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Episcopal Presiding Bishop Speaks Out Against Uganda's Anti Homosexuality Bill

Nebraska senators (Johanns & Nelson) fault health bill

Please Delete This Thread.

Christopher Barron, Webmaster of "Draft Cheney" site, can't envision a 2012 victory without Dick

President Obama to Capitol Hill on Sunday to Push for Health Care Bil

President Obama to Capitol Hill on Sunday to Push for Health Care Bil

(And, my last one tonight:) War is a game which were their subjects wise,

Observer UK: A British view of Palin World

Observer UK: A British view of Palin World

"The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom,

"I recoil with horror

Behind the scenes at Fox Noise when they heard that Franken co-sponsoed the Vitter/Cobrun amendment

Behind the scenes at Fox Noise when they heard that Franken co-sponsoed the Vitter/Cobrun amendment

Looks like the Devil beat Jesus's Team

Sen. Webb: Clarity Needed on President's End Game In Afghanistan

Child welfare in Colorado found lacking

Child welfare in Colorado found lacking

Yeah I'm naive, a dreamer, wishful thinker, whatever you want to call me

Yeah I'm naive, a dreamer, wishful thinker, whatever you want to call me

HEALTH CARE: Obama goes to the Hill - What will He do?

UK Met Office to publish climate records

The world can change very fast.

Palin embraced parts of socialism today

Sunday talk shows

Sunday talk shows

Pakistan is a country and “not some vegetable” which could be taken away by Taliban

Protesting Sarah Palin Visit to Fairfax,VA

In Bolivia, a force for change endures

The wife and I went to see "Avenue Q" Wednesday night.

Saturday Night Live opening

Christmas At Ted Nugent's House

Frank Rich: Obama's Logic Is No Match for Afghanistan

Top Ten things that Could Derail Obama's Afghanistan Plan

An explanation of the Knox verdict & the difference between the Italian and American justice systems

It's 18 degrees outside.. and there's a drunk, naked woman with a pistol running around...

The English say "enough."

US Soldier Deaths in Afghanistan Top 300 This Year

Anyone have a list of good Investigative Documentaries to watch on You Tube?

Women across US donate to Coakley for MA senate seat

Once powerful teachers union faces tough times with Christie

Negotiators at climate talks face deep set of fault lines

Don't watch Morning Joe for the next 5 weeks

Question for British DUers - since they're investigating David


Gates: US in Afghanistan 2 to 4 More Years (2011 Drawdown Might be Small Number)

Many Franklin County veterans now avoid the local veterans service commission and seek help elsewher

Palin pokes fun at herself at journalists' dinner

interesting glitch (?) at google maps

I'm excited about the new Google Chrome extensions finally coming out next week

Framed for Child Porn by a Computer Virus.

12 Classic Gadgets You Can Still Buy

Can this country get back on track

It pisses me off that a HUGE pool of highly knowledgable people

School embraces gay-themed musical

It could have been the Obama Doctrine

"The Snow Machine Pummeled Through the White-Dusted Plain Like a Jubilant Beaver"

Temp firms a magnet for unfit nurses

Hutchison: TSA unionization a threat to national security

I told my Wife that all I want for Christmas is the ability to write like NanceGreggs

US agency's balloon hunt tests internet accuracy

Senator Roger Wicker ... how do you sleep at night?

Hillary Clinton: America becoming "weary of war"

Hillary Clinton: America becoming "weary of war"

Gates: No good intelligence on bin Laden - Jones: Bin Laden still spends time in Afghanistan

Dear President Obama: You've Pretty Much Blown It

Has anyone else seen THE END OF POVERTY?

Can Congress create agencies insulated from WH control? SOCTUS hears separation of powers case

Won't Health Care Reform cost LESS than advertised due to opt-out /opt-in/trigger/etc.???

Yemen teeters on brink of failure

Suspected kangaroo smuggler arrested in Indonesia

Watergate redux: Break-ins reported at another climate research center

Link to tonight's Saturday Night Live Opening Skit Video: Obama & the Party Crashers

Administration: Deadlines Schmedlines

Clarence Petty, Protector of the Adirondacks, Dies at 104

House likely to move on regulatory reform by Friday

Is USAA a bank or is it a credit union?

DeLong Sportswear Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (a made in USA down the tubes)

US army recruitment booms as economy slumps

New Zealand HIV-positive man 'infects wife with needle'

Priceless! NRSC hits Lincoln for insurance industry contributions

She was 'sacred' - Interesting spelling error on a local TV station website

Zulu king wins South Africa bull-killing case

Has George Will ever been right?

Senate Amendment 2837 (single payer) not on agenda today. C-Span 2

Woman Faces Jail Sentence for Acidentally Taping "New Moon" in b.g. of sister's birthday

I wonder if the Russians....

Fallout: Bailing Out The $700 billion man

Senate to vote on plan to re-import drugs from Canada!!

How many jobs would this create ?

Just keep collecting them Mr. Reaper why the fuck not?

Dannie Baker (murderer who killed for the "revolution") judged incompetent to stand trial

I'm glad the Catholic Bishops are working so hard to make sure my tax dollars

Should the U.S. realistically expect the Afghan government to do what we say?

What really troubles me about endless issues .

Queen issues warning over paparazzi photos

Wow! From DKos - sounds like they're resurrecting the Kerry Plan from 2004 for HCR

Has George Will ever been right?

Weezer lead singer injured in bus accident

Tomatoes can 'eat' insects

Does the California furniture lobby have an evil motive here?

'Biased Thermometers' to Blame for Global Warming Data According to GOP Denialist Guru Morano

God kicks off this year’s “War on Christmas”

In Senate special session today, single payer amendment MAY still be voted upon.

I do not care how many jobs are created.

Man injects wife with HIV-infected blood (his own)

A Happy Christmas.

+++ 5,298 +++

If American politics does not look to you like a joke

Heads up. The wingnut right is again going after Kevin Jenning, Safe School Czar

Heads up. The wingnut right is again going after Kevin Jenning, Safe School Czar

We've stopped smoking, but we're getting fat. Net loss: eight months of life

Britain's poet laureate writes Christmas poem - 'In Afghanistan, no partridge, pear tree'

PROMISES, PROMISES: A closed meeting on openness - AP

Nelson Ready To Bust Pharma Deal: 'They Need 60 Votes, Don't They?'

Tedd Petruna: Real American Hero (of the 101st Fighting Chairborne) Saves Plane From Terrorists!

Barney Frank Endorses Michael Capuano for US Senate, MA.

Sunday Dental Thread: Fascinating "Teaching" Case...

Sunday Dental Thread: Fascinating "Teaching" Case...

Perhaps it should have been the Nobel Prize for Fiction.

Perhaps it should have been the Nobel Prize for Fiction.

Salahis on SNL?

Salahis on SNL?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Lobbyists Quietly Helping Extreme Effort To Declare Health Reform Unconstitut

Behind the Lies About ACORN

Report: U.S. banker Allen Stanford destroyed bank records (21,500 investors)

Vaccine Phobia Becomes a Public Health Threat

Tonight Show writers threatening the White House?

Prop 8 film prompts promises of boycotts, protests

U.S. Investigates Toyota Corolla, Matrix for Stalling

Time for Medicare for All? Worries grow that health overhaul could price out many

HIV/AIDS vaccine has promising results

Republican senators making the case for single payer universal health insurance?

My interesting encounter with an elderly wingnut

Sen. Dorgan on C-Span 2 right now demanding action on the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S.

Sen. Dorgan on C-Span 2 right now demanding action on the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S.

New York City's Top Write-In Vote

The German Forced to Become a Turk

Public Edumacation

Keep on lying Grassley, you suck at it.

130 banks shut down by recession and mountains of bad debt

Franken is Chairing the Seanate Health LIVE floor action.

Eliot Spitzer: Geithner, Bernanke “Complicit” in Financial Crisis and Should Go

Lieberman just voted w/ 'pukes on amendment on health insurance regulation.

Baucus kept relationship from Justice Department and White House

The drawdown of troops in Afghanistan - there is a criteria that needs to be met:

Invictus Screenwriter Anthony Peckham on His Homeland, Nelson Mandela, and Rugby

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

three items in the healthcare package

America wakes up to the shift in global power

Palin stopped speaking to me when she found I was black..

Is football violent?

Is football violent?

Deputies witness recession's toll as evictions increase

Deputies witness recession's toll as evictions increase

Conservatives post homoerotic pics, Free Republic excitedly links, site crashes: Draw your own concl

Pakistani judge wants to search US embassy for Blackwater

Pakistani judge wants to search US embassy for Blackwater

Has anyone in Louisiana seen Jindal lately?

Obama - No Position on Public Option to Senators

Willingham’s Not the Only One

Bogus! An Introduction to Dubious Discoveries

Surge will include thousands of mine-resistant vehicles (military could buy nearly 4,000 more)

Surge will include thousands of mine-resistant vehicles (military could buy nearly 4,000 more)

Toles: Republican Health Care Plan

Toles: Republican Health Care Plan

Gates Says No Bin Laden Information Seen for ‘Years’

Citizen-enabled diplomacy via random acts of kindness

Dr. Jeff Masters: Don't shoot the messenger (climate change)

U.S. No Longer the Great Job Creation Machine

U.S. No Longer the Great Job Creation Machine

Next year, employers likely to see surge in people quitting

Is money tainting the plasma supply?

Morgan Stanley's VICE CHAIRMAN has a message for you...

Karzai: U.S. must have patience if Afghanistan not ready for them to leave by 2011 (only a "goal")

Stephanie Miller 1998

Just announced in Senate special session

"29 Decembers ago, a man on 72nd Street wanted only one thing: To get home for the night."

What to do if the health care bill fails

DU has become richer since the unrec feature was added

DU has become richer since the unrec feature was added

The power of nature

'Accidental' child-porn download sending man to prison

Gates: "Exit Afghanistan in 2011? Just Kidding, Chumps!"

Land Rush in Africa

I'm stunned. BofA just refunded 3 overdraft fees without a fuss. Something has definitely changed

"The problem in defense is

WARNING: Do Not Watch The Following Christmas Movie

COVER STORY: It's His War Now.

Could Global Dimming be the cause for the divergence between tree ring data and actual temperature?

Gates: 2011 not a 'drop-dead deadline' to leave Afghanistan; only a "MESSAGE TO KABUL"

I'm puzzled that DUers are happy when MSM runs positive stories about Obama.

Beyond "opt-out", "opt-in", and "trigger" public options

The License Plate That Says It All: 2BG2FAIL

"US surge greeted with fear by Afghans travelling on the road to Kandahar"

For you Afghanistan pipeline theory types, some serious talk:

sunday morning 'fuck you david gregory' thread

Why the Incoherence of Palin and the Tea-Party Right Is a Logical Outcome of Movement Conservatism

BWAHAHAHA Humor break for you all. I thought I would share

Rethinking Afghanistan - Whose War Is This?

KBR employee brutally raped at Joint Base Balad in Iraq

I think it's time for all of us to take a breath...and give a hug to someone who needs it.

Hey, how about another thread on weight?

Hey, how about another thread on weight?

30+ Million jobs could be created in the next year..

Question for Women (or Men if it applies to you)

Question for Women (or Men if it applies to you)

How Much is President Obama Willing to Sacrifice to Win in Afghanistan?

Check out local reaction to "OBAMA BLOCKED CHARLIE BROWN" mayor in Arlington, TN:

Palin's Father: She Left Hawaii Because Asians Made Her Uncomfortable

Steve Pagliuca---A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Steve Pagliuca---A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Why are some Democrats so unhappy with their Party ?

Why is healthcare costs 1/6th of our economy??

McCain is proud of Palin and he enjoyed her book!

Hans Blix On Bush/Blair: " They were, he says, 'like witch-hunters of the 17th century' "

Toon: "Who could we get to invade us?"

(Some) People are OUT OF CONTROL!

Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?

Navy Christens Newest Virginia-Class Submarine Missouri($72 Mil under budget)

Search continues for Wisconsin man wanted in double homicides

Gates admits that it's been years since the US had any reliable

Bush Family Secrets (On Coast to Coast AM Tonight)

Sen. Feingold: Why Surge Where Al Qaeda Isn't?

Irish folk singer Clancy dead at 74

Why the GOP Will Fight Meaningful Health Care Reform to the Bitter End

The end of the "fat course": No BMI requirement for graduation....yet...

"Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War...

Gates: 2-4 years of big Afghan role for US troops

Senator Sanders Offers Medicare-for-All Amendment in Senate

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Says School Principals Must Act Like CEOs

Aetna Asks For It

I know it is silly and maybe even stupid, but

My hospital stay

Catholic DU'ers. Do you approve of what the church is doing with the government?

Note to Staples. Anyone here work for them?

Here's what we need to hear, FDR, 1936: "I welcome their hatred"

The important question is: Do you drive a Maserati?

The Secret to Legal Marijuana? Women.

TSA screws up, publishes 'redacted' security procedures that can easily be read

Sen. Maria Cantwell's reaction to Knox verdict is simply ridicolous.

"Viagra is linked to violence against women"

Xerox is doing something cool for the troops--please participate

500 pedophile charges against Jesuits. Catholic League calls PETA fans 'unethical'?

What percent of gay men are infected with HIV?

What percent of gay men are infected with HIV?

Troops Finding New Service as Teachers

Why is Rush Limbaugh still on American Forces Radio?

I think Wanda Sykes is being racist against Asians here

Chicago Sun Times: Obama can't let bishops set U.S. policy

Educator Gerald Bracey's last article before his Oct. 20 death has yet to appear at Huff Post.

Obama Silent On Public Option In Speech To Senators

Democracy Now--Eliot Spitzer: Geithner, Bernanke “Complicit” in Financial Crisis and Should Go

Reasonable people can have differences of opinion

$10 an hour with 2 kids? IRS pounces

A silent coup d'etat has already happened in the US--DKos

Are You A Clear, Unambiguous And Unapologetic Supporter Of Public Education?

The Moral Underground

To Ulrike M.


Funyuns are so damn good.

Which would you rather check out first...

1998 MST3K Final Sacrifice...slamming Canada, 1998 South Park: Bigger, Longer

Life should come with a rewind button.

The Golden Age of Video - By Ricardo Autobahn

Okay, so this is a little weird.

Anyone else remember the tv show "Soap"?

Documentary about Peter, Paul and May is on PBS channel 10 form Milwaukee

The fundamental difference, perfectly illustrated.

My Aunt passed away on thursday and got attitude for telling family member

There will be a 20 second interview with me on CNN at 7 past the hour. n/t

Ladies, I need your advise

Mike Godwin is such a freakin' etiquette nazi!

Can the billion Chinese order delivery?

A seasonal funny from the internets...

'Spin City' appreciation thread!!!

pics of pinup girl art "headboard" as promised

Secret CIA 'Magic' Manual Reveals Cold War Spy Tricks

pissing the night away...

I am joining Team Edward (James Olmos)

And now, a few words of sympathy for the Florida Gators

I love Trident layers!

Crazy-ass hamster people of DU: Alley requests your help.

Has anyone tried Jelly Bath

Does anyone else here have Floppy Head Syndrome?

A General Contaminant Thread

A general complaint thread.

Stop wasting my time

Tiger Woods christmas picture

Stephen & Me

Chris Hansen is taking his clothes off in my laundry room and


The war on Christmas gets serious

I'm 14 years old, started puberty at around 10/11, but I can't ejaculate or have an orgasm.

A young man goes to the doctor because he can't ejaculate or have an orgasm.

Chris Hansen walks into another bar...

Chris Hansen walks into a bar...

Chris Hansen walks into a third bar...

Will somebody tell Chris Hansen to please stop IMing me?

Chris Hansen walks into DU

Chris Hansen walks into a fourth bar...

A general compliant thread.

Well, that was interesting.

Storm's a-coming...

Is there a chance that I will be inaugarated Mayor of NYC instead of Bloomberg next year ?

Gamilons or Comet Empire?

I uploaded my first youtube video today,(Meaning yesterday since it's 12:00)

Chris Hansen skit on SNL

Better put on the coffee pot, petersond , it looks like it's going to be a long night!

Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton -Our Hell (is a good life)

Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby please come home)

Miley Cyrus in a bikini?

Faithless w/ Cat Power-A kind of peace

this is my church...respect love compassion

I'm 51 years old, took Biology around 15/16, but I can't elaborate about an organism.

A Royal Portrait

I'm 53 years old, started puberty at around 12, and I've had numerous orgasms.

Miss C-P are you up?

Patience please, dumb question..

What is your favorite ejaculation?

People don't take it well when I tell them "I'm not growing a beard, I'm just too lazy to shave."

I'm not yet 58 years old and ejaculated on 10/11 but I can't reach puberty. Where should I post?

"I got sunshine on a cloudy day....."

Only 2 episodes left

"Why don't you have a seat over there and talk to me for a minute?"

SuBo to sing for MObama?

anyone willing to host a pic?

"Candie's" Ad. Have never seen this. Real Ad?

Am I a circus freak for not wanting to be treated like an asshole?

Anybody ever have a severe schizophrenic reaction to pot?


Anyone else read The Satanic Verses? + Discuss other books you love!

looks like i gotta wear long pants when i go out today.

I Love You, Phillip Morris (A review)

What would be the politically correct term to call someone with no tolerance to physical pain...

Those wireless routers are a bigger scam than free credit

Chills. Goosebumps.

Forget the Keg Lamp!

Phineas and Ferb marathon on Disney XD

Forget the Leg Lamp!

The tedium of "sameness" Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)

Colbert to Interview Conservapedia Founder Andrew Schlafly

Last night I jump out of my slumber around 1: 30 am

It looks like the Miami v. New England game was fixed

It's 18 degrees outside.. and there's a drunk, naked woman with a pistol running around...

I was awakened by a noise this morning

Hey Steelers fans...

probably in trouble now (or at least being watched for sure)

Anti-Dog Fighting Video

How many names have you been called on the internet?

Silent Monks Singing Halleluia

Great thinks other dog is moving in on his chew bone

Hi Joan!

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything

i took a facebook test on asian food

Twitter is over capacity

Greek Tattoos

This is so not true


The most insane group of people to ever walk the face of the earth.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/05/09

Geek Tattoos

Honda U3-X - a Japanese take on the Segway - - 0:56 Youtube.

Offensive? Sorry, I laughed.

Turkey stoup?

I'm about to pull the hot fudge off the stove and spread it on a plate for cooling

Best Christmas Decorating EVER

Awesome Wiki for those who love Christmas specials...

My lunch: Liverwurst on whole grain toast with mustard and sharp cheddar cheese.

Weezer lead singer injured in bus accident

What is your favorite Christmas movie?


Thanks for all the recommendations for cars

Looking for a e-book site for fiction books. Best sellers needed!

Am I an asshole for not wanting to be treated like a circus freak?

A pound of Kona coffee and a fresh pineapple to anyone who sends me good travel vibes on

the sinus pain!

When you get into a car accident, how long does it take for your insurance to go up?

I have been visited by the Victoria's Secret fairy and need YOUR help.

"Ma'am your son is very handsome"

found a good spot for the art

Arnie to Tiger, 1997: "If you want to be normal, give the money back."

Any domain name transfer experts here? Yahoo is involved...

What's your favorite subgenre of science fiction?

What's the temp in your neck of the woods?

Alliance or Horde?

Worst (Or best, depending on your perspective) Tiger Woods joke...

I'm a 47-year old woman with the emotional maturity of a 14-year old boy.

I'm 44 years old, bought a Rush cassette at 3.99, but I can't eject it and now have an ear spasm.

Your favorite Christmas albums

The Avenging Narwhal play set

Coming Out at Christmas - London Gay Men's Chorus

Mr Squiggles is full of Antimony!

Anybody going to watch the new "Alice in Wonderland" on SyFy tomorrow?

Doing very well without a verdammt Facebook page, thank you

Anybody alive here?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Dogs Park Car Edition

Godamn Them! Don't they have Parents?

The President going to Copenhagen on the 18th.. Actual progress on Climate Change seen?

Palin says she can see the Russian Embassy from her!

Things Obama hasn't fixed

Palin jokingly suggests that President Obama is a communist.

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows (Hillary, Feingold, Durbin...)

In today's world we probably cannot have both manufacturing and a strong dollar

Who was most responsible for averting Great Depression II?

Sen. John McCain Loses Temper On Senate Floor, Reprimands Sen. Max Baucus

House likely to move on regulatory reform by end of the week

SNL's Opening Parody Of The State Dinner Crashers 'Salahis' (VIDEO)

Not party crashers but invited guests

Tonight 5:15 ET: The President and First Lady host reception for Kennedy Center Honorees

Senate debates health care, rejects GOP amendment

I owe my soul to the company store...

Retire Bernanke and replace with Volcker.

I need some photoshoped pictures

Obama to Rally Senate Democrats on Health-Care Plan

Senate voting on two amendments now.

NV-03: Rep. Titus Tied with GOP Challenger in New M-D Poll

I guess there's no way to avoid Christian archetypes and mythology

Another McGovern takes on a war: Worcester representative mobilizes foes of Afghan surge

Obama's "Pep Talk"

Afghanistan July 2011 withdrawl date "was little more than a gesture to assuage anti-war liberals"

Officials defend Obama's date to begin troop pullout

Dark Horse GOP Prez candidates for 2012/2016-The Well ain't totally dry, but close.

Senate Democrats blocked GOP move to restore Medicare funding. Defending Medicare cuts is madness

I don't think that poll about 2010 is that bad.

Republicons Upset because they have been branded the Party of Rape

CNN Poll: Americans mostly agree with Obama on Afghanistan, 63% say war "morally justified"

Thank You President Obama

Image the 12/21/2012 mania and its effect on voter turnout in Nov 2012. Why vote if you

I would highly recommend DUers watch Frontline's "Obama's War"

McChrystal should be sacked for insubordination.

McChrystal should be sacked for insubordination.

Neo-Cons Get Warm and Fuzzy Over "War President" by Eli Clifton

Oh, look what's going on very quietly in India

was Afghanistan expected?

Petition Obama: Don't Nuke the Climate!

Is anyone else here autistic ?

Anybody recognize themselves here: Nate Silver - The Two Progressivisms

Historians are going to look back, and see this as one of the great restorative/reform presidencies

Afghanistan: a possible lateral thinking workaround

An Open Letter to an Idiot

Manufacturing areas lead surprise job comeback

Iran says needs 20 nuclear sites: report

Gates: No good intel on Osama bin Laden in years

School embraces gay-themed musical

US agency's balloon hunt tests internet accuracy

UK Met Office to publish climate records

Snow predicted for Sacramento

Gates: 2-4 years of big Afghan role for US troops

(Athens, Greece) Violent clashes mark anniversary of fatal police shooting

Colombia calls for Venezuelan's arrest for alleged FARC ties

Obama pushing health bill in Capitol stop Sunday

Los Angeles Episcopalians elect lesbian bishop

Rainforests turned into smoldering ruins

Alexa Ray Joel Suicide Attempt: Billy Joel's Daughter Overdose Reported

Bolivia's Morales Re - Elected - Exit Polls

Both candidates claim victory in Romania race

Obama aide cites al-Qaida leader in Afghanistan

Iraqi official: deal reached on election

Senate Votes to Spare Plaintiffs' Lawyers

Nicolas Cage wins United Nations humanitarian award

(Defense Sec. Robert) Gates: No good intel on Osama bin Laden in years

Kuwait's sovereign wealth fund sells Citigroup stake, banks $1.1 billion in profit

MSU law professors say e-marriages expand couple's rights

To a Divisive Debate, Now Add Religion

Venezuela arrests bank chief close to government

Consumer group claims Zhu Zhu Pets unsafe

Geithner Calls for Tightening Derivatives Loopholes

Break-in targets climate scientist

In Bolivia, a Force for Change Endures

Patrick Cockburn: US surge will only prolong Afghan war

Tim Tebow's Biblical Eye Black Backfires!

Obama’s Logic Is No Match for Afghanistan.

A Paradigm Shift in Singapore: Yet Apec Offers No Clear Answers (Ramzy Baroud)

Water helps remove 'rust' from region

Pragmatism Makes for Bad Policy

Obama Administration Claims Eggs-ecutive Privilege for White House Chef

Why the FCC Should Stop Comcast from Buying NBC (PC World)

Sprint fed customer GPS data to cops over 8 million times

The Democrats have abandoned us

An American in the Italian Wheels of Justice

3 ways to create jobs IMMEDIATELY with education spending

"The Other Face Of Pakistan" by Eve Ensler

Congress to Offer TWO 'Options' on Public Option

"Top 10 (Recent) Developments On Factory Farming And Vegetarianism" by Kathy Freston

Jon Bon Jovi, Ellen & Big Ears

Glenn Beck CBS Interview With Katie Couric (2009-09-22) [44:07]

Stand: Lobbying For Marriage Equality in New Jersey

SNL Review: Tiger and the Party Crashers

Osama Bin Laden - ''A Statement to the American People'' - 2009-09-13 - [10:05]

SNL Opening Skit: Obama & Party Crashers

MediaMatters4America: Week in Review: December 4, 2009

Nicolas Cage - Lord Of War - Path Of A Bullet

TYT: Rep. Quotes Jesus To Oppose Estate Tax

Tom Friedman compares Afghanistan to 'special needs baby'

John McCain: Sarah Palin Is Irrelevant But People Continue to Attack Her

The Seattle WTO People's History Project

Wanda Sykes Compares Obama to Underwear

When The President Talks To God

Leave Tiger Woods Alone!

[TYT] Tennessee mayor: 'Muslim president had Charlie Brown's Christmas cancelled on purpose'

ABC News on Stimulus - WOW!

Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP

Pocos llegan a la votación fraudulenta (Few participate in the fraudulent election)

DUers is this true? Anyone have info on the claim NOAA's data is fudged.

UN hits back at climate skeptics amid e-mails row (BBC)

Hottest November On Record For Melbourne - Mean Temp Up 1+C In 20 Years, Rainfall Down 15% In 10

US News - On The Environment, From The Lost Decade To The Last Decade

Scientist calls right-wing spindoctor Marc Morano an ass**le on the BBC

Solar cell breaks efficiency record

Op-Ed: Will big business save the earth?

Rainforests turned into smoldering ruins

Emission reductions by the USA in 2020 and the risk of exceeding 2°C warming

A crop from the ocean floor

California Approves Orbiting Solar Panel Project

Ha Ha---Hee Hee---Hoo Hooo---weeeeeeeeee!

If Texas loses, wanna bet a lot of writers vote Florida #2...

Tebow wept.

Tebow turns the spigots on (video)

Texas-Nebraska thread


Greg Oden - broken left leg - out for the season...

Take It Like A Man

WVa into Gator Bowl after beating Rutgers 24-21

The Nebraska Defense - My MVP for the Day

Brad Edwards' BCS Bowl Projections

Wash Post/Feinstein: A conversation between Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods

In no way, shape or form should Texas be playing in the National Championship.

Jesus is getting crucified today.

Urban Meyer admitted to hospital after FL loss

The crappy USA Today poll is out >>

Which Bowls will TCU and Boise State go to?

NFL Red Zone Channel

I might be biased but

The Heartiest of congratulations to the Redskins and their fans today

The BCS Are Just Like Blue Dog Democrats

So, is this a rebuilding year for USC, or a sign of things to come?

What is going on in DC?

Just another day in Miami.

I'll Take Alabama

How old are you? The Cotton Bowl used to be a Major Bowl, the Fiesta

Give it up to Tebow .... and I wanted to dog him too.

Notre Dame needs to play SEC teams instead of Big Ten Teams

Hey Skinner--- Can you add this pic to the Avatar page?

Anyone here up for a world cup pickem?

On to next week and important things - GO NAVY, Beat Army

Pinochet's grandson sets sights on congress seat

Rights Action (Canada) disputes misleading statements made by Canadian Minister Peter Kent

Honduran Election Seeks to Legitimize Right-Wing Coup

Venezuela arrests bank chief close to government

Morales Seeks to Continue Bolivia ‘Revolution’ After Vote Today

Bolivia's Morales Re - Elected - Exit Polls

Colombia calls for Venezuelan's arrest for alleged FARC ties

Honduras officially estimates 49% turnout Friday, so Sunday CNN reports 56+% turnout. Seriously:

Pinochet's grandson sets sights on congress seat

HONDURAS: Need Help Sleeping? Watch Video of Nearly Empty Polling Stations in San Pedro Sula 11/29

Evo easily wins (Bolivia)

Jorge Castañeda at Newsweek say Zelaya was overthrown for seeking a third term. Seriously:

Morales Seeks to Continue Bolivia ‘Revolution’ After Vote Today

Russia's Putin to visit Israel in 2010

End Arbitrary Detention of Rights Activist: Mohammed Othman Held without Charge for 72 Days

Man suspected of burning his children's tongues with hot knife

Settlers torch Palestinian property, uproot trees

What the fuck??

Intruder Shot At Gresham Apartment Man Shot, Injured After Kicking In Door, Police Say

I wish I'd purchased that 8 gauge shotgun I saw several years ago.

Million dollar bail for man that shoots intruder.

Burglar killed by cop was unarmed

New Gun Law Signed In Honor Of Slain Chicago Cop...

Colorado State University bans guns on campus

Today in Labor History Dec 5 Unionists John and James McNamara were sentenced to 15 years & life

Teamsters crash the party at Cenex Harvest States stockholder meeting

Senate panel OKs Obama OSHA nominee

U.S. Labor Against The War’s 195 Affiliated Labor Organizations Convene Third National Assembly


severe harry potter fan

Remember my pomegranite?

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum (pic heavy)

Scientists map deep origins of the 'Hawaiian Hotspot'

Chinatown NYC - Sunday Market

Pelican Landing - series of 4

The Magnificent Tail of Comet McNaught

Mars Rover's Wheel Stalls, Again

Billion year old genetic ghosts?? Watching a couple of geneticists

Amputee able to move robotic hand with his mind

any herpetologists familiar with the salamanders of the Midwest here?

OK Videophiles...Help me name a movie, please!

Spain: Gay man gets apology for imprisonment

First time I've ever posted here. You gotta see this.

Homeless in Queens

A hypothetical question about marriage and fundies.

Darling plans tax on bank bonuses

New Abraham-Hicks DVD: The Vortex 2:Thriving in the New World Economy (WANT!)

Online class preferences

What is it called if you "feel" an aura?

Poverty consciousness and more grief...

Tomatoes can 'eat' insects (cross-post)

Free Cleaning Service For Women In Chemotherapy -

vitamin D levels associated with survival in lymphoma patients

Health Insurance premium increase

Review Shows Safety of H1N1 Vaccine, Officials Say

Vaccine Phobia Becomes a Public Health Threat

Please Chime In Fellow Educators:

How do groups like Teach for America bust unions?

In Search of Education Leaders

D.C.'s Braveheart

O'Reilly Ambushes Elementary School For 'War On Christmas' (VIDEO)

The variablosity of tipsitude

Quick! Everyone get over here as fast as you can!

Any recommendations on a home meat grinder?

Onion Goggles

did you know there's a pumpkin shortage?

Chestnuts roasting ....

I was attacked by a Cling Wrap box.

What's the deal with Eggo® waffles?

We sent out almost 50 boxes of these to our favorite clients .......