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SMILE BREAK, EVERYBODY! Warning - May Be Way Too Cute For Some

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Why do so many people on here believe the Taliban...

Lou Dobbs is too "pro-immigrant" for the foaming-at-the-mouth Mad Dog Right

"Climate Fog" The Nation

Americans Don't Have Jobs, Will Ben Keep His?

Morgan Freeman as Nelson the "Invictus" trailer

A Health Care Busting Memo

Nelson amendment expected to fall short even with GOP support

The People Speak - airs on History Channel 12-13/LINK

Robert Parry: Obama Pleases the Neocons

US gunshows expect sales slump

US gunshows expect sales slump

DeMInt is opposing Bernanke's reappointment

"Lieberman- Nelson-Lincoln": puts me in a Holiday mood!

Rea-gasm: New iPhone app lets you worship Saint Ronnie with photos, videos & text

Hope Remains Ancient Archaeological Site Can Be Saved

Rain, winds, record heat hit Northeast on same day

Ex-thug repaid deli owner who helped him

CEI Demands EPA Stop Plans to Regulate Greenhouse Gases in Wake of Climategate Fraud

Snowe, Lincoln, And Landrieu Push To Eliminate State Insurance Regulation

Isn't it all over but the shouting and finger pointing?

Chairman Kerry Statement On President's West Point Speech

Reid Statement On Cancellation Of FEMA Exercise/Economic concerns put halt to Vegas disaster drill

Ex-cop lawyers plead against death penalty

I no longer have any faith in the US government

Anyone Having Trouble Posting Videos?

The escalation makes me alternate between pissed and accepting of Obama's policy

Afghanistan is not Iraq. It is not Vietnam.

"You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month."

Leaving for Afghanistan...

Leaving for Afghanistan...



Sarah Palin Appears as Heroine in Kids' Book

'Forest Kindergarten' Creates Controversy (watch the video)

Homeless brothers to inherit billions...

People under the bus versus people on the bus

People under the bus versus people on the bus

The Breathtaking Narrow-Mindedness of Eric Cantor

Right wing org, Eagle Forum, blasts "personhood initiatives" and calls them "scams"

House votes to make current estate tax permanent

Dams Could Alter Local Weather, Cause More Rain

NEWTSTOCK? "Gingrich Offers Rival Jobs Forum to Challenge Obama Summit"

Panel Criticizes Military’s Use of Embedded Anthropologists

This wind of blood and flowers

Do you hate TRUE/FALSE polls?

Ponder this: When Sarah Palin and David Vitter are tweeting...

Assessing the Afghan Surge

Was that a Grovelbot I saw? I think it was!

How does it become a man to behave toward this American government to-day?

University of Colorado bans Nerf Guns

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Resident wants ban on dogs in cemetery

Resident wants ban on dogs in cemetery

Chrebet Says He Is Shocked That Hofstra Cut Football Program

Leukemia-stricken Jasmina Anema spends 10 magical minutes with President Obama

Obama's NCLB to stress data and financial rewards for the use of data


Bad Teeth Tormented Ancient Egyptians

Rachel: America without a middle class.

Hey, I've got a great stimulus idea. Let's give all the money to the rich people!

Join Peace Fresno, 12/4 4:30-6:30pm SE corner of Shaw and Blackstone: Protest Escalation of troops

"A Dog's Life"

Sarah Palin Goes 'Birther': Obama Birth Certificate 'A Fair Question' (VIDEO)

Mary Landrieu: Hurricane case management focussed more on process than on results

Ret. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson discusses possibility of a conspiracy to kill JFK

Suicide bomber hits Somali graduation, 22 dead

Host a Jobs Discussion in Your Community

Landrieu Invents Unholy Grail of Worthless Public Option Gimmicks

This employment situation needs to be fixed NOW The Latest Harassment From Apex Tech

Do you like pole dancing?

Well Friedman don't like this escalation

Roger Ebert on new agers and creationists

Mullen mollifies/pacifies the Right Wing

What do cats do all day? Kitty cam has answer

Did anybody else just hear Sheldon Whitehouse on the Senate floor?

Did anybody else just hear Sheldon Whitehouse on the Senate floor?

Nasty Rupert

Nasty Rupert

Jobs Summit Features Execs Who Have Cut Many Jobs

Half of children in 17 U.S. counties live in poverty

community health centers

You're all worthless and weak

Video DU Doesn't Want You To See?

U.S. White House blogger suggests better times for Afghan people

U.S. White House blogger suggests better times for Afghan people


Annoying Conservative On Facebook

Our insane foreign policy

Raw Story: Colorado cops say Tasered 10-year-old boy was ‘out of control’

So why did Alan Colmes leave Hannity & Colmes, really?

Santa.........' Please use the outhouse and not the roof'

The people vs the entertainment industry

Will the Comcast/NBC/Universal deal go through?

It's time to kiss the week goodbye, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!

Eric Woolfson, Co-Founder of Alan Parsons Project, Dies at 64

“Administration Considering Additional Subsidies and Tax Breaks”

For other science/biology geeks, H.M.'s brain webcam

So Florida, Charlie gave out the number for the ladies instead of kiddie care.

"What Obama Said and Failed to Say About Afghanistan"

A man of character

Happiest States are Wealthy and Tolerant --no shit, Sherlock.

Jefferson letter found among documents

Could you imagine 45 million Americans living on $6 per day?

IRS sells SD Indian tribe's land to settle debt

Roman Polanski transferred to undisclosed location

Afghanistan: The Betrayal

After protests in Los Angeles, Salvation Army to stop checking Social Security numbers for toy drive

The Customer Service Hall of Shame

White House Jobs Summit: Real Progress or PR Stunt?

How We Are Part of the Sweatshop Economy

How We Are Part of the Sweatshop Economy

Please tell me there is still time to use the Reconcilation Process

The Truth about the H1N1 Flu

Is Repaying TARP Good for Bank of America (and Taxpayers?)

Is Repaying TARP Good for Bank of America (and Taxpayers?)

NASA climate expert hopes Copenhagen summit fails/ Researcher: NASA hiding climate data

what is wrong with this statement: abolish the Federal Reserve: private money creation = public debt

what is wrong with this statement: abolish the Federal Reserve: private money creation = public debt

The rich care more about their listing in these things more than they ever will about us.

Former Lehman Bros. head of IB sends whiny letter to his kid's prep school board

The Democratic/Progressive Decade Awards

Thank you, Jon Stewart, for having Michael Specter talking about Denialism

Funding for Louisiana raises questions

Funding for Louisiana raises questions

Funding for Louisiana raises questions

ret. FBI Coleen Rowley posts: "Taking of the Streets" of Downtown Minneapolis

This story shows how employees are screwn in a right-to-work,” “at will employment” state.

Free milk and a cow: why strong candidates do not win

THANK Goodness for Thom Hartmann!!!

Reevaluating A Once-Proud Moniker


Push back on Health Care Reform

I decided to listen to Mika & Joe's radio show.. and boy what a surprise

Beijing broods over its arc of anxiety

Erik Prince is the American Osama Bin Laden: a CIA asset with a lot of money and gunmen

Dupe. Pls. Delete. nt

IA GOP state senator's miracle cure for special-needs children

Dupe thread

Fuck the President for Afghanistan!!!

I'm no fan of Jeffrey Sachs but he

U.S. Military Unveils Huge New Prison in Afghanistan

The one instance where Democrats need to work with Republicans.

Captain Matthew Hoh

SNOW in the forecast for South Mississippi tonight

Let's REALLY save traditional marriage...

'Teabagger' Is The New 'N****r'!

dupe delete (nt)

emptywheel: The Press Corpse Needs a Mirror

Jewish Groups Object to Switzerland’s Minaret Ban

Victory for truth in wine labeling laws -- meet Napa Valley's newest AVA

Is this what you call irony?

Scholars question validity of new conservative online Bible project

Fla. Judge Wants Footage in 'Girls Gone Wild' Suit

Bin Laden seen in Afghanistan in 2009

a limerick and a Verse-Case Scenario re: snake cheney's mouthings

Is anybody watching the republican colloquy on the senate floor?

Listen to the people who still need jobs, Mr. President.

One interesting (and positive) nugget from the new jobs data

State by State Data About Student Debt

House votes to extend inheritance tax on wealthy estates, canceling one-year repeal in 2010

a water war report

a water war report

Obama should look at these pictures before sending anyone off to war!

Obama should look at these pictures before sending anyone off to war!

Jewish groups point out religious conservatives are trying to have it both ways with Stupak

Fort Hood cop says her career has been cut short

You Want To Know Something That I'm POSITIVELY GIDDY About?

Afghanistan is the rock on which the former USSR fell, and broke into pieces

it takes 18 mos. to move 30,000 troops? i say wtf.

Kurtz article reminds me why I still support our President and the Democratic Party

Is anyone following The Rude Pudit on Twitter?

Ex-UK defense chief: US declared Iraq win too soon

Gov. Crist Gives Number To Sex Line

Can someone tell me when the Congress will be voting on appropriations for

Can someone tell me when the Congress will be voting on appropriations for

Can someone tell me when the Congress will be voting on appropriations for

Unemployment rate is 3.20 % and dropping

Tell Sen Banking Chrm Dodd what you think Re: re-hiring "Bailout-WS-crooks but Renig-on-SS" Bernanke

"Party Of No" Says "Yes" To Nuclear Waste

Kucinich: Prolonging Afghan war a ‘threat to our national security’

Inside the FHA Audit: the Disaster of Seller Financing

Inside the FHA Audit: the Disaster of Seller Financing

President Obama and SoS Clinton taped messages to people of Afghanistan and Pakistan

In real estate, nesting is the new flipping

GOP: "If Obama is truly interested in job creation, then he should stop campaigning for reelection"

Wow!? "Commanded in Chief" The Nation

for movie buffs - The Fabulous Picture Show - Doha Tribeca Film Festival

for movie buffs - The Fabulous Picture Show - Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Battle on late-term abortions shifts to clinic in Nebraska

Exploding Debt

Survey: One-Third of Youths Engage in Sexting

I did find one parallel between Vietnam and Afghanistan

Where is the Afganistan bodycount??? n/t


OK. It's official. "Healthcare" in the US is so FUBAR that it almost does not exist.

Writing Resumes For People

GOP talking point of the day

A few decades late, Andrew Sullivan discovers the conservative movement's flaws

An Impassioned Response on Malloy's Show

Report: Russia, US may sign arms deal next week in Prague

Bernie Sanders on Thom Hartmann's show right now

Call your Senator and tell them you don't want Bernacke reappointed to the head of the Fed

Break Out That Pen And Paper

"we were attacked first"

VA Tech officials alerted their families, but not public, as shooting unfolded

REALITY CHECK: 40% identify as Conservative, 36% as Moderate, 20% as Liberal

Obama announces new jobs initiative - We're all gonna be Mall Santa's

POTUS should operate under exactly the same set of moral principles as an normal citizen

Ultimate Fundie FAIL

"That Sinking Feeling"

Mexicans sending money to relatives in the US

Crime, forgiveness, and good news on a number of levels

Gohmert opposes estate tax extension because ‘Jesus never advocated the government go steal.’

Very important primary race to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate: volunteers needed for Progressive

Wonder if the buisiness who "had to move [his business] to Asia" asking the President right now for

Would You Support US Troops Following the Taliban/al-qaeda Into Pakistan?

My local wing-nut run newspaper won't even mention unemployment unless its going up. Look

Afghanistan Documentaries

An update on Cabot Creamery:

Sen. Sherrod Brown: No Negotiations On The Public Option, As Far As I'm Concerned

Soldier's mother learning more about daughter's death

Soldier's mother learning more about daughter's death

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Santa's Little Helper turns the War on Christmas up a notch

The Rude Pundit - Glenn Beck's Christmas Sweater Live Broadcast: A Rude Review

How does Wolf Blitzer know what Russ Feingold's response to these questions are going to be .....

'Adapt or die' becomes mantra against warming

Former faux news host on Herr Beck

Hold on to your hats: David Vitter has done something right!

Google Begins Banning AdWords Advertisers Again: December '09 Big Ban

In fairness, this war is not new. Keep that in mind

In fairness, this war is not new. Keep that in mind

Pakistan Rawalpindi mosque suicide attack kills many

The latest dumb outrage, this time from the left and the right, over the Sun-Maid girl's Makeover

It's all about jobs you say?. Then we must place tariffs on foreign goods

Obama seeks assistance from new adviser on Economic Affairs

Specter To Lieberman, Collins: Reread The Fine Print On The Public Option

Wow, 2.3 million people!

GOP congressman opposes timeline because Afghanistan extremists ‘wait centuries to get even.’

Is Containing Al-Qaeda the Real Endgame in Afghanistan-Pakistan?

Where's the exit strategy for Afghanistan?

Aetna to drop half-million insured to meet Wall Street expectations...

Huge Disappointment

Huge Disappointment

Only 30 house Democrats have worse party loyalty than Kucinich

One of the reasons INDYMAC and most probably others are not doing loan modifications

ON NOW Max Keiser on Thom Hartmann Show

Now Mother Teresa has appeared on a cutting board.

A sliver of help for some homeowners. FDIC weighs reducing principal on $45B in mortgages

Is there some way class action proceedings could be brought

Sarah Palin Went BIRTHER, Then Flip-Flopped

Where have you been all my life? By Mark Morford

FYI, the topology of Afghanistan

SIZE Does Matter

Caption this photo

Greg Mortenson was just on Andrea Mitchell's program talking with her about Afghanistan

Pelosi takes shot at Bush over jobs

Ensign Probe Heats Up

Climate change deniers infect facebook site, Please join in.

What will you do support the war movement or an anti war movement

Do you think the White House is paying attention to the fallout from the escalation?

China called. They want their pandas back.

On Day Of Jobs Summit, Tom Coburn Submits Amendment Asking Federal Government To Fire People

Self-delete accidental dupe post. nt

Self-delete accidental dupe post. nt

Sherrod Brown To Force GOP’s Hand On Public Option Gimmick

Good God! Matt Lauer is pushing to force the Social Secretary

Governor Charlie Crist Accidentally Sends Callers To Sex Hotline

What will the conservitards complain about next????

Obama DOJ Doubles Down in Its Defense of John Yoo

Saving Grace: One Family's Struggle With Abortion and the Catholic Church

I just don't know what to say about this... beyond eww

I just don't know what to say about this... beyond eww

I just don't know what to say about this... beyond eww

USS Cole sailor describes bombing, but was he even on the ship?

Byrd says coal industry must change

Webb, Warner quiet on health care bill, for now

Aetna to dump 600,000 members

Aetna to dump 600,000 members

Prostitutes offer free sex in protest

lol - Barclays banker Hugh McGee wants son's teacher fired for 'sleazeball' comment

Jesus said please STFU.

Dodd, Mikulski join Brown effort on GOP healthcare amendment

America's Regression: We don't even agree with Reagan on torture anymore

HEY! Unemployed New Yorkers! DemocracyNow! has posted an opening.

Ignore the pundits, in 2010 we pick up 2-4 MORE US Senate seats.

Please, Please, PLEASE !!!!!!!

Senate Democrats targeting the pay of health insurance executives

Merry Christmas, Police State!

About those Unrec's, folks..

Dam Busters star Richard Todd dies aged 90 (BBC) {WWII veteran}

Kaine plans to extend health benefits to same-sex partners

"Ten Reasons why Bernanke should be fired" by Nomi Prins

Tired of Graffiti, Council Bans Roll-Down Storefront Gates

Its like an Auction at a mansion

Withhold the Vote From "War-Dog" Democrats?

Withhold the Vote From "War-Dog" Democrats?

Tense White House exchange

Denmark keeps Christmas away from summit

Correct, Chris Matthews. "Homeland" is a neo-con word.

No Jail For NY Sen. Hiram Monserratte

In court, Salahis agree to settle debt with watch (WP)

This machine kills fascists.

Copenhagen Outlook: chaos or passion?

Mathew 7:1 "DO NOT JUDGE, lest ye be judged."

Danish Prostitutes Offer Free Sex to Climate Conference Delegates

PM asks ministers to find new location for Futenma [Marine Air Station - Okinawa]

Comcast-NBC Universal deal faces regulatory hurdle


self delete

self delete

Repeated Break-ins Point to ‘Orchestrated Campaign’ by Climate Skeptics

Repeated break-ins point to ‘orchestrated campaign’ by climate skeptics

More ads pulled from Glenn Beck Show

the right is going to shred itself over LaPalin: From Pajamas Media:

Christmas Giving Is ‘Orgy of Value Destruction,’ Waldfogel Says

Thousands of rotting camels polluting Australia's Outback

Blackwater CEO's CIA Paycheck Unravels Key Mysteries

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin: "No problem" with hiiring white-collar felons as contractors

Obama Says Recovery Efforts Come Before Deficit Reduction

Tiger offers Elin 'up to $80M' to remain his wife

The Banks have ALL the Money... and the "economy" has none.

IF it is NOT on TV, the Net, or Observed in Person, Does It Matter To Most People?

I think we need the Birthers, Freepers, Teabaggers, Cheney and Palin

Ditching the 'Dishwater' - Eastern German Beer Scores with World Cup Sponsorship

CNN's biggest star sees ratings plummet

Want to see something funny? Freepers are squealing like piggies about the unemployment figures

360,000 dead since 9/11 from lack of funding for Medicare fo All, but trillions for war. Disgusting.

3 Deliveries in 6 days all MADE IN THE USA!

Glacier threat to Bolivia capital

Funding New Orleans health centers must be a national priority--HuffPo

White House is thought to have ordered a dramatic escalation in America's "drone war"

U.S. 'disappointed' in verdict in Italian CIA trial

Mexico City Police Free 107 'Slave Workers'

Surge-military could buy nearly 4,000 additional mine-resistant vehicles

Aetna Dropping 600,000+ Customers to Raise Profits

Democratic Underground Store Powered by

Couldn't we have ONE DAY... just ONE... like a "free spot" on a Bingo Card...

Eliot Spitzer: Geithner, Bernanke “Complicit” in Financial Crisis and Should Go

For anybody who advocates the banning of pitbulls.....

Inventor of the World Wide Web: " 'Snooping' authorities threaten Internet"

Sanders Amendment to Create a Universal, Single Payer Health Insurance System

What would have happened if Obama had announced an immediate withdrawal?

Mexico City police free 107 'slave workers'

Ga. House Speaker Richardson resigns

Follow MLK's guidance on immigration reform (A slap at conservative religious' fear of immigrants.)

Minnesota's charter schools financing system fueled by junk bonds, insider fees and lax oversight.

After bailing out WS criminals Bernanke wants to gut SS & Medicare for the middle class.

Rep. Barney Frank to Endorse Sestak for Senate

why ss will never be abolished

Gays 'will never go to heaven': cardinal

The word "entitlements"

Sen. Judd Gregg (Weasel-NH) just laughed off his having great health insurance while millions don't

Why is the US media attempting to discredit

Palin model for anti-abortion movement

Uh-oh. Someone isn't happy with President Obama - cute pic

This headline probably has given Rethugs heart palpitations.

Tai Shan the Panda is leaving...

Some thoughts on Afghanistan:

News from the Counting House

Help with another idiot Birther please.....

Any chance Bart Stupak will face a Democratic primary opponent?

I really should become a researcher: Feet signal sexual attraction

One In Four Children. Motherfucker.

Grayson - The RWs consist of

Left wins big in Uraguay - pics

Left wins big in Uraguay - pics

Do you think Amanda Knox is guilty?

new website launched -

Problem with mass-breeding/family "reality" shows on TLC and Discovery Health:

This repubican hand wringing over government regs "strangling" small business .......

Kaine: Tea Party movement 'devouring' GOP

Modesto tree-lighting ceremony lacks lights - The switch was flipped, but the tree didn't light up

Historic early snow in Houston Texas heading

Are you willing to accept the Stupak-Pitts Language in order to pass Health care reform?

Tenn. mayor claims Obama blocked 'Peanuts' special (LOL)

Tenn. mayor claims Obama blocked 'Peanuts' special (LOL)

Ask your reps to support a STET tax.

Maybe someone can answer me: how did cow-shit based e. coli get into Nestle's cookie dough?

ChaCha is hiring for the first time in a year

Modest or Immodest Proposal? Anti-War Left and Anti-War Right unite to force US out of Afghanistan

"The Liars and the Gullible"

Oh my woe is me, the unemployment figures are

Unemployment drops to 10.0% from 10.2% in November (link)

Scahill: ‘The War is in Pakistan Right Now’

I wonder if they'll throw Oxycontin pills instead of rice at Rush's 4th marriage ceremony?

Genes may determine social rejection pain

Genes may determine social rejection pain

John Kerry on Charlie Rose Show

John Kerry on Charlie Rose Show

Is the War in Afghanistan About Retribution or Prevention?

Somebody help me out here: why does the market like a low Dollar?

White House Expands CIA Drone Warfare (in Pakistan)

Would you admit reading "Atlas Shrugged" and admitting it's a pretty good book?

Federal Appeals Court Blows Whistle On Wisconsin Sheriff’s Religious Proselytism

My neighbor's oak tree has produced at least 10,000 acorns

My neighbor's oak tree has produced at least 10,000 acorns

Job market shows big improvement

So I signed up for the Community Jobs Forum at WH website, here are questions they want you to ask

Met Office to re-examine 160 years of climate data

Nebraska abortion doctor plans to expand because of Tiller's slaying

When capitalist business requires Socialist bailouts and rescue..

I want to think President Obama is doing right in Afghanistan

" I wanna kill ! I wanna kill !! I wanna burn babies !! "

Wall Street banksters rubbing it in our faces

60%! Anthem/Blue Cross just raised our premiums 60%!

ABC News: Only 100 al Qaeda Now in Afghanistan

Group Promoting Climate Skepticism Is Extensively Linked to Exxon

L.A. Times:Bank bailouts appear to be paying off

Is anyone here opposed to the public option?

While we bicker with partisan blinders on

rise in tuberculosis associated with International Monetary Fund loans

rise in tuberculosis associated with International Monetary Fund loans

The Real Problem with Bernanke

Alabama: 'Jesus Christ' shows up for jury duty, dismissed from pool

Who knows what we should do in Afghanistan?

Could the earth be a shape other than round?

Who Would You Rather See in 2012?

Drug-Makers Paying Off Competitors To Keep Cheap Generics Off Market

Question: Who are the people that are at 33% of tax bracket?

What is your Opinion of DU polls.

Stevie Wonder at the UN

Exclusive: Beck’s movie bombs in New York (17 Tickets sold) Boston (17 tickets) D.C. (30 tickets)

So who the hell is representing ME?

Amanda Knox Revisited - Must read; Doubts about the case

Interview with Zoya of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

Oh My! Break in at Blago's lawyer's office

Oh My! Break in at Blago's lawyer's office

Do any members of your family "smoke"?

Important Video interview with Afghani woman ..everyone needs to watch this

Important Video interview with Afghani woman ..everyone needs to watch this

Important Video interview with Afghani woman ..everyone needs to watch this

For those that want to get rid of Bernanke, be careful what you wish for.

White House holds photo-op “jobs summit”

Unemployment falls to 10.0%

President Obama is coming to town today

Snowing like hell in Sugar Land Texas.

Target shift: Feds focus on employers of illegal workers

DOJ to Rescue of John Yoo-seeks to make absolute the immunity granted lawyers who counsel torture

Last U.S. veteran of World War I testifies for memorial

"We didn't end slavery; we just exported it."

Elizabeth Warren for Fed Chief!

Obama's Broken Promises to Family Farmers: Disappointing and Dangerous

Full-Page Ad Against "Ex-Gay" Preacher Donnie McClurkin Runs In NYC (Black & gay is beautiful!)

Saw a guy on the road today with a big sign on the back of his pickup

Are You willing to forgo a strong public option in order to pass Health Care Reform?

Could There Be Another Cause Of Global Warming?

Black Caucus tells Obama "you've done too little for African-Americans"

How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered Fred Hampton (40th Anniversary)

"Operation Cobra's Anger" WTF? Who makes this shit up?

Amanda Knox- guilty on all charges

Estate taxes

DailyKos: Palin Goes Birther

A "Deep Throat" Emerges in the Mike Connell Plane Crash

"Obama's speech on the war was purposely done to block the Xtian ideas in the "Peanuts" Xmas show."

"Three Cups of Tea" advice for Obama.

"Three Cups of Tea" advice for Obama.

DU pointed out Erik Prince - CIA connections way before MSM bought a clue.

"To Train up a Child"...the alarming discipline methods of Debi and Michael Pearl

Hasselbeck: Women want all the rights of men but are not asking to be called men

Chris Floyd on "Coming to Terms with Imperial Power"

So, the XeIA was killing people in Katrina NOLA?

I did not think he would lose me so soon—sooner than Bill Clinton did.

More Murderous Change from Obama

I don't get the big deal about the abortion piece of the healthcare bill

Once again, I must ask that posters include a brief summary when

Senate Judiciary Committee sends 2 Obama judicial nominees to the full Senate

Sarah Palin discusses Godly leadership - a post for people concerned about the theocrats.


Being unemployed is the pits

Being unemployed is the pits

How Health Care Affects You

How Plurality Voting Endangers Democracy

YouTube: "In school she majors in advanced Def Jam...'cause SHE'S ON IT..."

The news people are acting all scared because it might freeze tonight

What Do You Know About Netbooks?

foreclosure question

Sorry guys, but this just isn't working for me anymore.

Ah, Christmas - Time for pictures

Klingon Hamlet: taH pagh taHbe'

Mountain goat

I just bought tickets for

So, I have been following the news all week

I don't want to be the one to say this but....

Wow, I was just watching Jurassic Park, and I noticed our very own unpossibles was in it.

Do you have soundproofing suggestions?

this christmas is gonna be loud...

Spinal Tap Amps

That's how people grow up.

Do you hate TRUE/FALSE polls?

who has the best Christmas Light Display live cam?

Sitcom landlord MOST LIKELY to have installed a hidden surveillance camera in your bathroom

YouTube - My December wish for DU: Des'ree, "You Gotta Be"

What I've learned from the "I Loathe Anime" thread:

Come on you guys! It's Clutch Cargo Bush Pilots Episode 1

Please allow me to wish you all.

what the hell with avast??

Can someone tell me why I get a sharp pain in my left arm when I tilt my head back?

What happens to blogs, twitter, flickr, etc when you die?

Official College Football Thread

Howie Mandel

Mmmmmm....bean & cheese burrito....nom nom nom nom

Is this any way to start off a Friday?

You're all worthless and weak

Santa.........' Please use the outhouse and not the roof'

Are you sending vibes for my buttocks? n/t

Rudolph can take his red, shit sniffing nose and shove it up Santa's white fat ass.

No cell phone, brain tumor link, study says

What do cats do all day?


I, too, wish to share something beautiful with all of you.

Introducing:; The iTit

Who are the real musicians of the decade?


Brooklyn - Steely Dan

I'm sorry, but Journey was a good band. Creed wishes they could be Journey.

So when you post and get that weird error message, and the post doesn't show up on your "My DU" page

Its cold but I'm not turning the heat on dammit

Do We Lounge Lizards Have A Favorite Cat? Post a picture/image/video

Casting the Tiger Woods scandal movie

post a song.... a sad one, please include the name

This country does not deserve Obama

So I'm meeting with HeyHey in Beijing in an hour

World Cup draw thread

Is there a 'best computer buy' thread here? If not, what is your opinion?

Virtual dog

I'm sitting on the 22nd floor of an office in Houston, looking out the window, watching the snow.

You might want to pre-order your tickets if you plan on seeing Glen Beck's new movie release.....

Somebody has died and in their will left you 10 Cadbury eggs.

Best Game Show Evah?

Post your Dream Job

I loathe a vacuum. Am I alone in this?

Shit. Morrisey wants to kill himself...

Jessy & The Jingle Belles



I just wanted to share something beautiful with all of you

Friday night pic thread? Just took this one

So I finally saw that Twilight movie.

One of these just flew over my house

Now what's up with this stupid cat?

The BlueIris Non-Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/04/09

Ian Brown-Set My Baby Free

Damn! Pina Bausch died this summer! Of course, the media didn't report it,

It is snowing in Houston and sticking.

Post spoilers for works that are at least 100 years old

If you were found beside your damaged car,shoeless and snoring



Any Monk fans in the lounge? Care to speculate on tonight's finale? *major spoilage*

It's snowing.

It's 41 degrees here in Montreal. It's 32 and snowing in Houston.

The Stone Roses-I Wanna Be Adored

Please say a prayer or send a good thought or vibe

What the HELL is going on lately?

After all of your time on DU, do you ever feel like this?

Pac Ten - The best conference in college football?

Here's my new kitty. Monday she'll be mine. Anything I should know about my first female cat?

OK FReepers, one or two of you have been to high school (I think). Give me your opinion.....

Is your cat plotting to kill you? Take the quiz...

There is another woman coming in to my life (I hope). I'm telling Alley about her tonight

Tiger's girl in SoCal sells POT, not cocktails

Heading out for a day with my sister.

Dog question: Submissive peeing (I know, I know).

I'm tempted to unload my digital cable box and go back to 13 channels

Somebody has died and in their will left you 10 Fabergé eggs.

Do you celebrate small victories?

How did Star Trek: The Next Generation survive its first season?

woooooohoooo. got the javascript to run!!!!

new song - "Gonna Fall"

I'm wearing a new piece of jewelry

Music from the 80's...good or crap?

So I placed an dinner order on videophone tonight - I was almost ignored.

I bought it! eeek

Let's get this all out in the open now: Led Zeppelin....

Ahhh, nothing says Christmas like Hemingway Daiquiris while putting up the tree while it snows

I lost a good friend today...RIP Grace White (That Old Hippie Chick)

Why did Mickey and Minnie break up?

How many troops did Bush The First send over to Iraq - wasn't it like 600,000?

Any former college radio dj's or listeners, check this out...pretty funny.

I'm so cold. What's your thermostat in your house set at?

And what did everyone have for dinner tonight????

They should ban chickens because so many are raised for cockfighting

Frank Vincent Zappa: December 21, 1940 - December 4, 1993

Hey did you know Scrubs was still on the air?

Bullet Dodged? "Nelson (abortion) amendment expected to fall short even with GOP support"

I don't need a cigarette ......

Geithner and Krugman

Time to have at the Republicans for a few minutes..and yes its Palin

Foley to Run for Connecticut Governor

Giannoulias Launches First Ad

Paul Trying To Bring Tea Party To Kentucky GOP Contest

It's looking like Republican state House speaker Glenn Richardson's resignation is imminent.

95% of Private Contractors employed in Afghanistan are Afghans

Democratic Primary in Minnesota 6 Set

Health Reform Update: Compromising the Compromise of the Compromised Compromise

What will they call it?

Envisioning an Exit Strategy?

Public space “shrinking” for Afghan women - UN official

This is an "exit strategy" for Afghanistan/Iraq that will work! I guarantee it!

Jeffrey Sachs on Afghanistan: addressing the root problems: War Fraud: KBR has billed the US $32 billion.....

What are the iPhone apps that I must have?

im flabbergasted

OK DUers, you've all been to high school. Give me your opinion.....

AFTER 8 YEARS, Google Results for Bush's war: 2,560,000, 10 Months, Obama's War 28,700,000!

The eight years of *Bush "ultrasuckiness" energized me. The past year....

Palin walks through the birther door.... and quickly backs out again

Crist recording sends KidCare applicants to sex line for hot, horny girls

Being disappointed in Obama does not mean not voting for him in 2010!

AR-Sen: Polls Show Serious Lincoln Vulnerability - in General & Primary

Palin flirts with the birthers.

The Camera Never Lies. Except of course, when it does.

What are We Fighting for in Afghanistan?

My friend Steve

My friend Steve

Senior UK commander says roads in Afghanistan were safer under the Taliban

sorry dupe

Obama administration backtracks on Afghanistan withdrawal date

OMG! I think I'm in LOVE!!! *SWOON*

Obama's War

The escalation and continued occupation is not the answer....

"Bank bailouts appear to be paying off."

A major difference between progressives and conservatives

Poll: Young People Favor Obama More Than His Policies

Obamas reuse ornaments from Christmas past

Liberal Democrats Take Aim at Funding for War

Did anyone else forget about 9/11 MIHOPers?

watch Obama live from Allentown on your iPhone!

When unemployment figures were announced during 8 years of Bush

The rumors of my arrest for rotten fruit throwing are untrue

Why The Real Unemployment Rate Is 17.2 Percent

Friendlier Obama tune on Cuba brings musical detente

The GOP "Born Again Deficit Haters" are pissing me off!

Obama Donors Complain About Lack of Perks

Do Obama Officials Know What his Afghanistan Plan Is?

Factory orders rise unexpectedly in October : Economy sheds fewest jobs since 2007

Trumka: "The President Really does Understand"

Where we were and where we are

Watching Obama in Allentown. So far not one has ask anything but real questions.

In Speech, Obama Calls Jobs Report a ‘Hopeful Sign’

Obama shifting date of Copenhagen visit - signals a climate-change deal could emerge (AP)

Bill Ayers dumps Obama (VIDEO)

Some history that explains why Sec. Gates doesn't want to bug out of Afghanistan - 1980's & 1990's

Webb and Nelson voting with the GOP on nearly all HCR amendment.

Talking Points Memo: A Reader's Lament

Could Obama not know about the 140,000 Military Contractors (Mercenaries) we are Paying for?

Does Joe Biden Win or Lose in Obama Afghanistan Review?

DOJ seeks immunity for John Yoo

Photos: The Obama Presidency. December 3, 2009

Obama: Jobs plan will jump start hiring

"I don't believe him," "it will not work" and a relevant response from President Obama

Fast Forward: The War in Afghanistan is not going well (May 2011)

Reconfirm Ben Bernanke (One of my rare posts in agreement with President Obama)

Obama Tells Nation He's Going Out for Cigarettes

My Sister told me the real reason the politicians are against health care reform

In 1977 Ronald Reagan wasn't taken all that much more seriously than Sarah Palin is today

Sarah Palin believes the Birther Lunatics have a point.

Sarah Palin believes the Birther Lunatics have a point.

We Have a President Who Takes Responsibility.

Please unrec this Thing! I talk bad about Bush, and good about the Obama! It's not the "IN" Thing!

Religious Leaders Mourn Obama's Afghan Escalation

Can we get an amen chorus folks.. after starting with over 700,000 in job losses a month

Are Left and Right becoming meaningless straightjackets?

President Obama Endorses TARP FundsTo Pay For Jobs Initiative

Reminder: Gen. Wesley Clark calls for exit from Afghanistan

Um, About Obama's Afghanistan Campaign "Promise"...

Gen. James Jones: 'No Afghanistan withdrawal in 2011' (BBC)

Pres Obama handled well the Allentown guy who gave a stupid suggestion today

For those who feel betrayed by Obama, a question:

"You know, I believe that marriage is between a man and woman" - candidate Obama

Young voters fault Obama on many measures - poll

Secret Service Director denies allegation that Obama faces 400% increase in death threats

Obama keeping Bernanke is him playing Chess right?

I don't support War.......

Hillary and Gates need to stop spreading misinformation

How often does Dennis Kucinich side with the Democratic majority?

Email From A Soldier In Kandahar: "We're Going To Win This One"

Now Mother Teresa has appeared on a cutting board.

Now Mother Teresa has appeared on a cutting board.

Unemployment rate falls to 10%. November job losses only 11,000

Unemployment rate falls to 10%. November job losses only 11,000

Does anyone else remember the children's book Round Trip?

Will Obama Expand Afghan War Contractor Force? Gibbs Says He'll Look Into It

Deputies Shock 10-year old foster child with taser

Earth could plunge into sudden ice age

Irish lawmakers open debate on gay rights bill

Senate panel OKs Judge Vanaskie nomination

Kids find loaded gun in S.F. park's sandbox

Karzai set to replace most of his cabinet

Deaths reported in Pakistan attack

Labor board OKs challenge to SEIU

Mosque attacked in Pakistani city of Rawalpindi

Japan to unveil huge stimulus package

Nato allies to send extra 7,000 troops to Afghanistan

U.S. White House blogger suggests better times for Afghan people

White House Jobs Summit: Real Progress or PR Stunt?

New GM-China tie-up to make small cars for India

'Poor judgment' blamed in lapse

Obama birthplace attorney files new allegations

Glacier threat to Bolivia capital

Prop. 8 backers likely to win disclosure fight

Mexico City Police Free 107 'Slave Workers'

Blessed are the conservative in Bible translation

U.S. 'Declaration of Independence' to be auctioned in Britain

Obama to discuss jobs, economy in Pennsylvania

US and Russia pledge nuclear missile treaty soon

Russia, U.S. close to signing new arms control treaty

Karl Rove's Visit To UWM Incites Protest

Poll: More than 70 percent fear war costs will distract from domestic concerns

(Bush-era) Pentagon emails ask if Canadians are 'bad guys'

Iraq War Veteran Accused Of Fatally Stabbing 2 GIs

Berlusconi accused by mafia hitman

Report: Russia, US may sign arms deal next week in Prague

US Marines launch large offensive

WWII vet fights homeowners group over Va. flagpole

Soldier's mother learning more about daughter's death

Factory Orders in U.S. Climb for Sixth Time in Seven Months Amid Recovery

Former Fla. Sen. Paula Hawkins dies

Zulu king wins South Africa bull-killing case

First soldier convicted in Guatemala disappearances

Dems seek compromise on public option

NJ woman who dodged foreclosure locked out of home

Congress worries about Obama's plan for Pakistan

Va. Tech report details new fumbles in shooting

Bush backer Chalabi now cozying up to Obama

Governor Charlie Crist Accidentally Sends Callers To Sex Hotline

Tense White House exchange

Retired UK military chief says United States declared victory in Iraq too soon

Ga. (Republican) speaker resigns after lobbyist affair claim

Destroyer CO, master chief removed over fraternization cases

A new online project seeks to purge liberal views from the scriptures

Iran to produce nuclear fuel 'in long-term perspective'

Ex-UK defense chief: US declared Iraq win too soon

Suicide bombing kills 22 at Somali graduation

Repeated Break-ins Point to ‘Orchestrated Campaign’ by Climate Skeptics

Obama Says Recovery Efforts Come Before Deficit Reduction

Over 100 killed in Urals cafe blast

ACORN suit over voter registration settled in Ohio

UN anti-mine programme faces cuts

Mafia witness 'boasted of links to Silvio Berlusconi'

Iraq: Over 900 prisoners face execution by New Year

White House OKs expanding CIA drone program in Pakistan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 4

Secret CIA 'Magic' Manual Reveals Cold War Spy Tricks

2010 World Cup Final Draw

Report on Virginia Tech Shooting Finds Notification Delays

U.S. Economy Lost Only 11,000 Jobs in November

Shays campaign manager pleads not guilty to federal embezzlement charges

North Korea admits drastic currency reform, is silent on protests (Exchange 100 won for one won)

After taking U.S. bailout, Chrysler hires Italian agency

After taking U.S. bailout, Chrysler hires Italian agency

Two bank failures bring year's U.S. tally to 126

Obama shifts date of climate summit visit (Dec. 18)

French state website set up to spark national identity debate is hijacked by anti-immigrationists

Low-IQ prisoner executed in Texas

Chile reburies singer Victor Jara

Tenn. mayor claims Obama blocked 'Peanuts' special

Gen. James Jones: 'No Afghanistan withdrawal in 2011' (BBC)

Italian Jury Reaches Verdict in Amanda Knox Case

Secret Service investigating Radio Mambi phone threats against Obama

Sen. Sherrod Brown joins Republicans in demanding that Congress go on 'public option,' too

Red Cross’ blood-supply workers on strike

Comcast-NBC deal draws more criticism

Ministers kept Iraq war plan secret, Chilcot inquiry told

Canada doesn't deserve this criticism of its green record

US Certification of Colombia on Human Rights

The Breathtaking Narrow-Mindedness of Eric Cantor

a favor for a FL state candidate: Search my name and click through, it's those little things

Dawn Gibbons' story: Nevada's first lady talks about her past, the present, and fears about the

One Voice for Choice"–FireDogLake Founder Launches Campaign to Target Dems Supporting Stupak Amendme

Infected by greed and waste

Salahis Claim they Were on Schindler's List

Public space “shrinking” for Afghan women - UN official

Obama administration backtracks on Afghanistan withdrawal date

Selective Empathy

Obama’s speech on Afghanistan: A compendium of lies

Chinese Official Raps Foreign Banks on Derivatives.

Rep. Eric Massa responds to President Obama's speech on Afghanistan

Sarah Palin to enter the Flip Flop Olympics

Glenn Greenwald: America's Regression

Mission Impossible

"The Cowardice and Calumny of Creationism" by Michael Shermer

Islamic World Plans UNIQUE Protest of Swiss Ban on Minarets

Obama rings the curtain on Pax Americana

Barbara Ehrenreich: Not So Pretty in Pink (The Pink-Ribbon Breast Cancer Cult)

"The poverty in Afghanistan is almost beyond imagining"

Reflections of Fidel

Obama's First Nine Months: Change We Can Believe In?

Elections in Honduras: Whitewashing a Path to a Past of Horrors

Babies Behind Bars

In Honduras and Haiti, the U.S. Rules by Proxy

Do Obama Officials Know What his Afghanistan Plan Is?

Fire Gates!

Gen. James Jones: 'No Afghanistan withdrawal in 2011' (BBC)

Progressive Leaders Pan Obama's Decision for More War in Afghanistan/10 Reactions

The clock anvil and the lie that business creates jobs

Like Hell I'm Going To Let Some Black President Help Me Pay For Dialysis

Kucinich: "America is in the fight of its life..."

This Is Why We Need The Public Option!

What are We Fighting for in Afghanistan?

Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence. Martin Luther King, Jr.

WEE're Going to Disneyland! December 4-6, 2009

Savvy to a Fault: Coming to Terms With Imperial Power - by Chris Floyd (MUST READ!)

"My story of how I walked away from Joel’s Army–and joined the survivor community" by dogemperor

Amazing plan to FIX the California economy!

GRITtv: Zoya: A Voice from Afghanistan (1/2)

San Francisco Protests Obama's Afghanistan Troop Escalation

Tiger Woods or Afghanistan?

Paying for jobs with TARP funds

Minneapolis Afghanistan War Protest 12/2 The youth and others take over the streets

Berkeley Mario Savio Celebration

Arnold Schwarzenegger unveils dramatic climate change map

Max Blumenthal discusses the authors who influenced book, Republican Gomorrah

National Christmas Tree Gets Switched On - 'It worked!'

Bernanke will you tell American people to whom Fed Res lent $2.2 trillion of their dollars?

Thom Hartmann - Bush, Franco, Poetry and War Crimes

Mike Huckabee and the White House Crashers

Congresswoman Donna Edwards at Stop Stupak Rally 12/2/09

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro at Stop Stupak Rally 12/2/09

Sarah Palin's Fake Bus Tour

Go Harry Reid

Congresswoman Judy Chu at Stop Stupak Rally 12/2/09

KeiserReport: 'Dubai should have bought Florida' Guest: Matt Taibbi

The Holdup - David Bromberg

TYT: Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has his come to Jeezus moment w/ Cenk

Smart Remarks: Dick Cheney's dangerous exceptionalism

GRITtv: Zoya: A Voice from Afghanistan (2/2)

Dennis Kucinich on Democracy Now Speaks out on Afghanistan

Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater- Now Acting in Uzbekistan - Expanding War

RM: Blackwater - Erik Prince - CIA assassins - Afghanistan

Wall Street Took Our Money, Our Jobs, Our Homes

Why atheists can and should celebrate Christmas

Eagle Owl in Flight; a short reminder of why we fight for the Natural world

Rachel Maddow & Ambassador Susan Rice Discuss President Obama's Afghanistan Plan

The Unemployment Game Show: Are You *Really* Unemployed?

Press Secretary Gibbs in a testy exchange with reporter during briefing.

Thom Hartmann tells a caller to go to hell

TYT: Michael Moore & Feingold Slam Obama's Afghanistan Plan

Ed Show 'Afghanistan Corrupt Beyond Malice!' - Rep Eric Massa

Young Turks: GOP Beg For Mercy From Al Franken

Shatner grills Limbaugh on health care

Copenhagen targets not tough enough, says Al Gore

I have just learned that a close friend of mine and contributor to my Native Unity

Climate change Russian roulette

James Hansen to boycott Copenhagen

Peak oil notes - Dec 3

ODAC Newsletter - Nov 27

(Copenhagen talks) to Emit CO2 Gas Equal to 200,000 Cars

Glacier threat to Bolivia capital (BBC) {water supply in peril}

Copenhagen Failure Defied by $200 Billion in Green Investments

Posters in Kopenhagen's Airport

Iron Curtain kept out alien birds (BBC) {invasive species}

Nepal cabinet holds meeting on Mount Everest (BBC)

Western Shoshone Win Major Ruling Against Barrick Gold And The Cortez Hill Mine

For one Colorado rancher, uranium is the key to the future

World’s First Osmotic Power Plant Opens in Norway

Rotting Camel Carcasses Poisoning Countless Outback Waterholes & Creeks - Native Wildlife Dying

Image Of The Day - Toxic Cyanobacterial Bloom In Lake Atitlan - NASA

Take back Al Gore's Oscar, 2 Academy members demand in light of Climategate

"Game Over" If Asian Carp Reach Great Lakes Already Reeling From Invasives, Pollution - Detroit News

Ecological Footprint versus GDP

James Hansen in Newsweek: Power Failure

Carbon Capitalists Warming to Climate Market Using Derivatives

PHEVs 16.4% - 26.4% GHG reductions by 2030 - Electric Power Research Institute study

World cup Draw

Oregon wins the Pac 10..

Boxing! (12-4 & 5)

It's England!

Canadiens, Bruins respect Montreal's 100-year history

I should have played more golf.

SEC Humor...

The fat man is gone.

Fullmer interested in the Notre Dame Amish job..

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

NYDN Lupica: Woods Should Blame Himself for Media Coverage

If Nebraska wins the Big 12 Championship game, do they deserve a BCS Bowl (Fiesta)?

For those who care about hockey (specifically Flyers hockey)

2010 World Cup Final Draw

NFL Week 13 picks (with point spreads)

Can we take nominations for Sports A-Hole of the Day?

Turning Activists into Voters in Uruguay: Frente Amplio and José Mujica

First soldier convicted in Guatemala disappearances

US Certification of Colombia on Human Rights

FBI returns smuggled artifacts to Peru, Ecuador

Canadian mine staff questioned in activist's slaying

Canadian mine staff questioned in activist's slaying

Mexico City Police Free 107 'Slave Workers'

Glacier threat to Bolivia capital

‘Crude’: A David-Goliath documentary | 3 stars

Colombia cuts power supplies to Venezuela, Ecuador

For the weiners who bloviate about Cuba's emigrants:

Obama delays moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

Borderline Views: Who's monitoring the monitor?

Goldstone wins Swedish prize

American Jews eye Obama's 'anti-Israel' appointees

US gunshows expect sales slump

Sorry double post N/T

Richmond, CA shoots down municipal magazine ban

SCOTUS sets oral arguments on Chicago gun ban challenge

Des Moines to cut city jobs

Putting Wage Theft on the Map (Literally)

Baseball Players Association Is Rarest of Things: A Strong Union

Today in Labor History Dec 4 Cesar Chavez jailed Coretta King & Ethel Kennedy visit Cesar in jail

Union Job openings in Mn & Wisconsin

Harley-Davidson Workers In York, PA Approve Contract

President Obama's schedule for Friday, December 4 2009

I don't support War.......

even dogs get thanksgivings

Antarctica was climate refuge during great extinction

Nothing gold can stay . . .

My visit to New Orleans in October.

First 'Space Beer' Made With Astro-Barley Sold on Earth

Swiss Windows.

Four scrapings from the barrel, year to date 2009

Deer Season

Out Gay British actor Russell Tovey ( The History Boys)....

Witness immunity sought for gay service members (xpost from Veterans)

The "voters are too worried about other issues" meme coming out of the NY defeat.

Our Allies: Straight Brooklyn Couple Applies to Annul Marriage Because Gay Marriage Still Not Legal

GLAAD Urges Community to Contact ABC Over Cancellation of Adam Lambert’s Performances

Uganda Responds To International Furor Over “Kill Gays” Bill

Murder Music Performer Garners Grammy Nomination

What We Still Don’t Know (3 Part Series)

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/03/09

Worrisome Thoughts on the Way to the Jobs Summit

The Twin Frauds of Obama

America Without a Middle Class

Risk Of Double-Dip Recession Is Rising, Says Krugman

Working Two Jobs and Still Underemployed

Daykeepers Journal Dec 2-8

Dream--anyone care to have a crack at this one?

I'm going to cross-post, this truly is a question of love.

The Truth about the H1N1 Flu

Study confirms that cannabis is beneficial for multiple sclerosis

So I had my seasonal flu shot and H1N1 shot at the same time on Wednesday.

After Delays, Vaccine to Counter Bad Beef Is Being Tested

SF Chronicle: Audit finds excessive expenses by CSU employee

Is it true we have cut our 'Gifted and Talented' funding?

NYC to close three more underpreforming schools.

Blessed are the conservative in Bible translation

A new online project seeks to purge liberal views from the scriptures

To Find a Mate, People Find Religion

Mixer recommendation needed

Man, some people are never happy