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No jail time for figure in Abramoff scandal

No jail time for figure in Abramoff scandal

No jail time for figure in Abramoff scandal

OK, so Obama is going to pardon the Thanksgiving turkey - and fry the troops. Ironic. Festive. nt

Catering to the "centrists" in Congress and screwing the progressives

Sen Webb & Sen Warner are both still "reading" the bill and deciding

Civil Rights Group Sues BMV

~gasp~ report-we are winning the War on Christmas--KMART IS OPEN *ON* THANKSGIVING

Wedge issue: John Boehner PAC splurges on golf

Every time Health Care Reform failed in the past, we didn't get something better

Dollars & Sense: Bank Failures Send FDIC Into the Red

An interesting graphic on Housing Cost vs Income

NASCAR Uniformed Politicians

Media Matters comments on Mark Halperin's disgusting, sexist, juvenile photoshop of Landrieu

New Intelligence Squared U.S. debate - Are Obama's Economic Policies Working Effectively?

beck and limbaugh Call Sen. Mary Landrieu A Whore Because She Voted for Healthcare

So ..... will he carry the Hispanic vote?

E-mail this to AFA (re: boycott on GAP)

Not looking for Dupes, just a Heads-up! Howard Dean filling in for Rachel NOW

Howard Dean guest hosting the Rachel Maddow show?

Washington Post shutters last U.S. bureaus

Winger Ringerdinger

CNN is carrying Obama's speech at the State dinner

Why do the Democrats keep fucking around with Joe Lieberman?

Who is this TWIT on Hardball spewing the lamest of right-wingnut talking points?

POLL-- Obama 49 Palin 43

Obama's New Afghanistan Plan May Be Much Like Old One

Iraq war inquiry: Britain heard US drumbeat for invasion before 9/11

New Amendment

In case you missed it-Palin in the news

Pittsburg cops get a $50,000 finger

Dean covering for Rachel

"Swine Flu Screwup" Mother Jones

The First Republican

Why is it I see no posts on what I think is single

Why is it I see no posts on what I think is single

Big Pakistan Offensive Has Failed to Nab Any Taliban Leaders

ok , assume this : (post about locked in syndrome)

Key official in Guantanamo closure plan resigns, Phillip Carter

Rip Off Recycle centers make it NOT WORTH RECYCLING

Question: How many more CONTRACTORS are going in? Haven't seen that one asked yet

And me with a brain the size of a small star system.

Republicans love them some "rogue".

Howard Dean's in for Rachel...interesting

What does not cause cancer? California has 19 pages of things which do

What does not cause cancer? California has 19 pages of things which do

Posting Scahill's Article on Blackwater on Free Republic

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I just *love* this

tv formats question please

The only hope I can see for Obama

Are Republicans Retarded? (Seriously)

How are we going to pay for the Afghan escalation?

re: Afghanistan-There is no "if we just______, it'll be fine".....

2012 Republican campaign underway in nation's bookstores

If this post receives ONE unrec I'll kill a puppy!!!

So a freeper was saying how Americans have no work ethic...

What did Dean say at the end of Rachel's show..not being shown the teleprompter in the last half?

So, what is pissing people off the most tonight? Tempers are running high, it seems...

Michelle looks great tonight.

YAY!!! We're taxing the Rich!!!

Today CNN ran a poll asking "are you willing to pay higher taxes to fund the war in Afghanistan?"

“Even a respected professional like Mr. Fleischer will have a hard time selling ...

Give Thanks To Kathleen Sebelius For Saving 47,000 Women From Death By Cost-Benefit Analysis

Court Kills ‘Round-The-Clock’ Surveillance Case

Court Kills ‘Round-The-Clock’ Surveillance Case

3rd Circuit panel backs school, Separation of Church and State

Fed Officials Cut Forecasts for Unemployment Rate

2% OR 98%...WHICH ARE YOU?

Rep. Gutierrez: “Impossible” To Vote For Health Care If Immigrants Can’t Buy Insurance

Catholic bishops see 'fundamental failure' on abortion in Senate bill

Oh. My. Gawd!

Obama's not FDR but he isn't McCain either....

"As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways" ny times

"The World According to Monsanto" .... tonight, 9 p.m. EST, Sundance Channel

Anyone else think having state dinners during a recession is not right?

You Say Potato, I Say Yam.

I love my family, but choose to spend Thanksgiving alone this year

I love my family, but choose to spend Thanksgiving alone this year

Charleston, SC City Council Passes Nondiscrimination Ordinance

Rec if you hate unrec.

Airline employees..check in

Why are we in Afghanistan?

I don't understand the point of a state dinner.

He crossed a line, my duty is clear, I WILL PROTECT my friends and co workers

Dumb LTTE identifies "radical leftists" in government

From the Hospital Room to Bankruptcy Court

"Taking to the Streets" -- Yes or No?

Palin tells Marg Delahunty Canada should 'dismantle' public health-care system

Republican concerns about accuracy in unemployment

I thought Obama's visits to Arlington and Dover weighed heavier on his mind

Whose side is Obama on?

GOP "Purity" Test Would Help Dems in Key Race

Like any other modern industrial nation, we could...

It’s what they do best

What if God is a turkey?

Light at the End of the Tunnel for Dawn Johnsen’s OLC Confirmation?

Boehner's PAC has spent over $80,000 this year

No new MediCare patients

"We All Know that Obama was humiliated and stonewalled by the haughty Chinese leaders,

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Entrees recipes

Landrieu, Jindal share hot seat from healthcare bill

Republican purity tests

South Florida Cubans lend support to Honduras

SC taxpayers will pay price for Sanford's lawyer

Stifled Anger at Work Doubles Men's Risk for Heart Attack

Argentina veterans divided over Falklands 'abuse' case

NY Times: Home Prices May Be Nearing a New Dip

Zelaya warns US support for Honduras elections divisive

PALIN Tells Marg Delahunty Canada Should ' DISMANTLE ' Its Public Health-Care System

Talking to a Global Warming denier

Sen. LeMieux speaks out on "culture of corruption" in South Florida

Bankers making turkeys out of taxpayers

Mortgage Bankers Say Risk Retention Will Force Them Out of Business

Want a hit of some good shit ??

Google apologizes for offensive image of first lady

Intelligence poorly related to brain size

An american conservative is someone who believes that

Murdoch (Faux, WSJ) to ally with M$ Bing and pull content from Google

GOP files complaint against White (D-Ne they are very afraid of this guy!)

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for

SF Labor Council calls for 2010 March on Washington

Moar Howard Dean on Morning Blow Please

REPORT: At Least 40 GOP Lawmakers Fail The ‘Purity Test’

865 Times. Close the terror gap created by right-wingers and blue dogs.

Senator in prostitution scandal caught checking out lingerie

Amazing and Cool video of meteor explosion over South Africa!

China-Africa Summit in Egypt Hailed as Success (the numbers are staggering)

"Non- Profit Health" Insurance companies are not non-profit.

I am sooo disappointed in our President...

I have been informed that this post is a moldy dupe.

Calling Seymour Hersh..anyone? anyone? Bueller? (crickets chirping...)

Is there a way to contact the catholic church?

President Barack Obama looks like shit

So, where the hell is this supposed "Top Tens" forum?

Protest the troop buildup on an intersection near your home

I was just reading a leading rw pundit (and future prez candidate0

Lawyers Slam DOJ for Arguing U.S. Officials Aren’t Liable for Torture Abroad

Small buisness can get loan through ARC portion of stimulus package

How the recession is affecting Thanksgiving.

Faux priest accused of touching real underage girls

South Florida's exile activists set sights on Honduras

Manufacturing in the United States: A lost cause?

Study: Bear Stearns & Lehman CEOs cashed in before Wall Street meltdown (Raw Story)

Rec if you don't want more money to be spent on the wars.

I personally don't care if you're for or against the Afghanistan escalation...

Administration to fight hunger by asking us to feed our neighbors

I see DK is still setting up his Presidential run against Obama in 2012.

"Obama administration and the US military chain of command may not be aware of its existence."

SC to Decide if Idle Rich's Scenic Ocean Views More Important than Public Beaches, the Environment

Death to All Smokers.

Politico - "Anti-Kennedy bishop targeted Rudy, Pelosi"

Politico - "Anti-Kennedy bishop targeted Rudy, Pelosi"

Proof that some of the dumbest people live in Ohio

WalMart is open tomorrow, and they intend to be open for 24 hours through Friday

Afghanistan is not worth fighting

Toyota to Replace 3.8 Million Gas Pedals

9-yr. old girl finds tailbone from carnivore thought to be more than 100 million years old

we really need another massive anti-war rally

Katie Couric's Forbidden Dance of Gin

From 9-11 to the escalation of the wars, somethings rotten in America

A caller to C-SPAN had an interesting suggestion...

2% Palin

'Whales can't even hear naval sonar' says Navy boffin

Fox exploits situation after teen busted for guns in car

Why arguing if climate change is real is useless

NY Times - "From the Hospital to Bankruptcy Court"

The Rude Pundit: Family Research Council Is Thankful for Lack of Fact-Checkers

JFK on Gratitude.

Borwitz: Palin Issues Thankfulnesses List

AlterNet: Is Screwing You Over?

MuffinGate! "The dignitary will be gone in less than 5 minutes, as soon as she finishes her muffin."

Alex Castellanos To Continue CNN Gig, Downplays New Post At RNC

MO incest case - more graphic evidence found

Troops voice support for force increase

Andrea Mitchell Asks If President Obama Is Acting More Like Hamlet Than the Commander in Chief

Alan Grayson I love you


Astro-Turf Spammers Posing As Liberals On DU - Do They Exist?

Do You Shop On Black Friday?

Improving Mecca's infrastructure

Freepwad: Pilgrims suffered and died because they practiced communism

INSIGHTS: Death at Dawn in a Peruvian Mining Camp

Boehner: $82,998 on golf outings so far this year

Feds offer enhanced benefits, but NUMMI workers push for new production

Operation "X" proceeding as planned

WikiLeaks - How are they allowed to do this?

Obama I continues another Bush II policy: says no to treaty banning landmines

What should Obama do?

M$NBC succeeded in finding someone even less coherent than Andrea Mitchell..

Bernanke: "Best thing we can say about labor market right now - it may be getting worse more slowly"

"You can't just pick and choose the CBO numbers you like or don't like."

Is anyone here still in favor of retaining the filibuster?

So the Soviet Union in Afghanistan taught us nothing?

Someone help me out: What will Lieberman's legacy be?

Pick your favorite right wing candidate for 2012

If Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson & Mary Landreau join Lieberman to filibuster

I am thankful for Barack Obama and his impact on the courts

I wonder if President Obama or VP Biden will make a surprise trip to Iraq or Afghanistan

15 Signs American Society Is Coming Apart at the Seams

Mayflower Memories (redux)

Mr. Sparkman's death

Some free, funny eCards to send this Thanksgiving

If a Gallup poll said 56% of people polled supported a war with Tonga

PERINO-‘We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during Bush’s term’ (WTF was 9/11?)

Maureen Dowd: Bill Clinton Lobbied Gov. Paterson To Keep Caroline Kennedy Out Of Senate

Maureen Dowd: Bill Clinton Lobbied Gov. Paterson To Keep Caroline Kennedy Out Of Senate

Bill Kristol: No trial, just put Hasan to death

How do you know when you really win a war?

Woman arrested for telling friend she had been kidnapped

Will you accept The Surge in Afghanistan as an Exit Plan?

How DARE you unrec this thread

Google Sorry for Racist First Lady Image

Perino: No Terrorist Attacks In America Under Bush

East Antarctica, Long Stable, Is Now Losing Ice

K&R for "No troop surge without a DEFICIT NEUTRAL war tax hike"

Lou Dobbs: Friend Of Illegal Immigrants Everywhere?

I think we are getting ready to royally screw the neocon wing of the 'thugs.

Top 10 uses for "Going Rogue" By Mark Morford

MSM TV journalism is to real news what the WWF is to professional sports

Obama's first pardon: A turkey called 'Courage'

Boston faces deep risk from sea level rise - $463 billion

Rec. if you miss all those fake BushCo Terra-Lerts...

Rec. if you miss all those fake BushCo Terra-Lerts...



The old media wants to change the copyright laws to 'spread the wealth around'

Is it classy to smoke on Thanksgiving

Don't buy into the Palin hype. They're just using her as revenge for Obama.

'Even LBJ would be stuck if he drew this hand'

I found the girl's blog page whom Norah interviewed (a video is posted

A neurologist explains why we should be skeptical about the Rom Houben (Belgian in coma) story

"There is no such thing as "finishing the job" in Afghanistan.

The origin of left and right in human evolution

Meteor Shower caught on tape.

One of these is not like the others

John Bolton is a sniveling little coward

John Bolton is a sniveling little coward

Paula Deen (Video) Ham Hits Her In Face--accidental

Rec'd 'em? Unrec'd 'em? Hell, why not just kill 'em? n/t.

So have Obama and the Pentagon brainiacs estimated how many more years

Wikipedia 'loses' 49,000 editors

The 12 scams of Christmas

Arpaio Detainee Forced to Deliver Baby While Shackled

Sarah Palin has presidential history in her corner

"Why the U.S., China are about to get divorced"

Obama is about to escalate Afghanistan. Expect copious cheerleading...

'Kick a Jew day' ends in suspensions for 10 Florida students

Help dogs in need of rescue

Double Standard: CBS Early Show Blurs Adam Lambert Gay Kiss, Then Shows Britney-Madonna Kiss Moments

Cannabis and Autism

Recent college graduates are moving back in with their parents or other relatives in huge numbers

Employees, Customers Cry Foul Over Supposed Christian Charity

History Question: How much time was there between FDR taking office and the New Deal?

LOL @ today's Non Sequitur

Vicki Kennedy describes husband's cancer battle

School bans holiday items from holiday gift shop

Republic of Money: The "Harvester Trust" to Obama

Siegelman: Bush lawyers still running Justice Department

Catholics for Choice ---

"You are Losing Me DUers" - The Easist Rebuttal I Have Ever Made:

The Afghan Speech President Obama Should Give (But Won't)

"Spot" and "Fido" Part of Holidays Too

Obama to announce U.S. forces withdrawing within eight or nine years

Repubs Unveil Contract on Colorado

Getting ready to board an airplane. Coulda sworn I heard Kirk Ferentz just being paged now...

Hey Allentownjake

Since AllentownJake is getting so much love, let's hear some of the other posters that you like.

Sarah Palin, Canadian Studies expert

A Thanksgiving Poll of Sorts...

Thought for the day

CIA Interrogation Tapes Destroyed Shortly After News Reports on CIA Black Sites ...

Schools updating lessons on 1st Thanksgiving

Huckabee: Palin has more experience than Obama, gay marriage like having 6 or 7 wives

Please...Please, remember what Thanksgiving is all about :)

Single Payer Advocates Say Bernie Sanders "Not A Fighter"

About the decline in jobless claims this week- Lying in plain site

HuffPo: Dems to Vitter: Denounce Glenn Beck's Landrieu Prostitute Analogies

hardball once again has two republicans debating each other...

"The Fierce Urgency of Now" Obama needs to LISTEN to MLK Jr.'s speech again!

Who is behind the global warming e-mails hacking?

C-span: NPC ... Russell Mokhiber - SINGLE PAYER ACTION, Founder . . .from today . . .

Can one DU member, with an idea, massively stimulate one sector of the economy?

Is Perino calling Obama and the Dems "tools"

Does anyone know what's happening with stem cell research?

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan Region at 845

"Blame It" Obama Spoof

Navy SEALs accused of punching accused Falluja plotter

Who here thinks men and men are exactly the same when it comes to sex?

"Erev" Thanksgiving Dental Thread....

Ed Shultz just smacked

At some point you must admit that both parties' leadership is basically the same.

who is this tool on Ed right now


Do you use the Motorola Droid, HTC Hero or HTC Eris?

CIA’s Lost Magic Manual Resurfaces

Get Your War On: Obama to give primetime speech on the way forward in Afghanistan this Tuesday

PBS Newshour just showed the UK Iraq investigation. NO EVIDENCE OF WMD.

Pelosi keeps door open on war tax to finance the war in Afghanistan

Study: Palin news top story for only 2% of public--HuffPo

Some thoughts on predator drones and their pilots.

Toyota to recall 110,000 Tundra trucks over rust

Would it be a waste of time to contact our President and tell him NO!?

Travel "expert" on MSNBC: air travel down 62% since 2000

NJ teen barred from abortion protest sues school

What search engine do you prefer?

US troop buildup carries high costs in lives and money

Tony Blair knew days before the invasion there were no WMD's? Try him for Crimes Against Humanity

Nixon's Plan For Health Reform, In His Own Words

Dean of Harvard Medical School weighs in on health care reform debate.

HCR and Federal Employees Health Benefits

Flavour of India at Obama’s first State Dinner

Troop build up makes me ill, but I don't know if I'd act differently

Reminder - Tonight on Frontline - The Card Game

Looking forward, how do you feel about 2010 midterms?

Dana Perino: Obama is playing politics by not calling the Ft. Hood massacre "terrorism"

One of the stupidest notions getting pushed: "If they're freed on the streets of NY .... "

Dana Perino: "We Did Not Have a Terrorist Attack on Our Country During President Bush's Term"

'Robin Hood' banker sentence suspended

Oil Officials See Limit Looming on Production (Graphic Warning)

Blackwater's covert program in Pakistan, includes planning assassinations, kidnapping

Blackwater's covert program in Pakistan, includes planning assassinations, kidnapping

Federal lawsuit filed against Atlanta police over raid at gay club

Three words I thought this President was willing to say: "We were wrong."

Obama Slammed Over Pardon of ‘Remorseless’ Turkey

Obama, Singh boost hopes of climate deal

Up, up and away in a beautiful zeppelin

LOL ROFL Rightwinger has his minions turn on him

From ThinkProgress: 27 Reasons To Give Thanks

Dog Recovering After Eating 130 Nails

White House Visitor Logs Show Obama Turned To Business Leaders

White House Visitor Logs Show Obama Turned To Business Leaders

President Obama, Read That Bible You Quote So Much: Your Jesus Was the Prince of Peace.

I hate Monsanto

Rep. Kucinich says Congress should vote down funding for Afghanistan escalation

WaPo/ABC News poll: Fewer Americans believe in global warming but most still support carbon redux

Palin Issues Thankfulnesses List

14 People Have Unrec-ed This Post - What Do I Not Understand Here?

Family says Fort Lewis soldier was murdered

Do you think it is helpful to repeat the now cliched "He Said He Would Do It During The Campaign"

How about this, more sinister, angle to the Murdoch-Microsoft deal?

Suffering in Silence in Little Rock-In his own words, Dr. Ralph Freidin, Little Rock triage doctor

Wikileaks Says It Has Half-a-Million 9/11 Pager Messages

Just FYI - "classy" is an inherently bigoted term.

What's on the Menu for Thanksgiving at Camp David?

Esquire - "What If Jesus Meant All That Stuff?" - "The biggest obstacle to God has been Christians."

Afghanistan will "finish the job". Every time.

A suggestion for long-time DUers.

The Filibuster

U.S. Senate committee to consider nomination of R.I. judge

Incest allegations shatter image of church-going clan

Why did I think Obama would change things?

Afghan Escalation Would Make One-Yr. Pentagon Budget Almost As Big as Entire 10-Year Health Bill

Michelle's Dress Tonight at the State Dinner

Why do YOU "unrec" a post? What message do you intend to convey?

In the Midst of the Health Care Debate and the H1N1 Vaccine Crisis

If there are tinfloil hat theories about one-world government, end of America, and all that,

Overall, I think President Obama is

Overheard at PO today: they say government healthcare will be run like the PO

Overheard at PO today: they say government healthcare will be run like the PO

"We really haven't noticed just how far things have gone to hell"

I really dislike Pat Buchanan but did you notice last night he slipped about KSM's children?

If the Democratic Party only fights for Centrist policy, they can turn to Centrists for money.

I found this quite amusing...

Mr. President, regarding Patriot Act renewals, a Constitutional law professor should know better

What if Obama announces on Tuesday

What is your impression, if any, of the Boer War? Just curious, even if you know very little

Proud of my husband this Thanksgiving--He got The Denver Rescue Mission a new stove!

Obama pardons Courage the turkey - "I was planning to eat this sucker."

Politico - "McCain incentivizing supporters to comment on blogs" - RW Astroturfing Of Liberal Sites

Guilt-free Gratitude

What if God is a ham?

Who here thinks men and women are exactly the same when it comes to sex?

Do you think it is helpful to repeat the now cliched "That's not change I can believe in"

AP: White House ‘Met Early and Often with Lobbyists’ on Health Care

I am half way through John Farmer's "The Ground Truth" - I had high hopes for it

Turkey Trivia Quiz

Turkey Trivia Quiz

Did Perino have a Freudian Slip when she said no terrorists attacked us during Bush's Term?

Youtube only? Well that doesn't support KO or RM very well does it.

One of these is not like the others part II

Officials: Census worker hanged himself

Tim Kaine says Creigh Deeds lost for failing to energize his base.

Ed Begley tells the truth on Fox!

Ed Begley tells the truth on Fox!

I look both ways before I cross the street

Roman Polanski is granted bail by a Swiss court

Just FYI - "bigoted" is an inherently classy term.

Just FYI - "bigoted" is an inherently classy term.


Thanksgiving: Disgrace to turkeys, PETA's ad rejected by NBC

Overweight man barred from flight, misses uncle's funeral

Top 10 Uses for "Going Rogue" -- Mark Morford

This American Will Not Support Obama's Escalation into More War in Afghanistan. And I Am Not Alone.

From the "Not a surprise" file: Arne Duncan not helping colleges. (for Madfloridian in particular)

You Are Losing Me, DUers

You Are Losing Me, DUers

You Are Losing Me, DUers

Thanksgiving from the indigenous viewpoint

On having voted for Obama

Does anybody have a link to the new Matt Taibbi article?

Losing my religion...

Are You Experienced?

Those hacked climate e-mails: Good scientists, poor conspirators

Today I came face to face with a Rush Limbaugh fan who had stepped over the edge

Harold Ford DLC urges us not to try to water down Obama's education agenda.

"You Are Losing Me, Kossacks." - Easiest Rebuttal I've Ever Made

I believe the opportunity with Obama isn't to fix the broken system, but to expose it

Amnesty: Nearly half of Tajik women 'regularly abused'

The Sad, Angry, Paranoid RW Mindset

cleveramerican was nearly killed by drunk driver last night.

What would Obama have to do or not do to lose your support?

Centuries-old tradition in Nepal

Anyone else getting this weird message from spell check here at DU?

What my pilot buddy wants for Christmas!

So, how big is your turkey this year.

Kiss the sky

Stalker Financial Expert Offers Recession Tips Just For Woman He Follows

In Time

Leaving Me Now

YouTube...KILLER song, KILLER live clip: Nanase Aikawa, "Hikari To Kage No Labyrinth"

It's no where near the weekend but

YouTube - Another hard-rocking Nanase Aikawa clip, "Tenshi no You ni Odorasete" more Nanase Aikawa track, because you deserve the BEST: "Like A Hard Rain"


Pic heavy, review

Golden Brown

High and Dry



The RAah Project

Beatles to release digital remasters on a 16GB, $280 USB drive housed in green aluminum apple

The Revolution presents: Revolution

Breathe Deep

For my 1000th-ish Post: A Sincere Thank You to The DU Lounge!

"Are You Ready?"

Is there anything you've been doing IN ADDITION TO Takin' Care of Business Every Day?

Coral Stingrays check in

YouTube - The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody (the real deal, NOT a RickRoll).

You should be kissed, and often. By someone who knows how.

I'm having trouble with the unrec feature in the Lounge,

ECW 1994-2001 was the zenith of professional wrestling.

Driving to Atlanta Airport to meet my daughter coming in

For a moment all the world was right

I am reading Don Quixote right now ...

You know what I'm thankful for?

anybody tried google in the last hour? I can't get on there

Anyone watching LOST,

Bachelors-level drafter???

"Some people have a way with words. Others not have way."

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

YouTube Videos

Irvin Rosenfeld Has Recieved Over 115,000 Joints from the Federal Government

I have vegetarian Thanksgiving entree recipes. Post them here or in GD?

Sade to release new album

Here is your Thanksgiving present.

Good morning Lounge

If a man had written the Twilight series, would it have been more or less creepy than it is?

The Real Purpose of Social Consumption of Alcohol?

Never Let Me Down

I don't like pumpkin pie, there I said it.

So, who is working tomorrow I have the day off, sort of.

Cop vs. hyper affectionate kitty (video)

Help! What's the site that had all those bizarre nativities?

So ya wanna dump out yo' trick bag, Ease on in a hip thang,

Computer says it's a binary code, it's just a pity I can't understand it: Flock of Seagulls, YouTube

I am outtahere, before my friend Wes has to kick me for disrupting.

Charges Dropped Against Woman who Posed Nude at Met

I just saw a cyclist run over a native rodent

D.B. Cooper hijacked a plane on Thanksgiving eve in l971.

When stuffing a turkey...

I'm gonna complain about you all and then get annoyed when you disagree with me

Handmade XMas - 1 gift out of the way

DU is hilarious this week.

cat and dog owners help me out!!

God is watching you peel.

Gary Bogue: Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run

I don't like cats loose in the wild, there I said it.

I saw something about the Civil War in England on my Zenith

There is no wonder bread so I rarely come here.

Relationships are crap.

I just read 1984

How do you write in italics on DU?

I forgot rule #1 about living with a new kitten...

The sad part about that Deleted Subthread...

Are Ray Bans still cool?

Can someone please tell me what type of beans are used in a green bean casserole?

Interesting Quotation

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Entrees recipes

1812 and the Stars and Stripes......Yup.......We deserve the BEST...JP Souza was a Man

Is your theme song a cliche?

i don't need no freaking holiday TV schedule...

Richard Simmons a prop?

Police: Dad leaves boy and goes into strip club

Is Man Ray still cool?

Ode to the nut brown

It's the Velvet Frog! Er..."Fog." Sorry. "The Christmas Song" - Mel Torme and Judy Garland, YouTube

If this post receives ONE unrec I'll kill a puppy!!!

Is Ray Stevens still cool?

I know.. I miss more than hit...

Things I'd rather do than go to the very best show in Branson, MO

I know it's wrong......but I can almost taste our thanksgiving dinner already

The VERY drunk biker...

Was Creekdog ever cool?

ANOTHER very drunk guy...

Radar Online: Gosselin bitter over "not getting paid" for "puttting my kids out there to pedophiles"

To anybody who has no concept of 'personal space' when parking in a lot,

Do you know what your hats do when you aren't home? {edited}

Operation "X" proceeding as planned

There is no wonder I rarely come here.

Was Jim Stafford ever cool?

off the family mobile phone plan

Salon: Disney's first African-American princess charms in one of the most sincere romantic comedies

Do you know what your cats do when you aren't home?

Suggestions for a fun evening at home

I just got a "Smart Meter." Anyone else have one?

ECW 1641-1651 was the zenith of civil war in England.

Are you working today?

I got Lucky and Charlotte together for a picture!

Pants of Unusual Size.

anyone want to share their ignore list with me?

Smug Therapy cats

Thanksgiving week music thread - what have you listened to lately?

Latest picture of Charlotte

I'm guessing Adam Lambert went to the "Madonna School of Self-Promtion'

Do any athiests/agnostics here put up lights on your house?

A very special Maury Christmas...

Who has tons to do and doesn't want to do a damn thing?

What are you paying for home heating oil?


2% OR 98%...WHICH ARE YOU?

I've almost finished the 'Dry Brined Turkey'.

Turkey meat and drowsiness

My wife loves me

Susan Boyle's album

List 3 Things You Are Thankful For

your opinion on the green bean/mushroom soup/fried onion casserole

Who here is saying "FUCK BLACK FRIDAY!" and staying home?

My only OP on Afghanistan that I'm making for the rest of the year

Time magazine via Halperin's blog photoshops Senator Landrieu. It's disgusting


A reader's comments regarding Obama's Afghan surge

Is anyone else sick of "journalists" asking one another "Do you think the President understands...?"


Pro-Gun group working to derail healthcare reform.

Believe it or not, there is a method for soliciting abstract binary reader opinion on DU

Pop Quiz - Who Said the Following?

After Judas Priest, Heller New Foe for Nevada Democrat

LaFonta Makes Bid Against Cao Official

GOP rival faults Branstad for health bill's advance

FL-Sen, FL-Gov: Rubio Keeps Getting Closer

Kyl says Hayworth unlikely to run against McCain, let alone win

FYI: Hannity was bashing Obama's plan to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

White House video team ready for a holiday

Hoffman concedes, again

President Obama Toasts Indian Prime Minister at State Dinner (VIDEO)

Obama & LBJ: Even with Great Society & historic Civil Rights legislation, LBJ was sunk by the war

US War Casualties - 24-Nov-09

At what point do we put people who CONSTANTLY spout twisted cheerleader talking points on ignore?

In 1982, Unemployment was at 10% but the ruling party did not suffer

Democrats promising to not let core Dem policy vote. How in the world is this even acceptable????

The pro Afghan war Democrats might as well receive paychecks from Cheney for the work they're doing

"the speech Obama should give on Afghanistan" Mother Jones

Do You Believe That Under President Obama (and our Dem Congress) That We Are Making Progress?

Do You Believe That Under President Obama (and our Dem Congress) That We Are Making Progress?

Calling Seymour Hersh..anyone? anyone? Bueller? (crickets chirping...)

Modern Flourishes as Obamas Host State Dinner

Do you support continuing & escalating the Afghanistan War?


Fiorina: White Men Can't Beat Boxer

UnRecs... Should the DUer be listed somehow on the thread?

Peace groups declare National Call-In Day to oppose escalation of war in Afghanistan

An Offensive Photo (shop)

****Heads Up: POTUS Pardons a Turkey, Live!****

A Primary Challenger For West Virginia Rep. Rahall?

An illegitimate conversation

Peripatetic President To Press For Progress

Joan Walsh, Salon: "I'm thankful I'm not President Obama"

Stunning first couple

Thanksgiving week humor new Rass 2012 poll

Democrat wins House special election in Cedar Rapids

Dana Perino says there was no terrorist attack during the Bush Administration

Sarah Palin said WHAT???

This is a very good Thanksgiving start from Israel.. Must have Palin and right

"Consumers log stronger-than-expected spending rise."

"Consumers log stronger-than-expected spending rise."

Bankruptcies spike 33%

Today’s Oprah: "The Last Brother of Camelot, Sen. Kennedy's Life & Legacy"

Today’s Oprah: "The Last Brother of Camelot, Sen. Kennedy's Life & Legacy"

Orszag blasts 'loosey goosey' critiques of health legislation cost containment


Obama Visit to China VS Bush visit to China - We report you decide

Obama's 'Mistakes': Way Too Early to Judge

Why I think we're being manipulated RE: the "Land Mine Treaty" article from the AP

Serious question: Does being in Afghanistan give us more or less leverage vis-a-vis Pakistan?

Full Department of Labor Report on weekly claims

Records show WH health care talks

Few in Arizona want to see Sarah Palin become president

Briefing by Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell

Good news raises hopes recovery won't fizzle

AllentownJake - This is not a call-out

K&R if you wish McCain and Palin had won in 2008

Unprecedented criticism from republicans against a sitting president who was elected in

Obama loves war

Remember when WE wanted to discuss underemployment and people who just gave up looking?

Why It Was Important To Host The Indian PM In A State Dinner

Michelle is Still My Favorite Obama- What a Stunning Dress For the State Dinner

United We Serve: Feed a Neighbor

Do the people who believe Obama is selling out, is Bush light, is a Kenyan hate facts?

President Obama's Thanksgiving Message To Supporters

PHOTO: The First Couple all dressed up! (UPDATED)

John McCain: Sarah Palin attacks 'vicious' - "I’ve never seen anything like it"

"The Creature from Jekyll Island.....revists it's Ugly Head! FAKE MONEY/FEDERAL RESERVE!

I would like some people here to do a little experiment.

President Obama to appear on Oprah

Where were the Clintons last night? No mention of them anywhere,

who bears the greater responsibility for our democracy?

Uh Oh Howard Dean taking over for Rachel

Democrats hail jump in consumer spending (updated)

How President Obama can bring home our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Photos: The Obama Presidency, November 25, 2009

There are many things that Obama has done that are wonderful...

People can have legitimate gripes with Obama; but here's why I still give him good marks

I wasn't gonna post this, but I guess I will. Disillusioned.

Blanche Lincoln's familiar foe

The whole Teabagger-Palin-Birther thing explained in one photo:

I never elected Obama expecting Sunshine, Rainbows & puppy dogs the first day in office

Happy Thanksgiving President Obama, Vice President Biden

Greg Craig And Obama's Worsening Civil Liberties Record

Big Ed and Ron Christie, a perfect example of.....

If "yes we can" means nothing to you, it's yiggedy-your fault.

Manhattan Subway Deal Goes to China State Firm: Giving it All Up To China Makes No Sense

Obama family distributes Thanksgiving treats (w/Photos)

Ford vs. Gillibrand?

Indian-American Romance, And A Backstage Marriage Proposal, At Yesterday’s State Dinner

Yes, DUers, if you complain about Obama that means you wanted McCain!

Dear Mr. President, Let me be frank and just say......

Enough. This is just insane!

Two wars and a double dip recession should dictate less glitz.

I wasn't gonna post this, but, it'll just prove so many people here wrong:

REC If You Are Sick and Damned Tired of Being Let Down By Our Democratic Leaders

How do we get Obama and the corporatist Democrats to listen to us, the base

An Open Letter to The Left

Get Ready for the Obama/GOP Alliance on escalating the war in Afghanistan by Jeff Cohen

Initial jobless claims fall to 466,000, lowest since September 2008

NYT Mag: After Cheney

SEIU could sever ties with California Democratic Party

Washington Post to close three regional bureaus

Somali Case Highlights Specter of Radicalization

Jury in Petters fraud case breaks for Thanksgiving

Galleon's Raj Rajaratnam attacks insider-trading charges

Philippine president's ally 'top suspect' in massacre

SEIU could sever ties with California Democratic Party

Going Rogue: 'People Question if Obama Was Born in This Country'

Fort Hood tightens security procedures

Fort Hood tightens security procedures

Obama says he'll announce Afghan plan after Thanksgiving

U.S. urges Americans to help feed their neighbors

Perino: No Terrorist Attacks In America Under Bush

South Florida's exile activists set sights on Honduras

BRREAKING:Obama To Copenhagen For Climate Talks

Iraq to counter "lies", show successes via YouTube

6 family members killed in Iraq

Obama Will Go to Copenhagen Meeting on Climate Change

China reports 8 cases of swine flu mutation

Obama to attend beginning of U.N. climate meeting

Key coordinator of detainee policy quits

KY. census worker committed suicide, authorities say

Cuomo Sues NY "United Homeless Organization" For Deceiving Public And Stealing Charitable Donations

Blue Cross Calls, Mailers Get NC Lawmakers' Notice

Admiral Mike Mullen To Geneva for START Talks

FBI raids Ind., Ohio offices of financial firms

White House Visitor Logs Show Obama Turned To Business Leaders

AP: White House ‘Met Early and Often with Lobbyists’ on Health Care

GlaxoSmithKline pulls swine flu vaccines in Canada

Catholic order pays out for abuse

Family says Fort Lewis soldier was murdered (killed execution-style)

Truck carrying illegal immigrants falls off Texas cliff

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,365

Pelosi keeps door open on war tax

Iraq inquiry: Tony Blair told ‘days before invasion’ WMD had been dismantled

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 25

Saab likely to close as GM fails to sell car brand

Women Nobel Peace Laureates & Women’s Rights Leaders Urge Secretary of State Clinton to Condemn Viol

Egads Confidential 9/11 Pager Messages Disclosed

Honduras vote to sideline president, enshrine coup

AP NewsBreak: Toyota to replace 3.8M gas pedals

Police find an arsenal in apartment after blast (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

Orion plant rolls out last Pontiac for U.S

Polanski granted bail by Swiss court

No Blackwater firm in Pakistan, asserts US envoy

Consumer Spending in U.S. Rises More Than Forecast (Jobless claims 14 month low)

Yemen Sees ‘Mounting Evidence’ Iran Is Arming Rebels

Obama denounces Mugabe's rule

Happy Thanksgiving - Judge Gives Debt-Ridden Couple a House

Patrick Cockburn: Britain's ignorance of Iraq is already apparent

Dumb and Dumber Wars

Grand Compromise in Senate? Public Option to Be Limited to Guy Named 'Fred'

The Pentagon's bases in Colombia

Sarah Palin Predicts Jews Will Be Flocking to Del Boca Vista

Somali Case Highlights Specter of Radicalization

Going Rogue: 'People Question if Obama Was Born in This Country'

Closing bases (US MILITARY)

US: Ban Landmines (HRW 23 November 2009)

Why They Hate Us: On Military Occupation

Talk2Action: Generational Curses, Deliverance Centers, and the Kingdom Health Care System

Amy Goodman: Books, Not Bombs

Cheneys Slam Obama for Turkey Pardon, Urge Military Tribunal for Gobbler

Honduras' sham election

The mystery of Dr Aafia Siddiqui

What Nidal Hasan, Timothy McVeigh, and the Beltway Sniper Have in Common?

Fed Estimates 7% Unemployment at end of 2012

Ron Brownstein is Completely Uninformed; Rahm Emanuel is a Fool for Thinking Otherwise

Glenn Beck: Obama's 'Indian' State Dinner an Attack on Traditional Thanksgiving

Senator in prostitution scandal caught checking out lingerie

The Misunderstood Robber Baron. Just something to contemplate as we hand more money over for

Lou Dobbs to Run for Prez, Address Latinos in Pig Latin

Single Payer Advocates Address Deep Flaws in Democratic Health Bill

VIDEO: Interviews with Sarah Palin Supporters from Book Signing

Afghan Strategy Will Contain Messages to Several Audiences

In Pictures: President Obama hosts State Dinner at the White House

Nick Clegg: crying wolf in 2003 destroyed all trust in Britain's leaders

Honduras Coup Regime Declares New State of Emergency Prior to Sunday “Election”

A day to give thanks?

Employer-Based Insurance is Shrinking; Insurance Profits are Fine

Jim Hightower: Giving Thanks for America's Good Food Movement

Phil Carter Resigns from Key Detainee Policy Post (Greenwald)

If each liberal "special interest" group is just in it alone, what's the point of a common ideology?

Palin Suggests Reforming Canada’s Universal Health Care System: ‘Let The Private Sector Take Over’

Why not ban landmines? (Second Opinion | Baltimore Sun)

Garrison Keillor: The dinner of all dinners

Who's watching Glenn Beck? - Comparison to Father Coughlin


Stop Violence Against Women Day: Unions Act Globally and Locally

Uncomplimentary cartoon about Joe Lieberman in Cleveland Plain Dealer

Angelina 'igotminescreweveryoneelse' Jolie V Obama

Great dinnertime talk with the Repubs

Is Belief in God Hurting America?

Johann Hari: The real reason Obama is not making much progress

Remembering Transgender Victims of Violence

As Trial Opens, Wine Collectors Seek Solace

Rahm Orders Health Care Article Be Must-Read For Staffers

Get Ready for the Obama/GOP Alliance

Lluís Llach - "L'estaca " (The stake 2004)

Tom Geoghegan on Democrats Bringing Change

18-Year-Old Democrat Running for Wisconsin Governor

Countdown: Grayson - "40 Determined Senators Bent on Stopping" Progress

President Obama Toasts Prime Minister Singh of India

Banksters Renew Their Extortion Threat

Bill Moyers interviews renowned economist James K. Galbraith pt1

Ronald Reagan = Democrat: Keith Olbermann & Chris Kofinis Discuss The GOP's New Purity Test

President Obama Welcomes Prime Minister Singh of India

It's Spill O'Reilly!

Countdown & Howard Dean Standing In For Rachel On Obama's Plan To "Finish The Job" In Afghanistan

Vietghanistan: Never Finished, Not a Job

Coup in Honduras: Workshop at the School of the Americas

Preview of White House Turkey Pardoning

Toe-Sucking Troll From Under The Bridge Uses Faux News Once Again To Raise Money

Hardball: What Obama Has Done Right (Matthews Makes GOPer Look Foolish)

One year ago...she neglected to notice what was going on directly behind her

US will never repay China's $1 trillion

Papantonio: Democrats and Obama - Do or Die

Rahm Emanuel speaking on May 15, 2007 on the Terror Gap

Blackwater's Thanksgiving War In Pakistan

Papantonio: Sarah Palin, The Perfect Voice for the GOP

China Executes - We Give Bonuses!

Stimulus Opponent Eric Cantor Hosts Stimulus-Fueled Job Fair

Get your Barack Obama Dunking Bird!

Countdown: Sarah Palin - Dangerous End-Times Apocalyptic Radical?

Blackwater's Running A Secret War in Pakistan So Classified, Even Administration Doesn't Know

McCain: Who needs exit strategies?

Obama Pardons Turkey for Thanksgiving... (no, not Sarah Palin)

Varney: The Government Is Going To Come Into My Home And Take Away My Incandescent Lighbulbs

Hardball: Kucinich - 'More Jobs, Less War'

Keith Olbermann: Sarah Palin's Religious Beliefs

Young Turks: Wes Clark Jr & Cenk Discuss Disappointment w/ Barack Obama

Dana Perino 'We Did Not Have A Terrorist Attack During Bush's Term'

When Marg Delahunty met Sarah Palin

You Can't End Wars by Sending More Troops

TYT: Wes Clark/Cenk Slam Billboard in Colorado That Asks if Obama is Jihadi

Beck Rules Out Palin/Beck 2012: "What, I'm gonna take backseat to a chick?"

Taxes in Sweden: from Poor No More

World Can't Wait Planning Protests Against Afghanistan Escalation Dec. 1

Drumbeat: November 25, 2009

Climate change could boost incidence of civil war in Africa, study finds (roughly 55% by 2030)

The Lancet: Health and Climate Change (Cutting GHG's could directly save millions of lives)

Global climate change conspiracy exposed

NIWA - New Zealand Glaciers Have Lost Half Their Mass In Past 30 Years - Times Of India

EPA proposes sulfur dioxide limits for first time since 1971

Solyndra breaks ground on 2nd solar plant - 500MW/year

How much wind power would it take to decarbonize the world's economy?

New Scientist - E. Antarctic Ice Sheet - Thought Last Stable Region - Negative Mass Balance Since 06

Michigan State football player who almost killed a hockey player kicked off team

What's the best way to consider which horse to bet on?

Not only am I glad that the Lions are playing on Thanksgiving--I'm also rooting for them.

Which Thanksgiving game are you most looking forward to?

Sorry Detroit...we don't need someone to feel sorry for

Would you give up sex for a month


Sissy or Super-Sissy? Gators Won't Schedule Canes

Honduras' sham election

Honduras Coup Regime Declares New State of Emergency Prior to Sunday “Election”

Coup in Honduras: Workshop at the School of the Americas

How Does President Romeo Vasquez Velasquez Sound? Plus other updates

Honduras police say 4 people, rifles seized

Women Nobel Peace Laureates & Women’s Rights Leaders Urge Secretary of State Clinton to Condemn Viol

Daily Kos: Whom the gods would destroy, part 1: the crisis in Honduras

Honduras election has "a transparent and massive turnout"

Not Code Pink meets Not the D.O.D. (or, my encounter with Christopher Webster)

CEPR Press Release: NED to observe elections the OAS refuses to recognize

South Florida's exile activists set sights on Honduras

Day 149, November 23, 2009 from Oscar (my translation)

O'Grady's lies are absolutely shocking

Critics dismiss Honduran election -- even before first vote has been cast

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad getting around

Honduran military dictatorship arms itself with weapons and munitions of death and declares war

The Pentagon's bases in Colombia

Taming the zionist lobby

EXCLUSIVE - U.S. pitches unique F-35 fighter jet to Israel


Prisoner deal hits snag on Hamas demands - source

A Palestinian peace plan Israelis can live with

Rights group: 69 cases of Palestinian olive trees destroyed, but no prosecutions

Israel announces partial settlement freeze

excellent commentary on mcdonald v. chicago case (heller incorporated to states)

Argument over bear hunting leads to shooting death

Another irrelevant and out of touch gun control group bites the dust!

How familiar are you with existing firearm laws?

Recent accidental shooting news

Ireland: 300,000 public service workers strike

SEIU could sever ties with California Democratic Party

The Cost of ‘No’ and Other Health Care Perspectives

NFU Joins State Farm Leaders to Call on Congress to Pass Health Care Reform

Steam Power

drizzle crossing

Three great accessories

Lass's leery look

Saturn's Aurora in Action

Awww video of the day

Splitting Time from Space—New Quantum Theory

The cute and pesky little Geckos are everywhere

Does this work? B/W enchanted forest with Spanish Moss

Just stop giving to the DNC

Stevens letter to anti-gay NY State senator

Where America's gay couples live

Who Do We Have to Blow to Get Gay Marriage in New York?

Gay marriage momentum stalls in liberal NY, NJ - I hate Maggie Gallagher

Ann Powers: Until an out gay rock star is no longer an anomaly.

Withers: New Jersey pulls back from marriage (Hurry up and wait you gays!)

Should Universities that discriminate against gays be accredited?

The Dollar Bubble

This family needs help.

Music question for a project

Intensity a message from Galactic Family of Light channeled by Cathy Olsen

Leaving a Positive Footprint

I need to Get a Life....

Death and Illness Premonitions or Impressions.

Is there a safe drug treatment for schizophrenia?

From the Hospital to Bankruptcy Court

Obese Patients' Reaction to Diet Can Be Predicted, Study Finds

Therapy 32 Times More Cost Effective At Increasing Happiness Than Money

How long could H1N1 virus live in a house?

What do scientists think about religion? (LAT)

If Judas had claimed to be Jesus, would non-Christian Jews have known that he was lying?

Gratitude in Tough Times

Student assaults KC band teacher on bus

Cup of mint tea is an effective painkiller

"We have to assume there aren't miracles because otherwise we cannot rely upon science."

I made Paul Deen's "Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake,"

The Remains of the Day

Double Holiday Dinner

Okay, anyone know wines? I'm writing a story and...

If I never cook another bone-in turkey

what is the best remedy for a dead mouse odor?

Let the children do the Holiday meal ---easy recipes