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Archives: December 15, 2009

The only health care bill that Lieberman will support

Health Care Reform

For your consideration

Anybody have any money? Need gifts? Only 12 hours left!

CBC: [Canadian] Tories pondered weaker emission targets for oil and gas

I got my White House Christmas Card today

CBC: Yes Men take credit for fake climate releases

When did the Obama administration jump the shark?

Does NY Times Gift Guide Play Into Racial Stereotypes?

Fear and loathing in the cat food aisle

This bill should be called the Lieberman health reform act

How many people who object to gov neutrality toward religion have nativity scene in their own yard?

How many people who object to gov neutrality toward religion have nativity scene in their own yard?

one HUGH reason that the Democrats are doing what they're doing with helthcare 'reform'...

In 2 hours 14 commercials about "call Ben Nelson" on healthcare

Christmas in danger as a result of new union rules!

What Opposition is He Talking About?

'Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die" by Country Joe-----Just insert Afghanistan for Vietnam

‘Better Work’ for Garment Workers: Which Side Are You On?

How do I hate Joe Lieberman? Let me count the ways

I'm gonna say it once again. FIRE BARACK OBAMA NOW!

15,000 will die from CT scans done in 1 year

Group's Census promo called 'blasphemous'

So who found the Bush emails?

Has Joe finally made this bill so bad that he REALLY SHOULD filibuster?

make them filibuster-make them filibuster-make them filibuster-make them filibuster-make them filibu

Is there no limit to the shit we will swallow?

Time to go to Bernie Sanders and ask him to join the filibuster

Fundies: The Lord is being held in contempt of court by a militant atheist

NLRB gives huge victory to Kaiser workers in Southern California

Quick review of this evening's posts:

the first African American woman to serve on the Detroit City Council, died today at age 92.

Oh, GOD! Please, Mr. Lieberman---We'll do anything! Just PLEASE----Don't slap us around any more!

Congress is on the verge...

Lieberman may not be elected again but he will get a glorious job in a rich insurance corp.

The insurance corporations found the Democrats Achilles heel. It's Lieberman and he's getting rich!

So how many Democratic senators do we need to get good health care

We need to make Lieberman and Nelson irrelevant

Here, it is a deep dark midnight of the soul.

This health reform is turning out to be...

This health reform is turning out to be...

This health reform is turning out to be...

Infidelity - the human toll of

The Health Insurance Industry: The Greatest Debt Threat

PREDICTION: They Give Lieberman EVERYTHING He Wants

PREDICTION: They Give Lieberman EVERYTHING He Wants

Does coffee make you fat?

Why should any Democrat wake up tomorrow w/Joe Lieberman as a Committee head in the Senate?

Senate Dems to drop Medicare expansion

Steele’s Economic Plan: Take Away Unemployment Benefits

Toby Keith's Racist Gesture @ Nobel Party

The presidential finger-wagging at banks is weak and laughable

Smi-ile ....... now bend over ........

Crooks & Liars: Obama Death Threats, In a Variety of Shapes, Sizes, and Colors on

I just hit 5000

Stephen Harper's plan to gut Canada's CO2 emissions targets

Why will we get "reform" based on Joe Lieberman, a handful of Blue Dogs and the Republicans?

Is America hosed?

I've been defending the Dems and the Admin for weeks here


Traitor Tom Harkin says,

For anyone interested, Gempler's is having a sale on pitchforks.

Looks Like They Caved To Lieberman...

Yes, we're all pissed. That said, sitting out will not improve matters. It only plays to the GOP.

Cecil Bothwell on Rachel

Get OVER it!

Do they think that we are complete idiots?! Analogy enclosed....

Is there going to be anything left in the HCR bill worth voting on/for?

Is there going to be anything left in the HCR bill worth voting on/for?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - H.R.3590

The North Face - humorless

I'm growing a beard

Certain words elicit, in some, a hearty "fuck you" in return, even if left unsaid.

Democrats blow the golden moment

When our President does his dog and pony show after he signs the bill...

The only thing I would ask Presiedent Obama is

Ready to say no to insurance "reform"?

Let's hear Pelosi's position now... she said she was warm to the Medicare Buy In... what now?

Our best chance now for the future after national health care has been thrown overboard.

God How I Despise Him...

Does anybody have any clue whatsoever why Sen Reid

What kind of moron would change my account information?

Tell me where we're at in health care reform as if it were a sport...

Is our country screwed?

Banksters meet with Obama then reply to the request to help America recover from THEIR greed:

Room for more anger??? turning to Iraq - check out this quote about the UK investigation...

The Senatorial Health Care Two Step With Two Left Feet.

Norwegians Must Be Asking: Why Obama for Peace Prize?

Group: Enough Votes For Pot Measure In 2010 (Calif)

Lieberman wants to assure Christmas weak passage.

Single Payer < Public Option < Medicare Buy In < Totally owned by private insurance

Single Payer < Public Option < Medicare Buy In < Totally owned by private insurance

So now that King Joe runs the country, what will his next demand be?

The most important thing we learned today...

There is only one way to save the environment, and it isn't going to happen at Copenhagen.

..... only today, it stands for "Asshole"

Petition to stop Lieberman and use reconciliation. Please sign.

Dodd, Lieberman Secure More Than $75 Million in Connecticut Funding (Full list:)

To the U.S. Senate:

Would you be happier if President Obama...

Ready to say no to insurance "reform"?

And you know what?

A little more levity to raise our flagging spirits?

Nate Silver's take on the HCR situation - contains one great line...

Repoort on Health care community discussions

Question about local Dem Party orgs....

If Howard Dean was still the chairman of DNC - would he be letting this shit fly?

Tom Harkin's filibuster idea. Check this out! I like it!

This isn't what we were promised

So are we basically back to the Baucus bill now?

Senators move to remove Medicare expansion, public option from healthcare bil

It's official: U.S. Is Said to Pick Illinois Prison to House Some Guantánamo Detainee

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

American Politics for Dummies.

I wonder how many swears I can string together in 30 seconds

Lieberfelch: playing Straussian (neocon) secret-government politics to show what a macher he is ?

Chris Floyd on Tony Blair and Barack Obama: masters of war

Don't worry - Harry has Joe's number

Personality judged by physical appearance

Lemme guess, missing emails prove conspiracy to commit war and torture?

Lemme guess, missing emails prove conspiracy to commit war and torture?

Rahm Emanuel = Gordon Gekko?

Is it about time real Democrats rise up & STOP this farce of a "reform"?

Is it about time real Democrats rise up & STOP this farce of a "reform"?

China suggests new idea on addressing climate change

Gotta say, Huffington Post really knows how to twist the fucking knife.

Gotta say, Huffington Post really knows how to twist the fucking knife.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Gitmo Torture Case Claiming Detainees Are Not "Persons"

Judge O. Rogeriee Thompson up for Senate Judiciary vote this Thursday

Man Tasered by police dies

American Grifters - Lieberman Was Always Part of the Plan

Reconciliation: A Play in Two Acts

HCR: the failure of America's political class and its wealthy members

Let's pass health care reform this year and next year pass Medicare at 55 using reconciliation

Palin Caught With Tiger Woods, Lieberman Approves!

I think its time to use reconcilliation on HCR

If EMK was still alive today - he'd be busy chewing out Reid, Baucus, Nelson,Landrieu and Lieberman

Who do you routinely boycott, and why?

Last Friday, 8:15 pm, I saw Lieberman Christmas shopping at a Honey Baked Ham store!

Two Nato Tankers Torched Near Quetta

Would the Repubs hesitate to use reconciliation to pass an issue as important to them as HCR?

Remember Virginia? A lot of Democrats didn't go to the polls for whatever reason

Ya gotta admit it. At some point, the idea that the perfect is the enemy of the good .......

Breaking: Loud Blast Heard in Afghan Capital

Obama May Launch Drone Attacks on Major Pakistani City

Obama May Launch Drone Attacks on Major Pakistani City

DVR Alert: "Harlan County, U.S.A." on IFC at 4:55am ET - trailer and Roger Ebert review

To all these people who say they're not going to vote or help out (heh heh).

"torture is a foreseeable consequence of the military’s detention of suspected enemy combatants"

Is it possible to be the recipient of a mass ignore bomb?

Associated Press - "Lieberman supported Medicare expansion"

I'm not religious but somehow Ican relate to this - History Made Easy

I'm not religious but somehow Ican relate to this - History Made Easy

VIDEOS: Sen. Edward Kennedy's 1983 poverty tour of Eastern Ky.

The asshole was a keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention.

Fabulous KO - Fair and Balanced

Nevada legalizes male prostitution

Lieberman is not the problem

KO's list tonight was awesome

K&R if you hate Lieberman than any Republican

Obama's First Year.

OK, so now we have a pretty good idea of what the situation is. The question is

Obama is trying his best folks. Back off

If only Ned Lamont hadn't vacationed after winning the primary

Actually, I think I'm beginning to see how we still MIGHT get some sort of public option...

If We Blame McCain For Giving Us Palin, Shoudn't We Be Blaming Gore For Giving Us Lieberman?

Please add to the list of "'liberal media".

It Aint Over Yet!

I saw a bumper sticker today...

Dems can pass meaningful HC reform(PO or SP) by threatening to cut..

NYT: Poll Reveals Depth and Trauma of Joblessness in U.S.

U.S. officials pushing for drone attacks on major Pakistani city.

This is why your power bill is so high and moving up:

Medicare Buy-in $700, A Month?

The Felonious Five, at it again......

Man Drinks 'Glass Of Fat' In NYC Anti-Soda Video

Jon Soltz: Army Record Suicide Rate Continues, and Will Continue for Some Time

Got of love big business.

Blood pressure drug helps relieve veterans' nightmares

Dying in Cell 40: State hired for-profit firm with rap sheet of death and lawsuits

So, bluebelly bloggers: where the hell ARE you? (A point worth considering?)

The question isn't 'Why didn't OBAMA get everything he wanted?'

Let's just come out and say it...Lieberman pissed on Teddy's grave this week!

Let's hear it for police dogs (amazing video)

Lieberman's revenge.

Wells Fargo to repay $25 billion in TARP funds

VP Biden on MSNBC's Morning Joe- live NOW 8 am EST.

Murtha hospitalized with gallbladder problem

Mexico's drug cartels siphon liquid gold

I wonder what the people in Connecticut think of their Senator and I wonder if he even cares.

Can we stop saying "the only thing we disagree with Lieberman on is the war" yet?

surge update - Afghan official: 8 killed in Kabul suicide bombing

Sierra Leone woman barred from becoming chief

Does anyone here have any pull to help create a big ad?

No More Bringing Softball Bats to a Game of Major League Hard Ball

Survivors of 'Voyage of the Damned' recall tragic trip

Aussie scientists find coconut-carrying octopus

Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor


Afghanistan Police Force Suffers Bloodiest Day

The world wide web and keeping in touch

MOVEON: Emergency White House HEALTH CARE rally 1 pm TODAY

I changed my avatar from 60 back to 59, we don't have the majority in the Senate anymore

Barbara Ehrenreich ("Nickel and Dimed") on C-SPAN now 8:40 am EST.

We need a mock health care bill

Dear Senator, I am in receipt of your fund raising request, but will not be

Report: Islamic (localized) terror rising as support for al-Qaeda's global war fades

The Gay and Marriage Rights...

Karzai In 'Anti-Graft' Speech Defends Convicted Mayor

Karzai In 'Anti-Graft' Speech Defends Convicted Mayor

Ive Decided .... I am becoming a Republican .... If

I like ponies


How T-Mobile Scares its Employees with a “Culture of Fear”

So, could the democrat leadership use reconciliation or not? If the answer is yes, and they

Conservative lawmakers will join 'prayercast' against health bill

Joe Lieberman - In the Mafia, they call it being a "Stand-Up" Guy.

I turned to MSNBC for information on the health insurers relief act,

Essential Noam Chomsky

Senate Democratic Policy Committee turns to Holtz-Eakin (GOP) for job creation ideas. WTF?

I refuse to chase anymore balloons.

Canada wants armed ships in Arctic waters

I'm wondering if there aren't some ringers among the Anti-Obama

Tom Tomorrow and the "Mystery of Healthcare Reform"

DU being read on air by Sam Greenfield right now.

A form letter for donation requests

Signatures gathered to put legalizing and taxing pot on the ballot

Do you believe that the Liebermans actions are part of a deliberate plan on the part of Dems?

TARP Paybacks

I'm not going to be abandoning the Dem Party yet

Stephen Colbert, decked out in speedskating uniform, lands on cover of Sports Illustrated

Complaining About Lieberman's Actions Yesterday & Not Supporting Sanders Today= Reactionary Screamer

Blame me. I voted for Obama,

Can there be any doubt that Lieberman wants Obama to fail?

Can there be any doubt that Lieberman wants Obama to fail?

3-Time GOP Candidate 4Congress in Court for Thefts From Hotels, Comedians, Phone Company & Mercedes

Baby, baby. Suck your thumb. Wash it out with bubble gum!!

Good things the Senate health care bill lacks

All Suffering Is Not Equal

Why would Obama caved to joe

NO ONE Can Judge Other Democrats Or Liberals After YESTERDAY!

Just saw the most beautiful shooting star... the brightest I've ever seen.

NYT: Poll Reveals Trauma of Joblessness in U.S.

Is Joe the reason we are not getting reform or a convenient scapegoat?

They think they are going to be Santa, but the Senate bill is a GRINCH that will keep on taking.....

Progressives huddle...

anew healthcare reform method

It's official: Joe Lieberman is a psychopath

If you are ready to quit already,

Obama in the belly of the beast.

How can Obama stand up to Bin Laden If he can't stand up to Joe Lieberman

How can Obama stand up to Bin Laden If he can't stand up to Joe Lieberman

Health Insurance Reform: A handy visual reference for 2009

Getting the deal "done" is more important than getting it right, Thanks Rahm!

We Are Very Fortunate. Are We Grateful?

Does the current HCR bill have the provision preventing states enacting stronger reform?

AlterNet: Michelle Obama to Receive Christmas Gift, Wingnut Incensed

AlterNet: Michelle Obama to Receive Christmas Gift, Wingnut Incensed

. . . the most corrupt government in the world’

AIG top staff struggle financially: report

Senate Democrats called to the White House

if you're disappointed with obama now:

Conservative Jones - boy detective - tackles the mystery of healthcare reform --- This Modern World

Stephan Colbert's Full Length Interview With President Obama

In the nineties they tried to pass a healthcare bill and the effort failed pretty completely

It isn't just health care reform.

Caption this pic

Caption this pic

Tesla to show off its all-electric Roadster - 3100 mile trip from LA to Detroit auto show.

There has been more than enough *before* now to throw his ass out. But Oh Noes.........

Bush Library in Dallas - UPDATED *snark*

Fellow Java Junkies.....Rejoice !!!!

Can someone send me a copy of any state's "sore loser" law?

I'm very proud to be a lifelong Democrat

Good thing Obama gave Lieberman a pass in November 2008

Radiation from CT scans linked to cancers, deaths

His Real Motivation: "It's personal with Joe"

Holy Crap, People Are Morons

While we make fun of the Tea Baggers they are actually winning their battles.

The answer is not that tough-elect more Democrats...

Just where do these people think the money is going to come from?

Imagine a nationwide STRIKE. Perhaps a national strike is what it will take to shake up DC.

Disgraceful: Discredited E-Voting Vendor VP Appointed to U.S. EAC Advisory Panel

Progressives should come out AGAINST the HCR bill. Obama can court US with the public option.

Keith Olbermann. I am clapping LOUDLY...

Wealthiest country in the world.

Wealthiest country in the world.

I agree with Lieberman and the rest .... and all the repubican Senators .... but w/different reasons

Tiger Woods gets a new sponsorship from Viagra!

Call your Senators and tell them you want reconciliation, for single-payer, a public option, or

"12 Hilarious Corporate Attempts to Look Green" by Staff, WebEcoist

US Army will delay plans to allow war-weary soldiers more time at home

Countdown: Rahm said, "Give Lieberman what he wants. We don't need the Medicare buy-in."

From The Nation Cruise Dean speaks on the health care bill.

FUD FUD FUD healthcare FUD healthcare FUD FUD FUD

BREAKING: Senate Dems agree to add debtor's prisons, mandatory sentencing to HCR.....

Is it true that the insurance companies will be permitted to reject people for bad credit?

Four Soldiers, Including Two British, Killed In Afghanistan

New York state so loves their children

Lieberman and Snowe are on TV together now, blithely smiling together

Lieberman and Snowe are on TV together now, blithely smiling together

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5- The rest

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4- War and Economy

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3 - UnHealthy Liberworm infestation

My wife just got this: Dear Grim Reaper...

BOOOOO! Hssssss!

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1- Bailout Blues

Health Insurance & our pocketbooks

a lying liar: Palin's own 'Climate-gate'

a lying liar: Palin's own 'Climate-gate'

Healthcare bill designed to weaken family, says Republican.

Video: Black Carbon Travels the Globe

Well, we can't beat the crap out of Lieberman, so what can we do?

Liarman endorsed robust Medicare buy-in 3 months ago.

excellent (partial) video from IVAW

So Ashley Dupre is--get this--an ADVICE COLUMNIST for the New York Post now.

If it's not worth fighting for, it's not worth having...

If it's not worth fighting for, it's not worth having...

"The legislation Reid will try to get not health-care is insurance reform."

"The legislation Reid will try to get not health-care is insurance reform."

Bernanke's renomination to the Fed: the mother of all moral hazards

They think they can do this to us with impunity?

question: is there another cloture vote after conference?


um, ok then. What are the corporations who fund Lieberman, since he won't answer his phones

MoveOn rally in Front of WH today, 1 pm, against Lie-berman

Firedoglake: The Senate Bill Is Designed To Make Your Health Insurance Worse

WHO ‘Swine Flu Pope’ under investigation for gross conflict of interest

ORGANIZED CRIME: This Isn’t Health Reform; It’s Extortion for a Protection Racket

Dangerous winter rescue attempts? or this simple device?

Health Care Reform Celebratory Thread.

Even Without TARP, Banks Are Still Heavily Subsidized

You think Lieberman has already been promised a cabinet position in the Palin administration?

Own a Piece of Beer History: Organizing a "crowdsourced" buyout of Pabst

"Rep. Capuano Tells Fellow Dems: 'You're Screwed' .... LINK

Here's a question I have for Joe & Rahm

Presenting: Fundie Quote of the Day. # 5 And a new word, also.

Tom Harkin May Reintroduce Legislation To Kill Filibuster

Mark Twain said, appropriately......

Since Democrats want enforced corporate mandates, it's time they privatize Social Security

FACT: The GOP NEVER Took The Religious Whacko Base Seriously...

Poll Reveals Depth and Trauma of Joblessness in U.S.

135,000 uninsured Americans will die before health reform takes effect, analysis finds

Bankers Manifesto of 1892

Lieberman's offices not answering phones

LIMBOsevic's global warming denial is limited to FIVE yrs. Admits it'll happen in TWENTY!1

After 25 years, I've driven my last Democrat to the polls on election day.

How much has Hadassah Lieberman been paid by the health insurance cos.?


DNA Testing Clears Man Who Served 28 Years; Gets Bus Ticket Home, Winter Clothes & $75...

I'm gonna say it once again. FIRE EMANUEL RAHM NOW!

Gotta Love It! NYC Holds Condom Contest

Inconvenient Truth for Gore as Arctic Ice Claims Don't Add Up

135,000 UNINSURED Americans Will DIE Before Health Reform Takes Effect, Analysis Finds

Sen. Burr (R - NC) on CSPAN 3 "It's not about health care, or budgets, it's about power"

Why not wait and see what's in the FINAL bill?

Obama gives himself a B+

healthcare teabaggers on c-span3

How is the current HCR bill any different that what Mitt Romney tried to do in Mass when he was Gov?

Progressives launch ad campaign against Rahm

Workers UNITE.

No rush on health care, Congress. Be sure and get it right.

Email from Ned Lamont - Health Care & Lieberman

Couldn't decide where to place this, so I'll put it here and leave it up to the MODS

I've had a chance to think about this Lieberman thing since this morning

Someone needs to tell that a-hole in Tennessee the Charlie Brown Christmas Special is on tonight.


Petland (roseville, ca) Closes on Heels of News10 Puppy Mill Investigation

Petland (roseville, ca) Closes on Heels of News10 Puppy Mill Investigation

Pissed off about health care - here are some progressives already running in 2010

"......Extortion for a Protection Racket"

Does the Dem leadership realize they are destroying the future of the party?

Statue meant as criticism to President Obama for keeping U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan - pics

'Extinct' Plant Found Near Golden Gate-Last Franciscan Manzanita Believed To Have Perished In 1940's

'Extinct' Plant Found Near Golden Gate-Last Franciscan Manzanita Believed To Have Perished In 1940's

Lieberman recants support for Medicare expansion

Bushco 22 million emails = obstruction of justice?

Your handy guide to FUJL threads

Pissed at Joe Lieberman? Then help elect more REAL Democrats in 2010!

Anybody called Harry Reid's office?

Let's at least organize to get the mandates out of the bill.

House Democrats plan to move a $75 billion jobs bill before they leave for holiday break

Photoshoppers: Don't we need a "Kill Bill" graphic for the Senate HCR implosion?

Michele Bachmann signs autographs at rally protesting Health Care - pic

Make Joe Lieberman Pay - MoveOn taking contributions to make the sorry POS pay

CDC Recalls Kids Swine Flu Vaccine

Naked Teens! How to Sex(t) Up the Numbers

Brinkmanship: At what point do Dems threaten to take Lieberman's chairmanship?

Lieberman Closer To Supporting Reform, But Not There Yet

We've come a long way, baby!

For Joe Lieberman this is JUST BUSINESS - Being Able to Piss Off Liberals Is Merely A Bonus

I just got my HERS rating!

NO ONE elected Joe Lieberman President - pic

Weiner Scared Lieberman Away?

Weiner Scared Lieberman Away?

My enemies List: Democratic Party Version

Walmart Employee Gets Job Back After Santa Hat Standoff

Lieberman should be told to take a hike!

Please send good thoughts to my brother-in-law.

Next Stop, Stupak

It's official. Thomson, IL will be a federal prison

Traitor Joe's price

It's about time real Democrats rise up and STOP...uh...what, exactly?

Indiana Elementary School Kicks Allah Out of Holiday Program

For about the zillionth time: Car insurance is NOT analogous to health insurance!

Normal high temperature for today in NJ is 42 degrees, today it hit 55 in Atlantic City

Normal high temperature for today in NJ is 42 degrees, today it hit 55 in Atlantic City

Mass. 2nd-grader sent home for crucifix drawing

Stephen King to pay for troops' holiday trip home

Ruin This Conservative Poll

Ned Lamont coming up on Shuster and Tamron

Are we ever going to have health care? My premiums just went up over $100 a month.

Are we ever going to have health care? My premiums just went up over $100 a month.

Health care insurance needs to be removed from the employment system.

Health care insurance needs to be removed from the employment system.

The Truth About Tamiflu

Is health care reform without a public option still worth passing? Unequivocally, unambiguously yes.

The $626 billion Congress is making the final changes to a defense spending package, & it’s a doozy

The $626 billion Congress is making the final changes to a defense spending package, & it’s a doozy

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2- More Tiger

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) says Lieberman should be recalled

Personality Judgments Based on Physical Appearance

Can Native American government recognize gay marriage on Indian land?

What's all this about Barbara Boxer correcting a General for calling her ma'am

Who else here is hoping that "Avatar" flops?

Seems Like HCR Is Coming Down To 4 Options ....

There's Only ONE WAY He's Playing Chess

"DC City Council votes to legalize gay marriage" by Jessica Gresko (AP News)

On the Senater floor, Dorgan and Lautenberg on importation of drugs ...

An Apple A Day!

How should Liberal/Progressive Senators vote on this POS?

"I will veto any bill that does not have a public option"

PBS Poll

Filibuster Senator Lieberman And Wife In Bed With Health Insurance Companies

Pre-k student in trouble over long hair


Little Joe is worried sick about health care running up the federal debt.

Little Joe is worried sick about health care running up the federal debt.

China-Central Asia natural gas pipeline benefits all sides

China-Central Asia natural gas pipeline benefits all sides

School scraps Taliban debate (students representing the views of the Taliban)

School scraps Taliban debate (students representing the views of the Taliban)

Dear President Obama,

Yum! Have tasty turd sandwich

Howard Dean: Kill The Senate Health Care Bill

Christmas is bad enough without having it become an annual war waged by Fox News, too

Merkel 'Nervous' about Prospects for Success in Copenhagen

Mock, mock, mock, mock...

Regarding those mandates...

Lieberman is hurt, I tell you, hurt that people think he sold out.

A Facebook group: 1,000,000 for Hillary Clinton to get beheaded. This needs to be reported.

The cops didn't use a taser:

The cops didn't use a taser:

When All You Have Is Lemons - Make Lemonade........

The teabaggers are right. Dems are about to destroy this country

The President on Retrofitting Buildings: "Here's What’s Sexy About It: Saving Money"

Dear Progressive Congressional Dems: Kill it.

My last hope as per health care reform this year

My last hope as per health care reform this year

Charity Without Food After Donation Mix-Up

Help Me End Lieberman

Hundreds gather to protest global warming

Does Rahm think he is another Bobby Kennedy ?

My advice to all teenagers: NEVER join the military

Help Me End Lieberman

Why sanctions against Iran would discomfit Pakistan

Evangelist Oral Roberts has died -- age 91, complications from Pneumonia

rep aaron shock (r-il)....torture supporter...says torture is alright

*****Heads up DU!*****

Iraq's oil auction hits the jackpot

Could you stay married to a spouse when 14 (and counting) affairs were revealed?

Early Bipartisan Support for Kucinich's Resolution to End War in Afghanistan

Do we really need a progressive party in America?

Damn! What a missed opportunity. I could have been REALLY RICH.

Guess co-founder facing ruin. Lawsuits against employees backfire

WaPo lying headline.....'U.S.fearful overhaul will raise costs, worsen care'

Can we scuttle the bill, and simply expand the scope of Medicare in reconcilliation?

If "they" can successfully "reorient" gay people, why don't they fix pedophiles?

I was a PGA 'golf mistress' (girlfriend?) from 1987-1992

Secret playroom found at Mass. rail yard

Radiation from CT scans linked to cancers, deaths

We could have saved a lot of time by having Pelosi, Snowe, Lieberman and Baucus meet w/insurers,

D.C. council votes to legalize gay marriage

Do we have a list of progressive primary candidates?

I think many Democrats, including Obama supporters...

For us or against us

Why Doesn't LIE*****n Become A republican?

Why Doesn't LIE*****n Become A republican?

You might as well stay home in 2010, or vote third-party

If this was Germany, 1942 - - would you support the troops?

Marijuana Legalization Will Be On California's 2010 Ballot

Indifference: The absence of empathy to suffering and discrimination

I pledge allegiance...Updated

You are brainwashed, and so am I

You can' t squeeze blood from a turnip.

You can' t squeeze blood from a turnip.

You can' t squeeze blood from a turnip.

You can' t squeeze blood from a turnip.

TPM: Ex-Staffer For Kennedy Charged With Stealing $75,000 From Senate

Are Airlines Going Too Far?

Gawker poll: Pick the Douche of the Decade. O'LOOFAH, FRIEDMAN among the choices, not Joementum

Pelosi: Jobs bill by State of the Union

Put a fork in me. I'm done

All hands, man your battle stations

ButButBut If You Just Send Us Money, We Will Get Things Done With More Reps,

Position poll on health insurance reform

Excuses I do not want to hear:

Urban public schools aren't that scary.

Lieberman: I'm ready for my close-up now.

Daily Kos- "Why are we all stupid?"

Soot warming 'maybe bigger than greenhouse gases' - NASA

Al Gore will be the death of us all..

Tiger Woods talks up family values in new interview

Tiger Woods talks up family values in new interview

"My fellow Democrats, If you elect me I promise I will tinker around the

I don't support any bill with an individual mandate

German scientists claim CO2 can help crops grow faster

Rep. Barton of Texas on Ed's show: Gitmo is just dandy, Keep it open and keep all the terrorists

Rock's hall of fame finally admits the Stooges

Oh my! Look what an old school mate sent me and how do I respond to it.

They are voting on Dorgan drug re-importation right now!

Obama Declares War on Pakistan

I wonder if I still belong

Microsoft cops to webcode theft

Toyota rolls out its plug-in Prius

I can see only one solution for the Dems to pull themselves off the trash heap of history.

Gaps found in young people's sex knowledge (Thanks to abstienence only ed)

Goddamn it

Keith is cracking me up - he's doing an updated version of Bartcop's

Keith is cracking me up - he's doing an updated version of Bartcop's

Bummed? I know how you feel

Don't know if this petition is worth shit, but I'll post it.

Teabaggers are idiots: Imagine hitting the streets, PROTESTING to get what they want.

Joe Liebermann: Statesman??

So, four Democrats visit a dairy farm---

Vietnam worries about Afghanistan

The Nation sent me to collections AFTER i canceled twice on the phone

Photos of female models in skimpy USA made undies ( I have no shame for MADE in the USA)

IF HCR fails, are you going to lie down and accept the meme - "well, that's it, then?"

Op-Ed today from VA Sen. Webb - criticizes Obama's process for starters

Taunton second-grader suspended over drawing of Jesus

Girl, 12, allegedly raped at El Cerrito school

There is NO FUCKING WAY I will stay home and not vote

Dick Armey sneers at ‘a woman named Maddox’ who ‘has a Ph.D, (Rachel Maddow)

Paul Volcker is trying to save America and Obama isn't listening

The Medical Profit Protection Bill so far:

Just throwing this one out here: Sarah Palin will never gain the White House

"I gladly pay my taxes" why does this make people laugh at you?

The Jobless, in Their Own Words

Octopus (Octopi?) think and create - really

Oral Roberts is dead. He was 91.

USAID. US tax dollars support universal healthcare for OTHER nations, but, not for all US citizens.

Alarm bells go off every time Rush attacks this group

"I'm calling my elected leaders", blah blah blah

What The Banks Pay Back Of Bailouts Mean To You

Obama just made a Freudian slip while talking about the health care bill

Sorry union grocers..i am not going to walk an extra 3.5 miles

Mandated Health Insurance Will be The Straw For The Corporate State

The Iraqi shoe-throwing is not comparable to the assault on Berlusconi

This country's political system is a binge-drinking meth-head alcoholic

It's personal for lieberman, has nothing to do with health care..'s not Joe

Invertebrate uses tool......

Health Care Reform is DEAD.

You must buy an expensive flat screen TV from Best Buy, or get fined or jailtime

Police Shoot (and kill) Woman At Modesto Elementary School

Senate: Drug reimportation going to fail...

I'd like to have a new forum- Senate Procedure, Senate Rules. Rules of Congress.

K&R if you'd like to help get out the vote on election day!

What Obama Is Up Against

Boeing Dreamliner.

Who loves Christmas more, Christians or Capitalists?

Who loves Christmas more, Christians or Capitalists?

Can we receive shelter in another country as health care refugees from the United States?

Democrats had only limited options to move a bill ahead:

I donated until it hurt in 2008 and now that hurt is going untreated

Oral Roberts dead at 91.

Oral Roberts dead at 91.

Sherrod Brown is 100% wrong about the benefits of fixing the "medical loss ratio".

A picture of the Senate

He's not playing chess.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT Joe LIEberman, and et al?

Congress to explain "Health Care Reform" to the disenchanted.

Is Joe Lieberman still a member in good standing of Rahm's DLC?

Boeing 787 takes maiden flight

Mandatory insurance--legislatively enacting a permanent jobless recession/recovery

Joe Scar: "Why is it Bush got EVERYTHING he wanted - even from the Dems, and Obama can't?

Some facts about the Senate Healthcare bill

Supplying Troops in Afghanistan With Fuel is Challenge for U.S.

Feds may drop poverty level

The Rude Pundit: Joe Lieberman ...

The Rude Pundit: Joe Lieberman ... what?

Sibel Edmonds on "Making Afghanistan Safe for Heroin"

Maricopa officer who swiped the lawyer's papers when her back was turned is going to jail

Chinese drywall question

The United States Dept. of Justice just argued in front of the Supreme Court that torture is de fact

Enjoying Health Care Reform? Social Security Reform could be next.

Copenhagen climate conference: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for ‘planetary transformation’

Copenhagen climate conference: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for ‘planetary transformation’

"Howard Zinn and Bill Moyers on Right-Wing Demagogues and Progressive Resistance"

Caption this Lieberman pic

I am not going anywhere.. I am in for the long haul..

Look what Huffington Post has on their front page. I think it's appropriate.

What Public Option Supporters Won

America's last export: Rock and Roll

Mandated Insurance WITHOUT A Public Option Is A DISASTER For The American People

Healthcare perspectives from Senator Cornyn...feel free to post your thoughts

I Talked With A Person In The Health Insurance Industry - He Says......

Lieberman: Liberal Enthusiasm Convinced Me To Oppose Medicare Buy-In

"So ..... what would YOU suggest should have been done?"

The Party Of Fail

Obama To Dems: Don't Screw Up This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Hi, my name is NAFTA and I've spent the past 16 years bending America over..

The Fear Card - Are Americans Afraid?.........

The Plum Line: Howard Dean: “Kill The Senate Bill”

Will Rogers didn't even know Joe Lieberman when he said, "There ought to be

If you lose your job, and your choice is between paying insurance and food and shelter,

Why doesn't Joe Lieberman become a republican already?

Should the Filibuster be eliminated?

Should the Filibuster be eliminated?

Busted cruise control sends driver on a half-hour, high speed dodge 'em race

Not even a rant ..... just a simple statement ...... I am really disgusted

House Votes to Turn Down Loud TV Commercials

Should DU have a Progressive/Liberal Forum?

The GOP had at most 55 Senators during Bush's presidency

Jane Hamsher: Kill The Senate Bill

Check in to this thread if you are not giving money to the Democrats in 2010.

Rahm Emmanuel serves a very useful purpose

You know why the democrats don't take away Joe's chair?

Sitting out 2010 is a vote for the Republicans.

Sitting out 2010 is a vote for the Republicans.

Sexism and the female blogger: What's in a pen name?

Joe Lieberman and the Health Care Train Wreck

Rape victims offer advice to today's college women

Would you support a DU ban on climate change denialist posts?

Talk me down: I'm ready for a constitutional amendment to abolish the Senate.

Here's your damned pony!

Kos: Remove the mandate, or kill the bill.

I'm DONE!!! Democratic Party can go to hell for all I care

How many of you would prefer to Kill this HCR bill and work on real reform from scratch instead?

Effects of smoking... (yes I know some think this is Personal Choice)

What to do with an inherited mink coat

Calm down progressives calm down

I think the crux of the problem is that supporters of Health Care reform don't have leverage.

I think the crux of the problem is that supporters of Health Care reform don't have leverage.

Senate HCR Bill: Pass it or Kill it?

Do I have t right? Basically the HC bill mandates the uninsured to purchase insurance?

Keep Fighting

I'm agreeing with RON FUCKING PAUL on this Goddamned Iran sanctions bill

Corporate America

Women lining up for new Camaro

W Only Had 55

Mac haters, don't read this.

Homeschooling: This evening I attended a concert given by a Homeschool Orchestra

Homeschooling: This evening I attended a concert given by a Homeschool Orchestra

Homeschooling: This evening I attended a concert given by a Homeschool Orchestra

Homeschooling: This evening I attended a concert given by a Homeschool Orchestra

Just curious where all you folk who are "through with the Dems" are going next

I guess you can call me a "purist".

I guess you can call me a "purist".

I need some cheering up. Please share your inspiring stories --

The Myth of the American Dream:

More evidence that creatures around us are smarter than we realize.

Silent thread for ole Joe

AP: Senate Dems weigh dropping Medicare expansion

Updated: WH, Senate Dems: No plans to use 'reconciliation' for health care

The DLC Types are a Militant Cancer eating away at the Party.

What say we just put this cobbled-together, lame and embarrassingly inadequate "Health Care" bill

Are the tea-baggers and other opponents of a public option and single-payer...Marxists?

Rockefeller, Harkin Say They’ll Give Up Public Option - Bloomberg

22 Million Bush Emails Found: Will They Be Released To The Public?

All the people, who supported Gore-Lieberman should be asking for forgiveness.

Pridemore will run in WA-03

Without any form of public option

It's Letter Writing and Calling Time!

Ahhh again...the missing Bush emails...

The Greatest Spelunkers Of All Time

The difference between Republicon Whips and Democratic Whips.

60 senators aren't getting us anywhere

Joe Lieberman is trading American lives for Political Revenge

Caption this lovely photo

Caption this lovely photo

For those that think Lieberman is the only culprit, I present to you Evan Bayh

I just want someone to get pissed off!

US Democrat: Medicare 'Buy-In' Likely Out Of Health Bill - Reuters

You people! Now you've thrown Joe Lieberman under the bus?!?! Shocking!

What's The Deal? Was j** LIE*****n Picked On As A Kid Or Something?

Who Is More Powerful?

Isn't it amazing that we teach our kids that the gridlock the Senate creates is a good thing?

Dear Joe: You're A Very Important Person!

Here's a suggestion for Reid: call Lieberman's bluff


The Senate should bring back the public option or it should be included in conference

Updated: WH, Senate Dems: No plans to use 'reconciliation' for health care

Reconciliation possibilities

I spent all afternoon at a coffee shop called "Super Joe."

What if the left had a guy like Lieberman?

Giving Lieberman what he wants moves the ball down the field.

j** LIE*****n Reminds Me Of This Kid:

2012 cannot get here fast enough for me!!!!

2012 cannot get here fast enough for me!!!!

Mr. President, do the country a favor:

Dealing with hypotheticals

Rockefeller: "I want a bill." Harkin: "This a giant step forward."

House Progressives Need to DEFEAT this joke of a health care bill

Why should Democrats appease to the will of Joe Lieberman's whims?

The Elephant In The Room (No Pun Intended)

Obama May Launch Drone Attacks on Major Pakistani City

Screw a Christmas deadline --Pick it up in January and do it right

Just In From RawStory: Democrats Cede More On Health Bill, Including Medicare Buy-In

History of Social Security.

WWTD? (What Would Teddy Do?)

Flashback - Harkin: Lieberman Has Something to Lose

Rating Change: Retirement Gives Edge to 'pugs (TN-6)

Whose Turdblossom is prettier?

At Long Last, DU, Will You Please Pick Your Pony?

Firedoglake: "Rahm is Making the White House Look Terrible"

Obama's B-plus doesn't cut it - he needs to bring 'A' game (political & sports cliche humor)

They could have used reconciliation all along to ram through : a good, bad or indifferent bill

With Joe Lieberman's antics today this went unoticed

It's really sad seeing guys like Sherrod Brown having to bite their tongues and be good soldiers

The Christmas Timeline

Now you can kick Joe Lieberman's ass!

Why not more calling out of the GOP for being "Pro-Life" hypocrites?????

E-mail Senator Reid and ask him to step down as majority leader!

Take Liberman's chairmanship.

This feels like a sequal to the Iraq War vote -- Except there was a strong President then

This feels like a sequal to the Iraq War vote -- Except there was a strong President then

I'll tell you just what will happen when the insurance reform bill is passed.

"Two Nights Before Christmas: Late Vote On Health Reform Looms "

Strongest leader?

This is how you do it.

Amid contentious health care issues, there's a lot lawmakers agree on

Obama to work to solidify support for health bill

Poll: Action on climate will heat up economy, jobs

A Senate Vote on Medicare-for-All?

Obama Demands: The Bill I Sign Must Include Public Option

Could *something* have passed in 1993?

someone please help me understand what's happening.

someone please help me understand what's happening.

And From CNN...

Kos: Kill the health bill

Someone Make a Poll

Ezra Klein:"This "Rahm made us do it" stuff seems like such transparent spin from the leadership..."

Why blame Rahm or Lieberman ? It starts with the POTUS

Something can be a fake reform sell-out and still be worth voting for

First there was UHC, then a public option, then a medicare buy-in. Now there is nothing.

duplicate. deleted. nt.

CEO: GM to repay government loans by end of June

Kiss Lieberman's butt. Also embarass Tom Harkin. Great way to build party unity.

One thing I am betting on for 2012

Ezra Klein: "The unintended consequences of reconciliation"

The healthcare bill reminds me of fish bones after the cats have been at it

Window closing for healthcare reform: Biden

Gad...I can't believe I like a song that isn't from the 80's...

Anyone know the story on the "Thank Jim Webb for Standing with John McCain" Ads?

Joe Lieberman plays the Scorned Ex so well

Oh Snap! "Michael Steele To Tea Partiers: Come On Home"

Hoyer: House Will Accept Public Option-Free Bill

Not as long as I am around...or Northwest Iowa Democrats.. will we cave to the negativity

Why is it preferable to spend TAX MONEY on Corporate Rip Off Insurance than a real public program?

Show us your festive Christmas/Holiday Desktop

Remember that news about forcing insurers to use 90% of profits on medical care?

Ok I've decided to stop bitching and to start writing and calling... I urge everyone to do the same!

How I miss The Lion in the senate.

It's Official: Ill. prison to get Gitmo detainees

I don't like President Obama that much

Photos: The Obama Presidency December 14th, 2009

Is Lieberman really the bad guy or is he doing his fellow Democrats a favor by being their bad guy?

I don't know how anybody could say this looks like Bush's third term

"School of Rock" is a great movie

4Hero - Mr. Kirk's Nightmare

AWARDS TIME! Douchebags of the Year!

Some people will never be disappointed on the health bill, regardless of how much it's watered down

Term of endearment, used by a waiter / waitress, that would MOST LIKELY result in your leaving a tip

Complete this phrase: "No war ___________."

4Hero - Star Chasers

Complete this phrase: "If you want to _________, I'll meet you in the ________."

Single Payer Health Care - Did the CBO ever score it?

Mr. J Medeiros - Strangers (Flying Lotus Remix)

It basically comes down to this........

4hero - Morning Child

Chris Brown Tweets a crybaby Wal-Mart rant, then shuts down his Twitter account

Starting early. WH Officials promote financial literacy among students.

Does coffee make you fat?

Flying Lotus - First Friday Funk

Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack Feat. Dolly

Georg Levin - (I Got) Somebody New

4Hero - Cooking Up Yah Brain

Joyful Girl - Soulive

Joe LIeberman had done the impossible

UK Apache & Shy-FX - Original Nuttah

Soulive Ft. Amel Larrieux - I DON'T KNOW

Non Fiction Burning

Just called my senator and asked him to stand by his word

Well, we sure do love our little brand of cynicism don't we?

Any of the 22 million discovered emails things requested by congress?

Goldie - Inner City Life Pressure Jah

Flora Purim - Stories to tell

Cock Flavored Soup and other things that sound dirty, but really aren't...

To be Honest, I'm very pissed...

Obama's calling Senate Dems to the White House

Roni Size/Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag

Any word from Howard Dean, Alan Grayson or Anthony Weiner today?

The Anaheim Azusa and Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association

It's That Heat

Lieberman basically said he's not voting for anything that Liberal are excited about. Wow.........

VIDEO - That Obama gives this schmuck the time of day says more about Obama

Klein: "Is the Senate health-care reform bill still worth passing?"

I'm growing a beard

Roni Size/Reprazent - Watching Windows

"Attempting a 'Salahi' at the White House press party."

Question: So Nelson is now on board?! What about Lincoln?! TIA

Mais Que Nada

"Lieberman: The Fallout"

MSNBC: White House preparing to move Gitmo detainees to IL prison


Sergio Mendes & Brasil '88

Old Man Types Furiously In Defense Of Joe Lieberman

Q: Was the Medicare early buy-in plan a trade for the public option

POTUS' Statement Aftering Meeting With Senate Dems Today


"The scheduled tea party "die-in" this morning didn't exactly live up to the hype."

Dorgan's drug reimportation bill. Lautenberg's bill will follow with a watered down version.

****Heads Up: GITMO Detainee Announcement, LIVE!"

And today's press briefing ought to be fun... (Heads Up! Live, and all that **** )

Rosalia de souza - Bossa 31

High school straight girl crush

Dean calls on Democrats to kill this bill (Tuesday PM)

"Obama says retrofitting houses is 'sexy'"

How will DC same-sex marriage fare in Congress?

The people who want to kill this healthcare reform are as stupid as the Teabaggers

Why should Connecticut have 2 senators anyway?

In Kettering, Ohio, near Dayton, there is a city street called Glenbeck Ave.

Nicola Conte - Like Leaves In The Wind

i smell pakalolo wafting into my room

Mr. President, tell Lieberman to fuck off and get the vote from Olympia Snowe instead

It's time for true progressives in Congress to torpedo this alleged health care "reform" legislation

Private Sunshine

Little Drummer Boy

bad moon rising

Merkel cell carcinoma - it's back and in his lymph nodes

Iowa Rep. Boswell Gets Another Republican Opponent

Steve Holt!

Hawaii's Rep. Abercrombie says he'll resign seat after key votes

YouTube - "Put em in a single bowl & I'll eat em like a fucking death row prisoner on suicide watch"

"If health care reform does not pass this will be kicked back for a generation"

Seals grabs teachers' endorsement

For those who have kids, this is the dumbest thing I can think of...

Sérgio Mendes & Brazil´66 - Capoeira do Brasil

Paul Desmond & Modern Jazz Quartet - Greensleeves

Songs that make you feel good

Conservatives Rally to "Kill The Bill"

Is it possible to be the recipient of a mass ignore bomb?


Shinnecock Tribe Moves Close to U.S. Recognition

Is it time to take another break from GD and GD:P?

****Heads Up: Dems and POTUS Statements on HCR meeting, LIVE!****

You are on the wrong side of the argument if you agree with...

Bipartisan House Group Pushing For Enforcement Of War Powers Act

Where's the Grateful Dead forum?

Bop Bop a Boopalop a Loom Bam Boom.

Feingold/Boxer 2012.

Howard Dean: A fuller account of what Dean actually said .... "This is not health care reform"

BREAKING NEWS: DUer Bucky charged with cyberstalking LeVar Burton

Unanswered Prayers

You can't pull a horse cart without a horse

o, yu[omh ejo;r n;omfgp;frf

Oh noes! North Face is suing South Butt!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Holy shit! They had to evacuate a big stretch of I-79 in western PA

Despite lack of public option, liberal coalition (HCAN) still calls for passage of healthcare bill

LeVar Burton twitter: "Just unpacked my Nook"

Going for closure

I just uploaded a brand new free podcast... I've gone through a lot of trouble for you guys!

Can you make some calls for the Sanders Amendment?

'Frosty the Snowman' is actually an Easter time tune.

Tiger Woods gets a new sponsorship from Viagra!

Here let me help you with that.


Meanwhile...Gallup Daily Approval Tracking Poll 48% Approve 42% Disapprove

ABBA: Rock & Roll, Rush not Rock & Roll???

If it's true that the Senate has dropped Public Option and Medicare buy-in and Obama signs

Anyone else here remember the Beatles making these?

Should I contribute to Obama and the DNC . . .

The house I inherited sold!

Howard Dean: 'Kill The Senate Bill' (More complete account)


Kudos to Cong. Lynne Woolsey

Dorgan and Lautenberg just in heated exchange on Dorgan's bill to reimport drugs and AARP supports.

Golden Globe nominations!!

WOOHOO!!! Alfre Woodward cast as Lafayette's mom on True Blood

"Poll: Majority of Unemployed Approve of Obama"

DISH Earth is excellent.

Duck Soup or A Night At The Opera?

Am I wrong for holding Obama and Rahm responsible for Joementum?

This needs its own post - "Hardware Wars" - the original Star Wars spoof...

Will they ban spiked replicas of Milan's cathedral from airplanes?


Guilty pleasures of the internet (Besides porn, you pervs!)

Krugman on Lieberman and HCR

NJmaverick appreciation thread.

Polling suggests that DU has a strong view of the Senate HCR Bill

What kind of a prick does this?

You guys will appreciate this more than GD

What kind of prick does THIS!??!

The Problem with Propaganda

Our phrase of the day - "poo tornados"

U CAPSHUN pic nao, pleez?

Sometimes there is so much hysteria & melodrama at DU

Anybody wanna lend me $6000.00?

Brian Setzer Collapses in Concert, Hospitalized

What kind of prick DOES THIS!??!???!!!!???

Floor wax or dessert topping?

If you were going to have Tommy_Carcetti as a house guest...

To RetroLounge and Miss American Pie: Where are you guys? I miss you...

Hardtack can't be measured in hogsheads.

We Three Kings Of Orient Are

potsticker haiku

If the world ends tomorrow, LeVar Burton has provided our epitaph

I want to go to Mexico over x-mas break. Any suggestions where to go?

Question: What's are the pros & cons of the Public Option being passed by reconciliation now?!

Most Annoying Christmas Song?

Benny Goodman Orchestra - Sing, Sing, Sing

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Christmas Snood Lights?

First, what IS a Kessel? And how DO you make it run?

I want to write a self-congratulatory post at 2:34 in the morning about how great I am.

I just hit 5000

The Shocking Truth that Obama Could Now Really Be a 1-Term President

Dexter's Dark Passengers: what did you think of the season finale? (SPOILER ALERT)

So we have a choice between committing Hari-Kari or having the bad guys chop our head off

Nuyorican Soul - I am the Black Gold of the Sun (4hero remix)

Would you vote for Al Franken for President?

Unsuccessful children's book characters?

Following Thom Hartmanns Poll Here- What Grade D'U Give Obama?

I think Obama is still playing chess

McCain and Cantwell propose resurrecting Glass-Steagall to break up Wall Street

Joe Lieberman's Health Care Bill Is Worse Than Doing Nothing - Kill It

Home Made Pizza. I need recipes.

Secret playroom found at Mass. rail yard

Did I miss the GOP's Celebratory Press Conference?


When was the last time anyone used one of these?

got my purple hair touched

What leadership has Obama provided on the health care reform issue?

"Mystery Couple Starts Magical Chain Reaction

Oral's going to be suprised by just how small the eye of that needle is.

Anti Smoking PSA's make me want to smoke more.

I'm holding my anger until a bill is signed

I'm holding my anger until a bill is signed

High Priority -- Sanders Amendment to Be Heard—SEND FREE FAX NOW…..

Any fans of the musician K'Naan?

WOW -Dems just totally lost me today

Is anyone here excited about the movie Avatar?

BANNED Toyota commercial in Australia (enough double entendres to choke the Lounge)

Rep. Capuano Tells Fellow Dems: 'You're Screwed'

Christian Gangsta Rap

Fuck migraines.

I won't have internet access for awhile

So I was drivin' from the airport heading home.. I saw this bird...

Who gets the shots of Wiley Coyote blowing stuff up? (4 pic dial up warning)

At a bar the other night talking to the scantily clad cocktail waittress....

One of our kitties is headed toward her great reward....

Driving in a rainstorm with emergency flashers on: Is this something that is taught?

Your house is on fire and you can only save one - who do you pick:

"That was a hell of a thing."

Anyone else tired of the "Our family is better than yours" Xmas letters?

Obama is irrelevant if he remains a passive agent of the status quo

I have a confession to make. I have a tiny little crush on . . .

Last Friday I had a vasectomy - ask me anything!

Would you mail a card with a minor error?

Well, apparently someone at DU is not a big fan of the movie "The Jerk"

How can something as small as a cat take up so much room on a bed?

"Happy holidays, bitches!" (Crafty...the music video)

Nate Silver: Why Progressives Are Batshit Crazy to Oppose the Senate Bill

When the bible thumpers in uncomfortable shoes come selling their candy-ass version of Jesus...

Ezra Klein. "A lot of progressives woke up this morning feeling like they lost. They didn't."

Lieberman: “My wife said to me, ‘Why do you always end up being the point person here?’ ”

Thank you, Joan Walsh, for speaking common sense

Age 55 and up form the biggest voting block. Pissing them off is a stupid move.

Interesting idea: "HCR is solved! Pass the Reform Bill Now-Reconcile a Medicare 'Buy-In' in January"

"AARP Announces Support for Senate Health Reform Bill"

Anyone know what happened to Tangerine LaBamba?

doom for dems?

So let me get this straight...I'm broke w/no health insurance...why should I oppose this bill?

Rep DeLauro (D-CT) on Lieberman: "Flat out, I think he ought to be recalled."

Sherrod Brown On Ed Show Says Nobody Asked The President About A Public Option Today,

Why We Lost Healthcare (John Neffinger, Huffpo)

The way forward to real reform now

He's mad.

To all those who claim Obama lost their vote for '12...

Healthcare's Home Stretch

Bob Cesca: Why I can't oppose the (watered down) Senate bill

Deaniacs: One more time into the breach, my friends. Howard has made the call

CONFESS!! What have you done to destroy the nation's morals and values?

A scary amount of detail is being exposed by the UK Iraq War Inquiry

Fuck Joe Lieberman (updated)

Angie Harmon is a Palinite!

Does anyone here buy the "it's still a good bill without a public option or buy-in" meme?

Obama supported Lieberman in '06, in Connecticut, against anti-war candidate Lamont

We should lobby Congress to use Reconciliation to allow a Medicare Buy-in for all

I read the most frightening thing I've ever read in my life last night.

Who is the most talented musician to have died young?

A friend just gave me a hogshead of hardtack and a rundlet of saltfiskur.

Who else here is hoping that "Avatar" flops?

Greece's government unveils major spending cuts

White House To Reid: Cut A Deal With Lieberman

Who SHOULD be elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

(NYT/CBS) Poll Reveals Depth and Trauma of Joblessness in U.S.

Explosions rock downtown Baghdad, killing 4

Evidence of Iran's nuclear arms expertise mounts

Inconvenient Truth for Gore as Arctic Ice Claims Don't Add Up

Wells Fargo to Repay $25 Billion in TARP Money

Sources: Ill. prison to get some Gitmo detainees

Ford to reinstate raises, 401(k) matches next year

China burning coal while developing green energy

White House to Harry Reid: Cut deal with Joe Lieberman

Inconvenient truth for Al Gore as his North Pole sums don't add up

Fetus found in gift box, Texas couple charged

Obama Notifies Congress of Asia-Pacific Trade Pact Intentions

China starts building world's longest sea bridge

Militants Kill 16 Afghan Police Officers

Bombs Rock Baghdad, Mosul

Lieberman recants support for Medicare expansion

AIG top staff struggle financially: report

Next trial of Russian troubled Bulava missile could be in Jan

US House to vote on short-term debt limit hike

Man Found Dead In Sandwich Shop Vent

135,000 uninsured Americans will die before health reform takes effect, analysis finds

Teen heads to court after discovery of buried fetus

Factory Output in U.S. Expands More Than Estimated; Wholesale Prices Jump

NYPD Must Show GOP Convention Surveillance

Obama to work to solidify support for health bill

Stocks trade mixed after inflation data

After ABC News Report of Secret CIA Prison, Head Spy Resigns

Security concerns, Blackwater behind A Q Khan’s restrictions: Pak Interior Ministry

Feds Crackdown On Medicare Fraud In Miami

Boeing Looks for Momentum in Dreamliner Takeoff

D.C. Council Approves Gay Marriage

D.C. Council Approves Gay Marriage

Guantanamo inmates to be sent to Illinois prison

Large explosion near hotel in Kabul

Supreme Court declines to hear torture suit by former UK Gitmo detainees

House to vote on jobs bill this week

States With No Death Penalty Share Lower Homicide Rates

Boeing 787 Hours Away From First Flight

Teens, Cops Connected To Hate Crime Police Chief Part Of Coverup, Charges Say

US jail to hold Guantanamo inmates

Obama promotes home energy efficiency program

Harassment across Arab world drives women inside

Sports Illustrated puts Stephen Colbert on cover

SF mayor backs radiation labels for cell phones

Pacific island recognizes Abkhazia's independence

Conservationists fear Japan has taken its aggressive defence of whale slaughter to new heights

China and U.S. Hit Strident Impasse at Climate Talks

An even greener Prius?

Burris hints his healthcare vote is not assured

Iraq inquiry: 2003 invasion 'a catastrophic success'

Rebuffing U.S., Pakistan Balks at Crackdown

4 police officers among 6 people indicted in race-related beating(Shenandoah, PA)

After ABC Report of Secret CIA Prison, Head Spy Resigns

Australian government to introduce Internet filter

Poll: More Want Obama To Stick To His Policies Than To Be Bipartisan

Democrats move toward dropping medicare expansion

Fidel Castro says Obama's smile can't be trusted

800,000 doses of kids' swine flu vaccine recalled

D.C. Council passes marriage bill

Oral Roberts Dies At Age 91

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 15

House votes to turn down volume of noisy TV ads

Glass-Steagall's Renewal After 1999 Repeal Considered by House, Hoyer Says

Report: Dramatic loss of (Calif. Central) Valley watershed

Unwitting tourists attend White House breakfast

Statuette used to hit Berlusconi does brisk trade

Howard Dean: “Kill The Senate Bill”

Rural Ill. prison to house some Gitmo detainees

Lieberman Closer To Supporting Reform, But Not There Yet

Connecticut Democrat calls for Joe Lieberman recall

Hadassah Lieberman under attack over industry ties

Local Man Leads Charge To Pardon Hackettstown Man Convicted of 1886 Murder

Party abuse of Senate procedure serves the President......

A tragedy for Western Sahara

Donate Your Video Camera, Laptop or Work Tools to Authentic Journalists

Gravel’s Lament: Fighting Another Dumb War

Harry Reid Spins Cave-in to Holy Joe as 'Victory'

Evidence of Iran's nuclear arms expertise mounts

U.S. Business Interests Suspected in 'Fabricated' Climate Scandal

AlterNet: Huge Signature Gathering Success Sends Pot Legalization to Ballot

Dubya: The surreal afterlife of an ex-President

The Grinch Who Stole Health Reform

Veterans Group Calls On Soldiers to Refuse Orders to Deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq

Town Hall Crazies: Where Are They Now?

Forget Medicare Buy-In, Lieberman Reverses Course on Circumcision

New Breed of Psychics Trade Their Tarot Cards for Twitter

Protest? What Protest? American Media Don't See What They Don't Want (You) to See

Tony Blair's Stunning Admission: Would Have Removed Saddam for Developing a Ministry of Silly Walks

"President Obama Should Negotiate with the Taliban" by William K. Barth

It’s Not About Tiger Woods, It’s About Us

Rahm To Reid: Give Lieberman What He Wants

Dumbest moments in business 2009 (these are great)

For America's Santas, It's Hard to Be Jolly With the Tales They're Hearing

Eugene Robinson: Palin's own 'Climate-gate'

American's who can't afford to come home because of health care issues...

Joe Lieberman's Health Care Bill Is Worse Than Doing Nothing - Kill It

Obama May Launch Drone Attacks on Major Pakistani City

Naomi Klein: The Copenhagen Process is Out of Control....

Congrats, Democrats! It takes tremendous skill to singlehandedly imperil a Congressional majority

The supply-side tax con

Howard Dean:"Kill the Senate Bill"

His Master's Voice

America's new homeless

Marijuana Legalization Will Be On California's 2010 Ballot

Is Obama a half-term president or a political genius?

Somali Man Stoned To Death By Militants For Adultery (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Monty Python Holy Grail The Tale of Sir Robin

Charter school parent refuses to reveal financial backer, pushes takeover of NYC PS 15 school.

Russian European security proposal

Communities of Color and Climate Change

Western governments will take seriously Russian proposals

Matthew Simmons on peak oil and future oil trading prices at $600 - the end of civilization

22 Million Missing Bush WH Emails Recovered

Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

TYT: (Government) Insurance Co. Death Panels are real, included in the Senate bill

Tea Party Christmas by Old Fart Rants

NEW Video Show Massive 12 mile Iceberg Headed for Australia, 15 dec 09

SNL: Is Tiger Fair Game?

Joe Lieberman MD

Stan Freberg- Green Chri$tma$ (1958)


Rachel Maddow & Meredith Fuchs discuss the 22 million Cheney/Bush 'Lost' emails

Paris Kiss-in against homophobia December 12, 2009

Boys Beware: Homosexual Awareness

President Obama Promotes Home Energy Efficiency Program: "Insulation Is Sexy Stuff!"

Rachel Maddow describes Lieberman's Gaping Hypocrisy on HCR, more blah blah blah from Ron Wyden

Training Tuesday: Moving from 1-Way to 2-Way Communication

Where Online Fits into an Organization's Structure

Bill O'reilly Admits Obama is Smarter than George W. Bush

British Court Issues Arrest Warrant For Tzipi Livni Israeli Foreign Minister For War Crimes!

Keith Olbermann and Bush's Missing(Found) E-Mails

Rep. Alan Grayson Reads Petition from 100,000 People: End the War Now

Storys of 911

Senator Al Franken SPARS With Senator Thune Accuses Him Of Not Reading The Senate Health Bill

How things should be.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week/Climate Deniers Love the 70s! - The Remix!

Obama Quits, Cedes Presidency To Joe Lieberman

TYT: Obama Gets Tough w/ Bankers...By Giving More Loopholes

TYT: TYT Wins Best Political Podcast Award For 2009!

Rachel Maddow & Steve Benen reveal that (surprise) Lieberman is a hypocrite on yet another topic

Rachel Shocker: 7 States You Can't Be Elected In Unless You Believe In God

Joe Biden on Morning Joe. Imagine Palin in this role for a moment

How Jesus would respond to health care reform

What grades do Thom Hartmann listeners give Obama in a

Keith takes on Fox News and the So-called Liberal media the complete rant

Harassment across Arab world drives women inside

Reforging the just war in Afghanistan

GM commissions Chevy Volt dance to go with song

New (NASA) Study Turns Up the Heat on Soot's Role in Himalayan Warming

Time-Lapse Photos Show Dramatic Erosion of Alaska Coast

Danish Vikings Metal Recycling Plant

Peak oil review - Dec 14

Canadian Oil Sands Misses Unrealistic Projection – Issues Another

Conservative governments are bad for your health: Stephen Harper's plan to gut Canada's CO2 targets

12 Hilarious Corporate Attempts to Look Green

Drumbeat: December 15, 2009

Onetime Nevada Brothel Could Become Conservationists’ Oasis

There is plenty of oil but . . .

US Unlikely To Increase GHG Cuts, Commit To Any Firm Numbers On Developing World Climate Aid - Stern

Arctic Monitoring . - Greenland Melt Volume Doubled 1994-2005; Projects Sea Level Rise Of 1.5M

South China's Glaciers Shrinking Rapidly - LA Times

In Bolivia, Water & Ice Tell Of Climate Change - NYT

Club Orlov Brings You December's Word Of The Month - Autophagy

S&P Downgrades Mexico's Sovereign Debt From BBB+ To BBB - Follows Fitch Downgrade Of 11/23

Rate Of Ocean CO2 Absorption Fastest In 21 Million Years - 1 Billion Face Hunger When Fisheries Go

Wall Street Journal Video: Climate Talks Disintegrate

Tremors between slip events: More evidence of great quake danger to Seattle

Satellite Photo of all the Massive Icebergs breaking off Antarctica

Record levels of toxic algae hurt coastline

Potty-trained pigs cut water use/pollution.

Nature study: Hypoxia tends to increase as climate warms

CU-Boulder Study - Portions Of N. Alaskan Coast Now Disintegrating/Receding At 30 Meters/Yr

Inconvenient truth for Al Gore as his North Pole sums don't add up

EWEA publishes proposal for harmonisation of grid connection rules for wind power

Carbon-capture plan gains ground

'Climategate' is the first in a new wave of attacks

Wall Street Journal: World's Top Polluter (China) Emerges as Green-Technology Leader

This is bigger than climate change. It is a battle to redefine humanity

Can we halt runaway climate change? Not likely

The 6th extinction is underway... are you worried yet?

Trying to confirm a recent Gore statement

The Yes Men shame Canada at Copenhagen

Exclusive: Brochure may reveal Gore accurately cited scientist's prediction of ice-free Arctic

Chicken fat could fuel jet planes

Valuable rare-earth raw materials extracted from industrial waste stream

Palin On Climate Change: "Rate Of Warming Unprecedented W/I Time Of Human Civilization"

(Maine’s) Governor Receives (Offshore) Wind Energy Demonstration Sites Report (identifies 3 sites)

Luke Mitchell and Maggie Mahar Explain Joe Lieberman

Matsui - MVP in 2009 WS For Yankees - Jumps To Angels As Yankees Dither

The Yankees Have a Grand Day by Doing Nothing at All

Mike Holmgren, Cleveland Browns meet again

Colt McCoy, All American

Info for Cowboy Fans heading to New Orleans this weekend

49ers cause 7 turnovers...embarrass Arizona 24-9

Miami Hairball Op-Ed re Haiti: Don't Honor Tainted Elections

Honduran Resistance Movement Member Decapitated in Recent Wave of Repression

Nation: The Sham Elections in Honduras By Laura Carlsen

Venezuela: Reinstatement of three banks for USD 43 billion

Thanks For The Coup

El Comandante speaks: Castro says US on offensive in LatAm despite Obama

Correa talks Obama, Honduras and Iran

Meet Carolina Tohá: Her job, defeat Sebastián Piñera and get Frei back in La Moneda

Letter of Bereavement, from Los Necios

UK court issued warrant for Livni

Israeli police officer beaten, injured by settlers

Israeli prisons as revolutionary universities

Police shoot U.S. student's laptop upon entry to Israel

U.S. tax dollars fund rabbi who excused killing gentile babies

Israel confirms U.K. arrest warrant against Livni

Not all clear on the firing range

Robbery Suspect Fatally Shot at Repair Shop

Sheriff: Man shoots and kills would-be robber

Kaplan Career Institute teacher pulls a gun to stop an attack outside the school

Police: Armed intruder killed at apartment

HCSO: Manager Shoots, Kills Robber


firing ranges are dangerous

Apparent robber fatally shot by Indiana homeowner

Open for debate

Firefighter Critical After Road Rage Shooting

Man in Wheelchair Kills Home Intruder

New video about the founder of the IBEW

Help Fight for a Fair Health Care Reform Bill

The View from Ontario, 137 Days into a Mine Strike

Thousands Of Researchers Picket UC Campuses For First Contract

Today in Labor History Dec 15, 6000 protesting women who were attacking non-striking miners

NYT: Poll Shows Mounting Toll of Joblessness on Nation

I did it again....

Is Obama's main problem here in DU with Dems or non-Dems?

SF Gate wildlife photographs: Winners of Contest

question about digital cameras and lenses

think you know Ansel Adams...

Worldwide photo shoot turns camera on those often overlooked

More footprints on the Moon

Born in beauty: proplyds in the Orion Nebula

Concerning the photo contest polls...

Nasa sky survey probe blasts off (BBC) {WISE}

Send your Name to Mars in 2011

Congratulations Photograpy Group

First Snow In San Diego

Flowers + Ant

Late Night at the Pool

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2009

Post Your Mobile Phone Camera Masterpiece

Frosty's creepy brother:

Universal Quantum Mechanism: Physicists Find Reappearing Quantum Trios

Tool use in an invertebrate: The coconut-carrying octopus

UN officials says Uganda may lose AIDS research centre

Cross posting... boys beware: homosexual awareness

Gross National Politics

Gays in the media

Houston, we don't have a problem...

Marriage equality approved in nation’s captital

For all of my GLBT and allied friends...

Anyone know anything about this?

Police tasered gay porn actor Andrew Grande to death

Banks: Real Reform and Pitchforks

U.S. Economy Forecast 2010, The Year of Severe Economic Contraction

Hostage Situation, By James Howard Kunstler

Obama’s Newfound Populism: All Hat, No Cattle

Monopoly Capitalism

FDIC Boosts 2010 Budget, Staff as Bank Failures Rise

Put Food and Energy Costs Back into the Inflation Numbers

House Considering Reinstating Glass-Steagall

Poll Reveals Trauma of Joblessness in U.S.

More power in your kitchen cabinets...part 2..

Anyone interested in permanently taking over the coordination of the group's monthly prayer thread?

12/16/2009 Sagittarius New Moon


Kids, ADHD, "Crystal & Indigo" what are connections?

H1N1: Done, or "third wave"?

Wooo-hooo! I'm off of Lexapro! I feel great. Sleeping better now, no

Drinking cups of tea and coffee 'can prevent diabetes' (BBC)

Homeopathy as "nanopharmacology"? The only thing "nano" is the quantity of the science involved

Anti-depressants 'up stroke risk' (BBC) {in post-menopause women}

"The One True Cause of All Disease"

Do you believe in the Devil, and if so, can you describe it?

Saudi Arabian Minister Orders Flogging Of 75 Year-old Woman

Nothing benefits faith like having the author/screenwriter on your side.

What's the deal with Santa and Jesus.

Atheism Increases Trust

I just watched "Julie and Julia". If you like to cook and you like good stories...

I should have brought the camera