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Shuster's flashback on Countdown: When McSame suspended his

Sign Of The Times - Buyer Beware.......

Freepers were out in force in my little Town. Probably took it over although

Fire Dog Lake: Ben Nelson isn’t the Employee Free Choice Problem–Mike Johanns is

Addicted to Force, Addicted to Failure

Oregon- a failing case for lower taxes.

50 days and Obama hasn't ended the recession yet?

NIH opens stimulus coffers to scientists

How to rule the world for 40+ years...G.I Joe

I must tell this story (while we are talking about education reform)

Does anyone know if there is a list of gun killing sprees?

what is the matter with people

"We are terrorists to the bone." ? ....... Something reeks of BS......

Can you be charged with a crime for online shit-throwing?

Immigrants' Children Look Closer for Love

I beg you all, please leave Michael Steele alone!!!

If you had the choice of buying into a "Medicare type" of plan.....

comcast versus brighthouse - which is better? I have a choice

Stephen Colbert Deserves a Place in Space

Who is the biggest earmarker of them all?

Katie Couric's Sarah Palin Interview Wins Cronkite Award...

What did the stock market do today?

Florida Department of Unemployment wants my Bank Acct # and PIN #...

Howard Dean on GOP Circular Firing Squad: "This is a spectacle I've never seen in my lifetime."


Paul Krugman: Can America be saved?

"The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion."

Can't help thinking this seems newly relevant, re: banks, the fed, who rules America, the world.

Quick ? For Thom Hartmann Fans: When Did Thom Talk About How Universities Do Most Drug Research...

This governor Sanford from South Carolina is a real asshole.....

Post-beating, Rihanna records Brown duet "jam-packed with emotion, serious drama, playful touching"

Program to support American car manufacturers and local credit unions

Charlie Rose: Next episode: WQEDDT, Tue, Mar 10 11:00 PM

Why is socialism a dirty word?

TSMC shocks market with break-even claim

Thanks to whoever donated so I could get my star back! I didn't mean to "po' mouth," and I

Congratulations Bushco!-Statute of Limitations on Bush’s 3/11/04 Illegal Wiretapping Expires Today

Conservative Petition to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele

**Official Fuck You arne duncan Thread**

WorldNutDaily exposes conspiracy by Wikipedia to silence the "birthers"

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council: "Hurray for the bad economy!"

I talked to my small town bank president today...

One of these things is not like the other

Stephen Colbert: "Tonight - RNC Chair Michael Steele Is In Trouble. His Punishment?"

I don't know about you but I'm concerned that Obama finds the need to work work work.

The Nation: The Coming Economic Storm

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Highway robbery? Texas police seize black motorists' cash, cars

US Ships & China incident

US Ships & China incident

Note- When A Bear Or Jon Stewart Is Attacking You

I'm looking for examples of Republican financial mismanagement over the past 8 years.

I like my morning news like I like my coffee bitter and white--Jon Stewart re: Morning Joe

Well this explains everything about CNBC...

My first post: How did Rachel say Wang Dang Ping with a straight face while reporting the mooning

Woman Says 911 Call Got No Answer

It pays to monitor the opposition....

It pays to monitor the opposition....

I heard tonight that Obama was going to do away with mortgage and charity deductions...

Stewart starting off on CNBC again. I am loving the hell out of this.

Tin Foil Hat time!!!

From My 'Boycott News Corp' Facebook Group:

Excuse me, but when did REVENUE become profit?

Walk a mile - and 5000 years - in these shoes

Now THIS is a pretty picture

McCain Preparing Economic Plan-alternative to the President?

GE CFO Appears ON CNBC To Pump Up GE, Which Owns (You Guessed It) CNBC! Conflict?

Zapotec Digs in Mexico Show Clues to Rise and Fall

Raymond Lee Oyler convicted of murder, arson in Esperanza Fire

Give me your best defense of Thomas Ricks, and why. Seriously. I

Do you want me to throw Feces on him Jon....

Jug Inscribed with a Persian Love Poem Discovered in Excavations of the Israel Antiquities Authority

Sec. Geithner on Charlie Rose, PBS, 11:30pm CT here. nt

Notice I received from my mail order prescription service:

Burgundy Wine Has Long History In France: Remains Of Gallo-Roman Vineyard Discovered In Gevrey-Chamb

Jon Stewart Talking About CNBC Controversy And Jimmy Cramer Again

Ancient Clovis Toolbox: Were Prehistoric Nomads DIYers?

I don;t sugarcoat the news, I drench it in high fructose corn syrup, no wonder

Let's call this what IT IS:

Archaeologists Find Ancient Jewelry in Egyptian Tomb

Is the global economy a Ponzi scheme? Part 1: Are we all Bernie Madoffs, and what comes next?

Hey, at least we have 48 other states that aren't *functionally retarded* (corrupt up to it's

Corporate/RW Media: Fighting Media Ownership Diversity By Attacking The "Fairness Doctrine" Strawman

Caravaggio used photographic techniques: researcher

In Case You Missed It - Friggin' Hillarious!...

Hey Cramer!...Jon (the "comedian") has the best news show on TV..

BREAKING: City Council Members Can't Stop Laughing After Meeting Interrupted... by Farts

Do DUers remember either Gore or Kerry making as much noise

The Graveyard of Empires, Its Always the same guys:

What's with the Yahoo Buzz? It's full of right-wing jerks.

Simple Reasons why Bush & his Top Law Breakers Need to be Tried in a Court of Law..

283 US firms at high risk of default: Moody's

I'm going through a difficult transition in my life

Report from The Patriotic Resistance

Phish reunion tour pumps $5 million in hotel, restaurant and retail sales into Hampton, VA economy

Phish reunion tour pumps $5 million in hotel, restaurant and retail sales into Hampton, VA economy

My term for the "Maher vs. Coulter" debate tour:

Senator seeks probe of posthumous debt collection

Madoff Facing 150 Years In Prison? - nah! he'll exit this scenario the way Ken Lay did and

Did The TARP Money Affect the Recipient's Balance Sheet, Income Statement, or Both?

Can I breast feed my baby if I am the father?

Prop 8 should stand even though I support marriage rights for all people

Here's the March issue of War Crimes Times

It just occurred to me - isn't it odd that financial institutions are getting bridgeloans from gov't

Souter on History, Civics and Judicial Decision Making

Sharif Defies Government Order, May Be Arrested Soon

Pakistan Detains Opposition Members

Irony alert - Tariq Aziz sentenced to 15 years for crimes

Nawaz Sharif Under House Arrest

I'm having problems understanding why lockstep with AIPAC is a requisite for intel chief.

Some possible senate challengers in Delaware in 2010

The last 52 days of horror, versus 8 yrs. of sunshine & lollipops!

Dems Introduce Vital Protections for Workers: Corporate America Responds With a Big LIE

What's the craziest/strangest/dumbest thing you've heard a right winger try to blame on Clinton?

I seen a guy on MSNBC yesterday who worked for the McCain campaign just ripping the Republicans

Dean Baker: If Private Insurers Compete with Government, They'll Lose

Teachers of DU!

Put a chain around your heart. Drawings I received today from children in Gaza.

Subprime Lending Didn’t Increase Homeownership: Report10Mar09

Vick's former home fails to sell at auction

Zbig admonished Rachel for making fun of Osama on his b'day.

Making sure that gun guy

School shooting in Germany - 10 dead

School shooting in Germany - 10 dead

Fifty Years Later: Remembering Tibet

A Place For Inquiring Minds - Fran Quigley

The "F" word is so low class.

Quick--Conquer the middle east, or affordable health care for all Americans?

Scott Lively: The Gay Agenda Is “To Turn The Whole World Gay”

So did any NBCers take Stewart's bait and fire back this morning?

Madoff Employees Helped Dupe Investors, U.S. Prosecutors Say

Greenspan says Fed didn't cause the housing bubble: report

Greenspan says Fed didn't cause the housing bubble: report

Tibet is paradise on earth: China tells Dalai Lama

Rush Limbaugh: Icon of Anti-Morality

Called The Kettle Black at Work

Too damn funny

Do you support cops using tasers as a means to subdue people?

Got This Link From A Repug This A.M. Blaming The Economic Problems On Clinton.......

Roads vs Health Care

Geneva County Shooting Spree

Nobody should be surprised at the direction the Republican Party is taking

Chicago Sheriff Still Reluctant to Evict People

Obama Intel Nominee Withdraws after Campaign by man awaiting trial on charges of ESPIONAGE..

Five things to know about the EFCA ...

daily 'for those not watching' alert: joe scarboy still sucks....

Vitter went ‘ballistic on an airline worker,’ then ‘fled the scene’ before security arrived.

Will George W. Bush be the "Armin Tamzarian" President?

Obama as the Anti-Bush

Dengue outbreaks on the rise in Asia-Pacific: WHO

Huff Post: Labor Targets Unionbusting Firms, Front Groups Profiting from Fear of Workers' Rights

Wikileaks: The "dirty bomb" that disappeared

Diaper Dave "You're so brave!"

Charlie Rose: A conversation with Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary

Science advisor of the previous Administration

GOP Faces Obstacle in Earmark Fight: Themselves

Helicopters, Cover-ups and War Crimes

Woman's Tap Dance Classes Confused With Lap Dances

Barbara Ehrenreich/Bill Fletcher Jr.: Reimagining Socialism: Rising to the Occasion

Satellite debris coming down.

A former aide to Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran pleaded guilty Tuesday - Abramoff

One in 50 US kids is homeless

Will you take a minute and vote for an awesome idea?

Approval of Congress Hits Four-Year High, FUELED BY DEMS

New? telemarketer scam.

Scottsbluff dealership missing three bosses, dozens of cars

== Have sex for free! = By Mark Morford

Norm Stamper: Police Brutality: Deal With It

"Pray" - a letter I received from a rightwinger

Gallup's CEO, "The biggest problem that the country has is actually the cost of health care."

"At the Death House Door" - 2008 documentary on executions - IFC at 11:15am EDT today

msnbc...'is the worse behind us?' after ONE DAY rally

What makes men go on shooting rampages?

Check Out Thursday's Guest On The Daily Show

Remember that plane that ditched in The Hudson? Did anyone ever answer the question about pets?

Centrist Dems Continue Slowly Deflating the President's Budget

Not Wanting to Take Guns Away, But.....

Katon Dawson, Former Member Of Whites-Only Club, Is Leading Charge For No-Confidence Vote In Steele

FUNNY! MSNBC was showing Madoff

Earmarks should be treated like dessert.. Is CNBC As Bad As Jon Stewart Says It Is? Yes...

A divided America in the future?

Is Contessa retarded?

What about merit pay for Congressmen?

Guns should be re-tooled.

Tariq Aziz guilty of Iraq murders, jailed for (only) 15 years

Who wants to see yet another instance of Cramer contradicting himself and the market within a week?

Great atricle on Salon...speaking my language, feeling my pain.

Congress gets another approval boost...

Sen. Bernie Sanders takes on the loan sharks

Jim Cramer Shorting Stocks, Manipulating Markets, Saying The SEC Doesn't Understand (VIDEO)

Dan Solin: It's CNBC That Has Not Yet Hit Bottom

He won't go away! A handful of aides are still spinning for the former president.

Does KKKarl Still Have A Regular Column In Newsweek?

Andrew Sullivan: What The Freeman Case Is Really About

If Chas Freeman were partial to Israel, he would be chairman of the NIC today

Foreclosure Feeding Frenzy

Imagine this ...

Gunman kills 10, including several family members, before taking own life

another oil related explosion causing death and injury

Sen. Bunning puts foot in mouth again.

Cross posting this to give it more eyeballs - looking for advice and help

Cross posting this to give it more eyeballs - looking for advice and help

Good grief....Can the global warming deniers movement find a spokesman with a few brain cells?

Good grief....Can the global warming deniers movement find a spokesman with a few brain cells?

Iran Says U.S. Still "Warmongering"

Note to Americans: ... the sky did not fall

Creationist students confront Darwinism

DU Offense-o-meter. Please rank in order what you think what would offend the average DUer the most

Public Broadcasters Seek an Extra $300M From Obama Administration

Neil Young: "This is a song about people and heroes and change. Life in America."

Drug Czar No Longer To Be a Cabinet Position

SC Governor: I Won't Use Stimulus to Stimulate

Pa Robertson is asking you if you want peace from financial strain.

Pa Robertson is asking you if you want peace from financial strain.

Art imitates life. Remember the SNL skit where Steve Jobs kept showing

Toon Time: Tom Tomorrow

Did Jon Stewart cripple Cramer like he crippled Tucker Carlson?

No quit: the campaign to boost Bush

Salon.con: Stewart is right. CNBC analysts are navigators without a map, blame Obama for market doom

Sen. Ted Kennedy and Rep. Loretta Sanchez on no-fly list while Sen. David Vitter sets off alarms

It's kind of ironic.

More Filipinos question birth-control taboo

Watch How the Record / Entertainment Industry Moves to Protect Chris Brown and His Career

How The Religious Right Sees Stem Cell Research

I support a simple form of standardized testing for the education system.

Employee Free Choice Act has widespread support

Employee Free Choice Act has widespread support

Majority of Voters View Limbaugh Negatively, 45 Percent "Very, Very Negatively": Study

U.S., Israel Disagree on Iran Arms Threat

OK, so maybe there's hope for him yet: Glenn Beck says legalize weed.

Potomac Coal Ash Spill Could Reach Washington DCl

It's the Limbaugh Party now. Republicans do the "Limbaugh Rock"!

Neil Boortz says American's are stupid and shouldn't be allowed to vote..

Israel Cautions U.S. on Talking to Iran

Rush Limbaugh Weighs Down Heavily on Republicans

75% of DU respondents to poll say America is an empire, is it time to bring the empire down?

Of course the right wing talk radio hosts want someone to blow a building up

Why Individualists Are More Vulnerable to Dictatorship

Can someone please explain the "credit freeze" I keep hearing the politicians talking about?

where do I report Pat Robertson's little discussion on why

Cliff May describes possible Iranian nuclear strike on US...

Anybody else rehabilitating on the word PRESIDENT?

What would America be like today if Alcohol Prohibition had never ended?

The coming evangelical collapse

Good local economic news! A friend told me that her husband's employer

Not everyone is doing poorly in this economy

5 human heads discovered in ice chests in central Mexico

Greenspan: Don't blame me for this mess

Glenn Greenwald: The mission of the Beltway journalist

Randi Rhodes WILL be back…..SOON

House defeats wilderness bill

Market is down because Obama 'had to open his mouth'

Symbolic restart for shattered Nahr al-Bared

Launch scrubbed for Wednesday

A bit of advice if you will... My Grandma is getting scammed big time.

No-confidence vote on Steele in the works.

Chamber of Commerce boasts about having ‘planted’ anti-union article in the Wall Street Journal.

"He’s trying to protect his family.”-The Next Targets in the Madoff Case-by Lucinda Franks

Texas "Voter ID" bill clears first hurdle after contentious public hearing

Pakistan: Suicide Bomb Strikes Northwest Amid Deepening Political Turmoil

Ray McGovern is extremely pessimistic about the meaning of Obama's Freeman fiasco

David Vitter: A True American Asshole

Open Letter to Educators..

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Hey, Science, Glad to Have You Back. It's Been a While.

The Citi that never sleeps (on spin) NO PROFIT

Sen. David 'Fancy Pants' Vitter throwing tantrum in airport?

Which radical leftist organizations support David Ogden according to the Family Research Council?

Mystery solved as tests prove Tsar's entire family was murdered

Nawaz Sharif Fears Assassination As Party Begins Protest; Accuses Zardari of Dictatorship

Finally! The Nadya Suleman interview we'd pay to see!

Teen gunman kills self after slaying 15

repeal the 22nd amendment?

Montel Williams joins Air America on April 6th (9 AM-noon ET)

USA Today, CNN Push Bogus Talking Point That Stimulus Will Give Jobs To 300,000 Illegal Immigrants

Florida lawmaker files bills that would legalize gay adoptions

The Sleepers may keep their Festus, Mo. home but it is on eBay (PICS) check this thing out!

Stock Rally/Citi Memo: Hiding Losses Endorsed by Bernanke

A trivial question..could someone who knows tell me, on those emergency crank radios..

Founder of Religious Right Blasts GOP

CNBC managed to find a Republican to talk to regarding the Budget

This is the Mormon Cricket causing John McCain so much angst.

Please send some good vibes to OneGrassRoot

Freeps going off on Vitter. I love it when they deny their own

House Dem Chairmen Outdo Senators With Solidarity Pledge on Health Reform

Chicago student shot, killed: 26th CPS student slain this year.

Oh, how sweet... CEO of JP Morgan says America and corporations are a "family"

Obama calls out lawmakers who rail against earmarks but defend their own.

Barney Frank forces Andrea Mitchell to admit she and the rest of the MSM are a fraud

I'm just plain angry and

Sandstorm in Saudi Arabia (PIC)

FL State Sen. thinks animal husbandry means people marry animals

BREAKING: Financier Allen Stanford Takes the Fifth, Refuses to Testify in Court

CNN Money: Millions are no longer millionaires

Bill Maher v. Coulter

Obama's vetting process...

Straight sex sermon upsets rural Alabama town

Which school administrators are necessary?

Dan Rather on Saving Journalism

Memo to the Anti-Choice movement - No means NO

Should the Family Research Council be renamed to the Foot in Mouth Council?

Oh great. Cheney giving an interview with John King on 'State of the Union'

Credit card delinquencies hit index record

Freeps are furious over GOPers voting for cloture for the Omnibus bill

Tweety is about to unload on Ari...

Are we finally seeing the backlash against Patrick Bateman?

Rumor: Dan Rooney to be Amb. to Ireland.

"Merit-ize" This

Limbaugh + Coulter = Binge and Purge.

DU THIS CNN POLL! How would you grade President Obama's first 50 days in office?

DU THIS CNN POLL! How would you grade President Obama's first 50 days in office?

American Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Takeoff In New York

Rethink Afghanistan.

FBI Spies and Paid Informants Infiltrated U.S. Mosques

A Grand Slam MANDATE? "Draft Palin Effort Begins In A Denny's In West Haven"

Limbaugh drags Republican party down

ari fleischer on tweety to burnish mr. bu$hs* reputation....

Something you'd only see from the ultra-right - Neo-nazi's ashes stolen by other neo-nazi group

End of toy era: After 70 years, View-Master 3-D scenic reels from parks to Elvis discontinued

Where are they getting the propaganda about the EFCA?

German school attack (kills 15)

So the FDIC is in trouble because banks didn't pay insurance premiums for a DECADE

Merrill Lynch trips to Ritz Carlton Orlando under federal scrutiny

Merrill Lynch trips to Ritz Carlton Orlando under federal scrutiny

Bush's First U.S. Speech Scheduled For June 17 (table for 10 @ private event: $4000)

GOP becoming a cartoon

FUNNY (and quite dumb) republican e-mail with a great response from a Democrat.

FUNNY (and quite dumb) republican e-mail with a great response from a Democrat.

Needy FDIC collected little in premiums.

The media/GOP's negativity for political reasons is now becoming personal

Girl sues school over prom tux denial

Republicans’ McConnell Seeks to Say Yes to Obama on Something

Vitter says airport report overblown: "I accidentally went through a wrong door at the gate"

Sesame Street announces layoffs

Norm Coleman is a Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorist, Whining, Sore Loser.

So, if someone made a flow chart of the Republican hierarchy, where would they put Rush Limbaugh at?


Democrats draw up plan for second stimulus bill

Columbus Wonder Bread Bakery To Close In May

The Neocons Strike Back (Chas Freeman)

PSA you believe in workers rights

NOW I know why the right-wingers are complaining about their freedoms being lost

If the Tree of Liberty needs to be watered by the blood of patriots, then Rush Limbaugh ...

NYC-Mayor: Weiner May Bow Out

Traitor Democrats will be held accountable

Montel Williams? Air America just keeps getting worse

Gun-control organizations call for semi-auto ban in wake of Alabama rampage

The **Big** Distraction

Rush-enstein. They Made Him. Now He's Eating Them

Not surprised.

Does the Buck stop here?

Anomalies in Ted Stevens Case.

The Onion Reports: "The Rich are Prisoners in their Gated Communities" and other stuff...

75-year-old Saudi widow to be flogged for meeting with men who were not her immediate relatives

Interesting report - from an unlikely source: "U.S. rejected 2003 Iraqi peace offer"

McGraw-Hill Tells Kids: "Good Intentions Caused The Financial Crisis"

Bill Would Blur Online Mapping Features

Two students. One teacher.

Watch This...and decide if Cramer is either a Sociopath or Destroying Himself by Truth Telling

Watch This...and decide if Cramer is either a Sociopath or Destroying Himself by Truth Telling

CT Senate: Dodd appears very vulnerable in 2010

WorldNetDaily complaining about Wikipedia's treatment of Obama

Fox News urges Americans to apologise for Barack Obama's 'treatment' of Gordon Brown

You've Seen The "Freedom Isn't Free" Bumper Stickers?

Florida lawmakers consider ban on bestiality

Ari Ari colossal piece of shit

Jon Stewart has GEM$NBC in a tizzy

Vermont Mental Health Experts Support Gay Marriage


Lawmakers: NASA {Bu**sh**-appointed} watchdog lacks bite, needs to go (CNN)

I resolve to save bandwith on DU by..

I resolve to save bandwith on DU by..

How Fucked Up Is America When CBS Nightly News Tries To Make Folks Feel Bad For Billionaires?

Straight from the horse's ass: Jim Cramer on "truth"

Firefighters called to octuplet's mom's house

Do you believe earmarks = wasteful spending?

Parents are consumers... and guess what they vote with their pocketbook.

For teachers: a homework assignment - "The Underground History of American Education" & Spiro Agnew

Bristol Palin and fiancé split

What is the guy's name whose father was a big Christian RW guy

Can anyone give a knowledgeable update on Al Franken's Senate Seat?

Mitch McConnell - King of the Hypocrites

Senate hypocrites! Those voting against the spending bill because of their own earmarks

Freeper "Frantzie" upset that Sports Illustrated portrayed local yokels the Palins as "local yokels"

White House Hits

Not the best possible letter to Chris Matthews - but I sent it and I hope he listens

Limbaugh Drags Down GOP - "Even Moderate Repuplicans-UNCOMFORTABLE"

Was the security guard Vitter went off on a woman? If so, then the question must be asked ...

Google Targets Users With Behavior-Based Ads

Ari Fleischer will be on Tweety to sing the praises of the

Mom died 43 years ago today

Just posting a nice story about an Ohio car plant...

Ari Fleischer is tearing apart Chris Matthews

Photo emerges that might be last taken of Lincoln (CNN)

Six Years of Illegal War: Demand Accountability

Protests, Political Turmoil Grip Pakistan (Fears of Government Collapse)

"You Can Advocate Torture+Illegal Spying-But You CAN'T Criticize Israel" - Glenn Greenwald

Your Opinion, Please: Part Two

Secret ballots should supersede everything, including forming a union

Who do you think provides the most unintentional humor?

Sled dog dies during Iditarod race

So has Rick Santelli suddenly become kind of scarce?

Judge: Gay Student Club Allowed To Meet

Banksters Whining About "Onerous" Conditions Of Bailout - Want To Give The $ Back!

I, for one, would like Newt Gingrich to sit down and shut up.

A Current Thread on Free Reppublic--I agree with them on this one

Remember when Jon Stewart spanked those asshats on Crossfire?

Call me crazy but I feel like investing some money in the stock market

What's Nancy Skinner talking about?


"Troubling"-Detainees Newly Released 9/11 Confession-"Typed-In English-NO Signatures"

Do you think the content of this article is true?

MEME KILLER - When the right says Obama is doing too much....

I've just been told my position is being phased out.

Dow, Nasdaq, S&P500 on Wednesday, March 11?

Chaz Freeman Rips Right Wing Israel Lobby in Withdrawal Statement

Attn: American workers training their replacements

Michael Steele is pro-choice - that should go over well with the base!

Mr. Beck & Mr. Norris, I Remember the Okc Bombing

Obama scapegoats teachers, continues Bush education policies

I helped the Democratic Party win the last two elections

2008: 4-8 MILLION voters denied or discouraged from voting

AMD: MacBook issues giving graphics bad rap

I bet Ari Fleischer would look lots better with a condom over his head.

The new Newsweek cover just rocks!

AMY GOODMAN: Put Single-Payer on the Table

Obama is ill advised on education

If the U.S. government's spending isn't fiscal lunacy, I don't know what is.

If the U.S. government's spending isn't fiscal lunacy, I don't know what is.

Glenn Greenwald: The agenda of Chuck Schumer

Merit pay for teachers? Will any of them get as much as Wall St. parasites who broke world economy?

Advisers got the joke about CNBC long ago (Investment News)

Why is Living with grandma or living in a trailer considered being homeless???

You want to give me merit pay? Okay, under a couple conditions.

Science cannot prove causality. Science assumes causality

"Teacher Merit Pay": A smoke screen that obscures the objective of having a public education SYSTEM.

Idiot Wind

LOL, I might be late on this, but I just found it... Check out Spirit Air new "Octo" promotion...

AIG to U.S. Taxpayers: "Your Money or Your Life (Insurance)"

Some questions about seniors and scams;

Your "right" to a secret ballot election does not exist NOW

The Nation: Israel Lobby Defeats Freeman Appointment

Very Good News! (Onondaga Nation)

If you think you know all about the Bush Crime Family, you don't know squat

just had an earthquake here in costa rica

Ari saying that Saddam struck us on 9/11 on Tweety's show.

I guess that the elections are really just a formality after all..

JP Morgan Chase CEO - "Vilification" Of Corporations Must Stop - "It's Hurting Our Country"

Can Someone Explain to me What Michelle Bernard means

It's finally time....Introducing Wishadoo! :)

Did we stop counting bodies in Iraq?


Joe Scar responds to Jon Stewart

Bush pumping $$ into merit pay

Michelle's sleeveless dresses -- the start of a new culture war?

Talk of violent revolution...

Talk of violent revolution...

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston Break Off Engagement

Alabama gunman killed at least nine people today

PLEASE, DU this poll trying to gauge Abortion Rights in TN

Regarding Twitter...........

Let's see how DU feels about merit pay for teachers.

GM delays innovative new diesel truck engine

DNA proves Bolsheviks killed all of Russian czar's children (CNN)

As you all know, I lost my legal assistant job in February :(

The naivety of teacher merit pay arguments.

Yale student sues airline for $1M over lost Xbox

Republican Race to the Bottom Contest

Ten Years Later And An Erection Still...........

I went nuts on a right wing nut ball today ..... really nuts

I went nuts on a right wing nut ball today ..... really nuts

Gun Regulation Will Only Work If It Is Federally Enforced

Where did the sudden need to "fix" schools come from?

Cenk @ Huffington Post: The Real Problem with CNBC

Help the RNC pick a new leader.


Emo in training...

Cat Physics 2

What is for dinner, Lounge?

Will someone wake me up when it's over?

I wish I would remember to donate before I lose my star. That's all. nt

Favorite Kraftwerk album?

Sometimes you just have to hear Wipeout.

How To Cheer Up an Emo Kid

The puffed pizza balloon tasted good

I am hereby renaming the History Channel to...

81 Minutes Remaining


American Idol. A celebration of American Mediocrity

Easily the most disturbing video game music ever. Happy nightmares.

Flipping question.

I hate this pic of me.

Tipping question.

Tipping question.

Are fish sentient beings?

Just Found Out A Friend Died Last Night...


Where's RevActs, are we no longer worthy of her audience?


I'm coming up soon on American Idol.

Cross-posting for help:


Earlier today some guy just walked into this woman's home and tried to kidnap her baby.

Alien's head found in English pond!

Why the hell does my keyboard keep sending me to previous words

What does wikipedia say about your home town?

North Dakota State going to NCAA tournament

It's getting cold here. Who is going to send the thermal socks for my birthday next week?

Snack Dogs, discuss!

Just one more day before I check into the hotel for my convention.

I need help with an algebra problem for my astronomy class re: radio waves

Tipping question.

Jesus Fucking Christ but there are some unbelievably idiotic assholes on this board.

Dripping question.

Ohhhhhhh Canada!

I'm angry that my FICO score went down because the credit company closed unused accounts.

Community theater in my town lacks diversity...

Led Zeppelin plays Wheaton MD

The universe needs to stop bombarding me with attractive people.

I'm getting tired of all our old flame wars. Can we come up with some new ones please

Where can you see an actual Mayan calendar?

Ouch, I have a Gaping Hole in My Foot

OK, folks... I need some of that good Lounge advice

Good morning Lounge

Someone just tried to follow me home... should I call the cops?

Attn: DC/Baltimore Lounge Lizards

DU Offense-o-meter. Please give me your personal rankings of what DUers take most offense at


There is a security guard at this gas station I frequent. He is a double amputee.

Marlins: Scared of Asians

Today's music trivia: lead singer of Cutting Crew was a finalist to replace Phil Collins in Genesis.

Hey, wannabees.

Review of the Kindle reader for iPhone

You know what this place needs? More Fleet Foxes

Give this bear some food already!

I admit it...I like the Narwhal threads

Woman's Tap Dance Classes Confused With Lap Dances

Any ladies here who are gamers (Xbox, Playstation, Wii) who like FPS?

I can excuse American Idol for featuring disposable pop mediocrity. What annoys me, however, is...

Wasn't that funny in the first place: Still not that funny


The dangers of genetic engineering have NEVER been argued so eloquently:

Techno geeks I need your help - question about changing Cell phones

I like the cut of your jib.

this week is pretty much awesome

Cat owners-WARNING on "Bio-spot" flea & tick medicine.

I'm Not There - what a crap movie

I'm Not There - what a crap movie

The Moar You Know: Ghetto Wine

Dangit. I know I missed at least one question on this test last night.

What do you think of the move toward online media, as opposed to purchasing DVDs?

Am I the only one that hates it when __________ ?

Ever go to a music show where everyone is twice your age?

I'm re-watching Obama's acceptance speech from the convention.

I heard a Led Zepplin song yesterday and actually enjoyed it!

So Chuggo, Bride of Chuggo and DUggo walk into the DU Lounge....complete the scenario

Just because you post the word "Led Zeppelin" in your subject doesn't mean I'll post there

Maybe a GD issue: Driver's licenses compromised by "Homeland Security"

Where's pitohui?

Which president did the most damage to the United States and the world in general?

Foo Fighters' "The Pretender" = Def Leppard's "Foolin'" + Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law"

Can anyone explain this dream I just had?

Angels are not waiting to help

So I just started talking to my ex again

What decade do you wish could be rerun?

Someone posted this link at the Entertainment forum.


Who else is absolutely heartbroken over Bristol and Levi?

"Crazy Eddie", the king of Route 17 New Jersey home electronics and fraudster getting his own movie

Woman Injured in Power Tool Sex Toy Encounter

Naked martial artist picks fight with neighbors, wanted to make "Enter the Toddler"

I just ate half a can of spray cheese

Maybe now you'll listen to your parents and eat your spinach: 1200 cans of Spinach has Pot in them.

From GD: Power tools and sex toys DO NOT MIX!!

So, how will Sarah get back at Levi?

**Today's the day! Happy thoughts for Ptah**

Talk me down... I want a Kindle!

I need some grilling recipes

I'm going through a difficult transition in my life

Fans and haters of jam bands (the Dead, Phish, etc.) - check out this discussion

So... Has anyone seen the picture of the guy that peeled

Video of Nadya Suleman Giving Birth

Woot! Good News...

This spring fever is about to kill me.

Why do I get screwed up ideas like this?

How much coffee do you drink in a day?

You would not believe the unbelievably crappy day I've been having today.

Too cool! 10,000 posts!

Hey, Who farted?

Whoops! Ok, this is post 36,001

Oooh baby, lemme give you a porkgasm

And Now... A list of people who could kick Chuck Norris' ass.

What best represents the 1980s?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/11/09

New Seymour Hersh Bombshell? Hersh describes Cheney's "executive assassination ring"

Bibaby is gonna hate me when she finds out.....

Who else is absolutely heartbroken over Midlo and Taterguy?

Daylights Savings Time hasn't clicked over in England yet, has it?

Ever go to a music show where everyone is half your age?

Can you guess what musical I got these lyrics from.

I'm going out to get a pizza

We Belong Dead.

Which is better? Emacs or Vi?

Please remember my son in your thoughts and prayers

The kids are dancing to Iggy's "Some Weird Sin" loving it. Am I a bad parent?


I licked an Ipod in a hole because I'm cool like that

I just got dumped.

Why am I listening to Sid Vicious singing My Way?

Phish bankrolled 200 cops, including feds, for reunion 'security'

Some war that turned out to be

ode to the salad bar

Dr. Phil gets slapped with $4 million cream-and-lotion-based lawsuit

Match Game Story: "Talk of Narwhals and erections had Loopy Liz so confused, she ___ the valet."

I am simply devastated.

I am in need of a new avatar!

Lady Gaga rocks.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Guess who is NOT getting married - Bristol & Levi call it quits!!!

FAA revokes celebrity helicopter pilot's license for receiving oral sex while flying over San Diego

Whatcha making for dinner?

You can go ahead and add Kitchen Faucet repair to my Resume...


Are Stealth GD Copycats the new Ghostkick?

What do you do with DU Lounge Polls?

Battlestar Galactica question

Does anyone want to make $100 bucks? Does anyone know php?

It's Conference Tournament time!

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

it's just not fair

If it's Wednesday...

This is why BabyM is my favorite.

oooooh pierre......

Any DUers Work In Retail Store Security

BREAKING: Levi Johnston "SuperSizes" McDonald's Filet-O-Fish meal, pays at drive-up window, leaves

The Uroclub. Please tell me this isn't real. Unbelievable!

Who would you rather have bite your neck, Salma Hayek vampire or Monica Belucci vampire?

Vegetation as building facades and decorating outer walls with plants

Push Poll - Fast Food Theme


Do people really like licorice?

LOST rerun today. Sucks (nt)

Soo.. I almost got a speeding ticket today.

I resolve to save bandwith on DU by..

Jayne Mansfield claimed to have an IQ of 163. She spoke 5 languages.

Favorite "everywoman" actress.

Fuck Chuggo!!!@! Here is your NEW lounge emperor!!!

F U C K........L O S T is not on tonight

How long do you give the CD?

So, I slept for 24 straight hours again.

ok ladies... a beautiful bust line in five minutes a day

I have a friend in Norway who absolutely LOVES The Beatles...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/11/2009)

Funny video of my kids practicing that I showed at the winter sports banquet.

I don't usually ask this but I think our friend 3.14158675309 aka Pi Guy needs some lounge vibes...

My nephew is turning into a wingnut.

We Belong Together

FASHION!.... Prada-style

is there anything more comfortable than fleece sheets...?

Sheba's home!!!!

Video: Octo-mom takes you on a tour of her new house

Would banning Catcher in the Rye reduce gun violence and teenage angst...

It's Springtime in L.A.*

What is for drinking, Lounge?

Daters: Is sex expected or wanted on the first date?

Man fired for being vegetarian

New avatar day. Not much else going on here.

What is your favorite kind of doughnut.

I don't care what you haters say, I love me some Taco Bell.

Soprano fans: Who was your favorite character?

Most disgusting fast food chain (we're talking the food, not the companies)

Here is how cool ElderGreenKid is...

taterguy and I have formed an unholy alliance. One of you should be very, very scared.

I'm beat and there's so much to do

When will Sean Penn make another good movie like Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

This kitty cat is missing

It has been one of those days...

My poem from the open mic tonight: "Hunger"

Hit Shuffle on your iPod. What are the first 10 songs?

Name an obscure new music group you like.

Tipping question.

Tom Robinson - Glad To Be Gay - 1979

I'm having lunch with SallyMander and Iza on Friday!

Former Accused Iraqi Agent Susan Lindauer, Secret Charges and The Patriot Act in Action


ACLU asks Obama Administration to release photos that Rumsfeld said were "too sadistic" to be shown

Dean's a pretty good speaker..

Dumb question, but wasn't Ben Bernanke in the Bush admin., too? Did he just automatically

Specter on Steele: ‘I wouldn’t pay a whole lot of attention to him.’

I need some help here!

Steele May Face No Confidence Vote (Katon Dawson, who came in second, is quietly organizing a vote)

I bought the Vogue with Michelle O on the cover today.....


President Obama will name Gil Kerlikowske as drug czar today, remove job's cabinet designation.

How's The Market Doing Today?

Must Read from Joe Conason: Dumbest Proposal Ever?

Charlie Rose: A conversation with Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary

I Finally Figure Out Who Michael Steele Reminds Me Of

President Obama's full address today. Full text of prepared statement.

A word besides "socialist" which has crept back into the RW talking points:

Dems introduce Employee Free Choice Act today--does it have a snowball's chance of passing?

Senate budget restores low-cost birth control -- Planned Parenthood!

The corporate media is in heaven today

Unity vs Dissent

Nancy Pelosi: "open to another stimulus if necessary"

Go Vote Now! Stephen Colbert in the lead to get own NASA space station room

Do we still DU Polls?

Put Single-Payer on the Table by Amy Goodman

Workers Need Freedom of Speech & Assembly: Another reason to support the Employee Free Choice Act

** Heads Up: POTUS Signs Order Creating the Council on Women and Girls! LIVE!**

The best way for China to stimulate its own economy is by buying US Treasuries

Bernanke responds to Kerry on AIG perks

Here's something you never heard the last 8 yrs.

Coleman warns supporters their credit card data likely breached

Unions for Single Payer HR676

CNN genius poll: How do you rate President Obama's first 50 days?

Ron Paul defends earmarks, despite voting against spending bill - has more than ANY other Republican

I Love Earmarks! I wish we had 149 billion in earmarks included in the spending bill!

Banks whining about "strings" attached to bailout

Highlights of $410 billion spending bill. Updated: Congress sends huge spending bill to Obama

Why are these people undermining Obama?

Five Senate Races we need to focus on for 2010 (and a 6th if the GOP helps us out some)

According to the Republicans, Barack Obama is The President who is TOO...

Republicans HATE Polar Bears (and other wildlife, too):

MSNBC First 100 Days Compared - Obama "Dithering"? Bush Was Comatose By Comparison

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

I hereby propose taxing journalists for every lie they tell us

Steele refers to Repug congresscritters and/or operatives as "scurrying mice" then backtracks -again

Ex Republican and Evangelist BLASTS the Republicans for not supporting Obama

Pres Obama. It's half past noon and you haven't fixed the economy yet? WTF???

BREAKING! DOW Is UP! CNBC Attributes This To John Boehner Removing Lint From His Navel!

JPMorganChase CEO Jamie Dimon on CNBC talking like a grown-up

JPMorganChase CEO Jamie Dimon on CNBC talking like a grown-up

AP: Anti-Obama brickbats from left as well as right

SEIU & AFL-CIO Unions pull out of health care talks…..

After a flurry of early activity, the Obama doctrine is taking shape

Superheroe's new face: Female politicians as comic book queens

Be sure to catch the later showing of Hardball. Chris v. Ari

Republican freshman Richard Burr agrees that he does nothing for his constituents.

Typical BS AP/Yahoo headline "Obama signs $410 billion spending bill behind closed doors"

Republican's Reach Earmark Hypocracy Status

OH NO! Looks like the DOW is going to close up again!

Republicans unhinged: Sen. Hatch: Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes Is A ‘Stupid, Dumb-Ass’ Idea

At what point does the media itself cause harm to the economy?

Anyone else sick of

GALLUP: Approval of Congress Hits Four-Year High, Fueled by Dems

Cancer Patients Die While "New Democrats" Help Bankers Get Billions

Breaking..Confirmed: Seattle's TOP COP named new Drug Czar

Pointing to Citigroups profit & the stockmarkets 2 day up as Obama's financial success

"Earmark Hypocrisy" of Evan Bayh

In a "merit pay" system...won't teachers feel like letting their students cheat?

Meghan McCain: Press lets Obama get away with everything!

DU THIS CNN POLL! How would you grade President Obama's first 50 days in office?

Ari Fleischer's first sentence includes 9/11

Will Workers Be Betrayed Once Again, This Time With The Employee Free Choice Act?

I swear, I could kick the shit out of Ari Fleischer right now

Obama Creates Women's Panel

We Need To Come Up With Another Word For Positive/Good Earmarks.......

Krugman clarifies his call to nationalize the banks

Is there any good, fair way to track teacher performance for merit pay purposes?

Claire McCaskill: Dumbest non-Republican of the Day

Heads should roll

"There's No Difference Between Obama and Bush"

Banks: Take my TARP. Please!

Democrats to Obama: Hurry up and fix the economy

ROLLING STONE - Paul Krugman - Obama Is Doing "very well by any normal standard" - MUST READ!

SC unemployment hits 10.4%. Thank you Gov. Sanford...

Why is DU blasted with Pro-Ads for Clean Coal - On the home page & discussion boards

Dammit, Obama, we voted to get RID of an emperor, not make YOU one.

Chuck Norris isn't that bright.

Someone breakout the Pampers - Vitter throws a tantrum at the Airport, sets off security

WAPO: What Left Turn? Obama Is Doing Pretty Much What He Promised

Pardon me, media, if I'm not outraged at earmarks totaling 1.8% of the $410B omnibus budget bill.

BREAKING - DOW Is Now Down - CNBC Blames Fall On Geithner Changing Underwear and Leaving Skidmarks!

The Part of the "Fix" They Don't Want to Discuss

Why do so many people dislike Obama already?

Cute Pics of First Lady and SoS from today:

I'm sorry, but the merit pay issue is my first big disagreement with President Obama.

The Stimulus Hits Home

FReepers: Stalin orders Communists to Hawaii in 1935, 26 years later Obama: Bingo.

Spotted today: A bumper sticker with an Obama symbol and "YOU voted for him. It's your fault!"

FReepers: Stalin orders Communists to Hawaii in 1935, 26 years later Obama: Bingo.

Shout out to Hillary supporters out there ...

Report: Bristol Palin and fiancé split (what a SHOCK)

Taboo Question - Would Things Be Better Or Worse If Republican Proposals Were Implemented?

Taboo Question - Would Things Be Better Or Worse If Republican Proposals Were Implemented?

Obama to name Ex New York Health Commissioner as FDA. Pick

Bwahaha! GOP talking points fed to Media that "Obama is doing too Much" as Lame as

Why he's the President and you're a fool. (The Pres announces earmark reform.) w/video

Obama wisely makes education a priority

This morning Biden spoke at NATO in Brussels and MSNBC showed a pic of him speaking...

OMG, Ari Fleisher is such a POS. I never liked him, but he's gotten worse....

Did anyone hear this reported on MSM last week: Obama Team Announcing more funding for Katrina...

Huffington Post, Daily Howler, criticize falsehoods in Obama's education speech

Obama: I am a New Democrat

Corporate/RW Media - Fighting Media Owner Diversity By Attacking The "Fairness Doctrine" Strawman

Lets talk about merit pay from a doctor's point of view....

Coming Next Year: Obama's Inflation

Day 50: Obama is a Failure

Now this is a Senate bill we can all get behind. S.500 to establish a national usury rate.

AFT statement on President Obama's education vision

AFT statement on President Obama's education vision

Let's talk about merit pay from two teachers' views.

this picture is wicked cool yo

Obama is veering closer to Ronald Reagan than to FDR

Obama and the Denver Model of "Merit Pay"

Obama: 'I am a New Democrat'

U.S. Senate Passes $410 Billion Spending Bill

Asian markets extend global rally on Citi news

Owner of Terrible's casino chain to seek bankruptcy

Texas Senate sharply debates voter ID bill

State official blasted for TV message

Student Pleads Not Guilty to Sarah Palin Email Exposure

'Fight club' set up at school for mentally disabled, police say

The Coming Evangelical Collapse

Florida lawmakers consider ban on bestiality

Angels are not waiting to help

China pillories US over Tibet, extends travel ban

Pakistan arrests ahead of protest

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran join drug crackdown

Gunmen kill Afghan journalist once detained by US

Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary March 2009

Workers die on China rail project

Gordon Brown Named Worst Public Speaker

National Semiconductor to cut 1,725 jobs

End near? Franken to rest in Minn. Senate case

AT&T to add 3,000 jobs

The Citi that never sleeps (on spin) NO PROFIT

U.S., Israel Disagree on Iran Arms Threat

Obama to create White House women's council

German rampage victims died in classrooms

Obama to Sign Spending Bill, Push for New Rules

Wal-Mart Plans to Market Digital Health Records System

Breaking: Coleman’s unsecured donor database revealed on Wikileaks

4 States See Double-Digit Jobless Rates In January

Owner of sunken Egyptian ferry gets 7 years prison

South American ministers urge U.S. to end Cuba embargo

Clinton urges more aid as he leaves Haiti

China's exports plunge again, but car sales rise

Gas leak postpones space shuttle Discovery launch

1,600 Families Seek Food Handouts In Indiana City

Morton Salt Goes On Auction Block

Protests over dissident murders - Northern Ireland

Madoff's Wife to Hire Her Own Attorney

Authorities: Ala. gunman had trained to be a cop

Terrorist watch list hits 1 million

(GOP Senator) Bunning refuses to release poll results, curses reporters

Fly ash spills into Potomac River

AT&T to spend $565M on Ford hybrids

Exclusive: All Charges Dropped Against FL Election Integrity Advocate Arrested Last November

Ala. shooting spree leaves as many as 9 dead

Fellow Democrat says Sen. Bill Nelson misfired on judicial panel nominees

U.S. Senator slams Bolivia's ouster of US diplomat

FBI investigates firebombing of UCLA researcher's car

Pope Admits Mistakes in Letter to Bishops

Two seaman awarded $375K in whistle-blower case involving illegal dumping off N.J. coast

Star Tribune seeks to abandon union's contract

Some Banks, Citing Strings, Want to Return Federal Aid

Cayman lawyers say toxic asset funds multiplying

(CNBC) Jim Cramer is firing back at Jon Stewart

US may soon make overture to Iran leader

Colonel Sanders rescued from river after 24 years

L.A. Unified board OKs layoff notices to about 9,000 employees.

Former Nazi camp guard charged 29,000 times

Delphi white-collar retirees lose bid to reinstate health benefits

Now-needy FDIC collected little in premiums

Report: Palin's Daughter Dumps Baby's Father

JPMorgan ceo: 'We like mark-to-market accounting'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 11

Man jumps into Niagara River, goes over Horseshoe Falls, survives

Allen Stanford not cooperating in SEC probe-filing

Peter Pocklington arrested in California for bankruptcy fraud charges

Victims worry Madoff will take secrets to prison

7 states post jobless rates above 10%

Libor’s Creep Shows Credit Markets at Risk of Seizure (Update1)

GOP senator flips out at airline, sets off security alarm

Cubans applaud rolling back US family travel rules

Administration To Reinvent Mexican Truck Program

U.N. report says U.S. rendition policy broke international law

Highway Robbery in Tenaha Texas

President may send Guard to Mexican border

Showdown on Cuba policy not over yet

China to File WTO Complaint on U.S. Chicken Imports

ACORN, MoveOn target House Dems

The Fate of Peanut Butter

Gingrich: Pay pregnant teens to take vitamins

'10 shot dead' at German school

DA says Ala. shooter had revenge list of employers

Officials: New Taliban chief was once at Gitmo

Acidic seas fuel extinction fears

Debate over voter ID opens in Senate

Sacramento and Its Riverside Tent City

Employee Free Choice Act Press Conference: March 10, 2009

Rachel Maddow discusses the employee free choice act w/ head of SEIU - better link

More Troops in Afghanistan will not solve the problem

Black Eyed Peas (feat. George W. Bush)

Armed liberty activists swarm NH state house

Rachel Maddow w/ TARP Oversight Chair: 'Stop Banks from Becoming Too Big to Fail?'

Kucinch on CNN: How Banks Spent Your Bailout Money

Katie Couric: Spitzer One of First to Warn of Impending Economic Crisis

Daily Show: Jon Stewart Goes on Viacom Tour to Defend His CNBC Attacks

Rachel Maddow examines Mark Penn, PR man for evil, & Blackwater - classy

Countdown: Dean on Obama Backers' Confidence on Healthcare Reform

GOP Rep: Healthcare is not a right

GOP and Earmarks: An Inconvenient Truth

Republican Inanity

Republicans Say & Do Anything To Stay In Power

CNN: Stewart Proof of Cramer Lie Almost Leaves Cramer in Tears

Slapped by the Invisible Hand

Geithner with Charlie Rose: "Tragic failure of regulation...Capitalism will be different."

Republicans Evade Responsibility & Rewrite History

Leahy Truth Comission - A Sham - A Commentary

First Lady speaks to servicewomen: National Women's History Month

Young Turks: Cenk on Jim Cramer's 'Defense' Against Jon Stewart

Rachel Maddow - Bottoms Up! - 3/10/09

Analogy Nauseam on Morning Joe-Is There a Doctor in the House?

Dean on Countdown says GOP is tied to a small group of ideologues

Borat || Republican Dinner Speech || HQ

Glenn Beck Must Be High

I've Got You By Mélange Lavonne

Meghan McCain Rips Ann Coulter

Groups Protest Health Insurance Heavyweights

Explaining the Employee Free Choice Act

Authorities: Alabama Gunman Had Trained to Be a Cop

Chuck Norris Runs First Ad For President Of Texas

AP: Recession Spawns 'Tent Cities in CA Capital

Countdown: U.N. Officially Investiating Bush for Torture ('Still Bushed!')

Olbermann: Blame for economic crisis goes beyond Washington

Power Shift 09 - The London Souls - Interview and Music Video - PART 2 - From JTMP

Power Shift 09 - The So So Glos - Interview and Music - From JTMP

Eric Cantor Is A Liar-Cantor: Keep Pushing Discredited Stimulus Claim

Rep. Frank extracts media mea culpa from Andrea Mitchell: 'We plead guilty.'

MoveOn: "They See Money"

Young Turks: Madoff To Plead Guilty -- How Many Years Should He Get??

Get over it Santorum: We voted pro-choice

Economist Chang on "The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism" Democracy Now

Daily Show: Jon Stewart Visits Dora The Explorer on CNBC Tour FULL SEGMENT MUST-VIEW

The Financial Terrorists of Wall Street - A Case In Point

Economist Chang on "The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism" Pt 2 -Democracy Now

Retro Sexism: Laundry will set you free!

Exclusive Footage Of David Vitter's Airport Meltdown

CNN correspondents dancing

Are they f*in kidding???

TYT: Obama's Intel Chair Withdraws---Why is it so important?

TYT: Has Rush Limbaugh Finally Met His Match?

Fleischer: How Dare You Say 9/11 Happened On Our Watch

Chuck Norris Planning a Coup Against the Government?

David Shuster discusses Jon Stewart going after Jim Cramer and CNBC.

Homeless are victims of crime like rape

Tom Robinson - Glad To Be Gay

Jim Cramer - Stock Market Manipulator

Hidden Inscription on Lincoln's Pocket Watch Predicts the Future

Message from Charles Freeman

Cubans applaud U.S. bill easing trade, travel

In These Times: Real Sex Ed Returns

Arguments for Nuclear Weapons Reductions

Ten wasted years: UN drug strategy a failure, reveals damning report

CNBC, PRNewswire, or AP?

Some in Congress defend earmarks (pork barrel spending)

Blogosphere or blokeosphere?

UN climate chief: US carbon cuts could spark 'revolution'

Chuck Norris and Glenn Beck Want to Cut-and-Run

Jon Stewart 'Gets His Man': CNBC Replaces Cramer with … Kramer!

AlterNet: Dems Introduce Vital Protections for Workers; Corporate America Responds With a Big Lie

Arlen Specter: Insipid, Brashly Accusatory, and Insanely Lucky

Robert Scheer: Socialism Without a Soul

What has the Drug War done for you lately? (Alvaro Vargas Llosa)

The Jerk, the Undead, and the Whack Job

Somali to make Shariah law the basis of its legal systme.

Bunning loses his cool with reporters

David Sirota: Call it the "A" Word

Texas' President-Elect Chuck Norris is a Tool of the Radical Right

Germany Seeks Arrest of Accused Nazi Camp Guard John Demjanjuk

Will Everyone Grab a Bucket? This Thing is Sinking

Builder loans are the forgotten land mine in U.S. credit crisis

Why The Private Sector Has Lost The Legitimacy To Make The Right Decisions About Health Care

It Goes Uppity Up, Up

Helicopters, Cover-ups and War Crimes

Congress to Skip Annual Raise Next Year

US companies pull out of retirement plans

Garrison Keillor: Where's my disability check?

The Tactics Of the Israel Lobby (by Chas Freeman)

Why Individualists Are More Vulnerable to Dictatorship

Oh, What a Lovely Class War!

Gen Xers get hit with a double whammy

Mexico’s Drug War: Violence Too Close to Home

Newspaper convention canceled amid industry woes (AP)

Juan Cole: Did Schumer and Emanuel Sink Freeman?

Stephen Walt: On Chas Freeman's withdrawal

Executive assassination ring (Sy Hersh discusses)

Why CNBC Is Bad For The Economy

Robert Parry: The Neocons Strike Back

45 percent of world's wealth destroyed: Blackstone CEO

United Nations investigating Bush administration for rendition, torture



Did You Know?

UN climate chief: US carbon cuts could spark 'revolution'

Tidal wave of trash threatens world oceans

Nanotubes find niche in electric switches—"10 times less resistance" than metalic brushes

Mother Jones magazine's Q&A with Van Jones

Climate change reduces nutritional value of algae

FAO Underscores Role of Sustainable Forest Management in Creating New Green Jobs

Turning Sunlight into Liquid Fuels: … a Nano-sized Photocatalyst for Artificial Photosynthesis

Drought, Urbanization Were Ingredients for Atlanta's Perfect Storm

Hadley Center Modeling - +2C = 20-40% Of Amazon Dead By 2100; +4C = 85%: Some Dieoff "Irreversible"

New renewables to power 40 per cent of global electricity demand by 2050 (With global cooperation)

Nanowires May Lead To Better Fuel Cells

Atmospheric ‘Sunshade’ Could Reduce Solar Power Generation (more than you think)

Opposition to Va Asian oyster request (AP/WAVY) {No more exotics!!}

Carolina "Clean" Coal: NC State Researchers Work to Make Wood a New Energy Source

New greenhouse gas identified—Early detection may permit 'nipping it in the bud'

BBC: Battery that 'charges in seconds'

University of Miami physicist develops battery using new source of energy—a 'spin battery'

Showdown on Cuba policy not over yet

Cuban foreign minister expected to set new tone

Cocaine-carrying plane crashes in Honduras

Granma: Obama Gov't. Fines Company for Links with Havana

Coca-Cola Ready To Negotiate With Venezuela Over Land

Colombia and Brasil sign hot-pursuit accord (Spanish)

Cubans applaud rolling back US family travel rules

South America Is More than Drugs and Crime, Brazil's Lula Will Tell Obama

If in DC, US Amb. to Colombia, William Brownfield will speak on March 19

The art of disappearance (Haaretz)

BOREV on a roll! One entry on Colombia and one on Bolivia -- check it out

Cesar Chavez Celebration Specials at UFW Store

Economic Report: Eighty Percent Of Recession Lay-Offs Have Been Men

San Francisco Chronicle Workers Reach Agreement That May Save Paper

Ford Union Workers Ratify Changes to Retiree Health Benefits

(Washington State) House approves bill to allow unions for child care workers

Court dismisses uniform co. suit against unions (Cintas)

Phenix Lumber faces $293,700 in OSHA fines (Agency cites 36 safety, health violations)

BP Paying Another Big Penalty for Texas City Refinery

Union pickets WTMJ studios during Conan O’Brien visit

Medford school bus drivers pick Teamsters (90-28)

UFW: Grower wrongly fired 8 farmworkers

$200,000 fine proposed in deadly trench cave-in

Termination of Bates is recommended by fire chief (prostitution sting)

Today in labor history Mar 11 Luddites smash 63 “labor saving” textile machines

Workers Need Freedom of Speech & Assembly: Another reason to support the Employee Free Choice Act

Will Workers Be Betrayed Once Again, This Time With The Employee Free Choice Act?

Question about EFCA

Democratic Senators: Mess With EFCA, Face A Primary

Why is Cboy4 wearing a Virginia Tech hat? I thought he was a Tennessee fan?

LT, Bolts call truce, come to terms on restructured 3-year deal

Report: McNamee injected Clemens at hot tub

Lane Kiffin in the news...again.

Cleveland State beats Butler. Man, I love this time of year!!!!!

Boxing: Friday the 13th!

Spring training attendance down at Arizona sites **UH-OH**

State House panel gives initial ok to same-sex domestic partner benefits (CO Independent)

We can cost the Mormons some money

GROAN....Field Poll finds California voters still split on marriage

Gay couple wins right to adopt foster son

Look what you're doing to little girls everywhere!

CA: Domestic Partnership Initiative Enters Circulation

Aging gay couple reconsider decision not to marry

Call to all U.S. GLBTQIs to refuse participation in the 2010 US Census

Economic retreat is worst since '48, says Bank of Israel

U.S. queries Israel's toilet-paper rules for Gaza

Israel Hit At U.N. Over Palestinian Child Rights

'Color Purple' Author: Catastrophe Has Befallen Gaza

Spy's retreat a win for the Israel lobby

Massacre in slow motion

Taxpayers On The Hook For Hundreds Of Millions For Auction Rate Securities

U.S. Stock Futures Fluctuate; Alcoa Drops, Citigroup Advances

Sovereignty in Israel

Freddie Mac asks Treasury for $30.8 billion (CNNMoney)

some good news: bondholders' free ride may be coming to an end.

A suggestion: organize a banking boycott. (k&r if you like the idea)

World Starting to Lose Confidence in Our Debt

U.S. official: Obama won't cut military aid to Israel

Crisis Creates Opportunity for Small-Bank Programs

British MP Galloway secretly meets with Haniyeh in Gaza

45 percent of world's wealth destroyed says Blackstone CEO

IDF to draft civilian employees of Caterpillar to maintain bulldozers in battle

Get Long Torches & Pitchforks: Bailouts "Absolutely Asinine," Ritholtz Says

"The Treasury Dept. has not asked AIG where the money is going."

Chas Freeman forced by Israel Lobies to withdraw from NIC Chairmanship

Would an activism group for sexual minorities be a good idea for DU?

Rah, rah, exercise!

Top Pain Scientist Fabricated Data in Studies, Hospital Says

Hey Health Forum people, I'm having a brain fart, maybe you can help

Michelle Obama promotes healthy eating; Bushes enjoyed organic meals, but kept it from public.

Chinese e-cigs gain ground amid safety concerns (AP)

Genetics Of Fear: Specific Genetic Variations Contribute

Ex-AIPACer Suing Former Employer for Defamation

Alabama Gunman kills 10

Washington Post- D.C. Woman Sues Over Gun Finish

We should get rid of all the guns.

Teen shoots himself after killing 15

Gun-control organizations call for semi-auto ban in wake of Alabama rampage

Guns should be re-tooled.

Not Wanting to Take Guns Away, But.....

It's not the guns, it's the U.S. culture to kill with guns. It goes back to the "old west".

Making sure that gun guy

Another Georgia sunrise..


Texas Spring has Sprung! Texas State Flower-Bluebonnet

The requisit gate/door poll

Central Amtrak Station openings, doors, etc.

Went to change some lettering on a small job today - and all this was within 50 feet radius

Shoot the Moon.. Tycho..


Trying out a new camera

War of words heats up over 2010 pay raise

Some WTU units have high rate of punishment

16 patients have hepatitis in Army needle scare

Odierno: No sign Iraqis will ask U.S. to stay

Afghanistan situation worsening, Blair says

Al-Qaida blamed for deadly Iraqi suicide attack

Congressman calls for mandatory TSP enrollment

Navy no longer says Speicher was captured

Man indicted in rape, slaying of sailor

Rep.: Get LCS costs under control

Former officer accused of defrauding 9/11 fund

Sailors train for irregular warfare

Lejeune Corpsman jailed for 2nd time in a week

Coast Guard commissions new cutter

Killer of homeless Navy veteran gets 100 years

China-U.S. sea confrontations could continue

Report: C. Guard spent $1.6M seeking 4 lost men

Private charged in death of girl, 16, at Lewis

Polar Sea heads to port after small boat mishap

3-star: Too much armor robs Marines of speed

Boxer becomes piracy task force flagship

Yuma looks to break world wall of flame record

Yuma Marine dies in ATV accident

1/8 headed back to Iraq

Black boots back, but COs need to sign off

300 Moody airmen return after Afghan deployment

Torn between two loves

Troubles mount for gift-certificate holders

Biden visits NATO, asks for help in Afghanistan

AF pilot charged for Nago landing

Army worried about rise in gambling

Patients urged to take charge of their care

Report: Special ops raids halted last month

Urban combat skills addressed

Pyeongtaek residents return to homes

Navy credit union bans hats, hoods, sunglasses

'Terrorists to the Bone'

China Testing the Waters?

Body Armor too Much of a Good Thing?

Iraq Suicide Attack Kills 33

Volatile Afghan Area Gets Policed

Female Marines Conduct 1st Afghan Mission

Defense Tech: A Ship Without a Captain

DoDBuzz: OMB Floats 5 Year Tanker Delay

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Show Us the Money

DoD contracts for 3/10/2009

Please call GA reps re: gas chambers

Don't ask me why, but I'm suddenly very nervous....I just posted....

Positive Energy needed.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/11/09

Even when I "slow down" I am still crazy busy!!! WTF!?

New Matthew message dated March 10, 2009

Healing energy very much needed

Buy/donate a "Galileoscope" ($15)

Deep view of galaxy NGC 4921 on youtube.

"Creationist students take field trip to hotbed of evolution: The Smithsonian"

From conservative evangelical to Biblical professor (and an agnostic)

Can you be a Christian without belonging to a church?

The Coming Evangelical Collapse

Anthony Bourdain's culinary picks and pans

Please help.

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday March 11th

Have you ever consider meat loafs as an art form?

We reverse engineered that Japanese carrot ginger salad dressing!

I need a comfort cooking day

Anyone have a great sourdough pancake recipe?

I think I'm going to give up on the whole wheat bread and try to get white bread right first

It's official! The first DU All C&B Project is

MN Juniors Need To Pass Math Test To Graduate (or maybe not)

Am I wrong, or is Arne Duncan the education version of a chickenhawk?

Terrorist watch list hits 1 million **Mission Accomplished**

Gitmo authorities would have you believe that five 9/11 detainees charged with 9/11

Seymour Hersh describes "executive assassination ring"

Voter ID bill wins first round of approval

Texas Legislature To Honor ‘Dynamic Texan’ Bush For Advancing American ‘Safety and Prosperity’

Holy shit!! How long has this site existed?


Reminder Bush in Calgary March 17

Canada will be first to rebound, PM says

Tenaha, TX

Kerry will be on Andrea Mitchell's show that starts at 1 pm

Kerry: Climate change delay is 'suicide pact'

Bernanke responds to Sen. Kerry's concerns on excess spending by bailed out co's

John Kerry to speak at UNC Chapel Hill