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Afghan Mission in Doubt as Air Raid Lies Force German Minister to Resign

A look back on ten tough years for the economy

IRS says Schwarzenegger owes $79,000

Security tip for these times: if your house is for sale, do not let drive-up people in to "tour"

Canadian ex-official: Afghan prison claims known

From shadow to limelight for a governor's wife

Uninvited couple met Obama, White House says

Raw Story home page teaser: "ACORN reprieve sparks GOP fury... Soon"

Another BCBS Insurer Getting Customers To Fight Health-Care Reform

Secret CIA 'magic' manual from Cold War era on sale

Anybody Have The Sunday Talk Show Lineup?

Sting urges Brazil to listen to tribal dam fears

Sen. Chambliss Urges More Troops for Afghanistan

Eating the dead?

Shaq paid for the funeral of Shaniya (murdered 5-year-old girl in NC)

Shaq paid for the funeral of Shaniya (murdered 5-year-old girl in NC)

"They get food straight to the people. No military organization, no bureaucracy, no governments."

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Best of Malloy tonight

Columbus hires firm to plan for surveillance cameras(watch neighborhoods via video camera)

Black friday and some observations, purely anectotal ok

Yo Stewert--- you're committing DU suicide with all these spams...

Dick in 2012

I'm wondering how many locks have to be set on multiple identical posts

Food banks nationwide report more 1st timers

The Afghan Speech Obama Should Give on Tuesday (But Won't)

Congressional Candidate Robert Dobbs Calls to Support an Exit Strategy for Afghanistan/Pakistan.

My Wish for Today

How are we going to get this all sorted out?

Does this kind of family member sound familiar? Very kind, well meaning but right wing, and...

Body of trapped Utah spelunker won't be recovered (26 year old med student)

Recession sends older Americans to food pantries

Shilling on DU. This is unacceptable.

A Racist Moment In Fantastic Mr. Fox

London firms forced to party in secret

Hard-luck Thanksgiving for some: Families fall on difficult times and seek out help at soup kitchens

Local union donates to Whatcom County food banks

How did Campbell Brown ever make the jump from "Facts of Life" to CNN?

How did Campbell Brown ever make the jump from "Facts of Life" to CNN?

Man Accused of Masturbating In Manure

Wood and Dubai crash on the same day

The Party of One (finally) comes clean.

National Default – Are we the next Dubai!

Military divorces increasing from war stress

Gun ruling reversal tests domestic violence law

School helps students fend off bad times

What I had to be "Thankful" for...

Cyber Monday

Terrorists come out in support of Scott Roeder

Specter, Sestak Fight For Left Flank On Afghanistan

When a Republican says the stimulus didn't work

Mass Appeal

ACTUAL proposed campaign slogans from the "Draft Dick Cheney 2012" Blog.

Interesting Video

Obama will keep this promise!

ACORN reprieve sparks GOP fury

woman sees image of Jesus on her iron

Motorists, experts say throttles, not floor mats, to blame for sudden acceleration

The Christian (and slightly jewish) Taliban

Hug someone you love tonight and treat each other well.

The reason the job numbers haven't improved much in spite of the stimulus

Tiger reportedly livid with wife for freeing him with his favorite club

Check this out...

Alice's Restaurant Massacree: Arlo Guthrie

More Palin Lies: The Trooper in 'Troopergate' Breaks His Silence

Securing America’s northern front

22-year-old American man went missing in Germany--anybody else following this story?

"The ambient politics of America -politics you pick up if you're not paying attention - is far right

Venezuela to ban violent video games

Nearly one in six citizens went hungry in 2008

Honduras: Feminist Leader Detained in Tegucigalpa = possession of spray paint

Suicide in Afghanistan (guess who, the first two guesses don't count)

AMC bans outside food and drink from movies

TV switchover leaves some viewers out

Memphis Democratic Rep. Larry Turner dead at 70

Tunisia jails dissident reporter Taoufik Ben Brik

A Message to the Environmental Movement: your movement has been hijacked

Twists and turns snagged missing pilot case (Michael Speicher)

First China milk scandal legal claim reaches courts (BBC)

new info on Obama and land mines

How Many Federal Violations Are Involved In Palin's Book Tour?

Recession Sends Older Americans To Food Pantries

Does anyone know what evil Dick is doing these days besides hiding in his

Thanksgiving is labor day for many

Accident casts fresh doubt on nuclear safety

Now what are the odds you could get these same people to protest insurance companies or banks?

Strip club owner’s dog shelter named for Gingrich opens.

Monday, November 30th-National day of action on global warming with protests and civil disobedience

Those Clothes: Try Reverse-Shopping!

Those Clothes: Try Reverse-Shopping!

Doesn't anyone remember when one of the "Mad As Hell Docs" crashed the White House?

Big challenge for Obama: retain Hispanic support

Nader Mulling Senate Bid

I'm not a religious man, but THANK GOD...

I'm not a religious man, but THANK GOD...

happy birthday jon stewart

RW blogger David Hinz killed in black ice crash on I-94

Australia carbon emissions law hit by opposition revolt

Palin and Cheney are a joke, who's the REAL threat????

Bargains Galore! But Who Pays the Price?

Orca whales deliver killer Karate chop to dangerous sharks

Orca whales deliver killer Karate chop to dangerous sharks

Rich should help Amazon forests, summit says

Do Blondes have additional leeway to flex their muscles?

Food banks nationwide report more 1st timers

compulsory destruction of the environment, courtesy of New York State

Hotel owners, like home owners, behind on payments

an example of free speech in italy vs. the USA (note the former is more restricted)

Early holiday shopping has merchants optimistic, sales show signs of strength.

Crash a WH Party=Criminal Charges; Lie A Country Into Illegal War=Gov Pen$ion & $peaking Date$

Arnold (the world has seen his penis) S. owes back taxes

Nuts - am I the only one who hasn't seen this video? Afghanistan= bibles-soldiers

How the US and UK helped create the Zimbabwe mess and propel Mugabe to monster-dom

Cancer victim who thought she was going to die went on £50,000 spending spree,then got the all-clear

The other right-wing media mogul you should worry about

A Republican Teabagger launches his boat

Lou Dobbs: Can he take lessons from a reformed racist to win a Senate seat?

Jon Meacham (TOOL): Why Cheney Should Run

Pakistani President Turns Over Nuclear Authority

Recession Sends Older Americans To Food Pantries

WorldNutDaily inadvertently reveals it's number of supporters

H1N1 D225G mutation a reason of concern

H1N1 D225G mutation a reason of concern

Bangladesh men jailed for beating crocodile

Has There Been Any National Evaluation As To How The Change To Digital TV Has Gone?.......

Cars burn in Geneva as police, protesters clash ahead of WTO conference

Recession Sends Older Americans To Food Pantries

Recession Sends Older Americans To Food Pantries

Zimbabwe- What are the chances that this leads to a significant change?

I fear the Clintonization of Obama the most

Republicans: Unpatriotic racist fiscally irresponsible socialists who hate Jesus.

So we're trading this war for that one.

Rogue moose murder suspect in Sweden.

How long will troops be in Afghanistan?

Poor Tiger Woods is having it both on DU and FR

Kansas courts brace for $3 million budget cut

Black Friday Spending Rose Slightly (0.5% YOY, on-line sales grow)

The Deliberate Dumming Down of America

Separation of Tebow and State

PIX: Sarah Palin with Happy People in Radioactive Town, Washington

"Saudi Arabia floods leave 77 dead "

Packed Shopping Centers

Remember the 10%'ers ?

Big Dipper, kitchen utensil overhead, or peace symbol?

"Tobin" tax gaining acceptance everywhere but within Obama Adm

Detective says DC police chief ordered mass arrests

Best comeback about drafting Cheney to run. LOL

Retaining Hispanic votes a challenge for Obama?

Police dog mistakenly euthanized

(Lake Champlain) Bridge may be imploded before lake freezes over

The truth of UK's guilt over Iraq-by Scott Ritter

The reason for all of the airline "fees"

The reason for all of the airline "fees"

Wrong Number Miracle

Senator Ralph Nader?

Portland sees jump in demand for food, shelter

Let's start calling Palin "Quitter"

Let's start calling Palin "Quitter"

Let's start calling Palin "Quitter"

WOW! What a 'small world'...(True story but sarcastic/trite)

Germany's Doubts About Afghanistan Grow After Revelations About Air Strike

I hope you all noticed that Obama pardoned a WHITE TURKEY!

Socialism as it relates to government workers

Socialism as it relates to government workers

6" of snow less than 100 mi. from the L.A. Civic Center

6" of snow less than 100 mi. from the L.A. Civic Center

Name It "The Bush Debt Tax"

Peace activists will hold vigil before president's West Point Afghanistan announcement

Forbes: America's Fastest-Recovering Cities

Forbes: America's Fastest-Recovering Cities

Children Jumping On Bed Damaged Cell Phone Chargers That Sparked Fire

I know the unemployment is unacceptable but

Robin Williams Takes On Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

In Alaska, new fight develops over rights of fetuses

Author: "The Family" behind proposed Ugandan law that would execute HIV+ men

Caption this photo

Looking for Peace (Paying for Peace) Behind the Point of our Weapons

I miss Ted Kennedy, FDR, JFK, and RFK. And Adlai.

Tonight's J. Danforth Quayle Award For Republican Stupidity goes to SEAN HANNITY

Check out the freeper rock star LOL

Are DFH DUers REALLY out of the Dem mainstream?

At This School, Med Grow Cannabis College, It’s Marijuana in Every Class - NYT w/video

Man I Am Old... Anybody Remember 'Hemo The Magnificent' ?

Man I Am Old... Anybody Remember 'Hemo The Magnificent' ?

Man I Am Old... Anybody Remember 'Hemo The Magnificent' ?

Great Clay Bennett Toon on climate change

Are the attacks on Palin misogyny? Were the ones on Clinton during last election?

Are the attacks on Palin misogyny? Were the ones on Clinton during last election?

The dangers of revolutionary right-wing rhetoric (Christian Science Monitor)

Chart Showing the Privatization of War

Chart Showing the Privatization of War

Dispatches from the Real Economy: They're Locking Up the Deodorant

Yeah-they can possibly stop my seizures.

Now this is irony. Fundie nut gets huge divorce settlement, builds church in my old home town

My 10,000th post

My 10,000th post

Is there any good health insurance company or plan?

How much longer until there will be four political Parties instead of two?

CNN is really trying to strip Woods of his sponsorship, aren't they?

Shopping is NOT a News Story!!

A fascinating bit of African American History


So yesterday I downloaded some bookd from google books

Fed chairman warns Congress not to go poking around in his business...

"I'm sorry, sir...videotaping is not allowed here."

The over-whelming lunacy of the right-wing.

Blunder Woman (MAD Magazine) - pic

Oh Wow... '1958 - Global Warming - It's NOT newly known' - From The People Who Brought You 'Hemo'

Why Home Prices Will Fall

"Yeah, these two people walked right into the White House during dinner"

I will miss harblfukstix (or whatever the hell its name was)

An exceptional local Alaskan perspective on the Palin phenomenon from the Anchorage Daily News

Interesting economic info buried in this article.... "Global exports falling rapidly"

Tiger Woods: Injuries Caused by Wife, Not SUV TMZ

Oldie but a Goodie: Original WKRP on Censorship.

A Reminder Of Why We SHOULD Shop At Walmart

Can a golf club break a car window?

Why I Give My 9-Year-Old Pot

Walmart Shuts Down For 3 Hours After Shoppers Go Crazy

Walmart Shuts Down For 3 Hours After Shoppers Go Crazy

Afghan Teens Allege Abuse at U.S. ‘Black’ Site

So, if you crash into me because you're texting while driving

My trip across middle America this weekend

Big Beer Takes Over - Monopolizing America

Anyone shop on Black Friday? Any reports from the scene?

MUG SHOT: Woman yanks hijab off of woman in supermarket because of Ft Hood massacre

Fragmentation vs Wholeness: Why there is no sense of connection in America

Fragmentation vs Wholeness: Why there is no sense of connection in America

Does anyone know of any research being done on mental illness and the republican party?

Afghanistan: "me and my brother against my cousin. But it's me and my cousin against a foreigner"

U.S. Eyes Afghan Drawdown Starting by 2013: Report

Senator Ralph Nader of Connecticut? Maybe.

Politics or sedition? Rush Limbaugh calls for military coup

Getting to the Root of Environmental Crises

Democratic Party on Downhill Slide for 2010 Elections If They Don’t Change Course

Old Fridge? "Cash for Appliances" Looms

White House policy: No letter to families of military suicides

CNN, bimbos, and ageism

CNN, bimbos, and ageism

Why Bank of America Fired me - Story from a collector

It's The Economy, Stupid!

Single Mother Jailed for Refusing to Deploy

Unemployed teenage parents who are living with

About Poor People Having Children

My GAWD, I had some horrible nighrmares last night

YouTube - The late, great Isaac Hayes rips the hell out of "Stormy Monday."

Eeeks! Aunt Bertha's here!

Time to resurrect this video to the national conscience

Tonight I'm posting from a 10-jet Jacuzzi I just installed. 104 degree water, suds.

It's not like some of DU's other forums are just one big pissing match right now...

Santa sacked for being sullen,inept and incommunicative.

YouTube: B.B. King & Buddy Guy - I Can't Quit You Baby

YouTube: B.B. King & David Gilmour - Eyesight to the Blind

YouTube: The final Mason / Waters / Wright / Gilmour / reunion: Comfortably Numb, Live 8

Tom Petty's new Live Anthology: anybody here get it yet?

Any one know a good up to date website on how to unlock and jailbreak an iphone?

YouTube: David Gilmour with Brian May, "Smoke On The Water"

Famous and skilled musicians playing a level "beneath" their talent

I'm getting a headache just thinking about work tomorrow...

YouTube: The late 'n' legendary Do Ho performs "Tiny Bubbles" @ 2005 Pro Bowl half-time

"The Guys Get Shirts!"- Paul Anka (NSFW)

YouTube: The Dirty Mac, "Yer Blues" (Lennon, Richards, Clapton, Mitchell, from R&R Circus)

Hey Hendry! Look!

Goodbye Mr. Monk (no spoilers)

Guys least likely to cover a Cher song

Obama shows some love!

My "black friday" score

Confident In My Sexuality

Don't cry, I'll be off-line tonight. bluesboy's second round NCS playoff game.

wow. katy perry

My favorite song.Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

YouTube: David Gilmour & David Bowie - Comfortably Numb

Well, so far I am surviving Thanksgiving weekend but I gotta tell ya, the situation

Tried to buy myself a gift. Can't. AYKROYD's crystal skull vodka. It's regional?!1

Lancaster, PA! Anybody here live near the outlets on Rt. 30? How's the traffic?

What did the Great Pumpkin (Pie) bring YOU for Thanksgiving?

Saturday morning humor: Priorities.

The waves have now a redder glow

The Onion: Biden Pardons Single Yam In Vice Presidential Thanksgiving Ritual

Alley and I lauched our sailboat and returned on a failboat..

EWW, my mom and my grandmother are eating Lutefisk.

O dear God in Heaven, Mrs. Robb is frying pork.

Shake Weight - It's all the craze!


Describe your daily life in movie & tv show themes.

My Thanksgiving Turkey is Still Frozen Solid in the Fridge

Well, this is kinda cool: The trailer for "White Christmas" with Bing, Danny, Vera and Rosemary.

How do you find office space?

YouTube: David Bowie - "Rebel Rebel" (from "Later With Jools Holland," 2002)

I think I may have found a solution to the

Confucious say ...

Resolved: BEHAR and Larry DAVID are the least funny people in the universe

Am I the only one that had a GOOD thanksgiving?

Dolly and Mellisa Etheridge...coat of many colors

If DU:GDP Had Been Around During The Revolutionary War, Today We Would All Be Speaking English


Are there any safe appetite suppresants...

So when eating breakfast cereral, if you run out of milk,

Man , this is killing me ....

Why is it that something toxic can make you feel so damn good?

From the Orangina ads...

Turkey, Cranberries, Pumpkin Pie, Whipped Cream, Alan Rickman

Police consider death by elk in murder case

The Susan Boylification of Tiger Woods has begun

Just HOW bad is the economy?

this article moved me to tears

Casablanca on TCM at 6PM ET

Don't touch me there.

I have *GOT* to get these for Christmas!

It's that Time of Year Again. Bears Playing Hockey in Russia.

I want to tread on a creed that never lies

With one month to go, is your 2010 glass of hope and optimism half-empty or half-full

It's not always my cup of tea, but spectacles such as the Celtic Women...

Hell, YES! Just found out Ronnie Montrose is performing New Years Eve at the Avalon in Santa Clara.

Don't touch me there.

Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. Please explain to me why nobody did this before.

Don't ever..

Do you ever have trouble...

Oh love aren't you tired yet

So we can all agree then: PHISH is the best band in the USA

Today's College Football Thread

The Power of the Pentatonic Scale

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/28/09

"You mean those are real!? " my aunt exclaimed.

People on DU who don't know you, yet finish your thoughts and hidden agendas behind your posts

I swallowed a green marble from the game Stay Alive when I was about three and a half.

Caption this ( Palin supporters at book signing pic)

In a way, I'm dreading next Wednesday.

Urgent swine flu update... (This really has me worried)

I just got my ass kicked in GD

David Hasselhoff hospitalised.

What are, really, the pros and cons of plasma versus LCD versus LED TVs

What's you favorite time of the day?

Ghost Hunters is lame

So. About that "detonator choice" at the end of Dark Knight

Maru, a very strange cat who can't help himself from jumping into boxes

Which would you rather have, $20 Million 20 years ago, or $200 Million today?

I'm back from the hospital yet again. I had a dang stroke, if you can believe that. Yeesh.

What not to get your kids for Xmas, unless you hate them

I think Tiger's wife beat the shit outta him with his own golf club last night

What r u wearing?

Peekaboo kitty will destroy your cynicism and bring world peace

Do Blondes have additional leeway to flex their muscles?

FAVORITE Tom Cruise Movie?

Speaking of the USPS: What time does your mail arrive?

Thanksgiving Pictures: Please share yours

Anybody else decorating for Christmas yet?

Anybody else decorating for Christmas yet?

Wanna See Something Positive?

Maybe the people who are about to walk out on Obama over Afghanistan can tell me

Newly appointed senator supports Crist

Darra$h Murphy is in trouble again.Stupid PUMAs

Statement from PERAB Chairman Paul Volcker on Tax Task Force

Time - Joe Klein - "Obama's 'Mistakes': Way Too Early to Judge"


Gibbs: 'Time is running out' on Iranian nuclear program cooperation

Gallup:47% would advise Obama to increase troops in Afghanistan, 39% would advise to decrease troops

President Obama v. Afghanistan

Facts Matter- False attack on the Obama White House posted here on DU

What's the best Obama-hope rationalization ever?

How to pay for the Afghan War ... Easy!

How is Sarah Palin Different Than Obama?

What can fire up Democratic voters?

GOP is like "the boy who cried wolf"

Afghans Detail a Secret Prison Still Operating on a U.S. Base

Ward wins fund-raising help from Reps. Simpson, Boehner and Wilson

Larchmont mayor floats Senate bid against Gillibrand

Elle Magazine snubs its own First Lady to award Mrs.Obama First Place for Best Dressed Women

An open letter to the "Sensible" Democratic Center

Let's be honest about Democrats and the Afghan war

First Family attends GW bball game vs. Oregon State, where Michelle Obama's brother is the coach.

There's no economic recovery: "Summers assignment is to bring the broader economy to its knees"

An additional 30,000 troops would be consistent with Obama's campaign promise made on August 1, 2007

Sitting here with relatives who have just informed me

Just Sayin'...

What do you think Osama Bin Laden's Goal was on 9-11?

Report details bin Laden's escape into Pakistan on Rumsfeld's / Franks's watch

Taliban Leader Threatens Obama

Lobbyists Furiously Lobby White House to Preserve Lobbyist Power

TPM: Watch Out. Looming 2010 Enthusiasm Gap.

The humiliating Obama-in-Asia failures mount up

Change is actually winning the war against the Taliban

PHOTOS: First Family at the GW-Oregon State game

How would DU have treated William J. Clinton?

The Party Crashers did meet with Obama.

I say 90% of the people here will vote for Obama in 2012.....

Next stop for Nader: US Senate from Connecticut?

Why the Health Care Public Option is so important to me

A few Secret Service agents need New Careers

Indeed, DU would be dissatisfied with any Democratic president had it existed back in the days

Indeed, DU would be dissatisfied with any Democratic president had it existed back in the days

Admission Time: I Will Be VERY Disappointed In Obama On Tuesday Night

UPDATE: Timescale of targets for Afghanistan in 2010

If Obama isn't Left enough for you...............

Do you think you really know what is happening in Afghanistan?

"Obama's Brilliant First Year"

White House counters conservative columnist Krauthammer

How would DU have treated Jimmy Carter ?

Know this: If escalation happens, "CHANGE" can't.

Photos: The Obama Presidency, November 27th, 2009

Ugh. Partisan hack politicizes condolences...

Body of trapped Utah spelunker won't be recovered

Brazil Bank Funds Destructive Projects, Say Activists

Justice Dept. Says Acorn Can Be Paid

3 Americans die in cargo plane crash in China

DA: Walmart peaceful year after deadly NY stampede

IRS says Schwarzenegger owes $79,000

Al Alberts of 1950s pop group The Four Aces dies

Pakistan graft amnesty expires

Recession Sends Older Americans To Food Pantries

UAE Banks risk credibility loss on Dubai exposures

US ‘hell bent’ on Iraq War, says UK envoy

Wal-Mart launches probe into labor abuse allegations

Evidence of life on Mars lurks beneath surface of meteorite, NASA experts claim

Early holiday shopping has merchants optimistic

Russian train wreck 'an act of terror'

Christian church, Native American tribe reconcile

Justice Dept. Says Acorn Can Be Paid

South Korea Admits Civilian Killings During War

25 countries tell Iran to mothball nuke program

Afghan President Karzai to be set international targets

Fed's Bernanke-audit would hurt economic prospects

U.S. to Pressure Mortgage Firms for Loan Relief

Afghans Offer Jobs to Taliban Rank and File if They Defect

El Salvador: Declassified documents opens the lid on Jesuits' murders

Anger as Commonwealth slashes funding for Aids fight

Secret Service: officers didn't verify crashers

U.S. Still Running Secret Prison in Afghanistan

Transsexual sports writer Mike Penner dead at 52

US delays crackdown on Internet gambling

Hacked climate emails called a "smear campaign"

3 Americans killed in Shanghai plane crash

Colombia ministers in summit 'snub' to Venezuela

Call it a clearcut case of a city going too far

2 Afghans allege abuse at U.S. site

Dubai Debt Woes Raise Fear of Wider Problem.

Matthew Hoh Speaks Grim Truth To Power

Stacking the Deck Against Kids

Honduras to Have “Free and Fair” Elections with Disrespect for Human Rights

UAE Banks risk credibility loss on Dubai exposures

Salahis’ Real Threat to Obama: Photos Also Reveal Them in Dallas and St. Petersburg

How Dare You Clean Up Our Mess?

Despair Not!

US scuttled efforts at building consensus for Iraq war: ambassador

Rep. Roy Blunt not being held accountable

Publicity-Seeking Salahis Even Crashed the Tiger Woods Crash

Obama's State Department Backpedals on Landmine Treaty Stance

since states can "opt-out" of the Public Option, im-moderate "Dems" have NO EXCUSE for killing PO

Afghans Detail a Secret Prison Still Operating on a U.S. Base

Washington Alters U.S. Air Force Document to Hide Intentions Behind Military Accord with Colombia

When Prisoners Phone Home

A brisk awakening to nature's healing embrace

Is Obama's civil liberties record understandable?

Why Can't Democrats Get a Backbone?

Executive Order 13490

Hijab Case: Why Bigoted Battery Makes For A Hate Crime

The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Updating the World on the Latest Climate Science

DEMS raise more funds than GOP in OCT. gosh, you think, demagoguery & disinformation doesn't work?

Obama's Brilliant First Year

Guerrilla stings of ACORN don't meet standards of journalism (LAT)

Muppets Stars and Strips Forever

Hundreds 'Deserting' Afghanistan's Taliban

Santa Rosa shoppers line up at midnight to score Black Friday deals

NY Times: The Sarah Palin Roadshow

Thankful to be a Freethinker

"Away in a Manger" Christmas song spoof

Insane Christian Terrorist Advocates Violent Overthrow

Papantonio: Force the Insurance Industry to Operate in Free Market

Young Turks: The Worst Police Sketch Ever?!!!

US to recognize Honduras election

The History of Thanksgiving

Six Jesuit Murders - 20th Anniversary Lecture

Glenn BecKKK: "Let's Tear Down The Wall That Separates Church & State"

PS 123 in NYC....fights having building taken over by charter school.

WBC tells Obama's daughters 'Your father hates you'

TYT: Hilarious Christian Rap Video Aims To Stop Hugs! (w/ Ana & Wes Clark Jr)

Drumbeat:November 27, 2009

NPR: Scientists Turn Trees Into Carbon Banks Gordon Brown unveils ($22 billion) fund to tackle 'climate emergency'

Starving polar bears turn to cannibalism

Which New Hybrid Has 10 Wheels and Flies?

James Hansen presentation at The Club of Rome Global Assembly

Math for Doomers

Refs bad call caught on video

The JR Chess Report (November 28): Abbreviated Edition

So Tiger was running from his golf club swinging crazed wife?

Which branch of the Armed Forces will Tim Tebow join in the spring?

Reflections from QC Delegation - by Lisa Sullivan/SOA

QC Delegation Report Nov. 26, 2009

History in Comics: the Honduran Coup

El Salvador: Declassified documents opens the lid on Jesuits' murders

Drug lords finding safe haven in Bolivia

Just Watched Half of Errol Flynn's "Cuban Story"

Venezuela to upgrade Palestinian ties, offers aid

Likud activist: Obama regime anti-Semitic

Legislation would enhance anti-boycott measures

Text of the lawsuit against mayor nickels and city of seattle

MBUS, anyone?

Two trials to be held in murder of Arivaca girl and her father

Mass stabbings in bar fight. Four stabbed on West Coast, Mid-West, East Coast.

Now that I have your attention

In a Home to Free Speech, a Paper Is Accused of Anti-Semitism

Labor Quote for the week of November 23, 2009

More museums facing strike in France

Global union launches investigation into paper industry deaths

DU a poll: Healthcare Insurance

Labor violation trial for Smithfield Foods delayed

RNs From Menorah Medical Center Become First Kansas Nurses to Join National Union of Nurses

Start Your Holiday Shopping Today at The Union Shop Online™

Maui Pine to shut down by end of year (285 employees will be laid off)

Unions put the brakes on rail deal (despite backing from powerful GOP lawmakers and Gov. Crist)

NY toughens penalties for employer retaliation

NUMMI Plant workers to get help 4,500 to loose jobs no help for 20,000 others

LABOR-MEXICO: MANUFACTURING POVERTY FOR WOMEN (590,000 women work in garment-making maquiladoras)

Bids for golf operations coming (photo of boss that fired me illegally 3 years ago)

Today in Labor History Nov 28 Some 400 New York City photoengravers strike, IBEW founded 1891

I was asked to post link to this OP Pictorial about unemployment

You guys honestly want to start hiding here?

Kick for President Obama. I'd like for this forum to be at the top

This the Democratic Underground..

night time fruit

beach bluster

Top Ten Annoying Things That Photographers Say to Each Other

Added more images (page 2) to my Michler's page

Brooklyn Bridge at dawn

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Status Report 25 Nov 2009

Martian Winter snow on the Dunes- Photo

Rainbow trapped for the first time

Almost didn't....

The Billion-Year Alien Technology Gap: Could One Exist?

Suspected hate crime victim shot in 2008 dies

Gap boycott on hold

Anli & Laura's Lesbian Gamer Geek Wedding

Anger as Commonwealth slashes funding for Aids fight

Dubai Crisis May End in ‘Major’ Default, BofA Says

Dubai Digits

Starcodes This Week


The hormones, my friends, are blowing in the wind

Staring at computer screens may be causing chronic eye ailments.

To any Florida residents and teachers here.

deleted double post

The Secret Political Reach Of "The Family"

UN Court for Rwanda Genocide Acquits Former Priest (Update1)

Spray-On Jesus (PHOTO)

FOX News Angry at Lack of Religious Displays in State Capitol

Does anyone except Orthodox Jews actually follow the Ten Commandments?

Swiss vote on proposal to ban minarets

Vocabulary Lesson: Fundamentalism

NEXT! Allowing Pasta to Drink to Its Fill

Mandolines and Forced Internet Withdrawal Syndrome

Anybody know why my beets turned black?

Full frig heaven. What about a leftovers thread?

Back to cooking land, I think...