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The Banker, The Baker & the Candlestick Maker..pouring salt in the wound

Ex-Gay Ministry in Lansing Cut Loose After Charges of Bizarre Therapy

Projections Put Whites in Minority in U.S. by 2050

Colo. seizes 100 starving sled dogs

I have carved out a carefully crafted position on the HC bill that I'm sure will please nobody

why not just an up or down vote on HRC?

Law Allows Spouses to Keep Residency While Under Orders

Right, this is a dupe, sorry. see above.

Chris Mathews nails much of DU-GD: "Giggling in the backseat, bitching"

Prop. 8 trial could be televised

Senator Leahy sings to Senator Sessions in effort to move judicial nominations

A quote from Ezra Klein's column today that has me goggle-eyed with despair:

Bernie Sanders coming up on KO



Mapping the God of Sperm (400 children)

So the question becomes...

Pfizer Public Policy: The Uninsured

Is it wrong that I kept expecting that they were "making sausage"....

Pfizer Public Policy: Price Controls

The so called discussion of the so called Health Care Reform Bill proves one thing atleast

Joe Lieberman's Former Roommate Talks to BuzzFlash About the Healthcare Bill, 2012 and the Senator's

Voting-machine firm merger investigated

Support your local teabagger!

Generic Corporate Media Shill: "Bitchy Lefty Bloggers need to STFU and stay out of the way!"


I'm On A Conference Call w/ State Sen. re: RX. Weed

Please understand that when you disagree with the power structure, they will call you names

Please understand that when you disagree with the power structure, they will call you names

Apalling ! Whitman must be rolling in his grave ....

If it makes anyone feel better,

When did they change the rules? I thought we needed 51 votes - not 60

Judge halts execution for DNA test

Man, wouldn't it be a shame if Nelson's abortion amendment didn't get 60 votes

Hell Toupee

Harry Reid Kept The Medicare Buy-In Secret, Didn't Give Supporters Time To Mobilize.

Okay, here we go. the right wing radio pundits are already using the mandate

The DCCC came trolling my inbox, encouraging me

Debt collector to Oakland woman: 'You can't win the case because you're not a lawyer'

Hayden Wright: Drunk 4-Year-Old Steals Christmas Presents

Pennsylvania County Agrees To Remove Religious Symbols From Courthouse Lawn

W.Sahara activist arrives home after hunger strike in Spain

**Please sign this NARAL petition to Senator Snowe to PROTECT CHOICE on the HCR bill!!**


Tweety to Howard Dean: why are you afraid to take on Joe Lieberman?

Too much tweeting? A mother tweets about her son's drowning ... the same day

79.9% Credit Card Interest Rate? You Can't Make This Up.... LINK

Olympic torch delayed by Toronto protesters

Every time the DSCC, DCCC and DNC come with their hand out...

Don't Blame Obama, Blame the Congress!

There was a march on Washington today... The peoples voice was heard.

There was a march on Washington today... The peoples voice was heard.

Operation Iraqi Liberation

Look what Whole Foods offers Canadian employees for health care

Look what Whole Foods offers Canadian employees for health care

James Bain is a better man than I will ever be...

US silent on Taliban's al-Qaeda offer

Obama gave Rethugs their WAR, you'd think a few Rethugs would support HC reform in return.

Obama gave Rethugs their WAR, you'd think a few Rethugs would support HC reform in return.

Congress to probe ‘US funding of Taliban’ (it's true?)

Mobile Phones Become Essential Tool for Holiday Shopping

Has anyone tried to get their Credit Card Co. to reduce the interest rate? I just did, and failed.

Iraq insurgents 'hack into video feeds from US drones'

Arise, Oh God, with Your Ears (assuming You have some) and sanction our prayer...

Pakistan denies coup as court ruling rocks Zardari government

Yes We Can has turned into the No We Can't administration

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

All we can do is write to our politicians, but what do we do when

There are tensions between U.S. and Pak: Pentagon

Healthy San Francisco. If Congress and the White House can't get their

First Premier Bank offers credit card with interest rate set at 79.9%

can state parties choke off money to DLC candidates?

Archaeological find on N9

What We Have Learned from the Health Care Debate

Lost Giants: Did Mammoths Vanish Before, During and After Humans Arrived?

We are fighting the wrong war.

Ancient seed sprouts plant from the past

Of course we should accept the Health Care reform bill, and then wait for it to be improved over

New Dem bumper stickers - We ARE the Incrementalists we've been waiting for!

Brain scans could detect future criminals

Monument lifted from Cleopatra's underwater city

Merovingian and Carolingian burial sites discovered near Paris

Barack, remember that poor kid of a single mother? I'm talking of your own childhood.

Stone Age sorghum found in African cave

Simon LeBon: For me the hardest thing was facing the possibility that this life is all there is

Senate panel to take up Thompson nomination Dec. 24

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the theme song for most of our ruling elite...

The Palinites show how brainwashed they are.

Is drug reimportation law necessary?

Fire Robert Gibbs...Or At Least Make Him Apologize to Howard Dean

Members of an Indian Sect Vow to Save Sex Workers by Marrying Them

Bill James Responds To "Homo" Comments

Rand Paul's spokesman resigns: "Happy N_____r Day!"

A KEY Problem Re- HCR Not Being Mentioned:

Credit card's newest trick: 79.9 percent interest

There is ONE HOPE for avoiding an economic & cultural meltdown and electoral disaster in 2010.

The Tiger Woods episode: Money, the media, and the “path to redemption”

Remember this: "Anonymous White House Official Slams Liberals Over Public Option"

A Solution: Put up a good bill and let them vote on it

Law Blocking Acorn Funding Raises Constitutional Question

Shock therapy for Greece

The WH & Dem leaders seem willing to give Sen Ben Nelson just about anything to win his support.

$11 mistake earns 0.0% sympathy from Citigroup

I finished reading Ronnie Lipschutz's The Constitution of Imperium

Was Mumbai Terror suspect a double agent for US?

Homeowners often rejected under Obama's Foreclosure Plan

Mr. Obama: Listen to Vermont (editorial)

12yo Rape Victim Not to Be Believed, Say School Admins

Pres Obama on live

I found out today that I am an "Originalist" when it comes to abortion

You appealed to our hopes, dreams and our desire for change AKA our VULNERABILITIES.

If you have NOT seen a doctor in a while DO IT IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS

Ugandan Pastor Responds To Rick Warren’s Statement; Revives “Forced Therapy” Option

*The 10 most awesome albums of 2009 /By Mark Morford/

Irrelevant, Irrational, Whiner, Childish, throwing a tantrum....

Eikenberry assures Afghans U.S. will stay beyond 2011

Boner: Right thing for the wrong reason

Should Obama Speak/Step Into the Disaster that has Become the Copenhagen Summit?

Cenk Uygur (HuffPo): Radical New Idea: Medicare Buy-In for Everyone

Blast from the Past (2003) Americans support single-payer by 2-to-1 Margin...

As an alternative

Death in the Animal Kingdom. Who say's animals don't have feelings.

Up or Down Vote on HCR.

Howard Dean is a doctor. Not a Senate parliamentarian.

School paper digs into student drug problem (Some staff shocked when they find there is one)

School paper digs into student drug problem (Some staff shocked when they find there is one)

Since They Say They'll Fix The Bill Later, Pull The Mandates Then Add Them Back In When You Fix It

After "reform" people will STILL get dropped for getting sick.

The Propaganda Is Taking Hold

Joe Trippi Joins Fox News

Can any MD's or OB/GYN's check this bogus sounding story?

who's the idiot on the dylan ratigan show? 'lieberman is the only adult in the senate'

Sumerians Look On In Confusion As God Creates World

If you cannot forgive, you cannot learn.

If you're old and rich, hire a food taster

Yes Virginia, there is a shit creek...

Conservatives don't care about the debt! They're the ones who ran it up!

Remember the word during the primaries - vote for Obama or Bill Clinton will be back in the WH?

OMG Dillain R. just got in a fight wiht Debbie Wasserman on the air. Funny.

Walmart rips off miltary personel in online sales

A sign of hope?

Do these look like the legs of a runner?

i propose that the dlc is not a cancer in the democratic party

But Chris, if you’re laughing at me, the joke’s on you.

I am still proud of President Barack H. Obama and think he's doing a wonderful job

"President Obama Largely Inherited Today’s Huge Deficits" - Great chart to use!

Want privacy on Facebook--Here's how to get some

Ben Nelson Found Another Damn Goalpost: Also Wants Opt-Out of Medicaid for States!!!

beware: the media is not our friend...they love democrats clobbering each other

Its funny. When their guy is POTUS, we get all up and say shit like "what the fuck, dood"?

Do we really have a government?

"Homeowners often rejected under Obama's loan plan"

Dog shot during robbery recovering from surgery .... Hero Dog

(Rand) Paul Spokesman Quits Over (Racist) Web Remarks

Great Expectations.

Great Expectations.

Fucking Ratigan demands yes or no answers to his convoluted questions from Dems but ...

Rick Santorum on Climate Change, Evolution, and Science In General


Dylan Ratigan is a Total Fucking Asshole

Dylan Ratigan is a Total Fucking Asshole

"We can easily be the catalyst for yet another romp in 2010, yet we are again ignored"

End the goddamn filibuster!

Landrieu bill aids children during declared disasters

Obama, Wen offer no new emissions cuts at summit

Byron Dorgan saying WH linked to killing his drug imp. bill.

Immigrant advocates plan walk from Miami to Washington

Immigrant advocates plan walk from Miami to Washington

2012 Presidential Fantasy Poll

"The republicans have become crazy and the Democrats have become Republicans"

"The republicans have become crazy and the Democrats have become Republicans"

Should the citizens of Connecticut recall Joe Lieberman?

My greatest fear on the HCR bill is

ski lift in Wisc. goes haywire, people jumping off, many injuries

The American public exist for the good of the mother companies.....

The American public exist for the good of the mother companies.....

LOL: Axelrod: "I'm not professionally qualified to judge insanity"

Santa Barbara Paper Editorial Calls For "Bounty" on Obama's Head

Agent Orange Continues to Poison New Generations in Vietnam

Yet another embarassing thing from my community in MI

Bones find from abandoned village 'shows tough life of medieval women'

Heads up Miami !

Daily Kos/PPP Weekly Poll: Obama 54% (+1) favorability among Dems 87%

Would the Senate healthcare bill have helped Obama’s mother?

Johnson WH Tape: J. Edgar Hoover explains to LBJ how you can spot a homosexual

Oh I love Ron Reagan - perfectly delivered verbal flogging of Laura Ingraham

Liberty Counsel: "The war for more money, er we mean, the war on Christmas will never end!"

SEIU, AFL-CIO signal they won't stand in way of moving Senate healthcare bill

Woman Makes Dolls To Honor Dead Son

Yemen's last remaining Jews: A community in decline

Yemen's last remaining Jews: A community in decline

Senate Compromise on the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Action

Senate Compromise on the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Action

Congressional Democrats are No Less Spineful Than Republicans, They're Worse

If you don't love America, Todd Palin's t-shirt wants you to get the hell out

What Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) Promised the Tea Party Movement

Did you see MoveOn's video of the Leiberman sock puppet?

President Obama has tried mightily to pacify the Right and has stressed bipartisanship

Well, the 'missionaries' picked the wrong moment to come to my door.

This morning's Ratigan/Wasserman Schultz dust-up illustrates our double standards. . .

Caddyshack III

I wish we could take away the senate's health care

I wish we could take away the senate's health care

Anyone else get an email from Pelosi asking you to send the WH a Xmas card?

Anyone else get an email from Pelosi asking you to send the WH a Xmas card?

Fort Hood suspect moved out of ICU

Would the government tell us about an asteroid set to collide with earth?

New Health care system being proposed in VT (cuts all employer based coverage)

Our Pakistan puppet in charge is in deep trouble, Coup whispers flying.

Trumka: Senate Bill As Is Will Die In The House

Olbernann's segment worse, worser and worst is a hoot for all of us with enough

pass the bill; kill the bill

Texas same-sex couple argue over split

If you want to want to kill the bill, you should also cancel your private insurance.

Fox host: ‘Angry comedian’ Al Franken mistreated ‘kind’ Joe Lieberman

Lunatic Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio . . . inmates must listen to xmas carols

Do you currently have health insurance?

If there's a Gawd, he will run over Jim DeMint so hard with his karma train

Please posts links to organized protests to stop the war, fight for health care

I'll give the President a little credit

I'll give the President a little credit

A possible CC solution?

State Farm homeowners' insurance cuts deal with Florida....

VCS Warning Comes True: Military Finally Admits Major Drug Abuse Crisis

VCS Warning Comes True: Military Finally Admits Major Drug Abuse Crisis

Florida jobless rate hits 11.5 percent

War on Christmas Down Under

Senate Unveils CompromiseCare

China wants to send a lot of farmers to Kazkhstan (climate change)

***OMG! Dylan just pulled a "Tweety" !***

John McCain and Howard Dean agree

Does IBM get a better rate for Health Insurance than Joe's Garage?

Meet the man who blew $127 million at the casino

Development of strategic nuclear fleet under threat?

So can Lieberman face a primary challenge in 2012?

NY Times: At Colleges, Humanities Job Outlook Gets Bleaker

Twenty Percent Of Americans Lost Health Insurance Since Early 2008

Chuck Norris: Public health care would have killed Baby Jesus

Traitor Joe just misses out on Malaka of the Week

A president's chief of staff is supposed to be a tough, no nonsense type of guy, so I nominate...

Fox News: Ben Nelson Opposes Health Reform Because He ‘Understands The True Meaning Of Christmas’

"psalms 109:9"

U.S. Chamber of Commerce declared a “Global Warming Crime Scene"

U.S. Chamber of Commerce declared a “Global Warming Crime Scene"

U.S. Chamber of Commerce declared a “Global Warming Crime Scene"

Deductibles and rejected claims; where does this HCR bill stand on both?

Bachman and cohorts for Single Prayer HC

The European Debt Crisis Rattles American Business

Chuck Norris falls off the deep end.

Midlands Voices: Don’t delay health reform (by Tom White D candidate for Congress, cancer survivor)

Dylan Really Giving It To Wasserman-Schultz

Poll: Dems, Independents Overwhelmingly Disappointed With Obama's Public Option Performance - TPM

"psalms 109:9"

I am willing to wait and see...

CIGNA Threatens Customer Service Reps

Dr. No: ‘No Is a Wonderful Word’

Getting rid of Emanuel would change little.

After years of criticizing Democrats for not supporting the troops, just three Republicans supported

The most important question of the bill when it comes out of conference:

Anti-War Activist Adam Kokesh Mounts GOP Campaign for Congress

Idea: DU strategy group

Congress to probe ‘US funding of Taliban’

America's Santas Hearing Many Tales of Woe This Year :-((((((

Guardian UK: Copenhagen heading for meltdown

prius owners

It's Simple Really... Take Out The Mandate, And Then Pass The Bill

Credit card's newest trick: 79.9% interest

VIDEO: Larry King NAFTA Debate from early 90's

(Crossed out) CAPtion Sarah Palin

California Considering Mandatory Condoms in Porn Rule

I just took out my anger on a BofA person

Operation Chokehold

Partner benefits bill advances, but hurdles remain

I'm just gonna have to get out of politics for a while....

Over 100 spies uncovered in Russia

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Asks If Stanley Tucci's Recently Deceased Wife Saw His Movie (Video)

What is a horrible disaster?

Gay political power grows in the South

Senate Unveils "CompromiseCare"

Senate Unveils "CompromiseCare"

Texas 4 Year Old Sent Home For Having Long Hair

"Obama/Organizing For America" volunteers "just saying no" to appeals for health care bill support

Sure feels like this

Health insurance stocks soaring since November

Toon "Chump" (I think Kirk Anderson gives Mr. Fish a run for most cynical cartoonist)

Holding gun sideways (hollywood style) causes gun to jam

My Freedom of Information Request....

There is a simple way to throw out all of the corrupt bastards: TERM LIMITS.

Axelrod walks back "insane" comments, says no reduced support from base.

The Rude Pundit: Let's Not Forget That There Are Republicans to Hate, Too

Danish Police Tapped Activists’ Phones

Netflix Spilled Your Brokeback Mountain Secret, Lawsuit Claims

Chuck Norris: Public health care would have killed Baby Jesus

Haley Barbour's Bizarre Pardon Record (Barbour = potential GOP prez candidate?)

Police: Auschwitz 'Arbeit Macht Frei' sign stolen

Harvard Swaps Are So Toxic Even Summers Won’t Explain

Emergency Protest in Solidarity w/activists in Copenhagen. 12/18 4:30pm in San Francisco

Emergency Protest in Solidarity w/activists in Copenhagen. 12/18 4:30pm in San Francisco

Traficant May Run Again

California's death row swells despite nationwide decline in death sentences

I don't care if Obama is a Centrist or moderate or whatever - I take issue with how he CAMPAIGNED

OK, what planet is this guy living on??

Senate Republicans Filibuster Defense Spending Bill — Then Deny They Did It

Church's controversial billboard defaced


Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Republicans threaten health care read-a-thon

Oscar the Cat knows when you're about to kick over

MTV's 'America's Best Dance Crew' Judge Busted for 9 Counts of Child Molestation

US, China offer no new emissions cuts at Copenhagen

My Friends Here Who Support Obama are Right

MSNBC live streaming? The links I was using and TVUplayer

The bottom line right now is that they don't have 60 votes for cloture

In your lifetime, which Democrat has been your biggest disappointment as President?

Oh Good... Triagulation Is Back...

News item you won't hear from OxyRush or any other Global Warming deniers:

Anthony Weiner now says it's a good bill. Says Dean is wrong.

Webb 'undecided' on health bill for now

When Republican Defense Secretaries Attack Republicans

Liberation, France: How to Give Afghanistan Back to the Afghans

BREAKING NEWS: U.S., China, India reportedly reach ‘meaningful agreement’ at climate summit

Bobby and Mitch

NYT: Krugman - "Pass The Bill"

NYT: Krugman - "Pass The Bill"

Could this Poll Pass the Senate?

Terrorists, Crooks Allowed to Keep FAA Pilot's Licenses

Terrorists, Crooks Allowed to Keep FAA Pilot's Licenses

Get Out Your Protractors People !!!

What do you do when you're male and feel 'trapped' in a marriage?

Two largest E-Voting Machine Companies, Diebold & ESS, want to MERGE.

US and China Reach Climate Change Deal

US and China Reach Climate Change Deal

Rahm Emanuel Versus Progressives?

I don't even want goddamn insurance

Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal: Matt Taibbi and Robert Kuttner on Money & Politics

Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal: Matt Taibbi and Robert Kuttner on Money & Politics

can DUers please help me respond to this ?

Another Fox News poll that exceeds 100 percent

I got something in the mail today

Here's what I'm wondering (warning cynic ahead)

Va. man convicted of in-home indecent exposure

Health Care Reform .... Pissed off Rant

After watching Al Franken yesterday, isn't it time to remove lieberman from his chairmanship,

I just checked Canadian prices for my husband's meds.

The Copenhagen Sham

Does anyone have a live stream to MSNBC - the one I have been using is now a Spanish Channel

Is there ANY poll showing constituents of blue dogs don't want a public option or medicare buy in?

More than 100 Nations Pledge to Reduce their CO2 Emissions to 350, But...

This Deal Keeps Getting Worse All The Time!

MoveOn tops $1 million in 2 days from anti-Lieberman donations

should the Democratic Party have a Midterm Convention ?

Just reminded on the news about the ice storm we had one year ago today.

It's SNOWING in Charlottesville Virginia! We have over an inch already!

The ultimate irony: By today's standards Tricky Dicky Nixon would be a Dirty Fucking Hippie..


Russians Face Alcohol Death and Islamic Problems

Russians Face Alcohol Death and Islamic Problems

$57,077.60 -- That's What We're Paying Each Minute for the Occupation of Afghanistan

FDR: "I. Relish. Their. Hatred"

NY woman in pet torture case held on $100K bail

Federal Agency Denies Spousal Benefits Claim

I can't shake the feeling that these two posts are connected

Health Insurance is like a umbrella that dissolves in the rain.

Can we do a Back-up Healthcare Bill via Reconciliation?

Pro-Life? Can't be pro-War! - need new bumper sticker n/t

Copenhagen leaked like a oil tanker.

Ford is on fire again

Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow.

Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow.

Voters Revolt! Deliver the message to your Senator now

Sign Moveon's petition opposing the current Senate HCR bill

Ford to build lithium battery in Michigan

Just want to make something clear

Always Controversial Cornel West Disses Obama, Survives Cancer and Almost Spent His Life in Prison

Poor Joseph.....God was a hard act to follow - oops dupe

An Important Message For Sex Addicts

Group donates $100,000 for continued breast cancer screening

Santa Makes Young Girl's Christmas Wish Come True - "bring my daddy home"

Saab to be discontinued

What Are The Marks Of A Sick Culture?

So it seems to me that the new Monica attacks on Clinton

Entire school receives sneakers for all the students: Spirit of generosity

I am wondering how many think we are headed toward the image portrayed in the movie Idiocracy

The myth of Bipartisanship and the language of Deception

Family Seeks Answers From Army After Son Commits Suicide (shot an 11 yr old suicide bomber in Iraq)

Lost boy's faithful dog rides and walks beside his casket

One Third Of Dems Less Likely To Vote In 2010 If Public Option Dies

Beached whales killed by ingesting plastic

Anyone watching Kerry right now on the Senate floor? He is on fire.

Howard Dean is perfectly positioned to primary Obama in 2012.

Masked men disrupt Hanukkah ceremony with Nazi flags, obscenities

Masked men disrupt Hanukkah ceremony with Nazi flags, obscenities

Gay British Army Trooper Speaks Out About Coming Out

8-12 inches of snow on the way. Are you ready Eastern Seaboard?

So, how are the freepers and cave dwellers dealing with all this?

Potential Reid opponent has deep pockets

Joe Trippi to Become Fox News Contributor

GOP Senators Appear on TV With Christian Martyrdom Advocate Lou Engle

Polygamist gets 33 years on sex charges

BREAKING: Leaked UN Climate Text Confirms What We've Been Saying (AKA The Real ClimateGate)

Email from Anthony Weiner:

Axelrod feeling the Heat? backs off 'insane' comments

Shame On Barack Obama For Completing His Inauguration

Suppose we pass this lousy HCR bill in something close to the Senate version.

Victim's Trap For Car Thieves Backfires

The Courage to Say No by Naomi Klein

MoveOn.Org Comes Out Against Senate Health Care Billl

Let him eat cake.

Sorry Billo. I say Merry Christmas for one reason:

Frank Schaeffer: Republicans Hijack Religion in Health Care Debate

Gallup Has Obama Up by 12 Points

Conference Committee


Pregnant soldiers could face court-martial

From the wtf file: Get road conditions via Twitter while you drive

From the wtf file: Get road conditions via Twitter while you drive

We won't have single-payer til 2024

Senate Dems, YOU have 1 bargaining chip left, use it to WIN a strong PO or Single Payer.

Use the Rage!

Homeowners Often Rejected Under Obama's Loan Plan

79.9% Credit Card interest. How do you stop a society of Predators?

"Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy." -Proverbs 31:9

Christmas trees from Washington state arriving (in AK) with live 'ornaments'—the Pacific Chorus frog

Bernie Sanders on KO speaks for me

For the umpteen millionth time on DU, STATES CANNOT RECALL SENATORS!!!

The alternative is not worse

The importance of the individual mandate

Who do they think worked their butts off in the 2008 Campaign?

'Surprise' baby survives toilet birth

Petition to pass a public option through reconciliation.

Here's a couple of toons for you from Spain, for your health:

Flying for Christmas: Nickeled and dimed

So ...... we've seen "the bill" gutted of all but one thng and now we're working on gutting that

Former Lawmaker Convicted of Raping His Daughters Copyrights His Name to Bar Its Use by Daughters

Former Lawmaker Convicted of Raping His Daughters Copyrights His Name to Bar Its Use by Daughters

Why are so few here interested in the Climate Change Summit?

Baby without brain turns one...

It could be worse

Here is the email I received from my Senator, Barbara Boxer on the HCR

Hmmm... the current Senate HCR bill opponents may be on to something...

FLASHBACK: MCCAIN Refused To Grant 30 Seconds Of Time During Iraq War Debate (EXTREME Hypocrisy)

If a mandate was the solution, we can try to solve homelessness by mandating everybody buy a house.

Chuck Norris: Public health care would have killed Baby Jesus

Century-old butter found in Scott's Antarctic hut

A more 'progressive" candidate in 2012? Dean, Kucinich?, or whoever?

Christian Scientists Seek Prayer Provision in Health Care Bill

woohoo- son was on TV (for something good, not like a tiger woods thing lol)

Mike Thompson posted a toon today that's worthy of a special award

Christmas Display Showing Jesus Murdering Santa Under Fire in California

4-year-old boy caught with beer, stolen gifts

Top 5 broken Obama promises

Dear Mr. President, it's time to get rid of Rahm Emmanuel.

'Superman' Lifts Car To Save Girl

Palin "quits" her vacation early over blacked out visor flap

All I want for Christmas is for our elected leaders to be stuck in DC

Maddow: GOP wants to ‘kill health reform through God’s intervention’

Our government doesn't work anymore.

Our government doesn't work anymore.

Maine state legislator leaves GOP over health care reform obstructionism.

Thieves steal Auschwitz 'Work Sets You Free' sign

When Sticky Fingers Handle Your Bags

No Army For Dick

I am tired of Getting Screwed

I have something to say to all you pot heads in the Golden State!

Comming up on Meet the Press:

FDR: "I. Relish. Their. Hatred"

Tell me again how forcing people to buy health insurance without cost controls is good? /nt

Presenting: Fundie Quote of the Day. # 7 And a new word, also.

We are arguing the wrong argument

Poll: People Hate the Mandate - FireDogLake

How about DU making a statement?

Her Brother Dead For Lack Of A Battery, Pittsburgh Woman Returns To Washington

6 cold, hungry dogs rescued

How come we can kill the bill and start over...

I used to think I'd like to live a long life.

US House passes $636 billion military spending bill

The disdain & criticism for the 'left' is insult to injury -

Sarah Palin is booted from speech at a Canadian hospital

Kucinich: ‘Class war is over, working people lost’

Do you want to see what a government run health exchange would look like? Try this.

I can't help but wonder if all this backflash is making Obama re-think his stance on health care

Unemployment Down In 36 States in November


It's the Sarah Speak, Stupid.

Hugo Chavez: If the climate was a big capitalist bank, you would have already saved it

Potential Reid opponent has deep pockets

Obama Promises Kept

What's left?

What's left?

Adam Smith's Invisible Hand at last revealed

Hugo Chavez: If the climate was a big capitalist bank, you would have already saved it

Hugo Chavez: If the climate was a big capitalist bank, you would have already saved it

Washington is Run by Zombies that Want to Eat Your Souls

Four Party system?

Trashing the left is a free shot

Der Spiegel reporter calls Inhofe ‘ridiculous’ at Copenhagen summit

Der Spiegel reporter calls Inhofe ‘ridiculous’ at Copenhagen summit

WH to Left: 'Let’s realize how far we’ve come, and how close we are to making history.'

Palin the Pundit

Whether you agree with them or not, Obama has apparently pissed off the left.

Online abortion info under fire

Real health care reform will never pass because

Krugman: Pass the bill

And It Gets Worse: They Are Called “Nationwide Plans,” And They Do Gut State Regulations - FDL

Quick Question.. who is the Military R running for Senate in Arizona?

Is Reconciliation of the Health Care Bill really a Possibility? A Little Help Please?

"Obama doesn't give us anything."

"Obama doesn't give us anything."

'Avatar' is a great film. I loved it

Who Do You Support On Health Care?

Seen a memo like this in your workplace? What do you think it means?

Rabbis urge Lieberman not to block health reform

Anger on the left and right: What's next and what should Obama do now?

Few replies + many unrecommends = a winrar is you.

Am I the only one that thinks anyone of our officials that is for the New World Order..

How Much do You Despise the US Insurance Industry?

Clear and present danger for liberals and progressives

Don't worry. The health ins. cos. will be tightly regulated to keep them honest.


Obama "keeping score" quote is a joke from APRIL after the stimulus debate.

China businesswoman gets death sentence for fraud

U.S. tax dollars fund rabbi who excused killing gentile babies

Twitter Hacked by Iranian Cyber Army..

Obama campaigned AGAINST two major provisions in this health care bill

Military Abortion Ban: Female Soldiers Not Protected by Constitution They Defend

Obama is “Keeping Score” on Those Who Vote Against Him - FireDogLake

Holy Shit, Ed Schultz Calling Out Chris Matthews

Poll regarding the Recommend and Unrecommends.

Right winger letter asking a General to overthrow the President....

Rahm Emanuel: Don’t Worry About the Left

FLASHBACK: MCCAIN Refused To Grant 30 SECONDS Of Time During Iraq War Debate

Sarah Palin tossed out as fundraiser for Canadian hospitals after backlash

Barack Obama Eats Babies! Howard Dean Can Eat Me!

An "Undersea Nuclear Christian Warrior" on Wheel of Fortune

Trumka: Senate Bill As Is Will Die In The House

Competition—the Epitome of Stupidity for Health Care Financing

The rotten cancer at the heart of the Democratic Party

Book: Lewinsky claims Clinton lied to jury

Greenwald on Obama's governing style: "DLC, triangulating corporatism of the Clinton era"

Don't Do It Obama

Teacher on leave for taking choir to Hooters

A Nation Born and Perpetuated in Contradictions

Oral Roberts RIP

Mom fights, gets the delivery she wants (hospital was insisting on Caesarean section)

A word for people who are out driving in the Mid-Atlantic states today

Bob Waldmire, 1945-2009: Artist lived his life on Route 66

Now it is about far more than health care. Party's true face has been shown....

THIS JUST IN: "Fierce advocate" Obama admin violates judge's order on gay partner's health benefits

If you can't answer these three questions about the bill then you don't know jacks**t about it.

If you can't answer these three questions about the bill then you don't know jacks**t about it.

Whoa. Jane Hamsher's column (private corp.'s using the IRS as their collection agency)

My Journey through the 'Chess Game' Pre-July to August

My Journey through the 'Chess Game' Pre-July to August

"We are nothing to them."

chamber of commerce on unemployment

Why Do They Say If This HCR Bill Goes Down In Defeat That It Will Be Years Before It Comes Up Again?

Kucinich Panel to Investigate Citigroup Tax Ruling

THIS is what has been missing from the debate on HCR~just maybe if the focus was on reality, we

Sen. Bernie Sanders can save health care from Joe Lieberman. (Credo Action petition)

Marine's mom confronts military recruiters: "I don't know how you sleep at night."

Ever wonder why Howard Dean was never going to get anywhere near the Oval Office?

The DSCC is attacking one of Ohio's best progressive candidates...

mmmm mmm ..... good times yeah good times


"...two mosquitoes, male and female..."

Hey kids, you've got this to look forward to!

When ye go away

I need a beer picnic!

Nas is like

Gloomy Sunday

Last call for DU Sports Forum College Football Bowl Pool.

If you need a quick laugh tonight - Back To The Future (Alternate ending)

Never mix heroin and battery acid

What's your biggest gripe about Youtube videos?

What's the biggest tripe in The Lounge??


YouTube - The Flintstones, "Ann-Margrock"

YouTube - Elvis Presley & Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas, "The Lady Loves Me"

YouTube - My FAVORITE Dean Martin song, from the movie "Artists & Models," it's "Innamorata"

YouTube - Louis Armstrong, "Wonderful World"

YouTube - Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins - Instrumental Medley from "Secret Policeman's Third Ball"

YouTube - Les Paul & Mary Ford Show: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

A sad story for Christmas

YouTube - Les Paul & Chet Atkins, "Birth Of The Blues"

You Tube - Amerigo Vespucci

The Future History of the Beatles

Revealed: Inspiration for the name of Microsoft's new search engine...

Virgin Galactic flight animation

YouTube - Linda Ronstadt - Silver Threads And Golden Needles

"Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis"- Tom Waits

Guv on Republican healthcare (toon)

If God came down to Earth and unleashed his awesome power

Midnight Sky

Make Me Say It Again, Girl

Since I've Been Loving You

The exam dream, but with an optimistic twist this time.

My wife just called me a douchebag!

Just watched the new Trek movie.

Death by Lava Lamp

How to practice drifting with other people's cars..

I'm asking you again...please use the proper terminology.

Google Mail and Too Many Cats

Santa Clause is Coming to Town - in the style of when I'm 64

I looked death in the face last night

Sign Zee Papers

Call Me Wesley - then and now

Hand job demands are at an all time high!!

Portishead vs. Massive Attack

I have a question that may show what a techno-dummy I am: I am

ABBA, The Stooges, The Hollies, Jimmy Cliff & Genesis.

Good morning, Lounge, Miss Honeychurch. nt

I have the day off. Entertain me

The droid you're looking for

What's your biggest grippe about The Lounge?

Post things that smell of wee...

What's your biggest grope about The Lounge?

What's your biggest grape about The Lounge?

You know what DU needs right now? Jack's!!

Wow the sun has returned to Houston, hasn't been around since Nov. 30th.

Some things that have really bothered me in the past I've been able to totally let go of

John Barry vs Lalo Schifrin

Thank gawd for mouth breathing!!!!

The Theme From Mannix vs The Theme From Mission: Impossible

Breathe vs Breathe

Flying cat

Beautiful women... beautiful plates!

Do you ever get sort of bored with DU, but don't know where else to go? nt

UPS sux

I'm spending the day in the kitchen and feel a need for ego boost - write haikus/limericks about me!

Seems there's a good chance that my Saturday performance will be cancelled --


The Last Shadow Puppets - 'Standing Next to Me'

Please post jokes that a little kid would get. Like this one:

Death By Chocolate vs Death By Coffee

So I was thinking... dog toys that sound like a dying Pomeranian don't make sense

Ambient music fans, I need to relax. Which ambient musician will best plunge me into relaxation?

Online university question....has anyone had any experience with Ashford?

Prague vs Budapest

I am the biggest ________ in the Lounge nt

Chinese Take Out vs Italian Eat In

Anyone ever used an indoor portable gas heater like this one? How was it?

The perfect candy for your kids!

Anybody here heard of The Rosenbergs? (The band, not the Communists)

Hey! Is everyone in the Mid-Atlantic area ready for the snow storm.

"In Which the Crown Jewels are Safe"

Köln vs Amsterdam

London vs Dublin

I just had to give up my tickets to go see Avatar in Imax 3D...

Moe Howard vs Moe Szyslak

The Beatles Christmas Album

Anyone into the band "Real Estate"?

The Usual Suspects vs Reservoir Dogs

More Polls vs No More Polls

Git vs Wanker

South Beach vs Malibu

Marvel Comics Character Movies vs DC Comics Character Movies

Poles vs Polls


Free Will vs Determinism

Seems there's a good chance that my Saturday surgery will be cancelled -

Wow, what an incredibly dreadful movie

Naked man gets no jail time

Peterbilt Trucks vs Mack Trucks

Peterbilt Trucks vs Mack Trucks

Dan O'Bannon dead

Fantasy Fest vs Folsom Street Fair

What is a good GRE subjects test score? Does anyone know?


Manhunter vs Red Dragon

What's your biggest gripe about The Lounge?

Shaolin Monks vs Benedictine Monks

I present to you the most tasteless SNL bit ever...

Passive-Aggressive vs Assertive vs Aggressive

From Uruguay to Hollywood: Watch the Video

Istanbul vs. Canstantinople vs. Byzantium

I might have just hit the spam blocker

Derek Flint vs Matt Helm

Corn Flakes vs. Bread Crumbs.

This place is old, feels just like a beat-up truck...I turn the engine but the engine doesn't turn

The DU Lounge v. General Discussion

Why do lounge threads have the recommend/unrec option?

Screw Avatar! Go see Invictus!

The Mist vs The Fog

Chocolate Chip vs Oatmeal Raisin

Holy hell. They just changed the forecast to 5 to 7 feet. n/t they are saying that each snowflake will be the size of a small dog.

Oh great..."snow tornado warning" now.

Out of sight, out of mind. vs. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The Keep vs The Gate

Spumoni vs Gelato

To our friends in DU's Jewish community, I hope your Hanukkah was a great holiday!

To our friends in DU's Muslim community, Happy Muharram!

Check out Amazon's video on demand 99 cent movies:

What the hell is all this whining about snow, it's 75 degrees outside.

St. Maarten vs St. Martin


It's SNOWING in Charlottesville Virginia! We have over an inch already!

Coffee vs Tea vs Sexist Stereotypes of Flight Attendents

Michael Moore is a flaming fatmouth blowhard. Don't believe me? Go here:

Ecks vs Sever

You vs Underwater Polar Bear vs You vs Underwater Tiger vs You vs Underwater Hippo

Muffins vs Cupcakes

Pancakes vs. Crepes

beef vs pork

Serendipity vs Kismet

Simple pleasures vs complex pleasures

Simple pleasures.

I'm at work and don't want to go home

Allergies vs. Republicans

String Theory vs Loop Quantum Gravity

My uncle committed suicide this morning.

Polka Mazurka vs the Gitana waltz

She'd been drinking too much eggnog..

Butt Crack vs Arm Pitt

Why do a lot of you use abnormal words?

versus vs vs. vs v.

Charles Laughton vs Sydney Greenstreet

Coppola or Conrad?

The horror, the horror

Richard III vs Machiavelli

Body Heat vs The Postman Always Rings Twice

Nice post, Hitler vs. Mussolini

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds vs Let's Get Stoned

Maybe you dislike General Discussion simply because you don't know how to please the GD crowd.

"Another Stupid Texas Song"

Why is God mentioned before meals and during sex? Why not before sex and during meals?

I've gone to 37 different movies so far this year, and "Avatar" was far and away the best.


If you cannot forgive, you cannot learn.

Vaporizer For Christmas

Best place to buy a washer / dryer?

Mac vs. PC?

Olive Garden vs Applebees

Will someone just TELL me what HDTV to buy?

Let's start a movement to put the "X" back in Xmas!

Did you know that there's a Facebook group called "Dr Strange is a poopyhead"?



Island of Dr. Moreau, Directors Cut tonight

Meet ardi, the 4.4 million year old female.

Anyone baking? The nut breads for teachers and friends are in the oven.

Mike Boyle may challenge Heineman for governor

GOP favored for South Dakota Gov

Poll shows Cherry is an unknown

Lost boy's faithful dog rides and walks beside his casket

"Fired for Speaking Out" [against torture]

Before we close out the year: a moment to say good-bye to those near and dear we lost in 2009

Arrested Development Chicken Impressions

Laid in food and wine here in Silver Spring, MD. Let it snow.

Laid in food and wine here in Silver Spring, MD. Let it snow.

MO-Sen: Carnahan Continues to Eke Out Lead Over Blunt

Pomeranians vs Chihuahuas

Idea: What about a trigger for the mandate based on premiums/co-pays

Bill Clinton pitches e-mail for Sen. Lincoln's reelection effort in Arkansas

The WH seems like its cranked up the machine -- Finally fighting, but for the wrong thing

Look, you're NOT Uma Thurman, and the Senate HCR bill is NOT David Carradine.

Pelosi, top Dems will back Clinton’s climate aid pledge to poor nations

Big Bang Theory

Boehner offers to help Obama on Afghanistan

Duck vs. Graywarrior

I don't know if anyone here knows this, but most of the Northeast is

The True Problem, Our Real Enemy Is Harry Reid

Wow Liarman (R CT) is actually Sarah Palin - video

Killing health care reform through God's intervention

sweet kitty in DFW are still needs his very own home (pics)

An unmistakable, rational argument against the HCR mandate


AFL-CIO's Trumka: Senate Health Care Bill Must Change to Be Real Reform

John McCain: "I stand with Dr. Dean".

Dean's 50 states strategy is more to blame for failed HCR than Barack Obama

"We need to pass this bill now!" sounding like "We need to attack Saddam now!"

Here's the question

Franken Shuts Down Lieberman on Senate Floor

How about a potential "opt out" on the mandate?

Kill the tax break!

The Credibility Vacuum

Glenn Greenwald on Obama The Chess Player, and HCR. Sure sounds familiar.

DOD Announces Casualties 16-Dec-09

Cameron furious to see Avatar already available online

A question to those who want to kill the bill: Have you read it?

Would the Senate healthcare bill have helped Obama’s mother?

Ed Show - Howard Dean Says That He Will Support and Campaign Vigorously for the President in 2012

A few random Twitter thingies about THE BILL .....

Kill the bill and other noise.

Pink-haired girl from Lazy Town vs. running cartoon bear

The case for this crappy bill

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/18/09

Bristol VA vs Bristol TN

Well, maybe we're too hard on the poor press.

Isn't the Senate health care bill essentially the same as the Massachusetts model?

Justice Department defends ACORN ban

Senator Byron Dorgan speaks on how his drug importation amendment was voted down

Senator Tom Harkin explains why 30 Democratic Senators voted against drug importation amendment

Obama, Medvedev and a DIFFERENT Nuclear Option

Question: So the Senate bill passes in whatever state it does. What

Just Saw Avatar!!!!

Anybody think it was STILL a good idea to save the banks?

Photos: The Obama Presidency December 17th, 2009

HCR: The third rail of American politics-poison to all that try to touch it.

Question: How much is Ted Kennedy missed in the Senate today?

If the bill stays as it is, and is signed as is, we have the RIGHT to expect and demand

David Plouffe Is The Only One That Can Save America

Quick!!! Who can make any case for this crappy bill without pitching 31 million covered

Pass the Bill -- But take out the poison first.

Obama Speaking In Copenhagen (Live)

A couple of things Democrats don't mention about Massachusetts Health

For those that don't support our President.

Do you part for strategery! re: Lieberman, Ben Nelson and others

What do you do when you're male and feel 'trapped' in a marriage?

The Historical Argument Against "Killing the Bill"

A Lesson on Nonviolence for the President

I have a fantastic idea!!!!

I have Bill Will.

Not even Santa and his elves are keeping this schedule....

Dean - Kucinich 2012

President Bush and the Numbers

The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr - New Book in Feb

CNNMoney: The unemployment rate is falling - in 36 states + DC joblessness fell in November


SBA to get emergency cash infusion

Is this the real Barack Obama?

Do you "believe the tea-baggers"?

I think the Senate health insurance bill will pass, despite the rage and

Tell me how, Four Senators : Baccus, Landrieu, Lieberman and Nelson

Krugman: Pass the Bill

And another thing... This bill will be a Building Block for the Republicans

I think some folks around here believed the Tea Baggers, more than they believed the President

Coburn, your incessant deficit concerns would make sense if you didn't want to extend Bush tax cuts

Gutsy man

Health care reminder: We're all on the same side!

"Obama's Copenhagen Remarks" (Text and Video)

Just go for reconciliation and take the chances

Is the White House so stupid not to know they'll lose a generation of Democrats over the mandate?

Journalists Cheerfully Urinating On Senate Bill’s “Ideological” Critics

List of Senators who voted to kill the drug reimportation amendment (Dorgan),and list of supporters

Despite concessions and flaws, the Senate and House bills retain the necessary elements of reform

Obama told China: I can't stop Israel strike on Iran indefinitely

What Lieberman Has Done

Nelson: We're Making Progress, But No Surefire Agreement

Remember, we appeased Lieberman (Chairmanship) because we needed his vote on procedural matters

Something doesn't add up -- where's the fucking civil war!!

So why not simply push a basic bill regulating the insurance industry WITHOUT a mandate?

Breaking: Lieberman Vetos Climate Agreement

Lay Off Howard Dean. He's Dead Right About This Bill.

For those who still don't get it: Dean is advocating a FASTER way to pass HCR

Passing the health care bill could get us all new Senators and Reps and a new President.

Copenhagen summit ends with feeble climate deal (non-binding)

MoveOn.Org Comes Out Against Senate Health Care Bill

Maine state legislator leaves GOP over health care reform obstructionism.

What happened to the Yes We Can campaign?

Dean Baker on the mandate: "The industry wants the government to force you to pay them money"

Change actually does occur pretty fast generally

Here's some investment advice. If you have any money to invest

From the office FReeps antics...this bipartisan stuff is really working.

Liberals go off on a mandate

Bernie on Countdown, "We are working with the WH to make this bill better..."

"SEIU's Andy Stern: Don't Kill the Bill. Fix It."

"Five cost controls in the Senate health-care bill."

Politicians need to take egos out of this....WE need to....I need to

Notice how Obama and Senate bill supporters don't talk about the "typical family" anymore?

BREAKING: President Obama has reached a climate change deal with China.

I hate the term "leftbagger"

FDR had an 80% dem congress, how do progressives get Obama at least 70% progressive congress?

Change Doesn't Come with a Big "Boom"

US air raids kill 63 civilians in Yemen

I want President Obama to succeed. I don't hate him. I don't think he's

I long for the days of LBJ,, when he would call out Repubs and Dems alike

I predict Sarah Palin will become President in 2012.

Kevin Drum: Please stop searching for an alternative, compromise-free universe

The Preisident folded his hand because he did not have the cards

What Obama Says to His Detractors

TPM: Lieberman Skips Town!

How Employers May Respond:

If you believe Mandates will cause Insurance Companies to keep rates reasonable....

NYT's: Liberal Revolt on Health Care Stings White House

Poll: Voters Reject Health Care Mandate Without Public Option, Medicare Buy-In

Rahm Emmanuel: Don't worry about the left ("There are no Senate liberals left to get" he says)

Kennedy and Kerry voted against the Dorgan amendment in 2007

***Wake Up!: Senate Resumes Debate, Live on CSPAN2***

our lives are NOT a frigging "chess game"-- I am so damned sick of hearing variations on

If Gallup polled me I would say "Approve", and I'll vote for Obama in 2012.......

"Like Obama, Pres. Lincoln was seen by many of his supporters as ... a disappointmnet in office."

Could It Be That The WH Wants The Base To Raise Up?.....

Progressives meet your base

Wow, Teddy On Big Eddie's Show

Bernie Sanders on Dean: "I have to deal with the reality, being a Congress member..."

"Kennedy later regretted rejecting Nixon’s proposal" (Universal HC)

Why Joe Lieberman is so much more powerful than Obama

The REAL reason we will never leave Afghanistan

Just got a call from DFA (Dean's Org) asking for Donations.

Obama's Approval Rating Crashes as Base Abandons him...

Blogger Susie Madrak "much calmer" & "pleasently surprised" after conference call with the WH

"...I think Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America..."

To all who tell us to hold our fire because the alternative is so much worse

Great News! Health Care Shelved; Obama at 26% approval; 2010 shows GOP Gain 2 to 1! Palin Wins!

Dean's Blind Spot (and that of his fanbase)

This seems to be going on to me...

Keep speaking, Dr. Dean, you've outraged the out of control Congress & White House, and speak for me

They think 9k a year for a family of 4 making 54K is "affordable" . THAT'S the problem

Welcome to Beijing, ex-pat style

Pres. Obama Arguing against Mandates:

Coal-fired Congress Blocks Path to Clean Energy

'Jesus-era' burial shroud found

Projections Put Whites in Minority in U.S. by 2050

Policy shift could put Prop. 8 suit on TV

Heat Over a Leaked U.N. Warming Analysis

W.Sahara activist arrives home after hunger strike in Spain

Pennsylvania County Agrees To Remove Religious Symbols From Courthouse Lawn

Bernanke moves closer to second term

U.S. Offer of Long-Term Aid Pushes Climate Talks Forward

U.S. Chamber of Commerce declared a “Global Warming Crime Scene"

Docs Suggest Bush WH Failed to Search for Libby's "Missing" Emails Subpoenaed in CIA Leak Probe

Chuck Norris: Public health care would have killed Baby Jesus

Republicans work to block EPA carbon rules

U.S. and Russia Near Deal to Cut Nuclear Arsenals

Pakistan slaps travel ban on defence minister

No U.N. deal on carbon cuts, last day of talks

Four killed in Pakistan explosion

Fugitive US doc's trail ends with arrest in Italy

World leaders head for Denmark as climate talks enter final day

US man freed by DNA evidence after 35 years in prison

German police: Missing American fell in river

Officers Warned of Flaw in U.S. Drones in 2004

White paper discussing investment opportunities related to the U.S. healthcare reform released

Hackers steal SKorean-US military secrets

Auschwitz Sign Stolen: 'Arbeit Macht Frei' Sign Taken From Main Entrance

CIA working with Palestinian security agents (Allegations of CIA Involvement in West Bank Torture)

U.S. FINRA launches inquiry into firms' trading tips: report

US death penalty brought into question

Saskatchewan nixes nuclear power plan

Development of strategic nuclear fleet under threat?

Advisers on Vaccines Often Have Conflicts, Report Says

GOP senators to block defense bill in bid to delay health-care vote

California population growth slows

Specter, Toomey in dead heat in Senate race, poll says(Pennsylvania)

Attacking immigrant students not new, say those involved

Military: Burn pits could cause long-term damage to troops

Terrorists, Crooks Allowed to Keep FAA Pilot's Licenses

GOP senators to block defense bill in bid to delay health-care vote

Bob Waldmire, 1945-2009: Artist lived his life on Route 66

Over 100 spies uncovered in Russia

Russians Face Alcohol Death and Islamic Problems

Russians Face Alcohol Death and Islamic Problems

Kucinich panel to investigate Citigroup tax ruling

Ford CEO Says Automaker Will Speed Up Debt Repayment, Keep Competitive Edge With New Vehicles

Google convicted in French copyright case

Google convicted in French copyright case

Obama proposes U.S. liaison in North Korea-Yonhap

Visteon moves to abandon pension plans

Iranian forces take over Iraq oil well

Chavez says U.S. climate proposals laughable (to be merged)

Suspected Somalia pirates freed by Dutch navy

Obama Is Snubbed by Wen at Climate Summit as U.S.-China Tensions Escalate

Obama Dramatically Interrupts Meeting, Negotiators Reach Final Agreement

U.S., China, India, S. Africa reach climate deal

Americans United Urges Army Officials To Alter ‘Church Retreat’ Program At Missouri Base

Ben Nelson: Bill covers too many uninsured people, must be scaled back

General Motors to shut down Saab

Obama in Copenhagen: 'I come here today not to talk, but to act'

Twitter hacked: 'Iranian Cyber Army' signs off with poem to Khamenei

"Meaningful Agreement" Reached on Climate

Castro mocks Obama visit to Copenhagen

Auschwitz death camp sign stolen

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 18

The unemployment rate is falling

Obama's Latin America Envoy Gets An Earful In Argentina

Michael Moore threatens (Connecticut) boycott over Lieberman

Spain to send over 500 troops to Afghanistan

Dorgan Accuses White House of Unethically Politicizing Safety Warnings From the FDA

Fox says Time Warner Cable may drop Fox TV shows

Bottled water sales dry up, industry asks ‘why?’

Poll: Voters Revolt Against Mandates (Voters Overwhelmingly Say Obama Didn't Fight Lieberman Enough)

Chavez: U.S. With Obama "still smells of sulfur" as in the Bush era

US Lawmakers Push Tough New 'Buy American' Bill

US to lift visa ban for Honduras: lawmaker

Snowed Under: Dems Scramble For Health Care Votes As GOP Vows Delay And Snowstorm Nears

Venezuela's Chavez sees US threat in Dutch islands

Ohio unemployment rises to 10.6 pct. in Nov.

The Financial Cost Of "Surging" - $57,077.60 By The Minute - And That's Just For Starters

Kill bill: In the healthcare reform bill we are all being sold a clunker

EU/IMF Revolt: Greece, Iceland, Latvia May Lead the Way

Doubt grows over Copenhagen talks

Trumka Takes on the ‘Neoliberalism’ that Broke U.S. Economy

The Objects of Our Devotion: Spiritual-Need Marketing

Al 'Stuart Smalley' Franken Makes Joe Lieberman 'Smalley'

Hillary Clinton outlines U.S. plans for the Middle East

“A Naked Form of Blackmail”: Naomi Klein on Secretary of State Clinton’s Proposal to Set Up $100 Bil

Staffers for corporate front group organizing anti-health rallies refuse to reveal their names.

Why is Barney Frank So Effing Mad?

Ecuador Officials Linked to Colombia Rebels

Chavez Slams Rich Nations at Copenhagen, Calls for Systemic Change to Save Planet

Iraq's oil auction hits the jackpot

Howard Dean, Movement Leader (UPDATED)

De-Criminalizing Children

Witnesses for the prosecution: how Blair is suffering trial by Chilcot

Video: Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood says TARP making a difference

Hurry Up and Wait.

Ending End-of-Life Phobia — A Prescription for Enlightened Health Care Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

Dramatic Breakthrough: Copenhagen Accord on 'Coburnhagen'

Healthcare reform turned into health insurance reform as liberals acquired a new enemy

Muslims Say F.B.I. Tactics Sow Anger and Fear

Pass the Bill (Krugman column)

POLL: Public against mandates without public option: 33% to 56%.

InfoWorlds biggest Tech Turkey's: Glenn Beck and Henry McMaster (SC AG)

Malawi looks to diversify energy mix with ethanol stove plan (and reduce GHG emissions)

Banks Get into the Unemployment Biz, and Quickly Start the Rip-offs

David S. Broder: Calling on Congress to stop the debt tsunami

Copenhagen summit ends with feeble climate deal (non-binding)

Failure Is Not an Option, But It Is a Possibility

NYT's Whose Christmas Is It:

David Sirota: The 'candidate vs. president' canard

Uninsured in Japan: a medical trip report

Ethiopia uses ethanol stoves to reduce deforestation, reduce air pollution and improve health!

Republicans threaten health care read-a-thon - who needs AL Kaida when you've got the GOP??

Traitor Joe

Cap Credit Cards at 16%

Boston Globe Names Elizabeth Warren 'Bostonian of the Year'

Al Franken Shuts Down Joe Lieberman on the Senate Floor

Headzup: Who The White House Chooses To Attack

Peru's Tropical Glaciers Under Threat

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Declared A 'Climate Crime Scene' By Greenpeace's "Climate Crime Unit"

Countdown: Sanders on HCR Bill - "Serious Flaws... Trying Desperately to Make It Better Bill."

Reg Keys 'flabbergasted' by Tony Blair on Iraq

Democracy is the Penguins

Posted Without Comment

Stress Relief and Other Ideas for the Stressed Out Patriot !

Report shows charities suffering

Question Time: Hon David Parker to the Minister of Energy and Resources

Fox News Omits Lieberman Lobbying Conflict?

General McChrystal: We Are Going To Be In Afghanistan Long Term! Well Past ANY Dates!

Nuclear War- The End of The World?

Rachel Maddow - WARNING: Religious Delusion May Be Hazardous To Your Health Care (and sanity)

The Tea Party Is The New Ku Klux Klan

Lieberman Socks

A Very Cheney Christmas

Sanders: Rep Obstructionism, Reconciliation, Universal Cost Effective HC Will Happen @ State Level

Time for a

Ed Show: Jane Hamsher to Lanny Davis - 'Who's Paying You?'

Climate deal a tough sell in US

*Posted for the "kill the bill" crowd* :: Senator Coburn (R-OK): 'No is a Wonderful Word'

Holiday Spirit?

Bangladesh's disappearing island

TYT: Why Is Obama Reaching Out To Those Won't Vote For Healthcare No Matter What?

Obama Calls For Action, Time For Climate Change Talk Over (full speech)

TYT: Chris Matthews & Howard Dean Argue Over Healthcare

Obama's Lousy Empty Speech to the Climate Change Summit Copenhagen, oh blah, blah, blah...

I'm A Democrat, And I'm A Republican,

Al Franken To Joe Lieberman "STFU!" (Paraphrasing) - John "Angry" McCain Gets Upset

Mr. President, its time to come clean on the deals youve made with the health insurance gangsters

The 4 year old in Texas that has to get his hair cut.... cute boy BTW

Papantonio: Erik Prince - Our New Peter Pan

x-posted: Gen. Clark's Keynote Address in Copenhagen.

“If Bush Was in Kindergarten, Obama Is in First Grade”– Indian Environmentalist Sunita Narain on US

Tomorrow is Today (in Copenhagen): Call for Action

Better to have no deal at Copenhagen than one that spells catastrophe

GE-Mitsubishi Wind-Turbine Fight Threatens Arkansas Jobs Plan

Polar Ice Sheets Vulnerable to Even Moderate Global Warming; New Orleans, Much of Southern Florida

Where is the sea man. I used to come here and look out over the ocean

Breaking: LEAKED final draft of Copenhagen treaty declaration

Peak oil notes - Dec 17

Drumbeat: December 18, 2009

Clinton to Deliver Major Speech Renewing U.S. Support For Universal Access to Reproductive Health Wo

China Talking Conservation, But Has Doubled Coal Use 2002-2007 - Now 3 Billion Tons/Yr

From dinner to desperation: The 24-hour race for a deal in Copenhagen

Question about energy tax credits

raining in montana, been warm all week

GPS helps drive down fuel costs

Come Watson, the game is afoot!

Obama calls for climate deal, meets with Chinese premier

Field Of Fluorescent Tubes Powered By Ambient Current

Oh NOOOOOOO! "Danger To Free Trade Seen In Climate Talks" - NYT

CSIRO Extends Atmospheric Data Back 10 Years, Thanks To Diver Who Never Used Tank From 1968

Obama fails to impress

The Nation: We'll Save The Earth On Our Terms

The cost of reducing our carbon footprint to acceptable levels- the same as annual military funding

Leaders cut safeguards to salvage Copenhagen climate deal

Inhofe in Copenhagen: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, But Speak Lots of It

I want one...

Humid Air Currents Which Transport Moisture Throughout Amazon Basin May Be Failing, Aiding Drought

All Hell is breaking loose in Greece!

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville

Shanahan to the Redskins???

Another sports figure arrested

Talk about humiliating! Chiefs game blacked out for the first time in 19 years.

S.F. threatens suit if A's move to San Jose

Pierre Thomas or Robert Meachem?

NFL Week 15 (with point spreads) POST SATURDAY 8:20 ET

John Daly says Tiger's personal life isn't our business..

Latin American Countries Reject Clinton’s Threats over Iran Ties

with Obama, it still smells of sulphur

Will Ecuador drought dry up Correa's popularity?

US to lift visa ban for Honduras: lawmaker

Full text of Chavez speech to Copenhagen climate change summit

Lanny Davis gets called out for working for the coup in Honduras on Big Ed

Micheletti contradicted by DNIC on assassination

Decade of Propaganda? The BBC’s Reporting of Venezuela.

Chavez Slams Rich Nations at Copenhagen, Calls for Systemic Change to Save Planet

Obama's Latin America Envoy Gets An Earful In Argentina

Hillary Clinton outlines U.S. plans for the Middle East

Hillary Clinton outlines U.S. plans for the Middle East

Lieberman: Settlement activity to restart full force in 10 months

U.S.-Israeli Arms Cooperation Quietly Growing

MK aims to keep Palestinians married to Israelis from gaining citizenship

Elliott Abrams and 'Neocon-ing' Obama

Israel must not forget the price of nuclear war

Haredim dub women Western Wall worshippers 'Nazis'

CIA working with Palestinian security agents

Holding gun sideways (hollywood style) causes gun to jam

Millionaire who fought off a knife-wielding burglar is jailed (while the intruder is let off)

Now I know for sure Jon Gosselin is a doofus (of Kate & Jon Plus 8 fame)

Free movie download from down under

It’s a Small World: Disney and the H1N1 Virus

After all, no one died.

There are no debates on DU, only superior pronouncements

There is one way that this bill could turn out to be very good

If I see one more "DRAFT DEAN" or "KUCINICH IS GOD" post

Look out North East.... noreasters, just one

Well, it's snowing today. A real rarity.

Snow on the Magnolias

A few photos from my life in 2009--nine to be exact

2009, some keepsakes (& FYI, links to Photo Group 2008 retrospectives)

Obama Backs New Launcher and Bigger NASA Budget

Deepest volcano caught on Pacific Ocean video

Sea levels spiked with ancient warming event

Most Elusive Gorilla Caught on Video

The Scariest Movie, Ever!

Stimulus funding a shot in the dark

Jerusalem burial shroud - yet another nail in the coffin of Turin

Humor: Only biologists appreciate creationist horror films

World's 'oldest' known DNA discovered

Archaeologists Claim They've Found Lost City Of Atlantis (VIDEO)

Portuguese govt may permit gay marriage

You've gotta be really comfortable to be out and proud in the barracks with a Zac Efron quilt!

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty Signs Marriage Equality Bill

Even Superhero's are not immune - Batwoman loses to DADT

Some Kalamazoo, MI churches withdraw homeless support over local anti-GLBT discrimination ordinance

Bug powder causes male bedbugs to stab each other to death with their penises

GOP hystrionics over Bernanke - you'd think HE WAS THE ONE WHO CAUSED THE DEREGULATION DISASTER.

How Banks Prey on the Unemployed

Fraud prosecutions fell AS CRISIS LOOMED

China's dumping of the dollar has begun

The Democrats' Faux Fight Against the Banks

Debtor's Dilemma: Pay the Mortgage or Walk Away

This week's Starcodes

A silly post to share: hormones and snow flurries

My great thanks to the Universe...

Musings on if the human mind can even take today's media

New Matthew message is up

Laser machine helps smokers to kill their cravings for good

Marijuana Eases Spasticity in MS Patients Studies Show

Charter accused of MCAS cheating

L.A. schools chief targets poor-performing teachers

Man cites Bible in child assault prosecution

Breaking news: Jesus kills Santa, Rudolph hit by pickup truck...

Americans United Urges Army Officials To Alter ‘Church Retreat’ Program At Missouri Base

Russian Orthodox Church will join with Vatican in bid to crush secularism

Bhagavad Gita: a perspective on current events . . .

Grimaud farms - have you shopped there? Is it legit? They have 2, 3-pound smoked moscovy for $24.

This weather is interfering with my baking!

Anyone know how to make a really good, crispy sugary crust on a ham?

My holiday baking thread in the lounge sunk like a stone

King Crab Legs and Beef Short Ribs - need something to go with them.