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Archives: November 29, 2009

NY Times: Bloomberg Spent $102 Million to Win 3rd Term

"Live from Darryl's House." Reality Music TV...from Restored FarmHouse in Dutchess County, NY...

Volunteers build homes for New Orleans flood survivors

Indonesia communications minister mirrors American religious right rhetoric and hypocrisy

Like with the Shiite-dominated govt. of Iraq, we're leaning on one side of an Afghan civil war

Do you think that teabaggers can recognize their own reflection?

The Hypocrisy of the Right in America

Get a tramp stamp for Jesus

Dubai: a city built on sand

A world awash in debt

India may hold the whip hand in Dubai power game

Oregon State wins as President Obama, first lady attend game in D.C.

Polls show conservative ahead as Honduras vote nears

Privacy of a 911 call?

Congressman treats patients at free clinic

Man dies in custody after sobriety checkpoint stop (Made "furtive movements" & fled arrest)

The Geopolitics Of The Dubai Debt Crisis: It's Iran vs. The United States

Palin quits again...

Sunday TV News Shows

UK Attorney General allegedly 'pinned against wall' by Blair cronies to say Iraq war was legal

money grubbing assholes--White House Intruders Want Money for Their Tale

James Hansen presentation at The Club of Rome Global Assembly (Xpost from Environment/Energy)

Expiring insurance subsidy imperils laid-off Americans

Worst Blog of All Time

South Carolina conservative sets himself up as kingmaker

How stupid is this? Try this one for size (other than texting)

Delete Dupe of thread below:

Delete Dupe of thread below:

The Legacy of Domestic Violence

UPDATE 2-U.S. Black Friday sales barely up, online surges

In Alaska, new fight develops over rights of fetuses

2009 Celebrity Deaths

Was this actual dialogue from a Law and Order episode?

News exec: State Dinner crashers shopping interview

Tiger for your sake I hope this story below isn't true

No-Starch Jesus?

Interesting conservative review of "Going Rogue."

San Jose Mercury-News: Officer using Taser in video also used force four times in 10-week span

Senate report: Bin Laden was 'within our grasp'

President cheers George Washington's defeat

Iraq Inquiry bombshell: Secret letter to reveal new Blair war lies

I was listening to Ed this morning on the radio

"Halfway" Palin strikes again!

Obama's Asia trip bears fruit - snark alert

Is there a list of filibusters that have been occuring this year?

Budget cuts hit broad swath of Cal State

Operator: This is the ambulance emergency line. Do you have an emergency? LOL(Warning-language)

Interesting 7 minute video. Reconstruction of US Airways flt 1549 La Guardia to the Hudson river..

The downtown is still there, but not the people

It's that time of year again!!

Israel to recognize elections in Honduras

States plan for global warming, but Alabama not in group forming strategy for rising seas

States plan for global warming, but Alabama not in group forming strategy for rising seas

Woodrow Wilson's boyhood home repaired

Bob Franken: Social Climbing the White House Gates

Climate Change Deniers; Will you be ashamed?

Political clash expected soon over rising U.S. $12 trillion dollar debt

Yet another reason to be pissed at the big banks who took our money

Yet another reason to be pissed at the big banks who took our money

LA Times: Possible sinkhole threatens New Mexico town

We are trying to jump a chasm by playing hop-scotch across it.

Report: Hasselhoff Hospitalized After Seizure

Iraq: The war was illegal

Current health insurance bill distilled down to the core

Turbulence Ahead: Senate Opens Health Care Debate

India has nuke event - employee sabotage? - "malevolent act"

What do you think of the WTO?

Electric power generation down 8.42% from last year

Electric power generation down 8.42% from last year

Australia Plans to Kill 6000 Thirsty Camels Invading Town

The Sunday morning ouch machine

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Increases Payment to ELCA

Democratic Senator Cantwell seeks to use gambling laws to rein in Wall Street

MIA: The Iraq war

Climate change denier Nick Griffin to represent EU at Copenhagen

Study Confirms Health Care Bill Will Cut Costs

Book review: "Sin Patron: Stories From Argentina’s Worker-Run Factories", edited by Lavaca

Hey Mr. Gregory-Ask Rick if he supports Gov't run health care!!-straight up!!

Talk to me about volunteer work

Yet, another White House party crashed

Yet, another White House party crashed

10,000 E. African albinos in hiding after killings

My take on Congress:

Gov Dean: Obama Will Win In 2012, 'Going To Do Fine'

Will ABC now make a movie about how Bush and Rumsfeld missed bin Laden?

John King Feels Sorry for War Criminal TONY BLAIR

Owens won (New York 23)

Great WTO article, timeline, pics on Seattle Times site - Link:

~~~ November Photo Contest Winners' Circle ~~~

Quelle Surprise !!! The WH dinner crashers want to get paid for a TV interview.....

Coalition casualty map masks wider picture of Afghan insurgency

Bernie Sanders: Bernanke Won't Get My Vote For Second Term

4 cops shot dead at a coffee shop near seattle wa - breaking - here's the link-

GOP Wages Internal Debate Over Tax Increase For Afghan War

*EMERGENCY*- How fast can you get your hands on a golf club?

Obama administration plans new efforts on foreclosures - plans to press mortgage companies

Ohio School District Sues Over Air Pollution

What were public services (works) like prior to FDR?

Scientists to the rescue to save us from greenhouse gas - aim to curb burping sheep

10,000 E. African albinos in hiding after killings

Professor advises underwater homeowners to walk away from mortgages

Inhofe Trashes Military Generals Who Advocate For Clean Energy Legislation: They Crave ‘The Limeligh

Count the GOP talking points in this LTTE about health care!

New Orleans area mud-wrestles the Corps

Have You Guys Checked This Out ??? - Decline Of Empires (Video)

HBO is doing the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts tonight…

12 shot at Fresno house party

Why I believe Blair should stand trial & face charges for war crimes-by General Sir Michael Rose

Buying my grandaughter's XMas present on Ebay

The U.S. and dems in particular will never have any credibility unless war crimes


Gold bars fake? What do you think?

3% of murdered men were killed by an intimate

Deficit Reduction? Raise Taxpayer $$ Loans Interest Rates to 29.99% PLUS FEES for Wall St Banks...

Newsweek editor mocks "latte-drinking" liberals

Homeless Man Owes $500,000 Doctor Bill

Fighting the Wrong Health Care Battle

Collapse: It's happened to every great civilization

Collapse: It's happened to every great civilization

Monsanto draws U.S. antitrust scrutiny

Monsanto's dominance draws antitrust inquiry

Will the $30 billion for the additional troops in Afghanistan be added to the deficit??

Bank Wants Struggling Soap Box Derby To Repay Loan

Look at these nutty fuckers.

Bambi Tasered in Downtown Toronto

Cambodian trial, though grim, broke new ground

Until we do something about our lying ass misleading press

For 3rd time, Tiger Woods cancels meeting with police

State expropriation for new hospital includes those who rebuilt after flood

RNC Purity Test = Suicide Pact?

Inhofe, head of the Flat Earth Caucus, intones on climate change, Gitmo, etc

Iraq Inquiry bombshell: Secret letter to reveal new Blair war lies

Tonight's J. Danforth Quayle Award For Republican Stupidity goes to SEN. JAMES INHOFE

Ex-nurse, 83, nurtures artisans’ co-op, family planning clinic she founded in Haiti

Sarah Palin = The Caucasian Condi Rice

If the right-wingers win back the Congress and Senate in 2010?

If the right-wingers win back the Congress and Senate in 2010?

Does anyone know exactly where these "Climate Gate" emails are?

george w. bu$h* allowed osama bin laden to escape

What am I thankful for? There *is* hope for mankind

Discovery Institute: The Mask Falls Away

Swiss voters back ban on minarets.

Where the hell is the Neo-Con OUTRAGE?

For-profit colleges haul in government aid: median graduation rate is 38%

You don't have to talk to cops

France wants a 'carbon tax' on EU imports

Doubts Linger Over US Civilian Surge (1,000+ more) in Afghanistan

What if a Serious Journalist Had Crashed the State Dinner

Turkey Day Debate: Stimulate the Economy? Lower the Retirement Age to 55 Now (from Hartmann)

Just watched 'Face The Nation'. I couldn't stop watching Dick Armey.

I Remember (Mama's Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes) Mama

Hate Sarah Palin? She loves that

I've been thinking about the interlopers allowed into

sarah palin's signature--

Interesting Segment From A Book On Vince Lombardi

Cannabis College Now Enrolling Students

OMG! R U driving? NC texting ban starts Dec. 1

HIV/AIDS cure getting little publicity

What (or who) is the best method (or person) to evaluate the effectiveness of educators?

Join Robin's Campaign Today!

Democrats expect healthcare overhaul to pass

The Wayfarers: 1937 - Check out this haunting photograph by Dorothea Lange now at Shorpy's

Caption Poppy *

English teachers council gives Glenn Beck the 'Doublespeak Award'

Palin's folksy bus tour - a big fake! She is travelling by private jet

Can DU limit an individual's Unreccs to 3 a day?

...a livable universe; each one of us is the essential element.

NY Times: Across U.S., Food Stamp Use Soars and Stigma Fades

Wall Street's a maybe state gambling laws apply


Anyone here voting for Atlanta Mayor? There's a live debate

Democrats in revolt over Barack Obama’s troop surge

What do you think about the Seventeenth Amendment ?

How did "public option" galvanize elite lefty opinion?

Bad American: a Gentle Sunday Morning Read

Global warming denial: litmus test?

Project Censored: The Thickening Sickening: charter schools as parasites on a public host

They're heeeere...

Is Bin Laden dead or alive?

Why are the Senators and others just now in an uproar about Tora Bora??

Scott Lively: American, European gays are to blame for harsh anti-gay laws in Uganda

MIT analysis backs Obama Plan (Concludes Americans Will Pay Less)

Twitter Billboard Leads to Epic Fail

Does anyone else think it is inappropriate to speculate on Tiger Woods's supposed mistress? (PIC)

Question for iPhone users

24/7WallStreet: A Mediocre Start For Retail On Black Friday

MSNBC Video: Texas man builds new, sustainable homes from discarded construction material

Well I'm sorry to disappoint those who wanted a shopping boycott

Senate Report Explores 2001 Escape by bin Laden From Afghan Mountains

Can You Imagine What The Country Would Be Like If Bernie Sanders Types Were The Norm In Congress ???

Copenhagen, an ugly picture of truth

Here's what we did last week to help to stimulate the economy

Here's what we did last week to help to stimulate the economy

Prosecute the White House gate-crashers

Prosecute the White House gate-crashers

UK Climate Scientist: Global Warming will 'wipe out billions'

How much faith do you have in capitalism and the banking system?

Russian authorities say bomb caused fatal train crash

All the "Shop Shop Shop" media cheerleading didn't delude people into spending money they don't have

So, the president will present and implement a new plan for Afghanistan before approval by Congress?

9,000 Marines to Helmand (Within Days) After Obama Speech (Doubling Presence)

A tea bagger friend--actually my high school boyfriend (40 years ago)

California Central Valley animal shelters overwhelmed

How Will You Die?

NYT: Are We Going to Let John Die?

Switzerland has banned minarets on buildings..

New Banking Trojan: A Nasty And Formidable Foe

David Sirota: The Party of Death

You're Not Going To Like This, But Listen Anyways. Update X1

Breaking news from Tacoma, Washington - four cops ambushed and shot dead

Robot kills Poisonous Snake while children are sleeping

Leave Churchill out of Scientology, says family

Image of Steven Wright appears on iron (as also reported by Fox News)

Four Skinheads' Attempt at Racial Holy War Turned Into a Slater Slums Smackdown

Bush Admin didn't want to get OBL when they had the chance because "evidence wasn't conclusive"

The Great Depression... pictures of our own future...?

Obama administration blocks lesbian from getting health benefits after judge ordered it

RW Heritage Foundation stooge says that "very few" food stamp recipients are actually hungry

Latest right wing email: Can a good Muslim be a real American?

Are you happy with the "change" you voted for?

Twilight sequel New Moon is anti-feminist, claims professor

Newsflash on Newsiness

I just found out an old friend is a Palin supporter

So Tigers lawyering up and the alleged mistress hires Allred

California man''s health ordeal puts face on uninsured

Question for Vegans

New Internet meme - The Concern Fallacy

New Internet meme - The Concern Fallacy

Cuban global warming "cartoon?"

Dana Perino, STFU!1 Jeff GANNON *wasn't* "an embarrassing breach of security"?!1

I've had two Trojan attacks on my pc

Grandma delivers baby, Thanksgiving dinner

Virus kills more than 1,000 in one week

The Paint-Less Coca-Cola Would Save Earth One Can at a Time

Talk radio cannot be ignored on climate action.

Rumsfeld decision let Bin Laden escape: Senate report

The world's most prosperous (and happiest) countries are also its least religious...

Vicious pitbull attack on small boy (pls watch before rec/unrec)

Vicious pitbull attack on small boy (pls watch before rec/unrec)

Vicious pitbull attack on small boy (pls watch before rec/unrec)

Serious protests at WTO Geneva meeting - pics - somebody is pissed off

Serious protests at WTO Geneva meeting - pics - somebody is pissed off

Times: "Tiger Woods 'was fleeing his angry wife'"

Times: "Tiger Woods 'was fleeing his angry wife'"

CNN Breaking: Iran approves construction of 10 uranium enrichment plants...

Do Parents OWN their Children? Domestic Violence and teen issues (long, sorry)

Hooray! 2010 Seed Savers catalog!

President Obama never said or hinted that he would withdraw from Afghanistan.

Can you think of better uses for the $3 billion plus/month Obama is spending in Afghanistan?

Bloomberg reporter who sued Fed is dead

N.Y.S D.E.C. is killing my sisters' deer tomorrow please help

N.Y.S D.E.C. is killing my sisters' deer tomorrow please help

Mercedes Lewis, 11, dies of H1N1 flu. Stop telling me the "regular" flu kills more people.

"We must increase troop levels in Afganistan in order to withdraw!": What the sales pitch will be

Underwater mortgage? Walk away, law school prof says

Are there any two more evil words than "for profit"?

Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich

parents... opinions please. sleep habits of little children.

People are not assholes for putting their elderly relatives into nursing care.

Is husband beating somehow more acceptable than wife beating?

NYC teachers...start praying now to get good students who test well.

Will you be ashamed?

Ah, thank goodness for the internet...

Go University of South Carolina!!!!!

Forensic experts please chime in here

Jim James wants a hooooolahooop

People who hide their profiles

The good news: Only the clearcoat is scratched.

The Official Charlie Weis flopweat thread

Mixed feelings about this one. (pic)

Deliverance Meets Close Encounters

Cats: can they see dead people or view other dimensions,

I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again

My heros have always been Cowboys

10 years ago I would go out in 58 degrees weather in shorts and a T-shirt

Finally got my tattoo today.

I have two puppehs on my lap and a kitteh blocking my monitor.

is the keytar bacK?

Superman: illegal alien or crime fighter?

Man is it WINDY here in Western MA

Music to sleep to:

What are, really, the pros and cons of plasma versus LSD?

YouTube: "Kirk and McCoy attacked by a mugato"

holy crap, Charlie Weiss needs to be fired TONIGHT

Squirrels and coffee

is it too early to go to bed?

Is it ok to post whatever is on your mind?

Anyone take advantage of the Black Friday deals?

"Hysterical Paroxysm"

I Posted This In The Alaska Forum. It's About The 1925 Serum Run

I think it would be neat if Tombstoned DUers' "profile pages" showed the date they were tombstoned.

How do you get a male cat to stop spraying?

Who cares?

Hey, can anyone tell me about this Lenovo laptop?

Another Glacier Park webcam capture

Seen this yet? Miss Piggy does Freddy Mercuruy...

How to market the lovechild of Edgar Winter and Marilyn Manson

Cool Fall night, spaghetti sauce percolating,

If you have a question for the mods about a basic function of DU's interface, where do you post it?

. . . and a few pics from a petting zoo last month.

Looking for a good opening line and not "hey baby, what's your sign?"

Photo thread! Post your facial lacerations!

Suggestions if you don't mind.

What your tattoo says about you in easy-to-understand chart

Charlotte Sunday picture... "Zzzzz..."

How is making love in a canoe similar to American beer...

Upon seeing Rudolph at the mall...

Rhapsody counts down "Music's Greatest Turkeys...the 10 most disastrous, ill-conceived albums"

Swimming in the snow (cool pic)

My cat got recalled.

My car got recalled

Am going to miss The Holidays this year, evaluate my "replacement" feast


My cap got recalled

Breaking! Tiger has lawyered up!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Invisible Leftovers Edition

Okay, this is a petty rant....What happened to grocery store buggers??

Just for the record, I did not have an affair with Tiger Woods.

Singer Ronnie James Dio has stomach cancer

Tuesday Weld an occult high priestess?

Do any of you remember The Ed Sullivan show?

Sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese and pin nuts on crescent rolls?

What to eat?

Dan ACKROYD's Crystal Skull vodka -- the BOTTLE

Why have they outlawed bedspreads? And wallpaper?

Lounge flame war

I got very drunk last night & still feel like shit... Why?

What the hell is THIS?

I just listened to Liz Phair's H.W.C.

A few new pics from the Waldorf Cat Haven

I'm stepping out for a bit. Does anybody need anything?

Okay, this is a petty rant....What happened to grocery store baggers??

MMmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm

Daily Show Cover Letter?

Are you a conservative/Republican?

Happy Birthday GoddessOfGuinness!

Do any of you remember The Ernie Kovacs show?

Who is your favorite Brady kid?

Would you spend a year in prison for $400,000?

Our beloved Mouse is dying...DU hugs would be appreciated.

What car should I get

Musicians, help! I am FLAT!

Forget baggers. What happened to 'toters'?

In the Shadow of Hoover

Afghanistan might test the Obama-Pelosi Alliance

Mike Whitney: Blame Larry Summers

from Charles Pearce -- Happy Thanksgiving

Some whiny trouble makers

Ezra Klein Explains the Medicare Commission

PHOTOS: New Official Ones, 11/28

Tuesday will be a good day for DU

Tolleson nixes 8th District run

Obama Quietly Backs Patriot Act Provisions

Concentration of Wealth = An Influence Lock On Our Politics

Any filibuster can be defeated with only 51 votes using this Senate procedure.

Did anyone catch the interview with on CNN on how Murdoch and Moon use media

Why is DU allowing ads from GenHope stating HCR = Jailtime??

Reagan thought there were 'moderates' in Iran during Iran-Contra

Calling the Republican filibuster bluff: Boston Globe Op-Ed

Who is Dan Senor?

Embracing the Taliban

Just Because I Voted for Obama in '08 and WILL VOTE FOR HIM IN '10...errr I mean '12

Here is how a poster on Fark compared Bush to Obama.

I Do Not Want Purity - But Can We at Least Have Some Discipline?

I Do Not Want Purity - But Can We at Least Have Some Discipline?

Deficit and tax cuts

Quiet GOP tactic stalls top Obama appointments

Official strategy: Republicans no longer allowed to think

Will Obama mention how evil the Taliban is to women to justify his escalation Tuesday?

Senator Reed smacks down Senator Lugar's idiotic suggestion: put off health care, focus on war


Huckabee leaning against another presidential run

Does it look like the troop increase in Afghanistan will be coupled with an exit plan?

Rumsfeld messed up and Bin Laden got away, but I'm confident that Obama will catch him.

What's Jeb Bush been up to?

LOL....1/2 the posts here are trying to convince people Obama is perfect!

Neoliberal Wall St. shill and Robert Rubin coauthor Jacob Weisberg gushes over Obama's DLC 1st year

Among Dems: Most want Afghanistan troop reduction. 29% in favor of any surge. 67% oppose any surge

All I wanted was a Taco: The Teabaginning

President Obama’s Muddle Path in Afghanistan .... Now it’s his war.

I realized why I often seem so cranky on DU

Breaking: President Obama regains majority approval in Gallup daily tracking-51%

Afghanistan: Obama vs. Martin Luther King

2,976 = Number of people killed on 9/11. 3053 = number of people killed...

Should Hillary Clinton Resign her Post if This Adm Uses the Rights of Afghan Women Cynically?

Abused Afghan women opt for suicide

What I want to hear from President Obama about Afghanistan

The Political Left And The "Good" War

What's the point of trying to belittle President Obama's accomplishments?

Dukakis to endorse Capuano in Senate race

Howard Dean on 2012

Winter Soldier Testimony - Iraq and Afghanistan

Democrats in Revolt Over Obama’s Troop Surge

Canadian Rail Engineers Begin a Strike

Number of US diabetics to double in 25 years: study

Iraq Inquiry bombshell: Secret letter to reveal new Blair war lies

Monsanto's dominance draws antitrust inquiry

Gordon Brown urged to lift Iraq inquiry secrecy

Senate report: Bin Laden was 'within our grasp'

Washington to press banks on mortgage relief: report

NY Daily News: Bush administration could've captured bin Laden in 2001

Iraq Inquiry bombshell: Secret letter to reveal new Blair war lies

Iran Earmarks $20 Million to Support Militants

Peru apologises to descendents of slaves

Iran approves building 10 enrichment sites

Turbulence Ahead: Senate Opens Health Care Debate

Senate Report Explores 2001 Escape by bin Laden From Afghan Mountains

MIT analysis backs Obama Plan (Concludes Americans Will Pay Less)

Swiss ban mosque minarets in surprise vote

Rumsfeld let Bin Laden escape in 2001, says Senate report

Rumsfeld decision let Bin Laden escape: Senate report

Hondurans cast absentee votes in Miami

Shoppers spent less over Black Friday weekend

Lugar: Let's Put Health Care On Hold To Deal With Afghanistan

Dubai looks to oil-rich neighbor for possible aid

Senator (Bernie Sanders) opposes Fed chief Bernanke renomination

Official: 4 police officers shot dead in Wash.

Honduras denounces plans to boycott presidential election

Release of secret reports delayed-Spy agencies foil Obama plan for transparency

Senators: Take action against White House crashers

1 in 8 now using food stamps

Senate report: Bin Laden was 'within our grasp'

Shoppers spent less over Black Friday weekend

Switzerland votes on minaret ban

Iran OKs building 10 new enrichment plants

Permanent Arctic Ice Vanishing - Satellite Images Misled Shocked Scientists

Data point to Toyota's throttles, not floor mats

Nicaragua, El Salvador close borders with Honduras

Climate change data dumped

Anti-WTO protest in Geneva turns violent

Breaking: Police Chase Tiger Woods in Golf Cart

The REAL Reason Sarah Palin Dropped Out of 5K Turkey Trot

Rabid Right-Wing Media Mogul Building a News Empire

Dubai Has Always Been Bankrupt -- Morally and Environmentally

Memo: Honduras State Employees Forced to Attend Santos Campaign Rally

Toronto Star: Embracing the Taliban

Blair's fury: Are mandarins seeking revenge?:worries his reputation will be shredded

Newsweek's 10 Most memorable quotes of the decade

Audit Interview: Mark Pittman Feb 2009. (CJR). Looking back.

U.S. Issues Commemorative Stamp Honoring the 'Food Stamp'

Democrats in Revolt Over Obama’s Troop Surge

Growing, yes, but India has reasons to worry

Phosphate phaseout

The man who smuggled himself into Auschwitz

Christian leaders' stance on civil disobedience is dangerous

50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World (UTNE)

Why I believe Blair should stand trial- face charges for war crimes-General Sir Michael Rose

Glenn Beck: the renegade running the opposition to Obama - Gaby Wood, Guardian UK

A Simple Plan to Screw Big Banking. Use Cash.

Cheney's Withering Response to Senate Report on 'Bin Laden Dithering'

The US Should Cut Military Spending in Half - Cato Institute

Diplomacy 101

Afghanistan summit to plan for withdrawal

Thomas L. Friedman: America vs. "The Narrative"

The abundant ignorance of American voters (jawdropping stuff)

Obama-hate is getting scary

State Dinner Crashers: Cops!

Call Republicans Capitalists

Michelle Bachmann - Idiot Supreme

White House Gate Crashers Prove Obama Can't Protect Us From Terrorism

Health Insurance companies (AHIP) GREED

Best George Bush speech

Christian Extremists Pray for Obama's death .Doing Away With Obama

Bernie Sanders On This Week: Afghanistan Too Expensive To Support

The Week In Cartoons 11/28/09

Dennis Kucinich vs Rick Man-on-Dog Santorum on Afghanistan

Fox News Dumbest Anti-Atheist Question of the Month?

This Week with George Stephanopoulos / Health Care Debate

Part 1 - Uncensored Exclusive interview - Patch Adams and the end of capitalism.

Thomas L. Friedman: "we need better citizens -not just mindless angry populism"

While Americans Breakdance, Japanese Build Robots That Breakdance

Goodbye Dubai

Karl Rove Does Dick Cheney Impression

Dubai Crash Marks Start of Phase Two of Global Credit Crunch

Gods, Frauds, Neo-Cons & Demagogues

'Rough Riders' rap about the Christian Side Hug

Why Bank Of America Fired Me

The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Climate Science Report

Obama’s revolving door and agri-chemical giants

The plight of the imported camel in the Australian Desert made me realize if the camel would have

AFP—German energy firm RWE vows CO2 emission cuts—“We will make as much money with renewable energy”

Longline Fishing Killing At Least 200,000 Seabirds Annually In European Waters Alone - Independent

Kenyan Drought Drives Down Tea Harvest - Off 7.4% In October YOY - Bloomberg

Water Levels In Dead Sea Falling At One Meter/Year - SMH

Surface Water Temps In Sundarban Islands (Bay Of Bengal) Rising W. Alarming Speed - 0.5C Per Decade

UNHCR - 24 Million People Have Already Fled Their Homes Thanks At Least In Part To Environment

Canada Must Prepare For Costs Of Massive Infrastructure Damage As Permafrost Melts - Reuters

Multistate climate coalitions struggling

U.S. firm sheds liability for Canadian nuclear peril

UK safety regulators assessment of EPR and AP1000: grim reading

Permanent Arctic Ice Vanishing - Satellite Images Misled Shocked Scientists

Is China showing more leadership than America in the fight against climate change?

James Hansen: Is there any real chance of averting the climate crisis? (a heated debate)

New South Wales - Everything's Dried Up And Communities Begin To Crack - SMH

Residents Of Coastal Bangladesh Already On The Move To Dacca, Other Crippled Cities

Scientists grow pork meat in a laboratory

Thawing, Collapsing Permafrost Costing Russian Energy Companies Billions Annually -

EU sends xenophobic moron to Copenhagen

Climate Change Denial "Exists In A Sphere That Cannot Be Reached By Evidence Or Reasoned Argument"

Warming will 'wipe out billions'

Entire Elephant Herd In Sierra Leone's Only Wildlife Park Wiped Out By Poachers - AFP

I think they should ship Mark Mangino to Peru.

Jules Winnfield - Hockey Coach

Bo lives! He's just using Harbaugh's body.

Jerry Kramer Gets Screwed Again (NFL HOF)

if I make a sports prediction, bet the opposite.

Now wonder Tiger is cheating on Elin----

Dear Broncos, Please Draft 6yr Old Nyrel Sevilla

I'll go ahead and say it

Pro Football HOF Fan's Choice. Vote Once A Day:

Yes, He's Finally Gone!

Lost to the fucking Jills!!!

So is it time for ArKansas to join another conference?

I did not think my Dawgs could do it.

O.K., Who Gets Your Vote For NFL Hall Of Fame?

Defensive lineman to win Heisman trophy?

Indigenous Hondurans: US’ recognition of electoral farce demonstrates again participation in the cou

Resistance Proclaims “People’s Curfew” for Election Day

Nicaragua, El Salvador close borders with Honduras

Ukip leader's insurance company at heart of Costa Rica bribe claims

Peru apologises to descendents of slaves

This website is on the ground in Honduras for the election tommorrow!

Telesur will be covering live the Honduras "elections"

Israel to recognize elections in Honduras

Hondurans cast absentee votes in Miami

One example of the many violent attacks yesterday and today...

Update: Massive abstention reported in Honduran elections

U.S. Still Plans Assault on Latin America. Will We Stop this Madness?

VIDEO: Hugo Chávez at the Venice film festival: "South of the Border"

Honduras: Military shooting must be urgently investigated and witnesses protected

Joanne 98 post: Memo: Honduras State Employees Forced to Attend Santos Campaign Rally

Military Delays One Hour Taking Its Head Shot Victim for Treatment but Not to the Closest Hospital

Memo: Honduras State Employees Forced to Attend Santos Campaign Rally

Honduras denounces plans to boycott presidential election

QC Delegation - Emergency Alert for Community of Guadalupe Carney

Former Tupamaro wins in Uruguay

Diplomacy 101

Mouths filled with hatred

Israel likely to free 980 Palestinians for Shalit

Gun ruling reversal tests domestic violence law

National Registration again!!

Milwaukee County DA supports Concealed Carry

4 Officers ambushed and killed in a Cafe on the outskirts of Tacoma Washington.

Manteca club's women-only gun class teaches empowerment, overcoming fear

Teen's grain elevator death leads to fines ($1.6 million), child labor citations

Misfortune, not back pay, piles up

Today in Labor History Nov 29 Louisa May Alcott born, Stores strike Christmas rush, & more

Which Way Forward for Labor?

Militant autoworkers disrupt ‘global value chain’

AP: Employers play Dr. Mom to limit swine flu impact

Breaking News: Homicide At Local Union Hall

Union (SEIU) Responds To Controversy Involving Boy Scout (Remember the Fox News story?)

Louvre, Versailles face closure by striking French workers

Wal Mart does it again, this time in Canada (Update)

Anti-Union "Opinion" Piece at the NV Review Journal

Notice how the media has been showing Independents' approval of Obama slipping...

Construction workers in Chicago are sick of the anti-union BS. We work hard, can be fired at

President Obama's Day Job.

The Question on Afghanistan is neither simple nor straightforward.

empire tanks

bright clear nyc morning

What settings do you recommend for taking pictures of illuminaries at night?

last one from NYC for now

Help on night shots please

Biological Basis of 'Bacterial Immune System' Discovered - will revolutionize vaccines

Attention weather geeks: NOAA's Online School for Weather

Pics of DC (my first post in Photography Forum)

Picture of the sun taken at the same time of a day during one year...

Pics from the country (of Dripping Springs, Tx) and a panorama

~~~ November Photo Contest Winners' Circle ~~~

Grandmother hypothesis: lower mortality of the most X-chromosomally related grandchildren

Yet Another Shameless Plug For The Chicago Band "The Joans"

A letter I am writing to my home town newspaper (about my home diocese giving 10k to Maine race)

Twilight and mormon church

“I’m for gay rights but…”

A Climate Scientist Who Engages Skeptics

Does Anyone Give Money to the Salvation Army Outside Stores?

NYC's 'Sidewalk Santas' sidelined due to economy

Unemployment for men is growing at a much faster pace than for women

Furious investors warn troubled Dubai it will 'never raise a penny again'

ECB spurns IMF with early exit strategy

Fed says it could take 5 or 6 yrs to drag out of this REPUBLICAN DYSTOPIA

A recession/depression occurs when people spend conservatively ...

Specu-elation - Investors are bidding up stocks, gold, and oil to dizzying heights. It's déja vu..

Housing Prices Forecast to Decrease 11 Percent over the Next Year

Bernanke May Not Remember the Fed Brought the Economy to the Brink of Collapse, but Reporters Should

S&P says ALL US banks are "unsafe".

Americans' tax burden is lightest in developed world - USA Today

Brain Sync : Some free podcasts etc. Guided meditations

OT--blog is updated

A couple of questions about abilities and their 'limits'

Coming together for peace ... a request

Number of US diabetics to double in 25 years: study

Cholesterol "risk ratio" and how to drop it?

Swine flu epidemic 'escaped from lab'

Swine Flu Kills 0.0002% of People At Hajj ! OMG - It's Mutating !

On the plus side, most PS parents are NOT buying school "reform"/

Swiss voters approve minaret ban. Prepare for international shitstorm in 3. 2. 1.....

Jesus ‘may have visited Britain’

Christianity to Embrace Household Denominationalism

We should have an "Atheists for Jesus" day!

Did chrisTianity Cause the Crash?

And Now...A Talking Electronic Rosary Sayer

I saw holiday popcorn tins today. They have shrunk!

So, what's everyone doing with their leftover bird?

Gingerbread Houses

food vacuum sealer recommendations?

Giving this a shot for dinner tonight.