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The Nation: Waffling Democrats' Healthcare Hypocrisy

What to make of the Pakistani reaction heard on NPR this a.m.?

Wow, has everyone pretty much stopped hyperventilating over the Afghan "surge" already?

Deja Vu--- a Bush Derangement Syndrome Flashback

I look at a $25 Globe and here is what I see.

Secretary Gates just now on PBS....

Atlanta mayor: Reed maps plans, but Norwood not conceding

We take it right out of the mouths of our babies, take it away from the hands of the poor

Shared Sacrifice and Responsibility

Boxer wants climate e-mail hacking probed

So Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, and all the usual suspects claim that the Corps of Cadets was "cool" ...

on the daily show last night

Rush Limbaugh debates Healthcare Reform...with Captain Kirk?

Rush Limbaugh debates Healthcare Reform...with Captain Kirk?

Progressive imperialists & Afghanistan

Good film about the Civilian Conservation Corp. PBS video.

If Obama didn't escalate the war in Afghanistan, he would be a liar.

Court Denies GOP Effort to Re-Institute Voter Caging/Suppression

Read about a prior surge: (Beware: serious poetry!)

Someone catch me up to speed please:

WAR: It's Not President's Decision

What is next year?

So, Turd Blossom says Obama took 80 days to decide on troop increases

California looks like it's poised to have its first-ever gay Assembly Speaker.

Afghan surge

US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 851 as of December 1, 2009

Tell-all book could embarrass Christian right with stories of sex, scandal

blue whales aren’t singing like they used to, and scientists have no idea why

Tesla coil enthusiasts: Danger and drama part of allure

GOP senator unveils how-to guide for obstructing health care reform

I don't agree with her

London doubted legality of Iraq war. US officials "was all going to be sweetness and light."

House OKs bill to ban imported radioactive waste

I made a special donation to keep him going.

AARP Backs Democrats in Senate Health Care Fight

"He is not Tinkerbell. He does not need us to clap."

Air board's cover-up casts pall on diesel rules

My son drove me to Mexico today for a tooth extraction - $40 US

The voters delivered and the elected haven't

Elizabeth Warren, HuffPo: "America Without a Middle Class"

One of the 7 most inspirational videos

Can we please start a 'Sarah Palin for President!' campaign?

Dear President Obama: New Orleans Needs a Surge--HuffPo's Karen Dalton-Beninato

Speaking of Kos (On KO right now)..

Michael Musto coming up on Keith about the Tiger Woods situation.

More casualties of these wars? The ones at home

John Brown was hanged 150 years ago, today.

Guess what? I cross-posted an OP here and on DKOS, and Rep. Massa responded!!! Here is what he said

Florida I-4 corridor is getting whalloped right now

For those using Windows and Avast antivirus, the latest update is causing numerous false-positives.

Sundance Film Festrival 2010 - U.S. Documentary Competition

Anyone catching the Daily Show?

Study says most college linemen are obese

Are there enough members of the National Guard in this country to

"Wolf Hunt"

"Cloistered Halls"

Meredith Baxter just came out

Meredith Baxter just came out

NYS Senate floor speeches on gay marriage bill

Don't Ask + Don't Tell = Don't Serve.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!

'Canada's image lies in tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling' (UK Guardian)

remember this?

With apologies to The Syndicate of Sound

Mark Pittman, Reporter Who Challenged Fed Secrecy (and won), Dies at 52

Mark Pittman, Reporter Who Challenged Fed Secrecy (and won), Dies at 52

It is a bird, a plane... a Real, Live, Grovelbot??

It is a bird, a plane... a Real, Live, Grovelbot??

Lessons in Disaster

E-mails show Washington state battled to keep Clemmons in custody

I notice the stimulus funds are being used on Toll Roads

Snopes alert: If you get this RW Email that is going around, Obama never said this.

So at the store I told the guy ringing the bell why I won't give to the Salvation Army

"Mirage in the Desert"


US: Hundreds of thousands of jobless to lose health insurance subsidy

I voted for a president that said he would increase the troops, and was against gay marriage

Did we elect Alan Colmes as president? It sure seems like it.

Indian body shop issuing random threats

Damn I'm Tired... What Say You Marcus Aurelius ???

Vancouver Olympics visitors face three strike threats

Senator Sanders puts hold on Bernanke nomination

David Swanson with Laura Flanders on the Imperial Presidency

I have an idea for a feature: "DMZ" threads that can be neither recommended nor unrecommended.

One mother sues Delta for kicking her off a plane for breastfeeding without

White House Crasher Michaele Salahi Bullshits her way onto Redskins Alumni Cheerleading Squad.

I've had a chance to chill and down a really good bottle of wine. I'm cool with the escalation now

Lessons from Viet Nam? Goddammit! I'll give you a lesson from Viet Nam

Bank of America to repay TARP ($45 billion), raise cash

Dumbass Charles Johnson leaves the Right

President Obama is losing my support and many in my community

I voted for a President that supported the war in Afghanistan and opposed the war in Iraq

Dubai mega-tower `last hurrah' to age of excess

Dan Quayle makes sense & supports the President...shoot me.

What are your three signs of the Apocalypse, as long as #3 is "Palin is Elected President"?

I am sick with fear.

S.D. Middle Schools Pull Graphic Novels (Ariel Schrag)

Trio Of Anti-Surge Lawmakers Write Letter Of Opposition To Obama

I'm not much of an Unrecc'er

"I can see the Comcast Building from my office."

Stopped by Target on the way home tonight.......

Q. What is the single most effective way to get everybody to become anti-war?

A Beautiful Story About Compassion and Community

Wal-Mart will pay $40m settlement to workers

General Clark will attend


With Sarah Palin, at least there's one thing we won't have to worry about

Somebody call a Waahmbulance for the pro-rape Republicans

Even if you are not a fan of The Onion, you must watch this.... Ronald Reagan as candidate

Palin book tour host to foreign press: stay away

Right Wing Schism - Alan Keyes attacks Sarah Palin

Warning: Swine-flu e-mail carries a virus

Tycoon, Contractor, Soldier, Spy

Forgive them for they know not what they do . . . or maybe you shouldn't forgive them . .

Electromagnetic fields as cutting tools of hard steel

The No-Sense Jobs Plan, compliments of Boner, Cantor

Detroit rally protests troop surge into Afghanistan

The brutal life of Haiti's child slaves

The REAL reason the Republicans are attacking the Fed!

About that Afghanistan timeline...

Animal rights & Rush Limbaugh: strange bedfellows...

Surviving Against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia

US states move to make cuts permanent

US states move to make cuts permanent

Study stymied by lack of porn newbies

We're all going to hear about "COIN principles" and "COIN strategies", so I went looking around.

The republicans are the opposite of smart

Just as a warning to you all...

Tiger Quits Golf; Will Become Politician

Merciful Deli man is repaid

Charge dropped against Cincy official's daughter

Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil

The Nation: Waffling Democrats' Healthcare Hypocrisy

DId anyone hear the Chinless one

Report examines civil rights during Bush years

Sarah Palin Stars as Heroine in New Children's Book - 'Help! Mom! Radicals are Ruining My Country!'

Palin book tour host to foreign press: Stay away

Palin book tour host to foreign press: Stay away

Just watching Bartiromo and the MJ crew wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth

Escalation is the wrong strategy. It is time to leave Afghanistan. (Rep Slaughter's diary at kos)

Napolitano warns of homegrown terrorists

A note on seasonal adjustments on Jobless Claims

The real question is: Will the anti-escalation congresspeople stand and deliver?

The real question is: Will the anti-escalation congresspeople stand and deliver?

What if...? 1 month national CC payment boycott

Joe Conason: The Crushing Legacy of Bush and Cheney

In a few months/weeks the spotlight will fade on Afghanistan and the war will grind on

Journalist shield law: for bloggers or only for employees of Big Media?

Officer investigated in death of patient was fired from police department after Taser incident

Congr. Candidate Lt. Col.Allen West- "You need to leave here understanding one word - BAYONETS!"

When Karl Rove, Liz Cheney, and Newt Gingrich agree with you,

Bernie Sanders - Help him help us buck Wall Street!

Did you ever wonder where Tiger Woods learned about his putter?

Defeating Terrorism

A conservative Love Letter to George W. Bush - posted from Air America Beta

when did this happen?

Politico: where Republican complaints of partisanship are actual news

The Taliban

The Taliban

This statue on Wall Street needs an additional figure....

Senator Gregg's plan to block health care(with handy office# to call!)

Harlem Gospel Choir nixes Glenn Beck film role over finances, not politics, it says

In a way it seems as if Obama is re instituting the "Powell Doctrine"

Here is a hypothetical: Suppose we suddenly created 34,000 new millionaires

I fail to see the difference between these two -

Does it matter if we "kill or capture" bin Laden or Zawahiri?

Anti-War Protesters Take Over Downtown Mpls Check out the Video

The Rude Pundit - Facebook Racists: Anti-Obama Imagery and Cowards on Parade

I've been out most of today so I just heard the news about NY State.

Obama's War Speech Offered Something for Everybody -- But Who's Buying It?

Just because I disagree with one policy, does not mean I can't vote for a candidate!

Taking to term "Pinhead" to another level

"Right woman for the job " (former Teamster's organiser becomes state premier)

Live chat with U.S. Sen. Carl Levin

Grave of the Fire Flies

If you don't agree with Obama's Afghan troop escalation - why did you vote for him??

I just love this heading (below)

I just love this heading (below)

Crist recording sends KidCare applicants to sex line for hot, horny girls

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to war we go! by Jim Hightower

So this is why housing sales are up......

The REAL terrorist threat to Americans.......

Obama's Afghan war - The Nation/Pakistan

"What Is Obama Getting Us into in Afghanistan?" by Jim Hightower

Progress Energy gives up on coal plants

Do you believe the main reason we're in Afghanistan is al Qaeda?

I managed to close two credit card accounts today.

Cadet waiting for president caught reading anti-Obama book

What Terrorizes you? Al Qaeda, Wall Street, Lay offs, Health care, etc

The generals won - everything. - Analysis from Col. Pat Lang (Ret.)

Man Accused in Levy Slaying Faces New Charges (threatening a witness)

who was the famous conservative lawyer

who was the famous conservative lawyer

Drug-Makers Paying Off Competitors To Keep Cheap Generics Off Market

Logistical Problems Could Plague Afghanistan Troop Surge

"Charlie Brown" is Nazisit, communist and Bigoted! Fucking spy!

Glenn Beck-Inspired Tea Party Candidates Step Up To Oust Veteran GOP Lawmakers

Fox crops Jon Stewart quote to suggest "Climategate" emails made him a global warming denier


The Elves are rising up against Santa

Is President Obama still traveling to Oslo next week?

Epicenter The Business of Tech Major Label Messes With the Wrong Guy

Is the Tobacco Industry Pro-life? Let's Ask the Bishops

Out of Eden

Robert Scheer: "Afghanistan: Here We Go Again" (The Nation)

Can anybody tell me what the GOAL is in Afghanistan?

The Endtimes Explained by William Tapley AKA The 3rd Eagle of the Apocalypse

Were Dem's wrong with LBJ?

"They paralyze the Senate......"

Escalating George W. Bush's Gut Feelings

An open letter from one of the major climate scientists on the hacked email disinformation campaign:

the end of the world

The more things don't change, the less they change

My LTTE to the Daily News on the NYS Gay Marriage Vote

Adam Lambert says ABC cancels more appearances

Adam Lambert says ABC cancels more appearances

Reid Targets Gregg's Obstructionism Manual

No discussion of the Bernanke hearing? What, is there another celebrity scandal?

Lawmakers say they'll scrutinize Comcast-NBC deal, schedule hearings

For those who supported invading Afghanistan but don't any more

Was Bush's surge in Iraq a success?

Every Sen Speaking On The HCR Bill Should Have To First State How Much $$ They Took From HC Insurers

Mother Jones: Global Climate Change:

Why do you think Americans and especially Republicans are so terrified of Al Qaeda?

Anti-Immigrant Group Pulls Support For Lou Dobbs’ Presidential Run

Anti-Immigrant Group Pulls Support For Lou Dobbs’ Presidential Run

I'm not sure if anyone has posted this about Erik Prince (Blackwater)

How Many Private Contractors Are There In Afghanistan? Military Gives Us A Number(104,100+)

Tell the Senate: Stop Ben Bernanke (Credo Action petition)

Tell the Senate: Stop Ben Bernanke (Credo Action petition)

Need WORKING snail mail addy for Michael Moore

A growing gripe among Obama donors: not enough perks Vigil for Survival : Global Climate Change:

How much longer in Afghanistan?

Twenty billion barrels of oil sit beneath Los Angeles.

Twenty billion barrels of oil sit beneath Los Angeles.

Twenty billion barrels of oil sit beneath Los Angeles.

Twenty billion barrels of oil sit beneath Los Angeles.

Toons: War! What is it good for?

Interesting to hear Repub Senators Call for Fiscal Restraint After 8 Yrs of Bush Spending...

PZ Myers on same-sex marriage.

We only care about elections, and not governing.

Have a suggestion for the Palin book-signings. PM me if your interested

Target Calls Cops On Breastfeeding Shoppers

I thought that only congress could declare war


Free: Our Gift To You: The Consumerist Anti-Gift Card

A little experiment here, Dear Conservative Republican lurkers...

So we have protesters outside the job summit...

Question: How many in congress are supporting the war so far?

Judge rejects free-speech claims by Va. white supremacist

Judge rejects free-speech claims by Va. white supremacist

Productivity is up, so why would employers hire more people?

Productivity is up, so why would employers hire more people?

How long until the Pentagon asks the President for more soldiers in Afpak?

Clinton's Favorite Thinkers

Gov. Crist to add wealthy wife and stepchildren to free health insurance premiums paid by Floridians

Witness immunity sought for gay service members

Bernanke won't let the Fed get audited.

Thank you Tom for mentioning ... Billionaires for Weath Care

Blanche Lincoln in Trouble in Arkansas

A Voice from RAWA: Zoya on Afghanistan (Grit TV)

I like Puppies! Who Else Likes Puppies?

Giving Democratic Underground another chance

Graph: Afghan civilian casualties vs US Troop levels

A possible accounting fraud larger than Enron in the Too Big To Fails

Parents of a 10-week-old baby given ecstacy, escape jail.

10 films the US Government would rather you not see.

Usama Bin Forgotten.

Mine sniffing dogs are expensive to train and many get hurt. There is an alternative.

Chase Bank - Service charges on credit cards

What ever happened to Michigan, Ohio, & Pennsylvania?

A$$hole Sen. Coburn offers amendment stripping Louisiana money from healthcare bill

Any Ideas....

Canvas Made of Concrete - you can create "buildings in a bag"...

Who Terrorizes me more? Al Qaeda or Wall Street and the lobbyists

There's a thread over in GD-P that scares the living hell out of me

Today Is International Day of Persons with Disabilities

What was then the worst mass murder in this country--was not called terrorism

Doublespeak, an example of the American ideal of waging war to promote peace.

Hi Skinner, it's been a while. Any word on our new group?

Reasons why change--real change--is still absolutely necessary

Hitch your wagon to Bu$h's gut...

Food stamp rolls have grown in Louisiana

Is there anyplace to watch the job summit?

Photo Of The Day

If we broke it...we have to break MORE of it?

U.S. Troop Levels in Afghanistan by Year

Bernie Sanders and the Single Payer Option!

Vote with Your Dollars: View the political contributions of your favorite companies (Interactive)

Here we go: Gates: 3,000 Extra Troops Could go to Afghanistan

New Orleans public defender's office says it will refuse new murder, rape cases due to budget cuts

Any news regarding cleveramerican?

Driftless - Stories from Iowa.

Rolling Stones' Ron Wood arrested for assaulting his 21 year old girlfriend

So.. how many jobs did that $252M taxpayer money to Hyundai really create


It's been a quarter-century and not one person has even been tried for the murder of thousands.

All Too Familiar on Afghanistan - The Nation

Where did all the Nobel Peace Prize defenders go?

Will you send your kids to DIE for this man?

Hundreds of New Yorkers rally in Times Square for marriage equality.

Best FDR Biography?

Are there any threads posted in the last month

Are there any threads posted in the last month

I'm so sick of hearing Republican "plans".

Democrats may seek a $300 billion Jobs Bill in 2010

is brad blakeman the most obnoxious pundit on television?

I'm amazed at the hours some poeple manage to work...

Is this sentence too harsh? Man Who Mugged a 101-Year-Old Woman Gets 75 Years in Prison

Which is worse: the Senate HC "Reform" bill, or "our" Afghanistan policy?

Blackwater founder tells of secret CIA aid

Woman Charged With Felony After Taping 4 Minutes Of "New Moon"

NY Gov. Paterson will not re-introduce gay marriage bill to State Senate

Hey Fox news, big business' desire for "free trade" caused the economic mess we're in. Wake up.

Nat Hentoff is back on World Nut Daily catapulting the 'Obamacare' propaganda again

GM Employee Discount Pricing apparently to end

The use of military force is justified...

No wonder the Teabagger's car dealerships went under:

What happens when an evil people terrorise a nation

Poll: Isolationism Soars Among Americans

Here are the Democratic bigots who voted against marriage equality in NY

House Votes to Make Estate Tax Permanent

Stevie Wonder named UN 'Messenger of Peace'

Just got this in my inbox Re: Senator Reid and Public Option

Shock and awe... got the bill for my recent appendectomy.

Important announcement regarding the Tiger Woods scandal

Using marijuana to fight substance abuse

Sarah Palin Strikes New Ground as Keynote Speaker at International Bowling Expo 2010

Boehner: Using TARP money to pay for jobs bill would be 'mistake'

Apparently it's not just the priest, but also the nuns...

Blocked: release of millions of pages of documents that were scheduled to be declassified

Bunning has put another hold on Bernanke

Senate votes to keep Medicare cuts in health bill

I Just Want To Publicly Proclaim My Love For Senator Franken

Senate approves plan to help women get medical screenings

25 Years Ago Today....

Nelson amendment (restricting abortions) expected to fall short even with GOP support

Afghans See Sharp Shift in U.S. Tone

Afghanistan: the Roach Motel of Empires

CBO report on premiums - Also comments on subsidies

OMG - first time in my life I AGREE with a republican!! Bunning

Webb, Ben Nelson Vote for McCain Health Amendment

Colbert: Why doesn't Barack listen to G Beck & My Little Pony?

NARAL Pro Choice America needs our help

Court Denies GOP Effort to Re-Institute Voter Caging/Suppression

The two SecSvc agents that got suspended today ... and will probably be fired .... do you think ..

A question about Comcast & NBC. .

Father's anguish as he saves wife, not son

House votes to extend inheritance tax on wealthy estates, canceling one-year repeal in 2010

House votes to extend inheritance tax on wealthy estates, canceling one-year repeal in 2010

Has ANY Republican President EVER held a Jobs Summit...

Hero Captain Blamed for Pirate Attack

STRATFOR's assessment of Afghan 'surge'. Worth reading.

Haven Humane has a surfeit of exotic birds for adoption (Redding, California)

McCain: AARP ‘Betrayed’ Members by Supporting Health Reform

Diaper Dave Vitter is at it again...

Senator Nelson: I'll Filibuster Without Stupak-Like Amendment

HONDURAS: Independent investigation needed into human rights abuses

Equal Marriage fails in NY. When do we stop putting civil rights up for a vote? FU-NY.

The New McCarthyism will keep GOP in the minority for 40 yrs.

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson blasts Obama's war strategy in Afghanistan

104,000 !! Number of private contractors in Afghanistan NOW

how big is walmart?

do we truly want change?

House Democrats Eye Bailout Money for Jobs Package

You know reality is really fugged up when I agree with

Thom Hartmann channels his inner Malloy and rips a Freeper a new asshole!

Obama has a plan to give you... Teh GAY!

Mercedes picks Alabama

I saw Obama pledge to send more troops into Afghanistan in the debate, and didn't believe him

Why is the Empire, that is us, in Central Asia?

Why is the Empire, that is us, in Central Asia?

America Just Wants Peace

You don't make friends by killing them.

If Al Queda really wanted to kill Americans, they should have formed as a health insurance company.

Bilingual instructions in California.

List of empires who failed to conquer Afghanistan. It's a long one.

Pew Poll: Isolationism soars among Americans

Rep. Polis: Not a single additional soldier

For those of you who support war...

US Afghanistan counter-insurgency strategy looks like spaghetti on this map

PICS+VIDS from Stop Stupak Rally in DC

It Is A Bit Refreshing

Civil rights enforcement plummeted under Bush administration: report

If Bernanke is denied the position as head of the Fed...

dec 3 1984 bhopal

Floating down the current, singing...

Rick Warren wonders why there’s so much fuss over the rights of gays.

This is why I will vote for this man in 2012..

Will Obama Expand Afghan War Contractor Force? Gibbs Says He'll Look Into It

I just snapped at an employee

I just snapped at an employee

Senate rejects proposal by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

'How Do You Ask Someone to Be the Last to Die for President Obama's Political Image?'

'How Do You Ask Someone to Be the Last to Die for President Obama's Political Image?'

America Is At War, No Sacrifices Necessary

Skinner, please take that ad off this site.

Latest polls in Connecticut and Ohio spell trouble for Democrats

Wal-Mart again chosen as an outstanding employer (sarcasm intended)

Wal-Mart again chosen as an outstanding employer (sarcasm intended)

Iraq sees alarming rise in cancers, deformed babies

How Can This Be? Re-appoint This Idiot to head the fed?

The gimmick that rules this country

Afghanistan - Sense of DU [POLL]

Senate Passes Women’s Health Amendment

Fox's Kilmeade Says Americans Aren't Pure Because "We Keep Marrying Other Species & Ethnics"

There was a reason Bush and Cheney did not go after Bin Laden at Tora Bora.

The "Surge" in Iraq was a failure...get used to it.

Interesting Stats from 1940..

Bush Doctrine NOT. You may feel better if you read this. You may need this information..

Obama birthplace attorney files new allegations

Is Al Qaeda A Real Threat to the U.S. and Other Countries in the World?

Is Al Qaeda A Real Threat to the U.S. and Other Countries in the World?

At least 10 countries still practice whaling. (graphic picture)

There is no such thing as Afghanistan.

an interesting comparison

America Without a Middle Class-Elizabeth Warren

Lori Edwards Isn't Even In Congress Yet And Already Selling Her Ass To K Street Whores

Why are Blue Whales singing deeper every year?

Howard Zinn's "The People Speak" to Air on History

Peace of Mind in America is gone.

Peace of Mind in America is gone.

Blackwater = CIA (new Vanity Fair article)

DU is a reflection of today's Democratic Party?

Frank Schaeffer: Killing Gays For Jesus

"Honey, I'm tired and it's time for me to go.. I just wanted to talk to you one more time"

"Honey, I'm tired and it's time for me to go.. I just wanted to talk to you one more time"

"Honey, I'm tired and it's time for me to go.. I just wanted to talk to you one more time"

"I'll tip my hat to the new Constitution...take a bow for the new Revolution"

Bernanke's assault on Social Security and Medicare

Reality Check.

Please be honest: Did you support the Iraq war resolution?

ACORN Lawsuit in OH a Victory for Democracy!

Frank Schaeffer: What unites all the Reconstructionists from Erik Prince to Sarah Palin & Huckabee

Thomas Friedman says Afghanistan is a Bridge Too Far

Poll: Do you Support the War in Afghanistan?

So, essentially, there is no exit date from Afghanistan. We're being played.

Anyone else shocked at how many...

Anyone else shocked at how many...

The Afghanistan Disconnect

I have a question about TARP paybacks and the deficit.

Dodge Charger coming to the rescue of the Alfa Romeo brand? Bet on it!

Blackwater's Erik Prince to step down, reveals CIA role

The Wealthy are Getting Ready!

The Wealthy are Getting Ready!

Seems to me a lot of folks owe Michael Moore an apology

Seems to me a lot of folks owe Michael Moore an apology

Full Moon Tonight - A Rant Long Overdue

Sexting-related bullying cited in Hillsborough teen's suicide

The poisoned well

The age old defense of the chicken hawk: We don't have a draft

Earth could plunge into sudden ice age

Earth could plunge into sudden ice age

Comcast-NBC deal faces regulatory hurdles

How would you arrange/decorate your 100 square foot apartment?

For those that miss the old days of DU where "no one" supported the invasion of Afghanistan

What happens when a 17 year old boy spends 11 years in prison?

Space Solar Power Limitless clean energy from space

Welcome to the Women's Movement 2.0

Am I the only one who doesn't give a flying damn about Tiger Woods?

Am I the only one who doesn't give a flying damn about Tiger Woods?

Please look - this is where your income tax goes.

Please look - this is where your income tax goes.

Kucinich Statement- Authorizing Force On Those Responsible For Recent Terrorist Acts Against The US

Catholic League slams PETA ad featuring Joanna Krupa holding crucifix over nude body

Sen. Bob Corker's daughter was carjacked in DC.

You want real health care reform? You want real environmental and financial

"Your car will blow up in 30 seconds." Do you ....

Gratuitous images of violence against women.

The doctors say "start over" with Medicare For All

The doctors say "start over" with Medicare For All

FDR on Steroids!!!! Obama warns of "limited" funds for the jobless.

Please consider boycotting Cabot Cheese and other Cabot products

Stalking the Shadows: The United States of Expectations killed my friend.

The "DU Peace Movement" apparently thinks we're all idiots.

300 Demonstrate Against Afghanistan War at West Point Tuesday 12-1

Senator Sanders Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation

Do you support the President's Afghanistan decision?

Have you served in the military?

My seven-year dance with federal "drug worriers" is over, but my medical cannabis activism remains

Beijing broods over its arc of anxiety

Bernanke suggests repeal of Social Security and Medicare

They're already doing retrospectives of the music/movies/culture of the "2010s"......

EXTRA-SPECIAL Fleabit Peanut Monkey Poll: HOW MANY of your friends are junkies?

YouTube - John Lee Hooker & Bonnie Raitt, "I'm In The Mood"

YouTube - Early-career hit from Seiko Matsuda, "Marrakech"

YouTube - More classic Seiko Matsuda - "Kagayaita Kisetsu e Tabidatou"


YouTube - Seiko Matsuda "heavily borrows" from Eric Clapton's "Change The World"

LynneSin has been away at Delaware's BIGGEST Sporting Event for the last couple of weeks.

YouTube - Classic Buck Owens & The Buckaroos (1966), "My Heart Skips A Beat"

YouTube - "Everyone I know goes away in the end" (The Man In Black, "Hurt")

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

YouTube - Dr. Winston O'Boogie, "Do The Oz"

YouTube - Dr. Winston O'Boogie, "Do The Oz"

Stephen Malkmus-Pink India

Is there any accessible THC in pot that has been vaporized?

Oh, Tiger.

Discrepancies between CBS's "Rudolph" and the Bible's version (it is on now)

YouTube - Captain Trips: "Asked me for a dime, a dime for a cup of coffee...I got no dime, but..."

Doggie can't roll over- video

Gosh, where would I be without all my crazyass friends and family.

adobe tv

Damn it! I wish you could control who you love

Just realized I have three ex-boyfriends friended on Facebook..that's pretty good, right?

Sit back and enjoy....smoke em if you got em

All men watch porn, scientists find

Will people still yell "Get in the Hole" when Tiger hits a ball at his next tourney?

A phoenix in love

dance fans, check "league of extraordinary dancers"-amazing "so you think you can dance" appearance

John Milton waxes poetic about GD/GDP

I was

What is the greatest loss?

For those using Windows and Avast antivirus, the latest update is causing numerous false-positives.

breastfeeding on a plane!

Gee, wonder when Tiger Woods will be on the Letterman show....nt

Stephen Colbert a Canadian?

Eric Woolfson died

NJ Nets break a record by losing 18th straight game to begin the season

Supertramp-Take the Long Way Home

Ok, this one is faked, but it IS funny.

If you had to pick one of these, which one do you think you could accomplish?

Is this beautiful or what? Sting, Josh Groban and Chris Botti

I am bacon and cheeseburger for all

Did your parents have a money saving ritual that you thought was cool at the time?

Please send me some of those famous DU vibes...

Love this, though it makes me cry alot!!

Damn! SOMEONE's got money..whew!

Anyone else waiting for unemployment money?

After 43 years of living on this crazy planet I finally found love!

the new google fade. love it? hate it? i love it...

The Orangutan and the Hound - someone sent it to me and I just LOVED it

The Afghanistan surge coming at the same time TWILIGHT movies are breaking box office records...


Would you be the "good wife" or "husband"

i need a volunteer.

As much as I really don't give a shit about Tiger Woods,

I get to close out 2 credit cards tomorrow when the electronic transfers

Maxwell sings Michael Jackson's "The lady In My Life"

Sew A Snuggie For Your Barbie!

High voltage


Advocacy Group Decries PETA's Inhumane Treatment of Women


How can I get printouts of checks cashed on a closed account?

For Holiday Gifts ....

Question for the DU ladies...

The Elves are rising up against Santa

Any loungers have any ideas/experience re: dating sites?

I have been watching the first season of The Larry Sanders Show on Hulu...

Please explain how on this sweet earth anything related to Steven Seagal can be associated with:

Weird question: does anyone here speak Russian?

Outrageous fortune: penniless cave dwellers suddenly $7b richer

"For those of you..." threads are the little black dress of GD this A.M..

There was this 911 dispatcher who got an urgent call from somewhere in the woods...

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Breaking News! Tiger Woods to change his name to 'Cheetah'


How many cell phones have you had, and which model do you have now?

There's a fire on campus

3 weeks til Christmas eve.

A couple of wedding day nightmare stories in the news.

Something that's been bugging me about Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica

"Oxygen" is one hell of a page turner!

Humor finally rears its head in GD

Himbeergeist --- help?

Is It Cool To Like Chris Botti?

DU has an ass boil.

I hate to admit, but I think this sounds like a good album.

I have a friend who is chronically late to everything. Last week the man he was dating

I have a friend who is chronically late to everything. Last week the man he was dating

My entire class just completed our finals without realizing it was the

CLeaning out the refrigerator: how can you tell if blue cheese is moldy?

Does anybody know of a cookie press that actually works?

I just snapped at an employee.

Sex-change curse placed on flowerpot thief

So I had Jury Duty today and it sucked

Today was a good day...

Offspring of the rich and famous.

Ok, this should be easy, what is the most recent cutest thing your cat(s) did?

Help with movie name, please:

Look Out! It's Zombie Reagan!

Mentally disabled girl assulted by teens. Egged on by mother.

anyone else watching Laurel Canyon on Logo ?

YouTube - Roy Orbison performs Bono's "She's A Mystery (Mystery Girl)"

Linc from The Mod Squad or LINK???

All Canadians are cute, right?

YouTube - Roy Orbison - "Crying" with k.d. lang

Top Chef Finals Tonight, Who wins?

I've just finished watching 'Young Frankenstein'

Some friendly advice, please? I failed to turn in an online assignment for class--

Internet Punctuation Guide

The American President (1995) Constitutionally Accurate or Not?

Photo...SWEEP THE LEG! Billy Zabka, jerk from "Karate Kid" "Back To School," in 2009


We may be getting a new fur baby--her name is Snowy--and she's

SMILE BREAK, EVERYBODY! Warning - May Be Way Too Cute For Some

Let's argue, like the big kids get to do in the other rooms.

New lab results. PSA now at 7.

They Won! Thank you Democratic Underground!

YouTube - The late Del Shannon, "Runaway," live with Burton Cummings 1988

I'm partway into the second Twilight novel - my God, what awful purple prose.

The Best New Sayings of 2010.

Paul Simon: world music pioneer or consummate ripoff artist?

has anyone else has brain sugery

Who is the biggest Republican fuckwad?

Shot my first turkey yesterday

People who use the word "bourgeois" to mean "everything I don't like"

Has there ever been a more "dickish" Santa than the one in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer?

Say something and end it with: "that's how I roll"

"Free to Be... You and Me"

is this weird

When you were a kid, and I mean very young, what did you name your pets?

To-do: 1. March in the Grey Cup parade at lunchtime, check.

Bad Resturant Service (A Rant)

Tomorrow is the penultimate session of my long-running D&D campaign

Ok so I watched that new Star Trek movie and I have this to ask... ** spoilers **

Because I'm sick and bored, pictures of my horse

Effects of pornography study axed because... scientists couldn't find men who'd never seen porn

Proof positive kitties are superior to puppies.

Post the funniest joke you've ever heard. (Safe for work, please)

Mmmm... a bowl of rice with sauteed mushrooms and zucchini and a poached egg for breakfast.

To those who "smoke". Who introduced you to it?

I loathe Anime. Am I alone in this?

Skeptical Dems resign themselves to Obama war plan (AP)

Balboni weighing Gillibrand challenge

Utahns growing tired of Bennett

Reetz to Challenge Yarmuth

Is having voted for Obama in 2008 a requirement for membership on DU?

Is having voted for Obama in 2008 a requirement for membership on DU?

Republican eyes Matheson challenge

Culver: Campaign manager departure “much to do about nothing.”

New Chair Markell Outlines DGA Offensive For 2010

It's a "Good Thing" (as "Martha the Jail Bird" would say) that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize!

Searching in Vain for the Obama Magic

How Obama could improve his approval rating.

RE: Cadets reaction to Obama's speech- Just before the speech I watched and there was a

Letter from Vice President Biden Regarding Afghanistan

Thread For DUers Who Oppose Afghanistan Troop Increase, But Still Generally Support Obama

Thread For DUers Who Oppose Afghanistan Troop Increase, But Still Generally Support Obama

Planned Parenthood: Pass health care reform. Stop Hatch, Nelson and Stupak

Here we go again

Bernanke Was Appointed By Bush

President Obama who a little less than a year ago was candidate Obama

Susan Rice was terrific on Rachel's show

Robert Fisk: 'This strategy has been tried before – without success'

Just using logic - the President must be doing right, if both sides

Afghanistan: the Roach Motel of Empires

Ray Taliaferro was the last person I expected to be deeply disappointed with O's decision

FDR, JFK, even old LBJ... all were war presidents..

DOD Announces Casualties 02-Dec-09

Cool Obama Children's Book

Michaele Salahi Bullshits her way onto the Washington Redskins Alumni Cheerleading Squad


Orszag Calls Senate Health Care Bill Biggest Cost-Container Ever Considered


Lets remember the cost of war.

Democrats put hope in the 'Great White'

A handy link for those who support a policy of sending murderes, rapists, and robbers to jail.

David Sirota has a few questions following war speech

is there an afghan body count site similar to the iraq body count?

Blue city. Blue state. Blue convention?

which one is obama in this photo ...

FINALLY! Obama administration to give a FREE PONY to anyone who wants one!!!

A handy link for those who think peace is the ONLY option for any problem:

Question what time is the jobs summit and will it be televised?

Obama's done-nothing rep is wrong.

Newt: "courageous of Obama" to escalate in Afghanistan as it will "split his base"

Obama Announces He Wont Run in 2012

"Reid plans noon session on Sunday"

Zogby: 70% of Americans believe they're 1-3 paychecks away from poverty

Black Caucus Stalls Financial Reform

The White House Jobs Forum: Begins at 1:20pm with 3 speeches and closing session starts at 3:45pm

Signs show Iowa economy is recovering (some good news on a snowy morning)

Obama: "Troops WILL start coming home July 2011. Period. It's etched in stone".

Senate cast first votes to overhaul health care

We're talking an expansion of WAR. That means more death and destruction.

Dr. Michael Hudson: "When Obama talks about 'change', he's NOT talking about economic change"

The Job Forum that won't really be Televised.....

Presidential Job meeting---On Build/Bill Financing?! Any one heard of it or participated?

Presidential Job meeting---On Build/Bill Financing?! Any one heard of it or participated?

Health Care Could Cost Lincoln, Poll Finds

Sen. Bob Menendez harshly questions President Obama’s strategy for Afghanistan

What it takes to be a Repug these days.....damn

The Afghanistan strategy would make sense to me if...

IN-Sen: Hostettler To Challenge Bayh

MP3: Some "meditation" music as a tribute to the war in Afghanistan

Obama gave "a pretty lousy" war speech. "And for that failure, we should be very grateful"

Kerry, Waxman say they'll scrutinize Comcast-NBC deal, schedule hearings

I like Puppies! Who Else Likes Puppies?

War is never the answer...or is it.

Stop comparing Obama to Bush.

The American President (1995) Constitutionally Accurate or Not?

Secret Service agents could be fired for admitting Salahis

DE-Sen: Castle Has Edge Over Biden

How many gulf war vets or active duty are there at DU?

Secret Service had the list. Secret Service ignored list and let someone in. The hell is Peter King

The deceptive July 2011 Afghan withdrawl date "designed to placate a skeptical public and liberals"

Black Caucus tells Obama you've done too little for African Americans

What does the UN know that we don't know?

OMG, Jim Cramer is making some sense....

****Heads Up: POTUS Addresses the Opening of the WH Jobs Forum, Live! ****

"Karzai willing to talk to Taliban"

Before Ed comes on.. who wants to be the first to toss him under that proverbial bus

****Heads Up: POTUS & First Family Light the National Christmas Tree, Live!****

Barack Obama Surrendered To The Pro-War Generals:

Some Allies Wary of New Troop Pledges

Updated list of Democrats we no longer like.....

St. Pete Times Buzz: Sen. Bill Nelson Slams President Obama's Drug Plan, Pushes for Deeper Savings

Media Auctions off both of Bush's Wars to the only Bidder for no Money Down

Shocking, the GOP is unhappy with Obama on the Afgan policy!

Analysis: Afghanistan pullout date not definite

If a girl's first name was Valerie and her last name started with a D, would kids tease her about...

Day 9 in the hospital. I have missed you all

Comcast CEO Endorses Heath Care Reform, Says It Will Put Nation On Path To Prosperity

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Narrow majority support Obama's Afghan strategy

So please provide a substantive counter exit

Did you Kucinich supporters cry like this when Obama added 17k troops to Afghanistan in February?

Robert Creamer: Obama, Progressives and Afghanistan

May 1, 2003 +2,407-- the number of days since chimpy declared "mission accomplished" in iraq

Is General Petraeus seriously considered to be a possible Republican candidate in 2012?

"Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to war we go! Pound the drums loudly, stand with your country proudly!"

Jon Stewart: Obama channels Bush on Afghanistan

National Christmas Tree Ready for Obamas

POLL: 60% of public support public option, including 57% of independents.

My 2010-2012 advice for the pissers & moaners: "Dance with the one that brung ya."

Let's check in on Bill Kristol. "A war president"? Likes it!

Let's check in on Bill Kristol. "A war president"? Likes it!

Must Watch Video: Ambassador Susan Rice on Rachel (re: Afghanistan)

The one particular person who has been let off the hook in this whole bloody mess

Here is General McChrystal's plan to win in Afghanistan

Bush is Walking Into a Trap (2001-Afghanistan)

Jobless claims slide to near 15-month low

Chris, you are a dip shit...

Obama’s Wall Street plan creates ‘permanent bailout’

I burned my Chicago tapes/cds because of the speech on Tuesday

Because of the escalation, I am not going to give or ask for cashmere sweaters or afghan rugs for

At Last! These Two Wars Finally Do Make Sense To Me. I've Come to My Senses.

Disagree all you like, DU, but I sincerely hope no further Bush/Obama Photoshop posts are made.

Vietnam vs Afghanistan comparisons are stupid because we are talking 58,000+ casualties vs like 900.

Report: 11 states emerging from recession

Did the White House "pull the plug" en Erik "The Crusader" Prince?

Obama is Making a Grave Mistake in Afghanistan


Special Offer for DU: Signed Copies of "Going Rouge" the Sarah Palin Activity Book! (A great gift!)

Special Offer for DU: Signed Copies of "Going Rouge" the Sarah Palin Activity Book! (A great gift!)

Rahm just walked into the room!! Now my PRESIDENT IS IN THE ROOM!!

Critique of the President's decision and reaction at DU

Did you EVER think you'd agree with Jesse Ventura on anything?

Gitmo closing in its 'final stages'

afghanistan is a good war because..

Headache and heartache

Chairman Kerry...Statement At Hearing With Secretary Clinton, Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen

Obama Bemoans Desperation Of People Out Of Work

Sanders Files "Medicare For All" Amendment On Senate Floor

It's nice to know hypocrisy isn't limited to republicans.

The president just kicked the media straight in the butt

why doesn't Obama just have the guts to admit it's about imperialism?

Wow -- Susan Rice and Rachel Maddow -- the most substantial discussion I've seen so far re Afghan.

Could you do better?

John Maynard Keynes on unemployment (the famous burying jars of money observation)

A Few Words of Clarifcation

I just bought 10 gallons of gasoline for my car. Where is the federal gas tax $$$ going?

Ezra Klein: An Insurance Industry CEO explains why American health care costs so much

Kucinich announces alliance with far right Republicans in Congress

As the Senate debates,Teresa Heinz Kerry announces an additional Newark perscription drug program

I think Kucinich should run in the primary against Obama - I mean it

The chamber of commerce is angry..

Bob Cesca: Obama's Unavoidable Cure for the Afghanistan Cancer

NYT: President Obama's "Timetable for Drawdown Sets Off Afghan Alarm"

Liberals warn Obama. Senior Democrat: plenty of time to energize liberals next year.

Blackwater founder Prince feels thrown under bus

Separation of Powers Cited for W.H. Social Secretary

New York State Senate Votes Down Gay Marriage Bill

Judge won't end order targeting voter intimidation

"Right woman for the job " (former Teamster's organiser becomes state premier)

AP sources: Comcast to pay $13.75B for NBC stake

Iraq planning ‘frustrated’ by secrecy

911 caller: 'I just killed my daughter'

Live chat with U.S. Sen. Carl Levin

Palin Book Tour Host To Foreign Press: Stay Away

Exclusive: Republican to Place Additional Hold on Bernanke in Senate Banking Committee

Comcast-NBC will face tough antitrust review

Putin says Russia still faces terrorism threat

At least 15 militants killed in Pakistan's Swat Valley

Alcohol sales fall in Russia

Justice Dept.'s second in command is stepping aside

Sec. Svc: Threats not higher for Obama

Senate Breaks Health Stalemate; First Votes Today

GE reaches deal with Comcast for NBC

Prosecutors said family received millions in bribes for Army supply contracts

Exclusive:Climate skeptic group has extensive ties to ExxonMobil..Nearly $50m on lobbying in last yr

Free prisoner, Chrysler ad says - Commercial pushes for release of Burmese political captive

Bomb Kills Three Somali Ministers

Bomb Kills Three Somali Ministers

Iraq/Afghanistan Deployment Tied to Respiratory Woes

Report Examines Civil Rights During Bush Years

Retailers report surprise drop in November

New jobless claims drop unexpectedly

White House Blocks Testimony on Crashers

Comcast CEO Endorses Heath Care Reform, Says It Will Put Nation On Path To Prosperity

Swiss leader calls for Jewish cemetery ban

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 3

Bus explodes in Syria causing casualties

Inmate With Low I.Q. Nears Execution in Texas

House Democrats want to use bailout money to pay for jobs

Pelosi wants entire House to get a war briefing

Newt Gingrich praises Obama on Afghanistan

Most in U.S. (59.9%) want public health option: poll

Iraq inquiry: Pentagon was convinced Army would be greeted with 'flowers on rifles'

Senator Gregg Letter on how to block health care

US House Speaker Pelosi opposes possible 'war tax'

Taliban: Afghan Surge Will Mean More US Fatalities

Copenhagen climate change talks must fail, says top [global warming] scientist

Poll: Isolationism soars among Americans

Retailers Report Surprise Drop In November

Local Reporter Had Gun In Trunk At West Point Before Obama's Speech

Secret Service puts 3 on leave over gate crashing

House to work 17 days in first two months of 2010, says Hoyer

Gatecrashers decline invitation to testify

BREAKING: Sanders Puts Official Senate Hold on Bernanke Nomination

Honduras Congress rejects Zelaya's reinstatement

Fellow soldier arrested in 2 stabbing deaths, police say

Muslim scholar: France should not ban burqas

House extends estate tax

Sen. Bunning places second hold on Bernanke: "I will do everything I can to stop your nomination"

PG&E gets OK for space-based solar project

Obama science advisers grilled over hacked e-mails

Bill Clinton supports Obama's Afghanistan decision

Putin says Stalin's legacy can't be judged in black and white

Resisting the Forces for War over Health

The Jobs Bill – Is There Any Hope?

The Tiger Woods Voicemail That Really Did Him In

Bernanke confirmation whip count

Early fireworks in Bernanke confirmation drama

Obama to Send 30,000 U.S. Afghan Hounds to Train AFGHAN Afghan Hounds

Sahalis Refuse to Testify in Congress, Unless NOT Invited

Here we go again

Afghanistan: the Roach Motel of Empires

Find God, get out of jail, slaughter again.

Bush is Walking Into a Trap (2001-Afghanistan)

Elusive Goal of Greening U.S. Energy

Joe Conason: The Crushing Legacy of Bush and Cheney

Here is General McChrystal's plan to win in Afghanistan

Fascism defined:

Johnson, Gorbachev, Obama - By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

Gene Lyons

which one is obama in this photo ...

After All, It’s Only Numbers

Joe Scarborough For President?

Golf Association Suspends Tiger for Cheating on His 'Scorecard'

Rumsfeld: 'I Was Never Told About the War in Afghanistan'

The Forgotten Cost of War: Caring for Veterans

Obama's plan for the orphaned Afghanistan war - public backs him: 51% to 40%

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a president's political image?

10 Reasons Bernanke should be Fired

What Empires Have Said Throughout History: "One More Surge"

Republicans set new lower bar for Demagoguery - USA Today

To Teach Important Skills (and Boost Test Scores) Try Project-Based Learning

Putin says no plans to leave power

Nine Big Ideas to Beat Unemployment

our Afghanistan now growing opium AND processing it into heroin on industrial scale

Bernanke's Plan to Bail out the Rich and Make the Middle Class Pay

Elizabeth Warren: America Without a Middle Class

Bigotry in Switzerland (The Hindu)

Hell No on Bernanke! - Cenk @ Huffington Post (Top Rated Diary @ DailyKos)

Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil

David Sirota: How Do You Ask A Man to Be the Last to Die for President Obama's Political Image?

Protesters at West Point last night

All-Too-Familiar Line on Afghanistan

NYS Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson speaks on the Marriage Equality Bill

NYS Senator Tom Duane speaks on the Marriage Equality Bill

Sen. McCaskill Questions Admin. Officials on Afghanistan

Young Turks: Study Shows How One Votes & What Makes Voters Switch

Should Obama Push Harder for Health Care?

Rotten Raoul debates a 13 year old neocon

NYS Senator Craig Johnson speaks on NY Marriage Equality bill

NYS Senator Jose Serrano speaks on NY Marriage Equality bill

NYS Senator Eric Adams speaks on NY Marriage Equality bill

NYS Senator Liz Krueger speaks on NY Marriage Equality bill

NYS Senator Velmanette Montgomery speaks on NY Marriage Equality bill

NYS Senator Daniel Squadron speaks on NY Marriage Equality bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Afghanistan and Obama's Speech

First Lady Michelle Obama Unveils White House Holiday Decorations

Thom Hartmann - Our Insane Economics

NYS Senator Eric Schneiderman speaks on NY Marriage Equality bill

LOST, by Meatjack (Anti-war)

Naomi Klein & Amy Goodman on the Copenhagen meeting, No Logo at 10

Feingold Leads Bipartisan Group of Legislators in Opposing Afghanistan Escalation

Why We Fight

Recession Santa

Republicans for rape

Silence is betrayal (MLK anti-war speech)

NYS Senator Jeff Klein speaks on NY Marriage Equality bill

John Foster-Pipelines-the new Great Game 2 of 9

The Grand Chessboard and Obama's foreign policy Pt.1

Afghanistan 1989: A Look At Charlie Wilson's War With CIA Whistleblower John Stockwell

Matt Taibbi: Obama Baited And Switched Us

NYS Senator Diane Savino speaks on NY Marriage Equality bill

Website appeal to fund family planning 'to cut CO2' (BBC)

Time Magazine: As Climate Summit Nears, Skeptics Gain Traction

Poison pours into canal to cut off fearsome fish (Asian Carp)

CCNY Professor foresees rising Antarctic snowmelt

Forest deal at Copenhagen must avoid creating ‘carbon refugees’

VAI Researchers Find Long Awaited Key to Creating Drought Resistant Crops

Elusive Goal of Greening U.S. Energy

A Cloud Still Hangs Over Bhopal

Drumbeat: December 3, 2009

Population, consumption and ecological footprint

"Visionary" GM Chief Bob Lutz Does 180 on Hybrids, Then Pretends Like He Didn't

November Among Rainest Ever In Ireland: Relatively Dry Dublin Airport Got 3X Normal Amounts

S. Australian Drought Worse Than That Of 1930s - Max. November Temps 8 Degrees Above Normal Highs

Melbourne Rains Above Average For 1st Time In 12 Yrs - Reservoirs Still Near Record Lows

Hacker-gate hearings, December 2, 2009

In Queensland Town, Drought Inspires 8-Hr Warning On Water - Ethanol Plant Uses 25% Of Supply

A greener (even cheaper?) way to get electricity from natural gas (with carbon capture)

Good film about the Civilian Conservation Corp. PBS video.

Arctic Methane Release May Already Approach 14-19 Million Tons/Year From Thermokarst Lakes - SciAm

'Climategate' e-mails heat up debate but don't prove that Earth isn't warming

BBC: Climate e-mail hack 'will impact on Copenhagen summit' (according to Saudi Arabia’s negotiator)

Moloch's Children - Energy Bulletin

Cord Blood Samples Show BPA Present In Bodies Of 9 Out Of 10 Newborns - MJS

Scientific Conspiracy Emails Reveal No Human Warming, Saudi Negotiator Says - BBC

Barca's Messi Ballon D'or Fitting Tribute To Little Genius

Forget Tiger Woods: All your Scottish/Irish Ploughing Championship information is right here!

"Foge" Fazio

Amelie Mauresmo retires...

Big 10 takes down the ACC! SUCK IT DUKE

ChiSunTimes: Woods offers wife $60m to stay for 2 years. 3 times the

Ron Artest admits to drinking Cognac during NBA games

Charlize Theron - in pulling teams for World Cup - pretends to pull...IRELAND!!!

Nets make NBA history.....0-18

“Your only crime was walking down the street.”

Zelaya reaction

Lawmakers in Argentina throw chairs at each other

Honduran lawmakers say 'no' to restoring Zelaya, 111-14

Palestinian shot in Naalin claims soldiers said he 'deserves it'

Analysis: New manifesto reveals a more sophisticated, confident Hizbullah

Liberal bloggers criticize liberal hero for embracing AIPAC, Israeli officials

Ukraine academic: Israel imported 25,000 kids for their organs

Question for all you gun nuts.

FBI wants two 20mm mag-fed rifles with suppressors

Handling Mall Cops, Wall Mart Commandos and Rogue LEOs

Would you 'send a gun to defend a British home'?

From threat to reality: Locked-out tea workers now face starvation

NYC Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lit, But NBC Strike By NABET Is Possible

Economic Report: November Job Cuts Down 72 Percent From Last Year

Workers Picket Wu Liang Ye in Labor Dispute (NYC)

Today in Labor History Nov 3 Arrests began today in Middleton, NJ of teachers & win 10-hour day

Obama to kick off tour in Allentown, PA

9/11? Yes, 9/11.

The straightforward, no-nonsense facts about Afghanistan

I'm thinking I may just enter one of my concert photos from a year or two ago . . .

Balloons over Madison

a shot in the dark?

Babies are born with a slew of potentially dangerous chemicals.

I'm posting "Mid-afternoon" the lost picture. For Madamesilverspurs

Bloedel Conservatory - Part 1 - The dome

Bloedel Conservatory - Part 2 - Birds

"To grasp the reality of life as it has been revealed by molecular biology,

Cool find in hunt for exoplanets (BBC)

Intel unveils 48-core cloud computing silicon (BBC)

My shots in the dark are shots in the dark!

Primary elections may be key to NY equality

My thoughts on the speeches today.

Paterson?!?! What about * Bloomberg*?

For Holiday Gifts

So, who was the genius that thought Marriage Equality would be an easy win for New York?

Gregoire, Reed certify R-71 and November returns

Governor Patterson on Marriage Vote: "I Understand The Anger"

Videos from yesterday's NY Marriage Equality bill discussion

Just another reason why homophobia makes me so angry.

***December Photo Contest Theme - A SHOT IN THE DARK***

PZ Myers Presents: "The Same-Sex Marriage debate, greatly simplified"

Rupert Everett's Advice To Gay Actors: Stay In The Closet

"ABC disinvites Adam Lambert from Jimmy Kimmel, New Year's Eve. What next? Public shaming as public-

ADP: Private Employment Decreased 169,000 in November

Treasury to pay $563 billion MORE to companies.

The Path to Full Employment

BOA loans Arizona 700 million.

30 sec pitch on CNN

Now I am conflicted -

Familiarize yourself with the Guidotti-Greenspan rule...


Matt Tabbai tells who created the $$$$ you won't be surprised.

oops...duplicate...self delete

Starcodes for the month

I have been thinking..

Check this out - Whales are 'singing' at lower frequencies...

On battles, judgment, love, fear....

Relationship update

Made the mistake of venturing into the Religion/Theology forum for a small point

Jackson researchers identify essential factors in brain organization

Obesity Rise Trumps Smoking Decline --- Study: Life Expectancy Rise in U.S. to Slow

Rep. Alan Grayson, Israel Uber-Hawk By M.J. Rosenberg TPM

Why do some people slap themselves?

Rabbi urges more tolerance for Muslims in Europe

How one priest destroyed the entire Mayan written language

Roger Ebert on new agers and creationists

when to add salt to a recipe.

Hi everybody. Do you have a cookie press recommendation?

Bradlee Dean and YCRBYCH