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Archives: December 5, 2009

Iranian American Youth Launch Youth-To-Youth Campaign

Sherrod Brown asked to cosponsor Coburn's bill nine times!

I think Osama bin Laden is dead -- Do you?

She can see Kenya from her house -Bwaaaaaaaaaaah

Obama Administration does its best to defend Donald Rumsfeld

I've got big news for Tweety...

"For too long we have enjoyed the comfort of opinion,

ICE agents conducted surveillance on ATF agent - DOH!

We have to point out and LAUGH at Hate

THE LEAST WORST PLAN of TERRIBLENESS ---Mark Fiore's take on the Afghanistan escalation speech etc.

Chrysler 300 does a TV ad dedicated to freeing imprisoned Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi

Freepwads say the darndest things!!

Obama approval under 50 percent for the first time in a CNN poll

Can someone point me to a good site

One public university employee submitted 150K in expenses over 3 years. Living the good life

Has Tom Tomorrow been thrown under the bus yet?

Has Being Thrown Under the Bus Jumped the Shark?

BANK BUST FRIDAY is BACK !!!! from its holiday break.....Here are some leftover turkeys:

French plan to force gender equality on boardrooms

I cannot prove I was not born outside the U.S.

I cannot prove I was not born outside the U.S.

I can say whatever I want about anyone, but no-one is allowed to say anything about me..

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

President Obama announces plans to increase troops for War on Christmas

Mayor: Pres. Blocked Christmas Special

Robin Williams ("Weapons of Self Destruction.") for the hour - Charlie Rose tonight

Gates: 'No deadlines' on Troop Withdrawal (Will Probably Take 2-3 Years)

Listening to the radio nooz gave me a fun idea for a talk show

Man cleared of murder after evidence points to drunken elk..

NY Times - "Jobs Report Is Strongest Since the Start of the Recession"

The strange case of the 9/11 cell phone calls

Oh God. I just heard Palin is coming to my city on Sunday.

Oh God. I just heard Palin is coming to my city on Sunday.

(And, the last one tonight:) "Liberty and democracy become unholy

Aide claims Senator Max Baucus nominated girlfriend for US Attorney post

US Marines launch offensive in Afghanistan

A message from Bernie

Iran cracks down on dissent in universities

Facebook and Myspace Kick Out Thousands of NY Sex Offenders

Sen. Maria Cantwell speaks out against Amanda Knox verdict. Thank you, Sen. Cantwell.

What was, still is. We watched the classic movie "Inherit the Wind" tonight. Chillingly like today

To the guy doing my wife at my house......

Do orphans deserve health care?

do you think this means anything?

Marriage contract built on incentives.

WH Party Crashers: was it a message to Obama or legitmate screw up?

Will Alaska ever repair their official website? ( is it even possible?)

Vt. Corrections Official Tased, Arrested for DUI

Bush sings Sunday Bloody Sunday

Oilman's alleged fraud tipped by MTV

Obama switches climate change visit to end of summit

Boy... that didn't take long...

Push poll

Fun With The Constitution - Sophistry

Oh boy. Custody battle between divorcee who says she's no longer gay and her ex-wife

Oh boy. Custody battle between divorcee who says she's no longer gay and her ex-wife

Relief Groups Object to Militarization of US Aid to Afghanistan

Is anyone else pissed off by the biased way the media is handling this story?....

Obama Nominates 3 to Serve on the District Court Bench, including the First Lady of Wyoming

First opinions expected Tuesday (first of SCOTUS term)

EU cautious on integrating Ukraine-BBC story

Women and weed

Murdoch’s News Corp. cements ties with Saudi prince

All pregnancies end. Whether you like the way they ended or not.

My phone call to "US Citizen's Association"

Arlington TN Mayor blames ‘Muslim’ Obama for pre-empting "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

Florida Keys environmental activists pose nude for a good cause

Sarah Palin meets with Billy Graham, calls for more Godly America

Dems fear abortion could kill health bill

Watch Rethug Judd Gregg laughing about you not having good health insurance like he does

Out Of This World: 'Space Beer'

Sat.... 'toons and other stuff...

Here's your radical lefty -guess the quote

Obama Says Employment Trends Are Improving; But Remains Focused on Job Creation

Michigan Bluff Weather Tree Toppled (700-900 year old tree)

No Drudge Headline with Obama up by 11 Points at Gallup

When Sarah Palin momentarily went "birther" and then realized that it is "Level 9 wingnut insane"

Civil Rights Practically Ignored Under Bush

Anatomy Of An Urban Legend-Fish Stories-More Risky-Via Email

Temp firms a magnet for unfit nurses

She-devil of family's nightmares or Amelie of Seattle: the two faces of Amanda Knox

New inquest sought into death of Dr. David Kelly

Do you think Huckabee is or isn't responsible

Do you think Huckabee is or isn't responsible

Kandahar's Loch Ness mystery plane return

I'm still waiting. Where's my nook?

Russian nightclub fire kills 109; many crushed

Pentagon: Zombie Pigs First, Then Hibernating Soldiers

November Vehicle Sales Results

Questions for those favoring Obama's Afghan escalation

Didn't Joe Biden...

Baucus’ Indiscretions: Corporate Influence Worse than Sex

Baucus’ Indiscretions: Corporate Influence Worse than Sex

Mediterranean Mucus Blobs are on the Rise

Mediterranean Mucus Blobs are on the Rise

I just had a post disappeared..not locked, just pffft, gone

Shanghai to recruit overseas financial talents

Who would you rather find among your fellow passengers the next time you fly?

Happy Third Birthday, Knut!

Contradicting Gates, fundamental conflicts between Taliban and al-Qaeda have emerged over the years

Why Did Oklahoma State Cancel Anthrax Research Project?

health bill has fewer words then Harry Potter novel

"Teabaggers" Rachel Madow show. I laughed till my head hurt.

What time is it? It's Howdy Doody Time!

Hans Blix: Blair Tried To Force Him To Change Mind About WMD Absence To Placate The Americans

ISAF Foreign Ministers back up Afghan solidarity with action

Why do we need a Fed chief who suggests Congress RENEGE on SS & Medicare while he doles out billions

Let your voice be heard (or...words read, whatever)

Please help save a sacred mountain in CA, it is on the pathway to Kings Canyon

USDA Forest Service Invites Comments on Concession Campground Policy

Doctors take legal action to demand Kelly inquest reopened

If you're interested in organic food, a new paradigm of business, farming and community

If you're interested in organic food, a new paradigm of business, farming and community

Police Say Man Imprisoned Likely Innocent

Store owner pleads guilty to stealing $5M lotto prize

Texas has had another explosion - one dead

Racist or Sexist?

White House party-crashing casts Desiree Rogers in unfamiliar light

Vitamin D the Miracle Vitamin! (Please Watch & Tell Family & Friends)

Some positive trends

FDIC acquired SIX banks yesterday (Dec 4th)

Numbers You Can Count On (interesting Raleigh, NC article re: Palin)

Ruins of Pompeii now on Google Streetview

Blagojevich evidence stolen from his lawyers' offices

4TH Woman to come forward on Tiger saying she had a 2 year relationship with him

"The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice."

Top Republican health care negotiator (Sen. Baucus - D) has affair with woman he nominated for post

Glenn Beck’s ‘Christmas Sweater’ flops in major cities, 17 tickets sold in New York, Boston

How many computers do you own?

Mike Huckakis

Guy at the restaurant just told me on his way to Indianapolis there were wind turbines along ...

American Indian land sold off by IRS to pay off taxes

Is Sarah Palin even married. She is shown most days now without

I feel sorry for his wife and kids

Today: handmade sign on pickup, Cobb County... "NO MARKISM"

CNN - "Clinton: We don't intend to cut and run from Afghanistan"

DU This Poll!! Regarding TN Mayor's racist comments on his

The Audacity of Climate Fundamentalist Fascists - DU Posters Exposed

Flu shot tracking?

'a “domestic enemy” he planned to eliminate last winter: President Obama'

Frankin up live on CSpan2 right now (fyi)

Is all that pollution in China fixable?

Chicago journalism students targeted for Innocence Project work

Paulism vs Jesus

Report: CNBC Was Considering Hiring Dobbs Until Latino Groups Pushed Back

Lou Dobbs is to run against Menendez in the Senate election!

What Exalts Stradivarius? Not Varnish, Study Says

Dems defeat GOP on restoring $40B in Medicare cuts

Yesterday, I had a long rant planned for you guys...

Yesterday, I had a long rant planned for you guys...

I'd like to think we as Democrats would be the black team.

UN Ambassador Susan Rice--how did I miss this?

Judy Hunter said her son was not the same after coming home

Is the Internet harmful or helpful to the national dialogue?

Arghand Soap from Afghanistan

email to support marriage equality in NJ

ALL Duers (including Obama) should view this film

The difference between elective and urgent

Landrieu dismisses Jindal's silence on derogatory remarks

I'm looking for a video posted a while back, "A birther finally tells the truth about Obama"

Toyota vehicles in another federal safety probe (Stalling problems)

Australia Bans Aliens vs. Predator

"War will exist until that distant day

"Efforts to criminalize homosexual behavior are incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

Could the Taliban have turned over Bin Laden if they wanted to?

Lawmakers get little reaction to Obama's war plan


Please DU this NJ poll on gay marriage - it needs a lot of help!

Bob Dylan song adopted by Copenhagen climate summit

Will Obama's heartland visits convince Americans he cares?

Is Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater, blackmailing the CIA?

Afghanistan. Solutions?

Monkeys Recognize Their Pals in Photos

Palin gets a hero's welcome at Fort Hood

Most people don't know that GWB was a paratrooper in Vietnam.

Will holds 'vital' historical clues

Fraudwa: The Startup Visa And Why The Xenophobes Need To Go Back Into Their Caves

Fraudwa: The Startup Visa And Why The Xenophobes Need To Go Back Into Their Caves

Aetna Forcing 600,000-Plus To Lose Coverage In Effort To Raise Profits

What was left at the bottom of Pandora's Box?

Louisiana's budget short $145 million this year

Deal close on 'Buy USA' — with strings

Proposal: Our current group in DC should rightfully be called the Democratish Party

The Teabagger Bill-of-Rights (purity test) is stupid.

The Secret to Legal Marijuana? Women

Controversial 'Osprey' Chopper Makes Debut in Afghanistan

Fewer than 2000 at NYC terror trial protest.

DUers with really good science brains i need help

I have one question about the views of abortion rights...

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories

Feds Probe Verizon’s Early Termination Fees, Accidental Data Charges


Poll says public doesn't want impeachment (of Gov. Mark Sanford)

HEADLINE: Baucus said his girlfriend got US attorneys recommendation on MERIT

NYT editorial: on the "large retroactive hole" punched into FOIA (torture photos)

Home Care Patients Worry Over Possible Cuts (They should)

Home Care Patients Worry Over Possible Cuts (They should)

All In All, I Am VERY Pleased With The Week We/Obama Have Had

Contested signs of mass cannibalism

The future of Solar Panels

"After-action report!...."

Just Say No to Afghani Splurge !!1!

What's the Official stance of the DU Administrators?

Destroyed US town a model of eco-living as it rebuilds


Why I love my credit union 100%. They charge me 8%, not 29%

Report reveals wide gap in college achievement

The "Catholic League" is nothing but a far rightwing, Republican front organization

The "Catholic League" is nothing but a far rightwing, Republican front organization

Aetna Forcing 600,000-Plus To Lose Coverage In Effort To Raise Profits

Easing the Heartache

Obama did NOT lie about the Taliban's Refusal to turn Over OBL

Obama did NOT lie about the Taliban's Refusal to turn Over OBL

The kind of "gay marriage" I would like to end

Block nomination of pesticide lobbyist whose group condemned Michelle Obama's organic WH garden.

Many homeowners with modified mortgages are behind on payments

Great piece about the charm of the super-rich, aristocracy (Bono & Sting included)

Weekend TOONS, Part 3 - Nation Building?

I vehemently disagree with Obama's position on Afghanistan, but...

Saucy Jack is Back

Rick Warren's Dissertation Advisor Leads Network Promoting Uganda Anti-Gay Bill

Detroit Federation of Teachers agrees to new concessions contract

CONFIRMED!!! Another RW Meme shot down.

Columbus Woman Declares War On Evil, Immoral.......Libraries!!!

Columbus Woman Declares War On Evil, Immoral.......Libraries!!!

The real reason for the US occupation of Afghanistan is:

President Obama's Secret: Only 100 al Qaeda Now in Afghanistan

GMO Bans, Laws, and Labels from Around the World

GMO Bans, Laws, and Labels from Around the World

Counter-Attack In The War On Christmas

DU As A Whole Hasn't Become More Centrist. You've Just Become Less Tolerant.

Oh fucking shit! What the fucking fuck is happening to DU fucking lately?!

Baucus nominated girlfriend for U.S. Attorney job

I started a thread after the election wondering what direction this board was going to take

Is Tiger Woods Black Enemy Number One?

WWII Fighter Plane Recovered: BIG PIC

The Ultimate BSOD (blue screen of death)

The Ultimate BSOD (blue screen of death)


So since Max Baucus apparently has his price, what did he get to delay and ruin health care for us?

My response to a heart-string tugging (and Afghan war enabling) viral email from a reich-wing cousin

Did anyone else see the Franken classic moment just now on Cspan?

Gallery: The Year's Most Amazing Scientific Images

Man who left water for immigrants faces prison

Is there a way that we can immediately..

Um, Pelicans in Maine?

Afghanistan. Solutions?

Tonight at the local XMas Parade - The GOP had a float

Public service announcement: What to do if your car accelerates out of control

Sen. Harry Reid's re-election prospects in a heap o' trouble

Traffic Lights

All Federal employees should be on the public option!

Kucinich: The War Is a Threat to Our National Security

Kucinich: The War Is a Threat to Our National Security

Jones: US Not Leaving Afghanistan in 2011

Ford Creates 62 MPG Gas Cars in Europe

I think I am going to vomit (friend who voted for Obama gets her uniform signed by Sarah Palin)

labratory grown diamonds

Secret coal ash ponds spark legal action

Bush/Cheney ran a secret war using Blackwater's mercenary army. How illegal is that?

Enough is Enough

Pakistan Official: Bin Laden Not In Pakistan; Sends 30,000 troops to border

You go Al! Franken just slammed McCain and a ND Senator on Medicare

LOL! FR jizzing over 'new hero' who thwarted 'Muslim' attack on flight he wasn't even on.

Catholic bishops assisting Ben Nelson in drafting abortion amendment in Senate.

Catholic bishops assisting Ben Nelson in drafting abortion amendment in Senate.

Who agrees that Scooter Libby (former Chief of Staff)

Weekend TOONS, Part 1 - Bad decisions, part 1

Weekend TOONS, Part 4- Xmas shopping for an economy

Is the 'Bandwidth Hog' a Myth?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Lobbyists Quietly Helping Extreme Effort To Declare Health Reform

How Obama Came to Plan for ‘Surge’ in Afghanistan

Counterpunch is a fucking embarassment. Not only to the left

Paul Rosenberg: The first time is a tragedy, the second time, a farce

If the Democrat"ic" Party were a party of the people, for the people..

Can you read this without laughing until tears stream down your cheeks? I couldn't..

"All wars are follies, very expensive and

"All wars are follies, very expensive and

And another 6 banks got closed last night

Some of the Surging Troops Will be on Their FIFTH Deployment

Rick Warren: I'm In An Arranged Marriage

Killer Tomatoes are real...

Taliban Did Not Refuse to Hand Over Bin Laden

Another McGovern Takes On A War

Paul Wellstone "is just out for attention."

I'll never forget the day my wife decided to have an "elective abortion".

I'll never forget the day my wife decided to have an "elective abortion".

RIP Eddie "Umaga" Fatu

If Sweet Sarah wants to embrace "birtherism", there's a danger for her in it

Have you noticed the OTHER talking point at DU? "Abortion as a form of birth control".

Hotel owner dumps health insurance and starts his own onsite medical clinic for employees..

Sarah Palin's Father: 'Minority Types' Led Her to Quit Hawaii College

Making the TransAfghanistan Pipeline Safe for Democracy

Ohio hunter bags rare elk

List of books banned by governments

Torture continues at US prisons in Afghanistan (OpEd News)

What we are witnessing with the Democratic and the Republican parties is a corporate merger.

Is Erik Prince 'Graymailing' the US Government?

Alexa Ray Joel Suicide Attempt: Billy Joel's Daughter Overdose Reported

Obama Schedule Change Points To Potential Climate Deal In Copenhagen

After eight years of exaggeration and lies about al Qaeda, do you believe anyone who talks about it?

Seriously. How is it that Porn is legal, but prostitution is not? I don't get it.

Time to end ban on gay men giving blood?

Have you noticed the frequent talking point at DU? Abortion is "elective", like "plastic surgery"

Have you noticed the frequent talking point at DU? Abortion is "elective", like "plastic surgery"

Chevrolet Sells 1 Vehicle In Japan For Every 400 Toyotas In America

Toyota to fix 'very dangerous' gas pedal defects

One of my best friends had an abortion last summer.

Do you think promoting the Bible has gone too far? Tim Tebow of FL is promoting it.

the family trap

"How do you ask a man

Thank You, Switzerland!

Vicious alert: "Knives come out for Obama's 'preening' social secretary"

Bernie's hold on Bernanke's re-nomination: Are we with him?

Giving tourists a look at gang culture (in Los Angeles)

Weekend TOONS, Part 2 - Bad decisions, part 2

Photos: No B Day in Rome

Amanda Knox's father is as credible

Spiritualized-Broken Heart

Fuck the whole Tiger Woods "scandal" and golf in general...his handicap, his sex life, fuck it all.

It is 35 and dropping in the Houston area.

I just made a Lego sandwich.

I dont care about Tiger Woods either.

It's snowing on Planet Houston

I'm going to admit it. I'm a cheerleader.

Oh crap I'm in the 700 hundred club.. Again

Here's a picture of me, the graduate student, working on her theories paper.

White Collar on USA Network is one of the best shows on tv

Rachel Maddow German Techno Chicken...

Violating the Constitution: Obama's Illegal War on Afghanistan

I'm scared shitless.

Wait for it...

Your favorite O.J. song

This is for the people who watched the Monk finale - SPOILERS!

Have you read The Epic of Gilgamesh?

I'm spacing on Rimski-K. G'nite all n/t

So give me all your money Give me all your gold

Divert auxiliary power to the deflectors! n/t

Revisiting the original "The Office" on Adult Swim

The 12 Days of Christmas

I need some help from the DU community


A question for Furbies

"Innocence" - Avril Lavigne

Ms. OR is gonna share her vicoden!!


A question for the Furies

Sweet I just picked up my future copy Grays Sports Almanac!

I got the soundtrack in the mail I ordered, yesterday!

Lounge Flash Mob in this thread:

DU Loungers: Lets find one innocuous thread somewhere on here and post like crazy in it.

I loathe the Twilight saga. Am I alone in this?

What's the most menial job you've ever had?

Good morning, Loungers. Let's get started with a *challenging* "Caption this photo" exercise

I also had sex with Tiger Woods.

How do you pronounce "Campho-Phenique"?

This looks about right

(Dialup warning) What videogame females do you find attractive?

Ronald Reagan - Hip Hop Artist

Eye on Chest Hair

Tiger Woods is "horrible in bed".

Who ever..

Anyone watch the series finale of Monk? (No Spoilers)

My head just flopped over. n/t

Why can't God(tm) create a gender that doesn't play games?

A word about George C. Scott as Scrooge: Great.

To the guy doing my wife at my house......

Translation please

One of my favorite things about snow



Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Doing the psych med dance again...

Go Ahead, Whack Your Computer

I am a clear, unambiguous and unapologetic supporter of abortion rights

So I treated myself again today

Hung out with Xipe totec last night

Vibes, prayers and all the good stuff requested

rcrush FOR DU ADMIN!

How is it that taped stuff

Yesterday, I had a long rant planned for you guys...

I swear, for the past two years God/Fate has been kicking me in the teeth.

David Bromberg

Vote Wesley up in this poll!

Combine two bad movies to get one great movie

Puppy Kisses?

Black coat, white shoes, black hat, Cadillac...yeah

My show is on. Listen to it, if you know what's good for you.

The Blasters - Long White Cadillac (Live, 1985)

What household problems could Ensign Wesley Crusher fix for you quickly?

Suffocated and in need of space....badly

Almost got creamed on the road twice by the same moran

YouTube - Joan Armatrading's classic song, "(I Love It When You) Call Me Names" LIVE 1983

Hank Williams-Move It On Over


YouTube: "Every single meeting with his so called superior is a humiliating kick in the crotch..."

Delete! Major weird computer shit happened!!! nt

What's the worst tasting cough medicine you've ever had?

Star Trek TNG season 1 should have looked like this

Accidentally got this great picture of one of our rescue dogs!

YouTube - The most EXCRUCIATINGLY BAD song of Clapton's career sung by an effin' MUPPET or something

YouTube: Joan Osborne just spanks the HELL out of Hall & Oates' classic "Sara Smile." WATCH, dammit!

YouTube: Joan Osborne just spanks the HELL out of Hall & Oates' classic "Sara Smile." WATCH, dammit!

Whoa... Now THIS is a surf report!

Need some BOOK SUGGESTIONS for holiday gift.

Wouldn't it be great if meeting women and getting laid was as easy as they make it look on TV?

I think its great to be an Avatar...

Oh no, they didn't...

Pardon the rant. Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 28.

Have you ever had a broken heart?

Very emotional today

Yesterday, I had a long rant planned for you guys...

my OTHER guitar hero

You MUST run out and buy this!!!!

The Weather Forecasters were WRONG. It's snowing here!

I hate beer...

The way to a woman's heart is to make sure that she knows she's needed...

After reading DU I really want to have an elective abortion IMMEDIATELY

Saturday pot heads........time for another one? link:

Anybody else have a sig other

LA songs

Holliday gift giving idea.

12 Classic Gadgets You Can Still Buy

If you ever met Satan, do you think he would be cool or a total dick?

I am hated by a hell of a lot of people

Am I the only one here who can't stand those new Gap "Christmas Cheer" commercials?

I'm nearly 40 and still single. What the Hell is WRONG with me?

Hey BEER LOVERS! Tell me whatchoo think.........

BUMMER. This California Girl wants to watch snow fall!

Today's College Football Thread (Conference Championship Edition)

Mr. Dinger Getting The Tree (Pics & Videos):

Who was the least sucky character on Star Trek: TNG?

Cannonball RUN, Midnight RUN, Logan's RUN, Chicken RUN, RUN Silent RUN Deep, or Take The Money & RUN

My AirDeck virtual theremin - modular synth - Dj scratch app

Sweetened condensed milk is like CRACK!

What's your idea of the best and worst casting of a movie or tv character?

A question for Furries

DOD Announces Casualties 04-Dec-09

Ok Tweety just tried to get Chuck Todd to say our president was lying today in PA

A difference between Repuklikans and Democrats

Signs of healing in the labor market, though unemployment remains in double digits

Barack Obama Is On Message...

Geez... right after I post that lengthy call for Bernanke to be reconfirmed...

"A Very Hawaiian Health Care Bill?" (Obama deserves the Break)

White, Perry lock down governor bids

Chris Dudley has impressive cash haul to start campaign

Murphy endorsing Onorato Saturday

Goodbye, Frazier?

Is The NRCC Using Anti-Gay Innuendo Against Dem Candidate?

"Obama homed in on an Afghanistan pullout date"

Our money for their military

3 Democrats left in TN governor's race

Ban Divorce… 2010 California Protection of Marriage Act

Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for U.S. Attorney (Roll Call)

I found this at J&J, it is Spot and I am not conducting a poll! Have no idea how to turn that off!

WaPo - Hillary Clinton Secures NATO Pledge of 7,000 Troops For Afgan Mission

I took my Obama sticker off my car today.

Krugman concerned that today's good news "deflates the sense of urgency"

Sen. Hatch delusionally claims GOP would "get this country under control"

Obama changes plans to attend final day (December 18) of Copenhagen talks

Michael Winship: The Afghan Ambush

Sen Kerry and Rep Moran introduce bill to protect people from toxins that are endocrine disruptors

It might be better if the disaffected didn't cluster around "colorful" figures

General Jones: What I Heard Last Night

General Jones: " no manner, shape or form is the United States leaving Afghanistan in 2011."

Taliban blast army mosque in Pakistan, 40 dead, half of them children

Photos: The Obama Presidency. December 4, 2009

Just few more things that Obama didn't do

Just few more things that Obama didn't do

The Black Commentator: "Today, we have a basket case of a nation"

Obama plans to talk health care with Dem senators Sunday

Geithner the Wall St. flunky does his masters' bidding, nixes a transaction tax

Reality Check: You are not Obama's or the Democratic Party's "base"

Sen. John McCain Loses Temper On Senate Floor, Reprimands Sen. Max Baucus (VIDEO)

Mods, libs hold rare meeting on health care

Kerry Unveils Foreign Relations' Contribution to Senate Climate Bill

The American Plan for Afghanistan.

Snowe Rejoins Dems At Public Option Negotiating Table

Since Halloween, my opinion of the Obama Administration has:

Unused Equipment In Iraq - Stretches back as far as the eye can see

As far as policy goes, do the Afghanistan war escalation supporters really think...

Baucus denies 'affair' with ex-aide

If "MSM pollsters" hate Obama, while non-MSM pollsters don't, how can you please explain this?

Carly Fiorina Exploits Recent Bout With Cancer To Fearmonger About Mammogram Recommendations (VIDEO

Must see Senate debate sane, calm Kerry and seething, angry McCain

I might not agree with him on the war, but Obama deserves respect for how he decided!

Geithner Calls for Tightening Derivatives Loopholes

Reminder: the Senate Debates the Health Care Bill, starts at 10am Eastern

Post some beautiful music. Something different from the norm!

How Obama Came to Plan for 'Surge' in Afghanistan

This poll needs some DU's to help get Bernie Sanders re-elected, so please help!

On the hiring line: All those temps signal good things to come

An Article on Barack Obama from 19.5 years ago....

Should Rick Warren have been invited to speak at the inauguration?

Whitehouse to Code Pink: Could you tell your supporters to stop sending so many emails?

Raw Story Cherry Picked to get a Misleading Headline, Here's What Gen. Wesley Clark Said in Full

How Obama has shifted foreign policy from Bush days

"Obama's leadership was the source of some amazement"

Gallup (12/3) - Surprisingly, Obama's Approval Up To 52 Percent - Where's the coverage?

"Gaming Out GOP 2012 Scenarios "

Byrd says coal industry must change

Blackwater's Erik Prince to step down, reveals CIA role

Canadian mine staff questioned in activist's slaying

Mexico City police free 107 'slave workers'

Teen accused of killing brother was pulled from school

Deal close on 'Buy USA' — with strings

Deployments will delay Army’s dwell time goal

Italian Jury Convicts U.S. Student of Murder

President Obama's Secret: Only 100 al Qaeda Now in Afghanistan

Is Erik Prince 'Graymailing' the US Government?

House Homeland Security Committee faces ethics inquiry

US-Russian nuclear agreement expires

Excellent! Burns tops write-ins for NYC mayor (25)

Hopes for climate deal get a boost

Allies Help McChrystal Reach Troop Goal

Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for Post, Aide Says

US Marines launch offensive in Afghanistan

Aetna Forcing 600,000-Plus To Lose Coverage In Effort To Raise Profits

Pakistan slams US drone-attack plans

Senate takes aim at insurance executive pay

Iran cracks down on dissent in universities

Zelaya supporters say it's time to move on

Climate change protests ahead of Copenhagen summit

Palin backs questions on Obama citizenship

Senate pushes ahead on long-term care program

TARP funds in play for jobs program-Obama Likely To Back Deal-Bill To Tap Bailout Money

Dozens of militants attack Pakistan army checkpoint

KTVU Learns Of New Problems That Could Add Costs And Delays To New Bay Bridge Span

Quebec unmoved in standoff with doctors

Doctors take legal action to demand Kelly inquest reopened

Fatal car crash leaves (Tom) Brokaw unhurt

Internet down in Iran ahead of planned protests

Russian president says nightclub blaze is criminal act

President Obama to Capitol Hill to Push for Health Care Bill

Adam Schweitzer, father of Montana's governor, dies at age 89

Tens of thousands march against Berlusconi

'Parmalat founder Calisto Tanzi's art' seized

Martial law declared in Philippine province after massacre

Officials Saw Spike in Threats on Obama Early

Geithner Dismisses Tax on Financial Transactions as Unworkable

Bank lobby lashes out at credit unions

Whitacre’s GM Culture Fix Moves Up Younger Executives, Women

Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for U.S. Attorney

Student fatally stabs Binghamton University professor

Bin Laden 'seen in Afghanistan in early 2009'

Obama Says No to Creating Jobs through Legalizing Drugs, Gambling or Prostitution

Latest updates take bite out of (enlistment) bonuses

'Slim Fast' Recalls All Shakes, Diet Drinks (Moderate Food Poisoning Toxin)

Honduras: U.S. Urges Support of Neighbors for New Leader

For Obama the Road to Reelection Runs Through Kabul - Or So He Thinks

Lucy From Charlie Brown Responds to Crazy Tennessee Mayor

Friday Talking Points (103) -- Just Do It!

Our money for their military

Max Baucus Proposes Health Care Compromise: Public Option for Girlfriends

Baucus admits he nominated girlfriend for U.S. Attorney

Krauthammer: My Pants Don't Tingle When Obama Gets On His War-Talk!

The Welfare State and Military Power

Bank Lobby lashes out at Credit Unions! A Must read post

AlterNet: Going Undercover in the Crazy, Tragic World of Christian Gay-Conversion Therapy

Congressman Takes Swipe at Program to Reduce Medicare Fraud (Center for Public Integrity)

Why Welfare Reform Fails its Recession Test - Peter Edelman and Barbara Ehrenreich

Leveling the Field — Ensuring Equity through National Health Care Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

ClimateGate scandal Demonstrates Intellectual Protectionism of Modern Scientists

Elizabeth Warren: America Without a Middle Class -- It's Not Far Away As You Might Think

Anniversary for Free Speech Movement on Sproul

Blackwater's Secret War In Pakistan

The Murder of Fred Hampton 2

The Murder of Fred Hampton 3

Eric Holder On Defending John Yoo & Torture

President Barack Obama gets asked about legalizing prostitution and marijuana

This is how the CIA kills terrorists and civilians using predator drones. It’s EZ. No muss. No fuss.

Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan

35 seconds-Sen.Hatch dreams of control... oh if ever they could

Howard Dean on Countdown with David Shuster, discusses health care.

Young Turks: (R) Kay Bailey Hutchison Busted Up By MSNBC Anchors

The Murder of Fred Hampton 4

Tom Hartmann: Secret War with Pakistan

Birther preacher claims he was threatened by CIA

These are the fundie assholes we are up against

Weekly Address: Pushing Forward on Jobs

TYT: Did Obama Lie About Afghanistan Troop Withdrawl?

FLASHBACK -- McCain: 'I Say God Bless The AARP For Everything They're Doing'

Why? - New NARAL TV ad aimed at the Stupak Amendment

ON THE EDGE - 'CNBC cheers mass murder, looks for profit opportunities'

Erik Prince, Blackwater CEO & CIA Operative, Under Fire

Sen. Durbin: Where Is The Republican Health Care Plan?

The Murder of Fred Hampton 1

Portia de Rossi & Elisabeth Hasselbeck discuss marriage equality

Sen. Franken Becomes A Cosponsor Of Vitter/Coburn Amendment

Sick tourist attraction (w/ English subtitles)

Scientist’s Himalayan mission provides unwelcome proof: glaciers are dying

Focus ECOnetic - 74.2mpg Sorry Folk ONLY in Europe, but WHY NOT HERE!

President-Elect Gore was on Letterman tonight!

A Window That Washes Itself? New Nano-Material May Revolutionize Solar Panels and Batteries, Too

Greenhouse gas carbon dioxide ramps up aspen growth

Acidification In Alaska - Calcium Saturation Line Rising From Depths, Will Affect Entire Food Chains

'BioScience' Study: Species Down, Disease Up

1990-2005 - Vietnam's Emissions Growth Highest Among 100 Million Club - Up 376%

1990-2010 - Borneo Deforestation Area = Spain & France Combined; ENSO Fire Cycle Taking Control

Penn Study - Sea Level Rise Along US Atlantic Coast Fastest In 4,000 Years

Breaking: Hackers attempt to access Canadian government Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis

Destroyed US town a model of eco-living as it rebuilds

German Analysts - 2C Rise Locked In; Maldives, Tuvalu Already Gone: 3C Will End Most Coral Reefs

Guardian: Gordon Brown attacks 'flat-earth' climate change sceptics

Climatologists under pressure (Nature editorial)

Global Warming Theory

Key Dates in the Story of a Warming Planet

The End of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon? (deforestation down 64% since 2005!)

How Many Cyclists does it Take to Power a Hairdryer?

Wunderground - The Manufactured Doubt Industry & The Hacked Email Controversy

Hold on Bernanke~ Bernie Sanders

Red card for ref butt shot

Thoroughbred racing writer asks why the great veteran trainers no longer get the top horses

Quite an exciting championship game tonight. I'm sure joey is there

If you could realign conferences in NCAA football...

Grady Sizemore Has Your Morning Coffee

Florida 42 AlaBAMA 17

CBS has pretty much exposed the faulty football coverage with this SEC game

He He--- Good old Wanny--- Still coaching the choke method.

The Broncos lose a family member --- RIP "Barrel Man"

Women in the NBA? Commissioner Stern thinks so.

The JR Chess Report (December 5): Final Four in Khanty Mansiysk

Latin American Parliament suspends Honduran congress

Behind Bars in Honduras: Interview with Women’s Rights Leader Before “Free” Election

US Has New Permanent Rep. at OAS and Honduran FM Patricia Rodas is Surprise Speaker

Canadian Eye-Witnesses Dispute Claims by Minister Kent Regarding Violence in Honduran Elections

Zelaya supporters say it's time to move on

THE NEW YORKER: Gone South Posted by William Finnegan

Manipulating the Honduran Election Results (UPDATED WITH VOTE SAMPLE)

Tragedy of Honduras appears lost in news of troop escalation in Afghanistan

Honduras "Election" Failed to Stop the Resistance

Carter Center to Monitor Bolivia's Elections

Plans for stamp to honour Micheletti

Honduras revises down participation in disputed polls

Honduras: U.S. Urges Support of Neighbors for New Leader

IDF fears settlers may attack Palestinians in response to freeze

Activists to intensify protest against settlement freeze with road blocks

Big show underway

Anti-wall protester shot in Nil'in

Fundamental Shift in the IDF's Combat Doctrine Resulted In Extensive Harm to Civilians in Gaza

Shattering Israel's image of 'democracy'

Colorado State Univ Student Leaders Vote To Keep Their Guns.

SAF Applauds Today's Appeals Court Ruling in Ord Case

The County Sheriff will not enforce Colorado State University's ban on concealed carry...

I support the RKBA , I own a gun , I hunt , but

Colorado Sheriff, vows to not, enforce CSU gun ban..

(Editorial) ...It's time to broach gun control topic...

Come on in, and bring your gun

Glock 21 blows up in Deputy's hand

56 Year old Woman defends her life with a shotgun.

Gun opponents up in arms as Jerry Brown aids NRA

Colorado bans guns from college campuses.

Union, Okinawa mayor vow to fight proposed cuts to base worker pay (xpost from Veterans)

Obama's GOP Pen Pal

Grid computing tunes tiny transistors for future chips (BBC)

Toon:Water found on the moon

What Happens When an Enormous Star Blows Up?

Peek a boo, I see you

Greece- Some Shots from My Trip

NASA Reproduces a Building Block of Life in Laboratory

Samoan Tsunami wave was 46 feet high

Mars Had Liquid Water in Recent Past, Rover Finds

How much of the sky has the Hubble seen?

Playing around with paintshop (many pics)

NBA Center Wins eBay Auction to Name Shrimp Species

School bus

World's Largest Milky Way Image Is 120 Feet of Humbling

Large moon of Uranus may explain odd tilt

New Jersey Nears Vote on Letting Gays Marry

Sweden to cut aid to Uganda over anti-gay law

Why Did New York Fail on Gay Mariage?

I love you. I wish I could apologize for the world.

Just in case you are unaware yet how evil Rick Warren is

An Overview of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate v1.3 (large image)

Reasons to own a Nintedo Wii

AlterNet: Going Undercover in the Crazy, Tragic World of Christian Gay-Conversion Therapy

Alberta judge rules anti-gay letter not hate speech

Moody’s Links Option ARM, Subprime Performance (40% of option ARMs past due)

What's th best way to keep your thoughts in line for LOA?

This week's Starcodes

OT: Renovations, part 3--upstairs bathroom (Warning! Pic heavy!)

Owning Our New Power...Creating the Life of Our Dreams - Karen Bishop

OT: Renovations, part 4--exterior (Warning! Pic heavy!)

Health care reform piloted in Baton Rouge

Doctors Diagnose Girl Who Sneezes 12,000 Times ~

No Rise In Brain Tumors After Decade Of Sharply Rising Cell Phone Usage, New Study

Vitamin D the Miracle Vitamin! (Please Watch & Tell Family & Friends)

Class of Teachers Sues NYC For a Pass Out of Rubber Rooms

Canadian Jewish Congress `concerned' by Swiss minaret ban

France will not ban minarets: PM

Symbolic minaret declared in Switzerland

Switzerland’s Invisible Minarets (NYT op-ed)

Huckabee Seduced by Cop Killer’s Christianity?

Mom expected God to provide food

Fugitive Pastor Arrested on child sexual assault charge

The father of the woman I love give us a condition: I must convert myself to Islam.

Feedback requested on this Christian Acrostic; What do you think?

Non-stick Waffle Iron Owners..

When do you toss frozen fish

Went to my first All-Clad sale today! Wow, great bargains.

Holiday Meals

Paulism vs Jesus