Elections” in Honduras, Candidate Resignations, More Censorship and Repression

Day 149 of HONDURAS COUP RESISTANCE – Saying No To The Repressive and Fraudulent Election Process an

Weisbrot: US Group that Supported Haiti and Venezuela Overthrows Will Observe Honduran Elections

COFADEH Alert: Regime prepares repression leading up to illegal elections.

Barghouti's brother: He'll be released in Shalit deal

Gaza groups deny rocket ceasefire

Kahane tribute may damage Mideast peace talks

Gaza rocket hits Israel, despite Hamas moratorium on Qassams

Gilad Shalit release: Hamas, Israel prisoner swap said to be imminent

Dershowitz slams Goldstone for 'spreading lies'

Free Texas Hog Hunting

MAIG advocates closing "Terror Gap"

CA gov candidate Jerry Brown amicus/Chicago ban

Above the law, Armed pols: An unfortunate Chicago tradition...

Virginia Tech Survivor With Hidden Camera Films Dangerous Gun Sales at Gun Shows

My wife, a Glock 19, and 50 rounds of ammunition

The problem with the Assault Weapons Ban

Report details China's threat to U.S. workers

New Era Cap Co. to close two plants

Today in Labor History Nov 23 Strike by Egyptians working on public works projects for King Ramses

21 Park Slope Restaurants Accused of Wage Theft

Thousands of Firms to be Audited for Hiring Illegal Workers

OSHA Nominee Threatens Our Freedom From, Um, Safety

Stalking swarms of vulchers...and no...I'm not making it up

Of Pitcher Plants, a Pond Maid, a Poi eyeing her, a water lily and a monstrous fern

Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge (Part 2)

Huntin' season and this is what I shot....

Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge (Part 1)

My son's wedding.

A good Video on 'How Does The Large Hadron Collider Work?'

The Mouse Who Spoke In A Deep Voice

new music video "Our Place in the Cosmos" (Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Michio Kaku, Robert Jastrow)

Word on the street is that there were collisions at LHC over the weekend..

Ancient Atomic Bombs

I'm Sure Many Have Seen This Video....

Canada’s Anglicans oppose Uganda’s ‘Kill Gays’ bill

I'm sorry, son. A work of semi-fiction

HRC Consumers' Guide to “Support Those that Support Us”

Gay History - Online Documentaries

Gay History - Online Documentaries

Rolling Stone Loved Adam Lambert's AMA performance!

Andrew Sullivan on Being Gay and Catholic

Blizzard honors LGBT guild in World of Warcraft

What did Adam Lambert do exactly? Did anyone see it?

Property market hasn't collapsed because banks can't face the truth

Corporations Cannot Exist in a Free Market

US treasury wants donations to pay off national debt

Unemployment by county - interesting interactive U.S. Map

Wave of Debt Payments Facing U.S. Government

The Phantom Menace - Krugman

Starcodes...a little late for this week

Compelling New UFO Footage From NASA and STS-126. (Hoax Don't Bother)

Sarah Palin predictions

Ugh--rough night (dreams)

Revoke charters of incorporation of for profit health insurance

The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery

Chances of Public Option Passing?

Colon cancer. Tell me about it.

Don't Miss This Book

Trying Last-Ditch Lung Bypass for Worst Swine Flu

Haves vs. Have-Nots at Public Universities

ACLU sues for students to wear anti-Islam shirts

White House Pushes Science and Math Education

A great beakdown of Psalm 109...

Spiritual Guidance for Atheists

Praying for healing, lobbying for a provision

A report from my grandson's Italian Immersion Kindergarten class.

Christians win major battle in the war on Christmas ((((enjoy it while you can))))

Autism treatments: Risky alternative therapies have little basis in science

White House to host ‘Iron Chef America

Will someone enlighten me as to one of life's great mysteries?

King Arthur is having a sale...

Recipe Request

Anybody ever made Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relish? Heard...

My Thanksgiving Menu