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The California Jam vs. The US Festival.

Robert Mugabe turns 85. Cost of birthday bash 250K (US)

Thoughts on the Pelosi Documentary, "America's Right Feeling Wrong"

OxyRush is not the FACE of the GOP. He is the Big, Fat ASS of the GOP.

CNN stated that Rush was indeed the leader of the conservative movement

So did CSpan1 pull the plug on Rush

Awhile back

Hearing Rush tonight reminded me of a much touted republican canard.

I'm still laughing at Piyush's boat load of lies!

I'm still laughing at Piyush's boat load of lies!

Bones of 13 victims found in US desert

Stop with the Rush and the CPAC!!!!

the question is, "how will dems capitalize on this Rush/GOP disaster"?

Should I really subject myself to watching Limpballs?

My simplistic read on the Iraq War: Does this jive with you?

An idea, how to recover some of the tax money that was spent

I really thought that I was going to DIE!

Just like every circus has its sideshow....

Freedom, liberty, and the Constitution eh, Rush?

What troubles me about the Albuquerque Graveyard Case

Someone - remind the CPACers why Rush is deaf, while he blathers on about morality

Did anyone else see Rick Steves in Iran? It's playing again here on PBS...

New GOP Standard Bearer Rush Limbaugh Is Less Popular Than Jeremiah Wright

Disappointing. Rihanna is sending a bad message to her fans and young women.

did elrushbo eat Jindal?

KFC employees follow "corporate" instructions to pull fire pin, get naked & pee on each other.

CPAC audience cheers: ‘The only way we will be successful is if we listen to Rush Limbaugh.’

North of Ordinary

This is the first time I have ever listened or watched Rush

Economic Mess Hits the Slopes

Could/would rush run in either of the top slots in '12?

Colbert, Steele to hold rap battle (

Porn in the USA: Conservatives Are Biggest Consumers

1,500 EX-Qimoda employees will have to sue for pay/earned hours

Sunday News Shows

Ya know, there is something so stinking sweet to have the majority again

Our military will still have a war to fight when we bring them home from Iraq.

Asia Times: A scam at the heart of the US

Great performances on PBS (here).. "The Police Certifiable" farewell tour.

Virginia couple donate 10.6 acres to Habitat (@ $79K loss)

F**k CPAC......Let's Look Forward to OUR conference:

Who's watching SNL in case there's a Jindal parody

President Obama at Verizon Center,

SUCK IT MAINE!-- Va. man to retain rare Declaration


Extreme Makeover, I love watching the show and the families seem very deserving of a better

anybody heard of Obama giving SS to illegal immigrants? I got a right wing viral email

ALASKA OFFICE:Interim US attorney going back to Pittsburgh

Mrs. Prickley: Ann Coulter bristles as CPAC attendee asks if she's "advantageous to Repub cause"

A Rhetorical Question...Funny Line From a Song

Republicans Sucking on Lemons

From 70 degrees and a tornado 3 miles away to snow showers tomorrow - in Alabama!

Paul Harvey Has Left The Planet...

How I'll measure Obama's success as Prez in his first term.

breaking news...paul harvey has died at age ninety....goodday

Why are there just SO MANY assholes speaking for the Rethuglican party

'Some things never seem to change'

Solving a 17th-Century Crime

defense contractor employee with a file share program on work PC & blueprint for Marine One?

Paul Harvey dies

George H. W. Bush

One thing we as progressives have to remember about Rush...

HIV Is Evolving To Evade Human Immune Responses

Got a call today from THE DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP COUNCIL asking for money.

Should this system be saved?

The Daily News Hits a New Low

The Iraq war and Sub-prime crisis are two peas in a pod.

Rush only came to CPAC because he is terrified the GOP is just about over

I listen to the wind

Rick, San, Telli Rick Santelli you're a scourge you Rick Santelli, you always seem to telli...

Oh I remember when but for the outrages of the Bush family & the CEO of Halliburton we neearly...

oops..a dupe /n/t

Putting a Bolder Face on Google

McCarthyite fink Paul Harvey is dead. I'm just all busted up. n/t

Links to Rightwing Think Tanks

State Sen. John Land of Manning has a message for Gov. Mark Sanford

Researchers Say Fish Fossils Reveal the Earliest Known Erection

Senator to Introduce Groundbreaking Legislation to End Seal Hunt?

Spun-sugar Fibers Spawn Sweet Technique For Nerve Repair

Krugman-Health Care Now

I didn't realize how bad Jindal was until tonight

Veteran Radio Host Paul Harvey Triumphed Smallpox Blankets To Native Americans, Black Slavery...

HUD secretary hearings.. anyone else watch this?

HUD secretary hearings.. anyone else watch this?

The nude KFC employees article shows us just how bad things have become

The nude KFC employees article shows us just how bad things have become

Straight from the Devil's mouth

Letter and bullet received 'threatening Nicolas Sarkozy's life

The fat fucking face of the Republic*nt party....

WJ this morning - is the President's budget too big

Genetically Modified Food Experiments Use Kids for Guinea Pigs

The Ecstasy and the Agony (Frank Rich)

Culture of conspiracy: The Birthers (rightwing group says Obama not USA citizen)

Culture of conspiracy: The Birthers (rightwing group says Obama not USA citizen)

The key to Russ Limbaugh's success is that he appeals to

The top executives at AIG ought to be taken out and shot!

Asia Times: A scam at the heart of the US

A voice in the wilderness no more At CPAC, Ron Paul's critique of the monetary system and the

Another product tested on animals..

CPAC 2009

One of these is a lying sack of shit.

I'm going to post this c*******ing egotistical windbag's partial address.....

Sunday morning quotes with your coffee: Thoughts on runaway corporatism

going next week to check out a part time job ...census taker

Media Matters: Asymmetrical class warfare

Media Matters: Asymmetrical class warfare

Rove is calling the stimulus bill the biggest peacetime spending increase in history

Hey folks, anyone know if our DU donation is tax deductable?

Why doesn't Rush run for the Presidency himself? Easy.

'Ugly' Cat Is Big Star At NH Vet Clinic

Irony: Paul Harvey dies- Rush gives his 'speech of a lifetime'

c h a n g e: Obama’s backing raises hopes for climate pact

If I Were The Devil

NY Times: Liberal Groups Are Flexing New Muscle in Lobby Wars

Oh Dear! Teabagging DOES have a more 'urban' definition. These Republican idiots

Kamehameha Schools trustees take 10% pay cut, reject raise

Becoming clear. It is "Yes We Can" vs "No We Won't".

Why does the GOP think they improved the economy in the 90s, and not Clinton?

A Republican resurgence? POLL

This is how we beat Fox News.

Putting Petulance into the GOP

Bowden Resigns

Could Senator James Inhofe (R - Nutjob) be in legal trouble?

Galleries / Each Grain of Sand a Tiny Work of Art

"Cheering , chest-thumping, fist-pumping, "USA"-chanting crowd brought to its feet" by...???

So They Found Out Why Hair Turns Gray...

turd blossom on with Katrina VandenHuevel (sp) right now

Housing prices in San Diego

Katrina VDH just smacked down Karl Rove in a big way on This Week

Conservatives: Let's go back to the good ol' days of capitalism and the free market

Okaloosa County Sheriff Charlie Morris (R) arrested in Las Vegas.

UBS feeling the heat?...

Are there any news reports indicating how many people showed up at the "tea parties"? nt

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Man gauges recession through yard sales

Fat Moron Slanders President, Idiots React

Mullen comfortable with Obama's Iraq timetable

'Granny scam' bilks elderly out of millions

I've been offered a summer job (5/24 thru 10/10): USFS

NY Post fires its "only Dem" Liz SMITH, who fires back at "those Australians" to Mistah KURTZ

Limbaugh and His Own Personal Brand of Racism That He Denies

You know what to do....

How many trillions could we save over the next decade if we get our political goals accomplished

It's only paper, only ink.

The Iceland Meltdown - it's coming here

...oh, Skittles....''Torture'' Phalluses Give Beetles Breeding Boost

Scott Horton: Lingering Questions About Renditions Plague the U.S.-U.K. Relationship

UN attacks Britain over torture claims

This comment to a Washington Monthly article captures how I feel about republicans.

The Carbon Addicts on Capitol Hill: A call for mass civil disobedience

San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area nonprofits brace for 2010 Armageddon

Immune Molecule That Attacks Wide Range Of Flu Viruses Discovered

1980's - The Disaster Decade.

Rahm doing a good job as mouthpiece on Face The Nation.

OK, please don't yell at me for watching George S's talking head show, but

OK, please don't yell at me for watching George S's talking head show, but

Uncounted Pollution from China

Why Dems Liked Mukasey Better Than Holder

What the Romans learnt from Greek mathematics

yesterday, CNN broadcast most of Limbaugh's speech live, today

WHOOHOO Finally got it! A new exercise machine!

Conservatism is what it is and will be forever. It is not something you can bend and shape

The global warming denier is back at the local paper again!

Report: Obama helicopter security breached

Negative Data on Seroquel Allegedly Suppressed by Drugmaker

A giant fuck you to ABC and Snuffalopolis.

Ailing G.O.P. Risks Losing a Generation

‘Fair and Balanced’ Fox News allows only Republicans to debate Obama’s budget.

Chavez sends troops to rice companies This government is here to protect the people not the rich

Iraqi leaders embrace Obama’s withdrawal announcement.

Happy St. David's Day!

Triangular temple unearthed in Cyprus

Comments that make you go Duh!!

And what if Obama does fail?

Had a conversation with a Fair Tax guy this weekend.

Drivel! pure drivel .

Wind-power industry seeks trained workforce

Wind-power industry seeks trained workforce

Anyone find it odd that the plans to Obama's current helicopter have been leaked...

JAGUAR PICTURE: First Caught in U.S.

I know a lot of former Republicans...virtually no former Democrats

Recession in the Ivy League: Yale will cut 300 employees

The Nation: We Need a Department of Homegrown Security

A Mad Tea Party

Book Review: 'Real Enemies: Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I to 9/11'

Read about the assault against hate speech on Radio & TV by the National Hispanic Media Coalition

It's only right that conservatives get more air time than liberals, and

How about we all obsess over the "first dog".... again

You know, to me, is the WORST thing about all this Limbaugh nonsense...?

i think Obama should invite Rush to the WH for a conversation...

Its really the Limbaugh followers we have to examine

Is the California True Unemployment Rate at 18.47 Percent?

Obama's War with the Right (& Media)

Gawd. I have the round table on MTP on TV. I feel like I'm becoming...

mods pls delete

Dick Cheney invite to American Museum of Fly Fishing sparks anger

The Recession and the ‘Deserving Poor’

watch Katrina Vanden Heuvel tell Karl Rove like it is:

Drinking game or neverending thread: Post a lie (or a truth) from LIMBOsevic's speech (transcript)

Can anyone help me find the text of Lieberman's bill to create DHS?

Michigan professor: Many students dig sitting on balls

Your opinions

Veterans' Families Question Cause of Deaths

Jump You F**kers !!!: Who or what is most culpable for the economic mess......

Questions, questions and more ???s about Sebelius and HHS and what it means for Kansas

Older soldiers find a niche in new Army

Older soldiers find a niche in new Army

Rush Limbaugh shows off his cleavage

"Pro Life Anti-Murderers"

American taste for soft toilet roll 'worse than driving Hummers'

Sununu Sits On TARP Oversight Panel, And On Board Of Bank That Administers TARP (TPM)

If you could go anywhere, where is that?

Cave house facing foreclosure

Rove getting bashed by conservatives at CPAC

About Stevie Wonder: that award this week was long overdue.

Freepers claim turnout of 400 at NYC "Tea Party"

Mark McClure, Alexander Wilhelm, Cullen Shaughnessy, Joseph Gursky

When Prisons Jail Kids for Cash

Bush a 4 letter word at CPAC

Please use your grey matter and consider grey areas -- Think Outside The Bias

Wow, I Predicted This Crash -- A Blast FromThe DU Past

Iraqi Refugees Returning to Danger Zone to Escape Poverty in Utah

Dear President Obama ... the "Nuremberg Chalice" has arrived for America.

Follow up story on 18-year old getting 100 year prison sentence

East Coast DUers: Snowing like crazy here in Alabama and heading your way.

Weather Channel is calling for possibly 8-12 inches of snow tonight in Richmond, VA.

Frank Rich: The Ecstasy and the Agony

Throw Him Back: Dick Cheney invite to American Museum of Fly Fishing sparks anger

About Limbaugh's Lie: "Democrats Wanted Iraq War to Fail"

Abu Dhabi reviewing Citigroup investment -sources

This Sunday's Meet the Press "roundtable discussion" was a joke

The uber-bleak newspaper industry.......

Iran "not close" to nuclear weapon: Gates

Unnecessary meanness

Limbaugh poll...

Great article from Toronto Star about captialism/socialism, freedom/social justice.

Video shows attack on girl in US police custody

Any tax experts around? A form 8889 question.

Rush Limbaugh as the face of the pukes: Perfect.

A simple reason for a progressive tax system...

Why is Rove on TeeVee instead of behind bars?

I REALLY hope that Cenk Uygur and TYT get that 10 PM MSNBC Time Slot

Gates said he would find it “a challenge” to stay through Obama’s first term in office

Frustrated G.O.P. Tries to Drive Wedge Between Obama and Pelosi

WTF? So Which Is It?? Iran Has Nukes or Not???

Howard Dean talks about post DNC plans

CNN sucks

Mainstream media continues to push the CPAC hate fest

The Uncounted Pollution from China

A Great Pic Shows 'How the Bankers Went Down'

what exactly is the goal of our "mission" in afghanistan, and what is our 'exit strategy'...?

i think we should do a letter campaign to abc, nbc & cbs about rove.

Forget the issues and details; attack motives!

Lilburn homeowner shoots, kills intruder at door

Radio surfing.. heard Lynn Samuels tell a listener to "look it up on".

Should 911 calls be released?

Celebrity Cretin

Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

Vanden Huevel rips Rove: ‘It’s laughable for you to talk about fiscal responsibility.’

I can't fake it anymore. My father is dying and I have nothing positive to post.

GOP 2012

Elementary students stand up to bullying.

Freepers justify wasting billions in Iraq & freak out over Prez Obama spending billions aiding USA!


Watching This Week just now...

Anybody out there had success negotiating a good price for a new car lately?

Redstate: "I too want Barack Obama to fail" - help us "undermine" the President

New York's Ultra-Conservative AM Dial

Detroit Free Press: Rahm Emanuel criticizes ailing automakers.

I have never, ever heard thunder while it was snowing!!??

Tucker Carson booed at the CPAC love fest for calling the

Tucker Carson booed at the CPAC love fest for calling the


I think we can officially start calling this one "The Great Recession".

On Limbaugh being self-appointed King of the GOP

Multi-tasking GENIUS Kanye West shows ability to find his penis, flip you off, defend Chris Brown

Clear as mud: Mixed Message on Iran

AIG catastrophe, coming next week

New York City Metro Area Braces for Up to 14 Inches of Snow

Unfitting? Women Must Buy Lingerie From Men in Saudi Arabia

"what if....." a great speech on the house floor

Freepers are NOT happy with Michael Steele..............

PC power consumption: does it really matter?

60 Minutes: Madoff's whistleblower Harry Markopolos, Mexico's escalating drug war, and Booby Jindal

Newspaper publishers cancel their annual convention

Gates: Obama is ‘more analytical’ than Bush.

When people talk about Slave Reparations how come we never talk about Muhammad Ali?

The week ahead...

Brit Hume's Fox News Sunday FATWA: Bread GOOD, Fire BAD, Squeezing the rich CUH-RAY-ZAY!

The Bush Recession

Any socialists out there this morning?

Any socialists out there this morning?

They say that the state of the global economy is a greater threat

Getting directions in Louisiana

Ex-hostages leap to Betancourt’s defence (re: US contractors' claims against her)

$243 for Singulair and Pulmicort

Jim Hightower: "Paul Harvey: Ah, Genocide and Slavery, Now That's A Good Day!"

Turkish Transwoman Running For Public Office

Emanuel: Rush the GOP's "Voice and Intellectual Force" Behind Rethug Party

So ... AIG ran scams and we bailed them out. **WHY** is not one in jail?

What do you think about somebody like this?

Chris Brown expresses remorse for alleged Rihanna beating/biting by jet-skiing at Diddy mansion

Do You Listen to A.M. Radio Anymore?

Another $30,000,000,000 dumped down the AIG rathole

James Dobson of Focus on the Family and his wife QUIT!

Is This "Twin Peaks" Theory Legit? "We all have too much debt"

Happy Birthday Paul Krugman

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 1

Does Sarah Palin really represent "small-town values"?

The Myth that we can choose our own Doctors in our present Health Care System

GOP rewards its leaders well. Riches to Leader Rush and protection for Rove. Dems...not so much.

Hilarious video of right wing shock jock John Ziegler freaking out at Max Blumenthal...

Damn look at snow in Atlanta

(UK) 'There was no Cabinet debate in run-up to war,' says former cabinet minister

He saves drunk from train death: Heroic PATH guard grabs man

Hydroponic gardens calm Rikers Island teen inmates

Under fire to quit, Burris goes about his business

Under fire to quit, Burris goes about his business

Really good Maher last night

Robert Gates says Obama more analytical than Bush.

News you probably didn't hear about - Right winger goes on killing spree, kills 2, and injures 3

Well..this may assure we don't see Palin in the lower 48 for a while

So, How much have you lost?

Great chart on income breakdown. I will use this when my republican

Wal-Mart employee dies after setting himself on fire

Before today, I always believed that Limpballs was just

Imagine: The year is 2004, and the "Progressive Political Action Conference" airs on CSPAN et al

The Freepers are discussing Rachel Maddow

Quick question about NAMBLA - I'm debating gay rights with a wingnut....

Radio commentator Paul Harvey dead at 90

How will foreign aid proceed under Clinton?

Question about new administrations

Shine the light on HATE - state by state (UPDATED)

Rick Santelli,, Freedomworks, et al.

First Day of Spring!!!

something pig like about republicans?

Sweden vs Americans fun facts they live longer and make more money

How's your access to Progressive talk radio?

Finally, a graphic I can post in GD

Among the Young Conservatives

Let's push Rush UP. He's our guy!

+++ 4,253 +++

In Old Town, The Sex Shop Is a Kiss-Off

Rick Santelli’s "PLANTED" Rant - "More To The Story Then Originally Met The Eye" Playboy Magazine

HuffPo is kicking every other blog's ass. What happened to DailyKos?

U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says Venezuela Prepared for World Food Crisis

Poll on Limpball at CNN.

The Religious Right's dance is just about over.

Enough With The Crying Over The "Tax Hike" On People Making $250K A Year

Big Pharma Quietly Hikes Drug Prices 100 Percent or More

Should Obama include single payer advocates in the health care debate?

Rush at CPAC: Which pitiful, doomed and deluded movie character sums him up best for you?

The answer? HIGH SPEED RAIL across America

Washington state to allow `dignity' deaths

The median home price in Detroit is $7,500. That is NOT a typo.

Cops Are Out Of Control

Chechen leader imposes strict brand of Islam (Explains why women with "loose morals" deserved to be

How can it possibly cost someone $20,000/mo to live?

I'm amazed at the number of "liberals" on this board that...

Drawing Blood at DUI Checkpoints..

The Rush Limbaughs of this country are whipping up the Timothy McVeighs of this country

When the privileged fall...

Paul Harvey died. I know he was a GOPer but I liked his rest of the stories

Number of Washington Post op-eds by women in the past two days: 0.

Report: Detroit Lion, 2 other NFL players missing off Gulf coast

Protein Found Linking Stress And Depression

Protein Found Linking Stress And Depression

Worst Week Ever: Republicans Unhinged

Why did the Democrats nominate Walter Mondale in 1984?

Bolivia ratifies new Constitution

Bolivia ratifies new Constitution

You don't fire racist cartoonists for drawing racist cartoons for racist "newspapers," but...

Something about gun sales I noticed this morning

The math of obesity is extremely simple. The psychology is not

Bloggers Can't Fill the Gap Left by Shrinking Press Corps

Obesity is far more complex than some folks think

My neice is interning at an advertising agency in Milan.

Who do you miss?

It's all the same

Does this inspire you? It gets me moving.

I've been cheated, been mistreated...

The honor guards have left


The Temptations are on TV tonight I LOVE the temptations have seen them twice



Shamwow parody come on some ear buds the wires are different lengths?

Bill "Crow T. Robot II" Corbett's tribute to Mr. Rogers on the 6th anniversary of his passing

Replace every word in a song title with "cheese sandwich"

School play canceled. Is there separation of church and state?

I bought one of those "pet hair sweeper" things they've been advertising.

Is it true? Lemonparty is a good person repellant, that is?

It was windy here today, my windchimes worked overtime.

The artist that Prince wanted to be

Damn. He's going to miss the CPAC conference.

Tonight you're all going to be part of a social experiment

Is YouTube sucking ass for anyone else lately?

I can't stop

Deleting Norton AntiVirus

Announcement: Tommy_Carcetti has finally entered the 21st Century

Relocation question - advice or input, please

Boston baked beans, homemade in a bean pot,

Ihazcat. Cat_haz_me.Discuss. come on some kind buds the stems are different lengths?

and now..."The Rest of the Story"

LIst your favorite Temptation song

St. Ives Collagen & Elastin

I'm not posting here anymore until I get a satisfactory answer!

Has anyone bought a 'puter from Warehouse Point Dot Com?


Dear Professor Ballwasher,

What weird DU portal did I enter?

I'm tired. I am so unbelievably, annoyingly tired.

"...He that is not busy being born is busy dying"

Shi-it! I had a bit too much wine to dring tonithg!. Ask me anything!:hi:"

Personal Responsibility.

Public Service Announcement for the women of DU:

Satchmo singing "What A Wonderful World"

I got tapes. I got CDs. I got my Public Enemy.

CBS 48 Hour "Mystery"

So I am watching the Pirates of Penzance....

Protect your food. Fight the National Animal Identification System (NAIS.)

Post a music video with a geographical reference.

Picard thread--post one taken at an ususual angle, if you have it.

Is it possible to have a parakeet fly around the house when you have three cats?

Police: Man uses fake money to buy fake drugs

Cat toying with mouse

I gots a rumbly in my tumbly.

Musical Triplets...

Snuggie porn.

Here we come-walking down the street-.get the funniest loooks from-everyone we meet

Who cares if I just met you, I know that I'm in love with you.


I love the Lounge and all... but if I get fired it's totally you guys' fault.

Penis Lovers. Do you like BIG ones, or little ones?

Gouldian finch courtship dance (this rocks)

You can has magnetz

it is supposed to snow here tomorrow from 6am to 3pm

Last night's nachos were awesome! Hmmm.

Pot Legilization

I always get snow days when I don't want them.

I can't stay awake.

New York City DU'ers--some pronunciation help.

Icon's Story (A Flash presentation)

Boris the Spider....

... and for you puppy lovers:

Holy Cow - I sampled my first batch of dandelion wine last night - YUM

Hand-feeding a baby zebra finch (talk about a real "Awwww" moment)

PSA: When the Dell Tech Support guy tells you that the only way to fix a problem

What kind of depression is it when you feel so much better after eating carbs?

Hear, hear! hirsute

It's snowing in Atlanta, and I am just a few miles

It's SNOWING Here in Atlanta GA

The Philadelphia Eagles Dumped Brian Dawkins

Remember Baa Baa Black Sheep?

Good day at church.

What kind of crustacean is it when you feel better eating crabs?

the cats are very happy

Hugo Chavez seizes cheese sandwich factory....

What do you think is the toughest job ?

and they call it puppy lu-u-u-uv

What does this recurring dream mean?

I am 100% serious when I say that the repuglicon party will run...

Warning! This is pic noir

Joe Squared has the best pizza in Baltimore!

Morningstar Farms veggie "sausage" tastes as good as real sausage

Dumb criminal of the week!

You always know where I stand

Reason nobody seems to be posting on a Sunday morning

Meanwhile, back in Montreal, it's sunny and balmy

Grad School Advice

Finally some good news for my Nationals!

"I'm not a slug. I'm a necro, but not a slug. There's a huge difference."

Chemistry question

That serial killer show thread from earlier convinced me to buy a true crime book...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Sorry, Twins.

Be sure to shake your cans in front of other people at the grocer's.


looks like I am extending my NJ trip at least a day

i am a glorious snowball fighter!

I'm cooking up a storm

At Shircuit Shitty: TVs at 40% off!!!11uno!!!112 This is HUGH!!!!!11ein!!!12

I watched the movie "W" yesterday (possible spoilers) discuss


Does anyone know if the Supreme Court closes due to inclement weather.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/1/2009)

This is more than the lounge could ask for, i don't understand why there are not a brazillion posts

Sorry to vent. I'm just so sad tonight.

I'm torn about a fish tank right now

"Everything happens for a reason"

Best Guitarist

Best Drummer

If yer in Philly, ya better go to Wawa now

another newspaper closes its press

Mystery fans and history buffs: Do yourself a favor and start following these two series...

So, Willie Mays dropped in last night.

Can you watch this video without laughing?

hey, whose driving this thing anyway...

My Daughters Brought Home an Injured Dove From School

It's snowing!

Surprise parties

Super heroes whose alter egos have 2 first names.

90 degrees

The Most Boring Poll of All Time.

Changing Kitten Picture of the day name

The Hallmark Channel is running a Golden Girls marathon!!!

Fundraising ideas........

potstickers make the world a better place

My cat enjoys nothing more than ear wax.

We(East Alabama) have snow! (Pics)

We have laughed and scorned. But how many East Coasters are looking at the snow & PRAYING they had..

Slap Chop

Did Midlo survive her ordeal with the Jonas Brothers movie yesterday w/out getting arrested

Saving the daffodils--I've been putting up little tents over the daffodils that have

"Slut" is a sexist term used by prudes

The very definition of "PWNT" BWAHAHAHAHAHA

The phallus of a beetle is spiky

I'm flying. Like, wicked fast.

How much should I charge for this?

Asian Teen Has Sweaty Middle-Aged-Man Fetish

Led Zeppelin stole the keyboard riff for "All of My Love" from Bowie's "Big Brother"

Too Much Cute! It burns! (PICS)

It's officially college admissions notices month

Oh CRAP I accidentally started an new conspiracy theory/cover-up

I usually HATE HATE HATE Fruit Beers

CHRIS FARLEY Tribute. Post something that begins "Remember..." and ends with "...that was AWESOME."

so ya think some of this snow will reach Central Florida ?

BeachBaby Is Going To Have Snow Up To Her.........B**BS

I just saw some COMPLETE IDIOTIC JACKASS come within INCHES of smashing into my PARKED car...

New Jersey is about to get hammered with the white stuff!!!!

Oops...I accidentally reversed the margarita recipe...

'Ugly' Cat Is Big Star At NH Vet Clinic

Name some things that totally suck

Wow. There has been this white stuff falling from the sky all afternoon.

Young at Heart/80+ year olds singing rock songs.


I'm watching, "Jaws" I love this movie and always will

Trader Joe's faux ShamWows work AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING

KFC employees follow "corporate" instructions to pull fire pin, get naked & pee on each other.

I had a dream last night that people wearing Snuggies were coming into my house.

This LOST is for graywarrior

Our son's bris is complete. His name?

"I'm not a slut. I'm a nympho, but not a slut. There's a huge difference."

I am worried about Little MB - advice please....

Is anybody getting ants?

Anyone have a cup of milk

Never thought I would respect an action flick , but "Das Boot" was phenomenal !

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/1/09

greetings from agra, india

I just rented a place here in Columbus

In case you missed it in GD

Name some things that totally don't suck


The US Festival (83) vs. the California Jam (74).

Anyone watching the TV series- Life On Mars?

Orlando Bloom: Elf or Pirate??

Richmond Virginia is *CLOSED* tomorrow

Oy, back from my hernia surgery and am I sore!

Need The Good DU Vibes

Graywarrior Reunion Pics

What bands are big in Japan right now??

Your Sunday LOLcats. (dial-up warning)

kitten picture of the day for sunday March 1

Stories From the Road: Key West and Why I'm a Trucker

Zeke Emanuel is a health care advisor to Obama. Wants to phase out Medicare and Medicaid.

all hail Dolly Parton

OK, so, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, or German? or maybe Korean?

Dog Lovers. Do you like BIG dogs, or little ones?

What Are YOu Listening to>

Karl Rove being honored by Leon Panetta institute. Tops List of 2009 Panetta Lecture Invitees

In Defense of Obamanomics

Santelli rant a planned propaganda operation?

Not that I care, but I thought the Conservative movement was about substance over style...

The Best Role/Job for Michelle Obama

10/11/06 - Boehner Praises Bush's Policies - Ridicules Democrats' Erroneous Economic Predictions

July 10, 2006 - House Republicans Celebrate the "Bush Economic Boom"

Iraqi leaders embrace Obama’s withdrawal announcement.

And then there is Limpdick

OMG, found the perfect logo for the Repubs

Rush making front page news!

The wild and crazy libs are always protesting

My hope for the GOP, especially the Bush apologists, Limpy groupies:

KS-Gov, KS-Sen: Sebelius to Take HHS

This video perfectly explains republicans in 1 minute and 26 seconds.

Bush speechwriter David Frum speaks out against his own party's bag-of-FAIL

The Builders

NYT's Kristof: Franklin Delano Obama

Rash Ass embodies NEGATIVISM disguised as False Logic and Reason

OK-Gov, OK-05: Fallin to Run for Governor

Faux News Sunday: Bulging neck viens and red faces this morning

Washington Post: Obama, Reaching Outside the Bubble

Christianists And Porn

Santelli's "Tea Parties" were pre-planned by the Right Wing!

I'm finally watching W.

Dear Mister O ...

White House Photographer's Work

Sunday talk show lineup for March 1 (Katrina vanden Heuvel vs. Karl Rove Alert!)

After watching CPAC conservatism has moved from a political idealogy into a Religion

Does anyone have that beautiful oval office picture of Michelle Obama?

A Repost: HUGE Red Flag Endorsement for Kathleen Sebelius for HHS

Anyone get the impression Tavis Smiley doesn't really like Obama?

"Repubs are like eunuchs invited to a party at the Playboy mansion": Mike Murphy

Franklin Delano Obama - NYTimes

MTP - Why Did Gates Have Such A Problem Answering The ? - What's The Difference Between Bush & Obama

Uncle Oxy Rush--ummm, the clothes, the movements....

AreYou Fish Food? Do They Know They Are?

NYT: Ailing G.O.P. Risks Losing a Generation

Bobby Jindal: George Bush Redux in Louisiana

President Obama is doing a lot of the Moves them Pubs were looking for from BUSH but never got

Thom Hartmann and that 13 year old republican kid.

Irony or just happenstance...

Irony or just happenstance...

Free t-shirt design

Obama's Liberal Budget - and what it portends

Chris Rock on George W. Bush (video)

Hey guys just a pleasant clip of President Obama talking about growing up; during the campaign

What's the GOP So Pissed About??

Marine One blueprints and avionics leaked to Iran through peer-to-peer network

Holy shit!! They are all saying it now. How could they possibly think this is a good strategy?

The Sebelius Record On Health Care

FRAME: Are Republicans willing to admit that Ronald Reagan was a Socialist?

who wrote the stimulus bill referenced in the nypost cartoon of the chimp??

Dumbo already out on the speech circuit, "filling his coffers"

If It All Fails, Does the Country Turn Right or Left?

Tea parties are going on across the nation..

If republicans all became liberal and Democrats conservative would you switch parties?

Obama's Marine One Security Breached

Esquire Magazine: What's So Bad About Socialism, Anyway?

Psst..Want to see what change looks like? Real change? 10 things you should know about Obama's plan

Grammarians, how did the praise 'Good on you' get started?

Frank Rich: The Ecstasy and the Agony

Is Jindal's Demise Gingrich's Gain?

Is there one country where the conservative ideology has taken hold?

I AGREE with Ben Stein....really

Question about Joe the Plumber "being prior military"

Joe Klein: Obama's Speech: A Tonal Masterpiece

Limbaugh Takes On Gingrich: ‘We’ve Got To Stamp This Out Within This Movement’

Gregory - If you have a guest on who insists Obama wants a "French style" government.

I apologize to all Deaniacs, you were right; Howard Dean wanted HHS after all

If anyone was "Socialist" it was the Republican Party

My Obama-MLK high five photoshop:

"If you want a middle-class democracy, you can't have a millionaire press corps"

Into The Arms Of Our Lovely First Ladies

Want to really see what's going on? (You might want to take a fistful of Xanax first.)

Obama ISN'T a socialist, but to succeed, we as a party need to defend "socialist" values.

Coulter Coldly Dismisses Idea That She's Bad For The GOP

How Inclusive are Republicans?

Another nomination for The most ignorant stupid MOFO dumb racist hick of the Year (UPDATED)

Obama, Reaching Outside the Bubble

Dean to renew his work with Democracy for America...DFA. Among other things.

Vanden Huevel rips Rove: ‘It’s laughable for you to talk about fiscal responsibility.’

Michael Steele was just called out by Chuck D on D.L. Hughley's show

Wonder if Obama Feels Extra Pressure Because He's Black?

PHOTOS My only reservation about the First Lady is that she really needs to lighten up

List of Gay Members of the Obama Administration to-date

Rahm Emanuel is very good on Face The Nation

MTP - Why Did Gates Have Such A Problem Answering The ? - What's The Difference Between Bush & Obama

It is all but official, gays were shut out of the cabinet with only one even considered at all

The GOP's strategy in effect.

The GOP's strategy in effect.

Police: Man uses fake money to buy fake drugs

Israel's death squads: A soldiers story

UN attacks Britain over torture claims

White House Photographer's Work

Big Pharma Quietly Hikes Drug Prices 100 Percent or More

Culture of conspiracy: The Birthers (rightwing group says Obama not USA citizen)

Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

Father sues Turkish Education Ministry over Armenian 'genocide' DVD

Bolivia ratifies new Constitution

Official: Arab Countries Have Not Delivered Pledged $1B to Rebuild Gaza

Under fire to quit, Burris goes about his business

Scientists uncover portrait of the artist Leonardo as a young man

Job Losses Probably Escalated in February: U.S. Economy Preview

Researchers find safer way to make stem cells

Legislation to Overhaul Rockefeller Drug Laws Moves Ahead Swiftly

Intel, TSMC to unveil strategic tie-up on Monday

GMAC CEO awarded $11.62 mln compensation in 2008 (Twice 2007 compensation)

Corporate jet makers feel squeeze in US

Girls being force-fed for marriage as junta revives fattening farms

Dick Cheney invite to American Museum of Fly Fishing sparks anger

Liberty groups unite to defend UK rights

Germany rejects bailout plan for east EU nations

Potential Security Breach Involving President's Helicopter Found By Local Company

Saffron uproots poppies on farms in Afghanistan

Worst job losses in 60 years expected

Award-winning artist's anti-war mural is scrubbed... for fear of violence

Chavez Seizes Venezuelan Rice Plants

Soldier mom plans to report for duty with kids

Banker claims to be political prisoner of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

Radio Host Paul Harvey has died

Malaysia revives ban on Christian use of "Allah"

'Eight killed' in US missile strikes in Pakistan

Missing boaters may include at least 1 NFL player

Iran has enough nuclear fuel to make bomb: U.S.

Closing the School of Assassins (School of the Americas)

The Obamas' Partisan Puppy

Toledo Abortion Protest

President Barack Obama @ Bull Vs. Wizards Game!!! HQ 02.27.09 FULL

"I Do Want Obama to Fail" - Rush Limbaugh 02/28/09 at CPAC

Democracy Now: Why Climate Change will be even worse than expected

Friday Feminist Fuck You: Anti-Choicers Gone Wild!

Fidel Castro on OceanQuest (1985)

Greenville, SC Tea Party

Abbott and Costello Explain the CPAC Budget Panel

Republican Delight (MC GOP)

RNC's Michael Steele calls Limbaugh's Comments "Incendiary and Ugly"

Paul Harvey: On social security (1985)

The Man With the Guns Make the Rules

Young Turks: Down Goes James Dobson of Focus On The Family!!

Speak up against Limbaugh

Rachel Maddow interviews the authors of the Left Behind series.

New Testament scholar Barbara Rossing debunks "the Rapture"

Chuck D and DL Hughley explain black people to Michael Steele

Paul Harvey: Using pork fat as a weapon (1985 ... clip incomplete)

CNN's Bill Schneider on Limbaugh: "Angry" speech, hoping Obama fails "crosses the line"

The Young Turks: How Wrong Are TV Pundits?

Gay Education

The Week In Cartoons 02/28/09

Karl Rove owned by Katrina Vanden Heuvel on This Week's "Round Table"

Cop assaults 15-year-old girl


Ha! Cantor Tries To Distance Himself From Rush

WTF? Couple in Louisianna wanted to swap their 2 children for a bird and $175

Rahm Words

TYT: Cenk's Conversation About Race With Conservative Goes Terribly Awry

"Big Fat Idiot" Limbaugh and his brain-dead myrmidons at CPAC

Ken Salazar addresses Power Shift 09

Israel PM's family link to Hamas peace bid

Are Yanks not coming to the party?

Commentary: Doomed to repeat history in Afghanistan?

Independent UK: We live in Mrs Thatcher's monument

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen: is it game over for Swiss banks

Pawns with Lawns (Mickey Z.)

Don Hewitt: Remembering Edward R. Murrow

Frank Rich: The Ecstasy and the Agony

Soylent Red, White and Blue

In Love With A. Lincoln - Illustrator entranced by the fragile pieces of a monumental life

The Wallenberg Curse

NY Times: "When Will the Recession Be Over?"

GOP to Get Their Own Social Network: 'Bitter'

Thomas Schaller: Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party

Downward Mobility .. “It has been like peeling back the layers of a bad onion,”

Soylent Green is Made of Naiveté

Pics: Strawberry Workers in Santa Maria, Calif.



India Launches Project to Phase Out Incandescent Bulbs

Can a town which has lost 90% of its population regenerate green?

Wacker Plans $1 billion Polysilicon Plant (Tennessee)

FPL Breaks Ground on 25MW Photovoltaic Project (FL)

NY governor makes plug for (50 MW) solar power project (Long Island)

Saco rolls out its $2.2 million economic engine (green AMTRAK station, Maine)

Wind power output hits 1,000 MW in New York

Smart-grid project matches wind to electric cars (Denmark)

Indus Delta Down To 10% Of Historic Area As Water Diversions, Rising Seas Take Toll

Congress Abandons "Carbon Neutral" Plan For US House - WP

Even In Capital City, Tajikistan Down To 2-3 Hours Of Electricity Daily

15,000 demonstrated against nuclear power in Germany with 52 kilometres of light

"The Age Of Stupid" - 3/15 Premiere - Will Look Back At A World That Did Nothing About Climate

Oz Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull Linked To Tropical Forest Clear-Cutting In Solomon Islands

Undercover Agent Hunts the Hunters

Hong Kong February Warmest Since Recordkeeping Began In 1884 - Straits Times

Coal plant dead in Kansas

San Francisco Chronicle: Suburban job growth imperils emission goals

Ranavirus Confirmed In Japan - 10,000+ Frogs Killed In Single Pond - Japan Times

NASA's Chief Climate Scientist Stirs Controversy With Call for Civil Disobedience

First Solar breaks solar energy’s $1 per watt barrier (USA)

Uribe Spies With His Many Little Eyes And Doesn't Like What He Sees

Bolivia ratifies new Constitution

Banker claims to be political prisoner of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

Ex-hostages leap to Betancourt’s defence

Multinational accused of massacres in Colombia

From bananas: U.N. Food and Ag Group says Venezuela Prepared for World Food Crisis

Mundo Raro

Chavez sends troops to rice companies This government is here to protect the people not the rich

Today in labor history Mar 1 H McDaniel became the first African-American to win an Academy Award

Tropicana dealers vote to authorize strike in Atlantic City

Washington State beat Arizona State... Yes!!!!!!

Anyone watching the Missouri Kansas game?

Positions in order of importance: QB, CB, OT, DT.

Giants defense just went from good to great

Two NFL players missing at sea

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (March 1): Topa to challenge Vishy-Wrap on Aeroflot-Gris leads Linares

Should there be cheerleaders in pro sports?

Prop. 8 opens the door to discrimination against other groups

United States of Tara

Is "Woo Woo" the new "Faggot"?

Jay Cutler wants out of Denver? (Denver wanted Cassels)

FACTBOX-Highlights of Warren Buffett's annual investors' letter

FACTBOX-EU steps up pace on financial regulation

February Economic Summary in Graphs (x-post gdp)

Exclusive: AIG near deal on new terms of bailout

Great News: MILK comes out on DVD on March 10!

UPDATE 2-BofA carries loans $44 bln above market value

The History of Usury

My personal story about the housing crisis.. Inside the mind of a Republican!

Israel's death squads: A soldiers story

Former Top Aide Incriminates Olmert on Bribery Charges

Why Netanyahu isn't backing a two-state solution

Israeli writer searches for peace

Upgrade Palestinian rights

Fayyad asks donors to channel Gaza aid through him

Israel's death squads: A soldiers story

Ten rockets hit southern Israel, one damages Ashkelon school

Lieberman: I am ready to vacate my own house for peace

Israel PM's family link to Hamas peace bid

OPINION / Israel has lost its status as a country under threat

Israel threatens painful response to Gaza rockets

Israel PM's family link to Hamas peace bid

Israel Threatens 'Harsh' Retaliation for Palestinian Rocket Attacks

The people of Israel voted Hamas

Email: AstraZeneca Official Praises Doctor For "Great 'smoke-and-mirrors' job!"

'Ethical' stem cell creation hope (BBC)

FDA knew since 2005 that Needle Factory sold contaminated syringes

Science Mag: Obama Budget Would Increase Autism Research Funding

just bought an M1A!!!!

Margaret Bourke-White masterpiece

Restoring an old memory..

Instruments Musicaux Anciens

moscow or asheville?

Army cuts bonuses in SRB program

DoD: NJ soldier killed by bomb in Iraq

Okla. Iraq veterans transition to life at home

U.S. deaths in Afghanistan spike in 2009

Neb. Guardsman dies after falling ill

Retired soldier, 61, reports back to duty

Leaving Iraq: Shift south, exit through desert

Iranian leader: U.S. should speed up pullout

Army mom will bring kids to Benning

Units post flags at SC massing of colors

Wii makes therapy a game for wounded vets

TRADOC chief: Leader development needs work

Port Royal repairs to cost millions

DoD launches health care video contest

Ex-Ellsworth sgt. wants statements tossed

Focus turns to matching old, new Iraqi institutions

Army medical staff struggling to improve access

New Army MWR ID requirements are here to stay

Misawa holds Military Saves week

Controversial 50,000-won bill will begin circulation in South Korea in June

Iraq War May End, but Fighting Doesn't

Seven-year-old at Yokosuka is first child to get citizenship under new rule

Taliban May Have up to 15,000 Fighters

More sad, sad tales of the March snowfall

Bill would let spouses keep state residency

We'Moon weekly starcode

ASTROLOGERS: What is the implication of

Just found out that a Soul Sister passed away suddenly!!!

Nolle's Astro-Forecast for MARCH

Anyone who knows about soulmate placement?

Hi - I just donated so I could post here

The weirdest dream I've ever had

Article at HuffPost on the usefulness of guided imagery

Okay...WTF? Astrologers!

Rick DiClemente's March Starself Astrology Newsletter

Weekly Healing Project #23 | Mar 1-7 | Abundance & Prosperity

2 creepy dreams in 2 nights

March 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Bad behaviour leaves a bad taste

Science vs religious myth, according to a seven-year-old w/Asperger's

Debunking the Rapture

Scandanavian Nonbelievers, Which Is Not to Say Atheists

I had my first grease fire today

Thieving bastards III

At long last--sourdough!

Just Discovered Marshall's and World Market Last Night

Random Soup Notes

I just pulled my first foccacia experiment out of the oven. It smells yummy!

Is this worth buying?

Share your Favorite Recipes ~ MUFFINS, SCONES & QUICKBREADS

I'm hungry,

Milk prices are way down ...... will cheese and ice cream and butter, etc., follow?

Whats for Dinner? ~ Sunday March 1st

Another Weird Animal Story.

Just a thank you.

Blending butter with oils?

College for all: Is Obama’s goal attainable?

911 documentaries

Stimulus $$ for toll roads? (Action alert if you think *not*)

Russia denies plane approached Canadian airspace

Iggy Can't See

So I bought one of those USB to IDE/SATA hard drive converter cables...

I updated Internet Explorer. Now Amazon's page is odd.

What'sa good online source for replacement harddrives?

Agree or Diagree: UK politics is more refined than US politics

Happy St. David's Day!

The Word of Gord Is Law

Who Will Post Brown His P45?

Nothing's too good for the workers representatives