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Archives: November 27, 2009

Pets Go Homeless As Recession Hits Hard

Woman arrested for abuse caught on camera at STA Plaza

The Big Picture -dialup warning

Is the Post Office open or closed tomorrow?

L.A. projects $1 billion deficit in 3 years; Service cuts, privatizations and dept. closures likely

What are you doing for the 2010 elections?

South San Francisco man stabs roommate over smoking

please delete

Thanksgiving Day, FIFTY degrees at 7:15PM, NO frost yet this season

Call girl: I got phone threats after spending night with Italian PM

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1933:

Bedford woman arrested on murder, child abuse charges

Teabagger LTTE is printed

Death of Russian lawyer tests Medvedev's anti-corruption pledge

Polanski Heading To Luxury Ski Resort

Calif. man jailed after housing homeless on ranch

Remember the beautiful little girl in NC whose mother sold her as a sex slave?

Financial Market Predictions for Tomorrow

Can someone get a message to Harry Reid?

Could Obama's Afghanistan decision be the reason for THIS email from a RWer?

Want to know why we seem to blindly support Israel?

Want to know why we seem to blindly support Israel?

Graphic: comparison of size of armed forces in Afghanistan, 2006 to present

Interesting economic facts

Dubai in deep water as ripples from debt crisis spread

Trampling on Honduran democracy

Dubai requesting 6-month "standstill" on paying its bills. (Fine. When I am allowed to do the same.)

Deaths in the news: Comic-con Co-founder Krueger & Don Voegeli, Composer Of 'All Things Considered'

Strip club owner’s dog shelter named for Gingrich opens. “Newt’s Nook — A Home for Pit Bulls.”

Afghan children 'die from neglect' - from the indifference of the government

In Afghanistan: Unfortunately, I think we are the cat. (toon)

Troops in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban

Price wars.... and the power of Wally Mart

I have escaped Black Friday

School Pupils suspended for 'Kick a Jew Day'

Gold strikes record just below $US1200

The mystery of the Mayan Calendar and 2012 revealed:

The Healing Power of Music -- FLAME, the band!

German Minister Resigns Over Afghan Airstrike

India to set up automatic monitoring of communications

U.S.: State Department Backpedals (Somewhat) on Refusal to Sign Landmine Treaty

Coke, Pepsi step up spending after being targeted by healthcare reform tax

Food banks go high-tech to feed the hungry

Food banks go high-tech to feed the hungry

Food banks go high-tech to feed the hungry

Congratulations, pinto!

Support for Sending More Troops to Afghanistan Rises Slightly.

Australian state of Victoria bans jump racing

US university links exam success to weight loss

The right wing's unAmerican tactics

Food banks nationwide report more 1st timers

Zimbabwe diamonds banned by dealer over abuse concerns

Deeply clueless LTTE kicks off War On Christmas '09

Deeply clueless LTTE kicks off War On Christmas '09

Deeply clueless LTTE kicks off War On Christmas '09

BecKKK (& probably PALIN's kids) think she & her woman's yapping belong in the kitchen

Pakistan's president facing military anger over US ties

Thanks a Lot: Pop Culture’s Finest Moments of 2009 (Stephen Colbert’s hyper-real genius, more)

Yeti crabs kill vampires dead, By Mark Morford

Please DU this poll (global climate change deniers are currently ahead):

International Day Against Violence Against Women in Honduras

International Day Against Violence Against Women in Honduras

Democrats work on multibillion-dollar jobs package

Cameras To Watch Sex Offenders

Cameras To Watch Sex Offenders

Homeless dogs have Thanksgiving feast

I think this RWer got some bad vodka - Dan Quayle will be president in 2013??

Private Insurance — “An Umbrella that Melts in the Rain”

Private Insurance — “An Umbrella that Melts in the Rain”

The SQUID A tentacled speed bump

NBC lets McCaffrey attack "harmful" Afghanistan timeline without disclosing his DynCorp ties

A reminder where Congress is in the Health Care process

GOP uses Thanksgiving message to carve up Obama, Dems

Luckovich: Thanks But No Thanks

Luckovich: Thanks But No Thanks

Story about two local Iraq Vets. and the consequences of PTSD in today's paper.

Rethug ex-spouse of McCARTNEY's squeeze is lining up to run for GILLIBRAND's seat

On the menu last night: Haute cuisine...and culinary typos?

On the menu last night: Haute cuisine...and culinary typos?

Afghanistan's James Bond: suave killer who drives a Toyota Camry

APF spokeswoman Becky Shay loses her bid to run redevelopment agency

Catholic website demands Chris Matthews be fired for his interview of Bishop Tobin

Found this wonderful made in USA product line (just in time for the holidays too)

Dubai, welfare queen

Dubai, welfare queen

Horsey TOON on religion and violence

Horsey TOON on religion and violence

Can the Democratic Party become the Party of Lincoln?

Study: Smoking ban puts bad air outside

For some, holiday bell ringing pays bills; Salvation Army's iconic kettles now credit ready

Newseum puts Tim Russert's NBC office on display

Does anyone believe "Cap and Trade" will reduce carbon emissions

Lawyer: Couple didn't 'crash' state dinner-filmed by producers of "The Real Housewives of D.C."

Black Friday TOONS 2: 4 issues

Black Friday TOONS 1: Season's beatings!

The Biggest Dem Scandal You've Never Heard Of

Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers do...

Meteor lights up sky in South Africa

Anyone know if Hartmann is live today?

Medical Group Condemns Coal in Critical Report - Coal Kills

Purloined e-mails don't change the facts

Howard Dean to Lieberman: If You're Going to Block Health-Care Bill, Resign Your Chairmanship

Holocaust Museum shooter; in jail; getting better medical care than YOU!

Overnight Dow futures watch: -207 as of midnight ET

Black Friday TOONS 4: The rest of the "specials" for today....(warning, graphic!)

Sunday Talkshows

I just posted in the 9/11 forum

Diabetes Cases to Double in 25 Years-costs to care for the patients will triple

Opening the dialogue on America's dirty secret

Dubai disinformation spins to the top of Yahoo news

terrah! terrah! - morans of the past

For Guatemala gangs, it's violence and rape

For Guatemala gangs, it's violence and rape

For Guatemala gangs, it's violence and rape

Real-life CSI techniques go global

Real-life CSI techniques go global

Under the Ink: Thankful for 'moral' government (Sand Springs OK newspaper editorial)

buy nothing day

Senator Sanders on ABC's 'This Week'

The Nation: California Scheming

The Nation: California Scheming

The Nation: California Scheming

Dem committees outraise GOP in October

It wasn't quite up to the level of outright teabaggery

I am bored

Thanks Giving and Pets: The Dogs Just Love Thanks Giving. :)

Dem Committees outraise GOP

Still more fluff, lies and radiation from TMI and the new nuke media machine

Does the president need a passport?

They're Going To Start Devouring Each Other Now

Danish legislature approves sweeping new police powers aimed at protestors

Supreme Court to decide if Florida beach replenishment separates land owners from ocean.

Condi set sights on Iraq as 9/11 unfolded: UK diplomat

Are hit and run drivers on the increase?

How the 2012 Presidential election will play out...

imagine what the media would do to harry reid if he spent $82,998 on golf outings

Secret Service "cutting corners," endangering Obama: author

CIA goes hiring in heart of Arab America

It is time to admit we're a failed capitalist, war mongering, torturous state yet?

Mass. woman sees image of Jesus on her iron - pic

9M young children die worldwide annually

What's the minutes per pound?

Tiger Woods injured. Any updates?

Yesterday I ate Turkey and boy am I stuffed

Mr. Obama in regards to your decision on Afghanistan

Andy Williams, it's not The Most Wonderful Time Of Year to hear you sing anymore :(

Just got my health insurance renewal...

CIA goes hiring in heart of Arab America

CIA goes hiring in heart of Arab America

CIA goes hiring in heart of Arab America

Sarah Palin is NO Ronald Reagan

Adam Lambert furor spreads to gay community

Adam Lambert furor spreads to gay community

Hundreds, if not thousands, of lobbyists are likely to be ejected from federal advisory panels

'World's strongest' beer with 32% strength launched (BBC)

Riyadh: man to be decapitated for witchcraft

Utah trying to shake 50M pounds of carp

Contessa Brewer has finally reached the Zenith (or Nadir) of her career...

Goons, guns & gold still run Philippine politics

Hannity: 2009 has been "one of the coldest years on record." Is it true?

Obama admin reportedly blocks lesbian from getting health benefits after judge ordered it

Crash The Party

LA Times: Arizona struggles with budget crisis

Breaking: Tiger Woods Released From Hospital - Facial Lacerations

If your a parent with small children..this maybe your next pet.

cnn just showed poll results....60% disapprove of the way Obama is handling the DEFICIT

Food bank sees increase in demand

Food bank sees increase in demand

Food bank sees increase in demand

Lake Titicaca evaporating away

Students of Colonial history will appreciate this cartoon

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The Adam Lambert Poll

How pathetic - the party crashers - these people are

It seems as if Obama is still open to banning land mines. Sending delegates to Mine Ban Treaty.

More Palin Lies: The Trooper in 'Troopergate' Breaks His Silence

The Village rallies 'round its Dean

WSJ - Karl Rove - "Voter Anger Is Building Over Deficits" - Jumps On The Blame Obama Bandwagon

Man apparently tried to haul away ATM in Colorado

Blue Cross in hot water over North Carolina letter campaign

Obama Java is selling well with a little help from the DU (and lowering our trade imbalance!)

Obama Java is selling well with a little help from the DU (and lowering our trade imbalance!)

Remember when Bush tried to sell US ports to Dubai World?

Remember when Bush tried to sell US ports to Dubai World?

Tonight's J. Danforth Quayle Award For Republican Stupidity goes to SARAH PALIN

Bill Clinton's First Year Vs. Barack Obama's. Bill Clinton wins hands down.

Palin and Bachmann to party with the Teabaggers

Thanksgiving tale: Woman in labor insists on being served

High salt and stroke directly linked

Military divorces edge up again in 9th year of war

I'm just curious, do any private (K-12) schools have a system of teacher tenure?

Found in medical bill: "box of tissues, billed as a "mucus recovery system," for $12."

Day after Obama announces more troops, WE, the old ladies, will take off our tops

Day after Obama announces more troops, WE, the old ladies, will take off our tops

Black Friday: First Blood Part II

Black Friday: First Blood Part II

The Family: DC’s C Street Group Tied To Proposed Death Penalty for Gays in Uganda

Obama's Secret Climate Pact

Regarding 'The War on Christmas' (warning - adult language)

Expiring insurance subsidy imperils laid-off Americans

What makes more sense, heat the house or electric blanket?

On an errand, dad locked kids in trunk

I was driving home tonight and noticed the fools in tents

Obama Administration Thwarts Court Ordered Equal Rights

Bull.... Religious Beliefs

Black Friday TOONS 3: War- What is it good for, really?

Samaritan's Purse is flying Sarah in its aircraft.She lands at next book rally, gets on the bus.

digby: Church And State

CNN opinion piece: "We're trying to shield ourselves from foreign competition"

10 Lessons for Tea Baggers

NATO's Afghanistan War Casualties

6,000 Camels Besiege Outback Town

Black Friday Update

Would you have supported an Afghan War Surge under bush?

Bachmann and Palin to unite for Tea Party convention.

The media needs to respect federal law. Re: tiger woods.

Posting on a message board is never, ever "brave"

Woman believes boyfriend cheating, Rips off testicles

Obama Enacts Policy to Bar Thousands of Paid Lobbyists

Fundie Nut: "Number One murderer of babies" Planned Parenthood halts Missouri personhood effort

Fox News Makes the Best. Pie Chart. Ever.

Tiger Woods a bad driver?

Really Cool thing to support for those in or near NYC or soon to be

Glenn Greenwald: A key British official reminds us of the forgotten anthrax attack

Kucinich on Fox News:"On The Record with Greta Van Susteren" Friday 10pm ET"

I admit this makes me mad

Beck attacks ADL report

How do you feel about uniforms in public schools?

Addressing the Corporate Structure of Education in Florida

Fundies: "Left Wing Factions" picking on good, God-Fearing pro-abstinence ed principal in Virginia

So Dubai is defaulting on its debt

So Dubai is defaulting on its debt

Wanna see who rules us?

American Lies

So, who survived Turkey Day visiting with the Teabaggers in the family?

So, who survived Turkey Day visiting with the Teabaggers in the family?

Disney Debuts First Black Princess

Unemployment - the Pictorial Graph -- very scary and impressive

The nuns are rebelling against a Vatican sponsored inquisition.

The People v. Scott Roeder / Anti-choicers v. the rule of law

Happy Birthday Marta (OS's moll)


Unhappy Thanksgiving

How do I avoid sweatshop clothing?

A simple truth about Afghanistan. You can't win a guerrilla war on somebody else's turf

How Afghanistan looks from the invading army's POV

"Joe Sold Out": A Special Message to Joe Lieberman From His College Roommate

NC public schools must pay millions more to charter schools.

An Examination of Conscience

WH gatecrashers DID meet President Obama...

Why has the anti-war movement failed?

How did anyone ever think that going along with Reagan's insanity would lead to something good?

Here's a friendly reminder of the policy on criticism at DU:

Thanksgiving Tragedy

'Person of the Year?' U.S. service men and women.

10 North Naples Middle students suspended for taking part in “kick a Jew day”

How should I react when I think a co-worker is living out of their car.

A Reminder of Why We Shouldn't Shop at Wal-Mart

100,000 troops to chase 100 al Qaeda members in Afghanistan and 300 in Pakistan?

Is it OK to Share Something personal with my DU Family Here?

New public database makes it easier to track who lobbies our Congress members.

Palin's fake bus tour!

Our "Going Rouge: Palin Rogue Coloring Book" is #1 in Political Biographies on Barnes & Nobles!

If President Obama is Bush's 3rd term, why then is the GOP infuriated?


Ah , musical memories

T - Day College Football...

When is over the top euphoria a problem?

What have we learned from the hurricane, children?

So apparently this is the booze and jewelry holiday?

Here is a really good Thanksgiving movie "Pieces of April".

Drivers, please use caution today!

The mystery of the Mayan Calendar and 2012 revealed:

In the past few years, we've had dates like 01-02-03, 07-08-09, & 09-09-09


Black Friday...paint the devil on the wall!

three cheers for tits!

Well I thought this weeks Glee was going to leave me dry eyed...

Another day

My son wants to try points 2 shop . com any one know if it is a scam?

He can speak French, in Russian....

Actual AFP Headline: "Pig farts spark Australia gas scare"

my BIL is a PITA

I survived Black Friday

Merry Christmas Sarah Connor?

this is why we can't have nice things

Have I mentioned...

If you were to buy another Guitar Hero / Rock Band game, what would you call your band?

I feel vindicated...and it's rather nice.

Major "situation" during dinner today.

Row erupts after development named 'Pogue Muhone Court'


Who saw 'Criminal Minds' on CBS last night?

Am I a horrible person if I eat chicken soup?

I spent thanksgiving with my palin loving,freeper Mother

Am I a horrible person if I post a chicken soup dupe?

A DU grandmother is missing!!!!!!

For information, WETA (PBS) is playing MOTOWN definitive performances!

Tiger Woods seriously injured in car accident

Am I a horrible person if I eat chicken poop?

What I learned from having a large gathering at Thanksgiving....

I work with people who keep very busy doing important jobs

plane: 0 gravity YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS

I ate enough turkey to make Sarah Palin jealous.

Woah, drove by Best Buy at 8:30 tonight & they are already lined up for the morning! of Frank Zappa's greatest instrumentals of ALL time, "Black Napkins."

YouTube...FZ & The Mothers, 1968, on the BBC'S "Colour Me Pop"

YouTube...a 1977 version of "Black Napkins," from Frank's film "Baby Snakes"

YouTube...Zappa, "Stairway To Heaven"...DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER LAUGHTER??? LINK???

Please don't feed the turtle

Mad Men - Black Friday Sale Alert, Amazon $14 per season


Anybody here ever used (iPods/iPhones/hard drives in exchange for CDs and DVDs)

NPR's Carl Kassel is retiring.

You're so vain. I bet you think this thread is about you.

I survived Blank Friday.

Timeline of the Universe!

Can I Hang Out Here For A While?

Writing about Thanksgiving for my own amusement - your's too if you like

Thanksgiving, 2009 (pics)

Real Estate/Rental question

Penis of the Plains

Has anyone ever used rye bread in stuffing?

Thanks Giving and Pets: The Dogs Just Love Thanks Giving. :)

This could be a picture thread

YouTube: HELLO CLEVELAND! Zappa whips out "I Am The Walrus," March 1988

Methuen woman sees Jesus on bottom of her clothes iron

the next motherfucker who uses the phrase "Rock Star" to describe ANYTHING

Ladies and Gentlemen please give a round of applause

My husband and I went to a Thanksgiving buffet today at a

Am I a horrible person if I eat a chicken coop?

Adam Lambert furor spreads to gay community

Tomorrow it is pizza or something, I have had enough turkey for this month.

Roll Tide!

I bought my sister a leopard print Snuggie for Xmas today.

Norton/Symantec's dirty trick

Met my GF's two grandsons last night.

The Adam Lambert Poll

In honor of *****CaliforniaPeggy's birthday***** today, I got my first tattoo!

Just making Thanksgiving dinner Friday - I was mixing the filling while the turkey was

What do you know about bricks...?

Mass. woman sees image of Jesus on her iron - pic

What in your opinion is the best romantic movie of all time?

I think I want to move...

Guests show up half hour early.

Is non-CGI animation going extinct?

Went out for awhile today. I see Walmart had Driver Licenses for $ 1.97.

PETA fucks with Thanksgiving

NEVER EVER use self-checkout.......

THE. WORST. Stuffing/dressing* EVAR.

I just de-friended my dad. How was your family Thanksgiving? nt

Sci-fi buffs - Try me! Your own 'analog' cover for free! (dial-up warning)

Been Busy Today. Sorry If This Has Been Discussed Already, But I Am

Because it's Never Too Late for Pie

Your opinion of Alan Colmes?

Ever notice that there's not as much anti-Obama rhetoric today?

White House's Ties to Health Care Industry Deeper Than Visitor Records Show

Michael Bloomberg...

Another Missouri Republican Running For Rep. Blunt's Seat

Rep. Kirk Stocks Schock Endorsement In Senate Race

Lobbyists pushed off advisory panels

U.S. Military Unveils Huge New Prison in Afghanistan

All those claiming Obama will be a one-term President are utter fools

A message from "The Nation"

Could President Obama accomplish more (faster) without the 4 horsemen & Republican intransigence?

Jim Rogers on Tim Geithner: He's been wrong about just about everything for 15 years

Maybe it's because of thanksgiving and I'm feeling well

I "believe" our resident "cut/paste" pro missed an important headline this morning

Thought Experiment: What if Obama had said this way back when?

No second stimulus outrages me more than Afghanistan escalation

Acts of sedition?

Think it's only the insurance industry that resorts to BS reports to kill reform, think again

Seeing The Asia Trip In A New Light

Pat Leahy is furious at the administration

NJ Gov-elect Christie: Feeding the hungry is bad because it's "going on a spending spree"

considering the innocent lives lost in Afghanistan....

Thin Skins

Want to know what our grand strategy is for winning Afghanistan? Here is what NATO is saying.

Now Rove "believes he's entitled to complain about deficits"

Why do people here think Obama won't be re-elected for being consistent on Afghan war?

Krugman: Taxing the Speculators

Geithener is a distraction. It is probably Summers that has to go.

Rewriting History to Blame Tim Geithner: An Incomplete Story of the AIG Bailout

Make sure to pass on my fake commercial about supporting the AfghaniNam War

Can you lend a Hand?

Can anyone present hard, detailed facts on Republican filibusters conducted this year?

Pinpoint your chief objection to Mike Huckabee...

"Palin, Bachmann to headline Tea Party Convention"

WaPo: New Obama Policy Bars THOUSANDS of Lobbyists

Troops abroad, at home celebrate Thanksgiving

School Pupils suspended for 'Kick a Jew Day'

Peta demands Georgia Bulldogs American football team replace dead mascot with robot

US Stock Market Futures Sharply Down On Dubai World Debt Woes

U.S. journalist (Amy Goodman) grilled at Canada border crossing

Germany's Top Soldier Resigns over (Afghanistan) Air Strike Accusations

Canadian Bank Bonuses May Jump 50% on Rebound, Vlaad Says

Tiger Woods seriously injured in FLA

CIA goes hiring in heart of Arab America

Designs for new UK nuclear reactors are unsafe, claims watchdog

Man sought after 5 shot in Florida

Iran seizes rights lawyer's Nobel Peace medal

German Minister Resigns Over Afghan Airstrike

Bangladesh ferry deaths rise

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 27

Hacker Gary McKinnon to appeal after extradition (to USA) blow

U.S. Groups That Supported Coups in Haiti and Venezuela Will Observe Elections in Honduras

Iran Censured Over Nuclear Program by U.N. Watchdog

Scores killed or hurt in Russia train crash

Big U.S Banks May Be Forced to Raise More Capital Soon

White House crashers named in 16 civil suits

Texas gov leads GOP fight against climate bill

Lobbyists pushed off advisory panels - WH initiative to limit influence could affect thousands

Palin Tricked By Comedian Again, Says Canada Should Drop Public Health Care

U.S. journalist grilled at Canada border crossing

Tiger Woods in 'serious' condition after wreck

Stock pile of tear gas grenades in Honduras triggers fears of human rights abuses

Canada high court rules for Wal-Mart in union case

UK diplomat: US was 'hell bent' on Iraq invasion

Palin Fails to Finish Thanksgiving Day 5K

IRS files $79,000 tax lien against Schwarzenegger [Updated]

A day to give thanks?

Al-Gathafi's big tent

Not your typical American--Montana Wildhack

Prosecuting American 'War Crimes'

Dubai World's Debt Freeze 'Carefully Planned'.

Secret Service: White House Party Crashers Were Dick and Liz Cheney in Disguise

Europe backs Afghanistan strategy aimed at “regionalization”

The first black man to protect the president points out the holes in Kennedy's detail

The problem with criticism of "Precious"

Fred Branfman on "The Making of an Elder Culture"

Lobbyists pushed off advisory panels.

Half-Truths Dim Chances for Renewing Mideast Talks.

SAUDI ARABIA: Kingdom steps up hunt for 'witches' and 'black magicians'

Canadian Researcher Says Arctic Ice Is Thinning

Amy Goodman felt ‘violated’ by Canadian border officials | Raw Story

Ruben Naverette jr wants you people to live and work like Helots

U.S. Military Unveils Huge New Prison in Afghanistan

Independent UK: Dubai is finally financially bankrupt – but it has been morally bankrupt all along

Countdown to the Honduran Electoral Farce

Movie details rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe

A Little Problem

Buy American & Buy USA (cutting our own throats )

Sarah and Carrie have got looks, they got books

True Florida Story Mr. Politician!

Arnold, the Governator, goes after the right wing

Reaction to the Story of Brendan Burke (Brian's son)

The Swedish Model: from Poor No More, a Canadian feature documentary

Obama anti-brainwashing device for sale!

President Obama, If I Had A Hammer



Thanksgiving Greetings From President Obama

Zombie Reagan Fails The Ronald Reagan Republican Purity Test

Ronald Reagan Fails the GOP's "Purity Test"

Palin arrives in NC, YouTube dweeb creates soothing video using Lee Greenwood's God Bless The USA

Young Turks: Glenn Greenwald on Obama, The Constitution & Trials

Beck: Stop using the word 'hoot' & Palin would always be 'yapping', 'like they were 'in the kitchen'

Children of Afghan Refugees Are Dying From the Cold As Kabul Ignores Their Plight

Smart Remarks: Wars cost money, don't they?

Young Turks: Creative Way to End the Afghanistan War Immediately

Firedoglake Jane Hamsher Discusses Afghanistan War

What is "Net Neutrality?"

Beck asked viewers to imagine a terrorist attack on Washington, DC

First Lady & Daughters Receive White House Christmas Tree

Do we need to occupy an entire country for 100 bad guys? -Robert Greenwald...

(New Scientist) Nuclear fuel: are we heading for a uranium crunch?

Confronting the role of non-CO2 pollutants in global warming (could forestall abrupt climate change)

NPR: Climate Change Is Victim Of 'Tragedy Of The Commons'

New Scientist: Lotus leaf effect ramps up the power of solar cells (improves efficiency up to 25%)

Kenyans draw weapons over shrinking resources—Have the climate wars of Africa begun? Top 10 green living myths

Bureaucracy trips up renewable energy projects

Indiana coal-gasification plant cost reaches $2.5B — nearly twice the original estimate

Another blow to Peak Oil

AP: (Obama's) New climate targets may not change daily life much

(Nature interview with James Hansen) The eye of the storm

Scientists Make Fuel from CO2 Emissions and Sunlight

The Age of Stupid

New Scientist: Five eco-crimes we commit every day

Great game so far >>

The greatest sports highlight of all time?

So what's wrong with this, other than the venue?

Actions speak louder than words or wishes

January 2, 1994-Meadowlands

Uh oh--- Auburn up 14 on douchebag Saban's team.

Patriots need loud statement

Peta demands Georgia Bulldogs American football team replace dead mascot with robot

NFL Week 12 picks (with point spreads)

Trumad v. WilliamPitt, Part II

Countdown to the Honduran Electoral Farce

Death threats an everyday reality in Colombia, unionists say

Washington Endorses Gunpoint Election in Honduras

DAY 159 of Resistance: Despite State Terror, Resistance Continues

QC Election Delegation reports bomb explosion on bus route

Daily Kos: Whom the gods would destroy, part 2: The crisis in Honduras.

Honduras to Have “Free and Fair” Elections with Disrespect for Human Rights

Honduras, Colombia, Cuba: US Sticking with Monroe Doctrine (Interview with Arnold August)

The Complete Mono Jojoy Videos Released Online by

Honduras coup: troops deployed to oversee election

Honduras warning for Latin America

Stock pile of tear gas grenades in Honduras triggers fears of human rights abuses

Tories under fire over donation from Israel lobbyist

Hamas frees 150 Gaza prisoners for Muslim holiday

Israeli Says Its Air Force Thwarts Gaza Rocket Attack

Hamas: Return to peace talks would be a national crime

handgun hypocrisy - chicago style

Dutch newspaper blog: "Serious shooting incidents at school can be prevented"

Happy Thanksgiving! shootings

Union Smart (dot org)

Union made work boots (union discounts available)

Today in Labor History Nov 27, 1,200 workers sit down & songs as "It's Better With a Union Man."

Today in Labor History Nov 25 First organized walkout by teachers in the country

The Writer-in-Chief

Kick for President Obama. n/t

What World are folks living in?

greenpoint fruit stand

two of the ESB

Inside the boathouse

NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-129) high above Earth (dial up!!)

Designs for new UK nuclear reactors are unsafe – claim

Spitzer Telescope Observes Baby Brown Dwarf

Herschel telescope 'fingerprints' colossal star (BBC) {VY CanMaj}

Hammerhead shark mystery solved (BBC)

Black Hole Powered Spacecraft

5 Most Colossal Nuclear Explosions Ever Captured On Camera

Solar Tsunami!

Argentine couple ready for Latin America's first same-sex marriage

My Gay Thanksgiving

Soul-searching in Turkey after gay man is killed

Defying Judge's order, White House instructs Personnel Agency to obstruct health benefits to spousee

Why I'm leaving the Democrats

MADE IN USA guide for DUers

Dubai World's woes rumble through currency markets

Playing "Track Change" at the Wall Street Journal

Here is a very scary thing - UNEMPLOYMENT - the Pictorial -

Unofficial Problem Bank List Increases Significantly

Soaring Unemployment and Double-dip Recession?

Thanksgiving Night Massacre

How banks may lose $430 billion more

Eliot Spitzer: Geithner's Disgrace

Surgeon Gen Declares Thanksgiving As "Family Health History Day"

Trying to Explain a Drop in Infant Mortality

sorry, wrong place, delete n/t

Blind man fitted with 'bionic' eye sees for first time in 30 years

To Pay for Longer School Days, Some Parents Try Raising Money.

Catholic abuse aided by police

Death sentence passed in Saudi Arabia on witchcraft charge

Stoning of the devil

Cannon Fodder for the Gods

Spanish RC Church to deny communion to pro-abortion politicians

Race to the Top in Education

My daughter cooked the best turkey dinner ever

Back to the Land