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Archives: December 10, 2009

Film about the 1961 US Figure Skating team

Matt Taibbi is on The Colbert Report tonight

Gibbs, on asked if Obama would have rather had public option: "Hypothetical".

This crap about cheenee saying Obama has disparaged our country .......

The Real Santa Claus

A couple of questions on the new HC ideas.

Why do pundits who never sat in the same room as the former President insist on lecturing Ron Reagan

Strange request from a convicted Murderer

Strange request from a convicted Murderer

Man arrested for pulling gun on boys ringing doorbells--Good ole Texas story.

Two circulating beams bring first collisions in the Large Haldron Collider

If we are adding ten years of medicare coverage, why not cover people aged 0-10?

Dear Fox News, Math is really not your strong suit. Please stop trying.

Checking in I made it to Work and Back Home (wind chill warnings start now)


Some historical perspective on climate change

Dollars & Sense: State Budget Blues

Anybody Know This Guy?

Despite Security Worries, NRA Seems Set to Prevail in Shoot-Out Over Guns on Trains

Markos Moulitsas (DailyKos) comes out AGAINST Senate Health Plan on Olbermann

Tiger Is In Real Trouble've got 60 m*fers on your side, give or take, and 40*mfers on the other side...

Carter grandson to enter politics

Carter grandson to enter politics

Public option?

*****Heads up DU!*****

THIS is "the best of the public"? -Schlafly exposed by Colbert, letting him on air

THIS is "the best of the public"? -Schlafly exposed by Colbert, letting him on air

We Can Do Both - by Gov Howard Dean MD

Why don't we take in gay Ugandan refugees and house them in the "Family's" headquarters

Bravo Greenpeace

So if healthcare reform becomes law - what happens to SCHIP and the smoke taxes?

From the world of the Rabid Dog Right: Hypothetical 'Tea Party' Outpolls Republicans

Bloomberg: Uganda To Drop Death Penalty, Add Forced “Conversions”

Paul Krugman: Darling, I love you

Alan Grayson and Tweety just now: speaking about Dick Cheney

My article summarizing the 2009 healthcare debate

Just thought I would share two songs for tonight

Just thought I would share two songs for tonight

Just thought I would share two songs for tonight

I'm confused about Medicare buy in?

Gramps Grassley opines that it is not a good idea to put gramma and your family on the boat

Thank you Jonathan Turley

Mass. driver convicted of running over mother duck

The American Hospital Association at Work....lobbying Congress, screwing the people.

Email from Rep Alan Grayson: Change Obama's Mind, Change the World (Afghanistan)

Americans Want Government to Spend for Jobs, Send Bill to Rich


Honduras to let Zelaya leave country for Mexico

Climate Change's Orphans: Rogue iceberg floating toward Austrailia

Do you agree with the idea of spending TARP money - at this time - to pay down some of the debt?

Idiocy - Markos Moulitas

U.S. launches new bid to hunt bin Laden

Why do Dean, Krugman, Sanders & Weiner seem to like the new healthcare compromise?

White House party crashers stiffed a hotel after leaving White House event

Congressman in California drops effort to honor Tiger Woods with Congressional Gold Medal

Medicare: A victim of its own success?

It's simple. Those who truly love this country are not represented by any political party.

Atheists at Christmas: Eat, drink and be wary

Who is 'the Family'

Government to settle with American Indians for $3 billion...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!

Interview with US Economist Dennis Meadows- 'Copenhagen Is About Doing As Little As Possible'

Big fat Greek bailout 'unlikely': Borg

Ancient Mediterranean flood mystery solved

Hopenhagen's dirty secret

So who thinks they are leaving their grandkids a better world?

I got an idea on how to find Osama bin Laden - hire Dog, the Bounty Hunter

Medicare buy-in? by Don McCanne MD

Senate Judiciary Committee schedules hearing for 2 Obama 4th Circuit nominees (SCOTUS prospect?)

President Obama's new jobs program takes cues from the past

Absence of evidence for a meteorite impact event 13,000 years ago

The impact of the diffusion of maize to the Southwestern United States

No crying in baseball, and no Congressional Gold Medals for golfers with 10 mistresses and counting

Two intrinsic features of the American system of govt. come together to threaten a social disaster

Man... The Un-Rec Crew Sure Is Busy Tonight...

College Degrees More Expensive, Worth Less in Job Market

More U.S. Christians mix in 'Eastern,' New Age beliefs

Ancient Tablets Decoded; Shed Light on Assyrian Empire

10 women?!? Tiger deserved to get his ass kicked and more!

Swedish star: 'Tiger tried to recruit me as a lover'

There's a thread in the Lounge that's a must see for all of our 'cannabis enthusiasts'...

Do you suppose there will be an investigation of "The Family?"

Fierce! Robust! - - - spare me your meaningless adjectives from now on, Washington.

The Biggest Lie

Health Care Reform and Wall-Mart

Small Dogs Rock!... or Its the Owner NOT the Dog

Small Dogs Rock!... or Its the Owner NOT the Dog

Tom Hayden: Obama: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Slim majority backs Afghan troop plan

When are the Dems going to strip Lieberman of his chairmanships

AIG General Counsel Who Protested Meager $500K To Have Her Bluff Called, Get Sacked

The Devil and Mr. Obama - Joe Bageant

WWII veteran had Hitler's art book on bookshelf

WWII veteran had Hitler's art book on bookshelf

WWII veteran had Hitler's art book on bookshelf

Ha! Palin's fools are lining up in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho ~ overnight temp to be 6 degrees!

Not all Democrats are progressives

First century Spanish pottery found in Pattanam

Fund raiser for 4 fallen Seatlle police officers

Uganda’s Harsh Anti-Gay Legislation Has American Links

Trampoline flies, then lands on a roof.

New Sweatfree Communities Report Reveals Low Wages, Poor Conditions Behind "Made In USA" Label

New Sweatfree Communities Report Reveals Low Wages, Poor Conditions Behind "Made In USA" Label

Ireland's abortion law challenged in European court

Ex-Fed chief Paul Volcker's 'telling' words on derivatives industry

Sexual abuse prompts Senegalese legal reforms

LONG standing ovation for Prez O. in Oslo.

I just don't trust Hazmat Karbide, the bad seed planted in Afghanistan by BushCo.

Nobel Ceremony beginning; Prez speaks about 7:30 edt.

The City of Berkeley sends wire hangers to politicians

Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell 'executed PoW'

Top Ten Archaeology Finds: Most Viewed of 2009

Abortion pill gets final approval in Italy

New Scientist: Dogs are better than Cats

Sotomayor Draws Retort From a Fellow Justice (Thomas gets snippy)

Australia's unemployment rate in surprise fall

Group sues for Obama White House visitor list

I hear the president is going to explain his militarism when he accepts his peace prize

I hear the president is going to explain his militarism when he accepts his peace prize

I hear the president is going to explain his militarism when he accepts his peace prize

Uganda's Draconian Anti-Gay Bill: Inspired by the U.S.

Foreclosure Filings in U.S. to Hit Record for Second Year With 3.9 Million

elizabeth warren on washington journal coming up...

Police arrest protesters at San Francisco State University

Sit-Ins for Single Payer......Today.

Limbaugh vs. McConnell: GOP leader targeted by conservatives

Americans: Eat the Rich (Or at least tax the hell out of the worthless scumbags)

Peak Wingnuttia: Far-Right "News" Site Accuses Obama of Targetting the Baby Jesus

Time Magazine's year in Pics - WOW

Americans Want Government to Spend for Jobs, Send Bill to Rich

The Power Of The Press

Glenn Greenwald: Supporting the ACLU

Republicans Back Universal Lawn-Care Bill

If I were president, one of the first things I would do is work to raise taxes. A lot.

Vitter tested by vote on Medicaid

Next year I am joining the war on Christmas. Stores are killing Christmas off

The Efficacy of Anti-Democratic Party Rhetoric

Thurs 12/10 is Int'l Human Rights Day. MN is Demostrating Against Torture

Attacking Afghanistan was "self defense"?

The Newest Movie Theater Scam...3D

Barrack Obama does he?

President Obama those said standards of which you

1,700 UK scientists back climate science

Wealth insurance?

Dennis Kucinich is speaking in the House right now

'Stocks rose Thursday as the dollar slipped against other major currencies'

Are federal employees subject to state labor law?

Guardian: Spanish fan calls police over saxophone band who were just not jazzy enough

Proposal: Create a GREEN BANK to create Green Jobs:

Sprint fed customer GPS data to cops over 8 million times

Family dog survives 98 days on deserted New Jersey island

Obama: War sometimes necessary to obtain peace

Former BOE Official Buiter Says Greece May Be First EU Default

Bank of America: TARP Paid in full

The audacity of we...

Michael Steele is dinsengenuous,as always.

Texas has another big explosion

Texas has another big explosion

U.S. Labor Against the War: List of War Profiteers Around U.S.

Suspected U.S. drone strike kills 10 in NW Pakistan

Sorry Contessa Al Gore is not merely a former

Palin Op-Ed: 'The President Should Boycott Copenhagen'

Duggars on my Tee Vee OMG I'm going to go blind aaarrrggghhh

Sarah Palin is just a little bit too quick for that old plodder Al Gore.

(Peace) Activist, 91, avoids jail time

Things Should Have Been So Very, Very Different

Initial Jobless Claims Rise.....but look at how Bloomberg News Service puts lipstick on the pig

Arkansas Lt. Gov Bill Halter may challenge Blanche Lincoln in Dem primary

Anti-gay rhetoric rises in race for Houston mayor

Spill is one of worst on the North Slope

F**king hell, OBL is DEAD.

These 14 Senators are members of the DLC's New Democratic Coalition

. . . America Finally Takes a Look at all the Pollutants in the Nation's Water System

At least with Bush we knew in advance that he was a dick.

At least with Bush we knew in advance that he was a dick.

Warren Wilson archaeologist unearths clues to past

My vote for top Freeper racist post of the day (that I have seen). Regarding Tiger Woods.

Caroling for Health Care

Outline Of Senate Health Bill Agreement Emerging

Cash for Thunder: Bolivia Demands "Climate Reparations"

Bitch --- Then DO

Corporate Farmer Calls Upon Sen. Feinstein to Influence Environmental Dispute

Let's Play PR and Damage Control...

Which group has more influence on their respective party?

Xpost: The 2 Degree Life—What You Can Do to Stop Climate Change

Xpost: Prescriptions for Saving the Planet—How to Halt the Catastrophe

What is MSNBC's plan for Dylan Ratigan?

I thought Medicare was an entitlement that was already paid for with payroll taxes?

They're only in it for the money?

Right-Wing Alternate Universe Alert: Jim DeMint flabbergasted by the Republicans' move to the left

The American Taliban wants you to stop gambling on Christmas day

The American Taliban wants you to stop gambling on Christmas day

GM's Buick-GMC Chief Said to Leave Automaker Eight Days After Being Hired

Judge sets bail in Bangor sex attack, burning

Visionary African American Leader Receives the Nobel Peace Prize

Who wants to take a stab at captioning this?

LOL This county is so pathetic.... the majority is getting persecuted apparently

Ze Frank: A Quick Explanation of Afghanistan

I don't know what exactly is happening in this video

Happy birthday to the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights! December 10, 1948

Happy birthday to the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights! December 10, 1948

"Obama is waging war on the American people."

Hundreds line up for Palin's Reno book tour stop

What a lame response

I'm assuming that the Senate Democrats and the the White House have "Byrd Insurance"?

I loves me some Rep. Donna Edwards "Green Storm Water Management"

David Sirota now has his own morning radio show on KKZN

I say we make every appropriate Blue Dog's life a living hell as peacefully and legally as possible.

House Dems reach deal on regulatory reform after threats by party centrists

Wow...GOP is so desperate to destroy itself...Creation of a new Tea Party..

Wow...GOP is so desperate to destroy itself...Creation of a new Tea Party..

Message to Richard Cheney:

Do people who send anti-everything email screeds ever do any

Do people who send anti-everything email screeds ever do any

Dean: Senate Health Care Compromise a "Positive Step"

Who is the one mighty and true representative of Jesus Christ on Earth?

ROFL..Alan Grayson on Tweety: I remember Bush Junior kissing Prince Abdullah on the cheek....

September 4, 2009: "Nancy Pelosi: No public option, no bill"

Teabaggers to 'storm(trooper) Senate offices' until forced to leave

Andrea Mitchell reads questions on climate change from Palin's Facebook page to Al Gore on MSNBC

Query... I just read a LTTE from our local rag and it states that Al Gore's

If you live in an HOA, you support infrastructure privitazation....

Obama defends US wars as he accepts peace prize

Obama defends US wars as he accepts peace prize

Rep. Steve King uncovers the PROOF that ACORN has infiltrated the government

Donna Smith (of 'SiCKO'): Health Reform Advances 2,300 Miles Away From DC

A very dangerous and radical manifesto--Part III--DKos

Bouncers assault Gay Man for dancing with another man at nightspot in Queens

Pres Obama will be at the Nobel dinner

Some people here sicken me

Goldman Sachs shifts its bonus pay policy

"I Want My Party Back!" Scream Townhall.., Er, DUers

Actually, Goldman Sachs Bankers NOT Armed

Toronto Star: Keep 'pro-life' politics out of manger display, city says

Toronto Star: Keep 'pro-life' politics out of manger display, city says

Delete - dupe

Breaking - Obama speaking in Norway now

Bring The Boys Back Home

Give the people what they want: Make our food safe for the holidays

Corruption threatens 'soul and fabric' of U.S.: FBI

Real meal deal: Food system belches a third of carbon gases, so put it in the climate pact

Unions Pressure Democrats on Health Tax

Nothing else left to do.

'Invictus' hero recalls day Mandela transformed South Africa

Harley Davidson York rewarding employees $1,000 who voted "yes" on the latest contract - legal?

Fast food safer than school lunches

Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders appear to support the Senate Compromise

Ministry finds possible proof of secret pacts / Records detail nukes, Korean emergency plan

proof the afghan surge is a good idea

Scam Targets Those Getting Unemployment Benefits

Evangelical Alliance Ireland endorses Civil Partnership Bill

Holiday Smile Music - because we could all use it these days...

GLAAD Responds to Recording Academy Statement on Buju Banton's Grammy Nomination

Ask for what you want, not what you think you can get

Dog Operation Shut Down Over 'Super Breed'

Dems to lift debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion...

Pentagon's Advice to Traumatized Veterans: Think Happy Thoughts!

Utah Project Seeks To Reduce 'Overuse Of Health Care'

Wonder what Fromm would have to say about this.

my small world problem

Who did you think you voted for?

Is it possible that Obama's doing Bush-lite because the US Empire might fall?

The Nuts and Bolts of Health Care Subsidies and Federal Poverty Levels

Media Reactions to Obama's Nobel speech

I would like the unrec feature expanded

Buyers Guide: top LGBT-friendly businesses

The joys of political sex

I'm holding out HOPE until the last dog dies...

Obama Far Outdoes Bush in Escalating War -- The Numbers Will Surprise You

Now Let Us Admire the Clever Way in Which Bank of America Has Screwed Taxpayers Again

(Rep. Alan) Grayson to Cheney: Time to 'STFU'

Republicans are disrepecting our basic system of justice

Heavy snow and blizzards bury towns across US Midwest

40% of the people at the clinic in Missouri have not

40% of the people at the clinic in Missouri have not

Idiotic Fox poll makes Orwellian faux pas

Idiotic Fox poll makes Orwellian faux pas

U.S. healthcare most expensive, not best

Is there anything good in the Health Insurance Reform bill?

Let's start with something we all agree on

'KSM has asked to be executed, case closed, a prosecutor's dream'

Tea Party protesters plan ‘die-ins’ at Senate offices

Sources of increased spending in 2009

William Blum: Yeswecanistan

Sources of increased spending in 2009

So Palin believes in "Controversy" for its own sake?

Cutting the President some slack on Deficits

Ever wonder what makes those chili pies so good? Worker accused of cooking meth in restaurant

Glenn Greenwald: Why don't the powerful get grilled like this?

Hundreds of Afghan women lead protest against Taliban, corruption, Karzai and U.S war escalation !

A question to the economist, accountant, and assorted experts on DU

e5 Global Buys 8 Nielsen Brands, Including Adweek, Editor and Publisher axed...

Unsecure Americans...who'd a thought we'd let that happen

Oh look, 30oddminutes is doing a show tonight about cheney:

Sam Brownback suddenly cares about the debt!

Rod Jetton Opposed Repeal Of Laws Against Gay Sex, Calling It "Deviate Sexual Intercourse"

They didn't impeach Reagan. Made Ollie North a "Hero." They didn't impeach Bush. Made John Yoo

I personally would prefer to run against a teabagger instead of a republican

NJ Senate president OKs delay in gay marriage vote

NJ Senate president OKs delay in gay marriage vote

Elias the Polkadotted Puppy, Warning Graphic Pics

Analysis: Congress a reluctant banker for surge

FDR's classic "I welcome their hatred" speech

Holy crap. Who stole Reagan's brain?

I don't know why I thought this message board would be different

I don't know why I thought this message board would be different

Hey President Obama, I have the solution to global warming

The California Assembly has picked its first openly gay speaker.

Conservative praise for Nobel speech

Justice Department cited for contempt of court for not taping Gitmo testimony

Las Vegas hotel rates hit rock bottom

More girls in India are refusing to become child brides

Ode to Tiger Woods

Ukrainian student dies from exploding chewing gum

The New DLC/New Democrat meme: standing up for Progressive ideals makes you a lefty teabagger

What a sick, twisted, pathetic little fucking country we've become n/t

If you're living in Buffalo...

6:31 p.m. - Ed is having the Congressional Progressive Chair on to talk health care


Caption this McCain pic

Is Grassley a member of the Family?

Huffington Post is a poorly designed website

I believe the Medicare Expansion has been the plan all along.. it's giving Obama a big hammer...

Free clinics

If given Hillary Clinton would have won, knowing what you know now, would you rather her be the Pres

Senate Democrats' Healthcare Plan:

E-mail from Barack Obama

The Democratic Party Has Not Failed Us On Healthcare Reform

Woman sues debt collector over husband's death

How politically crazy is Facebook?

An Open Letter From Jesus to 'Christian' America

Interesting Column On What Tiger Needs To Do.... LINK

A feature better than the rec/unrec

Colorado cow mutilations baffle ranchers (Graphic)

Bankers Might Be Feeling Public’s Wrath — Literally

Ed Schultz is broadcasting live from the Kansas City Free Clinic right now.

Obama: Afghanistan troop drawdown won't be steep - AP

Anti-Gay Activists Trying To Derail Houston Mayoral Campaign

Latest health care insurance outrage - my friend Jeanie's story.

Soon oil prices will soar again ($225 / barrel by 2012)

IMPORTANT - A Warning on "900 replacement" calls - cost you $$$

Don't let the Holiday Blues set in . Play the DU College Football Bowl Pool!

I shoveled 150 yards of 18 inch snow that was very heavy. Ask me anything.

Evangelical and environmental?

If you want to know why banks are slow to modify default loans, check this out. It is sickening

Are you watching Rachel? Holy cow.

Someone talk me down....explain how the Republicans will not take control in 2010

Can we stop with the demonization of the word "liberal"?

A Poll on Scientific Transparency

Is our children eating? USDA approves school lunch meat that KFC & Jack-In-The-Box would refuse.

Divorce or amiable separation?

Two-thirds of Americans support Medicare-for-all (#3 of 6) - Kip Sullivan

Daily evidence of climate change. This is getting so silly

On the DoJ's Defense of Yoo

Afghanistan massacre on eve of Obama’s surge

For one postman, gophers are now delivering his mail

$10 billion+++ per year for US in Afghanistan, says Patreaus:

A Senator’s Gift to the Jews, Nonreturnable

Shifting Trends Towards Fair Trade in the United States

Bank-Friendly Dems Shut Down House, Threaten To Kill Wall Street Reform

Remembering the lost and the lonely: companion animals in need

Happy Holidays Or Merry Christmas

U.S. officials say top al-Qaida leader killed

Hey DU! Remember Who Got Us in This Mess!

Hey DU! Remember Who Got Us in This Mess!

Best wishes to DUer David Sirota on his new radio show.

Toronto woman charged with witchcraft

Aetna defends it 'effort to shed membership' by raising prices in letter to Reid

Americaleft radio host Thom Hartmann: progressives should align themselves with the teabaggers

Infograph: The facts about bottled water

Andrea Lafferty: "Non-believers should stop trying to influence politics, and just be good people"

Andrea Lafferty: "Non-believers should stop trying to influence politics, and just be good people"

The Big Question: What is the Rosetta Stone, and should Britain return it to Egypt?

Just 4% under trial mortgage modifications have had those affordable loans made permanent

Just 4% under trial mortgage modifications have had those affordable loans made permanent

Recognizing genocide denial against American Indians

Is there more to add to my "brain of a conservbot"? I nabbed a cartoon pic of

'It's time to take control,' say 'tea party' groups

"If Voting Made Any Difference, it would be illegal" - - Jello Biafra

Maine reporter fights firing for anti-gay marriage note

Obama job approval at 48% (Pollster)

Spanish fan calls police over saxophone band who were just not jazzy enough

Americans are just too stupid for justice

Open Left: Making the case for the compromise

Douchebag SoCal Repub wears image comparing Pelosi to Stalin at dinner honoring her

Why are/were so many right-wing heroes complete idiots?

Daily Kos: The Dirty Deadly Secret About Health Care Reform

Is it time for term limits in both the House and Senate?

Ah apocalypse and the end of days

horrible news: Bayer Admits GMO Contamination is Out of Control

Thomas the Tank Engine drives 'conservative political ideology'

Local teabagger: USA became a communist state in 1932

m$nbc..did grayson cross the line with STFU

Pelosi Backs Off Public Option

Pelosi Backs Off Public Option

Keith Olbermann channels Winston Churchill, damns the Senate apostasy on health insurance reform

It isn't THEM, it is us.

Nobel peace prize: Norwegians incensed over Barack Obama's snubs

Prescription for Disaster: Death of Public Option Could Depress Democratic Base in 2010

Maxine Waters: She will vote against the current Senate 'compromise'

Maxine Waters: She will vote against the current Senate 'compromise'

Maxine Waters: She will vote against the current Senate 'compromise'

I got a ticket for driving while using a cell phone today

Well, I guess it's over...

VOTE HERE: DU December 2009 Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest Finalists!

Michael Moore had it right: Real Democratic Party.

I Predict In 20 Years People Will Look Back and Say ....

Spiral UFO puts Norway in a spin

BREAKING: CREW files complaint against Sen. McCain

Prominent Atty who represented Sub-Prime Mtg Co shot to death ~~ in my area!

Prominent Atty who represented Sub-Prime Mtg Co shot to death ~~ in my area!

Kucinich calls $400 a month per person, progress he can support

Write Dem leaders: No strong public option makes Dems look corrupt, cowardly, and incompetent

Healthcare bill "“will most likely dump your gun-related health data in a government database.”

Grassley unfamiliar with plan to execute gay Ugandans, denies ties to The Family

John Yoo should be tried and sent to prison.

Some peoples ability to perform mental gymnastics amazes me

Good work Mods. Well done.

How disgraceful. only just past noon and the mods have had to lock

The Rude Pundit: From Oslo, Barack Obama Wasn't Talking to You

do you like Kucinich

More "pearls" of advice on child punishment and submissive wives from Debi and Michael Pearl.

Placido Domingo’s Companies Cut Staff, Take Emergency Loans

I wonder if anyone who posts on DU can defend this

m$nbc...sarah palin 'fires back' at Al Gore

Justifying War in Oslo

On eve of receiving Nobel, Obama's DOJ files amicus brief upending Nuremberg Protocols.

My first Post!

It's now official! War Is Peace. I wonder who got the contract to print up all the banners.

I don't want a legal mandate for a rotten product whose prices will skyrocket with no controls!

OK...So HOW do we get rid of the "Centrist" Blue Dogs/DLC?

Of laotril and ex gays

"America has never fought a war against a democracy"

DISSENT: We must take our nation back!

DISSENT: We must take our nation back!

BREAKING: Greg Mitchell on Twitter - Editor & Publisher is Folding

Windows 7 complaints begin (CNNMoney)

Endangered whooping crane ("First Mom"), prominent in species recovery success program, found shot

Tis the season - Changes in my neighborhood - A cartoon and a photo

More from the War on Christmas files:

Bad Girls Club on Oxygen

I hate the itching....

I Want To Start A Philathropical Foundation That Supports Other Philanthropical

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

STFU incident on Hardball

Well, I try not to do this too often, but if you would not mind...

Silver moons and paper dreams - wtf are those?

I saw something disgusting in print today: "Texas Fish Tacos"

I really hope this guy never reproduced.

Legendary Guitarist ROY Buchanan, BAY Buchanan, or Petticoat Junction's beloved EDGAR Buchanan?

Rudolph's Shiny New Year

Washington requests 2012 Giro start

Question for Nautical Experts or Antique/Historians

The King of Rock & Roll, The Killer, The Georgia Peach. Post YOUR 50s rock nickname for yourself

remove please

Someone give me some cool ideas for Xmas gifts for myself.

With The Demise Of Soaps; What Will We Clean Ourselves With?


R.I.P. Imeem :(


All I want for Kurisumasu is

UFOs, Revolution, Unrec Wars, Health Care, Reform, Compromise, "Real" Americans...

Looking for music and music videos fit for a 10 year old boy...

The song from the Kindle Commercial & Free software to convert youtube videos to mp3

Jesus in a Santa cap, riding a dinosaur! For your Xmas greeting pleasure!

HEADS UP, Reno 911 fans: "Thomas Lennon is Guntram Müller - MüllerCize It! part zwei"

I just can't think of anything or clever, intriguing, disruptive,

In the spirit of Christmas, I propose a moratorium on all posts attacking alleged "rock band" Rush

oh sure! Now that I have to go to bed, people are finally replying to my posts.

Opponents of PETA need a Non-Human Privilege Checklist. I will get it started. You can add to it.

Do you feel lucky?

Burgermeister Xmas bad guy evah!

1/2 gallon jugs of Turkey Hill diet Green Tea 10 for $10

Let me tell you babe, you ain't nothing, but a stupid, no good jive.

If you made turducken out of tofurkey.....

Possibly the worst day of my DU life.

I have to admit, Modern Family just had one of the best Christmas episodes ever

Well, I had a fun evening. *GRINS*

It's almost my birthday again

I'm a rover, seldom sober

OK, whichever one 'a you schmucks gave me a star...

Sexuality of the guitar

PSA: Don't date people who don't get LOLcats

I gots you all your Dr Demento goodies here!

I told Mrs. V. that I have a kidney stone. She said "pfft."

Despite all his rage, I guess he's still just a rat in a cage.

Funny Facebook SNAFUs

Cat massage lady on LETTERMAN last night YouTube

Guns 'n' Moses


A tribute to the unused and all but forgotten smilies

What is this Yahoo vs Google battle?

"Well, he'd better have those units in the South Ridge...

Just to piss off Christmas Warriors, I'm now telling people "Happy Thor's Birthday!"

Has anyone used the 'Bill Me Later' option on internet purchases?

In related news, Tony Romo is now slated to replace Jimmy Chamberlain

If you K&R only one GD post today, make it this one.

All Duggars all the time, news on the Duggars JUST for DU

My cat spent an hour yelling at me this morning - why? I have no fricking clue

Make up a product and use a celebrity name in it...

I dreamed I was at the beach, and sitting in very shallow water, and found a broken sand dollar.

Pattie Boyd; Through the eyes of a muse

That ending of Top Chef... (spoilers)

hell yeah!

Good job Mods!

Do You Love Netanyahu? If Not, No US Government Job For You

I just realized that my keyboard has no "Scroll Lock" key.

Check out this property in my old neighborhood

Could use some Lounge vibes

Chronic Art: Making Amazing Mosaics From Roach Papers (dialup warning)

Guardian: Spanish fan calls police over saxophone band who were just not jazzy enough

I'm bored, let's play the Galactic Pot Healer Babel Fish Game!

I e-mailed a woman on a dating site last night

Bill Crosby's second most famous pokemon song

There is no strength left in the world of Men. They're scattered, divided, leaderless.

Unreal. Check out this image capture from the Edgar Allen Poe museum.

Why do my headphone wires twist themselves into impossible entanglements?

Most annoying things the Web offered this decade

Okay, which one you lowlifes stole my chicken puppet?

Top Chef finale tonight - who will win?

Who is the one mighty and true representative of Jesus Christ on Earth?

Anyone have any suggestions for some awesome pillows?

Why don't Americans value their dreams? I mean when you dream in your sleep.

CMW is enjoying his Christmas* gift as I type this.

Why do the French have all the fun?

The phrase of the day is "road beef". Modify any thread to include the phrase "road beef".

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack....


I'll be drinking a Westvleteren 12 today!!!!!!

Why are there fullscreen versions of movies?

Question about Festivus


What's the "proper way to dispose of road beef?"

Ever get that feeling that teh Lounge isn't capable of being everything?

What is a better way to get to the Javits Center in NYC?

So I had this job interview.....

Is it worse to call someone a douchebag, or a douchenozzle?

"Boo-Tee" woman pours Boiling Hot Grits on sleeping boyfriend

What would be the worst thing to do to yourself?

"The Sky isn't Yellow, its CHICKEN!" - - Bob Dylan

Bing Crosby's second most famous Christmas song

So what's the solution and proof for Fermat's last theorem?

Is this wild or what?

I'm soon to be 57 and want to retire in Scotland or Ireland

Oh boy. Bad case of terrible timing...

So why do people do that thing?

I just bought a pocket camcorder and started in with new kitty pics

Well.. There's At Least One Guy From Illinios Is Standing Up For The Public Option

Small Dogs Rock!... or Its the Owner NOT the Dog

Knock it off!


O.K., I'm Gonna Take A Chance Here

Anyone know the answer to this health care reform question about kids?

Questions I have about the proposed medicare buy-in

I am eating too many York Peppermint Patties. I need to quit them. They are

Obama on '60 Minutes' this Sunday

Darn! I soo wanted to watch the George Carlin video this morning.....I saw only 3 minutes

Financial reform bill debate begins in U.S. House

WA-03: Baird Will Retire

I just checked Teddy's grave.

Yes or no: Amend the Constitution to make illegal any corporate lobbying of elected officials?

Senator Dorgan is a perfect example of Democratic schizophrenia

There is a neighborhood in Ottawa called Westboro. There is a big baptist church there.

Get ready: There’ll be a price for health benefits

Funniest disability PSA ads I've seen...

If the survival of capitalism were in a Democratic president's hands, what should she or he do?

Why complain when things are so good?

Citi Races to Pay Back Bailout Aid

If you had to move to another country, which one would you choose? Why?

The Obama Presidency: December 9th, 2009

Sure, our guy might be a furin' born commie granny killer but at least he doesn't hate polar bears!

is there anything that couldn't be made more awesome by just adding boobs?

The Newest Movie Theater Scam...3D

anyone got a transcript of Keith's opening remarks tonight?

Do me a favor, folks, and at least agree on something...

Woman who'd been secretly living in NYC apartment captured on hidden camera

PSA: Reduced-fat Skippy is NOT peanut butter.

OK youse guys did it this time!!!

New Scientist: Dogs are better than Cats

Keith Olberman --- A-Fricking-Men..

President Obama's new jobs program takes cues from the past

It will be very difficult for Dems to recover if they screw the people over on Drug Re-Importation

About what you said, Mr. President

(If you don't like considering gloomy scenarios, skip this post)

7 am ET, m$nbc, President Obama arrives at Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony nt

TPM: Shh, Anthony Weiner -- The Moderates Might Hear You (he is coming up on Rachel soon)

Where are we?

We haven't had a real Democratic president since Andrew Jackson.

An Open Letter to the Nobel Committee On Obama's Peace Prize

Obama's TSA appointment hasn't been confirmed yet. Where the hell is the media

The Obama Presidency: December 10th, 2009 (morning)

The President's Nobel Acceptance Ceremony attracted the normal list of celebrities...

What's the "proper way to dispose of kerosene?"

Ms. Perfume Lady has joined my work group

It's time for someone to find a cure for idiocy.

Why do people store vodka in the freezer?

All boobies all the time

"Republican Decides Health Care Bill Isn't Long Enough"

Who/ How will Doctor's be convinced to take new Medicare patients when many are already refusing

Things you don't see in the SEC or Big 12

For those of you who like Joe Bageant,

Change that can go F itself.

Republican Flat Worlders making Climate Change happening quicker with their hot air

Who gets extreme preferential treatment in Washington?

Health Care Reform Compromise; aka we are fucked...

Health Care Reform vs Social Security, Why the Democratic Party should be pleased with PROGRESS.

So....I got promoted at work

The Non-Public Option - NYTimes editorial

****Watch the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony, Thursday 7am EST****

A word to the world...Obama in Oslo

Rainy Day Fun: Let's list all the 1000 post DUers who are trolls

Osama, Bush and Republican Talking-Points

Don't assume if someone complains about the president that they are not a troll,.

ok everyone who wants torture, war and letting the Bush presidency get away with war crimes

Pictures from Obama's Oslo visit

Senators outline compromise U.S. climate bill - cast as jobs and energy-independence bill.

The Ghost of Presidents Past:

Dear fuckwit doctors who said I had "situational depression" a year and a half ago...

Biden To Fundraise For Dodd -- Again

George McGovern's grandson decides against U.S. Senate run

Here it is - the perfect Christmas Present (Hanukkah/Kwanza) - C'mon - you need to smile...

Did Obama snub Norway?

DeMint backs Michael Williams in Texas

The First Lint Brusher?

The Problem with the "Anything is Better Than Nothing" Mentality on Healthcare Reform

Is the trade gap narrowing a good thing?

The health insurance companies have to go

What's the WORST Christmas gift you can remember?

Full-video of Obama-Nobel Speech

ABC News on now...

Rubio: I would have accepted stimulus dollars

Nuremberg Revisited: Obama Administration Files To Dismiss Case Against John Yoo

Microsoft alum challenges Inslee

Leave Congress Alone!!!! They are hard at work on vital matters

Leaving the Left, Ctd

Hey Tweety

ACLU: Obama Creating ‘A Sweeping Immunity Doctrine For Torturers’

Interesting WP column By David Ignatius points out the cryptic & potentially positive Taliban

Mortgage relief reaches fraction of homeowners

The Problem with the "Nothing is Better Than Something" Mentality on Healthcare Reform

Louisiana redistricting worries potential Republican candidates for House seat

Dr. King v Obama

Question on TV show "LOST"

Obama Announces Community Health Center Initiative

What's the nerdiest Christmas gift you ever got?

Why Won't Obama Push to End The Patriot Act and Homeland Security?

I see both mean spirited and negative OPs recc'd right after they're posted

Turley: Obama bags Peace Prize while his lawyers are ‘gutting’ Nuremberg

Text of Barack Obama Nobel Prize acceptance speech


Poll: 35% Of Republicans want to impeach Obama

Pelosi: "there certainly is a great deal of appeal about putting people 55 and older on Medicare"

Ed Schults Just Made Me Cry... I Had Turned Off My PC So I Would Stay

This Medicare thing in the healthcare reform bill could be VERY good news for single-payer advocates

Navel gazing, self-defeatism, hysteria, asshattery.

"We're going to run single payer candidates against Dems who vote for a bill w/o public option."

American jesusfreaks protest Obama in Oslo

Cutest video, I'm not kidding

Obama badly disappoints with land mines decision

Presentation Speech by Thorbjørn Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee

Quinnipiac Poll: Bad news for HCR, Obama, Democrats (Kittens holding up okay)

Obama is just a big poopy head and he stole my blanket.

Olbermann's somber opening remarks 12/9/09

Obama: Peace is goal, but war sometimes justified (AP)

The "Progressive" insurance commercial girl - Irritating, but lovable?

Mr. President, War Is Not Peace

(Photos) The Obama Presidency: December 10th, 2009 (afternoon)

Facebook's new privacy settings suck.

'At Nobel prize ceremony, Michelle Obama keeps her husband in line' ( & large pic)

A thanks from Norway...

Dick Cheney is predicting the Republican Party is in for a big 2010

Eric Alterman: A Jaw-Dropping Political Deal

Give Obama a break on the Budget Deficit

How a Few Private Health Insurers Are on the Way to Controlling Health Care (R. Reich)

How a Few Private Health Insurers Are on the Way to Controlling Health Care (R. Reich)

Dear Wii Owners: Please help me out.

I see both positive and innocuous OPs unnrecc'd right after they're posted

In honor of this crappy decade, post things that sucked about the '00s

I think about death.

Stare at Boobs for Longer Life: Study

WINE help...

If Josip Broz Tito had joined the Beatles, would he have been able to hold the band together?

**Vibes for greenbriar**

Is a 30 year old married man going to the movie "New Moon" alone creepy?

I have a dry erase board. My daughter left this for me.

THE definitive Christmas movie...

Do I make any sense pretending to be a Conservative ?

MTV's "Jersey Shore"...filled with more a**holes than a proctologist's office at rush hour.

What Christmas gift would Rabrrrrrr recommend for Call Me Wesley?

I need someone sober to tell me if the show Mordern Family is funny.

A couple of Dinosaurs.........Jimmy Page - Eddie Van Halen??

Berkeley sends wire hangers to politicians

US Sends Gitmo Detainee Home to Kuwait

(ABC News) Exclusive: AG Eric Holder in NYC for Terror Trial Summit

Canada knew of Afghan detainee abuse risk -general

FBI investigates 'US arrests' in Pakistan

Qaeda-linked militants say behind Baghdad bombings

US envoy says China can help Afghans

Manuel Zelaya exile move from Honduras 'postponed'

Lawmakers slam office overseeing Afghan rebuilding

Endangered whooping crane ("First Mom"), prominent in species recovery success program, found shot

Obama Lands in Norway to Accept Peace Prize

(Peace) Activist, 91, avoids jail time

US trade gap narrows unexpectedly as exports surge

Spiral UFO puts Norway in a spin

Anti-gay rhetoric rises in race for Houston mayor

Maine reporter fights firing for anti-gay marriage note

SKorea vows to go ahead with Afghan troop dispatch/Taliban warns SKorea after 'breaking promise'

(Rep. Alan) Grayson to Cheney: Time to 'STFU'

Hundreds of women lead protest in Afghanistan

5 Americans Arrested in Raid in Pakistan

Heavy snow and blizzards bury towns across US Midwest

Iraq's March vote won't affect troop plan, U.S. says

(Rep. Brian) Baird Retires in Washington State

Obama defends US wars as he accepts peace prize

New Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected To 474K

Anti-Gay Activists Trying To Derail Houston Mayoral Campaign

Governor warns of more layoffs as Pa. revenues lag

Bank-Friendly Dems Shut Down House, Threaten To Kill Wall Street Reform

Pelosi Backs Off Public Option

Poll: 35% Of Republicans want to impeach Obama

New Russian missile may be behind Norwegian lights

Obama, GOP Spar Over Employment Plan-White House Meeting Turns Unusually Testy

NY governor directs cut in state aid payments

Obama, GOP Spar Over Employment Plan

(UK) Homebuyer loans hit 22-month high

UN close to new sanctions on Iran, France says

Arizona officials searching for more than 30 hunters reported stranded after snowstorm

Chicago Area Wal-Mart Warehouse Workers Announce Wage Theft Lawsuit

Iraqi prime minister cancels meeting with U.S. defense secretary

Snow at Highest Elevations No Longer Pure

Economists hail 'extraordinary' (Australian) job surge.

Reid: 'Very dramatic' Obama to GOP: Stop scaring U.S.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 10

Obama Accepts Nobel with ‘Great Humility’

Colorado panel pitches U.S. immigration ideas

Gates, Clinton to testify on cost of Afghan surge

Mullen: 16,000 troops have orders to Afghan war

ap Goldman Sachs execs won't get 2009 cash bonus

Defense Dept. in Contempt of Court for Failing to Videotape Detainee Testimony

Russian Nuclear Missile Test Fails, Visible In Norway

Berkeley sends wire hangers to politicians

MI6 boss: US military's 'Darth Vadar kit and wraparound shades' alienated Iraqi locals after invasio

Americans' Net Worth Grows For 2nd Straight Quarter, But Still Far Below Pre-Recession Peak

Initial claims rise 17,000 to 474,000

CDC: About 1 in 6 Americans Have Had Swine Flu

Dems to lift debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, fear 2010 backlash

Editor & Publisher Closing After 108 Years

Congress: Passengers Can Bring Guns on Amtrak Trains

Black lawmakers grow impatient with White House

Health Insurers Caught Paying Facebook Gamers Virtual Currency To Oppose Reform Bill

U.S. officials say top al-Qaida leader killed (Not Bin Laden)

US mine firm pays historic 1.79 billion dollars for cleanup

China warns rich nations against "shirking responsibility" on climate change (Xinhuanet)

Kucinich seeks 60 percent excise tax on TARP executive bonuses

Most Americans SUPPORT Legalizing Marijuana

State Legislature passes smoking ban(MI)

New Science Estimates Carbon Storage Potential of U.S. Lands

Democrats: Private Medicare plans waste billions

Obama's war and peace prize

In These Times: Death by Privatization

Obama 'doesn't deserve' peace prize

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders: Bernanke must go

"Climate-gate" time line

War & Peace

Anti-Semitism, Homophobia on Rise in Europe

The Nine Surges of Obama's War: How to Escalate in Afghanistan

Credit card debt, terms limit holiday spending

Matt Frei's diary: Evangelical and environmental? (BBC News)

Guardian UK: In Dubai, they still don't get it

Guardian UK: In its mania for jailing people, Britain has declared trivial offences crimes

Deradicalizer used in case of 5 Muslim youths arrested in Pakistan

Mr. President, War Is Not Peace

Clear Channel Launches the David Sirota Show

Joe Conason: Fair and Balanced (and Phony) Science

The health insurance companies have to go

Gene Lyons thinks Obama's Afghanistan plan is a long shot.

E.J. Dionne: Making Gun Safety (Politically) Safe

THOMAS FRANK: The REAL Chicago Way (further proof that privatization is corruption+theft)

We Got That B Roll!

Thom Hartmann & Bay Buchanan - Should there be a moratorium on legal immigration?


AP Raw Video: Obama Arrives in Norway for Nobel Peace Price

US Youth Crash Climate Denier Live Webcast in Copenhagen

Zelaya rejects Mexico asylum offer

Anti lieberman commercial

Countdown: Woolsey - Lack of HCR Competition May Mean Prog. Caucus Votes Against It

TYT: Cenk & Jayar Explain Why Glenn Beck Compared Tiger Woods To OJ Simpson

Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) To Dick Cheney: STFU

The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism

President Obama: ''Afghan Draw-down WILL START in July 2011'' - Oslo, Norway, press conference

Rachel Maddow: 'The Family' Directly Connected to Uganda 'Kill Gays' Bill (Inhofe Atteneded?)

Rep. Raul Grijalva confirms he will not vote for final bill with Senate P.O. compromise

In Response to the Nobel Speech... George Carlin on War.

I don't believe in global warming come and sing with me!

Rachel Maddow & Anthony Weiner on the Senate HCR compromise

Democrats Prepare for Copenhagen

Young Turks: Are You Going To Hell?

The Kansas City Free Clinic

Obama's Nobel Speech Part 1 of 4

Obama's Nobel Speech Part 2 of 4

Obama's Nobel Speech Part 3 of 4

Afghans' Anger at Obama's Nobel Peace Win (Claim SF Killed Civilians)

I believe you have my stapler.

GEICO Is Socialist! State Farm Is Socialist! Allstate Is Socialist! All Insurance Is SOCIALIST!

Believers Who Hate Are Liars, Says The Bible

Norway: The Obamas wave from Grand Hotel

Papantonio: The Change Myth

Obama's Nobel Speech Part 4 of 4

White House wants suit against Yoo dismiss

"Keiser Report" on RT, interview with Steve Keen

Boycott Copenhagen

Naomi Klein and Martin Khor on the Growing North-South Divide in Copenhagen over Kyoto, Climate Debt

Tiny Nuclear Batteries to Power Micro Devices

Watch Obama’s Nobel Prize speech online 7 am ET

Exposure to Coal Lowers IQ

Drumbeat: December 10, 2009

Brazil working to reclaim Amazon rainforest

Tropical forests affected by habitat fragmentation store less biomass and carbon dioxide…long term

USGS - Graph Of The Day - Ice-Out Dates For New England Lakes 1850 - 2000

French Analysts Peg China's CO2 Output As Doubling By 2020 - AFP

The 2 Degree Life—What You Can Do to Stop Climate Change

GE will build vast Oregon wind farm

Nova Scotia Shellfish Harvest Down By 50%+ From 2003 - 2006

How much are we paying for fossil fuels? Per Canadian conservative paper

After 97% Collapse In Asian Vultures Due To Veterinary Drug, Another Popular Cattle Drug Found Toxic

After 90% Collapse In Fraser River Sockeye Run, Scientists Cite Food-Poor, Predator-Rich Warming Sea

LA Times: Rise in sea levels threatens California ports

NOW Toronto: Fossil fool on the Hill

Rate Of Ocean Acidification Fastest In 55 Million Years, Major Study Shows - Guardian

Self-Destructing Bacteria Key to Better Biofuels

China's Wind Power Plans Turn On Coal

Nuclear safety inspector gives chilling testimony about Vermont Yankee

Prescriptions for Saving the Planet—How to Halt the Catastrophe

Cap and Fade

UCLA researchers engineer bacteria to turn carbon dioxide into liquid fuel (isobutanol)

The Human Ecology of Collapse, Part One: Failure is the Only Option

A historical perspective on climate change

Tigers On Track To Be Wiped Out At Half Of Indian Wildlife Reserves - Reuters

Ruh roh!

Tennessee 'cooperating fully' with NCAA probe of recruiting hostesses

I dont want a playoff

Mike Lowell going to the rangers

My holiday gift to Sports Forum regulars:

Big-time locker room trouble for New England

Boras says Giants should go after Beltre

This may be the unhappiest Redskins fan in history (this week)

Kelly headed to Notre Dame per ESPN.

Jason Whitlock: Here's the truth behind the Tiger Woods scandal

Tiger Is In Real Trouble

F***ing College Football play-offs?! Here's some reasons to keep the Bowl system, at all costs!

Colombia: 195 teachers killed, no one guilty

HONDURAS: Starting to Miss Hillary and Ian? They’re Back!

Never mind. There's another post about it n/t

Pablo Escobar's son seeks forgiveness for his father's sins

U.S. delivers reconditioned jet boats to Ecuador to strengthen border control

The fall of the Bolivarian tsar

Student dies during demonstration

Is President Zelaya leaving Honduras? VanW has some info:

Honduran Resistance Front Communique No. 42: “We are on our feet . . .”

Mercosur presidents strongly reject Honduras November elections


Speech by Rodolfo Pastor de Maria y Campos at Georgetown yesterday

She played dead to survive the massacre

Settling scores? The front man for The Gorilla is assassinated

56 people murdered in Caracas over the weekend!!!!!!!!

Divided loyalties in Nablus

Palestinians fake cancer to flee blockaded Gaza

U.S. poll shows many Israelis positive on Obama

Egypt starts building steel wall on Gaza Strip border

Reaction to Egypt's new steel border wall with Gaza

A Portrait of Nonviolent Resistance in One Palestinian Village

Ground-breaking report documents forced prostitution in Palestinian society

Let's face the facts, Israel is a semi-theocracy - Gideon Levy

Interesting ATF story

San Antone News - Current gun laws being enforced

Despite Security Worries, NRA Seems Set to Prevail in Shoot-Out Over Guns on Trains

Bear Hunter won't be charged with killing property owner

Officer Down, 2009--vehicles kill more than guns

how to deal with the Mental problems of anti-gun people

News articles - Anybody read Todd Bensman's articles on "gunrunning"

Shop owner kills suspect during shootout with attempted robbers

Sheriff's gun policy makes sense...

Legalizing drugs would do much to reduce gun violence.

Today in Labor History Dec 9 Lech Walesa, leader of the Solidarity union elected president of Poland

Forging International Labor Solidarity in Wartime No Easy Task

Brand-New Nurses Union Aims to Ramp Up Organizing, Push for Single-Payer

Circle Dec 29th on your calendar (I have a front row seat in labor history (again))

Today in Labor History Dec 10 First sit-down strike in U.S. called by IWW at General Electric

Commit to Union Education

Local CAW president Mike Vince promoted to national level

CAW to 'reaffiliate' with the Ontario Federation of Labour

A guide to 2009 and 2010 cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans made by union members in the U.S and Canada

Joe's Union Review launches Facebook Page, Links Twitter

Wisconsin Worker Wins Federal Employment Discrimination Case

Is there a site somewhere

Mysterious Radiation May Strike Airline Passengers

Richard Dawkins Was Right!

Strange 'Norway spiral' likely an out-of-control missile

Saturn's Mysterious Hexagon Emerges from Winter Darkness

How come ocean water is clear in Miami and murky in SC beaches?

z -> z^n + c

Colossal Flood Created the Mediterranean Sea

Why don't we do a photojournalism contest ?

In Memorium

Book recommendation requested

Uganda to Drop Death Penalty, Life in Jail for Gays

Fighting BS with BS.

Best Line From Last Nights Episode Of Glee

Gay marriage vote delayed in NJ Senate

Anti-gay rhetoric rises in race for Houston mayor

Maine reporter fights firing for anti-gay marriage note

Irish judges: Gay sperm donor should see his son

Discovery reveals where dinosaurs originated -- South America when it was part of Pangea

Jesus had 2 Dads

Does The HRC Still Suck?

Study: Anti-Semitism, Homophobia on Rise in Europe

Another reason NOT to have a 2nd mortgage. Lenders screwing homeowners on 2nds.

Larry Summers is Steering U.S. Economy Towards Structural Adjustment

Volcker speaks truth to banksters!

"benchmark for the level of job growth that would really count as good news"

Bernanke must go

Closer scrutiny of BLS report reveals the nation lost 109,000 jobs in November.

America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system,

Absence of evidence for a meteorite impact event 13,000 years ago

"Frequency:The Power of Personal Vibration" By Penney Peirce (book)

Please send light to my coworkers

Identifying and Avoiding Autism Cults

Here's what we should do on Healthcare...

College Dropouts Cite Low Money and High Stress

Ramon Cortinez (Los Angeles) axes entire school.

Survey: Americans Mix and Match Religions

French president Sarkozy urges both tolerance and assimilation for French Muslims

Any one here cook with a tagine?