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Blair warned Bush against invading Iraq: advisor


40% Of Food Produced Goes To Waste, While One In Six Go Hungry

OMFG! Gerald Posner of 2029 Time Traveled Back To 2009!!!

When the only good thing you can say is: "He's dead. Good."

Cyber Monday Sales Rise 16% (YOY) in U.S., Coremetrics Says

Gerald Posner

US bid to bypass Karzai's Afghan government upsets allies

Suggested listening for tommorow

Addicted to Nonsense

Credit Cards' Holiday "Reign of Terror"; Banks Rushing to Raise Rates and Fees...

Is The Audio On Olbermann Fading In And Out For Anybody Else Out There ???

BillO & Huckabee

Matt Taibbi: Obama set to march into 2nd year behind a banner waved by political corpse Karl Rove

Woman makes bomb threat to help boss make flight

OBE vs NCLB, some thoughts/links

Business Activity in U.S. Unexpectedly Accelerated (November)

Justice Breyer Reflects on Great Britain's Constitutional Evolution

Tiger Woods Promises to Use 'Stan the Caddy' to Drive His Caddy

Supreme Court Schedules Major Gun Rights Case

Will Obama keep his Gulf Coast promises?

Neighbor dumping car fluids

Military Families send letter to Obama opposing Afghanistan

Ya know what's really pretty funny?

White House Gatecrashers Shopping Story to Networks

Family helped by "Extreme Makeover" now faces foreclosure

Single-sex middle school aims to divide and conquer

To relieve stress, schools in tough neighborhoods turn to yoga

So I bought a cell phone on "cyber monday"....

Socialized Medicine” Is Nothing to Fear

"Cyber Monday"

POLL: 27% of Democrats favor more troops in Afghanistan, 69% of Republicans favor more troops

I'm not very bright and have DU question

Erich Fromm on Martin Luther's faith

Chelsea Clinton engaged to marry Marc Mezvinsky, a banker at Goldman Sachs

Military shooting in Honduras must be urgently investigated and witnesses protected

Speaking of DU Advertising - That RW ad DU is running - 'Jail For No Health Insurance'

No More Executive Bonuses!

If the "war on terror" can't be won

Dubai stocks down. They pissed off the wrong people.

Whether for right or wrong, Mike Dukakis was blamed for Willie Horton in 1988

Please read this article about Sesame Street at 40.

Who was the last president who **didn't** get his war on?

VID Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks with journalists from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

Your government is owned.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

President Obama is setting a HORRIBLE example!!!

Naturopaths and the anti-vaccine movement: Hijacking the law in service of pseudoscience

Hmm, Little Green Footballs Separates from Right

Members on Rapture Ready seem to question another member who questioned Ray Comfort .

Half of preschool girls worry about fat

Obama will announce 34,000 additional troops for Afghanistan, officials say

Comcast to take over NBC?

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints?

Authority to Spy on Americans Unclear as Patriot Act Expires

Science Digs Into Civil War Sites

Commuter Airlines: Questions of Safety

Credit Card Usury Bill Up Again in HouseThis Week PLEASE CALL!

Alberto Gonzales Inspires Students to "Dream Big" and Hope to Meet "the Next George W. Bush" One Day

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light

Too bad Repukes can't be convinced a vote against war funding would hurt Obama.

Four Days in May - lakewood cop killer's timeline

Oreilly hypocrite of the year award

Another Google Wave Use: Manhunt for Cop Killer in Seattle

’00 Clemency May Be Issue for Huckabee -- Commuted sentence of suspect in Tacoma shooting

"The Swiss Go Nativist" by endorsing far-right's minaret construction ban.

Obama's speech tomorrow

Does it surprise anyone that someone at the Pentagon was the contact person

a fellow Duer has deemed Obama the "most effective progressive prez in memory"?

a fellow Duer has deemed Obama the "most effective progressive prez in memory"?

Threat of reconciliation hovers over centrist Dems in healthcare vote

Chris Hayes is ripping Jon Meacheam a new one...

Conason: Mike Huckabee and the Cop Killer of Seattle

Chuck Grassley at 5:30 am makes me want to chuck

(IN) Guard commander said exposure to carcinogen in Iraq caused his cancer

Ever wonder why it seems like you are surrounded by idiots?

Outrage as Pete Doherty sings Nazi anthem

Outrage as Pete Doherty sings Nazi anthem

The White House Takes On POLITICO

The Stupidity Crisis.... our nation's greatest resource - Tom Tomorrow

Climate change - the real question

What the democrats need to tell Gates and his BushCo yes men/generals

"blackadder goes forth" --brilliant anti-war "comedy" from bbc

Which qualifies as the worst possible event of the past 20 years?

Is Obama authorized to wage war in Afghanistan?

Gone but not forgotten - The bin Laden revival tour - By Michael Collins

Obama's new stimilius program

Any DU'ers in Germany hearing anything about this? Over here in the US,

12/28/00 Flashback: "U.S. on course to eliminate its public debt within the next decade."

World AIDS Day 2009 - december 1

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC suggests the state shouldn't be involved in marriages.

New Story Alert: Sarah Palin

New Air Force Tattoo Policy Disqualifies Roseville Recruit

Please post a number. How many right wing trolls do we have here at DU

2fer: ROLLINS is who is pushing DOBBS. & Tiger's alleged sexter's backround & political connections

My friend, disgusted by what passes for journalism decided to do something about it

Asking our Military to fight against a non-uniformed enemy is [Fill in the blank?]

AIDS Ribbon Question

Toon: No, I don't believe...

And I thought NZ's National Party was a rational, moderate conservative party...

Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP

Bishop Thomas Tobin, who banned Conressman Patrick Kennedy from Communion,

December 1, 1969

Is Amanda Knox a victim or an evil perpetrator of the vicious murder of her roommate?

Dec. 1, Victims of the Fire at Our Lady of the Angels School

Both the POTUS and the First Lady were pissed....

Obama plans to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan

The Afghan Speech Obama Should Give (But Won't)

Jim DeMint Statement on Successful Honduran Election

UN Slams Swiss Minaret Ban As "Anti-Foreigner Scare-Mongering"

Wayne Dumond

Hello Boys how about a kiss? ..... large photo for dialup

Cleveland City Council expected to pass transgender rights ordinance

Washington Times Accepts Full Page Birther Ad

Willie Horton comes back twenty years later to bite Repubs on the ass...

New pfishing scam manditory vaccination profile?

Amid probe, pharmacies cut back on liquid Tamiflu price

Aunt Jemima Cartoon Rankles Some

Aunt Jemima Cartoon Rankles Some

My worry about the Cop Killer story......

We'll make Great Pets

Seattle/Lakewood police shooter suspect dead

CPR saves cat rescued from fire

Iraq: Trade Union Leader Murdered

Yes, Obama inherited this conflict, but he could have been the one to end it.

Ventura Claims He Was Silenced By MSM - Because He Did Not Support The Iraq War

Support For Obama vs Bush

Marijuana helps cope with the pain..

Damn. Even the 'Cyber Monday' hype couldn't get people to spend money they don't have.....

July 6, 2008 -- Obama on Afghanistan

Two Jobs Not Enough

"A house divided against itself..., is a house that cannot stand."

"...a last-minute-attending".." bwaaahahahaha

The Late Republic. American bloodlust. The arena. Bread & circuses

Deja Vu: Exit a Part of Obama's Afghanistan Plan (from March 2009)

The main difference between kings/dictators and elected presidents/Prime ministers, etc.,

insurance anti-trust provision

Swiss vote down new minarets (the onion)

Progress has been made......But it's still a pandemic

Progress has been made......But it's still a pandemic

'The Family' Behind Vicious Anti-Gay Legislation in Uganda

The OJ Simpsonfication of Tiger Woods

Obama Ally (Schakowsky) Breaks With Him on Afghanistan

Four days in May set stage for Sunday's tragedy

The Rude Pundit: We Need to Stop Pretending That Obama Hasn't Been Consistent on Afghanistan

New Element Found

A Word Of Caution to those Who Would Charge "Then Why Don't You Enlist?"

Threats Are a Common Tactic for the Alabama GOP (death threats)

Did Huck Pardon Shooter For Religious Reasons?

Obama & Afghanistan: Still Wrapping Box of Shit on Christmas Morning

how much aid are we giving the Ugandan government?

Cop killer may be in Seattle area, U of Wash. warning.

Somebody with CNN Breaking News Alert slipped up:

Gen McCaffery on MSNBC.. says this is going to be a 5 to 10 year war...

Saturday's Report from Honduras by Lisa Sullivan

Religious right launches fresh assault on US abortion rights

Tell Harry Reid: Don't let them filibuster the public option. Sign Credo's petition.

Sprint’s 50 Million Customers Have Been Geo-Tracked 8 Million Times–in the Last Year

Seattle cops shot and killed the suspect in the cops' murders

In case you missed this: Olbermann on Afghanistan: Get out now

World's Most Expensive Office Markets Get Cheaper as Job Cuts Pare Demand

Neighbor of the Woods sheds light on incident....

On the Swiss and "public religious symbols"

Wall Street Journal: Working Two Jobs and Still Underemployed

a rant about liberal/progressive apathy over the afghan occupation

Doesn't Huckabee owe us all an explanation?

Sick of Dick.....

I believe

A balanced budget amendment would stop American warmongering in it's tracks.

Obama is the furthest-left President

Withdrawal in disgust in not the same as apathy

Withdrawal in disgust in not the same as apathy

An on-the-ground view in China view of the effects of Obama's visit.

An on-the-ground view in China view of the effects of Obama's visit.

Sorry to add to the noise about the "party crashers," but this was disgusting.

Big problem in US horses - 12 states came from 1 state Texas

EPA postpones more ethanol in gasoline

FRANK SCHAEFFER: Evangelical Mike Huckabee is Unfit for Command

Argentine gay couple hopes to reverse marriage ban

The Troll Cult of Ignorance

Just got the renewal notice for next years pet health insurance. The premium stayed the same?

Memo to the President - TIME: October 22, 1965: "South Viet Nam A New Kind of War "

If theres no inflation, so theres no COLA for SS for two years, why

Zombie Reagan Raised from the Grave to Lead GOP

Wal-Mart's Chinese Suppliers Subjecting Workers To "Illegal And Degrading Conditions"

Just called ALL of my senators, congresspeople

Questioning the mods' intellectual capacity is a really, really bad idea.

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2- Escalation

Perdue goes to Washington

Want Maddow and Olbermann? Then this cannot happen( 'no merger' petition)

Nader was a disaster but after the last 10 mo's I hope the US experiment with 3rd parties isnt over

Palin Book Goes Platinum

Goldman-Sachs senior staff arming themselves against populist uprising

Poll Shows Lessening Support on Afghanistan

Why can't we bring the troops back with the caveat that if need be we'll will go back?

How many American must die so we can prop up a corrupt repressive Islamic republic in Afghanistan?nt

Parade of dopes that predicted the iPhone would fail:

Have times gotten so bad a vet would do a fake surgery?

Have times gotten so bad a vet would do a fake surgery?

Chris Hedges: Addicted To Nonsense

Addicted to Nonsense, By Chris Hedges

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1- Catch a Tiger by the tail

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3 - Crashing

Government *is* good and can work efficiently

The Troll Cult of Ignorance (3rd run;edited.)

Selling war? Go to West Point where they have to applaud

A look at 'White House crasher's' bankruptcy records: $80,000 in credit card debt

A look at 'White House crasher's' bankruptcy records: $80,000 in credit card debt

DUers, I'm putting out the call again: GET. OFF. YOUR. ASS.


President Obama on Strategy for Afghanistan, March 2009

$50k medical bill for alleged Holocaust Museum shooter

Why on Earth do people get those dogs that incessantly bark?

The sixth extinction Somewhere on Earth, every 20 minutes, one animal species dies out.

What do do about the freeper advertisements

Maurice Clemmons = Willie Horton. Now, it's going mainstream.

Pie In Your Face

Is planet Earth a galactic madhouse?

Kiva: A great idea that isn't exactly what it seemed - how to find a charity you can support

I have a double girl crush

Baltimore Mayor Shiela Dixon convicted of one count of misdemeanor embezzlement..

The fresh new face of the Republican Party.

The fresh new face of the Republican Party.

Barack Obama accused of 'renting out' ambassador roles

Rick Perry Parties in Las Vegas on Taxpayers' Dime

US November auto sales struggle to gain ground

Obama opposed to "dumb wars"? I guess that's other people's "dumb wars".

Liberals are flirting with the politics of self-destruction...

Liberals are flirting with the politics of self-destruction...

Poll in China shows that environmental issues (not surprisingly) are their greatest concern.

Poll in China shows that environmental issues (not surprisingly) are their greatest concern.

Third time's a charm?...

"... talk turkey or I'm outta here"

"... talk turkey or I'm outta here"

Score another win for James Rucker

I don't get it about the Salahis - AKA as the White House crashers

If McCain Had Promised to End the War in Afghanistan...

If McCain Had Promised to End the War in Afghanistan...

Oh Shite - it' s now GEComcast

Tiger's Neighbor Lawyers Up

Hip-hop lawyer counts White House crashers and Pentagon official as clients

In Wake of Dubai, Trying to Predict the Next Blowup

Anyone have personal experience with AARP Medicare complete secure horizons?

With Gates, Petraeus, and McChrystal in charge, what did you expect??

LOL! The Amazon top review of "Going Rogue" (five stars) is really a joke on Palin

Are Siegelman's days of freedom numbered?

Thom Hartmann is good today. Talking about the calculations in Afghanistan

If that had been Mike Tyson instead of Tiger Wood what would police

Argentina court bans first Latin American gay marriage

Holy shit! Are you watching this? That angry munchkin could have been the President ...

The Oil Companies Win!

"today's younger children are twice as likely as students in the 1980s to be overweight"

Is Obama this SMART?? BRILLIANT NYT reader comment with SOLUTION to Afghanistan decision.

Right-Wing-Radio Double Agent

MSNBC: Strange bedfellows on Afghanistan (Obama, Rove & Dan Senor)

Priorities of US Soldiers

Do something weird in Sweden, get to fly to US to be on talk show...

Author: ‘The Family’ behind proposed Ugandan law that would execute HIV+ men

Meanwhile, over in freeper land, they're bitching that Obama has an exit strategy for Afghanistan.

It really isn't 30 to 35 thousand it is over 50 thousand more troops to Afghanistan

Congress can take a stand to the WARPIGS.

Are customer service calls recorded for "training" purposes?

Big good news from Daily Kos?

Ft Lauderdale attorney charged by FBI in Ponzi scheme. Over $1 billion!

Americans United Urges Appeals Court To Give Prison-Chaplaincy Applicant His Day In Court

A TRAGIC MISTAKE - NYT's Herbert on Obama's Afghanistan decision

The Abortion Distortion: Just how pro-choice is America, really?

Friend's insurance rates just went from $200/mo to almost $600/mo

We let war criminals walk and are escalating their wars

Dear militarists......

As good as any cartoon - a little levity on a difficult day in the land of Dems and Repukes

IT'S TIME - SAYS THIS DFH - January 20, 2010

Poll - Will Obama pull an LBJ and not run for a second term?

An anti-Obama activist finds a grand jury to consider his extreme charges.

As Obama Sends More Troops, Giant Shadow Army Of Contractors Set To Grow In Afghanistan

Seriously .... does anyone know of anyone who is hiring to fill real jobs?

The Obamaphobe here at work

Could Obama's Speech Tonight Destroy His Presidency?

Study Suggests Immigrants Good for Economic Growth

For single-payer supporting Monty Python fans only

Support H.R. 3699 against escalation

So according to Richard Engels

Transcript of Senior Administration Official Comments on Speech

Transcript of Senior Administration Official Comments on Speech

Do you believe that the average bourgeois American wants a balanced and objective press?

Dirty Laundry (ode to Tiger Williams and the White House Dinner crashers)

Question for all: Is Obama legally entitled to dual American/British citizenship?

Senator Kirk (MA): No more troops to Afghanistan

Arianna To Rupert Murdoch: Stop Whining!

Obama's Afghanistan War speech: unofficial pre-live thread

Why is Afghanistan so important?

KO, special comment, we cannot afford this war!!

Michael Moore Rewrites History of Obama Campaign on Afghanistan

If Hillary had OPPOSED the Iraq War ,

A Lost European Culture, Pulled From Obscurity

Obama is first president to freeze locality pay

Zhu Zhu Hamsters and why we suck

Little Green Footballs’ Charles Johnson Breaks With the Right

Bernanke Redux

2010: Republicans will try to impeach Obama

Stumped for Gifts?

Baltimore mayor convicted on 1 gift card charge

Party-crashing attention whores

Is Coburn's 'Die Sooner' The Same As Grayson's 'Die Quickly'?

Obama's holiday gift for us >>

Agencies can honor existing ACORN contracts

Ex-Iraq ambassador Ryan Crocker: "all the dumb (terrorists) ones are dead" in Afghanistan

Sometimes the Best of Intentions Make The Worst of Decisions During Wartime...

Bumper Sticker I Saw -"Prosecute Bush Impeach Obama"

Have the Media "Falsely Framed" ACORN?

Huckabee, Willie Horton, Political Revenge And Clemency

Escalation: To increase, enlarge, or intensify (Warning! Contains reality)

I think I just thought of a question that if Obama answered truthfully he would not start this war.

Bush Officials, RNC Praise Obama's Afghan Knowledge And Surge Strategy

"A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind"

#of civilians in Afghanistan has doubled since January, will triple by end of year

It was George Walker Bush who left two flaming wars on Obama's desk.

Reid Urges Bank Of America To Help Struggling Homeowners In Nevada

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Goldman Sachs: Bank Can 'Practically Mint Money' And 'Never Loses'

Goldman Sachs: Bank Can 'Practically Mint Money' And 'Never Loses'

Jeepers McGuilicutty!

The logistics of bringing home troops: Logistics agency prepares to move 'mountain' from Iraq

Campaign Finance Reform

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Addresses Escalation in Afghanistan

(Texas) Almost $1 billion less in state’s rainy day fund

Palin's Latest Rogue Gaffe

U.S. Economy: Orders, Exports Propel Manufacturing

Like It Or Not, We All Own It.

No Rachel Maddow with your sausage and gravy - I do not want Glenn Beck with my dinner

Has Obama ever recommended that people reduce their energy consumption?

Tonight Obama's escalation will be IMMEDIATELY opposed

Just in time for Christmas ... the FREEDOM TRAY!!1!

We are about to engage in a terrible war in the middle east

NAR: Pending home sales rise

Dying man robbed in Philadelphia ER waiting room

Dying man robbed in Philadelphia ER waiting room

Goldman Sachs Staff Buying Guns 'To Defend Themselves Against Public Uprising'

Hecklers upstage Ariz. sheriff during interview

Sarah Palin mistakenly attributes quote to UCLA basketball coaching legend John Wooden

these motherhumpers are never going away, they are the enemy.

CNN: Palin spent ONLY 24 HRS TOTAL on board the Going Rogue bus during first SEVEN DAYS of book tour

Some good news for Tiger Woods today

I guess I am just old enough to not really care about being consistent or keeping up the pretense

James Woods settles lawsuit over brother's death

More Allegations Of Racism At Murdoch’s NY Post

History Repeats Itself

Obama is creating jobs......

Are you watching our President tonight?

What if we started a "new" Party?

I was against Obama's Afghan policy when I voted for him, I'm not stupid!

I didn't vote for this

Euros Say No to More Afghan Troops

anyone know who paid the bond for Clemmons (cop killer)?

War is not conscious and does not develop higher consciousness..period

Remarks today by Hillary Clinton on Afghanistan (Business Executives for National Security Gala)

"Don Who?"

Jon Stewart Takes On White House Party Crashers (VIDEO)

Cheney critical of Obama

Cheney critical of Obama

Rupert Murdoch tells a funny: "People will pay if you give them something good"

How is the surge in Afghanistan any different than the surge in Iraq?

High Court To Hear Beach Property Rights Dispute

Chambersburg Borough Council decides nativity scene must be removed from Memorial Square fountain

Pro-war dems. What is the mission in Afghanistan? nt

Michelle Bachmann could've been invented by The Onion.

Tiger Quits Golf; Will Become Politician

I am now convinced more than ever a large number of people do NOT belong in college

The campaign ca$h behind the Afghanistan Escalation (surprise. not. Pfft.) Follow the effing money.

Wasted Energy Spent on Third Parties

Rogue Brewery Upset at Palin for co-opting "Rogue"

The United States of America

The Destruction Of The Inland Empire

most duers want obama=carter

'Obama's Troop Increase Means He 'Owns' Afghan War'

A troop surge can only magnify the crime against Afghanistan - from an Afghan politician

This Modern World - What to do about the stupidity crisis? - By Tom Tomorrow

Nothing has surprised me since Rick Warren was invited to speak at the Inauguration.

Afghanistan? Why not invade Mexico, instead?

Why can't Obama just snap his fingers and fix everything?!?!

4 Venezuelan banks closed today - 2 liquidated by state.

23 yrd old msgs 16 yr old girl: called her “princess,” “baby” and “precious.”

DC to increase police at charter schools after spells of violence.

Aetna To Dump 600,000 Members

Movement under way in California to ban divorce

Cheney hits 'radical' Obama

Reid slams McCain: 'Huge, big belly-flop flip flop"

WAR! What is it good for? And How Will You Vote?

Child porn cases take toll on investigators-Job exposes team to images of abuse few can comprehend

Jesus Christ, and he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. nt

Expiring insurance subsidy imperils laid-off Americans: Why has Congress failed to act on this?

Nomi Prins, a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs...

common ground on the left and right- drug war

I saw a mug when I worked at the courthouse...

The Secret Service screwed up, but they also have to contend with this:

Chris Rock Unloads On Media For Tiger Woods Car Crash Coverage

Historical perspective on Vietnam and Afghanistan

Glenn Beck...| "SNL makes me paranoid"

Afghan Oil Pipeline Given Go Ahead

Tonight's J. Danforth Quayle Award For Republican Stupidity goes to THE WASHINGTON TIMES


A Picture Speaks 1000 Words Mr. President...

AFT President Randi Weingarten on education, public schools and the union

Obama: I'll end don't-ask, don't-tell . . . that was a campaign promise too.

The best Christmas light display ever.

In a hypothetical 2012 primary between Obama and Kucinich who would you vote for?

Well, I Knew Today This Would Happen. Low Information Posts About How Any Afghan Action is Murder..

FAA Rejects Boeing 777 Engine-Ice Warnings

I guess there are some things that still need to be said.

I am willing to bet that we'll be in afghanistan and iraq for DECADES, not just a few years.

Why don't they expose the true numbers of soldiers ?

caption time!

How does one man kill four cops

Funniest black humor I've read in a while

Should we nationalize the Federal Reserve and take it out of private hands?

I support the officer in Seattle who shot and killed Clemmons

Victory Science

In my "heartland" family values Repuke town...

In my "heartland" family values Repuke town...

Virginia, a state built on tobacco, goes smoke-free Dec. 1st

No One Should Be Shocked or Surprised

Houston toy drives check the immigration status of families before handing out gifts.

Obama is the furthest-left President

Brad Pitt-sponsored housing rises in New Orleans

Why do wars take so long now?

War is easy. Peace is hard. That's really about the extent of it.

Homeless man died outside his tepee on Thanksgiving

Pro Publica wants to hire a journalist/blogger. I KNOW we got some here.

Lyndon Johnson told the nation have no fear of escalation

Comcast Data Usage Meter Begins Rolling Out To Customers

9. 9 frickin' years we've been stumbling about in Afghanistan

Police: Woods at fault in crash, will get citation

My god just SHUT UP with how it's all going to be different now that change is here!!!

Police Kill SUSPECTED Cop Killer

Unemployed U.S.-born workers seek day-labor jobs

Unemployed U.S.-born workers seek day-labor jobs

Obama aunt anguished by separation

I am going to call the 2012 race now. With Huccabunny out it will be Mittens (R) Failin Pailin (I)

EA exec punts 96,000rpm e-car engine -- Miniature jet drives generator

So, How Long Have You Been (Currently) Unemployed?

MoveOn Moves Against Obama On Afghanistan

New Data Shows Abortion Quite Common In Most Red States

What Recovery? U.S. Consumers Getting "Dramatically Worse," Howard Davidowitz Says

I'm Depressed

New ocean wave-energy system developed

Cheney: 'I Basically Don't' Think Bush Administration Responsible For Afghanistan Problems

The Afghanistan escalation is a serious mistake of US policy- agree/disagree

"How the War Hawks Caged Obama" by Robert Parry (11-30-09 Consortium News)

DU needs its own Warship

Alleged cop killer story

Question: Is our actions in Iraq & Afghanistan deterring terrorism or provoking it?

Nelson Crafting Abortion Amendment 'Nearly Identical' To Stupak's


Conservative blogger sees the light, parts ways with the right

UPDATED: Leahy to introduce antitrust repeal amendment

"Holy Shit"- Markos says BIG news coming!! "Good News For A Change"

Futuristic anti-whale poaching combat boat revealed

David Obey Still Thinks You're an Idiot

Has anybody asked President Obama about Rick Warren AFTER this not-condemning-Uganda crap?

Big Night in History: Peace Prize Winner Escalates War on Afghanistan

Do people here really expect Obama's policy in Afghanistan

Computer geeks: What happens when Windows updates?

You know what bothers me about this escalation?

Congratulations on the Epic Democratic Fail...

Absolutely shocking. Calls to Florida family services abuse line often ignored deliberately.

Explaining the Drop in Iraqi War Dead (It Wasn't the Surge)

So, you support the Afghanistan escalation? Congrats, you are now the proud owner of the occupation

Statement from Cindy Sheehan on events at Travis AFB on Sunday

How many of you are pissed off at Obama for escalating the stupid war?

Boys taught in single-sex schools face divorce, depression by early 40s

Ben Nelson will introduce bill as "identical to Stupak as it can be"

Host a Community Jobs Forum - Invitation from White House

The Angst of a Liberal

Dumbass Nobel Peace Prize Committee looks pretty stupid now...

The customer said, "What are you looking at, n_ _ _ _r?"

The customer said, "What are you looking at, n_ _ _ _r?"

I am sorry folks, but, I don't think I can stay.

Dems & Obama - Continue Estate Tax Rip Off

The Democratic Party had it made

Today in DU History - Obama the first Black President goes from Hero Progressive PotUS

New Iron Man 2 Poster!

Is it just me, or is this New Moon kid's head just too big for his body?

When not to hyphenate your name....

Somebody told me today that I look like an Irish Adonis.

Bees of summer {youtube 2:10}

I want to rename my cat to "Motor Mouth Under Foot"

I'm in love

My cat wants my eggnog (Pic)

Special Waylon Smithers Poll...Does your job require you to purchase a Christmas gift for your boss?

I got my H1N1 Vaccination yesterday.

these are my demands

Meet Frank

DU-ers with Angry User Names, check in here:

Wedding invite-Don't know what to do-any advice?

DU-ers with Norse Mythology User Names, check in here!

just what in the fuck is a real estate novelist?

i've been looking for love in all the wrong places . . . and having much success


What the hell is this crap !

I'm just going to go ahead and get this over with.

DU-ers with science and physics names, check in here:

DU-ers with Greek Mythology User Names, check in here:

Youtube: "Bad Apple" Music Video (Stylized Shadow CG Art)

Petit fours suck

Should Bush, Yaz and OMD be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

YouTube: "Here they come to snuff the rooster, aww yeah...Yeah here come the rooster, yeah..."

YouTube: "I'll be the boy in the corduroy pants...You'll be the girl at the high school dance..."

Some Mondays are tough

YouTube: "Broken leashes all over the floor, Keys left hangin in a swingin door, WHY DO I KEEP..."

DU-ers with user names check in here!

DUers tired of "DUers with _____ names, check in here!" threads - um, what was I saying again?

I think teh word on teh street is out about our house....

Has anyone here dealt with AFLAC?

YouTube: "Memory ah, Memory ah, Memory ah...And I swear that I don't have a gun..."

YouTube: "Hang my head...Drown my fear...Till you all just disappear"

The Worst Receptionist Ever

Yo, dawg.

YouTube: Neil Young, "Austin City Limits," the BEST fucking version of "Down By The River" EVER.

Chris Hansen to catch a Mathematician !

Technical difficulty..ignore

Credit Card Usury bill up again in House this week PLEASE CALL!

The Five Most Horrifying Bugs In The World (I'm gonna stay inside from now on...)

YouTube: "Yeah, she went down swingin' Sammy Davis..She went down swingin' Sonny Liston"

How to get a cork out of a bottle - neat trick!

New study shows 50% reduced risk of heart attack in heavy drinkers vs. non-drinkers

I just saw part of one of the WORST kid's movies ever made.

I know it is early in the season

Lonely Island Band - Check out the guest stars. Very weird song.

Apple's new keyboardless computer

DUers with computers, check in here:

Stan Lee created a monster he never imagined

DU-ers with Science Fiction/ Fantasy related names check in here!

FDR understood the Power of the Public Option

Thank you Saints

Boris Karloff fans: Original Grinch coming up on ABC @ 8 EST

Am I an evil boyfriend for giving my girlfriend the "Chrisian Side Hug" earworm?

DUers with non-Democratic Party usernames... Ummm....

Who is your favorite Manson family member?

I could not care less about Tiger Woods, his car accident or whether he and his wife were arguing!!!

Prince Harry is very worried about Tiger

Sorry to add to the noise about the "party crashers," but I am disgusted.

Product of the century.

apparently even the lightest of lifting


A little something to restore your faith in humanity.

Wanna have some fun in GD?

W.Va. man sues over use of mugshot

The stupidity of the RW shows everytime I hear conservative

Strange wireless phone issue....

what does the "y" stand for in :

"Hell is other people." - Sartre

DUers with J.R.R. Tolkien-related usernames check in here!

A 25lb cat just jumped on top of my desk. In one jump.

Funny names.

Hug your kitty!

I used a day off, designated for 2010, and slept...

The Soldier and the Nun

Youtube: Surprised Kitty

Saw this in a catalog last night. If I'd been drinking, I would have done a spit-take...

Did anyone make this mistake on Black Friday?

Did anyone make this mistake on Black Friday?

I HATE Summer, at least when the humidity is WAYYY up, and you sweat and

About appreciation. I just made my billing analyst's day by

A DMV counter with fresh flowers, pictures of valedictorians, and cute puppies?

I finally was able to get an appointment for a haircut.

It's a breastfeeding story, so I'm putting it here.

Look out mama

From the cover of the Washington Post, "Madden NFL 2010."

Stumped for Gifts?

"O" Face

Please use the proper terminology!!!!!!

I find it ironic there is a war of words going on in GD and GDP.

Please note: GD and GDP are now Kucinich Underground

Gahdam, think we'll be at Level 1 tonight?

I'd like a What-a-chicken with cheese, fries and Dr. Pepper

A wedding gift an bride should recieve

I guess we're joining the cult

I guess we're joining the cult

I'd like to request an immense new forum: Trolls

Okay, ONE thing M$ apparently got right with Vista...

DU-ers with pet names, check in here:

snow day !!!!!! we're not opening until later (if at all) today

Hell Pollo Loco. Office Despot.

Holy Shit Batman!

I don't know what's got into me

The Bagels finished undefeated in their division, eat it Bruegger

Best Christmas light display EVER!

Happy birthday, Sweetie!

YouTube: The classic "Baby PLEASE" moment from "A Different World"

How do you get closure?

The Bengals finished undefeated in their division, eat it Colin Cowherd

ever go get your lunch, get 3 or 4 bites into it, and then

There seems to be a lot of sales/telemarketing positions open in my area.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/01/09

Wikipedia: baseball metaphors for sex

2009 celebrity deaths.

I know it is not cool to admit it, but I don't care, I have to say it:

First Asian model on Victoria's Secret runway

Ex-Miss Argentina dies after cosmetic surgery on her buttocks

I HATE Winter (or any winter-like season, i.e., Fall & Spring)

Kitten rescued from flooding storm drain - video - Philly neighbors

Do any of you own a pet hedgehog?

Skin translucency

Skin translucency

More blood work today. Another PSA test.

I'm looking for a place worthy of me and what I have to offer humanity, which is immense.

I think its time to break up with my bank.

DU-ers with Star Wars User Names, check in here:

Let's have a photo thread

GD & GDP are revolting

pedi pots suck

Harlan Ellison Wants In On Star Trek 2

Your steet fink. OK, post your Spoonerisms.

TN-03: Flowers Drops Out

Paul, GOP campaign committee at odds

Mitt Romney endorses Kay Ivey for Alabama governor

State senator emerges as top potential Gordon foe

The Nation -The Afghan Pipeline You Don't Know About

Cox leading race for governor

Afghanistan: Obama Drops The Other Shoe

Peter Corroon a step closer to race for governor

Mother of all decisions...

Veterans oppose US Afghan war surge



Well Rachel understands military timetables.

Were party crashers part of a set-up?

U.S. official expects that sometime in the future gov't will withdraw some troops from Afghanistan!

Call For a Truce

why does this anti-Obama health care ad run on DU?

why does this anti-Obama health care ad run on DU?

Taliban claims French bribery ploy

Taliban claims French bribery ploy

Now I get it....

Olbermann on Afghanistan: Get out now

Strange how every speech Obama is about to make could break/make his career!

Progressives (and Obama) are Doing Better Than We Think ...

Krugman: new CBO estimate is good news

Where's the Prez?

Mike Malloy just reminded me that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize

US bid to bypass Karzai's Afghan government upsets allies

What year does the president's call to end the Afghan War by increasing the troops sound most like?

NC: Marshall might be ignored, but she starts with wide primary lead

Our love/hate relationship with anonymous sources

Fred Kaplan: Confessions of an Uncertain Columnist. My Mixed Feelings about the war in Afghanistan

In Afghan Debate, Few Antiwar Op-Eds: Elite papers marginalize public opposition

Obama's rating went up 2 pts. to 51% in Gallup - where was the 24/7 media coverage?

NC-Sen: Sources Say Cal Cunningham to Enter Race

You can't be a "choosy mom" if you don't pick JIF. In fact, if you pick Skippy, then CPS is just ..

You can't be a "choosy mom" if you don't pick JIF. In fact, if you pick Skippy, then CPS is just ..

Yes, change IS coming

There's no 'abortion' in Senator Mikulski's amendment

TPM: McCain Amendment a 'Big Fat Wet Kiss' to the Insurance Industry

Re-Thinking Ralph Nader. Discuss quietly amongst yourselves.

The White House takes on Politico

Host a Community Jobs Forum - Invitation from White House

Obama's Global AIDS Grade: D+

"Pending home sales rise for 9th month in a row"

Obama’s Troop Increase Means He ‘Owns’ Afghan War

WH: "health insurance reform protects and strengthens Medicare"

This excuse that candidate Obama said he was going to escalate in Afghanistan is funny as shit.


Second Democrat Kicks Off Paulsen Challenge

Palin Ally Malek To Host Fundraising Dinner For Blunt

Callahan to Attend Obama Event in PA Friday

Markey Gets Behind Capuano's Massachusetts Senate Bid

Dick's back

Some in the military want the Afghanistan War because wars are how you advance in your career

Gibbs makes the morning rounds.

So We Will Be Engaged In A-Stand for the.....

Post annoucements of this week's antiwar events in your area here!

Personally, I'm going to listen to what President Obama says tomorrow night- and see what I think

This is what SHOULD have happened:

Sorry to be saying this.....

Military Escalation Will Harm Afghan People, US Interests by John Nichols

Five things I have to say about Afghanistan and President Obama's decision

Just FYI....

Krugman: Republicans lyin... er, misreading about premium increases

"CBO: Stimulus saved or created as many as 1.6M jobs"

I opposed the Afghan war cause I knew we were making a multi-decade commitment

Durbin calling out the R's who want the conflict of interest stripped out of the healthcare bill.

Washington Times Runs Anti-Obama Monkey Birther Ad

The troops aren't coming home until there are jobs to come home to

Afghanistan Troop Withdrawl ...... right month, wrong year.

What the CBO actually said about Premiums (They go DOWN)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the DU... where 36% say they won't vote Obama in 2012.

A suggestion.. an oldie but goodie.. Can we wait to hear what the President says tonight?

ATTENTION - Obama ALWAYS promised to send 2 Additional Brigades to Afghanistan

U.S. forces will begin to withdraw from Afghanistan in July 2011

It's Time for Dems to "Put Up or Shut Up" on Media Consolidation (Huffpost)

The election of Barack Obama as President seems to have driven the barely sane over the edge.

Just want to say

"Clinton speaks on Af-Pak strategy"

We bring all the troops back from Afghanistan - will they stay in the military on bases

Anti-War Protests Tuesday & Wednesday as President Obama Announces More Troops to Afghanistan

"I get angry when I hear VP Cheney talking about a job they didn't finish"

Olbermann: Afghan Troop withdrawls to begin between July of next year and January of 2011.

Who's Really Making the Decisions?

Fong suspends campaign

Rev. Jesse Jackson Comments on the One Year Anniversary of President Obama's Election

Bill would force a Democratic replacement for N.J. Senate

Bernero 'mulling' run for governor

NH firefighter, state rep announces for 2nd CD

Since when is being a progressive require us to be Cranky, Impatient and Paranoid?

Karl Rove has given his stamp of approval to the escalation in Afghanistan.

What is your definition of success in Afghanistan?

Glenn Greenwald: "The most bizarre defense of Obama's escalation"

France, Germany reject US appeals to boost Afghan force

Excerpts from Tonight's Speech

where are defense contractors' factories located?

Obama is giving McChrystal 1/3 less troops then requested and 10,000 troops are committed from NATO

Obama is giving McChrystal 1/3 less troops then requested and 10,000 troops are committed from NATO

I don't blame Obama..

What could the President say tomorrow to convince you...

Three Stinking Years!!!

Three Stinking Years!!!

The US and NATO sinking in Afghanistan

Do you plan to vote for Obama in 2012?

HEADS UP: Keith Olbermann special comment ofn Afghanistan

Too Big to Block? Why Obama Must Stop the Comcast-NBC Merger



Welcome to Democratic Underground.

Krugman: Things to Come - Political and Economic Outlook (Grim, but at least Obama wins in 2012)

Michelle Obama is hungry- Photo

United Antiwar Movement Tells Obama: No Escalation Of War!

If Obama escalates war "he will betray his own message of hope and deepen my people's pain"

k/r for the unity created on DU by Cheney openining his chickenhawk piehole

Two things that I am happy about tonight!!! You should be also!

Handy Guide to why the Afghanistan War will be a failure unless we withdraw soon

MoveOn Moves Against Obama On Afghanistan

I support our President!

Let's hear progressives defend a war buildup, this'll be good

Olbermann: By prolonging the war, Afghanistan will turn into Vietnam

President Obama will have ended two wars by the time his first term is over!

President Obama will have ended two wars by the time his first term is over!

Re the WH Crashers - don't fall for the okey doke!

Obama’s Speech on Afghanistan to Envision Exit

I doubt the Taliban were consulted for tonights event setting of timetables and military goals. LBJ

I'm not only going to keep my $ & volunteer time from you, I'm not voting for you in 2012.

K&R if you plan to support Obama in 2012!

Grayson: Bring The Troops Home

Twilight Moms

Did Houston Homebuilder Bob Perry's Clout Trap Couple In Dream Home?

The War President Issues Afghanistan Troop Orders To Generals

Movement under way in California to ban divorce

With Deal, G.E. Clears Path to Sale of NBC

Records show FBI used ultra-right radio host for years

Police Say Tacoma Suspect Told Others He Would Shoot Officers

Harper not on Obama's Afghan call list

G.E. Pact With Vivendi Clears Way for Sale of NBC

Study Links Chile’s Native Forest Cover To Available Water Supply

Oil prices spike after Iran seizes yacht

Several nations acknowledge Lobo's victory in Honduras

Protests greet Pittsburgh's plan to tax college tuition

Congress calls for party crashers to testify

Rumsfeld order allowed bin Laden's escape

Argentina court bans first Latin American gay marriage

Union takes furloughs to save (479) jobs

Futuristic anti-whale poaching combat boat revealed

Movement under way in California to ban divorce

Afghan officials fear talk of exit strategy

Iran prison doctor 'was poisoned', prosecutors say

Dubai ruler plays up strength as Gulf markets fall

Scott Rothstein expected to be arrested, charged Tuesday (South Florida)

Seattle police kill suspect in officer slayings

Oil Companies Look to the Future in Iraq

Cheney hits 'radical' Obama

Second blast at Russian train crash site targeted investigators

D.C. Council poised to legalize same-sex marriage

After major same sex marriage research, liberal CA org says: "We do not see a path to victory."

Govt. Investigation Confirms ABC News Report on Secret CIA Prison

self delete

AIG Slashes US Debt Under Deal With New York Fed

Seattle police ambush: cop-killing rampages up this year

'Spam gang' leader gets $15m fine (by US Court)

Chilcot inquiry: US said Iraqis would welcome invasion

U.S. unemployed face higher healthcare premiums

Second wave of swine flu may have peaked

N. Korea Revalues Currency to Curb Free Trade (private economy)

Separate Afghan war funding bill needed-US lawmaker

(NY) Gay Marriage Vote Advances

DC Council Votes 11-2 in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 1

S Africa to expand Aids treatment

Latvian lawmakers approve 2010 austerity budget amid angry protests

Minaret ban 'a security risk' - Swiss minister

W.House: to work with Congress on Afghan war funds

CNBC: General Motors CEO to resign

Pawlenty: I would not have granted clemency to suspected police shooter

(Sen. Ben) Nelson proposes war bonds

UK climate scientist to temporarily step down

Official: Obama to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan

U.S. troops did not expect postwar role, Blair aide says

France, Germany reject US appeals to boost Afghan force

U.S. forces will begin to withdraw from Afghanistan in July 2011

U.S. Manufacturing Expands for a Fourth Month as Factories Propel Recovery

Without public option, health care bill is "worthless," Dean says

Without public option, health care bill is "worthless," Dean says

Obama wants Afghan war over in 3 years, officials say

CBO report: Stimulus package saved or created as many as 1.6 million jobs

Suspected Cop Killer Maurice Clemmons Killed by Police After Two-Day Manhunt

John Demjanjuk's lawyer says client too ill to be tried

Iraqi journalist turns tables on shoe thrower

British sailors detained by Iran en route to Gulf yacht race

British sailors detained by Iran en route to Gulf yacht race

Excerpts from Obama Speech on Afghanistan ("Begin Transfer Out July 2011")

Bin Laden within our grasp, senate report, Rumsfeld rejected pleas for reinforcements

Afghanistan: Obama Drops The Other Shoe

Republicans figured out how to deal with illegal alien problem: Let's have a depression

Transatlantic transactions, part 1

A Financial Mirage in the Desert

John Wooden Legs' Holy Spirit Responds to Sarah Palin

Showcase: Dubai's Improbable Dream

The US and NATO sinking in Afghanistan

CSpan Interview with journalist who spent time in Afghanistan.

US bid to bypass Karzai's Afghan government upsets allies

Reuters: "FACTBOX: How Obama's Afghan strategy is shaping up" Does this sound familiar?

Peru's Murderous Fat-Stealing Gang: Crime or Cover-Up?

Paramilitaries Shoot Four Children, One Dead

What's the carbon/health footprint of another senseless war?

Sarah Palin's SECOND 'John Wooden-Native American' Gaffe

Senators urge renegotiation of U.S. trade deals

Bankers having more affairs in recession: website

Roosevelt Understood the Power of a Public Option

Oil Companies Look to the Future in Iraq

The Calling of A Contemporary Yank

Don't pass out - LGF post: "Why I Parted Ways With the Right"

Time for Our Second Bill of Rights

Evan Bayh: The face of rotted Washington

Democrats are in electoral trouble; Progressives are not

Maddow Video: US Ties to Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill w/Jeff Sharlet

Dean Baker: Not One More Tax Dollar For the Banks

Jobless face expiration of health benefit

Worse Than Enron?

Who Will Protest Obama's War?

Dear Dad, About these Right Wing Emails you keep forwarding

Time for Our Second Bill of Rights

Anti-War Protests Tuesday & Wednesday as President Obama Announces More Troops to Afghanistan

Time To Reconsider Jefferson's Call For Universal Service

We Can’t “Train” Our Way Out of Afghanistan

Screaming kids and airplanes: Mayday! Mayday!

Goldman Staff Packing Pistols to Defend Against Peasants

CBO - Senate HCR bill will keep premiums for those with group insurance Level to lower - DAMN!

Army Times: Private security impairs U.S. forces in Afghanistan

Krugman: Hope is Not a Plan

Scientist: Consensus withstands climate email flap

No More Executive Bonuses!

Seattle police ambush: cop-killing rampages up this year

Cenk Uygur: Why I Changed My Mind On Afghanistan

Bachman's district leads state in foreclosures

Nelson Crafting Abortion Amendment 'Nearly Identical' To Stupak's

Christian Cowards: Why Don't Evangelical Leaders Condemn the Hate Spouted by Right-Wingers?

Not Just Jobs Needed Now

Bleeding Edge of Citizen Journalism

Capitol Hill Agenda: Nov. 30, 2009

Neoliberal Moment in California

We're At War, Charlie Brown

Adam Joseph "Finally"

Rick Warren Urges Christians to Be Dedicated as Nazis

RFK, Jr. and Ralph Nader Discuss a Possible Parliamentary System

Sarah Palin Quits...Again

Billy Bragg

William Gheen (ALIPAC) Attacks Dobbs' Immigration Flip Flop

Coburn's Message To Seniors: 'You're Going To Die Soon'

Rick Warren Talks About Executing Homosexuals

ITUC "No to Nuclear Weapons" Campaign

DFA Campaign Academy - Campaign Budgeting: What You Can Get Donated

Bill O'Reilly To Huckabee For Commuting Suspected Cop Killer's Sentence: 'It's Not Your Fault'

Howard Dean - 'Worthless, Costs a Lot of Money & Should be Defeated'

Tareq and Michaele Salahi: We Were Invited to White House, We Weren't Party Crashers

David Sirota debates David Frum on CNN's American Morning (Afghanistan escalation and health care)

Keith: Dana Perino Worst Person In The World!

Keith Olbermann Special Comment on Afghanistan: "GET OUT NOW" - 11/30/09

Grassley admits to living 'off the public tit'

NO LOGO Turns Ten Years Old

TYT: Is 'The Family' Behind Anti-Gay Bill That Includes Execution?

Rachel Maddow on Obama's Afghanifuckup

Grayson 'Time to Come Home...We Need Vote To End the War'

War. What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Papantonio: Obama is Bush Lite

Jesse Ventura Looks Ready To Snap Ben Stein In Half!

Question for the other republican party shills

The US Chamber of Commerce is Killing the Copenhagen Climate Treaty

Flooding Swamps Venice

Peak oil review - Nov 30

Drumbeat: December 1, 2009

Greek solar panel company plans Pa. facility

After 13-Month Search, Bloomberg Picks Aide W/O Background To Run City Environmental Dept. - NYT

Antarctica turning green

The Story Of Cap & Trade (new Story of Stuff video)

Re anti-Global Warming noise consider: Total Solar Irradiance trending down since 2003

Iraqi Doctors - "Alarming" Spike In Rates Of Childhood Cancers, Stilborn/Deformed Infants - Reuters

U.S. Navy Prepares for Militarization of Arctic

USGS - 90% Of Pee Dee River Bass Intersex; 100% Of Bass In Potomac

Officials Point to Uranium Mine as GroundWater Table Contaminant

WAIS Melting Alone Likely To Add 10s Of Centimeters To Overall 1.4 Meter Sea Level Rise By 2100

NYT -Of Whole Broilers Tested Nationwide, 62% Had Campylobacter, 14% Salmonella, 9% Had Both

Big Freeze Plunged Europe Into Ice Age in Months - Could Melting Greenland Ice Cap Do It Again?

11/30/09 - Arctic Sea Ice Extent Still Just Barely Above 2007's All-Time Record Low - NSIDC

American Drug War: The Last White Hope: Pre Release Cut

Game ends -- Musical Interlude

Saints/Patriots -- living up to the hype

Report: Bobby Bowden to resign tomorrow

Interesting shot of Belicheck and Brady on the sideline.


Texas' Mack Brown AP Big 12 coach of the year

Police: Woods at fault in crash, will get citation

All you Christian bashers should like this toon >>

Dallas Cowboys are Americas Favorite Team for the third straight year!

If offered the job, which team would you choose to coach?

2009 NFL MVP = Drew Brees

New York Yankees Are the Favorite Baseball Team For Seventh Year in a Row

SMU accepts Sheraton Hawaii Bowl invitation

Christ!! I'll say it - the Saints are damned good

If you could upgrade your conference by getting rid of the weakest team(s), who would you drop

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints?

Portugal works as mediator on Honduras' situation in Ibero-American Summit (Xinhua)

Peru's Murderous Fat-Stealing Gang: Crime or Cover-Up?

Daily Report #13 - Irene Lazinger Sunday – Election Day in Honduras

Daily Report #12 - Irene Lazinger Saturday in Honduras

Study Links Chile’s Native Forest Cover To Available Water Supply

Evo heading for a smashing, landslide re-election

National Lawyers Guild Calls for the US to Disavow the Legitimacy of Elections in Honduras

Lula and Correa leave Ibero-American summit

QC: From Tocoa to Tegucigalpa, “I didn’t vote!”

Jim DeMint's Propaganda on Honduran Election

Mary Anastasia O'Grady believes the Honduran elections are about Chavez. Seriously.

How does the U.S. help fund pro-settler IDF troops?

EU foreign ministers likely to call for division of Jerusalem

EU ready to recognize East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

“…And A Little Child Shall Lead Them” by Uri Avnery

Palestinians to ask UN for state based on 1967 borders

New IDF Web 2.0 unit to fight enemies on Facebook, Twitter

Hezbollah to continue arming to fight Israel

Hamas approves law to execute drug dealers

Alan Grayson leads a double life by MAX BLUMENTHAL

Favre's career to end this week

Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Members Sign 2nd Amendment Court Brief

nice defensive use of gun today, will never make the media

Woman who shot man at bus stop won't be charged

Mother, son both end up arrested

Virginia Tech victim shows how easy it is to buy guns at gunshows.

I don't place any blame on Mike Huckabee. None whatsoever.

USA Today: Unemployed U.S.-born workers seek day-labor jobs

Sen. Reid faces more pressure from unions on healthcare reform

Today in Labor History Dec 1 Ford introduced the continuous moving assembly line, Rosa Parks sit in

Economic Report: Increased Workplace Stress Leads To More Workers Calling In Sick

President Obama's schedule for Tuesday, December 1 2009

But, But, But,

So let me get this straight....

A welcome to all to the Barack Obama Group --

I've got Barack's Back today..who's with me?

Grrrrrrr!!!!! 5 minutes in GD and I can't take it anymore!

National Geographic's International Photography Contest 2009

Belted Kingfisher. I heard him before I saw him.

The Venus Syndrome

The reason for the Titanian season

arriving by train

A Lost European Culture, Pulled From Obscurity

Massive "Dark Halo" Discovered Beyond Edge of the Milky Way

The Royal Society showcases 60 articles published between 1665&2010.

let's talk....monopods

Some Autumn pics from the Napa Valley

Totally Gay For America

Is asking a celebrity if he or she is gay become a fair game question, even for the young?

An important asset

Whats a Good Charity to Donate to this Holiday?

Today is World AIDS Day: Here is to hoping that within my lifetime I witness a cure to HIV/AIDS

Question to those who know MA well.

Orthodox rabbis take public anti-gay marriage stance in NJ

Chinese government opens gay bar

Wickedness Abides By James Howard Kunstler

High-speed Duluth-Minneapolis rail line could cost nearly $1 billion

Credit Card Usury bill up again in House this week PLEASE CALL!

Cities find the fine print is costing millions

Former Fed governor: Audit the Fed bill is 'dangerous'

Dubai Financial Meltdown to Trigger More Debt Defaults and Economic Contraction

Krugman: Deficit hawks trying to scare people with big, out-of-context numbers

Crisis in Dubai

The Housing Crisis and Wall Street Shame

After Black Friday, Doubts Grow About a Shopping Uptick

Thank you All for the incredible well-wishes

I posted at GD and GDP and already unrecommended...

The sound of Jupiter's Electromagnetic voices

December - Visionary, Dreaming and Intuition Thread!

I ask for special prayers for President Obama tonight as he

David Wilcock on Disclosure & article!

December 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

My personal experience with vitamin D

World AIDS Day

Swine Flu best advice ever

She misses him

FDR understood the Power of the Public Option

Posted this over at GLBT

Early Intervention Very Effective For Toddlers With Autism, Says Small Study

Grow your own body parts? The future is now

Announcing the Institute for Science in Medicine

Naturopaths and the anti-vaccine movement: Hijacking the law in service of pseudoscience

Did you have the swine flu vaccine this year, did your family members? loved ones?

Neti pots – Ancient Ayurvedic Treatment Validated by Scientific Evidence

For Forest Kindergartners, Class Is Back to Nature, Rain or Shine

Opiate of the People? Marxism and Religion (2005)

Members on Rapture Ready seem to question another member who questioned Ray Comfort .

Priests cited in sexual-abuse claims (from newly released secret files)

Arrest highlights clergy's role in Rwanda genocide

Faith, Science 'Must Intersect' in Climate Talks, Say Canadian Church Leaders

Do you take your atheist grandchildren to church?

One Sister’s ‘Mmm’ Is Another’s ‘Um, No Thanks’