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Archives: March 12, 2009

Cingular wireless workers joined union via card check

From Countdown: Seymour Hersch is writing a book about Cheney's CIA assassination squads.

Educational Reform - what really needs to happen...

Oh Shite!!! KOs going to force Vitter

Chris Brown takes his name out of consideration for Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards

Frickin' telemarketers

Ari Fleischer is the biggest douchebag in political history.

Why are you allowed to put earmarks in a bill you don't support?

System crash I'll be back in a few days

I find the March 2009 edition of The Repubicans to be ........

U.S. Millionaires' Ranks Tumble to Lowest Since 2003 as Economy Takes Toll

Someone in Norm Coleman campaign may have broken Minnesota law!

It's Home Sweet Motel Room for Thousands Who Lose Homes

KO picking up the Fleischer interview with Tweety

Who has more to gain by being right about the economy?

Like OMG! I'm so totally a moderate Republican! My daddy ran for President...

Does Michael Steele realize he's pro choice?

National Cybersecurity chief quits, warns of NSA takeover

Meghan McCain seems like a respectable young woman (despite being a Repub).

Parents Indicted In 8-Year-Old Boy's Cancer Death

The New Plague isn't the Bird Flu: It's Murder/Suicide

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Bristol Palin statement only invites further curiosity

NYT hires 29 year old Ross G. Douthat as conservative columnist.

Ari Fleischer on the Bush Whitewash Legacy Tour


Here's Jon

Illinois Scandal Spawns A Debate

WOW! Obama won my congressional district! In KANSAS!!

Twitter ...... a hundred bux? ....... a thousand bux? .......

Big Dawg on LKL tonight... pretty good... fortunately Larry isn't there...

How to make merit pay for teachers work

Tweety calls bullshit on Ari Fleischer's revisionist history

Robert Reich did a GREAT essay on todays "Marketplace" on NPR re; Unions and the EFCA.

Bush's executive tyranny

How about if we had a new forum here called "I'm Coping with Fear" where we could express our

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bill Bennett loses bet on Michael Steele

San Francisco prosecutor tapped by Obama to investigate terror suspect interrogation policy

Seek and Destroy-A Proposal to Kill Illicit Cash

Van Jones joins White House as Green Jobs Advisor

A little middle of the week lightness

Hurricane Bobby bombs in the bayou

Crime Pays: More on AIG and Its $140 Billion Bailout

DU This Newsvine Poll re: What Grade do you give Barack Obama?

Reagan Wins on DU! Yep! Hello! Wake up folks

Coming up on Keith: Sen Vitter's behavior at the Airport.

A Handy Pictoral Guide to tell the difference between The Lounge and General Discussion..

What's with the meme about Wall Street being "gambling" anyways?

OMG! Keith and Jonathan Alter talking about Cheney Assassination Rings!

Sy Hersh exposed the My Lai massacre

NASA Watch: Discovery Launch Reset to no earlier than Sunday due to Hydrogen leaks

Some Thoughts on the Challenge to Prop 8

Another corrupt Alaskan politician pleads guilty - Beverly Masek, R-VECO

Jim Hightower: Conservatives Are Blind, Deaf, And Dumb To Class Warfare

Big Banks Strike Again: Didn't Pay Their FDIC Premiums For TEN YEARS

I think I have a merit pay plan that will work.

Feral Pigs and George Bush

Why don't we join forces against a common enemy, rather than peck each others' eyes out

George McGovern would like you to know he can pick a winner...

Want to help Robert Greenwald do a documentary in/on Afghanistan?

The Financial Crisis Pushes Europe To The Brink Of Disaster

The Financial Crisis Pushes Europe To The Brink Of Disaster

Well it's official...*sigh*


Wrote my Congress Folks on the EFCA.. Have You?

US Deputy SoS on Foreign Assistance vs UK's DFID's minister

BHO is certainly no Edwards or Kucinich but he's definitely to the left of the Clintons

UnFreep this poll: MSNBC-What grade would you give Obama?

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I kinda miss all the caption threads. Can we do one for old times' sake? In the spirit of change?

Abraham Lincoln on bank bailouts:

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Defib'ing With Dollars

A realistic look at "earmarks"

WJ this morning -what is the future of capitalism

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Levi Johnston ... Memoirs

N Korea Sets Rocket Launch Date

Were Bush/Cheney executive assassination teams used on political enemies at home?

Hit & run asshole (in black or blue pickup truck) kills man in wheelchair--K.C. MO.

Marie Cocco: The ‘Comfy Retirement’ Dream Has Exploded

More suspect shite at $hitibank.......

Homeowners' Taxes Rise as U.S. Property Values Plunge Amid Budget Deficits

Can we afford overseas military bases any longer?

New Pro coercive sales to the elderly

So you like a glass of orange juice....

The Breast Cancer Site is having trouble meeting their goals

This is appalling. In the supposedly richest country in the world ......

Pakistan Police Beat Anti-Govt Protesters

A New Low in Drug Research: 21 Fabricated Studies

New photoshop- Obama wins.

Oliver Stone: The Director’s Cut (Video Interview re: "WALLSTREET")

Are Americans generally apathetic towards foreign aid?

Truthout: Oh, What a Lovely Class War!

Sarkozy to end France's exile from the heart of Nato

Republicans on Hillary Clinton

"Neo" Conservative Talking Point: The Obama Administration Is ... The Matrix

Google's Behavioral Ad Targeting: How to Reclaim Control

Did you know Madoff used to run the Nasdaq stock exchange? This ain't no good

Ban Bush from Canada for war crimes: lawyers

The Madoff Deathwatch. . . . give me a BREAK


SC Gov. Mark Sanford's Greatest Hits ( These are only in the last week)

RE the shrieking doomsayers on the teevee as seen

In some places - a 100,000 plus salary and pension makes teaching really attractive

Just got an RNC email stating Obama is in step 1 to repeal the 2nd Amendment

Follow Live Reports of Pakistan's Long March Protest(LINK)

ACLU Releases Comprehensive Report On Patriot Act Abuses

NTSB to investigate massive trainwreck!

I found a street that does not exist on mapquest/google maps now when it did in the past..

Alright, then, quit testing students!

No $$$$, no name on the subway stop, New York MTA tells Citi

For those who have seen "The Dark Knight". Do you think that movie is sort of apologetic of Bush?

UN Crime Chief: Drug War Makes Drug Cartels Richer, More Powerful



How long before Ann Coulter attacks Bristol Palin?

Video: Octo-mom takes you on a tour of her new house

Foreclosure Filings in U.S. Jumped 30% in February

Ari Fleischer verbatim

Mike Steele .... you fucking sham ......

Is "just sayin'" or "I'm just sayin'" the new improved replacement

Are Democrats still pro-union?

Cambodian acid attacks highlighted by new film

Bring our jobs HOME instead of underpaying slaves to make our stuff!

DOJ to investigate nativist racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Revoke Madoffs Bail.....

Al Qaeda Plans to Target Long March

UK Guardian: Iraqi shoe-thrower sentenced to three years in jail

So.... let's say every big bank magically survives, the market goes through the roof.... then?

Let's Waterboard Bernie Madoff...ASAP for some QUICK...

Top 10 porkaholics


Jonah Goldberg Has Been Reduced To This?

REPLY ALL to an email that came in this morning. I got to send the "Best Republican Video ever"

Roche to take over Genentech for $47 billion


S. Carolina Has a Fuckwit for a Governor

How long before there is a movement among 20 and early 30 somethings for the federal government

Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush jailed for 3 years

Great Sex: God's Way

"The Republican Party is becoming a cartoon." - Jack Cafferty

Limbaugh to star in DNC roadside ad

How Private Debt Collectors Cash in Posing as the Government

Fighting back.

I am guilty of being a media slave...

Fighting back.

I am guilty of being a media slave...

Fighting back.

I am guilty of being a slave...

The White House Misfires on Limbaugh-By KARL ROVE

Tim Ryan's speech on saving the Auto Industry...excellent!

More fine Republican Family Values

Police report: Skoien with two prostitutes

What should be done with all those folks living in "tent" cities?

Citigroup and the Media

Biden warns states to spend stimulus bucks wisely

Dallas Morning News: American Airlines considering closing one maintenance base

Rethinking the American Dream

Drug war to focus on treatment, not jail

Lawsuit: Texas town stops minorities, seizes property

Shinseki - Maybe Vets to pay for care of service-related injuries - private insurance

FBI raids office of D.C. CTO, Obama appointee

Know what's kinda great?

As South Carolina's job losses mount, agencies and charities are stymied by budget cuts and politics

Howard Zinn: Obama will Need Demonstrations, Protest, Letters, Petitions, to Do the Right Things

Madoff's wife was paying for the guards at their home on his release?

Wouldn't one of the first things we have to do to improve education be admit

Revealed: What James Carville Really Said On 9/11 About Wanting Bush To Fail

HYSTERICS---the FBI raid did not TARGET the Obama appointee. . .

HYSTERICS---the FBI raid did not TARGET the Obama appointee. . .

CRAMER-Admits To Both Market Manipulation & Violation Of SEC Rules

Blue Dogs say their mission is to restrain the influence of party liberals

Blue Dogs say their mission is to restrain the influence of party liberals

Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don't? Dems Ponder a Filibuster-Proof Climate Bill

‘Moderate’ Senate Democrats to formally announce formation of Blue Dog-style coalition.

Oy Vey! Air America Radio hires Montel Williams.

Is it just me or did that asshole Madoff pull up to court in a KIA today?

The buck CAN'T stop at Maddoff.

The buck CAN'T stop at Maddoff.

The Next Big Bailout Decision: Life Insurers

Home Equity Line of Credit Suspension

Jim Cramer is on Martha Stewart trying to repair his reputation

Oh my God, I love my brother and sister but they are republicans in denial

California panel urges 'immediate action' to protect against rising sea levels

California panel urges 'immediate action' to protect against rising sea levels

Where is the evidence that bin Laden did 9-11? ari fLIEscher says Saddam did it, so which one?

OH MY FUCKING GOD! NRA fool when asked how many people have been killed by books, responds. . .

Wow there are a lot of black Republicans!

Democrat May Be Closing Gap In Special NY House Election

Maybe Michael Steele is really a Democratic operative, sent in to destroy the Repugs, because.......

CNN just reported Bristol Palin will not marry her baby daddy.

Spending Twist: Tax Refund Pays For Bankruptcy Filings

Joaquin Phoenix leaps into crowd at hip-hop show

Employee Free Choice Act would make American workers too big to fail

Madoff In Court: "It became difficult to stop..."

Not all churches are about hating teh gays and pro-choicers: Witness Glide United Methodist in SF

Republican Women's Sexual Frustration

Report: US Health Care System Is a Liability

Blackwater's New Frontier: Their Own Private Africa

Police employ 'I spy' method

GRRR Thom Hartmann show over dubbed by Ed Shultz

another oil site injury incident

Call me crazy, but why start a ponzi scheme if you know you're eventually going to get caught?

Barney Frank to explore criminal prosecution in financial crisis

Rabbi Convicted At NY Trial Of Molesting Daughter

President Obama is live on msnbc

So who else was annoyed by Megan McCain last night?


a Tibet, China question

The media is hyping the one-on-one rhetoric, drama, and antagonism

Boss Limpballs must have taken Steele to the wood shed again

Help me refute this RW garbage

CNBC Octomoron Box

Do we even need bush's dept. of homeland security?

Police Block Activists From Leaving Karachi in Pakistan Protest

Can anyone help me with this fable? (I guess you'd call it that.)

Big Union Vows To Back Arlen Specter In 2010 If He Supports Employee Free Choice

Who here believes that Joe Scar was in a band,

Did Democrats want Bush to fail?

Wow! I just looked at the "pork" coming to western PA and don't think

Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush jailed for 3 years

de La Villehuchet managed $3 billion, was driven to suicide because of his firm’s Madoff-

Are There Any Videos Of Highly Complementary Comments Made About Michael Steele When He Was Elected

Fun with the Freaky Fundie Lady at work.......

Bernie Madoff isn't really going to jail

Dick Cheney's Pinochet ambition?

Pentagon knowingly exposed troops to cancer-causing chemicals, document shows

Does anyone have the latest version of the conservative values scorecard?

ITS OVER FOR STEEL: Tony Perkins Issues Fatwa Against Michael Steele

Just had to say that I called it.

7 best Cable TV Feuds.

How responsible are Bush and the Repubs for the world's economic collapse??

New Rush Billboard - to put up in his 'hood so he can see it.

Kwik Meal Names New Cart After (Irish?) President Obama (NYC)

BOMBSHELL: Jim Cramer admits to manipulating the market

Whatcha talking bout Willis (Tower)? Will you call Sears Tower by its new name?

Let's all hope the Repukes keep Steele.

508 Chicago School Students Shot In 16 Months

Howard Zinn and the responsibility of the electorate

One in jail, next Stanford

One in jail, next Stanford

Please email President Obama to extend Liberian Refugees Deferred Enforced Departure date

In the next 4 or 8 years, will the Bushiganda wear the American People down

In the next 4 or 8 years, will the Bushiganda wear the American People down

Victory Through Daughters: An Excerpt from Quiverfull

Bloomberg News Svc.: If Tax-Cut Lapsing Is Class Warfare, Let’s Fight

Madoff question. Would Madoff be liable for the cash value of initial investments or. . .

"Drew Friedman draws the new Godfather"

Upcoming on CNN with Sanchez: Discussion with Harvard economist re: legalizing pot.

Oh Miiiichael, Michael Steeeele, do you hear your family calling you?

FAKE credit union ... It's night time in the banking world. The cockroaches are everywhere.

I believe that many of the non-rich who vote Republican and consider themselves Republican

Stocks are on pace to go up for the third consecutive day

Florida: Are we ready for the good times? Howard Troxler's St. Pete Times blog.

It is Clear that Wall Street has Rejected Obama's Economic Plans

Credit Card Companies Harvest Cadaverous Credit Card Customers...

The Repubicans are not out of leaders and potential leaders - not at all

On the demise of newspapers.........

Email SPAM-Scam...Its getting weird out there..

Unemployed Texans, the federal government sent $555M here for you, Rick Perry is sending

You gotta love this headline: Vermont Clergy Throw Support Behind Gay Marriage Bill

Sanchez is goin' after john Vitter on CNN right now...

Sanford Pulls $700m From School Funding...Potentially Forcing 7,500 Teacher Layoffs

Sanford Pulls $700m From School Funding...Potentially Forcing 7,500 Teacher Layoffs

Arizona to do the thinking for women...

CNBC and Comedy Central

Madoff's World

Is David Vitter Behind The Secret Hold On Obama's Science Advisers?

Corporate pettiness... but , in an almost GOOD way

One Madoff is standing in for a whole class and a system.

Who Will Replace Steele At the Head of the RNC?

Who Will Replace Steele At the Head of the RNC?

Education Solution?

Donors, security experts blast Coleman campaign as credit card numbers show up online

Freepers: Is Meghan McCain a terrorist?

Teen gives away thousands in cash he found.. Cops confiscate the money

On Chas Freeman's blogoshere lynching. Steve Rosen, accused spy, provided the rope?

On Chas Freeman's blogoshere lynching. Steve Rosen, accused spy, provided the rope?

The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal

Palin on Earmarks: YOU BETCHA!

Help with fight against wingnuts: Need story on Repub strategy I saw on DU recently

What the hell happened to KO's set?

The real loser in the Cramer-Stewart wars? Newt Gingrich.

ROFL "Sarah Palin's REAL Ambition for 2012 - Hint: It's Not What You Think" - The Mudflats

So, someone earlier had a thread about President Obama just winning at poker

Talk about conservative hypocrisy...

Look at the responses to this editorial urging "free" trade: (shameless dupe)

What's good/bad credit got to do with person as an employee?

Huckabee rips Steele on abortion

Cuomo: Merrill Lynch Misled Congress On Bonuses

Student Credit Cards in Trouble

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug - "The Bush Years: A Life of Illusion"

Suspected US Missile Strike Kills 15 in Pakistan

Jim Cramer Whines about treatment from...The Today Show

Wal-Mart to Enter Electronic Medical Records Arena

Bob Herbert hammers the right...

Freeper Logic (or lack thereof): Their recent losses are because they're too moderate (?)

I hope Jon Stewart asks Cramer about the Dow

Special Order Hour on DC Voting Rights Today (from Eleanor Holmes Norton website)

Put Single-Payer on the Table

In English - What REALLY happened with Norm's Donor Files (Possible Violation Of State Law)

I just had the thought that teenagers in previous decades seemed older than teenagers today.

That's not Barack's hand. It's not even the correct hand. And the other hand has six fingers!

OMG!!! - OVER 9000 EARMARKS!!!

Rove and Miers to be questioned under oath? Investigation of Bush administration abuses?

Evil Ari is in the Situation Room.

Rummy and Cheney meet to get their stories straight

Rummy and Cheney meet to get their stories straight

US States Filing State Sovereignty Laws

AFL-CIO: Reality Check: Here’s the Real Deal on Employee Free Choice

I haven't read every single Merit Pay for Teachers post...

I haven't read every single Merit Pay for Teachers post...

Bloomberg News Svc: No Reason to Demonize U.S. Single-Payer Health

Cops who respect the law need to take control of cop culture: Norm Stamper

Well, I saw my first "IMPEACH OBAMA" bumper sticker this morning.

Why are all the Bush scumbags out from under the pile of shit they live under?

AP: Argentina Bombing Whistleblower Allegedly Kidnapped, Tortured -- Hmm...

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble ! .... Jim Cramer takes on Jon Stewart tonight on The Daily Show

Steele Talking

'New' Mark Twain Story to Be Published

2 men charged after FBI searches office once lead by Obama technology official

Victoria Jackson On Fox News: Obama Is A Communist, Rush Limbaugh Should Run The Country (VIDEO)

Parents Say School Counselor Taught Kids Dirty Words

Man Could Be Obtaining Urine Away From County

Remember when Bush would talk about education?

In Which I Question the Patriotism of Republicans

Afghan Student Facing 20 Years In Jail For Downloading Article On Women's Rights

The Dow is up 200 points!

Anyone else surprised Madoff was actually arrested

Anyone else surprised Madoff was actually arrested

DU this Poll!

For the non-Irish DU'ers: Do you celebrate St Patrick's Day?

It's been awhile since I've mentioned this, but you really ought to be reading Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush jailed for 3 years

Media Pans Obama Over Earmarks

I just watched a preview of "Lou Dobbs Tonight".....

Cramer calls Stewart his "idol" on Martha Stewart, more.

The Financial Crisis Pushes Europe to the Brink of Disaster

While 18 Groups Have Signed On To Leahy's Whitewash Commission, Over 100 Groups Want Prosecutions

'Monster Crocodile' Bites Girl's Head Off

'Monster Crocodile' Bites Girl's Head Off

Beth Israel & layoffs

While Madoff goes off to jail, the mess he's left behind is unbelievable - Vanity Fair.

NEW BUMPERSTICKERS: The G.O.P: Nothing Accomplished since 1980.

Meet the NY Times' New Rightwing Columnist, Ross Douthat >

Oh WOW, South Park has really stepped in it this time!!! (Spoiler Alert)

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 12

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 12

Texas gov. rejects stimulus money for unemployment

Are Truth Commissions (Like Leahy's) Unconstitutional?

DOJ to investigate nativist racist Sheriff Joe

Independent UK: Bonfire of the billionaires

BREAKING NEWS: ISS evacuated due to space debris impact threat as a precaution, NOT HIT BY DEBRIS

Repubs determined to sabotage Democrats efforts to get anything accomplished - from daily KOS

Hilarious and Embarrassing RNC Job Applicant Video

McCain Threatens to Oppose Interior Nominee Over Reagan Remark

Corn is taking Gaffney apart and the neocon movement

Thugs storm Serb LGBT news conference

Conservative comedian. Wow.

omnibus earmarks, complete list and sponsors

If you want a break from politics.. Burnt Offerings, an oldie but goodie horror movie

Glenn BecKKK: People ‘Pushed To The Wall’ By ‘Political Correctness’ May Turn Into Psycho Killers

Glenn BecKKK: People ‘Pushed To The Wall’ By ‘Political Correctness’ May Turn Into Psycho Killers

*all children* will be proficient at reading and math by spring, 2014.

ABC Debunks Pelosi Smear, RE: Travel Abuse

So are unions a good thing or a bad thing?

David Swanson on Obama and signing statements

Charles Freeman Appreciation Thread

Okay... As A Liberal Or Even More Hard Core Than That I Would Like To Pose A Question...

Yesterday the State took over my county's school system. Dam good!

For the Irish DUers

A conversation with Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education

Why Does David Corn Bother Going on Hardball (or TV, for that matter)?

Brilliant idea and great stimulus plan. Obama might want to call this guy.

GOP Leadership Controversy Settled; Gravity Called ‘Hoax’

Victoria Jackson Sells Crazy on FOX NEWS

tuesday TOONS part 1: Losing their Economic Religion

Jim Cramer VS Jon Stewart - Tonight- It Could Get Bloody

Jim Cramer VS Jon Stewart - Tonight- It Could Get Bloody

"Americans didn't vote for a Rush to failure." Billboard going up in Palm Beach County

Alabama killer trained as a cop, no criminal record, used two assault rifles.

Jr Palin and baby daddy broke up. NO weddin

Seems there is a bit of a dust up about Cramer on Comedy Central

Are you a critical thinker?

John Yoo: UC Berkeley Is a "Magnet for Hippies, Protesters and Left-Wing Activists"

TSA body scan images (Pic)

Canada Should Bar or Prosecute Bush: Lawyer

What is wrong with young peoples relationships today?

Tweety is nailing Ari's ass again - says

Was it worth enduring the Bush* Cabal if Republicans are marginalized for a decade or two

Jon Stewart just announced that Jim Cramer will be his guest tomorrow...

Single-payer advocates -- here is something easy to do to help the cause

Strangers swap kidneys in ‘pay it forward’ chain

Full-Spectrum Penetration: Israeli Spying in the United States

Hartmann talking about Sy Hersh NOW

The Healing Force of Surrender and Letting Loved Ones In

Are the wingnuts targeting Michelle Obama?

You May Be Arrested Soon For Growing A Tomato

Does anyone know what to what jail Madoff was sent?

Jon Stewart hammers Jim Cramer, CNBC in much anticipated interview on `The Daily Show'

just a few things regarding education.

I've received a notice from my Mortgage holder about Obama's plan to help Homeowners.

Big spending bill bars US cluster bomb exports

Tuesday TOONS part 2: Freeing Science

Erin the bubblehead Burnett: Unemployment comp is unfair to the rich

Erin the bubblehead Burnett: Unemployment comp is unfair to the rich

The Madoff victims

how do you define "excellence" as applied to teachers?

You won't believe this! (Alas, yes you will)

Coleman posts credit card numbers online, doesn't warn donors, and then blames hackers

Facebook in Real Life - A Really Hilarious Parody...

Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows Vista Release Candidate (for testing) available

Anyone else think Richard Wolfe needs a new tie?

John Edwards Speaks On Poverty And Moral Standards:

Dow Jones Industrial Average

In case you didn't realize it Madoff is the fall guy

Jon Stewart - Todays Journalist

I Like This CEO

I need some help/advice from those experienced in activism (and those who aren't).

Anarchy cures the kakistocracy made by authoritarians.

Randi Rhodes should host the 10PM show on M$NoBodyCares

I'm thinking about buying "Andrew Jackson: American Lion" to take on Spring Break...

Detroit's Beutiful, Horrible Decline

Chinese poised to buy GM and Chrysler

Vandana Shiva Speaks Out on the Global Food Crisis

Vandana Shiva Speaks Out on the Global Food Crisis

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3- War, Bailouts, and other things

computer whiz anyone?

XM 167 (America Left) changes.

Beyond Uncertainty by David C. Cassidy (book review)

Sacramento's Tent City Could Be Closed- "I don't like having a third world country inside the city,"

My husband is a veteran teacher who would benefit from merit pay but he doesn't want it....

Ideology Pushes South Carolina Over The Cliff

Ideology Pushes South Carolina Over The Cliff

So which major appointments would have been different under Pres. Hillary Clinton?

So which major appointments would have been different under Pres. Hillary Clinton?

So my repub. boss put up flyers at work that has me steamed

Custody of a Child and Ownership of a Pet

I would love to punch Chris Matthews in his smarmy face.

I would love to punch Chris Matthews in his smarmy face.

Stephen Colbert Loves Ayn Rand

Youngest billionaires lose money (BBC, Forbes)

Anyone know about the magazine: The Economist ?

vouchers. someone explain to me how a "private" school

NC: wondering where your state tax refund is?

Mac Users, Omniweb browser is now free.

Cleveland couple charged in death of son denied cancer care

Monsanto's dream bill, HR 875

Anyone favor merit pay for cops? firefighters?

Guy throws 2 shoes, gets 3 years. Idiot lies America into war, gets away with killing million-plus.

A thought on Seymore Hersh

Why Single Family Homes Are Obsolete

BYE, BYE, BERNIE: 'Sorry and ashamed' Madoff denied bail and ordered to jail after guilty plea

Anyone else having problems logging into Yahoo mail?

After you die, have you pondered a green way to be returned to the earth?

Anyone have experience organizing a fundraiser?

TSA Probing Vitter Incident

Eek! Santorum yesterday: ‘I Really Believe The Fundamentals Of American Economy Is Still Strong’

Did you have good teachers when you were in school?

Is it every worth it to stay with an abusive spouse? NO!

The Masterminds: "Terrorists to the Bone"

I am having a very hard time feeling sorry for the people who were scammed by Madoff

I am 're-diagnosed' as 'a happier person' now.

Freepers Furious At Meghan "Tubby" McCain....LOL!

My 20,000th post.

Some eye opening statistics on education

Alabama mass murderer described as "quiet", "fascinated with guns"

Obama’s Signing Statement Disappears Whistleblowers

How progressive are you? Take the quiz.

Wife catches GOP leader with HOOKERS at their home and proceeds to WHIP HIS ASS with toy guitar!

Hmm.. gonna give "Chopping Block" a shot on NBC tonight

Do people really taste like licorice?

"Too Interested In Detainees" So Gitmo Officer "Was Taken Behind Barracks & Blows Were Issued"

West Side Story cats!!

Why in the name of Richard Albert's magical time traveling eyeliner is Lost a repeat tonight?

is there anything more comfortable than fleecing dweebs...?

If this isn't worth an extra-large popcorn, my name isn't Orville Redenbacher!

Looking to buy a telescope for your kid?

"Limited Edition T2 Complete Collector's Set"...for $175 you get 6 DVDs plus a little head

Just announced: The next Daniel Craig James Bond film to be titled "I will EFFING ef you UP"

anybody know where i can find Pork Pudding Pops?

Rich Little appreciation thread!!

Fight in car over $3 leads to fish tank attack (News trifecta! Includes strip club reference, too!)

Fight in car over $3 leads to fish tank attack (News trifecta! Includes strip club reference, too!)

i'm considering of retraining for a new career - maybe as a hair stylist.

I have stopped smoking cigarettes!

Holy shit!! Turn on your TV!!!!!

Rich Little impersonation thread!!

What does the ending of "Pink Floyd The Wall" mean?

I visited my 90 year old mother today in the nursing home.

Good news for the Lounge: Penile Extenders Actually Might Work, Doctor's Say

New Pro and the elderly

Freakin' Ninja Infestation

Cat Physics 3

Favorite pimp?

War on Easter schedule..T-30...Sound Off

Yoy are nuts.

Live one in GD - get him while he's hot!

Anybody know what the German word "gruppensex" means in English?

Parents Indicted In 8-Year-Old Boy's Cancer Death

Lounge, I present a new angle on an old controversy. I give you....

I'm trying to save money on my medications, so what I did is...

Safest Sort of Metal for a Ring


Any American Idol fans wanna predict who goes home?

Tallulah Bankhead or Bette Davis?

Jamie Foxx is the cruelest and funniest man alive....

Pink Floyd's The Final Cut

kitten picture of the day for wednesday march 11

I just ate a big bowl of Jello

Sooooo, Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams....

Just n. FYI

Little Richard appreciation thread!!

Oh man I'm freak out man

How many championships would Lefty have won if Moses hadn't gone pro?

I am but mad north-north-west:

"Kotter's Back" by Gabe Kaplan retroactively named Overall Best Book of 2007

Joaquin Phoenix gets into brawl with heckler during performance (VIDEO)

Ever bid on something on ebay and worry that you will win?

I hate packing for a trip, either I overpack or underpack.

What's with companies that only can be viewed with IE or Netscape

Poll..of the Future! For Science!

Tons of Michael Phelps' Corn Flakes Sent to Food Bank

Does anybody know

To me, 80 degrees is getting too cold.

is there anything more comfortable than fleece shorts...?

I keep fewer emails now that I work for professionals. Do you have to CYA?

Love will...

iTunes question

"Ample bosoms, yes?"

Japan picks schoolgirl among "cute ambassadors"

Is anyone watching "Lie to Me"?

If Lands End has free shipping AND the tees l like on special, it's a sign, right?

trouble with e-mail?

If you needed to make $1000 a month for the next three months,

I heard "Young Turks" (Rod Stewart on the radio this morning.

I almost got hit by a car this morning. Who needs coffee?

Wow. 1990 was such a long time ago. Even Michael Jackson was only 33.


Things that aren't as dumb as Glenn Beck

3 spanx for a dollar

Feline Fantasies Cat cartoon.

"God Only Knows"- Joe Henry

Singing Cats ft. The Rapping Dog

Save the Ta-Ta's

Anyone else been depressed all winter?

Can we come up with a nice euphemism for "dumped?"

Well, I didn't win the Democratic billboard contest

This is just a suggestion, but if you lived in oh, say, Northern CA

Do you still need google invitest to get a google account?

You know who's awesome? Strong Atheist is awesome.

Does anyone feel a sense of impending doom?

Is this what my life has become? (edit: now with 50% more positive outlook)

Do they still make clip-on sunglasses that flip up?

For those of you feeling tense or on edge....

A special song for a very special DUer

Dorothy Parker or Clare Booth Luce?

Am Stuck Wearing Crocs

Remember when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Mrs. V. has to have not-minor surgery on her wrist.

Not for the faint of heart

It really is very Erie today

Can you whistle?

It really is very eerie today.

Update on my death threat-we found the bad guy

How much do movers cost?

How hard is it to get a court date changed?

So last night I flipped over the Jimmy Fallon show

Sensing a lot of tension, unease in here.

Has anyone here seen the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players?

The Most Energetic Band at US Festival 83

Does anyone here make their own salsa?

Trader Joes

Who here will kill the thread that never dies?

If you're going to make me pay my application fee by phone,

It really is very aerie today

A secret communique

So funny, I'm crying!

It has begun

Post an inconvenient truth.

Someone is interested in displaying my art for sale in Boston


Does anyone else here exchange books through

Quake in your boots, Republicans.

Do you support Marriott Pay for hotel workers?

G.I. Joe looks hot!

I'm watching "Taking Chance" on HBO right now. The tears...

What is an SSL certificate

Has anybody told madinmaryland that PMS is not contagious?

Question: can a law firm record a telephone conversation without warning the party involved?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/12/2009)

Need some advice

One man's keel is another man's lumber crayon

Is there more wildlife then there used to be?

Help me find a new blog

Hey, ThomCat!!! DarkTirade broke curfew last night, so he's all yours.

For now, we wait.

That Freakin' Sucks!!!

Day two of the Bristol and Levi breakup angst.

When you are new at your workplace, does criticizing old employees

Mickey Rourke as "Whiplash" in the Iron Man sequel...

Speaking of Taco Bell, this is the (now extinct) menu item I miss the most.

anyone know a good website for fingering mortgage lenders?

Has anyone gotten pms from Midlo today. She seems a bit edgy today.

Do you Hulu?

I am one Scottish person that gets annoyed with the "everyone is Irish on 3/17" crap.

Unlikely Babysitters (Terminal Cute Warning!)

I need a band name

"The Filth and the Fury" - are we destined for a new age of Punk?

computer whiz anyone?

Weirdness Colbert Nasa and shuttle delays.

How many elitist snobs do you deal with ?

Best news I've heard all week: new Reno 911!!!!

Surgery tomorrow

18 month old singing Fleetwood Mac

Found out how my friend died...

anyone know a good website for figuring house payments?

Have you ever seen 'Et All' used as a salutation?

Is Project X still going?

I am at the hotel waiting for my room to be ready, it is still being cleaned.

Baked potato soup --- Mmmmmm

Just read '1984' and 'The Animal Farm' for the first time.

My hairdresser, whom I like, is now working at a salon in WalMart.

My wife had an awful bad scare yesterday... thankfully it's over.

Just because it's hilarious: Donald Trump on a windy day:

Found out why I had SUCH a hard time with my teeth removal....I lost bone from the roof of my mouth


kitten picture of the day for thursday march 12

Why don't smilies work in PMs?

Dish cloth or sponge?

If you ever took speech lessons to eliminate a regional accent, how long did it take you to get

Looking for the best corned beef and cabbage recipe ever.

For the non-Irish DU'ers: Do you celebrate St Patrick's Day?

Would a 6 year old like Pirates of Penzance?

ZOMG Maryland is gonna go up in flames cause of teh Gays!

Job update, need vibes.

Hey, BeachBaby? Can we still use your farm as our headquarters?

Thursday LOL cats

Why don't they ever hold Survivor in Greenland or Antarctica?

Please welcome our newest DU'er to the Lounge. Midlo-tatas!!1!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/12/09

3 years for tossing two shoes...

I am a bad feminist.

How does one learn to be a good communicator?

Good morning Lounge

I designed a CD cover (dial-up warning.)

What is one your guilty pleasures.

You Are Friends With an Atheist

Favorite buffet restaurants.

HELP!!! My house is being stalked by a cat

Gawd, I'm tired. I tried a hot bath, but instead of perking me up it turned me to Jell-O.

What TV series had the best musical soundtrack?

Can I get some vibes for my good friend flamingyouth?

Any DU'ers in FRANCE?

Is it me or is the DU Lounge a lot more civilized in the evening?

I am very disappointed in LynzM.

World's first vegan strip club

Anonymous Cat Gift On My Doorstep (Warning: mild carnage)

Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war?

If Midlo is Goddess, who is God?

What's the best TV show of the last 20 years?

Big kitty swimtime...

Since last night's "LOST" was a rerun,

A bold seagull lands on the head of Jackie Cempura, of Springdale, Ark.

For those who still hand-wash dishes (like us)

We had this Girl try out for the Band today. She's cute,,I don't know.

If you could change one event, big or small, to create an "alternate history"

I haven't had this many people on Ignore since the primaries.

I am having a hard time picking out which shoes to buy! Please help!

Obama Mocks GOP Critics

Why do the Irish expect EVERYBODY to be Irish on St. Patti's Day?

Man, what college basketball game won't I watch! Who are you rooting for?

MINNESOTANS and people from nearby states;

I don't understand the physics behind Donald Trump's hair.

Remember when Hitler attacked Russia?

What is your perfect day?

I have a probably big BSG spoiler *SPOILER ALERT*

We've had the most disgust ing Fast food, now tell us who Has the best?

I am one Irish person that gets annoyed with the "everyone is Irish on 3/17" crap.

Are these the coolest glasses EVER???????

Sensational Dancing Horse

My son just sent me a terrible email & disturbing pics-what should I do? (d-u warning)

Since A Debt Bubble Is The Problem Why Not Simply Halve All Debt -- Hold A Jubilee (please discuss)

If I did not have to worry about money, would I homeschool my kids?

State Recovery Sites (up to 31)

Has sludge crossed the line this time?

Megan McCain vs Ann Coulter: Whose side are you on?

Merit pay does NOT have to mean that some teachers win and some teachers lose.

Merit pay does NOT have to mean that some teachers win and some teachers lose.


Are the DU Activist Corp still active...if so counter protest need to be organized

The coming evangelical collapse[CS Monitor]

Explain to me the power of the Omnibus Bill

GOP Governors Face Fights on Stimulus

Top Diplomat to Be Named Special Envoy on Guantánamo

Jobless claims set record - 654,000 file for unemployment benefits for first time

Must read from Robert Reich: Is Obamanomics Conservative or Revolutionary?

With these testing times, will President Obama keep his promise to help achieve the MDGs?

Ok, I think I got it!


Andrea Mitchell: "We Plead Guilty" To "Gotcha" Journalism On Obama Administration (VIDEO)

via The Consumerist: Private School Tells 300 Students To Pay Up Or Get Out

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall oin Joey the Scar's hot air emporium):

Dare I watch Ari on Hardball?

Dare I watch Ari on Hardball?

No. Obama's 'not trying to do too much.' He's doing exactly what he said he would do as president.

The problem with merit pay

Bernie Sanders LIVE online on CNN questioning Geithner NOW!

Download a list of earmarks by state, senator, congressperson

"Vice President Biden is not capable of NOT telling you how he feels."

Let's lower the bar: "Obama has kept us safe, we have not been attacked in two months"

Keith: "McCain is going to introduce a 21st century version or the Contract with America."

The bitch is back in the news after a short break- Draft Palin Effort Begins In A Denny's In West Ha

The bitch is back in the news after a short break- Draft Palin Effort Begins In A Denny's In West Ha

Joe Biden to visit Latin America later this month

Thom Hartmann is digging into the Seymour Hersh piece that came out ...

white house press briefing on now, msnbc. nt

Eva Longoria Wants Immigration Reform

Newly Formed 150,000-Strong Nurses’ Union Pushes for Single-Payer Healthcare

Limbaugh Drags Down GOP: New Democracy Corp poll

Limbaugh Drags Down GOP: New Democracy Corp poll

Did you see the great Newsweek cover this week? About Rush, no less, but a great cover.

Did any of you see Lisa Depaulo on Hardball tonight talking about her interview with Steele?

$8 Trillion of Fed Action?

"We can't fix health care until we get people back to work" - Morning Joe Idiocy

Your tax dollars at work -- CitiBank fighting Employee Free Choice Act

I am not a good artist ....but If I could draw cartoons I would

Rendell: "Michael Steele's days are numbered...Fortunately for us, his days are numbered."

What's this about Democrats having "ugly heads"?? Have this guy NOT seen Rush's?

Good Kos Diary on who is supporting McAuliffe for VA governor:

Anyone else watching Obama taking questions from business leaders in DC?

BREAKING - DOW Is UP! CNBC Credits This To Traders Rubbing Cramers' Bald Head For Luck

Is today when Cosby is on Hardball?

Sanford’s Rejection Of Stimulus Could Cost 7,500 Teachers Their Jobs

Another Gov (Perry/Texas) rejects stimulus funds

Push From The Right Fails To Derail Obama Justice Department Picks

What reason will Michael Steel give for Resigning?

Surprise! - WSJ Says That Economists Give Obama A Failing Grade - Ignores Broad Disagreement

Michael Steele Loses His Script

Michael Steele Loses His Script

Where does the money come from for "merit pay"

PHOTOS The President's Day (March 12)

Uh-oh. Sludge saying FBI raids Obama Nominee Office and Arrests

So, when Senator Clair the Twitter voted NO on the Omnibus bill

PHOTOS The First Lady at Fort Bragg (UPDATED)

Third Top Treasury Pick Withdraws From Consideration


Does Gibbs, then, have a press conference every day

Michelle Obama Shines Her Spotlight on Military Families

Another appointee facing pressure to step down!

Called a "bot" again, and I am getting more than a little tired of it

Free! I'm freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Please make a phone call to PROTECT THE WOLVES (Defenders of Wildlife)

Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy!

I've noticed Obama's approval rating really hasn't taken a hit over the past week.

For the Obama Haters, a little perspective

GALLUP: 64% of GOP trust in business to solve Economic Problems, 72% of DEMS trust Gov't More!

Is the FBI in on it too?

OK, I'm starting a Michael Steele resignation pool.

Obama talks Sudan, Tibet in meeting with Chinese foreign minister

You disagree with me. It's because you're an Obama hater. Oops, I mean you're a sell out.

OK, Am I The Only One Here Who Thinks China Needs More Prisons?

The "Obama Recession" Media Smear! Picture Worth A Thousand Words!

How has Obama's performance so far changed your opinion of how you would have voted in your primary?

The DNC's winning Rush Limbaugh billboard. Changed his image, but it's still too flattering.

Helllooo -I Think Obama Just Beat Wall Street at Poker!!

OK, am I the only member here who is not sure Unions are still needed?

"Merit pay" is an Orwellian term, sugar-coated PR-speak for "let's get rid of tenure"

Who is this Michelle Bernard

"My company gives me an annual review that affects my pay--why shouldn't teachers have the same?"

(Gov.) Perry rejects part of stimulus package

Michelle Obama Steps Out

I need FaceBook Friends. Would you please friend me?

Steele ally's please: Publicly support RNC Chair ... "anything less is a disservice to our party."

Why do we even have teachers?

Time to call Bullshit on the "Merit Pay" Drama.... Merit Pay isn't about Test Scores

Obama Caves to the Lobby

What do I do?

A light-hearted thread about Tequila

I Hope MEgan McCain Questions Obama's Citizenship

CAP Quiz: How progressive are you?

Citi's Big Stand Against Socialism

Ohio Plant Closing Early; 174 Jobs To Be Cut (Siemens Energy & Automation)

Iraq forces can cope after U.S. withdrawal - Maliki

Ex-Biopure exec pleads guilty to faking cancer (to avoid SEC fine)

Ecuador Captures FARC Rebel Wanted by U.S.

Financial Fraud Is Focus of Attack by Prosecutors

Sesame Street producer announces layoffs

Eva Longoria Wants Immigration Reform

US men 'joined Somali Islamists'

Plea Deal Sought in Slaughter of Deer

Billionaire Stanford to take the 5th in fraud case

Doctors Without Borders workers abducted in Darfur


Pakistan charge protesters at march launch

More fine Republican Family Values

Iraqi jailed (3 Years) for Bush shoe attack

Israel Stance Was Undoing of Nominee for Intelligence Post

Holden cuts exec pay, bonuses (Australian GM agency)

Merrill may have misled Congress on bonuses: Cuomo

Liechtenstein eases bank secrecy

Cambodian acid attacks highlighted by new film

Now-needy FDIC collected little in premiums-With fund going strong, banks didn't pay for decade

German gunman 'warned of attack'

5.0-magnitude earthquake hits central China

Corporate oil booms in low-tax Switzerland

Geithner Said to Push G-7 to Ease Criticism of China

Two civilians injured in two separate gun attacks in S Thailand

Officer Not Indicted For Second Time

Jobless claims rise as retail sales slip (sales slip less than expected, rise in January)

Tibet's Potala Palace receives protection boost

Murphy Cuts Tedisco’s Lead From 12 to 4 Points (NY-20)

C-SPAN to air Alaska corruption series

China objects to U.S. resolution on Tibet

FBI raids office of D.C. CTO, Obama appointee

Michael Steele: Abortion Is An "Individual Choice"

'Monster Crocodile' Bites Girl's Head Off

Army fired 11 soldiers in Jan. as openly gay

Coleman's legal woes mount

Exec threatened to report bank deals if Stanford didn’t (threatened to whistleblow)

Kwik Meal Names New Cart After (Irish?) President Obama (NYC)

Some women wanted more from W.H.

Prostitution sting in West Des Moines nets lawyer, pastor

GOP candidate for Minn. Senate seat warns of leak

Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush jailed for 3 years

Foreclosure Rise a Shock

Helicopter crash off Canada coast (off Newfoundland, 1 rescued, 17 missing)

Clinton Reiterates U.S. Commitment to 'Robust' Rights Agenda

D.C. Official, Contractor Arrested in Bribery Sting

E-mails show UK officials' concern on Iraq dossier

Peanut plant owner dodges bankruptcy hearing questions

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Mass Cuts of Temp Workers Pose a Tough Test for Europe

Minnesota Teen Finds Drug Money, Gives Away Thousands

Sri Lanka troops kill Tamil Tiger finance chief

FDA warns Pa. and NY consumers of tainted cheese

Palatine (IL) GOP chief Gary Skoien says wife attacked him (after finding him with 2 prostitutes)

Congress May Force The SEC To Suspend Mark To Market

GM Says Its Cost Cuts Mean It Won't Need $2 Billion Government Loan Installment

Bernie Madoff pleads guilty to 11 felonies:report

Iraqi jailed for Bush shoe attack

US Household Net Worth Fell Most on Record in Fourth Quarter

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 12

German industry is 'war zone' as recession causes export collapse

Official: US Ship In Scrape Now Has Armed Escort

Lithium batteries charge ahead

U.S. jobless seen nearing 10 percent

Ban Bush From Canada, Says Lawyer

Gates: U.S. to be highly cautious in launching pre-emptive strike

Sears Tower name to change to Willis Tower

Obama defends priorities to business leaders

Madoff goes to jail

North Korea Sets Date for Launching

U.S. Military Makes Last Payment to ‘Sons of Iraq’

China demands end of US Navy surveillance

Texas Gov. Rejects Stimulus Money For Unemployment

New US law eases Cuba sanctions

Venezuela's enforcement officials arrest US citizen on drug trafficking charges

Memo that told Blair aides Saddam Hussein posed no imminent threat

U.S. Jet Shoots Down Iranian Drone Over Iraq

Hersh: 'Executive assassination ring' reported directly to Cheney...

Dell cutting jobs in North Carolina, Texas

Army Fired 11 Soldiers In Jan. As Openly Gay

3 execs, 81 cars missing from Nebraska dealership

China’s Industrial Output Rises 11% as Stimulus Takes Effect

Afghan Envoy Assails Western Allies as Halfhearted, Defeatist

GOP's Steele clarifies his opposition to abortion

Alaska Gov. Palin's daughter's, boyfriend break up

Pres. Obama Will Not Attend Annual Gridiron Dinner, First President Since Cleveland to Miss

Former GOP Rep. wants Cramer 'looked at' for market manipulation

Congresswoman With Ties to Bank Helped Seek Funds

Sesame Street Producer to Reduce Workforce by 20%

Safety Net Health Centers Struggle To Meet Demand

White House lawn could be turned into a vegetable patch

Neil Young, Campaigner, Continental Tour '08. Even Richard Nixon has got soul...

The Byrds and BOB - He Was A Friend Of Mine, 2-24-1990

Matthews vs. Fleischer: The Entire Interview

Candid Video of the Republican Contribution to Solving the Nation's Problems

Tamron Hall interviews Frank Shaeffer author of 'Crazy For God.'

A Salute to our Heroes

Iran Nuke Myth Heats up

John Lennon- Working Class Hero


150,000-Strong Nurses' Union Pushes for Single-Payer Healthcare - Democracy Now

Please help stop violence against women

Scientology - What are your crimes?

Matthews vs Fleischer (includes ending comments)

Howard Dean interview on BBC's Hardtalk

DOJ to investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio's racial profiling operations

There is nothing Federal about the deceptively named US Federal Reserve (Part 2)

GOP Rep. wants Cramer to testify on market manipulation

"Maybe Marijuana Should Be Legalized & Regulated" Congresswoman Sanchez

Shooting a Spud Gun

Oracle Tweetcast #4 - The Deflation in Billionaires

Ex-financier Madoff jailed after guilty plea - 12 Mar 09

CBS's Chip Reid - "Democrats Raising Their Ugly Heads"

Bristol Palin Back On The Market

Joan Baez, Blowing in the Wind

Sean Hannity Talks Jesus And Torture

President Obama Signs Order Creating Women's Council

Komo Newscast on Inflammatory Breast Cancer

TYT: No Criticism Of Obama Until Sept. 11 (& Why is EB Smearing The President?)

Keith Olbermann and Jonathan Alter discuss the possibility that Ari Fleischer is stoned

Rachel Maddow discusses the current state of the Republican Party with Meghan McCain

States Propose Resolutions to Secede from U.S.---UPDATE!!

Is Obama the Beast? Wingnuts Tremble in Fear!

Obama Addresses Obama's-Too-Busy Meme

student loans crushing students & grads--Democracy Now!

Rush Limbaugh: Voice of the People (Devastating & Hilarious)

There is nothing Federal about the deceptively named US 'Federal Reserve' (MUST SEE)

Oracle Tweetcast #3 - Greenspan's Lies and China's Savings

TYT: Is Former SNL Star VJ Really This Nuts Re: Obama? (Analysis After)

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the United States

The Israel lobby's Lexington and Concord

Can States Circumvent Anti-Stimulus Guvs?

Coleman's hopes are down to 1,360 ballots

Environment right for US health reform: Bill Clinton

Health Care and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (New Eng Jour Med)

Anesthesiologist Faked Data in 21 Studies (Vioxx, Bextra and Celebrex)

Airlines' limit on liquid in hand luggage to be lifted:British Government

Wild Horses Tame the Inmates.

Truthout: Why Labor Law Doesn't Work for Workers

"The Word - Rand Illusion" (6:06) Colbert on Ayn Rand

"Gay for Rachel Maddow": What a Hot, Smart, Lesbian Pundit Means for an Uneasy America

David Horsey cartoon: President Obama attacks the financial crisis

Aussie Minister for Environment fronts rock band for concert !

Workers' Health Benefits Eyed for Taxation

Chris Matthews-Ari Fleischer Take Over From Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer

Still feeding at the bottomless trough

The American Criminal Injustice System By Paul Craig Roberts

Guardian UK: If Britain became complicit in torture, we must discover who is to blame

Stephen Colbert Loves Ayn Rand (VIDEO)

The FundamentaList (No. 71)

Ari Fleischer attempts to re-write history, exonerate Bush

DC Voting Rights Debacle

Whatever It Is, Republicans Are Against It!

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Afghanistan: Hearings Not Escalation

My Daddy is… Or, My Beef with Meghan McCain

Karl Rove on White House "Attack" on Rush Limbaugh

Gene Lyons: Simple story fails public

Financial Crisis pushes Europe to the brink

Five Alarmer: Seymour Hersh Says Assassination Squad Reported Directly to Dick Cheney

Madoff, Sent to Jail, Seeks a 'Shawshank Redemption'

Latinos have been stuck in limbo for decades, and still are

An Asian PM in our time?

Jobs - Going, Going, Gone - Duty Free from Mexico - Screw the Middle Class

How Dumb Does Alan Greenspan Think We Are? Very

JPMorgan Chase to Increase India Outsourcing 25%

Daniel Gross, David Shuster, Harold Ford Jr.: There is no war on the rich

New Yorkers shown despair of Baghdad in new play

U.S. plans for Mexico border violence

Some women wanted more from W.H.

E! Channel looks to recruit CNBC anchors

Robert Kuttner: Surviving the Great Collapse

ACLU Releases Comprehensive Report On Patriot Act Abuses

Inside Man Geithner Shines When He’s Offstage: Margaret Carlson

Raped and killed for being a lesbian: South Africa ignores 'corrective' attacks

Liberty City Six Judge Refuses to Pay Private Investigator After He Speaks Out (Broward New Times)

Do Not Eat for 24 Hours Before Reading! The Tale of Two Dictators Bush-Cheney

Arizona Senator Jack Harper's Commentary in Arizona Capital Times Draws Flak

Scene: The Newsroom, Just Before the Lights Go Out

Storybook Romance Over in Alaska

Depth Perception and the Economy: Obama's Binoculars

H-1B visa not on bilateral agenda with US

Cisco quietly downsizing through outsourcing

Jim Hightower: Conservatives Are Blind, Deaf and Dumb to Class Warfare

History's oldest hatred

burythehatchet -Thread #2

Guardian UK: If we can't stop change, we must adapt

Virus, crisis: Perfect storm hits Chile salmon industry

NYT: Has Calif.'s hydrogen highway gone bust?

WR Grace Trial - Extent Of Asbestos-Related Illness In Libby, MT "Unheard Of", Says Expert Witness

Norwegian Arctic Methane Levels Up In 2007 W. Potential Link To Warming Permafrost Soils - MSNBC

Senator Kerry: Climate change delay is 'suicide pact'

Independent UK: Fate of the rainforest is 'irreversible'

Peak oil notes - March 12

Sea Level Rise To Range From .75 to 1.9 Meters By 2100 - Well Ahead Of IPCC Outlook

Evolving our way to energy efficiency

New applications for carbon nanomaterials in hydrogen storage

Administration Kicks Off Weatherization Program

Researchers Progress Toward AIDS Vaccine

Federal Climate Change Research Program Should Realign Focus—To Both Understand…and Inform Response…

Key Messages from the (International Scientific) Congress (on Climate Change)

Stench Building In Hanoi As River, Lake Pollution Produce Massive Fish Kills

Arctic & Antarctic Abyssal Water Now .03 - 0.1C Warmer Than In 1990s

California panel urges 'immediate action' to protect against rising sea levels

Witness a journey to the bottom of an ice sheet

'Coral lab' offers acidity insight

Minnesotans and millions of other Americans are expected to raise of bumper crop of backyard veggies

Chinese Government Says Their Stimulus Plan Won't Sacrifice The Environment - Reuters

Pickens: 'You don't want to turn it over to the greenies'

House Investigation: Bush DOE Deliberately Gave False FutureGen #s In Order To Kill Project

Pollution dims skies as well as befouling the air

Wind shifts may stir CO2 from Antarctic depths—Releases may have speeded end of last ice age…

Fighting global warming offers growth and development opportunities—"Climate Marshall Plan"

Crisis damps U.S. wind power growth in 2009-GWEC—will grow by (only) 7,800 megawatts (MW) in 2009

Who Knew? Chile's Farmed Salmon Industry Hit Hard By Deadly Virus - Reuters

Study Finds Wind Power Economically, Environmentally Advantageous When Coupled with Grid Improvement

DOE Issues Environmental Assessment For Flywheel Power Plant

Greenpeace & Senator Sanders: How to Solve Global Warming for Half the Cost and Twice the Jobs …

Quantum Dots Could Boost Solar Cell Efficiency

U.S. climate change takes center stage in Congress

US freshwater turtles near extinction

Steve Sherwood @ Copenhagen Conf. - 7C Rise = 50% Of Inhabited Regions Become Uninhabitable

(Off Topic!) National Survey shows only 1/5 (American) adults can answer 3 science ?'s correctly

THREE MILE ISLAND: 30 YEARS LATER (A couple of weeks early)

Please make a phone call to PROTECT THE WOLVES (Defenders of Wildlife)

US-CUBA: NGOs Hail Congressional Moves to Ease Embargo

Colombia's Uribe suggests he won't run again

Court reopens case against general (Colombia)

New US law eases Cuba sanctions

World Personalities Seek Visas for Cuban Five Relatives

Mexico Orders 6 EC725 Helicopters

Venezuela launches military operation against drug trafficking in border with Colombia

President Alvaro Uribe; Saint or Demon ?

Ecuador Captures FARC Rebel Wanted by U.S.

GRANMA: FMLN Denounces Possible Election Fraud (eng and sp)

UPDATE: US State Dept. Makes a Statement about Neutrality

CISPES: Alert - Call US State Dept. to Demand Neutrality and Respect for Salvadoran Democracy

Joe Biden to visit Latin America later this month

Venezuela's enforcement officials arrest US citizen on drug trafficking charges

LA teachers sit in over layoffs

Chrysler buyout offer expires March 27.

End to Delphi retiree benefits is upheld by bankruptcy judge.

TWU Local 234 Announces Intent to Continue Contract Negotiations Beyond Strike Deadline

Teamsters can represent NH court security officers[AP]

Hmm. What is the Upton Football league?

How is your High School Alma Mater doing in their basketball playoff's?

TODAY SCHEDULE, for everyone

cboy and upton caught having a disagreement...

Trumad sucks

Dodgers express interest in Pedro Martinez

How about that Nova-Marquette game?

Papelbon: "Manny was a cancer."

Lesbian couple appeals order removing their foster child

Maryland lawmakers take up gay marriage bill

"It's Harder To 'Come Out' About Mental Health Than Being Gay"

Washington State Gay rights (cross posted to R&T):

A "WTH?" article for the day - "Girl sues school over prom tux denial"

Kentucky anti-gay adoption bill officially dies

Little Gay Factoids from the APA - A Resource

A Tribute to Joan Jett

I've been out for the last 8 years or so.

Coming April 1st, 2009...

Report: Tape shows Shalit in good health

Israel's iron wall

Gideon Levy / Everyone agrees: War in Gaza was a failure

Israel to use 'anti-Semitic' card against Chavez?

Murakami slams Israel for treatment of Palestinians

Israel's War Crimes

Dr. Housing Bubble 03/11/09

BIS report on dollar shortage in global banking

Foreclosure Filings in U.S. Jump 30%, Thwart Prevention Effort

Hamas condemns Gaza rocket strikes on Israel

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose to 654,000 Last Week

An open debate on Israel

Lock in Mortgage Rate Before It’s Too Late: Jane Bryant Quinn

GE Statement on S&P Ratings Action

5th Israel Apartheid Week Bigger Than Ever

Panics and Booms, a lesson from 1897

Don't know where to ask this - What is involved in refinancing?

Geitner's plan still includes a "bad bank". The monster that won't die!

My credit card rate is now tied to Libor, why the change?

Chomsky: State intervention common in 'free market'

Tax havens make concessions as pressure mounts

The sick/disabled/dying can't afford

Net worth of U.S. households falls by largest amount in 50 years

Australia says may quit U.N. racism conference

Obama Conditions Palestinian Aid on Recognizing Israel’s “Right to Exist”

JPMorgan Chase to Increase India Outsourcing 25%

Israel Stance Was Undoing of Nominee for Intelligence Post

Salt is 'natural mood-booster'

What the Australians Understand abt Obama's Pet, Tim Geithner

Flu Vaccine Studies Review

Debt to income ratio

Doctor's house calls: Back to the future

Will doctors perform an abortion on a diabetic woman?

3 days in a row? Crickets from the "Obama Economy" media crowd

Ex-New York Health Commissioner Is F.D.A. Pick

Flu Vaccine Study

Drug Therapy Gains Favor to Avert Stroke

does anyone know anything about singers and tonsillectomies?

Baxter admits contaminated seasonal flu product contained live bird flu virus

Report: U.S. health care system is a liability - Americans spend more but aren't as healthy

Would changing the Vitamin D RDA prevent 80%of Type 1 diabetes

Delta Dental is a prime example of an insurance company that is only out to make money.

Is AIG the best high-risk, best value stock out there right now? 40 cents today

Mexico violence prompts new look at US gun laws (Violence Policy Center testimony to Congress)

Despite rally, 'concealed carry' unlikely in Ill.

Island police chiefs set policy for licenses to carry firearms (Martha's Vineyard, MA)

VPC rolls their ball for hearing on “Money, Guns, and Drugs: Are U.S. Inputs Fueling Violence

House of Rep. news - Second Amendment Task force

Federal court upholds gun ban in Atlanta airport (GA)

Alabama killer was trained as a cop, had no record, and used two assault weapons.

BBC-America the Paradox...

New strategy for gun crime police (UK)

News-Mexico's Ministry of Defense considers opening regional gun stores

Ala Shooter used TWO Assault Weapons... fired over 200 rounds .... TEN Dead....

Senators tell AG to back off on gun control

Lost chances

El Sol

stairway to the French Broad

last year's corn


In the preschool, a dead easy panorama for free..

At the restoration shop..

The coolest thing happened to me a couple of days ago.

Soldier pleads guilty to 1995 Bragg shootings

Wife held without bond in fatal fire case

CMC: Living MoH recipient may be coming

USMC developing UAV to re-supply combat forces

Recruiting numbers strong for all components

‘Year of Military Family’ declared

Campbell group lobbies Congress for upgrades

Tariq Aziz, Saddam-era official, gets 15 years

(Army Times) Editorial: Continue closing pay gap

Eikenberry named as ambassador to Afghanistan

(Army Times) Editorial: End stop-loss pay delay

Plan to outline aviation needs through 2040

Recruiter charged in child prostitution sting

Stress injuries rising due to combat loads

Rising navy, assertiveness behind China flap

2nd Tanks Marine dies in Anbar accident

(Marine Corps Times) Editorial: Fewer stressors may help

Airman dies after collapsing during PT test

More data links anti-smoking drug, suicide

U.S. : Attacks not sign of instability

Servicemembers due millions in tax refunds

Honored soldier is booted for drugs, other violations

Air Force to revive several base newspapers

JROTC instructor charged with statutory rape

Corps Sees Dramatic Spike in Suicides

Obama to Name Gitmo Closure Envoy

(Navy Times) Editorial: Keep InSurvs public

Attacks Rise as US Leaves Iraq

Budget Cuts Could Delay Tanker Deal

More-powerful planes throw T-birds for a loop

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Rounding Up the Usual Suspects

DoD contracts for 3/11/2009

XPOST: Shinseki - Maybe Vets to pay for care of service-related injuries - private insurance


U.S. tanks going to Iraqi army

Precious almost two year old in the sunshine - yesterday

Great Post Re: Connection & Love

...and another good one in GD!

Hey OneGrassRoot....isnt' this interesting??

Rushing in with quick question: how to build immune system?

Thursday, Sun conjunct Uranus...any info?

any psychics have any insight on this

Army to review punishment at Bragg WTU

Regulatin' Genes

Black Collar Crime and Douchebaggery Report for March 12, 2009

Pope: We should have Googled Holocaust bishop

A Parting of the Ways: Thoughts Diverging from Written Words

Church institutionalizes Latino tradition of quinceañera

Religious Leaders Battle Abuse Bill in New York

"Stem cell go-ahead puts Obama at odds with pope"

Catholics protest maltreatment by Conn. leaders

"Groups ready to battle over gay-benefits bill"

Why the defensiveness?

Bread crisis - any experts here?

Ground meat ideas?

Does anyone buy groceries just because they're on sale?

What's for Dinner? ~ Thurssday March 12th

That f*cking dog

OMG I'm such a geek. I am VERY excited!

Debbie Meyers bags

artisan bread and parchment paper

Oh my! What I did tonight... (new sourdough starter, new bread books!)

A Note To Politicians Who Support Merit Pay, Voucher Schools, Charter Schools

Straight from the horses mouths.

Where is the evidence that bin Laden did 9-11? ari fLIEscher says Saddam did it, so which one?

Sign this Petition to Support the Prohibition of Employment Discrimination

Is Derr a Dem?

Perry rejects $555 million in federal stimulus money-unemployment benefits

Tea Party morans in Texas

Despite assurances, Buy American lives

How do I find out if I am running Flash Player in a 64 bit browser?

Climate Science hearing in the Senate Commerce Comm Thursday