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A (((PIC))) of a Fool

We need red meat!

for those interested in taking a tour of Half-Dome in Yosemite via Google Earth. Pretty cool.

Our Collapsing transportation infrastructure.....The Canary on the Bay Bridge

Time to move the dem party to the right

Anyone know if a media source has a county election results map?

Going to local NJ Dem election headquarters

Heads up: Obama special on HBO this evening at 9 eastern.

Our municipal elections do not list party affiliations for the candidates.

There's already a place on DU for discussing men's rights.

HEADS UP: HBO Documentary on Obama tonight at 9PM Eastern.

HEADS UP: HBO Documentary on Obama tonight at 9PM Eastern.

Comcast may own NBC soon (News Corp expressed interest)!!

Tweety is ripping Cantor a HUGE one

Are RePukes Really Gonna Strut Over a Couple Gubernatorial Races in an Off Year?

Ten (Possibly 11) Corpses Found at Cleveland Home

BREAKING: CNN Declares VA a sweep for the GOP.

I didn't vote today. Why?

Diane Sawyer Uses Glenn Beck To Attack Al Gore For Not Eating ‘Tofurkey’

When do the polls close in Maine??

Is anyone watching the results for Garamendi in CA?

Gay marriage ban in Maine in 2010??

The most comprehensive election and ballot initiative results all in on place.

Steele seconds ago on CNN: "...a healthcare bll that noone wants."

VA women now quit your jobs, go home, and have some babies.

Olbermann just TORCHED Glenn Beck for the 9/11 comment.

So I'm getting all these BREAKING NEWS emails from the media outlets about

NY-23: [UPDATE] Hoffman Accuses Democrats of ‘Stealing the Election’

What site is best for election results coming in?

My day voting in NY-23


Compromise on Drug War?

So who won the elections you guys had

NY voters: Do you vote Dem or Working Families in safe districts?

So why is M$M ignoring CA-10 election? Because its going to be progressive win?

"ProLife" protester and/or twisted pervert?

Filthy Chamber of Commerce running lots of anti-healthcare ads on MSNBC

law enforcement against prohibition

What is a progressive view on free will?

Hey, Virginia! Welcome back to the Deep South!*

Who is running those nasty scare tactic ads in Florida to scare seniors that we're after their

NY-23 - Hoffman's claims of staffer's tires slashed is FALSE. Staffer damaged his OWN tires!!!

So Congressman Joe WIlson voted against funding for

I think that some of tonight's results we because

Maine: Expand Medical Marijuana Law (Plus System of Distribution) Leading

Jane Hamsher on Rachel Maddow: Joe Lieberman 'Is The Carrie Prejean Of The Senate.'

Hidden video camera found in bathroom of "Family Christian Book Store" (Simi Valley CA)

Give the People the choice between a real Republican and a Fake

Give the People the choice between a real Republican and a Fake

An interesting day on DU, but something is missing....

Election results for VA and NJ, county maps here

Time to remove all these money guys

Rachel Maddow: MSNBC UNcalling NYC race for Bloomberg. Now too close to call.

Christie wins, according to Politico

HuffPo declares Repubs win VA and NJ. Obama not the reason

HuffPo declares Repubs win VA and NJ. Obama not the reason

HuffPo declares Repubs win VA and NJ. Obama not the reason

Christie wins Sussex County NJ with 64%, it went to McCain by 60%

Gloatfest 2009

Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!

GOP Christie takes New Jersey

FYI - we won big in 2001 and where did that put us in 2002 elections?

MSNBC calling NJ for Christie

Looks like Corzine's going down in NJ too.

Christie, R takes New Jersey

This was NOT a referendum on Obama or the Democratic Party in general....

Maine: Reject Same-Sex Marriage Vote results

Anyone have the scoop on Calif. District 10 special election?

Howard Fineman, on MSNBC, calling this a slap to the Obama administration

Why can't Americans have a national referendum on hot topics

Some Good News: Foxx (D) Elected Charlotte's mayor

The Virginia gubernational election shows that people like the genuine article

Remember how ya felt a year ago

I said earlier that the Dems in NJ would probably sit on their hands and Christie would win

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Hillary" sentiments

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Hillary" sentiments

The NY DAILY NEWS, not my favorite paper, shows Bloomberg by 3%.

I thought it was supposed to be a live version of Countdown at 10?

Some Dem wins

I think I have been converted to a defender of marriage

Don't believe the HYPE its the Congressional special elections that impact most Americans. . .

It seems like Owens has been running a lead similar to Christie's all night

Anyone who freaks out about the results of these elections...

Is anyone else having trouble posting?

Congressional Dems - Look at Virginia and NJ ...

Man, you guys are drama queens. Lose two Governor seats and this place goes to pieces.

Wow KO picked a Yankee play as the smartest in series history

Best election day coverage

SD and MN border Big Stone II Coal Plant Finally Dead

"The Deeds Campaign" a political horror story to scare each other with around Dem campfires.

Owens still in the lead with 68% of precincts reporting.

Orly made a new friend!

Orly made a new friend!

Eshoo Amendment Embraced by GOP in “Alternative” Health Bill -- Care to comment, Ms. Eshoo?

Looks like all the ads bashing Deeds helped

Lower fertility is changing the world for the better

Lower fertility is changing the world for the better

Will the race in the 23rd district in NY continue to be called a "big race" in a couple of hours?

I am so pissed I now have a repub as a mayor.

If the Democrats fail, I will become a Carlinist

Referendum Measure 71 (WA) APPROVED 52.39 % to 47.61 %

Rachel Maddow Just Announced

FLASHBACK: Christie's campaign rejected Sarahcuda's help

Dear Harry Reid, I heard you had a stroke,and recovered, what about us?

To gays et al in Virginia: Come join us in Maryland. You are in danger there.

GOPissants: Epic Fail in Albany mayoral race...

Watching MSNBC no call on NY23

Newport News, VA stunner: Newcomer Robin Abbott beats veteran incumbent Phil Hamilton

All Virginia and New York-23 prove is that the looney right is reorganized and re-energized

Charlotte has First Democratic Mayor in 22 years & Dems pick up a seat on Council

Holy crap, a republican wins mayoral race in Lynn MA

Looks like it going to be a runoff for Atlanta Mayor.

If Owens (D) wins NY-23 in a close race...

Theme of the night: No Guts No Glory

Rachel Maddow: 11,000 absentee ballots will decide NY-23.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Faux projects Owens wins

What did most of us do to get out the vote?

Fox News shows Bloomberg as a (R) on their scroller....

California's 10th District looking great!

Fact check for Mike Rogers' (likely automated) response to my email?

Both McDonnell & Christie politely refused help from Sarah and won

Fox projects the Democrat will win NY 23

I want to post a lyric that reminds me of the great DU'ers

Results For NY-23?

So Palin and Beck's candidate lost? Is it official?

President Obama on Tuesday evening released the following statement on Iran.

Right-wing radio host Mark Williams, live on Hardball: "We're going to win in NY-23."

Watertown mayor (Hoffman supporter): "It's over."

What Happened ? !

Any chance we can get NY all blue in Congress next year?

Breaking on MSNBC - Hoffman Concedes!

So, we lost two governors and increased our power in the Fed Gov

So, we lost two governors and increased our power in the Fed Gov

Tweety just said Y 23 looks like it going Dem! Of all the prominent

Tweety just said Y 23 looks like it going Dem! Of all the prominent

President-Elect Gore on Letterman tonight!

Can you think of any race this year where the Republican was better than the Democrat?

Kick if you think this tiny election signifies absolutely nothing in the long run.

Politico calling it for Christie

Our Dem mayor lost, the Republican alcoholic fucktard won

Okay, what kind of idiotic news channel airs a REPEAT of Election coverage?

Tonight, her name is Dede Schadenfreude.

To the people who rejected gay marriage in Maine, from Lily Allen

Watching Tweety play Hardball with Ed Schultz is quite amusing.

Sarah endorsement = MASSIVE FAIL. The two 'pubes who refused her help, won!

US Patent Application 20090010962 - Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof

Let's start a movement to get Palin to run in 2012... on the Conservative Party ticket!

What is happening in Maine???? Anyone know.....??

Ok folks let me translate what Harry Reid is hinting

I think that almost 30 years of Reaganism's gift to America is a love of cynicism

It looks like Maine voters are going to repeal civil rights tonight

Just saw Eliot Spitzer on TV...

Thank you Dede Scozzafava (R) for endorsing Bill Owens (D)

Who is more progressive?

Houston Mayor: 92% counted, openly gay Annise Parker leads with 30.5%

This election isnt about NJ or VA- it's about the Nut Jobs thinking they could pull a fast one on us

SkyWest accused of bias against gay couples

Whoa, Bloomberg isn't doing so well: 49% - 48%

Well they threw DEAN and his 50 state strategy under the bus n/t

Doris Kearns Goodwin Wants "More LBJ" From Obama When Dealing With Congress (VIDEO)

Marriage Equality (again I know): Convincing the Convincables (How?)


Is NY-23 the first time in US history that a Republican dropped out of a race and...

Obama makes good on pledge to be the Green FDR

I don't know where to put this but it needs to be seen.

I don't know where to put this but it needs to be seen.

Al Gore on Letterman actually made me change the channel to The Cables

Seattle P-I: Result on Ref. 71 might not come for 'days'

The Republican Party is not Dead.

My Cousin, Tom Barrow, lost his bid for Detroit's mayor by 20,000 votes

Referendum Measure 71 passes in Washington state for domestic partners

Two more Dems in the House. Yeah, that's the GOP showing Barack Obama a thing or two, isn't it?

Wow, had no idea this Beck lover was running for mayor of Asheville, NC

New vaccine offers hope in Africa's malaria battle (AP)

Afghan Police Officer Kills Five British Soldiers

Ooohhh, Rachel is smaking Dick Army hard tonight!

Missing Someone You've Never Met

Can we get Palin to endorse Liebermann?

US executives’ pensions soar in value

Deeds was not for a Public Option?

Louisiana justice who refused interracial marriage finally resigns

I rescued an immature hawk off the middle of interstate 80 today

How have dems helped the poor this year?

Justice for "Sassy" (Convicted pet killer fired from FBI)

House Democrats Introduce H1N1 Flu Emergency Sick-Leave Bill

WTF! It's 3am. I just woke up and ABC said Obama wouldn't have a heath care bill until next year?

Is it wrong for parents to refuse to have their children vaccinated against H1N1 flu?

To DUer's in Virginia and New Jersey: I seriously feel bad for you

Europe urges better Afghan governance

Saudi court upholds child rapist crucifixion ruling

Kos: NY-23: Nice going Palin, Pawlenty

Thank you Hoffman...

Whatever tonight's outcome. Barack's still the Man. One year anniversary, baby!

Autism Spikes, Toxins Suspected - Mercury Rising

FCC Fine Print Could Undermine an Open Internet

Can we make a list of all the Dems who won election/re-election last night? Please check in.

Can we make a list of all the Dems who won election/re-election last night? Please check in.

So I guess that last night was a thumbs up to Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats, right?

Thanks for nothing to all those people who didn't vote.

OK - Moderate (sane) Republicans get Teabagged = So beware if they DON'T get Teabagged

Kiss my druid, death metal viking! By Mark Morford

Do men want children or clones?

What's on Your "List?" a la Rosanne Cash

Give me a robust PO or give me someone else!

If Owens wins, I predicted it. Thanks Rush!

Little Green Footballs

Caption Yahoo News' headline photo! (NJ and VA Govs)

I feel like the media is steering us towards a permanent election cycle...

This is why they have off off year elections like this.. they know Dems won't come out and vote.

In further bad news, it looks like PA is electing a bunch of Republican judges.

Eric Cantor=deluded asshole

Corzine didn't lose because he was a Dem, he lost because he was the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Meet Doug Hoffman - The Daily Show

Until I turned on the radio this morning, Bill Owens had both won and lost

So, what other news story is going to be posted that destroys my faith in humanity?

It's not "Gay Marriage" -- it's "Marriage Equality"

Deeds was a crappy candidate and Corzine is a crappy governor.

Corzine's approval rating was 35%, yet he received at least 45% of the vote.

Last night's election...

Last nights "grass roots" Teabagger rally

The Democrats lost the "independent" vote

ACLU Wins! And destroys the political process in the U.S.

30 years ago today, Nov 4th 1979. How could this happen?

Joe Wilson's (R-SC) wife diagnosed with swine flu

Question on proposed abortion bills

Universal Health Care For All! Why do we settle for less?

Let's hope Rush keeps leading the GOP instead of Newt Gingrich.

"The government can't do anything right"

The MSM (and DUers too) are making too much out of last night's elections.

The 'Freedom to Present Christmas Music in Public School Classrooms or Assemblies' initiative

A war that can’t be won- Starts with candy, ends in napalm

What issue, exactly, comes *after* gay rights?

A Dem hasn't sat in NY-23rd's seat in 100 years!

Charlotte NC has a Dem mayor for the 1st time in 22 years

No mercy for New Jersey

Message to Democrats: GIVE US A REASON TO VOTE FOR YOU!

Whaddaya Mean Obama Hasn't Done Anything? (From Esquire)

A real-life "Rocky" story

A shout out to Mana and the Mooks

Murderer with 'aggression genes' gets sentence cut

Palin gives details on book tour

Congress often blocks Medicare changes that would cut costs

Things might be a bit glum at the Palins' breakfast table this morning.

Bomb threat at the HS - there must be a mid-term test today.

Put a stop to this expensive & tiring battle - The Supreme Court needs to rule on marriage equality

And here it comes: The message is that Democrats need to move to the right

Is it time to talk about Obama's contractors in Afghanistan? More of them there than U.S. troops.

Republicans prove that they can beat unpopular governor (NJ) and pathetic campaign (VA)...

Yoko Ono teams up with the UN Peacebuilding

Reality: Democrats Continue to Grow their Margins in Congress

I was one of the 12% of Philadelphians who voted yesterday.

Is The Tea Party Over?-So far, only 25 patriots have reported for duty.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahaha Sarah Palin

The future of the GOP: Getting their asses kicked by social democrats in upstate NY...

Former Gov. Pataki is spinning himself into the ground on MSNBC

American's 51st State left behind...

Congress, my conscience is against killing human beings

I must have missed when you were there...

Statistics I saw indicate less than half people under thirty turned out as compared to 2008

Media in 2001: Off-year elections have little national significance

Sad day for civil rights in Maine.

Bloomberg outspent his opponent obscene 16 to 1, $100 million, to win

Coburn named as senator holding up vets bill

OMG the Republicans have swept the Nation.

In the MSM its like there was no house races at all... only governor races.. whats up with that?

Nate Silver On The Sucky Maine Marriage Equality Result

An Analogy

Sarah Palin to Pay Readers to Buy Book

I believe voting should be as easy and convenient as possible

Religious attitudes against the GLBT community is one of the

Eliot Spitzer Explains How WH Defense Of Status Quo Will Give Repubs Ammo In 2010

In 2001 did the media say that losses for GOP in NJ & VA were setbacks for Bush/GOP?

Palin's Book being sold by Newsmax for $4.97

Faux News: GOP SWEEP

Given a choice between a con and a pile of shit,

Don't tell me it isn't personal

Some Historical Perspective

Obama's brother emerges in China with novel

Sheriff: 3 ND students likely didn't see pond

11/3/2009: A Massive GOP Fail

How will the OxyPig spin NY-23 loss into a resounding GOP win?

Hey New Jersey (x-posted)

I am watching bloomberg and they are saying the market likes the election results

Robert Brady, Congressman From Comcast

You wanna see some fierce White House advocacy on civil rights for gays? Here it is:

Amazon Indian tribe hit by swine flu

What happened in Maine makes me want to

GOOD NEWS-Elec Results: 2 More Votes For a Public Option In the House

Dear Father Andrew: I Am Finished

Palin’s Virginia Robocalls May Not Be Legal (and also too).

Penny for your thoughts on an E-mail I received from my sister

Here's the FReepers brilliant plan for their teabagging by telephone

'My Name Is Equality' Do you know me?

Rhode Island Bans Indoor Prostitution

RedState: So dumb, it hurts

Someone in Maine needs to file a lawsuit in federal court against the referendum vote.

"I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages."

Breckenridge Colorado legalizes pot

Democrats will allow Republicans to walk all over them and say nothing

Maine voters reject same sex marriage - make marriage equality illegal

Carly Fiorina will run against Barbara Boxer in California Senate race

Ray Comfort Apologizes for Misrepresenting Darwin's Views on the Origins of the Sexes

Yes, Democrats won two congressional seats tonight - Owens - NY & Garamendi - CA

London mayor shows chivalry not dead in bike rescue

News Media tell Repubs they won last night

I heard that new Jersey gov say he was going to turn NJ upside down this a.m.

If ME religious folks want to treat homosexuality as a sin, shouldn't it be the same for ME Lobsters

Leno wants his old late nite show back. The hell with Conan.

"Let's just call it an interracial civil union."

Hey New Jersey..wanna see your future? Look at Florida...

Learning the wrong lessons.

Learning the wrong lessons.

What a beautiful thing to read:

What a beautiful thing to read:

Al GORE is on The View

Has Lou Dobbs stopped talking about the alleged shooting at his house?

Can Boxer Beat Carly Fiorina? *Carly Fiorina to announce run for U.S. Senate* LA Times.

We're pleased to wave bye-bye

How Predictive were Yesterday's Elections?

Thom Hartmann straw poll NOW on the Obama presidency

Credo Action is giving away free pro-gay marriage stickers!

As The Media Obsesses Over New York Special Election, It Ignores Leftward Lurch In California Specia

City of Austin expands same-sex benefits

Is accusing scientists of mixing up causality with correlation the latest fashion

Nationwide Marriage Equality Protest Listing

Congressman takes money from ISP - fights Net Neutrality.

Dear Sarah; Keep up the great writing. This is a MUST read. LOL funny

Houston to Elect Openly Gay Mayor. Where’s your “Obama Effect” now?

Here's why a Republican won NJ governor...

MSNBC web headline: Democrats Lose Ground in 2009 Election Test

Question re: House Health Care Bill

Virginia: The Map Says It All

African Americans in Maine overwhelmingly rejected gay marriage


BREAKING NEWS: Italian court convicts 23 Americans of kidnapping in CIA rendition of Muslim cleric

Am I going to be forced to purchase health insurance?

What are we really arguing about when we argue about climate change?

The Rude Pundit: Shit What We Learned From Last Night

CNBC Reporter Darren Rovell: NYC Marathon Winner "may be a citizen, but can't count as American"

Disgusted and disillusioned


Haha! Pat Robertson makes list of failed doomsday predictions

Honestly - there is only one thing that can save Californa and New Jersey.....

How different are dog fighting and football?

How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash

Obama is arriving in WI to speak to a school.

Ann Telnaes knocks it out of the park again.

Ann Telnaes knocks it out of the park again.

Another species of python is raising concern (Fl., Sarasota)

blame maxico for illegal immigratio problems

California, Maine, Is Iowa next?

Chicago holiday train passes Obama houses

"Goldman Sachs Architect Has No Pie in the Sky Payday " (on wealth inequality)

Was Johnny Damon's steal the smartest play ever?

Darwin’s Wolf Mystery Solved

Oh, hell no.

FBI knew of CIA torture, considered prosecution

I may actually listen to Limpballs today to hear him spin the NY23 election

A reason for decreased Democratic voter turnout that's been overlooked

Fucking hell. Can we start feeding these assholes to the lions again?

Should we boycott Maine businesses?

I smile over a cuppa tea

How else are we going to get their attention?

Senate poised to adopt jobless, housing aid

A Dose of Reality About Last Night for Extremes on Both Sides

Organized religion is dead to me.

Civil Rights should never be on a ballot for Popular Vote!

a NASTYGRAM about Obama

Bill Owens will win NY 23 US Congressional race, Dems to expand House majority

Off-Year Elections and the Media...

The Middle of the Road leads to Nowhere

Please tell me someone can take the Maine GLBT vote to the courts

i'm enjoying watching the thug pundits downplay NY23

Gay Hater Given Forum on MSNBC

Skinheads From Maine

Italy's Secret Ships of Poison - Berlusconi, the Mafia and the Radioactive Wrecks

I don't have cable; is ANYONE talking about NY-23 today?

Susan Hutchison -- Washington State's Sarah Palin?

Dems you want to win - GET OUT THE VOTE

Italy Convicts 23 Americans In CIA Terrorist Kidnapping Case

Unnatural Gas: The Inflated Promise of a Not-So-Clean Fuel

The Election's Carry-Over Lessons? There Are Fewer Than You Think

The far right uses tactic that work to get people to vote "no" against gay marriage

Cowboys cheerleader's blackface irks some

Michigan woman dies after Medicaid dental care is cut

We just can't win gay marriage elections

Man says he stabbed himself because he didn't want to work

To Maine...from California.

One year in office? Bullshit!

One year in office? Bullshit!

Time for a reality check on health care reform.

Kerry, Teddy & Hatch Want Xian Scientist Prayers Reimbursed as MEDICAL Procedures!

I don't like to name call but Ohio voters are idiots!



Another Teabag Casualty: DeMint Targets Fiorina In CA-Sen Race

Ned Lamont explores potential candidacy for Governor of Connecticut

NY-23 Goes Democrat

SF Company Helped Repeal Maine's Same-Sex Marriage Law

Uh-oh...Mark Sanford is in trouble again!

OMG...Tamron Hall just played a clip of Limbaugh blaming Newt

Fucking Evangelicals. They say they are not of this world, so why should they vote in mine?

The only jobs program and health insurance plans Congress is working toward

Silver lining regarding states enacting anti-marriage laws?

Republican Rep. Steve King apparently not Fergalicious

Is any news outlet leading with the significant fact that the Dems just won a Congressional seat?

Joe Scarborough

FReeper to challenge McCain in 2010

I think I'm going to throw up...

Screw the Chamber of Commerce: they are the same people who screwed our economy and our healthcare

Joint Chiefs' concern about soldiers' dwell time means only 15,000 troops ready for Afghanistan

Mary Landrieu Joins Snowe in Fight for the Trigger

Fed sees rates near zero for extended period

The Republicanization of the series reboot of V...

Calm down - Repubs won back 2 governships after 3 years of losses, after 2008 blowout

Corzine you arrogant ASS! Thanks for nothing!

Teabaggers cost Republicans solid Republican seat in NY Dist 23!!

Dumb question: Can't the Maine state legislature just thumb its nose at the Gay Marriage referendum

Dumb question: Can't the Maine state legislature just thumb its nose at the Gay Marriage referendum

Dumb question: Can't the Maine state legislature just thumb its nose at the Gay Marriage referendum

November should be declared the official "2nd Class Citizen Month"

Note to Rick Sanchez: Use a third person as your translator even though you are a native Spanish

Sarah Palin Appreciation Thread!

Sarah Palin Appreciation Thread!

Jeffrey Toobin wins today's "Captain Obvious" award: "Working for the CIA is Risky".

Cons Plan More GOP Takedowns in 2010

Instead of boycotting states that are trying to pass equal rights laws

"After a flurry of stimulus spending, questionable projects pile up"

Why the Domestic Partnership route will never work

George W. Bush To Debate Bill Clinton At Radio City

Rush: The Democrats and the liberal media picked the GOP candidates in 2008!

Radical idea? Cap profits on insurance companies.

Are we there yet? How much farther?

Let's Face It....Students and African American voters were missing

Let's Face It....Students and African American voters were missing

New Jersey--- urgent

Gay Marriage and the Supreme Court

O' Donnell sticks it to Steele...

These are the Bad Ole Days.. let those two new reoublican governors enjoy them

Referendum 71 (expanded gay rights) passes in WA State, but not by much:

Can someone explain to me why ANYONE would want to be a Governor NOW?

Oh, gads....this Carrie P thread quotes the Bible...and I love it!

AARP to back House Dems’ health bill

Just heard on the radio that Owens (NY-23) just became a Democrat days ago.

I stand with Dr. Dean, and if Obama does indeed...

Kaiser just doubled my Boyfriends ins premium

Why is it that a simple majority "popular" vote can amend a state constitution, yet for the US

A Different Analysis of Last Night's Election Results

Anvils Fall from Sky (No Cartoon Coyotes)

Marriage Equality: Where do we go from here?

'National Tea Party Convention' Set For February In Nashville

Would McAuliffe Had Done Better?

Would McAuliffe Had Done Better?

So if NJ & VA are referendum on Obama (according to media) then NY 23 referendum on Palin and Biden?

So if NJ & VA are referendum on Obama (according to media) then NY 23 referendum on Palin and Biden?

Prejean Sex Tape Triggers Settlement

WOW; 'What if we'd done more for Bill Thompson?

Fort Worth panel urges expansion of gay rights in wake of arrests at Rainbow Lounge

Fort Worth panel urges expansion of gay rights in wake of arrests at Rainbow Lounge

Obama Education Speech today...

Last week, Kansas 'thugs' put up a healthcare 'opt-out' amendment.

Tweety is on Michael Steel up first

VAERS reported adverse effects for FLUMIST, the inhaled seasonal flu vaccine

'Clerical error' sends $29,000 bill to murder victim who died in the ER

At Least the Tea-Bagger Running for Mayor in my Town Lost.

Police use taser on Kent resident -- Man tased while his Crain Ave. home burns

Sorry, Christians.

The Hill: "The CIA ‘misled Congress five times since 2001’ " (Will Boehner apologize to Pelosi?)

Former UK ambassador: CIA sent people to be ‘raped with broken bottles’

Study: Texas' teacher merit pay program hasn't boosted student performance

Axelrod's advice

Axelrod's advice

GOP member on Bachmann COS departure: "When your captain's crazy, it's time to find a new ship."

House could vote Saturday on health bill

What the hell...

digby: Warning Signs

Vietnam in the midst of the worst flooding in 30+ years

Sesame Street Mocks "Pox News," Conservative Blogger Not Amused

What The Hell, Maine?

New Intelligence Squared U.S. debate - "Good Riddance To Mainstream Media?"

Is Our Dick Going Soft?

A short conversation I just had with my (pretty conservative) dad

Landrieu Leaning Toward Support for Opt-Out Public Option

US state tops secrecy table- Delaware named as world's most secret financial location

Offer to Teen Girls-Don't Get Pregnant, Get Cash for College

Is The Tea Party Over?

GOP set to roll next year? Not so fast

McConnell: Senate health debate should last 'weeks and weeks and weeks'

So what happened to Michelle Bachmann's Mega Bowl of Patriotism?

Move over Grayson, James McGovern: another Dem who speaks his mind.

Move over Grayson, James McGovern: another Dem who speaks his mind.

I'm officially confused. Who was the Democrat and the Republican in the St. Pete., FL mayoral race

We might have found our next marriage fight: Michigan.

David Mixner: Call It What It Is - Gay Apartheid

Iran police clash with protesters (On Death to America Day)

My humble opinion on last nights elections!

Can a Member of Congress invite people to invade

If a Farker was a President..

Photoshop or coincidence?

Obama Nominates Judge Albert Diaz and Judge James Wynn to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

Couple Arrested After Rescuing Drug House

Colorado ski town legalizes pot

Colorado ski town legalizes pot

Creigh Deeds ran as a 'blue dog'.


Bill Scher: Election Message: The Progressive Base Needs a Jolt

Student Who Sued Teacher For Saying Bible Was BS (and won) Getting Slammed With Court Costs

Going Green isn't just good for the environment.

You good people need to hustle over to the Lounge...Will's Wedding pics are there!

Wanna know how stupid some dentists are?

Wanna know how stupid some dentists are?

What Defeated Gay Marriage Advocates in Maine Could Learn From Successful Pot Decriminalization Effo

What Defeated Gay Marriage Advocates in Maine Could Learn From Successful Pot Decriminalization Effo

Can Someone Please Explain...

Rep. Carolyn Maloney should sue her plastic surgeon.

Anybody listening to Ron Reagan's radio show? He's got some

Pew Research poll: East Europeans prefer communism to capitalism

The Fuck Snooze Fair & Balanced Poll on the "message" voters sent yesterday

Is there any argument these people make against gay marriage

Is there any argument these people make against gay marriage

To those who worried about the DLC and "Terry McAwful", how ya feeling this fine day?

We were lucky to get rid of Corzine.

Our penchant for acting like a herd of cats will be our biggest obstacle next election cycle

"How many House seats did the Republicans win last night?"

No single payer health care, no strong public option. How about we all

State by state gay marriage? State by state abortion restrictions? State by state gun laws?

Obama spends election anniversary talking education

Healthcare Now report, 12 arrested for sit in, Pelosi's office!!

D wins R district for first time in 100 years = yawn; R wins in R state = Obama fail. Huh?

75 Percent of Young Americans Are Unfit for Military Duty

75 Percent of Young Americans Are Unfit for Military Duty

Any fucking idiots that think civil rights should be decided on a state by state basis

A simple heads up for the upcoming Ed Schultz show at 6pm ET

Redding sister and brother push Christmas carol initiative

Disposable laptops?

I'd trade the "Take that, Asshole!" win in NY23 a bazillion times over to have won tonight in Maine

Walmart and H1N1

They screwed up on the flu vaccine, and that is unacceptable

Obama's half brother speaks out on abusive father

Palin to speak in Kansas...blech... people could call (785) 827-9301 thell them thanks but no thanks

Opium, Rape and the American Way

Mark Kirk (R-IL) asks for Sarah Palin's endorsement in Senate race becomes laughing stock of IL

Bush Vs. Clinton Debate Called Off

Isn't it amazing how the government cares so much about corporate profits but gives 2 shits about

Isn't it amazing how the government cares so much about corporate profits but gives 2 shits about

New York AG files antitrust charges against Intel; alleges bribery, coercion

Spitzer on Ed Shultz

1% of GDP will be paid in bonuses to a few thousand people who work for banks

Watch Pamela Anderson's Explicit New Video

Owens (D) winning 51%-44% with 34% reporting...

Top 5 Uncle Toms that appear on Faux News

The under-lying meaning in last night's election that few are talking about?

Fucking Banks

I know a lot of you hate smoking, but this is just wrong!

Why are we allowing the majority to take away the rights of a minority?

so the right wing is using a couple of small gubernatorial victories to slam Obama...

so the right wing is using a couple of small gubernatorial victories to slam Obama...

Sarah Palin is officially the GOPs worst nightmare.

US performing its familiar role of propping up a dictator - Belfast Telegraph

GOP continues boycott of committee debate on climate bill

How bad does a sausage factory smell that people confused the smell of 10-11 bodies with sausage?

How bad does a sausage factory smell that people confused the smell of 10-11 bodies with sausage?

How bad does a sausage factory smell that people confused the smell of 10-11 bodies with sausage?

I just saw the Best Pro Health Care Reform Ad Ever!!! (link)

The biggest disappointment from yesterday's election?

The Reason for the Anger and Intractability of the Debate Over Health Care Reform in the USA

The Reason for the Anger and Intractability of the Debate Over Health Care Reform in the USA

The Reason for the Anger and Intractability of the Debate Over Health Care Reform in the USA

OMG the funniest headline of the campaign season (Gohmerts backyard)

OMG the funniest headline of the campaign season (Gohmerts backyard)

So what state has voters that will uphold a same sex marriage law

So what state has voters that will uphold a same sex marriage law

So what state has voters that will uphold a same sex marriage law

Bachmann aide quits

I'm pissed

Jesus FUCK how did 1 pass in Maine????

Wouldn't it be fitting if this went completely around the world!.....

Wouldn't it be fitting if this went completely around the world!.....

This week's DainBramaged Hero of the week award goes to.......

I marked every program on the two FOX channels with 3 thumbs down.

Bachmann Calls For 'Freedom Fighters' To Come To Capitol To Stop Dem Health Care Bill

Feeling grumpy 'is good for you'

I'm hearing rumors that heathcare will cost the individual...

Oh, God. so it begins. The "V" pilot is on and...

Tests Find Wide Range of Bisphenol A in Canned Soups, Juice, and More

From HuffPo: 29 overdraft fees in 27 days; $1,446 total charges.

From HuffPo: 29 overdraft fees in 27 days; $1,446 total charges.

Deep in the Forest, Bambi Remains The Cold War's Last Prisoner

Deep in the Forest, Bambi Remains The Cold War's Last Prisoner

Imagine: L.A. bicyclists in the driver's seat, one day a week

According to, the HUGE NY-23 election is no longer newsworthy.

VA unveils strategy to end homelessness among veterans

Note to Rahm and his DLC ilk - You can thank yourselves for NJ and VA losses

So Dems win 2 Congress seats, GOP 2 Governor races = "Bright night for the GOP"

WTF? U.S. Constitution doesn't guarantee your right to not be framed by prosecuting attorneys.

Former UK Ambassador: CIA sent people to be 'raped with broken bottles'

Veterans in Alaska nursing homes caught in dispute over meds

Veterans in Alaska nursing homes caught in dispute over meds

Note to Jack Cafferty: No the independents didn't "break big" for GOPs yesterday.

Dennis needs petition signed: K & R for Medicare for all!

Good News for the GOP? Not So Much.

I am seceding.

Markos Moulitsas: "Tonight's big lesson"

11 year old gives birth on wedding day

Wrong. We do not need to purge moderates from the party. That's just as fucking stupid

Should Election Day be a paid day off

Hey, I know--let's put everybody's individual rights up for a vote

Fuck Maine voters, Fuck lazy Va didn't-voters, and Jersey? well it's Jersey.

"Night Witches" The female fighter pilots of WW2

2010 California Marriage Protection Act: Make Divorce Illegal

gun rights may have been key part of this last election... post suggests

I don't know about you but I think the world would be better off if John Galt did go on strike...

"I think the President believes this is an issue that's best addressed by the states."

I think Yankees fans should not be allowed to marry.

Dealing With Bullies

It's sickening how much hate is out there.

The 2009 war on Christmas has begun

75 Percent of Young Americans Are Unfit for Military Duty

75 Percent of Young Americans Are Unfit for Military Duty

Report: Racy sex tape ends Prejean’s lawsuit against beauty pageant

A CHALLENGE to all DU Christian/Mormon/religious people!

Terry McAuliffe would have been a better candidate in Virginia

Damn! Someone could have beaten Bloomberg!

I have just tuned in CNN

Fuck it Obama is the man

Gay marriage and Maine - here are two groups who worked against gays being allowed to marry:

Send-A-Hug anyone who has been hurt or harmed by the marriage laws.

Dems, you wanna win? GO TO THE LEFT HARDER.

I'm straight, I'm pissed, and I can't stand the hate anymore.

Kucinich: Our Last Chance on State Single Payer Option

Um... excuse me, but how is Carrie Prejean a "slut" a "tramp" or a "whore"?

The Pitchfork crowd

Cluster Bomb Trade Funded by World's Biggest Banks

The ghost of the evil George W Bush has finally been exorcised.

Should we keep bashing Democratic office holders?

Glenn Beck suffered an appendicitis attack on air

How about a Referendum on Churchs That Are Behind Anti-Gay Bigotry

To our GBLT friends: I'm sorry.

How would single-payer pass Congress?

How would single-payer pass Congress?

As usual, many on this board

Wanda Sykes is a Civil Rights Hero!

My school district turned down $32 million dollars.

I'm alienated from my race and gender.

Carrie Prejean drops lawsuit .......... sex tape popped up!!!

Hamsher: Lessons Learned in VA, CA and NJ: Is Rahm Emanuel Orchestrating 2010 Democratic Massacre?

DNC, OFA distanced themselves from the Maine anti-gay resolution.

What do you think is the most detrimental legacy of the Clinton administration?

The problem is not that Single Payer *won't* pass, it's that it *might* pass

I’m sick of DU bullies and cowards hiding behind anonymity

Why I hate Carly Fiorina (from an ex-HP employee)

My response to a viral "kick out all incumbents" e-mail

Last Night's big lesson from kos

A A A A A A A A R R R R G G G H H ! ! !

Still makes me smile

Can prosecutors be sued?

Speaker Pelosi: THIS WON'T GO UNANSWERED - Please read & kick & recommend

A blessing in disguise. The current health insurance reform SUCKS. Let's use this time to fight!

Can we remove the ignore function?

"This Loan Is An Example Of What Went Wrong In America"

Secret copyright treaty leaks. It's bad. Very bad.

Man Denied First Class Seat on United - Dressed in track suit

Mandatory Vaccinations

Uh Oh... Windows 7 vulnerable to 8 out of 10 viruses.

Casino: $166M Win Was Slot Malfunction

Warning: Reactions to the Democratic losses that help the Repubs

Warning: Reactions to the Democratic losses that help the Repubs

Anyone see Kelly Ripoff lately?

Human Thing

Miss CA USA Pageant "moving forward," drops lawsuit, Prejean doesn't have to pay for new breasts

I want to change the world!!

~~~ Official World Series Off Day II Poll ~~~

Re: "significant other." If a person isn't you, then how could the person be significant?

Anyone Else Catch Tonights 'Biggest Loser' Show From The WH Vegetable Garden???

so there is fantasy football, soccer and even congress...

Update on Erin, day 2.

My whole town is looking for a 74 yr old man

We're having an 'original' Thanksgiving with the Indians.

I hope it's not too late to ask this. Does anyone have any Lucy types in their family?

Webhosting Opinions. Godaddy sucks the big one.

Photobucket stats: what's your most viewed pic and the site?

YouTube: Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well," Gainesville 2006. It SMOKES.

YouTube: Steve Marriott's Packet Of Three, "Tin Soldier," Live 1985

Totally random: Am I being neurotic?

For the last time, I CANNOT make any guarantees.

YouTube: Deep Purple - Fireball, Live in Copenhagen, 1972

Are there any programs I can use to improve the quality of a pic after I blow it up?

You know how there is a smilie for a group hug?


Anyone hungry for pizza?

Does anyone know where I can find freeware games for a Palm Zire 31?

I ask Jobu to come,take fear from Jersey Ballots.

"You can run, but you can't hide."

Anyone seen Kelly Ripa lately?

For the off day of the WS: Star Wars Who's On First

Have you ever started a thread, then stopped it, then went back again saying, "Why the fuck not"?

So this is what you do. You take a slice of ham, then a slice of cheese,

Joan Baez sings with Sharon Isbin. On KUSC, and this is sad,

Gamera found in bathroom of Moderator Forum

Maine at 50/50 on the gay marriage vote.

(LOL!) Sasha Obama Orders Secret Service Agent To Stop Squirming During Makeover

Oh my god the calls are coming from inside the house!

Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin to host Oscars

Ok, I posted a short rant in GD about cynicism and it's sinking

The Adventures of Lil Cthulhu

The Prisoner begins this Sunday!

Fight Club

Anty crocs wearers out there

Los Angeles. He walks again by night!

Would we love snakes more if they were furry like a cats tail

Perfectly sculpted melons (you've got to check these out!)

Quick! The fate of the world hangs in the balance!

YouTube: Nanase Aikawa - Yume Miru Shoujo ja Irarenai

YouTube: Nanase Aikawa, "Heat Of The Night" (sounds a little like "White Wedding")...

More JPOP: YouTube, MAX, from "Live Contact 1999"..."Love Is Dreaming"

YouTube: Seiko Matsuda, "Koisuru Omoi ~Fall In Love~"

YouTube: Yuki Uchida, live on "Hey! Hey! Hey!," performing "Aishiteru"

I knew this would happen after SonofPtah had been out for a while.

This is Pure "Poison" for an Asian Girl!

"Oompa-Loompas, slavery and racial supremacy" (by some student from South Africa)

YouTube: My Little Lover, "Stardust"

Match Game Story: "Filled with roid rage, a newly-over-buffed Ajax went after Chiron __ a squirrel."

I didn't win my city council race - in fact I placed dead last

It's this holding pattern that is determining how high I go, how fast I can travel and how far away

All right, Houston has a gay woman Annise Parker is in runoff for mayor of Houston.

I'm proud of my home town today

What do you do at the Olive Garden?

Did anyone else watch "Chopped" last night?

Movie rec: "Not Only but Always".

Had a pretty sick cat this morning

Wanna laugh? Play StripJoe! (then sign the petition!)

Choose Your Alien!

I freed the duck.

So who is owned by a cat that looks like the results of putting 100 horny cats in a giant shaker....

The "Great American Hackathon"


does this option work?

Woman calls police because daughter was better at oral sex

Anybody else no longer seeing the "share" button?

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to co-host the Oscars.

Wow. I discovered a singer who sounds a lot like Nick Drake!

Question for Facebook experts

Babs doesn't find that joke funny.

Man dressed as breathalyser arrested for drink-driving

My Poor Little Puppy

Often times I pose this question to my kitty,


YouTube: Noriko Sakai, "Aoi Usagi"

YouTube: My Little Lover, on "Hey! Hey! Hey!,"..."Hello, Again ~mukashi Kara Aru Basho~"


YouTube: Rie Tomosaka, "Naichaisouyo"

OK, Major Nelson. Do you wish for Jeannie to bring about world peace, or that other stuff you want?

Do As Infinity ..Desire

Check in if you have me on ignore

I don't know why...

WOW!! As a Bronco's season ticket holder

Plastic surgeon: I built myself a wife

DU Lounge Meet Your Future Fuzzy Overloard

First case of H1N1 in CATS confirmed in Iowa


Ohio man dressed as a Breathalyzer test for Halloween accused of DUI

I posted this the other night...wrestlings Edge and Jayson Werth...seperated at birth?

I have discovered THE definitive DU Lounge interview.

One reason why I love youtube. Patti Smith live in Germany 1979 performing Gloria


What is this a picture of?

Does anyone else have this recurring anxiety dream?

Man sent sex pictures of ex-GF to her family - as Christmas cards

I bring you the Nipstache!

Why Carrie Prejean didn't get the $1M demanded in her lawsuit: Pageant attorney found her SEX TAPE!

Flossers check in - seriously! Flossing daily does work

Where do all the profits from Delaware's notorious tollbooths go? Nobody knows.

I miss my kitties.

Tailspin: I'm in one.

Awesome infinite National Geographic photo mosaic

Awesome infinite National Geographic photo mosaic

The 70's RAWK!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/04/09

CONFESS!!!! Post why the Admin would never pick you as a DU Moderator

Are there cell phones you can plug headphones into?

Question for Twitter experts

Herding Cats!

Anybody catch the new "V" tonight? (Spoiler alert)


Now that Halloween is done the war on Christmas is full steam ahead! Are you ready!!

Holy f*cking shit! My dad's on Google Streetview!

Semi-pro player tackles own teammate on a punt return

don't click here if you actually want to work today...

New one for the list: TRACK SUITS!

Anti-porn propaganda may cause 'stage fright' in sperm donors

When you click on a thread on the DU...

Fun and free things to do in Washington D.C.?

What do you say to people who constantly talk about inane things you have no interest in?

I see that Freeper Midlo allowed the repiglicans take over Virginia again

Do men want large bags of cat food or do they just want to attract women who like men who ...?

Do men want large bags of cat food or do they just want to attract women who like men who ...?

need some good anti-religion music today.

There is Nothing Sexier Than a Good Looking Guy Carrying a Large Bag of Cat Food


Hit me with your best shot DU

Am I wrong? (Facebook)

I love food, apparently it does not love me back...I ended up in the hospital again

France tries to calm reactor concerns

Spiritual healthcare comes to Congress

One Kalamazoo declares victory on anti-discrimination ordinance

T-Mobile out of order for some subscribers

Joe Wilson's (R-SC) wife diagnosed with swine flu

NBC News projects Christie win in N.J

Rhode Island Hospital Fined $150,000 After Performing 5th Wrong Site Surgery Since 2007

Early returns show gay marriage in Maine close

Fox News Projects: Democrat Owens Wins Race for New York's 23rd Congressional District

CNN projects Bloomberg wins a third term as New York's mayor

Suozzi has slight lead over Mangano (237 votes) (Nassau, NY)

Parker, Locke in runoff for Houston mayor

Clashes reported at Iranian rally

Cameron denies Tory EU 'turmoil'

Obama Coaxes States to Change With School Dollars

U.K.: 5 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Astorino (R) Unseats Spano (D) As Westchester, NY County Exec

Government agrees to pay $3 million in CIA lawsuit (brought by DEA agent)

In October, Signs of Life at Retailers

Michael Bloomberg's race unexpectedly close

NBC News Projects Christie Win in N.J.

Iraqi premier says he fears return of Saddam Hussein’s Baath party to power

Owens has early lead in 23rd

As The Media Obsesses Over New York Special Election, It Ignores Leftward Lurch In California Specia

Pardoned Briton regrets coup plot (Simon Mann)

26 Americans Face Verdict in CIA Rendition Trial

Chevron OK with Venezuela arbitration ban

Democrat wins House seat in heavily GOP area in NY

(IL Medical Disciplinary) Board: State can begin enforcing parental notification law

New gay rights law being approved by voters

Nassau, NY Republicans take back legislature

Bachmann aide quits

California Stealin' Sacramento demands a loan from taxpayers.

Living the Good Life at Goldman Sachs

NBC Calls Virginia Governor's Race for GOP's McDonnell

Afghan National Police penetrated by Taliban at 'every level'

General Motors cancels Opel sale

Commissioners Vote to Send Letter Opposing Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Mailing (Pitt County)

New Mexico Boy Charged With Murder in Father's Death (10 years old when murder committed)

Gay marriage appears in danger of losing in Maine

Lawmakers Score (World Series) Ticket Deal

Mendocino County defeats major developer

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush to Debate in NYC

Democratic Congressman Garamendi Cruises to victory in California 10

Breckenridge Votes To Legalize Marijuana - Measure Passes By 3 To 1 Margin

Justice Department won't appeal order to free Kuwaiti at Guantánamo

Johnson & Johnson to cut up to 8k jobs to push profits

Clinton, Bush Radio City debate called off

TATA, Wipro eye $400 mn Target outsourcing deal

GOP Sweep: Big Governor Victories in Virginia, NJ

Karzai's Afghanistan Victory "Illegal"(Abdullah says)

Garamendi (D) headed to victory for Tauscher seat (CA-10)

Time Inc. laying off 280 employees

Senate acts to extend aid for jobless, homebuyers

RDA Folds Pastor Rick Warren's Print Vehicle

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 4

JPMorgan settlement with SEC worth over $700M

Maine voters repeal gay marriage law

Carly Fiorina to announce run for U.S. Senate

Intel in threats and bribery suit

Report: AARP To Endorse House Health Bill

Embattled Attorney Returns To Broward (Rothstein)

Madoff: All SEC Did Before 2006 a 'Waste of Time'

Breaking: Italian court convicts 23 Americans of kidnapping in CIA rendition of Muslim cleric

Harkin asks big health insurers to explain their rate practices

Colombia deal sees US military using civilian airports (AFP)

Afghan Police Officer Kills Five British Soldiers

Court : Making juvenile sex offender register is unconstitutional

Lloyds and RBS cut down to size

Picked From a Lineup, on a Whiff of Evidence - NYT

Zelaya's Hopes of Return Fade in Committee Vote

US soldier dies in Mexico drug attack

China Approves Disney Theme Park in Shanghai

Young Turks: Marriage Equality In Maine w/ Open Left's Adam Bink

Hardball - Chris bludgeons Eric Cantor about Palin

RNC's Michale Steele: GOP Win Not A Referendum On Obama ("a different direction for wind to blow")

KO & John Dean: Cheney Was Lying While Bush Dithered

Elections: pulling dem's healthcare plug?

Olbermann Special Comment on Marriage Equality - Time To Watch It Again

ELECTION NIGHT 11/04/2008: A look back to one year ago

CNN's Rick Sanchez Goes After GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx

Pence: The Word SHALL Appears 3425 Times PROOF Govt Taking Over Healthcare

Foxx: Let's Get Real GOP Have a HCR Bill That Will Do Very Well

Brown: 10 Yrs Ago Ins Lobby Went to Work on Gingrich, Bush, Cheney, GOP Majority

Headzup: Republicans Unveil Their Health Care Plan!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam

New: First Lady Michelle Obama guests on Sesame Street

This Is A Warning Shot To The President! Congressman Eric Cantor

TYT: CNN 11/5/09 Protest Update - What To Bring?

Afghan War Vets March On D.C.: 'You Can't Fight Taliban Militarily'

Chris Matthews Destroys Teabagger Mark Williams - Democrat Wins In New York 23rd

Sorry About Your Dead Son; That Will Be $29,186.50, Please

Thom Hartmann: Should CIT be relieved of their bailout loans from taxpayers in bankruptcy?

TYT: What Will The Dems Learn From Local Races In NJ & VA? (Hint: go progressive!!)

Countdown: Worst Persons - Keith Tells Glenn Beck 'Go To Hell'

Foxx: Blame It On ACORN Now Part of the Pelosi Health Care Bill

McCarthyism is back. "one witch hunt after another led by right-wing opinion leaders."

Thom Hartmann: Should climate deniers be treated like war criminals? w/ James Hoggan

Rep. Joe Wilson On Obama 'Dithering'

O'Donnell to Steele: ''You Led Your Party To A Disastrous Loss... Congratulations''

Rachel Maddow: Rachel BUSTS Dick Armey on His Townhall Disruption Lies (Pwned)

Jesse Ventura: Democrats & Republicans Should Wear Nascar Racing Suits So We Can See Who Owns Them

Wherein We Discuss Blue Dogs, Dead Armadillos and Dede Scozzafava

Appeals Court Rules in Maher Arar Case: Innocent Victims of Extraordinary Rendition Cannot Sue in US

SF Supervisors Uphold Ban on Cat Declawing

Democratic candidate wins New York's 23rd for first time since Civil War

U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Are Burning Copies of the Koran? Are We Really That Stupid?

Robert Scheer: Keeping Afghanistan Safe from Democracy

Democrats Salvage Night with NY-23 Special Win

GOP gains momentum, Dems gain House seat

Shocker in Maine: Majority of Anti-Gay Voters 'Casturbated' at the Polls

No Bake Lose the House and Senate Pie

Right Wingers to Run NY-23 Loser Hoffman Again, in NYC Marathon

How Big BanksFleece You

Republican whackjobs fail miserably in NY 23rd, spelling doom for GOP

Exclusive: Enforcement of Immigration Laws Benefits the Economy

George McGovern has some advice for President Barack Obama: Get U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

The Sad Little Parade

Abdullah Abdullah Advised By Madonna to Go With 'One Name'

2009 Elections Don’t Mean a Thing

The Power of Nightmares - Part II - Phantom Victory

Newsweek And Oil Lobby Team Up To Host Climate Change Event For Lawmakers

Steel Cage Match: Clinton v. Dubya

Living the Good Life at Goldman Sachs

Glenn Beck's Hotline to Nowhere

Repubs shout "Seig heil!" while a Democrat wins seat in heavily GOP area of N.Y. despite Palin power

Get gay marriage off the ballot.

Learn lessons of Vietnam

How Two Elections Changed America By Robert Parry (A Special Report) Nov. 4, 2009

Frank Schaeffer: 'The Progressives Are Now the Conservatives'

AP Sources: Dem Health bill to get AARP backing

Maureen Dowd's New Book About Rush: 'Are Vermin Necessary'

Robert Fisk: America is performing its familiar role of propping up a dictator

U.S. officials fear Karzai can't keep anti-corruption pledge

Demonstrations in Favor of the Public Option This Week in NYC, LA and Atlanta!

A White House Chef Who Wears Two Hats

The audacity of Obama

11/5/09 @ 12pm: 3 Ways To Help From Home! (Public Option/CNN Demonstration Update)

Atlantic's Slow, Steady Rise Around Chincoteague, Assateague & Ocean City Turning Marsh Into Ocean

Alberta suspends sour gas drilling

Monitoring the Urban Leaf Index From Space.

Drumbeat: November 4, 2009

Deep-sea Ecosystems Affected By Climate Change

A politically binding climate change agreement is great... if you're a politician

EPA Orders Chemical Testing for Hormone Effects (of pesticides)

NYT: The Halliburton Loophole (on Hydraulic Fracturing & the nation's water safety)

Farm Credit System Loans Q3 2008 - $15.2 Billion; FCS Loans Q3 2009 - $763 Million - Agrimoney

Hardiness Zones Likely To Shift 1/2 To 1 Full Zone Every 30 Yrs - Grain-Filling Time To Fall Sharply

Hydropower Upgrades to Yield Added Generation…Without New Dams

Blue Electricity is Real Clean and Green

Experts Explore Risks of Nanotechnology in Our Clothes

Goldman’s Currie Says Oil Drives Dollar Down, Not Vice Versa

Toward home-brewed electricity with 'personalized solar energy' (hydrogen storage)

Solar Power when the sun goes down......

'Whitewash' could slow global warming: Peruvian scientist

3.4 Million Acres Gone From CRP Since September - Much Being Plowed In TX, KS, CO, Dakotas

Reminder: Tomorrow is November 4th. This weekend is the halfway point for the NFL.

The Red Sox Fan of The Year (It's NOT joeybee)..

World Series is fun for big markets, just a show for others...

Get ready for the next Te-Blow

Snyder says he feels bad for fans

Was Johnny Damon's steal the smartest play ever?

OHL suspends Michael Liambas for vicious hit on Ben Fanelli.

Happy birthday Jack Rabbit!!

Danica Patrick Close to Signing Deal with JR Motorsports for 2010 Season(Nascar)

I keep telling myself it's not the end of the world if the Stinkees win...

Broadcaster Jim Nantz sacked in divorce settlement


Venezuela to expand oil production capacity to 4.25 million by 2015

Colombia deal sees US military using civilian airports (AFP)


Chevron OK with Venezuela arbitration ban

Deal or no deal in Honduras (Guardian)

No incentive for BCS conference teams to play Boise State

NRA "A" rated Democrat Hoffman wins NY-23 Congressional seat

OOPS: NRA "A" rated Democrat Owens wins NY-23 Congressional seat

USA Today poll

Settlements are fertile ground for Jewish terror

Palestinian workers: We're being treated like cattle

Palestinian workers: We're being treated like cattle

Israeli navy intercepts arms ship - military

Israeli commandos storm arms ship from Iran bound for Hezbollah

Hezbollah snubs Arabic version of Anne Frank's diary in Lebanon

Students hurl eggs at Israeli ambassador's car in Turkey

The Writing on the Wall

Clinton: US wants Israel settlement halt 'forever'

ANALYSIS / Israel preparing public for a new war in Gaza

Every vote counted (one week later) my candidate lost because she is a woman update

Today in Labor History Nov 4, 6,000 Steelworkers members at Bridgestone/ Firestone win a settlement

Turn your union website into a union bookshop

Gold and Golden

Question: How do I program the camera so the shutter stays open?



A few from the last few days

Golden Gate last week.

Black & White Studies

Weather Station at 10,000 ft.

Milkweed *Dialup Warning*

Brockton, Mass. Elects First Openly Gay City Councilor

Bangor Daily News--Anyone notice they are showing 108% turnout?

Maine Prop 1 and Washington Ref 71 results

Early numbers suggest Washington State voters approve expanded gay rights (Ref. 71)

Protest Passage of Question One in Maine: Rally Today 6 PM at Park St. Station

Washington State voting in favor of expanding Domestic Partners benefits to Gay couples

Lobster Fest

Isn't Washington DC Suppose to Legalize Gay Marriage by the end of the Year?

I'm so glad our Fierce Advocate took the time to fiercely advocate for us.

Pat Robertson: Hate crime bill is a “noose around necks of Christians”

Time To Boycott Maine Lobster- After All, God Says Consuming It Is An Abomination

but there's good news! in the state of Washington

Nationwide Marriage Equality Protest Listing

Kalamazoo, Michigan residents approve nondiscrimination ordinance

Fuck. There's never a Rapture around when you need One.

Petition to President Obama to support court challenge to overturn Prop 8

Georgetown students rally as third anti-gay incident reported

Okay, I'm gonna say it....

What else can we legislate through the voters?

Ex Miss Cal sex tape ends her little lawsuit

Houston Mayor: 92% counted, openly gay Annise Parker leads with 30.5%

Let's be clear - Maine was not California

Rob Thomas - Someday (a post-election pick me up to fellow LGBT & Straight-but-not-narrow friends)

Hey, don't stew in your outrage!

Some Mainers who voted against your 'whacky oversexed version of progress'

Maine Yes on 1/Stand For Marriage Donors List

some great allies we have in Maine.....

Of rights and crimes.

They hate us, they really, really hate us (with apologies to Sally Field)

Update: Statement on Gender Identity Disorder and Transvestic Fetishism in the DSM-V

Just Fucking Let People Vent

Gay Couple thrown out of New York Taxi Cab for hugging

The Great Recovery Hoax of 2009-2010

Oil to $20/barrel or $200/barrel?

Geithner "Burned Billions," Shafted Taxpayers on CIT Loan, Prof. Bill Black Says

The Economics of Happiness

Why the Crisis Isn't Going Away By MIKE WHITNEY

The Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged... again

Start dumping your dollars for gold, IMHO.

Vibes for March 21st- ish Anyone?

I am posting this here, because I don't know just yet

Dupe Post

Beware - Canned Foods (and some packaged in plastic) contain harmful levels of BPA.

Natural-based deodorants/antiperspirants

Cocoa Krispies won't save you from H1N1...

Who Will Heal The Healers? Pamela Wible On What's Missing From Healthcare Reform

Sometimes you gotta really love medical studies

Pro Life Must Equal Pro Healthcare

VAERS reported adverse effects for FLUMIST, the inhaled seasonal flu vaccine

How Mormon Theology Shaped Super Mario Bros

B'Tselem: IDF probes alleged cases of harm to civilians in Gaza

Prophetic failure.

Healthcare Reward After 34 Years of Teaching

The CEO Educator

Study: Texas' teacher merit pay program hasn't boosted student performance

I was sure I had killed the yeast.

Shinseki promises help for homeless veterans

Most U.S. youths unfit to serve, data show

House passes bill to expand SCRA rights

House passes bill to expand SCRA rights

Fort Benning soldier dies in Iraq

Colorado getting 3 National Guard centers

Autopsy: Marine wife was strangled with belt

Chilton: More ready-to-launch satellites needed

Top AF CIA officer tapped to command USAFE

SBIRS program faces new 12- to 18-month delay

China’s rapid advancements in space eyed

GAO: Contract issues could slow Iraq drawdown

Europe urges better Afghan governance

Karzai opponent: Govt 'cannot fight corruption'

Future of Futenma move still uncertain

Report: Problems continued at Ill. VA hospital

Officials: Pakistan army enters Taliban stronghold

Police, Protesters Clash in Tehran

Abdullah: Karzai Re-election Illegal

Coast Guard O-5 charged with indecent acts

5 Arrested for Breaking Into Navy Base

Air Guard Readies for C-27J Fleet

Reserve sergeant dies in Afghanistan

Big Brother: Army Develops 'Ghost' Imaging

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