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Barrasso politicizes breast cancer

McCain Blocks Federal Nominees Over Artificial Snow

McCain Blocks Federal Nominees Over Artificial Snow

McCain Blocks Federal Nominees Over Artificial Snow

Loofa! Loofa! Loofa!

2.1 million drop-side Stork Craft cribs have been recalled

Kennedy dispute reveals a Catholic divide

New home sales increase by 23-26% in Northeast, South and Midwest

Another mystery grave at Arlington

So local noozradio is reporting that Dou Lobbs is contemplating elective office

The Morals of Self-Described Patriots

This year we give thanks that Bush is out of office.

I just can't stand it any more. Local news tonight in Raleigh -all Palin, all the news.

“We have contractors that regularly see things that top policy-makers don’t unless they ask.”

5 Green Cities of the Future

This Modern World-An Important Message From-The Association of Right-Wing Bedwetters

Global Warming and Homeless Icebergs

Global Warming and Homeless Icebergs

The Taliban of Afghanistan...

Former Insurance Company Executive: Health Insurers Stand Between Patients

Official Mark Sanford Theme Song Here!

Alcohol bans 'led to drinking paddocks'

A photo account of New York's 23rd congressional district

Bring soldiers home now, Canadian anti-war activists urge

oh me, oh my...

I always hate to post this, but...Tweety was GOOD tonight

RW radio jerkoff hires "illegals"....

If anybody ADMITS: The terrarists won

Republican quicksand. How can you deal with a party that has no bottom?

Federal Circuit Chief Judge Paul Michel Announces Retirement

Who's Afraid of Rachel Maddow? Joe Lieberman is......

Matthews: "The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse - Lieberman, Lincoln, Nelson & Landreau"

Missing a father he never knew

Low amounts of alcohol may hurt health

I heard a rumor that Grovelbot went on a vacation to Barbados with our donations..

DU this poll on The Church v. Kennedy - being freeped!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

In time for the holidays, CONs now defending Scrooge . . .

Fox news to fire employees who put up false info on air - fired employees will of course..

All 193% of Republicans Support Palin, Romney and Huckabee

Is this for real? "Injuns" the first terrorists?

Reich wing asshole Ret. Col. Allen West writes article disparaging Muslims

What would you do if someone at work teabagged you?

Modern-day cattle rustlers hit ranches in southeast Oregon

H1N1 Vaccine Maker Stocks Soar ! (Rec if you Distrust Big Pharma! )

SHH it is not just medical that we need to change

Young Barack Obama

'You can take that to the bank!'

Here's why Obama will send another 34,000 troops to Afghanistan...

Here's why Obama will send another 34,000 troops to Afghanistan...

Not into red-ass rants? Do NOT open this post!

Indian Doctor Tagged 'Henry Ford of Heart Surgery' Drives Down Costs

Anyone watching "The lost JFK tapes" on National Geographic...interesting thing I saw

Anyone out there with ACORN? I haven't been paid yet for voting for Obama. Who do I contact? nt

I wanted to post on Palin's Facebook page.

Anyone see "Countdown with KO" tonight? Ronald Reagan would fail the

Because it's obvious.

Leaked Memo Shows Faux News Management Fed Up With "Mistakes"

Goodbye jobs, hello mom and dad, say young adults

Goodbye jobs, hello mom and dad, say young adults

Program to help truckers attracts drug smugglers

The self-destruction of the Republican Party in Oregon should embolden Democrats nationwide

The self-destruction of the Republican Party in Oregon should embolden Democrats nationwide

The first Thanksgivings.

France shows off cutting-edge navy ship in Russia

Gonzales Evades Criminal Prosecution for Misleading Congress on NSA spying

Gonzales Evades Criminal Prosecution for Misleading Congress on NSA spying

Challenge to the RCC: Tell Dems you don't want their donations anymore

Renters becoming latest victims as foreclosure crisis widens

There's nothing wrong with being thankful (Hijack Thanksgiving and make it your own).

Chance to send free meals to the homeless

It kinda goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. If you reply to your own posts, you're

Record Exec refuses cop's order to Tweet, is arrested on felony charge

Children Targeted as Witches in the Congo

Vets Battle Unemployment and War Injuries

Chris Matthews had a GREAT argument against the Bishop on his show tonight.

Once again: Obama and the jobs crisis

Insane Letter to the Editor in tonight's paper from a teabagger

Strauss-Kahn Says Half of Bank Losses Are Undisclosed

World Can't Wait Plans National Protests Against Afghanistan Escalation

Happy 50th Birthday, Rocky & Bullwinkle!

36 states may miss Real ID deadline

US in Back-Channel Talks With Afghan Taliban

Anti-choicer civil war expanding

I just gave MoveOn money to "double down" on healthcare

Goodbye jobs, hello mom and dad, say young adults

Vt. is 6th Hungriest State in Nation

Arpaio leads GOP gov. candidate poll

Still wondering what month we'll hold war criminals accountable

Should it be legal to display dead deer in public view?

Courtroom First: Brain Scan Used in Murder Sentencing

How will shunning work?

How will shunning work?

Fundamentalist politics - Andrew Sullivan nails it

Fundamentalist politics - Andrew Sullivan nails it

Czech regret over sterilisation

Obama and Independents - Another look at the polls

Darfur rebels and Sudan 'preparing for new war'

Health Care: An Allegory

How long does it take to train a soldier

Sarkozy wants to move Camus's remains - son says no

Let me just try to understand...

‘Rogue’ or ‘Rouge’? Many are mixing the two up

Berlusconi has a new plan to evade justice, wants to end ALL cases in Italy more than 6 years old

OxyMoron and Glenn Beck call Senator Landrieu a prostitute for her health care vote

Here's a reason not to use BING from Microsoft - Rupert Murdoch

Talks to be held over 'cruel' Zulu bull-killing ritual

China executes two over tainted milk powder scandal

A short piece on Thanksgiving...

Americans signaling more confidence in the future of health care

Seriesly, you can't make this shit up.

A perfect example of the problem with the media today (Philadelphia area)

Fox News: Conservative women are more scrutinized by the media

Response to Facebook/Faux News Poll

am I "Pro-Death"?????

James Fallow's take on the media's "manufactured failure" of Obama's Asia trip.

Demand that the Stupak amendment be stripped from the health care bill: sign Credo's petition.


Every Major Bank In The US, Japan, Germany, And Spain Is Undercapitalized

Yes, Sarah, There is a Media Conspiracy

Iran Prez Offers Liittle Hope on US Hikers' Release

New gop talking point: Democrats are arrogant

New gop talking point: Democrats are arrogant


Icy moon's lakes brim with hearty soup for life

If you care, here's the address to send your comment to the great argument Chris

If you care, here's the address to send your comment to the great argument Chris

U.S. Economy Expanded at a 2.8% Rate in Third Quarter

Obama Using Blackwater for Assassinations in Pakistan

Obama Using Blackwater for Assassinations in Pakistan

President Obama Deliberating Afghanistan Policy in the Situation Room

Now Joe Scar is comparing Terri Schiavo to the guy who wasn't actually in a coma for 23 years.

Now Joe Scar is comparing Terri Schiavo to the guy who wasn't actually in a coma for 23 years.

The Cost Of Dying (recap of 60 minutes

When's the last time you saw a "Fiscally-Conservative" Republican?

Prayer Vigil In Sen. Joe Lieberman’s Office Urges Him To Support Healthcare Reform

With Thanksgiving on our doorstep, a few things to be thankful for

Insider: Sarah Palin uninformed on Latino issues - Palin ignorance led to cancelled interview

Odd republican reveal moment...

CIA chief has ‘confrontational’ meeting with Pakistani spymaster

The vaccine screw-up Where are all those promised H1N1 doses?

Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy To Include “Benchmarks” and “Off-Ramps” (+34,000 Troops)

Nut attended a DU meet-up in MI in August. Maybe some of the attendees exchanged phone #s w/Nut?

Other than that, Mr. Strether, how did you like the health-care deform cheerleading?

Chances of dying from the swine flu vaccine vs. chances of dying of swine flu

Poll: 53 Percent Would ‘Definitely Not’ Vote for Sarah Palin

Iraq War Inquiry Opens in UK

Portrayal in Palin book irritates former aide

MSNBC: After a year of stingy consumer spending, retailers hope for a "holiday miracle."

Hackers leak e-mails, stoke climate debate.

Right and Left Join Forces on Criminal Justice

Only the Dull and Stupid Fight Head-on: Some Strategic Thoughts (Robert Greene)

Mr President I voted for you to get us out of this mess the pukes have left us in

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Decide to Engorge the Whole Reagan

Why Barack Obama will win re-election?

Help me choose my new moniker for Fox Nation

Help me choose my new moniker for Fox Nation

Probe into Ky. census worker's death concludes

A PSA for those debating online

People are wrong on the internet again!

The same politicians who let torturers walk will surely vote for health care for all!

Does the president (reportedly) deciding on 6,000 less troops than requested represent any dissent

Brain Scanners Can Tell What You're Thinking About (Neural Decoding)

Irony - Ronald Reagan (And Most Evey Republican) Would Fail The Republican Purity Test

I decided a while ago, that I could rely on Sanders judgment on HCR in the Senate

I've had it with your fucking threats.

Lieberman: Maddow has a ‘point of view.’

When President Obama likes a magazine article, White House staffers had better read it.

Frank Schaeffer: Moral Cowards vs. The American Taliban

The Coal Industry's $47 Million PR Spending Spree

G.O.P. Considers ‘Purity’ Resolution for Candidates

G.O.P. Considers ‘Purity’ Resolution for Candidates

Time to stop the lies

Grayson: Require 55 votes to invoke cloture, not 60.

Grayson: Require 55 votes to invoke cloture, not 60.

(UK) Arrests are being made 'to expand DNA files'

On Afghanistan 'war' from Seattle PI reader's blog.

Bwaa Haaaa Haaa - just got a ridiculous offer in the mail

Gov.-elect Chris Christie is subpoenaed to testify in Hal Turner trial

Stand up if you`re tired of trying to befriend everyone in the room

There's a teabagger Americans for Prosperity Ad on DU's Front Page!

Administration shows Orszag in released photo of situation room, press takes bait like mindless fish

New bill requires Baltimore CPCs to post signage about lack of abortion information

New bill requires Baltimore CPCs to post signage about lack of abortion information

Report: Marshall Shot In Testicles By Nettleton

UK has a nuke plant event

SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING - Interviews with Supporters

Great debunking of the innuendos about the Climate Change leaked emails.

Dear Mr. President:

Sorry if this is a dupe, but is anyone concerned about the State Dinner Tonite

Google Explains Offensive Michelle Obama Image in Search Results

Given that 99% of republicans in congress oppose the health care bill...

Documentary Filmmaker, Moore Collaborator, Shopping Film on Bush's Murky Military Service

+++ 5, 292 +++

Canada May Grant Asylum To Lesbian U.S. Army Deserter

Chicago boxer dies in first title fight

The Untied Way, early (Jon Carroll)

Wow, home sales up by record amount.

Wow, home sales up by record amount.

Kirk Cameron attempts to debate college students...

Oh no! Next on M$NBC: Baristas in Bikinis ...

TPM: CNN Keeps Castellanos, Dems Hit Back

Dick ‘Five Deferments’ Cheney Talks About War From The ‘Perspective’ Of U.S. Troops

Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan

"Dick Cheney is a coward"

What happens when common sense runs up against corporate interest?

Alternative Animal Feed Part of Global Fisheries Crisis Fix


Just got a Thanksgiving card from my Marine brother who is on tour in Iraq

Global warming rigged? Here's the email I'd need to see

SPIN METER: Republicans lying about the size of the health bill

VIDEO: "SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING - Interviews with Supporters"

Along the line of the "Christian Side Hug," I have a modest

Update...Charge for 2 local short calls from payphone - $80

A gift for you: "Thank You", live, by Alanis

.77 BILLION dollars for OKC convention center, while fire/police get cuts

Obama should nominate Dick Cheney as Ambassador to Afghanistan...

Afghan Army Turnover Rate Threatens U.S. War Plans

The Ovarian Lottery’s most famous member writes how Capitalism will “Save Us”!

RNC's senior communications adviser also works for CNN..

Geography of the Great Recession. A timeline map of recession in the United States

Thankful For What? Post your stream of consciousness list, here:

Goodbye jobs, hello mom and dad, say young adults

This is CNN?

Citi: The Commodity Collapse Could Be "Subprime Part II"

Shedding some light on what is going on at the WH

RW riddle: How many Republicans does it take to.......?

Mmmmmmm. Fun and Informative Thanksgiving Poll

City of Atlanta, Police Chief, and 48 Officers Sued for Gay Bar Raid

Democrats push $150B stock tax per year on Wall Street

This is why I can't watch television news.....

Whoops: Fox graphics department goes rogue on Palin poll

Why Is Lieberman 'stubborn' about opposing a public option? Because he's 'bitter'

Boy, 13, spent 11 days riding subway

Kind thoughts needed - our nephew is being sent to Afghanistan

Reindeer dung is a girl's best friend.......

Bill Moyers Quote Comparing Vietnam to Afghanistan....

Doc. Maker, Moore Collaborator, Shopping Film on Bush's Murky Military Service

Before anybody screams "Terry Schiavo!", re-read the "brains scans revealed" part.

Just for discussion about letting undocumented workers have health

The CIA Asked to Destroy Torture Tapes on Same Day They Claimed They Didn’t Torture

In Crazy New Landscape For Banks, Taxpayers Are The Big Losers

Evangelical leader explains how H1N1 vaccine is a sign of the End Times

Obama Quietly Backs Patriot Act Provisions

The UK Iraq Hearings have begun

I cannot be the only person who feels this way!

Police arresting people "just for the DNA"

Police arresting people "just for the DNA"

RNC 'Purity Test' Would Boot Key Recruits

USDA: States struggle to administer food stamps

That Republican stooge Tweety just had on. He insulted her and she thanked him

"Sometimes I bring republicans on my show so people can see what they look like"

GOP opens probe into climate science e-mails


Please Consider A K&R For This Good Soul:

So does the Bishop deny communion to those politicians who support the death

Family Research Council caught falsely accusing Congresswoman of religious bigotry

If someone gave you the number to Obama's Blackberry, what would

In recession, pets go homeless in droves

The right wing has simply become a crazed, lunatic cult.

World's Worst Photo-Fit (Artist's Rendering) Helps Police Capture Murderer

Angry Bloomberg Defends Locking Passengers in With Killer

Bernie vs Dennis

Congressional Candidate Robert Dobbs (SC-1) Calls on President Obama to End the Afghanistan War Now!

I just found out that my paycheck will be short this month

Hypocrisy: GOP pushed for Louisiana funds in Sen. health bill--Progressive South

Police: Kentucky census worker committed suicide

Who'll be the first victim of Fox's tough new zero tolerance policy for 'on-screen errors?'

MediaTime's Mark Halperin Photoshops Semen Into Senator's Hair

In 1968, we had 548,000 troops in Viet Nam.

If you try the terrorists as if they committed an act of war...

so I'm about to read The Ground Truth by John Farmer. Any views from people here?

Remember the guy who took hostages at Hillary's campaign office?

Remember the guy who took hostages at Hillary's campaign office?

I love Huffington Post. There's always some scantilly clad babe on there.

Did anyone ever see "Mr. Baseball," about the American player traded to Japan?

I'm working on my signs...

For all of you wonder about the underside of the bus

Just now on M$NBC: 3.5% GDP growth revised down

Los Angeles City Council medical marijuana regulation hearings live right now.

Los Angeles City Council medical marijuana regulation hearings live right now.

Afghanistan war is about oil and natural gas pipeline. WOT is a sideshow

3 airlines fined in Minnesota tarmac stranding

NC Health Insurer Being Probed For Campaign Against Public Option

Donnie McClurkin: "God did not call you (gays) to such perversions!"

SHU Lacrosse Rape: Three Sacred Heart Players Charged With Sexual Assault

AMA's Support for Cannabis Reclassification Draws Praise From Substance Abuse TX Professionals

Tweety Show: Buchanan vs. Ron Christie! WTF!!!???!

Fox fucks up again

Core i7 iMacs showing up DOA -- including ours

We are the country of the "quick fix".

Where does the Bishop's power trip end? BC pills, divorce?

23-year coma guy and the fraud of "facilitated communications"

Abstinence, Purity Balls, and Bush's ugly legacy

We haven't left Germany or Japan after over 60 years

Police: Census worker staged death to conceal suicide

How many times should you get bitten by a rattlesnake before you stop trying to pet it?

What is "loitering and prowling"?

What stimulated your interest in politics (at least enough to pay attention!)

Lt Gov Bill Halter (Ark) Secured the Free Clinic Site in Little Rock (possible primary for Lincoln?)

One of the most offensive Google pages - hard to believe -

Chris Matthews should be fired for his Offensive Interview of Bishop Tobin

OpenLeft: "Gentleman's Club" Senate isn't working for us

A DU ACTION ALERT: Before you carve that Turkey, all in for Bernie Sanders

So you'd support sending as many as 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan. What for?

Does anyone else suspect that the role of the President

Portrayal in Palin book irritates former aide (Alaska) - Calls Palin a Sociopath

Chris Matthews is ON A ROLL! He just told some crazy wingnut

Sanford impeachment panel to examine new ethics charges

Confirmed: No More Nestle Ads On Glenn Beck or Any Fox News Show

Fresno: Battleground in the War on Christmas

Tweety: "I bring you on so people can see what Republicans are like."

Environmentally friendly light bulbs ‘can give you skin cancer’

Please check in here if someone gave you a star during fund drive!

Cindy Sheehan explains why anti-war movement failed

Obama To Announce Increase Of US Troops For Afghanistan On December 1

Fuck you Dick Cheney

Lesbian mom gains custody of 7 yr old - first-of-its kind case

Is is morally wrong to buy a used car?

I thought I'd tell you about something nice a guy I know does every year

I thought I'd tell you about something nice a guy I know does every year

Fundies prepare to attack 10-yr-old who refuses to say Pledge of Allegiance in solidarity w/LGBTs

DOCUMENTING OUTRAGE: L.A. photographer documents U.S. military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

Look what the corporate news media let slip out Monday morning...

Oh My...

CNN/FOXNEWS Radio..............Where's MSNBC Radio???

So the census worker, Bill Sparkman, staged his own death after all. Color me surprised.

So the census worker, Bill Sparkman, staged his own death after all. Color me surprised.

Write Like-Sarah Palin-Contest

Is it morally wrong to buy a foreclosed home?

KKK Growing In Tulsa (and the reasons why are....)

I don't trust ANY president when it comes to war in Afghanistan

When you see Santa at the mall this season, remember Staff Sgt. Ryan L. Zorn

I am neither a cheerleader nor an Obamabasher

Ho, Ho . . . Whoa! Secularists Get the Holiday Spirit

Best bumpersticker subversion:

About your Government spying on you:

A Challenge to Obama Critics

Uterus = pre-existing condition.

Legal Marijuana: Are we Ready?

Legal Marijuana: Are we Ready?

NYT: How World War II Wasn't Won - Ike vs. Gen. Devers

NYT: How World War II Wasn't Won - Ike vs. Gen. Devers

President Obama: I Intend to "Finish the Job" in Afghanistan

WAR TAX question would make GOP heads explode

Dems Hit CNN For Keeping RNC’s Castellanos On The Air

Coach who had sex with students gets jail. Judge notes girls can be "a little aggressive sexually"

Coach who had sex with students gets jail. Judge notes girls can be "a little aggressive sexually"

Less local control of schools as charter schools increase. Long-distance control by CEOs.

Less local control of schools as charter schools increase. Long-distance control by CEOs.

This Is The Pre-Black Friday THANK YOU Thread For Everyone Out There Working Retail

Sowing Dissent Among Liberals and Progressives--The Best Strategy That The Republicans Have Going

More Than Half Of Teachers Report Buying Hungry Students Food With Their Own Money

Nice improvement to the site

Face it or don't but America is a corrupt and criminal shell of a country

The problem with Barack Obama is

Katie Couric Gone Wild!

Where are the jobs?

Something to be Thankful for (brilliant Meyer 'toon)

Viet Namistan

Mom: Son in coma heard everything for 23 years

I put up my outside Christmas decorations today...

Fresh Air: Jeff Sharlet reports the Family behind Ugandan homosexual death penalty law.

The Christian Side-Hug: “Front Hugs Be Too Sinful”

CSI Miami is doing "dead peasants."

Are Democrats becoming nothing more than Republicans, minus the bat-shit-crazy?

republic of money: prescott bush, johns hopkins, Hoover's Treasury Secretary...

Is Harold Ford Jr. running for Senate again?

Catholic Bishops Enact Plan For “300,000 Terri Schiavos”

Man communicating after 23 years in coma is a hoax.

President Obama vows to "finish the job" in Afghanistan-likely to send 35k more GI's as he promised

Obama administration will not sign land mine 150 other countries have agreed to

Dr. Nancy and the REAL reason mammograms need to be limited

Communicating Coma Man Rom Houben is a Cruel Hoax

Tweety Gets To The Heart of the Abortion Matter With Bishop Tobin

Bush's Fate and Bugliosi's New Movie

This little surFUR girl... is surfin' for paws-abilities!!

The American Dream died in February 1973.

The American Dream died in February 1973.

"It's like the people who don't believe in free lunches believe in free wars."

Why Obama has waited to annouce the Afghan "surge"

Why Obama has waited to annouce the Afghan "surge"

Teabagger "reasoning" summed up

My 53 yr old humble opinion on the whole mess,,,

Naomi Klein: "Yes We Can" was a marketing ploy. Like a corporate "No Logo"

Mr. President--I voted for you to get us out of these God Damn Wars!

Richard Dawkins on Atheism. 150yrs since Darwin published the "Origin of the Species."

"Well, when did YOU serve?"

The DU Real Bodies Project

“adopt, donate or send bleach.”

ABC's `Good Morning America' cancels Adam Lambert

Formerly homeless child prostitute enters law school

Formerly homeless child prostitute enters law school

And here it is: "Man in false 'coma' plans memoirs"

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1- Debate beginning?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2- Politics

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3 - Money spent and wasted

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3 - Money spent and wasted

The WTO Effect: the darker legacy of the WTO protests

Battered consumers play new card: Paying down debt

A Brief History of Socialist Plots to End the American Way of Life

Words Matter – Eliminationism in the United States

Words Matter – Eliminationism in the United States

Enough already . . . where is the ray of hope on the horizon from this Presidency?

The 2010 Democratic Underground Photograpy Group Calendar is here! A Great holiday gift! (PHOTOS!)

How Capital destroys neighborhoods, families & history

Percentage of time that women KNOW a guy has gone all schoolboy-crush over them

Update on my PSA 4.23 test.

Who here likes the works of Robert E. Howard?

Take ten and chill...

For the lawyers here...

Paula Deen smacked in face with ham

Who's holding the weirdo card tonight?

Who's holding the weirdo card tonight?

Poll: "Shut Your Piehole" or "Shut Your Filthy Uvula"


Anyone else here having pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving?

I really need to check out this Eastern Motors place.

I'm in big trouble.

I am not making dressing this year for Thanksgiving, just have to get it out of a box.

Stefani Germanotta is a very talented young lady.

I want to create an Edgar Rice Burroughs video game that never teabags.

Who here likes the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs?

define is

A couple Thanksginving songs

Other people say their family is crazy

Am I Pro-Death?

ok why do you go see a movie if your not going to leave your mind at the door???

Best movie based on a video game

Anyone else playing "Borderlands"?


So bad - but so funny!

I'm skipping my morning classes today.

Don't be a naughty Eskimo...

Any experiences buying a new car on "Black Friday"?

What would you do if someone at work teabagged you?

I'm going to school in the middle of America's most dangerous city

Someone was caterwauling on GMA, I looked up, and it was Rhiana

Best movie you watched with your parents?

This is my hometown: Police Chief Guilty of 3 Felonies, Surrogate Scandal

I'm not dressing this year for Thanksgiving, I'm gonna be naked all day!

Do you say 'net, internet or web?

I'm going to read this poem tomorrow! November Day in LA...

HAHAHAHA: Wanted Bon Jovi tickets - will trade Swine Flu Vaccine for tickets

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/24/09

what is the best way of scraping resin from a glass.......

Stephen Colbert sings 'Cheap Rewards' , Elvis Costello

Anyone here have any experience with John Barr scotch?


Vinegar Stroke

Woman loses benefits over Facebook photos

Has anyone ever been driven mad by radio stations playing Xmas songs

An ode to eggnog

"This is useless - it's like jerkin' it on pain killers."

People might shit on it...but I liked the movie Big Trouble in Little China

Tavern owner says he'll unveil 100-proof turkey

So the natives in this country celebrate their pagan ways with a great animal sacrifce

New podcasts, folks! All free as always!

Best Ending for a TV Series?

Are podiatrists not well respected by other medical practitioners?

Experience versus Management request.

The tests are in. Are you, or are you not, THE FATHER?

Why didn't anyone ever tell me about King Khan and The Shrines?

World's Worst Artists' Sketch Helps Police Capture Murderer

The littlest things mean so much.

The New Royales // New World Order

Crap. I did something stupid.

Could you ever domesticate a declawed bobcat?

The The "Mind Bomb" - relistening now

"animals with lightsabers"

When Black Friday comes...

Let's play a new game called "I've been there too..."

My mouse crapped out and I can't just run out and get another one

BTW, "Men who stare at goats" was fucking AWESOME !!

I'm right. My boss was wrong.

Does anyone else read Chuck Lorre's Vanity Cards?

Yes I flew on a plane with H1N1. So what of it?

Caption this picture

Is there gas in the car?

Ugh, and I was really looking forward to Thanksgiving. I need advice DU.

Did I just break DU ....

Congratulations, Susan Boyle. Your CD is magnificent.

Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven owes its success to cigarettes (perfect length for DJ smoke break)

Anyone need a cat taken off their hands?

Feral wombats: good pets for the kiddies?

You know, the Vulcans (fictional) weren't too far off - that whole emotion thingy

Help! Daughter wants a tripod for her camera for Christmas...

Good morning Lounge

Best Alcohol Song Ever

The Onion's Best TV Shows of This Decade

Susan Boyle - Cry me a river - the 'today show' TODAY

Dressing that looks like dog food....what is it?

How open are you and your family?

The insomniac thread

Thanksgiving Desert Poll

God, I'm feeling old.

God is watching you pee.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, how about helping some homeless dogs and cats?

Choral Singers Check In

If you could be a professional athlete, what sport would it be?

I just met Jeff Daniels

No matter how down I get...this tune always brings me back.

Paula Deen (Video) Ham Hits Her In Face--accidental

If I should get an erection that lasts more than 4 hours*...

Do you enjoy, tolerate or dread family gatherings?

Fuckity fuck.....

OMG, I am dining on the most delicious Risotto...

Terrorists are everywhere!

Thanksgiving Dessert Poll

Oh God I just watched my cat bring in a lizard and killed it in front of me.

Thanksgiving Side Dish Poll

I just joined Facebook - can somebody give me some protocol tips?

I have to fly on an airplane tomorrow.

What's the highest level crime you've ever committed?

I just met Jack Daniel's

What is the more important holiday for you?

My cat wants me to stop the rain.....

Just watched a clip of Howard Dean

Get out of Afghanistan

Cutting through the media spin on "our increasing debt problems"

Cutting through the media spin on "our increasing debt problems"

Dow spikes to 13-month high

self -delete.

Obama Admin: Secretly talking to Taliban Millitants, NPR: AFPak decision on Dec 1st

Self-serving conservative Senators "don’ if this once-in-a-generation opportunity implodes"

Walden rules out a run for governor

Photos: The Obama Presidency, November 23, 2009

Most of us won't be allowed to choose the exchange or the P.O.

Coakley leads, but electorate unsettled

Massachusetts: Republican gubernatorial candidate taps gay running mate

Gov. Ritter derides Republicans' contract with Colorado

AZ-Gov: Goddard Looks Good, But Watch Out for Arpaio

President Obama expected to address the nation Tuesday, Dec. 1, on his new Afghanistan policy,

Lou Dobb's dellusional political ambition may have a greater impact than Palin's

Today's Housing Numbers Do Not Tell Us Anything About The Economy

How much is this BULLSHIT!!! going to cost

Paton weighing 2010 race

Congressional Black Caucus PAC Endorses Hilliard

DeMint won’t be endorsing Inglis

Step up and take the GOP-Reagan Purity Test!

DeMint: A tea party crowd favorite

Orszag Attends Monday's AfPak Meeting

Democrats seek to eliminate filibuster for (Guess What) preventing Social Security cuts

How many of you would change your support to Hillary in the 2008 primaries - given you knew what you

"Fox News Threatens Pink Slips For On-Screen Errors"

Heads Up: President Obama & PM Singh to speak after morning meeting

A Second Honeymoon for the Obama Administration

Dept Commerce: Third Quarter GDP (second estimate/revision)

Manufactured Story Of The Day

Handy, Dandy Guide to Tomorrow's State Visit Events

Obama Has Info, Will Make Afghan Decision Shortly

Now that Darth Cheney finally seems to take a high priority on afganistan,

This is the truth: If health care loses this year, it will probably NEVER go through

WI-Sen: Feingold Easily Beats Thompson

Palin quizzes Billy Graham about Bible's view of Middle East

Krugman on today's revision of Q3 GDP from 3.5% to 2.8%

***Heads Up: FLOTUS Holds Leadership Event at the WH, LIVE!!!***

Iowa Educator Challenging GOP Rep. Latham

Dear Senator Lincoln

It appears Obama will send less than 40,000 troops to Afghanistan. So what's the point?

“The Obama Time Capsule” From the Apple Website

This war was lost when we went into Iraq..... And we can't just blame Bush

Point of info: The Patriot Act is never going to be simply "repealed"

If only Obama would watch this and make a wise decision.

PHOTO State Dinner Place Settings


Obama "speechless" about reaction to Japan bow

Obama "speechless" about reaction to Japan bow

It is absolutely time to hit Boehner a a despicable politician-golfer $83K this year already

Dr. Jill Biden: Giving Thanks to Our Heroes This Holiday

Anybody else feeling like they can't watch TV anymore? It's so depressing, apparently Obama is a big

Effective Subversion

Educate To Innovate

The Patriot Act and proof that people just make up stuff

Andrew Sullivan: Why I Remain Bullish On Obama

The UK Iraq War Enquiry Has Started. Findings November 2010.

Pelosi, Obama meet amid Afghan debate

The rubber is about to meet the road.. Afghanistan

If Obama acts on his economic declaration he'll be walking in the footsteps of Herbert Hoover

Look for healthcare reform to not come back around for another generation if not passed

PHOTO Michelle Obama meets with Gursharan Kaur

Post here if you personally know anyone who supports us being in Afghanistan

Making a silk purse out of a sows ear

"Did you really think it was going to be easy"

FOMC economic outlook

There's only ONE party responsible for destroying health care reform

jeremy scahill on blackwater's secret war in pakistan

Tonight's menu, for those who just can't get enough...

Negotiating with Hostage Takers

"Michelle's First State Dinner for India"

The country needs a new stimulus package:

I just saw an ad on tv by the Chamber of Commerce telling me to call Congress

Anybody believing in the kind of "change" we're seeing? Since when?

Flames be damned for my letter to the President today- I'm sick of this

What color is the sky in Palin's world, or is she BSing?

Breaking: Lawyer: al-Aziz Ali to mount an affirmative defense, agree to facts argue "justification" can't be against the Patriot Act when Bush was in office and like it now!!

Every Senator who voted against cloture should NOT be allowed to take part in the debate...

Bad times could get worse for President Obama

The Hill: Pelosi Says Americans Could 'Absorb' Increased Deficit If It Means More Jobs

"I also want to keep an eye on the robots in case they try anything."

Palin has no concept of time, she lives totally in the moment. Everything she utters

Obama plans to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan

Credit Cards: No Holiday Help From Congress. Republicans in Senate block move to fast-track bill.

NABE Survey: Recovery Won't Remain Jobless Very Much Longer

Anyone see that hatchet job Chip Reid done on Obama on CBS tonight?

President Reagan hosted 57 state dinners.

President Obama is 10 months into his Presidency, with more than 3 years remaining, and yet:

United States facing 16% jobless figure by 2013

At what point do we put people who CONSTANTLY spout twisted right wing talking points on ignore?

Obama Quietly Backs Patriot Act Provisions

Moyers.....Part II of Johnson Tapes where he's Asked to Commit More Troops to Vietnam..and NeoCon

White House releases state dinner guest list

K&R if you'd like a republican president

K&R if you like Obama!

Sorry, people -- Obama didn't promise to withdraw from Afghanistan -- he promised to win!

PHOTOS: President Obama welcomes PM Manmohan Singh

Renters becoming latest victims as foreclosure crisis widens

Official: Reaction to Japan Bow Left Obama "Speechless"

Obama Closes In On Afghan Troop Increase

Big Bang machine achieves first particle collisions

Red Cross told late about prisoner transfers

Former British policeman backs Barack Obama 'birthers' conspiracy theory

Obama Quietly Backs Patriot Act Provisions

Portrayal in Palin book irritates former aide

Obama plans to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan

CAW Fights Comerica Bank To Get $2.4 Million Owed To Workers Sacked In Plant Closings

Pinning Nelson (D-Ne) vote (on health care) on Branstad (R-Ia)?

SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING - Interviews with Supporters

Atty: Fort Hood suspect may seek insanity defense

Iraq war inquiry will be no whitewash, Chilcot says

(UK) Arrests are being made 'to expand DNA files'

Lesbian mom gains custody of 7 yr old - first-of-its kind case

Saddam options 'discussed a year before Iraq war'

New device enables early detection of cancerous skin tumors -- Ben Gurion U.

Iraq inquiry: Britain rejected regime change as illegal in 2001

Schwarzenegger picks Maldonado (R) for lieutenant governor

DR Congo 'warlords' trial opens at ICC

Landrieu bashed for ‘backroom’ vote dealing

Poll: U.S. split over Afghan troop buildup

Lee holds rally to end Afghanistan war

[Murdoch's] News of the World [Tabloid] faces £800,000 payout in bullying case

Hoffman will not file for recount (NY-23)

GOPers to Biden: Stop Using Stimulus Jobs Numbers

Honduran Leader: US Weakened Anti-Coup Movement

US 'discussing Iraq regime change' two years before war

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Unexpectedly Increased

U.S. Fund for Bank Deposit Insurance Falls Into the Red

FDIC fund falls into red, Bair urges lending

Does this picture show British soldiers broke Geneva Conventions?

Alberto Gonzales Won't Be Charged Over Eavesdropping Testimony

Lawmakers Probe Climate Emails

Barry Carpenter GUILTY: Police Chief Convicted Of 3 Felonies In Parker-Broderick Case

Big Bang atom smasher starts speeding proton beams

Germany restores 1936 women's high jump record to Jewish winner

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 24

Homeowners Charge U.S. Made Toxic Drywall

World's biggest animal sacrifice begins in Nepal

Blacks hit hard by economy's punch-34.5 percent of young African American men are unemployed

Former Palin aide irked by portrayal in book

Lieberman Digs In on Public Option

(Harvard) Study: CEOs cashed in before Wall Street meltdown

Ohio senator says no to workers comp for illegals

Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan

Toyota recalls 110,000 Tundras

Obama, national security team finalize Afghanistan troop plan

Google purchases ad explaining offensive First Lady photo

Global Warming Report Finds Time Running Out

Ky. census worker killed himself, police say

Court Rules Private Land Can Be Seized for NBA Arena

Obama Administration Will Not Sign Land Mine Ban

Obama Says He Intends to ‘Finish the Job’ in Afghanistan

Proponents alter immigration legislation in the face of tough economic climate

Kudos to Chris Matthews: Treats Bishop Tobin to a 'Reverse Inquisition'

GOP Rips Off 'Curb' Finale in Attack on Health Care Reform

France shows off cutting-edge navy ship in Russia

Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war - live

The Nation: Red Scare, Black Scare

GOP Leaders Assert Health Care Bill is Too WIDE

William Greider: In the Shadow of Hoover

Those who follow Sarah Palin are sowing the seeds of their own destruction

Chapman: Sarah Palin and the conservative descent

Rage Grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies (ADL Special Report)

Glenn Beck has big plans as a political activist

PRESIDENT ZELAYA's Letter to the Presidents of the Hemisphere

Doc Maker, Moore Collaborator, Shopping Film on Bush's Murky Military

UK Inquiry: Blair Conspired with Bush as Early as February 2002 to Plot Iraq Invasion

Reconciliation = Majority Rule

Lou Dobbs is so happy that. . .

Opinion: ‘Concierge’ is another word for bribe

The Manhattan Declaration: The Christian Right Declares Global Warfare, Giving Africa The Gift Of ..

'Cruel, illegal, immoral': Human Rights Watch condemns UK's role in torture

The CIA Asked to Destroy Torture Tapes on Same Day They Claimed

Gone To The Dogs

Single Payer Advocates To Help With Sanders’ S703 Amendment and HCR Updates!

Would Americans be Pro-Wars if They Had to Pay for Them with Higher Taxes?

His celebrity is not enough to reverse an erosion of our global dominance

Venezuela’s Chavez Calls for International Organisation of Left Parties

US, Britain wanted to overthrow Saddam

The Midwest Is Going Off The Grid ... One Turbine At A Time

Can Populism Be Liberal?

William Black Nails It: Obama, Get Rid of Bush's Wrecking Crew

Cut Wall Street Out! How States Can Finance Their Own Economic Recovery

Instead of Fixing the U.S. Economy or Creating Jobs for AMERICANS, Obama Will Spend The Money on War

Brazil's President Lula, 'Father of the Poor' Has Triggered Economic Miracle

The Republican Way: Keeping Everything The Way It Is

Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan Revealed

The Real Irony of Psalms 109

"The mystery of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui" by Declan Walsh (11-24-09 Guardian)

Airlines Fined for Stranding Passengers for Six Hours

Susie Madrak, Crooks & Liars: For This Thanksgiving, Far Too Many Americans Will Go Hungry.

Countdown: Firedoglake founder Jane Hamsher - Thunder From The Left

SNL- Sarah Palin 2012 Movie Spoof

Marriage Equality Press Conference/Trenton

Dean talks with Ed Schultz about the 4 Conservadems on health care

Paul Krugman: Don't Expect A Recovery Soon

The first teabagger!

TYTInterviews: Why Are The People Not Being Represented? w/ David Swanson

Germans in the Woods

ANIMATION: gnr8n txt by Ted Rall

Countdown: SNL's "Palin 2012" Trailer & The Sarapocalypse

World Can't Wait Activist Takes on Pro-Life Movement

TYT: Man in Coma for 23 years CONSCIOUS the entire time! 'I screamed, but there was nothing to hear'

15 Yrs Ago Health Care Received Unanimous Cloture- and Died

Radio Progreso closed by Honduras Junta

Utah Senator Chris Buttars Doesn't Want The Gays Stuffing It Down His Throat All The Time

Gravity ..........Beatles studios........Abbey Road Studio

Man who punk'd tea party last week brings European immigrants to ICE offices for deportation

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) vs. Sick Arkansans

TYT: Right Wing Critic Exposed For Not Reading Stimulus Bill

Climate Denial Crock of the Week/ The Big Mist Take

Joe Lieberman Runs From Rachel Maddow's "Point Of View"

Ed Schultz Takes On Wingnut Behind Anti-Obama "President? or Jihad? Remember Fort Hood!" Billboard

Media Matters Prove Fox & Friends Hosts Falsely Suggested OFA Director Compared Palin To A Terrorist

Media Matters: Glenn Beck - 'We need to start thinking like the Chinese'

Democrats Befuddled On $300M "Bribe" For Sen. Mary Landrieu

Dylan Ratigan: Give our money back, you banksters!

TYT: Missouri Billboard Incites Violence (& Disturbing DHS Extremist Update)

TYT: Cenk's Analysis On Sarah Palin Supporter Ignorance Caught On Tape!

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. NOOOO. IT'S PALIN MAN. .

This has nothing to do with anything...but it's funny!

Palin Lies About Obama Not "Acknowledging Troops' Sacrifice" But He Did, In ALASKA Nov12! & In Dover

Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person" - Chicago Tea Patriots Organizer Catherina Wojtowicz

Joe Conason Points Out to Joe Scarborough that Iraq War & Bush Tax Cuts Ballooned the Deficit

TYT: Cenk's Analysis of Sarah Palin in Bill O'Reilly Interview - Palin Shows More Stupidity

TYT: Cenk Uygur Sets Out to Take Down Traditional Television

Chris Matthews Corners Catholic Bishop Who Barred Kennedy

Quebec splits with Ottawa on climate change

Need some help debunking the latest anti-warming BS

Drumbeat: November 24, 2009

Cheap 3D Solar Cells Are 6x More Efficient than Planars

William Catton - "Bottleneck: Humanity's Impending Impasse"

Wales Flood Costs Up To $165 Million (US) - 1800 Bridge Inspections Needed, More Rain Coming

Most Of Central India Deforested By Toba Eruption 73,000 Years BPE - AFP

Copenhagen Diagnosis - 7C (10.8F) Temperature Increase, 3.25 Meter Sea Level Rise Poss. By 2100

UK’s National Weather Service "evidence for dangerous, long-term & potentially irreversible climate

(Republican) Lawmakers Probe Climate Emails

Arctic Ice Volume Lowest Ever Recorded As Rapid Thinning Continues - Reuters

The Copenhagen Diagnosis

The March of Folly: Oh look! Clowns!

Man-Bear Pig exposed for the hoax it is

Fitch lowers Mexico's credit rating on oil decline

Do you ever wonder if Oil will last our lifetime?

Collapse Movie Depicts Troubled “Peak Oil” Messenger

Climate change quickens, seas feared up 2 meters

I hate pooch kicks

CU's Hawkins regrets having Cody, his son, be his QB

TCU coach a finalist for National Coach of the Year

It's unanimous: Albert Pujols wins third MVP award

Browns-Lions Highlights (Must See TV)

(Notre Dame QB)Jimmy Clausen reportedly punched by angry fan

College Football's BCS Hires Ari Fleischer

The Lions ARE Thanksgiving

RIP Abe Pollin

Panda finishes seventh in MVP voting..

University of Miami resists ESPN film, but will show it (The 'U')

Honduran Leader: US Weakened Anti-Coup Movement

Bearing weapons to be banned during Honduran elections

Evo Morales Leads March in Santa Cruz

Lula Calls on Ahmadinejad to Respect Diversity and Stop Financing Extremists

“Legalizing Coups d’Etat by Means of Spurious Electoral Processes Divides the Unity of the Nations o

OAS Will Hold Meeting on December 4 Regarding the Situation in Honduras

Would Noemí Sanín be Uribes third term?

Freedom of the Press in Colombia: interview with a Colombian journalist

United States Backs Illegal Elections in Honduras, Betraying Process to Restore Constitutional Order

In An Atmosphere of Repression... "What Elections?"

PRESIDENT ZELAYA's Letter to the Presidents of the Hemisphere = Nov. 22, 2009

Honduras: Military Coup engineered by two US Companies?

Voice of America Expands in LatAm – Looking to Topple More Dominoes

Quixote Center Delegation to Conduct Human Rights Accompaniment and Observation in Lead Up and durin

Micheletti Confident that US Will Back Vote and that He Will Arrest President Zelaya if He Leaves Em

Thousands back Mexico’s Obrador

Film revives story of cameraman killed in Chile while covering 1973 coup attempt

Good economic performance makes Brazilian president more popular

Abed Rabbo: Hamas would form pact with Satan

Lautenberg Undermined by Federal Judge

I'm Also An American Gun-Owner

Bloomberg and Emanuel on Taking on the NRA at Election Time

Gun Traffickers Indicted After Three Month Investigation

Majority of Americans Want Militia Groups Outlawed

An example of folks willing to slit their own throat, to spite their nose..

Today in Labor History Nov 24 The union held its first meetings in taverns located off the Bowery

New Hampshire House Again Takes Up Guaranteed Paid Sick Leave For Workers

Why would any one in their right mind be against strict gun control?

My trip to the airport tomorrow at 6 am will not be voluntary

Should the "assault weapons ban" be renewed and why?...

Home again. Clothes back on. Nuff said.

From The Dept Of The Kids Are Alright: SixthSense Technology...

The Lightning planets

Lightning holds fingerprint of antimatter

Ooh! Pictures!


Maryland's first Dinosaur Park

Teensy Chameleon Is New Species

Judge hands child to Vt. mother

An eye opening experience this weekend.....

Study says lesbians make better parents - I can hear the heads exploding now...

My Dearest LGBT DU Friends, I hope you have a Marvelous thanksgiving

The 2010 DU Photograpy Group Calendar is here...

Is American Casino the Best Picture of the Year? "And the Envelope, Please ..."

US ECON: Q3 GDP Revised Down To 2.8% Gain From 3.5%

If you decide to hoard gold, find an armored mattress

Courting Convulsion, By James Howard Kunstler

Distressed Homeowners Ponder Whether to Stay or Go

On thanksgiving the traditional way

Kryon's new channeling..

Overview of the Bush Presidency, February 15, 2001

A new video

Does this mean ....... heating pads and donuts is outdated?

Okay, anyone for a virtual smudging of the two GD forums?

What does it mean when you dream you are talking to a baby?

Here is my prediction for Obama's administration, 12/3/08

Shocking Treatment Helps Erectile Dysfunction

The Henry Ford of Heart Surgeries!! COSTS CAN BE CONTROLLED

A Difference of Opinion on Mammograms

Food, Kin and Tension at Thanksgiving

Drugs could reverse Down Syndrome symptoms

Universal Health Care: Because one day it actually will be lupus

Kid's got autism? Get 'em high!

Gainesville (FL) Sun: A Culture of Failure (FCAT)

"God's been so good to me. God's blessed me abundantly."

Catholic Bishops Enact Plan For “300,000 Terri Schiavos”

WTC back in perfect condition from 6 AM, January 1st, 2010. Which explanation is less plausible?

God Has Left the Building...

OOOPS blueberry muffins, all is well with the world

What's the difference between a tom turkey and a hen turkey.

Tonight's State Dinner - menu & pics

Can you fix dressing/stuffing in a crock pot?