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NY DU'ers in search of health insurance:

Firefighters extend Christmas tradition

Firefighters extend Christmas tradition

Detroit incident "an attempted act of terrorism"

Detroit incident "an attempted act of terrorism"

Generation Kill....Why these Wars Need to Stop... Revelations according to Johnny Cash

Generation Kill....Why these Wars Need to Stop... Revelations according to Johnny Cash

Generation Kill....Why these Wars Need to Stop... Revelations according to Johnny Cash

The vision of change is broad, but when you pass through it,

The Hesperus.

Some notes on the HCR

Some notes on the HCR

Incident on Delta/Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit called terrorism

H1N1 and the Internet

Kids with Cancer Get Winter Wonderland from Building Trades Union Members

Kids with Cancer Get Winter Wonderland from Building Trades Union Members

David Brooks... Does anyone else see the problem?

Gay GOP Group Co-Sponsors Conservative Political Conference, But Not Allowed to Speak at It

Ex-President Carter offers apology to Jews

Abortion poses barrier to reconciliation

Orrin Hatch: Six years ago, "It was Standard Practice NOT to

HEALTH-CARE REFORM - I bet Ted Kennedy would be happy

HEALTH-CARE REFORM - I bet Ted Kennedy would be happy

Labor History Now Part of Wisconsin Public Education Standards

Mark Hurwitt Cartoon December 2009: Naughty or Nice

IRONY DEFINED -- Press, Lies and Videotape

For those of us who will need to FLY in the comming days

AIG Execs Haven't Paid Back March Bonuses

Is Angry Al (Franken) Gone?

Sometimes, Christmas just works out OK.

So...what would you say if you somehow came in touch with one of the people you despised?

GOP Spending hypocrisy? Say it ain't so Melvin.

Saint Obama lied SO F*UCKING WHAT?

End of the year brings a crush of surgeries

What is your criteria for deciding whether to recommend or unrecommended a post...

For those who are centrist/conservadems that says we are being too liberal - 4 words...

For those who are centrist/conservadems that says we are being too liberal - 4 words...

how about an INSURANCE strike

Dental chewing gum may go to war

How much do you all want to bet RimJob's little message board is going nuts tonight?

Man who reunited with dog has died

Surprising developments in the NY EMT story.

Celebrity deaths of 2009

Post a pic of your Christmas haul.

Just for fun tonight: Top Pet Names Of 2009 Released (for dogs/cats)

Just for fun tonight: Top Pet Names Of 2009 Released (for dogs/cats)

Just for fun tonight: Top Pet Names Of 2009 Released (for dogs/cats)

Just for fun tonight: Top Pet Names Of 2009 Released (for dogs/cats)

Are they really old favorites?

Are they really old favorites?

Ugandan president will soften anti-gay bill

Our Newly Atheist President?

Voice Of "Top Cat" ,"Chunky" Candy Commercials Has Died (also in It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World)

Imam Says Fort Hood Killer Asked about Killing GIs a Year Ago

Happy Holidays !! from Liberty or Death

thanks for the christmas gift, socialist china

South sees new pull via Census

The politics of the Seoul Olympics

Seniors involuntarily funding financial bailout, thanks administration, you know who you are

2009: The highs and lows of the year for Indians living overseas.

Guitarist James Gurley dies at 69 (Big Brother & the Holding Co.: Janis Joplin's band)

Have a serious question here - What can one do at age 50 with a

Do Computers Understand Art?

More bailouts... U.S. promises unlimited financial assistance to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Republican Deficit Hypocrisy

"Christmas" is over. Gone for another year.

I'm convinced, Scrooge was a republican,

They're Building Nuclear Missile Parts in Woodstock? You Can't Escape America's War Economy.

They're Building Nuclear Missile Parts in Woodstock? You Can't Escape America's War Economy.

I think I am a right wing liberal.

CNN and Gov't Gabble-degook

There is no such thing as free health care. No rational person is asking for free health care

Jenna Bush on Jay Leno.

Lula-Chávez alliance: A risky game - from El Universal in Caracas

Lula-Chávez alliance: A risky game - from El Universal in Caracas

So Does FAUX have old DICK Booked

Remembering the tsunami: 'We'll never really forget'

I've been isolated from the world for the last 48 hours. What's going on?

"Plants and animals race for survival as climate change creeps across the globe..."

Polar opposite opinions on HCR bill from 2 newspapers : Links

United Airlines Bans Antlers and Then Un-Bans Them

Grover Norquist does not have your best interests at heart

What about poll votes counting as a "weak kick" to threads?

Veterans decry closing of clinic

President Obama does the right thing for Native Americans (where three presidents failed to)

Bloom County

Why I am disappointed (what we could have had)

Tough guy Freeper moron admits to committing felonies

Vatican's newspaper thinks "The Simpsons" are an okely dokely bunch.

Ten years of conflict and economic chicanery (and a fragile promise of change).

Nestle shuts Zimbabwe milk plant citing harassment

If the HCR bill is so crappy, then why

The Cost of Care

And MSNBC Calls themselves a "News" Network?

6 year old spends Christmas buying, giving blankets and food to homeless.

Body Of Missing Maryland Girl Found In Woods

Hey, what did all of you ridiculous atheists do today?

Canada implements new airport/flying security measures

Today's Doonesbury (TOON)

Visualization is Important.

Healthcare Reform a Constitutional travesty? ...

Banks Bundled Bad Debt, Bet Against It and Won

Finally, words from the hero of Fl. 253: Jasper Schuringa, an Amsterdam filmmaker

We're in the process of swallowing it. We don't have a choice. Sorry to be so blunt. nt

Paying for Chronic Diseases.. the map

The most progressive legislation you will see will be no more progressive than Ben Nelson

21st century's first decade is slipping away without leaving its name

Report Finds ACORN Broke No Laws

270,000 of apples on a subway train ..

AP - "Democrats see GOP hypocrisy in health care debate"

Have the Cheneys commented on the terrorism attempt? They surely have one...

New Year's Resolutions? Got any good ones? DU-able ones?

So the suspect's family works for the US Embassy in Nigeria

Bank Chairman's Son Identified as US Plane Attempted Bomber - Father reported him to US Authorities

Noticed something on the local paper this morning

Senate and House Health Insurance Reform Comparisons

What new security measure will airline passengers face after yesterday's bombing attempt?

A chance stop in the snow leads to miracle rescue of woman

Woman Kills Thug, Then Flees on Subway

Chicago Style Sausage making

Woman Sues Healthcare Company, Claiming She was Fired for Donating Kidney

Currently on vacation in Hawaii, & have seen good bit of

Getting paid to speak

Hey Alex the Twit

So what makes a good Democrat?

Bidens unexpectedly visit Walter Reed

Bidens unexpectedly visit Walter Reed

Certain LG Refrigerator-Freezer Models To Lose ENERGY STAR Label

Latest terror incident disclosures: Stupid or Shrewd?

FAA Spent $5 Million on Christmas Parties

Ratfucking- Apparently DU Needs A Refresher Course What With Support For Norquist's "Investigation"

Greenwald: Today's New York Times photos of Obama and Dean illustrate "Beltway cliche #1"

Greenwald: Today's New York Times photos of Obama and Dean illustrate "Beltway cliche #1"

Perspective on the Health Care Debate..

Yahoo! Fails Again to Stop Lawsuit Over Nude Photos

Amazing how our new TSA security rules are put in place only *after* an incident.

Your organic food: Made in China Part 1. Why you should give a hill of beans about it

To appease conservatives, CPAC organizer promises that gay group won’t speak at the conference

India governor, 86, resigns after 3-woman sex tape

The 4WD with seats made of whale penis.. (those wacky Russians)

I was on a North West flight just months before 9 /11

Christmas Treats - pics

Clapping Harder will not make Jane Hamsher right. No matter who says.

Blaming The Financial Meltdown On Freddie Mac Is A RightWing Tactic. Just Because You Don't Like

Could Obama put the public option in the bill in a signing statement?

The HCR bill debate.

Now that Olympics are over...China imprisons dissident for ELEVEN YEARS

Hey guess what United States Government...

A question for those that believe our government is run by corporate sell outs

let me share my wifes and my for some reason favorite X-mas

PSA: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Saw "Avatar" last night. There's good news and bad news.

Firedoglake's sh*thead has turned comments off :-)

Firedoglake's sh*thead has turned comments off :-)

Why is there more anti-choice propaganda in poorer neighborhoods?

"The Young Turks"

Short term DU members with extremely high post counts

President and First Lady Obama greet Marines in Kailua, HI on Christmas Day - pics

Let's not spread misinformation regarding the Charlie Sheen domestic violence arrest

I think Norquist and his ilk are working on destroying the label "progressive" in the same way the R

The lingering Bush legacy: What to do about those tax cuts

Republican Committee email greeting leaves out word "CHRISTmas!"!!!!1

YOU be the judge

Mr. President: The Republicans Want To Destroy You

Free books on

Free books on

Just a tad hypocritical don't ya think?

Just a tad hypocritical don't ya think?

lol. So I venture into freeperville and there are two threads on "Avatar" up....

Rules on calling out members with low-post count

Taxpayers Help Goldman Sachs build New Skyscraper

There are so many new people (all with 400-600 posts) that seem to do nothing but create dissention.

Jane Hamsher's pal: "Today, Grover Norquist and I are calling for an investigation into Rahm..."

Any Republicans Celebrating the Health Care Bill?

Photos: Suspect, and 'Hero' Jasper Schuringa in Flight 253 Attack (Towleroad)

When they "feel me up" at the airport....

"A Christmas Story" Movie - A Friend E-mailed Me That They Saw It For The FIRST TIME EVER Today

Help, I'm having a little trouble sorting out this Jane Hamsher row

The Struggle to Build a Fighting Union in Chicago

How did a firecracker get through security at the airport?

The solution to flying safety?

Christmas SONG for Rahm Emanuel

Any intelligent person can tell you that spending a lot of money on airport security is bullshit.

Why is rethuglican Peter King the point man for

More trends

aren't people just sick of the lies?

aren't people just sick of the lies?

The liquid ban on airplanes is totally worthless!

terra preta.. an answer to carbon dioxide overload?

California man sues for return of medical pot cop confiscated

When they will catch on? Bob Casey is now target of the anti-abortion movement.

Lay off Bernie Sanders people

Does anyone think Abstinence-only education really works? Anyone?

I have no problems with the "Kill the Bill" club

Should the health care bill as it is now be allowed to die and not pass?

Why hasn't Wesley Clark been eviscerated yet?

Goldman and Sachs execs should be in jail and Geithner should be

Man returns home to find his belongings gift-wrapped

Firedoglake readership grows 12% last week, 39% last month

freeper optimism :lol:

An old republician saying.

Africa: Drying, Drying, Disappearing…

Are we going to see a HOMELESS person nominated Person Of The Year some day

Two Roseville Safeway Stores Left Unlocked - Police Say Items Taken Were Paid For

We needed a new corkscrew, and didn't want one made in China

Airlines: New rules keep passengers in seats

Should Rahm Emanuel be investigated?

Instead of Kill the Bill we should be demanding, "SCRAP THE CRAP"

Bomb material were sewn into the suspect's underwear!

Senate Fails To Confirm Some Of Obama’s Key Progressive Nominations

Senate Fails To Confirm Some Of Obama’s Key Progressive Nominations

Vic Chesnutt was worried about how to pay for medical bills before suicide

The Medical Cost No One Wants to Talk About

After months of calling Obama and Dems "nazis", righties freak out when they are called racists

In Bailey, a precious link (saw two soldiers standing outside, and knew)

The terrorist attempt has been getting wall to wall coverage

Pennsylvania Walmart Sued for Videotaping Employees, Customers in Bathroom

A Note to Jane Hamsher: The enemy of your enemy

A Note to Jane Hamsher: The enemy of your enemy

Awwwwwwwwwwww - what a cute snow baby!

More dubious practices from the gates foundation

Am I in the right party?

any naturalists (no, not naturists) especially herpetologists around tonight?

What value does the insurance industry add to our healthcare?

The only way the "left" can defeat the "centrist" corporatists is to take

Time to stop the bickering and unite to FIGHT, to make the reconciliation bill better.

Charlie Sheen falsley accused of domestic violence

Why do right wingers always talk about "freedom?" Against Filibuster Before They Were For It

We’re supposed to be scared of this?

On the assumptions that people make about critics of Obama and the Dems on the left

"The Profit"

Peter "The Leaker" Hoekstra (R-MI) says Detroit wasn't the target

Handwriting Is History

Pay employers who hire the unemployed

Pay employers who hire the unemployed

The problem with the war on terror

R.I.P. House of Representatives

Unwed heterosexual couples seek benefits

Please give some thought to the homeless this Holiday Season

LAPD Tells Discriminatory Boy Scouts To Take A Hike

"RANdom CAPITALIzATION": Weingarten schools a freeper hate mailer

"If an Agent Knocks"

Grover Fucking Norquist

Corporatist bi-partisanship = inclusiveness; Populist bi-partisanship = lying with dogs.

Charlie Sheen beats up wife,arrested and spends Xmas in jail..

It Should Be Obvious to Everyone by Now: The War on Terror Is a Failure!!!!

Revolutionary operation could 'cure' high blood pressure

Why the left must be willing to stand on principle, even if it means losing a battle

Wanna bet these become an airport standard in the US by 2010? Virtual Strip Search machines..

Wanna bet these become an airport standard in the US by 2010? Virtual Strip Search machines..

First, it was Kucinich. Then it was Dean. Now, it's Jane Hamsher.

The Year Of Living Cautiously

Your FAVORITE Christmas show, Special, Etc..?

I suspect the outrage-o'meter is going to go off the charts with

Locking the barn door after the horse got away

Gov. Paterson says teachers' unions "can scream all they want"

Has America slipped into a pre-fascist state empowering greedy oligarchs & corporate elites?

Ex-CIA Operative Warns of Terror Attack

Jane Hamsher, Grover Norquist Call for Rahm Emanuel’s Resignation

Long-time DU members with low post counts

The Terrible Advice: Never Talk to the Police

DKos: "Corporatism"

If Jane Hamsher of Firedog Lake is teaming up with

I'm noticing a trend:

A flat touchscreen tablet called the XO-3


Rahm: Passing Health Care Will Be Just Like Passing NAFTA - FireDogLake

HCR Enforcement/Criminal Penalties: In my legal opinion, devastatingly EFFECTIVE

Gore Vidal on Teddy Roosevelt: Give a sissy a gun.....

"They said there'll be snow at Christmas, they said there'll be peace on Earth..."

Visions of Johanna

I'm home

Star Trek Re-dubbed

An unconventional movie to watch this time of year. I guarantee you'll like it-

Christmas day is almost over but I would like to end it with these songs, enjoy.

Dragonball Z Christmas

Weirdest. Stop Motion. Ever.

Watching A Hard Days Night on VHF1 and it really mae me think

Ever had a White Elephant gift exchange?

Go see Sherlock Holmes.

Does Everyone Know What a Falsetto Is?

so it was a wonderful x-mas

Merry X-mas to you lounge lizards. I don't post much, but I do check

I just watched a tear-jerker of a documentary called "Maxed Out"

Thanksgiving video Favs?

Charlie Sheen arrested in domestic dispute, police say

Batman Christmas

Incarcerated, Jailed, Imprisoned DUers with Internet Access: FALL IN!!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/26/09

Could someone capture this P. Hilton pic ?

You need to smile, laugh, have joy and dance!

Christmas Day NBA games

Does Everyone Know What an Innuendo Is?

Money is the Best Gift.

My whole body hurts.

So who else loves Glee?

The Muppets do "Carol Of The Bells"

I found two great old Carpenters Christmas shows from 1977 and 1978.

Comfort Zone

Vic Chesnutt has died

miss_american_pie appreciation thread (I have an ulterior motive for this)

So I got "gold frankincense and myrrh soap" for Christmas.

Boxing Day Poll

sigh , why do we have to grow old ...

Post your favorite movie or video dance numbers... Group and solo....

the perfect fender sound

My Christmas gift to that will come in handy when posting in GD & GD-P.

I'm drinking an MGD 64, smoking a little, and listening to Judas Priest. Is that so wrong?

Christmas Treats - pics

Get up. Run out your front door. Keep running. Do not look back.

PSA: Divorced Parents and the Holidays

"The Young Turks"

Happy Boxing Day!!

Funniest Aqua Teen Hunger Force Audio: Twas the night before Jesus

A truly great film, Harvie Krumpet

Anybody See Any Good Movies Today?

I am just curious about something...

Breaking: major train derailment!

Saw "Avatar" last night. There's good news and bad news.

Why does Gmail flag 'Gmail' as a misspelling?

Wow...advice needed....I slept in a bad position or something...

Is it over yet?

I lost my volunteer job at the SPCA today

5 years and up?

Can I show off the pair of underpants my wife got me for xmas?

Uncensored. Hooters Calendar 2010

When you "have your work cut out for you" ...

Guilt. We're moving, and I have been regularly feeding a feral cat...

I know many of you enjoy pictures of kitties, so here is a picture of a kitty. Enjoy.

Screw HCR. Something has to be done about giving ugly shirts and sweaters as Christmas gifts.

The sunrise this morning was beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed your Xmas. I got absolutely no gifts this year..

Going to see "It's Complicated" tonight. Anybody seen it?

I just watched the best movie ever! No, not that one...


Listen, why don't you do something constructive instead of sitting here hitting "refresh" all day?

I keep looking for LOL Cats...but it was Friday and today it's Saturday and

Dear McDonald's: What the fuck do Big Macs have to do with 'Avatar'?

Happy Holiday THIS ...

imagine shopping on Christmas Eve

Pics from India:

Just for fun tonight: Top Pet Names Of 2009 Released (for dogs/cats)

Do you, or anyone you know, or anyone you even heard about, cut a Hershey's kiss before eating it?

can i show off the beautiful ring my husband gave me?

Wow, I'm just over 50 posts away from 20,000!


Post a pic of your Christmas haul.

Does anyone have any horseradish?

I've decided to go fuck myself

Wishing you alll good things in 2010...

Senate version of healthcare reform represents giant step forward

Merry Xmas and a very successful new year MR PRESIDENT

Federal Estate and Gift Taxes

My Pet "O"at

How to best create change

GOP lawmakers change tune on costly health plans (hypocrites)

Can someone explain this? Subsidies don't kick in for years

Pete Hoekstra, Shameless Buffoon

The Global War on Terror is a ruse for Western imperialism

If you support the hcr bill don't complain to me about the record profits the

Health Care: The Rise of the Corporatist Dictatorship.

Did someone say Obama is losing Democrats?

Lawmakers Reject Arguments on Constitutionality, Pass Health Care Reform Bill

If Repugs had wanted bipartisan HCR, maybe they should have donated to Democratic coffers?

First Family makes surprise visit to military members (VIDEO)

The Hill: Senate Centrists Set Strict Guidelines for Senate-House Healthcare Talks

Wendell Potter: Why I'm Not Joining the Call to "Kill the Bill"

States With Expanded Health Coverage Fight Bill

Finally, finally the fruits of NAFTA are coming our way...

Bush Dog Democrats used blackmail. How to make them pay?

Peter King seems a lil sad almost that this guy didn't blow up an Airplane so he can blame Obama

After health care, we need Senate reform

AP:GOP Lawmakers Flip Flop On Costly Health Plans

Krugman: "Why The Public Option Matters"

Don't derive your views from reaction and devotion to personages

Anyone else not officially in the Kill Bill Caucus but so scared of the piece of crap

The reason I think the Kill The Bill Club are so wrong.. is that we do not even have a final fill

For the record, I never actually WANTED a pony

Yeah, That Plan Won't Work

NY Times: Health Care Changes Wouldn’t Have Big Effect for Many

Why Questions and Challenges are important BEFORE something is a "done deal" NOT After

Hamsher: DEAD wrong -What it means to White Water the administration

Is this what DU has come to?

Bipartanships sucks and doesn't work. When will Obama learn?

A story about Rahm, the Democratic establishment and John Kerry

Authority to Spy on Americans Unclear as Patriot Act Expires [abc News]

Cenk is not even funny and makes trival commentary on his too-long show.

Has this whole month been about DRIVING THE LEFT OUT?

OMG, this is rich

You know, even I am not everything I'd like me to be.

The fate of HCR

A socialist, communist, corporatist, fascist, mandate?

Drag ornament sparks "controversy" on Obama's Tree

HCR Bill - a Frenchman's viewpoint

Yet another excellent progressive move by Obama, that "progressives" obviously chose to ignore

Here's why we need a Public Option tied into medicare repayment: Hospitals, the real culprits.

Obama's Game-Changing Win

Why the health care bill is the greatest social achievement of our time.

The WhiteHouse Responds To Jane Hamsher

If Jane Hamsher helped get rid of Rahm Emmanuel I'd be dancing in the streets.

The more Liberals defend the HCR Bill that passed the Senate

Patriot Act expiring + firecrackers on airplane = agitprop

Jane Hampshire, meet Scott Ritter

The Friend of my Enemy is my Enemy, and believe you me, an Enemy he is!

The Math - How To Pass Reform Through Congress - The Math and the Minefield

GOP aide gets caught posting on liberal websites......................PRETENDING TO BE A PROGRESSIVE

I so appreciate how Obama handles terrorism

Noboby here really qualifies as "far left"

Investigate pro-bill politicians and others to see who got what $$ from Big Health?

Investigate pro-bill politicians and others to see who got what $$ from Big Health?

Has Obama Totally Rebuffed The Left Half Of The Democratic Party?

Krugman: "this is a major program to aid lower- and lower-middle-income families"

Thank you to everyone who posted such kind and thoughtful

Salvation Army major shot in front of children

2 dead, 1 wounded in Louisiana office shooting

Whole Foods CEO to Give up Title of Chairman

Salvation Army Major Shot in Front of Children (Little Rock)

Charlie Sheen arrested in domestic dispute, police say

Radical Yemeni Cleric Believed Unhurt in Airstrike

Asia marks tsunami anniversary

Va. lab IDs Argentine 'dirty war' victims by DNA

GOP lawmakers change tune on costly health plans

US cancels controversial Iraq pregnancy rules

Officials: Possible terror attack on Northwest jet

Journalist killed in Mexico, 12th case in 2009

US boosts air security after possible airliner bombing attempt

NATO: Taliban commander killed

Last Kon-Tiki raft crewman Knut Haugland dies

Suspect was on terror list, but not no-fly list

AP sources: Al-Qaida link in failed plane attack

NATO: US service member killed in Afghanistan

Generics cos in the cold as big pharma has its way in US

Kidnapped 5-year-old Natalie rescued by police

Democrats see GOP hypocrisy in health care debate

Elite U.S. Force Expanding Hunt in Afghanistan

NBC: All passengers must be seated one hour before flights arrive

Catholic Group Supports Senate on Abortion Aid

Iranian student killed in riots named 'person of the year'

U.S. Missionary Illegally Marches Into North Korea

Passenger tells of stopping terror suspect

Suspect’s Father Told U.S. of Son’s Extremism - NYT

Crises multiply for divided Yemen

The Shinola Stops Here

Uganda's oil, and gay death penalty, may rival Saudi Arabia's

Kosher Christmas (Hal Cohen)

The Award for Nonexcellence in Climate Journalism Goes To ...

The Dissolution

2009 Economic Year in Review: The Recovery Has Started

My 2009 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 1)

Muslims Must Not Pay Price for Europe’s Identity Crisis (Ramzy Baroud)

ACORN Broke No Laws - Dems Still Threw Them Under the Bus

Can We Rescue the Republic Before the Dark Politics Take Over?

Still Trying to Monopolize the Arabian Peninsula

An Imperfect Stride Towards Justice (Sen. Jeff Merkley , D - Oregon)

My stepmother, the conservative

Part 2 WWE Christmas Weekend "Do You See What I See?" December 26-27, 2009

Dan Bern for President

"The Secret of Oz" trailer - How to Fix the 2010 Depression

Crooks & Liars: A Cap On Health Care, 'Unlimited' Assistance for Housing Agencies. Whee!

Tell Budweiser To Quit The Chamber Of Commerce

Young Turks: Republican Calls Dem's Dead Son 'A Homo'

Ad reminds Obama of his support for public option & opposing mandate

Israeli policy leaves family stranded

"Plants & Animals Race for Survival, with Global Climate Change"

Top Ten Green Stories Of The 00s - Grist

Pune, India - 64 Fish Species Recorded In Upper Mula River, 6 In Lower, Thanks To Detergents

Study Projects 47% Of All Kolkatta (Calcutta) Residents Have Lung Spots Showing Tissue Death

C'mon everybody. Do the Chevy Volt Dance

The San Antonio Nuclear Expansion Soap Opera plot thickens.

Pipeline approved to pump Tar sands oil form Canada. (Note to CARB: wake up folks!)

NY Times: Many So Called "Green Technologies" Depend On Nasty Mines In China.

Pacific Ocean Temperatures Approaching Those Of Record 97-98 El Nino - Reuters

S. Korean Meteorological Agency Issues Yellow Dust Warning As Storm Crosses From China - AFP

Ron Artest injured after tripping over box, falling down stairs

please, please, someone beat UConn!

There has never been a 32 point 4th quarter comeback in the NFL

Interesting comment about the Philadelphia Eagles...

Gore looks for 49er rushing record

Outfielder Jason Bay seems lukewarm on Mets, pushing to resign with Red Sox

Interesting factoid about the Bay Area the may only interest me..

Disturbing the Peace of the Graveyard (special focus on Honduras)

Va. lab IDs Argentine 'dirty war' victims by DNA

Another young member of resistance Renán Fajardo Argueta found dead

(Miami Hurled) Honduras' business leaders hope elections restore investors' faith

Venezuelan Seeks to Revive anti-Chavez Movement

20,000 walk Nablus streets with bodies of slain Fatah men

Son of shooting victim: Revenge is not for Jews

Desmond Tutu: ‘[Israel] must realize that they cannot break the spirit of those who fight for free-

Birmingham police release account of East Lake robbery, slaying

Man Shoots, Kills Woman Robber With Her Own Gun in Gun-Free Chicago

interesting read on possible outcomes for McDonald v. City of Chicago

Home invasions target the have-nots

If there was a mental disorder

Proposal for the guns forum......

Some really good info for those of you that want to ban guns

This poor guy was gunned down in front of his

Fireworks stand operator kills one robber, seriously wounds another, third escapes.

Today in Labor History Dec 25 A dynamite bomb destroyed a portion of the Llewellyn Ironworks in LA

United Steel Workers Spend Christmas Still On Strike At Vale Inco

Five Hundred Horizon Flight Attendants Ratify Contract

Hawaii Tribune-Herald Workers Face Cancellation Of Their Labor Contract

National Nurses United Says Senate Bill Solidifies Status Quo – Push For Real Reform Will Continue

Local workers hand out chicken soup at health care demonstration aimed at U.S. Rep. Tim Holden, D-17

Open Media: Angelica Textile Plant Workers Strike for Increased Wages, Pension & Health Benefits

Politico: For labor, there's always next year

Plan to tax 'Cadillac plans' splits Democrats

LA Times: Yahoo to shut down most operations for a week to cut costs

Today in Labor History Dec 26 “parasites,” including stockbrokers and lawyers & public mass executio

Stairs are anything but boring!

A couple future DU Photographers

Took a hike out to Battery Smith today; 12" coastal mortar emplacement

Post Your Christmas Day Pics

Raining? In Alaska? On CHRISTMAS???!

NASA Releases Lost Apollo 11 Video Final Report, Apollo Lunar Camera Developer, Lebar, Dies Same Day

Ancient whale sucked mud for food

Va. lab IDs Argentine 'dirty war' victims by DNA

How the Brain Encodes Memories at a Cellular Level

Will a neutralino steal Higgs's thunder?

Gay Voice Forum Link

For gays and lesbians, holidays can be a time of added stress


Caroling for social justice outside MallWarts

Ever wonder how the Fed does it?

Support this thread if you haven't--I recc'd but it was futile

Saw this the other night (re: spiral in Norway)

"this is a major program to aid lower- and lower-middle-income families"

Riddle me this, ASAHers (recurring dream related)

Let's throw a Year End Birthday Party for Flying Dream Blues

Obama's Christmas Day

interview with Valerie Jarrett -Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President

Vitamin D Linked to Survival in Lymphoma Patients: strongest findings yet

Growing Evidence Suggests Progesterone Should Be Considered a Treatment Option for Traumatic Brain I

Anatomy of A Brain Fart

Troubleshooters that block cancer (BBC)

Poor people lose 8.2 healthy years

Good article on dangers of zinc. Too much can cause a myriad of health problems.

Increase of type 2 diabetes may be linked to excessive niacin intake.

Question....What is the obsession with Rahm ?

Sums it up nicely...

Yeah, That Plan Won't Work

Hi, folks. Great post here, with some fun facts...

Autism Spectrum Disorders and religious belief

Governor Mitch Daniels " All the horrific crimes of the last century were committed by atheists"

Vatican OKs Simpsons

Are there any liberal Christians left in here?

Unintentional dup - please delete

What's a good solo menu for New Years?

Has anyone cooked a goose?

What food (or foodie) gift(s) did you receive for Christmas?

OMG! Bacon cups!

This is my first post in months...