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Archives: March 10, 2009

Stem cells?

Keith Olbermann just promised Congressman "Nancy Wasserman-Schultz", coming up next.

KOs on Bushco's motley rules

From the Girl Scouts: 43% of girls strongly believe that "girls have to work harder than boys...

A Bank Bailout That Works

A Bank Bailout That Works

Drug firms in $41bn giant merger (BBC)

Immigration Policy Grants Broad, Unchecked Authority to Local Law Enforcement

I for one welcome our new Simpston overlords... RLOL

Grandcare Toolkit-Resources for Grandparents raising grandkids

The lovely and talented (and stupid) Michele Bachmann

Don't miss Rachel tonight

Rachel Maddow has the Free Choice Act right!

XM Folks, In case you haven't noticed...Malloy is LIVE on XM now :)

Obama orders Bush signing statments review

Somebody help me understand this bailout thing.

Liberal groups to protest health insurance conference Tuesday

Close call off South China Sea

Republicans urged Obama to let banks fail

Annthrax must be jealous of all the attention the oxycotin addict is getting.....

The Woz on Dancing with the Stars!

Five thousand demonstrated in Malmö (Sweden)

Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold

Contractor Deaths in Iraq

Imagine my disappointment

More classic "New Rules" from Bill Maher - 10/31/08 4 days before the election

Even in a recession, some companies are hiring

My boss's group has about a dozen contractors in it (out of 60)

Forget Nationalization. Make them file bankruptcy.

In celebrating my 100th post since joing Du, I just want to say

For just $276,000 a day, you can change this investment banker's life.

Catch the VOLVOS FROM FLORIDA op-ed in the Sunday Times?

Modular Windows plan 'welcomed' (BBC)

Life in "The Kingdom"..... 75 Year old Syrian woman sentenced to 40 Lashes in Saudi Arabia.....

They won't ever leave Michael Schiavo alone...

Words FAIL me!!! ".......watching people and thinking they're bad all the time"

Coulter: NYT editors should have been ‘executed for treason’

Remember Bush's address on stem cell research and he had bats or something flying around behind him?

Texas Voter Twister - Try It and see if you win (x-post from Texas and ER)

The Economist : How to stop the Drug Wars.Wooops...

Missouri man charged in shooting of 29 cattle

Regulate attempts to collect debts of the dead

WP: Stimulus Dollars Energize Efforts To Smarten Up the Electric Power Grid

Matthew Rothschild: Obama Hits Right Notes on Stem Cell Research; Republicans Heartless

MarketWatch: How Wall Street's army of quants controls your mind, money

Jon Stewart Talking About 'Blogonet' Response To His CNBC Critique Now (Calls Out Cramer "F**k You")

If GM goes Ch.11 and obligations are shed, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MI goes belly up

Big Japanese banks may have large unrealized losses: report

Anti-choicers declare war on abortion clinics...

Like I needed another thing to dislike about Coulter

Surprising colonists of La Isabela

These Bank commercials on television are downright hysterical....

Bunker Hill site eyed as possible Colonial graves

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bank Stock Crash Surpasses Dot-Com Collapse of the 1990s

Barbara Ehrenreich/Bill Fletcher Jr.: Reimagining Socialism: Rising to the Occasion

"Shutting Detroit Down" John Rich

"Shutting Detroit Down" John Rich

Oh crap, the red states are gettin serious about a new civil war

Sensational new Mayan archaeological find at El Mirador in Guatemala

Our district manager on the Employee Free Choice Act:

Goal to reduce carbon footprint.... on Fox?

OOOPPPS, microsoft F*cks up in Iceland

T-shaped earthen structure preceded Moundville by more than 2,000 years

T-shaped earthen structure preceded Moundville by more than 2,000 years

Wife/GF beating comes from misogny. (He hates his mother)

John Stewart goes after CNBC again!

Old soles: 800-year-old shoe soles yield clues about preservation of leather

Iraqi Electrical Deaths:: Rachel Maddow;;pipes had been "hot" causing injuries and deaths

The Repo Man

Merrill paid Latam banker Bettamio $7 million bonus:

Perspective: I spent the weekend with two friends who've lost over $1 million

Interesting word that DUers might find useful: groupuscule

China says activity by US ship illegal

Pakistan government warns Sharif " Inciting people for disobedience is sedition."

Citigroup Subject to Contingency Talks by Officials, WSJ Says

Space Shuttle Night Launch Alert! - Wednesday around 915PM Eastern

Is there a problem with DU? Can only get on through upload

Whatever you do, don't read this. It's a waste of time.

Howie Dean is being interviewed on

The first sound bites

If these clowns really wanted to take down America, they should have become derivatives traders....

Can there be a commune without a religious whack job?

The Next Airline Fee: Buying Tickets?

USA Today, Politico repeated their previous falsehood ballot is currently required to form a union

Omnibus: Democrats Stung by Dissenters

Sail Like An Egyptian

Cramer on TODAY Show now.

Another suicide bombing in Iraq

Glenn Beck has completely lost his fucking mind.

I am pretty sure that Joey Scarb

What's with this crap?

Ornery owl attacks late-night skiers in Maine

Bomber kills 25 at Iraq peace conference

Jesus' General: A New Hero fpr the Compelled Conception Movement

Russian advice: More troops won't help in Afghanistan

Remember Sean Tevis, the candidate who raised all that money on the internet last summer?

Frank Rich: The looters of "Our Town"....Greed and Gilding

WJ this morning: Has your view of the American Dream changed

Shakespeare's first theatre found (BBC) {and portrait!}

Susan Lindauer: Secret Charges and The Patriot Act

Pakistan Tribe Agrees to Hand Over Taliban (In Region Rumored to Hide OBL)

Dalai Lama: Chinese rule in Tibet has created 'hell on Earth'

Guardian UK: Unemployment – it's worse than you think

Labor Bill Faces Threat in Senate From Dems and Rethugs

Suck it, CNBC - Roubini on why the markets have tanked 20% since Jan. 2009

Scarborough is trying to play kingmaker, starting today.

Cramer on MSNBC

student loan provision in budget

Dean Baker: Deficit concern or sabotage?


Leno will do a show in Detroit to help the auto business and auto workers.

“The Move”- A small excerpt from a larger story of a tiny tale of epic horror. Part Two.

“The Move”- A small excerpt from a larger story of a tiny tale of epic horror. Part Two.

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall by Joey the Scar):

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall by Joey the Scar):

Tom Tomorrow-GOP Strategies For Success

"The" Google and the Internet"s" hey, I don't miss them!

Great Stimulus Ideas from the Great Depression

US To Firm Up Trade Stance With Domestic Focus

US To Firm Up Trade Stance With Domestic Focus

Facebook post gets worker fired

Cheers bar lays off fabled bartender

Is there anything out there that is more two-faced than the Christian Right?

Are Crazy Muslims a threat to this country?

Are Crazy Muslims a threat to this country?

Proposal to limit tax deductions for the wealthiest? Rangel and Baucus are against it

I turn on M$NoBodyCares, and they are asking "Has Obama tried to accomplish too much"?

Religion survey: 55% of those who are married had no religious ceremony

What "too much? too soon?" tells us about the state of things

Financial Crisis for Beginners

Don Siegelman is on Stephanie Miller now

Arianna Huffington: Tim Geithner, CNBC, and the Second Coming of Known Unknowns

Arianna Huffington: Tim Geithner, CNBC, and the Second Coming of Known Unknowns

Report: Slain US Nazi hated Obama, had parts for 'dirty bomb'

"Mr. President, please pay attention to us poor bankers..."

"Street Heat": Illegal Gang Radio Station Busted In Florida

The Simple Arithmetic of the Mortgage Crisis Debunks Right Wing Media Narratives

Don't Look Now, But The Markets Are Rallying

Are we ready to welcome new states named Chihuahua, Durango, Veracruz, and Yucatan?

Stem cell research:

Obama gifts to PM Brown, what was he thinking?

Rebuilding the Great American Community

Hey GOP! You say Obama is taking on too much...

Banks: "Dead Men Walking"

Specter: ‘I think we’re on the brink of a depression.’

Tuesday TOONS part 2- Going Galt

How many people did the Khmer Rouge kill?

Hey Econ Profs - Get Your Textbooks Here

Widespread extinctions predicted as ocean acidity climbs

Meanwhile back at the stress tests

Obama stimulus helps at home workers

Obama stimulus helps at home workers

Boehner Spokesman: Description Of GOP’s Drag-Dems-Down Strategy Is “Largely Correct”

1 in 50 American Children Experiences Homelessness

Is This the Worst Year to Graduate College Ever?

Bernanke Says Financial Rules Need an Overhaul....wonder if he told mr bu$h* the same?

Colbert Defends Limbaugh For "Carrying The Water"-- Fri Nov 17th 2006

Poll: 8% Blame Obama For the Recession

The Rude Pundit: Obama, Stem Cells, and Pissy Right-Wingers

EFCA to be introduced today

Landrieu, Pryor, Lincoln and Specter Strike Again......Watch 'em wreck the Employee Free Choice Act

We have people living in tent cities

US open to talks with most Taliban, VP Biden says

Alabama AG under federal investigation

Zombie Banks indeed.........

Arlen Specter: ‘I think we’re on the brink of a depression.’


Ich habe nur den Befehlen gehorcht!

Coleman and Franken Still Battle, as Minnesota Awaits a Senator

CNBC reporting Barney Frank says uptick rule back within a month.

Jobs that will return

Siegelman:"will appeal to the entire 11th Circuit for a rehearing..if necessary, to the U S Supreme"

United Technologies to Cut 11,600 Jobs Worldwide

Body odor: New proof of ID?

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Job fair in Cleveland today -- traffic backed up for miles

Rep. Conyers wants science to be secret… or you will pay

SHOCKER!: Lieberman joins in the attacks on Chas Freeman

Tuesday TOONS part 3: Bailouts and stem cells

Krugman dithering on Obama's dithering?

Talk about bitter - Thugs burglarize Sam Brownback's home (Recently supported Sebelius)

Official: Iran doesn't have fuel for nuke warhead

Official: Iran doesn't have fuel for nuke warhead

Dean Challenges GOP: "Be My Guest" And Filibuster Health Care

I see no reason to respect any person's or group's beliefs.

House dems eyeing another stimulus bill

Iran still lacks arms-grade nuclear material: U.S - Reuters A wrench in the War Machine?

Obama orders review of Bush's signing statements

Insanely out of balance, the Republicans are all set to fail

Insanely out of balance, the Republicans are all set to fail

Paul Streitz reminds me of an overage social loser who blogs in his underwear ......

US job prospects hit 27-year low

ELECTION FRAUD: Ex-GOP official gets 3 years. We got one!

Conservative Group Planning Aggressive Attack On Obama’s Justice Nominees

David Horowitz and his constant barrage on universities does make one think

PLEASE, Jon Stewart, please lob some more balls at Scar, Cramer, Mika, etc!

Top Airlines Rolling Back International Flights

Lieberman Joins Republican Attacks On Chas Freeman: ‘I’m Concerned’

Lieberman Joins Republican Attacks On Chas Freeman: ‘I’m Concerned’

Lest we forget...

surge update - Bomber Kills Dozens in Iraq as Fears of New Violence Rise

Christianity in the US on the decline

Bill Maher vs. Ann Coulter

WaPo: Democrats stung by dissenters.

Time to vote for rushes billboard...

Homeless kids in U.S.

House votes to create panel to plan for $1M Reagan centennial

FIRST EARTH | Uncompromising Ecological Architecture

Who in govt. has the teenager's back?

In honor of Reagan's 100th birthday celebration....

Australia follows Obama, ends ban on aid to groups that provide abortions overseas

Has MSNBC put Pat Buchanan on their

Wal-Mart shills Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor "wavering" on Employee Free Choice Act

Do you know who gets most of the money the financial

Too much info? Elisabeth Hasselbeck's W.H. visit to Bush included a "big, smelly, poopy diaper"

Mainland ministry fails to sell their anti-gay message, 300 students counterprotest for equality!

Anti-gay pervert arguing on Thom Hartmann that he should be able to

Dollars & Sense: Renters In the Crosshairs

What do you know about Patrick McHenry?

Fire Marshal: Job Fair Attendees Will Not Be Allowed In (Ohio)

Tom Tomorrow: The GOP's 11 Point Plan for Success

Dean Baker: If Private Insurers Compete with Government, They'll Lose

Former Bush White House liason and NASA official indicted on ethics charge

Ha! Vital infrastructure in Canada...

A few more words about religion

Cramer on the Today show this morning... responded to Jon Stewart.


The Limbaugh Creature

Dean has told WH he does not want to be considered for Surgeon General.

I hope Obama will do as Jefferson did

Sex-Ed Bill moves ahead in NC.

Can anyone explain the logic in this?

I drove my brother's GM Canyon, a midsize PU this weekend.

Meredith Whitney says Credit Cards Are the Next Credit Crunch

Moderate Democrats Look To Serve Their Special Interests And Thwart Obama’s Agenda

Is anyone listening to this anti-gay marriage goon arguing with Thom Hartmann?

Phelps is TRULY nuts--he's going to picket Rev. Winters' funeral!

There is indeed a difference between actual oppression and mere snarky disrespect. However...

Should we lop off Texas and let the right-wing have it?

How long can CNN go without mentioning Twitter?

Up Chuck Grassley

Are crazy Christians a threat to our Nation?

So Citibank is suddenly turning a profit? Someone explain to me

Garrison Keillor: He who has been to the mountaintop

Chimp gathers ammo and throws stones at visitors

Alabama Republicans Are Eating Their Young.

Hip Hop Chocolate Easter Bunny Or Gangsta Bunnies 'R TASTY!

Senior GOPer: Banking Capital Rules 'Were Too Liberal'-Let's Be More Liberal on Accounting Rules

The Libertarian-types are losing thier sanity.

“Crawford” Tells the Story of a Town, and a Nation, Ruined by Bush

Collector: Lincoln photo uncovered in Grant album

Deceptive lending practices creep into used car market

Alltell blocked some cell phone calls to Florida jobless hotlines. More being investigated.

Breaking: Madoff To Plead Guilty

Democrats Will Not Seat Franken Until Minnesota Courts Are Done

Democrats Will Not Seat Franken Until Minnesota Courts Are Done

Rant: Why can't MSNBC in particular find intelligent republicans

Why doesn't the economy = War? Why don't Republicans = Traitors?

Keep talking Boehner (wants G.M. to fail)

Honda prices Insight at $20,470

Wingnut heaven

New York rally supports Tibet (CNN) {50th anniv. of uprising}

If you were charged with staffing the best Republican admistration you could imagine ........

Soylent Baby ***PICS***

US Recession Could Last Up to 36 Months: Roubini

US Recession Could Last Up to 36 Months: Roubini

"California Republican Party"

Michele Bachmann, NUTZ-MN, on CSPAN quoting Marie Antoinette.....

Obama wants to overhaul education system from 'cradle to career' (CNN)

Obama wants to overhaul education system from 'cradle to career' (CNN)

Why doesnt Minessotta do a re-election? That will be faster instead of the circus going on now.

LOL. AIG just sent me a mass mailer offering Health Insurance....

“The Move”- A small excerpt from a larger story of a tiny tale of epic horror. Part Three.

Anyone see the lame choices for the Rush billboard?

Museum reveals engraving hidden in Lincoln watch

On MSNBC frank Schaefer

Why are y'all goin' to the movies?

2000 guns a day cross border into Mexico.... The War On Drugs (rant)

Know of anyone who might benefit from embryonic stem cell research?

Give Paul Krugman one hour, Mr. President

Libor Increases 11th Day as Dollar-Starved Banks Refrain From Making Loans

The Boll weevil Democrats

"It's day fifty. Obama's halfway through" Tweety just said.

Breaking: Pres. Obama creates new panel "White House Women's Council"

Dow Soars 379 Points as Investors See Hint of Hope

Ed Schultz is discussing the big labor fight

You know what I do anytime I feel skeptic about Obama?

At the gun shop

Sen. Murkowski hurt in skiing tumble at Alyeska

Competing Views of Government: Universal Medicare or Government-Protected Insurance Companies

D.C. Celebrates Duke Ellington Quarter Release

My mother's phone line is somehow crossed with a scam 800#

The Breathing Earth Simulation --- check it out

Ed Schultz is dead right on EFCA

Is This Considered A Death Threat?

Answer the the R Wingers and "Centrist" who complain Obama is trying to do too much.

I have a question about EFCA...

So the Neocons have killed the Chas Freeman selection......

Caller on Thom Hartmann says legalizing gay marriage will cause heterosexual girls.....

U.S. tests military exit routes out of Iraq (AP/Tehran Times)

The Far Right vs Freeman

Update on critically injured son of DU poster

Update on critically injured son of DU poster

IMF Sees ‘Great Recession’ as Global Economy Shrinks

Is America an empire?

I support mandatory community service for those on state/federal assistance

So I read in another thread that the Wisconsin Public Employee retirees are being

Md. guard deployment may be restricted (Delmarva Times) {Bring the Guard Home}

Norah O'Donnell Talks Twitter With Senator Chuck Grassley (VIDEO)

When the Republic speaks everyone laughs!!!!

Looks like Big Ed is getting

My wife asked a good question today. Re the Citi results that delighted the market - is it BS?

Gay Marriage

Jim Cramer finally starts to mention Jon Stewart...

Is MSNBC grooming liberal radio host Schultz?

Report: 1 in 50 American children homeless

NFL Player Stabbed By Girlfriend

O'Malley leads march to repeal death penalty (Delmarva Times)

Howard Fineman (Newsweek) is a douchebag

Oregon schools face last resort: a shorter year

The multiple faces of Michael Steele......

Christian salt seller hopes to shake up market {yes, he's selling Christian salt}

CNN poll - Trouble paying credit cards?

Name and shame - The worst of the worst.

Citi Downgrades Stock Rating on Wal-Mart, Panics Market Over Employee Free Choice

New RW meme: Al Gore refuses to debate climate change!

What does Bernie Madoff Care? He has Billions stashed away..

Senate passes $410 billion spending bill

I guess Ed Schultz is in the running for the MSNBC 10:00 p.m Slot?

CIA Confirms 12 of 92 Videotapes Destroyed Showed Prisoners Tortured

Here Is A Three Year Chart Of The S&P 500

A Zealous Watchman to Follow the Money

Moody's List of Riskiest Companies Forgets to Include Moody's

Remember folks, George Carlin told us about the "American Dream" a few years ago:

MSNBC: Madoff could face 150 years in prison. What do you think he'll actually get?

Freeman withdraws.

I have a new Avatar Image Nixon and the 5 year grape boycott

The Obama Rally on Wall Street!

Sexism in homophobia

CA Proposal to Strike "Marriage" from State Laws

The American Protective League - 250,000 storm troopers on the streets

More people paying credit cards on time

Ed Schultz was pretty good on 1600 tonight

Ed Schultz did a good job on MSNBC

A bright spot at the former eye of the storm: Carver High School in NO's 9th Ward

Uh Oh....Josh differs with KOS over vote for Union Card Check Bill Vote

Uh Oh....Josh differs with KOS over vote for Union Card Check Bill Vote

AP IMPACT: Army charity hoards millions

Il Duce Glenn Beck: I have you surrounded

Do YOU Get Even-Handed Radio Programming Where You Live?

Bob Herbert- Reviving the Dream.

Foxes gather in London to discuss guarding henhouse.

The One Burning Question

Report: Slain US Nazi hated Obama, had parts for 'dirty bomb'

Robert J. Elisberg: Michael Moore is Wrong (yes, the title is intentionally misleading)

Judges weigh whether 12-foot-high crosses along roadside are secular in Utah

Death of the last American Wild Jaguar

"When did CNBC start running Gilligan's Island re-runs?"

Rush Limbaugh, streetwalker.

Conservatives Bet on Ousting Specter in 2010

A guy in a store, delivering stuff, overheard me talking

Tents on wheels give homeless people roof and pride

Madoff is looking at a possible 150 years ... Good.

Republicans, As Always, Can't Stand Free Choice, Not For Women And Not For Working People

CNN: Rush Apology Orgy (Featuring Jon Stewart, Cenk, Headzup, Letterman, Jimmy Fallon & More)

Smith & Wesson recalls guns that could misfire ( {fire w/out trigger pull}

Uganda Anti-Gay Conference:Gays Blamed For Rwandan Genocide & Pedophilia

Hey right wingers, fossilized thinkers: You can leave the country any time you want.

Chuck Norris Says Right Wing Cells Will Overthrow the American Government This Friday

FTC Fights with spoof ads.

What do YOU think is the biggest issue that keeps the car companies unprofitable?

When was the last time you watched Eisenhower warn of the military industrial complex?

Reuters: UN will scrutinize U.S. counter-terrorism under Obama

The Coming Evangelical Collapse

So what happened while we were playing world police? Apparently

Does anyone know what happened to NovaM streaming radio?

David Sirota: Bush SEC Holdovers Cite Exec Privilege In Stonewalling Congress About Madoff Scandal

FORECLOSURE RELIEF -- why haven't we been hearing about this ALL ALONG, via the MSM?

How are students able to study poli sci in college without any prior study of poli sci?

Remember Victoria Jackson, from SNL?

Scam Alert -- naming a star after somebody as a gift.

Computer Scientists Deploy First Practical, Web-Based, Secure, Verifiable Voting System!

Son of DU poster critically injured which a teacher rant ensues...

I knew there was a reason I hate landing at Washington National Airport.......

'Voice your appreciation for those in quarantine.'

Chuck Norris was born on this day in 1940.

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 10

MSNBC Newsvine Poll On Obama First 50 Days Needs Some DU LOVE

Another Alaska politician sentenced in federal bribery probe

Limbaugh Calls Gingrich A ‘Fly-By-Night Operator’ Who ‘You Can’t Depend On’ And ‘Will Sell You Out’

dow up 250 points...President Obama's fiscal policies must be working!!!

Here are my cell phone choices

Dividend laws are just beyond stupid.

Bloomerg Denies Food Stamps for Single, Unemployed Adults Looking for Work

Schumer Takes Credit For Getting Chas Freeman Ousted

Fair Game and Toxic Assets in a Time of Love and War.

Vatican Says It Was The Washing Machine, Not The Pill That Liberated Women

EFCA introduced - Let 'em HAVE IT on Capitol Hill! Email from AFL-CIO...

"The US News Media" - The Threat to Obama's Presidency-By Robert Parry

Huff Po: Jon Stewart Rips Into Jim Cramer Again (VIDEO)

Congressman John Lewis shows allies how to do it

How should the Republican Party properly address Rush Limbaugh?

Franken-Coleman Update, 03/09/09 : All Over Bar The Shoutin’

Democrats are blocking the Employee Free Choice Act.

Crap. I discovered the holy grail of all GD questions:

This Modern World-The GOP's surefire 11-point plan for success! By Tom Tomorrow

This Modern World-The GOP's surefire 11-point plan for success! By Tom Tomorrow

What should you do with Bernie Madoff

Women should be hit for wearing sexy clothing in public, one in seven believe

'Vampire' discovered in mass grave

Can somebody 'splain?

The secret service needs to pay Chuck Norris a visit.

Canadian TV Shows Replacing American

Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart

Give it a serious thought: an IQ-test for politicians

Anatomy of a Shakedown: Logue's/Directors'/R&G's Panic-Driven Extortion (Part I)

What is your favorite comedy clip? (that I can find online)

Kansas senators want federal government to 'cease and desist'

Kansas senators want federal government to 'cease and desist'

Cage match: Hugo Chavez vs. Chuck Norris

Tuesday TOONS part 1 The Elephant God

U.S Congress and Senate Should be Drug Tested Weekly At their Own Expense.

Father says alcohol killed KU student

Time or Newsweek?

Octomom gets a home, and nursing fleet to help with her babies

Is this the end of the age of the automobile?

One Step Forward, Two Steps Toward Monarchy

Repubs want to spend $1 million on Ronald Reagan's hundredth birthday party.

Seeking reports on weapons being smuggled into Mexico from China

Heard on Rachael last night Congressman Bob Ney (the crook)

The dangers of NOT drinking

Glenn Greenwald: Charles Freeman fails the loyalty test

Two Bountiful Jr. High teachers accused of sex with same student

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

"Fatal Distraction" -- How people forget their children in cars.

BBC: UN to investigate secret US jails

John Yoo is sorry for nothing!

Larisa Alexandrovna: We are being spoon-fed stupid again.

Dead bear hate crime considered "prank".

Chuck Norris joins call for "right-wing cells" to rise up and rebel against the government

Should the United States ban a Japanese "rape simulator" game? a retired


What will be the downfall of Rush Limpbaugh

The Employee Free Choice Act Must Pass!

Russian advice: More troops won't help in Afghanistan

In Gawd They Trusted...Now Our Country's Busted.

Chas Freeman’s Parting Shot At The Israel Lobby

Muslim Woman Asked to Leave Line at Bank Over Head Scarf

Muslim Woman Asked to Leave Line at Bank Over Head Scarf

Have you ever served on a jury?

Chuck Norris Facts

Please KICK this --Tell Congress: "No More Dough Till We Know Where It Goes!"

Oh great. David Horowitz has a new book out.

Seen In A NY Subway

Bernard Madoff, the Mafia, and the Friends of Michael Milken

Cultural remains of 70,000-year-old civilisation found in Orissa

What exactly is 'immoral' about embryonic stem cell research?

Rationally, if you can, show me the error of my ways: Teacher merit pay and standardized testing

If top bank & Wall St. execs arrested & their personal assets seized, would you feel better?

The myth that DU & liberals in general hate the religious.

So if Buffett is such a great investor, as the worlds believes, how come

Every single person who has money in the stock market...

Week 7 Presidential Week in Review

How would your family finances look if you could "write-down" your "toxic assets"

Belief and the brain's 'God spot'

What would we do without the intertubes?

Johnny Cash & Joni Mitchell - The Long Black Veil

I knew it! I KNEW it! (dialup warning)

He's got the crazy eyes!

This is pretty amusing. Two Friends Karaoke, Key West. These people are having fun!

Guys: While watching a Porn flick do you fast forward to the chick on chick scenes?

There's an ad on Craigslist looking for a Land Surveyor

North Carolina loungers, can you check this out for me

Just a hunch: Laura Prepon is not going to be "The Mother"

Is there an opposite to anal retentive or obsessive compulsive?

Bah! 2 to 6 inches of snow tonight.

Bah! 2 to 6 inches of snow tonight.

Cat physics

Is this old?

Anyone else see the L Word Final Episode! SPOILERS

Ford is bringing back the Fiesta in 2011 ***pic warning***

"The explosion that killed Martha Stewart's dog. Details at 11." Serious news bumper.

I'm posting from my back deck in a sleeveless T-Shirt and underwear.

I'm going to go see the new Fast and Furious movie.

Time for Some Old School LL Cool J In Here

I turned all my clocks upside down on Saturday. What the fuck is going on here?

Doctor, your patient is growing impatient.

The Colonel's Secret Recipe

Guys: While watching an porno flick (sex, orgasms, etc) do you fast forward the talking scenes?

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is SHRINKING

Begging fail.

Click here to get a closer look at the possibly the greatest T-shirt ever made by man.

Click here to get a closer look at the possibly the greatest T-shirt ever made by man.

Does anyone remember an animated short on consumerism posted some time back?

I usually hate recycled emails,

My OCD makes bookshelf reshelving grueling...

Tuck me in PLEEEEEZE!!!!!

sneezing panda!

It's Erin's 4th birthday!

Men of the Lounge! Post here if you've recently had an involuntary election.

Is St. Louis more blighted than other Midwestern cities?

Britney ummmm...comments on a wardrobe malfunction

Oh, what the hell

I usually hate recycled snails,

Sure to be the best comedy of 2009!

Need something new to worry about?

Night All

Vibes needed

Question about linen shirts that are ripping for no reason

Is it just me or is half of the "tubes" down right now?

I am watching the second season of The Tudors tonight.

Wow. Thank you, generous person, for my star!


Jonas Brothers

Spot the flaw in my former employer's computer policy

the STBE is all into G*d now...

Goddamn it. missed a homework deadline...

Women: while watching any kind of movie (plot, characters) do you fast-forward the battle scenes?

My purple irises started blooming today!!

Oh yeah. Karaoke host makes the bigtime

What is Cinderella's first name?

Let's compile the top 100 top crazy dance songs

My "L Word" series review...

"Fractions are an involuntary response"?

Has anyone else ever developed a...

Has anyone else ever developed a...

Front (l-r): Tom Dragland, Carl Storms, & Norm Peterson Back: Larry Dragland, Jay Weston...

I work a convenience store and you just know who the drunks are - buying beer at 7am

You did see the pictures of Sean Hannity with the prostitutes

Hey music lovers....

Know the model?

Eddie Doyle - the real "Cheers" bartender - gets laid off

Cheers bar lays off fabled bartender

Cheers bar lays off fabled bartender

Great piece of arse ... or not?

How does a ***** hang out?

Is Yuengling somehow to blame for this?

If you don't let other posters see your profile, what's the reason?

Speaking Of Popcorn

Who else knows what the food "Hot Pie" is? n/t


Serious ride

It's impossible to buy beer at 7am without getting a snarky comment

Mavrick the bottlenose dolphin and Akaasha the Bengal tiger (PIC)

GPV reviews DarkTirade

The Official Lounge Religion Flame War Thread

Real Housewife Charged With Assault

Boxer Mike Tyson reveals himself to be a huge Phil Collins fan


How do you explain something like cystic fibrosis to a child?

Vibes for a friend, please....

Wikipedia is down. Anyone know what's going on?

Wikipedia is down. Anyone know what's going on?

Say "Fire Truck" - too cute!

Is anyone familiar with Demand Studios?

Gotta love the internet. You pay 20-50 bucks a month, and you can renew your

Keyboard synthesists-how the hell do I make an ARP Odyssey mk III stop making a sound?

Since we're talking about drinking...

Having sex with a pizza is NOT the way to impress a woman.

Can someone tell me how this whole Narwhals thing got started?

Jeremy Clarkson makes it nearly impossible for me to enjoy Top Gear.

I'm rehabbing an old bicycle, one with no gears. I know I have to replace both tires/tubes.

New Rule: If you post your current weather, you must to have your state/country in your profile

The strangest comment I've ever heard from another musician

I woke up with some extreme Blagohair this morning

I got my flight home in June for free!

New Rule: If you include the word "naked" in a post, you have to include a picture.

Apart from the naked, what is the appeal of watching naked balloons do a condom commercial?

THIS is what I call a great work of art.

I was diagnosed with 'frostbite of the penis'

That little toe that turns sideways...

VCU!!!! in the big dance

Bamboo Flooring it durable? (Supreme Bamboo @$2/sqr ft from Lumber Liq.)

So if Bacon-Flavored Vodka won't work, name other flavors that just won't cut it

Question: Are we living in Iggy Pop's version of "Tonight" or David Bowie's?

Does charity excuse stupidity?

The Eagles are in town for 4 days. Lows today are -38C,hell does freeze over.


Someone in this building is playing their music loud, but

Octomom Denny's breakfast special~

So Underpants can post about frostbite of the Penis but....

Need a chuckle? Here's a pretty good joke...

Roadhouse conundrum #47 - Why didn't Ford Motors get involved....

I SWEAR this is not to start somethin' where people make fun

The Death Star had to have had a canteen, right?

Portrait of an Artist as an Avatar - Filthy Fluno

New Rule: If you are naked when you post, you have to include a picture.

Russian beer commercial - quite clever

Shocking: Chimps hate zoos

Great piece of art...or not

I feel like crap update: The doc says this is bronchitis.

I don't understand the NARWHAL/Star Wars connection

I'm trying to find these, can you help? (old-school TV shows)

Salty Snacks- Tequila, Salt, Lime

Jurassic Fart - funny short animation

Listen you freepers. Do you not remember the great

Reminder: When I hear the term "cash money" I still think I'm about to be ripped off

why do people insist on responding when they know you blocked them?

it is 77 degrees today

I'll tell you this much

Good news from my best friend: Her cancer has not spread

Anybody remember CLUE VCR game?

I don't think fruits belong in salad (except tomatoes of course).

For Redqueen

Submitting a Resume

Submitting a Resume

Submitting a Resume

Which is better?

I had the 'Octomom' breakfast this morning

Excellent Navy joke.

I Dont care what Any of You Frakkin Say...THIS is the best Bromance Ever!

You know what's scary? The way Jim Henson died.

Can you get a NARWHAL thread locked?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/10/09

self-delete - poll didn't post correctly even after edits.

Say something about another DUer

DFA spokesperson and spokesperson for Howard Dean say he is no lobbyist.

Is NARWHAL pirate speak?

You know when Paw built that house on the prairie?


Why Republicans use Charcoal....

Eat your food, Tina

Random M*A*S*H movie quotes....

For LynneSin, a kilt thread

one awesome song

You're going to think I'm crazier than usual, but

Sean Hannity is a loud moronic obnoxious asshat with no manners because... could be employed by a TV character on a show

So I worked on a Habitat house today.

the OFFICIAL "have you ever wondered" theread

Soylent Baby ***PICS***

'Reservation Road'

I got this e-mail says Limbaugh is converting to Judaism

I think all of you will like these Pictures (All done with one or two Hands)

Mind in a Box

NY man claims NJ psychic defrauded him of $250,000

What word in an OP causes you to skip the thread altogether?

Where's billyskank been?

Animal abuse.

Octamom is giving the president his daily briefing

William Shatner is Michael Myers!

WOO HOO! Beastiality is ALMOST illegal in Florida!

So here's what just happened to me

So here's what just happened to me

I was watching old episodes of Emergency! recently...

Best songs to work out to?

Thirty-eight hours left. It's like waiting for a birth.

Good morning Lounge

My life is a bore - I need to set my face toward new horizons

Story time! Title is Pompeii.

I just came out of surgery

Kind of a 'Tales From the Cockpit'...Beano.

Kind of a 'Tales From the Cockpit'...Beano.

Went downhill skiing for the first time this weekend

What goes up the chimney down

What goes up the chimney down

kitten picture of the day for tuesday march 10


Today was a perfect day... so far

Whats the Freeper reaction to the Chuck Norris coup d'état?

The I-95 Asshole Song

Apart from the naked, what's the appeal of watching naked girls pop balloons?

DarkTirade reviews a bad movie: Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

This has got to be the BEST cat video EVER!!!

PSA for the day: I believe nothing, or no one.

I had a molar extracted today, and my face hurts, and my mouth hurts...

Freeper brings his freeperism to DU (for a brief moment). Meet...the fachist.

It's -31C this morning and I'm freezing my keester off

After more than a decade of driving in WI winters....

Here's what I don't get about menfolk and movies...

Great piece of art ... or not?

Salty snacks - salt down (on tongue) or up?

Poll: Favorite food to accompany butter

Drew Peterson got caught. Trying to cover up his ex-wife body. Well, what a surprise.

Christ. I was just in the convenience store to get coffee and the morning paper...

I'm 50 pages into William Faulkner's "The Sound and The Fury" and now a question:

Who uses linkedin and what is your opinion on its usefulness?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/10/2009)

State of California Health and Safety Code 7052

It is what it is.

Here's a pet peeve of mine: assholes who tailgate you in a PARKING GARAGE!

Heroes- I figured out who Rebel is



What do you think about this blanket statement?

You know what really sucks?

Battle Star Galactica question:

I don't think fruits belong in beer OR tequila (no exceptions).

Infomercials. Which do you hate worst?

I guess I will make meatloaf for supper.

I guess I will make meatloaf for supper.

Watch this and be blown out of your socks.

The Mini-Van: Utilitarian Ideal or Abomination?

Christian Bale Replaced in "The Dark Knight" Sequel?

My PowerMac died, all hail my new (previous generation) Mac Pro!

It's fun to watch Andy go from redneck sheriff to...more sophisticated?

Hey! Do you live in or near Dover, DE? (LynneSin need not apply.)

Making homeade pizza IS the way to impress a woman

hiding in the Lounge again. Favorite Irish group or song?

Five Tuesday questions

What will Midlo's junta use as their ESMA?

To me, 80 degrees is getting too hot.

Favorite Spring bulb

I love it when my Grandma says " I declare".

10 toxic things you should never, ever attempt to discuss over the internet.

"Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion"

** Embryonic Stem Cell Thread **

Media Falsely Report Dean Will Become Lobbyist, Disqualifying Himself From White House

Free poster/t-shirt idea: Democratic Party Popcorn

Senate Dems say they have omnibus votes

Christina Romer on C-Span Now - Economic Lessons of the Great Depression

Obama and Clinton On Foreign Policy - Overall A Pretty Good Combo - No Axis Of Evil Talk

Obama's Economic Policies Are Getting Swiftboated, Yet We Ignore Rightwing Critics

"This comes back to what President Barack Obama has referred to as the 'three-legged stool'"

Oh Jesus, are the Wikipedia people anti-American, Kenyan/Indonesian-born socialists too?

If Congress investigated Payola in the Music ought to be investigating CNBC today!

On gifts, movies, and the value of a journalist's 'opinion.'

Tim Geithner's Black Hole

please DU this faux news poll:

Republicans are not simply being stupid on the economy

Detox Plan for Troubled Assets

GALLUP: Upper-Income Consumers Growing More Pessimistic

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! -- President Obama scores all-time-high on Slate's "Change-o-Meter"

President Obama: Chess Master or Poker Shark?

Robert Gibbs "House on Fire" analogy

Franken & fuckstick Battle, As Minnesota Awaits A Senator

Obama to begin unveiling ed reform plan

U.S. to Toughen Its Stance On Trade

The Media's Meme: Obama's Too Distracted

OK-Sen/OK-Gov: Coburn's Plans Uncertain, and Could Include a Gov Run

Multi-Tasking, DVDs and Biceps...Oh My!

The new Stock Market Trading Signal: Racing the Great Depression

Just saw Obama drive by in the motorcade in DC

How the GOP will be successful by 2010:

Students write about President Barack Obama’s impact on Canada

New Era Of Engagement

Can President Obama defeat the media, the rethugs, the corporations, and traitors in his own party

*** Live: POTUS Speaks at the Hispanic Conference On Education***

Obama musters campaign army for economic fight

NC-Sen: Shuler Won't Challenge Burr

The President Addresses the "Is he doing too much?" notion.

CT-Sen: Scary Q-Poll for Dodd

President Barack Obama's Urgency of Now; "You realize nobody else is going to fix it if you don't"

A Must read Article: Reviving the Dream by Bob Herbert

Howard Dean touts 'perfect' Obama health plan

Exactly what is Obama doing differently than Bush with respect to bailing out the banks?

Good Lord. A National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate and College Records

- The Republican Party is becoming a cartoon...Cafferty

BREAKING - DOW Is UP! CNBC Attributes This To Limbaugh Scratching His Ass

OK DU Lawyers: What standard of proof is needed to go after the talking heads on CNBC for pump&dump?

Try More Estrogen, Less Testosterone

Where did the Media's Last Month's Meme Go? Remember "Where's the Change?"

Obama is a Young Man in a Hurry, and Just What We Need

Transportation Secretary LaHood Hits Back Hard Against Repubs

Holy shit I woke up and Mika is defending President Obama

Citi - Best Quarter to Date Since 2007

I hope Meghan McCain shows Michael Steele that she has a bigger set of balls

Perspective - Obama Has Been President For Less Than 60 Days!

Why your 401K is now just a 41K: Someone needs to put the fear of God into Wall Street...

Obama Muses on a Difficult Rendition Situation

A message to our President, from the UN (In regard to State Secrets)

Obama using the "turn off the TV set, put away the video games" line

Romer Seems To Break With Geithner On Cause Of Crisis; Agrees with Krugman

Finally... A President who can Walk, Talk, chew gum, Solve Problems at the same time

Howard Fineman: Does Obama have what it takes?

DNC wimped out on Rush Limbaugh billboard finalists!

This day in investment history

Obama still going strong "Sixty-one at 50"

Time to celebrate: Citibank jacks up interest rates, reports a "profit," and the DOW surges!

Why no discussion of insurance going up to cover the "investment" losses?

Top Pubs want the Failing Banks ...NOT TO BE RESCUED..Let Them Fail...WHY??

How many times have YOU second-guessed Obama the candidate...

Friendship Born at Harvard Goes on to White House

WaPo tool on Hardball - Dissing O on his own, or on behalf of Post?

Conrad: Obama budget lacks votes, whines about cap-and-trade, urges compromise.

Freepers commit cardinal sin: Blast Nancy Reagan over Stem Cell Research.

McCain Writing His Own 'Contract With America' (you can't make this shit up)

Democrats block GOP bid to extend DC vouchers

Woo Hoo! ***Center For American Progress Launching Big War Room To Drive Obama Agenda***

Meghan McCain Assails Ann Coulter; She Calls Her Radical, Insulting and Offensive!!!

Photo of Lincoln standing in front of the White House ???

Frank Schaeffer: Limbaugh is the new "Hanoi Jane"...Bush is the Worst President in History!

MSNBC poll is being freep'ed

ed schultz subbing for shuster on 1600 penn ave

An alternative to Great Depression II: These Two Economic Stimulus Plans Could Stop It

Quote of the Day


DU this Poll on Grading Obama

Poll Freeping...They're unbeatable.

OH-Sen: Lost in Space?

What did Obama do today to cause the stock market to climb 380 points?

Does anyone know the status replacing US Attorney Generals?

Coleman suffers additional defeat; 1400 ballots without registration will not be considered

New Dems nip at Blue Dogs’ heels

Legal Expert: Minnesota Court Likely To Rule By End of Month -- For Franken

WaPo: Obama To Tap Jarrett For New WH Women's Council

Jim Cramer set to appear on 'The Daily Show' Thursday; Stewart plans to take another swipe tonight

What a difference a YEAR makes...

OMFG! Jon Stewart absolutely skewers CNBC's Jim Cramer before he stomps him with The F Bomb!

My mother's breakup letter to the ultra-conservative Townhall site.

Senate passes $410B budget with 7.7B in earmarks by voice vote after cloture vote of 62-35.

Flashback - Bush's First 100 Days - Trillion Dolllar Tax Cuts and Repudiating Kyoto - 62% Approval!

Fuck the incompetent Corporate Media!

Katie Couric's Sarah Palin Interview Wins Cronkite Award

Chuck Todd isn't that bright.

VP Biden at Nato Summit in Belgium, so much nicer to look at then Cheney!

I am fucking sick of this stupid shit.

Roubini: Obama's stimulus "it's not enough" and fix housing by "breaking every mortgage contract"

Chas Freeman releaseses statement on his withdrawal:

The MSNBC Poll Grading President Obama

I'm calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama.

GO AL!!! Franken Meets With Senate Dems, Gets Standing Ovation

My Bad! It's 14%

Would you still want Universal Health Care

David Brooks & Repubs hating on Mrs. Obama's biceps. Yes, her biceps *sigh*

Krugman: "Boehner’s idea of economics is completely insane"

U.S. Director Of Cybersecurity Resigns

America becoming less Christian, study shows

UN condemns Britain for aiding US 'torture' flights

Chavez takes moral high ground, closes “Bodies Revealed”

Meghan McCain calls Ann Coulter 'offensive' and 'insulting'

A $174,863-a-day spectator for Yankees

Peru exhumes mass grave from dirty war

Sri Lanka suicide blast kills 10, wounds minister

1,530 absentee votes, but little change (Franken-Coleman race)

U.S. Halted Some Afghan Raids Over Concern on Deaths

Friends fear for 'gentle' man sent to Uzbek labor camp

Suicide attack in western Baghdad kills 28

CEO bonuses are falling fast, study finds

Nine seized over mortgage frauds

Biden warns of 'deteriorating' Afghan situation.

Bomb kills 4 civilians in southern Afghanistan

Pentagon knowingly exposed troops to cancer-causing chemicals, document shows

To Halt Slide, Apply Debt or Control?

Freighter with 16 crew missing off Japan coast

Bernanke Says Financial Rules Need an Overhaul.

U.S. troop surge to aid Afghan police trainers

Meredith Whitney says Credit Cards Are the Next Credit Crunch

Saudi court sentences widow, 75, to lashes for 'mingling with men'

Globe on List of Imperiled Newspapers

Suicide Blast Targets Iraq Tribal Leaders (As Many As 33 Dead, More Wounded As Violence Spikes)

Pentagon knowingly exposed troops to cancer-causing chemicals, document shows

'Dozens dead' in Baghdad bombing

Report: Slain US Nazi hated Obama, had parts for 'dirty bomb'

United Technologies to cut 11,600 jobs

Mass. man accused of capturing humpback whale

Obama to unveil education plan, no new legislation

Tongue bite girlfriend faces jail

GE Capital hires banks to sell government-backed debt

One tourist dead, 6 missing in Phuket boat accident

Russian advice on Afghanistan: Build roads, don't drop bombs

Two Bountiful Jr. High teachers accused of sex with same student

Collector: Lincoln photo uncovered in Grant album

Ex-(Senator) Cochran aide pleads guilty in (Abramoff) corruption probe

Ex-(Senator) Cochran aide pleads guilty in (Abramoff) corruption probe

Geithner Hears Democrats' Economic Anxieties

Chas Freeman withdraws

Lawyer says Madoff will plead guilty to 11 counts

Regulatory reports show 5 biggest banks face huge losses

House Dems eyeing another stimulus bill

Some wounded soldiers ‘punished for injuries

Pelosi Made Repeated Requests for Military Aircraft, Documents Show

Dems face internal revolt over Obama agenda

Madoff formally charged; lawyer says he'll plead guilty

Governor announces $10.7B plan for high-speed trains (NY)

Alabama AG reportedly under federal investigation

Detainees Say They Planned Sept. 11

Number of job openings down 31 percent

Dalai Lama: Tibet in 'constant fear' under China

Radio station owner files for bankruptcy

Bill Clinton offers Haiti encouraging words

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 10

TCS may cut 1,300 jobs (TATA)

Disney Layoffs Massive, Employees Say

Pakistan register Broad complaint (Cricket Attack)

1 in 50 U.S. children experiences homelessness

Thousands of L.A. Unified School District teachers, administrators and counselors could face layoffs

'Fight club' probed at home for disabled

Student leader abandons refuge in Caracas

AIG's Small London Office May Have Lost $500B

Congress approves massive spending bill

RV maker Fleetwood files for Bankruptcy

US Marine dies in noncombat incident in Iraq

Madoff to Plead Guilty Thursday

Dow Ends Up Nearly 380 on Citigroup Profit News

(Al) Franken visits Capitol Hill

Firms' hiring outlook hits lowest point in Manpower survey's history

24 million go from 'thriving' to 'struggling'

AIG Warned of 'Crisis' if Government Didn't Help-Draft-Obtained by ABC-Dated 4 Days Before Bailout

Obama to push for merit pay for teachers in education speech.

Employee Free Choice Act Introduced in Congress

Miami Herald: Senators reassured about Cuba policy; spending bill vote expected

Treasury Plans Small-Business Aid

Companies Cut Pricey Older Workers

Obama orders Bush signing statements review

Hidden Message Found in Lincoln Pocket Watch

Officials: Iran Does Not Have Key Nuclear Material

U.S. choice for top intelligence analyst withdraws

Lawyer Says Madoff Will Plead Guilty to 11 Counts

China hits out at US on navy row

S.C. gov wants to use some stimulus funds to pay down debt

Obama Seeks to Delay Tanker, Cancel Bomber

ACLU: Gitmo judge 'blatantly defied' Obama executive order

Franken's case to rest Wednesday

Pakistan tribe agrees to hand over Taliban

Joni Mitchell-Just Like Me (1966)

Young Turks: Here's Difference Between Capitalism & Corporatism

KBR Whistleblower On Rachel Maddow Show

What if God Disappeared?

Rachel Maddow interviews author Sarah Chayes on the U.S. role in Afghanistan

Obama Justice Department Defends Torture Memo Lawsuit

Countdown: Keith Olbermann discusses blame for the financial crisis beyond Washington

Obama Justice Department Defends Torture Memo Lawsuit

In regards to women's month...

David Frum: Why Rush Limbaugh Is Wrong

Blair: Iran has not made a decision to enrich uranium for a weapon

Between Barack and a Hard Place Pt. 1

Between Barack and a Hard Place Pt. 2

so long bush...

"Sending More Troops Will Not Solve the Problem" - Rangina Hamidi - Democracy Now - Pt. 1

Young Turks: Republican Party Frozen in Time ("Pathetic State")

Norah O'Donnell knows how to laugh

Coulter on Faux - what a bunch of assholes


Rachel Maddow talks to head of SEIU about Employee Free Choice Act - important stuff

David Shuster interviews Paul Krugman

* Video File * Quick Capture Lawton Smalls Calls Marc (Diversity in GOP)

Bernie Sanders on the Fed's $2.2 Trillion dirty little secret

Hell freezes over! Caller makes Limbaugh look sane.

Evangelicals on the way out

Finally Tonight, Jesus...

Oracle Tweetcast #2 - Geithner, Ghettoes and PTwitty

Sen. Bennett (R-Utah) lashes out at McCain for Mormon crickets

Cramer Responds to Stewart w/ Help from Scarborough

TYT: Here Is The REAL Goal Of The Republican Party

TYT: Fox News Continues To Lie (Mickey Mouse Takes Train To Brothel?)

TYT: Obama=Jesus? Cenk Breaks Down The CRAZIEST Glenn Beck Clip Ever

Young Turks: How The Defense Industry Will Fight Back Against Obama

Dean admits privatizing Medicaid in VT cost 3 times more than if state ran it.

CNN: Rush Apology Orgy (W/ Jon Stewart, Cenk, Headzup, Letterman & More)

Young Turks: Erin Burnett Tries to Explain CNBC Mistakes

Forget Bush's Policy, Obama Authorizes Research Into Bush's Actual Stem Cells

US Recession Could Last Up to 36 Months: Roubini

The Scam and the Reality of Israel/Palestine

Ten Things You Can Do to Stay in Your Home

A Zealous Watchman to Follow the Money

GOP is against stem cell research. What is the GOP for?

Iran battles to promote merits of marriage

Yes, Actually, We Do Need To Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine

Fresh pessimism sweeps over credit sector

David Horsey cartoon: Bush's science advisor goes job hunting

Financial regulation ,,, "we should embrace robust regulation now, risking over-regulation."

Community-service requirement pitched to Boulder Valley

To Halt Slide, Apply Debt or Control?

Its The Economy (Stupid!) That’s Tanking the Market

IBM chief's gets small pay hike

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the United States

Americans Should Embrace Their Radical History

veteran Hong Kong stock commentator burst into tears (stocks)

Obama's DNI Urged to Back Freeman

CQ: Blair Defends Intelligence Pick From Questions on Foreign Connections

Domestic Outsourcers Now Favored By Most Tech CFOs

Sen Kennedy: The Next Generation of National Service

Weschester 'boom' believed to be meteor

Newt to Claim “Total Admiration and Love” for Limbaugh (NTTAWWT)

Matthew Rothschild: Obama Hits Right Notes on Stem Cell Research; Republicans Heartless

Blackwater's(Xe) New Frontier: Their Own Private Africa

They Miss Hating and Killing - N.Ireland - Real IRA

24 Million Go From 'Thriving' To 'Struggling'

Bob Herbert: Reviving the Dream

Cafferty: "Commentary: GOP becoming a cartoon" (dittoheads = "right wing nuts;" FReepers angry)

Why Must We Be Forced to Listen to Right Wing Stupidity?

Guardian UK: The global drug charade

Bank of America forced to withdraw job offers

The Feds Owe Me for Digital Mess

He's Back! How Tom DeLay Could Destroy The GOP All Over Again

Max Blumenthal: Who's Behind the War on Obama's Intelligence Pick

Pres Obama. It's half past noon and you haven't fixed the economy yet? WTF???

"Angler": The Rise and (Finally!) Fall of Dick Cheney

Programmers Guild Calls for a U.S. Job Preservation Fee of $60,000 per H-1B visa

Jefferson Airplane Live at Monterey Pop 1967 HQ


All Boarded Up - dealing with abandoned neighborhoods and trolling pillagers

UK: Anti Car Extremists Drive Speed Limit Proposals

Medicine pushes up radiation exposures

Rare wildlife find homes on northern isles

Bird migration is a dangerous journey, but safest for survival

Legions of crocodiles swarm a city, but residents treat the beasts with respect

Coral reefs may start dissolving when atmospheric CO2 doubles

Copenhagen: Rising sea levels set to have major impacts around the world

Carbon emissions creating acidic oceans not seen since dinosaurs

Peak oil review - Mar 9

Effects of climate change in Missouri take root

Scientists (in Copenhagen) urged to step up climate warnings

PROMISES, PROMISES: (US) House fails to zero out carbon

a petition to DU

Canada's ground temperatures rising, study finds—in some cases by as much as a few degrees (!!!)

Obama & Chu Push Ahead With Clean Coal Projects Despite the Cost

In Bangladesh, Climate Migration Already Under Way - 20-Year Storms Now 5-Year Storms - SciAm

In Fiji, Dead Palms Dot Shoreline On What Used To Be The Beach - Fiji Times

Electricity from straw

Apollo Board Member Van Jones Accepts White House Post

Marin Coho Salmon At Record Lows (Though Records Only Span 15 Years) - Independent

Rush Limbaugh is a Major Cause of Global Warming

Stimulus may get small wind turbines spinning (CNN)

Leaked slides show Obama EPA is fast-tracking global warming endangerment finding

Hey Kids! Collect 'Em! Be The First On Your Block! Flat-Earther Trading Cards! Guardian

NOAA sets rules for Navy sonar training

So I worked on a Habitat house today.

The BRAD BLOG's 'Green News Report' - March 10, 2009 (Audio)

Peak Oil, Fossil Fuel Supply & Implications For Climate - Interesting Oil Drum Europe Post

Solar Power Storage Solution: Liquid Batteries

Calif. regulators target tech industry emissions {GHGs}

Interesting site which shows recorded mileage for many hybrids -

Question about climate change: Why do most predictions call for a big desert

CA Water Experts, Think-Tanks Looking To Australia As Possible Future Of Western United States - ENN

(Utah) Bill to produce charcoal from landfills gets trashed—Global warming has not been proved

Reuters: Climate change accelerates water hunt in U.S. West

Lovelock labels Europe's carbon trading scheme a 'scam'

Copenhagen Conf. Steering Cmte. Chair - "What We Know Now Is That We Are Facing The Worst-Case"

(Good news from Copenhagen!) Greenland ice tipping point 'further off than thought'

Prince of Wales attacks climate change doubters—said it must be tackled before world poverty

One million migratory birds slaughtered in Cyprus

High Quality, Affordable EVs. Made in China?

Any day now....

Jay Leno's Green Garage

Chavez threatens Polar with expropriation

Peru exhumes mass grave from dirty war

Raul's Response - an interpretation of the Cuba gov't. restructuring (EN and SP)

REVISTA: "The Legacy of Che Guevara" by Manuel E. Yepe

A key to Colombia peace: Reintegrating the ex-fighters

Important information to the Democratic posters who are always looking for facts!

Mamo Contreras gets another five years

Student leader abandons refuge in Caracas

VIDEO: Jackson Browne - "Going Down to Cuba"

Bill Clinton offers Haiti encouraging words

Senators reassured about Cuba policy; spending bill vote expected

Today in labor history Mar 10 UFW leader César Chávez breaks a 24-day fast (RFK was there)

Former MNOSHA inspectors testify that Minnesota DOLI alters reports, citations

America's Workers Hold Over 100 Grassroots Pass the Employee Free Choice Act

Nelson (Ne) Opposes EFCA

I think it's time for unions to tell the Democratic leadership to "put up or shut up"

Senate Hearing: Empowering Workers to Restore the Middle Class

DU this poll: The Chicken Little Sky Is Falling Bizarre Corporate Panic over Workers’ Rights Award

Sweet! I root for the most hated baseball player and now the

A $174,863-a-day spectator for Yankees

Where are my English friends

Alex Smith restructures deal to remain with 49ers

A-Roid finally makes it in Dickipedia

Watching an old football game

Trumad appreciation thread

Sign of the times

McCoy introduces gender neutral marriage legislation in Iowa

Check out this advertisement about tolerance on Argentinian TV

Help Us Knock Out Job Discrimination With A One-Two Punch

Last Night's Episode of Drag Race.....

Things that make me go...WTF in F?

Impromptu protest.....

Debt Relief and Financial System Regulation

Without re-regulating financial institutions

60 minutes program: how to take over a failed bank

Is Obama planning to kill the bad banks?

Buffett Forced To Cough Up $3 Billion In Dow/Rohm & Hass Deal

US Already Preparing Next Citigroup Bailout

Bailout gives AIG unfair competitive advantage.

Middle East Reality Check

Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Report

They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street - Quants

What if everyone took their money out of the big banks and put it in local credit unions?

Officials: Iran does not have key nuclear material

Here's a list of green power companies...

UN demands explanation from Iran and Syria on arms ship

Roubini: Obama's stimulus "it's not enough" and fix housing by "breaking every mortgage contract"

Gaza family sues Olmert for $200m after 29 relatives killed

Who else is scared to look at their account statements from their financial advisors?

5 biggest banks are 'dead men walking'

100% Epiphany just hit me

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the United States

Leveraged bullish ETF for financials surges in rally

U.S. choice for top intelligence analyst withdraws

All Wisconsin Retirement System pension checks to see a cut in May

This day in investment history

CNBC Barney Frank "I'm hopeful the uptick rule will be re-instated within the month"

CNBC Up volume beating down by 20 to 1

Roubini: Break Every Mortgage Contract

So what does the DOW's 379 point gain mean?

Forget About "Recovery"

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the United States

President Obama, it's half past noon and you haven't fixed the economy yet? WTF??

This is Week of Action on Single Payer Health Care

Distractions May Shift, but Sleep Needs Don’t

Look at the Dry shippers go!

Dow up 379

Opelika victim shoots robber in buttocks

Another round of "let's get this straight."

75% Believe Constitution Guarantees Right To Own A Gun (Rasmussen)

I have a question...

After deleting the gates/doors/walk throughs I found - here's what's left from today

Streetcar, approaching and passing

A Couple Openings/Doors

Gates and Doors close to home

New granddaughter pics


For Some Reason, I Like This One

Happy almost spring from my kitchen in NC - esp. for Eurobabe

Changes coming to retention bonus program

Relief societies mostly offering loans

Time running out for U.S. troops in Mosul

Japan to pay Afghan police salaries

GAO reports spike in attacks on Afghan police

Austin: No further Iraq withdrawals planned

Bill would ease school transfers for Ga. kids

Vets slam VA’s private insurance idea

Report: Guard commanders removed

IG report: substance abuse program outdated

Soldier charged in death of Army wife

U.S. protests harassment by Chinese vessels

Brigade needs more Afghan forces

Corps explores possibilities for new tents

AF tests stain-resistant boot options

Cadet rape case court-martial set for Tuesday

Lackland DFAC contractor infects 11 with TB

Engine debris caused F-16 crash at Balad

Bolling considers on-base charter school

With handouts and grants, troops hope to help slum

Osan bar stabbing victim now conscious

Deaths from IED attacks up in Afghanistan

Pentagon: Five Chinese vessels harass U.S. ship

U.S. troops and Iraqi security forces distribute wheelchairs to the disabled

Marines shipping extra gear back home

Joint patrol fires on Afghan police

Marines to Boost Repair, Safety Rules

Older Soldiers Find Place in New Army

Blasts Rock Tibet, China Ups Security

GI's Suicide Leaves Unsettled Questions

Political Waves Hit Navy Training Plan

F-16 Mission Training Going Virtual

Deputy Commanding General Visits MNF-W

DoDBuzz: Taliban Surge Looking Likely

DoD contracts for 3/9/2009

Airman with cancer discharged without benefits

Principal: No Marine uniform at graduation

It's that time again - 2010 Photography Calendar

thank you and update

Son of DUer critically injured in boating accident

A Life After Death Journey by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Triple Conjunction in Aquarius

So, how is everyone feeling this week?

Olive oil has now become essential to me for mood support.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia aka Salvia Hispanica - gluten free souce of fiber, omega-3s, alleged endurance food

Alive...after 250 million years

I heard that fourth cousins have no more DNA in common with each other than any two

Rethink Stem Cells? Science Already Has

Zoo chimp 'planned' stone attacks

Catholic hypocrisy on display:

Pastor Arrested, More Charges Possible As Community Shocked


Serious question about "respecting beliefs"

Religion survey: 55% of those who are married had no religious ceremony

Black Collar Crime and Douchebaggery Report for March 10, 2009

Is religion evolving?

Why is there something rather than nothing?

I see no reason to respect any person's or group's beliefs.

Don't bother .............

Looking for good curry sauces (recipes)

Celebrate every day! With Food!

WANTED: Crawfish

Apparently, I own 101 cooking magazines

What's for Dinner? ~ Tuesday March 10th

Color me 10 pounds heavier

Oh, for HEAVEN's sake. Deviled eggs.

Why do we have beef steaks and pork chops?

Tamagoyaki or Atsuyaki Tamago, Japanese sweet omelette

CNN: Obama wants to overhaul education system

What would you do?

Texas among worst for homeless children

Rove helping Hutchison?

Texas Spring has Sprung!!

I am moving to Dallas in September, need advice on good employers.

Airplane Crashes Leave Wreckage and Witnesses

Detainees Say They Planned Sept. 11

No more cash for CBC, Heritage Minister says

Dollar closes under 78¢

Is MacKay in the running for NATO's top job?

Call me nuts, but I'm going to upgrade to 16GB RAM

Yea baby.. Photoshop 5.5

Dump Norton Now

This is the most appropriate place I could find to post this -

Fulfilling a campaign promise. Constituent Services.

Percentage of Catholics in Mass. declines 14%. New England's religious plummetting.