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A Palindrome.... no not that Palin but a minute of your time to view

Who's Coming for Christmas this year to Your House? A Holiday RANT!

Who's Coming for Christmas this year to Your House? A Holiday RANT!


Defense Contractor Makes Up Wild Islamic Terrorism Fantasy; Right-Wingers Act Like it's 9/11 Again

Condo king dethroned

Is Global Warming a Freedom of Religion Issue?

Tishman Speyer defaults on big Chicago loan

No Firm Plans for a U.S. Exit in Afghanistan

House calls part of new Afghan operation

Meet the commanded-in-chief

Senate Clears Way for Home Health Care Cuts

Great Music video released to mark "Iran's Annual Student Day" Tomorrow

Senate considers fake public option: non-profits selling private insurance.

FYI - The Shat is interviewing Lard Ass on The Biography Channel right now

Structural change: "Tragedy wrapped in a weird complacency"--DKos

What do you think about these four "grandpa governors" who want to run for office again?

Durbin Questions Afghanistan Strategy think you can tell...

EPA Poised to Declare CO2 a Public Danger

Copenhagen talks tough on climate protest plans

On the issue of global climate change . Why not install a meter.

CitiBank is sponsoring the national championship bowl game.

Slouching toward Copenhagen, things fall apart

There are posters at DU who actually ARE intellectually dishonest

Modeling Human Drug Trials — Without the Human

Is it intellectually dishonest...

Rec if you hate all the "intellectually dishonest" polls.

Where is the Petruna hoax at Free Republic?

Where is the Petruna hoax at Free Republic?

Pointing out to Republicans how stupid they are

Workshop on government openness is closed to the public

All media consolidation is undesireable, but which is the worst owner for NBC, GE or Comcast?

"Bolivia's Morales claims election victory"

Clarence Petty, conservationist, 104, dies

Karzai urges US to back talks with Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar

Afghan surge poses logistical headache for U.S. army (&22gal gas/day per soldier used)

Lawsuit says ads in social games are scamming players (Zynga/Facebook)

Smacking the hack attack

Zhu Zhu pets toxic?

Climate Crock Smacks Hack Attack

Kansas lawmaker meets with NAACP about 'RedNeck Rap' video

Delusional Tancredo stuck on his one issue (illegal immigration)-Denver Post commentary

Preaching peace, flexing muscle: America's 'surge' may only expand, intensify and prolong the Afghan

Obama Administration: $200 Billion to be Slashed from Bailout Costs

Time to start doing the right things

War, More War or Morer War - Debate Freezes Out the Majority View: Get Out Now

Why we are card-carrying members of the Democratic Party?

Since conservative politics became mainstream

What's cooking at the White House

Paul Simon- American Tune

Matalin: With Afghan surge, Obama resembles George W. Bush

Omahan saw carnage, courage (Air Raid Pearl Harbor, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!)

It's morning in the Senate. Time to get up.

75% of senate Rethugs flip on judicial filibusters

I expect nothing but happy economic news till December 26th.

"black wave: the legacy of the exxon valdez"

Dupe; ignore and delete.

The Regional Alternative to Escalation in Afghanistan

Washington Journal C-Span: Afghanistan Pipeline mentioned, but quickly dropped.

"Is U.S. prepared to care for more casualties from troop buildup?" by David Goldstein

"Is U.S. prepared to care for more casualties from troop buildup?" by David Goldstein

"Some Straight Talk on Afghanistan" by Mayhill Fowler

Any congress-critter who takes money from healthcare lobbyist..

Author of "Going Rouge" on Stephanie Miller right now

Capital Punishment? Four Golden Retriever Puppies Stolen From Home

dahr jamail

A review of Glenn Beck's "The Christmas Sweater"

Editorial: California Rep. Darrell Issa has some nerve attacking Louisiana

Chip in to run ad exposing Joe Lieberman

Pizza delivery woman fatally shot after call to vacant apartment

"No Firm Plans for a U.S. Exit in Afghanistan" by Mark Mazzetti (New York Times)

Updates on the Tehran protests with uploaded videos from the scene.

Land Mines Are Latest Attempt by Obama to Distance Himself From Peace Prize

Will Copenhagen really make a difference?

Ohio Man to Get 1 Drug, Slower Execution

Fla. fails to track lobbyist payments (despite law requiring it)

Dating couple wins CBS `Amazing Race' TV contest

The Arab Street - New York - (a video)

For those complainers, think how bad it would be if McCain and Repubs had won?

We have caved on too many issues to please religious groups and churches.

Got a conservative on your x-mas list?

The Human Face of Budget Cuts

President and the Boss

Media-induced brainwashing: An alternate reality


Kansas official stands by 'RedNeck' video

The Big Issues Bedeviling Harry Reid

Explain this:

Cap and Fade (critique of cap and trade, by James Hansen)

How many Afghan civilians will die in Obama’s war?

Right winger dismisses Sarah Palin and birthers, other righties attack, right wing riot ensues

Rowan Williams silent on Ugandan gay genocide bill but blasts nomination of lesbian bishop-elect

Bernie Sanders up on CSPAN-2

It's possible in guerrilla wars to flood cities with troops. Much harder to flood mountains

Single most important moral dilemna at this time

Obama treads Soviet road out of Kabul

Presenting NC's Democratic Opponent to Richard Burr: CAL CUNNINGHAM has decided to run

EPA: Greenhouse gases endanger human health

Bill would give nursing moms protection

"Glenn Beck's Holiday Film is a Box Office Flop"

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Freebase Metamucil

Have we ever had a real liberal as president?

My letter to Carol Marin of the Chicago Sun re: Catholic Bishops' interference in health care reform

Let us never forget what today is.

May I brag a little more?

Is it OK for a 58 year-old man to marry a 27 year-old woman?

50 Best Protest Signs of 2009

I ran across this quote

Momentum grows in senate for national health option similar to Federal Employees Health plan

'Washington Post’ Columnist’s Car Explodes (WTF)

The DU AdBot was shilling for

Married live longer, widowed die sooner

How about allowing businesses to sell health insurance coverage to non-employees

Toxin in Iraqi Water Pipes Kills First US Soldier

Has Anyone Seen This Movie? "The Lives of Others"

Has Anyone Seen This Movie? "The Lives of Others"

Liberal group slams Lieberman

Supreme Court Should Reject Religious Discrimination At Public Universities, Says Americans United

Ronald Reagan arrested on drug trafficking charges

Jane Hamsher over at firedoglake needs your help to fight TRIGGERS and support RECONCILIATION

Alan Grayson: Trend or Talker?

Obama’s Wars, Obama’s Casualties, Obama’s Responsibilities

Sanders' single payer amendment still not scheduled for vote, but not dropped either.

kerry is up on the floor of the senate now!!!

The Rovian Republicans have hit Platte County, Mo. This is awful.

Study: Magazine alcohol ads target youth

Why are there MD's in the Senate, mostly Republican??

Yesterday, I was hit with $510.00 in overdraft fees from Chase Bank.

In the Military, Different Rules for Patient-Therapist Confidentiality

Flap Over Lawmaker's 'RedNeck Rap'

Reid Compares Opponents of Health Care Reform to Supporters of Slavery

Bernie Sanders polls on Afghanistan, the Fed, and Health Care

The Puffing up of the Stupid...

Wendell Potter Says Franken Bill Will Go Far to Control Medical Costs

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the Altamont concert murder

Obama and Gore to meet on Climate Change

Obama & World hit back at climate deniers

Pepsi sponsers "kill the gays" concert!

Northwest pilots blame air traffic controllers

I survived Glenn Beck's Christmas spectacular

Hasidic Rabbi Helps Montana Police Officer Speak Hebrew to His Dog

Stabenow: Nelson Abortion Amendment Unlikely To Pass

Group Behind Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill is Organizing in Canada's Parliament

Warning: Do not open this post if partisanly-handicapped...

Arthur Silber's final post on The F**k You (Healthcare) Act

What? Don't agree with me? YOU'RE in denial

Springsteen, De Niro, Brooks among Kennedy honorees

Neo-Cons Get Warm and Fuzzy Over "War President"

Is Congress the only place where anti-choicers can push their views at?

Paul Krugman: An Affordable Truth

Cosmetic Surgery Industry Lobbies Against The 'Botax' In Senate Health Bill

Humanure: Goodbye, Toilets. Hello, Extreme Composting

Supreme Court Should Reject Religious Discrimination At Public Universities

Since when does it cost $4.95 to change your address?!?!?

Wait a freaking minute...I'm confused. "Progressives" are against expanding Medicare

President: Use TARP Funds for Jobs Package - Gregg: TARP Cash for Job Package Illegal

Sexually Explicit Lecture Shocks Parents-Parents Say Talk Of Porn, Toys Inappropriate

Republicanism trumps Goebbels.

Rasmussen Poll: Tea Party Beats GOP on Generic Three-Way Ballot

DKos: The death of discourse: Part II (Freedom)

Post-Apocalyptic Video Opens Climate-Change Conference (video at link:)

Atlanta 83 out of 100 in Forbes report on affordable cities

Honduras election results exposed as fraudullent

Monday Toons, Part 3: Scathing Economy toons and the rest...

Righties create another magical reason why nobody likes Palin, "post abortion pain"

Simpsons billionaire gets most write-in votes in NYC mayor race

Have A Merry Sputnik Christmas. Images From The War On Christmas

50 Cent and Susan Boyle

Pissing off the hippies is what "moderates" do

Climate summit produces greenhouse gas (41,000 tons of carbon dioxide)

Researchers: New cancer cases, mortality rates have fallen for most U.S. groups

Impeachment debate in S.C. focuses on tryst

Shhessh--they're falling by the wayside--another old timer TS'ed.

Married Christian preschool teacher arrested for sex with teenage boy

Teacher challenges apartment search

Congress wouldn't. The Administration did: US climate agency declares CO2 public danger

Congress wouldn't. The Administration did: US climate agency declares CO2 public danger

Senior officer urged Blair to delay Iraq invasion

New Surgery For Fido's Knees

Wendall Potter on amendment planned by Rockerfeller, Lincoln, Franken

N.H. man shoots up Lynn eatery

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahahaha

DKos: The death of discourse: Part I (Patriotism)

Rockefeller slams Conrad for criticizing Medicare buy-in

Baby, it's cold outside!

I Need A Bath....PALIN

AirTran 297- Anatomy of an Urban Legend

Nietzsche is Dead: War on Christmas displays people’s intolerance, cowardice

Colorado State University bans guns on campus

Agree/Disagree? War supporters should enlist?

Maybe nothing could have stopped the rise of National Socialism.

Maybe nothing could have stopped the rise of National Socialism.

ACORN prober: No illegal conduct on videos- Internal report finds no pattern of criminal behavior

An Idea That Makes Sense

Anyone know if there is actually a War on Christmas?

Vitamin D kills home intruder

Vitamin D kills home intruder

amanda carptenter on sarah palin: 'i think she is very deeply philosophically grounded'

Just shoot me now: Politico editor Jim VandeHei named to Pulitzer board..

Nursing Mom: Target Called the Cops

First-Ever Kurdish Metal Band Interviewed

At this point, is it politically possible to reverse the Afghanistan escalation without

Mass. election tomorro...who to vote for to fill the Lions senate seat in congress?

Who do you trust more?

"meeting the natives" on travel channel

FOX Asks: If Government Won't Pay For Abortions, Won't We Have More 'Low-income Babies?'

Mullen expects casualties to rise in Afghanistan

FDA Alert in case you are not on the recall list:.

Ted Haggard returns to preaching

Sen. Barbara Boxer leads charge on abortion

Officials: Medicare buy-in on table

WHY does CNN allow known, proven liars like Senator Inhofe, (R-Septic Tank) to use their air time to

I have a proposition: Lets eliminate or demonize the term "lobbying"

Separated at birth?

"As you know, you go with the president you have, not the president you might want or wish to have"

Obama is a Celebrity President

Chambliss And Gregg Doing A Soliloquy On The Senate Floor... Does This Qualify As Torture ???

Those Directbuy ads on DU - those stores are not what they seem!!!

U.S. Opens New Probe At Toyota

Reid Says Yes to Abstinence

What happened to Dylan's second hour?

Mullen is doing it right now at the Camp Lejeune send off ~


A new thought on the gay marriage fight

Democrats you want my donations, I want my rights as a gay man

Friend's new book

Manufactured Controversy Of The Day

Is U.S. prepared to care for more casualties from troop buildup?

While we throw another Anchovy on the fire

Holy crap - look at this lake - it's suppose to be ice and it keeps

Afghan Officials Taking Cash Out Of The Country - In Suitcases & Biscuit Boxes

Senators seek to force Congress, political appointees out of FEHBP

When an Anti-Choice Catholic Woman Needed an Abortion . . . .

When an Anti-Choice Catholic Woman Needed an Abortion . . . .

Any one listening to Thom Hartmann & Katrina Vandenhouvel?

HELEN THOMAS: This Sure Seems Like Vietnam

Those Who Compare Afghanistan to Vietnam Risk Their Credibility

List the things Obama and the Administration needs to fix

List the things Obama and the Administration needs to fix

Good Gawd! The Sarah Palin "book signing system":

HEY!!! If you're a Jean Shepherd fan....or have insomnia

Max BAUCUS a little WEASEL

Former Top Ensign Aide Subpoenaed By Ethics Committee

why dont fundies have sex standing up?

Surprise!!! For Profit Companies Seek to Maximize Profits for Investors

U.S. sees homegrown Muslim extremism as rising threat

Check out this cool video

Driver targets students

Nelson amendment bars any private insurance from covering abortion if they receive federal subsidies

What's the latest on the Dodd credit card bill? Comments?

What's the latest on the Dodd credit card bill? Comments?

The 10 signs of Intellectual Honesty

Margaret and Helen: Going Nuts

Lesbian Who Fled Army Opens Legal Ground in Canada

Senate Dems May Open Up Medicare To Pacify Progressives

Remembering BB-39 USS Arizona and her 1177 sailors lost on the "Day of Infamy"

Tiger Woods SNL Skit. Ha!

Mullen to departing troops: “I am sure we will sustain an increase in the level of casualties"

Iceland exposed: How a whole nation went down the toilet

The republicans started this "war of attrition on Christmas"


Former Sen. Santorum 'absolutely taking a look' at possible 2012 presidential bid

Former Sen. Santorum 'absolutely taking a look' at possible 2012 presidential bid

OPM head: I do not have the authority to follow a court order re: lesbian health benefits

The West Memphis 3 Guilty?

I am concerned that "thank you for your concern" is being revived on DU.

What percentage of DUers ARE Intellectually Honest?

What is the rationale given by the Democrats that are against the public option?

Why the Kucinich bashing threads?

Monday TOONS, part 2: Scathing climate toons

Five AIG execs upset that pay czar cut their compensation, may quit. Oh NO! Oh, dear GOD, NOOOOOO!

An Orlando McDonalds Manager To A Trans Applicant: "We Do Not Hire Faggots"

I am posting this article because the person agrees with my opinion

SWAT Team Takes Down Man Armed With LEGO Gun

Hours of paralyzing pain ignored by 2 hospitals: woman goes home & solves problem herself...

You don't agree with me, therefore you are "intellectually dishonest"

Monday TOONS, part 1: Scathing anti-war toons

December 7th. A date which will live in infamy

Question: Why was the Antiwar movement during Vietnam unsuccessful?

Courage: It's Time to Stand Up

Tiger Woods' popularity dropping

Tiger Woods Deserves Your Scrutiny

Yesterday I was hit with $510.00 in overdraft fees from Chase Bank

Civilian Surge Getting Surgier

Yosemite Schultz is On The Air!!!

If Bush had been President on 12/7/1941:

Two-thirds of Americans support Medicare-for-all (#1 of 6) - Kip Sullivan

WW II Vet Fights for His Flagpole

Liberals Are Useless

Meanwhile . . .

Are Liberals Useless?

I sure wish we had a fathers' rights forum today. My brother

Update on cleveramerican

Amanda Knox Guilty?

I'm Now Against This Entire Health Care "Reform" Nonsense.

This is kind of cool - Build your own solar system;

Is it just me, or is there a lot of disrespect for other posters on DU?

Toyota Corolla gets scrutiny for stalling engines

Thank You Mods!

What if John Galt is a criminal or a con man?

Government - COVER-UP- “We have three dead bodies and no explanation."

Wanda Sykes: "Mr. President, remember 'yes we can, yes we can.' Well I wish you would."

It is raining, REALLY raining in California

I quit the democratic party if there is no viable public option

Monday, 56 newspapers worldwide are running the same front-page editorial on climate change

A Move to Revive Glass-Steagall

Margot Kidder gets it. Do you?

Here it is "Doom and Gloomers" - Read it and Weep

The Sarah Palin Is Dead To Us Club

Students are weighed and found wanting by tests made and scored secretly without regulation.

Bars say it's 'good business' to ignore smoking bans

Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges

Obama declares CO2 to be a poison gas!

Jared Diamond asks "Will Big Business Save the Earth?" in NYT oped

Why isnt Vince McMahon in Jail.

The Celebration Went Unnoticed

First the Problem Was Toyotas That Won't Stop. Now It's Toyotas That Won't Go

5 Reasons That Coporate Media Coverage Is Pro-War


The pathway to President Palin

Revolution is coming, and if you are 50 or younger it's coming in your lifetime.

Amanda Knox, Political Prisoner

Amanda Knox, Political Prisoner

Not sure exactly how this happened. Young Buddhist Monks singing showtune from 'Annie'

Is anyone else here bombastic?

DU is so much more fun in German

I've just received a ransom note from these thugs. They want $25,000 or LeftyFingerPop is history.

Christmas in Leavenworth

I think I'm a banana tree

MadinMaryland I am almost positive we had a bet


Everyone stare at this for awhile.

Even Doinkable middle class women have been know to commit horrendous crimes..

playlist somafm boot liquor

When making pad thai chicken earlier today, I forgot to put in the coconut milk...

Smoked sausage, collard greens, grits, and cornbread!

It's official: No. 1 ’Bama vs. No. 2 Texas for BCS title

Bowl Games announced

Beware Costco's Kirkland dog food (gas-alert)

cheerleader cat.

Just had to share this mathematical evaluation of extramarital

Hey, would this sell like hotcakes at a teabagger convention?


New Robin Williams special starts in less than half an hour on HBO

40 pages of writing, 2 final exams and I'm......

Watch this, you'll like it

Lil Girl!

Little Richard-Rip It Up

Elvis Presley - Rip It Up

I just got the most awesome email from FedEx!!

Anyone want to go out for some Butter Beer?

Anyone watch the Xmas episode of Metalocalypse?

I keep seeing this when I close my eyes!!!!!

Somebody explain the rec and unrec and "The Greatest" to me

Blow job

Tune stuck in my head: "Dum da-da da-da da-da da-Dum da-da da-da d'dah-dah DUM DUM..."

Keith Richards - Whip It Up

Charlie Feathers - "Tear It Up"

Gotta say that the "Wow. You Really Like .38 Special" rant on is pretty effin' FUNNY.

Some of Frank Capra's WWII docs on TCM today.

Some of Frank Capra's WWII docs on TCM today.

Zhigge - Toss It Up

Let's say you met the love of your life and the first time you saw them naked...

What's the Difference Between Copyright and Trademark?

Dating couple wins CBS `Amazing Race' TV contest

Faux pas averted.

Only in Asia

OK, whose kid is this.......


Oops,wrong forum.

Am I the only one having problems with Youtube?

"Judas and Jesus"

Please help me figure out what this political cartoon is about

Are there any modern novels written in the "journal style" that don't suck ass?

Here's someone who really loves their cat

Hey Viking fans!

Help me find the perfect leather bound appointment book

my dog just ate an entire 11oz bag of hershey kisses tin wrapper and all

Invent a bowl game

I just bought a printer cable online for $3, Best Buys-$29

Question for Stephanie Miller fans:

I'm going to Hell for this: The neighbors got a divorce. I wish I were sad.

Post here if you haven't had sex with Tiger Woods

playing Monday night at Identity Bar NYC

Tiger Woods closing in on Wilt Chamberlain's all-time scoring record (apologies to the Onion)

Which TV series had the worst final episode?

Any fans of the group "Horse Flies"?

I just have to post this - I can't contain myself - I had collard greens for breakfast!

The Damned - "Smash It Up"

CBS' 'Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman' Ad Riles Critics

Getting sick of that old DirecTV scam....

Has anyone watched Twilight with Rifftrax?

Turns out that "buttstroking" is a lot less fun than you'd think

Bad/Unlikely Director and Actor teams

The race to 2000 wins in college basketball.

How do I delete "pages" on FB?

San Jose songs

Question about iTouches syncing and security

Cat drinking fountains - any opinions?

Gene Vincent-Rip It Up

CSI: North Pole

I finally gave up and turned the heat on.

Does anyone recall the title of a famous survival story re: two hikers?

Sex offender shuffle...

I ain't Ghana go there.

Brian "Andy from Family Ties" Bonsall mug shot (busted for hitting friend in face with a bar stool)

Sasquatch's sports rant.

Goofy & awkward attempts by classic rock bands to 80sify themselves.

how do your pets react to seeing themselves in the mirror?

I'm going to build a DU TIme Capsule not to be opened til 2059 - what should we put in it?

My new pastel drawing.

My favorite internet mathematical magic trick

"Put THIS in your pipe and smoke it!"

Why it was so easy to hate the Cowboys

Why it was so easy to hate the Cowboys

Missing man found in pub

San Francisco songs

Baby, it's cold outside!

What can $150,000 get you in midtown Manhattan?

You too can tweet in Klingon.

I just watched Howard the Duck for the first time in 20+ years, and to my utter amazement

Tiger's wife reportedly bails

What's better than receiving an unexpected gift?

Inspired Bicycles (Awsome)

Watching "Amazing Race" Finale. Hoping Sam or Dan falls off the top of Mandalay Bay.

How much snow have you got so far?

Jeopardy rant - (SPOILER INSIDE!) - rant and hate. Mostly hate. But some rant.

So Tiger was doing a porn star too?

In which I rant again about meds.

Fess Up: Is the Snuggie on your x-mas list?

Married guys: A question--about your wife and best guy friend.

My suggestion for the NFL

was searching if the 95 year old man's letter to Obama was real, and found this hate thread about O

McCaskill: Nixing Health Care Bill Not an Option, Anti-Abortion Language "Goes Too Far"

"Previewing Tuesday's Economic Speech"

After years of wanting one, I finally got a sink kitty of my very own

Check in if you are expecting your DLC Shilling Christmas bonus! What are you going to buy?

Reid on Health Care Bill, "We're there."

administration to slash bailout cost estimate/wants to use funds for job creation

Palin = Goldwater. GOP may have to wait until 2016 for "Nixon"

George W. Bush's speech that mocks peace on earth, goodwill to men.

If hating the bank bail-outs feels so good how can it be wrong?

Call from Obama seals Iraq election law

Mass Sen. Race: Candidate Martha Coakley wins key backing from Bill Clinton

Senate debate continues 3 amendments today.

We did pick the right President

Politico reporter fishing for buyer's remorse (HT Digby and kos)

Frank endorses Sestak as ‘one of the most valuable members of Congress’

Montgomery resident expected to enter Congressional race

Gates: July 2011 withdraw date called 'firm'

DE-AL: We Can Bank On At Least One Pickup Next Year

Cunningham announces race against Burr

Vitter could get serious primary challenge

The Afghanistan troop policy is not so hard to understand

US Secret Service report reveals 91 security breaches

Wow! (photo)

"We're not talking about an exit strategy or a drop-dead deadline" -SOS Clinton

E. J. Dionne: The Health Care Race to Christmas

Check in thread. Any one who is tired of the (R)s defending Parasitic Corporate profits and

"White House wants input on savings."

What's the most disappointing thing Obama has done as president? Honduras?

Statement by Union of Concerned Scientists on Kerry's climate change bill

Obama To Propose New Jobs Program

Key Senators Confirm Medicare Buy-In As Part Of A Public Option Compromise

Are you hoping for an Obama/Palin matchup in 2012?

President Obama's First War Escalation Speech March 27, 2009 Full Text

Obama, Gore Meeting Over Climate Change

"the 18-month timetable to a Afghanistan troop drawdown is written in pencil -- and lightly"

Newsweek - "The Post-Imperial PresidencyThe Post-Imperial Presidency" -Fareed Zakaria

RW domestic terrorism, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

Do you want Congress to, "take a stand here, and end the war", like Kucinich said & Clark suggests?

In your opinion WHY is it so important to the prez to get token Republicans for bills??

Pics: Kennedy Center last night with Honorees

Ben Nelson is nowhere near being a democrat. And u can say that for a few other senators

"Four reasons that rosy November jobs report was even better than it seemed."

Rudy Giuliani takes job as security consultant for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Can someone explain to me what Big Ed's agenda is on health care

Without a real public option, the Democrats are going to have a hard time generating enthusiasm

HCR I told you so Talk now is of Private Insurers running the Federal plans

Is Obama Bullshi*tting About 18 Month Afghan Withdrawal to Appease War Critics?

Presidents from broken families have dominated the recent era

Tea Party movement threatened by internal rifts

Obama to mention Afghan war in Nobel speech

Poll: 'Tea Party' Beats Republican Party In Popularity Contest

Gallup: Obama's approval at 47%.

What do you think about the show "Hoarders"?

What do you think about the show "Hoarders"?

Kerry debunks RW talking points on health care reform

"Senators Specter, Nelson and Lincoln are not Democrats, they're Republicans in Donkey suits"

Feingold: Why Surge Where Al Qaeda Isn't?

I DEFY you to post a song that is more fricking amazing than "Bohemian Rhapsody"

CPS’ partner told mayor of higher price

How Obama Came to Plan for ‘Surge’ in Afghanistan

Pinochet's grandson sets sights on congress seat

Solar cell breaks efficiency record

UN says climate finale may have happy ending

Pakistan court starts hearing case against amnesty

Iran police bid to stop opposition protests at rally

Mothers Arrested Before Opposition Rally in Iran

No Firm Plans for a U.S. Exit in Afghanistan - NYT

Venezuela Takes Control of Banks

Morales Seeks to Continue Bolivia ‘Revolution’ After Vote Today

Is U.S. prepared to care for more casualties from troop buildup?

Administration to slash bailout cost estimate

Matalin: With Afghan surge, Obama resembles George W. Bush

Somalis protest bombing; gov't warns of new threat

Iranian opposition leader defends street protests

Senate candidate Martha Coakley wins key backing from Bill Clinton

Big Paydays for Rescuers in the Crisis

The best last chance: UN climate conference opens

Haidar "left to continue hunger strike" in Lanzarote airport

Millions' worth of gear left in Iraq

Obama Salutes Jazz Great Brubeck, Springsteen, DeNiro, Bumbrey, Mel Brooks at Kennedy Center

U.S. bank bailout drastically cut by $200 billion


Is President Barack Obama Picky With The Hands He Shakes?

Kilpatrick: Detroit fund paid for Texas home

Sri Lanka war crime allegations surface

Critics Challenge Martial Law in Philippines

UK Rights Group Accuses Britain on Rendition Cases

U.S. urges more North Korean human rights scrutiny

Poll: Most Americans believe stalemate in Afghanistan

Blast Near Baghdad School Wounds Many Children

Blast kills 2 in southern Thailand, police say

Evo Morales Wins Second Term in Bolivia

U.S. Forecasts Smaller Loss From Bailout of Banks

Car sales and output pass the 12 million mark in China

Obama to meet with Al Gore

E-Mail Raises Questions in Firing

Copenhagen summit: Europe turns on US and China over weak emission targets

Chicago Man Is Charged in 2008 Attack on Mumbai

3 Navy SEALs to be arraigned today in Norfolk

Ex-congressman (Chip Pickering)accused in youth soccer scuffle

Salahis Among Many Secret Service Breaches

U.S. Plans 16,000 More Troops in Afghanistan by June

Indonesia bans film about 1975 killings

Illinois prison likely to house(Gitmo) detainees

Congressman asks for report on ‘torture memos’ (Joe Sestak)

Copenhagen climate conference opens to dire warnings

'Tea party' polls better than GOP

UK soldier becomes 100th to die in Afghanistan in 2009

New Government-Run Health Proposal Eyed

PRESS RELEASE: Chicagoan Charged With Conspiracy In 2008 Mumbai Attacks In Addition To Foreign Terro

Before Climate Meeting, a Revival of Skepticism

NPR reporter pressured over Fox role

Greenhouse gas cuts just 'token gestures'

Exclusive: Medicare buy-in attracting interest in the public option negotiations

Virgin Galactic to unveil commercial spaceship

Pearl Harbor mini-submarine mystery solved?

Joe Bruno found gulity in Albany NY

Go Go Hamsters pose potential health risk, says US watchdog

US climate agency declares CO2 public danger

Twin blasts hit Pakistan market

Lawyers fight to halt Ohio execution condemned as human experimentation

Obama administration will formally declare danger of carbon emissions

GM plans to boost Volt investment to $700M

Obama May Visit Climate Talks Armed With CO2 Ruling (Update 2)

$10 million is smuggled out of Afghanistan daily, official says

Rep. Stupak says his amendment unlikely to prevail

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 7

Five AIG execs say may quit over pay: report

Tea Party movement threatened by internal rifts

The EPA rules greenhouse gases a public threat

Court battle as Craigslist and eBay fight for control

Kan. lawmaker in 'Opossum, the other dark meat' cap chiding Obama apologizes to those offended

Woman loses again in (US) flag fight (desecration at the funeral of a National Guardsman)

Iran student protests bring out tens of thousands

House Votes To Keep Current Estate Tax Rate

U.S. Forecasts Smaller Loss From Bailout of Banks

Tony Blair was urged by officer to delay Iraq war

NPR reporter pressured over Fox role

GOP erupts over Reid slavery, segregation remarks

Administration wants suit against Yoo dismissed

More than 50 papers join in front-page (editorial) on climate change

Drone aircraft will be used to nab illegal immigrants on California-Mexico border

Officials: Medicare buy-in on table

Chilean judge rules ex-president was assassinated in 1982; 6 charged with murder, cover-up

U.S. military children arrested in Japan

(Sen. Ben) Nelson files anti-abortion amendment

Proof Positive Tiger Woods Animation Video Was Fake

Asia Digest: The Politics of Economic Globalisation

High court to take up corruption law.

Plight of Afghan women may worsen as war effort is stepped up, warns report

Sunday Forum: Living the Canadian dream

Did Amanda Knox Get a Fair Murder Trial?

Talk of Afghan corruption 'overplayed' in West: Karzai

Rep. Alan Grayson asks us to show our support for the Fed Reserve Transparency Bill

Twitter Surpassed by New Social Networking Site: 'Yada'

Rules for Congress Curb but Don’t End Junkets

Surgeon explains some problems in our health care system

King Obama v. Queen Clinton — Check or Checkmate?

Is Obama Bullshi*tting About 18 Month Afghan Withdrawal to Appease War Critics?

Secret Service counts 91 breaches

Romy and Michele at the White House

The Swiss Minaret Ban: What Are Voters Really Trying to Outlaw?

Is Ayn Rand Bad for the Market?

The Irrefutable Stupidity of Sarah Palin (Cenk @ Huffington Post, Includes 4 Videos)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 378

Chris Hedges: Liberals Are Useless

This is a test

Obama's Spit Take

Nathaniel Branden on "My Years With Ayn Rand"

Bust of Neda Unveiled at Iranian UN Protest

Young Turks: (R) Senator: 'You're Going To Die Sooner' w/ Healthcare Reform

Iranian Singer Shitfeh Sings at UN Protest

CNBC Reacts To Jobs Report By Advocating Canceling Stimulus

IFAD: The President's Dilemma

Cornyn: Dems Would Create Health Care Gulag

George Galloway interviews Max Keiser on Dubai Debt Problems and Peak Oil

The Week In Cartoons

"Please Help The World" - Short Film From Opening Ceremony Of COP15 Climate Change Conference

Sister Song Lobbies Congress for Healthcare Reform and Against the Stupak Amendment

Stop Stupak Rally Summary from Sum of Change

India & Pakistan Spar Over Influence In Afghanistan


Iggy Pop - Lust for Life Live

A Red-Neck Family Reunion

President Obama's Afghanistan Plan in 4 Minutes

President Obama Weekly Address: Pushing Forward on Jobs

Senator Barbara Boxer at Stop Stupak Rally 12/2/09

Nancy Scola at Organizing 2.0 Conference 12/5/09

President Obama Talks Jobs in Allentown [44:57]

Climate Change -- Those hacked e-mails

Ed Show: Rep. Grayson - 'Right Wing Consists of Liars & Gullible'

They should go home and use reconciliation! - Howard Dean

Angry students protest pudgy face Roves $25,000 speech

President Obama ''Terrorism Cannot Just Be Dealt With Militarily''

I Guess I'm a Racist (just cuz I'm against HCR)

Young Turks: 'The End of Poverty'-Can We Make It Happen? Movie Review w/ Jonathan Kim

Obama Admin To Remove Endangered Species Protection From Gray Wolves

Bill O'Reilly: Atheists Are Jealous Of The Holiday

Sen. Bernie Sanders: We Need A Revolution In Primary Health Care In America!

TYT: Obama & Dems Shredding Constitution Just Like Bush

Exclusive: Honduran elections exposed

SNL Tiger Woods: Mocking Domestic Violence

#AmazonFail: Deanna Zandt on the Power of Online Organizing

Deposed Oz Opposition Leader Refers To Own Coalition's Climate Policy As "Bullshit"

Recession Makes ‘03 Blackout Unlikely as Grid Investment Grows

Worldwide climate change poll shows rising concerns

Drumbeat: December 7, 2009

White, but not pure—Scientists detect PCBs (in snow) on America’s highest peak

European Ambitions Hit a Wall of Carbon—Business, Industry Pare Back EU Climate Goals

Nice to see people leading by example

Sea Has Advanced 1 Km Inland In 30 Years In Thai Village Of Khun Samutchine

Welcome To The Camel Graveyard - Australian Broadcasting Corporation


It was the Russians, re climate change email shenanigans

The climate denial industry is out to dupe the public. And it's working

The new ocean predator: Jellyfish?

Germany targets 27% renewable energy by 2020

Coal throbs at the heart of India growth engine

100+ Of 120 Dairy Farmers Along Upper Murray River (Australia) Already Gone Or Preparing To Leave

Spring Heatwave Pushes Australian Fire Danger To "Catastrophic" Category - Plus, Graph Of The Day

India Plans Another 78.7 Gigawatts Of Capacity In Five Years Ending In 2012, Nearly All From Coal

Earth's temperature (30-50%) more sensitive to carbon dioxide than previously thought (feedbacks)

Keeping It Frozen—In Alaska, a low-tech solution helps the ground stay cold enough, for now

Offshore drilling OK'ed in Alaska.

Global warming: Why public concern declines (But many people are taking individual steps…)

Schooling fish inspire efficient wind farms

Put a Tiger in your Think-Tank - Exxon Mobil's investment in disinformation re Global Warming

Vikings Lose!!!! Yay!!!!!

E.J. Henderson Breaks Leg

Just great...the Fiesta Bowl is doing last year's Poinsettia Bowl

Well, I'll man up and say it: last night was the Favre the Packner fans were waiting for.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahahaha

Giants 31, Cowboys 24

For BOSSHOG: More on the "Big Shootout of 1969"

Whitey Herzog elected to HOF

How many of the teams in this top 11 list has your BCS team beaten...

Yo Trumad

Heisman finalists

Kelly to meet with Irish Tuesday....

Jimmy Clausen entering the NFL draft...

Flozell Adams

Swiped from a poster in GD...

Andean nations seek revival for ancient Inca tongue

RNN Video: “Exclusive: Honduran Elections Exposed’

turn out was 55% and massive fraud alleged

PHOTOS of Evo's smashing victory in Bolivia!

HONDURAS: Zelaya to Stay in Brazil Embassy

Electoral Fraud Proved in Honduras: More than 50 Percent Did Not Vote

Chilean judge rules ex-president was assassinated in 1982; 6 charged with murder, cover-up

Civil rights report details racism in Israel in all its many shades

For first time, settlers plan mass protests within Green Line

Light in the Israel-Palestine darkness

Cop Killer near Pittsburgh Wearing Ankle Bracelet Tracker

N.H. man shoots up Lynn eatery

" Machinegun shooting in Baltimore injures three "

VPC scared that SCOTUS will follow the US Constitution in Chicago gun case

Pizza delivery woman fatally shot after call to vacant apartment

"The key to freedom is the ability to be able to defend yourself"

Today in Labor History Dec 6 The Colored National Labor Union met for the 1st time & 361 miners die

Good jobs, green future: Twin Cities janitors launch green cleaning campaign

March puts focus on fair global economy

strike at Nestlé Tunisia/faster discharges for US fast food bakery workers?/Iran, private equity

Today in Labor History Dec 7 "Small fry are no longer small when they begin to organize"

President Obama's Schedule for Monday, December 7 2009

High noon in Anchorage + my first attempt at a panorama

I blame you all...

Snowing in Colfax, California!!!

Physicists race to publish first results from LHC

TOBA: Ancient Volcano's Devastating Effects Confirmed

Single-Atom Transistor Discovered

Homosexual selection: The power of same-sex liaisons

Spain apologises for jailing gay man in 1970s

The Photorealism of Norman Rockwell Explained

Empowering Spirits Foundation Volunteers Plant 250 Trees in San Diego

Murder Music Performer Brings Violent Message To Uganda, Sponsored By Pepsi

I have had a shitty week. The marriage vote in NY failed, my study didn't show strong

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/07/09

The Dubai Debacle - revised

New York Fed to hear new theory on financial meltdown

Climate ,Oil, War and Money by James Kunstler

Opinions sought: pay-now-or-pay-later kind of household finance question:

Absolutely Nothing Has Been Fixed (December 7, 2009)

Consumer Credit Falls For Ninth Straight Month

Obama and Reagan: Separated at birth

Special light request for...

Reaching Out

Angel sighting

Gaia's Dreams

African American women, breast cancer and vitamin D

Cancer From the Kitchen?

Can anyone tell me about a good glucose guide for my husband?

Genetic Studies Reveal New Causes of Severe Obesity in Childhood

Balancing Protein Intake, Not Cutting Calories, May Be Key to Long Life

Wrap Rage: A Holiday Injury Waiting to Happen

Autism and schizophrenia linked to faults in same genes: Study

To clear my head and settle my stomach, I chomp on a few dark chocolate nuggets.

Swiss minaret ban reversal vote in pipeline

Jesus was a jerk

Supreme Court Should Reject Religious Discrimination At Public Universities, Says Americans United

A Bishop’s Words - the documents to the lawsuit against the Diocese of Bridgeport, Conn

Butterfly chicken

Aduki bean stew or cleaning out my pantry

Gut deer?