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Israel harvested organs in '90s without permission

Israel Harvested Organs in '90s Without Permission

Catholic Online: "Sen. Nelson Caves In to Democratic Party Pressure"

Pride makes Yankee go home (St. Augustine Mission School on the Winnebago reservation)

Pride makes Yankee go home (St. Augustine Mission School on the Winnebago reservation)

CSM: Why has Congress set a Christmas deadline for healthcare reform?

iPhone icon :)

Where are WE GOING FROM HERE....Friday Night Question/Music

Why Is Frank Burns Now Minority Leader In The Senate?

Ben Nelson's statement on the health care bill

Police expect Mumbai-style terror attack on City of London

I say PASS the Senate HCR bill

Would you rather that 25 percent of the food you buy didn't have

Is it possible for the (weakened) Public Option to survive with reconciliation?

Medicare Participants Grapple With Selecting Best Drug Plans

Congress should include strong 'Buy American' rules in new spending

Where does the second check go? Does it go to another insurer?

Study says that the so-called 'liberal' media may help in perpetuating racism

Study says that the so-called 'liberal' media may help in perpetuating racism

Study says that the so-called 'liberal' media may help in perpetuating racism

Was Cantor one of the guys in 'REVENGE OF THE NERDS'?

Looks to me like the most important person in the HCR debate now is Nancy.

I am having so much trouble buying this .

Wis. teen will need legal permission to date girls

"War on Christmas"? We need a "War on Assholes".

"War on Christmas"? We need a "War on Assholes".

The Republican (yes Republican) Health Care Blunder

Thats a new low

What country best fits the term "Post-Faith Society"?

Sunday talk shows

Draconian English Libel Laws used by GE to stifle criticism

A few little comments from Howard Dean and that HRC bill gets catapulted to the front

Man, this right wing propaganda is insane.

11 years ago today...the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Clinton

What our community activists did today

Sticking out your tongue ruled illegal (Rome)

GOP's New Prayer Guru Says Gays Possessed By Demons

I Sometimes Think...

To those (like me) stuck in the snow in the Northeast...

Judge To Hear Motions In Roeder Case Next Week

Every Single D In The Senate Will Vote To Pass The HCR Bill, So, Who's A Sellout?

This is NOT the final bill folks.

Can Obama do the unthinkable and come out a winner? Just like Dallas did to NO? n/t

I just had a very disturbing thought brought on by the Yemen bombing

Happy Birthday Federal Reserve....Dec 23, 1913.....

Happy Birthday Federal Reserve....Dec 23, 1913.....

Once-homeless man driven to share his art

Fuck Them Cowboys!

Another Obama war, this time in Latin America

If someone currently fits the criteria for the health care mandate but later on ...

Elin Nordegren could be paid more than $50 million extra for sticking with Tiger Woods

Big Tent vs. Small Tent

Valley in Jordan Inhabited and Irrigated for 13,000 Years

Valley in Jordan Inhabited and Irrigated for 13,000 Years

No defense for the indefensible.

The Deed Is Done

Lemme know if you think you need some to survive.

SF Chronicle: 'Grim year ends the Decade of Fear'

eastbound traffic on I-10 backed up for at least 20 miles

Millions at risk as East Africa rains fail, Oxfam says

*sigh* Now CNN is getting in on the "War on Christmas" fun.

Some good news on the economic front...San Diego and California Jobless rate declines

I'd like to send a little musical hello to my progressive friends at DU tonight

Can Joel Osteen help you pay your bills?

Would Perot have become President if he hadn't imploded? (Imploded

I thought it germaine to the subject...I'm watching "Kill Bill one AND two on IFC....

Ugandan president committed to blocking anti-gay bill: officials

Ugandan president committed to blocking anti-gay bill: officials

When the needs of the people are as quantifiable

Who determines "rape and incest"?

Billionaires for Wealthcare......

One thing re: HCR I am happy about

Man Arrested After Being Caught On Video Throwing Paint On Las Vegas' Famous 'Welcome' Sign

Should information about women who get abortions

You Want to Fight This Bill, Cancel Your Insurance

If Healthcare will remain in the hands of the Free Market, then McCain was right

"If you have a burden of heavy debt, you need to announce to that debt, 'It is finished.' "

OK, I want a lot of feedback on this.

How legit is this report on Obama's campaign contributors?

Learned helplessness, and abusive capitalism.

one thing the HC bill accomplished

Ok, so imagine the Chief of your tribal village just took a club upside his head...

First they came for single payer, and folks compromised

We were used by the DLC like the right uses the teabaggers! You know how ridiculous the

Kucinich Amendment still possible?

Disabled mom fighting to keep her son

Some things this party needs to do to win back the people it's lost this month:

Some things this party needs to do to win back the people it's lost this month:

DK Supporters: Is there a way to contact him directly

How To Keep Track Of Politicians’ Voting Track Records, A Guide

Learned helplessness, and abusive capitalism.

Healthcare and the Iraq War vote

Defense Bill Raids Personnel Funds to Pay For Weapons

The "manager's amendment"

Should this party keep accepting corporate PAC donations?

I didn't think so many DUers would be awake this early on a Sunday morning.

MP3 of interview with Russ Baker, author of Family of Secrets (book about the Bush clan)

AlterNet: GOP's New Prayer Guru Says Gays Possessed By Demons

If the Senate bill survives conference, and passes, Obama should veto it


The Gutierrez bill: Comprehensive immigration reform or Trojan horse?

A dear friend of mine almost lost sight in one of his eyes because of lack of insurance.

What prevents the creation of not for profit Health Insurance Co-ops ?


What the Democratic leaders will be singing if mandates pass without a Public Option

Officials prepare for prison hearing: Expect extra security, scads of people and a 5- to 6-hour ses

How Ironic!

Michelle Bachman vs Mean Jean Schmidt Redux

In 2006, when the dems took back Congress,the first word out of their mouth was bipartisanship.

Ben Nelson's state of Nebraska will got more Medicaid $$ than the rest.

Ben Nelson's state of Nebraska will got more Medicaid $$ than the rest.

Local clinic story

Muslim televangelist takes his message to millions

Already having a bad day-HCR, snow, other:

Jim Cramer "I think healthcare reform died when Senator Joe Lieberman decided he didn't like it."

I love puppy dogs, rainbows and cotton candy!

Peace Grannies Invade Brooklyn's Target Store with Song and Protest Regarding War Toys

Will the "free clinics" lead to the birth of a guerilla heathcare system in this country?

Now the press will call the dems sell-outs. Gregory's first question to

2008 Democratic Party Platform

2008 Democratic Party Platform

U.S. Companies Shut Out as Iraq Auctions Its Oil Fields

Palin lies in book about threats to her daughters at school.

This thread is meant to unify DU

Do You Approve Of The Health Care Bill That Is Coming Out Of The Senate?

If and when they pass this - they will need to get out and front and SELL it to the people-

Louisiana has much at stake in health care debate

This bill coming out of the Senate is a bad bill and it is NOT progress.

The Democratic Party platform of 1900

I'm new to DU-what is k&r short for?

Upset About Bernanke as Time's Person of the Year; Try Elizabeth Warren

All he got was a lousy insurance industry bailout that few can love.

Glen Beck's official Christmas card

Corporate Whore Rick Berman Smacked Down by Court for Anti-Health Care Ad

DU Administration. Please tell us what is wrong with the video of the women who quit the Dem Party.

Barring any new wars, the only thing that will determine 2010 and 2012 will be jobs and the economy

Silver Lining....if the medical reform bill passes...

No Idea What They Are Even Debating

Obama Ordered U.S. Military Strike on Yemen Terrorists

Saudi Air Strikes Kill 54 Civilians: Yemen Rebels

If we kill the bill when will it come back up? Especially with the GOP handing Obama defeat

NEWSFLASH: Some of today's "progressives" travel back in time to kill slave emancipation.


HAAAA! Axelrod is fighting with David Gregpry on MTP!

Reducing Healthcare Costs in America

Reducing Healthcare Costs in America

Insurance is a numbers game and that hasn't changed....

"Saving" Medicare by opening it to all via reconciliation

Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

China plans world's fastest train service

It's been a one party system for some time now hasn't it?

Anyone who defends mandates without a strong PO and regulations is no liberal.

Cereal for dinner? Recession boosts General Mills


Program to modify mortgage falters; federal plan helps only a few avoid foreclosure

10 Ways to Screw Over the Corporate Jackals Who've Been Screwing You

Looking on the bright side - if the reforms don't work as intended or cost too much

If you run a business, and your employee is doing lousy work, do you still support them

If the Government is going to force me to BUY Insurance, here is my only hope.

The Medea Hypothesis: Is Multicellular Life (i.e., us) ultimately suicidal?

The big multi-national corporates...

The Republican Health Care Blunder

what have the republicans contributed towards healthcare reform

Plight of contractor raped in Iraq spurs push in Congress

My miserable Democratic Senator...

My miserable Democratic Senator...

My miserable Democratic Senator...

If Social Security and Medicare taxes were optional

How much money comes out of your paycheck to pay for health care benefits?

Jennifer Jones passed away last Thursday

Jennifer Jones passed away last Thursday

Jennifer Jones passed away last Thursday

Jennifer Jones passed away last Thursday

Howie Dean and David Axelrod coming up on MTP

Merkel Speaks Out over Summit - 'We Experienced a Self-Confident China'

Healthcare Isn't The Issue

Biden: Why the Senate Should Vote Yes on Health Care (NY Times Op-Ed)

Ben Nelson on CNN now saying democrats could have gotten whatever they wanted with reconciliation

Looks like today's MODS are a bit trigger happy

Have the Sunday Morning Shows changed any minds about the bill?

Mary Landrieu on Face the Nation-

Mary Landrieu on Face the Nation-

Howard Dean on MTP: I would let this bill go to conference*. . .

Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country

Yellowstone's plumbing exposed (supervolcano)

And now the bill goes to the House for "reconciliation"?

New Toyota car suspected of causing deadly ship blaze

Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Walter Mondale in 1984

GOP's New Prayer Guru Says Gays Possessed By Demons

Question? Can the Senate still filibuster the final bill

Aftermath of the Beast of 2009 - thousands of Virginians w/o power

My Thesaurus of Healthcare

West Virginians. Need Help for Travel

West Virginians. Need Help for Travel

Christmas Is Canceled: Dick Cheney Shoots Santa In The Face

Watching Face the Nation.....

Looking at the "To Do" list it seems apparent that Democrats will get clobbered in 2010 and 12

Remember the Medicare Catastrophic Care Fiasco?

Puerto Rico Daily Sun: Sotomayor still overwhelmed by new life in limelight

Well, this confirms it. Republicans & Insurance Co.;s are terrorists

The best laid plans... Banking, Insurance and Government Collusion

It’s only you Brits who don’t appreciate me, insists Tony Blair

It’s only you Brits who don’t appreciate me, insists Tony Blair

Christians have a saying, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"

Kansas cuts could end parolee supervision

Robin Carnahan leads Roy Blunt in Rasmussen Poll (MO Senate)

MO's Democratic Governor has a 63% - 33% popularity rating

Remind Bill O'Reilly: Malmedy turned 65 this month

Scarborough: Health Insurance Stocks Reached 52-YEAR High On Friday

So, what's in this bill for me?

OpenLeft: Missing the opportunity in the health care crisis--NO MORE!

I just got my premium notice.

Revoke the Hyde Amendment

The more I hear and read of 'the' bill the more I think weak kneed reid

Snow Photos from WaPo readers:

Snow Photos from WaPo readers:

If you're advising the President, what do you tell him?

TRADITIONAL Atheist holiday time.

What Is The Maximum Salary You Think A Physician Should Earn?

If Republicans could limit lifesaving emergency room care

Palin wins ''Lie of the Year" award.

Palin wins ''Lie of the Year" award.

Want to know about Community Health Centers?

K&R if you want to circle-jerk in the echo-chamber!!!

Reid & Obama get their 60 votes. "Bernie brought onboard for $250m in Medicaid funds for VT"

For more than 20 years, the medical field has been discussing the aging of America.

A Rebuttal to Howard Dean: I Am a U.S. Senator, and I Will Vote For This Bill

A proposal: suspend any U for two weeks

This thread is meant to unify DU

Frank Rich: 'Tiger Woods, Person of the Year'


Most significant legislative 1st year since FDR ?

Howzabout no tax - supported treatment for syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, etc.

Brittany Murphy Dies

If we are trying to lower costs why is there some interest group running a TV spot

Why does DU "Rock" you ask?

"Won't do it" or "Can't Do it"

How far does $7 million per day go?

Nat Hentoff..interesting guy.

When health care legislation is signed into law, Obama will get a big bump

How health lobbyists influenced reform bill


Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse


Just how evil are the anti-abortion people?

Doing the "tort reform" "interstate competition" debate on FB

Legislature to consider end to death penalty

Infamous sign at Auschwitz extermination camp stolen - possibly by Holocaust deniers.

Feds pursuing more lawyers, campaign violation links in Rothstein Ponzi case

Proof positive that CNN is worthless.......

Humanitarian Service Medal (new avatars for those who want it)

Humanitarian Service Medal (new avatars for those who want it)

Dean says the current bill allows insurance to get really unaffordable for the elderly

Earth saw clmate chnge4 ions;will cont 2 c chnges.R duty2responsbly devlop resorces...

JENNICUT!!! Happy Birthday, sweetie

Evangelical church opens doors fully to gays

2010 - US Senate Elections - Who Shall We Support?

Eurostar train services canceled indefinitely

Abortion Compromise Unconstitutional? Key House Members Raise Objection

Those who are "out" of the party now are helping to create another Nader... remember that

$10 Billion More for Community Health Centers will Revolutionize Care (Bernie Sanders)

Stunning logic by Dick Durbin on "This Week"

About That Surge In Health Insurance Share Prices This Week...

Why don't airplanes put the passenger seats facing

Abortion foes get an ear in congress, but never anti-war voices

Right Wing Citadel Broadcasting files for bankruptcy protection

A Short History of Health Care - Slate (2007)

No, I don't think Al Franken or Bernie Sanders is selling out.

Republicans Suck !

WISE MEN 2009 - Let's take it to Heart - (Fitzsimmons Cartoon)

A famous actress dying doesn't qualify as LBN, but Time Warner "possibly" dropping Fox does.

Senate health version ensures that the unwashed masses are not part of the Senate risk pool:

The health care disappointment bill tells me

MTP pointed out that originally Obama said HCR would be funded by repealing Bush tax cuts for rich

Questions. And I Hope, an Answer. Healthcare and...

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Divorce vouchers selling like hotcakes in London

Actress Brittany Murphy, 32, dead from cardiac arrest

The Insidious Myth of Reconciliation

Does the insurance reform bill eliminate preexisting condition bans for adults?

Meditation XVII: No man is an island...

Making a Good Bill Even Better (Whitehouse Blog - long but contains updates at end)

Has anyone heard that the House bill might be substituted for the Senate bill?

An easy way to learn geography with this blank, interactive world map.

More Weight Equals Longer Hospital Stays

Topless protesters don gear due to weather (protest over removal of bike lane)

An issue related to the HCR Bill- Why are motor cyclists required to purchase and wear a helmet in

Smoke gets up your butt

Smoke gets up your butt

Durbin is calling Coburn out.

Resistance is futile...

Admiring Celebrities Can Help Improve Self-Esteem

I wish the repubicans weren't such cowards .....

Exactly what is a "pre-existing condition"?

I say we cut a deal with Olympia Snowe. Here is the way I see it...

Has anybody ever defined "the new normal", the funky fresh buzzword used the last few months?

I can only say this about this HCR...

I didn't realize what a dope Sen. Burr of NC is.

I didn't realize what a dope Sen. Burr of NC is.

About The Hurt Locker

America's Innovators Call for Health Care Reform to Unlock Jobs of the Future

A town’s love of Indian artifacts backfires

Joe Lieberman wants you dead!

Barbara Boxer's list of things in the Health Care bill is good as far as it goes

Look who's under the mistletoe: Lieberman

Dutch automaker makes offer on Saab

The Insidious Myth Of The Progressive “Bill Killers”

Need help converting friend away from Ron Paul-ism

P. Obama, so you win the battle, but you could lose the war

I don't have insurance.

Snowball fight takes dangerous turn when police officer draws gun

Let's do a new head count: Do you support this bill or do you want to kill it

Never take points off the board

Howard Dean 'Disappointed' White House Didn't Fight For Public Option, Also Praises Obama (VIDEO)

OFA Caller?: "You Have a Yeast Infection"

Bourbon VS Vodka: Bourbon Hurts More the Next Day, Due to Byproducts of Fermenting Process

Yay!! Dem "compromise" saves insurance industry $70 billion. (But it taxes tanning booths.)

Will the House agree with the Senate bill ?

Disdain for the honest working person..

F you, GM.

for snowed-in DUers..

Is there anything going on right now that would make you join a march on DC?

"Healthcare`s Lobbying Army"

wing nut radio operator files for bankruptcy!

June 23, 2005: DU, FR and a blast from the past

America will never have peace as long as it doesn't end its pseudo-religious relationship

Today we paid a visit to United HealthCare CEO Stephen Hemsley

Study Details How Health Lobby Marshaled Congressional Insiders to Fight Reform

Dutch teen who wanted to sail solo around world goes missing

Republicans are not your enemies and Democrats are not your allies

A followup to the posting from early this week on Peter Watts

GREAT Palin Joke On SNL Weekend Update

Apple seeks patent on reality

NY Times - "Glenn Beck’s Gold Deal Raising Questions at Fox"

With what nuance will we respond when the Republicans make this charge?


Did Obama Admin crush low-priced drug imports? David Sirota

Outnumbered Republicans pledge to delay "train wreck of historic proportions" reform bill

While you guys are fighting amongst yourselves Sheldon Whitehouse is kicking GOP asses. . .

Box o' Puppies Redux

McDonald's to offer free wireless

Can we learn from the Obama tent-show?

Obama orders Justice Dept. to drop warrantless (NSA) wiretapping lawsuits

Tech anthropologist works to save dying Comanche language

No Accountability

Coburn just called on you to pray that someone doesn't show up for the vote.

With everything that's gone on in the last year, are you still willing to call yourself a "Democrat"

Change? Hope? Why do I feel like I've been sold a faulty product?

Remember in May? The Finance committee was busy arresting single payor advocates...

Scarborough: Health Insurance Stocks Reached 52-YEAR High On Friday

I don't know intergalactic chess games very well; which move was this?

Eleven months ago today, this was the scene on The National Mall in Washington DC.

Is Obama what a feminist looks like?

Is Obama what a feminist looks like?

Can we give the Moderators some appreciation

Can we give the Moderators some appreciation

Jon Walker FDL: The Senate Health Care Bill Is Built On A Foundation Of Sand

WALL STREET HEALTH CARE: Insurance company stocks “on fire” – they’re winning, we’re losing.

A Historic Step Forward: Why I’m Supporting The Senate Health Reform Bill - by Al Franken

Fear of violence grows in mountaintop mining fight

Obama's Biggest Single Failure So Far

Obama's Biggest Single Failure So Far

PROGRESSIVE DEMS: PURGE (the DLC/Blue Dogs) or SURGE (out the door into a PROGRESSIVE PARTY)

PROGRESSIVE DEMS: PURGE (the DLC/Blue Dogs) or SURGE (out the door into a PROGRESSIVE PARTY)

so, when EVERYONE in the middle class sees their salaries go down by the hidden tax

278 insider lobbyists worked on health care bill, spent $635 million (Chicago Trib)

A modest proposal to begin fixing most of our nation's problems:

US military US general in Iraq imposes pregnancy ban

Will The Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up?

Mature adults insurance premiums capped at 3 X the premium for young people...

Obama banks on NASA's big launcher

OMG Brownstein using the old "elitist" meme on Dean and supporters.

So if I were forced into buying insurance...

History of the bill in pictures

Promises, promises

Most humorous will be in 2011 when Obama begins campaigning on this "triumph"

Those who say DU is not in the same place as the voting public are absolutely correct..

Suppose this bill imposed funding restrictions on Sickle Cell Anemia...

Stupak (of the C Street gang) aims to sink 'unacceptable' abortion compromise

Republicans threatened to obstruct legislation if we prosecuted GWB for war crimes

Real Life Scenario

Name one thing that could save President Obama and the Democratic party!

Markos Moulitsas Slams Chris Matthews

My friend has brain cancer


Obama Biggest Single Success So Far

One cheer for Howard Dean

to all the Capitol Hill staffers who read DU so your boss can have his/her ear to the ground

Grown-Up Christmas List

Anyone else feel that most on DU are out of touch with the poor?

A BIG Thank you to Boxer, Di Fi, Patty, and all the Dem Senate women who say they will filibuster

Wars Do Not Stop...

Do you think Obama has any clue how much this bill really cost him?

The Approaching Storm. The 2010 Congressional Elections and the Democratic Party.

Check in here: If you've ever been DINO, R-Lite, scorned The Left, voted Repug or not voted at all

ONE PHOTO sums up why we need to end the wars:

Would you sooner go to jail than pay a private health denial company?

PETA earns kudos for Texas exotic pets rescue. 26,400 animals from internet-based wholesaler.

My Letter to the President - Where is yours?

Betrayal of the public option like compromises on slavery and will have the same results

Matt Taibbi:: "going to force people to become customers of private health insurance companies"

What's the difference between paying corporate insurance premiums and paying Mafia protection $$ ?

Obama and the Supreme Court quietly sell out Due Process protection

Obama and the Supreme Court quietly sell out Due Process protection

The OOs - "Decade from Hell" - Time Magazine

How many here will refuse all benefits from whatever HCR bill passes?

How many here will refuse all benefits from whatever HCR bill passes?

Just for those that enjoy A Charlie Brown Christmas every year

I call on the distinguished gentleman from IL, Sen Durbin, to take his foot out of Sen. Coburn's ass

Ending Medicare Advantage will make obtaining primary care and preventive

Loyal Democrats check in!

First Dog Enjoys Blizzard

I know. Next Sunday MEET THE PRESS should invite Cynthia McKinney on

No one will have to pay more than 8% of their income for health insurance... ~ David Alelrod on MTP

Quick comparison chart between the Health Care bill versions

Perhaps A Dumb Question - But Who Is Involved In The Conference That's Supposed To Merge The ......

If any of these Democratic Senators vote for this, they'll be out in 2010

How do you feel in life, right now?

Actress Brittany Murphy dead at 32

I have something very simple to say

To the Progressives,You cannot"negotiate" with psychopaths.

Happy Holidays DU! - pics

Only 2 Kinds of People: The Uninsured & Those Falsely Believing They're "Insured" on Health "Care"

the piano gets a reinvention - for real!

Obama looked like he could've been something different. He ain't.

Avatar is great. (no spoilers)

On HCR: Brooks-"vote no"; Krugman-"pass the bill"

Californians, is Jerry Brown the key.......

Obama broke these 6 health care promises.

Silent thread opposing ANY legislation that sacrifices women's reproductive rights, health, & choice

Che Guevara: The Revolutionary that led an uprising of the poor and brought "CHANGE".

Rene Russo to be cast as MIGHTY THORS step mother.


I tell you, bad movies where they have southern accents are just flat out

That kid who's buying shoes for his mamma to be meetin' Jesus in

Diana Krall in Concert in Paris on Ovation TV. WOW!

"12 Days Of Christmas" sung by the Kenosha WI police department.


Where-to-eat flowchart.

March of the Wooden soldiers

My Favorite Xmas Song

For my friends out East - "Here comes Suzy Snowflake"

Against Nudity Ban, Ore. Gallery Takes It All Off

Post here if you are all hopped up on some intoxicant.


My dog is trying to sleep, but I keep playing cat noises through my PC.

Some birds would like to help take your mind off the snow (photos)

I'm at Olive Garden right now.

Life's What You Make It

Things to do in Dinwiddie, VA, when I-95 is closed.

This is my favorite song right now. The Sounds "Crossing the Rubicon"

Do you think anybody could survive this?

Who Remembers Blue Chip Stamps??? And the Blue Chip Stamp Catalogs and Stores???

Gagggh! I have to get up in about two and a half hours!

Robot Roll Call!

Jonathan Coulton - Codemonkey

It's trite by now, but one website is zombiefying the Bible: "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Zombie"

Question for car geeks and mechanically minded...

My 2009 year in review

Photos of today's snow from the DC area

I didn't think so many DUers would be awake this early on a Sunday morning.

When vegetarians quit smoking, do they ever go cold tofurky?

When vegetarians quit smoking, do they ever go cold tofurky?

Bop It! Shake It! Twist It! Shout It!

Lock this thread vs. Steal this book

anybody experienced in sign language?

For nostalgia buffs Lileks is absolutely the best site. For instance American Motels.

Santa came early and brought me a IPod Touch 32GB, need advice on what to do first.

I'm joining a "Biggest Loser" contest at the health center soon. Any idea what the rules are?

Another clothing store rant.

Another clothing store rant.

James Cameron lauds new CGI technology as a breakthrough tool for selling Happy Meal toys

So--here's a story about my household I need to tell--

I totally forgot we're closing out a decade what are you top five events for the '00's?

"It's A Man's World"- James Brown And Luciano Pavoratti

I'm about to light a fire in GD with a poll

Alien from LA on's up there with Manos, IMHO...

Christ, are ther NO book editors anymore? I just started reading a book, and

Wanna hear me sing/play guitar/play mandolin?

Want proof Barry Manilow is a no-talent hack?

So.... are we not allowed to wonder

I miss those old Rams uniforms

I hope all you folks who got snow are enjoying it, especially those

I love the Blues...

Good Tidings, All

They're balls?!

PHOTOS: Food shots for my new client's restaurant, taken earlier today

Your pick for PC game of the year?

Consumer orgy at Short Pump shopping mecca this afternoon. looks like tiger woods is 'night-putting'....



Anyone here own a Motorola Droid?

Best source for original movies on TV?


Church sign: Welcome. Live Nativity December 20, 6 pm

RIP, Luanne Platter

I love puppy dogs, rainbows and cotton candy!

Having Your Kids Sit In Some Strangers Lap... And Taking Their Picture. I'd Cry Too!

snow + beach (photos)

I had to dig a latrine today

Most Overrated Comedians?

The mutha of all Christmas pervs: package wrapping!

Can I crow a little bit about my daughter and her senior project?

TMZ Reports Brittany Murphy Went Into Cardiac Arrest, Died This Morning

I'm new to DU-what is k&r short for?

PHOTOS, Day 2 - Food shots for my new client's restaurant, with less parsley

I'm doing some teabagging. Ask me anything.

Eyelash curlers

Its really me! Gene Parmesan!

Behold: The walking pinecone!

18 years ago today

Lights will guide you home,And ignite your bones,And I will try to fix you(3)

if you ever played with hot wheels/matchbox cars, i defy you not to love this:

Satan hit Santa on the head and is telling me to buy the 32" TV for $599,

What are you listening to?

Share your funniest (in retrospect) holiday disaster stories here

avatar 3d - worth the extra bucks - a beautiful movie

Is there any yummier junk food than Jack in the Box tacos?!

Are you sad that SAAB is going to die?

Flashing teen found guilty after being hit by car

Car crash leaves woman turned on for sex 24 hours a day

Celebrity most missed by you during 2009, THE YEAR OF DEATH.

Do we really need safety caps on toilet bowl cleaner?

Redneck Christmas Lights (Warning: Graphic)

Pics from the Snonami - the "blizzard" of 2009

FlashForward thoughts?

Last minute gift idea

I need a new hompage

What entire TV series do you own on DVD?

NACHI 7 Axis MR20 - Robot duet youtube {0:40}

The mother of all Christmas peeves: gift wrapping!

Tall, skinny chicks: why can't we find clothes that fit us?

The Health Bill, The Price of Everything, and What to Do Next

A Health Insurance Reform Bill Will Pass The Senate Next Week (12/20-12/26)

Nice Summary of the House and Senate Bill And Possible Fixes 12/19

Obama, 4 Oct '08: "We'll allow the safe reimportation of low-cost drugs from countries like Canada"

During the campaign I heard Obama say he'd like single payer, but he said it was just not

hey this is just my opinion, I have no facts but I think they

Of course Senators who voted YES for this Bill will promote it.

Explain to me why Obama didn't go with the Healthy Americans Act?

Krugman: The insincere center

The Devil is in the details

Is the current bill back to Baucus? (In all the excitement I lost count myself...)

If you can require separate riders for abortion why can't you demand riders for birth control or

Pressuring Progressives?

It never was the way you thought it was.

HCR: Proof We Live in a Plutocratic Republic - A Full-Fledged Corporate State

I need some help please?

Virginia Rep. Nye Loses A Republican Challenger

This is who we are sounding like on DU-Dr. Howard Dean Makes Our Case for Blowing Up the Health Care

My prediction: A variation of Single Payer by 2016 in the US

Why the Senate Should Vote Yes on Health Care, By JOE BIDEN

Because you are being forced to buy health insurance every gripe you have about it

Great Post (in case you missed it).

Obama Raced Clock, Chaos, Comedy for Climate Deal

Joe Biden NYT Op-Ed

Karen Tumulty: Putting Some of the Reform Back Into Health Reform

wowsers you spend some time away and return to a madhouse

Tennessee Fundraising Letter Raises Concerns

At least some people actually get it

Please Sign Emily's List Petition to Protect Women's Rights:

A Rebuttal to Howard Dean: I Am a U.S. Senator, and I Will Vote For This Bill, by Paul Kirk

This hasn't gone to conference yet. Go Nancy Go!!! nt

Why are the pro-bill shills wasting their time on these boards?


Franken, Sanders, Kerry, Boxer, Obama...

I did not support Hillary in 08 -- But her health plan was far better than this

Senate Health Care Bill : GOP opposition 40-0

How come Obama didn't give me free health care and bust up the mean corporations ????????????????

I think it's time for Barack Obama to take Richard Viguerie's advice (to George W. Bush)

The Republican Health Care Blunder (they managed to turn even Evan Bayh into a "raging partisan")

So Congress passes a law dissolving health insurance companies

I don't know if the bill should pass or not

Planned Parenthood Statement on Anti-Abortion Amendment in Senate healthcare bill

National Organization for Women (NOW) Statement on Compromised Health Care Bill

A Christmas Message to Obama from Obama Voters

Bill Moyers takes on the political cynicism of now or never for health care

Why are people not screaming about auto insurance mandates, and WITHOUT subsidies??

Why is there VERY LITTLE outrage from the GOP about the Senate Bill........

John Kerry is a brazillionaire. He could self-finance his campaigns until he is 120 years old.

I resent the Left being ridiculed as if they were 'teabaggers'

Ya know, Ive been railing on mandated and subsidized private insurance all summer

Health Insurance Company Stock Prices Say it All

Oh, the irony

Frum on rethugs: "what's the principle that obliges us to be stupid?"

How Can Bill O'Reilly Support The P.O, And A Dem. Pres. Not?

why are we so uncomfortable with our anger? the right wing never is!

Again. Really, AGAIN. for the folks among us that don't understand how laws are made

What Do You Guys Think Of Lindsey Graham On Cnn

Reid bill guts Medicare

If NRLC is against it, I'm for it:

Please stop suggesting/claiming that the senate bill can be substantially improved in conference.

Check in if you though the Baucus bill was trash and a betrayal but want this to pass

Why have state insurance regulators rubber stamped double digit increases for years?

Why are the pro-bill people wasting their time here?

Why I believe Matthew Yglesias is fighting so hard for LieberCare

Why I believe Matthew Yglesias is fighting so hard for LieberCare

Mandates are not about taking poor people's last pennies and giving them to the mean insurance man.

When people actually read the bill...

Obama could advocate burkas, and some here would say

The letter behind the bill.

McCain: Obama Created More Partisan Environment Than Bill Clinton

Planned parenthood opposes senate hcr bill

Can someone explain what a managers amendment is?

Howard Dean has made the Left relevant again

Joe Scarborough mocks Axelrod's claim that "they took on the insurance companies"

Inventor Of The Public Option: Pass This Bill

Senator Kent Conrad: Senate Health Care Bill Is Basically The Final Version

Howard Dean TODAY on MTP-"...I would let this thing go to Conference Committee and

We Are Witnessing The Beginning of The Democratic Party Kicking Ass in 2010 As We Know It

Name one law passed last century that was good enough to have been passed

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold in Support of the Senate Health Care Bill

"This healthcare reform effort has been a disgusting display of the rich protecting the rich"

Howard Dean on Meet the Press (VIDEO)

White House And Howard Dean Turn Down Heat

Yes, the health care bill is flawed. Exactly why are Democrats only blaming Democrats?

President Obama has become an insufferable bore


Paul Krugman: The insincere center

**Reminder: Axelrod and Dean on "Meet the Press" Sunday Morning!**

Obama’s Foreign Engagement Scorecard

"Except in cases of rape and incest" - sheer hypocrisy

Let's just call it "Moneycare", because that's what it is

Karl Rove once said...

Biden: Why the Senate Should Vote Yes on Health Care

Washington Post editorial board: Obama deserves benefit of the doubt. Senate bill worth it

The fallacy is thinking insurance can be fixed through competition when it needs to be regulated

Clarity - there IS coverage for adult uninsured with prior conditions within 90 days of passing

US sends 12 Gitmo detainees to their home nations

Dean No Longer Urging Dems To ‘Kill’ The Bill: ‘Let’s See What They Add To This Bill ...

A healthcare bill WILL pass shortly after the new year. And these are just some for it:

Comments by Dean on much spin here.

Great things added in the final Reid package

A private health care insurance regulatory reform act would have been much better than this

I am a raging Optimist and I can prove it

What about the 30 million that would get insurance under this bill? Do they not count?

Why those sneaky progressives, playing a little chess after all.

Spoiler Alert!: Avatar The Movie In Five Panels. LOL!

Great...the fucking insurance companies get the best xmas present ever!!!!

Social Security started just with widows and orphans! That sell-out FDR!

"Sell Out"

DU debates Healthcare from the balcony

Here's the problem with the bogus claim that people will be jailed over mandates.

President Obama says Leiberman/Nelson "compromise" amendments make healthcare bill "even stronger"!

Tearing down the "progressives" mask

If President Obama is a corporate sell out, why did he become a community activist?

Mr. Obama, lead or lose!!!!

Why are some of you so glad that meaningful Liberal Reform got beat down by Big Insurance?

If we're going to go with private insurance, we need much stricter regulations, like the Netherlands

Your pic for DUer of the Year

20 Uighurs Are Deported to China

Cop Pulls Gun on People Having Friendly Snowball Fight

Calif. city's police to wear head-mounted cameras

Colombia to build new military base on Venezuelan border

Mass. state senator pleads guilty in hit-and-run

Trumka: Senate Bill As Is Will Die In The House

U.S. Companies Shut Out as Iraq Auctions Its Oil Fields

China plans world's fastest train service

Officials prepare for prison hearing: Expect extra security, scads of people and a 5- to 6-hour ses

A Rebuttal to Howard Dean: I Am a U.S. Senator, and I Will Vote For This Bill

Fear of violence grows in mountaintop mining fight

Iran troops leave oil well, still in Iraq: Dabbagh

6 Detainees Are Returned to Yemen

"Healthcare`s Lobbying Army"

How health lobbyists influenced reform bill

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Radioactive Longer Than Expected

Scarborough: Health Insurance Stocks Reached 52-YEAR High On Friday

Israel Harvested Organs in '90s Without Permission

Former UN envoy blasts new Hamid Karzai cabinet as 'corrupt' - Galbraith launches withering salvo

Brittany Murphy Dies

Oscar winner Jennifer Jones dead at 90

Attempt to spy on worker at Akron hospital backfires; Man faces prison for e-mail infected with spyw

Feds pursuing more lawyers, campaign violation links in Rothstein Ponzi case

Actress Brittany Murphy dead at 32

Health Insurers Win Delay on Start of $70 Billion in Added Fees

Colombia beefs up forces on border with Venezuela

Drug giant General Electric uses libel law to gag doctor

Top Iran dissident cleric Montazeri dies at 87

Yemenis protest killing of civilians

Nelson: Health bill to stand ‘test of time' as historic reform

Iraq, Shell ink deal on supergiant Majnoon field

Huckabee leads rally to try to change Nelson's mind (on health care vote)

Chavez Launches National Police in Violent Venezuela

Dean hopes health bill can be fixed after Senate vote

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Stocking Stuffer Edition

Spyker Submits New Offer for Saab

Prison population to have first drop since 1972

Senate healthcare bill set to pass by Christmas

Abortion foes ‘stunned' (by Nelson D-Ne vote on health care)

Chavez says US spy plane violated Venezuela's airspace, tells military to shoot down others

The Health Bill, The Price of Everything, and What to Do Next

AHIP Stands Down

Copenhagen: our lost chance


U.S. Opens Probe Of Diebold Unit Sale: Report

Fears Become Reality for Oakland Democrat (Barbara Lee)

Obama's politics of hope inform healthcare, climate change efforts (LA Times)

Healthcare: First They Came for the Banksters

War is Not a Green Job

Happy Holidays from America's Banks

The New Way

Harvard Swaps Are So Toxic Even Summers Won’t Explain

The Insidious Myth Of The Progressive “Bill Killers”

CARL HIAASEN: No reason for optimism about war in Afghanistan

Think like me, agree with me

An Anti-Whistleblower Culture

Citadel Broadcasting files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Be thankful that prison jobs will be heading here

Nation's Largest Union: Change Health Care Bill Or Else

Toronto Star: (Stephen) Harper acting like an elected dictator

Joe Biden: Why the Senate Should Vote Yes on Health Care.

Winter Solstice: Working And Waiting In Humanity's Back Ward (Carolyn Baker)

Foreclose on the Banks: How to Give America Its Best Christmas Ever

Florida rules leave too many voteless

Health Care Reform: By the Corporations, For the Corporations

Avatar: A Cinematic Event for the Spiritually and Critically Conscious

Welch versus Joseph McCarthy

Banks of Marble

How Did Goldman Sachs Know That The Housing Market Was About To Collapse?

Ewan MacColl's "Moving On Song" Performed by Chris Wood, Karine Polwart, and Calum and Neill MacColl

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER!

Crackhead Preacher makes just as much sense as modern conservatives

"Sweet Marijuana" from "Murder at the Vanities" (1934)

Faces for Reform

Just in Time for the Holidays - Holiday Gift You Must Have - Jimmy Kimmel

Young Turks Interview Glenn Greenwald of on Peace Prize & Healthcare

Bill Clinton nails Republican hypocricy

The Week In Cartoons 12/19/09

GOP's New Prayer Guru Lou Engle Says Gays Possessed By Demons

'US aided' deadly Yemen raids - 19 Dec 09

Merry F*%#-ing Christmas

Dick Durbin calls out coward Tom Coburn

DC Cop pulls gun on snowball fight

The Politics of Avatar

John Fahey plays In Christ There Is No East Or West

TYT Interviews: Healthcare Consultant RJE Debunks Pro-Bill Arguments (w/ Article)

Ben Nelson advocates free market health care...and speaks against abortion.

Gas tax on Electric cars?

1 Year After TVA Coal Ash Spill, Nosebleeds, Breathing Problems Routine For Remaining Area Residents

Montana's Government Faces Decision On Sale Of 572 Million Tons Of Coal In Remote Otter Creek Basin

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Radioactive Longer Than Expected

Kenyan Food Stocks On Track To Run Out In April

Saudis Announce 2013 CO2 Injection Plan For Ghawar - But Insist KSA "Does Not Need" Large-Scale EOR

Do Electric Cars Cause Cancer?

Global Warming skeptic proposes sliding carbon tax

Der Spiegel - "The Global Climate Summit In Copenhagen Has Failed"

Anger Grows Against China Among Some Climate Delegates Among Copenhagen Rubble

Deliberate Poverty

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Radioactive Longer Than Expected

How 'bout them Cowboys???

The Saints are going down!

The fuckin' Cowboys....anybody but them...

America's ex-favorite team vs. Saints

Has anyone posted about there being only ONE NFL team with NO losses??

Hey, mad. How many inches you got???


Penn St comes from behind to beat Texas for it's 3rd straight National Championship(102 straight win

Barça Wins Club World Cup

13 and fucking ONE!! HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS!!1!!

The JR Chess Report (December 20): Russian Superfinal Begins in Moscow

4th and 2!!!! 4th and 2!!!! 4th and 2!!!! 4th and 2!!!

I would put this in the lounge, but they probably wouldn't get it...

The Frisco Kid wanted me to tell everyone here that he misses you all,

Lousy day for UT..both the over-rated women's team and the over-rated

Fuck Them Cowboys!

Worst hockey play ever?

Who are your 5 favorite running backs?

Text of my interview with Cyril Mychalejko

Chavez Launches National Police in Violent Venezuela

VENEZUELA-COLOMBIA: Paramilitaries Rule Border Area

Chavez says US spy plane violated Venezuela's airspace, tells military to shoot down others

Settlers in Jerusalem attack Palestinian family, 3 injured 25 detained

Gunrunning in Central America..

Gun permits surge in state (Massachusetts)

Wounded burglar dies in minutes while hiding from police.

What countries actually have a total gun ban?

Today in Labor History Dec 20 AFL convention endorses a constitutional amendment to let women vote

Here is a good DK article where a poster does a good job responding to the

Tom Harken: "We're not building a mansion here; we're building a starter home."

This is a great board and didn't even knew it existed

Error: You can't recommend threads from this forum I DON'T UNDERSTAND. THAT'S NOT FAIR.

Nice thread here:

DU has not jumped the shark. It has nuked the shark.

Really? Democrats want to kill a Democratic party platform initiative?

This might be a better alternative to the greatest page

The Cult Crap

Obama is facing the perfect storm


The Natives are playing in the big thaw of my yard



Herschel space telescope captures birth of stars (BBC)

Interview with Carlo Rubbia, inventor of the accelerator-driven nuclear reactor

Gay activists praise rugby star Gareth Thomas's decision to come out

How can Mars be terraformed?

Secretary Clinton on the Uganda "gay death penalty" bill

Considering the compromises we've seen with health care, climate

The HCR bill reminds me an awful lot of the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Credit-Card Mail May Be Boring, But Ignoring It Could Cost You

I'm new (sorta) also wall street reports best year EVER??

The Red Book

Advisers on Vaccines Often Have Conflicts, Report Says (CDC)

Doing the "tort reform" "interstate competition" debate on FB

Fake blood-clotting products to heal wounded soldiers (BBC)


Can someone tell me what the NEA position is on the RTTT grants?

The ATR Crises

Prayers/Good Vibes Requested For A Little Boy In My School Who May Not Make It Through The Night

Newton South officials give in to student's refusal to study Bible as literature

Low bar for lifetime job in L.A. schools

The Red Book

Big list of Winter solstice observances

Reason's greetings: Atheists celebrate Christmas without Christ, and history is on their side

Year end as it started

First batch of marshmallows