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NATO chief looks to build trust with Moscow visit

BarrASSo just told Ed that there won't be a conference bill and what the Senate passes is it.

BarrASSo just told Ed that there won't be a conference bill and what the Senate passes is it.

Tiger Woods Signs Record Endorsement Deal

You know, its not like we got sold out today

Cuddles the labrador recovering after $7000 in vet bills 2 remove Christmas decorations from stomach

Mods pls delete, quirky posting bug error

Panel investigating allegations Taliban is being paid with US dollars to guard supply routes

Assailants, Police Charged with Fed Hate Crimes & Obstruction in Murder of Latino Youth (PA)

How Long Will It Be Before We Hear That Howard Dean Is Talking Down This HCR Bill.......

Mods! Has there been a spike in granite pizza deliveries during the last couple of days?

Among other things, I am mad that Reid allowed the Dems to get

Tweety showed a small group (20-30 tops) of Teabaggers singing a version of "12 Days of Xmas"

TeeveeTalkers, RadioYakkers, and DU Posters

In a gentler time and a gentler place, insurance companies were "Mutuals"

The Great Big Myth That Reconciliation Would Not Work For Health Care Reform

du is overrun with gop operatives

Lotto Winner's Wife Evicted from Home

Capitalism: A Love Story Blu-ray Gets Detailed

UPDATE 1-U.S. senate panel "deeply concerned" by F-35 costs

UPDATE 1-U.S. senate panel "deeply concerned" by F-35 costs

As sad as I am about the current bill, I must support it.

As sad as I am about the current bill, I must support it.

The Horns of a Dilemma

Why didn't we pass HCR immediately after Obama was elected?


California likely to get single payer after Arnold's out...if a dem wins governor

Ontario to try making divorce faster, cheaper

Rep. Grayson: End the War, Meet our Own Needs

Who's Correct: Krugman or Dean (or Obama or Teabaggers)?

House Passes $174 Billion Jobs Bill

In Delaying Health Care GOP Wants To Force August Repeat Over Holiday Break

So... We Put Off EVERY FUCKING CRIME During Bush/Cheney So We Could Pass This HCR Piece Of Shit ???

They are replaying Sanders speech today on cspan after he withdrew his SP...

Who do you think is right?

Sense of the Underground: Will we or won't we get something better?

Meet the teabaggers! Candidates coming out of the woodwork.

Made in LA (Film on DVD) I'm following up yesterdays post that was in bad taste

Only Bernie Sanders and/or Roland Burris can KILL THIS BILL!!!!

Only Bernie Sanders and/or Roland Burris can KILL THIS BILL!!!!

I'd like to hear from people who've been dropped from their insurance

There is one good thing in the Senate Bill that I hope survives

How many of these 30,000,000 uninsured covered in this bill.....

Keith Olbermann - Kill this Bill

ABC - "Senate Health Care Debate Stalls as Republicans Invoke Delay Tactics"

Should the Clinton 1993-94 health care bill have been passed

Parsley Pleads For Money: "Will You Help Me Take Back What the Devil Stole?"

Ok folks there are changes coming

Keith Olbermann: No sale on this health care reform bill

KO: "There's a line between compromise and COMPROMISED."

BREAKING: Sanders “Not Voting” For Health Care Bill

Sen.Jim DeMint fears a gay president

Point of information

A 12 TRILLION DOLLAR state COMMUNIST lifeline needed to keep the weaker capitalism alive.


Congress use your constitutional authority and stop this disgusting war funding.

Joe Lieberman, You Can Choke on the Bones of Jacqueline Kelly as They're Crammed Down Your Throat:

What is VPOTUS Joe Biden doing these days? nt

What health insurance system do you want to see in the U.S.?

A report on today's Senate Judiciary hearing on two Obama 4th Circuit nominees

House narrowly passes Pelosi's $174B jobs bill

Fact Check - "Imprisoned for Not Having Health Care?"

By God we showed the insurance companies not to mess with us!

Hey repukes! I'm opposed to the health care bill 'cuz it's not liberal enough!

We need our own Tommy Douglas.......and a greater spirit of collectivism

The Republicans, Insurance Companies, and Lieberman Won! Kill The Bill! Let 45,000 Die!


Any Dr. Pepper drinkers?

Coming up on Rachel: "A festival of failing on the internet" (candidate websites)

When you don't know where you're going,

Generosity Leads To Return Of Woman's Stolen Car

Generosity Leads To Return Of Woman's Stolen Car

Stockton Fire Truck Gets Sponsorship - Food 4 Less Covers Shortfall Of Funds For Rescue Rig

Kill the Bill Video, spooky


Yes, Bernanke is Time's "Man of the Year"

Maybe you all need a laugh right about now?

the corrupt are becoming dangerous because they know the end of their status quo is near

I bet you reconciliation is still on the table (I don't care what Reid is saying)

I want single payer.

When they spoke about killing gramma ......

Have yourself a merry litt --- WTF?!

Petition for Medicare 4 All

What would Ted Kennedy think right now?

What would Ted Kennedy think right now?

Of the following healthcare reforms, what would "President McCain" and "VP Palin" have supported?

Of the following healthcare reforms, what would "President McCain" and "VP Palin" have supported?

We voted for hope and change, not hollow gestures.

Why don't the Senate Dems try this:

Question: Romney/Palin; What would 8 years, 2013-2020, look like?

Argentina: "Myth" of egalitarian society fading away for young people

lather, rinse, repeat

Help give Sleezerman the Lying Manipulative Shit a good kick in the butt

Since Obama sold us all out on healthcare, I sort of wish Oral Roberts was still alive.

Cincinnati police officer killed in combat

Sen. Bernie Sanders: ‘As Of This Point’ I’m NOT VOTING FOR THIS BILL

KEITH -- I don't want to see you lose your job

For those who still support the Senate HCR bill and disagree with Sanders, Keith O or Dean -

expect Connected hand-humpers to act like they've 'won' and expect you to be reticent

Pelosi Says Rallying Votes for Troop Surge in Afghanistan Will be Obama's Job

Elton John said what I'm feeling about the party right now many years ago:

The shortage of H1N1 vaccine is over,

Look Who Just Funded the Escalation

The Bill is not going to die: HCR

Communism is patriotic.

Teabagger "die-in" fails

I don't get the whole Joe Lieberman thing?

The... Mexican Dream

Like Keith said tonight

Invictus and Global Warming

Invictus and Global Warming

Replace Washington's portrait on our dollar with a RED STAR.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Barack, nobody said this job was going to be easy...


John Birch Society to Co-Sponser CPAC

Al Gore just posted a cool poem on my friend's blog.

Al Gore just posted a cool poem on my friend's blog.

Damn you know corporations are really getting greedy with benefits when....


NC: largest county - Mecklenburg - approves domestic partner benefits for workers

NC: largest county - Mecklenburg - approves domestic partner benefits for workers

Playing the ponies

What is AMAZING about Dems ARE the......

Hadassah Leiberman is not the only politician's wife who worked

Thank you, Mods, for Tombstoning "The Pony"

guidance please re: "my DU" page..?

So: Pass this piece of shit bill then declare a national emergency and

So, the hammer of censorship is coming down hard on the DU

So thanks for the pony stands but a post about censorship is locked

I don't want to leave the democratic party!

If You Could have Voted In The 1980 Primaries, Who Would You Have Voted For?

If You Could have Voted In The 1980 Primaries, Who Would You Have Voted For?

I'm afraid that really pisses me off

If you have questions about why a thread is locked,

Rabble Rabble Rabble!

Why complain when things are so good?

OK,GDers. What are we drinking tonight?

Dads get postpartum depression, too!

The problem is not with the "Dem's"

Why *CAN'T* Connecticut recall LIEbermouse?

Whataya bet: the Repugs will vote for the final bill?

"Looking Back [on what hiring] Rahm Emanual meant"

Email I Received: Virtual Medicare Signup Action

Kill The Bill? Stand With Dr. Dean. Continue To Fight For An Improved Bill!

Kill The Bill? Stand With Dr. Dean. Continue To Fight For An Improved Bill!

If Health Care Reform Efforts Fails, How Will You React?

Open Letter to Congressman Jim McDermott and the Progressive Caucus

So, can we change the age requirement for Medicare to 0 now?

Last predictions of late 1990s Russian free market reformer Yegor Gaidar

Twenty years after rescue, a reunion

Twenty years after rescue, a reunion

Is the current senate bill posted anywehere?

Gravity Satellites Show a Huge Groundwater Loss in California

'Out West' at the Autry examines the history of homosexuals and transgender people in the Old West

Texas parents, school tangle over boy's long locks

Bankers 'whacked' in arcade game

I Love Barack Obama, but I Must Respectfully Disagree

Climate Change

Rising seas 'clue' in sunken world off Orkney

How to postpone the 2010 elections until 2011

Macbeth must have transported himself to Washington.

A few thousand "tea-baggers" got more coverage than millions of anti-war demonstrators

A few thousand "tea-baggers" got more coverage than millions of anti-war demonstrators

Yale releases top 10 quotes of 2009

Why didn't they get rid of Harry Reid YEARS ago?

Why HASN'T the mandate been removed already?

Coburn: GOP will make 'several more' attempts to derail health bill

The Story of How We Got Social Security: a Just So Tale

WTF??? Brazilian toddler found with up to 40 needles inside him

Fuck you Glen Beck

Found this in 2008. I should have known better.

Injured Vet Receives Transplanted Pancreas Grown From a Few Cells

Not to be outraged is the crime

The bill does not protect people with pre-existing conditions

They stole Dick Cheney's playbook!

Jews and the Labor Movement: Historic Union Torn Apart in Messy Divorce

Where's HillWilliam when ya need him?

This bill appears to be legislation that the president wanted in the first place

Hillary Clinton is speaking at the Climate Change Summit

Hillary Clinton is speaking at the Climate Change Summit

Full disclosure: I was a "Deaniac" in '04 and wrote in his name in the Democratic primary

Everything old (and crazy) is new again (and still crazy)

If we "knew" reconciliation was impossible, would we still feel so betrayed?

Dean on Morning Joe right now

An Observation on the Split in the Progressive Blogosphere

There are some very bad things in this healthcare bill

Daily Kos: "All Things Considered, I Begin To Make Plans To Leave"

The ginormouse factor that is different in the House bill from the Senate

New poll reveals human cost of US unemployment

Democrats vow to close Medicare 'doughnut hole'

Hemorrhage \

The theory about Joe's flip-flops that will drive him nuts:

Ya know, I'm watching Lawrence O'Donnell and I remember how he helped doom health care reform

Schumer - what an arrogant asshole

Fax Action Page: I Want To Sign Up For Medicare Too!!

From HuffPo: On Rep. Gutierrez' Immigration Reform Bill

Obama will have to be a holding place

Give Santa a carrot, not a cookie: Expert deems Mr. Claus an unhealthy, reckless role model

Mark Lloyd strikes back against right wing conspiracy theorists

Are most pro athletes inherently arrogant?

The Fat Laydee Hasn't Sung Yet. I know, For I am that Fat Laydee!!

It's Interesting Now To Listen To Senators Defend Their HCR Bill.......

“You give me a water board, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I’ll have him confess to the Sharon Tate

so i got a "change in terms" notice from my bank, and surprise, surprise --

Send your child a free personalized Xmas video message from Santa - VERY cool!

(facepalm) Warning: Children eat glass ornaments

Schumer "Regrets" Slur of Flight Attendant

SEIU President To Obama: "Our challenge to you, is to FIGHT"


Ed Schultz just let the secret out on Morning Joe.

U.S. Steps Up Special Operations Mission in Afghanistan (Targeting Taliban)

Exhibit A: Senator Joseph Lieberman's "True Constituency"

Did you know the United Auto Workers (UAW) first negotiated domestic partner benefits in 1982?

Right On! The unvarnished Truth about Joe

Right On! The unvarnished Truth about Joe

What is the criteria for if an insurance policy will be taxed?

my uninsured visit to my doctor yesterday......freeked me out

my uninsured visit to my doctor yesterday......freeked me out

Chris Henry has died - Cincinnati Bengal

Questions about the specifics of Senate H.C.R. bill.

U.S. newspapers plan to outsource editorial operations

I never trusted government. No matter who was in office. Now unions I trusted

I stand with Keith O. I will not...actually cannot afford to...

I stand with Keith O. I will not...actually cannot afford to...

Lithuanian leader 'impeached' for refusing CIA

Anyone ever heard of "US Online Pharmacy"?

Ed Schultz is NAILING Axelrod to the wall on Joe right now ! nt

Best is the enemy of the good blah blah blah Country bankrupt

Best is the enemy of the good blah blah blah Country bankrupt

Let's get a few things STRAIGHT, boys and girls.

President Obama writes a new health reform prescription (Drug reimportation vote)

Irrational, irrelevant, whiner, throwing a tantrum...

Great idea! Caller to David Sorota's show said to support Dean,

Woman abandoned in Fairfax as a baby finds her rescuers 20 years later (Need a smile?)

Salon: 2009 will be remembered as the year that one man's craziness gripped America with fear

Howard Dean on NPR now

On the death of the idealistic souls brought to politics by one Barack Obama...

is required payin to private health insurance attempted dissolution of Reagan affluence ?

The Reality of PTSD

net approval: Dem -10%, Repub -15%, 'Tea Party' +18%

Let's send a bazillion "mass cards" to Holy Joe L (re Collins this a.m.) and make a point

Union Leader Andy Stern Calls Out Obama On Health Care

WE NEED Coordinated Public Action to Break Any Monopoly...

Is Nancy not feeling well, or is this just a bad photo?

Bill eliminates Medicare co-pays for preventative care

Wendell Potter: If the bill passes in this way, many millions of people will face bankruptcy

the underlying political problem: public options don't have the money for PR & bribes

Lost - Last seen on the campaign trail - Can anybody help me find this man?

Question Of The Day: Will ANY DEMOCRAT Kill The Bill?

So I think I have skin cancer... But I don't have health insurance.

Howard Dean for President! It starts here. It's starts now.

Would the Senate bill be worthwhile if the mandate was also stripped out?

Two Seperate Ideas, both of Which I believe, on Healthcare

Two Seperate Ideas, both of Which I believe, on Healthcare

HCR: Maybe Progressives can create an even bigger hostage situation

Jobless claims higher again

For those comparing mandated private car insurance with mandated private health insurance..

Support Howard Dean and REAL health care reform:

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4- Angry at Climate Deniers

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3- Angry at Perpetual War

DU is establishing itself as one of the leading anti-Obama web sites

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- Angry at Fat Cats

Copenhagen conference on the brink of collapse

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5- The rest (angry or not)

My email to McCaskill

Maybe now Pres Obama will trade his Lincoln 'team of rivals' book for Teddy Roosevelts' Trustbusters

Regarding the BBC debate over whether gays should be executed?

The WH Has Treated Dean Disgracefully

Senate Panel Backs Bernanke for a Second Term at Fed

would people please stop comparing health ins and car ins

Where can I find FACTS about the proposed HCR bill?

so what will happen when the corrupt senate bill meets the weak but slightly bette house one?

Which 10 Senators do you think we could lobby

Good for Bernie Sanders!

I'm not sure if I want the bill to die, but if it gets killed...

Nevada jobless rate drops to 12.3 percent

Democrats are free to support Liebercare.

Contact President Obama...I did

E-mail this to your Senators: If we're throwing billions of dollars to MIC, then it's time to stop.

Can someone please explain to me why the WH is going after Dean? Is it because

So, who wants shit-sprinkles on that small plastic cup of room temperature spoiled milk.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Angry at Congress

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Angry at Congress

The greed during the Reagan years was a better form of greed than what we see today

Many Poems and Words of Songs Created

If anyone is still interested in facts, here is why you cannot pass a PO with reconciliation.

Change the name to Hysteria Underground

Just An Observation - Looks Like If A Senator Declares Oneself As An Independent.......

NYT Columnist Apologizes To John Kerry While Slamming "Not That Bright" Lieberman

Christmas Time's A'Coming

Pelosi: Kucinich Withdrawal Resolution Will Do for Vote on Afghanistan

Citigroup Does the Impossible: It Screws Us Taxpayers Again

It goes without saying Republicans have zero Credibility

Latina breast cancer survivors: this study is for you:

I have some honest questions. What are the mechanisms to enforce

please delete

If Dems hold the Burris & Dodd seats

So I see this nightmare scenario

Do you still have the audacity to hope?

If you back Howard Dean like I do...

If you back Howard Dean like I do...

Drones hacked over there and over here.

Drones hacked over there and over here.

Drones hacked over there and over here.

Luxury Homeowners in U.S. Use ‘Short Sales’ as Defaults Rise

Update on the Brazilian two year old who was found with needles in his body.

Our Government Is Nothing More Than a Cheap Whore At A Never Ending Gangbang

deadly playground

Why didn't the democrats call Libermans bluff??

Todd Palin Goes Rogue with Message Tee

"Time" dumps Green supporters for "bald, gray" man

The mandate?

Chamber of Commerce using Hooters gift certificates to fight health care reform.

Why does it have to be done in one year??

Glenn Beck:'s Crazy Person Of The Year 2009

The US Senate to America - "It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again"

the 'pancake' e-mails - Florida

Liberals Ready to 'Fight' Over Concessions in Senate Health Bill

Phoenix Greyhound Park to close

Berlusconi treatment for Americans.

What It All Boils Down To

Lax home-school laws put kids at risk - Physical harm or educational neglect difficult to spot

Hans Blix - More than six years later, what was the aim of invading Iraq?

R/W is salivating right now..Democratics eating each wonder the Republicans always get back

The Glen Beck Journalism Sale-a-Palooza

Remember this? - Obama In Heated Conversation With Lieberman

Wall Street Profits Soar To $50B, Bonuses To Rise Up To 40 Percent

"I hope that Senate Democrats will work on this bill as it moves to conference." ~ Howard Dean

Indian sect members vow to marry sex workers

How much do you currently pay for health insurance or do you lack coverage?

That makes me mad

Fact NOT in dispute: Those who are advising Obama have GREATLY miscalculated Deans influence

Shame On You Landrieu & F#ck You Mr. President

Pentagon nominee promises reporters won’t be rated (anymore) before embeds

So has Mr. President started a new party without declaration right under our noses?

Party operatives who are here today:Give us a reason, besides loyalty to a man, to support HCRl

Blacks seek census change for minorities

There is no page fold.

Letter from President Obama to Congress Regarding Occupations and the War Powers Resolution

Letter from President Obama to Congress Regarding Occupations and the War Powers Resolution

Is that a yes? - pic

Chicken little Underground

Chicken little Underground

I'm thinking one or more of the 3 Wise Men had to be a Kennedy.

For those that want to kill the bill, what makes you think we would ever get anything better?

Irish Bishop Resigns Over Dublin Sex-Abuse Scandal

Since it keeps coming up: Forget about "constitutionality"

Miami Herald's scathing cartoon about Lieberman and Democrats.

Would have Hillary fought harder for a minimum of a public option?

Bottom line is that if there is a remote chance HCR can be made to work, I will

Palin wears t-shirt "If you don't love America then why don't you get the hell out"

Court documents suggest John Edwards is father of Rielle Hunter's baby

Mom's Tweet After Son's Death Debated

The 'sex offender' list needs to be overhauled.

I remember when Howard Dean supporters were purged from this site

The bottom line, will you or won't you sit out the 2010 and possibly 2012 elections

*****Heads up DU!*****

An Apology To Hillary Supporters

Fla. Man Exonerated After 35 Years Behind Bars - campaign to defeat Lieberman in the next election - link here -

It ain't me.

Remains in 2,000-year-old tomb near Old City show first known case of leprosy

In Retrospect, was there any difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush?

Atheist Holiday Traditions!


Leaked Internal UN Document: Global Temps Will Rise by More than 2 Degrees

We DemsLibsProgressives need to QUIT DEMONIZING other DemsLibsProgressives we don't agree with

If Hillary Clinton ran against President Barack Obama for the nomination in 2012

$130 billion approved today for War:

This "forget supporting the Dems" logic curiously mirrors right-wing rhetoric on social programs.

Surprise! - Nelson a 'no' on health reform bill pending further changes

Are you a Neocon?

Up to 56,000 more contractors likely for Afghanistan, congressional agency says

Hate Crime suspected in murder of man found stabbed to death in Puerto Rico motel

Lazy LIBS- yes- YOU too!!!

Well, one thing we can all agree on this morning.....

The term "blame" is counterproductive and childish (in any circumstance).

Pre-existing conditions a thing of the past, right? - Well....

McCain/Palin presidency with GOP control...

The Emporers New Clothes - The Notion That Big Insurance Will Implement HCR In Good Faith

strange choice of words

Universal healthcare for all!

Help Wanted

Will you work as hard for the Democrats in 2010 / 2012 as you did in the '08 election?

I just heard someone ask "what is a racial epithat?"

Caption this POS!

I heard Bernie Sanders is pushing for reconciliation. Why is Rockefeller opposed to it?

Should we have two health care bills?

Should we have two health care bills?

Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones $26 Software Is Used to Breach Key Weapons in Iraq...

Have any who claim that DU is an "anti-Obama" site taken a look around the internets today?

We were promised Health Care Reform, not a health care tweak

Obama Calls Lieberman “Brother”and Why Not?

Hartmann: Obama is being blackmailed

Twas The Night Before Bonusmas - Mark Fiore Flash

Barack Obama brought the hope, but Howard Dean brought the audacity

Does Everyone Realize They Aren't Through Screwing Us On This Bill?

James Dobson: "The Evil One wants to give us all inexpensive health care!!111!!!!"

DU This Poll!!! Local Paper for New Fed Prison: Agree w/Obama moving Detainees?

ACLU: Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Landmark Juvenile Justice Legislation

Arizona Republican Party director accused of stalking Phoenix woman

Why do so many people think their health care is "free" if their employer "pays for it?"

Why do so many people think their health care is "free" if their employer "pays for it?"

Why do so many people think their health care is "free" if their employer "pays for it?"

Dean just made shit up again. On live TV.

Pelosi says Kucinich Resolution Will Satisfy Need for Afghanistan Vote

If Democratic primaries were being held today and President Obama

Just Asking - How Come We Never See Rahm?........

So how many more months or years do you think all the recovery spin will last?

Nightmare Scenario: Progressive Senate Ds Vote Against HCR, Rs Rush In With Yes Votes To Pass It

Sen. Mary Landrieu Admits PUBLIC OPTION Was All Just SENATE KABUKI

One cost that never gets talked about in our current HC "system"

Concrete changes that could lessen the risk of another debacle like the healthcare reform situation.

Thoughts on fascism, Mann, Yeats, and Nietzsche.

Vote down Forbes online mag's climate change denial article. (link>>)

Vote down Forbes online mag's climate change denial article. (link>>)

Japanese man marries virtual bride VIDEO

I'm sure the mandates were to insure that people had to buy

I'll admit I'm coming around to the progressive viewpoint on the Senate health care bill.

Don't Forget what McCain Wanted to do About Health Care!

I'm Confused

The longer HCR takes, the more money everyone in politics gets

FEC Opens Scrutiny of Nonprofit Rules

Obama says: Gov. going bankrupt

water main break again

I just want to say...

Is Health Care Failure The GOP’s Dream Scenario?

Breaking: 5 people shot in upper west side of Manhattan.

Despite falling poll numbers Obama still trusted more than Republicans

Would President Hillary Clinton Have Fought for this Bill?

What was the phrase? Oh yeah..."Fired Up and Ready to GO!"

What was the phrase? Oh yeah..."Fired Up and Ready to GO!"

Presenting: Fundie Quote of the Day. # 6 And a new word, also.

Presenting: Fundie Quote of the Day. # 6 And a new word, also.

Will this be remembered as the Decade of Terror?

So, Let Me Get This Straight About HCR Mandates, Insurance exchanges Etc.

Hey, Obama, Reid, Pelosi etal...

AFL-CIO Blasts Senate Bill, Leaves Door Open To Opposition

Traficant Mulls Comeback

What the current health care bill reminds me of:

"BONUSMAS" Forget Visions of Sugarplums Christmas animation by Mark Fiore

115 photos of this decade

I just called Howard Dean's office and thanked him..go for it

Coal-fired Congress Blocks Path to Clean Energy

Coal-fired Congress Blocks Path to Clean Energy

Nation's Largest UNION: CHANGE Health Care OR ELSE

Bill Clinton: Opposing Reform Would Be A 'Colossal Blunder'

How about an amendment to force members of Congress to personally use whatever health care they pass

Who thinks the GOP has pictures of Harry Reid with a goat?

The reason why the Senate bill won't kick in fully until 2014 is because the world ends in 2012

Pentagon: (Iraq and Afghanistan) Insurgents Intercepted Drone Spy Videos

Joe Lieberman thinks he's The Decider...

Police: Bengals' Henry dies day after dispute

What are the PRO's and CON's to the Senate bill? I am trying to wrap my head around the division

Lunatic Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio Issues New Order Forcing Inmates to Listen to Christmas Carols

Lunatic Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio Issues New Order Forcing Inmates to Listen to Christmas Carols

Obama and Congress - Dance with the ones that brought you (or dance alone!)

Correct me if I am wrong...

Deputies: Cache of 60 stolen gnomes found

Rwanda To Vote on Criminalizing Homosexuality Wednesday

Pennsylvania County Agrees To Remove Religious Symbols From Courthouse Lawn

Lieberman just asked for a few extra minutes on the Senate floor &

Lieberman just asked for a few extra minutes on the Senate floor &

I knew we all had been HOODWINKED the moment I saw this ….....................

I knew we all had been HOODWINKED the moment I saw this ….....................

the White House is scared of Howard Dean

Nate Silver and other "progressives" who are trying to convince us that this turd of a bill is good

David Axelrod will be on Hardball.

AFL-CIO Joins SEIU's Call To 'Fight Like Hell'...

AFL-CIO Joins SEIU's Call To 'Fight Like Hell'...

Business groups attack city's 'lavish' health benefits

Jeezus Reid, couldn't you have at least made them actually filibuster a little bit

The Senate and its rules are the problem but it's the President's fault?

Matthews correct again: The senate, unlike the house, is NOT democratic.

Where is our line in the sand at?

Where is our line in the sand at?

letter to Obama, chiefly on health care ''reform''

Police dog bites cop, is shot to death

What will the poor White House do now that they're caught between Nelson and Sanders?

What will the poor White House do now that they're caught between Nelson and Sanders?

Funny how last night we have a little press party at the white house, then today

You gotta wonder if Wal-Mart and other companies feel like idiots for never trying for a MANDATE

30 million people owing their souls to the insurance company store...

Judge: Gangs Deadlier than Gitmo Detainees

Religious Right Holds "Prayercast" To Stop Health Care Bill

Obama's Political Capital Squandered

Kill the Mandate!

Dog shot during home invasion robbery resting after surgery

What Options Did Obama Leave On The Table In Health Care Fight?

Cool! Franken just made Lieberman shut up.

The biggest slap in the face by the current Health Care Bill goes to

Is Single Payer Also Bad Because It May Result In Going To Prison Due To Taxes?

Dean: I Won’t “Vigorously” Support Obama’s Re-election

Who is to blame? Obama or the GOP...

So I guess Edwards was right"You don't offer a seat at the table to Ins.Cos and Big Pharma

Danger Room What’s Next in National Security

Actress Jennifer Jones dead at 90

The ruling class in the U.S. doesn't really care which party is in "power,"

Tap water legal but may be unhealthy

I want to be outraged

If Eric Cantor gets any dumber, he might actually BECOME Santorum's clone.

Prominent Evangelist/Right Wing Shill Begs For Money

Tenants flee 12 unit building as chunk of bluff falls into ocean

So, someone just please tell me what the fuck is going on?

SOMEbody, PLEASE tell Tweety..

If Obama was to be an one-term President - who would you want in the 2012 primary?

Obama wants "government by, for, and of the people" no more than George W. Bush did.

NRO beneficiaries on Exit Control List (Pakistan)

Citi's holiday treat: No foreclosures for a month

Deal on abortion coverage not enough, Nebraska senator says

You know what? I think Obama really IS playing chess here and he MIGHT just have done what is right

You know what? I think Obama really IS playing chess here and he MIGHT just have done what is right

No One Is Going To Save You Fools

Franken Puts Traitor Joe In His Place! [video]

The Coming U.S. Commercial Real Estate Crash

Where Is Joe Biden???

Let's introduce the SNIP bill

Can someone explain how someone without health care now will be worse off if this passes?

Dead animals hamper rescue bid after ship capsizes

Top 5 List.

Tweety being an ass.

Dean on Ed Schultz NOW MSNBC!!!

Sen. Coburn Promises "Several More" Stunts To Delay Health Care Reform

Sen. Coburn Promises "Several More" Stunts To Delay Health Care Reform

I got an email from Obama asking me to make a call to support HCR. I called my Senator and told him

Did Bernanke get TIME's Person of the Year to push him through the confirmation process?

I wouldn't mind paying for mandated insurance if it were structured like this...

I wouldn't mind paying for mandated insurance if it were structured like this...

Which health coverage system is the most efficient, functional, logical and moral?

Maybe Congress and the administration will finally listen to their base and do something right /nt

Venezuela: Chavez says U.S. plans attack

Universal health care for all citizens? don't be silly!

The sure-fire way to guarantee universal health insurance coverage is... a MANDATE.

I knew there were a lot of corporatists in the Democratic party...

Menlo Park Fire Protection District does safety demonstration of the dangers during the holiday-pics

Go ahead, Nelson, there are 13 women Dem Senators

3 Good Wars

Reconcilliation and ram it through. Tear up the fucking Senate.

Sen. Sanders: ‘As of this point, I’m not voting for the bill.’

Health Insurance is a Ponzi Scheme. It will bankrupt the country.

CNN floating rumors of ongoing coup in Pakistan.

Axelrod on PBS Newshour with Lehrer - not impressive.

Speak up to save the Internet. (Credo Action/Color of Change petition)

There Is Only One

It is long overdue for Obama to dump Rahm Emanuel

Lanny Davis has ALWAYS been part of the problem

Lanny Davis has ALWAYS been part of the problem

When this health Care reform bill fully goes into effect, I'll be able to retire

White House Finally Decides to Get Tough on a Political Opponent

Anti-Lieberman Drive Tops $1 Million

The main reason what we are watching is nothing more than kabuki charade is...

Indian College found?

Should we form a government?

We need to call Franken's offices!!

MSNBC: Tony Perkins and his fine Christian family values group is holding a "prayercast" against

Obama approve/disapprove with Primary preference

Nate Silver urges progresseves to support the Senate bill

Why this Mandated health insurance exchange is a problem

We Can't Do Single Payer In One Leap

"What are you gonna do about it, vote for the republican?"

Can someone explain how it's constitutional to require citizens to buy insurance from private,

Matthews said that those people were part of the “netroots” and not “regular grown-up Democrats”:

These glaciers are growing

These glaciers are growing

Everyone Keeps Asking; "What Do We Do Now?" Simple...

Everyone Keeps Asking; "What Do We Do Now?" Simple...

Everyone Keeps Asking; "What Do We Do Now?" Simple...

What IS in the Health Care Bill?

I've never seen the people at Rapture Ready do this before...

Study finds Louisiana residents happiest in US

Brazilian court halts return of boy to U.S., father says

What pisses you off the most about the HCR debacle?

Roll up the pavement: Gravel is making a comeback

I hope all DU'ers reflect a bit before throwing money at MoveOn


Obama is still better than McCain would have been.

You know who is laughing their fucking asses off?

Holy S***! You've Gotta see this flashtoon

I feel like I'm being blackmailed by the argument that if we don't accept this bill

Question: What is the latest on the toxic assets?

CT scans. Not 1/1000 put at risk of developing cancer, but 1/80.

Major Environmental Groups Banned from Summit, Scores Arrested in “Reclaim Power” Action

The ability to question our party leaders is one of the biggest differences between our party

Now that we've seen the truth about what Washington, Congress, and both parties are

The Health Care Reform Rumble

AP Source: Chrysler will invest in Michigan plant (155 jobs to be created in Michigan)

So say they KNOW we can't afford this mandated insurance fee- what does it mean?

What percentage of people offered GOOD insurance through their work turn it down?

Colorado Supreme Court Bans Smoking in Plays

I would have been FAR happier if Obama had tried and failed at REAL health care reform

Tigers and Dust

Is Obama smarter than us?

The Public Face of DU Today

Will This Christmas Be A Good Christmas For You On A Personal Level?

Part 6: Two-thirds of Americans support Medicare-for-all - by Kip Sullivan

White House - better to close doughnut hole for seniors than to lower drug price for all in imports

The Rude Pundit: This Is What a Liberal Sounds Like ...

Obama, one term President?

The Chess Player screwed up.

I thought the Beatles changed things like this?

Keith Olbermann says he'll go to jail before being forced to buy health insurance and

Mystery Couple Pays It Forward at Philly Diner

Question: Do we as US citizens really have any real voice in our government?

Mary and Joseph poster sparks unholy row (Boom went the dynamite!)

Today Robert Gibbs said no rational person would oppose this bill.

When was it clear to you that Obama and the Dems were going to screw this up?

Our planet is collapsing into total darkness

Axelrod is totally full of shit!

Axelrod is totally full of shit!

When the mandate goes through, I'm just wondering...

Docs Suggest Bush WH Failed to Search for Libby's "Missing" Emails Subpoenaed in CIA Leak Probe

First they came for the rich????

I could get behind a Dean/Franken ticket

Stafford Loans, Good or Bad

Simple question: Is jail time a possible penalty under the mandate?

Hospice Santa volunteers face grief, kids' hard questions

Buzzflash: Lieberman's former Yale roommate says he's gone over to the "dark side"

He promised exactly this: "A PUBLIC HEALTH INSURANCE OPTION"

Researchers discover unknown body system. Declare it a potential cause for extra sensory perception

Mary Landrieu Admits Public Option Was All Just Senate Kabuki

Obama supporters check in here!

Damn, Howard Dean has balls.

Rep Weiner to tweety: "you're not perfect or that good!"

"Your son was a homo, really?"

Apparently, expanding medicaid is a pivotal piece of the puzzle, BUT

There is a scary undercurrent running that the Tea Parties and other events have been obscuring.

Where Are Your Obama Bumper Stickers These Days?

Who Burns $5m in Borrowed Money Every Hour?

The Leaders of the Left seem unwilling to fight for anything

I still love Obama...but...

Mystery of Tony Blair's money solved GUARDIAN

The Health Insurance Cartel's Extortion Demand:

Book of Armaments, Chapter 2, verses 9-21

Why don't I get the same feeling from this pic that I did nine months ago?

In memorium

Howard Dean, Movement Hero..David Sirota

Mandating un-affordable insurance purchases is like the old vagrancy laws

Does anyone know what the penalties will be for not buying health insurance?

Obama told China: I can't stop Israel strike on Iran indefinitely

MoveOn Hits $1 Million Mark In Anti-Lieberman Campaign

Michael Moore threatens boycott over Lieberman

Why are Arianna Huffington and Howard Dean going on Morning Joe

Holy Shite Jane Hamsher is tearing Lanny Davis

Six Reasons Why Earth Won't Cope for Long

Fla. man exonerated after 35 years behind bars

Welcome to Healthcare Hell

Public Option Or Bust! Supporters Check In!

The perfect solution for unemployment: fine the unemployed!

Obama promised to unite the country, and he has done it...

A recipe to cut health care costs immediately

Couple weeks of blatant revealing moves by Obama has everyone i know in an uproar

"Why wont anyone stand up to Joe Lieberman?"

Boy, 4, found with beer, stolen gifts - wants to go to jail because that is where his dad is

Kobe Bryant and Health Care Reform

helicoptors needed - Hundreds of cars are blocked by snow storm

Racism in public accounting , especially in Big 4 firms

I'm going to jail, who's with me?

Bernie Sanders Calls On Obama, Senate To Pick Another Fed Chair

Bernie Sanders Calls On Obama, Senate To Pick Another Fed Chair

DeMint promises to delay health bill, force Christmas Eve vote

Vote for this (shitty) bill, or the next thing you might see is a mushroom cloud

Howard Dean is collecting emails and signatures

Good Luck Enforcing Mandated Insurance...

Anti-H-1B Blogger Targeted By Feds

Former DNC chair Don Fowler: Dean's words are "childish". Says "left" in league with Lieberman

Senate Unveils CompromiseCare

Newsweek Prediction for 2010: Obama Does Nada on Gay Rights

Palin "ERASES" McCain while on Vacation?! WTF?

I am an architect, I am unemployed, I will NOT buy mandated private health insurance...

Danica Patrick holds the power

Tea Partiers rally: 'Kill the bill'

No One Is Going To Save You Fools

Mom Shellie Ross' Tweet About Son's Death Sparks Debate Over Use of Twitter During Tragedy

Here is a political reality

Will Marijuana be legal in CA? ... YES!

How any respect or trust left I had for this White House was destroyed in one day

The Health Care Bill: As Wicked as the Mandates Are, This Is Even Worse.

Gibbs Lashes Back At Dean, Suggests He's Irrational

Frankly, I am quite PROUD of the members of DU today

I updated my Avatar

Left baggers to the left of me, tea baggers to the right

Joe Klein: The Left-Blogosphere Melts Down -"This issue is just too serious for preening or ranting"

no penalty for pre-existing conditions?

Howard Dean has a point. We need the SEC to examine the insurance co's books!

Is this as good as it gets?

Kos' answer to Nate Silver's 20 Questions for Bill Killers here

Some days at DU make me mad, some make me laugh, some make me think.

When will the democratic majority end NAFTA?

Our World, Their World, My World

Michael Moore says (on Twitter):

Let me tell you the kind of US Senator I would be (imaginary hypothetical rant)


No Need To Despair, Folks. Even If Health Care Bill Flops,

This is what makes me a radical liberal!

Torture suit too hot to be heard, US says

HELP FEED THE HUNGRY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. Support the 4th Annual DU Charity Donation Drive.

Growing Up Toxic in the Ohio River Valley - Heavy Metal Kids

You will be shocked... I changed my mind.

Forget the damn Dem politicians - if the Left doesn't start channelling the very real populist anger

A lot of you guys say that you're mad...

Projections Put Whites in Minority in U.S. by 2050

Michael Moore just twittered..

Oscar winner Jennifer Jones dead at 90

Hugo Chavez Brings Down the House in Copenhagen

Gnossienne No. 5

free christmas tune download from =)

How am I gonna pay my kids' orphanage bills? n/t

My favorite Christmas was 12-25-1991......

My favorite Christmas was 12-25-1991......

So how does an entire topic disappear, anyways?

It's that time of the month, again...

I accidentally replaced a General Discussion post with a Lounge posting...

Whether you like "Gangsta Rap" or not, you'll love this...

Ghost Town Blues


Roy E. Disney dies

My very own Tiger Woods thread

How to serve a man Chicken Wings...

Anyone else tossing back a few cold ones?

John, George, we miss you.

Finished my last city council meeting

post pseudo-profound nonsense here

YouTube - Final edition Byrds (McGuinn/White/Battin/Schulz), "So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star"

How do you let your significant other know what you want for Christmas?

I'm going to bed soon, but when I awake tomorrow, I expect to see some interesting shit posted here.

The Top Two Percent are circling the wagons

So I introduced the small fry to "Home Alone" tonight. We had a good time

"Foot Undies"

Alright Already, I'm Going to See "Avatar". Please Stop With The Promotions.

anyone else been watching the A Capella contest on NBC this week?

Hey, I kinda of enjoy (non-traditional) Christmas music, like these ones....

To all the Ladies of the World...A question.

Orrex just crashed through my roof.

YouTube - Mick Jagger, U2 & Fergie, "Gimme Shelter" @ Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame 10/30/09

I may soon be the oldest apprentice evarh!!

BREAKING: Body of Huckleberry Finn exhumed, new autopsy reveals he didn't actually have "fins"

Did you like Sex, Love, and Rock 'n' Roll?

Every time Rachael Ray says "Yummo!", a baby unicorn gets herpes of the eyehole.

I'm watching this show on the "History" Channel, about the rapture...



"Tiger liked what he saw and let her know it"..."her" being Jessica Simpson

Rabble Rabble Rabble!

Youtube: Ayumi Hamasaki (The queen of Jpop)

Tonight's sloppy drinkfest has been moved to the Lounge.

Apartment etiquette question

Canadian ice fishing

'Santa' Stumbles Out of Vehicle, Seeks Reindeer

Are repubs more loud??

Urgent posting from my iPhone: I've jumped out of a plane and forgotten my parachute!

I'm in a snit this morning. Not for any particular reason--minor annoyances--

Damn! I staying here for a while. It's not safe out in GD.

Do you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain?

The Ghost of Tom Joad The E Street Band w Tom Morello from Rage Against the MAchine...

Do you like Sex, Drugs and Nickleback?

"I'm a gay man, I'm not a stalker!"

3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time

Good morning, Miss Honeychurch. nt

Your favorite snack chip?

What do you want for Christmas? I want Joe Lieberman to be doused with drunkards puke and get a

"Dad, you're really close to ruining gay for me."

Send your child a free personalized Xmas video message from Santa - VERY cool!

Fail Blog: Sums up my feeling about morning TV

Do you like cold beer for breakfast?

Have you heard of blippy? It's a "service" that shares your credit card purchases twitter style.

Gah! Kim Kardashian is on CSI:NY. Blech!

vacation question for those from the rocky mountain state.

Ninjas. Hijacked. My Mother.

Fun with Google's autocomplete!

What's that, uh, SMILE, Courtney Love is wearing?!1

My daughter on Facebook: Freddie Mercury didn't die.

Do you like kippers for breakfast?

Going to See Avatar in 3D IMAX Christmas day

Did anyone else know that the plural of esophagus is esphagi?

This is photoshopped, right?

I started a CaringBridge page...

Help save earth from Facebook fu.

Io, Saturnalia!

An page from one of your worst nightmares....

Batman to battle Japanese whalers

The mods won't let me post this video in GD

The funniest xmas sketch ever. "Schweddy Balls"

I have not updated my avatar.

The war for LOLCITY

"Pardon my French," we say. What do the French say? nt

I loathe Pizza.

My Plasma lamp died. :( (Attention: Nerd thread!)

Does anybody remember a story from a few years ago about a prison inmate...

Unbelievable. I have an interview with a Wall Street firm next Monday.

There are Narwhals on's homepage.

Do you like cold pizza for breakfast?

I think this web site may be illegal.

I'm stuck at home today 'cause I have to take delivery on a new mattress. Ask me anything.

Two questions for cat people

What state deserves credit for being the birthplace of flight?

In honor of the death of Oral Roberts, a couple of Zappa classics:

get your Jersey Shore nickname right here

Kelsey Grammer: Frasier Crane, Sideshow Bob, The Beast, or the guy in Down Periscope?

Praise me, for I am a jerk. (Satire)

It's the final question of who wants to be a millionaire, you have 1 lifeline left...

Expanded Health Care Coverage? ....Unless Paying Fines Is Now 'Health Care'

If you had asked me 2 hours ago if it was possible to blow up a pot of beans, I would have said no.

New Puppy!

College student takes retro "laptop" to class!

You know what DU needs right now? Jokes!!

Three rays of goodness and hope in the last ten years: Reagan, Falwell, and Oral Roberts all died

Why are we training a GOP supporting racist to run against us?

Landrieu laying out the Obama/Lieberman common ground on healthcare reform. Dean the dissent.

Keith Olbermann has special comment on HCR tonight

Do you like breakfast for supper?

Just Desserts: Obama's Karmic Bite in the Behind

GOP poll puts McCain far ahead of Hayworth

It would have been better to have a good HCR bill that gets voted down than the bill as

Norton wins over Tea Partiers with call to eliminate Department of Education

It is sad the White House seems more upset with Dean than Lieberman!

Tweety: "If reconciliation was used the Republicans would ensure that no more bills would ever pass"

Krugman: Illusions and bitterness

Nevermind. Look at the cute puppies though!

Are there enough votes in the senate to pass a compromise bill WITH a PO?

Match Game Story: "Bob Butthead rolled 12 times through the heather, ________ his cat."

House narrowly approves Democratic jobs plan - $174 billion measure faces uncertain future in Senate

The HCR Bill is D.O.A.

Dems want to challenge Kissell

Is price controls the only thing from Obama's list left out of the current senate bill?

Thune safe

A brand new Tippy the Tortie Kitteh pic to AWWWWWWWW over.

NBC/WSJ poll: President Obama's approval dips to 47%

Olbermann Just called for the Mandate to be stripped w/o a PO. I love this guy

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment: "Fix Or Kill The Health Bill" (VIDEO)

Kerry: US to pass "major" climate legislation (plus transcript of speech in Copenhagen)

Left eases kill-bill threat

My daughter is in New Orleans right now visiting UNO hoping to transfer there

Remember when KO called for Hillary Clinton

Photos: The Obama Presidency December 16th, 2009

White House touts stimulus data while pushing new plan to create jobs

"Obama comments on House job bill."

What kind of woman do you think I am?

The Current White House Thinking re: Health Care Reform

AP Poll Obama approval rating steady at 56%, What happens after his base shifts ?

Question: What can a political party do to a sitting senator with 5 more years office left?

I keep seeing televison reports of Obama's popularity going down...

This Is A Site That Lists What Kind Of Primaries Each State Has...

Could it be that the NBC/WSJ poll leaned conservative?

I'm changing the subject - here is some exciting news coming from the VP - GREEN Jobs!

Thank you mods:

To the ardent Obama supporters here

What Do Us Jews Do on Christmas?

With Public Option Removed, Public, Labor Groups Sour On Bill

Pelosi says rallying votes for troop surge in Afghanistan will be Obama's job

"Left eases kill-bill threat."

After all that, guess who voted for the defense bill

If someone has concluded that Obama is a "coward" and a "liar" does that mean

Howard Dean's Op-Ed in Thursday's Washington Post : Health care bill wouldn't bring real reform

The man watched his mother spend her last days worrying about

Cheney = Bush = Obama

An Obama Hate Circle Jerk

Dear Mr. President:

I almost hate to say this, but a fact about reconciliation procedure...

I just took my last test today. I'm now a college graduate. Ask me anything. n/t

NC-Sen: Two Polls Show Burr in the Doldrums

Would you wear a Snuggle?

Obama is not on the conservative side of the Democratic Party, IMO

Tonight's Charlie Gibson interview w/Obama: O- "Federal Gov't 'Will Go Banrupt' if healthcare . . .

Obama. The Fool on the Hill.

Krugman Supports a Mandate

Clinton: US would help raise billions on climate

Ah, Tosca!

Am I the only person who thought the new trailer for Iron Man 2 kinda sucked?

On blaming President Obama for the health care bill

Laredo TX soon to be the largest city in the country without a bookseller as B. Dalton closes

President's popularity holding steady...

White House shill: A Dream for Insurance Companies? Must Be News To Them

Dean endorses Obama for 2012. "I'm gonna support Pres. Obama when he runs for re-election.." (VIDEO)

Yes iit brings in 30 million people -- by force and into scam insurance

Why isn't the White House Drug Deal a bigger outrage here?

Why Don't We Address The Real Problem...

HuffPo (Cesca) - Offers Rage Plus *Gasp* A Bit Of Constructive Thought Re Health Reform

Health Care: A Glass Half Full

I don't know the process, but what are the chances the Bill gets stronger after the merge??

Kill the Bill?

CBO Scores Kerry/Boxer Climate Bill

"If You Save One Life, You Save the World"

VETO is the only way forward

Answering Nate Silver’s 20 Questions On Killing The Senate Bill (Firedoglake)

Riddle me this - How can the White House & Senate be so obtuse to think that 2013 is an acceptable

Ezra Klein: Too much hostage-taking

OK, so we oppose Pres. Obama drive Demorats out of office...

We modern Democrats suck at populism because we are not racist (A good thing)

Arianna on Morning Ho? Can she be any more condescending?

Axelrod: "What Dean isn't telling you...."

How would you solve the Lieberman/Nelson/Blue Dog problem in the Senate to pass HCR?

Do we even need Republicans?

In denouncing health care bill, crafty Dean lays foundation to challenge Obama in 2012

Do our high schools teach Latin any more? nt

Dean: "I'm not giving up on health-care reform. The legislation does have some good points"

a dozen senators ( including Feingold and Leahy) voiced concerns about the Medicare buy in

2012 Campaign Slogan: YES WE CAN'T!!!

Potentially very good news: Nelson might force reconciliation

Where Would You Put President Obama On The Political Spectrum?

Slouching Toward Health Care Reform - Robert Reich

Letter from Andy Stern of SIEU -- Say "Enough" and Fight to do this right"

YouTube - Prince plays, sprays & slays the guitar solo in "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

A post from a wingnut on to why insurance premiums keep going up.....

Top Union Leader Urges Changes In Senate Health Care Bill, Calls Out Obama

I submit that it is not, in fact, Milwaukee's Best

cost controls & pre-existing conditions:

If abortion rights are further eroded, are you still for this HCR bill?

Early Bipartisan Support for Resolution to End War in Afghanistan: 12 New Co-sponsors

Reconciliation resolution tactics with the Byrd Rule mean that IT IS A TRAP

Privatization is at the core of Republican Ideology

Obama: Political Ideology's Enemy

Obama's Facebook page re: healthcare bill

About that Vacuum that's forming...

Fellow Deaniacs

Fellow Deaniacs

meanwhile............"Billion $$$$ Tax Break for Forbes 400"

Do you elect a President to be a leader or a puppet?

I still don't get how people are disillusioned with Obama's decisions as President

Note to MSNBC/Chris Matthews:

Tea Party hires plane w/100-ft. banner reading ‘OBAMA STOP DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY’ to fly over DC

Pres Obama says gov is going go Bankrupt if HCR does not pass, Is this scare tactics ?

Day or Night?

Assuming the WH asked Bill Clinton to defend the bill, will Hillary follow?

Remember the Humphrey–Hawkins Full Employment Act?

Dean is right where Obama wants him

LENGTHY Bills & Amendments -- How Does Congress Create Them So FAST?

I'd like to see Franken challenge Obama in 2012 just because.......

It's getting awfully crowded under the L******** Bus!

Where was this outrage during town hall meeting season?

Everyone needs to chill on the Howard Dean/White House fight

Why can't we just pass the bill and THEN use reconcilation to expand the non-profit exchange and MC?

I now use a two sided safety razor.

Ezra Klein: Insurance companies cannot charge more for pre-exisiting conditions. Dean says no.

NYT's...Intelligence Improperly Collected on U.S. Citizens

Real PROGRESSIVE reasons why the senate HCR bill is Hogwash.

If you ________________, you could be ___________________.

How is Dean really any different than Nelson or Conrad

No wonder Obama can't convince Ben Nelson

I'm a radical leftist.

Chris Cillizza (WP's The Fix): The political dangers of passing a health care bill

{Medicare Buy-In For ALL} and Forget Passing Pre-Existing / Rescission...

Call me 'against Obama from the start', a 'racist', etc, but Obama's WH has let Democrats down hard.

"enormous giveaway to insurance companies"

The Biggest Difference Between The Republicans And The Democrats

So, Today I Got A Christmas Card From The Obamas... I'm NOT In A Good Mood...

Ed Kickin' Ass And Taking Names

The ghosts of presidents past.

SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas :banghead:

Dean was extra-persuasive on Morning Joe... hard to challenge

Green River Wyoming..a father offers money to kill his wife and kid and his parents

Is Obama's popularity decreasing because he's not liberal enough?

All I want for Christmas is a lean, mean and liberal Democratic Party

only 8 more hours until i'm watching Avatar at the imax in 3d....

An idea on something constructive we can do now on Health Care Reform

I will be mailing my Obama tee shirt to the White House

When John Daly (err, golfer) was in a whole heap of trouble we instinctively compared him with GWB

When John Daly (err, golfer) was in a whole heap of trouble we instinctively compared him with GWB

Bill Clinton: Killing Health Bill Is 'Colossal Blunder'

Are you bitter and clinging to the public option?

Nixon's Health Care Reform: Well To The Left Of ObamaCare

If and when a health care reform bill passes, let's strip Lieberman from

The Progressive Case For Passing The Senate Health Bill (Podesta)

Olbermann's Special Comment was AMAZING!

Can any one explain what the President could have done to bring Lieberman on boardd

Ben Nelson Statement: I Cannot Support Cloture

This is a perfect analogy

If the Senate bill is the best Pres Obama can do, he is done. It isnt that the corporate owned

The Senate Bill -- How does it prevent discrimination & price hikes?

Paul Krugman under the bus in....5....4....3....

Fellow DU airplane nuts, a question:

Obama Resists As Liberals Attack Health Care Bill

President Obama versus the liberals by Dana Milbank , Washington Post

Any advice on quitting tobacco?

some DU prayers and thoughts needed

Dear Mr. President- my rant to the WH

***DECEMBER PHOTO CONTEST*** Final round up for voting now.

So how many of you who are belly aching now went to Town Halls this past summer?

Obama tanking in latest AP/GfK poll linked to on MSNBC website

Obama tanking in latest AP/GfK poll linked to on MSNBC website

Obama never wanted the public option

Read this Q&A from Ezra Klein about HCR, PLEASE!

SEIU President Andy Stern: "it's time for a couple of obstructionists to get out of the way"

Two Black Role Models Done In By Hubris

Write? Call? Email your Senators, Representatives? NO.

Senate version of HCR bill. Don't take ANYBODY'S word!

Bennett: Obama outdoes LBJ in strong-arming tactics

Oliver Willis: Kill The Bill! Save The Bill!

"No Fight"... (TPM Reader says it simply)

I fear Obama is not getting the messages from Dean and others and he may be surrounded by "yes" men

Would you support a Democratic challenger in the 2012 presidential primaries?

The "swiftboating" of Howard Dean has begun. Who's next? Senators Feingold and Sanders?

How many of you remember when the interest on your car loan was deductible?

Obama campaigned against mandates in 08. Remember that?

Kerry statement in response to Howard Dean's call to insert Kerry provision in HCR bill

President Obama has to govern 306,000,000 people. Howard Dean has to govern his mouth.

So, the one man who is most responsible for getting Obana and many of the Democrats elected to

Kudos to 23 Dems voting today Against $130 billion for War; here they are:

Please understand the concept of "Under the Bus"

Bill Clinton: Killing Health Bill Is 'Colossal Blunder'

For supporters of President Obama

Uh oh-Gallup Daily Tracking poll!:

Critics oppose this version of "reform" becauase it is a poison pill that will kill real reform

Did someone miscalculate Deans influence to liberals in America?

People advocating to kill the bill (with all its flaws) are giving up this chance to help scores

So it looks like Howard Dean has been exposed

Senator Dorgan makes a very serious accusation against the White House

For the Record: Howard Dean is not leading me to my opposition to this version of HCR

We had a deal. A few Senators just lied to us.


All the Repubs want is for Obama to not get any good legislation through the congress. That is all

"Reconcile THIS"

Please, Cut Obama Some Slack

CBO: Kerry-Boxer climate bill creates $21B SURPLUS!

The senate bill cannot be improved in conference without killing the bill

Couple of questions for the "kill the bill" folks

Name a movie role where the character eclipses the actor.

It ain't Christmas without Santa Claus and His Old Lady.

The 50-Vote Senate

NATO chief looks to build trust with Moscow visit

Roy Edward Disney dies at 79

MTA passes huge NYC service cuts to shut deficit

UPDATE 1-U.S. senate panel "deeply concerned" by F-35 costs

Romania's bloody revolution remembered

Brazil's Senate approves Venezuela in Mercosur

Bailout Banks Enjoy Tax Breaks As They Repay

U.S. Study: 1 in 5 Lost Health Insurance in Past Year

House approves $155 billion jobs bill

Abu Dhabi takes on CITI

Tea Partiers rally: 'Kill the bill'

Lieberman won't rule out run as Republican in 2012

In Senate Health Showdown, Round Goes to G.O.P.

I bet Ned Lamont would be a FIERCE ADVOCATE of

Paterson Sued Over School Payments

Steroids possible cause of Russian bodybuilder's death

U.S. critical about Nauru recognition of Abkhazia, S.Ossetia

[Pakistan's] Opposition calls on [President] Zardari to quit

Russia blames U.S. for delay in nuclear arms reduction deal

BBC news website asks users: 'Should homosexuals face execution?'

House Delays Patriot Act Spy Vote (now extended)

Pakistan Reported to Be Harassing U.S. Diplomats

Nearly half of Detroit's workers are unemployed

Pelosi says Kucinich resolution will satisfy need for Afghanistan vote

These glaciers are growing

US mortgage delinquencies at new high

Nelson (D-Ne) reviewing abortion compromise

Russia affected by Climategate

White House Plan Would Increase Clean Energy Tax Credit

BA wins injunction to avert major holiday strike

GOP lawmaker seeks documents on Obama healthcare deals

Manufacturing in Philadelphia Area Expands as Sales, Employment Increase

Blair to appear in public at Iraq inquiry

Phoenix Greyhound Park to close

Blue Shield drops harsh cancellation policy

Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones (Unbelievable)

Clinton: U.S. backs $100 billion annual climate fund

Pelosi to Senate: We’re Waiting. . . .

China sees no chance of climate deal -source

Health-care bill wouldn't bring real reform (by Howard Dean to WaPo)

As Wage Theft Rises, States And Cities Crack Down

Pelosi says Kucinich resolution will satisfy need for Afghanistan vote

Greater sea-level rise from warming predicted

Mom Shellie Ross' Tweet About Son's Death Sparks Debate Over Use of Twitter During Tragedy

Home buyers are focusing on smaller homes

Leading Economic Index in U.S. Climbed More-Than-Forecast 0.9% in November

UAE/US nuclear deal becomes official

Ex-Rep. (And Ex-Con) Traficant Weighs Comeback

$26 Software Is Used to Breach Key Weapons in Iraq

SEIU Urges Changes In Senate Health Care Bill, Calls Out Obama

Biden unveils federal broadband stimulus projects

Leaked UN report shows cuts offered at Copenhagen would lead to 3C rise

Former Nortel exec seeks $1B protection from lawsuits

Candu reactor division to be sold

Democrats Take Aim at Healthcare Bill Provision

Maine House Republican drops party affiliation

Colombia rebel groups Farc and ELN agree 'to unite'

Iran condemned by Western leaders over test of long-range missile

Mexico kills leading capo in drug war strike

Pelosi says rallying votes for troop surge in Afghanistan will be Obama's job

Senate facing potential liberal revolt on health care reform bill

AP-GfK Poll: Gains for Obama, not his Afghan plans (56%+)

Pelosi, top Dems will back Clinton’s climate aid pledge to poor nations

U.S. National Debt Tops Debt Limit

Democrats' Blues Grow Deeper in New Poll

Democrats take aim at healthcare bill provision

U.S. Offer of Long-Term Aid Pushes Climate Talks Forward

Obama signs $1.1 trillion spending bill into law

Bank shares fall on fears over new regulations

AT&T to face down net neutrality with per-megabyte pricing for mobile broadband

Holdout senator rejects abortion compromise

Mumbai terror suspect David Headley was ‘rogue US secret agent’

Banking Committee approves Bernanke for second term, 16-7

New jobless claims increase unexpectedly

Fla. man exonerated after 35 years behind bars

NATO chief says no compromise with Russia over Georgia

Whale battle underway

Democrats' effort to renew U.S. estate tax fails

Portuguese govt aims to permit gay marriage

Study: What the future holds for electric cars

Air ambulances leave some with sky-high bills

Nation's Largest Union (AFL-CIO) : Change Health Care Bill Or Else

CIA working with Palestinian security agents

Dr. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang dies at 69; South African health minister denied HIV causes AIDS

U.S. backs $100 billion climate fund

79.9 Percent Interest Credit Card From First Premier Bank Skirts New Regulations

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 17

Credit card chargeoffs rise in November

Dean: I Won’t “Vigorously” Support Obama’s Re-Election ("You Can Actually Save This Bill")

New video of Bowe Bergdahl expected (POW)

Obama faces healthcare insurrection from left flank

Officials: US missile barrage kills 17 in Pakistan

Franken Shuts Down Lieberman on Senate Floor

Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones

Bengals' Henry dies at 26

Biden unveils federal broadband stimulus projects

Mexico forces kill drug lord Beltran Leyva

US Envoy Rejects Higher Emissions Cuts, Reparations

Expanded Health Care Coverage? ....Unless Paying Fines Is Now 'Health Care'

Senate should confirm Al Diaz, Jim Wynn to court, would add much to the U.S. 4th Circuit.

Secret Service Blamed for Letting 'Obama Impersonator' Crash the White House

play into their hand, suckers - In Delaying Health Care GOP Wants To Force August Repeat Over Holida

The real war on Christmas

Special Comment: Not Health, Not Care, Not Reform by Keith Olbermann

Jim Hightower: Congress Ethics Rules Undermined by Weasels

In the Shadow of Goldman Sachs, Wall Street Is Far from Recovery

Gene Lyons: Spot on as ususal

Sorry, Senator Kerry

Gun control's NRA supporters

2009: Awards to 3 stooges.

White House Finally Decides To Get Tough On A Health Care Opponent

Senate Health Care Compromise Recommended By One Out of Five Doctors

DEAN in WaPo: Health-care bill wouldn't bring real reform

Palin's Perfectly Plausible Explanation for the 'McCain Hat Black-Out'

Health Reform's Real Killer: The Filibuster (Courant Editorial re Lieberman)

"The Long Vigil for Citizens United" - why the delay benefits corporate influence.

President Obama, Why more U.S. troops in Afghanistan?

How hard is it to pass a treaty?

Lockheed Martin to grow its empire...defense contractor to be involved with health care

Health care costs are tied to economic crisis

"Congress Ethics Rules Undermined by Weasels" by Jim Hightower

"Why Obama Should Stop Forcing the Left to Eat Sh*t" by Booman

Time to End the Neocon Con Game

General Clark's Keynote

Insurance company stocks “on fire” – they’re winning, we’re losing (FDL The Seminal)

"Clinton's Copenhagen Announcement 'Was Naked Blackmail'" by Naomi Klein

No One Is Going To Save You Fools

Whatever Happened to Shame?

Kucinich: the class war is over - we lost

Is Rahm intentionally driving the Democratic Bus Toward the Cliff’s Edge?

Medicare Buy-In For Everyone w/ Reconciliation (Cenk &

What it's all about - health care, Afghanistan, all of it: MONEY

Race & the Bible 4000 years and still working on it | African Racism Fundamentalist Slavery

Satan Speaks English End Times New World Antichrist Obama

When Spain's vineyards turn to dust bowl

Barack Obama, Inc. -Representing Us Or Corporate America? (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

Bernie Sanders: As Of This Point, Im Not Voting For The Bill

Rudolph the Red State Reindeer

HRC Whistleblower, Wendell Potter Tells It Like it Is - Countdown

Unpatriotic Nutty Teabaggers Attempt Humor With Song: 'The 12 Days Of Obama'

Glenn Beck Defends Slaves As 3/5 A Person

Monty Python - Motor Insurance sketch

Sanders - Why US Spends So Much & HC Outcome Worst Than Other Countries

Olbermann Special Comment PT. 1- HCR 'Make It Palatable or Make It Go Away'

Michelle Obama Donates to Toys for Tots

Rockefeller slams GOP, Howard Dean and Mary Landrieu

Countdown: O'Donnell Says WH is Scared of Howard Dean

Hot Planet ( 1/6 HQ ) [ BBC ] 2009

How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth? ( 1/6 HQ ) [ BBC Horizon 2009 ]

Sanders leads charge against Bernanke nom

Hardball: Howard Dean to Mary Landrieu - 'You Took Away Our Choices'

Landrieu lied about Dean on Hardball.

David Letterman - Secret Service Top Ten

Obama Warns Govt 'Will Go Bankrupt' Without the Lieberman Bill

The 'Lieberman Bill' Must Be Filed in Two Days to Make 2009 Deadline

US Military Drones Hacked with $26 Software

Tonight's Prayer-Cast to Stop Health Reform

Deanna Zandt on New Media, Race Relations, and the Power of Storytelling

Thom Hartmann - Healthcare: First they came for the Banksters...

Dylan Ratigan: "mandating everyone to buy into an unreformed, predatory monopoly"

Joe Lieberman = Self Serving Media Whore

Hartmann: Obama Campaigned as Progressive Really Conservadem Corpacrat Tragic Realization

Thom Hartrmann & Dan Gainor debate the healthcare debacle

To Kill or Not To Kill The Bill

Dean speaks out again on Morning Joe.

GOP to Obama, EPA: No treaties in Copenhagen

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Climate Debt, Capitalism, Why He Wants a Tribunal For Climate Just

Inside Story: After His Admission That He Lied, Can Tony Blair Now Be Prosecuted For War Crimes?

TYT: Obama was NEVER for the public option; 51 minutes 12/16 episode

Landrieu Admits Public Option was All Just Senate Kabuki

Thom Hartmann w/ Howard Dean - Kill The Bill!

Olbermann Special Comment PT. 2 - HCR 'Mandate Must Be Stripped; Immoral & A Betrayal'

BING!! (get it while it's up): Steve Ballmer FIRES employee for not being BING enough.

Matthews: Netroots 'Get Their Giggles' From 'Bitching'

Cenk nails it: when White House says Dean irrelevant, they spitting in face of Democratic base

Franken Denies Lieberman an 'Additional Moment' to Continue Speaking on the Senate Floor

TYT: Did Obama Make A Mistake Not Putting Howard Dean In His Cabinet?

Ed Schultz to Obama: "Your base thinks you're nothing but a sellout."

Capping nuclear liability is a non-starter (former Attorney General for India)

Evolution Going Great, Reports Trilobite

Cuba: "Energy is an instrument of power."

Power company accused of hiding dangers of coal ash dump

(MI) Road projects in Macomb and St. Clair counties shelved

Drumbeat: December 17, 2009

Major Powers Follow Different Paths to Same Energy Security End Game

How to slow climate change for only $15B

That Tap Water Is Legal but May Be Unhealthy

Even at Sublethal Levels, Pesticides may slow the Recovery of Wild Salmon Populations

Cities pushing nations toward deeper cuts

Study: Earth's polar ice sheets vulnerable to even moderate global warming

Most Of E. Africa's Rains Fail For Sixth Straight Year - Next Possible Rain In April - BBC

Nature Geoscience - Slowing Of CO2 Absorption By Ocean Sink May Be Decades Old

Australia Pressuring Tuvalu (Highest Point - 5 Meters Above Sea Level) To Back Off 1.5C Target

World view: Out of service—Decaying infrastructure is an urgent threat…

S. Africa Pledges Emissions Cut; Biggest Utility Building Worlds Third, Fourth-Largest Coal Plants

Zoologists' Survey Shows 90% Fatality Rate From White Nose For Bats In NE United States

Take the 100 billion

Leaked UN report shows cuts offered at Copenhagen would lead to 3C rise

More bad news

National Academy of Sciences: PHEV market share 4%-13% by 2030. GHG emissions gains < Conv Hybrids

Climate change: Presidents Chavez, Morales lash out at wealthy North

U.S. Announces Energy Efficiency Assistance for Developing Countries

Climate change blamed for Great Lakes decline

Study shows loss of 15-42 percent of mammals in North America (since arrival of humans)

Emissions Targets For Aviation & Shipping "Slipping Away" At Copenhagen - Reuters

Breaking: leaked Climate Talks Text Makes Disturbing Conclusions

Ever look to see how much water you use every time you flush the toilet?

Expect Copenhagen Happy-Talk; Expect US To Promise Reductions Of 4% (F-O-U-R) Over 1990 By 2020

Al Gore: A Billion People's Water at Risk From Melting Ice

Steroids possible cause of Russian bodybuilder's death

Chris Henry in serious car accident, reportedly on life support.

Vinny Cerrato out as Redskins' GM..

What The Saints mean to New Orleans ....

Finally!! Cerrato resigns; Redskins hire Allen

Are most pro athletes inherently arrogant?

Chris Henry has died.

Is Radio Globo defunct?

Quotha: ...I said "FASCISM."

Paraguay will continue rejecting Venezuela's entry into Mercosur

Colombians more optimistic on direction of country, Uribe approval

National Resistance Front Declaration:

Colombia: attorney and labor leader threatened

TV host shot dead in western Colombia

Climate of fear leads to impunity for criminals in Colombia, UN expert warns

Honduras: Two Detained and Fear of Evictions by Coup Security Forces in Land Recuperations in Colon

Does anyone have a clip of Chavez in Copenhagen? n/t

BoRev ridicules egregious racism at the Wall Street Urinal re Venezuela.

Holland is preparing for military agression against Venezuela. Guess who said that??

Press reveals that the FARC trained civilians in Caracas-based Fort Tiuna

Opening up the peace process

Olmert offered Abbas land near Gaza as swap for settlements

New EU foreign policy chief lambastes 'Israeli occupation'

Washington man shoots suspected prowler in buttocks with arrow

Upper West Side Shooting Leaves Four Dead

Road Rage Shooting in Cemetery in Virginia Ruled Self-Defense

Historic guns cause unease

Police: Criminals are packing more heat

Police Chief uses Internet postings to deny firearms license.

Typo in Law Establishes Mandate to Lock Gun-Toting Train Passengers in Boxes

Why NOT have firearm education in school?

not all firearms owners are gun militants

Anti-gun WA lawmakers launch new assault on weapons; press doesn’t help

Violence Policy Center admits defeat?

Decades later, Willmar 8 are heroes to a new generation

AFSCME Releases Best Practices Guide for Pension Systems

Today in Labor History Dec 17 D Sampson perhaps the first woman to lecture professionally in the USA

Today in Labor History Dec 16, 8 women in Willmar, Mn, initiated the first bank strike (4 = pay/men)

The Republican Party's strategy is brilliant

PHOTOS: New Official Ones, 12/16

PHOTOS: More official ones (12/16)

Listening to the Ron Reagan Show on Air America. He's talking

Absolute last op before the Holidays.. PROMISE..

VIDEO: President Obama's interview with ABC News' Charles Gibson

Now here's something to consider.....

It's always the calmest right in the middle.

***December Contest Final Round is up in GD***

follow the yellow brick road

Scientists Film Photons With Electrons

Stargazers spy super-Earth waterworld

Colliding Auroras Produce Explosions of Light

'Coldest place' found on the Moon (BBC)

'The Cosmic Hand of Destruction' and other Top Astronomy Photos of 2009

Indian lunar probe reportedly picked up signature of carbon compounds

Nicaragua: An ombudswoman for sexual diversity

Groups spend $9.6 m in Maine gay marriage vote

Yesterday, Gov Paterson signed an Executive Order prohibiting discrimination of Trans


RuPaul spoofs Sarah Palin: "Going Vogue"

Dr. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang dies at 69; South African health minister denied HIV causes AIDS

Advice needed-R material kind of stuff

Poll: Brown still leads in Calif. governor’s race

“Your son was a homo? Really?” (Bill James is being an ass again)

OH Oh...Arab states of the Gulf region launch a single currency:

Manufacturing in Philadelphia Area Expands as Sales, Employment Increase

Morgan Stanley Just Walks Away From Five San Fran Office Towers

House OKs job-creation bill - NOT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR IT! Who needs Al Kaida we've got the GOP

Oh my... are they crazy?

Old thread re: Metaphysics

Russell Targ (Remote Viewing) & various links of interest

What is the difference between karmic and conventional astrology?

Had a dream last night that may apply regarding tussling with Negative Nellies in GD etc.

T-Cross of Death and Rebirth in 2010

Health Care Reform DOA. Why the Surprise?

Secret remedies: 100 years on -- A BMJ Editorial

FDA Kidnaps and Illegally Deports A Man Way Out of Their Jurisdiction

Myopia Appears to Have Become More Common

The "Rubber Room" Problem

"The Good Old Days" - William Alcott’s First Day as a School Master 1839 (Louisa May's uncle)

The Race to Nowhere

School chief looks back on first 100 days with future in mind

Found Out I'm A Finalist!

Evolutionary advantage for being good? looks like it

An atheist contemplates his impending death

There is nothing anyone can say....

''God Is A Hard Act To Follow''

Neb. man jailed for unregistered machine guns

In Pittsburgh, It's "I Do!" and Then Pass the Cookies

Omaha Steaks Warning (was in Praise of Omaha Steaks)